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The Most Useful Idioms Meaning in Hindi. Part 3

  1. Idioms meaning in Hindi can be a captivating linguistic journey, as these expressions often carry rich cultural connotations and require a nuanced understanding for accurate translation.
  2. Exploring English idioms with Hindi meaning adds an extra layer of complexity to language learning, demanding not just linguistic proficiency but also a deep dive into cultural nuances.
  3. Translating English idioms in Hindi is an art that involves more than just converting words; it’s about capturing the essence of the expression while ensuring it resonates within the cultural context of the target language.
  4. Navigating the world of idioms in English and Hindi is a rewarding endeavor, fostering not only linguistic prowess but also a profound appreciation for the diverse ways in which cultures encapsulate meaning in their everyday expressions.
201 go with the flow – प्रवाह के साथ जाओ go along with what everyone else does without conflict – बाकी सब जो करते हैं, बिना किसी विरोध के उसके साथ चलें Nancy just goes with the flow at her work and doesn’t cause any interference. 
202 golden opportunity – सुनहरा मौका a good chance for achievement – उपलब्धि का अच्छा मौका He had a golden opportunity to win the game on the penalty shot. 
203 grass is always greener on the other side – दूसरी तरफ घास हमेशा हरी रहती है others always have it better – दूसरों के पास यह हमेशा बेहतर होता है Whenever she complains about her hometown, I remind her that the grass is always greener on the other side. 
204 gravy train – ग्रेवी ट्रेन high pay for minimal work – न्यूनतम कार्य के लिए उच्च वेतन Government workers ride the gravy train while sitting at their desks doing nothing. 
205 green thumb – हरा अंगूठा talent for gardening – बागवानी की प्रतिभा Your flowers live so long because of your green thumb. 
206 grey area – संदेहास्पद विषय vague or unclear – अस्पष्ट या अस्पष्ट The store’s return policy is such a grey area. I don’t understand their rules. 
207 grin like a Cheshire cat – चेशायर बिल्ली की तरह मुस्कुराओ mischievously satisfied – शरारत से संतुष्ट She was grinning like a Cheshire cat after she had used her boyfriend’s credit card. 
208 hair of the dog – कुत्ते के बाल drinking alcohol to cure a hangover – हैंगओवर ठीक करने के लिए शराब पीना The hair of the dog is the best remedy for a hangover. 
209 handle with kid gloves – बच्चों के दस्तानों से संभालें handle delicately – नाजुक ढंग से संभालो Please handle those wine glasses with kid gloves. 
210 hang in there – वहाँ पर लटका हुआ be patient and stay optimistic – धैर्य रखें और आशावादी बने रहें I told Joe to hang in there when I found out that his wife was sick again. 
211 happy camper – खुश व्यक्ति a contented person – एक संतुष्ट व्यक्ति He looks like a happy camper eating his birthday cake. 
212 hard nut to crack – तोड़ने के लिए कठोर अखरोट difficult to understand or persuade – समझना या मनाना कठिन The criminal was a tough nut to crack. He never revealed any of his accomplices. 
213 hat trick – हैट्रिक three goals by one player – एक खिलाड़ी द्वारा तीन गोल Ronaldo scored several hat tricks last season. 
214 have a blast – एक विस्फोट किया have a good time – आपका समय अच्छा गुजरे We all had a blast at the party! 
215 have a bun in the oven – ओवन में एक रोटी रखें be pregnant – गर्भवती होना Mary has a bun in the oven so she can’t drink alcohol. 
216 have a card up your sleeve – अपनी आस्तीन पर एक कार्ड रखें have a secret plan – एक गुप्त योजना है You had a card up your sleeve and you won the match by distracting the goalkeeper. 
217 have a cow – एक गाय है get upset – परेशान Don’t have a cow! It’s not like I scratched the car on purpose! 
218 have eyes in the back of your head – आपके सिर के पीछे आँखें हैं perceptive – भेदक You must have eyes in the back of your head. You always know what your boyfriend is doing when he’s away. 
219 have the hots for – के लिए हॉट्स हैं to be attracted to someone – किसी के प्रति आकर्षित होना Mary had the hots for George, so she wrote him a love letter. 
220 have the upper hand – ऊपरी हाथ है have a better chance of winning – जीतने का बेहतर मौका है The experienced boxer has the upper hand. 
221 have your cake and eat it too – अपना केक लो और इसे भी खा लो want more than you need – आप आवश्यकता से अधिक चाहते हैं Frank is married but he also wants to date other women. He wants to have his cake and eat it too. 
222 have your head in the clouds – अपना सिर बादलों में रखो to be unaware or oblivious – अनभिज्ञ या अनजान होना You always have your head in the clouds. Do you have any idea what’s happening? 
