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The Most Important Jumbled Sentence Exercise Part 16

When dealing with jumbled sentences, it’s essential to correct the sentence structure for better understanding. Phrase correction in English involves rearranging or fixing misplaced words to form coherent sentences. Identifying jumbled words within a sentence is crucial for accurate communication. Correcting sentences in English requires attention to grammar, syntax, and word order to convey the intended meaning effectively. Through practice and understanding of sentence structure, one can improve their ability to correct sentences and phrases in English, ensuring clarity and coherence in communication. For Mose Such Questions CLICK HERE to download the app.


1501 myself.   never   have   I   should   by   gone   there
1502 password.   never   have   I   should   my   told   Tom
1503 help.   really   have   I   should   more   given   Tom
1504 time.   really   have   I   should   more   given   Tom
1505 do   really   have   I   should   to   told   Tom   that.
1506 do   should   advised   I   have   to   Tom   not   that.
1507 by   should   agreed   I   have   there   to   be. 2:30.
1508 should   anticipated   I   have   this   happening.
1509 should   asked   I   have   first.   for   permission
1510 patient.   should   been   I   have   more   a   little
1511 Monday.   should   been   I   have   last   in   Boston
1512 Tom.   should   insisted   I   have   with   on   going
1513 it.   should   known   I   have   like   you   wouldn’t
1514 the   should   left   I   have   had   when   I   chance.
1515 Tom.   should   paid   I   have   to   more   attention
1516 should   studied   I   have   harder.   French   much
1517 loved   should   told   I   have   I   Mary   that   her.
1518 it   should   told   I   have   keep   Tom   to   secret.
1519 in   should   told   I   have   stay   Tom   to   Boston.
1520 sooner.   should   told   I   have   that   you   about
1521 should   worn   I   have   shirt.   a   short-sleeved
1522 home.   still   we   I   think   stayed   should   have
1523 do   think   should   I   Tom   Mary   have   let   that.
1524 Boston.   think   should   I   Tom   in   have   stayed
1525 for   told   we   I   you   waited   should   have   Tom.
1526 left   was   one   I   the   have   who   should   early.
1527 we   have   Perhaps   should   Tom.   tried   helping
1528 no.   tells   I   Something   me   said   should   have
1529 early.   and   both   Tom   Mary   left   should   have
1530 that.   and   never   Tom   Mary   done   should   have
1531 could’ve   should   Tom   and   Mary.   have   helped
1532 done   is   one   Tom   the   have   who   should   that.
1533 been.   knew   his   Tom   where   have   keys   should
1534 now.   really   have   Tom   should   by   checked   in
1535 earlier.   said   should   Tom   I   home   have   gone
1536 now.   should   arrived   Tom   have   by   in   Boston
1537 should   done   Tom   have   carefully.   that   more
1538 should   done   Tom   have   else.   that   someplace
1539 should   done   Tom   have   else.   that   somewhere
1540 ago.   should   done   Tom   have   days   that   three
1541 didn’t.   should   done   Tom   have   he   that,   but
1542 should   eaten   Tom   have   breakfast.   more   for
1543 week.   should   gone   Tom   have   last   to   Boston
1544 Mary.   should   gone   Tom   have   with   to   Boston
1545 apology.   should   sent   Tom   have   of   a   letter
1546 married.   should   told   Tom   have   was   Mary   he
1547 do   should   told   Tom   have   to   Mary   not   that.
1548 time   should   done   We   have   long   that   a   ago.
1549 month.   should   gone   We   have   last   to   Boston
1550 a   really   have   You   should   call   let   me   cab.
1551 should   done   You   have   else.   that   someplace
1552 should   done   You   have   else.   that   somewhere
1553 ago.   should   done   You   have   days   that   three
1554 should   eaten   You   have   breakfast.   more   for
1555 should   given   You   have   chance.   Tom   another
1556 work.   should   helped   You   have   his   Tom   with
1557 ahead.   should   quit   You   have   were   when   you
1558 should   seen   You   have   together.   us   dancing
1559 do   should   shown   You   have   to   Tom   how   that.
1560 money.   should   told   You   have   needed   me   you
1561 I   didn’t   Tom   I   help   as   as   much   should’ve.
1562 that.   don’t   why   I   know   done   Tom   should’ve
1563 Tom.   guess   should’ve   I   I   about   warned   you
1564 guess   should’ve   I   we   yesterday.   done   that
1565 that.   guess   should’ve   I   we   about   told   Tom
1566 to   guess   should’ve   I   we   what   told   Tom   do.
1567 should’ve   to   I   agreed   offer.   accept   Tom’s
1568 do   should’ve   to   I   agreed   to   ask   Tom   that.
1569 for   should’ve   able   I   been   that   to   do   you.
1570 should’ve   here   I   been   yesterday.   with   you
1571 do   should’ve   the   I   been   to   last   one   that.
1572 home.   should’ve   that   I   done   went   before   I
1573 to   should’ve   what   I   done   me   Tom   asked   do.
1574 do.   should’ve   what   I   done   I   Tom   suggested
1575 should’ve   Tom   I   given   present.   a   birthday
1576 didn’t.   should’ve   to   I   gone   I   Boston,   but
1577 should’ve   Tom   I   helped   homework.   with   his
1578 again.   should’ve   I’d   I   known   it   never   see
1579 too.   should’ve   Tom   I   known   here,   would   be
1580 that.   should’ve   better   I   known   do   than   to
1581 should’ve   something   I   known   on.   was   going
1582 should’ve   to   I   listened   closely.   Tom   more
1583 should’ve   my   I   parked   else.   car   somewhere
1584 ago.   should’ve   smoking   I   quit   time   a   long
1585 should’ve   Tom   I   told   happened.   about   what
1586 to   should’ve   Tom   I   told   go   not   to   Boston.
1587 should’ve   Boston,   I   visited   didn’t.   but   I
1588 think   should’ve   I   Tom   discreet.   been   more
1589 Boston.   the   who   I’m   one   to   should’ve   gone
1590 that.   the   one   I’m   only   done   who   should’ve
1591 ago.   should’ve   done   That   been   time   a   long
1592 ago.   should’ve   done   This   been   time   a   long
1593 and   should’ve   Tom   I   ourselves.   gone   there
1594 could’ve   should’ve   Tom   and   stayed   longer.
1595 really   helped   Tom   should’ve   that.   Mary   do
1596 really   stayed   Tom   should’ve   was.   where   he
1597 help.   said   should’ve   Tom   I   for   asked   Mary
1598 should’ve   a   Tom   been   patient.   little   more
1599 should’ve   in   Tom   been   Monday.   Boston   last
1600 should’ve   Mary   Tom   given   wanted.   what   she


