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The Most Useful Daily Use English Words With Meaning. Part 8

  1. Daily use English words are essential in our communication routines, forming the bedrock of our conversations.
  2. Our daily routine heavily relies on the consistent use of familiar English words used in daily life.
  3. Understanding the nuances of daily use English words and meaning enhances our language proficiency.
  4. Learning English words for daily use with meaning fosters effective communication and comprehension.
  5. Building a robust daily vocabulary involves mastering daily vocabulary words for diverse contexts.
  6. “Please,” “thank you,” and “hello” are among the quintessential daily used English words expressing courtesy.
  7. Our daily speaking often revolves around incorporating common English words used in daily life.
  8. Exploring simple English words for daily use simplifies communication for diverse audiences.
  9. Embracing a rich daily use vocabulary enables us to articulate thoughts and ideas more vividly.
  10. “Home,” “work,” and “family” are integral components of our daily existence, represented by English words used in daily life.
  11. Enhancing our daily use vocabulary words broadens our linguistic repertoire.
  12. Engaging in daily speaking exercises facilitates fluency with various daily speaking English words.
  13. Mastering daily use vocabulary empowers effective and nuanced communication in everyday scenarios.
7001 Excitable easily excited; emotional or temperamental It didn’t take much to get the excitable puppy riled up and a bark fest to being.
7002 Reproach disgrace or scandal The politician’s sordid actions have brought reproach to the entire government.
7003 Inaccessible not capable of being reached or understood Without a ramp, the building is inaccessible to handicapped customers.
7004 Shortage a lack of something A shortage of teachers has put thousands of students in overcrowded classrooms.
7005 Tenor the highest singing voice of the average adult male range (between baritone and alto) Because he is a tenor, Mike’s singing voice is much higher than the other men in the choir.
7006 Nick a small chip or groove A small nick in the wood was the only flaw in the bedroom suite.
7007 Utile beneficial and useful Learning Latin in high school would be utile for those entering the health care field due to many medical terms being in Latin.
7008 Bleary blurred eyes from being tired, upset, or as a result of old age She wiped the sleep from her bleary eyes and yawned.
7009 Casualty a person who is hurt or killed in a war or accident They warned us that if an employee fails to wear his hard hat and a casualty occurs, we could face jail time.
7010 Kingship the state or position of being a king It turns out that Harold never wanted the kingship, which explains why he passed it off to his baby brother almost immediately.
7011 Doom and gloom an attitude or feeling of despair or pessimism The depressed woman’s brain was filled with such deep doom and gloom that she couldn’t do anything but cry.
7012 Buckle to bend under pressure The support beams will buckle if the weight placed on them is greater than they can stand.
7013 Creditable deserving of praise Although Ellen didn’t win the singing competition, her efforts were creditable enough to earn her a recording contract.
7014 Coddle to treat gently or with great care The babysitter realized that she couldn’t coddle the children because they started to ignore her commands.
7015 Blemish a small flaw or imperfection that ruins the appearance of something Oliver was worried that the small blemish on the tip of his nose would stand out in the wedding photographs.
7016 Sesquipedalian a very long word The word sesquipedalian defines itself by the amount of syllables it possesses.
7017 Slaughter the killing of a large number of animals or people Mass slaughter of the Jewish people is one of history’s most senseless tragedies.
7018 Pine an evergreen coniferous tree The trees that release a distinct strong pine scent are evergreen pine trees.
7019 Tableau a dramatic image, sometimes a reenactment of a historical scene The tableau of the troops crossing the river is one of the most famous paintings in the world.
7020 Stilted unnatural; stiff in form or tone After the divorce, my parents’ conversations were stilted and far from natural.
7021 Pistil the feminine parts of a flower, consisting of the stigma, ovary, and style that are responsible for producing seeds Similar to humans, flower seeds are formed in the pistil of a female flower.
7022 Appeasement to calm or persuade into an agreement usually in the angry party’s favor The appeasement of the angry mob was only possible when the governor spoke to their leader and came to an agreement.
7023 Unsung not praised or celebrated An unsung champion, the nameless soldier was never even honored for his heroic acts.
7024 Mutism the inability to speak, typically as a result of an injury After a traumatic event, many scared children revert to selective mutism and refuse to speak at all.
7025 Secede to withdraw from an organization, alliance, or association Several members of the motorcycle club have made the decision to secede from the brotherhood and start a new organization.
7026 Introspective tending to examine your own feelings, thoughts, or ideas For many, writing poetry is an introspective activity that calls upon one to examine his or her feelings.
7027 Blinked closed one’s eyes for a moment, usually involuntarily Tia blinked in the bright sunlight, blinded momentarily by the bright rays.
7028 Biosphere the combined regions of a planet that make it habitable and sustainable for living organisms Earth’s biosphere is made up of all living things, from the oceans to plants to the very atmosphere.
7029 Dainty delicately small and pretty Our newborn girl clasps her long dainty fingers in a tight fist.
7030 Index an alphabetical list of names, subjects, etc. that is in a book An index of words is included in the science book to help the students learn the meanings of each one in the list.
7031 Timorous frightened The timorous kitten would not come out from under the bed.
7032 Transfigure to fully change or transform into something different than the original form A group of wizards worked together to transfigure the fiery dragon into a meek mouse.
7033 Model a smaller replica of an object Based on the World War II stealth bomber, Johnny built a model of the plane using a kit and some art supplies.
7034 Circle a group of people that share interests, professions, or acquaintances My circle of friends includes myself and the two kids I grew up with since elementary school, though I am eager to add more.
7035 Confession an admission of something one has done that was wrong or illegal The kid’s killer confession shocked the small town who never thought him capable of such a crime.
7036 Unauthorized without permission or authority Unauthorized vehicles without an entrance tag will not be allowed to pass through the gate.
7037 Lastly at the end of an inventory of things The teenager picked up the milk, eggs, butter and lastly the gas at the grocery store before heading home.
7038 Newlywed recently married The unhappy newlywed couple were just married last Monday but are already contemplating divorce.
7039 Steeple a tall pointed tower on a church Although it had not rang in centuries, the bell tower below the steeple still contained a long-standing metal bell.
7040 Generalization a wide statement that is assumed from specific examples Assuming that all children are loud and obnoxious just because a few are is an unfair generalization.
7041 Underground in secrecy of hiding The underground fighting ring is technically illegal, so they must keep it a secret from law enforcement if they wish to continue.
7042 Irreducible not able to be reduced or lessened While the third-grader was working on her math test, she realized that the fraction on her test was irreducible because it was already in its lowest possible terms.
7043 Slump to fall suddenly of prices, values, and sales After a successful mowing season, winter caused service calls to slump.
7044 Gurgle to make a sloshing or rippling sound made by water As the large water fountain in the park started, it would gurgle by spurting out a little water before shooting out the water into the pool.
7045 Sandbag to perform at a low level The lazy worker tends to sandbag around the office, refusing to do anything more than mediocre work.
7046 Insolent rude or impolite When the insolent young man yelled my name, I ignored him and walked towards my car.
7047 Heedful mindful; watchful Heedful of the employee’s complaints, the company’s attorney advised his client to take caution.
7048 Continuum something that keeps on going, changing gradually over time The space-time continuum was studied by those interested in time travel.
7049 Mope to carry oneself in a depressed, spiritless manner With her lip poked out, the young girl continued to mope around the house.
7050 Premarital occurring before marriage During premarital counseling, the engaged couple discussed the goals they had for their future marriage.
7051 Savior a person who saves or rescues another from danger Although most of the community saw Spiderman as a savior, others viewed him as a nuisance instead of a rescuer.
7052 Frangible fragile or easily broken apart Frangible bullets are designed so that they break apart easily on impact.
7053 Hostile unfriendly; menacing The hostile dog growled at me.
7054 Whist a card game played by four people (two per team) in which each side tries to win more cards than the other While playing whist, the group of friends fought over who was going to win more cards during the game.
7055 Heterozygous having two genes that are different, with one being recessive and one being dominant Heterozygous eye color alleles led the boy to look like his brown-eyed mother but not his blue-eyed father.
7056 Hardihood bravery; confidence to take action The volunteer firefighter’s hardihood shined through as he burst into the burning home and saved the trapped residents.
7057 New-hire an employee who was recently hired for a job The manager requested that the new-hire take a drug test before reporting to his newly assigned post.
7058 Remittance money used as payment for an expense To pay your bill please forward the remittance to our corporate office.
7059 Enmesh to entangle or involve Our nosy neighbor loves to enmesh herself in everyone else’s business.
7060 Cadaverous similar in appearance to a corpse; pale and skinny When I looked at the cadaverous cat who was dying of starvation, I couldn’t stop the tears from falling.
7061 Measly an extremely, almost laughably small amount Briana hoped her mother would pay her well for babysitting her brothers but she only got a measly $5.
7062 Asthenosphere the portion of the mantle of the Earth that rests under the lithosphere and is comprised of rocks that can be altered in shape The asthenosphere is an underlying layer of the Earth positioned beneath the lithosphere.
7063 Peculate to take money that belongs to others, usually a business or public agency Because Adam needed money to pay his bills, it was hard for him to fight the temptation to peculate funds from the bank.
7064 Creature a living being, especially an animal The lion is the only creature inside the zoo enclosure, but other animals are in cages around it.
7065 Ingratiating capable of winning approval or favor The charismatic furniture salesman was able to sell almost every piece on the showroom floor using his ingratiating speech and megawatt smile.
7066 Admonish to scold; to warn strongly Because my kids were running around the store, knocking over merchandise, I had to admonish them.
7067 Reward a prize for doing something great or something that needed to be done After training weeks for the marathon, it proved to be successful when the man won the reward for first place.
7068 Forge to form or create something new Being stuck in an elevator for 11 hours with strangers is a great way to forge new friendships.
7069 Treason the offense of betraying a nation When the soldier sold military secrets to a foreign government, he was arrested for the crime of treason.
7070 Navigate to direct a route Christopher Columbus would navigate his ship across the Atlantic Ocean to an unknown land.
7071 Technology using scientific ideas for practical purposes, specifically in solving industry problems Replacing the office’s outdated computer systems with new technology would allow the workers to get a lot more done.
7072 Alteration the condition of being changed Since I have gained weight, I’ll need a seamstress to make an alteration to my wedding dress.
7073 Oaf someone known for being dumb Since the oaf never performed very well in school, he became lazy by living for years in his parent’s basement never being able to gain employment.
7074 Neuromuscular relating to both the nerves and muscles Neuromuscular damage to the spinal cord nerves and surrounding muscles left the diver unable to move.
7075 Unfazed not bothered or affected in any way Laidback Larry remained calm and seemed completely unfazed when the robbers entered his shop.
7076 Fawning giving attention in an overly flattering manner Even the female reporters were smiling wildly and fawning over the handsome actor.
7077 Amphibian an animal or vehicle that can function both on land and in water The military developed an amphibian tank that can float in shallow water but also drive along the beach.
7078 Incommensurable not able to be judged by the same standard The two criminals are incommensurable, for one has committed far more heinous crimes far more frequently, and one is just a petty thief.
7079 Besmirchment an insult or slander The besmirchment on Berthold’s noble name could not stand, and he challenged his aggravator to an honorable duel.
7080 Congregation a group of people who worship together in a certain place The congregation was shocked when its pastor was arrested for selling drugs.
7081 Unencumbered free of to move forward or advance Because she had her official transcripts, the woman was unencumbered to move on to any college she wanted.
7082 Seclude to separate from people The monks have made the decision to seclude themselves from society as a whole.
7083 Slack slack means loose, not tight I took my new dress to the seamstress because it needed slack added to the waist.
7084 Inconsistent not occurring in a specific pattern The weather pattern is too inconsistent to be predictable.
7085 Agitprop something that looks like art but is actually political propaganda or misinformation Many documentaries come across as entertainment but this one is a political agitprop that is being used to deceive people.
7086 Puritanism the viewpoints and customs of strictness of the Puritan people After my mother made me scrub the toilets, take the trash out and vacuum the whole house, her Puritanism shined through with all the chores she made me do.
7087 Gustatory relating to taste The dinner was a gustatory pleasure for the palate.
7088 Cog a wheel or bar with protrusions that transfer motion by interacting with another object with similar protrusions The inside of old analog clocks is full of small cogs and gears that work with each other to turn the hands of the clock on the outside.
7089 Lackey a servant that does menial tasks The wealthy gent’s lackey toted his luggage all over the resort.
7090 Rumpus a commotion or noisy disturbance When the teacher began the class with a pop quiz over the difficult previous lesson, a rumpus among the students erupted throughout the room.
7091 Aural pertaining to the ear or the sense of hearing Instead of using his eyes to read the book, the truck driver used his aural sense to listen to the contents of the novel.
7092 Centennial the hundredth anniversary of an event or happening The centennial celebration of the railway was held in Lincoln Nebraska, with much pomp and glamor.
7093 Content in a peaceful, happy state Though the steak wasn’t perfect, the satisfied customer was content with his meal.
7094 Inimitable something so special or unique, it’s impossible to copy or imitate Every once in a while, a band comes along that is so unique they are completely inimitable.
7095 Trade-off a compromise in which one thing is traded for something of equal value As part of the divorce trade-off, the husband has agreed to give his wife the vehicle in exchange for the boat.
7096 Motherhood the state of being a mother to a child Motherhood proved difficult for the young woman who had little experience with babies before the birth of her son.
7097 Movie a recording of movie images that tells a story The movie theater plays several new films a week while retiring older ones.
7098 Circa around or about a certain date The historian is not certain of the exact date, but he believes the war took place circa 300,000 years ago.
7099 Pinch to tightly grip using a finger and thumb Since his body fat percentage is six percent, you can’t pinch an inch from his waist.
7100 Address a description of the location of a property The pizza delivery man had no problem finding my address to deliver my order.
7101 Allocution a speech given to a convicted defendant by the judge just prior to sentencing During the allocution, the convicted party refused to listen to the judge as she spoke.
7102 Poignance the quality of evoking great sadness or regret At a funeral, the speaker usually tries to give a speech with great poignance regarding the deceased.
7103 Roster a list of people’s names, often with including the jobs they have been assigned A new student was added to the teacher’s roster, causing her to be short one desk.
7104 Jeopardy at risk of loss or harm If you do not take your medicine, you will put your health in jeopardy.
7105 Forbear to not engage in something; to refrain Since Catie did not have a date for the prom, she chose to forbear attending the event.
7106 Extract to pull an object from something in order to remove it, usually with force When the dentist noticed the infected tissue around his patient’s gums, he knew he would have to extract the tooth.
7107 Muliebrity womanly qualities; femininity The sexy songstress’s muliebrity set her apart from the less feminine women in the club.
7108 Interlocutor an individual who is engaged in a dialogue with another person After Lynn listened to her friends’ conversation for a while, she became an interlocutor and expressed her opinion.
7109 Innkeeper someone who oversees a small motel When the bed and breakfast advertised for an innkeeper, the woman applied for the job since she could manage the staff in the restaurant and house efficiently.
7110 Proceed to move forward The doctor agreed to proceed with the surgery, but only if the patient lost some weight.
7111 Tit for tat a comparable response or action provided in return for something When the boy stole the money, it was tit for tat that he return every penny back to its owner so that would make everything even.
7112 Injunction an court order which demands that something must or must not be done Because he had witnessed the murder, the man received an injunction to testify in court.
7113 Conversion a transformation from one thing to another Since I needed the length of the measurement in inches instead of centimeters, a conversion from centimeters to inches was needed.
7114 Ally a friend; someone who is ready to help you When my friends were arguing, Carly was my ally and defended my actions.
7115 Iteration the process of repeating a statement or sequence of some sort The only difference in the latest iteration of the videogame is the change of setting.
7116 Ardor great warmth of feeling; passion While Jane enjoyed spending time with John, she did not return the ardor he felt for her.
7117 Concentrated focused all of one’s attention on something The student concentrated on his studies for several hours a day, his focus paying off on test day.
7118 Ignorance lack of knowledge; unawareness The woman’s ignorance regarding Hispanic culture led her to assume that everyone who speaks Spanish is Mexican.
7119 Deprecate to criticize or express disapproval Unfortunately my mother-in-law’s urge to deprecate me is stronger than her urge to inspire me.
7120 Tuft pieces of hair, grass, etc. that are held together at a base Pulling each carrot up by its green tuft, the farmer tossed them quickly into a burlap sack.