223 head over heels – सिर के बल to be deeply in love – गहराई से प्यार में होना Sarah was head over heels for her new boyfriend. 
224 heard it through the grapevine – चर्चा के दौरान सुना hear a rumor – एक अफवाह सुनो I heard it through the grapevine that you were getting nose surgery. 
225 heart goes out to – दिल निकल जाता है feel sympathy – सहानुभूति महसूस करो My heart goes out to Sara. She spent years fighting cancer. 
226 heavy heart – भारी दिल sadness – उदासी She left him with a heavy heart. 
227 high time – उच्च समय the right time to accomplish something – कुछ पूरा करने का सही समय It’s high time to solve this budget problem. 
228 hit a snag – एक रोड़ा मारा face a sudden problem – अचानक किसी समस्या का सामना करना पड़ सकता है We’ve hit a snag. I don’t think we can finish it on time now. 
229 hit below the belt – कमर के नीचे वार करना do something that is unfair – कुछ ऐसा करो जो अनुचित हो You hit me below the belt when you said that lie about me. 
230 hit the nail on the head – कील के सिर पर मारो to be precisely accurate or correct – बिल्कुल सटीक या सही होना I couldn’t have said it better myself. You really hit the nail on the head. 
231 hit the road – यात्रा शुरू कर नजरों से दूर जाना leave – छुट्टी When the bell rang, the teacher told the students to hit the road. 
232 hit the sack / sheets / hay – बोरी/चादर/घास को मारो go to sleep – सो जाओ I’m so tired. It’s time to hit the sack. 
233 hold all the aces – सभी इक्के पकड़ो expected to win – जीतने की उम्मीद है The home team holds all the aces. I don’t think the other team will win. 
234 hold your horses – खुद को संभालो wait and be patient – प्रतीक्षा करें और धैर्य रखें Hold your horses! I’ll be ready in a minute. 
235 holy cow – पवित्र गाय that is surprising – यह आश्चर्यजनक है Holy cow! Did she really dye her hair blue? 
236 horse around – घोड़े के आसपास play roughly – मोटे तौर पर खेलें Stop horsing around kids. You’re in the library. 
237 hot dog – हॉट डॉग show off – दिखावा What a hot dog! He’s stickhandling the puck around every player! 
238 hot potato – गर्म आलू a controversial subject – एक विवादास्पद विषय Trump’s last Tweet was a hot potato in the news. 
239 hot shot or big shot – हॉट शॉट या बड़ा शॉट very confident or successful person – बहुत आत्मविश्वासी या सफल व्यक्ति All the hot shots in New York live on the Upper East Side. 
240 I bet – मैं शर्त लगा सकता हूं I think so – मुझे भी ऐसा ही लगता है I bet she’s going to arrive late to work again. 
241 in a nutshell – संक्षेप में to sum up – सारांश में In a nutshell, she is sick because she drank too much last night. 
242 in no time – कुछ ही समय में very quickly – बहुत जल्दी It’s so easy. I will be finished the assignment in no time. 
243 in over your head – आपके सिर के ऊपर trying something that is much too difficult for one’s ability – कुछ ऐसा प्रयास करना जो किसी की क्षमता के लिए बहुत कठिन हो You’re in over your head. You can’t beat the computer at chess. 
244 in seventh heaven – सातवें आसमान पर in a state of bliss – आनंद की स्थिति में The team was in seventh heaven when the captain scored the goal. 
245 in the black – एक आर्थिक रूप से लाभदायक स्थिति में profitable – लाभदायक Facebook has been in the black ever since the company went public. 
246 in the dog house – कुत्ते के घर मैं in trouble – मुसीबत में The coach won’t let me play. I’m in the dog house. 
247 in the long run – लंबे समय में in the long term – लंबे समय में She hates doing homework but in the long run it will make her successful. 
248 in the nick of time – ठीक समय पर just in time – सही समय पर He caught the train in the nick of time just before it departed. 
249 it takes two to tango – यह टैंगो के लिए दो लेता है it takes more than one person – इसमें एक से अधिक व्यक्ति लगते हैं There is now way she robbed the store alone. It takes two to tango. Someone helped her break in. 
250 joined at the hip – कूल्हे में जुड़ा है inseparable – अवियोज्य Jane and Joe are joined at the hip. 
251 jump ship – जहाज से कूद escape – पलायन The employees all jumped ship when they heard the company was going bankrupt. 
252 jump the gun – बंदूक को लपक लो begin too soon – बहुत जल्दी शुरू करो If you jump the gun then you may make a mistake. Go at your own pace. 
253 just what the doctor ordered – बस वही जो चिकित्सक ने आदेश किया desirable result – वांछनीय परिणाम It’s going to be sunny all weekend. Just what the doctor ordered! 
254 keep an eye on – नज़र रखना watch carefully or take care of – ध्यान से देखो या ध्यान रखो Please keep an eye on the kettle. It will boil soon. 
