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The Most Useful Daily Use English Words With Meaning. Part 15

  1. Daily use English words are essential in our communication routines, forming the bedrock of our conversations.
  2. Our daily routine heavily relies on the consistent use of familiar English words used in daily life.
  3. Understanding the nuances of daily use English words and meaning enhances our language proficiency.
  4. Learning English words for daily use with meaning fosters effective communication and comprehension.
  5. Building a robust daily vocabulary involves mastering daily vocabulary words for diverse contexts.
  6. “Please,” “thank you,” and “hello” are among the quintessential daily used English words expressing courtesy.
  7. Our daily speaking often revolves around incorporating common English words used in daily life.
  8. Exploring simple English words for daily use simplifies communication for diverse audiences.
  9. Embracing a rich daily use vocabulary enables us to articulate thoughts and ideas more vividly.
  10. “Home,” “work,” and “family” are integral components of our daily existence, represented by English words used in daily life.
  11. Enhancing our daily use vocabulary words broadens our linguistic repertoire.
  12. Engaging in daily speaking exercises facilitates fluency with various daily speaking English words.
  13. Mastering daily use vocabulary empowers effective and nuanced communication in everyday scenarios.
14001 Demography the study of human inhabitants and how their populations vary over time As the factories closed and people relocated, the demography of the town changed.
14002 Advisement advice that is both carefully considered and thought out before given The homeowners association calls meetings for neighborhood members to voice their opinions on important issues that they were record, take under advisement, and use to make decisions for the community in the future.
14003 Self-explanatory completely understandable; plain and clear Once the science teacher distributed the worksheet with explicit steps and diagrams on it, the students felt comfortable with the self-explanatory lab.
14004 Waterlog soaked or drenched with water After getting off the Splash Mountain ride, it is apparent to the observers near the ride that it did waterlog the riders.
14005 Artillery long range explosive bombardment weapons, such as cannons or mortars During World War Two, battleships served as artillery for many of the island invasions the US underwent against Japan.
14006 Unpunctual not happening or doing something on time Unpunctual guests were not allowed to enter after arriving at the event two hours late.
14007 Reconciliation the restoration of good relations between individuals, groups, or territories who had become divided for some reason If the reconciliation between the two Indian tribes takes place, there will finally be peace in the area.
14008 Achievement something that is done successfully, typically accomplished through merit I consider it an achievement that I learned to control my spending.
14009 Hooliganism the acts of violent demonstrations or damage usually occurring in large groups of people “Hooliganism occurred after the home team lost the championship resulting in damage to the property by the fans,” said the newscaster.
14010 Labyrinthine twisting or winding in a maze-like manner The winding strokes of the artist’s labyrinthine abstract paintings will make you dizzy if you look at them for too long.
14011 Ascent a path that leads upward A severe injury stopped Amber from taking the ascent to the Olympics.
14012 Club a group of people who are involved in a hobby or endeavor The 6-year old always wanted to join the debate club because she enjoyed getting together with the members and practicing their arguing skills.
14013 Bruit a report or a rumor The soldier delivered a bruit to his commander, detailing the events of the mission his soldiers had been dispatched on.
14014 Doctrinaire stubbornly holding on to an idea without concern for practicalities or reality His doctrinaire attitude turned off others as he attempted to force his personal beliefs on all he met.
14015 Cryptography the process of writing or reading secret messages or codes Spies during the war practiced cryptography, making sure to send the information they gathered in private, coded forms.
14016 Plug an obstruction blocking something He used a cork to plug the bottle.
14017 Conceit arrogant pride in oneself There was so much conceit in his voice I couldn’t help but wonder if he swooned over his own image in the mirror every morning.
14018 Porter a person employed to carry luggage A bellhop is considered a porter, because they carry luggage.
14019 Jowls the loose skin and flesh underneath the jaws The bulldog’s fleshy jowls flapped against its as he chased after the speeding car.
14020 Albino a person who is lacking pigment from the hair and skin (making it appear white/yellow) due to genetics Because there is a history of hypopigmentation in her family, Lucy is much more likely of having an albino child that is lacking skin coloring.
14021 Dilate to cause to expand The doctor will repair the narrowed vessels by inserting a tube to dilate them.
14022 Keepsake a small item or souvenir that is kept as a reminder of a person or event Wanda bought a small trinket from the gift shop as a memento of her trip to Paris.
14023 Discernible noticeable It was discernible to everyone that the homeless man did not belong at the luxury hotel.
14024 Mite a little or slightly The man was acting a mite suspicious, enough that the cops stopped him to find out what he was up to.
14025 Biblical related to the Bible The preacher used biblical verses to explain the teaching of Jesus during bible class.
14026 Corpse a dead body Police found the corpse of the missing woman outside of her friend’s apartment building.
14027 Relief assistance; help Medicated anti-itch cream is the only thing that seems to give my ant bites any relief.
14028 Fatalism a theory that a person’s fate is powerless to change and is already established Since the serial killer was not afraid of his execution due to his belief in fatalism, the man realized that his path to heaven was already determined.
14029 Ram to butt or strike something The police began to ram the door with a piece of steel in order to force their way in.
14030 Ideogram a written symbol that represents an idea or object An ideogram with a cigarette and an X over it was placed on the door, warning patrons that no smoking was allowed in the building.
14031 Mobilize to assemble and organize people for movement The commander was able to mobilize the troops and send the group into the battle field.
14032 Applause the act of praise publicly expressed by the clapping of hands During the Olympics the crowd was instructed to hold their applause until the end of the gymnast’s performance.
14033 Pledge a promise I made a pledge that I would go on a date with him, so I can’t back out now.
14034 Centered having something as a focal point Every day with the fitness-focused family was centered around working out and staying healthy.
14035 Rapport a pleasant association or relationship The rapport I have with my therapist allows me to tell her my deepest thoughts.
14036 Blob thick or sticky liquid is a small, often round A blob of snot hung down from the sick toddler’s wet nose.
14037 Potential likely to happen or become Because the building has a gas leak that poses a potential risk to residents, it is being evacuated.
14038 Insinuate 1.) to imply or suggest that something negative is true »  2.) to insert yourself into a place of favor in a subtle way During the debate, the senator tried to insinuate his opponent was not qualified for office.
14039 Imbalance lack of balance or being out of proportion An imbalance of the number of men and women in Alaska makes it extremely difficult for a man to find a wife.
14040 Sculpture a piece of art created by carving or chiseling away wood or stone Taking great care while chiseling the block of ice, the artist believed that this would be his greatest sculpture yet.
14041 Nee born with this name usually before getting married Harriet Tubman, nee Araminta Ross, helped slaves escape to the North using the Underground Railroad.
14042 Mission an important assignment, errand, or journey that one carries out The soldier completed his spying mission and returned to the base with the information he gained.
14043 Nervousness anxiety; edginess During dinner, the gentleman could sense his date’s nervousness as she anxiously tapped her fingers on the table.
14044 Enterprising resourceful in business matters The enterprising teenager earned two million dollars before she reached the age of sixteen.
14045 Mistaking confusing Mistaking the salt for sugar seemed to ruin my cookies which caused everyone to refuse them.
14046 Business-cycle the natural rise and fall of economic activity consisting of recession, recovery, growth, and decline During the growth part of the business-cycle, the company saw great gains in sales and other income-related sectors.
14047 Interfacing a point where two systems meet The musicians are interfacing rock and classical music in an eclectic performance sure to wow the crowd.
14048 Omnibus a mode of transportation produced to carry a large number of passengers; often referred to as a bus In our neighborhood, most of the children ride an omnibus to school each day.
14049 Envisioned to conceive or see something within one’s mind; to imagine As a child, Barbara envisioned herself as a royal and snobbish type who would one day become a queen.
14050 Mare a female horse Placing the saddle on the back of Petunia, the cowboy prepared the mare for their long journey through the mountains.
14051 Conspiracy the act of at least two individuals working in a covert manner to complete a task When I am online, I often feel there is a conspiracy by government organizations to track my every click.
14052 Sawtooth shaped like the teeth of a saw The crocodile’s sawtooth teeth could easily chew through flesh and bone in a single chomp.
14053 Mumbling speaking in a quiet, indiscernible way I was interested in the Micaiah’s research topic, but she was mumbling so much the class couldn’t tell what she was saying.
14054 Notation a few words written to explain something, usually as a note My professor placed a notation at the bottom of my test paper indicating that he was not pleased with my progress.
14055 Natal associated with a birth I consider Smithfield to be my natal home because I was born there thirty years ago.
14056 Regality belonging to a king or queen The vintage wedding gown was fit for a queen, dripping with regality and class.
14057 Acclaimed highly rated or admired Although the movie Bird Box was critically acclaimed, many people who watched didn’t think it should have been rated so highly.
14058 Connivance the act of allowing an illegal action to take place The clerk’s connivance allowed her to watch idly by as her supervisor stole thousands of dollars from the bank.
14059 Tame domesticated, gentle, behavior exhibited after loss of savage ways After several weeks of training, the poorly behaved and hyperactive puppy was surprisingly tame.
14060 Shyster a person, generally a lawyer, that uses fraudulent or questionable methods to do business This lawyer is what we call a shyster, relying on underhanded and sometimes even illegal techniques to get results.
14061 Habitual ongoing; regular Being a habitual liar, the fibber seemed to lie more than he told the truth.
14062 Aerie a nest built in a high place by a predatory bird In order to protect its young from predators, an Eagle will often build its aerie in a high place that is difficult to reach.
14063 Appraisal an opinion or estimated value Though my car was in good condition, the appraisal of my vehicle came back with a below trade-in value.
14064 Puny tiny and weak People underestimate my strength because I appear puny.
14065 Discordance lack of agreement If there is discordance between a husband and a wife, it is better to solve the disagreement as peacefully as possible.
14066 Nondescript without qualities that make a thing or person interesting The man dressed in such a nondescript manner that no one remembered seeing him at the party.
14067 Buck wild unable to be managed; out of control When she turned 18, the once well-behaved girl turned buck wild and spent most of her nights partying and drinking.
14068 Snitty agitated or annoyed James tends to get a bit snitty when the weather ruins his outdoor plans, though he often keeps his irritation private.
14069 Interrelationship a close connection between two or more people or things A key concern of a number of recent U.S. studies has been the interrelationship between relations of politics, power, and racism.
14070 Nervous breakdown a period of mental illness that results from depression, stress, or anxiety After finding out that her husband was having an affair, the upset wife had a nervous breakdown and ended up in the mental hospital.
14071 Claustrophobic having feelings of fear or strong discomfort about tight places Due to Kelly’s claustrophobic nature, she would take the stairs instead of the tiny elevator.
14072 Hypothetically being considered as a possibility but not yet reality Hypothetically going through a black hole could lead us to an alternate universe, but we have no way of confirming that theory.
14073 Shake up to greatly startle, shock, or upset someone The thunderous bell was just what it took to shake up the exhausted student sleeping at his desk.
14074 Dine to eat dinner, especially at a restaurant Every Sunday, we dine at our neighbor’s house and share gossip over a good meal.
14075 Zodiac a divided band in sky along which the sun, the moon, and most of the planets move that is connected to astrology and twelve signs Twelve cities in the state were named after astrological parts of the zodiac.
14076 Urged pushed or pressured to do something The police officer urged the suspect to turn himself in, but the man refused to listen to his warning.
14077 Trendsetter a person who leads the way in fashion or innovative ideas As a music trendsetter, Elvis Presley brought rock-and-roll and the male jumpsuit to the general public.
14078 Fitful unsteady; erratic Jim was tired when he woke up after a fitful night of sleep.
14079 Quadrant one section of something that is divided into four parts During the hurricane, the low-lying fourth quadrant of the city was hit much harder than the other three areas.
14080 Scramble to move quickly or frantically to make something happen The frantic team continued to scramble to make a goal but came up short at the end.
14081 Illumination the lighting or brightness created in something After the illumination of the flashlight occurred, I could finally see my pathway in the dark to my house.
14082 Subjugate bring under domination or control, esp. by conquest When the settlers first landed on the continent, they tried to subjugate the natives and turn them into slaves.
14083 Fatalist one who maintains that all events have been predetermined, and that one cannot prevent things from happening As a fatalist, the woman refused to believe that luck had anything to do with the events in her life.
14084 Licit lawful; not forbidden Although he did not agree with her choices, she was over 21 and he could not stop her licit drinking.
14085 Averment the act of claiming something as true The mother made Bobby deliver his averment to the police officer by honestly admitting to everything stole from the woman’s purse.
14086 Separately occurring on an individual basis The manager interviewed each candidate separately in an effort to determine who would be the best fit for the position.
14087 Minding giving attention to something If the nosy neighbor would have minded her own business, she wouldn’t have tripped on the garden hose while trying to listen in on our conversation.
14088 Ingrained established; firmly fixed Being right-handed was ingrained in me so that it was very difficult to write with my left hand.
14089 React to respond or behave in a certain way We hope my brother will react in an excited way when we yell “surprise!”
14090 Unkempt not clean or tidy An unkempt appearance was the least of the homeless man’s worries.
14091 Seismic Caused by or related to an earthquake Seismic tests were conducted to determine the force of the earthquake.
14092 Balm similar to a lotion that is used to soothe dry skin Since I was going to a place with a cold dry climate, I decided to get some balm to prevent my hands from getting dry.
14093 Shake to tremble or vibrate During the earthquake, the ground began to shake and gyrate violently.
14094 Volatile tending to erupt in violence; easily aroused Because Mary and Frank have a volatile relationship, they often argue.
14095 Unappetizing unappealing in a way lessens your appetite I can understand the main character of Green Eggs and Ham, since green meat would be extremely unappetizing.
14096 Saddened very upset and depressed Saddened by the loss of his mother, the young boy could do nothing other than cry.
14097 Shave to cut one’s hair from their face Ethan’s beard has reached grand wizard level proportions, and he should probably shave if he wants to get a date anytime soon.
14098 Tryst a secret meeting planned for intimate purposes The lovers meet at a sleazy motel when they want to have a tryst.
14099 Shareholder a person who owns a portion of a company Each shareholder had an equal say in the company’s decision making process.
14100 Acerbity roughness or harshness, as in language or temperament The acerbity in the teacher’s tone made the small child cry.
14101 Inadmissible excluded or not allowed Young children were inadmissible to the rated R movie because it contained inappropriate language and actions that they should not see.
14102 Diatribe abusive speech or of Because Sheila was unhappy with the administration, she launched a lengthy diatribe against the board during lunch.
14103 Industrialization the steps a nation takes to modernize itself while developing industries While industrialization increased processing times, it also reduced the labor force and left many people without much-needed employment.
14104 Ripe a growing food item that is ready or suitable to eat The ripe red apple had such a great flavor that I was glad that I had waited a few days to pick it.
14105 Ambassador a diplomat of the highest rank who acts as a spokesperson for his country while residing in another nation As the Spanish ambassador living in London, Hector gets to interact with many British officials.
14106 Shipping transporting goods from one place to another Trains were once the most common mode of transporting goods, but now most shipping happens through over-the-road trucking.
14107 Crunch a crucial point or situation The noon deadline put the magazine writers in a crunch to find the day’s most interesting stories.
14108 Taxidermist a person who stuffs and mounts animal skins so that they have a life-like appearance The skilled taxidermist was able to stuff the giant bear, making him appear life-like again.
14109 Ursine resembling or relating to a bear The hairy man resembled a grizzly and was as tall as any ursine in the woods.
14110 Deteriorate to lessen in value or ability Since Jan stopped attending piano practice, her playing skill has started to deteriorate.
14111 Slant a slant is a lean, bend, or slope The slant of the mountain side made a much easier track for the mountain climbers than the strictly vertical path.
14112 Levy to impose (a tax or fine) All countries that I am aware of maintain that the government has a right to levy taxes on its citizens.
14113 Smote to knock down or kill with great force With one touch, the war god can smote you into ashes.
14114 Potentiate to increase the power or effect of something, especially medicine The two medicines prescribed by the doctor tend to potentiate each other and are stronger together than if taken separately.
14115 Pensively thoughtfully and reflectively After her husband died of cancer, Sarah pensively daydreamed about her life with her husband and what she would do now.
14116 Vice versa with the order reversed Of what use is a car without the key and vice versa?
14117 Vendor a person who sells something The beer vendor set up his stand outside of the concert and offered a variety of craft beer for sale.
14118 Showrunner a creator of a television show that both directs and writes episodes for the production As the showrunner, Liam is responsible for overseeing every single aspect of the television show’s production.
