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The Most Useful English Meaning Of The Hindi Word

Exploring language bridges cultures and opens doors to deeper understanding, and one such bridge is found in uncovering the most useful English meaning of the Hindi word. This exploration not only enhances linguistic prowess but also fosters a rich appreciation for the nuances of communication. Delving into the English meaning of the Hindi word unveils layers of cultural context and linguistic versatility, enriching our ability to convey thoughts and emotions with precision. Whether in everyday conversations or more specialized discourse, understanding the most useful English meaning of the Hindi word equips individuals with a valuable tool for effective expression and connection in an increasingly interconnected world.For Quick English Learning CLICK HERE to download our app and check out our Daily posts HERE.

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Terrible -भयानक evil or ill-willed – दुष्ट या दुर्भावनापूर्ण There is nothing more terrible than a dictator who is willing to murder his own people to further his conquest.
Exogenous -एक्जोजिनियस caused by outside factors – बाहरी कारकों के कारण होता है The doctor determined that the woman’s depression was exogenous and stemmed from weather changes and other outside factors.
Unceasing -अटूट constant; continuous – स्थिर; निरंतर The stalker continued his unceasing phone calls until he was eventually arrested for his harassment.
Transpiration -स्वेद the process in which plants absorb water and then give off water vapor through pores in their leaves – वह प्रक्रिया जिसमें पौधे पानी को अवशोषित करते हैं और फिर अपनी पत्तियों के छिद्रों के माध्यम से जलवाष्प छोड़ते हैं Plant roots absorb and release moisture from the ground during transpiration.
Simplified -सरलीकृत made something simpler or easier to do – किसी कार्य को करना सरल या आसान बनाना The chef simplified the recipe, reducing what was included from 15 ingredients to 7.
Diagnostic -डायग्नोस्टिक used for figuring out what is wrong or needed – इसका उपयोग यह पता लगाने के लिए किया जाता है कि क्या गलत है या क्या आवश्यक है Ms. Taylor used the pretest as a diagnostic tool in order to determine which facts her students already knew about the Civil War so that she would not teach that information again.
Joke -चुटकुला something said to cause amusement or entertainment – मनोरंजन या मनोरंजन के लिए कही गई कोई बात John’s favorite joke has something to do with a priest walking into a bar, but I can’t remember what the punchline is.
Pontificate -प्रधान पादरी to speak in an arrogant tone, particularly for a long period – अहंकारी स्वर में बोलना, विशेषकर लंबे समय तक If you dare to question the professor, he will give you an evil look and then proceed to pontificate on a totally different subject.
Supervention -पर्यवेक्षण the act of occurring later, usually as an unforeseeable development – बाद में घटित होने की क्रिया, आमतौर पर एक अप्रत्याशित विकास के रूप में Even though the company filed bankruptcy, the supervention of liquidation by Toys R Us is something most people didn’t expect.
Intertwined -गुंथा twisted together or closely connected – एक साथ मुड़ा हुआ या बारीकी से जुड़ा हुआ Our lives became increasingly intertwined as we drew closer to each other.
Abridge -संक्षेप करना to make shorter – छोटा करना His agent told him that he needed to abridge some of the content of his novel so that it would be under 400 pages.
Come-Hither -इस तरफ़ आएं expressing sexual interest – यौन रुचि व्यक्त करना The come-hither looks of the women in the bar lured the man into their trap, and he soon found himself robbed.
Functionalism -व्यावहारिकता the idea that the purpose of something is based upon what it was made of and its layout – यह विचार कि किसी चीज़ का उद्देश्य इस बात पर आधारित है कि वह किस चीज़ से बनी है और उसका लेआउट क्या है Blame is often put on old school buildings for a failing educational system due to functionalism playing a part in it.
Coastal -तटीय near where a body of water meets land the coast – उस स्थान के निकट जहां पानी का एक पिंड तट से मिलता है The coastal plain running along the sea’s edge make for the perfect Pacific Ocean look-out.
Unredressed -निराकरण नहीं हुआ refers to a wrong or injustice that has not been righted – किसी गलत या अन्याय को संदर्भित करता है जिसे ठीक नहीं किया गया है The girl’s unredressed murder still bothers her family since the killer has never been caught.
Leave -छुट्टी to depart or exit – प्रस्थान या बाहर निकलना The family will leave their house and drive one hundred miles away to their vacation spot at the beach.
Fume -धूआं the build up of anger that generally results in a negative reaction – क्रोध का निर्माण जिसके परिणामस्वरूप आम तौर पर नकारात्मक प्रतिक्रिया होती है Molly started to fume and felt the urge to punch something when she found out her boyfriend was cheating on her.
Petty -क्षुद्र small and insignificant – छोटा और महत्वहीन The officer did not arrest the teen for the petty crime.
Imposter -ढोंगी a person who pretends to be someone else in order to trick and deceive people – वह व्यक्ति जो लोगों को बरगलाने और धोखा देने के लिए किसी और के होने का दिखावा करता है The imposter mimicked our dad’s voice to perfection.
