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Hindi Words To English Words For Daily Usage

Are you eager to unlock the art of seamlessly translating Hindi words to English words? Mastering the transition from one language to another not only requires linguistic finesse but also a deep understanding of cultural nuances and context. Hindi words to English words translation is a skill that opens doors to effective communication, whether it’s in everyday conversations, professional settings, or creative endeavors. By delving into the intricacies of language structure and semantics, one can navigate the diverse terrain of vocabulary and convey meaning with precision and clarity. Join us on a journey to unravel the mysteries of transforming Hindi words into their English counterparts, enriching your language skills and broadening your cultural horizons along the way. If you want to learn English Quickly CLICK HERE to download our 100% Free app, or you can visit our WEBSITE.

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Flood –बाढ़

a larger amount of water than can fit into the container which causes it to spill over the sides – कंटेनर में समा सकने वाली क्षमता से अधिक मात्रा में पानी किनारों पर फैल जाता है

Once the large dam broke, the flood of water quickly gushed over the sides onto the land.


Continuous –निरंतर

going on and on without interruption – बिना किसी रूकावट के चल रहा है

Because of the water leak, a continuous stream sprayed out of the ground for several hours.


Suggest –सुझाव देना

to recommend or submit an opinion or statement – किसी राय या वक्तव्य की सिफ़ारिश करना या प्रस्तुत करना

If you hear a strange sound in your house at night like breaking glass, I would suggest that you call the police immediately.


Militarism –सैनिक शासन

an ideology which claims that the military is the foundation of a society’s security, and thereby its most important aspect – एक विचारधारा जो दावा करती है कि सेना किसी समाज की सुरक्षा की नींव है, और इस प्रकार इसका सबसे महत्वपूर्ण पहलू है

Because he was a veteran, many of his political ideals followed a form of militarism.


Hypertension –उच्च रक्तचाप

the disease or disorder of abnormally high blood pressure – असामान्य रूप से उच्च रक्तचाप का रोग या विकार

Because of his family history of hypertension, the health conscious man avoided salt or any other food that would raise his blood pressure.


Nocturnal –रात का

taking place at night – रात में हो रहा है

Bats are nocturnal creatures because they tend to be more active during the night hours.


Nimble –चतुर

quick in action or comprehension – कार्रवाई या समझ में शीघ्रता

The overweight police officer could not catch the nimble suspect.


Infallible –अचूक

not capable of being wrong or of failing – गलत होने या असफल होने में सक्षम नहीं

While you may think you are infallible, you make mistakes just like everyone else!


Puissant –पुइसैंट

having a large amount of authority or power – बड़ी मात्रा में अधिकार या शक्ति होना

The puissant school superintendent has the authority to close schools in the event of inclement weather.


Aesthetic –सौंदर्य संबंधी

concerning or characterized by an appreciation of beauty or good taste – सौंदर्य या अच्छे स्वाद की सराहना से संबंधित या विशेषता

Our aesthetic enjoyment of the art show was increased by the presence of the open bar.


Alibi –अन्यत्र उपस्थिति

a reason or excuse why someone could not have done something – कोई कारण या बहाना जिसके कारण कोई कुछ नहीं कर सका

While the witness claims the suspect was at the murder scene, the suspect’s alibi places him in another state.


Inflame –भड़काना

to cause someone to become very angry or a situation to become extremely tense – किसी को अत्यधिक क्रोधित कर देना या स्थिति अत्यधिक तनावपूर्ण हो जाना

When calling each other names and pushing, the couple seemed to inflame the fight that landed them both in jail.


Prearrange –योजना बनाना

to agree or arrange something beforehand – किसी बात पर पहले से सहमति या व्यवस्था करना

Before a major hurricane arrives, everyone should prearrange safer places for their pets and livestock.


Consolation –सांत्वना

comfort or reward given to someone who has lost something or someone – किसी ऐसे व्यक्ति को दिया गया सांत्वना या इनाम जिसने कुछ खोया हो

The court’s decision to award me two million dollars in damages was no consolation for the loss of my husband.


Civil Rights –नागरिक आधिकार

the rights of citizens to political and social freedom and equality – नागरिकों के राजनीतिक और सामाजिक स्वतंत्रता और समानता के अधिकार

Martin Luther King Jr. fought for the civil rights of African Americans to share public spaces, attend schools, and vote.


Overhang –आगे निकलना

something that projects over something else – कुछ ऐसा जो किसी और चीज़ के ऊपर प्रक्षेपित होता है

The overhang of the Lantana plant onto the walkway meant that people had to walk into the grass in order to avoid stepping onto the plant.


Retainer –अनुचर

a thing that holds something else in place – वह चीज़ जो किसी और चीज़ को अपनी जगह पर रखती है

The musician used a retainer to hold his guitar string in place.


Cure –इलाज

to bring about good health after an illness or a disease – किसी बीमारी या बीमारी के बाद अच्छा स्वास्थ्य लाने के लिए

Gene replacement therapy seems promising in regards to the treatment and cure for various diseases.


Feudal –सामंती

something that is ridiculously old fashioned or antique – कुछ ऐसा जो हास्यास्पद रूप से पुराने ज़माने का या प्राचीन हो

The notion of a patriarchal society because women are unfit to lead is considered outright feudal and old-fashioned.


Haughty –घमंडी

proud and unfriendly – घमंडी और अमित्र

Because she was not nice, the haughty girl had few friends.


Malicious –दुर्भावनापूर्ण

intentionally harmful – जानबूझकर हानिकारक

Danielle was hurt by malicious comments made about her on Facebook.


Scrunch –कुचलना

to squeeze something together tightly – किसी चीज़ को कसकर एक साथ निचोड़ना

Using a handful of mousse, Claire used her fingers to scrunch hair into tight curls.


Tarry –बासना

to take your time or delay in doing something – किसी काम को करने में अपना समय लगाना या देरी करना

He decided to tarry during his trip to Georgia because he really didn’t want to go, but he was only able to stall for a short while.


Sham –दिखावा

a fake; an imitation that purports to be genuine – नकली; एक नकल जो वास्तविक होने का दावा करती है

When we found out that the engagement was just a sham, we were very upset.


Bystander –दर्शक

a person who is present during a situation or event but not directly involved – वह व्यक्ति जो किसी स्थिति या घटना के दौरान मौजूद तो है लेकिन सीधे तौर पर शामिल नहीं है

A bystander witnessed the wreck and called the police to assist.


Discontent –असंतोष

unhappiness, not being at peace with a situation or circumstance – अप्रसन्नता, किसी स्थिति या परिस्थिति से संतुष्ट होना

Because of the increase in police related shootings, unhappiness and discontent spread through the city.


Aerate –वायुप्रसार करना

to cause air to circulate through something – किसी चीज़ के माध्यम से हवा का संचार करना

The cleaners needed to aerate the room to get the strong odor out.


Interchange –लेनदेन

to swap or exchange things or ideas – चीजों या विचारों की अदलाबदली या आदानप्रदान करना

Although I prefer fat-free milk over 2%, my laid-back family members interchange the two with no extra thought.


Biased –पक्षपाती

unfairly prejudiced or partial – अनुचित रूप से पूर्वाग्रहित या पक्षपातपूर्ण

During the experiment, the participants were blindfolded so that the test results wouldn’t be biased or influenced.


Erratum –इरेटा

an error in text that is later corrected – पाठ में एक त्रुटि जिसे बाद में सुधार लिया गया

An erratum at the bottom of the article contains a correction for a spelling error.


Altruism –दूसरों का उपकार करने का सिद्धान्त

selflessness and humanity towards others – दूसरों के प्रति निस्वार्थता और मानवता

The altruism of the firefighters showed through their disregard for their own lives when they saved a bunch of people from the fiery building.


Bastinado –पांव के तलवों पर मार लगाना

a form of torture that involves beating the soles of a person’s feet with a cane – यातना का एक रूप जिसमें किसी व्यक्ति के पैरों के तलवों को बेंत से पीटना शामिल है

The ruler ordered a bastinado for the thieves so that the soles of their feet could be beaten for their crimes.


Alternative –विकल्प

alternative means another possibility that is available – विकल्प का अर्थ है एक और संभावना जो उपलब्ध है

As an alternative to expulsion, the mischievous student opted to attend in-school suspension.


Evade –बचना

to escape or avoid something – किसी चीज़ से बचना या बचना

Timmy would evade his father’s questions about the missing money by changing the topic of conversation.


Declared –घोषित

stated openly; professed to others – खुलेआम कहा गया; दूसरों को प्रगट किया गया

The president declared a state of emergency after a hurricane hit the east coast.


Unobserved –अप्रत्यक्ष

not seen; overlooked – नहीं देखा; अनदेखी

The robbers went unobserved through the forest, never being spotted by the frantic search party.


Blatherskite –ब्लेथर्सकाइट

a person who constantly talks, usually about nothing important – एक व्यक्ति जो लगातार बात करता है, आमतौर पर किसी भी महत्वपूर्ण बात के बारे में नहीं

My aunt is a blatherskite who talks constantly.


Enormity –दुष्टता

an offense or disaster of great magnitude – महान परिमाण का कोई अपराध या आपदा

The young man will probably stop laughing when he learns the enormity of the criminal charges against him.


Saddened –दुखी

very upset and depressed – बहुत परेशान और उदास

Saddened by the loss of his mother, the young boy could do nothing other than cry.


Extract –निकालना

to pull an object from something in order to remove it, usually with force – किसी वस्तु को हटाने के लिए उसे आमतौर पर बलपूर्वक खींचना

When the dentist noticed the infected tissue around his patient’s gums, he knew he would have to extract the tooth.


Funded –वित्त पोषित

to be financially supported with money – धन के साथ आर्थिक रूप से समर्थित होना

Our mission is funded by the government, so we have all the money we possibly need to complete it.


Hemoglobin –हीमोग्लोबिन

the portion of blood that holds iron, makes blood red in color, and transports oxygen – रक्त का वह भाग जो लौह धारण करता है, रक्त का रंग लाल बनाता है और ऑक्सीजन का परिवहन करता है

My hemoglobin count is low because I have an iron deficiency.


Avow –खुलकर कहना

to admit or confess something publicly – किसी बात को सार्वजनिक रूप से स्वीकार करना या स्वीकार करना

Because the man would not avow himself as a follower of the king in front of the villagers, he was sentenced to death.


Meiosis –अर्धसूत्रीविभाजन

a cellular process in which a single cell divides twice to produce four cells containing half the original amount of genetic information – एक कोशिकीय प्रक्रिया जिसमें एक कोशिका दो बार विभाजित होकर चार कोशिकाएँ बनाती है जिनमें मूल मात्रा की आधी आनुवंशिक जानकारी होती है

During meiosis, the parent cell duplicated and recombined to produce new cell.


