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The Most Important Jumbled Sentence Exercise Part 15

When dealing with jumbled sentences, it’s essential to correct the sentence structure for better understanding. Phrase correction in English involves rearranging or fixing misplaced words to form coherent sentences. Identifying jumbled words within a sentence is crucial for accurate communication. Correcting sentences in English requires attention to grammar, syntax, and word order to convey the intended meaning effectively. Through practice and understanding of sentence structure, one can improve their ability to correct sentences and phrases in English, ensuring clarity and coherence in communication. For Mose Such Questions CLICK HERE to download the app.


1401 uncomfortable.   said   he   Tom   that   bit   was   a
1402 well.   hugged   He   Tom   Mary.   as   hugged   Alice
1403 well.   kissed   He   Tom   Mary.   as   kissed   Alice
1404 to   needs   be   Tom   to   needs   told   that.   he   do
1405 deported.   was   that   Tom   afraid   be   he   might
1406 expelled.   was   that   Tom   afraid   be   he   might
1407 laid   was   that   Tom   afraid   be   he   might   off.
1408 evicted.   was   that   Tom   afraid   get   he   might
1409 will   not   Tom   probably   opinion.   change   his
1410 time.   would’ve   more   Tom   eaten   had   if   he’d
1411 you   Tom   Didn’t   know   boyfriend?   was   Mary’s
1412 do   sure   Tom   I’m   that   to   will   refuse   that.
1413 months.   been   to   I’ve   planning   for   do   that
1414 buy   wish   were   I   I   to   rich   yacht.   enough   a
1415 do   you   Tom   Didn’t   know   to   was   going   that?
1416 satisfied?   you   Tom   Do   think   were   and   Mary
1417 anybody   another   Does   want   cake?   piecet   of
1418 to   anybody   Tom   Has   told   needs   what   he   do?
1419 you   anybody   Have   told   problem?   about   this
1420 anybody   another   Would   like   cake?   piece   of
1421 with   you   plan   Do   still   that   on   doing   Tom?
1422 know?   you   me   Are   telling   doesn’t   that   Tom
1423 you   Tom   Do   think   problem?   understands   the
1424 locked?   you   that   Didn’t   know   was   the   door
1425 hasn’t   released   Tom   been   yet.   from   prison
1426 hasn’t   been   Tom   yet   prison.   released   from
1427 that   and   don’t   Tom   I   do   plan   to   together.
1428 hasn’t   eating   Tom   finished   breakfast   yet.
1429 hasn’t   finished   Tom   yet   eating   breakfast.
1430 sister.   didn’t   that   I   know   Tom’s   Mary   was
1431 doing   didn’t   that   I   know   me   Tom   saw   that.
1432 cousin.   didn’t   that   I   know   Mary’s   Tom   was
1433 father.   didn’t   that   I   know   Mary’s   Tom   was
1434 do   didn’t   Tom   I   know   to   didn’t   like   that.
1435 of   didn’t   Tom   I   know   friend   was   a   Mary’s.
1436 at   didn’t   Tom   I   know   good   was   so   cooking.
1437 doing   did   know   How   you   was   that   Tom   that?
1438 to   did   know   How   you   going   I   fired?   was   be
1439 be   did   know   How   you   would   that   Tom   there?
1440 Canadian.   didn’t   that   Tom   know   a   Mary   was
1441 do   doubt   Tom   I   that   to   will   consent   that.
1442 heard   Tom   I   that   basketball.   really   likes
1443 here   hope   and   I   Tom   get   Mary   don’t   early.
1444 doing   hope   Tom   I   that   keep   and   Mary   that.
1445 hypocrites.   think   Tom   I   that   are   and   Mary
1446 here   think   and   I   Tom   be   Mary   won’t   today.
1447 on   pretty   that   I’m   sure   be   Tom   will   time.
1448 you   think   Do   really   listening?   anybody   is
1449 does?   you   French   Do   speak   Tom   better   than
1450 is   that   Tom   convinced   him.   everyone   hates
1451 for.   the   that   Here’s   map   looking   you   were
1452 could’ve   us,   Somebody   followed   I   suppose.
