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The Most Useful Daily Use English Words With Meaning. Part 18

  1. Daily use English words are essential in our communication routines, forming the bedrock of our conversations.
  2. Our daily routine heavily relies on the consistent use of familiar English words used in daily life.
  3. Understanding the nuances of daily use English words and meaning enhances our language proficiency.
  4. Learning English words for daily use with meaning fosters effective communication and comprehension.
  5. Building a robust daily vocabulary involves mastering daily vocabulary words for diverse contexts.
  6. “Please,” “thank you,” and “hello” are among the quintessential daily used English words expressing courtesy.
  7. Our daily speaking often revolves around incorporating common English words used in daily life.
  8. Exploring simple English words for daily use simplifies communication for diverse audiences.
  9. Embracing a rich daily use vocabulary enables us to articulate thoughts and ideas more vividly.
  10. “Home,” “work,” and “family” are integral components of our daily existence, represented by English words used in daily life.
  11. Enhancing our daily use vocabulary words broadens our linguistic repertoire.
  12. Engaging in daily speaking exercises facilitates fluency with various daily speaking English words.
  13. Mastering daily use vocabulary empowers effective and nuanced communication in everyday scenarios.
17001 Gyration circular rotation The gyration of the washing machine distracted the woman as she worked.
17002 Plasticity changeability Because of the brain’s plasticity, a child who grew up in China can adapt to the English language once he or she has migrated to the U.S.
17003 Bottom line the end result or outcome Little Tommy quit complaining about having to clean his room when his mother said that this was the bottom line with his complaints.
17004 Pensive expressing or revealing sad thoughtfulness After losing his job, Alex became more pensive than ever.
17005 Gratuitous uncalled for; unwarranted; unnecessary Even though I had been looking forward to seeing the movie, I walked out of the theater after thirty minutes because of so much gratuitous foul language.
17006 Perpetual continuing forever, constant, never-ending The country is in a perpetual war, with no end in sight.
17007 Thorny full of difficulties or controversial points Whether or not smoking should be allowed in restaurants was a thorny question that people argued about for years.
17008 Bloodhound a type of dog known for having a strong sense of smell When tracking escaped fugitives from prison, a bloodhound will often find the scent left behind from the escapees by barking loudly.
17009 Hora a Romanian or Israeli dance in which the performers form a ring At the Romanian wedding, the guests performed the great hora, dancing in a circle in celebration of the couple’s nuptials.
17010 Commitment the act of dedicating yourself to a cause or activity; dedication Passing tests in medical school is important, but one also requires commitment to see things through to the end.
17011 Interactive acting with each other During our kindergarten visit, the 8th graders became very interactive with the young children after getting to know them.
17012 Tanker a vehicle used to transport gas or liquids in bulk The gas tanker held hundreds of gallons of fuel that supplied a substantial portion of South Florida.
17013 Stealthy marked by quiet and secrecy in order to avoid being noticed You must be stealthy if you hope to sneak inside without being noticed.
17014 Whilst while or during Whilst it is not unusual for my husband and I to fight, the constant arguing does concern me.
17015 Insisted demanded; said something forcefully Grandmother insisted that we help her cook, even though we didn’t want to.
17016 Stonewalling delaying/blocking communication or a process by refusing to answer questions Using the silent treatment, Marcus continued stonewalling his wife as a way of punishing her for questioning his spending habits.
17017 Decadent corrupt or degraded Some employee’s greedy behavior leads to a decadent action of embezzling money from the company they work for.
17018 Latter used to signify the second part of something My favorite fruits are apples and watermelon, especially the latter on a hot summer day.
17019 Ascription the act of attributing something to another The ascription of bullying leading to depression and isolation from society is quite warranted.
17020 Ruined damaged; destroyed The tornado ruined several homes in the area by ripping their roofs and siding off.
17021 Tin a receptacle can made of a metallic element When the little boy put the pebbles in the tin for safe keeping, he could hear the clinking sound as they hit the bottom.
17022 Granule a single speck of a substance This granule of bread is so tiny it couldn’t even feed a mouse for a day, so just sweep it away.
17023 Elicit to draw out or bring forth The comedian hoped his jokes would elicit a great deal of laughter from the audience.
17024 Expediency a regard for what is helpful or useful in a situation but not necessarily morally right The brazen ads were a source of expediency, shamelessly marketing teens to buy cigarettes.
17025 Interior inside; inner The cruising couple opted for an interior cabin since the ones on the outer part of the ship were too pricy for their budget.
17026 Porringer a small bowl, typically with a handle, used for soup, stew, or similar dishes This evening, we will have a porringer of tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches.
17027 Male a man or boy Although they hoped their baby would be a male, the couple soon learned that they were having a daughter and not a son.
17028 Celebrated greatly admired or loved The class president is so celebrated that no one believes any other student could surpass his academic abilities.
17029 Occupy to live in or inhabit a place Landlords may expect damage to their houses if college students are expected to occupy their apartments or houses.
17030 Hone to perfect a talent or skill The tennis player practices several hours a day to hone her skills.
17031 Autonomy the quality or state of being self-governing Teenagers should have the autonomy to make their own decisions in preparation for their lives as adults.
17032 Numerous frequent, various or several After being given numerous warnings for disrupting class, Thomas was finally sent to the principal’s office.