14119 Indefinitely For a long time, no end defined My dentist says that although my wisdom tooth juts out too far, it can stay there indefinitely because it does not irritate me.
14120 Composite comprised of various elements The composite test score is the sum of the math and vocabulary scores.
14121 Amalgam a mixture of unlike items The potluck supper at the church always consists of an amalgam of foods ranging from apricot salad to zucchini casserole.
14122 Feudalism a 9th to 15th European political system in which a lord owned all the land while serfs farmed it During European Feudalism, most people were poor serfs who lived in poverty and served the lords of the kingdom.
14123 Polio an infectious viral disease that can cause paralysis by targeting the nervous system Polio was once a dangerous rampant disease, but it has since been cured and is a significantly reduced threat.
14124 Slum a poor area of a city where the living conditions are really bad, and the houses are falling apart Deep in the slum, the people were living in terrible poverty in shacks that were barely standing.
14125 Tarnish a dullness of color or luster The once shiny candlesticks now only had a tarnish about them, not being as pretty as they once were.
14126 Raffish unconventional and unacceptable yet intriguing The raffish woman drew everyone’s attention when she crashed the wedding.
14127 Motion the process of moving Putting the ball into motion, the pitcher prayed that the batter would not make contact.
14128 Verse a line of writing often found in poems, lyrics, and religious texts Song lyrics are a combination of unique verse, chorus, and bridge.
14129 Cheerful displaying or feeling happiness Since Bill lost custody of his children, he’s rarely in a cheerful mood.
14130 Coincident at the same time or in harmony with something It was coincident when Harmony and Hazel broke their violin string at the exact same time.
14131 Integrated unified by bringing separate parts together In the 1950s, the black and white schools integrated, bringing children of all races into one building.
14132 Fatherhood the state of being a father to a child Although he knew nothing about caring for children, the man threw himself into fatherhood.
14133 Condescending showing that you are more important than others Rick said this condescending remark at work today: “I’m better than all of you!”
14134 Postpone to reschedule for a later time Unfortunately Jamie had to postpone his wedding because of a severe illness.
14135 Growl A low, threatening sound usually made by an animal Letting out a low growl, the dog let her owner know that someone was outside the door.
14136 Waning fading or decreasing Having been awake for the last eighteen hours, my energy was rapidly waning, and I was sure to fall asleep very soon.
14137 Carcass the body of a dead person or animal On our cross country road trip, we passed a deer carcass on the road.
14138 Serrated having a row of sharp or tooth-like projections A serrated knife allowed the chef to saw the bread into slices.
14139 Relative a family member connected As a close relative of Elvis Presley, the man tried to sell off his cousin’s things for top dollar.
14140 Parasite a living organism which exists by taking from another living creature, usually while living inside or on the host The flea is a parasite that survives by extracting nourishment from other organisms.
14141 Possible able to be done or achieved It is possible for you to do a backflip if you practice long enough.
14142 Extend to move outward The procrastinating students requested for the professor to extend the deadline for the essay.
14143 Mole a little, round, dark raised bump permanently on the skin The family doctor recommended that his patient get the mole on his back checked out with a specialist since it had grown in size.
14144 Cruelty behavior that inflicts pain and suffering Severe cruelty was demonstrated through the treatment of slaves.
14145 Entry an act of going or coming in Entry into the school is not allowed after 5 pm unless you have a staff member with you.
14146 Infamous notorious; having a negative reputation The singer is infamous for her indecent costumes.
14147 Epitomized used as a model of something Before his career-ending injury, Dwayne epitomized the world’s idea of the best basketball player on the planet.
14148 Rescued saved; helped escape danger The fireman grabbed his ladder and rescued a cat that had was stuck at the top of a tree.
14149 Lucky being fortunate or bringing fortune to others by chance The basketball player was convinced that his lucky socks were the reason his team won every game they played.
14150 Introspection the process of examining one’s own thoughts and feelings During a fierce battle, there is no time for a soldier to engage in introspection.
14151 Poltroon one who acts in a cowardly manner The poltroon was the coward who sent an anonymous hate letter to the president.
14152 Assimilate to learn something so that it is fully understood and can be used Because I am not good with math, I find it difficult to assimilate most of the geometry formulas.
14153 Entail to require or involve Since I have never been married, I am unsure of what my wifely duties will entail.
14154 Labile easily or frequently changed My body’s response to dairy products is labile and usually hurts worse when I exercise after consumption.
14155 Recuperate to obtain something that has been lost, usually one’s good health or a financial stake Hopefully Jean will recuperate quickly and be able to leave the hospital soon.
14156 Consign to pass something to another individual so the item can be sold To make extra money, some women in my neighborhood consign their used baby garments to a clothing store.
14157 Bitten having been wounded when a person or animal’s teeth were pushed down into the skin After being bitten by a poisonous snake, the injured hiker was rushed to the hospital.
14158 Lantern a lamp with a protective case around the flame A brown rustic lantern hung from the porch and lit the way for weary travelers.
14159 Indecipherable illegible; incomprehensible Signing his indecipherable signature, the doctor’s name was barely legible.
14160 Blotchy covered with areas of discoloration Because she never used sunscreen blotchy areas of freckles plastered the swimmer’s once normal skin.
14161 Surveyed looked carefully at something, especially when assessing or evaluating The inspectors surveyed the land, examining each mile on the map, and evaluating its worth.
14162 Rustic having a country or simple style The rustic cabin was filled with hand carved furniture.
14163 Dismally in an awful or gloomy manner Amy didn’t study so it’s not surprising she dismally failed the test.
14164 Noticed observed; became aware of The detective never noticed the shoe prints in the mud, this oversight leading to the case never being solved.
14165 Eidolon an idealized individual George Washington is an eidolon to the American people, someone who represents more of an ideal than a once living person.
14166 Deride to subject to bitter ridicule The movie critic took every opportunity to deride the A-list actor for making the awful film.
14167 Curtness the quality of appearing rudely blunt and brief The curtness in the customer’s voice let the mechanic know instantly that she did not approve of the price.
14168 Oxygen is a nonflammable gas with no smell or color Mountain climbers often carry oxygen bottles on high altitude climbs to prevent hypoxia, a rapid condition which weakens your body.
14169 Labyrinth a complex, irregular network of pathways; a maze At the farm, I found it very easy to get lost in the labyrinth of corn stalks.
14170 Convivial friendly and making you feel welcome Carl was a convivial party host who made everyone feel at home.
14171 Invigilate to watch people taking a test to ensure that they do not cheat In an effort to cut down on cheating, a proctor was hired to invigilate the test takers closely.
14172 Wheelchair a chair on mounted wheels that is used for transportation by a person who can’t walk After injuring his leg in a terrible car accident, the man had to use a wheelchair to get around.
14173 Botanical related to plants Botanical gardens, full of beautiful flowers and plants, surrounded the zoo.
14174 Tizzy a fuss or tantrum My Dad always said it was pointless to get into a tizzy over something that upset you, since getting upset wouldn’t change anything.
14175 Browbeat to bully in an intimidating way The con man browbeat James into giving him the keys to the vault.
14176 Plantation a large area where crops are grown The slaves labored on the cotton plantation while their owner enjoyed a life of leisure.
14177 Down payment a deposit of money made as a first installment toward the whole purchase price Matilda put her down payment of $500 for her first car at the dealership and drove her new car off the lof planning on paying the rest in monthly installments.
14178 Internship a temporary position with an emphasis on on-the-job training rather than merely employment The college student is looking for internship opportunities that will provide experience in the legal field.
14179 Supramundane to be higher than the human world As the supramundane angels fluttered nearby in a halo of haze, the believers knew that they had witnessed a miracle.
14180 Troubadour a traveling or local musician/poet that sings of folk legends and history In Medieval times, royalty often hired a court troubadour to sing their praises in the form of love ballads and bawdy drinking songs.
14181 Suburb the residential constructed areas located around a city When Pamela became pregnant with her first child, a larger house in the suburb of Seattle seemed ideal for her growing family.
14182 Anagram a word formed from the rearranged letters of another word I find it rather funny that the anagram ‘bad credit’ to ‘debit card’ exists, as a clear representation of how many people flounder with money.
14183 Nicely suitably; adequately The colors of the tenant’s new furniture blends in nicely with the apartments neutral walls.
14184 Unlike different from; dissimilar Unlike her glamorous mother, the tomboy preferred tennis shoes over heels.
14185 Agonize to endure a great deal of distress After resigning from my job, I started to agonize over my decision.
14186 Scholarship academic study or great academic achievement Plato’s scholarship was well-respected in his time, but his academic contributions to society are even more respected today.
14187 Effusion the action of giving off or emitting something, such as light, a smell, or liquid All light bulbs are capable of effusion, but only when a human plugs them into a power source and turns them on.
14188 Jumpy behaving in an anxious or nervous way Because he is afraid of the police, the jittery driver appeared jumpy when he was pulled over by the officer.
14189 Junk old or discarded things that have little value A collector of old junk, Jackie goes dumpster diving through other people’s trash.
14190 Quantum The smallest amount of something, specifically energy Measuring the quantum amount of the object essentially destroyed it.
14191 Supplier a product or service provider The cable television supplier in the area was Spectrum because it was the only company in the rural town that sold a subscription to the cable programs.
14192 Attacker a person who uses violence to harm someone else The attacker snuck into the woman’s bedroom and hit her over the head while she slept.
14193 Buoyant joyful and self-assured With a great deal of confidence, the buoyant model strolled down the runway.
14194 Benefit a payment, advantage, or gift Since I get sick a lot, my health insurance is one work-related benefit I really appreciate.
14195 Ethos principles by which an individual or group lives Doctors are supposed to practice under ethos in which they put their patients’ health before financial compensation.
14196 Entrepreneur someone who starts a new business and assumes much of the associated risk Bill is an entrepreneur who built a massive company through hard work and perseverance.
14197 Mechanical Energy sum of all energy in an object used for work, such as the energy transferred in a swinging hammer The mechanical energy of a wheel is the sum of the energy produced while it is rotating, both in the wheel itself and the axle that turns it.
14198 Repentance feeling of regret or remorse The man’s repentance was short-lived when he continued to steal.
14199 Debonair confident and stylish; suave Everyone is excited about the idea of the handsome athlete playing a debonair spy in the new movie.
14200 Caterwaul a shrill wailing or screeching noise The caterwaul the cats outside were making grated on my ears and made me wish I had earplugs.
14201 Attaché a person on the staff of an ambassador who has a specialized area of responsibility As a military attaché, the soldier was required to follow the ambassador to several foreign countries.
14202 Mussel a mussel is an edible clam like animal The expensive mussel was the top item at the seafood restaurant near the rocky docks.
14203 Intermesh (Two or more things) to join together and interlock The DJ was able to intermesh the two songs into an upbeat mix that had the crowd pumped.
14204 Rasp an unpleasant sound, such as a rough surface being rubbed The nasal rasp of the woman’s voice irritated those listening to her speak.
14205 Knucklehead a person who is stupid and hard-headed The knucklehead constantly makes stupid decisions, like stealing cars and robbing banks.
14206 Clay sediment that is made up of particles smaller than silt In art class, we had to make a sculpture out of clay and then heat it in the kiln so it would harden into a solid piece.
14207 Dissonance a lack of agreement; generally between what one believes and how one acts His cruel abuse showed a dissonance with his loving words.
14208 Pontificate to speak in an arrogant tone, particularly for a long period If you dare to question the professor, he will give you an evil look and then proceed to pontificate on a totally different subject.
14209 Conversate an informal form of the word ‘converse,’ meaning to engage in conversation Nico prefers to go to dinner instead of a movie on the first meeting so that there’s more opportunity for talk time to conversate with his date.
14210 Subsist to sustain or live upon The prisoners of war were forced to subsist upon bread and water.
14211 Logomachy dispute over the meaning of words Not being able to decide on the correct definition for the word ‘inevitable’, the two engaged in a classic logomachy.
14212 Alleviate to make something less painful, severe, or serious Take an aspirin to alleviate your headache.
14213 Marketing the action of promoting or selling a business’s products or services The bakery doesn’t spend much money on marketing since most people hear about their delicious cakes through word of mouth.
14214 Baptize to carry out an act of obedience symbolizing the Christian faith through a ceremony in which a person has water poured on their head As he got ready to baptized the new church members, the pastor explained the reasoning for showing obedience through washing the body with water.
14215 Person an individual human being Tina is the only person in the group that has blonde hair since all of the others are dark-headed.
14216 Emblazon to decorate something with a noticeable design or symbol My crafty sister-in-law was able to emblazon my t-shirt with a glittery monogram.
14217 Prideful proud, unfriendly, and showing an “I’m better, smarter, and bigger than other people” attitude Turning her nose up at the homeless lady, the prideful woman would not allow herself to believe that the two had anything in common other than their gender.
14218 Avowal a public testimony or statement Since the jury members found the defendant guilty, they obviously didn’t believe his avowal of innocence.
14219 Hermaphrodite a living thing that has both male and female sex organs or characteristics During the woman’s sonogram, it was hard to tell the gender of the baby so it could have male organs, female organs, or be a hermaphrodite.
14220 Credibly the quality of being trusted and believed in After conducting thorough research, the scientist was able to present his findings credibly.
14221 Odor a distinctive smell A strong stench filled the room, causing the guests to gag at the odor.
14222 Ace to accomplish something masterfully If you study hard enough, you will be able to ace the exam with no trouble whatsoever, even though the subject is not your favorite.
14223 Tumbling to lose control and fall down quickly Jack tripped over Jill, and both of the clumsy children came tumbling down the hill.
14224 Felony a really serious crime; this is something a person can be put in prison for Running a red light is a minor offense, but committing murder will lead to a felony conviction.
14225 Impossible not possible; not able to be done or happen The employees grew angry with their boss for assigning such an impossible task of creating the monthly reports overnight.
14226 Recount the action of retelling or recounting something When the results of the vote were too close to identify a winner, the candidates requested a recount.
14227 Dispassionate not being affected by or showing feelings The dispassionate father watched television while his son cried on the floor.
14228 Pawn an item that is handed over as collateral for a money loan Since my engagement ring was so important to me, I decided to pawn it so that I could get it back in a few days.
14229 Footwork the way one moves their feet while playing sports or dancing Kicking the ball back and forth on the soccer field, the player’s footwork impressed even some of the more experienced players.
14230 Disappointing failing to fulfill one’s hopes or expectations I heard there was going to be meteor shower tonight, but the view I had from my backyard was disappointing thanks to the cloudy skies.
14231 Impressive remarkable and extraordinary With an impressive outfit, Maria walked into the room and every woman wanted her dress.
14232 Imperfection a defect or flaw The attractive woman was the only one who saw the freckles on her face as an imperfection.
14233 Disinherit to change one’s will or stop someone from inheriting your property The rich family chose to disinherit their son when they found out he was going to join the army instead of follow their legacy.
14234 Synonym a word that means the same thing as a different word in the same language A word is a synonym for another word if it has the same meaning as that other word, or at least a very similar one.
14235 Hardline unwilling to change one’s position or stance on something Taking a hardline approach, the parents refused to let their children date no matter how much they begged.
14236 Decoy a person or object meant to lure something to danger Tony uses a worm decoy to bait fish.
14237 Pack rat a person that hoards meaningless objects Joan is a pack rat that has kept a dozen napkins from every restaurant we visit, and she now has hundreds.
14238 Taper off to become gradually weaker or smaller As Angie walked away from her father, his voice began to taper off in the night.
14239 Nowhere never in any location or area After looking down the aisles and in each nook and cranny, the panicky mother realized that her son was nowhere in the store.
14240 Companion someone you spend a lot of time with Sometimes, the best companion for an elderly man is an obedient and calm dog.
14241 Translation the act or product of changing a text, document, speech, etc., from one language to another Advanced Russian students were required to perform an on the spot translation of Gogol’s The Overcoat in order to graduate.
14242 Stew an assortment of meat, vegetables, and/or stock cooked for a period of time and occasionally placed over a starch Bouillabaisse is a traditional French stew made with fish, an assortment of seafood, and broth.
14243 Premeditated planned in advance Since Mary planned her husband’s death in advance, she was charged with premeditated murder.
14244 Usury the act of lending money at ridiculously excessive rates of interest Although Jim did not want to pay the interest rate attached to the loan shark’s usury, he needed money to pay for his kid’s surgery.
