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The Most Useful Daily Use English Words With Meaning. Part 16

  1. Daily use English words are essential in our communication routines, forming the bedrock of our conversations.
  2. Our daily routine heavily relies on the consistent use of familiar English words used in daily life.
  3. Understanding the nuances of daily use English words and meaning enhances our language proficiency.
  4. Learning English words for daily use with meaning fosters effective communication and comprehension.
  5. Building a robust daily vocabulary involves mastering daily vocabulary words for diverse contexts.
  6. “Please,” “thank you,” and “hello” are among the quintessential daily used English words expressing courtesy.
  7. Our daily speaking often revolves around incorporating common English words used in daily life.
  8. Exploring simple English words for daily use simplifies communication for diverse audiences.
  9. Embracing a rich daily use vocabulary enables us to articulate thoughts and ideas more vividly.
  10. “Home,” “work,” and “family” are integral components of our daily existence, represented by English words used in daily life.
  11. Enhancing our daily use vocabulary words broadens our linguistic repertoire.
  12. Engaging in daily speaking exercises facilitates fluency with various daily speaking English words.
  13. Mastering daily use vocabulary empowers effective and nuanced communication in everyday scenarios.
15001 Tremble to shake uncontrollably, usually from fear or excitement Being terrified of snakes, I could not help but tremble at the sight of a boa constrictor, even behind the glass of the zoo exhibit.
15002 Efflorescence something in bloom We watched her efflorescence from a girl into a young woman.
15003 Bench to take a player out of a game Kevin knew that his basketball coach would bench him after the physical altercation with the rival’s top player.
15004 Optometrist a doctor whose medical practice revolves around detecting and correcting vision problems Visiting the optometrist to have his eyes checked was quite an achievement for the overly nervous patient.
15005 Smelt to extract metal from ore through a heating process In order to get useable metal out of iron ore, you must smelt it with extreme heat to get rid of the useless impurities.
15006 Unemployed without a career or job After several weeks of being unemployed, the out-of-work field hand started to think he would never get another gig.
15007 Ensuing occurring immediately afterwards and as a consequence of a prior event In the ensuing weeks after the hurricane, thousands of people went without power.
15008 Down pat indicating mastery over something After six hundred hours of flight experience, I think it is safe to say that I have the art of flying down pat.
15009 Skip to move past one thing in order to do the next Since I was tired, I decided to skip morning church service and attend the afternoon mass instead.
15010 Parcel an item wrapped or placed in a container so it can be transported I am taking the parcel to the post office to be mailed.
15011 Agenda a list of matters to be discussed at a meeting Without a clear agenda for what is to be accomplished I feel that the meeting will be a waste of time.
15012 Pier a tall and long dock for boats or people that extends out several yards into a body of water Standing on the pier, the couple watched the surfers tackle the large waves as water crashed along the pier’s wooden posts.
15013 Third-rate of poor or low-grade quality Because all of the first-class flight seats were sold out, I had to settle for a third-rate ticket.
15014 Faint weak and dizzy Because she felt faint, the exhausted woman went to lie down for a while.
15015 Capitulation act of giving up or giving in Waving a white flag in the air was the enemy’s way of announcing their capitulation.
15016 Mutely silently; without speaking The shy wallflower stood mutely in a corner during the junior high dance.
15017 Haggard appearing in poor health or spirits The woman looked haggard after sitting up for a week with her dying husband.
15018 Lockdown a situation in which people are not allowed to enter or leave a building or area freely The prison inmates were placed on lockdown and weren’t allowed to leave their cells.
15019 Berate to yell at; to criticize or scold someone in a loud and angry way Shamefaced, the students sat quietly as Mrs. Garcia continued to berate them for the way they had treated the substitute.
15020 Torture to purposefully cause or do harm or hurt to someone Beneath the demented psychopath’s home, he had built a chamber to torture his victims after he kidnapped them.
15021 Avoirdupois a system in the United States for measuring a pound equaling to sixteen ounces To calculate the weight of the gold using avoirdupois, it was determined that the gold weighed over a pound.
15022 Flack to promote or publicize something The publicist continued to flack all of the good deeds his client did at all of the promotional events.
15023 Skeleton an internal framework or body used to protect and support After the fire, the building’s metal skeleton was the only thing left standing.
15024 Perspicacity the ability to notice and understand things that are not obvious The detective’s perspicacity allowed him to easily recognize the criminal in the crowd.
15025 Stewardship the management or supervision of something Under Coach Todd’s stewardship, the team won three national championships.
15026 Lame having disabled legs or feet Lame in his feet, the once energetic man was no longer able to move around.
15027 Hardly barely The hermit hardly leaves his home anymore, preferring to stay inside his quaint quarters.
15028 Disfavor dislike; disapproval The president is quickly falling into disfavor as his approval rating drops lower and lower.
15029 Regularly frequently; often The movie buff regularly went to shows by herself, enjoying the weekly popcorn almost as much as the films.
15030 Arguably possibly or probably Ms. Ray believed that her chocolate cake would arguably win the top prize at Florida’s Cake Contest.
15031 Garrison a base or camp used by armed forces Once the troops make it to the garrison they will rest for the night.
15032 Agoraphobia the fear of wide open spaces, crowds, or uncontrolled social conditions Even the big deals on Black Friday could bring out even those people who suffer from agoraphobia, but the large groups of people could cause them to have anxiety attacks.
15033 Pointless to have no reason for something When the elderly couple was murdered, many people felt that the crime was pointless because the couple would help anyone.
15034 Defalcate to misappropriate or misuse money assigned to that person When the principal decided to defalcate the school’s money, he was deemed a thief by the community and could stand trial for his crime.
15035 Sweet Tooth used to refer to a great love for sweet food Someone with a sweet tooth tends to have an insatiable desire for sugar, honey, and all other manner of sweet things.
15036 Divisor in mathematics, a numeral that divides into another numeral You will divide the divisor into the dividend, so you will divide 3 into 15 to get 5.
15037 Aspire to hope or dream Even though he claims that he doesn’t aspire to greatness, I have never seen anyone work the media the way that he does.
15038 Secession the action of formally withdrawing from an organization The secession of our neighboring country from the alliance has greatly hurt our overall strength.
15039 Boundary a line that marks the limits of an area The boundary between North and South Korea is marked by a barrier that functions as a demilitarized zone.
15040 Message communication that happens through talking, signaling, or writing Mia sent her boyfriend a quick text message that said: “See you for dinner at 8:00!”
15041 Group a number of people or items that are gathered together A group of birds flew together over the bay.
15042 Doozy something impressive or extraordinary We thought our 4th of July weekend would be boring, but the eventful holiday turned out to be a doozy.
15043 Divisive having a feature that separates The divisive proposal split the committee into two opposing sides.
15044 Cohabitation the state of two things/people existing together in one place The cohabitation of the dog and the cat in the same bed seemed like an odd pair, but they actually love sleeping together.
15045 Secret something that is not to be known or seen by others Approaching the secret lair, the knight crept quietly as to not awaking the sleeping dragon.
15046 Fervor intense and passionate feeling When the airlines increased their fares, passengers responded with fervor about their plans to find alternate travelling means.
15047 Incorporation the inclusion of something into something bigger Because the children like pop music, the dance teacher agreed to the incorporation of Taylor Swift music into the recital.
15048 Outnumbered to be more than some other number or amount Knowing that they were outnumbered by their opponent, the small army decided to retreat from the battle.
15049 Prolong extend; lengthen The teacher decided to prolong the test, giving the student 15 more minutes to finish the exam.
15050 Veto to forbid something Since I am a teenager, my father is sure to veto my request to go on an overnight trip with my boyfriend.
15051 Introduced presented something new (for the first time) Mrs. March introduced herself to her students and asked them to tell their names as well.
15052 Backer a supporter or follower of someone or something The anonymous backer is supporting the project by fully funding the activities for the students.
15053 Filch to take illegally The pickpocket was able to filch three wallets while on the subway.
15054 Percent a portion of a hundred Nobody could believe that the little boy ate 75 percent of the pizza because that was six slices at one time.
15055 Scare to frighten or make someone afraid On Halloween, the teens dressed like spooky ghost and goblins to scare the younger children in the neighborhood.
15056 Pertinence relevance; relatedness The stripper doesn’t think her occupation has any pertinence to her lawsuit, but the attorney says how she makes money is relevant to the case.
15057 Relay to pass on something that has been received Because their communication system was down, the lieutenant had no way to relay information to his officers.
15058 Liability something or someone that creates a disadvantage or financial burden After losing his job, John realized he could not afford the liability that came along with buying a new car.
15059 Aerodynamics the study of air and how it works when an object moves through it Birds have a natural understanding of aerodynamics that allows them to fly through even the windiest conditions.
15060 Delightful pleasant; enjoyable The newlyweds had a delightful dinner and have enjoyed every moment of their honeymoon.
15061 Collapsible able to be broken down into a smaller size Last December, we bought a collapsible Christmas tree that can be easily folded and unfolded for simple storage.
15062 Inscription writing carved into something The painting looked like a real one but the inscription on the back proved it was a fake.
15063 Record evidence or documentation Because there is no record of the purchase having taken place, the product cannot be returned to the store.
15064 Piddling piddling means useless petty and trivial I am tired of your petty piddling questions that have nothing to do with the issue at hand.
15065 Obstacle anything that impedes or stops something from advancing or developing Having a bankruptcy in my background would be a difficult obstacle to overcome in financing a new house.
15066 Leadership the action of guiding or managing a group of people The company is looking for new leadership that can motivate the staff and helps the employees be more productive.
15067 Scummy dirty; nasty Because the kitchen floor was so scummy, the maid had to scrub it with bleach for several hours.
15068 Long measuring a great distance in length The snake was very long, and its body stretched all the way across the sidewalk.
15069 Rigor inflexibility; severity The stern professor does not accept excuses and is known for exhibiting rigor in his classroom.
15070 Glanced looked at quickly The student glanced at the study guide a few times, but he didn’t take the time to really study.
15071 Jaded depleted of excitement and enthusiasm, usually after having had too much of something After being on an airplane for nearly twenty-four hours, Henry is a bit jaded and never wants to travel again.
15072 Euphemisms words or phrases used to replace a more direct, less socially acceptable term Mary found herself using more and more euphemisms in her daily conversation to avoid offending anyone.
15073 Trickledown refers to situations in which something that starts in the high parts of a system spreads to the lower parts Because of the trickledown process, some car features that were once only found in high-end vehicles are now standard.
15074 Targeted aimed for; focused on The hunter targeted the deer with his rifle and prepared to shoot to kill.
15075 Monopoly the state in which one entity or individual dominates an entire industry or market The local cable company has a monopoly on high speed Internet because it offers the only web access in town.
15076 Gallop when a horse runs at full speed The startled horse broke into a swift gallop and darted through the trees.
15077 Pundit one who gives his opinion as an expert in a specific field Without a psychiatric pundit to testify on my client’s poor mental state, I doubt if the jury will believe an insanity defense.
15078 Enervate to deprive of force or strength; weaken The wrestler’s plan was to deliver a crushing blow which would enervate his opponent.
15079 Distinctness being easily distinguishable from other things due to particular attributes People have distinctness about them, possessing traits in both appearance and personality that set them apart from one another.
15080 Dispense distribute, or give out Every pharmacist must accurately dispense the medicine into the proper containers in order for no one to get sick.
15081 Cowlick an unruly section of hair that stands up or grows in different direction from rest of the hair Thomas finished applying the gel to his hair, although he couldn’t get rid of that annoying cowlick in the back of his head.
15082 Bohemian unconventional, especially in habit or dress Elizabeth was quite nervous to introduce her boyfriend dressed in bohemian clothing to her grandmother.
15083 Racking tormenting; agonizing Making a racking noise up and down the halls of the haunted inn, the ghost continued to terrorize all who dared to stay the night.
15084 Row a straight line of something Each row of corn was planted neatly in the field section by section.
15085 Administration the process of running some sort of organization I do not wish to work in administration because I do not like being in charge of other people, though I still have to order around a few people in my work.
15086 Crispy referring to food: pleasingly dry or brittle in texture Fried chicken is best when it is crispy, so that there is plenty of crunch in each and every bite.
15087 Stretched exaggerated; inflated Pinocchio stretched the truth over and over, lying about every little thing.
15088 Vagarious having erratic and unpredictable behavior When in a manic phase, the vagarious woman’s behavior was quite unpredictable.
15089 Odium loathing for a thing or person deemed to be despicable After getting out of prison, the child molester still had to deal with odium from his neighbors.
15090 Hangdog shamefaced; ashamed With a hangdog face, the boy hung his head low and admitted that he had stolen the money from his father’s wallet.
15091 Untrue false; wrong The rumor was untrue, but a lot of people believed the lie.
15092 Exhilaration a feeling of excitement or extreme happiness A surge of pure exhilaration filled the smiling winner’s body as he received the Olympic gold medal.
15093 Skyline the outline of land and buildings against the sky Looking out at the skyline from his balcony, Timothy couldn’t believe how the tree’s shadows looked as if they were touching the clouds.
15094 Create to make or produce something Many old timers will create an email account so that they can get messages using the new technology.
15095 Implore to beg or plead with someone to do something Mother used to beg the children to pick up their toys, but she refuses to implore now and punishes instead.
15096 Foremost the most important one Since Frank is one of the most foremost doctors in his field, it’s not surprising he’s on the president’s personal medical staff.
15097 Dissemble to disguise or conceal behind a false appearance Her plan was to dissemble her intentions from her husband so she could successfully plan him a surprise party.
15098 Impassioned overflowing with strong emotion The widow’s impassioned speech brought the members of congress to their feet.
15099 Called dialed someone’s phone number in an effort to speak to them A victim called 911 on her cell phone and told the police that there had been a shooting.
15100 Pestilence a devastating illness or disease that causes a large number of individuals to die When AIDS first emerged onto the scene, it was viewed as one of the worst cases of pestilence the world has ever seen.
15101 Scrupulously carefully or methodically Because she was so serious about keeping things well-ordered, the neat freak cleaned her home scrupulously until it was immaculate.
15102 Cleared removed or got rid of something After he cleared all of the junk out of the shed, Thomas took the trash to the dump.
15103 Muddle to mess up or make confusing Because Jane has no computer skills, she has managed to muddle our accounting records.
15104 Namaste a respectful Indian greeting usually spoken with a slight bow and palms pressed together “Namaste,” said the visitor as she bowed and held her hands together in respect while entering the Indian home.
15105 Procedural a certain routine for doing something In the United States citizens are not allowed to do their however they want to, but they must follow a procedural method of filling out the proper paperwork.
15106 Pervade to spread through all parts The awful smell from the sewage plant seemed to pervade throughout our house.
15107 Invasion a occasion when a someone (usually a military) uses force to take over an area In an attempt to stop an invasion, the villagers built a tall fort to protect against the enemy’s force.
15108 Exorcism the act of driving out a demon from a person or place During the Second World War, some believed Adolf Hitler was possessed by a demon and tried to remove it through a long-distance exorcism.
15109 Migratory moving from one location to another at regular times of the year Because they fly south for the winter, geese are considered migratory birds.
15110 Hustle and bustle loud commotion due to motions, sounds and movement Recent high school graduates from small towns usually become mesmerized with the noise and chaos of the hustle and bustle of the big city.
15111 Blazon to exhibit in a vivid manner To blazon his wealth, the king wore a crown adorned with hundreds of jewels.
15112 Kosher acceptable; appropriate It’s not kosher to brag about how much money you make you make per year.
15113 Currency anything used to purchase goods and/or services In the 1800s gold was a valuable currency that could be used to purchase goods and services.
15114 Mind-blowing incredible or shocking When my son with poor hearing first received his hearing aid, it was written all over his face how mind-blowing it was for him to hear the world for the first time.
15115 Imprisonment the act of locking someone into a space such as a prison The thief’s imprisonment only lasted a few months before he was able to escape.
15116 Perturbation the condition of being distressed When the sensitive boy realized he was being dumped by his girlfriend, he fell into perturbation.
15117 Rated valued; appraised or measured Although the hotel was rated a four out of five, we found the service to be crummy at best.
15118 Take to carry something or bring it with you The clerk used a huge buggy to take all of the boxes from the front of the store to the pack.