17033 Beneficent prone to doing kind and generous things My beneficent neighbor gives out meals to the poor every Sunday.
17034 Offer to present something to another person for them to have or use Benita plans to offer her brother a thousand dollars as payment for the old truck he is selling.
17035 Refuse to decline or reject After the puppy continued to refuse to eat, the owners decided a visit to the vet might be in order.
17036 Inquisitive eager for knowledge; curious The inquisitive cat loves to sit in the windowsill.
17037 Vagrant an individual who lacks regular work and moves around frequently The vagrant does not appear to work and frequently asks tourists for money.
17038 Boring uninteresting or intriguing They say nothing is more boring than watching paint dry, but honestly this lecture from the professor is tough competition.
17039 Liberation the act of setting someone or something free Liberation of the country only came after the people were brave enough to fight for freedom.
17040 Poser a puzzling problem or question The tongue-twister was a poser that few of the children could recite correctly.
17041 Regency the official amount of time a government rules Under the regency of Henry VIII, several of his wives were beheaded.
17042 Wrestle to struggle with a difficultly or problem The unhappy worker continues to wrestle with the decision to find a better job.
17043 Viand a tasty piece of food or dish Caviar is a pricey viand that is served at fancy restaurants.
17044 Pow a sound word that represents a hard blow or explosion With a loud pow, the dynamite lit by the railroad workers blasted through the mountainside.
17045 Mild moderate; not severe or extreme A mild storm system moved through the area, causing some downed limbs but very little overall damage.
17046 Mortal vulnerable to injury or death Even with all his money, the billionaire came to realize he was mortal and could not win the battle against cancer.
17047 Figment something that is believed to be real but only exists in imagination My young daughter claims to have a unicorn as a best friend, but such a thing is clearly a figment of her imagination.
17048 Culprit the individual or thing responsible for an offense or crime The severe drought is the culprit behind the death of the orange trees.
17049 Modicum a small portion When Jane wore the short dress to the funeral, she proved she did not have a modicum of decency.
17050 Asinine very stupid or foolish How asinine of you to pay for a television in pennies!
17051 Self-discipline the ability to control one’s emotions and overcome one’s weaknesses Lacking self-discipline, Kellyanne continued to overeat even though she knew she should stop.
17052 Display to actively exhibit something much like in a museum Museums display artwork from hundreds of years ago.
17053 Coalition a group formed to gain an advantage A coalition of downtown business owners has created a marketing plan to bring more shoppers into the downtown area.
17054 Mad angry or furious My mother was so mad that she threw a chair across the room in a fit of rage that was completely unrivaled.
17055 Say to speak When my daughter was six-months old, she would say her first word which was “mommy.”
17056 Plunder to take forcefully usually during a time of disorder During the protest riots, angry citizens began to plunder goods from closed stores.
17057 Capitulate to give in; to surrender under certain terms After seeing himself on the news, the escaped convict decided to capitulate to avoid being shot by a police officer.
17058 Forethought thought for the future Jamie gave plenty of forethought to avoid sunburn while packing for her beach trip.
17059 Outdated obsolete or no longer useful Now that we have powerful weapons like tanks and jets, cannons are outdated and completely useless.
17060 Sally a quick attack Knowing the home intruder would find me in the closet, I decided to spring a surprising sally upon him with any weapon I could find.
17061 Counterfeit a fake version of an original item The man was arrested for making counterfeit money.
17062 Fringe a decorative edge made of loose threads, tassels, or twists (as seen on curtains, rugs, piece of clothing, etc) The fringe of her jeans got caught in the escalator.
17063 Undecided unsure; In doubt The senior was undecided on his major and needed more time to think about what career path he would choose.
17064 Take for Granted to believe that a person or thing is permanently accessible to someone who acts unappreciative Occasionally, Tiffany will take for granted Sally because Tiffany asks favors from Sally without returning the favor.
17065 Unpent liberated or free Once the unpent men became ex-convicts, they knew they would still have to report to their probation officer even though they were out of prison.
17066 Motor a piece of equipment that is powered by ignition or a form of electricity in order to operate a machine Mechanics know exactly how to take apart a motor and put it back together in a matter of minutes.
17067 Yellow Journalism fake news that is not based on fact but exaggerations The paper published a piece of yellow journalism that was nothing but exaggerated facts.
17068 Blocked obstructed or congested The hallways at school are often blocked by throngs of friends walking side by side instead of in a line.
17069 Guerrilla relating to the wartime strategy of a group or person who is not part of a traditional military The guerrilla forces have been chased into the mountains by the country’s military.
17070 Crevasse a large crack or fissure in a glacier or snowfield; a chasm It can be dangerous to ski or ride a snow machine across a glacier for fear of falling into a hidden crevasse.
17071 Valedictorian a student, typically having the highest academic achievements of the class, who delivers the valedictory at a graduation ceremony The valedictorian had an impressive GPA that earned her admission to all of the top 3 Ivy League schools.
17072 Banished sent one away or forced one to leave a place Since they didn’t support the regime, the family was banished from their country and forced to leave.
17073 Extremely very; enormously Although it was sweltering outside, the tourists braved the 103-degree weather and laid out in the scorching sun.
17074 Satisfying pleasing or leading to contentedness Is there anything more satisfying than having a cold drink after a long and exhausting workout?
17075 Law a legal rule that tells what one is or isn’t allowed to do The traffic law states that you cannot go over 15 miles per hour while driving through the school zone.
