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1500 The Most Useful Present Continuous Tense Examples. Part 1

  1. Present continuous tense examples: Need proof? Check out these vivid examples like “The rain is pouringoutside the window” or “He is writing a novel in his spare time.”
  2. Present cont tense examples: Short on time? Here are some quick present cont tense examples: “She is sleeping,” “We are studying,” “They are playing in the park.”
  3. Present continuous examples: Immerse yourself in action! Explore present continuous examples and see how they bring situations to life, like “The leaves are falling from the trees.”
  4. 10 sentences in present continuous: Ten strong sentences coming right up! “The birds are singing a beautiful melody,” “I am cooking dinner for my friends,” and many more.
  5. Continuous present tense sentence: Need a specific sentence? How about “She is currently running in the marathon, determined to win.”
  6. Present continuous sentence: Want another example? Let’s try “The dog is barking incessantly, alerting us to something outside.”
  7. Present continuous tense 10 sentences: Dive deeper with 10 present continuous tense sentences: “The car is driving down the highway,” “They are laughing uncontrollably,” and more! For More CLICK HERE to download our free app.
1 Focal points are shimmering. Focal points aren’t shimmering. Are focal points shimmering?
2 I am quaffing a refreshing beverage. I am not quaffing a refreshing beverage. Am I quaffing a refreshing beverage?
3 Moral values are evolving. Moral values aren’t evolving. Are moral values evolving?
4 We are shallowing our breaths. We aren’t shallowing our breaths. Are we shallowing our breaths?
5 She is slashing through the obstacles. She isn’t slashing through the obstacles. Is she slashing through the obstacles?
6 Charts are illustrating the data. Charts aren’t illustrating the data. Are charts illustrating the data?
7 I am alerting you about the situation. I am not alerting you about the situation. Am I alerting you about the situation?
8 Flares are brightening the sky. Flares aren’t brightening the sky. Are flares brightening the sky?
9 Dotty patterns are emerging. Dotty patterns aren’t emerging. Are dotty patterns emerging?
10 The cat is creeping up silently. The cat isn’t creeping up silently. Is the cat creeping up silently?
11 States are progressing steadily. States aren’t progressing steadily. Are states progressing steadily?
12 Senses are heightening. Senses aren’t heightening. Are senses heightening?
13 The least expected outcome is happening. The least expected outcome isn’t happening. Is the least expected outcome happening?
14 The balky computer is responding slowly. The balky computer isn’t responding slowly. Is the balky computer responding slowly?
15 Delays are hampering the project. Delays aren’t hampering the project. Are delays hampering the project?
16 Pet peeves are bothering her. Pet peeves aren’t bothering her. Are pet peeves bothering her?
17 Wealth is amassing in his account. Wealth isn’t amassing in his account. Is wealth amassing in his account?
18 Hounds are chasing the fox. Hounds aren’t chasing the fox. Are hounds chasing the fox?
19 Resources are scant in this region. Resources aren’t scant in this region. Are resources scant in this region?
20 The Torah is guiding their beliefs. The Torah isn’t guiding their beliefs. Is the Torah guiding their beliefs?
21 Clowns are entertaining the audience. Clowns aren’t entertaining the audience. Are clowns entertaining the audience?
22 The yacht is sailing smoothly. The yacht isn’t sailing smoothly. Is the yacht sailing smoothly?
23 Loyalty is prevailing in the team. Loyalty isn’t prevailing in the team. Is loyalty prevailing in the team?
24 The synod is discussing important matters. The synod isn’t discussing important matters. Is the synod discussing important matters?
25 Memories are evoking strong emotions. Memories aren’t evoking strong emotions. Are memories evoking strong emotions?
26 Patches are fixing the software issues. Patches aren’t fixing the software issues. Are patches fixing the software issues?
27 The lunar eclipse is captivating. The lunar eclipse isn’t captivating. Is the lunar eclipse captivating?
28 Ideas are foisting upon the team. Ideas aren’t foisting upon the team. Are ideas foisting upon the team?
29 The model is strutting on the runway. The model isn’t strutting on the runway. Is the model strutting on the runway?
30 Rusty nails are protruding from the wood. Rusty nails aren’t protruding from the wood. Are rusty nails protruding from the wood?
31 Videos are documenting the process. Videos aren’t documenting the process. Are videos documenting the process?
32 The church bells are knelling loudly. The church bells aren’t knelling loudly. Are the church bells knelling loudly?
33 Frumpy clothes are making a comeback. Frumpy clothes aren’t making a comeback. Are frumpy clothes making a comeback?
34 Lights are flickering in the hallway. Lights aren’t flickering in the hallway. Are lights flickering in the hallway?
35 Thieves are stealing valuable items. Thieves aren’t stealing valuable items. Are thieves stealing valuable items?
36 The penal code is addressing offenses. The penal code isn’t addressing offenses. Is the penal code addressing offenses?
37 Photocopiers are replicating documents. Photocopiers aren’t replicating documents. Are photocopiers replicating documents?
38 I am repaying my debts on time. I am not repaying my debts on time. Am I repaying my debts on time?
39 The cat is perching on the windowsill. The cat isn’t perching on the windowsill. Is the cat perching on the windowsill?
40 Stars are twinkling in the night sky. Stars aren’t twinkling in the night sky. Are stars twinkling in the night sky?
41 The audience is awaiting the performance. The audience isn’t awaiting the performance. Is the audience awaiting the performance?
42 Dairy products are enriching our diet. Dairy products aren’t enriching our diet. Are dairy products enriching our diet?
43 I am eliding unnecessary details. I am not eliding unnecessary details. Am I eliding unnecessary details?
44 Birds are flying above the treetops. Birds aren’t flying above the treetops. Are birds flying above the treetops?
45 Wacky ideas are sparking creativity. Wacky ideas aren’t sparking creativity. Are wacky ideas sparking creativity?
46 Scents are lingering in the air. Scents aren’t lingering in the air. Are scents lingering in the air?
47 Threads are ravelling from the fabric. Threads aren’t ravelling from the fabric. Are threads ravelling from the fabric?
48 Cycles are repeating over time. Cycles aren’t repeating over time. Are cycles repeating over time?
49 Olden traditions are resurging. Olden traditions aren’t resurging. Are olden traditions resurging?
50 Ties are severing in the business world. Ties aren’t severing in the business world. Are ties severing in the business world?


