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The Most Important Jumbled Sentence Exercise Part 19

When dealing with jumbled sentences, it’s essential to correct the sentence structure for better understanding. Phrase correction in English involves rearranging or fixing misplaced words to form coherent sentences. Identifying jumbled words within a sentence is crucial for accurate communication. Correcting sentences in English requires attention to grammar, syntax, and word order to convey the intended meaning effectively. Through practice and understanding of sentence structure, one can improve their ability to correct sentences and phrases in English, ensuring clarity and coherence in communication. For Mose Such Questions CLICK HERE to download the app.


1801 aren’t   to   You   allergic   you?   anything,   are
1802 not   to   You’re   allergic   you?   anything,   are
1803 you?   aren’t   very   You   a   are   good   salesman,
1804 you?   not   very   You’re   a   are   good   salesman,
1805 you?   aren’t   very   You   a   are   good   mechanic,
1806 you?   not   very   You’re   a   are   good   mechanic,
1807 you?   a   taller   You’re   lot   aren’t   than   Tom,
1808 you?   almost   tall   You’re   as   aren’t   as   Tom,
1809 one.   of   answers   All   your   but   were   correct
1810 often?   website   you   What   do   most   visit   the
1811 knows   he’s   Tom   that   wrong.   done   something
1812 that   read   lot   I’ve   a   on   of   books   subject.
1813 Mary   did   sound   Tom   not   as   as   excited   did.
1814 you   that   be   Doing   won’t   as   as   hard   think.
1815 as   don’t   Tom   I   think   creative   is   as   Mary.
1816 here   you   Everybody   except   Boston.   is   from
1817 by   you   you   Are   sure   that   can   do   yourself?
1818 realized   Mary   Tom   that   him.   was   following
1819 other.   knows   and   Everyone   Tom   each   I   like
1820 chosen.   very   that   It’s   likely   be   Tom   will
1821 this   have   to   I   decided   diary   keep   a   year.
1822 happened.   one   sure   No   is   that   exactly   why
1823 is   exactly   Nobody   sure   happened.   why   that
1824 won’t   anybody   I   tell   happened.   about   what
1825 truth.   hopes   Mary   Tom   that   the   won’t   tell
1826 who   told   I   I   Tom   one   wasn’t   that.   the   did
1827 a   didn’t   spinach   I   like   was   when   I   child.
1828 thinks   doesn’t   Tom   Mary   sleep.   get   enough
1829 before.   told   you’ve   Tom   me   Boston   been   to
1830 that   dog   in   My   sleeps   room   the   do.   same   I
1831 to   must   outside   You   go   want   if   you   smoke.
1832 the   could   see   We   not   of   the   top   mountain.
1833 that   sweater   Is   the   yesterday?   you   bought
1834 of   doubt   Tom   I   that   one   would   want   those.
1835 to   have   one   I   no   turn   else   you.   to   except
1836 hope   aren’t   I   you   illegal.   doing   anything
1837 hope   not   I   you’re   illegal.   doing   anything
1838 contract   October   Tom’s   expires   twentieth.
1839 swear   tell   I   I’ll   someday.   you   everything
1840 here.   didn’t   anybody   I   tell   were   that   you
1841 want   make   a   I’ll   you   you   sandwich   if   one.
1842 you.   had   take   You   better   with   an   umbrella
1843 true.   didn’t   that   Tom   think   was   the   story
1844 truth.   you   have   Maybe   should   the   told   Tom
1845 food.   says   he’s   Tom   that   Thai   never   eaten
1846 sing.   says   he’s   Tom   that   Mary   never   heard
1847 you   this   Have   committed   memory?   number   to
1848 sandwich   you   me   Do   want   a   to   you?   buy   for
1849 time.   knew   Mary   Tom   that   much   didn’t   have
1850 happen.   is   to   Tom   scared   might   death   that
1851 father.   has   been   Tom   never   his   scolded   by
1852 to   wonder   Tom   I   if   going   is   ever   succeed.