17076 Heiress heiress is a female heir When the wealthy politician died, his daughter of was the heiress to all of his valuable assets.
17077 Abduction the act or occurrence of taking a person somewhere (kidnapping) against their will The couple recounted the alien abduction in their new book “Martians kidnaped us.”
17078 Calibrate to quantify in a careful and detailed manner Since one of my tires looks a little flat, I’m going to take my car to the shop so a mechanic can calibrate the tire pressure.
17079 Catechism a book that included information about a Christian faith The new member of the church looked to his catechism in order to learn more about the Presbyterian beliefs.
17080 Hammock a swinging bed, usually made of netting or canvas that is hung up by each end, often from trees Swaying on her back in the hammock, the resting woman took an afternoon siesta.
17081 Buster something used to break something else apart The laundry spray is a grease buster that can break up even the toughest stains.
17082 Skyrocket to rise very quickly After one hit movie, the actress’s career seemed to skyrocket to success.
17083 Strong physical power and/or demonstrated ability to endure strenuous tasks Wrestlers have to be both strong and crafty to defeat their hefty opponents.
17084 Streak a line of substance that is distinct from the whole. Can be dirt, color, or some other source In an iconic scene in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, Ron Weasley has a streak of dirt on his cheek.
17085 Struggled to have engaged in a conflict of some sort The two warriors struggled against each other for hours, until they both succumbed to exhaustion and passed out.
17086 Jaywalking crossing the street by not following the crosswalk Man dies after being struck by two cars while jaywalking across the busy street.
17087 Persistence the ability to continue on with something in spite of difficulty or opposition His persistence at practicing paid off when he made every free throw shot during the game.
17088 Aphorism a brief and witty saying While Ted’s aphorism was short and funny, it was enough to make us briefly forget our father was having life-saving surgery.
17089 Enthusiasm having a strong feeling of excited interest Because of the waiter’s enthusiasm over the meal, I decided to order the special.
17090 Pointe a ballet position or dance performed on the tips of the toes The ballet audition consisted of a simple class without pointe work or dances that required being on one’s toes.
17091 Premium an amount to be paid for an insurance policy The woman’s life insurance policy was cancelled after she forgot to pay her premium.
17092 Lubricant oil applied to something to reduce friction Applying excessive amounts of lubricant to the floor caused many customers to slip.
17093 Everything all things; the whole lot The store is having a fifty-percent off sale in which everything they sell is half of the original price.
17094 Ballad a slow tune that usually focuses on love My husband and I ended date night by dancing to a romantic ballad.
17095 Have to possess or own The libraries in town have over 1,000,000 books to lend to any citizen in the town.
17096 Worldly sophisticated and knowledgeable because of world experiences Well traveled and worldly, the jet-setting heiress knows a lot about various Asian customs.
17097 Absolute zero the lowest temperature possible where nothing could be colder Because temperature is a measure of moving energy, life would stop if temps hit the lowest degree called absolute zero.
17098 Tyranny excessively cruel use of power My mother divorced my father after enduring twenty years of tyranny.
17099 Population the number of living beings in one area of any particular group or faction The population of China is over one billion people.
17100 Milestone an important step on the way to a larger goal We reached the last milestone before the end of the race.
17101 Tort a wrongdoing, not including contract violations resulting in harm and compensation After the young man was caught stealing expensive electronics from Ms. Davis’s house, the homeowner sued the young man for tort to redeem the cost of the stolen items.
17102 Commerce actions associated with selling and buying services and goods E-commerce or electronic commerce involves the buying and selling of goods and services online.
17103 Reliant needing or depending on someone or something The ill patient was reliant on his wife for all his medical care.
17104 Exfoliate to remove dead skin and cells from the face or body using a gritty scrub Many women choose to exfoliate their skin in order to expose the new skin underneath for a smoother appearance.
17105 Language the verbal and written communication understood and used by a large group of people When Steven wanted to learn the Japanese language, he studied their vocabulary, word order and pronunciation.
17106 Unabashed brazen; bold The woman’s unabashed admirer showed up to her house with a guitar and a song.
17107 Hydrosphere waters of the Earth As important parts of the hydrosphere, lakes and rivers are important sources of freshwater.
17108 Gradual slowly or bit by bit It is usually a bad idea to jump from a cold environment to a hot one, so you should look to heat yourself through gradual means if you’ve been out in the cold.
17109 Filing the action of putting documents away, usually in a cabinet or some other safe place The secretary spent the afternoon filing each of the clients’ paper folders in alphabetical order.
17110 Disdain lack of respect with a feeling of dislike I have disdain for those who cheat their way through life.
17111 Vignette a short but meaningful account As an assignment, we were asked to read a two-page vignette and then sum up the writer’s opinion on immigration.
17112 Ulterior hidden or concealed Politicians often use religion as a tool to get people to believe them despite their ulterior motives.
17113 Regress to fall back to a previous state After being an A-student for several months, Hank is starting to regress into the practice of not studying.
17114 Nimbus a dark grey rain cloud Looking up at the dark nimbus, Hector wondered how long it would be before it started to rain.
17115 Steadfast faithful to a person, belief, or goal My mother really loved my father and remained steadfast to her marriage vows even after my father died.
17116 Platitude something that has been said so often that it is not interesting anymore Because I have heard your platitude a hundred times, it means nothing to me now.