15119 Gimcrack something that looks nice but is of poor quality or make The seemingly fancy dress that my sister bought is little more than a gimcrack, looking nice but being of rather low quality.
15120 Deadpan showing no feeling or emotion The waitress’s deadpan expression made her appear cold to her customers.
15121 Maudlin showing or expressing too much emotion especially in a foolish or annoying way The girl’s performance was so maudlin that people started to boo her off the stage.
15122 Utilizer someone who uses a situation or object to their benefit Carrie is a heavy utilizer of Facebook and uses the platform to market her products.
15123 Impresario the promoter of an opera or concert company The famous impresario changed his name to further promote his concert company.
15124 War a state of conflict between two countries or groups of people After our country was attacked with a missile, we decided to go to war against our enemy.
15125 Perambulator a stroller The baby was being pushed in the stroller-like perambulator on a sunny day.
15126 Passerby a person who happens to be walking by something Thankfully, a passerby spotted the raging fire and called 911.
15127 Counterbalance to oppose or balance something with another thing of equal weight or force A pulley system was used by the movers to counterbalance the weight of the furniture during delivery.
15128 Contend to argue or challenge To obtain custody of her children in the divorce, Bridgett will contend her husband is an abusive man.
15129 Stronghold heavily reinforced place of protection or center for militia The stronghold was guarded by hundreds of highly trained soldiers and fortified with reinforced steel.
15130 Tempered having a specific temper or disposition Although his father is an ill-tempered old man, John seems to have a sweet and sensitive demeanor.
15131 Predictability the degree to which something can be guessed or forecasted Because of his predictability, Heath’s wife knew that she could find him fishing every Saturday afternoon no matter what.
15132 Terrible evil or ill-willed There is nothing more terrible than a dictator who is willing to murder his own people to further his conquest.
15133 Lent a Christian event that takes place for forty days ending on the day before Easter where Christians give up something or do something kind for those days My Catholic mother usually gives up sweets for Lent, but this year she doesn’t think she can refrain from eating desserts for over a month.
15134 Subtract to deduct or detract from something “When you subtract two from five,” the math teacher told her students, “you will end up with three.”
15135 Proviso a conditional stipulation attached to an agreement A proviso was added to the bill to make sure that the likelihood of theft would be diminished.
15136 Unicorn a mythical creature that resembles a horse and has one horn in the center of its head The horse-like unicorn is said to be the holder of all truth that can pierce the heart of a liar with its horn.
15137 Nativism the practice of giving preference to the native residents of an area Nativism is observed by individuals who believe their culture is superior to other cultures.
15138 Hesitation a delay due uncertainty Jumping in without hesitation, the swimmer quickly plunged into the pool.
15139 Commanded ordered; directed The military leader commanded his troops, ordering them into battle before dawn.
15140 Fathomless too great to be measured The depths of the ocean seemed fathomless, reaching deeper than any man could measure.
15141 Bisect to separate into two even or nearly even sections With the skill of a surgeon, the chef will use a knife to bisect the pie into two equal slices.
15142 Patrol a duty to guard or observe an area for security reasons As part of her family’s business, Melissa was required to do a nightly patrol on Fridays to ensure that nobody broke into their jewelry store.
15143 Curtain a piece of fabric that is traditionally hung to block out light or hide things from view Pulling the curtain to a close, the stagehands pulled out the furniture and props for the next act.
15144 Aliment food or sustenance The prisoners’ aliment was nothing more than bread and water because the warden just wanted to sustain their lives.
15145 Evangelical strict and passionate belief in the Christian teachings The evangelical pastor was close minded to hearing the ideas of non-Christian faiths.
15146 Reserve to book or retain My father used his veteran’s status to reserve a hotel room at a discounted price.
15147 Witness to see something I bore witness to the sunrise this morning, because I decided it would be nice to start the day on a good note this time.
15148 Favor preference for something more than its counterpart Grandmother tended to favor boys over girls.
15149 Clutter a messy collection of things lying around Clutter filled the elderly couple’s home as they refused to get rid of anything they had every bought.
15150 Wart a small, hard, benign growth on the skin, caused by a virus The haggard old woman had a hairy wart on her nose that scared all of the children away on Halloween.
15151 Teleological the philosophical attempt to describe every object in regards to its apparent use or purpose In teleological thinking, you would describe a fork by saying what it is used for, rather than what it looks like or is made of.
15152 Symmetry balanced amounts of features to the main body or shape The perfect symmetry of the body parts increased the sculpture’s realistic appearance.
15153 Iterative involving repetition and doing the same thing over and over again The machine’s iterative set-up requires its internal processes to repeat repetitiously until the cycle is complete.
15154 Manicure treatment for the hands that involves softening the skin and making the nails look better The full manicure treatment is more expensive because it includes nail cutting and painting.
15155 Replication a reproduction or duplicate I’m not upset about the ring being stolen because the piece was only a worthless replication.
15156 Faced dealt with; handled Because he was born with no legs, the disabled boy faced many difficulties when it came to moving around.
15157 Hemorrhage a quick outpour that appears incapable of being stopped Without customers, the business will experience a hemorrhage of funds.
15158 Estoppel a legal rule of evidence that prevents a party from making statements that contradict what one previously stated Because the father had already stated the child wasn’t his, collateral estoppel prevented him from filing for child support.
15159 Collaborate to labor with individuals or a single person to complete a task The software engineers will collaborate on the project to make sure it is available to the customer on the agreed upon date.
15160 Cavalry soldiers in a certain part of the army who ride horses into battle As the cavalry was called in, they mounted their stallions and descended into the valley to confront the enemy.
15161 Aggregate to place into a category or cluster Schools often use test scores to aggregate students into classes based on intelligence.
15162 Obscurity the condition of being unknown The teen heartthrob came out of obscurity and became one of the most famous entertainers in the world.
15163 Homeward in the direction of home After driving to the Grand Canyon for their annual vacation, the Simpson Family was homeward bound due being at the end of their trip.
15164 Endear to bring about love or fondness Your rude behavior didn’t endear you to the judges.
15165 Knock-off a copy of a product that sells for less than the original version The knock-off purses were designed to look just like the originals but are sold for a lot less.
15166 Effortlessly to do something with ease Jenny could always effortlessly make a perfect grade in any math class in high school due to her uncanny ability with mathematics.
15167 Oscitant yawning in a lazy, sluggish way The oscitant traveler gaped his mouth open with a big yawn as he sluggishly continued on his ten-hour drive.
15168 Stately having a remarkable appearance All eyes were on the stately well-dressed man as he walked towards the podium.
15169 Stone a firm pebble or rock When the door kept shutting closed, I pushed a heavy stone in front of the door to keep it open.
15170 Savannah an area covered with fields of grass and a few trees While traveling across the savannah, the tribe realized this would be a perfect place to shoot the roaming game for its meat.
15171 Rostrum a raised platform on which public speakers stand to address an audience; podium The set designers built a rostrum for the choir members to stand on.
15172 Physical Property aspects of objects that are observable and often used to describe them, such as color or texture One of the most notable aspect of a stereotypical apple is the color red, a physical property that most all humans can observe.
15173 Rangeland an open piece of land where animals graze The forage on the rangeland was dwindling, leaving little for the cattle to eat on during the winter.
15174 Unify to unite things or make pieces whole Giving a speech about how important it is for all races to work together, MLK was able to unify the groups.
15175 Ladle a large, long-handled serving spoon Using a hefty ladle, the chef spooned out several cups of broccoli soup for the guests.
15176 Intermediary a person or thing that facilitates The intermediary is responsible for delivering the goods to the client and paying the seller.
15177 Man an adult male The only man in the class, Thomas felt a little awkward taking a sewing course with a bunch of women.
15178 Shutter a device that opens and closes to expose the film in a camera Because the shutter closed too soon, overexposure occurred and the picture was ruined.
15179 Perfidy behavior that shows that someone cannot be trusted Because my husband’s perfidy hurt me terribly, I served him with divorce papers.
15180 Depreciation a decrease in the value of something, especially due to wear and tear Depreciation of the car happened quickly, with the value dropping several thousand dollars as soon as the buyer drove off.
15181 Monochromatic dull in color The bride wanted her wedding color scheme to be monochromatic, with no bright colors to take the attention off of her dress.
15182 Egress an outlet or exit I had a panic attack in the haunted house when I could not find an egress leading to the outside.
15183 Caldera a large, volcanic crater that is created after part of a volcano collapses The circular caldera is located at the summit of the volcano and is sunken in from the collapse.
15184 Organize to arrange for The president of the PTA will organize a fundraiser and are in need of volunteers for this next event.
15185 Regnant currently ruling The empress regnant refers to a female monarch that is currently ruling the Chinese empire.
15186 Discourse written or spoken communication or debate The discourse between the two candidates has not been friendly.
15187 Hurry to rush or move quickly On Christmas Eve, busy shoppers rush around the mall looking like last-minute gifts.
15188 Appreciated to be fully understood or grasped The majesty of our universe will probably never be fully appreciated by us humans, as we’ll never see all of it.
15189 Laying putting something down, usually in a careful way Laying the baby down in the crib gently, the mother made sure not to wake the newborn from his slumber.
15190 And used for joining words or words groups Without curiosity, life would be rather slow and dull.
15191 Shooter a person using a gun Each shooter on the deer hunt must have a permit that allows them to possess a gun.
15192 Oddity an unusually strange person, thing, or event The lanky man and his petite wife are always looked at like an oddity in public.
15193 Grouping the arrangement of people into sections or groups Because we bought cheap airline tickets, we were in grouping 9 and the final set of passengers to board.
15194 Lofty great and worthy of praise The football players have set a lofty goal in their bid to win all their home games this year.
15195 Hindsight knowledge that is gained after an event has happened In hindsight, I wished I had taken my friend’s key when I discovered she had wrecked her car on the way home.
15196 Vengeful someone who is consumed by or actively seeking revenge for a wrong doing The Count of Monte Cristo follows a vengeful Edmond Dantes on his quest to destroy the lives of those who had him falsely imprisoned.
15197 Being a person or thing that exists The shadow of a being could be seen in the alleyway, but we couldn’t tell if it was a person or an animal.
15198 Cattywampus unorderly or something absolutely crazy Shannon really needs to fire her make-up artist, being that her eyeliner is all cattywampus.
15199 Gulag the justice system that uses forced work camps as punishment Only a few have escaped the gulag in North Korea, but the former prisoners claim the camps are brutal, dangerous and work people to death.
15200 Morning the period of time between midnight and noon Each day, I rise with the sun and start my early morning workout routine.
15201 Step-by-step succeeding steadily from one phase to the next By following the step-by-step instructions, the parents could assemble the dollhouse together by following each diagram and explanation after another.
15202 Fortunately luckily Fortunately, I swerved out of the lane before a car came barreling down the one way.
15203 Execute to put a plan or order into effect We were unable to execute our beach plans since the weather wasn’t in agreement.
15204 Flock a group of one type of birds The flock of seagulls flew over the ocean looking for any fish it could grab for food.
15205 Sentient being able to feel or sense things Humans are not the only sentient beings, elephants are very emotional and perceptive mammals as well.
15206 Microbiology branch of science concerned with microorganisms A scientist that studies microbiology probably spends a lot of time studying germs and other microbes.
15207 Allowed permitted or let something happen Lola’s mom allowed her to spend the night at my house last weekend but wouldn’t let her come over today.
15208 Rebel to rise up in a revolt against something Members of the group decided to rebel after seeing that no one was listening to their ideas.
15209 Hollow empty on the inside The empty inside of the hollow tree is the perfect home for squirrels and other forest animals.
15210 Bewitch to capture one’s attention by putting a spell on them The Wiccan woman looked for a spell that would allow her to bewitch her ex-boyfriend and make him fall in love again.
15211 Entropy a gradual fall into a state of chaos or disorder Sue prevents her small apartment from falling into entropy by storing items in containers and on shelves.
15212 Graciousness kindness and warm courtesy The graciousness in Mrs. Kennedy’s speech showed the crowd how kind she was.
15213 Reservation an advanced booking Booked up for two weeks, the fancy restaurant was filled and couldn’t accept another reservation.
15214 Embattled involved in a conflict The embattled soldiers had no choice but to fight to the death with their bitter enemies on the grassy field that day.
15215 Uncooperative unwilling to help or compromise The police pushed witnesses to talk about what they saw at the crime scene, but most were uncooperative and refused to speak.
15216 Lipid a substance (such as wax, fat, or oil) that will dissolve in alcohol but not water Lipids are the building blocks of living cells and come in a variety of options (waxes, fats, or oils.)
15217 Gay content and joyful Playing in the field on their day off of school, the young gay children giggled as they were cartwheeling and jumping around.
15218 Situation the location or circumstances of something compared to the things around it With the impending hurricanes, I knew my sister’s situation was desperate since her house was flooded.
15219 Iterate said or done again and again; repeated I will iterate our policy over and over to be perfectly clear.
15220 Lockjaw a medical condition referred to as tetanus in which the jaws become firmly locked together Straining to open her tightened mandible, the patient’s lockjaw stopped her from being able to eat her morning meal.
15221 Outstretched to extend or stretch out Katie smiled and nodded as the senator shook her outstretched hand.
15222 Acceptor one who receives something The acceptor took the stage and prepared to give a speech after receiving her award.
15223 Soaring moving up rapidly Gas prices were soaring in the summer, quickly shooting up by 80 cents per gallon in a few days.
15224 Tussle to struggle, wrestle, or fight with someone The children began to tussle over a toy, and the preschool teacher had to step in to break up the fight.
15225 Foreshadow to indicate or signal beforehand that something is going to happen Telling lies up front in a relationship can foreshadow serious problems down the road.
15226 Lengthy   $MMT = window.$MMT || {}; $MMT.cmd = $MMT.cmd || [];$MMT.cmd.push(function(){ $MMT.display.slots.push([“8f1244f6-5306-4bbe-9562-fc5ef7966ac2”]); }) Prev Word Next Word long and overextended, especially in time The courts have to impose lengthy prison sentences whenever they deal with serious offences.
15227 Accountability the state of being accountable; responsible for Their lack of accountability has corroded public respect for business and political leaders.
15228 Amusing adding humor or fun to something As Bobo the Clown entertained the group of three-year olds, it made for an amusing time for everyone.
15229 Messiah one who is thought to be the savior of a certain group Many of the politician’s followers see him as a messiah who will fix all of their problems.
15230 Threatening having a hostile or intimidating manner The threatening letter stated that a bomb would be placed in a random mailbox around the city once every day.
15231 Marvel something or someone that triggers amazement Many scientists view the three-year-old boy with the extremely high IQ as a marvel.
15232 Achieved reached a desired goal or objective The student achieved honor roll two semesters in a row and received a certificate for his As.
15233 Triathlon an athletic event that includes three separate events (usually running, cycling, and swimming) The third event of the triathlon was difficult for the athlete since she was already tired from cycling and running.
15234 Scathe to harm or injure The would-be killer attempted to stab his ex-wife but got away before he could scathe her.
15235 Bellows emitting a sound that sounds like a deep roar The booming cow bellows so loud that the rancher’s family can hear its thundering moo from across the farm.
15236 Offered presented or attempted to give something to someone else Harvard has offered the gifted student a fully paid scholarship to attend classes their next fall.
15237 Unsheathed pulled a knife or sword out from its covering The warrior unsheathed the blade, raised it above his head and plunged it towards the enemy.
15238 Prosaic commonplace or dull; unimaginative Because the biggest thing in my hometown is the grocery store, the city really is a prosaic little place.
15239 Found to base a belief, claim or idea on something It’s possible that a child living in a dysfunctional household without discipline meant that many students found it difficult to understand order in the classroom.
15240 Syllogism a line of reasoning in which a conclusion is drawn from two related premises One example of incorrect syllogism is the notion that all animals have four legs because dogs are animals and all dogs have four legs.
15241 Novice inexperienced The bike race is only for novice riders who have never participated in a professional race.
15242 Undertow an underlying mood or feeling that is present just below the surface An undertow of grief swept over the widow as she laid her husband to rest.
15243 Evening the period in a day that starts around 6 pm and ends at bedtime The tight-knit family enjoys having dinner together in the evening time after everyone has made it home from work.
15244 Lord a ruler who has power or authority over others Being a fine and fair ruler, the lord was respected by both royals and peasants in his kingdom.
15245 Functionary a public servant who does specific tasks for his or her job Training is mandatory for any functionary to complete the duties of his or her job.