14245 Maverick tending to choose a different path from everyone else The maverick politician promised to leave behind the ways of the old guard and bring change to the government.
14246 Advice an opinion recommended or offered, as worthy to be followed; counsel Beatrice hates to take advice from anyone, which is why she is doomed to fail in everything that she does.
14247 Stroma tissue that surrounds an organ, cell, or mass that serves as a framework The fibrous stroma surrounding the tumor made it difficult for the neurosurgeon to operate.
14248 Ad infinitum to infinity; over and over without limit Because the playlist is on loop, it will play the same songs ad infinitum or until someone stops it.
14249 Celebration the act of expressing one’s pleasure, generally though asocial event or gathering Every New Year, there is a massive celebration in New York in which many people gather to welcome the arrival of another year.
14250 Exterior pertaining to the outside of something When I noticed the chipped paint on the exterior of my house, I hired a professional to paint the outer part of my house.
14251 Nap to sleep for a short period, usually during the day The nanny laid the cranky toddler down for a nap and then worked on folding clothes and doing chores while the little one rested.
14252 Painted covered with paint, usually as a way to decorate Tiff painted her walls white since she thought that having crisp and bright colors would make it seem cleaner.
14253 Carping having the tendency to complain or criticize My carping mother-in-law is constantly criticizing my housekeeping skills.
14254 Amid in the middle of; surrounded by Amid a crowd of cheering fans, Larry stood out as the one person who was clearly uninterested in the game.
14255 Upside a positive benefit; an advantage The only upside to staying in the crappy hotel is that the rooms are cheaper than any other place.
14256 Multipurpose serving several different functions The multipurpose room served as both an emergency shelter and a meeting room for volunteer events.
14257 Overthrow a removal of a figure or establishment from power In order to overthrow someone in a position of authority, you will need enough power or support to remove them from power.
14258 Aberrant straying from the normal or right way John’s aberrant behavior is going to get him in a lot of trouble one of these days.
14259 Wary caution; guarded; careful One of the most important lessons that parents must teach young children is to always be wary of strangers.
14260 Contrast to differ greatly Even though Kurt is going to love his new job, his salary will contrast negatively with the large income associated with his former position.
14261 Inconceivable impossible to believe It is inconceivable that the young boy walked twenty miles without shoes in freezing weather.
14262 Bubbly describes a person who is cheerful and animated in personality The bubbly cheerleader was able to hype the crowd into a victory cheer.
14263 Languish to be or become weak or dull; lose strength or vigor; fail to make progress or be successful Away from the sunlight, the plant will languish and eventually die.
14264 Unconditional having no controls or limits The mother’s love for her son was unconditional and she loved him no matter what mistakes he made.
14265 Taxon a group or rank in biology such as a species or family Giraffes are of a small biological taxon that only includes four distinct species.
14266 Kapow a sound word that represents a deep pow or wham The slamming of the door said kapow as it slammed behind the angry woman.
14267 Fulfilment satisfaction or happiness derived from the achievement of something important to oneself Many people experience a sense of fulfillment when they finally achieve their life’s dream, or even when they take a step towards it.
14268 Exude to openly display an emotion or quality After accomplishing so much, he could not help but exude confidence in himself.
14269 Permanent something that will last indefinitely, cannot be changed, or erased The location of your birth is permanent, as it is a fact that will never change no matter how old you get or where you go in life.
14270 Limelight the focus of public attention The celebrity never liked the limelight, so he kept his personal business to himself and out of the tabloids.
14271 Strew to spread or scatter things all over the place During the toddler’s temper tantrum, she strew several papers all over the floor.
14272 Pseudo someone or something fake trying to come off as the real thing Because the app was riddled with bugs, it was clear to us that the app was written by a pseudo programmer.
14273 Refinery A factory or plant where a crude substance is converted into things that are more useful At the local refinery, units of crude oil are separated crude into various products.
14274 Gracefulness the state of moving elegantly The woman’s gracefulness on stage caused her to look as if she was walking on air.
14275 Halves two equal portions of an item that has been split apart Using his sword, the samurai split his enemy’s body into two halves.
14276 Theorize to draw a conclusion based on conducted experiments or studies Hundreds of years ago, many scientists would state that the earth is flat until Galileo would theorize that the earth is round.
14277 Physiological of, or relating to physiology When working out at the gym I experience a positive physiological change, as my heart beat starts to pick up its pace.
14278 Contraption a machine or invention that appears to be complicated To an infant, even something as simple as a lever or a trigger is a contraption beyond their ability to understand.
14279 Obloquy shame from public disapproval The senator’s admission of adultery brought much obloquy and ended his political career.
14280 Asunder separate into distinct parts When I learned my husband had been cheating on me, I felt as though my world had been blown asunder.
14281 Surreal appearing as a fantasy or dream After eating drug-laced brownies, Gerry had a surreal experience in which she believed she was flying through the air like a bird.
14282 Poetry a literary work that uses style and rhythm to express feelings Dr. Seuss’s books are some of the best current examples of rhyming poetry.
14283 Tumultuous loud, excited, and The soldiers returned home to a tumultuous welcome from their friends and family.
14284 Unfold to develop or progress Watching the disaster unfold on television, the onlookers couldn’t believe how quickly the storm had grown.
14285 Jump to react suddenly often unexpected and quickly The loud boom heard was caused by an earthquake that made everyone jump out of their seats.
14286 Necessity to be essential or vital Water is a necessity of life because failure to drink water in three days will cause death.
14287 Adulterate to make a substance less pure by adding something else to it If you want to adulterate your alcoholic drink, you should add some water to it.
14288 Waitress a restaurant server that waits on guests, bringing them food and drinks The waitress went from table to table, asking the diners what kinds of drinks and appetizers they wanted to eat.
14289 Foreman a skilled person that supervises and directs other workers or group members A foreman was hired to oversee all of those working at the construction site.
14290 Washed cleaned thoroughly The maid washed the dishes thoroughly, scrubbing them firmly before rinsing them off.
14291 Foolish lacking common sense or good judgment The young man was foolish and didn’t save any money for the future, which landed him in dire straits when he ran out of cash.
14292 Billet a private nonmilitary house where soldiers were assigned to lodge During the Second World War the building became a billet for soldiers.
14293 Sharp having a pointed edge that cuts something easily The sharp spindle pierced Aurora’s finger causing a drop of blood to seep out of the wound.
14294 Curious eager to learn information Because of his curious nature, the eager student learned lots of interesting information at the library.
14295 Cascade something that occurs in rapid succession or in a series The lottery winner realized being rich came with a cascade of troubles that included greedy relatives.
14296 Luster shine, polish or sparkle The luster of the holiday lights shone brightly on the freshly fallen snow.
14297 Propagate to share broadly The political candidate hopes to propagate his vision to potential voters.
14298 Shear to cut something, usually referring to the hair of a person or animal One of the shepherd boy’s responsibilities was to shear the sheep when their wool was too long.
14299 Boutique a small store that sells fashionable items The boutique specializes in plus size clothing and caters to women with curvier figures.
14300 Venerate to respect or worship someone or something The Bible says we should venerate our parents and our elders.
14301 Ramshackle worn down; in disrepair I will be surprised if your ramshackle car can make it out of the driveway.
14302 Purse a purse is a bag used to carry personal items For the charity event, she wore a green chiffon dress and a matching purse on her shoulder.
14303 Negotiated talked about something until a deal was reached The lawyer negotiated a settlement with the other attorney; the two finally reach an agreement on how much money the client would receive.
14304 Conference a formal meeting in which people gather to talk about specific ideas or problems A conference was held last weekend to teach struggling writers how to improve their skills.
14305 Incorrigible not capable of being reformed Because my daughter’s behavior is incorrigible, she might be grounded for at least a year.
14306 Beginner a person just learning a skill or activity The beginner bowler only knocked a couple of pins down during his first few games.
14307 Verified to be proven true or factual Your story will have to be verified, but if you really did stop a bank robbery we will reward you handsomely.
14308 Glasnost the policy of providing more consultative and open information as a government Many people prefer the glasnost policy in their government, because they do not like the idea of the government hiding things from them.
14309 Boozy intoxicated; drunk from consuming alcohol Boozy from the beer, the barfly stumbled around the bar asking everyone to buy him another round.
14310 Permeate to pass or spread through The light will permeate through the curtain when the sun rises.
14311 Literature written works (such as poems, plays, and novels) that are considered to be very good and have lasting value Filled with literature, the library contained award-winning books from every genre.
14312 Rowdy wild in a loud or typically obnoxious manner The rowdy patrons at the bar were loud and especially irritating in their words, making the night less enjoyable for everyone present.
14313 Embryo an organism in the earlier stages of development before it emerges from the egg, or before metamorphosis Before I was a baby, I was an embryo.
14314 Encampment temporary living quarters The Native American encampment was set up close to where the buffalo roamed, providing a temporary home for the hunters following the herd.
14315 Villainy evil behavior or actions Cruella de Ville’s puppy crimes led her to being thrown in jail for her villainy.
14316 Vehemence intensity and forcefulness Despite his vehemence, the intense teacher couldn’t get his students to take his course seriously.
14317 Striving putting a massive amount of time and effort into achieving something The elite swimmer was striving for a spot on the Olympic team and spent over forty hours a week in the pool working on her endurance and speed.
14318 Parted divided; split The divorcing couple parted ways after twenty years of marriage and three children.
14319 Figure of speech a word or phrase that means something different than the literal meaning and is used for emphasis or effect When Freda wants to eat, she uses the figure of speech “I’m as hungry a horse.”
14320 Emaciated abnormally thin or weak, especially because of illness or a lack of food Because some sick animals refuse to eat, many of them become emaciated.
14321 Scandalous an action or event that is considered outrageous or indecent Senator Sill refused to answer the reporter’s question about his scandalous behavior last month.
14322 Underlay to place something under or behind something else The installers chose to underlay the carpet with foam padding to make the floor covering more forgiving for falls.
14323 Polish to make something smooth or shiny A shoe shiner stood outside of the airport, offering to polish the dull leather shoes of the businessmen headed to their meetings.
14324 Repair to mend or fix something The asphalt needs someone to repair it, but the local officials claim there are no funds.
14325 Purchase to buy something with money If you want to purchase tickets for the festival, you will need to bring forty dollars to the gate.
14326 Mainland the central part of a continent, country, or another area that doesn’t include the outer lying parts, islands, etc The outer areas of the Florida Keys are connected to the mainland by a long-stretching bridge.
14327 Groupthink a procedure of creating results completely as a group without individuality Two people in the panel argued extensively which caused friction for the groupthink activity to work since they were supposed to work as a whole.
14328 Captivating very interesting and capable of grabbing your attention Because a waterfall is so captivating, people can sit and watch it for hours.
14329 Recreation activities that are done for enjoyment The activities that I prefer to engage in for recreation include reading, writing, and video games, though many people claim those don’t go together.
14330 Missionary someone sent on a mission to help others and convince people to join a particular religion The missionary spent hours every day going door to door, handing out religious pamphlets and books.
14331 Rejuvenation the process of making something look younger or more alive The city has a rejuvenation plan for the run-down neighborhood that is supposed to help bring the area back to its former glory.
14332 Board a panel or plank A wooden board was placed across each window to keep neighborhood hooligans from breaking the windows out.
14333 Runway a strip of smooth ground designed for aircraft to take off and land on Because aircraft are going so fast when they land, they need a long, straight, and smooth runway to slowly bleed off speed.
14334 Example a thing representative of its kind or illustrating a general rule In the past, the United States was a prime example of democracy, but now there are many other countries with a similar government.
14335 Amoeba a single-celled animal which catches food and moves about by extending finger-like projections The amoeba can only be used through a microscope since it is such a tiny animal.
14336 Superstar a famous person who is widely known The superstar took a second to sign autographs for the crowd of fans waiting for him outside the restaurant.
14337 Dim unintelligent Most people view owls as symbols of wisdom, but they are actually rather dim compared to the real smart birds like ravens.
14338 Grinned to have smiled broadly Jimmy grinned as he held back his amusement, though it was obvious that he wanted to laugh at the joke.
14339 Angle a slant or incline The roof was placed at an angle so that rainwater would slide down the incline and not be held at the top.
14340 Anonymous not named The donor requested to remain anonymous so that others wouldn’t bother him for money.
14341 Chant rhythmic speaking or singing of words or sounds “USA! USA! USA!” is a chant you hear from Americans at some political rallies or sports events.
14342 Validity the state of being valid, authentic or genuine The validity of the suspect’s story was questionable to those who thought he was lying.
14343 Crochet a form of knitting using yarn My grandmother would always crochet Afghan blankets for her children because she loved to use a needle and wooly thread.
14344 Compassionate displaying concern and/or understanding towards other people The compassionate man donated half of his yearly salary to local charities.
14345 Walk to stroll or move at an average pace by putting one foot in front of the other Since we were bored, the family decided to walk around the neighborhood to get some air but not get too sweaty.
14346 Efficacy the power to produce a desired effect Fortunately, the medicine had the efficacy to reduce the amount of pain John was feeling.
14347 Antedate to occur before something else In general, sex will normally antedate a pregnancy.
14348 Ad hoc made for a particular reason Some of the men in our neighborhood have formed an ad hoc safety patrol to deter crime.
14349 Lecherous having or showing excessive or offensive sexual desire The lecherous visitor could not keep his hands off of Sally.
14350 Repetition the action of repeating something Repetition of mantra invigorated the crowd, leading them to chant “we the people” over and over again.
14351 Barrier an obstacle that blocks access Not having transportation was a barrier to the girl enrolling in college courses.
14352 Cavil to gripe about something minor Because my sister is so hard to please, she will cavil about the smallest of things.
14353 Entrust to trust to the care of Jerome was shocked that I would entrust money into the hands of a teenager who was known to be thief.
14354 Patronizing done in a way that belittles or is demeaning Speaking slowly in a patronizing manner, the ignorant waitress insulted the immigrant’s intelligence when she acted as if he couldn’t understand her.
14355 Unchangeable not able to be changed or altered Max wants to make his son a junior, but his wife insists that their infant son’s name is unchangeable.
14356 Delve to search thoroughly and carefully for information Because she was planning a trip, the woman began to delve into a search for plane tickets.
14357 Effulgence extreme brightness or shining The up-and-coming celebrity’s effulgence could be seen when he beamed his mega-watt smile.
14358 Disappear to vanish; to cease to be visible With a blink of an eye, the magician was able to make the rabbit disappear from his hat.
14359 Preponderance a larger figure or amount With such a preponderance of evidence, the jury will most likely find the defendant guilty.
14360 Crony an intimate companion or friend In the evenings, my grandmother and her crony sit on the front porch and gossip about their neighbors.
14361 Hence therefore; for this reason The weather was much better this year; hence the orange crop is larger.
14362 Flibbertigibbet a flighty individual who talks a great deal about nothing It was my misfortune to be stuck next to a chatty flibbertigibbet during the bus ride home.
14363 Unsightly ugly; hideous Cinderella’s unsightly stepsisters were so ugly that their own reflections scared them.
14364 Polymer a material comprised of tiny molecules which are connected together The scientist will combine molecules to create a synthetic polymer.
14365 Abortion the purposeful termination of a human pregnancy Because the pregnant mother was critically ill, the doctor suggested the pregnancy be terminated through surgical abortion.
14366 Blooming growing into a beautiful or final phase Kyla hates the fact that she is going through puberty, but one day she will realize she was simply blooming into a grown woman.
14367 Benign having no significant effect; harmless When the doctor said my tumor was benign, I was so happy.
14368 Manageable able to be controlled; easy As long as my crazy uncle took his sedatives, he was manageable and behaved properly.
14369 Inherited derived or gained genetically from one’s parents I think it is fairly obvious that Mark inherited his stubbornness from his equally stubborn father.
14370 King the ruler of an empire or kingdom As king of the monarchy, the ruler was in a powerful position and made decisions for thousands of people.
14371 Breeding reproducing or procreating The farmer was known for breeding his horses to sell so he often had his pastures full of male and female horses.
14372 Outrun to overtake or run faster than During the marathon, my sister could outrun everyone else to win the race.
14373 Inveigle to persuade someone to do something by means of deception or flattery Speechless I stood by as June was able to inveigle her way into the private club by flirting with the security guard.
14374 Racketeer a person who takes part in a fraudulent or dishonest business Implicated in at least 10 different fraudulent business deals, the racketeer is facing serious jail time.
14375 Jiggly movement that is unsteady; rapid, small movements back and forth Jell-O and other forms of gelatin are extremely jiggly, wobbling back and forth whenever you poke them.