1853 didn’t   want   to   I   you   I   know   that.   that   do
1854 think   probably   I   Tom   Mary.   wouldn’t   trust
1855 that.   think   would   I   Tom   about   be   sensible
1856 think   Tom   I   that   self-conscious.   would   be
1857 later.   think   Tom   I   that   cry   will   probably
1858 somewhere.   think   should   I   Tom   trip   take   a
1859 finished   think   Tom   I   that   are   and   I   here.
1860 think   there   I   that   similarities.   are   some
1861 anymore.   know   I   I   that   Tom   shouldn’t   kiss
1862 test.   hope   Tom   I   that   driver’s   passes   his
1863 hope   Tom   I   that   somewhere.   isn’t   stranded
1864 first.   doubt   seriously   I   very   be   Tom   will
1865 bossy.   doubt   seriously   I   very   be   Tom   will
1866 bored.   doubt   seriously   I   very   be   Tom   will
1867 with   don’t   to   I   want   room   share   a   anyone.
1868 scars.   don’t   anybody   I   like   my   looking   at
1869 don’t   Tom   I   think   name.   knows   everybody’s
1870 I   don’t   that   I   think   that   Tom   knows   know.
1871 of   don’t   Tom   I   think   kind   has   that   money.
1872 to   don’t   Tom   I   think   time   has   much   waste.
1873 anymore.   don’t   that   I   think   Tom   I’ll   kiss
1874 of   didn’t   that   I   think   fun   you’d   make   me.
1875 so   didn’t   that   I   know   hurt   it   would   much.
1876 found   difficult   Tom   it   neutral.   to   remain
1877 found   difficult   Tom   it   annoyed.   to   remain
1878 found   difficult   Tom   it   cooperative.   to   be
1879 in   felt   he   Tom   that   it   could   make   Boston.
1880 died.   died   hours   Tom   three   wife   after   his
1881 yet.   haven’t   seen   I   really   that   anyone   do
1882 any   don’t   that   I   think   having   Tom   is   fun.
1883 Mary   is   much   Tom   a   than   better   singer   is.
1884 do.   not   what   That’s   exactly   to   I   intended
1885 do.   isn’t   what   That   exactly   to   I   intended
1886 important   we   It’s   that   correctly.   do   this
1887 important   we   It’s   that   correctly.   do   that
1888 a   that   There’s   possibility   that.   we’ll   do
1889 thinks   Tom   Everybody   that   vacation.   is   on
1890 you   can   here   You   stay   as   as   to.   long   want
1891 he   can   here   Tom   stay   as   as   to.   long   wants
1892 you   may   here   You   stay   as   as   to.   long   want
1893 he   may   here   Tom   stay   as   as   to.   long   wants
1894 didn’t   want   to   I   Tom   I   know   that.   that   do
1895 thought   they’d   I   that   else.   find   somebody
1896 the   thought   heard   I   I   in   a   mouse   kitchen.
1897 claimed   Mary   Tom   that   kidnapped.   had   been
1898 believes   it’s   Tom   that   that.   simpler   than
1899 do   said   Mary   Tom   that   John   has   seen   that.
1900 for   is   Tom   Mary   convinced   man   is   the   her.