Underwent –लिया

experienced or went through – अनुभव किया हुआ या गुजरा हुआ

After he underwent the risky surgery, the runner wasn’t able to exercise for a while.


Rapier –हलकी तलवार

a long slender blade that has two edges and a protective ornament for the hand – एक लंबा पतला ब्लेड जिसमें दो किनारे होते हैं और हाथ के लिए एक सुरक्षात्मक आभूषण होता है

In fencing, I often use a rapier because it has a long blade that makes it perfect for thrusting.


Postoperative –पश्चात की

related to the period of time following a medical operation or procedure – किसी चिकित्सीय ऑपरेशन या प्रक्रिया के बाद की समयावधि से संबंधित

Because the procedure was so long and tedious, the surgeon needed some postoperative relaxation to wind down.


Pyrotechnic –चमकदार

related to the manufacture or use of fireworks – आतिशबाजी के निर्माण या उपयोग से संबंधित

The rock concert’s finale included a pyrotechnic lightshow that lit up the night sky.


Patchy –विचित्र

not the same quality in something’s entirety – किसी चीज़ की संपूर्ण गुणवत्ता समान नहीं है

The paintjob on the car is somewhat patchy, with it being much shinier in some spots than others.


Syndetic –सिंडेटिक

related to or using conjunctions – संयोजनों से संबंधित या उनका उपयोग करना

Because we like to get our point across as quickly as possible, we often use syndetic words like ‘can’t’ to speak faster.


Perambulate –इधरउधर टहलना

to travel over, especially on foot – यात्रा करना, विशेषकर पैदल

They decided to take a short cut and perambulate over the large hill.


Situation –परिस्थिति

the location or circumstances of something compared to the things around it – किसी चीज़ का उसके आसपास की चीज़ों की तुलना में स्थान या परिस्थितियाँ

With the impending hurricanes, I knew my sister’s situation was desperate since her house was flooded.


Convincing –यह समझाते हुए कि

the process of persuading someone to believe or do something – किसी को विश्वास करने या कुछ करने के लिए मनाने की प्रक्रिया

I tried to give a convincing argument, but I could tell that no one was convinced.


Tessellation –चौकोर

an arrangement of shapes, usually polygons, closely fitted together in a repeating pattern without gaps – आकृतियों की एक व्यवस्था, आमतौर पर बहुभुज, बिना किसी अंतराल के दोहराए जाने वाले पैटर्न में एक साथ फिट होती है

The painter used a tessellation in his mosaic painting, with many shapes all right next to each other.


Evanescence –लोप

the act of slowly disappearing or only lasting for a short period of time – धीरेधीरे गायब होने या केवल थोड़े समय के लिए रहने की क्रिया

Most New Year’s resolutions have a hint of evanescence attached since they are given up after a few weeks.


Yourself –अपने आप को

a word used by a speaker or writer to refer to the person being addressed as the object of the verb – किसी वक्ता या लेखक द्वारा क्रिया की वस्तु के रूप में संबोधित किए जाने वाले व्यक्ति को संदर्भित करने के लिए उपयोग किया जाने वाला शब्द

The speaker that it is important to do most of the work yourself instead of hiring someone else.


Phylum –संघ

a taxonomic naming level between kingdom and class – साम्राज्य और वर्ग के बीच एक वर्गीकरण नामकरण स्तर

The biology teacher explained the correlation between the phylum of an organism and its traits.


Leftist –वामपंथी

one who supports or holds liberal and progressive political views – जो उदार और प्रगतिशील राजनीतिक विचारों का समर्थन करता है या रखता है

A longtime leftist, Bernie Sanders, believes in supporting gay rights as well as helping the communities from socialist programs.


Simile –उपमा

a comparison that generally uses like or as to make lofty or exaggerated descriptions of a person or object – एक तुलना जो आम तौर पर किसी व्यक्ति या वस्तु का ऊंचा या अतिरंजित वर्णन करने के लिए लाइक या जैसा का उपयोग करती है

The simile, tough as nails, best applies to a person who is not easily frightened and has a strong, determined mindset.


Useful –उपयोगी

helpful; handy – मददगार; सुविधाजनक

My grandmother expects all children to be useful and help with household chores.


Admittedly –आशा से

certainly; definitely – निश्चित रूप से; निश्चित रूप से

The joke was admittedly risky but the crowd didn’t seem to mind much.


Blocked –अवरोधित

obstructed or congested – बाधित या भीड़भाड़ वाला

The hallways at school are often blocked by throngs of friends walking side by side instead of in a line.


Grizzly –ख़ाकी

a type of brown bear that is extremely large and lives in North America – भूरे भालू की एक प्रजाति जो बहुत बड़ी होती है और उत्तरी अमेरिका में रहती है

The grizzly bear came into the clearing on its hind legs and roared at the hunters making a run for their truck.


All the While –यह सब करते हुए

in reference to something that happens continuously – किसी ऐसी चीज़ के संदर्भ में जो लगातार घटित होती रहती है

We were singing all the while as we drove to our vacation home on the beach, eager to kick back and enjoy ourselves at last.


Unpopular –अप्रसिद्ध

disliked or not accepted by most people – अधिकांश लोगों द्वारा नापसंद या अस्वीकार्य

Unpopular at school, the shy and lonely girl, didn’t have any friends to sit with at lunch.


Scarcity –कमी

a lack of something needed – किसी आवश्यक वस्तु की कमी

The scarcity of water in the small town is destroying the livelihoods of most of the farmers.


Combat –लड़ाई

ake action to reduce, destroy, or prevent – कम करने, नष्ट करने या रोकने के लिए कार्रवाई करें

In order to combat global warming, we must try to recycle, waste less, conserve energy, and burn fewer fossil fuels.


Reiterate –बार बार दुहराना

to do or say something many times; repeat – किसी बात को कई बार करना या कहना; दोहराना

Do you have to reiterate everything you say?


Reprobate –बदमाश

a wicked or evil person – दुष्ट या दुष्ट व्यक्ति

While Janice pretended to be a good girl, she was really a reprobate who would do anything to get what she wanted.


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to handle multiple tasks at once – एक साथ कई कार्य निपटाने के लिए

Sure, I can multitask. I can eat breakfast and think about lunch at the same time.


Ablation –पृथक करना

the surgical remove of tissue from the body – शरीर से ऊतक को शल्य चिकित्सा द्वारा निकालना

The surgeon will remove Tonya’s tonsils, with the ablation taking place at 10 a.m.


Gallery –गैलरी

a room or building that is used for showing works of art, sometimes so they can be sold – एक कमरा या इमारत जिसका उपयोग कला के कार्यों को प्रदर्शित करने के लिए किया जाता है, कभीकभी ताकि उन्हें बेचा जा सके

The up-and-coming artist filled the gallery with her paintings and sculptures right before her grand opening event.


Hometown –गृहनगर

the town or city where one grew up/lived most of their life – वह शहर या शहर जहां कोई व्यक्ति बड़ा हुआ/अपने जीवन का अधिकांश समय बिताया

After high school graduation, the wannabe actress left her small hometown and headed west to Los Angeles.


Legalize –वैध बनाना

to make something acceptable according to the law – किसी चीज़ को कानून के अनुसार स्वीकार्य बनाना

Several states have decided to legalize the use of marijuana while others still have the drug banned.


Regimented –रेजीमेंटयुक्त

well-ordered or organized – सुव्यवस्थित या सुव्यवस्थित

Developing a regimented study schedule can help college students improve their grades.


Fathomless –अगाध

too great to be measured – मापने के लिए बहुत बढ़िया

The depths of the ocean seemed fathomless, reaching deeper than any man could measure.


Void –खालीपन

not legal – कानूनी नहीं

Since the judge did not sign the final page of the documents, our divorce is void.


Agitator –उद्वेग उत्पन्न करनेवाला मनुष्य

a person who causes trouble or stir people up, especially in support of a cause – ऐसा व्यक्ति जो परेशानी पैदा करता है या लोगों को उत्तेजित करता है, विशेषकर किसी उद्देश्य के समर्थन में

A political agitator, the angry young man, screamed in the faces of the protestors seeking change with local laws.


Recreation –मनोरंजन

activities that are done for enjoyment – गतिविधियाँ जो आनंद के लिए की जाती हैं

The activities that I prefer to engage in for recreation include reading, writing, and video games, though many people claim those don’t go together.


Ingress –प्रवेश

a means of entry or the action of going into an area – प्रवेश का साधन या किसी क्षेत्र में जाने की क्रिया

The glass doors on the hotel’s second floor provide ingress into the mall.


Partnership –साझेदारी

the act of being together with one other person, entity or thing – किसी दूसरे व्यक्ति, इकाई या वस्तु के साथ रहने की क्रिया या भाव

In order to play the game, the students were in a partnership competing against the other teams for the prize.


Decompression –विसंपीड़न

the gradual reduction of air pressure – वायुदाब का धीरेधीरे कम होना

You experience decompression whenever you go up a mountain or significantly change elevations, as the air pressure is lower in higher areas.


Lowered –घटी

to be moved in a downward direction – नीचे की दिशा में ले जाया जाना

The crane lowered the final piece of the structure into place very slowly and very carefully.


Risqué –ख़तरनाक

sexually suggestive – यौन विचारोत्तेजक

Barry’s risqué jokes were indecent and considered out of place at the wedding.


Cheapen –सस्ता हो जाना

to reduce the price or quality of something – किसी चीज़ की कीमत या गुणवत्ता कम करना

If the movie theater decides to cheapen the price of tickets, more people will be able to afford tickets.


Blowhard –जोर से झटका

an arrogant person who boasts obnoxiously – एक अभिमानी व्यक्ति जो घृणित रूप से डींगें हांकता है

The self-promoting blowhard talked about his own accomplishments until his guests were bored to tears.


Possession –कब्ज़ा

the state of having or owning something – किसी चीज़ के होने या स्वामित्व में होने की अवस्था या भाव

With the gold in our possession, my cronies and I will be rich enough to buy anything we want to.


Snuff –सुंघनी

to put out a flame – एक लौ बुझाने के लिए

Blowing out the flicker quickly, the boy was able to snuff out the candle and hop into bed before his mother walked into the room.


Unwavering –अटल

never doubted; always steady and on course – कभी संदेह नहीं किया; हमेशा स्थिर और पथ पर

The runner was unwavering on his decision to run a marathon.


