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The Most Useful Idioms Meaning in Hindi. Part 1

  1. Idioms meaning in Hindi can be a captivating linguistic journey, as these expressions often carry rich cultural connotations and require a nuanced understanding for accurate translation.
  2. Exploring English idioms with Hindi meaning adds an extra layer of complexity to language learning, demanding not just linguistic proficiency but also a deep dive into cultural nuances.
  3. Translating English idioms in Hindi is an art that involves more than just converting words; it’s about capturing the essence of the expression while ensuring it resonates within the cultural context of the target language.
  4. Navigating the world of idioms in English and Hindi is a rewarding endeavor, fostering not only linguistic prowess but also a profound appreciation for the diverse ways in which cultures encapsulate meaning in their everyday expressions.
1 a barking dog never bites – भौंकने वाला कुत्ता कभी नहीं काटता a person who constantly threatens never acts – जो व्यक्ति लगातार धमकी देता है वह कभी कार्य नहीं करता Don’t worry about his vocal threats. He won’t hurt you physically. 
2 a breeze – एक हवा का झोंका easy – आसान Riding a tricycle is such a breeze. 
3 a cat in gloves catches no mice – दस्ताने पहनने वाली बिल्ली चूहों को नहीं पकड़ती being too careful can result in failure – अत्यधिक सावधानी बरतने से असफलता मिल सकती है You need to tell her how you really feel if you want to marry her. Remember that a cat in gloves catches no mice. 
4 a dime a dozen – दस सेंट भी एक दर्जन से अधिक common and available anywhere – सामान्य और कहीं भी उपलब्ध Corrupt cops are a dime a dozen in this city. 
5 a field day – एक मैदानी दिन a very enjoyable time – बहुत आनंददायक समय My children had a field day at the carnival. 
6 a hell of a time – बहुत ही अजीब समय था a difficult (or exciting) experience – एक कठिन (या रोमांचक) अनुभव Her grandmother had a hell of a time trying to connect to the internet. 
7 a little bird told me – किसी छोटे ने कहा था someone told me a secret – किसी ने मुझे एक रहस्य बताया A little bird told me that you’re getting a divorce. 
8 a lot on my plate – मेरी थाली में बहुत कुछ है very busy – अति व्यस्तता I’ve got a lot on my plate tonight. I don’t think I won’t finish until midnight. 
9 a matter of time – समय की बात when something is inevitable – जब कुछ अपरिहार्य हो It’s only a matter of time until they find a cure for cancer. 
10 a penny for your thoughts – अपने विचारों के लिए एक पैसा ask for advice – सलाह के लिए पूछना Could I have a penny for your thoughts? I don’t know how to solve this problem. 
11 a whale of a time – विशालकाय समय an exciting experience – एक रोमांचक अनुभव The family had a whale of a time at the theme park. 
12 about time – आखिर कार said to convey impatience – अधीरता व्यक्त करने के लिए कहा I’ve been waiting for you for an hour. It’s about time you arrived! 
13 ace in the hole – इस इन डी होल a hidden strength or advantage – एक छिपी हुई ताकत या लाभ They’ll win the game since their rookie goalkeeper is an ace in the hole. 
14 Achilles heel – कण्डरा एड़ी someone’s weakness – किसी की कमजोरी Vodka is his Achilles heel. He only loses his composure when he drinks it. 
15 actions speak louder than words – कथनी की तुलना में करनी ज़्यादा असरदार होती है judge what someone does rather than what they say – कोई क्या कहता है इसके बजाय यह आंकें कि कोई क्या करता है He said he was faithful, but he always comes home late at night. His actions certainly speak louder than words. 
16 add insult to injury – चोट में अपमान जोड़ें worsen an unfavorable situation – किसी प्रतिकूल स्थिति को खराब करना She added insult to injury by picking her little brother’s ice cream off the dirty floor and sticking it in his mouth. 