15246 Impel to drive an individual to perform in a certain way The manufacturer hopes its commercial will impel us to purchase its new product.
15247 Disintegrate to fracture into numerous tiny pieces and parts When I stirred the mixture, the sugar seemed to disintegrate into the water.
15248 Viral something (a video, image, an advertisement) that is circulating rapidly on the internet The image of the cat doing the Macarena went viral, gaining ten thousand likes in just one day.
15249 Traveler someone who journeys from one place to another, typically over a great distance The old traveler has been all around the world, from the towering pyramids of Egypt to the great snow fields of Siberia.
15250 Thunk a word used to describe the sound of a heavy object hitting something else Settling down with a thunk, the sunken ship hit the bottom of the ocean floor.
15251 Deciding making a final choice or judgment about something The groom and bride had a hard time deciding between cake flavors but ended up choosing chocolate.
15252 Rang caused a device with a bell to ring by striking it The children rang the doorbell and then ran away as soon as someone answered the call.
15253 Trajectory a course or route taken If the missile alters the trajectory of just one of the planets, the two bodies will not collide.
15254 Provoke to trigger a reaction, often an angry one The pictures of the victim’s body are sure to provoke feelings of anger within the jury.
15255 Equine similar in appearance to or associated with a horse In high school, people used to bully Gail by calling her “Horsey” because of her equine face.
15256 Selected chose; picked out The choir teacher selected a few special vocalists, cherry-picked to sing solos during the festival.
15257 Ignoramus someone who is completely uninformed The reporter proved he was an ignoramus when he gave out false information during the broadcast.
15258 Average ordinary; not very special Although others thought the woman to be very beautiful, she was insecure and only saw herself as average.
15259 Turnover the act of replacing an employee with a new employee The turnover of teachers in the school has been much higher the last few years.
15260 Uptick a slight rise or growth in something People didn’t notice the uptick in temperature from yesterday to today since it went from 76 degrees to 77 degrees.
15261 Remissness carelessness and inattentiveness Due to the remissness of the teenage driver, his car swerved in and out of traffic putting the other drivers on the road in danger.
15262 Linkage the forming of a connection between two different things The new railroad system will be the linkage that will join one end of the city to the other.
15263 Ante to make an investment in money before knowing one’s chances Every player is required to place an ante of the chosen amount into the center of table when playing poker.
15264 Similar alike or close to the same While the two brothers are not identical twins, they are so similar in looks and personality that I still cannot tell them apart.
15265 Reduction lessening; declining A reduction in government spending led to a financial surplus of over one million dollars.
15266 Ethnology a science that deals with the study of people and their different societies and cultures The scientist went into the field of ethnology so that he could study different Asian cultures.
15267 Botanist an expert in or student of the scientific study of plants The botanist who specializes in photosynthesis is studying how certain flowers make their own food.
15268 Stout thick and strong The mover’s sturdy and stout frame made him suitable for lifting heavy furniture.
15269 Bloat to make or become swollen with fluid Eating too much salt causes the patient’s legs and feet to bloat to 2x their original size.
15270 Auditory of or pertaining to hearing Many people are auditory learners who learn best through hearing.
15271 Commissioning entrusting a person or group of people with supervisory power or authority The commissioning of writers fell into the lap of the editor who was responsible for supervising the production of all pieces.
15272 Tradition a cultural custom, ritual, or practice Members of the Dani tribe of Indonesia have a strange tradition of cutting off parts of their fingers when a loved one dies.
15273 Critique a review of a work describing its positive and negative elements The author was angry when he received a negative critique of his novel.
15274 Nay not at all or nope When Congress decided to vote, the vice president asked the congressman to say yea if they are in favor of the issue or nay if they are not.
15275 Minded looked after; took care of The nanny minded all of the children, taking care of them while their mother and father worked at the bank.
15276 Pictorial pictorial means to be expressed in pictures The pictorial novel was a hit with people who disliked reading and enjoyed looking at pictures.
15277 Principle the root of or foundation for a belief or state of being Democracy operates on the principle that everyone should be treated equally.
15278 Philanthropist an individual who is very generous to others This year, the philanthropist will give fifty scholarships to needy high school graduates.
15279 Curb something that holds back or limits Popping a small piece of candy into your mouth would curb your hunger but only temporarily.
15280 Distribute to divide into portions and dispense Churches often distribute pamphlets to invite people to attend their Sunday service.
15281 Hasidic relating to a conservative form of Judaism that began in 18th century Europe Hasidic boys of the Jewish faith visited the synagogue to worship and pray.
15282 Scald to be hurt by a scorching fluid Even the smallest splash of hot oil on my skin would scald it causing severe burns.
15283 Compliance the act of obeying rules Because the prisoner had a long history of compliance, the warden gave him extra outside privileges.
15284 Ballistic suddenly angry, sad, or otherwise overcome with emotion After failing the test, the ballistic student began to scream and bang her head against the classroom wall.
15285 Bestowed presented with The queen bestowed a title upon the man who saved her life.
15286 Loving affectionate and caring A loving and caring person, Janna spends most of her free time volunteering at the animal shelter or soup kitchen.
15287 Absurdity the quality of being ridiculous To believe that the earth is flat is an absurdity.
15288 Singularity the act of being the only one of something; on its own Since the hiker was stranded having the singularity of one match in his pocket, the hiker realized he would only have one chance to build a fire.
15289 Narcissism extreme love for oneself After being accused of narcissism, the young girl tried to stop looking at herself in the mirror and explaining how great she is.
15290 Acrylic a substance that is produced by chemical processes from a type of acid and is used to make many different products The acrylic powder was added to the woman’s nailbed and shaped to form a natural looking nail.
15291 Excoriation a cut or scrape on a person’s skin Everyone asked about the excoriation on my finger which I explained was caused by a knife while making dinner.
15292 Bough a large tree branch Mulberries sprouted in each direction off of the main bough of the tree.
15293 Rob to steal something form someone else The thieves tried to rob their neighbor, but his barking dog scared them away from his home.
15294 Diffident lacking confidence in one’s ability or self Because she felt unattractive, Mary was diffident and kept to herself at parties.
15295 Circulation the continuous movement of something in a closed section While on the plane, the woman’s blood circulation was reduced and her legs began to cramp.
15296 Intentional on purpose,planned and deliberate Karen is intentional with her eating selections and always plans her meals ahead so she won’t make a bad choice.
15297 Aphotic a region of water that is so deep that it does not receive sunlight In the aphotic section of the ocean, many sea creatures have the ability to glow in the pitch black depths.
15298 Insignia a patch or badge that indicates a person’s official or military rank, or which group or organization they belong to Because Rita is a Chicago Cubs fan, she wears the team logo as her insignia.
15299 Worldwide global; all over the world The company hopes to go worldwide and branch out over both Asia and Europe.
15300 Metaphysical associated with what is believed to be present yet not visible In the book, the main character spoke to a metaphysical being he couldn’t see.
15301 Loud producing a lot of sound or noise The thunder made a loud boom right as the powerful lightning struck the tree.
15302 Cloy to disgust someone by being overly sweet or rich The overly sweet candy was so sugary that it was able to cloy the children after a few sickening bites.
15303 Regimented well-ordered or organized Developing a regimented study schedule can help college students improve their grades.
15304 Unsatisfactory not satisfying or good enough An unsatisfactory number of people signed up for the play so it had to be cancelled.
15305 Repugnant repulsive or offensive The smell was completely repugnant to the pregnant woman.
15306 Hooey nonsense; something that isn’t logical The tabloid articles are just a lot of hooey that is based on lies and gossip rather than fact.
15307 Compared measured or judged against something else The frugal shopper compared the prices of the two brands of orange juice to see which one was a better deal.
15308 Promise an assurance or vow that something will happen The husband and wife will promise to love each other for life when they say their vows on their wedding day.
15309 Compact condensed; compressed The compact wagon was much more condensed than a full-size SUV.
15310 Innocent not guilty of a crime or wrongdoing; harmless Thankfully, the judge took the new evidence into consideration and released the innocent man.
15311 Vent an opening that allows air, gas, or liquid to pass out of or into a confined space A vent at the top of the chimney allows smoky air to escape and fresh air to enter the home.
15312 Detritus the litter that remains after something has been completed, used, or demolished Please sweep up the wood shavings and other detritus after you finish building your bookcase.
15313 Respite brief interval of rest or relief Gardening is the perfect hobby for those who need respite from hectic city life.
15314 Interventionism a strategy or plan of coming between something or someone usually involving the government In Turkey, the interventionism of this country’s economy by the United States was due to Turkey’s imprisonment of an American citizen.
15315 Reed a thin grass that is usually tall and found in marshy areas Common reed has taken over the ditches near our house, the weeds growing over 10 feet tall in some parts.
15316 Monosyllabic short responses, consisting of only one syllable Ancient Chinese words were monosyllabic and easily pronounced since they were so short.
15317 Kidney one of a pair of organs located in the right and left side of the abdomen that filter waste from the body Diabetes related kidney disease required the patient to undergo dialysis to help clear waste from his body.
15318 One-up to do better than someone else Joe and his brother are very competitive, always trying to one-up each other while playing sports.
15319 Exalted placed at a high level or in high regard Reviewers exalted the book, helping it to rise to the top of the Best Seller’s List in just a few days.
15320 Skittish scared by even the smallest of things The skittish horse stood on his hind legs when the rabbit rushed by him.
15321 Hearth the area directly in front of a fireplace We sat in front of the hearth in our living room so we could warm our hands after our day outside in the snow.
15322 Consumption the usage of an item by a specific person or group The consumption of large amounts of fat can trigger cardiovascular disease.
15323 Grimace a facial expression that usually indicates strong dislike or pain After he ate my spinach casserole, my husband had a grimace of disgust on his face.
15324 Substrate the top layer of soil or material where a plant or other living thing sustains life Planting the small saplings in the substrate of the ground allowed these plants to take in nutrients to grow bigger.
15325 Chopped cut up into small pieces The chef chopped the ham up into cubes using a sharp knife from his kitchen.
15326 National related or common to a whole country The national chain has retail stores in every state in the U.S.A.
15327 Balanced stable; equalized Becky’s balanced diet consisted of equal portions of meat, veggies, and fruits.
15328 Harry to harass; annoy or torment The supervisor believes to harry the employees during year end physical inventory will get the job done quickly.
15329 Cyanosis a bluish or purplish discoloration of the skin due to lack of oxygen in the blood After spending the night in below zero weather, cyanosis kicked in and the trapped hunter began to turn blue.
15330 Effeminate exhibiting behaviors that are considered feminine The man’s shoulder length hair made him appear effeminate.
15331 Reformatory an alternative to jail or prison where minors are sent for committing a crime Both boys were shipped off to a reformatory for naughty children.
15332 Reproduce to make a copy of something In architecture class, our assignment was to reproduce a replica of the Eiffel Tower.
15333 Grandmother in the family tree, the mother of one of your parents Marie gave birth to my mother, Susan, who then gave birth to me, making Mari my grandmother.
15334 Vitiate to spoil, make faulty; to reduce the value, quality, or effectiveness of something If you think that crossing your fingers behind your back is going to vitiate the promise you made, think again.
15335 Prevalent very common in a particular place or among a particular group You should not assume everyone is a drug user simply because drug use is prevalent.
15336 Privatization the transfer of something from public to private ownership The privatization of the school was something parents weren’t looking forward to, since it meant their tax dollars would no longer pay for attendance.
15337 Prodigy extremely talented person, especially a child Even though he was only thirteen years old, the prodigy was taking college courses.
15338 Attestation a supporting statement or evidence The hiring company asked the applicant to provide a recommendation letter as an attestation to the woman’s moral character.
15339 Cosset to treat like a pet; to overly indulge From buying expensive toys to boxing vegetable-free lunches, the mother would cosset to her child’s every whim.
15340 Verification the process of confirming the truth or validity of a claim/document The university waited for verification of the student’s SAT scores and final GPA before admitting her for fall semester.
15341 Concubine a woman who lives with a man as a mistress but has a lower status than his wife/wives Though he loved his concubine the most, the king decided long ago just to have one wife.
15342 Slow someone that is not imaginative or quick thinking Ingrid can be a bit slow when it comes to thinking of creative ideas, but she usually thinks of something within a few hours.
15343 Visit to go to see a person or place We plan to visit as many Disney parks as possible on our vacation.
15344 Monomania a mental illness characterized by excessive obsessive or concentration on a single thing or idea Suffering from monomania, the woman was convinced that the Mexican pop star was in love with her even though they had never met.
15345 Rubble the pieces that remain after a structure is destroyed The hurricane turned several oceanfront homes into piles of rubble.
15346 Interpolate to change something by adding material to it Since the author would often interpolate the stories of others by adding his own text, the critics did not view him as a real writer.
15347 Inability lack of the ability to do something; incapability His inability to walk meant that he would need a wheelchair.
15348 Aerosol substances confined under pressure and typically released in the form of a spray A well-known form of aerosol is Febreeze, which is a spray that is released from under pressure to eliminate bad odors.
15349 Commanding referring to a superior or leading position The commanding politician in this race has almost twice as many votes as the runner-up behind him.
15350 Granted allowed; approved The prison warden granted the inmate a furlough, allowing him to leave the jail for a weekend when his mother died.
15351 Shamefacedly in a way that shows a person is awkwardly embarrassed Once I had calmed down, I shamefacedly removed my ranting Facebook post from my timeline.
15352 Indomitable not capable of being defeated Even when my father was stricken with cancer, he remained an indomitable force who never stopped fighting to live a normal life.
15353 Abide tolerate an unpleasant thing or person; endure Although my daughter hates the school dress code, she knows she must abide by it.
15354 Pacifism belief in complete nonviolence Many hippies during the 1970s promoted pacifism by stressing peace and not war.
15355 Scandalize to shock someone by doing something horrifying or immoral The nun’s marriage to the priest was enough news to scandalize the entire town.
15356 Finished completed; brought to an end Mindy quickly finished her homework so that she could play outside when she was done.
15357 Torpedo an underwater weapon that is in the shape of a long tube used as a bomb sent out to destroy other ships When the war submarine observed the enemy ship in the near distance, the submarine sent a torpedo in its direction.
15358 Kaput completely done; not functioning or dead Because my car is kaput and not working, I need to buy a new vehicle.
15359 Anemic exhausted; weak If I appear anemic, it’s because I haven’t eaten in a couple of days.
15360 Remainder an amount that is extra After dividing 3 into 25, the remainder to the math problem is one because 3 goes into 25 eight times with 1 left over.
15361 Fancied liked or felt a desire for The couple fancied a night out on the town, so they got dressed and called a cab.
15362 Trope commonly used technique or idea generally used so often that it becomes expected or a cliche Love at first sight is an overused romance trope.
15363 Inmost innermost He buried his deepest desires in the inmost recesses of his heart and hid them from the world.
15364 Correct to fix an error or something that is inaccurate The teacher will allow the students to correct any of the problems they solved wrongly on Friday’s test.
15365 Exploded blew up; blasted A few seconds after the dynamite was lit, the sticks exploded in a huge blast.
15366 Tutelage the condition of being under someone’s protection, usually a guardian Under the coach’s tutelage, James became the star of his college’s basketball team.
15367 Defect a shortcoming, malfunction or imperfection I purchased an expensive pair of shoes for a fraction of the regular cost because of a tiny defect in the leather.
15368 Grown-up an adult who is fully mature Children are allowed to play bingo at the country club, but they must have a grown-up over the age of 18 present to win prizes.
15369 Merch a shortened form of the word merchandise (products that people sell) We went to the clothing store for new merch but didn’t find any eye-catching pieces.
15370 Friend a person who you know well and enjoy spending time with but is not part of your family I had hoped that Miriam would be my friend, but she likes to hang out with my sister.
15371 Sublime something of such excellence, impressive or awe-inspiring After the sublime meal, we asked to see the chef so that we could give him our compliments.
15372 Minted to be produced for the very first time The company’s brand new car design was minted today, introducing revolutionary technology to the world.
15373 Oblivion the condition of being unaware or uninformed After I was given the sedative, I was in complete oblivion and unaware of my surroundings.
15374 Puckish playful in a mischievous way A practical joker, the puckish boy was always trying to pull a prank on his unsuspecting parents.