Gape -जंभाई to stare at someone with your mouth wide open – किसी को मुँह खोलकर घूरना The men are sure to gape when they see Teresa in her tiny shorts.
Consort -बातचीत करना a partner or associate with whom one shares something – एक साथी या सहयोगी जिसके साथ कोई कुछ साझा करता है Whenever the king travels, he is always accompanied by his consort, his queen.
Organelle -अंगक a specialized part of a cell – कोशिका का एक विशेष भाग An organelle is a structure inside of a living cell that has a specific role.
Deftly -चतुराई से in a skillful way that is both quick and clever – एक कुशल तरीके से जो त्वरित और चतुर दोनों है Using her creative writing skills and keen imagination, the author deftly created a children’s story that was both interesting and thought-provoking.
Pyromania -पैरोमेनिया a strong urge to start fire to things – चीजों में आग लगाने की तीव्र इच्छा Due to his obsession with pyromania, the criminal was sentenced to 15 years in prison for the arson of several properties.
Mentioned -उल्लिखित brought a specific topic up during a conversation – बातचीत के दौरान एक विशिष्ट विषय उठाया Lorraine mentioned going to the movies with me on Saturday, but she hasn’t said anything else about it.
Deterioration -बिगड़ना a state of decline; the condition of becoming of less value or in poorer health – गिरावट की स्थिति; कम मूल्य या ख़राब स्वास्थ्य होने की स्थिति Muscular deterioration has left Rick without the ability to control his muscles.
Illness -बीमारी a disease or sickness of the body – शरीर का कोई रोग या बीमारी After coming down with a strange illness, the sick girl could no longer walk or talk.
Paste -पेस्ट करें a substance that is thick but moist and is usually made by mixing dry ingredients with a liquid – एक पदार्थ जो गाढ़ा लेकिन नम होता है और आमतौर पर किसी तरल पदार्थ के साथ सूखी सामग्री को मिलाकर बनाया जाता है Mixing the flour with a bit of water, the chef created a thick paste to serve as the base of her recipe.
Sybaritic -विलास प्रिय indulgent; luxurious – भोगवादी; शान शौकत The sybaritic prince spared no expense, always splurging on luxurious things like camels and jewels.
Fabulous -आश्चर्यजनक amazing or wonderful – अद्भुत या आश्चर्यजनक The amount of money we made during the fundraiser was absolutely fabulous, covering the cost of not only our current project, but the repaving of the school parking lot as well.
Opprobrium -अपमान the disgrace incurred by conduct considered outrageously shameful – आचरण से होने वाले अपमान को बेहद शर्मनाक माना जाता है Although the golfer faced a great deal of opprobrium after being caught with his mistress, he quickly regained the love of his fans.
Enrich -समृद्ध to improve something or make something more enjoyable – किसी चीज़ को बेहतर बनाना या किसी चीज़ को अधिक मनोरंजक बनाना Adding twelve more credit hours of English onto my transcript would enrich my career possibilities.
Adjudicate -निर्णय करना to make a decision on an issue – किसी मुद्दे पर निर्णय लेना The administrative board will adjudicate on the terms of the doctor’s suspension for misconduct.
Wariness -सावधानी the state of being cautious about things that could be dangerous or problematic – उन चीजों के प्रति सतर्क रहने की अवस्था जो खतरनाक या समस्याग्रस्त हो सकती हैं Because of her wariness around strangers, Jazz is reluctant to talk to people she doesn’t know.
Style -शैली a way of something happening – कुछ घटित होने का एक तरीका David started making good grades on his math tests because his teacher was using activities conducive to his learning style.
Sectarianism -साम्प्रदायिकता dedicated to a religious sect or cult – किसी धार्मिक संप्रदाय या पंथ को समर्पित Through sectarianism, Karen was drawn into the religious group who was abusive to its members and refused to let anyone leave.
Shake a leg -डांस करो a phrase used to tell someone to start or do something in a hurry – एक मुहावरा जिसका प्रयोग किसी को जल्दी से कुछ शुरू करने या करने के लिए कहा जाता है Grandma told the boys to ‘shake a leg’ and encouraged them to get a jumpstart on their chores.
Adonis -अदोनिस a very handsome young man – एक बहुत सुंदर युवक “Look at that Adonis,” the girl giggled to her friend as the handsome new freshman walked into the cafeteria.
Yawp -जम्हाई लेना a scratchy or coarse yap or cry – एक खरोंचदार या खुरदुरा चिल्लाना या रोना When the dog got stung by a bee, it did yawp quickly and then looked around to see what did hurt him.
Within -अंदर inside of – का भीतर When the target is within striking distance, we will pull the trigger.
Fascist -फ़ासिस्ट related to a government system led by a dictator with complete power – पूर्ण शक्ति वाले एक तानाशाह के नेतृत्व वाली सरकारी प्रणाली से संबंधित The fascist regime has taken over the area and is ruling the city with an iron fist.
Better -बेहतर improved or healthier than before – पहले से बेहतर या स्वस्थ After getting some cold medicine, the sick girl started to feel a bit better.
