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The Most Important Jumbled Sentence Exercise Part 30

When dealing with jumbled sentences, it’s essential to correct the sentence structure for better understanding. Phrase correction in English involves rearranging or fixing misplaced words to form coherent sentences. Identifying jumbled words within a sentence is crucial for accurate communication. Correcting sentences in English requires attention to grammar, syntax, and word order to convey the intended meaning effectively. Through practice and understanding of sentence structure, one can improve their ability to correct sentences and phrases in English, ensuring clarity and coherence in communication. For Mose Such Questions CLICK HERE to download the app.


2901 long.   didn’t   in   I   stay   very   Australia   for
2902 was   was   the   It   raining   Tom   day   that   shot.
2903 Australia.   been   Tom   I’ve   told   in   is   still
2904 skied?   this   first   Is   the   ever   time   you’ve
2905 here?   this   first   Is   the   eaten   time   you’ve
2906 swam?   you   the   Can   remember   you   first   time
2907 saw   remember   first   I   the   ever   time   I   Tom.
2908 on   was   first   That   the   got   time   plane.   I   a
2909 a   is   first   This   the   baked   time   I’ve   cake.
2910 a   is   first   This   the   driven   time   I’ve   car.
2911 an   is   first   This   the   fried   time   I’ve   egg.
2912 Mary.   is   first   This   the   invited   time   I’ve
2913 my   is   first   This   the   lost   time   I’ve   keys.
2914 this.   isn’t   first   This   the   done   time   I’ve
2915 met   was   first   When   the   you   time   that   Tom?
2916 a   that   first   Was   the   rode   time   you   horse?
2917 poker?   was   first   When   the   played   time   you
2918 met   were   the   You   skinny   I   first   time   you.
2919 help.   sorry   couldn’t   I’m   I   to   do   anything
2920 sooner.   sorry   I   I’m   that   you   didn’t   email
2921 on   sorry   I   I’m   that   here   didn’t   get   time.
2922 much.   sorry   I’ve   I’m   that   so   troubled   you
2923 us.   sorry   you   I’m   that   with   couldn’t   come
2924 sorry   you’ve   I’m   that   injured.   been   badly
2925 for   sorry   I   I’m   that   that   didn’t   buy   you.
2926 anything.   sorry   I   I’m   that   you   didn’t   get
2927 do   sorry   I   I’m   that   you   didn’t   help   that.
2928 your   sorry   didn’t   I’m   I   to   make   it   party.
2929 lamp.   sorry   I   I’m   that   antique   broke   your
2930 help   sorry   can’t   I’m   I   more   be   you.   of   to
2931 you   sorry   I   I’m   that   with   can’t   go   today.
2932 about   sorry   can’t   I’m   I   more   tell   you   it.
2933 night.   sorry   canceled   I’m   I   last   our   date
2934 sooner.   sorry   couldn’t   I’m   I   you   write   to
2935 appointment.   sorry   had   I’m   I   my   to   cancel
2936 write   sorry   have   I’m   I   to   no   pencil   with.
2937 that   sorry   I   I’m   that   do   made   me.   you   for
2938 help   sorry   I   I’m   that   to   wasn’t   able   you.
2939 yesterday.   sorry   I   I’m   that   you   yelled   at
2940 them.   were   sorry   We   very   help   we   couldn’t
2941 by   sorry   had   I’m   you   this   to   do   yourself.
2942 mess.   sorry   got   I’m   you   this   dragged   into
2943 such   sorry   have   I’m   we   you   to   ask   things.
2944 you.   Tom,   sorry   Look,   I’m   bothered   that   I
2945 this.   sorry   you   I’m   that   into   got   dragged
2946 to   sorry   this   I’m   that   happen   had   to   you.
2947 so   sorry   Tom   I’m   that   leave   had   to   early.
2948 cry.   awfully   that   I’m   sorry   you   I’ve   made
2949 that.   no   that   There’s   doubt   do   Tom   didn’t
2950 for   no   Tom   There’s   doubt   that   will   do   us.
