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The Most Important Jumbled Sentence Exercise Part 33

When dealing with jumbled sentences, it’s essential to correct the sentence structure for better understanding. Phrase correction in English involves rearranging or fixing misplaced words to form coherent sentences. Identifying jumbled words within a sentence is crucial for accurate communication. Correcting sentences in English requires attention to grammar, syntax, and word order to convey the intended meaning effectively. Through practice and understanding of sentence structure, one can improve their ability to correct sentences and phrases in English, ensuring clarity and coherence in communication. For Mose Such Questions CLICK HERE to download the app.


3201 of   told   that   Tom   me   afraid   he   was   snakes.
3202 to   told   that   Tom   me   me   he   that.   wanted   do
3203 might   told   that   Tom   me   he   he   thought   win.
3204 could   told   that   Tom   me   he   he   thought   win.
3205 Park   told   that   Tom   me   on   he   lived   Street.
3206 that   told   that   Tom   me   done   he   hasn’t   yet.
3207 swimming.   told   that   Tom   me   like   he   didn’t
3208 for   told   that   Tom   me   these   he   bought   you.
3209 was   Mary   Tom   afraid   him.   wouldn’t   believe
3210 him.   was   that   Tom   afraid   shoot   Mary   would
3211 lost.   afraid   Tom   I’m   that   gotten   may   have
3212 afraid   I’m   You’re   that   you?   right,   aren’t
3213 coffee.   afraid   I’ve   I’m   that   of   run   short
3214 do   afraid   not   I’m   I’m   to   at   liberty   that.
3215 again.   afraid   I’ll   I’m   that   Tom   never   see
3216 to   afraid   have   I’m   I’ll   you   to   ask   leave.
3217 afraid   I   I’m   that   understand.   still   don’t
3218 afraid   I   I’m   that   bleeding.   have   internal
3219 of   afraid   I   I’m   that   touch   have   cold.   a   a
3220 afraid   don’t   I’m   I   enthusiasm.   share   your
3221 do   afraid   I   I’m   that   you   can’t   help   that.
3222 a   was   that   I   afraid   make   I   might   mistake.
3223 for   was   I   I   afraid   late   might   bus.   be   the
3224 afraid   you’re   I’m   that   time.   wasting   your
3225 seat.   afraid   you’re   I’m   that   wrong   in   the
3226 Tom.   afraid   you’re   I’m   that   hurt   going   to
3227 for   afraid   have   I’m   we   news   some   bad   you.
3228 murder.   denied   was   Tom   he   the   involved   in
3229 a   told   he’s   Tom   me   to   never   been   funeral.
3230 my   told   he   Tom   me   meet   wanted   to   parents.
3231 was   told   he   Tom   me   Mary   thought   that   shy.
3232 a   Tom   There’s   possibility   there.   won’t   be
3233 that.   almost   that   I’m   certain   do   Tom   will
3234 absolutely   that   I’m   certain   wrong.   Tom   is
3235 Tom.   almost   that   I’m   certain   trust   we   can
3236 do   can’t   for   I   say   will   certain   Tom   that.
3237 that.   pretty   that   I’m   certain   do   Tom   will
3238 be   was   he   Tom   certain   to   was   going   fired.
3239 injured.   just   Tom   I   hope   weren’t   and   Mary
3240 before   hope   can   I   you   done   get   that.104166666666667
3241 before   hope   you   I   that   home   can   get.104166666666667
3242 cake   hope   leaves   I   Tom   of   a   me.   piece   for
3243 of   hope   Tom   I   that   care   can   take   himself.
3244 difficult.   hope   the   I   that   too   exam   isn’t
3245 be   hope   the   I   that   won’t   bus   ride   boring.
3246 you   hope   be   I   I’ll   help   able   to   tomorrow.
3247 just   that   Let’s   hope   happen.   that   doesn’t
3248 long   hope   won’t   I   that   a   happen   for   time.
3249 there.   a   that   There’s   chance   be   Tom   won’t
3250 hope   that   Let’s   that   again.   never   happens
3251 Boston   there   chance   Is   any   in   Tom   is   now?
3252 chosen.   a   chance   There’s   good   be   Tom   will
3253 do   a   chance   There’s   good   to   Tom   has   that.