17 ahead of time – समय से पहले earlier than the deadline – समय सीमा से पहले Finish your work ahead of time so you can enjoy your hobbies. 
18 all ears – सुनने को उत्सुक listen carefully – ध्यान से सुनो Jane asked if I was paying attention. I told her, I’m all ears! 
19 all hands on deck – कम समय में बहूत अधिक कार्य करना everyone’s help is needed – सभी की मदद की जरूरत है We need all hands on deck if we want to reduce carbon emissions. 
20 all the rage – सारा क्रोध popular – लोकप्रिय Those new shoes are all the rage these days. 
21 all thumbs – सब अंगूठे clumsy – अनाड़ी I’m all thumbs today. I keep dropping my phone! 
22 an arm and a leg – एक बांह और एक टांग very expensive – बहुत महँगा That new car costs an arm and a leg. 
23 ants in your pants – आपकी पैंट में चींटियाँ anxious or nervous – चिंतित या घबराया हुआ Frank had ants in his pants before taking his exam. 
24 apple of my eye – मेरी आंखों का तारा an adored person – एक प्रिय व्यक्ति My precious daughter is the apple of my eye. 
25 around the clock – चौबीस घंटे without stopping – रुके बिना The pharmacy is open around the clock. It never closes. 
26 as white as a sheet – पन्ने की तरह सफ़ेद very fearful or anxious – बहुत भयभीत या चिंतित Walter went as white as a sheet when he saw Hank get shot. 
27 ask out – बाहर पूछना ask someone on a date – किसी को डेट पर जाने के लिए कहें Bobby asked her out, but she decided to stay home and do laundry. 
28 at the drop of a hat – तुरंत instantly – तुरन्त At the drop of a hat, I called my sister when I heard she was pregnant! 
29 back to the drawing board – ड्राइंग बोर्ड पर वापस begin something all over again – किसी चीज़ को फिर से शुरू करना It was back to the drawing board after the team failed to make the playoffs. 
30 bad egg – खराब अंडा a troublesome person – एक परेशान करने वाला व्यक्ति Bart is the bad egg of the class. He is always throwing paper airplanes. 
31 ball is in your court – गेंद आपके पाले में है the decision is up to you – निर्णय आप पर है We offered him an extra million dollars. The ball is in his court if he wants to sign the contract. 
32 bark up the wrong tree – गलत विचार रखना look in the wrong place or falsely accuse – गलत जगह देखो या झूठा आरोप लगाओ He asked me if I broke his laptop. I said he was barking up the wrong tree. 
33 bark up the wrong tree – गलत विचार रखना pursue misguided action – गुमराह कार्रवाई का पालन करें Stop accusing me. I’m innocent. You’re barking up the wrong tree! 
34 basket case – टोकरी का खोल erratic or panicky – अनियमित या घबराया हुआ She became such a basket case when she discovered her ex was at the party. 
35 be an item – एक वस्तु हो be a couple – युगल बनो Apparently, Tiffany and Tim are an item. I always see them together. 
36 be nuts about – पागल हो जाओ really enjoy – वास्तव में मजा आ गया She is nuts about her new boyfriend. 
37 beast of burden – बोझ का पशु someone carries others problems – कोई व्यक्ति दूसरों की समस्याएँ लेकर आता है I will never be your beast of burden. You have got to deal with your own problems. 
38 beat a dead horse – एक मरे हुए घोड़े को मारो dwell on a topic beyond resolution – समाधान से परे किसी विषय पर ध्यान केन्द्रित करना I told you several times that I won’t do it. Don’t beat a dead horse! 
39 beat around the bush – घुमा फिरा avoid talking about something specifically – किसी विशेष चीज़ के बारे में बात करने से बचें Stop beating around the bush! Get to the point already! 
40 beat the clock – समय को पीछे छोड़ो finish something before the deadline – समय सीमा से पहले कुछ ख़त्म करो The paperwork was piled high, but she manages to beat the clock and finish it all. 