17117 Palatial on a large scale with elaborate furnishings The palatial diamond ring was so heavy it made Gina’s finger hurt.
17118 Worsen to make the condition of something worse The sick woman’s condition will worsen if she doesn’t get the medicine she needs.
17119 Pigment a natural substance that gives color to something else The paint store was unable to match the pigment sample.
17120 Scorching extremely hot On the scorching hot day, all the cowboy could think about was a drink of cool water.
17121 Impatience a feeling or tendency to be easily annoyed or irritated, especially when being asked to wait The frustrated customer showed her impatience as she screamed at the waiter to hurry and bring out her food.
17122 Comply to obey or be in agreement with a policy or rule The man was arrested because he refused to comply with the airline’s no smoking policy.
17123 Reverse to go in the opposite direction Complaints filed with the cell phone company by customers who said that they didn’t make certain calls caused the phone company to reverse the charges.
17124 Nasty something foul or horrid that can leave one disgusted The medicine left a nasty taste in the toddler’s mouth, causing her to spit it out.
17125 Very extremely; to a great extent Because the restaurant is very busy tonight, there is at least an hour wait on a table.
17126 Jiffy a moment The mechanic claimed that the problem with our car was simple and that he would have it fixed in a jiffy.
17127 Coffer a strong chest or box that is used to store money or valuables After placing all his loot into the coffer, the pirate locked the chest.
17128 Dance to sway around in a rhythm usually to music When the DJ started to play the music, the couples decided to dance to it by twirling and moving to the beat of the music.
17129 Backbone the foundation or sturdiest part of something Because he was the backbone of the company, operations stopped after Jim died.
17130 Wishy-washy uncertain and indecisive The wishy-washy woman couldn’t decide on an outfit and went back and forth between choices for several hours.
17131 Annuity an allotment of money paid from an insurance company either in a full payment or in installments usually for retirement purposes Due to a small pension from her job, Matilda considered buying an annuity at the Lawton Insurance Company so she could live freely during her retirement.
17132 Offense a violation of a law or rule Though it was only his first offense, the judge decided to sentence the criminal to a lengthy prison stay.
17133 Hospice a residential home that offers care for the seriously ill In the mountains, a group of nuns operate a hospice where AIDS patients can die with dignity.
17134 Border the outer edge of something A square picture is mounted on a larger rectangular sheet of paper leaving a border around the picture.
17135 Workaround a way of dealing with a problem or person without actually solving the entire situation The instructor looked for a way to workaround the lack of internet so he could teach the online lesson he had planned.
17136 Whenever at whatever time Whenever you want to go to a party, call me and let me know.
17137 Diss a verbal insult Tupac released a diss track that not only disrespected Biggie Smalls but also his wife.
17138 Carnivore any living creature that eats meat The tiger is a carnivore who kills his own food.
17139 Trickster a person who scams or misleads Timmy was the trickster in the class because he was always hiding students’ pencils and books from them.
17140 Walked moved by lifting one’s feet up and down while going forward The baby walked for the first time on her birthday, taking a few steps toward her mother.
17141 Kook a harmless crazy person We labeled Mr. Merrow as an old kook because he would always rant about alien abductions and government conspiracies.
17142 Secularism belief that is against the beliefs of all religions Due to the secularism in the family, no one ever went to church since they did not consider any religion to be real.
17143 Across from one side to another Swimming across the wide river left the stranded paddler gasping for air.
17144 Vanilla ordinary and plain with no extra features or standards This vehicle is too vanilla for a driver who likes a lot of bells, whistles, and exclusive features.
17145 Cylindrical shaped like a cylinder with two straight sides and circles on each end The rounded-end Pringles can has a cylindrical shape that is different from another chip packaging.
17146 Show off to deliberately act in a way to showcase your superiority or get attention In an effort to impress his girlfriend, the boy tried to show off his skills and talent in the football game he played with his friends.
17147 Boredom the state of feeling dull and uninterested because you have nothing to do With nothing to do in the summer, the kids were suffering from boredom.
17148 Waned decreased or lessened The Empire had once ruled over this entire continent, but after an invasion from a foreign power their strength had waned.
17149 Hallucinatory relating to visions or hallucinations Many movies depict their heroes having hallucinatory experiences when they are in the desert, seeing a vision of an oasis or a city.
17150 Evolution gradual changes over time The evolution of her clothing choices became greatly modernized as she grew older.
17151 Justice the outcome of using regulations to impartially judge and penalize a person or group accused of a criminal act When the man who killed my daughter was found not guilty by a jury, I knew there was no justice in the court system.
17152 Secrecy the act of keeping something secretly hidden Judicial secrecy kept the final verdict under wraps until the official press conference.
17153 Haploid having a single set of unpaired chromosomes Haploid drones have 16 chromosomes and not 32 like the diploid queen.
17154 Outlive to survive longer than something else The residents of Okinawa tend to outlive the majority of humans across the rest of the planet, thanks to their diet.
17155 Submarine a ship that travels and functions completely underwater One way the United States was able to defeat Germany during World War II was by overtaking a German submarine and stealing their Enigma machine.
17156 Seasoned to be skilled at something based on experience Only a seasoned teacher could create an environment for learning with the wild and defiant students.
17157 Crush to put so much pressure on something that it breaks or changes The politician urged lawmakers to reduce taxes, claiming that high rates crush the small business owner’s spirit.