3254 gets.   eats   every   Tom   steak   he   chance   that
3255 come.   a   chance   There’s   good   will   that   Tom
3256 the   was   chance   It   pure   won   that   Tom   race.
3257 the   was   chance   It   pure   won   that   Tom   game.
3258 resign?   there   chance   Is   any   will   that   Tom
3259 of   don’t   I   I   think   chance   have   a   winning.
3260 I   go   skating   I   ice   that   every   chance   get.
3261 to   hope   I   I   that   chance   get   Tom.   the   meet
3262 see   glad   got   I’m   I   to   a   again.   chance   you
3263 to   doesn’t   he   Tom   think   chance   has   a   win.
3264 happen?   there   of   Is   much   that’ll   a   chance
3265 us.   not   chance   There’s   much   help   Tom   will
3266 no   that’s   There’s   chance   happen.   going   to
3267 a   that   There’s   chance   tonight.   it’ll   snow
3268 says   you   Tom   that   chance.   deserve   another
3269 chance.   hoping   be   I’m   I’ll   second   given   a
3270 chance?   you   that   Do   think   a   there’s   still
3271 again?   there   chance   Is   a   happen   this   will
3272 of   you   Tom   Do   think   chance   has   a   winning?
3273 of   think   we   I   that   chance   have   a   winning.
3274 of   think   have   I   we   chance   a   good   winning.
3275 tomorrow.   don’t   that   I   think   rain   it   will
3276 know.   don’t   that   I   think   I   that’s   anybody
3277 know.   don’t   that’s   I   think   I   anybody   that
3278 married.   don’t   that   I   think   I’m   Tom   knows
3279 alone.   don’t   you   I   think   Tom   should   leave
3280 is   don’t   that   I   think   said   what   Tom   true.
3281 with   don’t   that   I   think   go   we   should   Tom.
3282 wrong.   don’t   that   I   think   anything   we   did
3283 that   don’t   that   I   think   take   we   can   risk.
3284 good.   don’t   Tom’s   I   think   very   speech   was
3285 that.   don’t   Tom   I   think   want   would   really
3286 problem.   don’t   Tom   I   think   that   will   have
3287 the   don’t   Tom   I   think   to   will   come   party.
3288 that.   don’t   Tom   I   think   about   was   kidding
3289 that.   don’t   that   I   think   liked   Tom   really
3290 be   don’t   that   I   think   to   Tom   needed   here.
3291 brother.   don’t   Tom   I   think   his   looks   like
3292 works.   don’t   Tom   I   think   Mary   knows   where
3293 lives.   don’t   Tom   I   think   Mary   knows   where
3294 was   don’t   Tom   I   think   I   knows   where   born.
3295 happened.   don’t   Tom   I   think   it   knows   when
3296 to   don’t   that   I   think   what   Tom   knows   say.
3297 to   don’t   that   I   think   what   Tom   knows   buy.
3298 told   don’t   Tom   I   think   I   knows   what   Mary.
3299 married.   don’t   Tom   I   think   I’m   knows   that
3300 vegetarian.   don’t   Tom   I   think   a   knows   I’m


