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The Most Important Jumbled Sentence Exercise Part 14

When dealing with jumbled sentences, it’s essential to correct the sentence structure for better understanding. Phrase correction in English involves rearranging or fixing misplaced words to form coherent sentences. Identifying jumbled words within a sentence is crucial for accurate communication. Correcting sentences in English requires attention to grammar, syntax, and word order to convey the intended meaning effectively. Through practice and understanding of sentence structure, one can improve their ability to correct sentences and phrases in English, ensuring clarity and coherence in communication. For Mose Such Questions CLICK HERE to download the app.


1301 suspected   was   I   Tom   sarcastic.   just   being
1302 did   suspected   was   I   Tom   who   the   one   that.
1303 there.   suspected   was   I   Tom   be   planning   to
1304 didn’t.   could   killed   You   have   you   me,   but
1305 us.   could   very   Tom   have   for   easily   waited
1306 was   anyone   There   nothing   done.   could   have
1307 we   think   played   I   we   as   as   well   could’ve.
1308 could’ve   this   I   prevented   from   happening.
1309 could’ve   it   I   handled   help.   without   Tom’s
1310 your   Tom   Without   help,   failed.   would   have
1311 Tom’s   Mary   Without   help,   would’ve   failed.
1312 that.   never   allowed   We   would’ve   do   Tom   to
1313 you’d   me,   If   helped   succeeded.   I   would’ve
1314 now.   thought   would’ve   I   Tom   by   found   Mary
1315 else   done   Anyone   would’ve   thing.   the   same
1316 TRUE   would’ve   A   friend   acted   differently.
1317 should   thrown   You   have   away.   that   picture
1318 should’ve   before   You   knocked   in.   you   came
1319 should   attended   You   have   today’s   meeting.
1320 should’ve   punished   Tom   been   case.   in   this
1321 certainly   kept   Tom   should’ve   his   promise.
1322 it.   should’ve   to   I   talked   about   you   first
1323 me.   should   known   I   have   betray   they   would
1324 should’ve   watching   I   been   more   carefully.
1325 sure   must’ve   I’m   it   disturbing.   been   very
1326 must   been   It   have   shipping.   broken   during
1327 Tom.   must   been   It   have   for   very   difficult
1328 you.   must   been   It   have   for   very   difficult
1329 must   left   Someone   have   running.   the   water
1330 I   dialed   Sorry,   must’ve   number.   the   wrong
1331 must’ve   Mary’s   Tom   driven   night.   car   last
1332 didn’t   to   Tom   want   friendship.   ruin   their
1333 do   lucky   I’m   I’m   that   to   still   able   that.
1334 convinced.   clear   Tom   It’s   that   yet   is   not
1335 do   isn’t   likely   Tom   very   to   to   want   that.
1336 his   is   on   Tom   not   with   good   terms   family.
1337 the   is   happy   Tom   not   at   with   Mary   moment.
1338 do   think   we   I   that   to   should   refuse   that.
1339 meant.   not   I   I’m   sure   Tom   understand   what
1340 do   lucky   still   I’m   they   to   allow   me   that.
1341 do   lucky   they   I’m   that   me   still   let   that.
1342 boat.   that   all   Remember   we’re   same   in   the
1343 from   post   is   The   office   far   not   too   here.
1344 to   not   that’s   I’m   sure   needs   what   Tom   do.
1345 to   not   that’s   I’m   sure   wants   what   Tom   do.
1346 myself.   not   on   I’m   planning   by   doing   that
1347 do   think   would   I   it   to   be   difficult   that.
1348 said   never   Tom   he’d   again.   steal   anything
1349 do   not   Tom   I’m   sure   to   is   yet.   ready   that
1350 that   not   I   I’m   sure   all   can   help.   be   much
1351 there   not   that   I’m   sure   be   I.104166666666667   can   by
1352 to   not   that   I’m   sure   agree   Tom   will   that.
1353 me   not   that   I’m   sure   let   Tom   would   drive.
1354 me.   not   that   I’m   sure   recognize   Tom   would
1355 reach   not   you’ll   I’m   sure   to   be   able   Tom.