1501 I never should have gone there by myself.
1502 I never should have told Tom my password.
1503 I really should have given Tom more help.
1504 I really should have given Tom more time.
1505 I really should have told Tom to do that.
1506 I should have advised Tom not to do that.
1507 I should have agreed to be there by 2:30.
1508 I should have anticipated this happening.
1509 I should have asked for permission first.
1510 I should have been a little more patient.
1511 I should have been in Boston last Monday.
1512 I should have insisted on going with Tom.
1513 I should have known you wouldn’t like it.
1514 I should have left when I had the chance.
1515 I should have paid more attention to Tom.
1516 I should have studied French much harder.
1517 I should have told Mary that I loved her.
1518 I should have told Tom to keep it secret.
1519 I should have told Tom to stay in Boston.
1520 I should have told you about that sooner.
1521 I should have worn a short-sleeved shirt.
1522 I still think we should have stayed home.
1523 I think Tom should have let Mary do that.
1524 I think Tom should have stayed in Boston.
1525 I told you we should have waited for Tom.
1526 I was the one who should have left early.
1527 Perhaps we should have tried helping Tom.
1528 Something tells me I should have said no.
1529 Tom and Mary both should have left early.
1530 Tom and Mary never should have done that.
1531 Tom could’ve and should have helped Mary.
1532 Tom is the one who should have done that.
1533 Tom knew where his keys should have been.
1534 Tom really should have checked in by now.
1535 Tom said I should have gone home earlier.
1536 Tom should have arrived in Boston by now.
1537 Tom should have done that more carefully.
1538 Tom should have done that someplace else.
1539 Tom should have done that somewhere else.
1540 Tom should have done that three days ago.
1541 Tom should have done that, but he didn’t.
1542 Tom should have eaten more for breakfast.
1543 Tom should have gone to Boston last week.
1544 Tom should have gone to Boston with Mary.
1545 Tom should have sent a letter of apology.
1546 Tom should have told Mary he was married.
1547 Tom should have told Mary not to do that.
1548 We should have done that a long time ago.
1549 We should have gone to Boston last month.
1550 You really should have let me call a cab.
1551 You should have done that someplace else.
1552 You should have done that somewhere else.
1553 You should have done that three days ago.
1554 You should have eaten more for breakfast.
1555 You should have given Tom another chance.
1556 You should have helped Tom with his work.
1557 You should have quit when you were ahead.
1558 You should have seen us dancing together.
1559 You should have shown Tom how to do that.
1560 You should have told me you needed money.
1561 I didn’t help Tom as much as I should’ve.
1562 I don’t know why Tom should’ve done that.
1563 I guess I should’ve warned you about Tom.
1564 I guess we should’ve done that yesterday.
1565 I guess we should’ve told Tom about that.
1566 I guess we should’ve told Tom what to do.
1567 I should’ve agreed to accept Tom’s offer.
1568 I should’ve agreed to ask Tom to do that.
1569 I should’ve been able to do that for you.
1570 I should’ve been here with you yesterday.
1571 I should’ve been the last one to do that.
1572 I should’ve done that before I went home.
1573 I should’ve done what Tom asked me to do.
1574 I should’ve done what Tom suggested I do.
1575 I should’ve given Tom a birthday present.
1576 I should’ve gone to Boston, but I didn’t.
1577 I should’ve helped Tom with his homework.
1578 I should’ve known I’d never see it again.
1579 I should’ve known Tom would be here, too.
1580 I should’ve known better than to do that.
1581 I should’ve known something was going on.
1582 I should’ve listened to Tom more closely.
1583 I should’ve parked my car somewhere else.
1584 I should’ve quit smoking a long time ago.
1585 I should’ve told Tom about what happened.
1586 I should’ve told Tom not to go to Boston.
1587 I should’ve visited Boston, but I didn’t.
1588 I think Tom should’ve been more discreet.
1589 I’m the one who should’ve gone to Boston.
1590 I’m the only one who should’ve done that.
1591 That should’ve been done a long time ago.
1592 This should’ve been done a long time ago.
1593 Tom and I should’ve gone there ourselves.
1594 Tom could’ve and should’ve stayed longer.
1595 Tom really should’ve helped Mary do that.
1596 Tom really should’ve stayed where he was.
1597 Tom said I should’ve asked Mary for help.
1598 Tom should’ve been a little more patient.
1599 Tom should’ve been in Boston last Monday.
1600 Tom should’ve given Mary what she wanted.

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