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The Most Important Jumbled Sentence Exercise Part 18

When dealing with jumbled sentences, it’s essential to correct the sentence structure for better understanding. Phrase correction in English involves rearranging or fixing misplaced words to form coherent sentences. Identifying jumbled words within a sentence is crucial for accurate communication. Correcting sentences in English requires attention to grammar, syntax, and word order to convey the intended meaning effectively. Through practice and understanding of sentence structure, one can improve their ability to correct sentences and phrases in English, ensuring clarity and coherence in communication. For Mose Such Questions CLICK HERE to download the app.


1701 constantly   people’s   I’m   forgetting   names.
1702 home   am   tired   I   very   get   when   night.   I   at
1703 and   am   of   I   tired   moan   hearing   you   groan.
1704 parasol.   am   about   I   thinking   new   buying   a
1705 my   am   a   I   still   after   bit   sore   operation.
1706 the   am   forward   I   looking   to   to   going   zoo.
1707 my   am   to   I   going   to   introduce   you   family.
1708 thing   am   to   I   going   first   do   it   tomorrow.
1709 am   with   I   confronted   problem.   a   difficult
1710 demand.   supply   keep   The   can’t   the   up   with
1711 away.   sorry,   I   I’m   but   right   can’t   answer
1712 it   like   but   I   French,   speak   I   can’t   well.
1713 today.   can’t   you   I   give   answer   a   definite
1714 drive.   cannot   too   You   be   you   careful   when
1715 the   cannot   the   We   see   of   other   side   moon.
1716 everything.   cannot   our   We   have   in   own   way
1717 case.   rule   be   This   cannot   that   applied   to
1718 run.   baby   even   The   cannot   less   walk,   much
1719 speak   cannot   at   I   look   I   you   you.   when   to
1720 appearance.   man   be   A   cannot   his   judged   by
1721 that.   must’ve   he   Tom   thought   do   needed   to
1722 do.   must’ve   Mary   Tom   thought   to   knew   what
1723 must’ve   Mary   Tom   thought   him.   didn’t   like
1724 house.   must’ve   a   Tom   paid   his   fortune   for
1725 bus.   must’ve   his   Tom   left   the   umbrella   on
1726 hours.   must’ve   there   Tom   been   of   a   couple
1727 must’ve   planning   Tom   been   weeks.   this   for
1728 did   think   must’ve   I   it   who   been   Tom   this.
1729 0.104166666666667   must   waited   Tom   have   least   until   at
1730 that.   must   thought   Tom   have   do   Mary   would
1731 that.   must   thought   Tom   have   do   Mary   could
1732 now.   must   reached   Tom   have   by   the   station
1733 doing   must   had   Tom   have   time   a   good   that.
1734 night.   must   been   Tom   have   last   doing   that
1735 that.   must   been   Tom   have   do   determined   to
1736 Tom.   same   must   The   thing   to   have   happened
1737 must   left   Someone   have   unlocked.   the   door
1738 brother   have   My   must   letter.   written   this
1739 else.   must   parked   I   have   somewhere   my   car
1740 must’ve   our   Tom   heard   escaped.   voices   and
1741 time.   must   arrived   They   have   this   home   by
1742 ever   are   closer   We   now   have   than   we   been.
1743 going   travel   We’re   to   summer.   abroad   this
1744 all   forward   We’re   looking   coming.   to   your
1745 a   are   for   We   looking   with   a   house   garage.
1746 are   looking   We   always   volunteers.   for   new
1747 certainly   interesting   That’s   an   question.
1748 do   don’t   Tom   I   think   to   is   planning   that.
1749 don’t   that   I   think   anything.   this   changes
1750 hope   this   I   that   information.   is   accurate
1751 knew   something   I   that   happen.   funny   might
1752 promise   you   I   that   disappointed.   won’t   be
1753 thought   this   I   that   knowledge.   was   common
1754 very   and   told   Tom   Mary   were   me   they   poor.
1755 be   called   to   Tom   Mary   he’d   say   that   late.
1756 be   called   to   Tom   Mary   he’d   tell   her   late.
1757 the   wonder   Tom   I   if   Mary   will   tell   truth.
1758 play?   instruments   you   What   do   to   know   how
1759 able   come   You’re   to   you?   tomorrow,   aren’t
1760 Tom   got   a   I   here   than   little   earlier   did.
1761 of   is   evildoer,   He   an   aware   are   you   that?
1762 of   is   evildoer.   He   an   aware   Are   you   that?
1763 by   you   you   Are   sure   this   can   do   yourself?
1764 that?   you   sure   Are   absolutely   do   Tom   will
1765 can’t   myself   I   make   German.   understood   in
1766 couldn’t   all   Tom   answer   questions.   of   the
1767 is   isn’t   impatient   Tom   as   is,   as   Mary   he?
1768 does.   always   the   Tom   does   Mary   same   thing
1769 to   don’t   that   I   think   going   this   is   work.
1770 mind.   didn’t   Tom   I   think   his   would   change
1771 mind.   thought   Tom   I   that   his   would   change
1772 move   you   me   Do   want   you   to   sofa?   help   the
1773 better   one   will   No   else   a   make   you   offer.
1774 offer.   else   make   Nobody   will   better   you   a
1775 for   don’t   anyone   I   want   sorry   to   feel   me.
1776 want   welcome   join   You’re   to   you   us   if   to.
1777 be   knew   Mary   Tom   that   to   was   going   there.
1778 you?   aren’t   me   You   telling   are   the   truth,
1779 you?   not   me   You’re   telling   are   the   truth,
1780 you?   aren’t   afraid   You   still   are   of   dogs,
1781 you?   not   afraid   You’re   still   are   of   dogs,
1782 you?   aren’t   older   You   really   are   than   me,
1783 aren’t   a   You   really   you?   millionaire,   are
1784 not   a   You’re   really   you?   millionaire,   are
1785 you?   aren’t   to   You   permitted   are   do   that,
1786 you?   not   to   You’re   permitted   are   do   that,
1787 you?   aren’t   to   You   obligated   are   do   that,
1788 you?   not   to   You’re   obligated   are   do   that,
1789 you?   aren’t   to   You   going   are   regret   this,
1790 you?   not   to   You’re   going   are   regret   this,
1791 are   aren’t   to   You   going   now,   do   that   you?
1792 are   not   to   You’re   going   now,   do   that   you?
1793 you?   aren’t   me   You   expecting   are   to   sing,
1794 you?   not   me   You’re   expecting   are   to   sing,
1795 aren’t   and   You   drinking   you?   driving,   are
1796 not   and   You’re   drinking   you?   driving,   are
1797 aren’t   anything   You   doing   you?   wrong,   are
1798 not   anything   You’re   doing   you?   wrong,   are
1799 are   aren’t   me   You   asking   up,   to   give   you?
1800 are   not   me   You’re   asking   up,   to   give   you?