7121 Acrobat an athlete who performs acts requiring skill, agility and coordination If you go to a circus, you can often see amazing acrobats known as trapeze artists that swing from high places.
7122 Dismember to cut off the limbs of a person or animal Shockingly, the serial killer would dismember is his victim’s arms and legs.
7123 Popular to be liked or admired by many people I can tell John is popular because everyone loves him.
7124 Quantifiable able to be measured Scientists used a calculator to average the quantifiable data gathered during the experiment.
7125 Ripe mature and developed to the point of being ready for harvest or eating Sucking on the ripe watermelon, the farmer was glad he had waited until the end of growing season to pick the well-developed fruit.
7126 Riddance the action of getting rid of an undesirable thing or person Good riddance is a phrase often used to describe a person’s joy after an unwanted individual leaves a place or situation.
7127 Divert to shift from one thing or another or to distract someone I decided to divert the conversation away from the topic of politics.
7128 Base the bottom section that sustains a bigger item or thing Below the Statue of Liberty on its base is an inscription welcoming and calling for any immigrants who want to make the United States their home.
7129 Assault a physical attack An assault of the police officer left him bloody and battered.
7130 Free trade a type of exchanging products for currency without any limitations by the government An agreement was enacted by the Philippines’ government for free trade so that their citizens could export products without worrying about paying tariffs.
7131 Breeze gentle, blowing wind Rocking back and forth, the hammock was moved by a gentle breeze.
7132 Gait manner of walking As he strode through the hallway, everyone could tell by his gait that he was wealthy.
7133 Concierge someone who is hired to take care of a building’s entrance (doorman), hotel guests, or provides personal service for others The concierge stood beside the elevator and helped the apartment tenants with any of their needs.
7134 Diaphanous very sheer and light; almost completely transparent or translucent Mary found it quite easy to see through the diaphanous drapes.
7135 Reclamation the act of recovering or retrieving something When the car owner defaulted on his loan, the bank hired a company to handle the reclamation of his vehicle.
7136 Hype to promote or publicize something As a way to hype up his popularity, the high school student spread a rumor that he was the best kisser.
7137 Handsome attractive with masculine features The handsome prince attracted fair maidens from every nearby kingdom.
7138 Undervalue to consider something to have little value or worth than it really has The agent tries not to undervalue the models’ talents and pays them what they are worth.
7139 Recipe a set of instructions for preparing a dish Mixing up my grandmother’s famous chocolate cake for the fiftieth, I no longer needed to look at the recipe.
7140 Meadow a low-lying grassland that is usually covered with hay The deer and other grass-eating animals frolicked through the lush meadow.
7141 Vie to take part in a contest or competition In the championship game, the two teams will vie for the national title.
7142 Unfeigned real; not pretense Because the woman truly loved her husband, her sorrow was unfeigned during the funeral.
7143 Vestibule a hallway or room that leads into a larger main room The tourists walked through the vestibule into the main exhibit room and were astounded by the beauty of Degas’ ballerinas.
7144 Disbelieve to refuse or reject the belief or credence of something The proof provided by the research made it hard to disbelieve in climate change.
7145 Deed an action or effort After doing a good deed for his grandmother, John was rewarded with a pat on the back.
7146 Meddlesome tending to interfere in other people’s affairs The meddlesome old lady continued to call the police on us every time she suspected we were having any fun.
7147 Impish acting in a childish way like a rascal The younger impish brother would always mock his older sister and hide her makeup which would infuriate her but make him laugh.
7148 Hung Jury a jury that cannot agree on a verdict after extended deliberation Because the evidence surrounding the case was so controversial and vague, the end result was a hung jury, and the man on trial did not get convicted one way or another.
7149 Misbehave to act disobey or act in a way that is bad Because the child continued to misbehave, he was placed in the corner for a time out.
7150 Archive a collection of historical documents or records providing information about a place, institution, or group of people The archive was full of photographs, letters, and historical documents from WWI.
7151 Overspent to pay or make purchases than what is practical “We overspent on Christmas presents this year because we were supposed to only spend $500 total and we spent $5,000,” the mother told her husband.
7152 Circulatory relating to the system that moves blood through the body The diagram shows how blood moves to different parts of the body through the circulatory system.
7153 Suit a set of clothing pieces designed to be worn together Cory’s suit consisted of dressy black slacks, a white shirt, and a matching black jacket.
7154 Followed pursued or chased someone, usually in an effort to catch them or see what they are doing The puppy followed his owner out of the house, down the steps, and into the backyard.
7155 Accompaniment a thing which is provided as a supplement to something else The accompaniment of the violin really took the song to a new level of sophistication.
7156 Type to use a typewriter or keyboard to write out a message using lettered keys Using the typewriter, the old school secretary pecked out a letter that she needed to type for a week.
7157 Hint something that suggests something indirectly or secretly I could not tell my brother flat out that my mother was angry, so I had to use my facial expression as hint for him to be quiet.
7158 Bulk the larger part of something The bulk of the leftover food will go to the food pantry, but some will have to be thrown away.
7159 Lieu in place of; instead The understudy will play the role instead of the leading actress since she fell off of the stage a broke her ankle this morning.
7160 Announce to give out news in a public way The salon will announce the winner of the free hair cut on their Facebook page at noon.
7161 Giddy displaying immense happiness An overindulgence in alcohol made Edith feel giddy enough to dance on the dinner table.
7162 Uncompromising steady and unshakable; adamant The ethical nurse was awarded an excellence honor for her uncompromising commitment to her patients during tough times.
7163 Unfeasible impractical; not realistic Paying for their son’s college seemed unfeasible, so they looked for another way to get funding.
7164 Swipe to steal or take The little girl didn’t think it was wrong to swipe candy from the shelf, but her mother explained that was stealing.
7165 Piddle to waste time doing something that is not productive or worthwhile Since he has nothing to do while his wife is gone, the old-timer likes to piddle around in his garden during the day.
7166 Congratulatory showing or displaying admiring, applause or compliments due to a success or important occurrence During the congratulatory speech, the best man raised his glass to toast his best friend and his new wife on their new marriage.
7167 Condemn reprimand harshly While the minister cheats on his wife, he has the nerve to condemn those who commit adultery.
7168 Fundraising an organized seeking of financial support for a project or campaign A fundraising event was held to help the cancer patient pay for the cost of her treatment.
7169 Till to tend to or work the soil Slaves were expected to till the soil for many hours a day on a large plantation in which many died from exhaustion.
7170 Vulnerability the state of being at risk or exposed An alarm system was placed at the building’s most prominent point of vulnerability to try and stop burglars from entering the weak point.
7171 Debauch a stint of extreme enjoyment involving pleasures of a carnal nature On the night of his graduation, Jake engaged in an alcoholic debauch and ended up in the emergency room.
7172 Crabby grumpy and irritable Usually after paying the bills, it is recommended that children stay away from their parents because they may be crabby from losing so much of their monthly paycheck.
7173 Omniscience the state of having knowledge of everything Because he believes in God’s omniscience, the child is sure that his creator is aware of everything he does all day.
7174 Aimlessly without an aim, purpose or direction Phil wandered aimlessly through life, with no clear ideas of where he was heading and what he wanted to accomplish.
7175 Pert well-formed; attractive The baby has ten well-formed, pert little fingers and toes.
7176 Incontinent inability to control ones actions or hold back from something desired Someone who has Tourette syndrome is considered incontinent because they have little to no control over repeated words or sudden movements.
7177 Quagmire a situation from which it is hard to escape Many young people do not realize the quagmire to which occasional drug use can lead.
7178 Cheap low in price; not expensive Cheap products can be purchased at the Dollar Tree since everything there costs a dollar or less.
7179 Ad nauseam refer to something has been done or repeated so often that it has become annoying The woman’s ultimatums were ad nauseam, her constant threats to divorce eventually pushing her husband away.
7180 Sociable friendly and willing to spend time and talk with other people Out of all the party guests, my sociable neighbor was the only one to make conversation with me.
7181 Accent a distinctive pronunciation of language often associated by nationality or culture If you ever meet someone from another country, you will likely note that they have an accent when they speak your language.
7182 Assuage to relieve or ease unpleasant feelings Darren tried to assuage his wife’s fear of flying by buying her a drink and holding her hand during takeoff.
7183 Reassurance words spoken or actions taken to make a person feel better After I lost the contest, my husband spoke words of reassurance so I wouldn’t doubt my ability.
7184 Denote to point out something If you get lost, look for the two red flags that denote the hotel entrance.
7185 Kleptomania the psychological urge to steal, not for gain or profit George outright suffers from Kleptomania, often stealing things in arm’s reach just because he feels the impulse to.
7186 Considered thought about; reflected upon Although he had considered moving to Florida a few times, the scorching heat stopped the snow-lover from making a move.
7187 Mystic spiritualist or shaman A mystic traveled around the village telling peoples fortunes and offering cures to curses.
7188 Pullulate to be crowded or overpopulated At the annual Tri-State Farmer’s Auction, the cows would pullulate in the small pen barely having any room to move around.
7189 Prize a thing given as a reward to the winner of a competition or race or in recognition of another outstanding achievement The 500-pound pig won first prize at the county fair.
7190 Precipitate to bring about especially abruptly The rising level of unemployment is going to precipitate a huge crowd at the welfare office.
7191 Documented wrote down information to use as proof or evidence at a later time The reporter documented all of the facts of the case, writing down every little detail for his article.
7192 Crippled unable to function correctly or efficiently Crippled with fear while on stage, the stuttering student seemed to freeze up every time she tried to speak.
7193 Levee an embankment built to stop a waterway from flooding Rushing water broke the levee, flowing over the embankment and flooding the land that the wall was supposed to protect.
7194 Derogate to offend or criticize a person or thing The critic didn’t mean to derogate the author, only his poorly written novel.
7195 Limb an arm or leg of a person or animal The boy jumped off of the playground swing and broke his limb when he fell on his elbow.
7196 Porous easy to move through because of the presence of small gaps Because the castle had porous security, the assassin found it quite simple to sneak inside and murder the king.
7197 Ascertain learn or discover with certainty; determine Detective Jimmy was able to quickly ascertain the suspect was not being honest with him.
7198 Generic describing something that is plain, uniform, or ordinary and typically forgettable The guards at the gate were rather generic today, being so plain that I can’t even remember what they looked like.
7199 Condolences expressions of sympathy given, especially after death or a loss Grieving fans from all over the country came to the celebrity’s funeral to express their condolences to the man’s family.
7200 Territory an area or zone Drug dealers on the northside would kill any rival gang member who tried to come into their territory.
7201 Cuneiform the world’s first form of written language The world’s first written language, cuneiform was used as a communication tool by all of the great Mesopotamian civilizations.
7202 Donned to wear certain clothing Soldiers frequently donned their uniforms in the past to every social function because this showed their military background.
7203 Susurrant a soft or quiet sound The tiny mouse made a susurrant noise as it scampered across the floor.
7204 Claptrap ridiculous talk that doesn’t make any sense The old gossipers didn’t tell the truth but simply sat on their porches sharing claptrap with one another.
7205 Slough to cause to shed or purge The product is designed to slough off dead skin cells.
7206 Parsonage a house provided by the church for a clergyman The priest lived in a spacious parsonage not far from his church.
7207 Sequence arrangement of events in a specific order Switching up the sequence of the recipe steps caused the usually delicious brownies to turn out inedible.
7208 Pod a little cluster of animals While touring the zoo, the children observed a pod of pelicans settled close to each other.
7209 Rarefaction the lessening of density in a substance The rarefaction of air occurs as it rises higher in the atmosphere, where it loses much of its density.
7210 Promised swore or assured; made a pledge Trey promised to pick Tracy up right after school, but he never showed up.
7211 Outbreak a quick increase in an action or number of something After having chicken pox as a child, I am susceptible to getting an outbreak of shingles since the virus is already in my system.
7212 Rutted having deep grooves from wheels driving over something consistently Rutted sections of the gravel track caused the bicyclist to flip his bike after hitting a dip in the road.
7213 Betray expose (one’s country, a group, or a person) to danger by treacherously giving information to an enemy Harry decided to betray his country and spy for the enemy, despite all that America had done for him.
7214 Gelatinous having a consistency that is like jiggly like jelly A large heap of gelatinous noodles jiggled on the girl’s plate as she walked back to her table.
7215 Reemergence the act of appearing or coming into sight once more After beefing up its marketing, the failing business began to thrive and saw a reemergence of sales.
7216 Beak the hard, pointed part of a bird’s mouth Tapping the bark with his hard beak, the woodpecker tried to use his bill to break through.
7217 Orphan a parentless child When Steve’s parents died in the automobile accident, he became an orphan and went to live with friends.
7218 Classicism pertaining to the designs of ancient Rome and Greek works Most of the artwork in the ancient Roman museum was in the style of classicism by the paintings depicting scenes from the classics.
7219 Maturity of full development When the cherry tree reaches maturity, it will produce fruit.
7220 Mediocrity average. the quality of being standard or normal If you do not fail miserably or succeed greatly, you exist in a state of mediocrity.
7221 Bourgeois characteristic of the social middle class or relating to one who likes to put on airs In America, the traditional bourgeois family consists of two parents, two children, and a family pet.
7222 Abruptly suddenly; without notice Without warning, my boss abruptly fired me.
7223 Thereunto to that place or thing Reba enjoyed worshipping at the temple and hastened thereunto ever chance she got.
7224 Medley a mixture of things A medley of horrific shouts rose up out of the crowd when they realized the concert was canceled.
7225 Diocese a region or area that is overseen by a religious Christian leader In the Cyrus Catholic Diocese, the head priest meets once a month with each of the local priests from the 22 churches he was responsible for.
7226 Thicket a very dense group of trees or bushes Moving through the dense thicket, the explorers could barely see through the trees.
7227 Snippy used to describe rude behavior or communication that is brief or curt Lydia’s snippy attitude when answering the phone caused customers to complain about her rudeness to the manager.
7228 Bellyache to loudly complain about something When the teacher told her class that they would be taking a pop quiz over the chapter, they started to bellyache which was quickly hushed by the teacher
7229 Chromatic relating to color; colorful Several artists used the same chromatic colors in their portraits at the display.
7230 Carryover a leftover or remainder from something else Since there was so much rainy weather from last week, the flooding was a carryover from the week prior.
7231 Mobile portable; able to be moved The mobile home is a good option for the traveling couple because it can be quickly moved from one place to the next.
7232 Rhetoric persuasive or impressive language which is often insincere If someone does not stop the political rhetoric in that country, a civil war is likely to break out soon.
7233 Nascent recently formed or started Online dating has gone from a nascent idea to an established concept that helps millions of people find love.
7234 Glimmer a faint or flickering piece of something Even after several back to back losses, the boxer still had a glimmer of hope.
7235 Unethical not having morals or honorable principles Unethical office practices caused the bad doctor to lose his job at the hospital.
7236 Depict to describe in words or pictures The drawings on the cave walls depict the lives of the earliest men on the planet.
7237 Waterlogged saturated or full with water Having crashed into the river, the waterlogged car would have to be pulled out by a tow truck.
7238 Chum a close friend or pal Melody was my old school chum, but we haven’t been friends in years.
7239 Hump a mass that is rounded and raised The science teacher explained that the round hump on the camel’s back stores fat and not water.
7240 Disclaim to say that you have no responsibility for something Although the suspect tried to disclaim responsibility for the murder, the police were sure that he was the culprit.
7241 Cracked broke or damaged in a way that the object is showing lines or a split A rock hit the driver’s windshield and cracked it in a star-shape split.
7242 Caravel a small sailing ship developed and used by the Portuguese and Spanish during 15th and 16th century exploration With its gently sloping bow and single stern castle, the caravel was easily distinguishable from other 15th century ships.
7243 Terrorist an extremist person who commits violent acts for political reasons Osama Bin Laden was probably the most infamous terrorist in history due to his string of killing strikes against the United States and other countries.
7244 Good respectable and noble; supplies and resources When the patient’s illness was cured, she realized she had a good doctor and nurse taking care of her.
7245 Thriving growing and developing well After being placed in a bigger pot, the once listless plant is now thriving with tons of blooms on its stems.
7246 Original the first or earliest example of something The original Van Gogh fainting sold for several million dollars while a copy costs on a few bucks.
7247 Marginal minor; not of consequence I was not upset by the marginal price increase.
7248 Caterpillar the insect larva of a butterfly or moth A worm may look similar to a caterpillar, but caterpillars have legs, and are the young forms of moths or butterflies.