1801 You aren’t allergic to anything, are you?
1802 You’re not allergic to anything, are you?
1803 You aren’t a very good salesman, are you?
1804 You’re not a very good salesman, are you?
1805 You aren’t a very good mechanic, are you?
1806 You’re not a very good mechanic, are you?
1807 You’re a lot taller than Tom, aren’t you?
1808 You’re almost as tall as Tom, aren’t you?
1809 All of your answers were correct but one.
1810 What website do you visit the most often?
1811 Tom knows that he’s done something wrong.
1812 I’ve read a lot of books on that subject.
1813 Tom did not sound as excited as Mary did.
1814 Doing that won’t be as hard as you think.
1815 I don’t think Tom is as creative as Mary.
1816 Everybody here except you is from Boston.
1817 Are you sure you can do that by yourself?
1818 Tom realized that Mary was following him.
1819 Everyone knows Tom and I like each other.
1820 It’s very likely that Tom will be chosen.
1821 I have decided to keep a diary this year.
1822 No one is sure exactly why that happened.
1823 Nobody is sure exactly why that happened.
1824 I won’t tell anybody about what happened.
1825 Tom hopes that Mary won’t tell the truth.
1826 I told Tom I wasn’t the one who did that.
1827 I didn’t like spinach when I was a child.
1828 Tom thinks Mary doesn’t get enough sleep.
1829 Tom told me you’ve been to Boston before.
1830 My dog sleeps in the same room that I do.
1831 You must go outside if you want to smoke.
1832 We could not see the top of the mountain.
1833 Is that the sweater you bought yesterday?
1834 I doubt that Tom would want one of those.
1835 I have no one else to turn to except you.
1836 I hope you aren’t doing anything illegal.
1837 I hope you’re not doing anything illegal.
1838 Tom’s contract expires October twentieth.
1839 I swear I’ll tell you everything someday.
1840 I didn’t tell anybody that you were here.
1841 I’ll make you a sandwich if you want one.
1842 You had better take an umbrella with you.
1843 Tom didn’t think that the story was true.
1844 Maybe you should have told Tom the truth.
1845 Tom says that he’s never eaten Thai food.
1846 Tom says that he’s never heard Mary sing.
1847 Have you committed this number to memory?
1848 Do you want me to buy a sandwich for you?
1849 Tom knew that Mary didn’t have much time.
1850 Tom is scared to death that might happen.
1851 Tom has never been scolded by his father.
1852 I wonder if Tom is ever going to succeed.
1853 I want you to know that I didn’t do that.
1854 I think Tom probably wouldn’t trust Mary.
1855 I think Tom would be sensible about that.
1856 I think that Tom would be self-conscious.
1857 I think that Tom will probably cry later.
1858 I think Tom should take a trip somewhere.
1859 I think that Tom and I are finished here.
1860 I think that there are some similarities.
1861 I know that I shouldn’t kiss Tom anymore.
1862 I hope that Tom passes his driver’s test.
1863 I hope that Tom isn’t stranded somewhere.
1864 I doubt very seriously Tom will be first.
1865 I doubt very seriously Tom will be bossy.
1866 I doubt very seriously Tom will be bored.
1867 I don’t want to share a room with anyone.
1868 I don’t like anybody looking at my scars.
1869 I don’t think Tom knows everybody’s name.
1870 I don’t think that Tom knows that I know.
1871 I don’t think Tom has that kind of money.
1872 I don’t think Tom has much time to waste.
1873 I don’t think that I’ll kiss Tom anymore.
1874 I didn’t think that you’d make fun of me.
1875 I didn’t know that it would hurt so much.
1876 Tom found it difficult to remain neutral.
1877 Tom found it difficult to remain annoyed.
1878 Tom found it difficult to be cooperative.
1879 Tom felt that he could make it in Boston.
1880 Tom died three hours after his wife died.
1881 I haven’t really seen anyone do that yet.
1882 I don’t think that Tom is having any fun.
1883 Tom is a much better singer than Mary is.
1884 That’s not exactly what I intended to do.
1885 That isn’t exactly what I intended to do.
1886 It’s important that we do this correctly.
1887 It’s important that we do that correctly.
1888 There’s a possibility that we’ll do that.
1889 Everybody thinks that Tom is on vacation.
1890 You can stay here as long as you want to.
1891 Tom can stay here as long as he wants to.
1892 You may stay here as long as you want to.
1893 Tom may stay here as long as he wants to.
1894 I want Tom to know that I didn’t do that.
1895 I thought that they’d find somebody else.
1896 I thought I heard a mouse in the kitchen.
1897 Tom claimed that Mary had been kidnapped.
1898 Tom believes that it’s simpler than that.
1899 Tom said that Mary has seen John do that.
1900 Mary is convinced Tom is the man for her.

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