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1500 The Most Useful Present Continuous Tense Examples. Part 3

  1. Present continuous tense examples: Need proof? Check out these vivid examples like “The rain is pouringoutside the window” or “He is writing a novel in his spare time.”
  2. Present cont tense examples: Short on time? Here are some quick present cont tense examples: “She is sleeping,” “We are studying,” “They are playing in the park.”
  3. Present continuous examples: Immerse yourself in action! Explore present continuous examples and see how they bring situations to life, like “The leaves are falling from the trees.”
  4. 10 sentences in present continuous: Ten strong sentences coming right up! “The birds are singing a beautiful melody,” “I am cooking dinner for my friends,” and many more.
  5. Continuous present tense sentence: Need a specific sentence? How about “She is currently running in the marathon, determined to win.”
  6. Present continuous sentence: Want another example? Let’s try “The dog is barking incessantly, alerting us to something outside.”
  7. Present continuous tense 10 sentences: Dive deeper with 10 present continuous tense sentences: “The car is driving down the highway,” “They are laughing uncontrollably,” and more! For More CLICK HERE to download our free app.
101 The TV show is rerunning old episodes. The TV show isn’t rerunning old episodes. Is the TV show rerunning old episodes?
102 I am setting the book aside for now. I am not setting the book aside for now. Am I setting the book aside for now?
103 The strap is securing the luggage. The strap isn’t securing the luggage. Is the strap securing the luggage?
104 Young artists are emerging in the scene. Young artists aren’t emerging in the scene. Are young artists emerging in the scene?
105 The wringing of hands indicates worry. The wringing of hands doesn’t indicate worry. Does the wringing of hands indicate worry?
106 Errors are occurring in the code. Errors aren’t occurring in the code. Are errors occurring in the code?
107 Zesty flavors are enhancing the dish. Zesty flavors aren’t enhancing the dish. Are zesty flavors enhancing the dish?
108 They are swinging on the playground. They aren’t swinging on the playground. Are they swinging on the playground?
109 An elegy is memorializing the departed. An elegy isn’t memorializing the departed. Is an elegy memorializing the departed?
110 The sapid dish is pleasing the palate. The sapid dish isn’t pleasing the palate. Is the sapid dish pleasing the palate?
111 The birch trees are swaying in the wind. The birch trees aren’t swaying in the wind. Are the birch trees swaying in the wind?
112 Models are posing for the photoshoot. Models aren’t posing for the photoshoot. Are models posing for the photoshoot?
113 A batch is baking in the oven. A batch isn’t baking in the oven. Is a batch baking in the oven?
114 The project is pivoting towards success. The project isn’t pivoting towards success. Is the project pivoting towards success?
115 Inapt comments are causing discomfort. Inapt comments aren’t causing discomfort. Are inapt comments causing discomfort?
116 Folly is prevailing in their decisions. Folly isn’t prevailing in their decisions. Is folly prevailing in their decisions?
117 Crude oil is refining in the factory. Crude oil isn’t refining in the factory. Is crude oil refining in the factory?
118 Scrap metal is recycling in the plant. Scrap metal isn’t recycling in the plant. Is scrap metal recycling in the plant?
119 An allee of trees is creating a canopy. An allee of trees isn’t creating a canopy. Is an allee of trees creating a canopy?
120 The wildfire is blazing through the forest. The wildfire isn’t blazing through the forest. Is the wildfire blazing through the forest?
121 His pithy remarks are catching attention. His pithy remarks aren’t catching attention. Are his pithy remarks catching attention?
122 Events are unfolding as planned. Events aren’t unfolding as planned. Are events unfolding as planned?
123 They are claiming their rightful place. They aren’t claiming their rightful place. Are they claiming their rightful place?
124 My niece is clowning around with friends. My niece isn’t clowning around with friends. Is my niece clowning around with friends?
125 The storm is brewing on the horizon. The storm isn’t brewing on the horizon. Is the storm brewing on the horizon?
126 I am bored with the routine. I am not bored with the routine. Am I bored with the routine?
127 They are seizing the opportunity. They aren’t seizing the opportunity. Are they seizing the opportunity?
128 Leaves are floating in the breeze. Leaves aren’t floating in the breeze. Are leaves floating in the breeze?
129 The wedge is splitting the wood. The wedge isn’t splitting the wood. Is the wedge splitting the wood?
130 Hertz is measuring the frequency. Hertz isn’t measuring the frequency. Is Hertz measuring the frequency?
131 People are waving as the parade passes. People aren’t waving as the parade passes. Are people waving as the parade passes?
132 Our ideal solution is taking shape. Our ideal solution isn’t taking shape. Is our ideal solution taking shape?
133 The stuff is cluttering the room. The stuff isn’t cluttering the room. Is the stuff cluttering the room?
134 He is wielding a sword in the battle. He isn’t wielding a sword in the battle. Is he wielding a sword in the battle?
135 A peaceful place is calming my nerves. A peaceful place isn’t calming my nerves. Is a peaceful place calming my nerves?
136 The arsonist is setting fire to the building. The arsonist isn’t setting fire to the building. Is the arsonist setting fire to the building?
137 Aliens are observing from outer space. Aliens aren’t observing from outer space. Are aliens observing from outer space?
138 She is shyly confessing her feelings. She isn’t shyly confessing her feelings. Is she shyly confessing her feelings?
139 Vital signs are stabilizing. Vital signs aren’t stabilizing. Are vital signs stabilizing?
140 The scene is unfolding in a mysterious way. The scene isn’t unfolding in a mysterious way. Is the scene unfolding in a mysterious way?
141 Atolls are forming in the ocean. Atolls aren’t forming in the ocean. Are atolls forming in the ocean?
142 Puffy clouds are floating in the sky. Puffy clouds aren’t floating in the sky. Are puffy clouds floating in the sky?
143 He is stooping to tie his shoelaces. He isn’t stooping to tie his shoelaces. Is he stooping to tie his shoelaces?
144 The ship is lurching in the rough seas. The ship isn’t lurching in the rough seas. Is the ship lurching in the rough seas?
145 The wheel is turning slowly. The wheel isn’t turning slowly. Is the wheel turning slowly?
146 A creek is babbling in the forest. A creek isn’t babbling in the forest. Is a creek babbling in the forest?
147 They are taunting their opponents. They aren’t taunting their opponents. Are they taunting their opponents?
148 The liege is governing the realm. The liege isn’t governing the realm. Is the liege governing the realm?
149 Cybercrime is increasing rapidly. Cybercrime isn’t increasing rapidly. Is cybercrime increasing rapidly?
150 The groom is smiling at his bride. The groom isn’t smiling at his bride. Is the groom smiling at his bride?