1356 that   sure   Tom   I’m   that   do   needs   to   again.
1357 get   not   that   I’m   sure   to   I   want   involved.
1358 to   not   that   I’m   sure   you   I   this.   want   see
1359 thing.   not   we’re   I’m   sure   right   doing   the
1360 anyone.   don’t   to   I   like   from   borrow   money
1361 stop?   there   waiting   Is   anybody   bus   at   the
1362 pain?   you   think   Do   really   feel   fish   don’t
1363 himself.   can’t   Tom   I   believe   this   did   all
1364 do   sure   could   I’m   I   to   convince   Tom   that.
1365 could’ve.   did   much   Tom   that   I   better   than
1366 leaving.   didn’t   Mary   Tom   tell   was   that   he
1367 yet.   hasn’t   accused   Tom   been   crime   of   any
1368 crime.   hasn’t   been   Tom   yet   any   accused   of
1369 that   hasn’t   asked   Tom   been   do   not   to   yet.
1370 do   hasn’t   been   Tom   yet   to   asked   not   that.
1371 who   denied   I   I   that   one   was   that.   the   did
1372 had   denied   was   I   I   who   the   that.   one   done
1373 sleeping.   did   while   I   that   still   you   were
1374 that   didn’t   I   I   know   do   had   myself.   to   by
1375 that   didn’t   I   I   know   do   had   to   yesterday.
1376 to   didn’t   I   I   know   had   no   that.   longer   do
1377 by   didn’t   I   I   know   that   should   do   myself.
1378 do   didn’t   Tom   I   know   to   didn’t   have   that.
1379 do   didn’t   Tom   I   know   to   didn’t   need   that.
1380 do   didn’t   Tom   I   know   to   didn’t   want   that.
1381 do   didn’t   that   I   know   to   Tom   needed   that.
1382 do   didn’t   that   I   know   to   Tom   wanted   that.
1383 do   didn’t   Tom   I   know   to   wasn’t   able   that.
1384 do   didn’t   that   I   realize   to   Tom   had   that.
1385 that.   didn’t   that   I   realize   do   Tom   should
1386 do   didn’t   that   I   realize   to   you   had   that.
1387 that.   didn’t   that   I   realize   do   you   should
1388 do   wasn’t   that   I   convinced   to   I   had   that.
1389 do   not   that   I’m   convinced   to   I   need   that.
1390 to   wasn’t   one   Tom   the   that   who   gave   Mary.
1391 decided   shouldn’t   I’ve   I   anymore.   do   that
1392 feelings.   was   I   I   afraid   Tom’s   might   hurt
1393 Mary.   doesn’t   to   Tom   seem   about   know   much
1394 as   not   good   I’m   as   tennis   at   playing   Tom.
1395 that.   wasn’t   that   I   aware   done   Tom   hadn’t
1396 that.   wasn’t   that   I   aware   do   Tom   couldn’t
1397 do   wasn’t   I   I   aware   to   was   supposed   that.
1398 hasn’t   anything   Tom   saved   for   retirement.
1399 can   couldn’t   last   I   swim   I   year,   but   now.
1400 tomorrow.   is   to   Tom   planning   early   get   up