41 beauty is in the eye of the beholder – सुंदरता देखने वाले की नजर में होती है everyone has different preferences for what is attractive – जो आकर्षक है उसके लिए हर किसी की अलग-अलग प्राथमिकताएँ होती हैं Ella likes guys with big beards. Her girlfriends say to her that beauty is definitely in the eye of the beholder. 
42 beet red – लाल चुक़ंदर embarrassed or angry – शर्मिंदा या क्रोधित Darren went beet red when he saw the scratch on his car. 
43 bell the cat – बिल्ली के गले में घंटी बांधो take on a difficult task – किसी कठिन कार्य को हाथ में लेना Politicians should bell the cat and start reducing the inflation rate. 
44 best of both worlds – दोनों ओर से लाभदायक enjoy two different opportunities – दो अलग-अलग अवसरों का आनंद लें Joe got the best of both worlds when he married Amy who was his best friend and a supermodel. 
45 better late than never – देर आए दुरुस्त आए doing something late is better than not doing it – किसी काम को देर से करना न करने से बेहतर है You finally visited the dentist. Better late than never! 
46 bide your time – अपने समय में रहो relax and take your time doing something – आराम करें और कुछ करने में अपना समय लें Bide your time and take a look through the restaurant menu. There are no other customers. 
47 big cheese – बड़ी पनीर an important person – एक महत्वपूर्ण व्यक्ति Where is the director? I want to talk to the big cheese. 
48 birthday suit – बर्थडे सूट naked – नंगा You should try sleeping with your birthday suit on. It’s much more comfortable. 
49 bite off more than one can chew – अपनी सीमाओं से परे काम करने की कोशिश करना take on more responsibility than what is manageable – जितना प्रबंधनीय है उससे अधिक जिम्मेदारी लें He was multitasking and getting stressed, so I told him not to bite off more than he could chew. 
50 bite the bullet – मज़बूरी को स्वीकार करना to endure an unpleasant and unavoidable situation – किसी अप्रिय और अपरिहार्य स्थिति को सहना Rebecca hated her job, but she bit the bullet and completed her contract. 
51 bite the dust – धूल सूँघना die or fail – मरो या असफल हो जाओ The hunter fired his gun and the deer bit the dust. 
52 bitter pill – कड़वी गोली something unpleasant that must be accepted – कुछ अप्रिय जिसे स्वीकार किया जाना चाहिए Awarding the trophy to her enemy was a bitter pill to swallow. 
53 black and blue – काला और नीला hurt physically or mentally – शारीरिक या मानसिक रूप से चोट पहुँचाना Both during and after the relationship, I felt so black and blue. 
54 black and white – काला और सफेद absolute terms – समग्र शर्तें The contract that you signed is in black and white. You must agree to the terms. 
55 black hole – ब्लैक होल some place or situation in which things are lost – कोई स्थान या स्थिति जिसमें चीज़ें खो जाती हैं Never take hard drugs. It’s a black hole you can’t escape from. 
56 black market – काला बाजार illegal marketplace – अवैध बाज़ार A lot of fake cigarettes are sold in the black market. 
57 black out – ब्लैक आउट lose consciousness – होश खो देना She knocked her head on the floor and blacked out! 
58 black sheep – कुलकलंक unaccepted group member – अस्वीकार्य समूह सदस्य Tom was the black sheep of the family and preferred to do things on his own. 
59 black tie event – ब्लैक टाई इवेंट formal event – औपचारिक घटना Most big award’s ceremonies are black tie events. 
60 blind date – दो अजनबियों की मुलाकात dating someone you have never met – किसी ऐसे व्यक्ति के साथ डेटिंग करना जिससे आप कभी नहीं मिले I don’t like blind dates because I want to know what she looks like first. 
61 blue-collar – नीला कॉलर manual labor – शारीरिक श्रम He got a blue-collar job working as a mechanic. 
62 born with a silver spoon – चाँदी का चम्मच लेकर पैदा हुआ from a rich family – एक अमीर परिवार से Sara was born with a silver spoon, but she became a drug addict. 