Weep -रोना to cry – रोना My mother couldn’t help but weep when she found out my father died.
Audience -श्रोता a group of viewers or spectators – दर्शकों या दर्शकों का एक समूह Bowing gracefully in front of the audience, the ballerina beamed ear to ear as the attendees shouted for an encore.
Unsustainable -अरक्षणीय not able to be maintained for long periods of time – लंबे समय तक बनाए रखने में सक्षम नहीं Although Tremaine is able to work 16 hour days right now, this kind of work schedule is unsustainable for long-term.
Hilarious -आनंददायक very funny; causing great merriment and laughter – बहुत अजीब बात है; अत्यधिक आनंद और हँसी का कारण बन रहा है The baby finds it hilarious whenever his mother sings to him in a funny voice.
Esteemed -सम्मानित having the admiration of others – दूसरों की प्रशंसा होना We are honored to present this award to our esteemed colleague for his hard work and dedication.
Outfox -चतुरता में मात देना to con or trick someone using keen and smart ways – चतुर और चतुर तरीकों का उपयोग करके किसी को धोखा देना या धोखा देना Using his wit and finesse, the veteran defense attorney was able to outfox any lead witness into saying incriminating information about themselves.
Bluster -धमकी to talk in a loud or aggressive way, usually with little effect – तेज़ या आक्रामक तरीके से बात करना, आमतौर पर कम प्रभाव के साथ Angry and irritated, father began to bluster about all of the things the children weren’t doing correctly.
Variance -झगड़ा at odds with or conflicting with – के साथ मतभेद या विरोध में The girl’s confident pose was at a variance with her shaky voice.
Hammock -झूला a swinging bed, usually made of netting or canvas that is hung up by each end, often from trees – एक झूलता हुआ बिस्तर, जो आमतौर पर जाल या कैनवास से बना होता है, जिसे अक्सर पेड़ों से प्रत्येक सिरे पर लटकाया जाता है Swaying on her back in the hammock, the resting woman took an afternoon siesta.
Heartily -दिल से in a jovial and cheerful way – हर्षित और प्रसन्न तरीके से Santa laughed heartily as he smiled at the children with his rosy-red cheeks.
Lumpish -वज़नी crudely shaped or formed – भद्दे आकार का या बना हुआ The clay bowl I made in art class was lumpish, covered in strange rivets and bumps that would make it unusable as a dish.
Cycle -चक्र a series of events that happens over and over – घटनाओं की एक शृंखला जो बार-बार घटित होती है The election cycle repeats itself every four years.
Laud -लॉड to praise or glorify – प्रशंसा या महिमा करना The company decided to laud Jack’s outstanding contributions to the firm.
Unauthorized -अनधिकृत without permission or authority – बिना अनुमति या अधिकार के Unauthorized vehicles without an entrance tag will not be allowed to pass through the gate.
Evanesce -ग़ायब होना to vanish slowly – धीरे-धीरे लुप्त हो जाना I watched the ground evanesce as we flew into the clouds.
Socialism -समाजवाद a system of rule in which the government controls the main industries – शासन की एक प्रणाली जिसमें सरकार मुख्य उद्योगों को नियंत्रित करती है Under a system of socialism, the government manages the country’s major businesses.
Discompose -परेशान कर देना to disturb – परेशान करने के लिए Brian is sleeping right now, and will probably be irritated if we discompose him.
Quilt -रज़ाई a blanket made by sewing fabric squares or pieces together usually in a pattern – आमतौर पर एक पैटर्न में कपड़े के चौकोर टुकड़ों या टुकड़ों को एक साथ सिलकर बनाया गया कंबल When I unfolded my grandmother’s hand-sewn quilt, I could see different shapes coming together in a specific design.
Puncture -छिद्र to pierce something causing a hole or perforation – किसी चीज को छेदना जिससे छेद या वेध हो जाए Using her finger nail to puncture the balloon, Rita hoped the loud pop would scare her little sister.
Comatose -अचैतन्य का unconscious and unable to communicate – बेहोश और संवाद करने में असमर्थ The car crash victim was comatose and unable to talk while on the stretcher.
Levity -छिछोरापन a lack of seriousness – गंभीरता की कमी After battles, some soldiers try and add levity to their days by telling jokes around the campfire.
Offense -अपराध a violation of a law or rule – किसी कानून या नियम का उल्लंघन Though it was only his first offense, the judge decided to sentence the criminal to a lengthy prison stay.
Obey -आज्ञा का पालन करना to act in accordance with the rules or someone’s wishes – नियमों या किसी की इच्छा के अनुसार कार्य करना Billy was a model student to his teachers because he would actively participate in class and obey all the rules.
Nourishing -नरिशिंग containing substances necessary for growth, health, and good condition – इसमें विकास, स्वास्थ्य और अच्छी स्थिति के लिए आवश्यक पदार्थ शामिल हैं Grandmother always makes us nourishing meals that are not only tasty but healthy for our bodies.
Recline -झुकना to tilt back or lie down – पीछे की ओर झुकना या लेटना Cramped airline space made it difficult for the passenger to recline her seat back.