7249 Haunting disturbing in a way that makes something hard to ignore or forget The mass shooting survivor has haunting nightmares in which she relives the terrible trauma she went through over and over again.
7250 Firmament the body of the sky According to many versions of religious scripture, God molded man from the firmament of the sky and placed him on Earth.
7251 Discrimination the tendency to treat individuals differently because of their race, gender, religion, etc. Carol is an attorney who works to help fight gender discrimination in the workplace.
7252 Off-base wrong; mistaken Although Lauren was convinced that her husband was having an affair, the loyal man tried to convince her that her assumptions were totally off-base.
7253 Interchange when two or more people trade information with each other The interchange of research and statistics between scientists working on similar studies can lead to new discoveries.
7254 Received collected or accepted something from someone else After she received an award for making good grades at school, the student took her plaque and had a seat.
7255 Melliferous bearing or producing honey Melliferous flowers were collected to make honey.
7256 Gild to make a light cover of gold or fake gold over something Jewelers have a tendency to gild cheaper rings, necklaces and bracelets with the least amount of authentic gold just so they can call it gold jewelry.
7257 Infection a disease or virus that makes one sick Because she didn’t wash the cut on her hand regularly, Tessa ended up with a nasty infection inside the scratch.
7258 Astound to overpower with amazement The taste of the wonderful dessert is sure to astound anyone who likes chocolate.
7259 Attach to tie or connect something to something else The student will attach a lock to his locker to keep other students from stealing his things.
7260 Aqueous associated with water The punch is an aqueous solution composed of water and fruit juice.
7261 Yeast a single-celled, microscopic fungi used in many food items, nutrition, and even bio-fuels It’s hard to believe that yeast, a common fungus, is used to make something as delicious as pizza dough.
7262 Peregrine foreign or outlandish The Cherry Blossom tree was a peregrine species to America, having originally been brought to its soil from Japan.
7263 Synthesis the creation of an object or entity by mixing simpler materials or substances Proteins are essential to the synthesis of muscles and body tissue.
7264 Glossary a list that gives definitions of the tough or unusual words found inside book In the back of the chef guide there was a glossary that explained some of the unique cooking terms.
7265 Ripped tore; pulled to pieces While playing in the garden, the little girl’s cotton dress was snagged on a rose bush and ripped.
7266 Shanty a shack or hut that is built shabbily The river’s edge was covered with shanty after shanty, build by gypsies who decided to stick around for a while.
7267 Unreliable not able to be trusted or depended on Since Ms. Watson proved she was unreliable to do her job, I would never call on her when I needed a substitute.
7268 Prescriptive describing precisely what must happen, especially by giving an instruction/rule The prescriptive video showed nursing students exactly how to take blood from a patient.
7269 Clumsy awkward in movement or handling, prone to accidents or mistakes My dog is rather clumsy, bumping into things whenever she runs around and sliding on hard floors all the time.
7270 Discomfort being bothered by something to the point that it causes pain or embarrassment Whenever Brielle caught her parents kissing she was filled with discomfort and quickly ran from the room.
7271 Heckle to interrupt a speaker with insulting or rude comments As they began to heckle the speaker with insulting gestures, the two protesters were escorted from the building.
7272 Nosey snooping and prying because of interest in what is going on Due to her nosey nature, Barbara would often put her ear to the door of her sister’s room to hear what she was saying to her friend on the phone.
7273 Morality a set of rules that draw the line between what is acceptable and not acceptable in conduct As a devout Christian, the doctor’s concept of morality prohibited him from having anything to do with the cloning project.
7274 Pansophy knowing all information Studying theology allowed the students to ascertain that God’s pansophy enabled believers to put their faith in him.
7275 Chamber a compartment or space Calling the attorney’s into his chamber, the judge used his private room to counsel both sides.
7276 Lash to strike heavily The heavy waves of the stormy sea tend to lash against the coastline with enough force to smooth down all the rocks there.
7277 Performed carried out a task or action The doctor performed minor surgery on the woman’s wrist after she injured it in a fall.
7278 Quadriceps A large muscle in the thigh (front) that is used to extend the leg or bend the hip Stretching his quadriceps helped the runner prepare for the strain his leg would endure during the race.
7279 Competition a challenge for an award or prize When the spelling competition concludes, a prize will be given to the best speller.
7280 Near the small span between two objects or things The only reason Ginger moved near the mall was so she could go shopping frequently.
7281 Dawn the start of the morning light just before sunrise; daybreak I stayed up until dawn waiting for Craig to walk through the door, but he never did.
7282 Sag to droop down to a lower level The sandcastle began to sag in the middle as water filled the top of the construction.
7283 Complaint a statement that expresses that something is wrong or not satisfactory The customer issued a complaint against the manager, claiming that she was rude when speaking to him.
7284 Procedure a surgical or medical treatment Many anxious brides choose the weight loss procedure despite its surgical risks.
7285 Animation the technique causing images to appear to move Due to the computer animation, it is now possible to make cartoon films more quickly.
7286 Yelp a short, sharp cry, especially when surprised or in pain When he was struck by the car, the injured puppy let out a painful yelp.
7287 Overeat to eat too much food Because so many delicious dishes are served at our holiday dinners, I tend to overeat every Christmas.
7288 Admissible something that is allowed or considered appropriate Judge Taylor declared the evidence against the defendant admissible in court which became detrimental to the defense’s case.
7289 Redress to make something right or the payment for a wrong Kate demanded redress from the builder when her deck collapsed.
7290 Accustomed familiar with; used to The wealthy woman wasn’t accustomed to preparing her own food, so she had a hard time finding her way around the kitchen.
7291 Waylay to actively block an individual’s path in order to interrogate, detain, etc. Reporters attempted to waylay the celebrity at the airport and bombard him with questions, but his security team intervened.
7292 Relentless persistent; unyielding The relentless marshal pursued the escaped prisoner for ten years.
7293 Percentile a certain percentage of a whole, usually on a scale of 100 Because the overweight toddler is in the 99th weight percentile, his doctor suggested diet changes.
7294 Valetudinarian a person who is unduly anxious about their health Every time he felt even a little bit sick, the valetudinarian would immediately look up his symptoms on WebMD and schedule a doctor’s appointment.
7295 Freedom the state of being liberated and independently able to make choices Allowing the slaves freedom from the chains of bondage was one of the greatest accomplishments of President Lincoln’s time in office.
7296 Mouthy talkative, especially in a rude way Gina is well known for being a mouthy brat that will speak rudely to just about anyone in a position of authority.
7297 Superiority the state of being superior Since we are equals, do not act as though you have authority or superiority over any of us.
7298 Customs the traditional beliefs and practices of a particular group or culture The customs of the organization required that all members follow a code of ethics and professionalism.
7299 Put up to offer or show a certain skill or emotion in a difficult situation The boxer put up a strong fight but wasn’t able to defeat his opponent in any of the rounds.
7300 Warfare involvement in the activities of armed conflict (war) The country has a history of warfare and always seems to involve itself in armed conflicts.
7301 Hysteria a situation of unrestrained enthusiasm or intense fear The hostages were in a state of hysteria when they were rescued by the police.
7302 Nullification the action of making something ineffective or null The referee’s nullification of the touchdown cost the home team the game.
7303 Vacuous containing lack of thought or intelligence; containing nothing; empty There is no substance to her vacuous claim on the property!
7304 Escarpment long, steep cliff Sledding down the steep escarpment proved to be a hair-raising event.
7305 Pollyannaish describes a cheerful person who naively tries to find the good in everything Wishful thinking and Pollyannaish daydreaming left the trusting girl constantly disappointed.
7306 Tide the various levels of water in the ocean “As we go later into our day,” the meteorologist stated, “the tide will turn and be more dangerous to anyone who goes out into the water.”
7307 Microeconomics a division in economics which focuses on the smaller aspects of economics like the singular customers After studying microeconomics, the class had a test with situational questions about the influence money had on individuals.
7308 Morph to change from one form to another As the moon shone in the sky, the boy began to morph into a werewolf from his human form.
7309 Parameter a requirement that establishes the range of something If you meet the low-income parameter, you are eligible for financial aid.
7310 Strong-willed stubborn and determined to do something even if others advise against it The strong-willed toddler refused to brush his teeth or go to bed even when his mother threatened him with time-out.
7311 Lumber raw cut timber beams Environmentalists protested the lumberjacks’ actions because they were chopping down all the trees for their lumber.
7312 Revealed made known; uncovered something hidden The boutique just revealed the winner of the grand prize and gave the gift to the lucky victor.
7313 Bipolar a mental health disorder causing severe mood swings Bipolar moods may shift from depressed to manic and back to depressed again.
7314 Veridical true or realistic The fact that our Earth is round and that it revolves around the sun is veridical, something that can only be denied if you’re truly delusional.
7315 Repute the opinion or reputation generally held of something or someone Because she is of ill repute, not many people in the neighborhood want to be seen with the beggar.
7316 Pilose to be covered in long soft hairs The pilose cat was named “Fluffy” due to its cottony, soft, and furry hair.
7317 Liked enjoyed; was fond of Melissa liked chocolate cake while his sister was more fond of plain vanilla.
7318 Challenged to be invited to partake in a contest The nobleman challenged his rival to a duel, in which they would determine who was better with a sword.
7319 Slunk crept or snuck After noticing the light on in the living room, the teenage girl slunk back into the house after her curfew by crawling up the tree and into her bedroom window.
7320 Debauchery extreme indulgence in sensual behaviors, such as careless drinking and promiscuity How can you go to church every Sunday and still engage in debauchery?
7321 Taxonomy the methodology used to classify things or organisms In biology, the term taxonomy refers to the classification of organisms into groups based on their attributes.
7322 Estate all of the property owned by a person, typically at the time of their death My estate includes my house, my car, my dog, and all of my money, which will all go to my wife if I die.
7323 Hoity-toity having an arrogant and vain attitude When the underdressed girl entered the hoity-toity boutique, the workers refused to wait on her because they thought she didn’t have enough money to buy their outfits.
7324 Parlous unsafe; risky Because of the storm, it was parlous for the children to leave school.
7325 Thatch the top part on a house made of hay, stalks, grasses or foliage Wind blew away part of the thatch on the cottage causing droplets of water to pour down into the rooms.
7326 Distressed worried or anxious I could tell that the dog was distressed by the way it was whining and pawing at me, though I didn’t know what was bothering him.
7327 Magistrate a judge that hears and rules on minor offenses As a local magistrate, the judge’s power over state issues was limited.
7328 Mapping making a map or some other graphic representation The explorers spent their time mapping the trail so that they could show others the way to California.
7329 Immoderate excessive An immoderate amount of compliments was dished out towards the employer so that it seemed like the employee was simply trying to get a raise instead of speaking honestly.
7330 Tourist a person who journeys to a place for fun When the tourist needed information about the local attractions, he consulted the concierge at his hotel for suggestions.
7331 Piggyback to carry someone on your back or shoulders Because it rained a lot today, my dad gave me a piggyback ride to the car so I wouldn’t get my new shoes wet and muddy.
7332 Depress to lower the level of something In most video games, dying or failing a level will depress your score will taking down enemies or passing levels will raise it.
7333 Musket a heavy, muzzle-loading firearm that was used in the past wars After loading his musket, the Civil War soldier hid in the woods and waited for the signal to fire.
7334 Postpartum after childbirth Most women experience postpartum joy when they get to hold their baby for the first time.
7335 Truncate to reduce the length of an item by clipping it Although the director loved all of his film footage, he had to truncate the movie so its runtime would be less than forty-five minutes.
7336 Protected made safe and took care of The motorcycle driver wore a helmet that protected his head in case of a crash.
7337 Zest a great amount of enthusiasm My mother’s zest for Christmas is obvious to anyone who sees the three thousand lights surrounding our home.
7338 Sybarite one who is self-indulgent and addicted to luxury The sybarite was planning to hire a personal chef to cater to their culinary whims.
7339 Proposed put forward as an idea or solution The school’s proposed plan asks for several thousand dollars’ worth of future investments.
7340 Elope to run away in order to get married The couple’s dream was to elope in a Vegas wedding with Elvis leading their ceremony.
7341 Functional useful; practical The expensive dress was out of the accountant’s budget, but she convinced herself it was functional and could be worn to other events.
7342 Meander to move slowly without any real purpose The confused old man will sometimes come into the store and meander for hours without making a purchase.
7343 Blend a mixture of two or more things I plan on breaking up with my girlfriend because our views on important issues do not blend well together.
7344 Cardiovascular relating to the heart and blood vessels High sodium levels are related to a heightened chance of cardiovascular related death since sodium negatively effects the heart and impedes blood flow.
7345 Nadir point of greatest adversity or despair; all-time low; rock-bottom Even though we thought we had reached our nadir and would fail to meet the project deadline, we were still able to complete the work on time.
7346 Tumult confusion or disorder The prison warden was concerned his guards would not be able to control the tumult caused by the riot.
7347 Dander small scales from the skin, hair, or feathers of an animal As he scratched his scalp feverishly, scaly dander built up under the boy’s fingernails.
7348 Phenomena things (or events) that exist and can be taken in by the senses (seen, tasted, touched, etc.) Weather and fog are natural phenomena that can be both measured and understood through science.
7349 Wastrel an individual with a tendency to waste resources and time Since Bill is a wastrel, he spends most of the day in bed.
7350 Rival a group or individual who is competing against another group or person Cathy is certain she will get the promotion because her rival is a new employee with no work experience.
7351 Reformation the act, or process of making changes in something by removing or correcting faults, problems The city’s reformation of the bill allowed the citizens to have designated street parking.
7352 Assurance a promise that relieves doubt In his address, the president will provide the public with an assurance the economy is slowly improving.
7353 Amicus a “friend of the court” who is not actually involved in a case as a party but who serves as an advisor Amicus briefs were filed by court attendees wanting to add their two cents on the case.
7354 Caliber the worth of an individual’s character or his level of ability Only dancers of the highest caliber will be invited to perform for the president.
7355 Emphasize to highlight or focus on You should use the blue eye shadow to emphasize your beautiful eyes.
7356 Maladroit awkward and somewhat incompetent The nervous boy was maladroit and stuttered over his words as he invited the girl to the dance.
7357 Individuality the qualities that make a person or thing unique Because he chose an original monologue, his individuality set him apart from the other actors during the audition.
7358 Roommate a person who occupies the same house or apartment as someone else My roommate is looking for a new place to live since we constantly argue over the apartment we share.
7359 Closed shut or fastened something The angry child closed the bedroom door with a bang and pouted on her bed.
7360 Snow frozen water vapor that falls down in small flakes Glistening white snow fell lightly from the clear sky.
7361 Trudge move forward slowly because of exhaustion Despite three days without food or rest, the weary soldiers continue to trudge over the battlefield.
7362 Voyage an account of a trip especially one made in a boat During the seven-day voyage, the ship traveled to three different countries.
7363 Venerable worthy of respect because of age, position, or dignity The Pope is a venerable leader who is recognized for his commitment to helping others.
7364 Reunite come together or cause to come together again after a period of separation or disunity Because the best friends were all attending different universities, they planned to reunite at their favorite coffee shop in four years.
7365 Atrocity a horrific action The atrocity of the murders stunned the entire city.
7366 Single-file one behind the other The students were asked to stay in a single-file line, walking one behind the other all the way to the cafeteria.
7367 Story a tale of real or imaginary people and events that are written or told to entertain Every night before bed, Amber asks her mommy to tell her a story about a magical princess.
7368 Superposition one object stacked on another In geology, superposition refers to layers of rock being stacked with the oldest being on the bottom.
7369 Acupuncture a medical practice in which thin needles are inserted into specific points of the body as a way to relieve pain or treat disease As soon as the acupuncture needles entered the man’s spine, he felt relief from his pain.
7370 Political government related The political ads urged voters to cast their ballots for the Republican candidate.
7371 Whelp a baby dog or wolf; a puppy The little whelp will cry anytime the momma dog is away from him too long.
7372 Claustrophobia the fear of closed, tight places If you have claustrophobia, you would probably not want to live in a tiny house.
7373 Ware a good that can be purchased The ware I bought at the street festival is the perfect addition to my mug collection.
7374 Transect to cut or split crosswise My daughter will only eat her sandwich if I transect it and slice off the edges.
7375 Developed to cause something to become bigger or stronger Andrea developed her acting skill through local classes before she was good enough to get a leading role.