17158 Austere without any decoration; strict and serious in manner Even though she appeared austere, my teacher was a very kind woman.
17159 Euthanasia the practice of terminating the life of an animal or person who is suffering The doctor refused to perform euthanasia even though he knew it would permanently remove his patient’s suffering.
17160 Fellow a friend based on common interests My neighbor became my fellow when we began running and exercising together all the time.
17161 Inward toward the inside The pastry chef rolled the two corners of the dough inward so that they could meet in the middle.
17162 Exudation a condition of something quickly flowing out or forward As the young man came dressed in a suit and presented himself professionally, the exudation of class was apparent to anyone who was in the same room with him.
17163 Legality the act or condition of being permissible or lawful After researching about the legality of recording the conversation she had with her ex-husband, the lawyer told her that the recording could not be presented in court.
17164 Curt blunt to the point of being impolite The service agent was fired after he was overheard treating customers in a curt manner.
17165 Hajj islamic pilgrimage to Mecca The faithful Muslims embarked on their spiritual hajj to Mecca.
17166 Superhero a person or fictional character who accomplishes great things with the help of superpowers or exceptional abilities The superhero Batman, AKA the Caped Crusader, has no special powers but uses detective skills to defeat the criminals of Gotham City.
17167 Forgiving allowing for mistakes or error in people or things Although he should have been more forgiving toward his workers, the overly critical boss constantly found fault in everything they did.
17168 Missus a man’s wife The husband wanted to buy the new car but decided he should ask the missus before making a major purchase.
17169 Dangerous potentially life-threatening or will cause harm Children are told that it’s dangerous to cross the road without looking for cars first.
17170 Pander to spoil a person by giving him his desires, usually something immoral or illegal In some cases, corrupt lobbyists pander to politicians by giving them cash bribes.
17171 Worthless having no value or use The broken speaker was useless, so I threw it in the trash when cleaning out the garage.
17172 Ravishing extremely beautiful The groom thought the bride looked ravishing in her wedding dress.
17173 Concur to agree with something With no other facts on hand, I can only concur with your statement.
17174 Advertising promoting a product or service as a way to gain sales The local fast food restaurant is advertising its newest lunch specials during television commercial breaks.
17175 Hoof the protective hard covering on the foot of some animals Dr. Hayman, our local veterinarian, took a look at the goat’s injured left hoof causing it to hold up his left back leg and limp around.
17176 Jeremiad a long, sad list of complaints, sometimes produced as a literary work The elegantly written book was actually a jeremiad that laid out the author’s complaints against the current government.
17177 Papist a derogatory term that refers to a Roman Catholic who accepts the Pope as an authority of God Pledging his allegiance to the Pope and the Catholic Church, the papist refused to acknowledge the Church of England.
17178 Shiny glossy and glistening The shiny car sparkled in the sunlight after it emerged from the deluxe car wash.
17179 Whoop-de-do a commotion or frenzy of activity or excitement The Christmas whoop-de-do is exciting for the children who love the holiday frenzy.
17180 Continental forming or belonging to a continent I have a continental lineage, considering that every single one of my ancestors was born in Europe.
17181 Formaldehyde a strong gas that is clear frequently transformed into a liquid is used as an antiseptic or sterilizer Many of the dead bodies at the medical school were stored in a bathtub of formaldehyde to preserve them for future dissections.
17182 Labor union a group of workers that have organized to protect themselves and their interests The teacher labor union organized a strike to protest low pay all across the state.
17183 Beret a type of round brimless cap; headgear The green beret is a symbol of commitment and sacrifice to the brave men who challenged themselves to be the best of the best in the U.S. Army Special Forces.
17184 Horrible extremely unfortunate or disastrous The destruction caused by the recent hurricane was horrible and costs many lives and millions in property damage.
17185 Forthright direct and honest If you are not forthright when answering the detective’s questions, you might end up in jail.
17186 Cleavage a separation between two groups or things The chef cut into the cleavage between the breasts to make two pieces of chicken.
17187 Perspicacious able to judge quickly and correctly what people and situations are really like The perspicacious fireman quickly detected the cause of the fire.
17188 Underlying triggering or motivating The underlying cause for most lung cancer is smoking.
17189 Auspicious being a sign of future success; indicating a promising future His brilliant acceptance speech was an auspicious start to his political career.
17190 Intrinsic internally true and genuine, often referring to the worth of people and objects for their value Because my grandmother made that doll, it has a lot of intrinsic meaning to me.
17191 Payment the amount paid or installment of something owed I only owe one more payment on my car loan, and then my debt will be paid in full.
17192 Rattled nervous or jumpy I can tell that my dog has been rattled by the constant sound of thunder that the storm outside is producing.
17193 Weaponize to adapt something for use as a weapon Peasants often have no choice in war but to weaponize their tools, such as sharpening shovels or attaching knives to poles.
17194 Discontinuity disconnection; a break in unity New changes in government policies led to a discontinuity in which people weren’t sure which law to follow.
17195 Welcomed accepted; embraced The man’s in-laws welcomed him into their family, as they were glad to have a new son-in-law.
17196 Productive doing or achieving a lot As productive members of society, the couple were always trying to help others.
17197 Tunneling digging an underground passageway The runaway slaves spent months tunneling an underground passageway that would allow them to escape the plantation.