Reproduction -प्रजनन the copying or duplication of something – किसी चीज़ की नकल या नकल करना Reproduction or copying of the book for commercial purposes is strictly prohibited.
Gubernatorial -गवर्नर associated with the office of governor – राज्यपाल के कार्यालय से संबद्ध After the results of the gubernatorial election have been counted, we will have our new governor.
Instigator -भड़कानेवाला व्यक्ति A person who causes something usually bad to happen – वह व्यक्ति जो आमतौर पर कुछ बुरा घटित होने का कारण बनता है Although he wasn’t involved in the actual fight, Ed was the instigator that got the whole thing started.
Notch -निशान a deep cut into a surface – किसी सतह पर गहरा कटाव Every year, Grandpa carves a notch in the wooden post to record just how tall Jason has grown.
Shuttle -शटल a form of transportation that travels between two places on a regular basis – परिवहन का एक रूप जो नियमित आधार पर दो स्थानों के बीच यात्रा करता है Waiting for the next shuttle to take them home, the coworkers made casual conversation.
Postmodernism -पश्चात a style of art and other works that began in the 1960s and includes shapes and unusual objects and bright colors – कला और अन्य कार्यों की एक शैली जो 1960 के दशक में शुरू हुई और इसमें आकार और असामान्य वस्तुएं और चमकीले रंग शामिल हैं Many pieces of the vivid artwork from the era of postmodernism hang in the 1960s home.
Cursed -शापित plagued with misfortune, evil, or doom – दुर्भाग्य, बुराई या विनाश से ग्रस्त Every attempt to turn the cursed frog back into his princely form was thwarted by the cruel queen.
Captivate -Captivate to catch and hold someone’s attention; mesmerize – किसी का ध्यान आकर्षित करना और बनाए रखना; सम्मोहित When the model walked down the street, she seemed to captivate every man who saw her.
Board -तख़्ता a panel or plank – एक पैनल या तख्ता A wooden board was placed across each window to keep neighborhood hooligans from breaking the windows out.
Preclusion -निरोध the action of preventing something from occurring – किसी चीज़ को घटित होने से रोकने की क्रिया The general decided preclusion was the best course of action, choosing to attack the enemy before their plans were completed.
Issue -मुद्दा to deliver or give out – पहुंचाना या देना No one was at the office to issue my driver’s license, so I will have to wait until tomorrow to pick it up.
Alongside -साथ – साथ along the side; by the side; side by side with – किनारे पर; बगल में; साथ-साथ The students walked alongside each other on the way to school.
Sensor -सेंसर a device which detects or measures a physical property (i.e., light, temperature) and records/transmits this information – एक उपकरण जो किसी भौतिक संपत्ति (जैसे, प्रकाश, तापमान) का पता लगाता है या मापता है और इस जानकारी को रिकॉर्ड/संचारित करता है A sensor inside of the tire alerted the driver that the air pressure was lower than it needed to be.
Glance -झलक to look briefly at something – किसी चीज़ को संक्षेप में देखना The driver gave a glance back as he moved into the passing lane.
Choreography -नृत्यकला the sequence of steps and movements in a dance or figure skating routine – नृत्य या फिगर स्केटिंग दिनचर्या में कदमों और चालों का क्रम Coming up with the choreography was easy, but actually sequencing the dance moves with the music was a lot harder.
Legal -कानूनी allowable according to the law – कानून के अनुसार स्वीकार्य Although it isn’t legal for minors to gamble, kids are allowed at the bingo hall as long as they aren’t betting.
Flowed -प्रवाहित moved along steadily and continuously – लगातार और लगातार आगे बढ़े The water flowed through several channels and streamed off the side of the mountain.
Simile -उपमा a comparison that generally uses like or as to make lofty or exaggerated descriptions of a person or object – एक तुलना जो आम तौर पर किसी व्यक्ति या वस्तु का ऊंचा या अतिरंजित वर्णन करने के लिए लाइक या जैसा का उपयोग करती है The simile, tough as nails, best applies to a person who is not easily frightened and has a strong, determined mindset.
Pure -शुद्ध clean and free of any contaminants – स्वच्छ और किसी भी संदूषक से मुक्त The dirty water was processed and made pure through the filtering system.
Coetaneous -युग्मक a comparative term that means having the same age or date of origin as something else – एक तुलनात्मक शब्द जिसका अर्थ किसी अन्य चीज़ के समान आयु या उत्पत्ति तिथि होना है Because the coetaneous stars have the same brightness, they were probably created around the same time.
Imperialism -साम्राज्यवाद a course of action that involves vigorously expanding a nation’s power over other countries by any means necessary – कार्रवाई का एक तरीका जिसमें किसी भी आवश्यक तरीके से दूसरे देशों पर एक राष्ट्र की शक्ति का सख्ती से विस्तार करना शामिल है The country’s inability to embrace imperialism is responsible for its lack of geographical expansion over the years.
Combined -संयुक्त added separate things together to make a whole – एक समग्र बनाने के लिए अलग-अलग चीज़ों को एक साथ जोड़ा The chef combined several ingredients in a big pot, making a vegetable medley.