7376 Cringed to feel embarrassed or uncomfortable She cringed as she watched the horror movie.
7377 Doldrums a state in which an individual is very sad and has no interest in anything The psychiatrist said the antidepressant might help me come out of the doldrums so I can enjoy my life again.
7378 Chill a cold or icy temperature in the air It is quite chill today, though I suppose that should be expected since it is snowing.
7379 Quiescent not active; quiet For once, our hyperactive Great Dane is quiescent and resting on the rug.
7380 Ascendancy occupation of a position of dominant power or influence The controlling husband tried to assert his ascendancy over his wife by monitoring her cell phone and making all of her decisions.
7381 Housekeeping the act of preparing and keeping rooms in a house or hotel clean Mrs. Doubtfire was hired for housekeeping, but she did more than just wash dishes and do laundry.
7382 Swoon to faint or lose consciousness from extreme emotion Aaron would not consider going to medical school, for fear that he would swoon at the sight of blood.
7383 Thrill excitement and joy The teenage girls were all smiles on their first road trip due to the thrill of the adventure.
7384 Monogram a design that has at least two interlaced letters, usually a person’s initials Placing the monogram on her binder, the student loved the way the glittering letters made the plain folder stand out.
7385 Trite unoriginal and lacking in importance I did not finish the novel because the story’s plot was trite and uninspiring.
7386 Smashed broken or violently shattered something The little girl smashed her finger in the car door, breaking the bone in one spot.
7387 Admonishment harsh advice or statements warning someone against an action Minnie doesn’t mind honest advice, but her father’s admonishment came off as cold and uncaring.
7388 Portable able to be carried or easily moved We always pack a portable disposable grill before heading out on a trip because it’s the easiest way to cook on the road.
7389 Inextricably in a manner that is impossible to be unlinked The site where the black men were lynched has been inextricably linked with sorrow and hate.
7390 Miracle an extraordinary event that occurs through divine intervention by God After twenty years of infertility, the birth of the couple’s first child was seen as a divine miracle.
7391 Acceleration an escalation in pace or speed With a little acceleration on my part, I should be able to catch up with the mailman’s truck.
7392 Mysticism the idea divine truth can be found through profound meditation The cult leader emphasized mysticism through meditation as the only means of entering heaven.
7393 Closure a sense of resolution at the end of an incident or artistic work Many people that end up divorcing want closure after the fact to help them feel as though it is well and truly behind them.
7394 Catty spiteful and mean in the way that one behaves or speaks Rolling her eyes and making catty remarks, the bully’s words cut like a knife.
7395 Cacoethes an uncontrollable urge or desire to do something inadvisable Kelsey had a cacoethes for pulling pranks at church.
7396 Auriferous describes rocks or minerals that contain gold Placing his hands on the auriferous treasure, the pirate lusted for the golden trinkets.
7397 Business the activity of buying and selling goods and services, especially as one’s living When the real estate market crashed, the business of selling homes came to a creeping halt.
7398 Reappear to appear or show up a second time I have no idea when my wayward friend will reappear, but I’m sure he’ll come back to the house soon.
7399 Inexpedient impractical or unwise It would be inexpedient to go walking through the desert without several bottles of water to keep you hydrated.
7400 Twofold multiplied by two; two reasons The reasons for the increase in ticket prices are twofold – to increase security and to hire more employees.
7401 Desired to be wanted or wished for When I said that I wanted a pet for my birthday, a goldfish is admittedly not what I desired.
7402 Scientific pertaining to the sciences In chemistry class, the students conducted a scientific experiment using chemicals, test tubes and a microscope in the lab.
7403 Snobbish describes a person who looks down on others based on superficial reasons (good looks, wealth) The snobbish woman is in desperate need for a job but still refuses to work in a fast food restaurant.
7404 Music a form of art that combines vocal or instrumental sounds to create a composition Guests at the house party grooved to music booming out of the stereo system.
7405 Hidden agenda a secret motive or reason Although Glen appeared to really love the wealthy woman, her children were afraid that he had a hidden agenda.
7406 Win to prevail or currently succeed at something The only way the candidate will win the election is by receiving at least 51% of the votes.
7407 Postscript an extra remark or at the end of a letter or email signified by the initials P.S. Many people use a postscript in a letter when they forgot to write something in the body of the letter.
7408 Ban a ban means to exclude something or someone from a place There is a ban on cell phone use during the standardized test administered at the university.
7409 Snitch a person who reports the wrongdoing of others to someone in an authority position Fearing that he would be labeled a snitch, the man made sure that no one at the company knew he was filing a complaint.
7410 Bet to risk something against another person on the outcome of a future event I am going to bet fifty dollars against my friend that it is going to snow today, while he is betting fifty that it will not.
7411 Presumptuous making a judgment before knowing all of the facts – also means – extremely bold and forward in doing something; It was rather presumptuous of her to assume I would get her a birthday present.
7412 Sighting an occasion where something is visually spotted Hubert claimed that there was a Bigfoot sighting nearby, but I highly doubted that anyone had laid eyes on an unreal creature.
7413 Androgynous partly female and partly male in appearance As an androgynous, Patrick’s gender will remain uncertain indefinitely.
7414 Hypertonic a solution that contains more dissolved salt or electrolytes than is found in normal cells and blood The hypertonic solution was so salty that it could be safely ingested.
7415 Unequal imbalanced or uneven Unequal leg lengths on desks can cause them to wobble around.
7416 Break down the act of taking something apart to make it smaller and easier to transport of put away A team of workers began to break down the movie set for the next scene.
7417 Vault a typically spacious room used as storage for valuables Archeologists stumbled upon an underground vault filled to the prim with ancient sculptures, gold, and other valuables.
7418 Nuisance a thing or individual that makes one irritated Until Jill planted a vegetable garden, she never knew a raccoon could be such a nuisance.
7419 Advocated encouraged; supported The teacher advocated for students with special needs and urged lawmakers to put rules in place to protect their rights.
7420 Jauntily in an energetic way After receiving a promotion at work, Jill walked home jauntily.
7421 Treat to behave towards someone in a certain manner You should treat the elderly with care and respect, since they have a lot more wisdom and experience than you.
7422 Paddle a small racket Picking up the paddle and ball, the young child was ready to play her first game of table tennis.
7423 Bawl to cry extremely loudly Even as the spoiled rich girl put on her diamond bracelets, she would bawl about how her parents didn’t love her.
7424 Catfish to trick someone into a loving connection by using a fake profile online Virtual money scammers often target elderly women to catfish because they are lonely and want to feel that someone loves them.
7425 Buttressed increased the strength or reinforced/supported something The strengthened were recently buttressed with sturdy, biodegradable material.
7426 Subsequent coming after something in time Subsequent editions of the book will be based on the early lives of the characters.
7427 Hark to listen attentively All of the children stopped to hark the Christmas carolers singing outside the window.
7428 Dead no longer living With a bullet to the heart courtesy of a hunter, the deer that had been living just moments ago was now dead.
7429 Combustible something that is susceptible to igniting or being caught on fire Paper is a combustible material that you could easily light on fire with a match or a lighter.
7430 Competence the ability to do something well or skillfully The court vetted the defendant’s mental competence and decided that she was sane enough to stand trial.
7431 Negative a gloomy outlook on something Teenagers usually have negative attitudes toward adults because they think they know everything.
7432 Landmark a well-known object in a particular place that helps a person know where they are It wasn’t an X, but the small stone served as a landmark for the location of the buried treasure.
7433 Portend to indicate or give sign of a future occurrence By hovering nearby, the dark clouds portend a storm in our area.
7434 Ideological pertaining to the coordination of thoughts and philosophies Due to the criminal’s ideological perspective that he is always right, the criminal would hurt people if they wronged him.
7435 Recur to happen or appear again Even with chemotherapy, the cancer could recur and wreck my life again.
7436 Swine a hog or pig On the farm, the loudest sound of the oinking swine could be heard over the noise from the other animals.
7437 Xanthosis an abnormal yellowish discoloration of the skin The doctor explained that cholesterol build-up in the skin cells could cause a yellowing of the skin known as xanthosis.
7438 Refill to fill again The waitress came around to refill our water glasses, but the cups were still overflowing.
7439 Vacancy an opening or opportunity Because there was no vacancy at the inn, Mary and her husband had to sleep in a manger.
7440 Noteworthy worthy of notice or attention The most noteworthy player of the game will receive an MVP trophy.
7441 Rash acting without thinking The boy acted in a rash manner and didn’t consider the consequences of driving under the influence.
7442 Telephonic relating to a telephone Telephonic life coaching is provided over the phone for those who need help losing weight.
7443 Trophy an item that symbolizes and commemorates an event or triumph The Spelling Bee champion proudly displayed his trophy on the fireplace mantle where everyone could see it.
7444 Neigh the sound a horse makes Whenever anyone would get close to the fence, the horse would neigh to get the attention of its master.
7445 Definitive viewed as absolute and correct As soon as the doctor gave a definitive diagnosis, the nurse began the patient’s treatment.
7446 Precognition prior knowledge of an event before it happens Precognition and clairvoyance helped the psychic tell the future.
7447 Intemperance a lack of restraint or moderation Based on the way he drinks eight beers a day, I can say with certainty that Huxley suffers from great intemperance.
7448 Pall a thing or person that makes something depressing or dismal The car accident that killed five students cast a pall over the graduation ceremony.
7449 Safari a journey to see or hunt animals, especially in Africa Animals of the African savannah were crowded out by tourists wanting to snap photos on safari.
7450 Unavailable not available to be accessed; out of stock My favorite brand of peanut butter is unavailable, so I had to go with the off brand.
7451 Hauteur conceit; arrogance Jim’s hauteur has led him to believe he is better than everyone else.
7452 Thump to tap something hard Many shoppers will thump a watermelon to see if it is ripe while grocery shopping in the produce section of the store.
7453 Babe a sexually attractive young woman To work at Hooters, you must be a young babe with big boobs and a collection of booty shorts.
7454 Truck a large motor vehicle that has a bed and is used to transport things The back of the truck was filled with dirt before the farmer drove the vehicle back to the ranch.
7455 Hallowed regarded as holy, venerated, sacred We stood near the hallowed ground where the soldiers had fallen, not daring to step too close.
7456 Wade to walk or paddle through water or another liquid During the flood, the escaping residents had to wade through the rushing water to get to dry land.
7457 Underneath situated directly below The titanic was buried underneath the ocean’s surface for several decades.
7458 Abracadabra used to refer to gibberish that is supposed to imply arcane or advanced knowledge The fortuneteller tried to convince her audience that she knew what she was talking about with confusing abracadabra and terms no one knew.
7459 Heirloom an heirloom is something that has been inherited or handed down from generation to generation The ancient painting was an invaluable heirloom handed down from generation to generation.
7460 Extermination the systematic killing of a group of people or animals Extermination of a wasp nest is usually as simple as spraying it with a special chemical.
7461 Indoctrinate to convince people to believe a certain idea or concept The cult leader will indoctrinate his followers with his beliefs.
7462 Movement the act of changing one’s location through motion The science teacher taught the students that the back and forth movement of the water was called tides.
7463 Inhale to suck in a breath Yoga students inhale deeply through their nose, hold, and then slowly let out their breath to release the stress from their bodies.
7464 Inaugural marking or happening at the beginning of an official ceremony During his inaugural speech, the new president discussed the things he planned to do during his first few days in the White House.
7465 Exhale to release air from your lungs Synchronized swimmers wait as long as possible to exhale so that they can hold their breath for a long time.
7466 Versatility the ability to adapt to new situations Because of its design, the European longsword had enough versatility to cut, stab, and bludgeon its many foes.
7467 Conservatism a political philosophy that favors traditional values and a small government and opposes social change Countless Republicans showed up to the forum where they discussed conservatism and the perks of small government.
7468 Wince to make a tensing movement as a result of distress or pain The electric shock made the dog wince.
7469 Simple easy; effortless Mia needs a simple recipe to follow to create a quick dinner.
7470 Longhand handwriting in which the words are written out fully and not abbreviated Because hearing conversations move so quickly, the court reporter uses abbreviations for words instead of writing them out in longhand.
7471 Pinhead someone with low intelligence; implying that a small head results in a small brain Even though Carter is extremely smart, he can be a real pinhead when it comes to flirting with girls his age.
7472 Mailing sending a letter or package in the mail The package was so big and bulky that mailing it through the post office cost over twenty dollars.
7473 Commensurate in proportion; equal You will get a salary increase commensurate with your additional responsibilities and work.
7474 Frayed worn out; torn The rope became frayed after the dogs chewed on it.
7475 Youthful young-looking, child-like Because of her youthful appearance and energetic spirit, it was hard for anyone to believe that Tina was sixty years old.
7476 Modernity the quality of being current or contemporary The modernity of the Titanic caused many to believe that its technological advancement made it unsinkable.
7477 Operated worked; ran The farmer has operated a tractor since he was a little boy, so he is a pro at running the equipment.
7478 Academic school-related; educational The academic magazine was full of tips for both teachers and students.
7479 Delivered carried to a particular location The mailman delivered the package to our front porch since it was too big for the mailbox by the road.
7480 Incarcerate to lock a person up as a consequence for his or her actions The police are going to incarcerate the teen who keeps committing acts of violence.
7481 Presence the state of being present, or of being within sight or call, or at hand Although he felt confident in his skills, his boss’s presence always left him on edge.
7482 Immersive surrounding a person in a way that makes them feel completely involved in the moment or process Many English programs adopt an immersive approach that requires the learner to be completely surrounded with people speaking the new language.
7483 Finalize to agree on or produce a finished product or agreement Teresa and her husbands will finalize their vacation plans this weekend and pay the ending deposits before they take the trip.
7484 Sensationalism the presentation of stories by a journalist in a way that excites people emotionally, often at the expense of the truth or honesty Feeding off the celebrity’s latest scandal, the article was full of sensationalism and exaggerations.
7485 Gee an expression used to show surprise or excitement “Oh, gee!” shouted Leah as she walked into the extremely messy house.
7486 Inference a conclusion or opinion that is formed because of known facts or evidence From the data collected, scientists were able to make the inference that the water was polluted to the extent it was unsafe to drink.
7487 Rustling making light sounds because parts of something are touching each other Rustling his change together in his hand, the boy thought long and hard about how he wanted to spend his coins.
7488 Scrumptious delicious; mouthwatering Placing her nose up to the apple pie, the pastry chef got a whiff of the scrumptious smelling tart.
7489 Ballistics the scientific study of the motion of objects that are thrown or shot through the air Using the science of ballistics, I created a Frisbee that spins back toward the thrower.
7490 Woolgathering daydreaming; fantasizing The absentminded boy’s constant woolgathering during class stopped him from hearing anything the teacher said.
7491 Coordinate each of a group of numbers that can be used to find the location of something Because one coordinate is wrong, the address won’t help us find it to our location.
7492 Troop a group of individuals that belongs to a larger organization Every year, Girl Scouts come together as a troop to sell cookies door by door.
7493 Equivocate to deceive or mislead someone using unclear language The crooked salesman went out of his way to equivocate the sales terms to the elderly couple.
7494 Vide a word used to tell a reader to see or consult a different part of the text Vide the original owner’s manual for more information on you radio.
7495 Miser an individual who tries to spend as little money as possible To save money, the miser ate only one meal a day.
7496 Symptom a sign of a virus, sickness or ailment Since Sally only had one symptom of coughing, her mother decided she probably was just under the weather and really not very sick.
7497 Rule of law a legal principle that law should be the basis of governing a country and not the decisions of individual government officials Rule of law was established to take away some of the power of kings and make sure that all people were held accountable for their actions.
7498 Feasible to do without too much difficulty; possible Driving with your eyes closed is not feasible.
7499 Saved kept or stored; put away for later Evan wasn’t hungry when dinner was ready, so he saved his meal for later that night.
7500 Embitter to make someone resentful or bitter The overwhelming defeat our team faced during the game served to embitter every single one of us.
7501 Wellaway a word used as an expression of sorrow or distress “Wellaway!’ the sailor cried out in distress as he watched the boat sink.
7502 Privation the state of being very poor, and lacking the basic necessities of life Although she was born into poverty, Samantha vowed that she would work hard to escape the life of privation she had suffered in her childhood.