2951 that.   doesn’t   that   Tom   doubt   do   Mary   will
2952 but   doubt   I   I   that   that,   can   try.   do   I’ll
2953 doubt   that’s   I   that   happened.   what   really
2954 doing   doubt   will   I   Tom   for   be   fined   that.
2955 doing   doubt   will   I   Tom   for   be   fired   that.
2956 that.   doubt   would   I   Tom   like   do   something
2957 Australia.   sure   has   I’m   Tom   to   never   been
2958 pretty   Tom’s   I’m   sure   Australia.   happy   in
2959 Australia.   pretty   that   I’m   sure   in   Tom   is
2960 do.   assumed   what   I   that’s   to   you’d   wanted
2961 assumed   that’s   I   that   happening.   what   was
2962 working.   assume   phone   I   your   not   is   still
2963 success.   assume   your   I   that   a   mission   was
2964 just   Mary   I   assumed   girlfriend.   was   Tom’s
2965 assumed   Mary   I   that   girlfriend.   was   Tom’s
2966 do   assumed   Tom   I   that   to   would   want   that.
2967 together.   assumed   we’d   I   that   this   all   do
2968 do   assumed   you   I   that   to   would   want   that.
2969 later.   assumed   find   I   you’d   or   out   sooner
2970 laugh.   figured   that   I   that   you   would   make
2971 answer.   figured   that   I   that   your   would   be
2972 two   figure   it’ll   I   that   or   take   one   days.
2973 figured   everyone   Tom   that   break.   needed   a
2974 do   figured   he’d   Tom   that   to   be   able   that.
2975 by   figured   you   I   that   hungry   must   be   now.
2976 today.   assuming   Tom   I’m   that   here   will   be
2977 assume   of   I   both   flashlights.   you   brought
2978 for.   assume   is   I   this   looking   what   you’re
2979 Tom’s.   can’t   that   We   assume   is   this   money
2980 party.   assume   won’t   I   Tom   tonight’s   be   at
2981 do   assume   would   I   Tom   to   be   willing   that.
2982 to   assume   you   I   that   me   don’t   want   leave.
2983 Tom.   assume   you   I   that   from   haven’t   heard
2984 the   assume   know   I   you   fix   how   to   problem.
2985 Tom’s   assume   know   I   you   to   the   way   house.
2986 assume   you   I   that   sentiments.   share   Tom’s
2987 meet   assume   you   I   that   to   would   like   Tom.
2988 about   assume   here   I   you’re   me   to   ask   Tom.
2989 Australia.   think   should   I   you   to   send   Tom
2990 Australia.   think   should   I   you   in   meet   Tom
2991 Australia.   thought   Tom   I   that   in   might   be
2992 now.   think   wouldn’t   I   Tom   Australia   be   in
2993 month.   think   went   I   Tom   last   to   Australia
2994 Australia.   think   is   I   Tom   in   still   living
2995 Australia.   suspect   Tom   I   that   to   has   gone
2996 suspect   has   I   Tom   Australia.   already   left
2997 Australia?   you   Tom   Did   know   in   was   living
2998 Australia?   you   that   Did   know   in   Tom   lived
2999 in   did   know   How   you   was   that   I   Australia?
3000 with   wish   could   I   Tom   Australia   go   to   me.