1453 love   think   should   I   you   you   tell   Tom   him.
1454 the   think   Tom   I   that   you   will   tell   truth.
1455 to   told   that   Tom   me   going   he   that.   was   do
1456 still   least   know   At   we   is   that   Tom   alive.
1457 furious.   seemed   Tom   It   that   were   and   Mary
1458 nervous.   seemed   Tom   It   that   were   and   Mary
1459 to   told   that   Who   you   going   I   that?   was   do
1460 doesn’t   flowers   Tom   give   anymore.   to   Mary
1461 children.   and   wife   Tom   his   any   don’t   have
1462 to   had   idea   I   no   needed   that   that.   Tom   do
1463 lucky   you   You’re   that   injured.   didn’t   get
1464 curious.   and   said   Tom   Mary   were   that   they
1465 to   and   said   Tom   Mary   write   they   would   us.
1466 each   and   often   Tom   I   to   give   gifts   other.
1467 downloaded   file   I   the   uploaded.   which   Tom
1468 the   called   on   Tom   me   of   the   evening   20th.
1469 you’re   know   Tom   I   that   that   is   glad   here.
1470 do   know   Tom   I   that   to   is   determined   that.
1471 same   should’ve   Tom   I   told   the   I   felt   way.
1472 that.   don’t   anyone   Please   tell   did   that   I
1473 doing   is   better   Tom   much   at   than   me   that.
1474 than   is   better   Tom   much   that   at   doing   me.
1475 meet   anyone   at   Will   be   to   the   station   us?
1476 risk.   assume   willing   I   you’re   the   to   take
1477 house.   should   someone   We   get   our   to   paint
1478 anybody.   don’t   that   I   think   tell   Tom   will
1479 this.   tell   that   Don’t   anyone   doing   we   are
1480 can’t   that’s   I   guarantee   happen.   going   to
1481 free   do   usually   What   you   your   do   in   time?
1482 help   was   I   There   nothing   to   could   do   Tom.
1483 you?   all   children   Do   your   with   still   live
1484 yesterday.   is   book   This   the   bought   that   I
1485 her.   sold   bracelet   Mary   the   gave   that   Tom
1486 to   you   Tom   Are   sure   lying   hasn’t   been   us?
1487 was   didn’t   tell   Why   you   Tom   me   that   here?
1488 just   frustrated   I’m   as   else.   as   everybody
1489 good.   thought   the   I   that   pretty   movie   was
1490 true.   suspect   what   I   that   wasn’t   Tom   said
1491 that.   really   that   I   think   do   we   shouldn’t
1492 do   you   Tom   Do   think   to   really   meant   that?
1493 early.   Tom   Mary   Both   and   left   should   have
1494 Tom?   you   you   Don’t   think   told   should   have
1495 that.   didn’t   Tom   I   think   done   should   have
1496 early.   don’t   Tom   I   think   left   should   have
1497 early.   don’t   you   I   think   left   should   have
1498 yesterday.   know   should   I   I   that   have   done
1499 earlier.   know   should   I   I   here   have   gotten
1500 this.   never   have   I   should   with   gone   along