7503 Aggressor the person or country that first attacks or makes an aggression At school it became apparent that the aggressor was the bully as his victim was writhing on the ground in pain.
7504 Intimacy feeling of closeness and openness towards someone else Instead of controlling my children, I tried to create an intimacy with them.
7505 Miner someone that works in a mine I don’t think Samson wanted to be a miner when he grew up, but the work he does extracting minerals from underground is important.
7506 Depression a mood disorder characterized by low self-esteem, feelings of sadness, and a general loss of interest in things After falling into a deep depression, Gina went to the doctor to ask for help with her extremely somber mood.
7507 Misshapen altered or damaged so that it no longer resembles its original form The shopper picked up the misshapen apple, noted it’s bruised skin and tossed it back in the basket.
7508 Volition the power to make your own decisions or choices Despite my parents’ preference, I have decided to attend an out-of-state college on my own volition.
7509 Jaunt a short journey or excursion for pleasure or refreshment The short jaunt that Janice took around the mountainside resulted in a lengthy search when she failed to return.
7510 Flabby having flesh that is loose and soft After gaining weight while pregnant, Marilyn’s once rock-solid stomach was now flabby instead of flat.
7511 Figuratively not literally Jim told the judge that when he spoke of chopping off Scott’s head, he meant it figuratively and not physically.
7512 Verdancy becoming green with plants and vegetation The field’s verdancy showed through as mossy greens began to take over the pasture.
7513 Congruous in agreement Expecting her mother to be congruous with her plans to move out, the young woman was shocked when she disapproved
7514 Obviously clearly; in a way that is easy to see and understand Obviously wanting the boy to ask her to dance, the girl tapped her foot impatiently.
7515 Headwind wind that is moving toward an object so that it is going in the opposing direction While the aircraft flew through the air, the strong headwind kept beating harshly against the windshield.
7516 Booster someone or something who uplifts and encourages A genuine compliment is a great booster in self-esteem because it will certainly make someone feel a lot better.
7517 Alienation a state of being cut off or separate from a person or group of people The abusive husband’s alienation of his wife caused her to have no contact with her family and friends, often for months at a time.
7518 Huffy acting in a way that shows irritation or agitation about something one is upset about Behaving quite huffy, the sulky wife continued to pout about her husband’s refusal to buy her a new car.
7519 Contrastingly at odds with something or the polar opposite of it The two friends are so contrastingly different that it is a real surprise that they get along at all, though they do say that opposites attract.
7520 Elegantly to be done in a graceful and sophisticated way John elegantly navigated the crowded room, effortlessly dodging obstacles and greeting guests.
7521 Quoted repeated or recited something (others’ words, a poem, book, etc.) The newspaper quoted the mayor as saying “I didn’t steal the money,” but no one believes his statement.
7522 Inhabitant an animal or individual who resides in a specific place When the apartment inhabitant came home from work, he saw his belongings outside and knew he’d been evicted.
7523 Irascible easily made angry It does not take much to aggravate my irascible neighbor who is annoyed by any little noise.
7524 Flimflam nonsensical talk Martha’s flimflam was a bunch of nonsense that no one present could decipher, even with the use of our phones.
7525 Formulated created; put together The two inmates formulated an escape route and prepared to sneak out as soon as the guard went on break.
7526 Rubicund bearing skin that is pink or red in color The sunburn made his face rubicund in appearance.
7527 Nascence the initial start of something that leads to a bigger idea or action During the nascence of portable computers, laptops that were over twenty pounds were considered lightweight and advanced technology.
7528 Ugly unattractive or hideous On Halloween, the ugly witch scared the young children due to her having warts, a snaggle tooth and green skin.
7529 Wriggle to move or twist in contorted motion The rabbit was able to wriggle its way out of the net and moved its body well enough to escape the trap.
7530 Insert to place something inside of something else If you want a soda, you must insert a dollar into the drink machine.
7531 Celsius a measurement of temperature in which 0 is the freezing point, and 100 is the boiling point The weatherman used a thermometer to determine the temperature for the day in Celsius.
7532 Degree the amount or extent to which something exists or occurs The earthquake caused damage to the maximum degree in the city, completely demolishing entire blocks and flattening buildings.
7533 Augmented modified or altered to improve performance My computer was quite average at first, but I augmented it with some better parts to improve it.
7534 Denied refused to admit that something was true, existed, or was happening The suspect denied any part in the crime, but the police still believed she was involved in the robbery.
7535 Husky having an appearance that is strong or muscular The husky man showed off his massive muscles in the mirror as he exercised at the gym.
7536 Phosphorous a reactive natural substance that is both necessary for life but also toxic in large amounts Farmers were very careful when selecting a fertilizer for their crops since some of them contained an abundance of phosphorous.
7537 Grisly prompting panic or horror After the accident with the meat cutter, Katie refused to let anyone see her grisly face.
7538 Gullible easily fooled or cheated The gullible woman gave all her money to a fake charity.
7539 Refinement improvement and fine-tuning of something by way of small changes The ballerina worked on refinement of her dancing skills and was able to do several new turns by the end of the semester.
7540 Judicial review a high courts review of a ruling by a lower court or actions of the legislative branch During the judicial review, the judge considered all of the evidence that had been presented to the lower court judge.
7541 Surgery a medical procedure that requires someone’s body to be cut open Louise’s father is recovering from an open heart surgery that required implanting stints to open arteries.
7542 Burly large, strong and heavy When he attempted an escape, a burly police officer had to forcefully restrain the suspect.
7543 Apotheosis perfect example of something or the best point in one’s life or job I consider the apotheosis of my career to be when I received CEO of the company.
7544 Bailiff a legal officer who maintains order in a courtroom during a trial As the defendant’s witness stood in the witness box, the bailiff held the Bible out to swear her in.
7545 Weed a wild plant growing where it is not wanted One stubborn weed was left in the flower bed, returning every time it was pulled up.
7546 Detail include all the facts completely about something  
7547 Transcribe to change a form of communication into another form The medical transcriptionist will transcribe the doctor’s notes by typing them into the computer.
7548 Erudition extensive knowledge learned from studying and research Ken Jennings is a man of great erudition, having won first place on Jeopardy 75 consecutive times.
7549 Devoid entirely lacking; empty If I spend my last few dollars, my wallet will be devoid of cash.
7550 Pagoda a pyramid-shaped religious building with curled up edges on each level that is usually found in Asia During my visit to Japan, I noticed the pagoda towering over the tourists on the ground.
7551 Viewed looked at; watched with one’s eyes The gallery guests viewed several different pieces of art before resting their eyes on the paintings for sale.
7552 Regal of noteworthy impressiveness The homeless man looked out of place in the regal mansion.
7553 Implant to embed or establish something in a fixed position When the stubborn child would get upset with his mother for not getting his wish, he would implant his foot firmly on the rug with a scowl on his face.
7554 Escrow money or something of value held in trust by a third party for two other parties in a contract When my parents died, I inherited money that will be in escrow until I turn twenty-one years old.
7555 Recension the act of revising a text This textbook has undergone many recensions, currently being on its seventh edition and with more likely to follow.
7556 Oriented directed towards or interested in a particular thing Because he was so career oriented, the business-focused man preferred climbing the corporate ladder over marriage.
7557 Resident a person who lives in a place tong-term As a resident of the small community, the nosy neighbor spent her days poking her nose in everyone else’s business.
7558 Prorogue to defer or discontinue Parliament or other government business for a period of time The governor was advised to prorogue Parliament for now and call a meeting at a later date.
7559 Geoscience a science that focuses on the study of the earth Before becoming an archaeologist and digging up dinosaur bones, Kelly studied the earth while earning a degree in geoscience.
7560 Mélange a medley of different things or people The buffet had a mélange of food from various cultures.
7561 Gust a brief yet strong wind I lost the flyer I had been holding when a gust of wind blew it out of my hand and into the street of the city.
7562 Tuition the money it costs to take classes at a college, school or university After being in a dead-end job for several years, I looked into increasing my education but was saddened by the expensive tuition costs.
7563 Calm relaxed and showing no feelings of anger or anxiousness A beach is a relaxing place that makes everyone who visits it feel calm.
7564 Underlining giving emphasis or stressing something by drawing a line under it The student made underlining the important keywords in her textbook a habit so that she can go back and study the ones she highlighted.
7565 Sycophantic behaving in a flattering way that is insincere and meant just to gain advantage Because she is so sycophantic, the woman used insincere flattery and fawning to get her husband to do what she wants.
7566 Pastiche a mix of unique items The rainbow is made of a pastiche of colors.
7567 Disprove to prove that something is not true Many brilliant scientists in the past had to work to disprove the widely held notions of the public in their lifetimes, such as the shape of the world or what the universe revolves around.
7568 Habeas Corpus a legal order demanding that a prisoner be brought before a judge to make sure that he or she is not being held illegally The Cuban prison was beyond the reach of habeas corpus so the prisoners there will continue to be held illegally.
7569 Untouched not handled, used, or touched I could tell the usually ravenous Billy was upset because his plate was untouched five minutes after he had received it.
7570 Transgression the violation of a duty, law, or moral principle The judge will decide the penalty for my transgression.
7571 Cordon to create a barrier around or from something Since children could get injured on playgrounds, it is essential to cordon off a playground so they don’t have access to it through the fence.
7572 Damaging harming or weakening Hector’s allegedly harmless jokes are damaging his relationship with his girlfriend, so he’d better stop if he wants to keep her.
7573 Awesome extremely good or excellent Going to Mexico was an awesome experience for the tourists since they had lots of fun on the trip.
7574 Parishioner an individual who is a member of a certain church congregation As a parishioner of the First Baptist Church, my grandmother hasn’t missed a Sunday service in twenty years.
7575 Frock a female dress or gown At my cousin’s wedding, the young flower girl wore a beautiful fluffy mint green frock.
7576 Viciously done in a cruel or violent way Attacking the girl viciously, the ruthless dog would not let go of her skin.
7577 Vexing bothering; annoying Alison’s stressful work situation was vexing her, so she called to her mother to vent.
7578 Allocated distributed or handed out The worksheets were allocated to the whole class by the teacher, who passed them out one by one.
7579 Ratification the confirmation or approval of something The ratification of the law only took place when a majority of the legislators agreed on the approval.
7580 Imprecation a stated curse that bears a person ill-will The witch muttered an imprecation at the man who mistreated her.
7581 Redaction the process of editing published material and removing information before it is released to the public This redaction allowed all three of the student’s papers to be pieced together and published as one theory.
7582 By-product a secondary product or result that’s produced in the making or doing of something else Dorothy was told that a by-product of her pregnancy was nausea and vomiting, but that it would subside after her first trimester.
7583 Friendly kind and pleasant to other people Mai is generally considered to be the opposite of the friendly Ashley, as she never talks with anyone that she isn’t familiar with and doesn’t care to make friends.
7584 Restriction a limitation Since Tyler only had the basic cable system, the cable television company placed a restriction on certain movie channels.
7585 Khaki a light brown or green cloth made usually of cotton or wool that is traditionally used for making uniforms The man’s brown khaki suit stood out amongst the traditional black tuxedoes in the room.
7586 Fundamentalism a strict organization that follows their spiritual beliefs Their fundamentalism required that the followers attend church daily or face severe consequences.
7587 Refract to make a ray of light change directions upon entry Sunlight will refract when it goes through a window, changing directions just slightly as the glass redirects it.
7588 Careful cautious and watchful, making sure not to make a mistake Because she is so afraid of having a car accident, the careful driver never speeds.
7589 Fun enjoying or entertaining Going to the exciting party was the most fun I’ve had in ages.
7590 Incite to stir up or excite The racist man tried to incite hatred in his children by telling them falsehoods about minority groups.
7591 Assembly construction Toys R Us hires workers whose sole work task is assembly of bikes and other buildable toys.
7592 Digression a temporary departure from the norm The fight between the two students was an unwelcome digression in the teacher’s organized classroom.
7593 Unlucky having or bringing bad luck or fortune Friday the 13th is said to be an unlucky day that brings bad fortune.
7594 Beneficiary a group or individual that gains something As the billionaire’s only beneficiary, Cheryl will receive the entire estate.
7595 Upgrade to improve the quality of something We went to Verizon to upgrade our older iPhones to the newest versions available.
7596 Layer one thickness or level of something with things stacked on top or below it The top layer of the three-tiered cake was covered with a thick sheet of icing before being served.
7597 Metaphor a word or phrase used to describe an object or action in a way that is not literally true The walking dictionary is a fitting metaphor used to describe the spelling bee champion.
7598 Applaud to congratulate by clapping Following the wonderful performance of the local opera company on opening night, the audience did applaud by standing up at the end and cheering.
7599 Wandering roaming or traveling without a purpose A wandering drifter shuffled down the street after moving about from one city to another begging for spare change.
7600 Culture the practices and beliefs of a particular group of individuals Pavi’s style of dress is determined by her Indian culture.
7601 Onslaught a fierce attack After the apartment fire, there was an onslaught of frustrated people displaced from their homes.
7602 Excellent wonderful and superb After studying a few hours for his math test, the boy was proud for making an excellent grade of an A+ on his test.
7603 Superficial concerned with only what is on the surface The president’s concern for the homeless people was superficial and ended as soon as the media left the event.
7604 Cozy warm and comfortable Sprawled out in front of the cozy fire, the relaxed cowboy could barely keep his eyes open.
7605 Settlement a formal decision or agreement that settles a dispute Unable to reach a settlement through the use of a mediator, the separated couple hired new attorneys and prepared for court.
7606 Yesterday the day before today We received a package yesterday but did not notice the mail until early this morning.
7607 Doing work or action one is engaged in Kristen thought about hiring someone to clean her house but ended up doing the chores herself.
7608 Regret remorse or guilt one feels for an action The woman shouted that her husband would feel regret leaving her, but he doesn’t seem remorseful yet.
7609 Sunlight light that comes from the Sun You can only see sunlight during the day.
7610 Reinforcement strengthening or boosting of something Reinforcement of the existing drunk driving laws means tougher fines and sentences for those convicted.
7611 Generally speaking usually true, correct in most cases but not all Generally speaking, we don’t celebrate holidays, but we may go trick-or-treating this year.
7612 Reciprocity the state of having an agreement in which actions and feelings are mutually exchanged Because my best friend and I have mutual reciprocity, we always look out for each other.
7613 Baste to use liquid to moisten food during the cooking process The chef used a spoon to baste the meat with pan drippings when cooking the roast.
7614 Smoothly in an easy, flowing way Everything was going smoothly during his driver’s test until he forgot to use his signal to turn and drove through a stop sign.
7615 Frontier an area that has not been fully explored The science fiction program begins with a description of space as the final frontier.
7616 Dealt simple past tense of deal; take action with respect of someone As the Police officer dealt with the driver, his partner chased the passenger who ran.
7617 Barker a person who calls out to passersby to attract customers to a theater or sideshow The barker stood outside of the carnival entrance, calling out to passersby and inviting them inside.
7618 Inconclusive not conclusive, not leading to a conclusion The ultrasound results for gender were inconclusive, so they scheduled another scan.
7619 Adrenaline a chemical produced by your adrenal glands that gives you a rush of energy when you are frightened, excited, or angry I had a rush of adrenaline as I jumped out of the airplane.
7620 Protection something used to protect or guard A protection spell was cast by the good witch to shield all the people in the kingdom from evil.
7621 Conflict a disagreement that may be mental, verbal, physical, or associated with scheduling or the accuracy of information As a teenager, Danielle’s greatest internal conflict is which pair of shoes to wear with which outfit.
7622 Renewable to be lengthened for a longer period of time, or able to be recreated Because my current one is renewable, I never need a new identification card for college.
7623 Simply in a plain and straightforward manner The designer likes to make her dresses simply and includes very few bright colors or details to the material.
7624 Patronage support or sponsorship Your patronage of the arts program will allow our students to put on four plays this year.
7625 Scamp A playfully mischievous child While his parents were sleeping, the little scamp snuck into the cabinet and ate all of the cookies.
7626 Predawn happening before the sun comes up (dawn) The joggers always take a predawn run so that they can avoid the heat of the morning sun.
7627 Telepathy the ability to communicate with another person mentally without using any motions or words Many people believe twins have telepathy and can talk to each other without speaking.
7628 Plan to come up with a course of action Tia’s plan for losing weight included avoiding sweets and bread as well as exercising five days a week.