255 keep something zipped up – किसी चीज़ को ज़िप करके रखें keep something a secret – कुछ गुप्त रखें He tried to keep the affair zipped up, but his friend told his wife what happened. 
256 keep the wolves at bay – भेड़ियों को दूर रखो ward off poverty or hunger – गरीबी या भुखमरी को दूर भगाओ He needed a part-time job to keep the wolves at bay and to avoid serious debt. 
257 keep your chin up – अपनी ठोड़ी को ऊपर बनाए रखें stay positive – सकारात्मक बने रहें Keep your chin up. You will win the next game. 
258 keep your head above water – अपना सिर पानी के ऊपर रखें try not to fall behind – पीछे न पड़ने का प्रयास करें It’s hard to keep your head above water when you are already down by 3 goals.
259 keep your lips sealed – अपने होठों को सील रखें promise to keep a secret – रहस्य बनाए रखने का वादा करें You must keep your lips sealed about your affair. 
260 keep your shirt on – पर आपनी शर्ट रखें stay calm – शांत रहें Keep your shirt on and try to relax. The plane will land soon. 
261 kick the bucket – टोकरी में लात मारो die – मरना I hope I can travel the world before I kick the bucket. 
262 kill time – समय नष्ट करो pass time aimlessly – लक्ष्यहीन ढंग से समय व्यतीत करना Most people kill time by swiping through their iPhone apps. 
263 kill two birds with one stone – एक पत्थर से दो पक्षियों को मार डालो accomplish two things at once – एक साथ दो काम पूरा करो Why not kill two birds with one stone and brush your teeth in the shower? 
264 kitty corner – एक दूसरे के विपरीत सीध में diagonally across from – से तिरछे पार Starbucks is kitty corner to the gas station. 
265 know by heart – दिल से जानना memorize – याद Steve knows all of the computer code by heart. 
266 know which way the wind blows – जानें कि हवा किस दिशा में चल रही है know the end result – अंतिम परिणाम जानें Nobody knows which way the wind will blow. Just try to be positive. 
267 lazy as a dog – कुत्ते की तरह आलसी very lazy – बहुत आलसी I was lazy as a dog last weekend. I stayed in bed on Saturday and Sunday. 
268 lead a dog’s life – कुत्ते का जीवन जियो unhappy life – दुखी जीवन Her father lead a dog’s life trying to raise her and she never appreciated him. 
269 learn the ropes – गुर सीखिये learn new things – नई चीज़ें सीखें I spend the whole morning learning the ropes for the job. 
270 leave at the altar – वेदी पर छोड़ दो decide not to marry at the last minute – आखिरी समय में शादी न करने का फैसला Her fiance left her at the altar and moved to Fiji. 
271 let sleeping dogs lie – सोये कुत्तों पड़े रहने दो avoid interfering in something that may create trouble – किसी ऐसी चीज़ में हस्तक्षेप करने से बचें जो परेशानी पैदा कर सकती है Don’t bring up old arguments. It’s best to let sleeping dogs lie. 
272 let the cat out of the bag – थैली से बिल्ली को बाहर जाने दो reveal a secret – एक रहस्य उजागर करें Don’t let the cat out of the bag about the birthday party. 
273 let the cat out of the bag – थैली से बिल्ली को बाहर जाने दो reveal a secret – एक रहस्य उजागर करें Don’t let the cat out of the bag about the birthday party. 
274 let the dog see the rabbit – कुत्ते को खरगोश को देखने दो remove unnecessary obstructions – अनावश्यक रुकावटें दूर करें It’s time to let the dog see the rabbit. Bring the batter up to the big leagues! 
275 let your hair down – अपने बालो को नीचे करो relax and have fun – आराम करो और आनंद लो You should let your hair down on Saturday night and go dancing. 
276 level playing field – स्तर के खेल का मैदान equal chance – समान अवसर The team leveled the playing field after the penalty kick. 
277 like herding cats – चराने वाली बिल्लियों की तरह a difficult task – एक कठिन कार्य Getting everyone to take the vaccine is like herding cats. 
278 like the cat got the cream – जैसे बिल्ली को मलाई मिल गई satisfaction with some kind of achievement – किसी प्रकार की उपलब्धि से संतुष्टि After proving her innocence, she smiled at the police officer like the cat got the cream. 
279 lion’s share – बड़ा हिस्सा the majority of something – किसी चीज़ का बहुमत You took the lion’s share of the money. All I got was a couple pennies. 
280 live from hand to mouth – रोज़ कूआँ खोद कर रोज़ पानी पीने जैसा जीना live on very little money – बहुत कम पैसे पर गुजारा करें During the depression, we had to live from hand to mouth. 
281 long shot – लंबा शॉट difficult thing to accomplish – पूरा करना कठिन कार्य It will be a long shot to finish in the top three positions. 
282 look what the cat dragged in – देखो बिल्ली को घसीटा गया है क्या someone unwelcome has arrived – कोई अप्रिय व्यक्ति आ गया है Look what the cat dragged in. We told you to stay home and talk to your therapist. 