14376 Terror extreme or radical fear Many people have a phobia, and being in the presence of what they fear will fill them with absolute terror.
14377 Feckless someone who is irresponsible or ineffective Larry was such a feckless manager that the company was forced to declare bankruptcy.
14378 Deprecation disapproval The deprecation on the pastor’s face was obvious when he learned of his underage son drinking alcohol.
14379 Reason cause or basis There is no reason to clean the house because it is already spotless.
14380 Estimable worthy of respect and praise Our estimable professor is constantly being recognized for his cancer research.
14381 Preempt to take steps to prevent something from happening The company decided to meet with its former employee as a way to preempt a lawsuit.
14382 Smell to detect the odor or scent of something using your nose Amy stopped to smell the flowers in the garden because she loved the sweet scent.
14383 Outraged mad; upset Outraged by the politician’s phony promises and unethical policies, the masses revolted.
14384 Tuck to push fold or turn something inward When he is afraid, the dog will tuck his tail underneath him and hide under the table.
14385 Contradict to disagree with what is being stated The security camera appears to contradict Gail’s claim she never left the hotel.
14386 Rotund rounded in figure, plump, fat The jovial man’s rotund belly bounced wildly as he tried to jump rope with the kids.
14387 Malfunctioning failing to function or work in the way it is supposed to The malfunctioning machine made a loud clanking noise before smoke began billowing from the top.
14388 Abscond escape into hiding; to leave quickly and hide to avoid punishment Since the boys could not pay for their meals, they decided to abscond before the waitress returned with their check.
14389 Verifiable able to be checked or demonstrated to be true, accurate, or justified In order to write a proper research paper you must use facts to back up your argument or information that is easily verifiable.
14390 Moat a thin stream of water that completely surrounds right outside a large house or fortress Since the dragon could not swim, he dared not cross the moat to any window or door of the castle.
14391 Bedfellow an ally or associate connected to a person through a particular activity Anthony became a bedfellow of Jared when they both joined the same fraternity.
14392 Verdant green with grass or other rich vegetation After three years of drought conditions, the farmers welcomed the spring rains and hoped they would continue long enough to restore their crops to verdant abundance.
14393 Stencil to color or paint a design or picture using a template where the shape has been cut out To stencil the figure onto the wall, the artist taped the cardboard in the correct place and painted over it.
14394 Open-ended to be limitless After answering the open-ended question, it was difficult to know if I had answered it completely since I could have written a number of things down.
14395 Wheeze to breathe with a whistling or rattling sound in the chest Because of an infection in his lungs, the patient will wheeze anytime he breathes in air too deeply.
14396 Wobble to move unsteadily from side to side While learning to walk, the toddler would wobble from side to side.
14397 Trialogue a conversation between three people Engaged in a heated trialogue, the Three Musketeers fussed about who would take credit for the latest win.
14398 Dilute to make something weaker by modifying or adding to it If you put too much water in the kettle, you will dilute the flavor of the tea, since it needs to be somewhat balanced.
14399 Prolix prone to using large words that most people do not understand The prolix professor had a habit of using complex words that most people could not comprehend.
14400 Outsider a person who does not belong to a particular group Because she was an outsider in the tight-knit group of friends, the high school newbie didn’t really fit in with the other girls.
14401 Irreversible not able to be altered or undone; unchangeable Some acts are irreversible like having a child because you can’t return the baby.
14402 Suspect to believe something without having proof of its existence I suspect that my keys are in my car, but I haven’t checked so I don’t know.
14403 Confinement being locked inside or forcibly kept inside somewhere and not allowed to leave By consenting to confinement in an institution, the patient hoped that she would finally get the medical treatment she so desperately needed.
14404 Nature the world of the environment of plants and animals The refreshing nature hike was just what I needed to become energized and happy.
14405 Proud feeling deep pleasure or satisfaction for one’s accomplishments The proud father beamed as he watched his firstborn daughter walk across the stage at her college graduation.
14406 Slate a thin piece of rock that is often used a writing surface Writing the letter A on the smooth slate, the teacher demonstrated correct form for her students.
14407 Perceive to view or become aware of Sometimes I am so concerned about how others perceive me that I do not always listen to my own voice.
14408 Atrabilious bad-tempered or irritable The pupils were afraid to ask the atrabilious teacher questions.
14409 Survived made it through something difficult or dangerous Carl survived the almost deadly crash, feeling very lucky to be alive.
14410 Existing in existence at the moment, current The existing members of the council will soon be replaced with new candidates in the coming year.
14411 Allocate to give out according to a system I must allocate my weekly salary in a way that allows me to pay all my bills.
14412 Blasphemy great disrespect shown to God or something holy Sex, outside of marriage, is considered by some to be a sin and a form of blasphemy.
14413 Criticism the expression of disapproval and judgement of someone or something Nia’s father’s negative criticism of her work made her consider giving up painting all together.
14414 Heritage culture including traditions, languages, or objects which are passed down generationally The Pyramids of Giza has been declared a world heritage site because of the great history these ruins.
14415 Seder a Jewish ritual dinner that marks the beginning of the Jewish holiday of Passover A rabbi presided over the Seder, beginning with sanctification and a blessing being recited over wine.
14416 Subtlety the quality or state of being so delicate or precise that it is difficult to analyze or describe The subtlety of the light perfume made it just delicate enough for everyday wear.
14417 Prevention the action of stopping something from happening In the name of prevention, the insurance company gives wellness information to keep its customers from getting sick.
14418 Douse to extinguish or snuff out The announcement of the lottery winner is sure to douse the dreams of millions of people.
14419 Palette an artist’s flat paint panel which is used for mixing and holding paint Bob Ross usually used a dull knife to scrape the paint from his palette and smear it onto his canvas.
14420 Unwilling not willing or ready to do something The stubborn shopkeeper was unwilling to lower her prices even when other stores in the area had sales.
14421 Veteran one who has a lot of experience in a particular field or position The military veteran has served in the U.S. Army for more than twenty years.
14422 Extrude to force out The volcano began to extrude lava, shooting the hot liquid up and over its sides.
14423 Dominant presiding; controlling Although there are some English speaker’s French is the dominant language in the country.
14424 Exotic not native; foreign The customs officer knew the exotic animal had to be put in solitary before it could enter the country.
14425 Derisively in a mocking and demeaning manner When I tripped in the hallway, an onlooker derisively copied my fall for others’ amusement.
14426 Negotiator a person who mediates or acts as a go-between The skilled negotiator was able to convince the insurance company to give his client a big payout.
14427 Postdate to assign a date to something later than was originally intended We had to postdate the party because a thunderstorm stopped the guests from coming on the original day.
14428 Segregation setting apart or separation Feminists complain about segregation between men and women in the workplace.
14429 Root the basic cause or source of something The therapist helped her client get to the root of her emotional issues and heal once and for all.
14430 Vagary an unpredictable action or behavior When the temperature dropped to freezing conditions on a summer day, it was a vagary of the weather.
14431 Alike similar in a certain way Because my sister and I are identical twins, we are very much alike in appearance.
14432 Foul pertaining to something that is unpleasant to someone’s sight, touch, taste, smell or hearing With the foul odor lingering in the air, many people were pinching their noses so they would not have to smell it.
14433 Metamorphosis an observable change When Chet started exercising on a regular basis, he experienced a huge physical metamorphosis.
14434 Bravo used to express approval or awe in regards to someone’s performance The actors all received a thunderous bravo from their audience once they were done with their play.
14435 Purgatory a situation that causes misery To the teenage girl, listening to her teachers’ boring lectures all day was purgatory.
14436 Canard a phony report or story I eat plenty of apples and still get sick so I do not believe the canard about an apple a day keeping the doctor away.
14437 Dismal gloomy; not happy or cheerful When I saw the doctor’s dismal face, I knew the news was not going to be good.
14438 Enrobe to put on a robe or coat Calling the king to his throne in order to officially address someone meant that he would enrobe himself with his red garb and put on his crown.
14439 Helot a serf or slave The life of the helot was rather depressing due to their excessive work for the king as well as always feeling poor.
14440 Lush growing in abundance Vines and other swinging plants covered the lush rainforest.
14441 Demystify to make a difficult subject clearer or easier to understand The tutor tried to demystify algebra for the student but couldn’t seem to make the math any easier for the girl to understand.
14442 Pathological in an unusual or unhealthy manner My sister is a pathological liar who never tells the truth about anything.
14443 Roundup to gather people or animals together When it was time to eat lunch, Mrs. Hall had to roundup all of the children and brought them into the school cafeteria.
14444 Therapy remedy or help to mend an ailment or condition Therapy was required after a traumatic car accident in order to repair the victim’s broken bones.
14445 Melting pot where a set a diverse individuals coexist side by side Yugoslavia was a melting pot of citizens who spoke different languages and practiced diverse religions.
14446 Ensured secured; guaranteed The insurance company insured the fisherman’s boat for several thousand dollars, so it was replaced when he sunk it.
14447 Abrupt   $MMT = window.$MMT || {}; $MMT.cmd = $MMT.cmd || [];$MMT.cmd.push(function(){ $MMT.display.slots.push([“8f1244f6-5306-4bbe-9562-fc5ef7966ac2”]); }) Prev Word Next Word without notice; sudden The bus came to an abrupt halt outside the school.
14448 Servitude the situation in which one individual controls another person’s life After paying off his debts, the man was finally able to leave his life of servitude and work for himself.
14449 Direct Democracy a type of government where the power lies directly in the hands of the people instead of representatives Those living in ancient Greece practiced Direct Democracy, meaning each person got a say in how the city-state was governed.
14450 Catatonic motionless and unresponsive A catatonic fear immobilized Drew, preventing her escape.
14451 Thoroughfare a main road in a town If you want to go straight through town you should use the thoroughfare, which is the biggest road in the center of town.
14452 Calamity a situation that results in extreme suffering The approaching hurricane is sure to be a calamity that will affect the lives of millions.
14453 Equanimity to stay calm, especially under stress; to maintain composure His equanimity allowed him to keep a clear head and escape the burning building.
14454 Overhang something that projects over something else The overhang of the Lantana plant onto the walkway meant that people had to walk into the grass in order to avoid stepping onto the plant.
14455 Adduction the act of bringing a body part usually an arm or leg inward to the middle part of the body When the patient’s adduction of her knee up to her waist caused agonizing pain, the doctor recommended that she return to standing straight on her two feet.
14456 Pilgarlic bald The glossy pilgarlic head was so bare that it was reflecting sunlight.
14457 Exhort to strongly urge someone to do something While I cannot force you to drive the speed limit, I exhort you to do so or else you might end up in jail.
14458 Blimp an large, balloon-shaped aircraft with no wings that stays afloat by pressure from contained gas The Goodyear blimp flew slowly about the football stadium and advertised for the company on its balloon-shaped body.
14459 Unworthy not fit or deserving The author is unworthy of the award because she copied her book from another writer’s ideas.
14460 Unduly done excessively; overly or out of proportion The teenage girl is unduly dependent on her mother and can’t even go to the bathroom by herself.
14461 Localism a saying, word or expression that is only said and known in one local area Even though everyone knows “Aloha,” the localism of the word causes it to almost only to be heard in Hawaii.
14462 Responsible having control and authority over something while being accountable for its protection or outcome Elizabeth is responsible for cooking Christmas dinner and I am in charge of the decorations.
14463 Florid to have a red or rosy complexion The police officer was florid after being held up by a six-year old boy with a water pistol.
14464 Stunned completely surprised Pat and Sally were stunned when they heard the news that their parents were killed in a terrible car accident.
14465 Beautiful having qualities (especially physical) that are attractive or appealing As a model, Cindy Crawford is well-known for her gorgeous figure and beautiful face.
14466 Intention a course of action that a person intends to follow Alex said that his intention is to marry Rachel.
14467 Syllabus an outline of topics and important dates in an educational course The professor handed out a syllabus to the class so he wouldn’t have to explain all of the lessons for the year to them.
14468 Extol to praise Because Helen and Gina were jealous of their sister’s good fortune, they did not extol her when she won the academic scholarship.
14469 Council a board or assembly that meets to advise or discuss things Head of the school board council, Mr. Meador was responsible for running the meetings once a month.
14470 Prima Facie accepted as true and correct until proven otherwise In court, the story of the plaintiff is Prima Facie, and they are innocent until they are actually proven guilty.
14471 Rehearsal a practice or trial of a play or similar public performance The actors had one last rehearsal the night before the big play, since they wanted to be absolutely sure that they were prepared for their big performance.
14472 Enforcement the process of making sure that people follow a law/rule Enforcement of the park rules meant that people were not allowed in after dark.
14473 Immediate without delay; instant When code blue was announced on the intercom of the hospital, everyone noticed the immediate attention of every nurse was revealed as they ran for the door.
14474 Overdo to do too much of something If you overdo it in the gym, your muscles will be extremely sore in the morning.
14475 Contemn to treat someone or something with disrespect or hatred Using an alias, the online bully likes to contemn and vilify those he doesn’t like with internet insults.
14476 Potation the act of drinking a beverage, usually alcohol As a recovering alcoholic, Jim decided to refrain from potation.
14477 Knoll a small hill The charming inn was set on a knoll in the country.
14478 Stimulate to incite interest in something or inspire action The goal of any great teacher is to craft exciting lessons that will stimulate their students to want to learn.
14479 Inculcate to frequently instill an idea or belief firmly in someone’s mind In order to inculcate a love of reading, the teacher encourages her students to read different types of literature.
14480 Indigenous produced, living, or existing naturally The class of students enjoyed learning about unusual animals that are indigenous and found naturally in the wild in North America.
14481 Relation the way in which two or more people or things are connected The detectives were certain there was no relation between the two crimes, but the victims’ families thought they were connected.
14482 Mimicry the act of mirroring an action or behavior During the talent show, the boy won the audience over when he performed a mimicry of his favorite rapper.
14483 Tailpiece a part added to the end of something such as a piece of writing or a musical instrument A tailpiece was added to the mandolin as a way to anchor the string to the end of the instrument.
14484 Invoice an itemized statement of items or work done with their charges for these; bill Parents appreciated not having monthly tuition payments altered, and the invoice provided clear documentation of the expenses incurred throughout the year.
14485 Private belonging to or being used by a select group and not the public Because it is top-secret, the private information inside the folder cannot be shared with anyone.
14486 Loll to act in a leisurely manner If I was rich, I could loll on the couch instead of going to work each day.
14487 Term a fixed period in which something is supposed to last The president only served one term and decided not to run for reelection.
14488 Rafters internal beams extending from the eaves to the peak of a building’s roof The cluttered garage was packed all the way up to the rafters, with boxes sitting on some of the top beams.
14489 Novelty a new item Everyone is waiting to see what novelty the toy manufacturer will come out with next.
14490 Ephemera things that are important or useful for only a short time Not many of the mock up album covers or other miscellaneous ephemera from the Hittsville studio is still around today.
14491 Slender slim; lean Tall and slender, the model’s thin legs were one of her best assets.
14492 Human condition characteristics associated with being a human being Birth and death are two factors of the human condition that everyone can definitely count on happening to each and every person.
14493 Forgetive capable of imagining or inventing things Because he has a forgetive spirit, the toy maker is able to come up with new designs over and over.
14494 Musty exhibiting a stale odor The musty odor of the wet towel made the bathroom smell unpleasant.
14495 Realistic based on what is real, sensible, or practical The actress gave such a realistic performance that it was hard to believe she wasn’t the actual character from the book.
14496 Bane something causing misery or death Distraction is the bane of productivity when I’m trying to get anything done.
14497 Inculpate to incriminate or accuse someone of doing something Evidence was used to inculpate the suspects and lead to their eventual conviction.
14498 Turmoil a state of confusion or disorder The mayor was not reelected to his office because of his inability to bring the city out of financial turmoil.
14499 Credulous ready to believe, especially on slight or uncertain evidence Because my brother is a credulous consumer, he is a salesperson’s dream.
14500 Optimal finest or prime Since Betty loved her children and always worried about their health, she wanted to get the optimal health insurance for them.
14501 Scamper to move quickly with light steps Watching the squirrel scamper up the sidewalk was the highlight of the toddler’s day.
14502 Copacetic going well; satisfactory Despite the poor economy, business at our restaurant has been copacetic enough to allow us to earn a small profit.
14503 Collegiate associated with college life The collegiate party was filled with students from the local university.
14504 Aforementioned regarding someone or something spoken about previously Any of the aforementioned applicants will make great company employees.