15375 Electrify to excite; stimulate The record breaking swimmer continued to excite and electrify the whole country with his meets.
15376 Germ the onset of an idea that can turn into something big and important Most successful movies and novels start with a germ of an idea to become hits with the audience.
15377 Strait is a narrow passage of water that joins two large areas of water In Venice, Italy, we went on a tour in a gondola down a narrow strait or stretch of water.
15378 Dilapidated rundown; in bad shape The dilapidated house on our street is sure to lower the property values of the homes in our neighborhood.
15379 Truth the facts and reality of a matter Anna begged her cheating husband to tell her the truth about his affair, but he continued to deny reality.
15380 Listing an entry in a larger list or catalog Another three bedroom, two bath listing was added to the relator’s catalog of homes to sell.
15381 Pursuer someone or something that trails or follow someone or something else Betty’s pursuer followed her around the dark corner even though she was running at top speed.
15382 Smooth having a surface texture that is flat and level with no bumps or uneven spots The smooth highway pavement was very different from the bumpy dirt roads we are used to traveling.
15383 Subway a power-driven train system located below ground After buying a ticket, I ran down the stairs to the subway and waited for the vehicle to pull into the station.
15384 Preliminary in preparation for the main matter Though he passed the preliminary exam, further testing proved he was not ready to begin.
15385 Antilogy a contradiction between related words/ideas The term ‘buckle’ is an antilogy because it can mean to fasten and it can also mean to bend.
15386 Attributed to be regarded as a characteristic part of something or someone We attributed Mark’s decision to his foolishness, but it turned out he had touch the hornet’s nest out of arrogance in relation to a dare.
15387 Encomium speech or piece of writing that warmly praises someone or something; tribute Mrs. Poundstone was surprised and delighted on the last day of school when the students in her most difficult class presented her with an encomium they had written, praising her work as a teacher.
15388 Misrepresent   $MMT = window.$MMT || {}; $MMT.cmd = $MMT.cmd || [];$MMT.cmd.push(function(){ $MMT.display.slots.push([“8f1244f6-5306-4bbe-9562-fc5ef7966ac2”]); }) Prev Word Next Word to represent falsely; to inaccurately portray something The video has been edited and doctored out of context to misrepresent the event as it actually occurred.
15389 Sheaf any collection of things bound together; a bundle As he procrastinated, the accountant’s papers piled higher and higher in a sheaf that seemed to never end.
15390 Malediction an evil speech or curse upon someone or something Sometimes my luck is so bad I believe someone has placed a malediction upon me.
15391 Imminent likely to occur at any moment When the Secret Service arrived, everyone knew the president’s arrival was imminent.
15392 Extenuate to make something wrong or offensive seem more justifiable or acceptable I only insulted you because there were extenuating circumstances, I had to stand up for myself after all.
15393 Mogul a powerful and/or wealthy individual As a real estate mogul, Trump has made billions of dollars.
15394 Dissolved disbanded or closed down, breaking apart what was once united The couple dissolved their marriage last spring, deciding that it was better to be apart than husband and wife.
15395 Recollect to remember Racing frantically throughout the house, the frazzled woman tried to recollect where she had placed her car keys.
15396 Acerbic expressing harsh or sharp criticism in a clever way After John heard his teacher’s acerbic comments, he was not motivated to complete his project.
15397 Pipe Dream a goal or ambition generally regarded as unattainable At one time, man being capable of going into space was nothing more than a pipe dream, laughed at by the masses and the wise alike.
15398 Disabled deactivated or diffused something Before taking pictures, Annette disabled the flash from her phone so it wouldn’t cause a burst of light.
15399 Shrugged dismissed something as unimportant Kenny shrugged his shoulders to let his teacher know that he didn’t know the answer to her question.
15400 Wrongdoing an action that is morally or legally wrong If you are guilty of wrongdoing in our society, you must pay either through fines or jail time, depending on the severity of your crime.
15401 Fritter unwisely waste of time and spend frivolously; procrastinate While shopping at the mall, I tend to fritter my money on items I don’t really need.
15402 Threat the act of being in hazard or danger With the approaching tornado, there was a definite threat of impending harm on the citizens in the community.
15403 Crusade a campaign organized to support or promote a certain cause The woman’s crusade against firearm violence earned her the hostility of gun manufacturers.
15404 Flexuous having bends or curves Driving down the flexuous road, the driver was made nervous by all of the sharp curves and abrupt bends.
15405 Extrusion the process of making a material a certain shape by forcing it through a mold You are familiar with extrusion if you have ever used a cookie cutter to force cookie dough into a certain shape.
15406 Venturous tending to take risks or daring experiences A venturous daredevil, Emily loved doing thrill-seeking activities on vacation including swimming with sharks.
15407 Deliquesce to melt and disappear I bet the sidewalk is so hot that the ice cube will deliquesce the moment it touches it.
15408 Privilege an advantage or benefit given to certain individuals As a senior account executive, I now have the privilege of access to the executive lounge.
15409 Touch to make physical contact with an object If you want to touch another person, you will have to be close enough to lay your hand on them.
15410 Guideline official advise or instructions that suggests how something should be done A new guideline has been issued to all staff and teachers on what to do if an unknown person enters the school.
15411 Swell to become larger in size The size of the crowd began to swell as more people began to show up.
15412 Titular having a completely arbitrary position that is of no real power or authority England has a Queen, but today her position is completely titular and she has no authority in the government whatsoever.
15413 Atavism a tendency to revert back to generational/old behavior, characteristics, or habits Ruby’s red locks were viewed as atavism since her great-grandmother had the red hue.
15414 Lascivious having or showing strong sexual desire After running naked through the field, he was arrested for lewd and lascivious behavior.
15415 Anachronism something that doesn’t fit its time period, like if you say you’ll “dial” your smartphone In today’s computer world, a floppy disk is an anachronism.
15416 Stubble the start of hair growth or regrowth on a man’s face Stubble formed on Tom’s chin and cheeks since he forgot to bring his razor on his week-long trip to the mountains.
15417 Consequential significant; important The partial footprint was consequential in solving the case.
15418 Handful a small amount A handful of parents showed up to the midday meeting while the rest chose to come at night.
15419 Personify to give the qualities of a human being to a thing or concept People often personify their cars by giving them human names.
15420 Germinate to mature or develop Without sunlight, the seeds will not germinate.
15421 Perseverance resolve that allows one to continue with a duty or task regardless of difficulty or previous attempts The disabled young man’s perseverance allowed him to complete the marathon.
15422 Shogun a postmodern military ruler of Japan who was just under the emperor In the 15th century, the shogun controlled both the military and finances of Japan.
15423 Irretrievable unable to recover or reverse back to what it was During a fight harsh words are irretrievable since they may be kept in the person’s mind forever.
15424 Vomit to eject/throw up food and other matter from the stomach through the mouth Feeling sick to her stomach, the nauseous woman tried not to vomit all over the floor.
15425 Overboard to do something to the extreme My mother always goes overboard with Christmas decorations, hanging lights and garland on every inch of the house.
15426 Relax to do things that lessen tension and anxiety and increase feelings of calmness or peace It is so difficult for the workaholic to relax as he is always in a hurry to snag the next contract.
15427 Avenue a method or means by which something may be accomplished Admittedly, anger is an all too human response to frustration; but it’s still no avenue to solid achievement.
15428 Allege to claim without evidence In the lawsuit, the parents allege the school system failed to protect their daughter from bullies.
15429 Opposite something that is contrary to something else When I realized that traveling north on the interstate was wrong, I quickly went in the opposite direction and headed south.
15430 Aerospace the atmosphere of the Earth and the region of space around it; the industry concerned with aircraft, missiles, satellites and spacecraft From the aerospace department of the scientific company, many reports revealed their aviation problems were due to human error.
15431 Turbulence conflict or confusion Constant turbulence in the couple’s marriage caused them to file for a divorce.
15432 Emulate to imitate and copy; strive to equal or excel Aspiring to become a good cook, Kate will emulate the recipes and cooking techniques of chef Emeril.
15433 Blest an archaic term meaning blessed and made holy The priest came to the house and blest the family, ridding it from anything unholy.
15434 Gumption ability and courage to get things done Building up the gumption to jump, the dare devil made his way to the edge of the cliff.
15435 Seemed looked like; appeared to be By looking at their pictures, the newlywed couple seemed to be hopelessly in love with one another.
15436 Avenge to retaliate against a group or person who has harmed you in some way The police officer was determined to avenge his partner by bringing his killer to justice.
15437 Anarchist a person who acts against the orders of a ruling body As an anarchist, Jim is always pointing out the flaws of the government.
15438 Unpretentious not attempting to impress others with intelligence, money, style, importance, etc; modest The girl next door portrayed herself in an unpretentious way so that she was beautiful without striving for attention.
15439 Pioneer an individual who prepares a path for others The computer pioneer was one of the first people to visualize a mobile computer.
15440 Divination fortune telling or other magical means of trying to predict the future Believing in divination based on the stars, the Gemini reads her horoscope every morning to find out what her day is going to be like.
15441 Kibitz to sit in on a conversation or event and offer unsolicited advice Watching the men play roulette, a passerby began to kibitz and tell the gamblers where to place their bets.
15442 Discolor to change or lose color Washing light laundry with dark may cause your clothes to discolor, completely ruining them.
15443 Onlookers people who are watching an event or situation take place but not directly participating When the celebrity flew into town, onlookers gathered at the airport to watch him get off of his plane.
15444 Fearsome frightening or scary Few creatures of the American forests are more fearsome than the Grizzly Bear, a hulking beast with massive teeth and claws.
15445 Scurvy deficiency of vitamin C Many sailors died of scurvy due to lack of access to nutritional food.
15446 Strangle to choke or smother The murderer did strangle the victim with his hands leaving his fingerprints on her neck.
15447 Persecute to afflict constantly so as to injure or distress The town tried to persecute a homeowner after they found out he was gay.
15448 Antipathy a feeling of dislike The teenagers expressed their antipathy for the school by vandalizing the gym.
15449 Dependence an addiction Joel’s dependence on alcohol has made it so he will do anything to get more, even if it is a very bad idea.
15450 Reevaluate to look at something again to assess it or appraise it’s worth properly The claims adjuster has to reevaluate the car’s value to see if It is worth fixing.
15451 Jammed squeezed or packed tightly into a small space Ten teenagers jammed themselves into the compact car and rode to the beach stuffed in like sardines.
15452 Bleat the wavering cry made by a goat, sheep, or calf “Baaaa,” said the little black sheep as it let out a bleat in the middle of the pasture.
15453 Burlesque a stage production or literary piece that uses excessive exaggeration or comedic imitation to ridicule something or someone The burlesque war film depicts our president as a kid playing with toy soldiers.
15454 Aristocracy a group of people who are viewed as being better than others, usually because of a title or status in society The richest people in our town are considered to be the town aristocracy.
15455 Goal an aim or target that one wants to reach The students set a goal to read at least 100 books by the end of the school year.
15456 Link a connection or relationship between two or more things DNA showed a genetic link between Mr. Lee and Larry, proving that he was indeed his father.
15457 Mainstay a thing that something or someone depends on Coupons are a mainstay for the couple since they depend on them to reduce their grocery bill every week.
15458 Whose belonging to or associated with which person Whose car is parked in the driveway, Tammy or Jackson?
15459 Peace of mind a feeling of being calm and not worried about anything Yoga and relaxation techniques help the usually stressed woman find peace of mind.
15460 Censure an official reprimand If Bart receives another censure from his boss, he will more than likely lose his job.
15461 Teutonic relating to the ancient Celtic tribe known as the Teutons The German language is derived from the Teutonic language of the past, used by the Teuton tribe of Celts.
15462 Conversant to be familiar with or have inside knowledge about the facts of something The man is conversant in several different languages including French and English.
15463 Contortion a bent position or shape The gymnast’s contortion allowed us to see the full extent of her flexibility.
15464 Bon mot a clever or witty remark Elise laughed at her husband’s bon mot as she did all of his clever jokes.
15465 Grin and bear to accept something bad or difficult without complaining Oliver would rather grin and bear the constant teasing than to stand up to bully or tell a teacher.
15466 Reception a party thrown for a special occasion The menu for the reception included finger foods, punch, and a two-tiered cake.
15467 Regiment to strictly manage a person or thing To avoid chaos in his classroom, Mr. Green never fails to strictly regiment his classroom.
15468 Pure clean and free of any contaminants The dirty water was processed and made pure through the filtering system.
15469 Gauge to measure a specific thing The poll is used to gauge the public’s opinion on the president.
15470 Tractable controlled or directed with ease The dog was more tractable when he wore the vibrating collar.
15471 Fustian heavy cloth woven from cotton Settlers used fustian to weave their clothes since it was a tough fabric that held up well.
15472 Communal used to describe something that is shared by or available to all members of a specific community The communal pool at the community center is open to everyone that lives in the neighborhood.
15473 Sexism gender discrimination and prejudice Unfortunately, sexism and other forms of discrimination towards women are still very common in the twenty first century.
15474 Disease an abnormal condition of the body causing discomfort or dysfunction Obesity is a major factor in illnesses such as heart disease and certain forms of diabetes.
15475 Nonetheless even so or nevertheless Even though the donation was small, it was, nonetheless, a contribution for a worthy cause.
15476 Verbal irony use of words to say one thing but mean another The author used both verbal irony and sarcasm when writing one thing in her book but actually making a different point.
15477 Plague to constantly bother or distress Jim likes to plague his younger sister by hiding her dolls.
15478 Clarify to make clear and easier to understand Because our instructor was so unclear, I had to continually ask him to clarify and repeat what he was saying.
15479 Smash to break something into several pieces through brute force If my large dog sees a squirrel outside the window, he may accidentally smash the glass trying to get to it.
15480 Subsidiary a business owned by a larger company The business is a subsidiary of a gigantic multinational organization.
15481 Orthodox common; familiar While my brother is quite adventurous and likes to try new things, I hate change and prefer to maintain an orthodox lifestyle.
15482 Exaltation an intense state of joy The old woman smiled in exaltation as she finally received her high school diploma.
15483 Ephemeral lasting for a brief period of time Unlike graffiti, sidewalk chalk art is ephemeral because it will wash away in the rain.
15484 Bounty an abundance A bounty of sheep filled the field, causing the entire area to look white like snow.
15485 Compete To try to win something such as a prize or award On Friday, our team will compete in a race against a neighboring school.
15486 Grudgingly in a manner expressing lack of desire After losing our bet, my sister grudgingly agreed to do my chores.
15487 Exemplification the act of providing a sample, illustration or instance Lieutenant Sanders was an exemplification for the younger soldiers because he had rescued twenty troops during an attack.
15488 Sudden occurring unexpectedly and without any warning A sudden snowstorm trapped several of the surprised residents inside their homes.
15489 Jaunty expressing cheer and self-assurance Craig’s bright and jaunty tie put a smile on everyone’s face.
15490 Remit to send or convey If you do not remit the payment for your light bill within two days, your service will be disconnected.
15491 Repentant feeling or showing sorrow for wrongdoing The little boy was quite repentant for hitting his sister and apologized many times.
15492 Profession a career or occupation Unable to decide on a possession, the man decided to take a job as a waiter while he figured it out.
15493 Oral pertaining to the mouth Since my gums were sliced from accidentally eating a piece of glass, I had to have oral surgery.
15494 Buffer a person or thing that protects somebody or something from being harmed by another The wine glasses came with a cardboard around them to buffer any shock from shipping.
15495 Banter good humored conversation We need to help shy Sarah perfect her banter with the opposite sex.
15496 Discharge to dismiss or terminate When the teenager was caught yelling at a customer, his boss decided to discharge the teenager’s employment.
15497 Unbiased fair; without bias or prejudice Workers at the voting place were trained to discuss the candidates’ beliefs in an unbiased way.
15498 Savor to take delight in something for a long period of time The team will savor the championship victory for years to come.
15499 Unattached not having a committed romantic partner My mom has been unattached ever since my dad died a few years ago, as she has little desire to reenter a romantic relationship now.
15500 Slouch to stand or sit in a stooped, slumped, or drooping way Too tired of sitting up straight, the exhausted student began to slouch down in his chair.
15501 Relativism a theory that states there are no absolute truths and what is right or wrong is all relative to what you believe The priest tried to dissolve Paul’s relativism, but couldn’t convince him that there are solid set rules of what is morally okay.
