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The Most Important Jumbled Sentence Exercise Part 17

When dealing with jumbled sentences, it’s essential to correct the sentence structure for better understanding. Phrase correction in English involves rearranging or fixing misplaced words to form coherent sentences. Identifying jumbled words within a sentence is crucial for accurate communication. Correcting sentences in English requires attention to grammar, syntax, and word order to convey the intended meaning effectively. Through practice and understanding of sentence structure, one can improve their ability to correct sentences and phrases in English, ensuring clarity and coherence in communication. For Mose Such Questions CLICK HERE to download the app.


1601 should’ve   to   Tom   gone   yesterday.   the   bank
1602 should’ve   a   Tom   had   patience.   little   more
1603 should’ve   in   Tom   stayed   week.   Boston   last
1604 done.   should’ve   Mary   Tom   told   had   what   he
1605 should’ve   me   Tom   told   earlier.   about   that
1606 should’ve   us   Tom   told   earlier.   about   that
1607 should’ve   Boston   Tom   visited   last   summer.
1608 there.   should’ve   for   Tom   waited   get   us   to
1609 really   done   You   should’ve   week.   that   last
1610 should’ve   a   You   been   patient.   little   more
1611 face.   should’ve   the   You   seen   your   look   on
1612 did.   should’ve   me   You   told   Tom   about   what
1613 should’ve   your   You   told   it.   parents   about
1614 could’ve   Tom   You   excused   that.   from   doing
1615 could’ve   that   Tom   done   help.   without   your
1616 to.   could’ve   that   Tom   done   wanted   if   he’d
1617 could’ve   that   Tom   done   himself.   faster   by
1618 only   place   There’s   one   gone.   Tom   could’ve
1619 that.   you’d   me,   If   helped   done   I   could’ve
1620 could’ve.   have   here   I’d   been   I   earlier   if
1621 further.   wish   could’ve   I   we   little   gone   a
1622 not   could’ve   that,   I   done   chose   but   I   to.
1623 did.   could’ve   that   I   done   Tom   better   than
1624 tried.   could’ve   much   I   done   I’d   better   if
1625 probably   have   You   could   better.   done   that
1626 that?   could   possessed   What   have   do   you   to
1627 that?   could   possessed   What   have   do   Tom   to
1628 could   managed   We   have   help.   without   Tom’s
1629 him.   wished   could   Tom   Mary   with   have   gone
1630 alone.   said   could   Tom   Mary   that   have   done
1631 probably   have   Tom   could   better.   done   that
1632 better.   knows   could   Tom   he   that   have   done
1633 that.   could   simply   Tom   have   do   refused   to
1634 help.   could   done   Tom   have   my   that   without
1635 could   complained,   Tom   have   didn’t.   but   he
1636 could   and   Tom   have   Mary.   should’ve   helped
1637 alone.   of   could   Neither   us   that   have   done
1638 with   wish   could   I   you   there   have   been   me.
1639 you   wish   I   I   that   helped   could   have   more.
1640 Tom   wish   I   I   that   helped   could   have   more.
1641 my   wish   could   I   Tom   to   have   come   concert.
1642 us   wish   could   I   Tom   with   have   been   today.
1643 patient.   think   could   I   you   more   have   been
1644 by   think   could   I   I   that   have   done   myself.
1645 survived.   don’t   how   I   see   have   they   could
1646 have   don’t   what   I   know   could   else   I   done.
1647 I   could   told   I   have   but   Tom   that,   didn’t.
1648 help.   could   done   I   have   your   that   without
1649 that?   you   you   Don’t   think   done   could   have
1650 happened?   you   how   Do   know   have   that   could
1651 him.   would’ve   us   Tom   helped   asked   if   we’d
1652 did.   would’ve   the   Tom   done   you   same   thing
1653 that.   the   way   That’s   same   done   I   would’ve
1654 would’ve   a   That   saved   aggravation.   lot   of
1655 do.   would’ve   the   That   been   to   smart   thing
1656 do.   would’ve   the   That   been   to   right   thing
1657 I   you’d   me   If   asked   that,   to   do   would’ve.
1658 had   we   done   If   had   would’ve   that,   we   fun.
1659 sure   what   I’m   that’s   wanted.   Tom   would’ve
1660 again.   would’ve   to   I   liked   that   have   done
1661 do   think   would’ve   I   it   to   been   good   that.
1662 thing.   think   would’ve   I   Tom   same   done   the
1663 that.   probably   been   I   would’ve   do   able   to
1664 never   asked   I   would’ve   question.   Tom   that
1665 would   failed   You   have   help.   without   Tom’s
1666 up.   your   I   Without   help,   given   would   have
1667 your   I   Without   advice,   failed.   would   have
1668 would   thought   Who   have   happen?   this   would
1669 come?   would   happened   What   have   had   if   Tom
1670 that.   would   permitted   Tom   have   do   Mary   to
1671 I   would   done   Tom   have   thing   the   same   did.
1672 really   have   Tom   would   movie.   enjoyed   this
1673 that.   would   been   It   have   do   ridiculous   to
1674 that.   would   been   It   have   do   impossible   to
1675 have.   Tom   done   If   hadn’t   would   that,   Mary
1676 no.   sure   answer   I’m   Tom’s   been   would   have
1677 do   would   told   I   have   to   you   right.   how   it
1678 had   would   helped   I   have   you   you   if   asked.
1679 you   would   done   I   have   thing   the   same   did.
1680 Tom   would   done   I   have   thing   the   same   did.
1681 me   wish   would   I   you   left   have   just   alone.
1682 think   would   I   that   fascinating.   have   been
1683 done?   you   what   Can   imagine   have   Tom   would
1684 Monday.   promised   he’d   Tom   that   on   be   here
1685 taxi   you   me   Would   like   a   to   you?   call   for
1686 glad   matter   I’m   the   amicably.   was   settled
1687 party.   sorry   I   I’m   that   your   can’t   attend
1688 of   not   to   I’m   used   kind   eating   this   food.
1689 of   not   to   I’m   used   sort   eating   this   food.
1690 not   to   I’m   accustomed   public.   speaking   in
1691 cannot   am   to   I   sorry   I   say   you.   that   help
1692 no   am   busy   I   so   have   that   read.   to   I   time
1693 who   am   it   I   glad   else   was   it.   someone   got
1694 got   glad   was   I’m   it   who   somebody   else   it.
1695 convinced   Tom   I’m   that   wrong.   did   nothing
1696 advice.   very   to   I’m   thankful   your   you   for
1697 success.   very   to   I’m   pleased   your   hear   of
1698 halfway   this   I’m   through   detective   story.
1699 next   going   take   I’m   to   off   two   days   week.
1700 expecting   serious   I’m   some   you.   work   from