14505 Brobdingnagian gigantic; huge The brobdingnagian hamburger was so large that it would not fit inside my mouth for a bite.
14506 Additional added or extra Additional charges will be added if you do not pay the bill on time.
14507 Twinge a sudden, sharp localized pain After being tackled by several 300 pound football players, the quarterback felt a twinge in his ribs that made him think he broke a few bones.
14508 Itinerant moving around from location to location The documentary follows the life of an itinerant homeless man who never sleeps in a location more than once.
14509 Mismatch to combine two things that are not supposed to go together If you decide to mismatch your socks you will look funny to everyone that sees them, especially if they are different colors.
14510 Towering extremely tall, especially when compared to surrounding things The very tall toddler stood towering over her classmates during school pictures.
14511 Fear an uncomfortable feeling triggered by thinking that someone or something is dangerous, likely to cause pain, or a threat Despite my fear of heights, I climbed the mountain.
14512 Wrench to pull or twist something away violently Tiff tried to wrench all of the water out of the rag by twisting it really tightly.
14513 Indenture a legal and binding contract The attorney had his client to sign the indenture before officially beginning work on his case.
14514 Pleaded begged for something one really wants The robbery victim begged and pleaded for the thief to let her go without taking her life.
14515 Exoskeleton a hard outer body that covers and protects certain animals, particularly insects Bats love to eat a certain type of insect, but cannot digest its hard exoskeleton.
14516 Nocuous harmful; likely to cause injury Sitting inside the deadly car, the driver was unaware that he was breathing in nocuous gas.
14517 Minus with the subtraction of Amber ordered a burger minus the lettuce and tomato since she didn’t care for vegetables very much.
14518 Immigrant a person who comes to a country from another country in order to permanently settle there Since my grandfather was an immigrant from Sweden, he brought his Swedish culture and traditions to the United States with him.
14519 Coup de grace the last shot or stabbing in order to kill a severely injured person or animal in order to stop its suffering Due to lack of medicine available on the battlefield, the coup de grace was ordered on the gravely wounded soldier to put him out of his misery.
14520 Orbit to move around something in a circular path The earth continues to orbit around the sun in a circular pattern.
14521 Anastrophe a transposal or reverse order of words in a phrase which is done to show importance “Leader I am,” stated the dictator using an anastrophe to emphasize his position in the country.
14522 Obsession the control of one’s thoughts about something or someone Billy’s ex-girlfriend was deemed a stalker due to her obsession with him by always watching, calling and thinking about him.
14523 Assuming accepting something to be true without proof Many people are assuming that the suspect is guilty simply because he has committed crimes in the past.
14524 Lose to misplace or be unable to find something Glen always seems to lose one of his socks and can never find a matching pair.
14525 Leap to spring or jump up into the air quickly Spiderman made a huge leap over the wall and continued on his chase.
14526 Appreciative displaying or feeling gratitude My appreciative daughter thanked everyone who gave her a birthday present.
14527 Inter alia a phrase meaning among other things The teacher wore many hats including counselor and nurse, inter alia.
14528 Light-colored light in shade or color Wear a white or light-colored t-shirt to the beach so that you don’t get hot.
14529 Inquiry the asking of questions for informational purposes A credit inquiry was made to see if the couple qualified for the loan.
14530 Deficient lacking something essential When I tried to withdraw money, I was told I couldn’t because my funds were deficient.
14531 Damage to impair the soundness, goodness or value of; to harm or cause destruction The recent hurricane left visible damage to houses across the state.
14532 Acumen experience or expertise in something John’s business acumen, along with his computer skills, made him an asset to the software company.
14533 Recovered got better; improved It took the sick woman several weeks to get over the flu, but she eventually recovered.
14534 Incorporeal lacking form or substance Most believe the soul to be incorporeal, as it can exist without a physical shell.
14535 Jubilance showing great joy, excitement, or triumph The young child couldn’t keep the jubilance off their face as they opened their Christmas presents.
14536 Shipper a person or company that transports goods An experienced shipper is needed to transport the fragile cargo from Chicago to Atlanta.
14537 Wit the skill of using words in a manner that is both amusing and clever While the doctor laughed at his humorous comment, I did not find his wit amusing.
14538 Exorcise to drive out an evil spirit from a person, place or thing, especially by an incantation or prayer Many people turn to religion to exorcise themselves from sin.
14539 Bail an amount of money that a person who has been accused of a crime pays to a law court so that they can leave jail temporarily Bail money was requested before the arrested could be released to his family.
14540 Mudslinging the use of insults and accusations as a way of tarnishing someone’s reputation Because of their constant mudslinging, both political candidates were known as slanderers.
14541 Cleans a term used to describe the process of removing dirt, dust, and other debris from a surface John cleans the kitchen every evening before going to bed.
14542 Reclusion the condition of living separate from others The hermit lives in reclusion, living alone on top of a mountain where he doesn’t see anyone for months or years at a time.
14543 Decomposition the state or process of decaying or rotting We learned that decomposition is the process of breaking down organic substances into simpler forms of matter.
14544 Decided made a final decision or plan of action The couple decided to get married in Las Vegas after knowing each other for just one day.
14545 Appreciable adequately considered to be substantial or significant After providing her medical records, the young student’s appreciable impairment was taken seriously now from her teachers.
14546 Able having the capability of doing something Being a healthy young man, I am perfectly able to engage in manual labor, no matter what kind of physical stress that includes.
14547 Asylum place of safety Clara’s lifelong dream is to start a program that grants asylum to persecuted citizens from other countries.
14548 Breadth the extent or measure of how broad or wide something is The gossip quickly spanned the breadth of the school building.
14549 Peradventure doubt or uncertainty Her peradventure about the exam made her doubt her ability on standardized tests.
14550 Plunge to fall Off the diving board, Emily decided to plunge into the deep end of the pool for a quick swim.
14551 Steel to mentally prepare yourself for something John had to steel himself for the vaccination because he hates needles.
14552 Idiosyncrasy an odd habit or peculiar behavior; behavior or way of thought specific to an individual Her worst idiosyncrasy involved repeating back every word that was said to her.
14553 Mottled stained with spots or patches The mottled lizard with its brown and green spots easily blended in with the fallen leaves.
14554 Permission consent or approval to go ahead with something The child asked her teacher for permission to go to the bathroom in the middle of class.
14555 Hard difficult The hard math equation stumped not only the calculus student but also the professor.
14556 Execrable extremely bad or unpleasant When Matt accidentally found himself on a racist website, he was outraged by all the execrable comments that had been posted on it.
14557 Precipice a point where danger, trouble, or difficulty begins Sue Ellen is now on the precipice of bankruptcy and might have to sell the family home.
14558 Carouse to take part in a drunken get-together On most weekends the fraternity brothers carouse with the wild sorority girls.
14559 Most almost all; a majority Most of the time it is sunny in southern California, but every now and then it rains.
14560 Clasp take hold of; grab tightly I would clasp the check firmly in one hand because dropping it would mean possibly losing ten thousand dollars.
14561 Therein in that place Racism is passed down generationally and therein lies the problem.
14562 Frisson an intense emotion that comes on suddenly I felt a frisson of excitement when I realized my husband was throwing me a surprise party.
14563 Unyielding not flexible; not easily moved or swayed My unyielding father refused to increase my allowance.
14564 Assigned designated; appointed The science teacher assigned every student a partner to work with on the class project.
14565 Self-aggrandizing exaggerating one’s own power or importance The arrogant man’s self-aggrandizing is so annoying that I refuse to listen to him brag.
14566 Interrupt stop the continuous progress of an activity or process Kayla’s brother always seemed to interrupt her in the middle of the movie.
14567 Pellucid very well-defined in meaning and style The contract was pellucid and left no confusion about each party’s responsibilities.
14568 Intolerant unable or indisposed to tolerate, endure or bear Matt is an intolerant person who hates listening to other people talk when their opinions are contrary to his own.
14569 Boss a person who supervises employees or workers The factory boss requires that all employees find their own shift replacement if they won’t be coming in for work.
14570 Clenched pressed together tightly As he clenched his fists, the boxer prepared to swing his balled up hands at his opponent.
14571 Greybeard an old man, especially a wise one The greybeard professor has been teaching psychology at the college level for over thirty years.
14572 Selves essential beings or personalities of people The two children seem to always find their selves in trouble when they spend too much time together.
14573 Abolitionist one who supports the elimination of practices or laws that are viewed as dangerous The abolitionist is recruiting like-minded people who share her opposition to the pro-abortion laws.
14574 Weightlessness the state of being weightless or not held down by gravity While walking on the moon, the astronaut experienced weightlessness.
14575 Natural selection the process by which animals and plants that can adapt to changes in their environment are able to survive and reproduce while those that can’t adapt die off Our professor was attempting to explain natural selection by telling us that weak die off and the strong survive.
14576 Musician someone who plays a musical instrument Each musician took the stage and began to play the instruments in unison.
14577 Dogmatic to strongly state unsupported opinions or beliefs as if they were absolute facts The preacher was a dogmatic individual who was quick to argue with anyone who challenged his opinion.
14578 Optimistic hopeful about the future or a specific outcome Though we haven’t won a game all year, our team is still optimistic that today we will win.
14579 Norm that which is typical or usual As a child, the little girl fought the norm and refused to wear skirts or dresses.
14580 Pleasantries polite remarks, usually made by people when they first meet to show they are friendly As they passed through the streets, the women smiled and exchanged pleasantries with one another.
14581 Dictum a statement or well-known remark that expresses an important idea or rule As Sarah waited in the unemployment line, she recognized the truth of the dictum, “last hired; first fired”.
14582 Bountiful having a generous amount Since we had a bountiful harvest this year, we were able to donate a good portion of our crops to a local soup kitchen.
14583 Timidity the act of shyness With his head down and barely speaking, the timidity of man shown when he was approached by the manager of the store.
14584 Jab to quickly poke something Trevor couldn’t resist the urge to jab his sister in the ribs with his finger, because he knew she was annoyed by his poking.
14585 Hallucination an image, a sound, or a smell) that seems real but does not really exist An allergic reaction to medication brought on a hallucination in which the patient thought she saw a dog in her hospital room.
14586 Eukaryote any cell or organism that contains a membrane-bound nucleus and other membrane-bound organelles Its missing nucleus indicated that the organism was not a eukaryote.
14587 Mortification extreme embarrassment and shame Dylan asked his mother to drop him off at the corner so that he could avoid the mortification of being seen getting out of a minivan.
14588 Incredibly very; extremely The puny teenager found it incredibly difficult to pick up the heavy barbell from the floor.
14589 Callousness the quality of being unfeeling or insensitive. It can refer to an attitude of indifference or a lack of sympathy for the feelings and needs of others His callousness towards the suffering of animals made him a target of protests.
14590 Omission something that was not included or present The omission of my name from the Honor Roll List made me regret the fact I had played around all semester.
14591 Nor a word used to add another false statement When Bill is sedated, he experiences neither joy nor sorrow.
14592 Craggy used to describe landscape that is rough and uneven The craggy peaks of the mountains are so uneven that no hiker could ever stand on them.
14593 Displease to dissatisfy or annoy someone The new city curfew is bound to displease most teenagers in the area.
14594 Egoism an act of only valuing oneself Her egoism became apparent among her friends when she kept bragging about everything she did right.
14595 Offish aloof or distant The loner was offish with mostly everyone and preferred to be alone instead of with friends.
14596 Abuse to mistreat or misuse something The evil man would always abuse his dog, kicking and hitting the puppy for no reason.
14597 Demeaning causing someone to lose dignity or feel less respected The manager dismissed Brenda’s ideas in a demeaning tone that made her feel like the stupidest person in the room.
14598 Offload to get rid of something by passing it to someone else The football team needs to offload several of its hurt players before it can bring in new members for the line.
14599 Sensed felt; was aware of The dog owner sensed that something wasn’t right with her pet, so she took him to the vet.
14600 Curdle to separate into curds into lumps or curds After sitting in the hot sun for several days, the thickening milk began to curdle.
14601 Capstone a finishing touch on something I already think the car is a masterpiece, but a hood ornament would be a great capstone.
14602 Mea Culpa an acknowledgement of having done wrong (my bad) The magazine issued a mea culpa after they cited an incorrect statistic.
14603 Portfolio a collection of work The photographer has an impressive portfolio that holds an assortment of images he has taken in his career.
14604 Endangerment the act of putting someone or something at risk or in danger of being harmed, damaged, or destroyed The careless mother was charged with child endangerment after leaving her toddler alone in the sweltering sedan for several hours.
14605 Reemerge to appear or come into sight once more After hiding away in the forest for a while, the deer began to reemerge in the clearing.
14606 Postoperative related to the period of time following a medical operation or procedure Because the procedure was so long and tedious, the surgeon needed some postoperative relaxation to wind down.
14607 Bereavement the mental state which occurs after someone has suffered a loss, usually a death When the principal died suddenly, the school district hired a bereavement counselor to help the students deal with their emotions.
14608 Fitment fixture or adornment With a picture on the wall, the fitment added a beautifully artistic touch to the room.
14609 About-face the act of turning and facing an opposite direction In a stunning about-face, the career criminal turned his life around and got a legal job.
14610 Expelled barred; excluded After she was caught smoking in the girl’s locker room for the 3rd time, the troublemaking teenager was expelled from school for the rest of the year.
14611 Verdure a thriving condition One week after a successful surgery, John was in verdure and eager to leave the hospital.
14612 Homesickness a feeling of sadness and longing for one’s home when one is away Homesickness filled the college freshman’s mind and left her longing for her home while in her dorm.
14613 Sallow having an unnatural yellowish or pale skin color Since Jana spent the entire winter inside, her complexion was sallow and unnatural when she finally went outdoors.
14614 Viaduct a bridge or overpass that carries a road or railroad track over something (i.e. a canyon, valley.) As the viaduct started to collapse, stranded drivers on the bridge began to panic.
14615 Concerned worried or anxious I am concerned for my brother, who went out into the storm nearly an hour ago and has yet to return.
14616 Chronological organized in the order of occurrence The easiest way to comprehend history is in chronological order, learning of events in the order that they happened in time.
14617 Worldliness concern with physical and material gain rather than spirituality Ben is well-known for his worldliness, often talking about how money is the most important thing in life.
14618 Incorporate to include or mix In order to provide a complete report, Henry and his staff incorporate the graphs and charts into the written text.
14619 Credible believable; trustworthy As a member of the jury, I didn’t find the witness testimony credible so I disregarded it.
14620 Encounter to come across something or someone without warning I never dreamed I would encounter a rattlesnake in my backyard.
14621 Horticulture the science of caring for gardens; gardening Bob enrolled in a class that teaches horticulture so that he can cultivate his garden.
14622 Litany a lengthy record The landlord was tired of listening to his tenant’s litany of complaints about the property.
14623 Nip to bite something lightly The puppy liked to nip at his owner’s feet, but his little nibbles didn’t hurt much.
14624 Disheartened no longer pleased with something Although we have stayed at the resort every year for ten years, our last visit left us disheartened and not eager to return.
14625 Inexpensive cheap; low-priced Because they were so inexpensive and cheaply made, the dollar flip flops broke after just one day.
14626 Dictatorial having a tendency to tell people what to do in a way that is like a dictator The dictatorial boss constantly shouted orders at his nervous employees.
14627 Discernment smart judgement My grandmother says she has the gift of discernment which helps her when she meets people for the first time.
14628 Vainglory extreme pride in ones work that can be excessive and showy The student was filled with such vainglory over his Harvard admission that he made several copies of his acceptance letter and sent them to all of his relatives.
14629 Sextuple to be or have six portions or people When the doctor scheduled the unhealthy man to a sextuple heart bypass surgery, the procedure would be dangerous since they would be fixing half a dozen arteries in the man’s chest.
14630 Grime a thick layer of dirt Grime and debris covered the floor of the construction site.
14631 Honor high respect, esteem, or prestige If a knight were to kill an opponent that had surrendered in a duel, his honor would be stained in the eyes of the people.
14632 Paused stopped and waited for a moment The car slowed down, paused at the stop sign, and then drove off when the coast was clear.
14633 Awarded gave; presented with The police officer was awarded a hero’s medal after he saved the children from the burning building.
14634 Caste a class hierarchy determined by a person’s heritage In the tribe, there is a caste system based on skin color with the darker-skinned people comprising the lower class.