Pullulate -उगना to be crowded or overpopulated – भीड़ होना या अतिजनित होना At the annual Tri-State Farmer’s Auction, the cows would pullulate in the small pen barely having any room to move around.
Demeaning -नीचा दिखा causing someone to lose dignity or feel less respected – जिसके कारण किसी की गरिमा कम हो रही है या उसे कम सम्मान महसूस हो रहा है The manager dismissed Brenda’s ideas in a demeaning tone that made her feel like the stupidest person in the room.
Portend -संकेत मिलता to indicate or give sign of a future occurrence – भविष्य में होने वाली किसी घटना का संकेत या संकेत देना By hovering nearby, the dark clouds portend a storm in our area.
Ditch -खाई to get rid of something – किसी चीज़ से छुटकारा पाने के लिए Michael was willing to ditch his baseball cap and jeans for a wedding day suit.
Decommission -सेवामुक्ति to remove something (generally hardware) from service – सेवा से कुछ (आम तौर पर हार्डवेयर) हटाने के लिए We’ll have to decommission our old car, now that its engine has finally died and we are forced to replace it with a new model.
Deflate -हवा निकालना to reduce in size due to air being let out of something – किसी चीज से हवा निकलने के कारण आकार में कमी आना Several balloons would deflate over time due to the helium seeping out of the holes in the balloons.
Promiscuous -अनेक having many different sexual partners – कई अलग-अलग यौन साथी होना His promiscuous behavior earned him the title of a lady’s man.
Wanted -वांछित wished for; desired – के लिए कामना की; इच्छित Cindy wanted a dollhouse for her birthday but ended up with a different toy instead.
Republicanism -गणतंत्रवाद loyalty to a republican type of government – गणतांत्रिक प्रकार की सरकार के प्रति निष्ठा One of the main reasons for the American Revolutionary War is because the patriots were devoted to republicanism so they could be represented in the government.
Ascription -जोड़ना the act of attributing something to another – किसी चीज़ का श्रेय दूसरे को देने की क्रिया The ascription of bullying leading to depression and isolation from society is quite warranted.
Stream -धारा flowing liquid – बहता हुआ तरल A heavy stream of blood flowed from the deep cut on his leg.
Second to none -अद्वितीय to be the best compared to other comparable things – अन्य तुलनीय चीज़ों की तुलना में सर्वोत्तम होना Having a job as a chocolate taster is second to none because all other culinary jobs are so strenuous and difficult.
Feign -बहाना करना make believe with the intention of deceiving; pretend – धोखा देने के इरादे से विश्वास करना; बहाना करना I feign sleep when Mom checks up on me after bedtime, then I go back to playing video games when she leaves.
Taboo -निषेध considered inappropriate because of societal beliefs or emotional dislikes – सामाजिक मान्यताओं या भावनात्मक नापसंदगी के कारण अनुचित माना जाता है In the old days, even the idea of a homosexual relationship was viewed as a taboo arrangement.
Tabled -रखा delayed or postponed something – किसी चीज़ में देरी करना या स्थगित करना Because they could not come up with a pricing agreement, the deal between the two companies was tabled for several months.
Tangential -स्पज्या का not directly related to something – किसी चीज़ से सीधे तौर पर संबंधित नहीं I hardly ever learn anything in my history class because my teacher always rambles off on a tangential topic that has nothing to do with history.
Aspiration -आकांक्षा a dream of accomplishing something – कुछ पूरा करने का सपना My husband and I share the aspiration of having a marriage that lasts a lifetime.
Dissent -मतभेद to differ in opinion – राय में मतभेद होना More than likely, my father will dissent with the idea I am old enough to set my own curfew.
Contestant -प्रतियोगी someone who takes part in a contest or competition – कोई व्यक्ति जो किसी प्रतियोगिता या प्रतियोगिता में भाग लेता है If you are taking part in a competition, such as a game show on TV, you are a contestant.
Trial -परीक्षण a court hearing held to decide if an accused person is guilty or innocent – यह तय करने के लिए अदालत में सुनवाई होती है कि कोई आरोपी व्यक्ति दोषी है या निर्दोष Students in the criminal justice course took part in a make believe trial in which some were attorneys and others jurors.
Jape -मज़ाक करना a practical joke or trick that you play on someone – एक व्यावहारिक चुटकुला या चाल जो आप किसी पर खेलते हैं A whoopee cushion and a buzzer were used by the clown when he wanted to pull of a funny jape.
Kinetic -काइनेटिक associated with motion – गति से सम्बंधित Kinetic learners are students who learn better when they are allowed to be active.
Fudge -ठगना to cheat or lie through exaggeration – बढ़ा-चढ़ा कर धोखा देना या झूठ बोलना Because she wanted to get into the club, the seventeen-year-old decided to fudge and said she was eighteen.
Garble -तोड़ना-मरोड़ना to alter the sound or meaning of something – किसी चीज़ की ध्वनि या अर्थ बदलना Until the toddler is able to speak properly, he will garble most of his words.