Coincided –संयोग

happened together; existed at the same time – एक साथ हुआ; एक ही समय में अस्तित्व में था

Because the two parties coincided on the same day and time, we were not able to attend both.


Scamper –भगदड़

to move quickly with light steps – हल्के कदमों से तेजी से आगे बढ़ना

Watching the squirrel scamper up the sidewalk was the highlight of the toddler’s day.


Thunderstorm –आंधी तूफान

a heavy rainstorm that is accompanied by lightning and thunder – भारी बारिश का तूफ़ान जो बिजली और गड़गड़ाहट के साथ होता है

As the thunderstorm moved in, the once sunny sky darkened and rumbling thunder bellowed from behind the clouds.


Mutant –उत्परिवर्ती

mutant means something that had transformed into something other than it was – उत्परिवर्ती का अर्थ है कोई ऐसी चीज़ जो अपने स्वरूप से भिन्न किसी चीज़ में परिवर्तित हो गई हो

The radioactive spill caused a small dog to transform into a giant three-headed mutant.


Thankfully –शुक्र है

to be done in a grateful manner – कृतज्ञतापूर्वक किया जाना चाहिए

Thankfully I was able to complete my homework on time, because I was worried that I would not be able to.


Mind –दिमाग

to look after a person or thing – किसी व्यक्ति या वस्तु की देखभाल करना

It was my turn to mind the store, so I stayed by myself at the bakery and helped customers who came in.


Chattel –जंगम संपत्ति

personal property that can be relocated – निजी संपत्ति जिसे स्थानांतरित किया जा सकता है

In many countries, the woman has no rights and is considered to be the husband’s chattel.


Fiesta –पर्व

a festival or celebration – एक त्यौहार या उत्सव

During the country’s anniversary of its independence, the citizens held a fiesta to commemorate the event with a big parade.


Inconsistent –असंगत

not occurring in a specific pattern – किसी विशिष्ट पैटर्न में नहीं घटित होना

The weather pattern is too inconsistent to be predictable.


Insuperable –अजेय

not possible to achieve – हासिल करना संभव नहीं है

No matter how hard the kitten tried, it could not face the insuperable challenge of climbing back down the tree.


Disentangle –सुलझाना

to untangle something – किसी चीज़ को सुलझाना

Rather than spend another day trying to disentangle the holiday lights, we opted to purchase new decorations.


Belie –झुठलाना

to give a false impression of – गलत धारणा देना

Janice hoped her smile would belie the sadness she felt.


Deflect –मोड़ना

to cause something to be rerouted or directed to a different path – किसी चीज़ को दोबारा रूट करना या किसी भिन्न पथ पर निर्देशित करना

During the basketball game, the star player could jump and deflect any opponent’s shot in the air.


Nurse –देखभाल करना

a person trained to take care of the sick or injured – बीमारों या घायलों की देखभाल के लिए प्रशिक्षित व्यक्ति

Because she is a nurse, Britany knows how to take care of sick patients.


Aunt –चाची

the sister of one’s father or mother or the wife of one’s uncle – किसी के पिता या माता की बहन या किसी के चाचा की पत्नी

Sarah’s niece bought her a “best aunt in the world” t-shirt for her and her twin sister’s birthday.


Belong –संबंधित

be the property of – की संपत्ति हो

The dogs wear tags that show what families they belong to.


Healthful –स्वस्थ

good for a person’s health – किसी व्यक्ति के स्वास्थ्य के लिए अच्छा है

Consuming a healthful diet brought down the man’s blood pressure.


Tenure –कार्यकाल

occupying a position or office, usually in government – आमतौर पर सरकार में किसी पद या कार्यालय पर कब्ज़ा करना

With a tenure exceeding forty years, Judge Marshall has held his office longer than any other judge in our county.


Twist –मोड़

to turn something in a spiraling motion – किसी चीज़ को सर्पिल गति में मोड़ना

The weak girl struggled to twist the cap off of her soda bottle.


Brimming –भरी

fill or be full to the point of overflowing – अतिप्रवाह की सीमा तक भरना या भरा होना

Her eyes were brimming with so many tears that they threatened to overflow.


Cyborg –साइबोर्ग

a science fiction character that is part human and part machine – एक विज्ञान कथा पात्र जो आंशिक रूप से मानव और आंशिक रूप से मशीन है

The cyborg boarded the spacecraft and used his robotic arm to snatch the wiring out of the motherboard.


Pilgrim –यात्री

an English Puritan who founded the colony of Plymouth, Massachusetts – एक अंग्रेज प्यूरिटन जिसने प्लायमाउथ, मैसाचुसेट्स की कॉलोनी की स्थापना की

A female pilgrim’s attire included a gown that covered the early settler’s entire body.


While –जबकि

a period of time – समय की अवधि

We went to the park for a little while and afterwards ventured to the ice cream shop.


Conditional –सशर्त

restricted by a stipulation – एक शर्त द्वारा प्रतिबंधित

The first sale is conditional and will be cancelled if the seller cannot produce a thousand units within a week’s time.


Conceptual –वैचारिक

of, or relating to concepts or ideas; existing in the imagination – या अवधारणाओं या विचारों से संबंधित; कल्पना में विद्यमान

A good writer uses conceptual thinking to produce his work.


Adequate –पर्याप्त

enough; good enough – पर्याप्त; काफी है

Adequate water intake is necessary for your body to function properly.


Celebrated –मनाया है

greatly admired or loved – अत्यधिक प्रशंसा या प्यार किया जाना

The class president is so celebrated that no one believes any other student could surpass his academic abilities.


Activist –कार्यकर्ता

a person who campaigns for some kind of social change – वह व्यक्ति जो किसी प्रकार के सामाजिक परिवर्तन के लिए अभियान चलाता है

The political activist spent hours trying to convince us to vote for Ted.


Life –ज़िंदगी

the state between birth and death in which one is functioning – जन्म और मृत्यु के बीच की वह अवस्था जिसमें कोई व्यक्ति कार्य कर रहा हो

The police tried to convince the man on the ledge that his life was worth living.


Noetic –मानसिक

of or pertaining to the mind or intellect – मन या बुद्धि से संबंधित या उससे संबंधित

In the debate between the two top teams, it became apparent of the leader’s noetic capabilities to describe the history and reasoning behind their debating topic.


Suffragist –मताधिकारवादी

a person who supports and promotes voting rights of women – एक व्यक्ति जो महिलाओं के मतदान अधिकारों का समर्थन और प्रचार करता है

Demanding the right to vote, the suffragist staged a protest in front of the building where voting often took place.


Withhold –रोक

to keep something from someone – किसी से कुछ रखना

If you withhold information from the judge, you could get thrown in jail for not telling all of the truth.


Deceive –धोखा देना

to mislead or trick – गुमराह करना या बरगलाना

The married man tried to deceive the women at the bar by taking off his wedding band.


Bate –ग़ुस्सा

the action of a hawk beating its wings to attempt a takeoff from its perch – एक बाज़ द्वारा अपने स्थान से उड़ान भरने का प्रयास करने के लिए अपने पंख फड़फड़ाने की क्रिया

A baby hawk will have to bate furiously to lift its tiny body out of its nest and into the air for the first time.


Handicraft –हस्तशिल्प

an activity or craft that requires with the hands – एक गतिविधि या शिल्प जिसमें हाथों की आवश्यकता होती है

Shoemaking was once a handicraft, respected in the days when shoemakers formed boots by hand.


Related –संबंधित

connected; associated, belonging – जुड़े हुए; संबद्ध, संबंधित

The two girls are cousins, related because their mothers are sisters.


Fascinating –आकर्षक

interesting or intriguing – दिलचस्प या दिलचस्प

It is fascinating how the Mayfly is born, grows, and dies all within the span of two days, a lifespan much shorter than most any other insect.


Fustian –निरर्थक

heavy cloth woven from cotton – कपास से बुना हुआ भारी कपड़ा

Settlers used fustian to weave their clothes since it was a tough fabric that held up well.


Political efficacy –राजनीतिक प्रभावकारिता

the confidence the citizens have in their influence in their government – नागरिकों को अपनी सरकार पर अपने प्रभाव पर भरोसा है

Due to our political efficacy, we have faith that we will help shape the laws that are instituted in our country.


Astral –एस्ट्रल

related to the stars – सितारों से संबंधित

A telescope is being used to look at stars and other astral objects in the sky.


Various –विभिन्न

a variety of different forms of the same basic object or idea – एक ही मूल वस्तु या विचार के विभिन्न रूप

Briana stared at the various flavors of chips and couldn’t decide which one to buy.


Regency –राजप्रतिनिधि का पद

the official amount of time a government rules – सरकार द्वारा निर्धारित समय की आधिकारिक राशि

Under the regency of Henry VIII, several of his wives were beheaded.


Omnifarious –सब प्रकार का

assorted; of many varieties and kinds – मिश्रित; कई किस्मों और प्रकारों का

The busy high schooler has omnifarious interests and does everything from snowboard to mountain climb.


Predict –भविष्यवाणी करना

to foretell what will happen next or in the future – यह भविष्यवाणी करना कि आगे या भविष्य में क्या होगा

The psychic said she could predict my future and claimed I would be a great actress one day.


Dereliction –कर्तव्य का त्याग

the neglect or disregard for something or someone – किसी चीज़ या व्यक्ति के प्रति उपेक्षा या अवहेलना

Riots brought about the dereliction of looters who could care less about the shop owners when they vandalized their stores.


Tire –थका देना

to grow bored of or exhaust the patience of – ऊब जाना या धैर्य ख़त्म हो जाना

The child was quick to tire of his toy and he moved on to something else to entertain himself with.


Lynched –मार डाला

having been put to death by hanging, usually at the hands of an angry mob – आम तौर पर गुस्साई भीड़ के हाथों फाँसी देकर मार डाला गया

Many African American men were lynched in Mississippi because the killers were rarely punished for hangings there.


Hideous –भयंकर

extremely ugly or disgusting – अत्यंत कुरूप या घृणित

The con man flashed a hideous smile, giving us the chills.


Nationality –राष्ट्रीयता

the position usually citizenship of someone or something being a part of a nation – स्थिति आम तौर पर किसी व्यक्ति या किसी चीज़ की नागरिकता किसी राष्ट्र का हिस्सा होती है

After realizing that the young woman’s nationality was Israeli since she came from Israel, he was assumed that her ethnicity was Jewish.


Hustle and bustle –चहलपहल

loud commotion due to motions, sounds and movement – गतियों, ध्वनियों और हलचल के कारण तेज़ हलचल

Recent high school graduates from small towns usually become mesmerized with the noise and chaos of the hustle and bustle of the big city.