15502 Assisted helped; aided The kindergarten teacher assisted the children with tying their shoes and opening their milk cartons.
15503 Dike a long wall built to prevent flooding from the sea The sea-port’s only hope is to build a long dike along the city to keep the flood water from taking over.
15504 Reference mentioning or alluding to something while speaking or writing Reference to a bomb in the shady email set all of the security members on high alert.
15505 Maiden a young woman, typically unmarried Kyla is still a maiden for now, but she won’t be once she gets married a month from now.
15506 Gorgeous something that is beautiful or especially attractive The man was in love with the woman he saw because she was gorgeous, but even though she was beautiful he knew nothing about her.
15507 Sick affected by a physical or mental illness My daughter usually tries to fake a cold to get out of school on Mondays, but this time she actually was sick, and I let her stay home.
15508 Idly inactively; lazily The lazy boy stood idly by as the rest of his siblings helped unload the groceries from the car.
15509 Reconnoiter to survey a place or situation for planning purposes Before the event, we will reconnoiter the venue so we can design the evening’s seating arrangements.
15510 Irresolution uncertainty; hesitancy The forgetful chef had a moment or irresolution when trying to decide which ingredient should be added to the mixture next.
15511 Romp to play in an excited and energetic way Our playful pups romp and frolic around the yard every time we take them outside.
15512 Inscribe to write on an object Jake asked the jeweler to inscribe a beautiful message on the engagement ring.
15513 Paw the appendage of a two or four-legged animal When I noticed my cat moving her paw up and down on the sofa, I realized that she had torn a hole in the fabric.
15514 Post-haste with a great deal of speed We must leave post-haste if we don’t want to miss the beginning of the film.
15515 Misspeak to speak in a way that is unclear or inaccurate Because she talks to fast, the tongue-tied teacher tends to misspeak.
15516 Reprehensible highly unacceptable action; deserving severe disapproval or criticism How reprehensible of you to put sugar in my gas tank!
15517 Movement the process of changing places or positions Sudden movement in the back of the house sent the dogs barking and startled their sleeping owner.
15518 Glutinous sticky or gooey Wading through glutinous mud caused the hunters to get bogged down and their boots stuck.
15519 Scaffolding a system of temporary structures that hold laborers while they work on a building Three stories of scaffolding towered over the side of the building while the final coat of paint was being spread.
15520 Apogee the highest point The apogee of my happiness was when I married the love of my life.
15521 Snug fitting tightly The baby’s car seat belt must be snug so that she will be protected in case of an accident.
15522 Reprisal an act of retaliation Outraged at failing his French class, Matt keyed the teacher’s car in reprisal.
15523 Conductive associated with a material that carries heat or electricity The conductive wiring may feel warm to the touch because of the electricity it’s carrying.
15524 So to speak a phrase used to indicate that one is speaking in a figurative way and not literally The brown-nosing employee played by the rules, so to speak, but his coworkers hated the way he sucked up to the boss.
15525 Inward felt in your own mind but not revealed to other people After narrowly missing a dog crossing the street, Beth breathed an inward sigh of relief.
15526 Muster to gather collectively Before the cruise ship departs, passengers are required to muster at a specified station for a safety briefing.
15527 Think to reason or consider The judge needed time to think before making a decision in court.
15528 Hedge to hinder or obstruct usually a future loss Jen wanted to hedge her chances of winning the local pageant, so she convinced the beautiful girls in her town to not enter the contest.
15529 Height represents how tall something or someone is The seemingly incalculable height of the mountain frightened the young explorer.
15530 Tackle to determinedly attempt to handle a problem or obstacle My mother is the kind of person to tackle any problem with everything she has, regardless of how difficult or troublesome the problem is.
15531 Amiable being nice; displaying a friendly and pleasant manner Because she was nice to all her fellow students, my cousin Sally was voted the most amiable female at her school.
15532 Attacked came on forcefully; took aggressive action against The vicious dog attacked the small puppy, ripping him to shreds before someone could stop it.
15533 Hardworking diligent; industrious Every hardworking employee is rewarded with a bonus at the end of the quarter.
15534 Rend to rip apart with violence or force The hungry dog is going to rend the steak into pieces.
15535 Harsh cruel and hostile The harsh man screamed at the players over the microphone.
15536 Concupiscence an intense desire, often describing a sexual craving Jared shouldn’t get married until he can rein in his concupiscence and control his sexual cravings.
15537 Copulate to have sexual intercourse Scientists tried to encourage the blue macaws to copulate so that the female would become pregnant and the species would be saved.
15538 Burst to explode suddenly Rocks falling down during the landslide burst apart, breaking into a million pieces.
15539 Parkour a system of movement that involves passing obstacles through running, jumping, and climbing The ninja’s parkour skills were put to the test when he was forced to escape his pursuers by leaping across the rooftops.
15540 Pouch a typically flexible small bag used for storage of equally small objects Ricky likes to keep his marbles in a small pouch so he doesn’t lose them.
15541 Panel a thin section of a plank of wood After piecing the panel together with the large headboard, the designer painted it and set it behind the bed.
15542 Pensioner a person who receives a pension Alice became a pensioner upon her retirement, and she is waiting to receive her income.
15543 Alight to descend from something The birds will alight from the sky and then eat from the feeder.
15544 Taxing physically or mentally challenging/demanding Working all day and raising a family can be a taxing task on any single parent.
15545 Cobble to mend, repair, or put something together The student council was asked to cobble together a plan for graduation day celebrations.
15546 Coyote a person who sneaks in illegal immigrants into the United States from Mexico After the truck was stopped carrying a group of people jumping the U.S. border, the coyote was arrested along with them for smuggling.
15547 Busily hurriedly, in a very active way The servants hurried through the kitchen, busily preparing for the king’s feast.
15548 Daimyo ancient Japanese feudal lords who the samurai served under The descendent of an ancient daimyo, the Japanese boy was proud that to come from a powerful, land-owning family.
15549 Foul play violent or otherwise illegal acts that lead to a crime being committed The police suspected foul play but had no proof that the missing woman had actually been murdered.
15550 Hour a period of time that equals 60 minutes In an hour the clock hand will move from the number 11 to the number 12.
15551 Transitional belonging or relating to a change Transitional housing is often needed for people who get out of prison but have no place to go.
15552 Tribulation a challenging situation or experience Although Sue is dealing with the tribulation of cancer, she is still keeping a positive attitude.
15553 Trachea the windpipe of the human body, that is used to transfer air to and from the lungs when your breath If you punch someone in the throat hard enough, you may crush their trachea and prevent them from breathing, which will kill them.
15554 Degrade to shame or disgrace Bullies will often degrade their victims by making fun of them and getting others to do the same.
15555 Mend to repair or fix something that is broken or damaged There’s no way to mend my broken shoe, so I’ll just need to buy a new pair.
15556 Separation of Powers the political system in which the power of the government is split into different branches to avoid consolidation The separation of powers in the American government divides the power of between three different branches.
15557 Life the state between birth and death in which one is functioning The police tried to convince the man on the ledge that his life was worth living.
15558 Cultivate to foster or nurture As an educator, I try to cultivate a passion for learning among my students.
15559 Oblige perform a good deed for someone Since my neighbor cuts my grass for free, I am happy to oblige him with a ride to the store.
15560 Hear to receive information about; to come to learn of While talking with an old classmate, I was delighted to hear she was coming to our class reunion.
15561 Buddy a friend or pal The lonely preschooler needed a buddy to play with at recess, but none of the other children wanted to be her friend.
15562 Pew a long bench inside a church which holds several people In our small church, the front pew is reserved for the choir.
15563 Leprous having skin or an outer layer that is scaly A new antibiotic is being marked to heal the leprous skin conditions of those suffering from the illness.
15564 Cognate associated by origin or birth The members of the two races have similar physical features because they are cognate.
15565 Synergistic helpful to others on the grounds that helping them will also help oneself, particularly with teammates I prefer to play a synergistic role in the teams I play on, offering assistance to my teammates but not necessarily taking the lead.
15566 Decriminalize to lessen or stop the criminal offenses once associated with an act Even though some states have decided to decriminalize marijuana use, that doesn’t mean that everyone can smoke marijuana without punishment.
15567 Archly cunningly or slyly The thief archly planned the robbery.
15568 Congenial pleasant and enjoyable Mark is a congenial host who always makes everyone feel welcome.
15569 Nothing not anything; not existing Police looked for clues near the crime scene but found nothing out of the ordinary.
15570 Gamut an entire range The company has a gamut of products ranging from infant toys to electrical wall outlets.
15571 Liquid a phase of matter that flows and takes the shape of the container it fills Liquid spilled out of the top of the cup after the toddler dropped it.
15572 Vilified to have slandered or spoken negatively about someone in a way that brings them down The politician insisted that the news reports were untrue and were only lies that vilified him.
15573 Infinitesimal very small In the grand scheme of things, so many of our problems are actually quite infinitesimal, and you shouldn’t waste the energy worrying about them.
15574 Sustainable able to be maintained at current rate/level The farmer was committed to promoting sustainable agricultural practices that would allow him to grow his crops without hurting the land for future generations.
15575 Transcript a written or printed copy of material No one is allowed to view the trial transcript because the file is sealed.
15576 Politeness behavior that takes other people’s thoughts and feelings into account and respects them A person’s first impression of you is often dependent on your politeness.
15577 Discarnate a being having no physical body Some people believe that after death, are souls become discranate beings that have no physical body.
15578 Hypoxia a medical or scientific condition in which there are low levels of oxygen concertation in the body or water Sea life is all but suffocated when hypoxia causes oxygen depletion in the water.
15579 Mythomane a person with a strong or irresistible propensity for fantasizing, lying, or exaggerating The mythomane always thought it was easier to tell a lie than the truth.
15580 Insane being of an irrational or crazy mental state The insane woman believed that she had two different people living inside of her mind, and that they were entirely separate from her.
15581 Changed altered; made different Although she changed her original classes to a few different courses, the student still wasn’t happy with her altered schedule.
15582 Noxious harmful Besides being annoying, the mosquito is a noxious insect that can carry and transmit a number of potentially fatal diseases.
15583 Pastime a hobby done during someone’s free time After Mr. Frank retired from his office job, his pastime included golfing, reading and traveling.
15584 Fitness a state of healthy physical condition Fitness is an important part of your life, making sure your body stays healthy so you can live a longer and happier life.
15585 Indisposed not feeling well Because Maggie is indisposed with a high fever, she will not be attending the banquet.
15586 Centrifugal moving away or advancing from an axis or center Because I love freshly squeezed juice, I bought a centrifugal juicer that pulls the liquid from the pulp.
15587 Biannual occuring twice a year Every six months, you should see the dentist for a biannual cleaning of your teeth.
15588 Restore to turn back to the way it was After being hurt by my friend’s argument, we were able to restore our friendship within a few days.
15589 Many numerous or several Many people are often cited with speeding tickets so that over half of the population has probably received one in their lifetime.
15590 Cadre a group people specially-trained people for a particular purpose or profession The late night comedian is very selective when it comes to choosing candidates to join his cadre of speechwriters.
15591 Conveyancing the act of transferring ownership of land or property from one person to another The clerk was trained in many different sectors of law, but his current position involves conveyancing property deeds from seller to buyer.
15592 Argyle a pattern that features a series of diamonds and a solid colored background that was originally modeled from Scottish tartan The doting grandfather made a habit of wearing argyle vests because his granddaughter loved to trace the diamond patterns and nuzzle into the wool.
15593 Amphitheater an open-air theatre used for entertainment, performances, and sports Tickets to the concert were less expensive since the venue was an outdoor amphitheater.
15594 Feeling an emotion such as happiness or anger After her dog died, sadness was the only feeling that the depressed little girl could express.
15595 Repercussion the consequence of a previous action Danielle did not stop shoplifting until she was faced with the repercussion of jail time.
15596 Sadder filled with more sorrow or grief in comparison to someone, something else, or another time Losing a loved one is always difficult, but I was much sadder the day by grandmother died than during any other loss.
15597 Comestible an item of food An Italian based comestible, pizza is one of my all-time favorite foods.
15598 Within inside of When the target is within striking distance, we will pull the trigger.
15599 Curvature a measure or amount of curving Because of her spine’s curvature, the girl had to see a specialist for straightening.
15600 Surly ill-tempered and irritable The surly man was yelling at the waitress because he didn’t get the right order from the restaurant.
15601 Esteem respect and admiration Having set the world record for fastest mile time, the man received the esteem of his fellow runners.
15602 Straggly spreading around in a messy and disorganized manner Emily’s frizzy hair was knotted and straggly.
15603 Haptic related to the sense of touch Being haptic, the robot was able to sense if an object came close enough to touch.
15604 Pedagogy activities of educating, teaching or instructing The school boasts the most progressive pedagogy and a 100% graduation rate.
15605 Evidence facts or proof that something existed or that an event happened Since there was no evidence to prove the suspect was guilty, the police had to let him go.
15606 Ballooned to swell of bloat The rubber glove ballooned to a much larger size once we filled it up with water.
15607 Disassociate to separate or detach from someone or something Gino tried to disassociate himself from the mob, but the crime bosses refused to let him leave the organization.
15608 Relapse to fall backwards, usually in relation to a person’s health After the relapse, I had to return to my sickbed.
15609 Commotion noisy confusion There was a commotion among the sheep when the dog broke loose from its leash.
15610 Foment to stir up or incite The publicity-hungry politician often made harsh statements about immigrants in order to foment unrest among the public.
15611 Keep to save or hold on to After the engaged couple broke up, the woman decided to keep her engagement ring even though she was supposed to give it back.
15612 Depersonalization a mental health state in which a person feels that either he or the outside world is unreal Because he was dealing with depersonalization, the psyche patient didn’t feel like he was really inside of his body.
15613 Coefficient a digit by which something else is multiplied During class, I learned a coefficient is always attached to a variable.
15614 Helm a position of leadership or control Ever since the CEO has taken the helm of the company, sales have risen dramatically.
15615 Wrathful very angry and irate Irate and wrathful, the vengeful wife was looking for a way to punish her cheating husband.
15616 Promoted to be advanced or raised to a greater position or rank It’s a wonder that Sedge was promoted to commander with his defiant personality and reckless strategies.
15617 Residential designed for the housing of people Residential areas were created so that city residents would have new places to build their homes.
15618 Homely unattractive and plain in appearance The homely girl’s classmates thought she needed a makeover to make her more attractive.
15619 Attraction a feeling of like or desire directed toward something or someone Because she feels an attraction toward tall men, Ruth only dates men who are over six feet tall.
15620 Touch base to communicate with someone by talking to them for a short period of time “I would like to touch base with you about our new product,” the telemarketer said to the customer on the phone.
15621 Endemic native to a specific area or group of individuals The poisonous snake must have come from another country because it is not endemic to our nation.
15622 Discomfit to make a person feel uncomfortable The manager’s mean look served to discomfit me during the interview.
15623 Meritorious deserving of rewards or praise Of all his achievements, winning the gold medal was definitely his most meritorious.
15624 Dignify to make something seem worthy and impressive The new dance coach tried to dignify the team’s outfits by replacing the super-sexy ones with some that she saw as more fitting.
15625 Chaperone to watch and ensure the safety of another individual Parents chaperone the children at the school dance.
15626 Charged asked for a certain amount of money for a service or product The hairstylist charged her client sixty dollars to color her hair but did the cut for less money.
15627 Unheeded ignored or not paid attention to The doctor’s unheeded warnings about the dangers of smoking seemed to go in one ear and out the other.
15628 Equidistant located the same distance from two or more areas My hotel room is located equidistant from both elevators so neither elevator is more convenient than the other.
15629 Layperson someone who is not an expert or doesn’t have detailed knowledge of a subject The doctor had difficulty speaking like a layperson and usually spoke in medical terms that were way above his patients’ heads.
15630 Ombudsman a person who investigates complaints and mediates fair settlements especially between citizens and government officials Without an ombudsman to help mediate, the mayor’s office and the angered couple were forced to work things out themselves.
15631 Hypothetical founded on a theory or idea that has not been verified as true For an assignment, each student had to write a response to a hypothetical scenario as though it had actually occurred.
15632 Mansplain to explain something that you don’t understand completely (from man to woman) in a way that is considered patronizing During meetings, my male coworkers are more likely to dominate the conversation and condescendingly mansplain things to the women.