1301 I suspected Tom was just being sarcastic.
1302 I suspected Tom was the one who did that.
1303 I suspected Tom was planning to be there.
1304 You could have killed me, but you didn’t.
1305 Tom could have very easily waited for us.
1306 There was nothing anyone could have done.
1307 I think we played as well as we could’ve.
1308 I could’ve prevented this from happening.
1309 I could’ve handled it without Tom’s help.
1310 Without your help, Tom would have failed.
1311 Without Tom’s help, Mary would’ve failed.
1312 We never would’ve allowed Tom to do that.
1313 If you’d helped me, I would’ve succeeded.
1314 I thought Tom would’ve found Mary by now.
1315 Anyone else would’ve done the same thing.
1316 A true friend would’ve acted differently.
1317 You should have thrown that picture away.
1318 You should’ve knocked before you came in.
1319 You should have attended today’s meeting.
1320 Tom should’ve been punished in this case.
1321 Tom certainly should’ve kept his promise.
1322 I should’ve talked to you first about it.
1323 I should have known they would betray me.
1324 I should’ve been watching more carefully.
1325 I’m sure it must’ve been very disturbing.
1326 It must have been broken during shipping.
1327 It must have been very difficult for Tom.
1328 It must have been very difficult for you.
1329 Someone must have left the water running.
1330 Sorry, I must’ve dialed the wrong number.
1331 Tom must’ve driven Mary’s car last night.
1332 Tom didn’t want to ruin their friendship.
1333 I’m lucky that I’m still able to do that.
1334 It’s clear that Tom is not yet convinced.
1335 Tom isn’t very likely to want to do that.
1336 Tom is not on good terms with his family.
1337 Tom is not happy with Mary at the moment.
1338 I think that we should refuse to do that.
1339 I’m not sure I understand what Tom meant.
1340 I’m lucky they still allow me to do that.
1341 I’m lucky that they still let me do that.
1342 Remember that we’re all in the same boat.
1343 The post office is not too far from here.
1344 I’m not sure that’s what Tom needs to do.
1345 I’m not sure that’s what Tom wants to do.
1346 I’m not planning on doing that by myself.
1347 I think it would be difficult to do that.
1348 Tom said he’d never steal anything again.
1349 I’m not sure Tom is ready to do that yet.
1350 I’m not sure I can be all that much help.
1351 I’m not sure that I can be there by 2:30.
1352 I’m not sure that Tom will agree to that.
1353 I’m not sure that Tom would let me drive.
1354 I’m not sure that Tom would recognize me.
1355 I’m not sure you’ll be able to reach Tom.
1356 I’m sure that Tom needs to do that again.
1357 I’m not sure that I want to get involved.
1358 I’m not sure that I want you to see this.
1359 I’m not sure we’re doing the right thing.
1360 I don’t like to borrow money from anyone.
1361 Is there anybody waiting at the bus stop?
1362 Do you really think fish don’t feel pain?
1363 I can’t believe Tom did all this himself.
1364 I’m sure I could convince Tom to do that.
1365 Tom did that much better than I could’ve.
1366 Tom didn’t tell Mary that he was leaving.
1367 Tom hasn’t been accused of any crime yet.
1368 Tom hasn’t yet been accused of any crime.
1369 Tom hasn’t been asked not to do that yet.
1370 Tom hasn’t yet been asked not to do that.
1371 I denied that I was the one who did that.
1372 I denied I was the one who had done that.
1373 I did that while you were still sleeping.
1374 I didn’t know I had to do that by myself.
1375 I didn’t know I had to do that yesterday.
1376 I didn’t know I no longer had to do that.
1377 I didn’t know I should do that by myself.
1378 I didn’t know Tom didn’t have to do that.
1379 I didn’t know Tom didn’t need to do that.
1380 I didn’t know Tom didn’t want to do that.
1381 I didn’t know that Tom needed to do that.
1382 I didn’t know that Tom wanted to do that.
1383 I didn’t know Tom wasn’t able to do that.
1384 I didn’t realize that Tom had to do that.
1385 I didn’t realize that Tom should do that.
1386 I didn’t realize that you had to do that.
1387 I didn’t realize that you should do that.
1388 I wasn’t convinced that I had to do that.
1389 I’m not convinced that I need to do that.
1390 Tom wasn’t the one who gave that to Mary.
1391 I’ve decided I shouldn’t do that anymore.
1392 I was afraid I might hurt Tom’s feelings.
1393 Tom doesn’t seem to know much about Mary.
1394 I’m not as good at playing tennis as Tom.
1395 I wasn’t aware that Tom hadn’t done that.
1396 I wasn’t aware that Tom couldn’t do that.
1397 I wasn’t aware I was supposed to do that.
1398 Tom hasn’t saved anything for retirement.
1399 I couldn’t swim last year, but I can now.
1400 Tom is planning to get up early tomorrow.

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