Ad hoc –अनौपचारिक

made for a particular reason – किसी विशेष कारण से बनाया गया

Some of the men in our neighborhood have formed an ad hoc safety patrol to deter crime.


Forbid –रोकना

to prohibit or ban – निषेध या प्रतिबन्ध लगाना

Rani’s parents forbid her from seeing her boyfriend, but she snuck around and dated him anyway.


Unhallowed –एकरम

unholy – अपवित्र

Unhallowed talk is not allowed in the holy sanctuary.


Shorn –छीना हुआ

to cut – कटौती करने के लिए

He shorn the sheep with the sharp shears, turning it into a very short-haired sheep.


Cavalcade –घुड़सवारदल

a procession of things, usually related to movement – चीज़ों का एक जुलूस, आमतौर पर आंदोलन से संबंधित

When the cavalcade of tanks rolled into the city, it was followed by soldiers who were eager to end the war.


Undependable –भरोसेमंद

not able to be relied upon or trusted – जिस पर भरोसा या विश्वास नहीं किया जा सकता

The garage manager realized that his mechanic was undependable after he began to call in sick to work every other day.


Stiff –अकड़न

physically inflexible or hard – शारीरिक रूप से अनम्य या कठोर

By the time the criminal investigators uncovered the body it was already stiff with rigor mortis.


Bloodshed –रक्तपात

carnage and a massacre where lots of human lives were lost during a violent event – नरसंहार और नरसंहार जहां एक हिंसक घटना के दौरान बहुत से मानव जीवन खो गए थे

After days of rioting in the streets of Los Angeles, people were angered at the bloodshed of ten lives lost in the aftermath.


Teach –पढ़ाना

the act of passing on knowledge to another – ज्ञान को दूसरे तक पहुँचाने की क्रिया

It’s Mr. Kim’s job to teach the students the complicated aspects of math, but most of the students have a hard time understanding it all.


Concealed –गुप्त

hid; disguised or covered – छिपा हुआ; छिपा हुआ या ढका हुआ

The teenager concealed her acne with makeup that was heavy enough to hide the bumps.


Scuffle –हाथापाई

rough, disorderly fight or struggle at close quarters – निकट स्थानों पर उग्र, अव्यवस्थित लड़ाई या संघर्ष

In order to downplay the actual fight, the siblings told their parents the reasons for the bloody noses and torn clothing was due to a small scuffle they had a few minutes ago.


Involuntary –अनैच्छिक

done without thought or without planning – बिना सोचे समझे या बिना योजना के किया गया

My involuntary response was to jump back from the snake.


Ruth –दया

feeling of sorrow for someone else who is suffering – किसी अन्य व्यक्ति के लिए दुःख की भावना जो पीड़ित है

Sincere parents often feel ruth for their upset children following a divorce due to the hurt it causes their innocent children.


Bleeding –खून बह रहा है

losing blood from inside the body – शरीर के अंदर से खून बहना

The doctor couldn’t stop the gunshot victim from bleeding, and the man eventually died from blood loss.


Preponderance –प्रधानता

a larger figure or amount – एक बड़ा आंकड़ा या राशि

With such a preponderance of evidence, the jury will most likely find the defendant guilty.


Embattle –युद्ध करना

to fortify a place in preparation for an attack – किसी हमले की तैयारी के लिए किसी स्थान को मजबूत करना

We will need to embattle this hill before the enemy begins to advance, or we won’t be able to repel them.


Thoroughfare –मार्ग

a main road in a town – किसी कस्बे की एक मुख्य सड़क

If you want to go straight through town you should use the thoroughfare, which is the biggest road in the center of town.


Indeterminate –दुविधा में पड़ा हुआ

not fixed or known – निश्चित या ज्ञात नहीं

The judge sentenced the drunk driver to an indeterminate prison stretch of seven to fifteen years.


Impenetrable –अभेद्य

not capable of being entered – दर्ज करने में सक्षम नहीं है

If the castle is truly impenetrable, our enemies will never gain access to the king.


Seldom –कभीकभी

hardly ever – मुश्किल से

In the beach town, the temperature seldom falls below sixty-eight degrees.


Eradicate –उन्मूलन करना

to get rid of or eliminate something – किसी चीज़ से छुटकारा पाना या ख़त्म करना

A vaccine was created to eradicate the deadly disease and stop its spreading once and for all.


Poke –झांकना

to nudge sharply – तेजी से कुहनी मारना

When the man began to doze off during the minister’s Sunday sermon, his wife decided to poke him in the ribs to wake him up.


Habitable –रहने योग्य

safe and comfortable to live in – रहने के लिए सुरक्षित और आरामदायक

The mounds of debris and trash in the rental home meant it would be months before it was habitable.


Cumbersome –बोझिल

difficult to manage – प्रबंधन करना कठिन

Because the cumbersome package weighed over three hundred pounds, it took two men to move it.


Contradicting –विरोध

information that is the opposite of or challenges other information – ऐसी जानकारी जो अन्य जानकारी के विपरीत हो या उसे चुनौती दे

Because his explanations about what happened were contradicting, the husband was considered the prime suspect in his wife’s murder.


Necessary –ज़रूरी

being required or vital – आवश्यक या महत्वपूर्ण होना

For the chocolate cake, the necessary ingredients included flour, eggs, butter and cocoa.


Reject –अस्वीकार करना

to not consider or accept something – किसी बात पर विचार या स्वीकार करना

The nerdy boy was shocked when the homecoming queen didn’t reject his party invitation.


Dilemma –दुविधा

a situation in which you have to make a tough choice – ऐसी स्थिति जिसमें आपको कठिन चुनाव करना होगा

Marty’s dilemma was that he couldn’t decide what college to attend.


Mystic –रहस्यवादी

spiritualist or shaman – अध्यात्मवादी या ओझा

A mystic traveled around the village telling peoples fortunes and offering cures to curses.


Dalliance –क्रीड़ा

a relationship, usually romantic or sexual, that is taken lightly – एक रिश्ता, आमतौर पर रोमांटिक या यौन, जिसे हल्के में लिया जाता है

Since Jill and Frank were both married to other people, their workplace dalliance did not last very long.


Highlight –प्रमुखता से दिखाना

the best or most important part of an event – किसी घटना का सबसे अच्छा या सबसे महत्वपूर्ण हिस्सा

The entire performance was entertaining, but the highlight of the event was the dancing bears.


Shrug –कंधे उचकाने की क्रिया

to show indifference or disregard, sometimes by raising and contracting the shoulders – उदासीनता या उपेक्षा प्रदर्शित करना, कभीकभी कंधों को ऊपर उठाकर और सिकोड़कर

The man’s tendency to shrug off his flu symptoms until it was too late landed him in the hospital over the weekend.


Torpedo –टारपीडो

an underwater weapon that is in the shape of a long tube used as a bomb sent out to destroy other ships – एक पानी के नीचे का हथियार जो एक लंबी ट्यूब के आकार का होता है जिसका उपयोग अन्य जहाजों को नष्ट करने के लिए बम के रूप में किया जाता है

When the war submarine observed the enemy ship in the near distance, the submarine sent a torpedo in its direction.


Foment –भड़काना

to stir up or incite – भड़काना या उकसाना

The publicity-hungry politician often made harsh statements about immigrants in order to foment unrest among the public.


Mystery –रहस्य

an event or situation that is hard to explain – कोई घटना या स्थिति जिसकी व्याख्या करना कठिन हो

Nancy Drew was able to solve the murder mystery by following several clues.


Beginner –शुरुआती

a person just learning a skill or activity – एक व्यक्ति जो अभी कोई कौशल या गतिविधि सीख रहा है

The beginner bowler only knocked a couple of pins down during his first few games.


Shadowy –छायादार

gloomy, poorly lit and dark – उदास, खराब रोशनी वाला और अंधेरा

In the shadowy pathway, it was difficult to see in front of you without a flashlight.


Console –सांत्वना देना

to provide a person with comfort when he or she is struggling emotionally – जब कोई व्यक्ति भावनात्मक रूप से संघर्ष कर रहा हो तो उसे आराम प्रदान करना

I tried to console my best friend when her husband died.


Movie –चलचित्र

a recording of movie images that tells a story – फिल्म छवियों की एक रिकॉर्डिंग जो एक कहानी बताती है

The movie theater plays several new films a week while retiring older ones.


Demanding –बहुत अपेक्षाएँ रखने वाला

an attitude of expecting or making others meet high standards or expectations – दूसरों से उच्च मानकों या अपेक्षाओं को पूरा करने की अपेक्षा करने या उन्हें पूरा करने की प्रवृत्ति

The General is an extremely demanding commander, but only because he knows his troops are capable of exemplary performance.


Classification –वर्गीकरण

the process of classifying or labeling things based on shared traits – साझा लक्षणों के आधार पर चीजों को वर्गीकृत या लेबल करने की प्रक्रिया

Scientists use classification to divide the animal kingdom and make them easier to study and understand based on their similarities.


Reputedly –ख्यात

supposedly, according to what people say – कथित तौर पर, लोग जो कहते हैं उसके अनुसार

Kim is reputedly a millionaire, but no one in town has seen actual proof of her net worth.


Work –काम

to perform labor physically or mentally – शारीरिक या मानसिक रूप से श्रम करना

Honor students usually have to work hard by studying and doing lots of homework to make great grades.


Advertising –विज्ञापन देना

promoting a product or service as a way to gain sales – बिक्री हासिल करने के तरीके के रूप में किसी उत्पाद या सेवा का प्रचार करना

The local fast food restaurant is advertising its newest lunch specials during television commercial breaks.


Boulder –बोल्डर

a large rock typically made smooth by erosion – एक बड़ी चट्टान जो आमतौर पर कटाव से चिकनी हो जाती है

A large boulder fell from the cliffs above during the storm, blocking the road with its smooth surface.


Adjudicate –निर्णय करना

to make a decision on an issue – किसी मुद्दे पर निर्णय लेना

The administrative board will adjudicate on the terms of the doctor’s suspension for misconduct.


Transparency –पारदर्शिता

openness; clearness – खुलापन; स्पष्टता

Media outlets are calling for the president to embrace transparency and be open with his financial documents.


Person –व्यक्ति

an individual human being – एक व्यक्तिगत इंसान

Tina is the only person in the group that has blonde hair since all of the others are dark-headed.


Founder –संस्थापक

someone who begins a brand new business or organization – कोई व्यक्ति जो बिल्कुल नया व्यवसाय या संगठन शुरू करता है

Mark Zuckerberg is a founder of the popular Facebook website.