1401 Tom said that he was a bit uncomfortable.
1402 Tom hugged Mary. He hugged Alice as well.
1403 Tom kissed Mary. He kissed Alice as well.
1404 Tom needs to be told he needs to do that.
1405 Tom was afraid that he might be deported.
1406 Tom was afraid that he might be expelled.
1407 Tom was afraid that he might be laid off.
1408 Tom was afraid that he might get evicted.
1409 Tom will probably not change his opinion.
1410 Tom would’ve eaten more if he’d had time.
1411 Didn’t you know Tom was Mary’s boyfriend?
1412 I’m sure that Tom will refuse to do that.
1413 I’ve been planning to do that for months.
1414 I wish I were rich enough to buy a yacht.
1415 Didn’t you know Tom was going to do that?
1416 Do you think Tom and Mary were satisfied?
1417 Does anybody want another piecet of cake?
1418 Has anybody told Tom what he needs to do?
1419 Have you told anybody about this problem?
1420 Would anybody like another piece of cake?
1421 Do you still plan on doing that with Tom?
1422 Are you telling me that Tom doesn’t know?
1423 Do you think Tom understands the problem?
1424 Didn’t you know that the door was locked?
1425 Tom hasn’t been released from prison yet.
1426 Tom hasn’t yet been released from prison.
1427 Tom and I don’t plan to do that together.
1428 Tom hasn’t finished eating breakfast yet.
1429 Tom hasn’t yet finished eating breakfast.
1430 I didn’t know that Mary was Tom’s sister.
1431 I didn’t know that Tom saw me doing that.
1432 I didn’t know that Tom was Mary’s cousin.
1433 I didn’t know that Tom was Mary’s father.
1434 I didn’t know Tom didn’t like to do that.
1435 I didn’t know Tom was a friend of Mary’s.
1436 I didn’t know Tom was so good at cooking.
1437 How did you know that Tom was doing that?
1438 How did you know I was going to be fired?
1439 How did you know that Tom would be there?
1440 Tom didn’t know that Mary was a Canadian.
1441 I doubt that Tom will consent to do that.
1442 I heard that Tom really likes basketball.
1443 I hope Tom and Mary don’t get here early.
1444 I hope that Tom and Mary keep doing that.
1445 I think that Tom and Mary are hypocrites.
1446 I think Tom and Mary won’t be here today.
1447 I’m pretty sure that Tom will be on time.
1448 Do you really think anybody is listening?
1449 Do you speak French better than Tom does?
1450 Tom is convinced that everyone hates him.
1451 Here’s the map that you were looking for.
1452 Somebody could’ve followed us, I suppose.
1453 I think you should tell Tom you love him.
1454 I think that Tom will tell you the truth.
1455 Tom told me that he was going to do that.
1456 At least we know that Tom is still alive.
1457 It seemed that Tom and Mary were furious.
1458 It seemed that Tom and Mary were nervous.
1459 Who told you that I was going to do that?
1460 Tom doesn’t give flowers to Mary anymore.
1461 Tom and his wife don’t have any children.
1462 I had no idea that Tom needed to do that.
1463 You’re lucky that you didn’t get injured.
1464 Tom and Mary said that they were curious.
1465 Tom and Mary said they would write to us.
1466 Tom and I often give gifts to each other.
1467 I downloaded the file which Tom uploaded.
1468 Tom called me on the evening of the 20th.
1469 I know that Tom is glad that you’re here.
1470 I know that Tom is determined to do that.
1471 I should’ve told Tom I felt the same way.
1472 Please don’t tell anyone that I did that.
1473 Tom is much better than me at doing that.
1474 Tom is much better at doing that than me.
1475 Will anyone be at the station to meet us?
1476 I assume you’re willing to take the risk.
1477 We should get someone to paint our house.
1478 I don’t think that Tom will tell anybody.
1479 Don’t tell anyone that we are doing this.
1480 I can’t guarantee that’s going to happen.
1481 What do you usually do in your free time?
1482 There was nothing I could do to help Tom.
1483 Do all your children still live with you?
1484 This is the book that I bought yesterday.
1485 Mary sold the bracelet that Tom gave her.
1486 Are you sure Tom hasn’t been lying to us?
1487 Why didn’t you tell me that Tom was here?
1488 I’m just as frustrated as everybody else.
1489 I thought that the movie was pretty good.
1490 I suspect that what Tom said wasn’t true.
1491 I really think that we shouldn’t do that.
1492 Do you think Tom really meant to do that?
1493 Both Tom and Mary should have left early.
1494 Don’t you think you should have told Tom?
1495 I didn’t think Tom should have done that.
1496 I don’t think Tom should have left early.
1497 I don’t think you should have left early.
1498 I know I should have done that yesterday.
1499 I know I should have gotten here earlier.
1500 I never should have gone along with this.

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