7629 Paramedic a person trained to respond to medical emergencies Averaging around six minutes to respond to an emergency, the paramedic felt that his crew was efficient.
7630 Vase a decorative container usually intended to hold cut flowers A pot could hold flowers pretty well, but a vase could do the same thing while also looking pretty.
7631 Flurry a light falling of snow or leaves Even the kids knew that the small flurry of snow was not enough to get school called off.
7632 Wither dry up or shrivel The gardener’s plants began to wither in the heat of the sun.
7633 Peril grave and imminent danger Since your life is in peril, I suggest you run!
7634 Fester to worsen as time passes Without treatment and rest, my sprained ankle has continued to fester and is now black and blue in color.
7635 Fettle a state of proper physical, mental health or strong condition After completing my annual physical the doctor said I was in fine fettle.
7636 Unwanted not needed; surplus All of the unwanted trash was bagged up and placed by the side of the road.
7637 Therefore so; for that reason Lindsey doesn’t like going to the theater; therefore, she turned down the invitation to the show.
7638 Treasure to greatly value something This gift means a lot to me, and I will make sure that I treasure it for as long as I live, no matter how long that may be.
7639 Invariable never changing, always the same The human condition is invariable, and no matter how much we progress humanity will always wage war and spread distrust among each other.
7640 Antediluvian greatly out of date My daughter often tells me I wear antediluvian clothes that are way out of style.
7641 Voucher piece of paper that entitles the holder to a discount Although she was not doing well financially, Amber was able to buy lunch with a voucher.
7642 Potent very strong in a chemical or medicinal way The potent poison killed him within seconds.
7643 Slave a person who is legally owned by another Slave labor was used in the southern colonies where large amounts of workers were needed to produce crops.
7644 Envious wanting something someone else has The child was envious of his friends who had received money to buy ice cream.
7645 Footnote an explanation or comment that is placed at the bottom of a document To explain the meaning of several words found in the text, a footnote was added to the bottom of the page.
7646 Delusional suffering from or characterized by delusions She held a delusional belief that the sky turned black at night, when it is always blue.
7647 Craft an activity such as weaving or making pottery that requires you to make things with your hands The retired teacher is looking for a new craft to take up since she is good at making things with her hands.
7648 Deliver bring and hand over a letter, parcel, or ordered goods to the proper recipient or address The eager young girl looked stared out the window, anxiously waiting for the mailman to deliver her birthday present.
7649 Suffice be enough or adequate Do you think bleach will suffice as a cleaning agent in the restroom?
7650 Fling to toss or throw something quickly His attempt to fling the fishing line across the pond ended with a hook in the bushes.
7651 Save keep and store up (something, especially money for future use In order to save money, the family decided to stop going out for coffee and make it at home.
7652 Reconciled settled differences; restored friendly relations In 1891, the Hatfields and McCoys reconciled, shaking hands and deciding to end their feud once and for all.
7653 Countenance a person’s face or facial expression Even though Janet is a very young woman, her rough countenance makes her appear much older.
7654 Intimation a sign or suggestion that something is likely to happen Because they destroyed so many lives, the recent bombings are a brutal intimation of immortality.
7655 Wilderness An uncivilized expanse, often without human settlement of any kind At one time, much of America was an unexplored wilderness that was home to more animals than man.
7656 Discomfiture a feeling of embarrassment or discomfort After he lost the election to his rival, a sense of discomfiture crept over the now embarrassed politician.
7657 Abusive describing continuous violence or cruelty towards something or someone It is sad to think that many animals suffer at the hands of an abusive owner every day, being physically beaten or deprived of nutrition on a regular basis.
7658 Misgiving a feeling of doubt When I learned my daughter’s boyfriend had just been released from prison, my misgiving about him became stronger.
7659 Majestic displaying impressive grandeur The majestic movie theater was so glamorous it was converted into a film museum.
7660 Quick moving fast or doing something in a short timeframe The rabbit was much too quick for my large dog to catch him, darting away and into a small crevice.
7661 Nucleolus the center spherical part of the nucleus that has a connection with DNA and RNA Scientists study the nucleolus of each cell in order to determine the genetic make-up involving the person’s DNA.
7662 Malinger to pretend to be sick or injured in order to avoid doing work Because Tom was known for trying to malinger out of chores, nobody believed his story about a sore throat.
7663 Lonely sad because one is alone with no friends or family are around Because the lonely puppy spends most of the day alone while hisowners work, they have decided to adopt a new pet for him to play with.
7664 Downhill toward the bottom of something The ball rolled downhill from the top of the slope to the bottom of the mound.
7665 Esteemed having the admiration of others We are honored to present this award to our esteemed colleague for his hard work and dedication.
7666 Disparate very different from each other Because there was so much disparate information on the topic, the research process took longer than expected.
7667 Transitory not permanent; temporary Unfortunately, the homeless people can only stay in the transitory shelter for a short period of time.
7668 Closet secret; private His wife discovered the man’s closet affair when she found love letters from his mistress hidden in his desk drawer.
7669 Rejoice display or show feelings of great joy The children will rejoice after they open their holiday gifts.
7670 Jailbird a current or former convicted offender After going to prison for selling drugs several times, the repeat offender earned a reputation as a jailbird.
7671 Extenuate to cause a wrong act to be judged less because of circumstances The woman’s troubled childhood wasn’t enough to extenuate or excuse her of killing her husband.
7672 Reprimand an act of disapproval, generally done in an official manner When I misbehaved in school, my teacher sent me home with a written reprimand for my parents to sign.
7673 Definite exact; specific I need a definite yes if you plan to go to the movies with me on Saturday.
7674 Appointed to pick or choose for a task, duty, job or title position After Scalia’s death, the president appointed the replacement for the Supreme Court of the United States.
7675 Refresh to revive or regenerate something A hot shower was enough to refresh the officer after a long day on the job.
7676 Haven a location that offers security Safe Haven is the local shelter that offers housing and counseling for abused women.
7677 Damaged broken or otherwise injured The damaged television couldn’t be fixed, so Mrs. Shepard was forced to buy a new one.
7678 Muzzle the projecting snout of an animal The veterinarian wrapped a towel around the dog’s muzzle to stop it from biting.
7679 Tarry covered in tar or a tar like substance The tires of the vehicle were tarry from all the sticky mud it drove through, making it difficult to wash off even with a hose.
7680 Subversive intended to destroy the power or influence of a government or an established belief The group published a subversive magazine that contained nothing but negative articles about the current government.
7681 Maddening extremely annoying or frustrating Because she finds babysitting maddening, the irritable teenager refuses to watch her siblings for more than an hour.
7682 Lope to take a longer footstep while running or walking Several horses lope down the field when a sudden loud noise startled them.
7683 Recall to call up a memory Because the woman didn’t want her abusive husband arrested, she swore she couldn’t recall her attacker.
7684 Facetious joking often inappropriately; not serious While Aaron thought he was being funny, he did not realize his remarks came across as facetious.
7685 Native of or relating to the place where you were born The Latin was not raised in his native country, which is why we believed that he did not possess their mannerisms.
7686 Penchant a strong liking At an early age, my annoying brother seemed to have a penchant for getting into trouble.
7687 Thickness depth; wideness The thickness of the river made it difficult for the pioneers to wade across.
7688 Multimedia technology that uses a variety of different types of media (sound, audio, video, etc.) to express ideas The multimedia presentation showed the audience images of what the Titanic looked like while playing clips of actual interviews.
7689 Append attach; affix The charm bracelet had acquired so many charms that Stacey had a hard time finding space to append her newest one.
7690 Elan vigorous and lively enthusiasm Displaying energetic elan, the dancer’s dynamic enthusiasm wowed the crowd.
7691 Opportunistic used to describe someone who take’s advantage of an opportunity or situation for self-gain The opportunistic couple tried to take advantage of the elderly man, convincing him to sign over his home.
7692 Enliven to revitalize or spice up a situation or activity Miranda turned on some upbeat techno to enliven the boring party.
7693 Absolutism a political power that suggests that all power of the government should be given to a ruler or dictator Preaching absolutism, the political group tried to convince the people that the president should have full control.
7694 Oft occurring often The oft-quoted poet is famous now but unknown during his lifetime.
7695 Lie to recline or stretch out Every time I lie out on my beach towel for a long time, I end up with a sunburn.
7696 Pentecost the celebration of the day the church began The Pentecost is the religious festival celebrated on the seventh Sunday after Easter.
7697 Devour to eat quickly or hungrily After being rescued by a cargo ship, the malnourished men would devour every morsel of food in sight.
7698 Gourd a fleshy large fruit with thick hard shell Early man would use a gourd for a bowl, fishing net and musical instruments.
7699 Epidermis the external layer or skin The wooden splinter is just beneath the epidermis of my left foot.
7700 Off-putting unsettlingly unpleasant and repellent The hateful man’s off-putting attitude left him alone and without anyone to care for him.
7701 Passerby one who passes by someone or something by chance The police officer stated that a passerby noticed a damaged empty vehicle in a ditch and reported it.
7702 Savvy sharp; perceptive Your help desk agent should be savvy about all the features of your company’s software.
7703 Persistent not stopping; continuous Although I have been taking medicine for two weeks, I still cannot get rid of this persistent cough.
7704 Primly done in an extremely proper manner The wealthy exchange student sat primly in her freshly starched uniform.
7705 Backstory the story or events that lead up to the current events/situations The film first told the backstory of how the main couple got together in the first place.
7706 Underway something started and is ongoing With the construction of the road underway, it was only a matter of a few weeks before people could drive on it.
7707 Analogy a comparison to show similarity between two things In her analogy, the poet compared love to an endless well.
7708 Panicky having the qualities of a quick worry or dread that someone can’t stop After unearthing a true scandalous story of her opponent, the panicky candidate began mumbling and fumbling around on stage.
7709 Exhibitionist an individual who uses his or her behavior to catch peoples’ attention The female rapper is an exhibitionist who attracts attention by wearing revealing clothing.
7710 However on the opposite side Janice gave me an interesting excuse for coming home late; however, I think she left the truth out of her story.
7711 Pedant a scholar or learned person After answering every question the teacher asked, the pedant drew attention to himself in front of the other students.
7712 Calculated referring to an action committed with full awareness of its consequences When you weigh the pros and cons of an action before doing it, you are taking a calculated risk, with full understanding of the implications of your decision.
7713 Hypnosis a trancelike state of altered consciousness in which a person is more susceptible to suggestions Placing the patient into a state of hypnosis, the doctor was able to offer suggestions that would help him quit smoking.
7714 Aesthete one who strongly appreciates beauty, art and music The art museum invited many art lovers to the opening, including a local aesthete.
7715 Renege to not fulfill a promise Although my father made a promise to extend my curfew, he later decided to renege upon his word and ordered me home by eleven.
7716 Multifold numerous; varied Interest in the robotics competition was multifold, with many different groups applying for entry.
7717 Loveable adorable; attractive The lovable puppy looked up at his owner with his cute button eyes.
7718 Possibility something that has the potential to occur or is likely to happen There is a possibility that school will be cancelled if it snows hard enough.
7719 Rubicon a boundary that is crossed without being able to return In my science fiction story, the young man crossed over the Rubicon into another dimension knowing that he will stay there forever.
7720 Truckle to forfeit, submit, give it, or become tame to another’s wishes No matter how hard he tried to tame the wild lion, she refused to truckle.
7721 Sedan a two or four door vehicle that is made to hold at least four people Purchasing a used four-door sedan was more reasonable than a buying a jeep since we live in a Seattle.
7722 Noted wrote down or put in one’s memory The doctor noted several of the patient’s symptoms in his file so he could keep track of the man’s ailments.
7723 Way a road, path, or another thoroughfare through which one can travel Because our old path to the lake is overgrown with weeds, we will need to find a new way to get there.
7724 Oversaturated soaked; holding more of something that can be absorbed Because it has rained for two weeks straight, the fields are oversaturated with water.
7725 FALSE untrue; fake False news filled the internet, tricking people into believing lies.
7726 Primary principal and major A primary choice in the girl’s life was to get a college education so she could make a better life for herself and her children.
7727 Ego someone’s feeling of their self-worth Recently acquiring employment at the world-renowned doctor’s office definitely boosted the employee’s ego since this was the best job she ever had.
7728 Opiate an opium based medication prescribed as a sleep aid or pain reliever After Richard was injured in a car accident, he was given an opiate for pain management.
7729 Refinance to finance something a second time, usually at a lower rate Rather than pay off their loan, some people choose to refinance it, allowing it to go longer and at a possibly lower rate.
7730 Goatee a small, sometimes pointed, beard on a man’s chin Although he cut off the side’s of his beard, the middle-aged man couldn’t let go of the grey goatee that rested on his chin.
7731 Formidable something that inspires fear Growing tomato crops during a severe drought proved to be formidable for one farmer.
7732 Oblique not in a straightforward manner To avoid worrying his wife, the man made an oblique statement about the seriousness of his medical condition.
7733 Reins ownership After I injured my foot, my husband had to take the reins over the household.
7734 Gross disgusting, nasty When I observed my skinned knee, a gross white slime oozed from beneath the scraped skin and blood.
7735 Irrational devoid of reason My irrational horror of heights prevents me from flying.
7736 Moon the lunar body that rotates around planets Studying the craters on the moon allowed the scientists to get a better idea of how much water could be found on the moon.
7737 Implementation the process of executing or putting a plan into motion Many people are calling for a nationwide gun registry, but implementation of such a program would be difficult.
7738 Ramble to talk aimlessly Because my math professor tends to ramble on, I often fall asleep in class.
7739 Pabulum bland intellectual fare I hate when presidential candidates mouth politically correct pabulum that they don’t even believe in.
7740 Grown the state of being already aged or progressing to a later level in development; finished growing Oranges are grown year round in Florida.
7741 Parity the same in nature, value, or class As far as parity in currency, the pound is worth more than the dollar.
7742 Posterity all future generations We bury time capsules for ourselves and for posterity.
7743 Insurance a practice or arrangement by which a company or government agency provides a guarantee of compensation for specified loss, damage, illness, or death in return for payment of a premium.; a thing providing protection against a possible eventuality It’s recommended that renters get insurance on their belongings in case of a robbery.
7744 Countervail to counter something with equal force to offset its effect To countervail the customers’ concerns about poor service, the company sent out a letter offering to make things right.
7745 Heroine a female hero or protagonist This story focuses on a young girl, making her the heroine that will embark on an epic journey and save the day.
7746 Noncommittal displaying no sign of emotion or opinion Since my mother is noncommittal about buying me new sneakers, I will ask my adoring father to buy the shoes for me.
7747 Carp to find fault or quarrel with someone constantly Edith’s husband decided to leave, saying that he couldn’t stand her tendency to carp and complain constantly.
7748 Caravansary a crowd of individuals travelling around together or an establishment where caravans rest overnight Our church group felt blessed when we found a caravansary that could shelter our large party overnight.
7749 Distress physical or mental anguish The anxiety attack left me in a bit of distress.
7750 Hesitance the quality of being unsure There was clear hesitance in Oscar’s statement at first, but ultimately he firmly asserted his decision.
7751 Venom a poisonous substance secreted by animals such as snakes, spiders, and scorpions and typically injected into prey or aggressors by biting or stinging The scorpion stores venom in its tail and releases the powerful poison when it stings.
7752 Make-up cosmetics that are applied to the face to enhance one’s beauty (i.e., lipstick, eye shadow) Amber isn’t allowed to wear make-up, not even lip gloss since her parents think cosmetics shouldn’t be worn by teenagers.
7753 Hegira a trip taken to get away from an unlikable or unsafe circumstance The people took a hegira to escape their war-weary country.
7754 Swiftness the quality or characteristic of speed A Cheetah has great swiftness for hunting its prey.
7755 Commute to travel to and from work on a regular basis, typically from home My commute takes me about twenty minutes every day, so if I want to arrive to work on time I have to wake up at least forty minutes before I have to be there.
7756 Tonic anything (especially medicine) that helps one feel better A nice meal in a relaxing restaurant was the perfect feel-good tonic before the traveler’s long flight back to New York.
7757 Critical Thinking analysis and evaluation of an issue to make sound judgment You can’t expect toddlers to use critical thinking, as their brains are still developing and they don’t know how to accurately assess situations yet.
7758 Imputation the act of accusing someone Without having any proof, the boy’s imputation of his girlfriend’s theft angered her because she didn’t steal anything.
7759 Lateral of or pertaining to the side A beam runs along the top of the bridge, offering lateral support to the structure.