Trough -गर्त a long and narrow open container used to feed animals – जानवरों को खिलाने के लिए इस्तेमाल किया जाने वाला एक लंबा और संकीर्ण खुला कंटेनर The trough has been filled with hay, so the horses can walk up and eat whenever they want.
Eye candy -आकर्षक व मनोरंजक something visually appealing that brings pleasure without stimulating the brain – कुछ ऐसा देखने में आकर्षक जो मस्तिष्क को उत्तेजित किए बिना आनंद देता है Many think of Channing Tatum as nothing more than eye candy, but he’s actually a talented dancer and photographer as well as an actor.
Dome -गुंबद a rounded top on a building or object – किसी भवन या वस्तु का गोलाकार शीर्ष Shaking the glass dome, the boy seemed spellbound by the falling snow inside the globe.
Predatory -हिंसक associated with stealing or taking advantage of other people for private gain – निजी लाभ के लिए चोरी करने या अन्य लोगों का फायदा उठाने से जुड़ा हुआ The predatory lender always assigns extremely high interest rates to his loans.
Preponderate -भार में बढ़ जाना to be greater in number, influence or importance – संख्या, प्रभाव या महत्व में अधिक होना Nick’s selfish girlfriend seems to think that her needs preponderate his when in fact their individual desires are equally important.
Unfasten -विलंब करना to open, undo, or disconnect the tie of something – किसी चीज़ का बंधन खोलना, पूर्ववत करना या अलग करना The toddler was able to unfasten her seatbelt and climb out of her car seat when her mom wasn’t looking.
Doldrums -उदासी a state in which an individual is very sad and has no interest in anything – ऐसी अवस्था जिसमें व्यक्ति बहुत दुखी होता है और उसे किसी भी चीज़ में कोई दिलचस्पी नहीं होती है The psychiatrist said the antidepressant might help me come out of the doldrums so I can enjoy my life again.
Undisputed -साफ़-जाहिर not challenged or disagreed upon – चुनौती नहीं दी गई या असहमति नहीं जताई गई The smart student was the undisputed winner of the spelling bee after putting everyone out in the first round.
Threatening -धमकी having a hostile or intimidating manner – शत्रुतापूर्ण या डराने-धमकाने वाला ढंग रखना The threatening letter stated that a bomb would be placed in a random mailbox around the city once every day.
Coincidentally -संयोगवश happening by or resulting from coincidence; by chance – संयोग से घटित होना या उसके परिणामस्वरूप होना; संयोगवश Ashley first met David coincidentally, and she used the opportunity to ask him out on a date.
Governor -राज्यपाल a person who is the leader of the government of a state – वह व्यक्ति जो किसी राज्य की सरकार का नेता हो Though he talked a good talk, the governor of Louisiana was clueless on how to balance a budget and left the state bankrupt.
Fracas -कोलाहल a noisy disagreement or commotion – शोरगुल वाली असहमति या हंगामा The husband and wife were fined by the judge for starting a fracas in court.
Disaster -आपदा an event that causes great damage or hardship – ऐसी घटना जिससे बड़ी क्षति या कठिनाई हो The bride’s rainy wedding day was a disaster that started with missing rings and ended with a run-away groom.
Curation -संकलन the art of building, maintaining, and presenting a collection – संग्रह बनाने, बनाए रखने और प्रस्तुत करने की कला The curation of an art museum is difficult since it requires the collection and maintenance of many artistic pieces.
Mollycoddle -बोदा आदमी to handle someone or something in a shielding or indulging way – किसी को या किसी चीज़ को ढालने या लिप्त करने के तरीके से संभालना Since the elderly woman only lived with her poodle, she would mollycoddle the dog by providing him with expensive dog treats and a bed fit for a king.
Theft -चोरी robbery or taking things without permission that don’t belong to you – डकैती करना या बिना अनुमति के ऐसी चीजें लेना जो आपकी नहीं हैं Arrests were made when the teenagers were charged with theft since they had jewelry belonging to their parents in their possession.
Kilter -तरतीब not working well, out of order – ठीक से काम नहीं कर रहा, ख़राब है An unexpected surge of both the flu and strep throat threw the unprepared clinic out of kilter.
Excision -छांटना the act of removing something – किसी चीज को हटाने की क्रिया या भाव The excision of a tumor requires a skilled surgeon to cut into the human body and remove all of the tumor cells in it.
Eristic -वाद-विवाद करनेवाला describing a person likely to debate or argue with others – किसी ऐसे व्यक्ति का वर्णन करना जिसके दूसरों के साथ वाद-विवाद या विवाद करने की संभावना हो My Dad is a very eristic person, always turning any conversation we have into a full blown debate for no reason.
Happiness -ख़ुशी pleasure; joy – आनंद; आनंद Happiness exuded from the new bride’s face as she enjoyed her wedding day festivities.
Emend -ठीक करना to make corrections or improvements to something – किसी चीज़ में सुधार या संशोधन करना The new version of the textbook will emend the original version, fixing many of its flaws.