14635 Measured gaged; calculated While baking the cake, the chef measured out all of the ingredients in exact amounts.
14636 Proffer an offer made to another individual Since I am hungry, I am happy to accept your proffer of a meal.
14637 Quadruple multiply by four When the star player took the basketball court, the home team’s score seemed to quadruple within a short period of time from 10 to 40.
14638 Prevarication a lie or deception Sue’s prevarication was obvious thanks to the sweat on her face and the nervous expression she was making as she lied.
14639 Puzzlement a feeling of confusion or bewilderment The student voiced his puzzlement when trying to solve the complex geometry problem.
14640 Nuncupative declared orally and not written The sick man gave his nuncupative will on his deathbed, and his spoken words were later turned into a legal document.
14641 Sustainability the ability to be maintained at a specific level or state Wind turbines have a high level of sustainability because wind is an endless resource.
14642 Anticipated to be expected or predicted We have anticipated this obstacle, and we have already made all of the preparations needed in order to overcome it.
14643 Succubus female demon that has sexual intercourse with men in their dreams Beware on the most haunted night of the year for the succubus lurking in the woods.
14644 Prior restraint government action that prohibits speech or another expression before the speech happens The Constitution frowns on prior restraint and allows people to criticize the government without being punished for it.
14645 Erratic unpredictable When the police officer saw the man driving in an erratic manner, he pulled him over to question him.
14646 Ultimately finally; in the end Ultimately, we decided to buy the smaller house that had a lower price tag.
14647 Replete having much or plenty of something I received a low score on my essay because the paper was replete with mistakes.
14648 Explanatory the act of describing something Mr. Doug’s secretary emailed her department an explanatory memo about what should be in the quarterly reports.
14649 Retailing activities involved in the selling of goods to consumers The store is retailing several new brands including a contemporary fashion line and a hair extension start-up.
14650 Matter a substance or object that occupies physical space The matter changed from a solid to a liquid form when it was placed in the sun to melt.
14651 Nary not a single one Unfortunately, nary a restaurant was open at two o’clock in the morning.
14652 Daub to coat or smear a substance on a surface My mom screamed at me when I began to daub my bread with too much cream cheese.
14653 Behemoth gigantic and very powerful The monster truck rally showcased a behemoth whose tires were twice as tall as I am.
14654 Idolatry extreme devotion to something or someone who is not a god It is sad how many people exhibit idolatry towards celebrities.
14655 Vex to bring trouble, distress, or agitation to I get irritated when people go out of their way to vex me with their small problems.
14656 Trust firm belief in the reliability or truth of something or someone If there is one person I know I can trust to do what is best for me no matter what, it’s my mother.
14657 Lying giving a false account or saying something untrue As he continued lying, the dishonest doll’s nose grew longer and longer.
14658 Laconic brief and concise, using few words During the laconic phone call, the divorcing spouses only said what was absolutely necessary.
14659 Provocative tending to provoke or stimulate When the editor read the provocative article which urged people to destroy government buildings, he insisted the writer redo the entire piece.
14660 Tilt to slant or list to one side If you put a heavy object onto the table, it will tilt to the right since the top of it isn’t screwed in properly.
14661 Confidant a person with whom you can share your secrets Because my husband is my confidant, I feel as though I can tell him anything without the information becoming public.
14662 Interrogative showing that a question is being asked The reporter’s interrogative style helped her get useful information about the people she questioned.
14663 Shrunk to cause something to shrink or reduce Placing the water temperature on hot shrunk my extra-large sweater down to toddler size.
14664 Buoy   $MMT = window.$MMT || {}; $MMT.cmd = $MMT.cmd || [];$MMT.cmd.push(function(){ $MMT.display.slots.push([“8f1244f6-5306-4bbe-9562-fc5ef7966ac2”]); }) Prev Word Next Word a float in water that is used to mark something To alert boaters of the hazard ahead, a small buoy was used to mark the sandbar near the surface.
14665 Meddle to interfere in something that is not your concern Because my mother-in-law is trying to meddle in my marriage, I want her out of my house immediately.
14666 Fascism a government that is ruled by a powerful dictator having control of everyone/everything When the mayor discussed the possibility of a local curfew, the citizens immediately accused him of fascism.
14667 Runny having a semi-liquid texture that is not firm Because I prefer my eggs fried hard, the gooey texture of the breakfast dish was a little too runny for my tastes.
14668 Debar to formally refuse or not allow a person to do something Once the scandal was broken about the principal, the superintendent decided to debar the principal from entering the school.
14669 Unremitting continuing without any type of interruption or decrease in intensity Jim and Edith could not agree upon a divorce settlement because of their unremitting anger towards each other.
14670 Rode to have traveled or have been carried in a vehicle in the past In the early 1900s, many people rode horses to town because no one had cars to drive the distance.
14671 Gibberish babble or nonsense words or utterances As the Martians landed on Earth, the people who encountered them said they couldn’t understand their gibberish when they spoke.
14672 Accuracy the state of being correct or precise The archer’s accuracy is spot on and he always hits his target.
14673 Ruddy having a wholesome red skin color that generally comes from being outdoors a lot The pasty teenager got a ruddy tan after spending most of her summer on the soccer field.
14674 Ineffectual incapable of generating the sought after effects Once I realized the medicine was ineffectual, I stopped taking it.
14675 Pressing issue a difficulty or dilemma that someone wants to solve soon Due to her conscience, Tara wanted to tell her parents about wrecking the car because she wanted to resolve this pressing issue.
14676 Topography a detailed depiction of an area The three dimensional map provides a vivid image of the continent’s topography.
14677 Manure animal dung Gardeners often will spread manure in the flower beds despite the bad smell, so the flowers will grow.
14678 Stomach a part of the body that digests the food located in the middle section of the body After eating four chili hotdogs, two ice cream sundaes and three bags of chips for lunch, the boy’s stomach was hurting.
14679 Expanded enlarged or extended past the original The country’s territory was expanded as they took over the land of other countries by force.
14680 Full-blown total; all-out The flu outbreak quickly became a full-blown epidemic with millions all over the world struggling with the illness.
14681 Nuptials a ceremony of marriage The royal nuptials are scheduled to take place on June 30 in St. Mark’s Cathedral.
14682 Pippin an apple We made a fruit cobbler with my favorite dessert apple, the pippin.
14683 Pitied to have feelings of sadness or sorrow for others Even though he was a Union soldier, the private pitied the confederate homeowners who lost everything during the war.
14684 Customize to modify something so that it can be used for a specific purpose Whether you are meat-lover or a strict vegetarian, the pizzeria’s website allows you to customize the pizza to your liking.
14685 Asked to say something to someone else in an attempt to find out info The waitress asked the children if they wanted chocolate or vanilla ice cream for dessert.
14686 Baggage personal belongings packed in a traveling suitcase The travelers from Chicago flight 262 gathered around the luggage carousel and waited to claim their checked baggage.
14687 Unearthly out of this world; Supernatural The actor wore unearthly makeup that helped him look the part during his cameo as an alien in a sci-fi flick.
14688 Singular remarkable, extraordinary Although it isn’t widely known, the book is regarded as a singular and powerful piece of 19th century writing.
14689 Imperious domineering; expecting ones’ orders to be followed The principal is an imperious woman who expects to be obeyed.
14690 Situation a set of circumstances or surroundings that one is in The soldiers were surrounded, and they had no choice but to surrender considering the gravity of their situation.
14691 Declined rejected; said no to Kate declined Thomas’ invitation to the movies since she already had plans for Saturday night.
14692 Ferrule a flat ruler or rod with a widened end, formerly used for punishing children Although none of the other teachers used rulers to beat children, Principal Trunchbull loved to hit them with a ferrule.
14693 Historic old and related to the past or history The historic home has been around since the pre-Civil War ear.
14694 Funded to be financially supported with money Our mission is funded by the government, so we have all the money we possibly need to complete it.
14695 Subterfuge trickery or deceit used to manipulate or achieve one’s goals Pinocchio’s lies and subterfuge caused his nose to grow longer and longer.
14696 Consent permission for something to happen Consent was needed for the students to be allowed to go on the field trip.
14697 Embracing accepting; approving Barb had a hard time embracing the fact that her son was getting a divorce, but has since accepted his decision.
14698 Demonstrative openly affectionate Because Susan was raised in a family that was far from demonstrative, she is not comfortable sharing her emotions.
14699 Category a class or division of people or things that have similar characteristics Which category does a tomato fall into: fruit or vegetable?
14700 Journey usually a long difficult period pertaining to personal change and growth Robin has hurt so many people on her long journey through addiction, she’s now focused on helping others.
14701 Tangible capable of being touched Unlike many people today, I prefer a tangible book made out of paper over an electronic reading tool.
14702 Uneventful boring; ordinary My uneventful weekend was filled with nothing but yawns and the flipping of channels on the T.V.
14703 Bestial like a wild animal or beast, exceptionally violent and cruel At the movie’s conclusion, there was a bestial scene that ended with the beheading of the bad guy.
14704 Megaton an explosive force measurement that is used for nuclear weapons (equals one million tons of TNT) The megaton missile exploded with great force as it reached its target.
14705 Urbanization the process by which cities grow Urbanization of the town can only occur if large employers move into the area.
14706 Grate to shred a food item by moving it forcefully against a grater Please grate the lettuce for the tacos.
14707 Numb the decrease or absence of feeling in a body part Downing the frozen yogurt in under two minutes caused a numb sensation in his lips and a strong brain freeze.
14708 Flute a musical instrument in the woodwind family that is played by holding it sideways and blowing air into a hole The piercing sound of the toy flute echoed louder than the boy’s other instruments.
14709 Muffle to deaden sound by covering or wrapping Example sentences for Fiduciary. Read this page and learn how to use Fiduciary in a sentence.
14710 Unrest a state of uneasiness, restlessness, or agitation Unrest in the country began to grow after the leader began to censor what the newspapers could publish.
14711 Domain a particular environment or sphere The older student proved that the college domain is not only for the young.
14712 Rebuke to criticize sharply or a sharp criticism Good parents praise their children more than they rebuke them.
14713 Repeat to do or say something over again The producer couldn’t decide if he wanted to end the song after the final verse of have the chorus repeat again.
14714 Laboratory a room or building equipped with the necessary tools for science research or experiments to take place Because our laboratory does not have the necessary equipment for the study, a workshop down the street must be used.
14715 Clarion forceful and clear-cut The tornado siren was a clarion warning of approaching danger.
14716 A bed of roses a phrase used to reference a situation that is easy or comfortable The poor orphan’s life hasn’t been a bed of roses or easy by any means.
14717 Royalty the status or power of a king or queen or his or her family Because he is royalty, the queen is in charge of running the entire kingdom from her throne.
14718 Counterpart an object or person that is comparable to another The president met with his Canadian counterpart to talk about a trade treaty.
14719 Metropolis a large, heavily populated city Accustomed to country life, the farmer had a difficult time adjusting to his new home in a metropolis.
14720 Internal inside of something While most of your organs are internal, some, like your eyes, are outside of your body.
14721 Betrothed the person to whom one is engaged I must remain faithful to my betrothed and ignore the flirtations of the handsome man at the bar.
14722 Peripatetic traveling from place to place Rather than limit myself to one destination, I like to take a more peripatetic vacation where I move around from place to place.
14723 Diorama a small-scale scene using tangible figurines or modeling clay From the diorama, the children could see how the cavemen lived during prehistoric times depicting the cavemen, his shelter and the way he cooked his food.
14724 Overzealous too enthusiastic, determined The defense worried that the judge would be influenced by the overzealous prosecutor.
14725 Precocious having mature qualities at an unusually early age My precocious little girl thinks she knows everything there is to know about life.
14726 Imperialism a course of action that involves vigorously expanding a nation’s power over other countries by any means necessary The country’s inability to embrace imperialism is responsible for its lack of geographical expansion over the years.
14727 Outgo to exceed expectations or the norm Tara would always outgo any other student in her math class because her intelligence far outranked her classmates.
14728 Ingredient any food or substance used to create a particular dish In my opinion, butter is an absolutely vital ingredient to great popcorn, it just doesn’t taste right without it.
14729 Deranged disturbed or upset, especially mentally The deranged gunman started shooting wildly into the mall while shouting violent and hateful curses.
14730 Seem to give the impression of something It did seem that a thunderstorm was going to happen since the sky grew dark and the wind was blowing hard.
14731 Transmission a message sent through a transmitting device, such as a satellite or radio The radio transmission came through on our end loud and clear, allowing us to hear the President’s speech.
14732 Raise to lift something up The store agreed not to raise gas prices if other stores in the area kept them low as well.
14733 Manticore a mythical creature that was said to have a scorpion’s sting but the body of a lion and head of a man According to the myth, the manticore’s sting is as strong as a scorpion while his body is that of a lion.
14734 Requisite something that is considered or viewed as mandatory Before you can enter the official nursing program, you must complete the requisite coursework.
14735 Tirade a long and angry speech Because Carrie is normally a laidback person, she shocked everyone with her tirade.
14736 Political Party a group of politicians that have joined together because they adhere to the same ideals and beliefs The Democrats are a political party in the United States government system, though they have tough opposition in the form of the Republican Party.
14737 Unofficial not for sure or officially confirmed by the organization in charge It’s still unofficial, but I am pretty sure the company chose me for the job.
14738 Establishment the people with the most power within a government Because the establishment had all of the power, it was hard for a peasant to rise above servitude.
14739 Outspread to spread out completely Right before taking flight, the bird outspread its wide wings and flapped them twice.
14740 Ventriloquist a person who can speak or utter sounds so that they seem to come from somewhere else, especially an entertainer who makes their voice appear to come from a dummy of a person or animal The children laughed as the ventriloquist made the doll speak without moving his lips.
14741 Potholes deep holes in a roads surface that are formed by weather or traffic Deep, rounded potholes filled the gravel road, making it hard for vehicles to drive on the route.
14742 Subsistence something (food, water, money, etc.) that is required to stay alive The church was accepting donations of food and clothing for community members in need of subsistence.
14743 Constellation a collection of stars that form an identifiable pattern People can use the figure shaped by a constellation to recognize specific stars.
14744 Unhallowed unholy Unhallowed talk is not allowed in the holy sanctuary.
14745 Infinity endlessness, unlimitedness; an eternity Humans do not live to infinity, but we do have a life expectancy of roughly 75 to 80 years.
14746 Wow to impress or excite someone The acrobat was able to wow the stunned audience with her amazing flips and turns.
14747 Daunting a task that appears challenging As I looked up the mountain, I knew it would be a daunting feat to reach the peak.
14748 Impassable impossible to travel along Without having shoulders on the highway, the stalled car made it impassable for any traffic to go through to the next town.
14749 Swindler a person who swindles, cheats or defrauds Deemed a swindler, Harry made counterfeit checks and used them around town.
14750 Justification an explanation of how something is reasonable or correct Phillip was fired when he was unable to offer justification for his repeated tardiness to work.
14751 Matron an older, serious-minded married woman who usually has a high social position The matron was highly regarded for her philanthropic endeavors in her community.
14752 Prosecutor a member of legal court, typically a lawyer, that argues against the defendant and tries to prove them guilty of pressed charges We hired a lawyer to be a prosecutor on our behalf, pressing our charges against the defendant for us.
14753 Gnome a tiny, make-believe creature that resembles an old man who has a beard and a pointed hat and are seen commonly as terra-cotta figures in gardens Gretta was interested in the tiny little garden gnome whose eyes seemed to follow her through the rows of flowers.
14754 Ageism stereotyping or discriminating against others because of their age After being fined for ageism, the company released a statement promising to end their discriminatory practices against older workers.
14755 Vindication to prove that someone is not guilty of wrongdoing The man felt personal vindication after police admitted he was not a suspect.
14756 Alloy a mixed metal made by combining two or more others that is usually stronger than pure metals Alloy wheels are made from a mixture of other metals, making them tougher.
14757 Malaria a disease spread by mosquito Because it is often transmitted by mosquitoes, malaria is a serious problem in humid tropical environments like Panama.
14758 Supervisor a person who supervises other people or activities Paula is a nursing supervisor at a local hospital, and she manages her responsibilities well.
14759 Disambiguate to show the differences between two or more meanings clearly Punctuation in a sentence helps one disambiguate the meaning of each phrase.
14760 Originality the uniqueness or being first for something Due to the originality of the chef’s creations, the judges had never tasted anything like this dish before.
14761 Ballerina a female performer who dances ballet The graceful ballerina stood on the tips of her toes as the audience waited for her spinning pirouette.