Deity –देव

one viewed as being extremely powerful or having godly powers – किसी को अत्यधिक शक्तिशाली या ईश्वरीय शक्तियों से युक्त माना जाता है

In my religion, we worship only one deity.


React –प्रतिक्रिया

to respond or behave in a certain way – एक निश्चित तरीके से प्रतिक्रिया करना या व्यवहार करना

We hope my brother will react in an excited way when we yell “surprise!”


Xerox –ज़ीरक्सा

a photocopy or reproduction of something – किसी चीज़ की फोटोकॉपी या प्रतिलिपि

The xerox machine in the office is broken and can’t be used to make photocopies.


Triggered –उत्प्रेरित

caused something to start; activated – किसी चीज़ को शुरू करने का कारण बना; सक्रिय

The intruder triggered the alarm, causing the bell to sound sharply all over the build.


Instrument –यंत्र

a tool designed for a particular purpose – किसी विशेष प्रयोजन के लिए बनाया गया उपकरण

The modern firearm is an instrument of destruction, designed with the sole purpose of killing or wounding other people.


Clockwise –दक्षिणावर्त

to go or move in a right-handed circular direction – दाहिनी ओर गोलाकार दिशा में जाना या चलना

To open a lock, you must turn in a circle the knob clockwise to the right and then to the left.


Malevolent –द्रोही

wishing harm to others; malicious – दूसरों का अहित चाहना; दुर्भावनापूर्ण

Being eating alive by demons is quite a malevolent dream for a child to have!


Temporary –अस्थायी

not permanent; existing only for a period or periods of time – यह स्थिर नही है; केवल एक अवधि या अवधियों के लिए विद्यमान

Marc was informed that his job was temporary and that when the summer was over he would need to look elsewhere.


Achilles Heel –कण्डरा एड़ी

a crippling weakness in an otherwise impenetrable object – अन्यथा अभेद्य वस्तु में एक दुर्बल कमजोरी

Our base seems nearly impenetrable, but our lack of a missile defense system is our Achilles Heel.


Cleats –क्लीट

shoes with have metal projections on the bottom that are worn during sporting events – जिन जूतों के तल पर धातु का उभार होता है, वे खेल आयोजनों के दौरान पहने जाते हैं

The football player laced up his cleats and marched on to the field with his teammates.


Replication –प्रतिकृति

a reproduction or duplicate – एक पुनरुत्पादन या डुप्लिकेट

I’m not upset about the ring being stolen because the piece was only a worthless replication.


Appetizer –क्षुधावर्धक

a snack that is eaten before a meal’s main course – एक नाश्ता जो भोजन के मुख्य भोजन से पहले खाया जाता है

Chicken wings are my favorite pre-meal snack, but my brother prefers chips and salsa as an appetizer.


Restive –अशांत

feeling bored or impatient while waiting for something to happen or change – किसी चीज़ के घटित होने या बदलने की प्रतीक्षा करते समय ऊब या अधीरता महसूस करना

As the clock ticked past 7:30, the wedding guests became restive and started to shift in their seats, wondering if something had happened.


Apocalyptic –सर्वनाशक

related to the end of the world, or an extreme disaster – दुनिया के अंत या किसी भीषण आपदा से संबंधित

If the wind speed of a tornado reached supersonic levels, the storm would be an apocalyptic nightmare killing everyone on the surface.


Ineluctable –अनिवार्य

impossible to alter – परिवर्तन करना असंभव

Lee has the irritating habit of arguing his opinions as ineluctable facts.


Nazism –फ़ासिज़्म

the theories and processes of the Nazis – नाज़ियों के सिद्धांत और प्रक्रियाएँ

Using the ideologies of Nazism from the 1930s, the Ku Klux Klan now show their racist beliefs through their violent actions.


Parent –मातापिता

a mom or dad – एक माँ या पिताजी

The screaming of the 5-year old on the plane caused passengers to give the child’s parent ugly looks because of her lack of controlling her child.


Shave –शेव

to cut one’s hair from their face – किसी के चेहरे से बाल काटना

Ethan’s beard has reached grand wizard level proportions, and he should probably shave if he wants to get a date anytime soon.


Goodly –सुडौल

large in size or amount – आकार या मात्रा में बड़ा

The nearest grocery store is a goodly distance away from our farm, so the walk there takes a while.


Remarkable –विलक्षण

worthy of notice – ध्यान देने योग्य

The girl’s remarkable singing talent earned her a spot in the contest’s top ten.


Formidable –दुर्जेय

something that inspires fear – कुछ ऐसा जो भय को प्रेरित करता है

Growing tomato crops during a severe drought proved to be formidable for one farmer.


Vicarious –विकैरियस

experienced or felt by watching, listening or reading about another person – किसी अन्य व्यक्ति के बारे में देखकर, सुनकर या पढ़कर अनुभव किया गया या महसूस किया गया

My paralyzed uncle takes vicarious pride in his son’s running achievements.


Illness –बीमारी

a disease or sickness of the body – शरीर का कोई रोग या बीमारी

After coming down with a strange illness, the sick girl could no longer walk or talk.


Rigidity –कठोरता

being inflexible; firmness – अनम्य होना; दृढ़ता

The rigidity of the teacher made it difficult for the students to argue their grades with her because that grade was set in stone.


Notice –सूचना

become aware of – से सतर्क हो जाएं

All the smitten girl wanted was for her crush to notice her, but unfortunately, he only had eyes for her best friend.


Longhand –पूरे अक्षरों में लिखावट

handwriting in which the words are written out fully and not abbreviated – हस्तलिपि जिसमें शब्द संक्षिप्त होकर पूर्णतः लिखे हों

Because hearing conversations move so quickly, the court reporter uses abbreviations for words instead of writing them out in longhand.


Attending –में भाग लेने

to be present or joining an event or happening – किसी घटना या घटना में उपस्थित होना या शामिल होना

Sarah was so excited to be invited to the prom by a senior at school that she told everyone that she would be attending prom as a freshman.


Boastful –डींग मारने का

bragging – डींग मारने

No one liked my rich friend’s boastful attitude about his money.


Monarchy –साम्राज्य

a type of government in which an area is controlled by a monarch like a queen or king – एक प्रकार की सरकार जिसमें किसी क्षेत्र पर रानी या राजा जैसे राजा का नियंत्रण होता है

In a complete monarchy, the royal who runs the country makes all the major decisions for the nation.


Renegade –पाखण्डी

someone who leaves one group and joins another with different goals or beliefs – कोई व्यक्ति जो एक समूह को छोड़ देता है और विभिन्न लक्ष्यों या विश्वासों के साथ दूसरे समूह में शामिल हो जाता है

The renegade soldiers decided to leave the base and go back home to their families.


Exclusion –बहिष्करण

the condition of denying access to something – किसी चीज़ तक पहुंच से इनकार करने की स्थिति

Due to his exclusion from the military, Darrel didn’t know what he was going to do in the future.


Pursuit –काम

the action of going after something or someone – किसी चीज़ या व्यक्ति के पीछे जाने की क्रिया या भाव

The police officer is in pursuit of the escaped prisoner.


Furlough –थोड़े दिन की छुट्टी

a vacation or period of absence from work – काम से छुट्टी या अनुपस्थिति की अवधि

To save money, the county will give teachers a two-day furlough this year.


Commission –आयोग

an amount of money given as a payment from the company for completing a business deal – किसी व्यावसायिक सौदे को पूरा करने के लिए कंपनी की ओर से भुगतान के रूप में दी गई धनराशि

Once the saleslady rung up the multiple items at the retail store, she smiled because she would make a hefty commission from the sale.


Dissent –मतभेद

to differ in opinion – राय में मतभेद होना

More than likely, my father will dissent with the idea I am old enough to set my own curfew.


Rigmarole –बेसिरपैर की बात

needless actions or talk – अनावश्यक कार्य या बातचीत

If the sweepstakes involves rigmarole that requires me to answer a large number of questions, then I have no interest in the contest.


Fated –नियत

decided in advance; destined – पहले से तय किया गया; किस्मत

Keith believes he is fated to have an alcohol addiction because his mother was an alcoholic.


Unscathed –पूरा हुआ

untouched or not damaged – अछूता या क्षतिग्रस्त नहीं

Despite the vase’s tumble from the shelf, it is unscathed.


Vie –वि

to take part in a contest or competition – किसी प्रतियोगिता या प्रतियोगिता में भाग लेना

In the championship game, the two teams will vie for the national title.


Strike –हड़ताल

to forcibly hit – जबरदस्ती मारना

Should he be provoked, he has no problem with having to strike his attacker in self-defense.


Inedible –अखाद्य

unable to be eaten – खाने में असमर्थ

Many people have become sick by eating the poisonous and inedible berries growing near the blueberries.


Neighbor –पड़ोसी

a person who resides nearby – एक व्यक्ति जो पास में रहता है

While baking a cake, I needed to ask my neighbor for sugar since I had just run out.


Transect –आड़ा काट करना

to cut or split crosswise – आड़ातिरछा काटना या विभाजित करना

My daughter will only eat her sandwich if I transect it and slice off the edges.


Ilk –जैसे लोग

a group of people of the same type, usually used in a negative context – एक ही प्रकार के लोगों का समूह, आमतौर पर नकारात्मक संदर्भ में उपयोग किया जाता है

Theresa was tired of her husband and his ilk and swore that she would never trust men again.


Allure –फुसलाना

a quality that produces attraction – एक गुण जो आकर्षण पैदा करता है

The woman’s allure was her floral perfume that captivated the man’s senses.


Persevering –ज़बरदस्त

continuing even when facing difficulties and hardships – कठिनाइयों और कठिनाईयों का सामना करते हुए भी जारी रखना

Although they are struggling to keep their marriage together, the committed couple insists in persevering through their problems.


Fury –रोष

intense anger or rage – तीव्र क्रोध या रोष

With all of its fury, the volcano erupted over the mountainside and covered all life with its ferocity.


Undertone –मंद स्वर

a quality or feeling that is gentle or subdued – एक गुण या भावना जो कोमल या दबी हुई हो

When dying my hair, I have my stylist add a slight undertone of red to give it a different look.


Shyster –शाइस्टर

a person, generally a lawyer, that uses fraudulent or questionable methods to do business – एक व्यक्ति, आम तौर पर एक वकील, जो व्यवसाय करने के लिए धोखाधड़ी या संदिग्ध तरीकों का उपयोग करता है

This lawyer is what we call a shyster, relying on underhanded and sometimes even illegal techniques to get results.