283 lose it – इसे खोना lose control – नियंत्रण खोना If you forget to tip the waiter again, he is going to completely lose it. 
284 love is blind – प्यार अंधा होता है love makes someone blind to their partner’s imperfections – प्यार किसी को अपने साथी की खामियों के प्रति अंधा बना देता है Love is certainly blind. Tom is very attracted to a girl who eats on the toilet. 
285 love rat – चूहे से प्यार करो someone who cheats on their partner – कोई व्यक्ति जो अपने साथी को धोखा देता है Hank is such a love rat. This is the tenth girl I’ve seen him with this week. 
286 lovey-dovey – लवी डवी kissing and hugging – चुंबन और आलिंगन Kate really hates it when couples are lovey-dovey in public. 
287 make a mountain out of a molehill – राई का पहाड़ बनाना to overemphasize small problems – छोटी-छोटी समस्याओं पर अधिक जोर देना The car only got a tiny dent. You’re making a mountain out of a molehill. 
288 make from scratch – खरोंच से बनाओ make with original ingredients – मूल सामग्रियों से बनाएं My wife made me a delicious omelet from scratch. 
289 make love – संभोग करना sex – लिंग Frank wanted to make love in the tent, but his wife wanted a hotel room. 
290 make my blood boil – मेरा खून खौला दो make very angry – बहुत क्रोध करना Donald makes my blood boil when he talks. 
291 make the cut – काटो chosen to be part of a group – एक समूह का हिस्सा बनने के लिए चुना गया I don’t think I made the cut. Other people will probably get hired instead. 
292 make up for lost time – जी भरकर जी लो to catch up with something after disregarding it for a long time – किसी चीज़ को लंबे समय तक नज़रअंदाज करने के बाद उसे पकड़ना Let’s make up for lost time and hang out all week. 
293 method to my madness – मेरे पागलपन की विधि having a purpose despite some disorganization – कुछ अव्यवस्था के बावजूद एक उद्देश्य होना I know my desk is a mess, but there is a method to my madness. It makes everything easier to access. 
294 monkey see, monkey do – बंदर देखते है बंदर करते है silly people copy each other – मूर्ख लोग एक दूसरे की नकल करते हैं Monkey see, monkey do. Your brother spilt ketchup on his shirt too. 
295 more than one way to skin a cat – बिल्ली की खाल उतारने के एक से अधिक तरीके more than one way to succeed – सफल होने के एक से अधिक तरीके There’s more than one way to skin a cat. Let’s quit our jobs and start a business by the beach! 
296 my cup of tea – मेरे बस की बात something enjoyable – कुछ आनंददायक Musicals aren’t my cup of tea. I prefer regular movies. 
297 neck and neck – गर्दन और गर्दन very close – बहुत करीब The race cars were neck and neck until the end. 
298 neck of the woods – जंगल की गर्दन nearby location – निकटवर्ती स्थान The restaurant is in my neck of the woods. 
299 nest egg – प्रलोभन saved money – पैसे की बचत हुई She has a huge nest egg, so she doesn’t have to work anymore. 
300 nice lettuce – अच्छा सलाद nice hair – अच्छे बाल Donald used to have really nice lettuce when he was younger, but now he is bald. 

1. What is the significance of understanding “Idioms meaning in Hindi”?

  • Understanding idioms in Hindi is crucial for effective communication as these expressions carry cultural nuances and contextual meanings that may not be immediately apparent. Mastery of idioms enhances language proficiency and promotes cultural sensitivity.

2. How can I learn “English idioms with Hindi meaning” effectively?

  • Learning English idioms with Hindi meanings involves a combination of language skills and cultural awareness. Utilize resources that provide idiomatic expressions with accurate translations, and practice incorporating them into your language usage to grasp their contextual significance.

3. Why is it essential to translate “English idioms in Hindi” accurately?

  • Accurate translation of English idioms into Hindi is vital to preserve the intended meaning and cultural context. A precise translation ensures that the essence of the expression is conveyed authentically, allowing for effective communication and avoiding potential misunderstandings.

4. How can exploring “Idioms in English and Hindi” contribute to language proficiency?

  • Exploring idioms in both English and Hindi enhances language proficiency by exposing learners to diverse linguistic structures and cultural expressions. It deepens understanding, allowing individuals to communicate with nuance and cultural sensitivity, fostering a more comprehensive command of both languages.

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