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1500 The Most Useful Present Continuous Tense Examples. Part 2

  1. Present continuous tense examples: Need proof? Check out these vivid examples like “The rain is pouringoutside the window” or “He is writing a novel in his spare time.”
  2. Present cont tense examples: Short on time? Here are some quick present cont tense examples: “She is sleeping,” “We are studying,” “They are playing in the park.”
  3. Present continuous examples: Immerse yourself in action! Explore present continuous examples and see how they bring situations to life, like “The leaves are falling from the trees.”
  4. 10 sentences in present continuous: Ten strong sentences coming right up! “The birds are singing a beautiful melody,” “I am cooking dinner for my friends,” and many more.
  5. Continuous present tense sentence: Need a specific sentence? How about “She is currently running in the marathon, determined to win.”
  6. Present continuous sentence: Want another example? Let’s try “The dog is barking incessantly, alerting us to something outside.”
  7. Present continuous tense 10 sentences: Dive deeper with 10 present continuous tense sentences: “The car is driving down the highway,” “They are laughing uncontrollably,” and more! For More CLICK HERE to download our free app.
51 Avian species are migrating southward. Avian species aren’t migrating southward. Are avian species migrating southward?
52 The badly injured dog is healing. The badly injured dog isn’t healing. Is the badly injured dog healing?
53 He is working until late in the night. He isn’t working until late in the night. Is he working until late in the night?
54 Employees are proning to errors. Employees aren’t proning to errors. Are employees proning to errors?
55 Parents are scolding their misbehaving kids. Parents aren’t scolding their misbehaving kids. Are parents scolding their misbehaving kids?
56 Petals are falling from the flowers. Petals aren’t falling from the flowers. Are petals falling from the flowers?
57 The ember is glowing in the fireplace. The ember isn’t glowing in the fireplace. Is the ember glowing in the fireplace?
58 The worker is riveting the metal sheets. The worker isn’t riveting the metal sheets. Is the worker riveting the metal sheets?
59 It’s a fluky situation we’re facing. It isn’t a fluky situation we’re facing. Is it a fluky situation we’re facing?
60 Bonuses are boosting employee morale. Bonuses aren’t boosting employee morale. Are bonuses boosting employee morale?
61 The gland is secreting essential hormones. The gland isn’t secreting essential hormones. Is the gland secreting essential hormones?
62 He is bigly influencing the decision. He isn’t bigly influencing the decision. Is he bigly influencing the decision?
63 The sun is parching the earth. The sun isn’t parching the earth. Is the sun parching the earth?
64 She is lunging forward to grab the ball. She isn’t lunging forward to grab the ball. Is she lunging forward to grab the ball?
65 The advertisement is boosting sales. The advertisement isn’t boosting sales. Is the advertisement boosting sales?
66 My neck crick is bothering me. My neck crick isn’t bothering me. Is my neck crick bothering me?
67 The actor is performing on stage. The actor isn’t performing on stage. Is the actor performing on stage?
68 Majors are studying military strategy. Majors aren’t studying military strategy. Are majors studying military strategy?
69 They are chasing the runaway cat. They aren’t chasing the runaway cat. Are they chasing the runaway cat?
70 I am flushing the toilet. I am not flushing the toilet. Am I flushing the toilet?
71 She is adoring the cute puppy. She isn’t adoring the cute puppy. Is she adoring the cute puppy?
72 The queen is overseeing the ceremony. The queen isn’t overseeing the ceremony. Is the queen overseeing the ceremony?
73 Glory is shining on the victorious team. Glory isn’t shining on the victorious team. Is glory shining on the victorious team?
74 He is notching the wood for the project. He isn’t notching the wood for the project. Is he notching the wood for the project?
75 The band is recording a new album. The band isn’t recording a new album. Is the band recording a new album?
76 Scientists are assaying the experiment. Scientists aren’t assaying the experiment. Are scientists assaying the experiment?
77 The slush is freezing on the sidewalk. The slush isn’t freezing on the sidewalk. Is the slush freezing on the sidewalk?
78 I am kneading the dough for bread. I am not kneading the dough for bread. Am I kneading the dough for bread?
79 The black cat is crossing the street. The black cat isn’t crossing the street. Is the black cat crossing the street?
80 Opportunities are arising unexpectedly. Opportunities aren’t arising unexpectedly. Are opportunities arising unexpectedly?
81 Nomads are wandering through the desert. Nomads aren’t wandering through the desert. Are nomads wandering through the desert?
82 The brunt of the storm is hitting us. The brunt of the storm isn’t hitting us. Is the brunt of the storm hitting us?
83 People are vying for the leadership role. People aren’t vying for the leadership role. Are people vying for the leadership role?
84 Pious thoughts are guiding his actions. Pious thoughts aren’t guiding his actions. Are pious thoughts guiding his actions?
85 The chef is bringing the dish to the table. The chef isn’t bringing the dish to the table. Is the chef bringing the dish to the table?
86 He is ditching the old car. He isn’t ditching the old car. Is he ditching the old car?
87 The nomad is ambling through the desert. The nomad isn’t ambling through the desert. Is the nomad ambling through the desert?
88 Exiled individuals are seeking refuge. Exiled individuals aren’t seeking refuge. Are exiled individuals seeking refuge?
89 The beast is roaming in the forest. The beast isn’t roaming in the forest. Is the beast roaming in the forest?
90 Might is overcoming obstacles. Might isn’t overcoming obstacles. Is might overcoming obstacles?
91 Anger is boiling within him. Anger isn’t boiling within him. Is anger boiling within him?
92 A hunch is telling me something’s wrong. A hunch isn’t telling me something’s wrong. Is a hunch telling me something’s wrong?
93 The derpy cat is playing with yarn. The derpy cat isn’t playing with yarn. Is the derpy cat playing with yarn?
94 They are capering around the garden. They aren’t capering around the garden. Are they capering around the garden?
95 Smart devices are simplifying tasks. Smart devices aren’t simplifying tasks. Are smart devices simplifying tasks?
96 The proof is validating the theory. The proof isn’t validating the theory. Is the proof validating the theory?
97 She is preening in front of the mirror. She isn’t preening in front of the mirror. Is she preening in front of the mirror?
98 The bogus claims are causing confusion. The bogus claims aren’t causing confusion. Are bogus claims causing confusion?
99 Values are shaping our decisions. Values aren’t shaping our decisions. Are values shaping our decisions?
100 Scientists are cloning cells in the lab. Scientists aren’t cloning cells in the lab. Are scientists cloning cells in the lab?