Relied –भरोसा

depended on; trusted – पर निर्भर; भरोसा

Grace relied on her mother for support, so when the woman died, she felt as if she had no one to depend on.


Warm –गरम

having or expressing kindness, gentleness, friendliness, etc. – दया, नम्रता, मित्रता आदि का होना या व्यक्त होना।

Vivian is well-loved by children because she is a warm and inviting person that makes everyone feel like family.


Regulated –विनियमित

controlled; maintained – को नियंत्रित; बनाए रखा

Landscaping permits are regulated by a commission elected to watch over who offers these types of services.


Heel –एड़ी

the back part of the foot below the ankle – टखने के नीचे पैर का पिछला भाग

A sharp rock in the bottom of the runner’s shoe bruised his heel and sent him limping to the finish line.


Obedient –आज्ञाकारी

conforming or submitting to someone’s wishes or demands – किसी की इच्छाओं या मांगों के अनुरूप होना या प्रस्तुत होना

Only obedient children were permitted to participate in the field trip since the teachers could trust their behavior to be appropriate at the museum.


Prognosticate –भविष्य बतलाना

to forecast the future – भविष्य की भविष्यवाणी करने के लिए

Using computer technology, meteorologists attempt to prognosticate the future.


Imperious –शाही

domineering; expecting ones’ orders to be followed – दबंग; किसी के आदेश का पालन करने की अपेक्षा करना

The principal is an imperious woman who expects to be obeyed.


Commingle –मिलनाजुलना

to mix or blend – मिलाना या मिश्रण करना

When making mud pies, the children began to commingle the dirt with water until it reached the perfect consistency.


Perfunctory –असावधान

done routinely and with little interest or care – नियमित रूप से और कम रुचि या देखभाल के साथ किया जाता है

The beauty queen waved so often that her greeting was simply perfunctory.


Vigilantly –चौकस रूप में

done with great care and watchfulness – बहुत सावधानी और सतर्कता से किया गया

The officers watched the building vigilantly in hopes that extra patrol would help them catch the bandits.


Sermon –उपदेश

a speech or talk on a religious or moral subject – किसी धार्मिक या नैतिक विषय पर भाषण या बातचीत

The sermon was about forgiveness.


Preppy –प्रीपी

relating to a young person from a wealthy family who goes to a costly school and who wears expensive, tidy clothes – एक धनी परिवार के एक युवा व्यक्ति से संबंधित जो एक महंगे स्कूल में जाता है और जो महंगे, साफसुथरे कपड़े पहनता है

Most of the rich kids from Laguna Beach go to a preppy boarding school instead of a public institution.


Biblical –बाइबिल का

related to the Bible – बाइबिल से संबंधित

The preacher used biblical verses to explain the teaching of Jesus during bible class.


Petulance –ढिठाई

characterized by being bad-tempered and unreasonable, especially because you cannot do or have what you want – बुरे स्वभाव और अनुचित होने की विशेषता, विशेषकर इसलिए क्योंकि आप जो चाहते हैं वह नहीं कर सकते या प्राप्त नहीं कर सकते

After getting a shot, the infant showed increased signs of petulance and would not stop crying.


Jibe –हंसी

to agree; harmonize – राजी होना; मिलाना

The findings of the court did not jibe with the testimony of the witness, angering the judge.


Civil Law –सिविल कानून

system of law concerned with private affairs between citizens rather than criminal affairs – कानून की प्रणाली आपराधिक मामलों के बजाय नागरिकों के बीच निजी मामलों से संबंधित है

A dispute between two neighbors that is taken to court would be considered within the realm of civil law rather than criminal justice.


Dowdy –बेमज़ा

unstylish, especially in reference to apparel – अस्थिर, विशेषकर परिधान के संदर्भ में

The clothes I was wearing were apparently too dowdy for the popular kids to acknowledge them, but I really didn’t care for their sense of style.


Concealment –आड़

the action of hiding something or preventing it from being known – किसी बात को छिपाने या उसे ज्ञात होने से रोकने की क्रिया

The felon was charged with concealment of a dead body after he helped hide the murder victim’s corpse in the woods.


Superior –बेहतर

higher in rank or quality; excellent – पद या गुणवत्ता में उच्चतर; उत्कृष्ट

Due to his superior scientific skills, MacKenzie could make his way out of any predicament.


Bombinate –बमबारी

to make a buzzing or humming noise – भिनभिनाहट या भिनभिनाहट की आवाज करना

After the maid plugged in the vacuum cleaner, it began to bombinate loudly.


Airline –एयरलाइन

a company whose business is providing transport by plane for passengers – एक कंपनी जिसका व्यवसाय यात्रियों के लिए विमान द्वारा परिवहन प्रदान करना है

The airline is offering flight tickets at a discounted price since not many people travel this time of year.


Procedural -ि यात्मक

in a routine or ceremonial way – नियमित या औपचारिक तरीके से

By initiating a procedural workshop, all of the participants knew what to expect next since every event could be predicted.


Lash –चाबुक

to strike heavily – ज़ोरदार प्रहार करना

The heavy waves of the stormy sea tend to lash against the coastline with enough force to smooth down all the rocks there.


Ignoramus –मूर्ख

someone who is completely uninformed – कोई ऐसा व्यक्ति जो पूरी तरह से अनभिज्ञ हो

The reporter proved he was an ignoramus when he gave out false information during the broadcast.


Trammel –जाला

to restrain or restrict one’s freedom – किसी की स्वतंत्रता को रोकना या प्रतिबंधित करना

The parents were careful not to trammel their son’s dreams of being a dancer even though he had no rhythm.


Sing –गाओ

to use one’s voice to make musical sounds – संगीतमय ध्वनियाँ निकालने के लिए अपनी आवाज़ का उपयोग करना

The carolers will lift their voices and sing cheerful hymns this Christmas.


Moderate –मध्यम

An average amount – एक औसत राशि

The girl’s mild to moderate asthma did not affect her in the way it does a person with severe breathing problems.


Acerb –खट्टा

sour, bitter, and sharp in taste – स्वाद में खट्टा, कड़वा और तीखा

The bitter lemon’s acerb taste caused the toddler to frown.


Consortium –संघ

a group of individuals, businesses, or associations that work in a coordinated effort – व्यक्तियों, व्यवसायों या संघों का एक समूह जो समन्वित प्रयास में काम करता है

When the consortium of doctors from across the globe meet, its members will discuss the best way to contain the virus.


Humble –विनम्र

not thinking of yourself as better than other people, or of low social, administrative, or political rank – स्वयं को अन्य लोगों से बेहतर, या निम्न सामाजिक, प्रशासनिक या राजनीतिक स्तर का समझना

After twenty years as a humble worker, he finally got the opportunity to lead.


Demonstrable –प्रत्यक्ष

able to be verified or proven – सत्यापित या सिद्ध किया जा सकने योग्य

Whether you believe in gravity or not is irrelevant, because the force is demonstrable and best shown by dropping anything, like an apple…or an apple iPhone.


Culpable –सदोष

guilty; deserving blame – अपराधी; दोष के योग्य

The judge found the man culpable of the crime and sentenced him to life in prison.


Unwilling –तैयार नहीं

not willing or ready to do something – कुछ करने को इच्छुक या तैयार होना

The stubborn shopkeeper was unwilling to lower her prices even when other stores in the area had sales.


Elegant –सुरुचिपूर्ण

graceful and stylish in appearance – दिखने में सुंदर और स्टाइलिश

Finding an elegant dress for the gala was difficult since the woman doesn’t like tulle or ruffles.


Deciduous –झड़नेवाला

falling off because it is temporary – गिरना क्योंकि यह अस्थायी है

During the fall, the deciduous shrubs in my yard will release their leaves.


Visualize –कल्पना

to form a mental image of someone or something; imagine – किसी व्यक्ति या वस्तु की मानसिक छवि बनाना; कल्पना करना

My art teacher told us, “Visualize the mountain and stream and then draw it.”


Interrogate –पूछताछ

to question someone in a commanding manner – किसी से आदेशात्मक ढंग से प्रश्न करना

If Jill brings a boy home, she knows her father is going to interrogate him by asking hundreds of questions.


Distortion –विरूपण

an irregularity or abnormality in the shape or perception of something – किसी चीज़ के आकार या धारणा में अनियमितता या असामान्यता

There’s a small distortion in the shape of this orange, as there is a strange lump on the side that ruins its otherwise spherical shape.


Augury –भविष्यवाणी

a prediction or omen – एक भविष्यवाणी या शगुन

According to the psychic, the black cat was an augury of my impending death.


Dopey –सुस्त

idiotic or stupid – मूर्ख या मूर्ख

My dog can be a bit dopey at times, constantly plowing headlong into the screen door because he doesn’t realize it is there.


Floating –चल

resting on top of the surface of a liquid – किसी तरल पदार्थ की सतह के ऊपर आराम करना

The boat was seen floating lazily down the river several hours after it drifted away from the dock.


Singular –विलक्षण

remarkable, extraordinary – उल्लेखनीय, असाधारण

Although it isn’t widely known, the book is regarded as a singular and powerful piece of 19th century writing.


Amicus –न्याय

a “friend of the court” who is not actually involved in a case as a party but who serves as an advisor – एकअदालत का मित्रजो वास्तव में किसी मामले में एक पक्ष के रूप में शामिल नहीं है लेकिन जो सलाहकार के रूप में कार्य करता है

Amicus briefs were filed by court attendees wanting to add their two cents on the case.


Hertz –हेटर्स

unit of frequency – आवृत्ति की इकाई

While undergoing a hearing test, the nurse played different sounds with a variety of hertz to determine how well the student could hear


Lieutenant –लेफ्टिनेंट

an officer or deputy that acts as a substitute for a supervisor – एक अधिकारी या डिप्टी जो पर्यवेक्षक के विकल्प के रूप में कार्य करता है

The police leiutenant was responsible for running the entire jail in his boss’s absence.


Torrid –गरम

extremely sweltering and dry – अत्यधिक गर्मीयुक्त और शुष्क

During these torrid temperatures, it is best we stay indoors and consume lots of fluids.


Contend –संघर्ष करना

to argue or challenge – बहस करना या चुनौती देना

To obtain custody of her children in the divorce, Bridgett will contend her husband is an abusive man.


Advertise –विज्ञापित

to publicly promoted a product or service in order to sell it – किसी उत्पाद या सेवा को बेचने के लिए उसका सार्वजनिक रूप से प्रचार करना

The celebrity agreed to endorse the product the company wanted to advertise as long as she got paid for taking part in the promotion.