7760 Adapt get used to something new or change to fit When James relocates to a different side of the country, he will have to adapt to a new weather pattern.
7761 Picket action taken by unhappy workers in which they stand outside of their workplace and protest something to bring about a change The plant workers continue to picket around the factory, raising their signs in protest of the unsafe work conditions.
7762 Comeback a return to popularity, success, etc. after an extended period of obscurity Shoulder pads went out with the eighties, but I think it’s making a comeback.
7763 Fluidity the ability for a substance to flow easily There is fluidity between the two offices since both managers frequently move in and out of both spaces.
7764 Meld to blend or merge things together Singing in harmony, the musicians were able to meld their voices.
7765 Peroration the conclusion of a speech designed to drive the message home The President’s peroration was extremely passionate and heartfelt, reinforcing the message that we all had to stick together as a nation.
7766 Myocardial relating to the muscular tissue of the heart Since diabetes can damage the heart, it increases the risk of a myocardial infraction.
7767 Panoramic having the qualities of a long scene or place in a picture As my friend showed me his panoramic photo of the mountain, I could point out the entire mountain system and all of the valleys.
7768 Wardrobe a person’s entire collection of clothing The plain jane wants to spice up her wardrobe with a few sexy dresses and provocative mini-skirts.
7769 Helped assisted or aided someone in doing something or finishing a task Andrea helped mother bake a pie and clean up the kitchen before going to bed.
7770 Junta an armed group that comes into power by using force Armed with the newest weapons, the junta faced little to no resistance as it drove out the government.
7771 Blunderbuss an awkward individual Jared is a blunderbuss who cannot walk in a straight line even when he is sober.
7772 Feature a distinctive aspect of something The most notable feature of his face was the piercing blue eyes that were as vivid as the sky itself and just as vast.
7773 Desirous wanting something very much After years of vocal lessons, Crystal was desirous to be a famous singer.
7774 Convene to gather for a reason As soon as the last closing argument is made, the jury will convene to ponder the verdict.
7775 Explicable capable of being justified or recognized as true The only explicable solution to the water shortage problem was to simply conserve as much water as possible.
7776 Paramour a forbidden lover To avoid being discovered, Jason often met his paramour at a hotel on the outside of town.
7777 Surprisingly unexpected and unforeseen Surprisingly, after earning no commission for three months, Mike earned $12,000 in one week.
7778 Raging showing power and intensity A raging storm swooped into the area, destroying homes with its intensity.
7779 Reconnaissance a survey or observation to gain information Because the reconnaissance team has discovered bombs up ahead, we will sleep here tonight and allow our explosives’ unit time to detonate the devices.
7780 Haphazard random, chaotic, incomplete Compared to her mother’s organized system, Jen’s approach to housekeeping was haphazard, at best.
7781 Bulletin a newsletter or memo that generally announces important information The community news bulletin listed garage sales, events, and other important information for the neighborhood.
7782 Nearer closer or not as far away The fan tried to draw nearer to the musician, but the star’s security blocked the stage.
7783 Orison a devotion or request to a god When the devastating earthquake took place, the first responder on the scene whispered a quick orison in hopes of finding people alive.
7784 Recompense to reward or repay (someone) for something done or given Allen was seeking recompense from the drunk driver so he could purchase a new car.
7785 Mechanics the machinery or inner workings of something Albert checked out a book from the library titled “Welding for Dummies” so that he could learn the mechanics of MIG welding.
7786 Infertile not having the ability to have children or offspring Since Martha was infertile, she and her husband decided to adopt two kids from the local orphanage.
7787 Destroy to damage something to the point that it cannot be used or doesn’t exist Using a shredder to destroy the document, the clerk left no trace of the private information.
7788 Gleaning gathering information or data from numerous resources The news reporter was gleaning facts from eye witnesses to the event, information from expert interviews and data from computer research.
7789 Waive to give up one’s rights or claims Because Bill knows he is innocent, he is going to waive his right to an attorney.
7790 Quantify to assign a quantity to In my statistics class, we needed to quantify the probability of winning the lottery.
7791 Intruder someone in a place or situation who is not wanted Bonnie told me she feels like an intruder when at a family cookout at her in- laws house due to a personality clash.
7792 Snobbery the attitude or behavior of a person who is condescending and thinks they are better than those around them With a cold and distant attitude, the rich woman’s snobbery kept her alone and without an close friends.
7793 Impoverished wiped out financially; poor The impoverished girl knew she did not have enough money to attend college.
7794 Isolation the condition of being located away from others The worst prisoners are placed in isolation so they cannot hurt other inmates.
7795 Invincible not possible to be defeated or harmed The teenager jumped off the building because he thought he was invincible and unable to get hurt.
7796 Carbohydrate a sugar, starch, or cellulose that is a food source of energy for an animal or plant After stuffing my mouth with sugar, I was warned that increased carbohydrate levels can make my body sick.
7797 Wiggle to shake quickly or jiggle The square of Jello on a plate will wiggle in all different directions even though the bottom of the jello will remain still due to its consistency.
7798 Urge to strongly persuade Even though my wife hates crowded events, I tried to urge her to go to the career fair because it would help her get a job.
7799 Fold to pleat something over onto itself The maid would often fold the bed sheets over and over until it was the size of a small rectangle so she could put it on the closet shelf.
7800 Refraction the bending of a ray when it passes at an angle from one medium into another in which its speed is different When light rays hit the water in the cup, refraction occurred and made the straw look as if it was bent.
7801 Silhouette a black outline of the shape of a person or thing The silhouette in my locket is an outline of my mother.
7802 Domineer to rule over someone in an arrogant way The impatient and intolerant mother made every effort to domineer over her compliant children.
7803 Rank and file the recruited members of a group not including the appointed or elected officers or leaders Once the rank and file members gathered together in line, the lieutenant and other sergeants conducted their drills.
7804 Irrefutable that which cannot be proven false The police arrested their suspect only after obtaining irrefutable proof he was the robber.
7805 Hag an old, ugly woman The old hag uncovered her matted hair and raised her gnarled finger, toward the damp cave where she lived.
7806 Prophecy a prediction or foretelling As the Persians suffered one loss after another, Daniel’s prophecy from years before was proven to be true.
7807 Disconcerting tending to cause discomfort, uneasiness or alarm; unsettling; troubling; upsetting. I found it very disconcerting to be in the wedding of my former boyfriend.
7808 Disloyal unfaithful; not holding up to one’s allegiances or obligations The disloyal wife pretended to be shopping when she was really seeing her lover.
7809 Detective working as a law enforcement official who is employed to solve crimes Detective Marsh analyzed the scene of the crime to see if he could piece together who killed the man lying in the street.
7810 Fore the front part of something The first to hit the iceberg, the fore of the ship took the brunt of the impact.
7811 Poppet a figure that symbolizes an individual and is used to cast spells on that particular person The witch doctor constructed a poppet of her target and used it to make the person ill.
7812 Obtrude to interrupt in an unpleasant manner Please silence your phones so they do not obtrude upon our meeting.
7813 Inadmissible invalid or not allowed, unacceptable Because the evidence presented was ruled inadmissible, the defendant got away with murder.
7814 Interaction shared or collaborative communication After years of humans’ interactions with the environment by polluting its rivers, the Earth became damaged and irreparable.
7815 Despairing filled with hopelessness or regret Romeo was left despairing as he discovered the supposedly lifeless corpse of his brief love, Juliet.
7816 Dietary related to the food eaten (diet) The diabetic man had dietary restrictions that stopped him from eating foods made from a lot of sugar.
7817 Doping using drugs, especially illegal ones, to increase performance Many people were shocked to find out that Michael Jackson was doping and that a doctor was injecting him with the drugs in his own home.
7818 Collation a collection of sheets of a report, book, etc., in the correct order The accountant’s collation of this week’s numbers was listed from the smallest amount spent to the largest debit.
7819 Watched observed; viewed with one’s eyes The puppy watched the other dogs out the window, wishing that she was playing with them.
7820 Gathering a meeting or assembly where people come together Over a hundred people came to the social gathering held at the mayor’s home.
7821 Under the weather used to describe being sick or overall feeling less than optimal I was feeling a bit under the weather, so I didn’t bother eating dinner that night with my sour stomach taken into account.
7822 Vigilante a person who is not a member of law enforcement but who pursues and punishes criminals Although he didn’t set out to be a vigilante, Peter Parker became famous for finding bad guys and making them pay.
7823 Distemper an infectious viral disease found in animals, especially dogs The puppy was vaccinated for distemper and several other viral respiratory diseases.
7824 Carelessly to act without paying attention or thought to the consequences He carelessly left his car keys in the ignition.
7825 Contextualize to put something in proper perspective If a friend enters a conversation you are having halfway through it, you may have to contextualize it before he knows what you are talking about.
7826 Axle a rod or spindle (either fixed or rotating) passing through the center of a wheel or group of wheels The axle of a car holds the wheels together on both ends of the car, and if it is broken you will be unable to drive.
7827 Schizophrenic a person suffering from schizophrenia, a mental disorder characterized by abnormal social behavior and failure to understand what is real Being that I’m schizophrenic about being in public, I always feel like someone is going to murder me or a shooting is going to happen.
7828 Elaboration the addition of more detail to what has already been said or written Elaboration on the topic will help me better understand what it takes to complete an electrical circuit.
7829 Priesthood the office or position of being a priest Before entering into the priesthood, the clergyman made a serious decision to dedicate himself to God and the church.
7830 Fly-by-night unreliable or untrustworthy, particularly in business matters There are many fly-by-night providers of goods on the internet, so buying products online only from reputable websites is probably a good idea.
7831 Wiry strong and muscular yet thin and long The wiry basketball player moved his slim frame down the court and scored a goal as the buzzer sounded.
7832 Insinuation a suggestion or hint that is usually indirect and negative in nature The innocent suspect was insulted by the officer’s insinuation that he had committed the horrible crimes.
7833 Analyst a qualified person who can decipher data The company called for a business analyst to help plan the budget for next year.
7834 Gratuity a monetary tip given in gratitude of service provided I refuse to leave a gratuity when I receive bad service at a restaurant.
7835 Kindness the attribute of friendliness, generosity, charity, or other features that are considered kind We prefer to treat people with kindness most of the time, but if someone is cruel to us we find it easy to be cruel in kind.
7836 Enjoin to prohibit someone from performing an action The angry man wanted the judge to grant an injunction to enjoin his ex-wife from selling their vacation home.
7837 Dampen to make something slightly wet It rained just enough to dampen the ground, but the grass dried up quickly.
7838 Adjust to change something a little so that it fits or works better The distraught teacher preferred her students to adjust their attitude before she initiated her next plan of referring those students to the office.
7839 Arduous demanding great effort or labor; difficult Last semester was a piece of cake, but taking seven classes along with an internship this semester is going to be arduous!
7840 Seating available seats in a room or area The seating in the plane’s first class section was much more comfortable than the seats you sit in if you ride coach.
7841 Insult to speak to or about someone in an abusive, degrading, or disrespectful way Because her husband liked to insult her with rude jokes when he drank alcohol, Jodi begged him to stop drinking.
7842 Quasar an incredibly distant celestial object made of a vivid mass of light and energy A quasar is a cosmic entity that is filled with energy.
7843 Weave to move back and forth or side to side The taxi continued to weave back and forth, in and out of traffic.
7844 Upbringing one’s childhood background The thief didn’t have the best upbringing and many of his bad habits date back to his childhood.
7845 Stipulate to insist upon something as a condition of an agreement The owners may stipulate a huge deposit as a condition of the purchase agreement.
7846 Selection a choice or range of different options My sister and I had a hard time agreeing on a movie selection, so we ended up renting two different ones.
7847 Transactional relating to the conducting of business, especially buying or selling The bank teller provided Jenny with a transactional record that showed all of her deposits and withdraws for the month of May.
7848 Unquestionably certain; not able to be disputed The doctor will unquestionably perform the surgery, the only thing in question is the date.
7849 Stupor a condition in which it is difficult to think In his drunken stupor, Mitch was unable to locate his car in the parking lot.
7850 Anecdote a brief, often funny, telling of something that happened Jillian’s anecdote about her crowded flight made us all laugh.
7851 Victimized treated cruelly or unfairly Because he was victimized by bullies on the bus, the scared boy did not want to go to school in the morning.
7852 Texture the feel or physical sensation of an object The texture of these curtains is velvety and smooth, making them very pleasant to the touch.
7853 Neologism a new term or phrase recently added to a person or group’s vocabulary The neologism became so popular it was added to most dictionaries.
7854 Exigency something that is necessary in a particular situation In the hot summer months, a bottle of water is an exigency if you are planning on running several miles.
7855 Irresistible too attractive and tempting to be resisted The smell of the irresistible cake seemed to call my name as escaped out of the oven.
7856 Profuse in a large amount; abundant Jonathan has gained so much weight that even his doctor is concerned about his profuse growth.
7857 Marriage the legally recognized joining of spouses After twenty years of marriage, the once happy couple is now divorcing.
7858 Algae an organism often found on or in bodies of water that resembles a plant or moss and uses photosynthesis to supply oxygen A thin layer of green algae lined the bottom of the dirty swimming pool.
7859 Awareness the condition of being informed In order to bring awareness to the emotional and financial needs of veterans, the singer has planned a benefit concert.
7860 Tattered ragged and torn; in bad condition Tattered from the strong wind, there was little left of the boat’s sail.
7861 Cackle laugh resembling the cry of a hen or goose The comedian makes me laugh so hard I cackle like a witch!
7862 Search to look for something that can’t be found at the moment I continued to search for my lost keys, not realizing that they were in my hand the whole time.
7863 Resumption the start of an action again after a break or disruption After working a dead end job for 10 years, the resumption of college now has led me to be progressive toward pursuing a better job.
7864 Painstaking performed with a great deal of attention Even though the rebuilding of the old farmhouse was going to be a painstaking job, I could not wait to begin work on my new home.
7865 Tribune an official in ancient Rome chosen by the plebeians to protect their interests As a military tribune, the commander was elected by the Romans to protect their city-states from invasion.
7866 Employee a person who works for another person or an organization Because only one employee showed up for work during the snowstorm, the café had to shut down for the day.
7867 Irreproachable without fault The police captain is expected to have irreproachable behavior.
7868 Workflow the flow or amount of work to and from an office or employee During the winter time, workflow seems to slow down, but the stream of tasks picks up in the summer.
7869 Mighty powerful; strong The mighty lion roared with a rumble that shook the jungle trees.
7870 Turn chance or shot; opportunity It was Caleb’s turn to bat, so he stepped up to the plate and prepared to swing.
7871 Multifarious having great variety; numerous Coming from a small town of only four hundred residents, Jonas was shocked by the millions of people who made up the multifarious population of the big city.
7872 Clearance official permission to do something Before passengers were allowed on the plane, clearance had to be given by TSA officials.
7873 Astir in motion By dawn of Christmas Day, the excited children were already astir.
7874 Pendulous hanging down Due to the pendulous flaps on the oversized tablecloth, the cat would claw at it.
7875 Gnaw to chew on something with persistence The dog started to gnaw on his leash.
7876 Blood red liquid that circulates through the body and carries oxygen to the tissues Blood dripped from the injured boxer’s nose and pooled in a red puddle in the middle of the rink.
7877 Loitering waiting in a place with no real purpose, especially when illegal The ‘No Loitering’ sign was placed in the parking lot to stop teenage kids from hanging around outside the building.
7878 Component a small section of a bigger part of a whole thing The only component of the sandwich that I do not like is the tomato, but the turkey, lettuce and mayonnaise are fine.
7879 Landlocked completely surrounded by land Many landlocked countries in Africa lack the natural resources needed to sustain a stable economy.
7880 Unquestionable something that cannot be questioned, debated, or disbelieved The unquestionable truth, while I hate to admit it, is that Brock is almost a foot taller than me, as everyone can plainly see.
7881 Primordial in the beginning; in a basic way Sometimes I feel primordial when I eat food without silverware.
7882 Appealing tempting; alluring After a week without food, even insects were appealing to the starving sailor.
7883 Inculpation an accusation or charges brought up against someone Because of his tendency towards inculpation, the sue-happy man is best known for bringing false charges to court.
7884 Explicit specific about rules or what is required The difficult woman left the maid explicit details about how she wanted her house cleaned.