17198 Brochure a folded page or couple of pages created to inform or promote something that usually contains text and/or pictures While at the doctor’s office, Dr. Murphy handed me a brochure to read so that I would know how to handle and maintain my fibromyalgia.
17199 Bribe money or something valuable given to tempt someone to do what you want When we went grocery store shopping, Mom would bribe me to behave by giving me candy.
17200 Witticism a clever and amusing remark Wanting to impress her new friends, the girl showcased her witticism in order to make them laugh.
17201 Partnership the act of being together with one other person, entity or thing In order to play the game, the students were in a partnership competing against the other teams for the prize.
17202 Bonfire a large open-air fire used for burning rubbish or as part of a celebration The campers started a bonfire by throwing random brush and wood into an open fire as a way to mark their first night at the site.
17203 Fleet a group of vehicles that are under the same command or with the same purpose and headed to the same place The police fleet raced down the highway after a stolen vehicle.
17204 Insolence rude and disrespectful behavior The rude customer service worker was fired for her insolence after several people reported her disrespect.
17205 Conditioning preparing and training something to behave a certain way Before joining the Air Force, Charles spent months conditioning his body for training through diet and exercise.
17206 Self-righteous believing that you are better, superior, and more moral than other people With a self-righteous outlook, the snobby lady looked down on others from her moral high ground.
17207 Anecdote an interesting or amusing short story My favorite anecdote tells the story of an adventurous dog making his way through the city.
17208 Isle island The deserted isle was in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.
17209 Report to state or inform News anchors are set to report on a local fire during the 10 o’clock segment.
17210 Explosion a violent blowing apart or bursting caused by a chemical change The dynamite detonated, causing an earth shattering explosion across the city.
17211 Debris leftover pieces from something that is broken or destroyed The street cleaners will remove the debris left behind by the car accident.
17212 Innumerable too many in number to be counted The popular celebrity receives an innumerable amount of fan mail each week.
17213 Pneumonia illness of the lungs The woman’s diagnosis of pneumonia explained why she could not breathe easily.
17214 Mitigate make less severe or painful The doctor gave me a prescription to mitigate the pain.
17215 Carbon cycle an exchange of carbon in the Earth’s atmosphere After learning about the carbon cycle in science class, the students were able to analyze the carbon’s influence on the biosphere, hydrosphere and geosphere.
17216 Multilingual using several different languages Many West Africans are multilingual, speaking their tribe language, English, as well as Pidgin English.
17217 Accusation a charge or claim against someone in which they are accused of doing something wrong or illegal The defendant denied the accusation and held firm that he was not guilty.
17218 Dignified respectable She did not think it was dignified behavior for chaperones to dance at the prom.
17219 Screech to give out a loud, piercing sound Hearing the eagle’s loud screech from above, the rabbit hurried out of sight.
17220 Tentatively hesitantly; not sure Because I was worried the pool might be too cold, I tentatively stuck my foot in the water.
17221 Kremlin a citadel within a Russian city, or specifically the seat of Russian government The Kremlin is the seat of Russian political power, where the President of the Russian Federation stays.
17222 Excitable referring to someone or something that is easily excited or generally enthusiastic Dogs are well known for being excitable animals, often bounding around the house and barking at the slightest hint of anything out of the ordinary.
17223 Ramification a change that makes a situation more complicated Jason was shocked when he learned the ramification of his cheating was immediate expulsion from the university.
17224 Converse to engage in conversation I chose to converse with my younger sibling in the grocery store while we waited for our Mom to finish talking with her friend.
17225 Defenseless powerless; vulnerable The defenseless cows had no way to protect themselves from the coyotes looming nearby.
17226 Diverting altering the direction something is going By diverting the flow of water into a turbine, we can use it to generate electricity for the city.
17227 Provision actions taken to meet a possible need The tax provision ensures lenders will not raise interest rates above a certain percentage.
17228 Ziggurat a tower that is tiered and rectangular in shape and occasionally topped by a holy place The shape of the ziggurat is very similar to the shape of a pyramid.
17229 Indifference lack of concern or interest Because Martha showed a total lack of interest in music, her mother used this indifference as a reason to sell the family’s piano.
17230 Revitalize to put new life or energy back in something In an effort to revitalize the dying plant, we put it in a well-lit spot and provided it with plenty of water.
17231 Physician a physician is a doctor The orthopedic physician repairs broken bones.
17232 Proven shown or demonstrated By showing up on time every day for a year, the worker had proven dependability.
17233 Extreme to a very large degree or amount Laura always takes arguments to the extreme and quickly turns things physical.
17234 Trustworthy able to be relied on or trusted Your best friend is often someone you would consider trustworthy, someone you would share your secrets and success with.
17235 Absolution setting free from guilt, sin or penalty; forgiveness of an offense The killer got on his knees and begged for absolution at his execution.
17236 Counterexample an example that contradicts a theory or opinion The math teacher provided a counterexample to prove to the student that her solution was incorrect.
17237 Penurious desperately in need; not having enough The penurious little boy could not afford to buy school lunch.
17238 Besot to cause someone look silly or foolish, especially by drinking The huge glass of liquor besot the drunkard, causing him to dance on the bar and make stupid jokes.
17239 Phew to convey a sense of relief, fatigue, surprise, disgust when something hard is finished or no longer worried about something “Phew, that was a close call and glad the car moved back into its proper lane before she hit us.”