Present continuous tense examples?

Sure! Here are a few:

  • The rain is pouring outside.
  • She is writing a letter.
  • They are playing basketball.

2. Present cont tense examples?

Short and sweet? Check these out:

  • He is reading.
  • We are studying.
  • The dog is barking.

3. Present continuous examples?

Dive deeper with some more examples:

  • The leaves are falling from the trees.
  • I am cooking dinner.
  • She is currently running in the marathon.

4. 10 sentences in present continuous?

10 coming right up!

  • The birds are singing.
  • I am cooking dinner.
  • They are laughing uncontrollably.
  • He is reading a book.
  • We are studying English.
  • She is running late.
  • They are playing games.
  • The car is driving down the street.
  • The wind is blowing hard.
  • The phone is ringing.

5. Continuous present tense sentence?

Here’s an example of a continuous present tense sentence:

  • She is working out at the gym, trying to stay fit.

6. Present continuous sentence?

Another example:

  • They are arguing loudly, and it’s bothering everyone.

7. Present continuous tense 10 sentences?

Here are 10 more:

  • The sun is shining brightly today.
  • He is talking on the phone with his friend.
  • They are dancing the night away.
  • She is painting a beautiful picture.
  • We are watching a movie together.
  • He is listening to music loudly.
  • They are eating pizza for dinner.
  • She is taking a nap right now.
  • We are going to the beach tomorrow.
  • He is planning a surprise party for her.

8. Present continuous tense examples with pictures?

Find some online! Search for “present continuous tense examples with pictures”.

9. Present continuous tense interrogative sentences?

Ask away! Here are some examples:

  • Are you eating breakfast?
  • Is the train arriving soon?
  • What are they doing right now?

10. Present continuous tense negative sentences?

Express the opposite! Try these:

  • She is not reading a book.
  • They are not playing games.
  • He is not working right now.

11. Present perfect continuous sentence?

Here’s an example:

  • They have been working on their project all day, and they’re almost finished.

12. Difference between present continuous and present perfect continuous?

The present continuous tense describes actions happening now or around the present time. The present perfect continuous emphasizes the duration of an action that began in the past and may still be ongoing or just finished.

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