2901 I didn’t stay in Australia for very long.
2902 It was raining the day that Tom was shot.
2903 I’ve been told Tom is still in Australia.
2904 Is this the first time you’ve ever skied?
2905 Is this the first time you’ve eaten here?
2906 Can you remember the first time you swam?
2907 I remember the first time I ever saw Tom.
2908 That was the first time I got on a plane.
2909 This is the first time I’ve baked a cake.
2910 This is the first time I’ve driven a car.
2911 This is the first time I’ve fried an egg.
2912 This is the first time I’ve invited Mary.
2913 This is the first time I’ve lost my keys.
2914 This isn’t the first time I’ve done this.
2915 When was the first time that you met Tom?
2916 Was that the first time you rode a horse?
2917 When was the first time you played poker?
2918 You were skinny the first time I met you.
2919 I’m sorry I couldn’t do anything to help.
2920 I’m sorry that I didn’t email you sooner.
2921 I’m sorry that I didn’t get here on time.
2922 I’m sorry that I’ve troubled you so much.
2923 I’m sorry that you couldn’t come with us.
2924 I’m sorry that you’ve been badly injured.
2925 I’m sorry that I didn’t buy that for you.
2926 I’m sorry that I didn’t get you anything.
2927 I’m sorry that I didn’t help you do that.
2928 I’m sorry I didn’t make it to your party.
2929 I’m sorry that I broke your antique lamp.
2930 I’m sorry I can’t be of more help to you.
2931 I’m sorry that I can’t go with you today.
2932 I’m sorry I can’t tell you more about it.
2933 I’m sorry I canceled our date last night.
2934 I’m sorry I couldn’t write to you sooner.
2935 I’m sorry I had to cancel my appointment.
2936 I’m sorry I have no pencil to write with.
2937 I’m sorry that I made you do that for me.
2938 I’m sorry that I wasn’t able to help you.
2939 I’m sorry that I yelled at you yesterday.
2940 We were very sorry we couldn’t help them.
2941 I’m sorry you had to do this by yourself.
2942 I’m sorry you got dragged into this mess.
2943 I’m sorry we have to ask you such things.
2944 Look, Tom, I’m sorry that I bothered you.
2945 I’m sorry that you got dragged into this.
2946 I’m sorry that this had to happen to you.
2947 I’m sorry that Tom had to leave so early.
2948 I’m awfully sorry that I’ve made you cry.
2949 There’s no doubt that Tom didn’t do that.
2950 There’s no doubt Tom will do that for us.
2951 Tom doesn’t doubt that Mary will do that.
2952 I doubt that I can do that, but I’ll try.
2953 I doubt that that’s what really happened.
2954 I doubt Tom will be fined for doing that.
2955 I doubt Tom will be fired for doing that.
2956 I doubt Tom would do something like that.
2957 I’m sure Tom has never been to Australia.
2958 I’m pretty sure Tom’s happy in Australia.
2959 I’m pretty sure that Tom is in Australia.
2960 I assumed that’s what you’d wanted to do.
2961 I assumed that that’s what was happening.
2962 I assume your phone is still not working.
2963 I assume that your mission was a success.
2964 I just assumed Mary was Tom’s girlfriend.
2965 I assumed that Mary was Tom’s girlfriend.
2966 I assumed that Tom would want to do that.
2967 I assumed that we’d all do this together.
2968 I assumed that you would want to do that.
2969 I assumed you’d find out sooner or later.
2970 I figured that that would make you laugh.
2971 I figured that that would be your answer.
2972 I figure that it’ll take one or two days.
2973 Tom figured that everyone needed a break.
2974 Tom figured that he’d be able to do that.
2975 I figured that you must be hungry by now.
2976 I’m assuming that Tom will be here today.
2977 I assume both of you brought flashlights.
2978 I assume this is what you’re looking for.
2979 We can’t assume that this money is Tom’s.
2980 I assume Tom won’t be at tonight’s party.
2981 I assume Tom would be willing to do that.
2982 I assume that you don’t want me to leave.
2983 I assume that you haven’t heard from Tom.
2984 I assume you know how to fix the problem.
2985 I assume you know the way to Tom’s house.
2986 I assume that you share Tom’s sentiments.
2987 I assume that you would like to meet Tom.
2988 I assume you’re here to ask me about Tom.
2989 I think you should send Tom to Australia.
2990 I think you should meet Tom in Australia.
2991 I thought that Tom might be in Australia.
2992 I think Tom wouldn’t be in Australia now.
2993 I think Tom went to Australia last month.
2994 I think Tom is still living in Australia.
2995 I suspect that Tom has gone to Australia.
2996 I suspect Tom has already left Australia.
2997 Did you know Tom was living in Australia?
2998 Did you know that Tom lived in Australia?
2999 How did you know that I was in Australia?
3000 I wish Tom could go to Australia with me.

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