17240 Dissertation a long essay on a particular subject, especially one written as a requirement for the Doctor of Philosophy degree While pursuing his doctoral degree, the Ph.D. candidate elected to write his final thesis on the impact that depression during pregnancy can have on fetal development.
17241 Curl to form a curved or spiral shape As the bologna fried in the pan, the heat caused the sides to curl up and sizzle.
17242 Stigma a sign of disgrace There is a stigma attached to AIDS that makes most people afraid of those who have the disease.
17243 Ventilator a machine that helps lungs function when the body is incapable Brielle was rushed to the hospital and put on a ventilator to help her breathe after her lung collapsed during a car accident.
17244 Yesteryear a point in the past, usually thought of in a nostalgic way Grandma frequently talked about the beauty of yesteryear when gas was less than a dollar and she could buy a handful of candy for a quarter.
17245 Flubdub empty talk that is considered nonsense The students got in trouble for their flubdub, especially since their talk wasn’t about school work.
17246 Bloodcurdling causing terror or horror Letting out a bloodcurdling scream, the actress tried to fake the response of someone really in danger of being killed by an ax murderer.
17247 Burned to have been damaged or injured by fire Hannah was burned in a fire many years ago, leaving a terrible scar marring her right arm, which she usually conceals.
17248 Fulgent glowing or sparkling brilliantly If it is extremely dark outside, it is best to use a fulgent flashlight so that the light will radiate strongly.
17249 Conservator someone responsible for the repair and preservation of works of art Mr. Hange is a conservator that is currently trying to repair a famous painting that was damaged in the past.
17250 Dint as a result of, by way of The candidate seems to have more influence by dint of money and not actual speaking ability.
17251 Hawker a person who offers goods for sale by shouting in the street or going door to door A hawker followed the tourists from their cruise ship to the beach, urging them to buy the magnets and other trinkets he was selling.
17252 Select to choose something Taylor gets to select tonight’s movie since I chose the last one.
17253 Toady an individual who compliments others for a reason In order to get a promotion, Amy has been acting like the manager’s toady by agreeing with everything he says.
17254 Floppy limp or loose The rabbit’s floppy ears bounced around as it hopped through the tall grass.
17255 Condominium a co-op style housing unit where each person owns their own house or townhouse that is usually located within a building The young couple wanted to buy the two-bedroom condominium, but they later realized they wanted to be in a stand-alone house without dealing with an association.
17256 Refusal the act of showing unwillingness to do something The driver’s refusal to take a breathalyzer test resulted in the officers growing even more suspicious.
17257 Suavity the quality of being sweet or pleasing to the mind His suavity and charm are what attracted many women.
17258 Sharp excellent, in reference to one’s attire If you want to impress the boss that will interviewing you, be sure to dress sharp with a suit and tie.
17259 Track to follow or trail a person or thing A GPS system was used to track the stolen vehicle and return it to its rightful owner.
17260 Love a deep feeling of fondness or affection The love Ben felt for his wife showed in the way her cared for her while she was sick.
17261 Critical important; vital Finding a safe place to live is critical if we plan to relocate to New Mexico this summer.
17262 Retell to tell a story that has already been told A huge number of Disney movies have existed just to retell an originally dark and troubling fairytale in a more kid friendly way.
17263 Discord tension or strife resulting from a lack of agreement Knowing that discord is destructive in the classroom, the teacher wanted to foster a sense of community among her students.
17264 Anguish extreme suffering or grief When my husband died, the anguish I felt was nearly unbearable.
17265 Whilom former; past The whilom friends were once so close, but now they hate one another.
17266 Quintet a musical composition or movement for five instruments or voice The Jackson Five sang a quintet that required all of them to play an instrument or sing.
17267 Hewn cut or shaped with an ax or chisel The sculptor’s wooden creation was hewn with a sharp chisel.
17268 Sinew sturdy tissue that links bones to muscles; also referred to as a tendon By injuring your Achilles tendon, you’ve injured a sinew in your leg that links the muscles of your calf to your heel.
17269 Marsh an area of low-lying land that is floods often and sometimes remains waterlogged The marsh and other wetlands in the area are protected by land conservation laws.
17270 Uninhibited outgoing; not reserved The camp counselor encouraged uninhibited participation and wanted the campers to be spontaneous.
17271 Imminence the state of something being on the verge of occurring The imminence of hurricanes brewing in the Caribbean was plastered all over the local news channels.
17272 Filiation the manner in which something is related to something it is derived from A father cares more about his ties of filiation to his son than he does about personal gain.
17273 Jumble a typically messy pile of things Most teenage boys leave their things in a messy jumble, making their rooms look more like disaster areas than places of clean habitation.
17274 As such using the exact meaning of the word or phrase Because choosing a wedding date was an important decision for the couple, they took their time and treated it as such.
17275 Interviewed to be questioned in order to have one’s experience or opinions discerned Potential employees are often interviewed by the boss of a company to determine if they are a good fit for the job.
17276 Develop to begin to cause something A relationship began to develop between two young people after they spoke on the phone for several weeks.
17277 Multiracial including many races After doing a DNA test, the multiracial woman discovered she was Native American, Irish, Caucasian and African American.