3201 Tom told me that he was afraid of snakes.
3202 Tom told me that he wanted me to do that.
3203 Tom told me that he thought he might win.
3204 Tom told me that he thought he could win.
3205 Tom told me that he lived on Park Street.
3206 Tom told me that he hasn’t done that yet.
3207 Tom told me that he didn’t like swimming.
3208 Tom told me that he bought these for you.
3209 Tom was afraid Mary wouldn’t believe him.
3210 Tom was afraid that Mary would shoot him.
3211 I’m afraid that Tom may have gotten lost.
3212 You’re afraid that I’m right, aren’t you?
3213 I’m afraid that I’ve run short of coffee.
3214 I’m afraid I’m not at liberty to do that.
3215 I’m afraid that I’ll never see Tom again.
3216 I’m afraid I’ll have to ask you to leave.
3217 I’m afraid that I still don’t understand.
3218 I’m afraid that I have internal bleeding.
3219 I’m afraid that I have a touch of a cold.
3220 I’m afraid I don’t share your enthusiasm.
3221 I’m afraid that I can’t help you do that.
3222 I was afraid that I might make a mistake.
3223 I was afraid I might be late for the bus.
3224 I’m afraid that you’re wasting your time.
3225 I’m afraid that you’re in the wrong seat.
3226 I’m afraid that you’re going to hurt Tom.
3227 I’m afraid we have some bad news for you.
3228 Tom denied he was involved in the murder.
3229 Tom told me he’s never been to a funeral.
3230 Tom told me he wanted to meet my parents.
3231 Tom told me he thought that Mary was shy.
3232 There’s a possibility Tom won’t be there.
3233 I’m almost certain that Tom will do that.
3234 I’m absolutely certain that Tom is wrong.
3235 I’m almost certain that we can trust Tom.
3236 I can’t say for certain Tom will do that.
3237 I’m pretty certain that Tom will do that.
3238 Tom was certain he was going to be fired.
3239 I just hope Tom and Mary weren’t injured.
3240 I hope you can get that done before 2:30.
3241 I hope that you can get home before 2:30.
3242 I hope Tom leaves a piece of cake for me.
3243 I hope that Tom can take care of himself.
3244 I hope that the exam isn’t too difficult.
3245 I hope that the bus ride won’t be boring.
3246 I hope I’ll be able to help you tomorrow.
3247 Let’s just hope that that doesn’t happen.
3248 I hope that won’t happen for a long time.
3249 There’s a chance that Tom won’t be there.
3250 Let’s hope that that never happens again.
3251 Is there any chance Tom is in Boston now?
3252 There’s a good chance Tom will be chosen.
3253 There’s a good chance Tom has to do that.
3254 Tom eats steak every chance that he gets.
3255 There’s a good chance that Tom will come.
3256 It was pure chance that Tom won the race.
3257 It was pure chance that Tom won the game.
3258 Is there any chance that Tom will resign?
3259 I don’t think I have a chance of winning.
3260 I go ice skating every chance that I get.
3261 I hope that I get the chance to meet Tom.
3262 I’m glad I got a chance to see you again.
3263 Tom doesn’t think he has a chance to win.
3264 Is there much of a chance that’ll happen?
3265 There’s not much chance Tom will help us.
3266 There’s no chance that’s going to happen.
3267 There’s a chance that it’ll snow tonight.
3268 Tom says that you deserve another chance.
3269 I’m hoping I’ll be given a second chance.
3270 Do you think that there’s still a chance?
3271 Is there a chance this will happen again?
3272 Do you think Tom has a chance of winning?
3273 I think that we have a chance of winning.
3274 I think we have a good chance of winning.
3275 I don’t think that it will rain tomorrow.
3276 I don’t think that that’s anybody I know.
3277 I don’t think that’s anybody that I know.
3278 I don’t think that Tom knows I’m married.
3279 I don’t think you should leave Tom alone.
3280 I don’t think that what Tom said is true.
3281 I don’t think that we should go with Tom.
3282 I don’t think that we did anything wrong.
3283 I don’t think that we can take that risk.
3284 I don’t think Tom’s speech was very good.
3285 I don’t think Tom would really want that.
3286 I don’t think Tom will have that problem.
3287 I don’t think Tom will come to the party.
3288 I don’t think Tom was kidding about that.
3289 I don’t think that Tom really liked that.
3290 I don’t think that Tom needed to be here.
3291 I don’t think Tom looks like his brother.
3292 I don’t think Tom knows where Mary works.
3293 I don’t think Tom knows where Mary lives.
3294 I don’t think Tom knows where I was born.
3295 I don’t think Tom knows when it happened.
3296 I don’t think that Tom knows what to say.
3297 I don’t think that Tom knows what to buy.
3298 I don’t think Tom knows what I told Mary.
3299 I don’t think Tom knows that I’m married.
3300 I don’t think Tom knows I’m a vegetarian.

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