Demon –राक्षस

an evil spirit thought to be able to possess a person and take over their body – एक दुष्ट आत्मा ने सोचा कि वह किसी व्यक्ति पर कब्ज़ा कर सकती है और उसके शरीर पर कब्ज़ा कर सकती है

A priest was called to possessed woman’s home to remove the evil demon through an exorcism.


Harrow –हेंगा

a farming device with sharp metal blades that is dragged across land to smooth or break up the soil – नुकीले धातु के ब्लेड वाला एक कृषि उपकरण जिसे मिट्टी को चिकना करने या तोड़ने के लिए जमीन पर घसीटा जाता है

Once the harrow broke up the clods of dirt on the farm, the farmer was able to plant the seeds.


Infrastructure –आधारभूत संरचना

basic foundation or underlying framework (as of a system or organization) – बुनियादी आधार या अंतर्निहित ढाँचा (एक प्रणाली या संगठन के रूप में)

The aging infrastructure of the cities roads, tunnels and bridges are in urgent need of repair.


Bungalow –बंगला

a small, one-story house with a front porch and a low-pitched roof – सामने बरामदे और नीची छत वाला एक छोटा, एक मंजिला घर

The couple slept in a small bungalow that was built on top of the clear Caribbean Sea.


Abandonment –संन्यास

the action or fact of leaving someone or something, usually forever – किसी व्यक्ति या वस्तु को आमतौर पर हमेशा के लिए छोड़ने की क्रिया या तथ्य

Because she was so afraid of abandonment, the toddler clung to her mother’s leg every time she had to leave for work.


Violence –हिंसा

the use of physical force to harm someone – किसी को हानि पहुँचाने के लिए शारीरिक बल का प्रयोग

The violence continued as more and more protestors were beaten by police in the streets.


Constitute –गठित करना

to be equal to something – किसी चीज़ के बराबर होना

While Greg is a key player, he does not constitute the entire football team.


Consolidation –समेकन

the act of combining several actions into one – कई क्रियाओं को एक में मिलाने की क्रिया

The consolidation of all our household debt into one loan was a wise choice.


Tribulation –क्लेश

a challenging situation or experience – एक चुनौतीपूर्ण स्थिति या अनुभव

Although Sue is dealing with the tribulation of cancer, she is still keeping a positive attitude.


Go-to –जाओ

used to describe someone that is often relied on – किसी ऐसे व्यक्ति का वर्णन करने के लिए उपयोग किया जाता है जिस पर अक्सर भरोसा किया जाता है

Harold is the go-to guy if you need advice on writing academic papers, since he always gets an A.


Continental -CONTINENTAL

forming or belonging to a continent – किसी महाद्वीप का निर्माण या उससे संबंधित होना

I have a continental lineage, considering that every single one of my ancestors was born in Europe.


Novitiate –नवदीक्षित

the act or time of starting a religious group – किसी धार्मिक समूह को शुरू करने की क्रिया या समय

During the nun’s novitiate, she learned the daily tasks she was to accomplish each day under the priest’s orders.


Rationale –दलील

an explanation given to justify something – किसी बात को उचित ठहराने के लिए दिया गया स्पष्टीकरण

The judge asked the young man to explain his rationale for stealing a police car.


Reservoir –जलाशय

a large natural or artificial lake used as a source of water supply – जल आपूर्ति के स्रोत के रूप में उपयोग की जाने वाली एक बड़ी प्राकृतिक या कृत्रिम झील

Due to the drought, the reservoir was almost bone dry.


Dander –रूसी

small scales from the skin, hair, or feathers of an animal – किसी जानवर की त्वचा, बाल या पंख से बनी छोटी परतें

As he scratched his scalp feverishly, scaly dander built up under the boy’s fingernails.


Bird –चिड़िया

a feather-covered, warm-blooded animal that lays eggs and flies – पंख से ढका, गर्म खून वाला जानवर जो अंडे देता है और उड़ता है

The baby bird waited patiently in the nest while the mama robin flew off to get a worm for its dinner.


Confederacy –कंफेडेरसी

a group that has formed to participate in an activity or to work towards a common cause; term generally used in the United States to refer to the Southern states during the Civil War period – एक समूह जो किसी गतिविधि में भाग लेने या किसी सामान्य उद्देश्य की दिशा में काम करने के लिए बना है; यह शब्द आमतौर पर संयुक्त राज्य अमेरिका में गृह युद्ध के दौरान दक्षिणी राज्यों को संदर्भित करने के लिए उपयोग किया जाता है

To unite against union forces, the Southern states formed a confederacy.


Irrepressible –सदा एकसां

not controllable – नियंत्रणीय नहीं

Jason could not control his irrepressible temper.


Pneumatic –वायवीय

applying air pressure to labor or move – श्रम करने या हिलनेडुलने पर वायु का दबाव लगाना

I wear a pneumatic boot that uses air to cushion my injuries.


Opiate –नशा

an opium based medication prescribed as a sleep aid or pain reliever – नींद सहायता या दर्द निवारक के रूप में दी जाने वाली एक अफ़ीम आधारित दवा

After Richard was injured in a car accident, he was given an opiate for pain management.


Tick –सही का निशान लगाना

a strong brief sound usually heard from a timepiece – एक तेज़ संक्षिप्त ध्वनि जो आमतौर पर घड़ी से सुनी जाती है

Since I am a light sleeper, I could hear the tick of the old alarm clock all night, so I got a new digital clock.


Assorted –मिश्रित

to be combined with mixed things – मिश्रित चीजों के साथ मिलाना

At the reception, there were assorted sandwiches on the tray including hoagies, grilled cheese and Reubens.


Adornment –अलंकरण

an ornament or decoration that adds attractiveness – एक आभूषण या सजावट जो आकर्षण बढ़ाती है

The plain tree need an adornment, so a silver star was added to the top.


Bibulous –शराबी

related to alcohol consumption – शराब के सेवन से संबंधित

After a bibulous night of barhopping, Gail wasn’t in a condition to drive home.


Fulminate –फूटना

to complain angrily or loudly – गुस्से में या ज़ोर से शिकायत करना

The disgruntled customer continued to fulminate over a price difference.


Outspoken –मुखर

opinionated and frank – विचारशील और स्पष्टवादी

Several of the outspoken candidates resorted to name calling during the presidential debate.


Ramble –पर्यटन

to talk aimlessly – लक्ष्यहीन बातें करना

Because my math professor tends to ramble on, I often fall asleep in class.


Banished –निर्वासित

sent one away or forced one to leave a place – किसी को दूर भेज दिया या किसी को जगह छोड़ने के लिए मजबूर कर दिया

Since they didn’t support the regime, the family was banished from their country and forced to leave.


Remand –जेल वापसी

to send someone accused of committing a crime into custody or bail until their next hearing – किसी अपराध करने के आरोपी को उसकी अगली सुनवाई तक हिरासत में भेजना या जमानत देना

The judge agreed to remand the convicted felon into custody until his sentencing hearing.


Detain –रोकना

to keep (hold) someone and delay them from leaving a particular place – किसी को पकड़ना (पकड़ना) और किसी विशेष स्थान को छोड़ने में देरी करना

Officers didn’t have enough evidence to detain their suspect, so they had to let him go free.


Moss –काई

a small, flowerless green plant that reproduces through spores in wet places – एक छोटा, फूल रहित हरा पौधा जो गीले स्थानों में बीजाणुओं के माध्यम से प्रजनन करता है

Scientists have proven that algae adapted to life on earth, growing into other plants including green moss.


Contemporaneous –समसामयिक

taking place during the same period of time – उसी समयावधि के दौरान घटित हो रहा है

The dancers have practiced for months to get their movements in sync and contemporaneous.


Flue –ग्रिप

part of the chimney that allows the smoke to exit – चिमनी का वह भाग जो धुएँ को बाहर निकलने की अनुमति देता है

When the house smelled of stale smoke, the homeowner realized that the flue in the chimney needed cleaning.


Restoration –मरम्मत

the act of making something back to what it was – किसी चीज़ को वापस उसी स्थिति में लाने की क्रिया जो वह थी

Television programs are making money by having people conduct a restoration of a house as a DIY project.


Ditch –खाई

to get rid of something – किसी चीज़ से छुटकारा पाने के लिए

Michael was willing to ditch his baseball cap and jeans for a wedding day suit.


Adverse –हानिकर

negative, harmful, or unpleasant – नकारात्मक, हानिकारक, या अप्रिय

Jim’s adverse reaction to the drug was so intense that we rushed him to the hospital.


Disprove –असत्य सिद्ध करना

to prove that something is not true – यह साबित करने के लिए कि कुछ सच नहीं है

Many brilliant scientists in the past had to work to disprove the widely held notions of the public in their lifetimes, such as the shape of the world or what the universe revolves around.


Turbid –पंकिल

dense with substances or cloudy – पदार्थों से सघन या बादलयुक्त

I will not drink the turbid water because I cannot see through it.


Forfeiture –ज़ब्ती

the loss of property or money as a penalty for doing something wrong – कुछ गलत करने के दंड के रूप में संपत्ति या धन की हानि

Since he filed for bankruptcy, the broke businessman’s office building is subject to forfeiture.


Trident –ट्राइडेंट

a long spear with three spikes on the end used for catching fish – मछली पकड़ने के लिए इस्तेमाल किया जाने वाला एक लंबा भाला जिसके सिरे पर तीन कीलें होती हैं

In “Castaway” Chuck creates a makeshift trident to stab fish with it in order to be able to eat on the deserted island.


Exoskeleton –बहिःकंकाल

a hard outer body that covers and protects certain animals, particularly insects – एक कठोर बाहरी शरीर जो कुछ जानवरों, विशेषकर कीड़ों को ढकता है और उनकी रक्षा करता है

Bats love to eat a certain type of insect, but cannot digest its hard exoskeleton.


Pursuance –अनुसरण

the following or carrying out of a plan – किसी योजना का अनुसरण करना या क्रियान्वित करना

Though her parents though she should be a doctor, the sculptor decided to continue with her pursuance of an art degree.


Community –समुदाय

a public group of people who live in the same area and have the same government and similar cultural interests – लोगों का एक सार्वजनिक समूह जो एक ही क्षेत्र में रहते हैं और जिनकी सरकार और समान सांस्कृतिक रुचियाँ समान हैं

The community was in an uproar when one of their citizens was caught by the local police for robbing houses in the neighborhood.


Expressly –स्पष्ट रूप से

specifically; clearly – विशेष रूप से; स्पष्ट रूप से

The regulations for entry are expressly and clearly stated in the rulebook.