Present continuous tense examples?

Sure! Here are a few:

  • The rain is pouring outside.
  • She is writing a letter.
  • They are playing basketball.

2. Present cont tense examples?

Short and sweet? Check these out:

  • He is reading.
  • We are studying.
  • The dog is barking.

3. Present continuous examples?

Dive deeper with some more examples:

  • The leaves are falling from the trees.
  • I am cooking dinner.
  • She is currently running in the marathon.

4. 10 sentences in present continuous?

10 coming right up!

  • The birds are singing.
  • I am cooking dinner.
  • They are laughing uncontrollably.
  • He is reading a book.
  • We are studying English.
  • She is running late.
  • They are playing games.
  • The car is driving down the street.
  • The wind is blowing hard.
  • The phone is ringing.

5. Continuous present tense sentence?

Here’s an example of a continuous present tense sentence:

  • She is working out at the gym, trying to stay fit.

6. Present continuous sentence?

Another example:

  • They are arguing loudly, and it’s bothering everyone.

7. Present continuous tense 10 sentences?

Here are 10 more:

  • The sun is shining brightly today.
  • He is talking on the phone with his friend.
  • They are dancing the night away.
  • She is painting a beautiful picture.
  • We are watching a movie together.
  • He is listening to music loudly.
  • They are eating pizza for dinner.
  • She is taking a nap right now.
  • We are going to the beach tomorrow.
  • He is planning a surprise party for her.

8. Present continuous tense examples with pictures?

Find some online! Search for “present continuous tense examples with pictures”.

9. Present continuous tense interrogative sentences?

Ask away! Here are some examples:

  • Are you eating breakfast?
  • Is the train arriving soon?
  • What are they doing right now?

10. Present continuous tense negative sentences?

Express the opposite! Try these:

  • She is not reading a book.
  • They are not playing games.
  • He is not working right now.

11. Present perfect continuous sentence?

Here’s an example:

  • They have been working on their project all day, and they’re almost finished.

12. Difference between present continuous and present perfect continuous?

The present continuous tense describes actions happening now or around the present time. The present perfect continuous emphasizes the duration of an action that began in the past and may still be ongoing or just finished.

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