7885 Epoch a significant period in time Many people consider the development of the first antibiotic to be the epoch of man’s therapeutic advances.
7886 Counteract act against or in opposition to something To counteract the violence in the community, the police increased the number of footmen on patrol.
7887 Arrogate to seize without having the right to do so The gang is trying to arrogate the public park and turn it into their private meeting space.
7888 Former previous; prior Stacy’s mail is still being sent to her former address even though she moved to a new house several weeks ago.
7889 Astounding Surprising; Amazing Kanye West’s astounding 53 million dollar debt took the world by surprise when the numbers were leaked.
7890 Puerile silly or childish especially in a way that shows a lack of seriousness or good judgment Since my son is thirty-three years of age, I do not find his puerile behavior amusing.
7891 Cloud nine a state of bliss, elation or happiness Tommy was on cloud nine after his girlfriend Amber accepted his proposal for marriage.
7892 Ambivalence mixed feelings or emotions Even though the new job meant more money, Tad felt a great deal of ambivalence about accepting the position.
7893 Excerpt a short piece or clip from a larger piece of media Since we had only a few minutes left in class, our teacher could only read an excerpt of the short story to us.
7894 Reliable able to be counted on We fired the babysitter because she wasn’t reliable and often cancelled at the last minute.
7895 Shanghai to abduct or kidnap someone Pirates were able to shanghai several of our crewman by waiting for them just up shore from the dock.
7896 Obtrusive obvious in an unlikable way The vinegar in the sauce was obtrusive and ruined the taste of the steak.
7897 Trauma a deeply distressing experience than can cause someone long term emotional pain The trauma of living in a concentration camp was a suffering that the survivors couldn’t get over easily.
7898 Defamation harming a person’s reputation by saying or writing things that are not true The newspaper was sued for defamation after publishing lies about a celebrity.
7899 Cumbersome difficult to manage Because the cumbersome package weighed over three hundred pounds, it took two men to move it.
7900 Festooned decorated with hanging trimmings, especially items displayed in a curvy manner The wedding gazebo was festooned with curvy strings of white roses.
7901 Bittersweet something that offers both joy and pain or the tastes of sweet and bitter together Because the movie was bittersweet, I found myself laughing and crying in the theater.
7902 Insignificant not important or negligible An ant may be insignificant by itself, but an entire army of ants can terrorize the entirety of the Amazon rainforest.
7903 Unassailable safe from being overtaken When the runner looked back and did not see anyone in the distance, he knew he had an unassailable lead in the race.
7904 Dehisce to divide something open by splitting across a natural line As the surgeon used a scalpel to dehisce the patient’s skin, blood and pus broke free.
7905 Propose to suggest a plan of action for others to consider Each band member was asked to propose a way to increase ticket sales, but no one had a suggestion.
7906 Codependent attached to another person and reliant on them, usually emotionally or in an unhealthy way Because he is so codependent on his caregivers, the sick man looks to them to meet all of his needs.
7907 Interstate an American term related to events or roads that occur between states I-75 is a highway that runs through several states.
7908 Jaw-Dropping awe-inspiring or unbelievable The sheer size of the Grand Canyon when I first laid eyes upon it was jaw-dropping and almost unreal.
7909 Big of considerable size, extent, or intensity Sometimes the world felt so big and she was just a tiny speck on the surface of the planet.
7910 Misconduct unacceptable or inappropriate behavior Police misconduct within the sheriff’s department caused several officers to be fired.
7911 Remote situated in a distant or secluded place The hunters retreated to a remote cabin that was hidden in the deepest part of the woods.
7912 Eliminate to totally do away with something Diet pill advertisements claim that they can eliminate belly fat by taking just a few pills a day.
7913 Purportedly assumed to be so; allegedly The house is purportedly worth a million dollars, but will probably appraise for much more.
7914 Predation the preying of one animal on others The lions were preparing for predation near the waterhole.
7915 Sybaritic indulgent; luxurious The sybaritic prince spared no expense, always splurging on luxurious things like camels and jewels.
7916 Immigrate to leave one country to permanently stay in another country Sari would like to immigrate to the United States and find a better life than the one she has in Syria.
7917 Distortion an irregularity or abnormality in the shape or perception of something There’s a small distortion in the shape of this orange, as there is a strange lump on the side that ruins its otherwise spherical shape.
7918 Nosedive to fall very quickly When the engine failed, the airplane began to nosedive to the ground.
7919 Stereophonic pertaining to an audio duplicate or imitation using at least two pathways Since the young girl wanted a clearer sound, she brought out her stereophonic record player to listen to music.
7920 Borked to obstruct someone from achieving a position of political power through defamation The would-be senator was borked by his rival when the latter dug up some unflattering evidence of a not so honorable past.
7921 Tutelary having guardianship or protection of Although her grandmother died before her birth, she always felt her tutelary presence was guiding her wherever she went.
7922 Suspend to temporarily stop or prevent from occurring The doctor had to suspend the treatment until he knew more about the injury.
7923 Monetize the process of converting something into money Website builders are looking for new ways to monetize their sites outside of normal advertisements.
7924 Rest relief from work or activity by relaxing or sleeping The scientists will not rest until they find the cure for the rare and deadly disease.
7925 Comprehensive comprising a wide range of things Because I want the car completely repainted, I have purchased the comprehensive auto package.
7926 Polite behavior that is respectful of other people If you want people to like you, you should probably be polite to them.
7927 Radiate to give off Hopefully the small heater will radiate enough warmth to heat the room.
7928 Enthralled captivated by something or someone I was completely enthralled by the handsome actor.
7929 Hortatory supportive; encouraging The coach gave his players a hortatory speech to inspire them to play well.
7930 Ornery crotchety, rude, or mean The ornery old man is always treating everyone around him very rudely, which is probably why nobody likes him.
7931 Trail a path, usually through a countryside or wooded area Trail guides led the visitors down the beaten path and to the entrance of the deep cave.
7932 Unpleasant unsavory, distasteful, or disgusting The unpleasant smell of rotten eggs crept out of the trash and hit my nose like a ton of bricks.
7933 Habitat the residence where an animal or plant normally abides The deer’s habitat is being destroyed by commercial builders who cut down forests.
7934 Covey a small flock of birds The hunter attempted to scare a covey of birds out of the brush they were nesting in, but the loud air horn he used served only to deafen his own ears.
7935 Blowhard an arrogant person who boasts obnoxiously The self-promoting blowhard talked about his own accomplishments until his guests were bored to tears.
7936 Simulate to duplicate or replicate an image or a behavior Many homeowners use apps that simulate the sound of a barking dog to keep intruders out of their homes.
7937 Checker a person or program that verifies the accuracy of data The checker at the grocery store scanned my items and gave me the total.
7938 Chafe to worry or fret My protective father tends to chafe whenever I go on a date.
7939 Plain basic, bare and ordinary Karen wore her plain dress even though it was white with no decorations, ruffles or lace on it.
7940 Learnt gained information or understanding The tech worker has learnt from experience and now knows how to speak to customers with patience.
7941 Talking head someone directly talking on television and whose whole body isn’t shown, but only their head and shoulders While watching the news, Marty got tired of watching the same boring talking head giving his opinion and changed the channel.
7942 Conqueror a person who takes control of a place by force Alexander the Great was a conqueror who dominated Greece, Egypt, and Persia.
7943 Nearly approximately or about Ms. Fisher allowed her son to go play outside since he was nearly finished with his homework.
7944 Marched walked in an organized way with steady steps The soldiers marched across the battlefield with their legs, and their heads held high.
7945 Thinking using your mind to consider ideas or opinions Kim has been thinking about starting a dog grooming business but isn’t sure that it is a good idea.
7946 Formation the development of something or someone When the tectonic plates moved and shifted together, the formation of major mountain chains took place by pushing the land upward.
7947 Lurid full of unpleasant details intended to shock or interest people The film had an R-rating because of its lurid depiction of the couple’s sexual encounter.
7948 Prominence the state of being famous or important In 1956, Elvis came to prominence as an international sensation and quickly rose to stardom.
7949 Homosexual someone who is attracted to those of the same sex When Jamal came out as a homosexual, his parents were extremely upset to learn that he was in love with a boy and not a girl.
7950 Uncomfortable not at ease or relaxed An uncomfortable feeling crept over the woman as she walked alone in the dark alley.
7951 Turgescent becoming swollen or distended After crying for several hours, the widow’s eyes grew puffy and turgescent to the point that she could barely open them.
7952 Shaken upset and unable to remain calm After the terrible car wreck, the shaken driver scrambled from the car trembling and in tears.
7953 Repulsive triggering disgust The repulsive smell of the dead body sent me running from the house.
7954 Motive a reason; motivation Although he had no motive to commit the crime, police were sure that the suspect was innocent.
7955 Commute to travel a considerable distance between home and work on a regular basis Because my place of work is so far away, I have to commute for over an hour every single day to make it to work and back home again.
7956 Pedestrian uninteresting or boring A large number of people fell asleep during the pedestrian play.
7957 Embroiled pulled into a situation I avoided my two best friends because I did not want to get embroiled in their dispute.
7958 Lacquer a clear or colored coating that is painted on wood or metal Lacquer was added to the dresser’s surface to give it extra shine.
7959 Tutor a private teacher that typically teaches only one student or a very small group Because I need special lessons in mathematics, I have a personal tutor that teaches just me and nobody else.
7960 Kowtow to submit to another person without any struggle The dictator beheaded the man who refused to kowtow to him by kissing his feet.
7961 Overcast cloudy; gloomy The children wanted to go swimming, but the overcast day made it a little too cool to get into the pool.
7962 Sloven a person who is messy and careless Living in a messy house with such a sloven roommate was difficult from Dave who was a neat freak who liked things just so.
7963 Rover a person who spends their time wandering or traveling about A longtime seaman and an ocean rover, Captain Hook spent most of his time sailing from one end of the earth to the other.
7964 Compress to flatten something by pressure Wearing a girdle to compress the pudge on her stomach, the vain woman was much happier with a tummy that appeared flat.
7965 Discursive talking or writing about many different things in an unorganized manner When the writer was drunk, he often talked for hours in a discursive manner.
7966 Incompatibility the state of two things being so different that they cannot both happen or coexist at the same time The divorcing celebrity couple blamed their split on incompatibility, telling the press that they just didn’t have anything in common anymore.
7967 Pancreas an organ that creates insulin and aids in digestion As the anatomy instructor pointed out the pancreas from the lower half of the body’s diagram, the students noticed its distinctive shape.
7968 Incident a happening or event The police will file a report on the incident.
7969 Evacuate to leave or withdraw from We decided to weather the hurricane at home and not evacuate as ordered.
7970 Plaster to cover a surface (especially a wall or ceiling) with a mixture of sand and cement Because he hated his house’s popcorn ceiling, Tim decided to plaster the entire surface with a flat texture.
7971 Shambolic untidy or muddled With so many lies and unbelievable stories during the election, many shambolic people couldn’t figure out who to vote for.
7972 Ghost the spirit of a dead person, sometimes represented as a pale, almost transparent image The spectral image of a moaning ghost appeared at the top of the creepy mansion’s staircase.
7973 Demoralize to cause someone to lose hope or confidence The rebels tried their best to demoralize their captive and cause him to give up hope of a rescue.
7974 Quandary a state of doubt about what to do in a certain situation; a difficult situation Mark is in a quandary about whether or not he should keep the money he found in the park.
7975 Sieve a utensil with holes that is used to separate items Use a sieve to remove the pulp from the juice.
7976 Amity a supportive relationship between people or countries Because of the amity in our subdivision, everyone looks out for each other.
7977 Encroach to slowly move into another person’s area My coworker is always leaning on my desk and trying to encroach upon my personal space.
7978 Yearn to have a deep desire for something or someone When my sister was pregnant, all she did was yearn for chocolate ice cream and French fries.
7979 Franchise a legal right to sell a company’s products in a particular area using the company’s name A Dairy Queen start-up was granted a franchise to sell ice cream in the area.
7980 Foggy stunned or confused; slow to react Ashley was a little foggy after waking up from a deep sleep not realizing at first where she was.
7981 Extraversion a personality trait characterized by behavior that signifies one likes being around others rather than being alone Because extraversion was a major part of her personality, the outgoing cheerleader was known for her peppy attitude.
7982 Conversely on the other side or hand The trip wasn’t all good, and conversely, it wasn’t all bad.
7983 Melodramatic overemotional For the practical viewer, the soap opera was way too melodramatic.
7984 Old having lived or existed for many years The old bottle of wine tasted better than the Vino that was a few years younger.
7985 Febrile associated with a fever The mother gave her febrile son acetaminophen to bring down his body temperature.
7986 Fashion a certain manner of doing something He always walks around in a very suspicious fashion, trying to avoid contact with other people whenever he can.
7987 Outre weird and shocking During the Victorian era men wearing wigs were considered normal, but today it is thought to be outre.
7988 Dismally dreadfully; in a miserable way Performing dismally, the sad clown’s gloomy demeanor caused the crowd to boo him.
7989 Greed the desire to have more than what one needs Greed led the selfish man to steal money from his employer.
7990 Whirlwind something that involves many quickly changing events or emotions The couple’s whirlwind romance happened so quickly that by May, they were married.
7991 Disinclination a lack of interest; unwillingness After learning about my daughter’s disinclination in college, I suggested she join the navy.
7992 Claimant someone who makes a claim, especially in a lawsuit before a court The claimant was rewarded money for the damages to her property.
7993 Defamatory something that is damaging to one’s reputation The politician’s defamatory comments were untrue but still ruined his opponent’s standing in the community.
7994 Conduit a means of getting something to another place or person For many slaves, the underground railroad was a conduit of freedom.
7995 Apical top, important, best, highest When he was elected president, it was an apical point in his life.
7996 Stonewall to delay or block something a conversation by refusing to answer questions or respond The suspect continued to stonewall the investigation, refusing to answer any questions that the detective asked about the crime.
7997 Decrease to become or make something become smaller in size, amount, or degree If he wants to save money for his trip, Christian will need to decrease the amount of money he spends during the week.
7998 Skyrocket to increase very steeply and quickly Gas prices usually skyrocket in the summer when lots of people are traveling and fuel is in great demand.
7999 Awe the sensation one gets from being astounded An inexperienced teacher, I watched in awe as my mentor silenced the rowdy class.
8000 Tinkering attempting to fix something without the required knowledge or skill I spent hours tinkering with my car trying to find out what was wrong with it, but I failed to accomplish anything at all.
  1. What are daily use English words with meaning? Answer: Daily use English words with meaning are fundamental expressions like “hello,” “thank you,” and “please” that are regularly used in communication.

  2. How do daily routine English words impact our conversations? Answer: Daily routine English words shape our interactions, facilitating smoother communication in everyday situations.

  3. Where can I find English words for daily use with meaning? Answer: Various online resources and dictionaries provide lists of English words for daily use along with their meanings.

  4. Why is it essential to understand daily vocabulary words? Answer: Understanding daily vocabulary words enriches our language skills, aiding in effective communication.

  5. What distinguishes daily use vocabulary words with meaning? Answer: Daily use vocabulary words with meanings are commonly used terms that hold specific definitions relevant to everyday life.

  6. Can you provide examples of commonly used English words in daily life? Answer: Words like “food,” “water,” and “home” exemplify common English words used in daily life, addressing basic needs and essentials.

  7. How do simple English words for daily use contribute to effective communication? Answer: Simple English words for daily use simplify communication, ensuring clarity and understanding among diverse audiences.

  8. Where can I find a comprehensive list of daily use vocabulary words? Answer: Online dictionaries or language learning platforms offer comprehensive lists of daily use vocabulary words for learners.

  9. Why are common English words used in daily life important? Answer: Common English words used in daily life form the basis of communication, enabling us to express our needs and experiences effectively.

  10. How does daily speaking English words improve language skills? Answer: Daily speaking English words enhances fluency and confidence in using them naturally during conversations.

  11. What role do daily use vocabulary words play in everyday scenarios? Answer: Daily use vocabulary words enable us to articulate thoughts and ideas more precisely, enhancing communication in daily situations.

  12. How can one effectively incorporate daily use English words into conversations? Answer: Consistent practice and exposure to conversations help in naturally integrating daily use English words into one’s speech.

  13. What’s the significance of mastering common English words used in daily life? Answer: Mastering common English words used in daily life enhances one’s ability to communicate effectively in various real-life situations.

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