15633 Gamble a bet or wager on an event Some people like to gamble on the lottery even though the odds are against them.
15634 Forget to not remember a piece of information Do not forget to wear sunscreen or you will get sunburned.
15635 Sketch a rough drawing of something A sketch of the main suspect’s face lead authorities to capturing the robbery trio.
15636 Predominate to be the main component of something Asian Americans tend to predominate the nail services industry in the United States.
15637 Inauthentic fake; imitation Although the knock-off person was inauthentic, it looked just like a Michael Kors original.
15638 Flagellum a long tail-like part of a cell that helps it move Biologists analyzed the flagellum under a powerful microscope to determine if it provided assistance to a cell’s function.
15639 Passive aggressive behavior that is usually characterized by being defiant without being violent When the student ignored the teacher and mumbled under her breath, the teacher punished her for showing her passive aggressive behavior.
15640 Horror feeling of fear, disgust and dread We trembled as we watched the horror in the movie with the zombies attacking the citizens.
15641 Senate a body of government that represents a specific area and reports to the national governing body; usually the group that writes and passes laws The senate met to discuss implementing new laws against vandalism in the community.
15642 Settle to reach a decision or agreement The sisters couldn’t settle their argument, so their mother took the bike from both of them.
15643 Asteroid a rocky object that is smaller than a planet that most often orbits a star Believing that an asteroid would one day strike the Earth, the citizens decided to live on Mars.
15644 Untreated not provided medical care or attention With no medical supplies available to us right now, we have no choice but to leave Frederick’s wound untreated.
15645 Super extraordinary or excellent You did a super job on your math test to have scored an A+.
15646 Happy feeling or showing pleasure, joy, or contentment At their beautiful wedding, the happy couple smiled from ear to ear.
15647 Clarence a closed horse-drawn carriage with four wheels The 19th-century clarence is now housed in a museum that displays horse-drawn carriages as well as other outdated forms of transportation.
15648 Sternly in a harsh way After the last chapter’s horrible test grades, the teacher spoke sternly to her class about studying for the next test.
15649 Force to make someone do something against their will The company tries to force workers to do free work on the weekends even though it is illegal.
15650 Title the name or heading of a book, a piece of writing, or artistic work The author couldn’t think of a title for her story right away, but she eventually came up with a name.
15651 Step a stride in one’s walks Since I was not looking where I was going, my next step was directly into a sticky pile of bubble gum.
15652 Appalled struck with horror When the stranger approached us and pulled down his pants, we were appalled.
15653 Trout a freshwater fish related to the salmon that is often caught for food or sport (Merriam) The fisherman felt a tug on the line and in reeled in a 10 pound trout.
15654 Scenic describing a view of nature that is beautiful or impressive The White Cliffs of Dover are widely regarded as one of England’s most scenic locations, with a unique view that you won’t find almost anywhere else.
15655 Affectation an unnatural form of behavior that is meant to impress others Because Miriam is always true to herself, she never feels the need to put on a fake affectation in front of others.
15656 Entertainment a show or performance designed to provide others with amusement or happiness A juggler was hired to perform as entertainment at the annual circus.
15657 Strangulation the act of being strangled or strangling With no weapon available to him, the desperate warrior wrapped his hands around his opponent’s neck and finished him with strangulation.
15658 Converge to come together from different places to meet at one point Every year, my family chooses to converge in Georgia from all around the United States for our family reunion.
15659 Ruin to damage or wreck Her face reddened when I seemed to ruin the young girl’s dress after accidentally spilling wine on it.
15660 Lovely beautiful; charming Miranda’s lovely emerald dress looked beautiful against her fair skin.
15661 Crapulence illness due to overeating or drinking too much After the winner consumed 44 pancakes at the 25th Annual Lakesmith Pancake Eating Contest, the crapulence he felt made him bedridden for the next few hours.
15662 Optimism hopefulness about things to come Gail’s optimism allows her to believe anything is possible.
15663 Taxing requiring significant physical or mental effort For some people, high level mathematics is simple, but for others even algebra can be taxing and mentally exhausting.
15664 Crest the highest point The hiker dreamed of reaching the crest of Mount Everest, but knew it would take several more years of training before success.
15665 Astral related to the stars A telescope is being used to look at stars and other astral objects in the sky.
15666 Passover a spring celebration in the Jewish faith due to their people gaining their freedom Typically taking place in March or April, Jewish people commemorate the Passover holiday with a feast.
15667 Crepuscular lively mainly at dusk or sunrise At sunset, the entomologists study the crepuscular insects as they move across the beach.
15668 Brittle easy to break Margaret uses tons of products to stop her brittle hair from breaking.
15669 Irrigation a process of providing water by artificial means With our new irrigation system, we will be able to make plants thrive even in dry terrains.
15670 Slobber saliva that is dripping down from the mouth Because he slept with his mouth open, the slavering boy continued to slobber all over his pillow.
15671 Rucksack a sturdy bag with straps that is worn on the back, usually by hikers or campers After placing his rucksack on his back, the hiker prepared for his long march up the mountain.
15672 Tendency frequently having the inclination to do something Because Amanda is depressed, she has the tendency to see everything in a negative way.
15673 Lengthen to make longer A horrendous haircut led the woman to add extensions to lengthen her hair.
15674 Palmy flourishing or successful The palmy beach business made a killing selling fresh margaritas to tourists that wanted refreshments.
15675 Detainee a person being held in custody, especially because of his or her political views Because he spoke negatively against the Chinese government, the Chinese regime is holding the detainee against his will.
15676 Swank showy and posh She was showing off her new diamond engagement ring by flaunting it with arrogant swank.
15677 Undertake to commit oneself to an obligation Choosing to undertake the obligation of raising foster children was not a decision the woman took lightly.
15678 Repellent repulsive; disgusting The repellent odor was strong enough to keep the children out of the bathroom.
15679 Turn to twist or spin to one side Since the library was down the street on the left, Jamie would turn her car left into the library’s parking lot.
15680 Listened focused ones attention on hearing something The police officer listened to the suspect give his statement, but he didn’t believe much of what he heard.
15681 Tabulate to arrange information in the form of a table or chart The research scientist will tabulate the results in the form of an easy to read infographic before publishing his findings.
15682 Decelerate to slow down or reduce the speed of something As the speedometer reached 100 miles per hour, the frightened passenger begged the driver to decelerate.
15683 Millennium a period that covers one thousand years The year 2000 saw the end of another millennium.
15684 Catch to intercept or capture something A police officer chased after the robber on foot but wasn’t able to catch the quick-footed thief.
15685 Eulogistic formally expressing praise; praiseful In all of his years as a pastor, he had never given such a eulogistic speech as the one honoring his late wife.
15686 Amelioration the act of improving something or making it more tolerable The publishing editor used a grammar enhancing program to help with the amelioration of editing the article.
15687 Veer to swerve or change direction She helplessly watched the car in front of her veer into oncoming traffic and let out a breath when they quickly navigated back into the proper lane.
15688 Sluggish slow-moving and lacking in energy After staying up all night, the tired teenager was sluggish when morning arrived.
15689 Virile having the characteristics of a man; masculine The woman’s virile singing voice made her sound like a manly baritone.
15690 Socialist an individual who supports the policies of socialism A socialist is a person who favors the principles of socialism in government.
15691 Sage a wise individual who gives others helpful advice The sage of the Indian tribe was able to heal the badly wounded man.
15692 Failed unsuccessful; fell short of a goal The runner failed to reach the finish line in time, so she did not win a medal.
15693 Tranche a portion of something, especially money Becky was able to withdraw a tranche of her retirement funds from and used the money to pay off debt.
15694 Affirmative showing agreement or an answer of yes One board member voted ‘no’ to the agenda while all of those in support gave affirmative votes.
15695 Brisk very active and quick Since I wanted to burn calories, my personal trainer had me walk the treadmill at a brisk speed.
15696 Irrupt to enter or burst in suddenly The scorned woman decided to irrupt through the doors during the wedding and make a scene in front of all the guests.
15697 Pangaea the name of the ancient super-continent that incorporated all of the earth Pangaea existed when all of the Earth’s continents were one big continent.
15698 Fabrication a lie or falsehood Gertrude told us all about how she had been the absolute best singer in her hometown, but her raspy voice made me believe her claim was a fabrication.
15699 Banned to be officially prohibited by someone in charge Matthias was banned from the bar, but he won’t tell us why they prohibited him from entering.
15700 Wean to gradually eliminate a thing from your life I’m trying to wean myself off soda by drinking fewer each day.
15701 Frabjous delightful; full of joy Singing a frabjous song, the joyful group hoped that their music would spread happiness to all who listened.
15702 Feminization to make or become more female-like The feminization of the characters of Ghostbuster meant that female leads have now replaced roles that once required male actors.
15703 Slog to work extremely hard over a period of time The road workers were forced to slog it out and continue the construction even through the holidays.
15704 Mettlesome describes a person or animal that is both spirited and brave My brother is a mettlesome boy whose free-spirit always leads him to some type of adventure.
15705 Reincarnation the act of being reborn in a new form or body If you accept the idea of reincarnation, you believe a person’s spirit will leave its deceased form and step into a living vessel.
15706 Awaken to wake up from sleep Because the ringer was off on Clint’s phone, the alarm wasn’t able to awaken him this morning.
15707 Infirmary a place that takes care of people when they are sick While on the ship, an sailor who falls sick will be treated by a medic inside the vessel’s infirmary.
15708 Salience the state of being important, notable or relevant Many people underestimate the salience of strong family support for those going through cancer treatments.
15709 Inexhaustible endless; limitless The inexhaustible buckets of peanuts are continuously refilled as guests eat from them.
15710 Astronomical an extremely large amount After making astronomical amounts of money through his investments, the tycoon took his millions and retired on an island.
15711 Contentious causing or likely to cause an argument The author wrote a contentious novel which caused a great deal of unrest.
15712 Abut to touch or lean on The chair abuts the wall because it is missing a leg and cannot stand up otherwise, though sitting in it is still risky.
15713 Stupendous amazingly large The store did not expect a stupendous throng of customers to line up around the building.
15714 Dissident a person who opposes the current political structure, group or laws; one who disagrees Charlie’s family members were devout Catholics, while he was considered dissident for not identifying with the religion.
15715 Desquamate to peel off in flakes (especially when related to skin.) After rubbing her skin roughly when she showered, the woman’s dead hide started to desquamate into tiny flakes.
15716 Respective Relating or belonging separately to the individual people previously mentioned The dogs and their respective owners stood waiting to see who would be crowned winner of the pet show.
15717 Colleague someone who shares the interests or work of another It would be great if my colleague came to work on time so I would not have to answer her phone calls.
15718 Shambles a state of disorder or chaos After the fraternity party, the house was in shambles.
15719 Bludgeon to strike over and over again with a weighty object The witness saw the suspect bludgeon the victim with a baseball bat.
15720 Podiatrist a foot doctor The sandals model consulted a podiatrist to get the wart removed quickly before her next modeling job.
15721 Undergrowth plants, sprouts and bushes that develop beneath the primary taller foliage in a woodland While the trees hovered overhead, only the hikers walking on the floor of the Amazon Rainforest could observe the undergrowth growing close to the ground.
15722 Postbellum occurring or existing after a war While the term ‘postbellum’ can refer to a period of time after any war, it is usually used to refer to the events that occurred after the American Civil War.
15723 Criteria a rating used for judging something or someone When I saw the criteria for getting into an Ivy League school, I decided to go to a local college instead.
15724 Pattern a decorative design or motif The seamstress sewed an interesting pattern on the back of the model’s dress.
15725 Seasonal pertaining to a particular time of the year Seasonal decorations adorned the restaurant tables at Christmas time with holly leaves and hanging greenery.
15726 Altar a raised platform where prayers and sacrifices are offered to religious deities The pastor called those needing prayer to come to kneel at the church’s altar.
15727 Budding becoming larger as part of a natural growing process The tree’s branches are slowly budding, growing ever larger as the tree gets older and older.
15728 Well-versed to be talented, familiar, and informed of something specific Once the foreign exchange student spent the year in Germany, she became well-versed in German having the ability to speak it fluently.
15729 Chthonic concerning or belonging to the underworld hell The chthonic creature came up from the underworld to terrorize the city.
15730 Fearless bold and unafraid Fearless in the face of danger, Mala Yousafzai spoke up for the right of girls to be educated.
15731 Inscrutable incapable of being investigated or understood When Larry wrote the letter, he was so tired the writing was nearly inscrutable.
15732 Gratifying pleasing or satisfying It is usually a better idea to save money, but most people prefer the gratifying feeling of buying something they want right away.
15733 Thrall the state of being under the control of another person Anyone who observed Mr. Burt, the strictest teacher I have ever known, became instantly aware of the thrall he had over his students due to their automatic responses and perfect behavior.
15734 Tapping making a light, knocking noise by beating something against a surface The secretary continued tapping her fingers on the keyboard, pressing each key until he had pressed out every letter.
15735 Schizoid having a personality that makes one’s behavior seem unusual or bizarre Because he has a schizoid personality disorder, the recluse isolates himself and acts strangely around others.
15736 Dexterity the ability to perform a task both quickly and skillfully Because her finger dexterity was so strong, Katniss was an excellent archer and hunter.
15737 Pate the uppermost part of a human being’s head After falling from the third floor, the victim lay dead on the sidewalk since he landed on his pate damaging his brain.
15738 Reindeer a deer with long antlers that lives in the Arctic tundra of Europe, Asia, and North America The man traveled across the northeast, herding nomadic reindeer in the arctic.
15739 Statement something written or said formally The police officer asked the eyewitness to give a statement about what she saw happen at the crime scene.
15740 Instead in place of, as a substitute Instead of using the locker that was assigned to him, the high school senior carries around his books in a backpack.
15741 Resigned to leave one’s position without being asked After a scandal emerged about his extramarital affair, the pastor resigned from his church.
15742 Freestyle not limited to a certain style or movement While spitting a freestyle verse on the fly, the rapper sounded unlike any other artist.
15743 Inflict to force something unpleasant upon a person or thing Our troops will inflict hefty casualties on their foes.
15744 Gas a fluid substance that is air like and that can expand to fill any space The balloons were filled with gas so that they could float in the party hall.
15745 Glance to look briefly at something The driver gave a glance back as he moved into the passing lane.
15746 Succedaneum a replacement especially pertaining to the medical field Even though the man ordered roses for his wife, the florist decided the succedaneum of daisies would have to do since there were not any more roses in his shop.
15747 Extraordinary amazingly good Henry is an extraordinary pianist who has played for three presidents and several royal families.
15748 Chronic appearing for a lengthy period of time For three months, I have had a chronic headache.
15749 Swim to propel one’s body through water You use your arms and legs to swim in the pool.
15750 Presentiment the feeling something bad might occur The presentiment lingered after I saw a black cat twice in one day.
15751 Plymouth a town in Massachusetts founded by Pilgrims in the early 1600s Plymouth is a town in Massachusetts, United States named after Plymouth, England.
15752 Thermal heat related Venturing out into the thermal pool, the swimmer let out a sigh of relief as the hot water eased her aching back.
15753 Hidden that has been moved out of sight; Invisible or unapparent Because you violated our community guidelines, your profile is hidden from public view.
15754 Memorabilia items treasured by people due to their past fascination in a remarkable person or occasion Due to the baseball memorabilia scattered across the garage sale table, the patrons realized that the homeowner brought home many souvenirs from the baseball games he attended.
15755 Manifold numerous and diverse Our plumbing repair bill is huge because the plumber has found manifold problems in the pipes.
15756 Accusation a charge or claim that someone has done something illegal or wrong An accusation of murder was made against the man, but there was no evidence to prove he killed his friend.
15757 Gull to fool or deceive The jester tried to gull the audience into believing that he was performing magic and feats of incredible talent.
15758 Issuance the action of distributing something The government’s issuance of driver’s licenses to its citizens makes it easier to identify people.
15759 Preference to like something much more than anything similar Getting her eyebrows threaded instead of waxed was a personal preference.
15760 Previously before; at an earlier time Previously released reports stated different facts than what was included in today’s memo.
15761 Clabber curdle Leaving the toddler’s cup in the sun caused the milk inside to clabber.
15762 Vamoose to run away, to flee Feeling uncomfortable in the room full of strangers, the couple decided to vamoose and head home.