63 born yesterday – कल पैदा हुआ inexperienced – अनुभवहीन Were you born yesterday? You have to pay your credit card quickly to avoid serious debt. 
64 borrowed time – उधार का समय an uncertain length of time that may end suddenly – समय की एक अनिश्चित अवधि जो अचानक समाप्त हो सकती है Everyone is living off of borrowed time. Enjoy every day as if it is your last. 
65 bread and butter – ब्रेड और मक्खन necessities or main points – आवश्यकताएँ या मुख्य बिंदु Tell me the bread and butter of the article and explain the general idea of it. 
66 break a leg – भाग्य तुम्हारे साथ हो good luck – आपको कामयाबी मिले Before the final exam, the teacher told his students to break a leg. 
67 break the bank – किनारे तोड़ो go bankrupt – धनशोधन अक्षम होना She broke the bank after buying the Ferrari. 
68 break the ice – पहल करो doing something first in a social setting – सामाजिक परिवेश में पहले कुछ करना Let me break the ice and buy everyone a drink. 
69 bring home the bacon – वेतन कमाने वाला earn money – पैसे कमाएं Louie brings home the bacon while his wife takes care of the kids. 
70 Bronx cheer – ब्रोंक्स जयकार sarcastic applause – व्यंग्यात्मक तालियाँ My girlfriend gave me the Bronx cheer when I finally remembered her birthday. 
71 buckle down – बक्ल नीचे करें work hard – कड़ी मेहनत करो Let’s buckle down and finish the assignment. 
72 bundle of joy – ढेर सारी खुशियां newborn baby – नवजात शिशु The mother is holding her bundle of joy. 
73 burn a hole in my pocket – मेरी जेब में छेद कर दो spend too much money – बहुत अधिक पैसा खर्च करना I burned a hole in my pocket overpaying on insurance. 
74 burn the midnight oil – रात की नींद हराम करना work late into the night – देर रात तक काम करना The student burned the midnight oil in order to pass the test. 
75 bust my chops – मेरी काट डालो say something insulting – कुछ अपमानजनक कहना She always busts my chops about my low salary. 
76 butter someone up – किसी को मक्खन लगाना be really nice to someone – किसी के साथ वास्तव में अच्छा व्यवहार करें You had better butter me up if you want a raise in salary. 
77 by a landslide – भूस्खलन से by a large margin – बड़े अंतर से The Predators lost by a landslide in game 5. The Penguins beat them by 6 goals!
78 by the seat of your pants – अपने पैंट की सीट से achieve instinctively or quickly – सहज रूप से या शीघ्रता से प्राप्त करें That was impressive. You did your graduation speech by the seat of your pants without any preparation. 
79 by the skin of my teeth – मेरे दांतों की त्वचा से barely or narrowly – बमुश्किल या संकीर्ण रूप से I finished the test by the skin of my teeth just before the bell rang. 
80 call it a day – अंत करना finish work – काम खत्म करो Let’s call it a day. It’s time to go home. 
81 call the shots – तूती बोलना make the decisions – निर्णय लें The new coach is calling the shots. 
82 call your dogs off – अपने कुत्तों को बुलाओ stop criticizing or attacking – आलोचना करना या हमला करना बंद करो I paid you all of the money. I don’t owe you anything. Call your dogs off! 
83 calm before the storm – तूफान से पहले की शांति a peaceful period before mayhem – तबाही से पहले एक शांतिपूर्ण अवधि The teacher is enjoying the calm before the storm. All of the students will arrive soon. 
84 cash in the chips – चिप्स में नकद selling something – कुछ बेचना He cashed in the chips and went on a world tour. 
85 cat and mouse – बिल्ली और चूहे playfully deceive – खेल-खेल में धोखा देना The boss kept playing cat and mouse with me and never gave me the raise. 
86 cat around – चारों ओर बिल्ली sleep with many people – कई लोगों के साथ सोना His wife used to cat around while he was working hard at the office. 