1601 Tom should’ve gone to the bank yesterday.
1602 Tom should’ve had a little more patience.
1603 Tom should’ve stayed in Boston last week.
1604 Tom should’ve told Mary what he had done.
1605 Tom should’ve told me about that earlier.
1606 Tom should’ve told us about that earlier.
1607 Tom should’ve visited Boston last summer.
1608 Tom should’ve waited for us to get there.
1609 You really should’ve done that last week.
1610 You should’ve been a little more patient.
1611 You should’ve seen the look on your face.
1612 You should’ve told me about what Tom did.
1613 You should’ve told your parents about it.
1614 You could’ve excused Tom from doing that.
1615 Tom could’ve done that without your help.
1616 Tom could’ve done that if he’d wanted to.
1617 Tom could’ve done that faster by himself.
1618 There’s only one place Tom could’ve gone.
1619 If you’d helped me, I could’ve done that.
1620 I’d have been here earlier if I could’ve.
1621 I wish we could’ve gone a little further.
1622 I could’ve done that, but I chose not to.
1623 I could’ve done that better than Tom did.
1624 I could’ve done much better if I’d tried.
1625 You probably could have done that better.
1626 What could have possessed you to do that?
1627 What could have possessed Tom to do that?
1628 We could have managed without Tom’s help.
1629 Tom wished Mary could have gone with him.
1630 Tom said Mary could have done that alone.
1631 Tom probably could have done that better.
1632 Tom knows he could have done that better.
1633 Tom could have simply refused to do that.
1634 Tom could have done that without my help.
1635 Tom could have complained, but he didn’t.
1636 Tom could have and should’ve helped Mary.
1637 Neither of us could have done that alone.
1638 I wish you could have been there with me.
1639 I wish that I could have helped you more.
1640 I wish that I could have helped Tom more.
1641 I wish Tom could have come to my concert.
1642 I wish Tom could have been with us today.
1643 I think you could have been more patient.
1644 I think I could have done that by myself.
1645 I don’t see how they could have survived.
1646 I don’t know what else I could have done.
1647 I could have told Tom that, but I didn’t.
1648 I could have done that without your help.
1649 Don’t you think you could have done that?
1650 Do you know how that could have happened?
1651 Tom would’ve helped us if we’d asked him.
1652 Tom would’ve done the same thing you did.
1653 That’s the same way I would’ve done that.
1654 That would’ve saved a lot of aggravation.
1655 That would’ve been the smart thing to do.
1656 That would’ve been the right thing to do.
1657 If you’d asked me to do that, I would’ve.
1658 If we had done that, we would’ve had fun.
1659 I’m sure that’s what Tom would’ve wanted.
1660 I would’ve liked to have done that again.
1661 I think it would’ve been good to do that.
1662 I think Tom would’ve done the same thing.
1663 I probably would’ve been able to do that.
1664 I never would’ve asked Tom that question.
1665 You would have failed without Tom’s help.
1666 Without your help, I would have given up.
1667 Without your advice, I would have failed.
1668 Who would have thought this would happen?
1669 What would have happened if Tom had come?
1670 Tom would have permitted Mary to do that.
1671 Tom would have done the same thing I did.
1672 Tom really would have enjoyed this movie.
1673 It would have been ridiculous to do that.
1674 It would have been impossible to do that.
1675 If Tom hadn’t done that, Mary would have.
1676 I’m sure Tom’s answer would have been no.
1677 I would have told you how to do it right.
1678 I would have helped you if you had asked.
1679 I would have done the same thing you did.
1680 I would have done the same thing Tom did.
1681 I wish you would have just left me alone.
1682 I think that would have been fascinating.
1683 Can you imagine what Tom would have done?
1684 Tom promised that he’d be here on Monday.
1685 Would you like me to call a taxi for you?
1686 I’m glad the matter was settled amicably.
1687 I’m sorry that I can’t attend your party.
1688 I’m not used to eating this kind of food.
1689 I’m not used to eating this sort of food.
1690 I’m not accustomed to speaking in public.
1691 I am sorry to say that I cannot help you.
1692 I am so busy that I have no time to read.
1693 I am glad it was someone else who got it.
1694 I’m glad it was somebody else who got it.
1695 I’m convinced that Tom did nothing wrong.
1696 I’m very thankful to you for your advice.
1697 I’m very pleased to hear of your success.
1698 I’m halfway through this detective story.
1699 I’m going to take two days off next week.
1700 I’m expecting some serious work from you.

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