Present continuous tense examples?

Sure! Here are a few:

  • The rain is pouring outside.
  • She is writing a letter.
  • They are playing basketball.

2. Present cont tense examples?

Short and sweet? Check these out:

  • He is reading.
  • We are studying.
  • The dog is barking.

3. Present continuous examples?

Dive deeper with some more examples:

  • The leaves are falling from the trees.
  • I am cooking dinner.
  • She is currently running in the marathon.

4. 10 sentences in present continuous?

10 coming right up!

  • The birds are singing.
  • I am cooking dinner.
  • They are laughing uncontrollably.
  • He is reading a book.
  • We are studying English.
  • She is running late.
  • They are playing games.
  • The car is driving down the street.
  • The wind is blowing hard.
  • The phone is ringing.

5. Continuous present tense sentence?

Here’s an example of a continuous present tense sentence:

  • She is working out at the gym, trying to stay fit.

6. Present continuous sentence?

Another example:

  • They are arguing loudly, and it’s bothering everyone.

7. Present continuous tense 10 sentences?

Here are 10 more:

  • The sun is shining brightly today.
  • He is talking on the phone with his friend.
  • They are dancing the night away.
  • She is painting a beautiful picture.
  • We are watching a movie together.
  • He is listening to music loudly.
  • They are eating pizza for dinner.
  • She is taking a nap right now.
  • We are going to the beach tomorrow.
  • He is planning a surprise party for her.

8. Present continuous tense examples with pictures?

Find some online! Search for “present continuous tense examples with pictures”.

9. Present continuous tense interrogative sentences?

Ask away! Here are some examples:

  • Are you eating breakfast?
  • Is the train arriving soon?
  • What are they doing right now?

10. Present continuous tense negative sentences?

Express the opposite! Try these:

  • She is not reading a book.
  • They are not playing games.
  • He is not working right now.

11. Present perfect continuous sentence?

Here’s an example:

  • They have been working on their project all day, and they’re almost finished.

12. Difference between present continuous and present perfect continuous?

The present continuous tense describes actions happening now or around the present time. The present perfect continuous emphasizes the duration of an action that began in the past and may still be ongoing or just finished.

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