87 cat burglar – पाइप के सहारे चढने वाला चोर quick thief – शीघ्र चोर The cat burglar took everything in the house before the cops arrived. 
88 cat got your tongue – बिल्ली ने आपकी भाषा सीख ली said when someone doesn’t speak – कहा जब कोई नहीं बोलता What’s wrong? Cat got your tongue? You haven’t said a word since we arrived. 
89 cat got your tongue – बिल्ली ने आपकी भाषा सीख ली said when someone doesn’t speak – कहा जब कोई नहीं बोलता What’s wrong? Cat got your tongue? You haven’t said a word since we arrived. 
90 cat nap – बिल्ली झपकी a short sleep – एक छोटी सी नींद My father always takes a cat nap after work. 
91 cat on a hot tin roof – गर्म टिन की छत पर बिल्ली very nervous – बहुत ज्यादा घबराया हुआ I felt like a cat on a hot tin roof waiting for my medical results. 
92 cat’s cradle – बिल्ली का पालना something overly complicated – कुछ अत्यधिक जटिल There is a cat’s cradle of rules that you must follow to board a flight these days. 
93 cat’s meow – बिल्ली की म्याऊं something wonderful – कुछ अद्भुत Her birthday cake was the cat’s meow. She ate the whole thing in less than a minute! 
94 cat’s paw – बिल्ली का पंजा someone being exploited – किसी का शोषण किया जा रहा है Poorer citizens are usually the cat’s paw of politicians. They use them only to get votes and never follow through on promised policies. 
95 catcall – सन्नाटा sexually suggestive comment – यौन रूप से विचारोत्तेजक टिप्पणी The construction workers were all catcalling the woman as she walked by. 
96 catch you later – तुम्हें बाद में पकड़ लूंगा see you later – बाद में मिलते हैं I have to go home now. Catch you later! 
97 catfight – catfight a fight between two women – दो महिलाओं के बीच लड़ाई The catfight was brutal! The other girl scratched her face with her nails. 
98 catnap – झपकी लेना a short sleep – एक छोटी सी नींद My father always takes a catnap after work. 
99 caught with your pants down – पैंट नीचे करके पकड़ा गया unprepared – कच्चा Don’t get caught with your pants down at a red light. Be ready to drive when it turns green. 
100 chase rainbows – इंद्रधनुष का पीछा करो attempt something that will never be achieved – कुछ ऐसा प्रयास करना जो कभी हासिल नहीं होगा You’re chasing rainbows if you think you’re going to be a rock star. 

1. What is the significance of understanding “Idioms meaning in Hindi”?

  • Understanding idioms in Hindi is crucial for effective communication as these expressions carry cultural nuances and contextual meanings that may not be immediately apparent. Mastery of idioms enhances language proficiency and promotes cultural sensitivity.

2. How can I learn “English idioms with Hindi meaning” effectively?

  • Learning English idioms with Hindi meanings involves a combination of language skills and cultural awareness. Utilize resources that provide idiomatic expressions with accurate translations, and practice incorporating them into your language usage to grasp their contextual significance.

3. Why is it essential to translate “English idioms in Hindi” accurately?

  • Accurate translation of English idioms into Hindi is vital to preserve the intended meaning and cultural context. A precise translation ensures that the essence of the expression is conveyed authentically, allowing for effective communication and avoiding potential misunderstandings.

4. How can exploring “Idioms in English and Hindi” contribute to language proficiency?

  • Exploring idioms in both English and Hindi enhances language proficiency by exposing learners to diverse linguistic structures and cultural expressions. It deepens understanding, allowing individuals to communicate with nuance and cultural sensitivity, fostering a more comprehensive command of both languages.

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