Persnickety -persnickety being overly focused on small details – छोटी-छोटी बातों पर अत्यधिक ध्यान केंद्रित करना The persnickety housewife couldn’t stand for anything to be out of place in her perfect home.
Carve -उत्कीर्ण to cut a material into a finished work – किसी सामग्री को काटकर तैयार कार्य करना Dustin used a hammer and chisel to carve out his name in the wood.
Harridan -चुड़ैल a stern, domineering and argumentative elderly woman – एक कठोर, दबंग और तर्कशील बुजुर्ग महिला Even though Grandpa was fun to be around, the harridan he is married to always belittles and bosses everyone around.
Employee -कर्मचारी a person who works for another person or an organization – वह व्यक्ति जो किसी अन्य व्यक्ति या संगठन के लिए काम करता है Because only one employee showed up for work during the snowstorm, the café had to shut down for the day.
Dissident -मतभेद करनेवाला a person who opposes the current political structure, group or laws; one who disagrees – एक व्यक्ति जो वर्तमान राजनीतिक संरचना, समूह या कानूनों का विरोध करता है; जो असहमत हो Charlie’s family members were devout Catholics, while he was considered dissident for not identifying with the religion.
Feud -झगड़ा a state of long-standing mutual hostility – लंबे समय से चली आ रही आपसी शत्रुता की स्थिति At first, Hanna tried to talk things out in a friendly way, but the guy wouldn’t listen and a bitter feud broke out.
Blockbusting -ब्लॉकबस्टिंग very successful, especially financially – बहुत सफल, विशेषकर आर्थिक रूप से Despite Fortnite’s success as a blockbusting video game, Tetris still ranks as the best-selling game of all time.
Comparatively -अपेक्षाकृत to a moderate degree when compared to something else – किसी अन्य चीज़ की तुलना में मध्यम स्तर तक Mistreating others because you have a comparatively higher income is morally wrong.
Veteran -अनुभवी one who has a lot of experience in a particular field or position – वह व्यक्ति जिसके पास किसी विशेष क्षेत्र या पद पर बहुत अधिक अनुभव हो The military veteran has served in the U.S. Army for more than twenty years.
Awake -जागना aware and alert and not sleeping – जागरूक और सतर्क और सोए हुए नहीं After the loud clap of thunder sounded in the middle of the silent night, my scared dog would be awake for the rest of the night.
Poke -झांकना to nudge sharply – तेजी से कुहनी मारना When the man began to doze off during the minister’s Sunday sermon, his wife decided to poke him in the ribs to wake him up.
Interviewed -साक्षात्कार to be questioned in order to have one’s experience or opinions discerned – किसी के अनुभव या राय को समझने के लिए पूछताछ की जानी Potential employees are often interviewed by the boss of a company to determine if they are a good fit for the job.
Parlay -बाज़ी to place a wager on an upcoming event – किसी आगामी घटना पर दांव लगाना During March Madness, many gamblers parlay their earnings on the basketball teams that they think will win the tournament.
Control -नियंत्रण to exercise influence over; to suggest or dictate the behavior of – पर प्रभाव डालना; के व्यवहार का सुझाव देना या निर्देशित करना The whole operation is under control of the production manager.
Provocateur -खास आदमी an agitator or another person who provokes trouble – एक आंदोलनकारी या कोई अन्य व्यक्ति जो उपद्रव भड़काता है A provocateur in the courtroom, the rabblerousing attorney always found a way to make people turn on one another.
Aqueous -जलीय associated with water – जल से सम्बंधित The punch is an aqueous solution composed of water and fruit juice.
Deterrence -डिटरेन्स something that discourages one from doing something – कुछ ऐसा जो किसी को कुछ करने से हतोत्साहित करता है The pet owner used the shock collar as a deterrence, clicking it every time the wayward pup tried to meander off.
Genteel -ललित polite and well-mannered – विनम्र और शिष्ट At the formal dinner, you are expected to behave in a genteel manner.
Gag -झूठ an obstructive object put over or in a person’s mouth to stop them from making noise – किसी व्यक्ति को शोर मचाने से रोकने के लिए उसके मुँह में या उसके ऊपर रखी जाने वाली अवरोधक वस्तु A strip of cloth is often used as a gag to keep restrained prisoners from making any noise or calling for help.
Sister -बहन a female child of one’s own parents – अपने ही माता-पिता की कन्या Wishing to have a little sister to take care of, Kyle wished for his Mom’s new baby to be a girl.
Vivacity -चुस्ती the state of being attractive because of one’s enthusiasm and liveliness – किसी के उत्साह और जीवंतता के कारण आकर्षक होने की अवस्था Elicia’s vivacity helps her gain customers at work since being attractive and lively are need traits for a bartender.
Typical -ठेठ usual; normal – साधारण; सामान्य Today wasn’t a typical workday since our boss actually allowed us to take a break.
Laconic -संक्षिप्त brief and concise, using few words – कुछ शब्दों का प्रयोग करते हुए संक्षिप्त एवं सारगर्भित During the laconic phone call, the divorcing spouses only said what was absolutely necessary.