15763 Off-color indecent or in poor taste Ronald’s joke was entirely off-color, making fun of the accident that had befallen Teresa’s mom last week.
15764 Afloat floating or balancing on top of liquid An overturned life raft was able to keep several of the Titanic passengers afloat until help arrived.
15765 Opportunist path an individual who will take advantage of a circumstance to better his or her situation The sleazy hotel owner was an opportunist who took advantage of the hurricane to raise his room rates.
15766 Conservatory a school that focuses on music and other arts The conservatory applicant’s style of music made her a shoe-in for admission.
15767 Converted changed; transformed When she found out she was having another baby, Brittany converted her office into a nursery.
15768 Humility the state in which one does not view himself as being better than others During her speech, Jennifer showed her humility by acknowledging her film crew as the team who deserved the trophy.
15769 Bestir to rouse or become active after a period of inactivity The lazy bum can never bestir his self to get out of the bed in the morning and look for a job.
15770 Uppity snobbish, self-absorbed, filled with self importance The elderly lady was an uppity woman who believed her breeding and social class made her better than others.
15771 Urgent very important and needing immediate attention The bill collector left an urgent message in hopes that the debtor would call her back right away.
15772 Decorum conduct that is appropriate and illustrates a person is well-mannered Not understanding decorum at a formal dinner, Jake ate his salad with his dinner fork.
15773 Gregarious fond of the company of others; sociable. When you walk in a room, you radiate gregarious energy, surely to brighten all gloomy souls.
15774 Monopolize to control, to keep something to oneself The first amendment is not well served if a single person, of more than 10 people, tries to monopolize the discussion.
15775 Argue to give reasons for your support or condemnation of certain ideals, typically in an aggressive manner If you wish to argue for an ideal that you believe in, you are better off relying on logic than emotion.
15776 Hindering holding back; making it difficult to accomplish something Jared’s large work truck was hindering him from going through the drive-thru.
15777 Moody glum or temperamental feelings Since the toddler didn’t take a nap today, she was moody for the rest of the evening.
15778 Invulnerable not capable of being damaged or injured The police officer knew he could die any day because he was not invulnerable.
15779 Believed had confidence that something is true Bethany believed Santa was real until she was a teenager, but now she thinks he’s made up.
15780 Manifesto a public statement reflecting the philosophy of a person or group In his manifesto, the presidential candidate described himself as the only person who could make the country great again.
15781 Fortune wealth or riches The railroad tycoon was able to build a huge fortune by expanding tracks all across the west.
15782 Correct free from error; true; the state of having an affirmed truth You are correct that a sedentary lifestyle is generally bad for your health.
15783 Lissome bending and moving about without any difficulty During the show, the lissome monkeys swung from one stand to another.
15784 Cobalt a shade of blue that is darker than sky blue but lighter than navy I figured that cobalt was the perfect shade of blue for my car, since it is not too light or dark.
15785 Envoy a representative or messenger for another person, group, or country As my envoy, my attorney will make my wife an offer to quickly settle our divorce.
15786 Guest a person invited to visit someone’s home or to attend an event Each guest was sent an invitation to let them know what time to arrive at the party.
15787 Unsteady not firm or stable A house built on a foundation as soft as sand will be extremely unsteady and prone to collapsing.
15788 Ineffective not performing as expected The housekeeper returned the ineffective vacuum cleaner and purchased one that worked much better.
15789 Truck a vehicle used to transport goods, typically with four or more wheels The happy family hired a moving truck to transport their possessions to their new home.
15790 Bout a period of something, usually painful or unpleasant After missing four days of school due to a bout of flu, Emily struggled to make up her missing work.
15791 Melanin the pigment that gives human skin, hair, and eyes their color Because Anna’s skin has less melanin than her tan sister, she is much more fair-complected.
15792 Ominous suggesting that something bad is going to happen in the future Because of the ominous music, we knew something bad was about to happen in the movie.
15793 Transgressor wrongdoer, offender Forgiveness of a transgressor who wrongs you is one of the important rules of the Christian faith.
15794 Dodgy dishonest; shady The dodgy salesman’s shifty eyes made the customers feel like he was trying to sell them a clunker.
15795 Confuse to mix up; to puzzle; to bewilder I always confuse my neighbor’s twin girls as they look and dress alike.
15796 Intervene to interfere in an incident for a specific purpose The teacher was injured when she tried to intervene in the fight between the two male students.
15797 Longshoreman a person employed in a port to load and unload ships The longshoreman spent his evenings loading and unloading barges while watching the tide move back and forth.
15798 Regicide the killing of a king The man was charged with regicide after killing the king.
15799 Smidge a very small amount or part Make sure to only add a smidge of sage to your recipe since even a small bit of the seasoning can be overpowering.
15800 Vegetarian someone who chooses to abstain from eating meat She became a vegetarian over the holiday when she gave up all meat for Lent.
15801 Dependence the attribute of relying on someone or something else As a teenager, I have a dependence on my parents to take care of and provide for me, though that will change when I am an adult.
15802 Rely to depend upon We have learned not to rely on local weather reports since they are highly inaccurate.
15803 Expunge to remove completely I would like to expunge my ex-husband from my memory.
15804 Cacology a bad choice of words or pronunciation In a classic case of cacology, the speaker said several words that didn’t make sense in context.
15805 Currant a small seedless raisin that is traditionally grown in the Mediterranean but is also grown in California Since I love raisins, the taste of ripe currant in my dish was delicious.
15806 Bold courageous, not afraid Because I was bold, my friends pushed me into the haunted house ahead of them.
15807 Disrepute the status of being untrustworthy or dishonorable Once the college fell into disrepute because of the hazing scandal, its number of applicants declined.
15808 Order to purchase a product Although I like to order clothes online, I always worry that pants I buy without trying them on won’t fit correctly.
15809 Subculture a smaller cultural group within a larger one that usually holds different core beliefs than the larger culture The Jewish community in New York is a subculture of the city’s primary culture.
15810 Able-bodied physically strong and healthy If you are not injured or sick, you can generally be considered an able-bodied individual capable of physical exertion.
15811 Mosquito a disease-carrying, flying insect that is found in warm environments and sucks the blood of those it bites The mosquito buzzed around the room, irritating those trying to enjoy an afternoon siesta.
15812 Overweight weighing more than considered normal or allowed The overweight patient came to her doctor for advice on how to lose at least fifty pounds.
15813 Multitudinous a huge amount Because Teresa is a very attractive woman, she receives multitudinous messages through the dating website.
15814 Unsupportive not providing support or encouragement Although his father was unsupportive of his dream and disagreed with his decision, the future marine decided to join the military anyway.
15815 Wounded to be inflicted with a wound; to be injured The wounded man had a large hole in his side, likely caused by a bullet fired at him by our bitter enemies.
15816 Poke to nudge sharply When the man began to doze off during the minister’s Sunday sermon, his wife decided to poke him in the ribs to wake him up.
15817 Thrombosis the thickening or lump of blood preventing or blocking the flow of blood Emergency surgery was scheduled for the young woman whose thrombosis had become life-threatening from the blood clot.
15818 Desistance the action of ceasing offensive action The police would have been forced to take desperate measures if not for the desistance of the criminal’s aggression.
15819 Nonchalant relaxed and calm in a way that shows you do not care or are not worried about anything Surprisingly, the woman was nonchalant about her husband’s death.
15820 Revolutionary pertaining to a substantial change Due to Helen Keller’s revolutionary life, she was able to inspire others to do the impossible.
15821 Hearsay information gained from a source that was not directly involved and cannot be proved accurate Without a witness, the police could not prove that the hearsay was anything more than fiction.
15822 Scurrilous something that is said or done to ruin a person’s reputation Jeremy got me fired by telling my boss scurrilous lies about me.
15823 Reiterate to do or say something many times; repeat Do you have to reiterate everything you say?
15824 Smolder to burn with no flame and little smoke; to have strong restrained feelings After we extinguished the bonfire, it continued to smolder for a long time.
15825 Retina light-sensitive tissue located at the back of the eye that receives images and sends signals to the brain about what is being viewed The eye’s retina serves the same purpose of a camera’s film, as it receives images that are being viewed.
15826 Doubtfully with hesitation or uncertainty Looking at the question doubtfully, the confused student hesitated about which answer was correct.
15827 Annoyed angry; irritated Annoyed by the student’s talking, the snappy teacher told them to hush up.
15828 Clump a small, dense group of people or animals There is a clump of people standing outside of the new store, each of theme eager to partake in its opening sale before the competition can take the best goods.
15829 Meta a prefix added to a word to explain that one thing is related to other things The meta-search sites found on the internet all link to the same information.
15830 Unrelatable impossible to sympathize with or understand Perfect fictional heroes with no flaws make are very unrelatable characters, because no real person is perfect and can understand what that’s like.
15831 Marshmallow a soft, chewy confection comprised of sugar and gelatin A marshmallow will always be a little white cylinder in my mind, but the s’more component comes in many colors, flavors, and shapes.
15832 Goodness the state of being kind, helpful, and honest Because of her goodness, the helpful woman was often taken advantage of by users wanting a handout.
15833 Barbarous cruel, brutal The killer’s barbarous acts disgusted the jury and landed him a lengthy prison sentence.
15834 Egocentric self-centered; not concerned about other individuals The egocentric man never remembered his wife’s birthday but got angry when she forgot his.
15835 Donor someone that freely gives something to another person or organization I have decided to be an organ donor, so that my organs can go to someone that really needs them if I die.
15836 Inclusion the act of adding a person or thing to a situation or agreement Only the best players will be selected for inclusion in the hall of fame.
15837 Volar relating to the sole of the foot or palm of the hand The volar surface of the man’s palms was made rough by constant working with his hands over the years.
15838 Flaw a fault or imperfection in a person or object The diamond had no flaw and was perfect in every way.
15839 Community a public group of people who live in the same area and have the same government and similar cultural interests The community was in an uproar when one of their citizens was caught by the local police for robbing houses in the neighborhood.
15840 Activate to trigger or start something If you want to use the new debit card, you have to call a new number and activate it.
15841 Objurgate to admonish or yell firmly at someone or something After the toddler had a temper tantrum in the store, the angry mother would objurgate her son in his face for ten minutes.
15842 Fable a fictional tale, often with talking animals, meant to present a moral value In the fable ‘The Tortoise and the Hare,’ we see that sometimes it is better to take things slow and steady if we really want to have success.
15843 Provocation anything or anyone that incites a response I walked away from a potential fight despite my enemy’s provocation.
15844 Amidst in the middle or mist of As I gazed out the back of the car, I saw a lone deer standing amidst the trees on the side of the road.
15845 Relegate to lower in position or reduce in rank After the lead actors had been repeatedly late for rehearsal, the director decided to relegate them to the chorus and replace them with their understudies.
15846 Derive to acquire from something else Mary hopes to derive a sizable income from her pie sales.
15847 Flux continual change My hotel reservations are in flux because I can’t decide where I want to stay during my vacation.
15848 Dizzy having a sensation of whirling, with a tendency to fall; unbalanced or lightheaded During recess, Lizzy would often close her eyes and spin until she was too dizzy to stand.
15849 Terrorized created an extreme state of fear in someone The evil teenager terrorized cats in his neighborhood, hanging them up by their tails and choking them just to see them in distress.
15850 Detention the act of being kept somewhere for a period of time, especially as a punishment Because he was late for school three times, the student was kept in after-school detention to make up the time.
15851 Acidulous harsh in manner or flavor The acidulous drink burned my tongue.
15852 Exhibit to purposefully show or reveal something Since the students want to impress their teacher, they exhibit perfect behavior in their class.
15853 Virtuosity great skill in music or another artform Full of ambition and virtuosity, the young jazz musician plays as much as possible to increase her skills.
15854 Stipulation a condition that is attached to an arrangement or deal So that the shoplifting charges would be dismissed, the teenager had to abide by one stipulation which was to refrain from getting in trouble again.
15855 Extempore impromptu; done without preparation An extempore meeting was called without notice to terminate employees who hadn’t lived up to performance standards.
15856 Horoscope a forecast of a person’s future based on the alignment of stars and planets during their birth I’ve personally never put any stock in horoscopes, as I don’t see how the positions of celestial bodies could have anything to do with my future.
15857 Calculate to judge the number or amount of something using mathematical processes Using the handheld calculator, the teacher taught the student how to enter numbers to calculate the solution.
15858 Skill a particular ability or expertise The woman’s writing skill helped her stand out amongst all the other writers in the field.
15859 Threefold referring to something that is triple the amount With Harry, Tom and Sam from the same gang all in jail together, this threefold group presented a problem to the warden.
15860 Interview a meeting of people face to face during which someone is asked questions A local news reporter is conducting an interview with town residents in hopes of finding out how long they have been without safe drinking water.
15861 Flicker a tiny, almost imperceptible movement There was a flicker of light from the candle on the windowsill due to the small gust of wind that moved through the house.
15862 Prehistoric relating to the time before history was written down The prehistoric period ended in Egypt when the Egyptian Narmer Palette was written in 3500 B.C.
15863 Collide to crash or smack into one another The snowy conditions caused the car to collide into the back of the semi-truck.
15864 Manifest Destiny an action or event that is believed that it will definitely take place When the powerful United States wanted to take over the land in Oklahoma, it was a manifest destiny that the Native Americans would be forced off their land within a few months.
15865 Treacherous unsafe Drivers are asked to stay home and avoid the treacherous icy roads.
15866 Reliability dependability; consistency Although it might come with a higher price tag than some other vehicles, the dependable Toyota is known for its reliability.
15867 Alluring attractive and seductive in an enticing way Alluring shops and boutiques line the boardwalk and seduce customers to enter with bright signs and appealing music.
15868 Excise to get rid of something by cutting It will take several hours for the surgeon to excise the massive tumor.
15869 Thine a form of the word thy or the word your that is used before a vowel To thine own self you should always be true.
15870 Pickwickian having the attributes of innocence and naiveté The pickwickian young girl believed everything he brother told her.
15871 Infidelity the act of being unfaithful to your intimate partner My husband’s infidelity with another woman led me to file for divorce.
15872 Venal willing to do dishonest things in return for money; willing to take bribes Since a venal con artist raised Carl, it is not surprising that Carl grew up to be a thief.
15873 Downgrading reducing something to a lower rank, level, or grade Since he no longer needs the program for school, the student is thinking of downgrading his account to the free version.
15874 Exploratory associated with searching and examining something For my technical writing class, I decided to conduct exploratory research to narrow down my topic for my next paper.
15875 Mesosphere an area between two layers in the Earth’s atmosphere where it gets colder as the elevation increases In the mesosphere the alien spaceship recorded the increasing temperatures every few minutes in this layer as it came closer to Earth.
15876 Ambiguity something that does not have a clear meaning Although Hank wants to sign the contract, he needs to understand the ambiguity of some of the language first.
15877 Lucubration the process of applying oil or a similar substance to make something run more smoothly The farmer applied oil to the tractor gears and explained that proper lubrication is required to keep his machine running.
15878 Witty funny and clever Known for his witty comebacks, the comedian’s amusing stand-up routine is a hit with every audience.
15879 Telemetry the act of recording and transmitting data from an instrument We’ll use telemetry to send our research data to the other station, and they’ll be able to interpret what we saw on the radar.
15880 Antecedent something that came before something else and may have influenced or caused it Can you identify the antecedent that led to Jane’s emotional breakdown?
15881 Virulence the ability of a microorganism or bacteria to produce disease The virulence of the microbes seemed to increase with time, producing more disease with time.
15882 Commonplace ordinary; not unusual Even though my sister and I equally shared the car, it was commonplace for the car to be missing from the driveway.
15883 Whisper to speak very softly using one’s breath but not vocal cords Even though the teacher told us not to speak at all, my sneaky classmates and I continued to whisper.
15884 Placebo a substance with no medical effect that is given either to patients or individuals involved in a drug trial Because I was given a placebo during the drug test, my medical condition did not improve.
15885 Urban related to a city Urban farmers are finding ways to grow food in cities with little farmland.
15886 Extraneous not essential or coming from the outside Because of so many extraneous details in the instructions, Dad wasn’t able to put the toy together in time for Christmas morning.
15887 Motto a motto is a phrase about values and beliefs The personal trainer’s motto is, “No pain, no gain, remain the same”.