14762 Closeness to be in immediate distance or time to something else Living in the same community, the closeness of the family could be seen when they attended every function together.
14763 Aggregator someone or something that gathers together materials from a variety of sources and combines them into one The aggregator was able to gather articles from many different websites and condense them into one publication.
14764 Illumine to brighten with light A few candles placed in the corners of the room will illumine the room because the fire produces a lot of light.
14765 Wear to have on one’s body such as clothing or protective gear My mother won’t let me wear the skirt out of the house because it is so short.
14766 Engulf to totally surround or cover The lava will begin to engulf the abandoned city in six hours.
14767 Outweigh for something to be more important or further along than something else Since the job paid much less and was more difficult, its disadvantages definitely outweigh the benefits.
14768 Vial a small, glass container that holds liquid (usually medicine.) A vial of blood was sent to the lab so that the doctor could have more information on the man’s illness.
14769 Comfy bringing a feeling comfort and coziness After putting on her most comfy pair of pajamas, Tia jumped into her cozy bed and fell fast asleep.
14770 Wisp a small and thin amount of something, generally capable of being carried by the wind With the fuel for the fire all but burnt away, there was nothing left but a wisp of smoke and scraps of ash floating on the breeze.
14771 Vandal a person who destroys or damages someone else’s property Police are still on the lookout for the vandal who is busting out car windows and stealing people’s personal property in the middle of the night.
14772 Stretch to straighten something to its full length If you stretch your hands up into the sky, you will relieve some of the pressure you have in your body.
14773 Chapped referring to skin that has become cracked or sore due to cold exposure Washing your hands too often will cause them to become chapped and irritated, and they will likely start cracking painfully.
14774 Panhandle to beg for money in the street It is illegal to panhandle in the city, so anyone caught begging for change can be arrested by the police.
14775 Impressionism a type of art, usually paintings, that are done through vivid colors, rapid brush strokes and use of light Vincent Van Gogh painted “The Starry Night” during impressionism with bright blue and yellow colors and the light showing in the painting.
14776 Precedent an earlier event or action that is regarded as an example The judges had no precedent to review before making their decision on the controversial case.
14777 Limitation a restriction or restraint that is used to control A limitation was placed on copies and now the workers can only copy a few papers a week.
14778 Facsimile a copy or reproduction He offered a facsimile of the original painting for a much discounted price.
14779 Membership the status of being a member (part of) a group or organization To apply for membership to the exclusive country club, you must submit an application and pay a joiners’ fee.
14780 Liturgy preset practices that are carried out during a religious service or event The priest has performed the baptismal liturgy over five hundred times.
14781 Affirmation an action of approval or support I enjoyed the food critic’s affirmation in his column after he dined in my restaurant.
14782 Accurate without mistakes Since you did not type in the accurate pin number, you cannot withdraw funds from the ATM.
14783 Prevalence the state of something happening often or being widespread The prevalence of diabetes and obesity in adults continues to rise as junk food portion sizes get bigger and bigger.
14784 Expressed conveyed a thought or feeling The writer expressed her feelings through poetry, pouring out her sadness on paper.
14785 Subvert to attempt to undercut or overthrow a person or group’s authority In the movie, the rebels sought to subvert the tribunal’s power and replace the body with a democratic government.
14786 Settler one who settles in a new location The traveling gypsy decided to become a settler by purchasing a home in Colorado.
14787 Paint   The artist used different colored paint to make a colorful landscape of the sunset.
14788 Remembrance the act of remembering a person or event There was a remembrance in honor of those who lost their lives in the tragedy.
14789 Incoherence set up or expressed in a way that is difficult to understand or not clear Because she was tired and couldn’t get her thoughts together, the woman’s confusing speech was shadowed by incoherence.
14790 Epistle a formal printed communication; a written note or letter The epistle from the court ordered me to appear as a possible juror.
14791 Inhibition a personal feeling of fear or embarrassment that stops one from behaving naturally My inhibition makes me nervous about being watched so I try to blend into the scenery.
14792 Overreliance excessive dependence on something Hector’s overreliance on his natural talent is going to get him in trouble when it is not enough to win.
14793 Bodily concerning the body Blood, urine, and other bodily floods leaking from patients can pose a health risk for doctors treating them.
14794 Ascendant rising in power, status, or influence The king desperately looked for a way to fend off the ascendant regime rising to power.
14795 Migration a relocation of a large group to another area The forced migration of the Native American Indians was a deadly journey.
14796 Gainful profitable; able to make money Allen has a part-time job, but is actively looking for more gainful employment.
14797 Afraid scared or frightened The toddler is afraid of the dark and will not sleep without a nightlight.
14798 Advancing to proceed for a certain reason The advancing soldiers were moving toward their enemies in order to gain access to the nearby river.
14799 Confide to share information in secret I often confide my secrets to my best friend because I know she will not tell them to anyone.
14800 Reachable accessible or able to be achieved, reached Twenty thousand sales is a reachable target that we should be able to meet this month.
14801 Real genuine and authentic The woman in the market is selling real designer purses and not the knockoff versions.
14802 Disconcert to upset, frustrate, or embarrass John would disconcert his parents by not coming home after school.
14803 Vegetation plant life that often covers the expanse of an area The rolling hills were filled with all sorts of vegetation.
14804 Lustrum a period of five years Being fifteen years old, I guess you could say I’ve been on this earth for three lustrums.
14805 Antibiotic any substance that can destroy or inhibit the growth of bacteria and similar microorganisms Her doctor said that she should take an antibiotic because it will help her fight the bacterial infection that is causing her strep throat.
14806 Silly acting ridiculous or childish While watching the silly cartoon on television with the roadrunner chasing Bugs Bunny, the kindergartners laughed.
14807 Potluck a party or event in which every participant brings a different dish for the guests A potluck sometimes has many of the same dish because the guests don’t know what the others are going to bring.
14808 Contradictory opposite or logically inconsistent The contradictory law makes no sense because it outlaws the act in one part and allows it in another.
14809 Fainthearted timid and lacking of courage People were surprised that the fainthearted boy would join the military since he had always been one to shy away from anything dangerous.
14810 Palace an estate with a large exquisite house or structure Since the Tort Palace had a long history during the 1800s, it became a historical landmark that was visited by many tourists.
14811 Boil to heat water to the point that it bubbles and evaporates If you want to boil water, you will need to heat it to two hundred and twelve degrees Fahrenheit.
14812 Revolutionist one who wants to change the world and participates in doing so A revolutionist at heart, Martin Luther King Jr., worked hard to bring both political and race-related change to the United States and the world.
14813 Chary apprehensive about doing something Because Vera was chary about going in the old house, I agreed to go in with her.
14814 Intend to have a plan in your mind to carry out I do not intend to spend a lot of time discussing the details of the project with you because it is a waste of my time.
14815 Alacritous being eager and willing The alacritous recruit was ready to join the Army and signed up the day he turned eighteen.
14816 Fought to strongly work for or against someone or something The Indians fought to keep their land, but ended up losing the battle.
14817 Dole money paid by the government to the unemployed Do any of these people have jobs or are they all freeloading on the public dole?
14818 Wunderkind a young prodigy or whiz kid who becomes victorious with his or her accomplishments When Mozart began composing popular classical music before the age of six, this wunderkind astonished everyone with his early achievements.
14819 Navigator the pilot or director of a vessel in the land, water or air When the fishing boat capsized, the navigator was blamed for steering the boat into an oncoming storm.
14820 Taiga large region of North America, Eurasia, and parts of Russia with subarctic climate and expansive forests The great Russian taiga is known for its abundance of snow and hulking pine trees.
14821 Childish exhibiting behavior typical of a child It would be Ok for Jack to act so childish, if only he weren’t thirty-seven years old.
14822 Enzyme a protein produced by an organism that speeds up chemical reactions Because she lacked the enzyme necessary to break down food, she had to take a supplement in order to help her system.
14823 Curtly in a rudely blunt and brief manner Most of the teenagers spoke curtly to the police officer when they were questioned.
14824 Retract to pull back in The company will retract its job offer if it learns of your arrest.
14825 Animate to become enlivened and stimulated Once the upbeat music began, it seemed to animate the toddlers into jumping and dancing all around the room.
14826 Craftsman a person that is skilled in a specific craft As an aspiring craftsman, Bill spends several hours every day in his workshop, making toys for the children in his neighborhood.
14827 Portage an act of carrying The portage across the canal required a hefty fee.
14828 Exuberance the quality of being exuberant; cheerful or vigorous enthusiasm; liveliness The valedictorian’s commencement speech was very uplifting, and there was a general air of exuberance following the ceremony.
14829 Heap a group of things placed in a pile A heap of clothes cluttered the bathroom floor.
14830 Ostensibly to all outward appearances Although Clyde had plans to spend the day with his mistress, ostensibly he appeared to be getting ready for work by packing his brief case.
14831 Cover letter a letter or written communication that serves to introduce an accompanying document Amanda sent her cover letter along with her resume to five dental offices for a hygienist position.
14832 Ambiance the mood in a place The scented ambiance of the candle shop made me feel warm and comfortable.
14833 Infatuation an intense but brief passion for something Romeo’s infatuation with Juliet probably would have passed after a short time, but his life ended so soon after being smitten, that ended up happening anyway.
14834 Tyrant an individual who governs unfairly and brutally Growing up I considered my stepmother to be a tyrant because she punished me without cause.
14835 Whereby by which or through which The voters walked into a voting precinct whereby they cast their votes for their favorite candidate.
14836 Chit-chat to engage in small talk, to discuss unimportant matters. Sitting close to the teacher will make it harder for you to chit-chat with classmates as the teacher will likely remind you to quiet down.
14837 Consultive related to consultation or professional advice While it is not what they do primarily, many still consider a psychologist to be a consultive profession.
14838 Lodge to firmly fix something in a place Because the girl didn’t chew her food well enough, a piece of apple was able to lodge in her throat.
14839 Tapped knocked on something lightly The salesman tapped on the door and hoped that someone would answer his knock.
14840 Delineate to clearly describe or portray something Before I began to plant my seeds, I will delineate the rows of my garden to make sure every vegetable grows in a precise line.
14841 Applied to put in an application or request After she applied for several different positions with in the company, Jessica’s change request was finally approved.
14842 Lease to grant or be granted property by way of a contract in return for periodic payments Because no one is living in their grandmother’s home, the family has decided to lease it out to a renter for 900 dollars a month.
14843 Misfortune an unfortunate event A misfortune caused Bill to miss his own birthday party.
14844 Kith friends and acquaintances Although they were not related, his kith were just as close to him as many of his family members.
14845 Glistening shining Drooling from the stadium, the fan couldn’t help but notice the player’s shiny muscles glistening with sweat.
14846 Momentous of huge significance It was a momentous occasion when the development team finished the project on time.
14847 Consanguinity a familial relationship or close connection The results of the blood test showed there was no consanguinity between Ed and the man he had always referred to as his papa.
14848 Maroon a dark reddish-tan color Since the young man knew nothing about fashion, he wore his maroon shirt with a lighter red pair of pants.
14849 Implausible unlikely or questionable The drug manufacturer was fined for making implausible claims about its weight loss products.
14850 Upbeat positive; cheerful The cheerleader’s upbeat attitude got the crowd excited.
14851 Verbiage speech or writing that uses too many words or excessively technical expressions In an attempt to confuse the jury, the attorney used a lot of legal verbiage.
14852 Smirk a kind of smile that one gives when acting in a smug or conceited way An arrogant smirk came across the suspect’s face when he realized that the police had no real evidence.
14853 Target something selected as the aim of an attack An Eagle will often choose small fish and rodents as the target of their hunt because they are carnivores.
14854 Stunning spectacular and gorgeous With her stunning beauty, the 24-year old student from Minnesota was won the title of Ms. America.
14855 Dissentient opposing the majority Dissentient voices opposed all of those in congress that supported the bill.
14856 Accompanied joined by an item or a companion The rain was accompanied by thunder and lightning.
14857 Abhor to reject something very strongly; hate I know it’s silly, but I absolutely abhor washing the dishes.
14858 Bayou slow-moving creek or swamp My cousin wanted to swim in the bayou until I mentioned that there were alligators in the water.
14859 Voyeuristic getting pleasure from secretly watching other people taking their clothes off or having sex Arrested for videoing women without their consent, the voyeuristic neighbor is being held on a fifty-thousand dollar bond.
14860 Actualize to make something real or actual Tia is taking classes at the local college so she can actualize her dream of becoming a teacher.
14861 Recognition acknowledgement; identification; awareness The biggest form of gratitude we can extend to the fallen soldiers is our recognition that they gave their lives so that others might live.
14862 Bin a container that is used to store things The teacher stored glue, scissors, and other school supplies in a small bin.
14863 Picnic a picnic is a meal eaten outdoors usually on the ground We had a picnic in the park where we ate sandwiches on the ground under a tree.
14864 Comparative advantage the ability of an individual or group to carry out a particular economic activity such as making a specific product more efficiently than another activity It is a comparative advantage for countries like Iceland who have a large supply of fish to export seafood.
14865 Pulchritude physical beauty Because we all know that beauty is only skin deep, you should always look beneath the pulchritude on the outside to see what’s going on in a person’s heart and soul.
14866 Stifling overpowering to the point of being suffocating or preventing progress Because of the stifling chains, the prisoner found it difficult to walk.
14867 Competitor one who takes part in a contest or competition Manuel was the only competitor that had ever been a part of the race before.
14868 Herald a messenger, especially one bringing important news Our school herald delivered the announcements every morning.
14869 Revenue the complete amount of money made by a certain entity The total revenue of the Jackson Rose Company exceeded one million dollars this year, but the company would need to pay their expenses.
14870 Abstention a decision to not vote for or against a proposition I decided to settle on an abstention when the family voted on where we should eat, as personally I didn’t care where we went.
14871 Workaholic someone who works to excess or the extreme A workaholic like his father, John worked in the fields from sun up to sun down.
14872 Unease a sense of anxiety or nervousness I had a sense of unease as I traveled through the dark forest, and every noise made wary of what could be lying I wait.
14873 Petite comparatively little or tiny As the petite woman walked into the basement with the low ceiling, she certainly didn’t have to duck like everyone else.
14874 Lenience the fact or quality of being more merciful or tolerant than expected Unexpectedly, lenience was given to the defendant by the judge and spared from the death penalty.
14875 Recalcitrant stubborn Despite being offered treats by his parents, the little boy was still recalcitrant about doing his homework.
14876 Peace harmony and restfulness It was peace of mind knowing that all of my bills are paid this month, and I will begin working full-time next month.
14877 Malnutrition a lack of adequate nourishment (from not eating enough food or not eating enough healthy food) Her eyes were sunken in from malnutrition.
14878 Martyr one who surrenders something of tremendous value for a cause The soldier became a martyr when he threw himself on the live grenade to save his squad.
14879 Gravitate to be pulled towards People tend to gravitate towards the most outgoing person at a party.
14880 Dividend a payment of money by a company to its shareholders The stockholder received dividend payments three times a year.
14881 Excision the act of removing something The excision of a tumor requires a skilled surgeon to cut into the human body and remove all of the tumor cells in it.
14882 Kindhearted having a kind and caring nature The sweet and kindhearted child loved to share her toys with other kids.
14883 Fraudulence the action of deceiving something, usually through lying, cheating, or stealing Accused of fraudulence, the crooked business owner tried to prove to the IRS that he wasn’t committing tax evasion.
14884 Practicing doing something over and over again as a way to get better at it Leah has been practicing the piano since she was three years old, so she knows how to play very well at this point.
14885 Ventilation the ability of a room/place to intake fresh air Because mines are so deep within the Earth, they have poor natural ventilation and fresh air rarely reaches far enough to clear the dust.
14886 Sundry a group of unrelated things Because I was unsure of the San Francisco weather, I packed a sundry of clothing items to wear.
14887 Added extra; more than what is normal/customary The armor added an extra layer of protection to the knight so he could survive the battle.
14888 Twist to turn something in a spiraling motion The weak girl struggled to twist the cap off of her soda bottle.
14889 Terminate to bring something to a close or end To save the mother, the doctors must terminate the life of the unborn child.
14890 State the current condition that someone or something is in Mary hasn’t been in a very good mental state since her dog died, holing herself up in her room and barely talking to anyone.
14891 Romanticism a way of thinking or describing things makes them sound more exciting than they really are Because he is such a realistic person, George doesn’t understand his wife’s romanticism.