Conspicuous -विशिष्ट very easy to notice – नोटिस करना बहुत आसान है It would be inappropriate for you to wear such a short conspicuous dress to your father’s funeral.
Crony -विकास के लिए अन्तरंग an intimate companion or friend – एक घनिष्ठ साथी या मित्र In the evenings, my grandmother and her crony sit on the front porch and gossip about their neighbors.
Married -विवाहित united in a legal relationship, usually as husband and wife – एक कानूनी रिश्ते में एकजुट, आमतौर पर पति और पत्नी के रूप में Mr. and Mrs. Henry were married for 30 years after tying the knot in a small 1978 ceremony.
Decorate -सजाना to make an object or space more attractive by adding embellishments to it – किसी वस्तु या स्थान में अलंकरण जोड़कर उसे अधिक आकर्षक बनाना Using flowers to decorate the church, the wedding planner tried to make the space as beautiful as possible.
Fat cat -मोटी बिल्ली a rich and influential person who is in business or politics – एक अमीर और प्रभावशाली व्यक्ति जो व्यवसाय या राजनीति में है Donovan is a CEO and the only fat cat in the city, with more wealth and influence than anyone else that lives here.
Cabal -साज़िश a collection of people who come together to work against something or someone – ऐसे लोगों का समूह जो किसी चीज़ या व्यक्ति के ख़िलाफ़ काम करने के लिए एक साथ आते हैं Hundreds of workers formed a cabal to demonstrate their dissatisfaction with the firm’s healthcare plan.
Sightseeing -दर्शनीय स्थलों की यात्रा related to traveling around a region seeing interesting sights – दिलचस्प दृश्यों को देखने के लिए किसी क्षेत्र की यात्रा करने से संबंधित Sightseeing tours to the ancient coliseum are only offered to large groups by reservation.
Advert -विज्ञापन an advertisement – एक विज्ञापन The newspaper advert announced position openings at the local potato plant.
Embezzle -पचाना to take property or funds one has been entrusted to keep – वह संपत्ति या धन लेना जिसे रखने के लिए किसी को सौंपा गया हो The teller will be prosecuted if she helped the loan officer embezzle bank funds.
Genus -जाति a class or group of something, usually used in biology to classify similar animals of different species – किसी चीज़ का एक वर्ग या समूह, जिसका उपयोग आमतौर पर जीव विज्ञान में विभिन्न प्रजातियों के समान जानवरों को वर्गीकृत करने के लिए किया जाता है Because it represents the group, the genus is the first part of an animal’s scientific name.
Visceral -आंत का based on emotional reactions rather than on reason or thought – तर्क या विचार के बजाय भावनात्मक प्रतिक्रियाओं पर आधारित His visceral reaction of punching the wall left him with a broken hand on top of his broken heart.
Subtract -घटाना to deduct or detract from something – किसी चीज़ से कटौती या कटौती करना “When you subtract two from five,” the math teacher told her students, “you will end up with three.”
Sizing -आकार a thing’s overall dimensions or magnitude – किसी चीज़ का समग्र आयाम या परिमाण Shoe sizing can be tricky since my narrow feet sometimes measure a 6 and other times a 7.
Synthesis -संश्लेषण the creation of an object or entity by mixing simpler materials or substances – सरल सामग्रियों या पदार्थों को मिलाकर किसी वस्तु या इकाई का निर्माण Proteins are essential to the synthesis of muscles and body tissue.
Exhausted -थका हुआ to be very tired having little to no energy – बहुत कम या बिल्कुल भी ऊर्जा न होने के कारण बहुत थक जाना After the colicky baby arrived, the new parents became exhausted from lack of sleep.
Arranged -व्यवस्था की put things in an order that is attractive and neat – चीज़ों को ऐसे क्रम में रखें जो आकर्षक और साफ-सुथरा हो The florist arranged the roses and lilies in a vase, placing them skillfully so that they would attract customers.
Fatality -विपत्ति death resulting from an accident or disaster – किसी दुर्घटना या आपदा से होने वाली मृत्यु Fatality rates for motorcycle crashes is over 27 times that of automobiles.
Enhance -बढ़ाना to bring out positive features – सकारात्मक विशेषताएं सामने लाने के लिए The saleswoman told me the blue dress would enhance my lovely blue eyes.
Ogre -आदमख़ोर a man-eating giant found in fairytales and legends – परियों की कहानियों और किंवदंतियों में पाया जाने वाला एक नरभक्षी विशालकाय प्राणी The ogre tossed the sailors into the river, devouring the ones he thought would be most tasty.
Oversight -निगरानी something that someone does by mistake, without seeing that they are doing it – कुछ ऐसा जो कोई गलती से करता है, बिना यह देखे कि वह ऐसा कर रहा है Rob apologized for the oversight, insisting that it was a mistake that would never happen again.
Sickly -बीमार having weak or unhealthy feelings – कमज़ोर या अस्वस्थ भावनाएँ होना With dead leaves and droopy flowers, the sickly plant required sunlight, water and rich soil to become healthy again.


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