15888 Fond having a liking for Possessing a love for animals, the girl was fond of everything from horses to insects.
15889 Conceptualize to come up with the idea or vision for something During the meeting, we were asked to conceptualize a marketing plan for our client.
15890 Feigned faked I could not help but judge the soccer player that had feigned an injury just to penalize the opposing team.
15891 Rhythm a repeated pattern of movement or sound Most of the music you listen to has a base rhythm to it, a repeated pattern that sets the tone for the entire track.
15892 Harmonious being in harmony or agreement Kelly and I have worked well for eight years because we have a harmonious relationship.
15893 Bind to tie or fasten Family are the ties that bind us to our history and remind us where we come from.
15894 Prescribe doctor to give someone medication or some other kind of treatment The patient couldn’t get her doctor to take her pain seriously or prescribe medication to ease it.
15895 Research information gathered from a careful and diligent search Research gathered from the latest study suggests that radiation can actually increase a patient’s risk for cancer in remote areas of the body.
15896 Coffers the funds reserved for an organization or institution Because the shelter’s coffers are running empty, a fundraiser event will be held at the beginning of the month.
15897 Chiffon light and silky fabric Before I put on my new chiffon skirt, I checked the temperature to make sure it was not going to be too cold outside.
15898 Barricade a barrier used to close or block a road The police set up a barricade to keep the public from entering a crime scene.
15899 Unresolved unanswered or uncertain After the murder case went unresolved for several years, the victim’s family thought the murderer would never be caught.
15900 Answered said something in reply to someone else The professor answered all of the students’ questions so that they would have all of the info needed to pass the exam.
15901 Invigorating giving strength, energy, or good health Some people say the warm springs are invigorating because of their healing powers.
15902 Susceptible vulnerable to an influence Since the dog lives outside, he is highly susceptible to parasites that strive in the outdoors.
15903 Lay down to give up and surrender The mother promised to lay down her life for any of her children if they ever needed her help.
15904 Overwrought in a state of excessive nervousness, excitement, or anger When she was not awarded a scholarship, the student became overwrought.
15905 Bedlam a condition of chaos Bedlam appeared to reign in the overcrowded school cafeteria.
15906 Adorable charming and easy to love because it is so attractively cute With an adorable smile, the delightful toddler stole the hearts of everyone in the room.
15907 Sympathetic showing care and compassion toward others The sympathetic businessman gave money to the homeless man begging for money on the street.
15908 Tractor a vehicle with a motor and large, heavy treaded tires that is used for pulling farm machinery Using a tractor, the gardener was able to till the tract of land for planting.
15909 Blister a raised place or bubble on the skin or the surface of an object After walking in uncomfortable shoes all day, Tia felt a small blister rising up on her foot.
15910 Double having twice as many or much Being extra hungry, the young girl ordered a double scoop of ice cream which made it difficult to eat one scoop on top of the other.
15911 Slippage the sliding or sinking of something Due to the slippage of sales from last quarter to this quarter, the company had to do something to get the sales back up.
15912 Mediator one that serves as a go-between during a dispute A mediator was needed to help the divorcing couple come to an agreement.
15913 Relocate to transfer to a different place usually a different city or state When my best friend’s father was offered a better job on the other side of the country, I knew they would relocate there for his job.
15914 Interconnect for more than one person or thing to connect with each other Many of the walking trails at the park interconnect and link at some point or another.
15915 Disclaimer a statement that rejects responsibility Prescription drug commercials are mandated to issue a disclaimer, describing the drug’s side effects.
15916 Grease oil; lubricant Grease was used to stop the squeaky wheel from whining.
15917 Protozoa any of a large group of single cellular animals that lives in water or as a parasite Using cilia to move around, the unicellular protozoa made its way through the marsh.
15918 Bond to attach or stick In order for the wooden planks to bond to the subflooring, a strong adhesive designed for sturdy wood would have to be applied to each plank.
15919 Prudent marked by wisdom or sound judgment It is not prudent to go swimming during a hurricane.
15920 Agitate to disturb or upset Barking at the dog will only agitate him further.
15921 Savagely to do something brutally and viciously When the dog incessantly barked, the hot-tempered man savagely beat the dog resulting in a bloody mess.
15922 Nourishing containing substances necessary for growth, health, and good condition Grandmother always makes us nourishing meals that are not only tasty but healthy for our bodies.
15923 Racist someone who holds prejudiced beliefs or shows discriminatory behavior towards others of a certain race or ethnic background Racist protesters lined the city streets to protest the school integration of blacks and whites.
15924 Ramify intensify or complicate As the group’s questions began to ramify and thwart the event, the author began to think a Q and A session might better serve their interest.
15925 Bill of Rights the first ten amendments of the Constitution that guarantee the rights of the people of the United States The Bill of Rights was added to the U.S. Constitution to insure certain freedoms and rights to the citizens of America.
15926 Repress to prevent from coming forth The patient takes the medicine to repress his violent mood swings.
15927 Curation the art of building, maintaining, and presenting a collection The curation of an art museum is difficult since it requires the collection and maintenance of many artistic pieces.
15928 Upend to set or turn (something) on its end or upside down The armed robber forced the woman to upend her purse and dump all the contents onto the street.
15929 Expire for something, most often a period of time, to end My contract with the client I work for is set to expire in six months, after which I’ll need to find a new source of work.
15930 Compose to put something together, like a letter, song, poem, speech, etc. Mozart would compose many famous musical pieces in his lifetime.
15931 Gist the main idea or point Because Ken told his story in a confusing way, I could not get the gist of it.
15932 Alderman an official voted into a seat on a council Many campaign signs were found around the city for Dennis Hofferman who was wanting to serve as an alderman on the city council.
15933 Faze unnerve; disturb Negative comments aimed at the politician did not faze his nerves of steel.
15934 Enlightenment the action of being informed My children often look to me for enlightenment when they have questions about important life decisions.
15935 Exogenous caused by outside factors The doctor determined that the woman’s depression was exogenous and stemmed from weather changes and other outside factors.
15936 Anticipation the condition of being excited about something that is going to occur In anticipation of the baby’s arrival, we have prepared the nursery.
15937 Epicurean pursuing pleasure, especially in reference to food or comfort The epicurean billionaire lives in a mansion ten stories high, with a team of cooks slaving in his kitchen.
15938 Suspension the act of forcing someone or something to remain in the same state The balloon was held in suspension at the top of the room because there was nowhere else for it to go.
15939 Abecedarian alphabetical We decided to organize the files in an abecedarian manner so we could find what we were looking for by name more easily.
15940 Headhunting a job in which one is responsible for finding workers to fill open positions by recruiting them from other companies The recruiter prided himself on being excellent at headhunting since he could fill executive positions in less than 48 hours.
15941 Bungling the action or fact of carrying out a task clumsily or incompetently The clumsy waitress had a habit of bungling the orders and dropping the drinks and plates all over the café floor.
15942 Falsify to dishonestly change something in order to trick people Knowing it was wrong to falsify the truth, the girl admitted to losing her assignment.
15943 Flustered distressed and/or confused The flustered defendant began to yell at the prosecutor.
15944 Intellectual involving the capability to process high level concepts Because the teen’s intellectual development is subpar, he cannot process higher level theories.
15945 Put out to release something or make it available The band has put out a new record that was made available on iTunes last Friday.
15946 Stump the leftover base of a tree after it has been cut down After Hurricane Matthew swept through the coastal towns, each tree was snapped leaving behind a small stump.
15947 Forego to give up or not have Since I’m on a diet, I decided to forego my friend’s dessert offer.
15948 Dissection a detailed analysis in which things are separated During the dissection of the poem, the teacher explained the meaning of the sonnet line by line.
15949 Monotony repetition or lack of change that makes something boring Adding seasoning to the bland stew helped break up the monotony of the dish.
15950 Live to reside in a certain place Many people live near the coast because they like doing daily activities in the water and work near the ocean.
15951 Evanescent lasting only for a very short time We would have all missed the evanescent moment if not for the photographer’s speed and skill.
15952 Hoax a ploy or story used to trick a person or group The woman used a pregnancy hoax to trick her boyfriend into marrying her.
15953 Banality having ordinary traits and being predictable With white walls and a cookie-cutter layout of the house, the banality of the house caused few potential buyers.
15954 Irritation feeling bother or annoyed by something that is time consuming or particularly frustrating Julia’s irritation with her best friend only grew because she kept making the same mistakes and completely ignoring Julia’s advice.
15955 Gravel cause annoyance in; especially by minor irritations During an employee meeting, a department manager stood up and said “Don’t gravel your boss by being late to work every day or find another job.”
15956 Deemed formed an opinion after judging or considering something The judge deemed the man guilty and sentenced him to seven years in prison for his crimes.
15957 Consummate extremely skilled Phil is a consummate golfer who earned over eight million dollars in tournaments last year.
15958 Pale light in color When I looked at my friend with the pale face and wide eyes, I realized she had also heard someone break into our house.
15959 Remember to put an idea, thought or image back into your mind On Memorial Day, many people will attend concerts and parades in order to remember the soldiers who died for their country.
15960 Unassertive passive; unwilling to make decisions I was unassertive when I was young, but as an adult I’ve learned how to do and say what I want without fear.
15961 Flatten to make something completely flat or level Joel requested the chef flatten his burger since he prefers thin meat over thick chunks of beef.
15962 Regurgitate to expel swallowed substances out of the mouth or to repeat information despite not understanding it While I didn’t understand the lecture, I was able to regurgitate the content well enough to create a decent essay.
15963 Telegram a message or information sent by telegraph Before telephones, people’s messages had to be sent in the form of a telegram and printed out.
15964 Telescopic relating to a telescope or optical enlargement The telescopic nature of the lens made the image look larger to me, just like a telescope is supposed to do.
15965 Transfix to captivate or hypnotize something, making them motionless The spellbinding songstress was able to transfix the crowd with her captivating singing.
15966 Usage the action of something being used The usage of a car allows us humans to travel great distances in a short amount of time, something that has helped us develop as a civilization quickly.
15967 Peer is an equal person of the same age Have a peer that sits close to you in class check your essay for mistakes before you turn it in.
15968 Serviceable able to be serviced, examined, or repaired Thankfully, the car’s engine is serviceable and can be repaired instead of being replaced.
15969 Ordinarily usually, normally, or routinely Ordinarily I wouldn’t bother going outside before noon, but it’s snowing and I would like to play in it before it all melts.
15970 Peer pressure influence from others to do a certain thing (usually something negative) Reggie gave into peer pressure and began to bully others on the playground because that’s what others were doing.
15971 Founder someone who begins a brand new business or organization Mark Zuckerberg is a founder of the popular Facebook website.
15972 Illogical lacking sense or clear reasoning It is illogical to believe that someone could tell your future since there is little scientific proof that psychics are real.
15973 Impede to interfere with or slow the progress of If you do not eat while you are sick, the lack of nutrients will impede your recovery.
15974 Excellence the state of being extremely good Committed to excellence, our basketball team refused to give up when we were behind in the first round.
15975 Confessor a priest who hears a person’s confession Holding the title of confessor, the priest was in charge of listening to Catholics admit their sins and offering absolution.
15976 Adopt a legal process to take care of another’s biological child as your own Many childless couples will adopt the less fortunate children from around the globe.
15977 Listicle an article or piece of writing consisting of a series of items presented as a list The website puts out a new listicle every day listing which celebrities have been arrested or done stupid things.
15978 Inadequacy being lacking or inefficient in something Due to her inadequacy at her job requirements at the hospital, the nurse received a poor evaluation and needed much more training.
15979 Aboveboard completely honest and legitimate Although he was aboveboard and honest, many people in the town questioned the outsider’s motives for starting his business.
15980 Beg to ask a person for something, typically food or money The puppy continued to beg for food by whimpering and panting at his master’s feet.
15981 Phantasmagoria a bizarre combination or collection If you are under the influence of alcohol or drugs, everything you experience may seem like a phantasmagoria, akin to a hazy dream.
15982 Protocol guidelines for conduct in specific environments as well as for diplomats and heads of state Harold broke protocol when he approached the queen without being summoned.
15983 Abduct to grab an individual by trickery or force The kidnappers planned to abduct the millionaire’s daughter.
15984 Ingénue an unsophisticated young woman or girl; a naïve female Because the ingénue was incredibly naïve, she believed she would become a movie star as soon as she arrived in Hollywood.
15985 Provided gave; supplied with The factory provided its worker with a helmet and other safety equipment before he began his shift.
15986 Impression an imitation of a person or thing Saturday Night Live actors gave a spot-on impression of the presidential candidate.
15987 Rangy long-legged and gangly As the rangy boy walked into the basketball tryouts, many of the other boys knew he would make the team due to his height and stature.
15988 Titter a brief and partially suppressed laugh The young girl held back a laugh and uttered a titter instead, unable to completely suppress her mirth.
15989 Furnish to provide something to someone The advertisement stated that the owners would furnish the apartment with tables, chairs, beds and a couch.
15990 Engulf to sweep over something, surrounding it completely It only took seconds for the raging fire to fully engulf every room in the house.
15991 Cough to sharply dispel air from the lungs, usually when something is lodged in the throat or irritating it The child choked for a moment on his hot dog, but after a cough or two he managed to dislodge the piece of meat that endangered him.
15992 Coincide to be similar or happen during the same time period The grand opening of the gift shop will coincide with the winter festival so residents can begin their holiday shopping.
15993 Recondite not understood or known by many people Since I do not have a law degree, I find it hard to understand the recondite terms of the contract.
15994 Happily in a happy way The playful dog barked happily when her owner returned from work.
15995 Depressing causing a feeling of misery or extreme sadness Jennie tried through the depressing film, sobbing even harder during the part where the children were killed.
15996 Sneak to move about in a sly and secretive manner My friends wanted to sneak into the theater without a ticket, but I was too afraid of getting caught.
15997 Surf to ride waves on a surfboard I am excited to visit Malibu, California and take surf lessons to learn how to ride the waves.
15998 Temporize to lengthen a discussion in order to have additional time to think or negotiate Because we could not reach an agreement, we chose to break for refreshments in order to temporize.
15999 Allegiance loyalty to some cause, nation or ruler Standing opposite the flag, I placed my right hand on my heart to recite the pledge of allegiance.
16000 Musing a thought or reflection As I started to jot down a musing on my notepad, my thoughts were cut short by the ringing of the telephone.
  1. What are daily use English words with meaning? Answer: Daily use English words with meaning are fundamental expressions like “hello,” “thank you,” and “please” that are regularly used in communication.

  2. How do daily routine English words impact our conversations? Answer: Daily routine English words shape our interactions, facilitating smoother communication in everyday situations.

  3. Where can I find English words for daily use with meaning? Answer: Various online resources and dictionaries provide lists of English words for daily use along with their meanings.

  4. Why is it essential to understand daily vocabulary words? Answer: Understanding daily vocabulary words enriches our language skills, aiding in effective communication.

  5. What distinguishes daily use vocabulary words with meaning? Answer: Daily use vocabulary words with meanings are commonly used terms that hold specific definitions relevant to everyday life.

  6. Can you provide examples of commonly used English words in daily life? Answer: Words like “food,” “water,” and “home” exemplify common English words used in daily life, addressing basic needs and essentials.

  7. How do simple English words for daily use contribute to effective communication? Answer: Simple English words for daily use simplify communication, ensuring clarity and understanding among diverse audiences.

  8. Where can I find a comprehensive list of daily use vocabulary words? Answer: Online dictionaries or language learning platforms offer comprehensive lists of daily use vocabulary words for learners.

  9. Why are common English words used in daily life important? Answer: Common English words used in daily life form the basis of communication, enabling us to express our needs and experiences effectively.

  10. How does daily speaking English words improve language skills? Answer: Daily speaking English words enhances fluency and confidence in using them naturally during conversations.

  11. What role do daily use vocabulary words play in everyday scenarios? Answer: Daily use vocabulary words enable us to articulate thoughts and ideas more precisely, enhancing communication in daily situations.

  12. How can one effectively incorporate daily use English words into conversations? Answer: Consistent practice and exposure to conversations help in naturally integrating daily use English words into one’s speech.

  13. What’s the significance of mastering common English words used in daily life? Answer: Mastering common English words used in daily life enhances one’s ability to communicate effectively in various real-life situations.

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