14892 Adamantly in a determined way; unwilling to change Although the student adamantly denies cheating on the test, the teacher has proof that she is lying.
14893 Recent new; latest Recent weather reports show that hurricane Sydney is still headed our way.
14894 Diminution a lessening or reduction The diminution of military troops will leave our country more vulnerable to invasion.
14895 Preemptive a step taken to prevent an undesirable action Spraying around the property for termites is a preemptive move a wise homeowner should make.
14896 Enshroud to make something hidden The boy is trying to enshroud himself by placing a hoodie over his head.
14897 Grunt to communicate by making a low sound that sometimes shows annoyance or irritation The piglet continued to grunt, making snorting sounds as he devoured his slop.
14898 Empower to grant authority or power to act in a certain way A good manager never fails to empower his employees with the ability to meet the needs of the customer.
14899 Share to allow another person to have a portion of something you possess The little girl was taught to share her toys with other kids, so she took turns playing with her doll.
14900 Chintzy cheap or low quality The chintzy plate I had bought from a dollar store was quickly chipped and stained by small, minor mishaps.
14901 Compute to calculate or work out In order to compute the correct numbers, Leanna needed a calculator.
14902 Lubrication the act of making something oily or greasy The tight ring finally came off of my fat finger due to the lubrication of rubbing soap all over my ring finger.
14903 Liberality possessing the characteristics of someone who is generous and gives freely J.K. Rowling shows great liberality to the poor and often donates several thousands of dollars to the charities each year.
14904 Ancestor a member of your family who lived a long time ago While researching my family tree, I noticed an ancestor of mine was born in Iceland at the turn of the century.
14905 Labor to work diligently The dwarves would labor in the mines all day and only return to their cottage at night when work was finished.
14906 Mechanical linked to machinery or tools A mechanical engineer was needed to fix the broken conveyer belt.
14907 Impalpable not capable of being physically touched While you can view the signs of love, you can’t touch love because it’s impalpable.
14908 Explode to blow up something using a violent and noisy tactic The Los Angeles Bomb Squad detonated the mysterious device before it would explode and damage everything in sight.
14909 Centralism power and control by one small area of a company or system Since Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has a large following in the government, centralism seems to be happening due to many if not all decisions are being made by her.
14910 Puritanical practicing very strict moral or religious behavior My parents are extremely puritanical and will not allow me to date.
14911 Wallow to indulge in one’s emotions Ever since April lost her job, she has done nothing but wallow in self-pity.
14912 Homily a brief speech on a moral or religious subject People around the world watched as the pope delivered a homily on the subject of kindness.
14913 Galactic relating to a galaxy or galaxy-wide scale The galactic center of the Milky Way galaxy is Sagittarius A, a supermassive black hole.
14914 Shriveled wrinkled and withered After sitting in the sun, the once juicy and round grapes are now dry and shriveled.
14915 Proboscis an animal’s long flexible nose, or an animal’s long tube-like mouth Using its proboscis to snag a branch, the elephant proceeded to eat the attached fruit.
14916 Infiltrate to secretly penetrate, enter or gain access After the air conditioning unit malfunctioned, a large amount of debris would infiltrate the air and cause sickness to the household.
14917 Presuppose to accept something as true without proof Before looking at evidence, the detective is usually the first to presuppose that a family member committed the crime.
14918 Periphrasis a manner of speaking that uses more words than necessary to evoke a certain meaning To get out of talking about a taboo subject, the speaker used periphrasis and rambled on and on rather poetically about other things.
14919 Indolence laziness; lack of activity Sleeping on the couch all day long, the couch potato’s indolence kept her from living life.
14920 Outskirts the outer edge of an area or town When Arthur died, he went to the outskirts of heaven before entering the pearly gates.
14921 Acerb sour, bitter, and sharp in taste The bitter lemon’s acerb taste caused the toddler to frown.
14922 Pause an act someone halts temporarily, usually from a task or speaking; short break When the prosecutor asked the witness on the stand a complex question, there was a long pause before he answered.
14923 Nonpartisan neutral and not connected to any specific political group The two political parties are working on a nonpartisan agreement that would help all citizens.
14924 Overwhelmingly in an overpowering or devastating way The smell of garlic was so overwhelmingly strong that it made the children gag when the walked into grandmother’s kitchen.
14925 Genetics the area of biology that focuses on the passing of genetic traits When Tammy studied genetics in class, she learned her eye color differed from her parents because of recessive genes.
14926 Disneyfy to make a place or product more marketable by removing anything that would be considered distasteful or offensive at the expense of culture and history Although it used to be a racy establishment, the owners have decided to disneyfy the bar and make it family friendly.
14927 Stored stowed away; kept for later Most of grandpa’s old junk is stored away in his storage shed, but some is kept in the barn.
14928 Sneer to speak or smile in an unkind way Mark gave Ted a condescending sneer when he walked into the meeting.
14929 Logic rational thinking not based on emotions Logic told the owner not buy the expensive car, but he went against his good judgement.
14930 Rapacious aggressively greedy Because of its rapacious appetite, the shark is often considered to be more of an eating machine than a living creature.
14931 Forgiveness the process of letting go of anger and resentment directed toward someone who has wronged you After cheating on his wife, the unfaithful husband begged his wife for forgiveness and a second chance.
14932 Investment the use of money, time, or effort to make a profit or result The decline of sales made Jack feel nervous about his hefty investment in the store.
14933 Stoical tolerating hurt or problems without complaining about it Few people at the company realized that their accountant was suffering from terminal cancer due to her stoical nature.
14934 Apocalyptic related to the end of the world, or an extreme disaster If the wind speed of a tornado reached supersonic levels, the storm would be an apocalyptic nightmare killing everyone on the surface.
14935 Kernel a small seed or grain A popcorn kernel that never burst got stuck at my tooth while eating my snack at the movies.
14936 Arid incredibly dry; lacking water The crops will not grow in the arid ground because the soil is too dry.
14937 Flaccid short on force or strength The flaccid wind did not stir the chimes on the front porch.
14938 Barely hardly ever; rarely Although they barely see each other anymore, Bert and Ernie still consider each other best friends.
14939 Unruly disruptive behavior that is wild and out of control Police were sent to stop the unruly drunks from throwing bottles at cars passing by.
14940 Quittance a release or discharge from a debt The man received a quittance from his debt, despite the fact that he had yet to pay it all off.
14941 Genre a particular type of music, writing, film, or art Rock was his favorite genre of music, but he also had a secret love for country.
14942 Incantation a group of terms that are generally spoken to produce a supernatural event The good witch’s incantation turned the pumpkin into a carriage so Cinderella would have a ride to the ball.
14943 Atheism a lack of belief in the existence of a God or gods The man’s atheism was a surprise to his family members who were devout Catholics and wholeheartedly believed in God.
14944 Peccadillo a small mistake or fault Because Josh had grown tired of Patty’s criticism of every little peccadillo, he asked her for a divorce.
14945 Replenishable able to be refilled or restocked The host assured the guests that the food and drinks were replenishable and that they should eat and drink as much as they liked.
14946 Unbridled not restrained; uncontrolled The unbridled stallion was allowed to gallop wherever he pleased.
14947 Belabor to emphasize an idea or suggestion too much in a way that becomes boring or annoying; to go on and on about something If you’re just going to continue to belabor the point, I’m going home.
14948 Pedantic giving too much importance to details and formal rules Sometimes, Jason is so pedantic in writing the perfect paper that he forgets to properly manage his time.
14949 Expulsion a circumstance in which an individual or thing is ejected from a position, place, or group Since Henry hated school, the threat of expulsion did not make him behave.
14950 Lynched having been put to death by hanging, usually at the hands of an angry mob Many African American men were lynched in Mississippi because the killers were rarely punished for hangings there.
14951 Disinterested not attentive; uninterested The teacher saw me nodding off and chastised me for being disinterested in class.
14952 Monotone a tone of voice that does not change The robot speaks in a monotone expression that never alters in pitch.
14953 Court the session of a judicial assembly for civil and criminal cases Because of protests for a man on trial, the security measures in the court building was tightened.
14954 Andragogy the practice of teaching adult learners Some teachers prefer andragogy because they would rather teach adults students than children, being less hassle.
14955 Neurasthenic a now obsolete psychiatric symptom that is more commonly known as chronic fatigue syndrome and is characterized by extreme mental and physical exhaustion Early 19th century insane asylums were filled with people showing neurasthenic symptoms, simply exhausted and in need of rest.
14956 Cleats shoes with have metal projections on the bottom that are worn during sporting events The football player laced up his cleats and marched on to the field with his teammates.
14957 Tempo the rate or speed of music or some other activity Speeding up the tempo, the street musician attracted patients by playing his song faster and faster.
14958 Attachment something that is added on as an extra part to something else In addition to my message in the email, I sent an attachment of the documents mentioned since the information would not fit into the message.
14959 Shaky shaking or trembling The senior woman’s shaky hands made it difficult for her to do simple tasks like buttoning her shirt or tie her shoes.
14960 Luxuriate to take pleasure in something After a long day, all Amber wanted to do was luxuriate in a soothing bubble bath.
14961 Statesman a respected or experienced political figure The town mayor is a statesman that has been our government representative for two decades now.
14962 Esophagus tube that carries food, liquids and saliva from your mouth to the stomach Forcing the sashimi down her esophagus, the finicky woman tried not to think about the fact that it was raw.
14963 Henceforth from now on Once I got a promotion at my job, henceforth I would be paying significantly more income taxes due to moving up in to another tax bracket.
14964 Induced to be brought about Henry’s rage was induced by the insults that the school bully was saying about his mother.
14965 Tile a shaped flattened piece of rock or clay used in floors or coverings After removing the linoleum, the home owner decided to tile the floor so that it looked like more modern.
14966 Hazard a source of danger Lead paint is an environmental hazard and can harm children.
14967 Reduced made smaller/less in size or degree After several weeks of not being able to sell the home, the owners reduced the price by 10,000 dollars.
14968 Bridal Relating to a woman who is getting married (a bride) The woman’s bridal dress was too tight for her wedding day and had to be let out by a seamstress.
14969 Quell to calm or reduce Before Sarah gives a speech, she always drinks a shot of whiskey to quell her nerves.
14970 Trapeze a gymnastic or acrobatic apparatus made of a short bar hanging high up in the air from two ropes Swinging from the trapeze, the acrobat did crowd wowing tricks as she dangled on the bar.
14971 Locate to find something Police searched the river in an attempt to locate the missing woman, but never recovered her body.
14972 Monument a large structure or sculpture that symbolizes a notable person or event Touring the monument allowed the students to get a true experience of what happened at that battle.
14973 Agree to say yes or give consent My father wishes I would agree to move back home, but I enjoy living by myself.
14974 Informal casual and relaxed The informal dinner only required that you wear casual clothing and not fancy attire.
14975 Subscription a payment to acquire or take part in something For Mother’s Day, I decided to give my mother a magazine subscription for Southern Living since she likes to garden.
14976 Frown to show irritation or worry by bringing your eyebrows together and making a scowling face The angry toddler will turn her mouth into a frown and pout if her mother tells her no.
14977 Path a track or route Looking left, the victim ran down a path that led out of the park with the attackers close behind her.
14978 Owe to need to pay or give someone something Because I don’t owe any money to anyone this week, I can spend my paycheck on what I want.
14979 Hamartia a fatal flaw that leads to the demise of a hero or protagonist Most tragic heroes have some sort of personal weakness, or a hamartia, that leads to their downfall in the story.
14980 Parade organized procession consisting of displays, performances, exhibits, etc. displayed by moving down a street past a crowd Henry took his kids downtown to the Christmas parade to see Santa go by on a float.
14981 Trek a long and usually difficult journey, typically carried out on foot In order to make it to Grandma’s house, we will have to trek over the mountains and through the woods.
14982 Handicraft an activity or craft that requires with the hands Shoemaking was once a handicraft, respected in the days when shoemakers formed boots by hand.
14983 Barrette a typically bar-shaped clip or ornament for the hair She popped open the barrette and tried to clip it around her hair, but it was too thick.
14984 Homebound unable to leave one’s home Homebound after his accident, the injured man wasn’t able to leave the house without assistance from family members.
14985 Compensate to give a form of payment for a good or service or as a means of making up for a misdeed Since I paid over three hundred dollars for my dress, you cannot compensate me for its loss with a fifty dollar check.
14986 Stayed remained in a set place The couple stayed in their hotel room most of their vacation since it rained the entire weekend.
14987 Jackpot the best reward or top prize in a game or contest The local casino is advertising a million dollar slot jackpot with a guaranteed payout to a single winner.
14988 Inappropriate not suitable or appropriate Because of his inappropriate behavior, the angry boy was removed from the classroom.
14989 Loiter to stick around without any real purpose If you loiter in the parking lot for hours, the police will ask you to leave the premises.
14990 Tendon a strong, fibrous tissue that attaches a muscle to a bone The football player will undergo offseason surgery to reattach the torn tendon in his right elbow.
14991 Rumination persistent and repetitive thinking Constant rumination plagued the mind of the obsessive inventor who was unable to free himself from his thoughts.
14992 About concerning; regarding The student wrote a poem about recycling and why it is important to pick up your trash.
14993 Unstable not balanced or steady The unstable chair crashed to the floor when the heavy farmer leaned back in it.
14994 Rouse to make excited or enraged The presence of the minority police officers will rouse the racist group even further.
14995 Journalism presentation of news stories through print or the spoken word Since my cousin wanted to be a news reporter for a local television station, she majored in journalism while in college.
14996 Bash   $MMT = window.$MMT || {}; $MMT.cmd = $MMT.cmd || [];$MMT.cmd.push(function(){ $MMT.display.slots.push([“8f1244f6-5306-4bbe-9562-fc5ef7966ac2”]); }) Prev Word Next Word to strike someone or something with extreme force I wear protective face gear so that the baseball does not bash me in the face.
14997 Unfamiliar strange, alien Sometimes, parents who are unfamiliar with the skills on their son’s math homework will struggle to help them because it has been years since they were in school.
14998 Govern to officially rule, manage or direct a territory or large group of people living in an area Prior to the American Revolutionary War, the British were trying to govern the colonists by making them pay taxes and setting the laws for them.
14999 Cunning something done skillfully or with clever deception Even though Shannon thought she had a cunning strategy to get Bill to propose, it turned out to be wasted planning when he told her that he was already married.
15000 Threatened to state one’s intentions to harm or bring hurt to another person The bomber threatened to blow up the entire city in a note he sent to the police station.
  1. What are daily use English words with meaning? Answer: Daily use English words with meaning are fundamental expressions like “hello,” “thank you,” and “please” that are regularly used in communication.

  2. How do daily routine English words impact our conversations? Answer: Daily routine English words shape our interactions, facilitating smoother communication in everyday situations.

  3. Where can I find English words for daily use with meaning? Answer: Various online resources and dictionaries provide lists of English words for daily use along with their meanings.

  4. Why is it essential to understand daily vocabulary words? Answer: Understanding daily vocabulary words enriches our language skills, aiding in effective communication.

  5. What distinguishes daily use vocabulary words with meaning? Answer: Daily use vocabulary words with meanings are commonly used terms that hold specific definitions relevant to everyday life.

  6. Can you provide examples of commonly used English words in daily life? Answer: Words like “food,” “water,” and “home” exemplify common English words used in daily life, addressing basic needs and essentials.

  7. How do simple English words for daily use contribute to effective communication? Answer: Simple English words for daily use simplify communication, ensuring clarity and understanding among diverse audiences.

  8. Where can I find a comprehensive list of daily use vocabulary words? Answer: Online dictionaries or language learning platforms offer comprehensive lists of daily use vocabulary words for learners.

  9. Why are common English words used in daily life important? Answer: Common English words used in daily life form the basis of communication, enabling us to express our needs and experiences effectively.

  10. How does daily speaking English words improve language skills? Answer: Daily speaking English words enhances fluency and confidence in using them naturally during conversations.

  11. What role do daily use vocabulary words play in everyday scenarios? Answer: Daily use vocabulary words enable us to articulate thoughts and ideas more precisely, enhancing communication in daily situations.

  12. How can one effectively incorporate daily use English words into conversations? Answer: Consistent practice and exposure to conversations help in naturally integrating daily use English words into one’s speech.

  13. What’s the significance of mastering common English words used in daily life? Answer: Mastering common English words used in daily life enhances one’s ability to communicate effectively in various real-life situations.

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