17278 Subjection the condition of someone or thing being controlled or forced Adolf Hitler’s subjection of the German people to obey all of his strict laws during the 1930s and 1940s instilled fear in the German citizens.
17279 Papyrus a material similar to paper made from the papyrus plant The ancient document was written on delicate papyrus, and needed to be handled carefully.
17280 Proceeding the process of appearing before a court of law so a decision can be made During the legal proceeding, the jury found the man guilty of several serious crimes.
17281 Nub a slight projecting bump When the puppy’s tail was cut off at birth, it only grew a little nub making it difficult to see if the puppy was wagging his tail.
17282 Provoked made angry; annoyed on purpose The bully continually provoked the other child, teasing and calling him names to make him angry.
17283 For starters to start with; first of all We will order lots of food, but for starters, we asked for chips and salsa.
17284 Morgue a building or room where dead bodies are kept before their proper burial or cremation After the fatal accident, the deceased victim was removed from the vehicle and taken to the morgue until the autopsy took place.
17285 Injured hurt; wounded The injured owl couldn’t fly, so a rescue group had to take care of him until his wing healed.
17286 Caveat emptor the belief that the consumer is responsible for making sure a product is worthy and proper before purchasing Caveat emptor applied to the housing industry because once the house is sold, there is no going back since inspections are encouraged.
17287 Contractual agreed upon in a contract The actress was hesitant to engage in a binding contractual commitment that wouldn’t allow her to work for other film companies.
17288 Changeable easy to be changed or replaced The traveler bought a changeable ticket that could be swapped for a different date if needed.
17289 Controversy a heated conversation between two parties with different opinions The controversy around same sex marriages continues to be a trending topic on Twitter.
17290 Preface the opening or introduction of a presentation or book During his preface, the host thanked everyone who participated in the competition.
17291 Obtainable something that is capable of being acquired Her only obtainable goal was to make straight A’s since she was too short for the basketball team and too clumsy for cheerleading.
17292 Corpulent having a large bulky body After overeating for months, the skinny girl became somewhat corpulent.
17293 Disunity disagreement or conflict in a group The disunity on our team all started when some of our members began to dislike the leader.
17294 Polemic a written or verbal attack on an individual or thing The political candidate posted a polemic on his blog that mocked his rival’s lack of community service.
17295 Lowlife a criminal or other person with no morals or character The lowlife squatter lives in other people’s vacant homes and destroys them when he leaves.
17296 By and large generally; more often than not A new parenting study showed that by and large, there are more stay at home mothers than there are at home dads.
17297 Hobble to walk awkwardly because of pain or injury After falling and hurting her ankle badly, the volleyball player had to hobble over to a bench.
17298 Outshine to surpass someone or something in ability or achievement The cheerleading squad is very competitive, so all of the girls on the team try to outshine each other.
17299 Underwent experienced or went through After he underwent the risky surgery, the runner wasn’t able to exercise for a while.
17300 Emergent in the process of emerging, of coming into being or prominence The emergent young singer may not be famous yet, but his great talent points to a future in show business.
17301 Affection a feeling of love or strong attachment Rick expressed deep affection for his wife at their fortieth anniversary party.
17302 Dictates gives orders, telling someone what they must do Although the commander dictates what the troops do during battle, he does ask for their opinions when coming up with strategy.
17303 Whatnot a word used to indicate additional things of any kind that you don’t feel like naming During our family vacation, we will eat, swim, and whatnot.
  1. What are daily use English words with meaning? Answer: Daily use English words with meaning are fundamental expressions like “hello,” “thank you,” and “please” that are regularly used in communication.

  2. How do daily routine English words impact our conversations? Answer: Daily routine English words shape our interactions, facilitating smoother communication in everyday situations.

  3. Where can I find English words for daily use with meaning? Answer: Various online resources and dictionaries provide lists of English words for daily use along with their meanings.

  4. Why is it essential to understand daily vocabulary words? Answer: Understanding daily vocabulary words enriches our language skills, aiding in effective communication.

  5. What distinguishes daily use vocabulary words with meaning? Answer: Daily use vocabulary words with meanings are commonly used terms that hold specific definitions relevant to everyday life.

  6. Can you provide examples of commonly used English words in daily life? Answer: Words like “food,” “water,” and “home” exemplify common English words used in daily life, addressing basic needs and essentials.

  7. How do simple English words for daily use contribute to effective communication? Answer: Simple English words for daily use simplify communication, ensuring clarity and understanding among diverse audiences.

  8. Where can I find a comprehensive list of daily use vocabulary words? Answer: Online dictionaries or language learning platforms offer comprehensive lists of daily use vocabulary words for learners.

  9. Why are common English words used in daily life important? Answer: Common English words used in daily life form the basis of communication, enabling us to express our needs and experiences effectively.

  10. How does daily speaking English words improve language skills? Answer: Daily speaking English words enhances fluency and confidence in using them naturally during conversations.

  11. What role do daily use vocabulary words play in everyday scenarios? Answer: Daily use vocabulary words enable us to articulate thoughts and ideas more precisely, enhancing communication in daily situations.

  12. How can one effectively incorporate daily use English words into conversations? Answer: Consistent practice and exposure to conversations help in naturally integrating daily use English words into one’s speech.

  13. What’s the significance of mastering common English words used in daily life? Answer: Mastering common English words used in daily life enhances one’s ability to communicate effectively in various real-life situations.

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