1701 I’m constantly forgetting people’s names.
1702 I am very tired when I get home at night.
1703 I am tired of hearing you moan and groan.
1704 I am thinking about buying a new parasol.
1705 I am still a bit sore after my operation.
1706 I am looking forward to going to the zoo.
1707 I am going to introduce you to my family.
1708 I am going to do it first thing tomorrow.
1709 I am confronted with a difficult problem.
1710 The supply can’t keep up with the demand.
1711 I’m sorry, but I can’t answer right away.
1712 I like French, but I can’t speak it well.
1713 I can’t give you a definite answer today.
1714 You cannot be too careful when you drive.
1715 We cannot see the other side of the moon.
1716 We cannot have our own way in everything.
1717 This rule cannot be applied to that case.
1718 The baby cannot even walk, much less run.
1719 I cannot look at you when I speak to you.
1720 A man cannot be judged by his appearance.
1721 Tom must’ve thought he needed to do that.
1722 Tom must’ve thought Mary knew what to do.
1723 Tom must’ve thought Mary didn’t like him.
1724 Tom must’ve paid a fortune for his house.
1725 Tom must’ve left his umbrella on the bus.
1726 Tom must’ve been there a couple of hours.
1727 Tom must’ve been planning this for weeks.
1728 I think it must’ve been Tom who did this.
1729 Tom must have waited until at least 2:30.
1730 Tom must have thought Mary would do that.
1731 Tom must have thought Mary could do that.
1732 Tom must have reached the station by now.
1733 Tom must have had a good time doing that.
1734 Tom must have been doing that last night.
1735 Tom must have been determined to do that.
1736 The same thing must have happened to Tom.
1737 Someone must have left the door unlocked.
1738 My brother must have written this letter.
1739 I must have parked my car somewhere else.
1740 Tom must’ve heard our voices and escaped.
1741 They must have arrived home by this time.
1742 We are now closer than we have ever been.
1743 We’re going to travel abroad this summer.
1744 We’re all looking forward to your coming.
1745 We are looking for a house with a garage.
1746 We are always looking for new volunteers.
1747 That’s certainly an interesting question.
1748 I don’t think Tom is planning to do that.
1749 I don’t think that this changes anything.
1750 I hope that this is accurate information.
1751 I knew that something funny might happen.
1752 I promise that you won’t be disappointed.
1753 I thought that this was common knowledge.
1754 Tom and Mary told me they were very poor.
1755 Tom called Mary to say that he’d be late.
1756 Tom called Mary to tell her he’d be late.
1757 I wonder if Tom will tell Mary the truth.
1758 What instruments do you know how to play?
1759 You’re able to come tomorrow, aren’t you?
1760 I got here a little earlier than Tom did.
1761 He is an evildoer, are you aware of that?
1762 He is an evildoer. Are you aware of that?
1763 Are you sure you can do this by yourself?
1764 Are you absolutely sure Tom will do that?
1765 I can’t make myself understood in German.
1766 Tom couldn’t answer all of the questions.
1767 Tom isn’t as impatient as Mary is, is he?
1768 Tom always does the same thing Mary does.
1769 I don’t think that this is going to work.
1770 I didn’t think Tom would change his mind.
1771 I thought that Tom would change his mind.
1772 Do you want me to help you move the sofa?
1773 No one else will make you a better offer.
1774 Nobody else will make you a better offer.
1775 I don’t want anyone to feel sorry for me.
1776 You’re welcome to join us if you want to.
1777 Tom knew that Mary was going to be there.
1778 You aren’t telling me the truth, are you?
1779 You’re not telling me the truth, are you?
1780 You aren’t still afraid of dogs, are you?
1781 You’re not still afraid of dogs, are you?
1782 You aren’t really older than me, are you?
1783 You aren’t really a millionaire, are you?
1784 You’re not really a millionaire, are you?
1785 You aren’t permitted to do that, are you?
1786 You’re not permitted to do that, are you?
1787 You aren’t obligated to do that, are you?
1788 You’re not obligated to do that, are you?
1789 You aren’t going to regret this, are you?
1790 You’re not going to regret this, are you?
1791 You aren’t going to do that now, are you?
1792 You’re not going to do that now, are you?
1793 You aren’t expecting me to sing, are you?
1794 You’re not expecting me to sing, are you?
1795 You aren’t drinking and driving, are you?
1796 You’re not drinking and driving, are you?
1797 You aren’t doing anything wrong, are you?
1798 You’re not doing anything wrong, are you?
1799 You aren’t asking me to give up, are you?
1800 You’re not asking me to give up, are you?

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