Wind up –ठप्प होना

to prepare for, typically in regards to a heavy blow or a lot of action – आमतौर पर भारी प्रहार या बहुत अधिक कार्रवाई के संबंध में तैयारी करना

The boxer threw a punch so powerful that he had to wind up for it before even launching it at his foe.


Abnegation –अस्वीकार

the act of rejecting or refusing something – किसी चीज़ को अस्वीकार या अस्वीकार करने की क्रिया

Her abnegation of ice cream and cookies is due to her Olympic team training.


Sissy –बहिन

someone that is regarded as cowardly – कोई ऐसा व्यक्ति जिसे कायर माना जाता है

Isaac is considered a sissy since he was unwilling to fight a bully even to protect his sister.


Twilight zone –गोधूलि के क्षेत्र

an area where two different ways of life or states of existence meet – वह क्षेत्र जहां जीवन के दो अलगअलग तरीके या अस्तित्व की स्थितियां मिलती हैं

When moving from Louisiana to California, the southern girl felt as if she was in a twilight zone.


Test –परीक्षा

to check the quality or performance of something – किसी चीज़ की गुणवत्ता या प्रदर्शन की जाँच करना

I decided to test the skills of my brother in a game of air hockey, but it turned out that he was much better than me.


Diffident –संकोची

lacking confidence in one’s ability or self – किसी की क्षमता या स्वयं पर विश्वास की कमी

Because she felt unattractive, Mary was diffident and kept to herself at parties.


Determinative –सिद्ध

definitive. describes an action or event that determines something – निश्चित. किसी क्रिया या घटना का वर्णन करता है जो कुछ निर्धारित करता है

This final assault on the enemy capital will be the determinative battle that spells victory or defeat.


Fraction –अंश

a small part of something – किसी चीज़ का छोटा सा भाग

Lightning strikes so quickly that it travels between the sky and the ground in a fraction of a second.


Salience –आगे निकला हुआ भाग

the state of being important, notable or relevant – महत्वपूर्ण, उल्लेखनीय या प्रासंगिक होने की अवस्था या भाव

Many people underestimate the salience of strong family support for those going through cancer treatments.


Searching –खोज कर

looking for or over something carefully, usually in an effort to find something – किसी चीज़ को ध्यान से ढूँढना या ढूँढना, आमतौर पर किसी चीज़ को पाने के प्रयास में

Jenny spent hours searching for her missing pet, but the dog was nowhere to be found.


Plum –आलूबुखारा

an oval-shaped reddish-purple colored fruit – एक अंडाकार आकार का लालबैंगनी रंग का फल

When I ate a plum, the maroon colored skin stained my fingers.


Colonization –बसाना

the process of establishing a colony – कॉलोनी स्थापित करने की प्रक्रिया

British colonization of America first began in Jamestown, Virginia, eventually extending throughout the Americas.


Crick –क्रिक

a stiff feeling in the neck or back that is painful – गर्दन या पीठ में अकड़न महसूस होना जो दर्दनाक हो

After waking up with a crick in his neck, the pained painter could barely turn his head to look at his drawings.


Dissuasion –निषेध

the process of trying to convince someone not to do something – किसी को कुछ करने के लिए मनाने की कोशिश करने की प्रक्रिया

Sometimes, the dissuasion of a police officer is all it takes to convince someone not to take their own life as they stand on the edge of a bridge.


Penitent –अनुतापी

feeling grief for a previous offense or sin – पिछले अपराध या पाप के लिए दुःख महसूस करना

The penitent husband spends days at his wife’s grave because he regrets not spending more time with her.


Obviate –मुक्त हो जाना

to prevent or eliminate – रोकने या ख़त्म करने के लिए

If you want to obviate the risk of skin cancer throughout your life, it’s important that you are protected from sun exposure from the time you are an infant.


Cur –वक्र

an aggressive and mongrel dog – एक आक्रामक और झगड़ालू कुत्ता

The once friendly dog was now a cur, unexpectedly turning on its master.


Hypothesize –परिकल्पना बनाना

to come up with an educated guess based on prior knowledge or statistics – पूर्व ज्ञान या आँकड़ों के आधार पर एक शिक्षित अनुमान लगाना

Scientists hypothesize that the Big Bang Theory was not actually caused by a giant meteor but ozone depletion.


Penetrate –घुसना

to blend into a group or organization or to gain entry – किसी समूह या संगठन में घुलनामिलना या प्रवेश पाना

A bullet can easily penetrate your skin.


Grinch –ग्रिंच

someone known for being cruel and a grouch – कोई व्यक्ति क्रूर और क्रोधी होने के लिए जाना जाता है

My grandfather the grinch throws insults at people most of the time or complains the rest of the time.


Fecund –उपजाऊ

intellectually productive or inventive – बौद्धिक रूप से उत्पादक या आविष्कारशील

The computer programmer was a fecund person who could quickly identify and solve problems.


Dose –खुराक

a measured amount of a medicine or drug – किसी दवा या औषधि की मापी गई मात्रा

The doctor lowered the dose of the patient’s medication so that he wouldn’t be so dependent on the drugs.


Weightlifting –भारोत्तोलन

a sport or activity in which one lifts heavy weights or barbells – एक खेल या गतिविधि जिसमें कोई भारी वजन या बारबेल उठाता है

Because he enjoys weightlifting, the bodybuilder spends a majority of his gym time lifting heavy barbells while doing squats.


Demesne –कार्यक्षेत्र

land attached to a manor that was used by the lord and not the peasants (workers) – जागीर से जुड़ी भूमि जिसका उपयोग स्वामी द्वारा किया जाता था कि किसानों (श्रमिकों) द्वारा

Staring out at his demesne, the lord of the castle was in awe of all the land that he had acquired.


Promontory –रास

a high point of rock or land that juts into a source of water – चट्टान या भूमि का एक ऊँचा बिंदु जो पानी के स्रोत में समा जाता है

If we take one more step off the mountain’s promontory, we will fall into the ocean.


Cylinder –सिलेंडर

a solid or tubular object with two circular bases – दो गोलाकार आधारों वाली एक ठोस या ट्यूबलर वस्तु

A cylinder holder containing the scroll was delivered to the ball’s invitees.


Consumption –उपभोग

the usage of an item by a specific person or group – किसी विशिष्ट व्यक्ति या समूह द्वारा किसी वस्तु का उपयोग

The consumption of large amounts of fat can trigger cardiovascular disease.


Heroism –साहस

the qualities characteristic of a hero, such as courage, bravery, fortitude, unselfishness, etc. – नायक के गुण, जैसे साहस, वीरता, धैर्य, निःस्वार्थता, आदि।

The firefighters showed their bravery and heroism when they were able to retrieve the family members from the burning house right before it crashed to the ground.


Contemn –नफ़रत करना

to treat someone or something with disrespect or hatred – किसी व्यक्ति या वस्तु के साथ अनादर या घृणा का व्यवहार करना

Using an alias, the online bully likes to contemn and vilify those he doesn’t like with internet insults.


Hotel –होटल

a place where travelers pay to sleep overnight – वह स्थान जहाँ यात्री रात भर सोने के लिए भुगतान करते हैं

While traveling overnight, the Deans became tired and decided to rent a room at an interstate hotel.


Several –अनेक

a number higher than two yet relatively low in number – दो से अधिक संख्या फिर भी संख्या में अपेक्षाकृत कम

During her walk, the girl was able to pick up several lemons to make a gallon of fresh lemonade.


Penury –दरिद्रता

extreme poverty – दर्दनाक गरीबी

My uncle wasted his fortune and died in penury.


Pleading –सिफ़ारिश

asking for something that you want in a very emotional way – कोई ऐसी चीज़ मांगना जो आप बहुत भावनात्मक तरीके से चाहते हों

Pleading for her husband not to leave, the distraught wife hoped begging would keep her family together.


Steal –चुराना

to take another person’s property without permission – बिना अनुमति के किसी अन्य व्यक्ति की संपत्ति लेना

Thieves steal small valuables like watches out of people’s homes.


Negotiable –बातचीत योग्य

capable of being bargained or bartered with – मोलभाव या अदलाबदली करने में सक्षम

Even though the house was priced very low, the potential buyers still believe the price was negotiable.


Forewarn –आगाह कर देना

to let someone know in advance of impending dangers – किसी को आसन्न खतरों के बारे में पहले से बताना

Technology like satellites and weather radars forewarn of dangerous storms.


Completion –समापन

the act of finishing or getting to the end of an assignment or task – किसी कार्य या कार्य को ख़त्म करने या ख़त्म करने की क्रिया या भाव

Although it is nearing completion, construction of the house isn’t done just yet.


Decorative –सजावटी

used to make an object or space more attractive – किसी वस्तु या स्थान को अधिक आकर्षक बनाने के लिए उपयोग किया जाता है

A decorative painting was added above the couch to make the seating area more attractive to customers.


Brew –शराब बनाना

to prepare a hot drink – एक गर्म पेय तैयार करने के लिए

At Starbucks, the employees brew a wide range of coffees and teas for their customers.


Loved –प्यार किया

adored; cared for deeply – आदर किया; गहराई से देखभाल की

Lola loved and adored her pet like the puppy was her own child.


Merit –योग्यता

something that deserves to be recognized or praised – कुछ ऐसा जो मान्यता या प्रशंसा के योग्य हो

Jill earned an award of merit for never missing a day of school in twelve years.


Carousel –हिंडोला

a circular carnival ride that has horses or cars that children sit on while it circulates – एक गोलाकार कार्निवल सवारी जिसमें घोड़े या कारें होती हैं जिन पर बच्चे बैठते हैं

Children laughed and giggled as the carousel went round and round.


Troubleshoot –समस्याओं का निवारण

to resolve common issues or problems – सामान्य मुद्दों या समस्याओं को हल करने के लिए

The tech tried to troubleshoot the customer’s internet issue over the phone but couldn’t resolve the issue.


Audit –अंकेक्षण

a systematic assessment of something – किसी चीज़ का व्यवस्थित मूल्यांकन

We will need a complete audit of the disease if we are going to find out what it is and how we can stop it.


Modern –आधुनिक

taking place during the current times – वर्तमान समय में हो रहा है

Using modern warfare, the number of casualties in war has decreased through the use of drones and other high tech equipment.


Advantageous –लाभदायक

helpful or useful and likely to make you more successful – सहायक या उपयोगी और आपको अधिक सफल बनाने की संभावना

It would be advantageous for the couple to buy the bedroom set while it was on sale.


Agility –चपलता

nimbleness and quickness of motion, both physically and figuratively – शारीरिक और आलंकारिक रूप से, चपलता और गति की तीव्रता

The coach was amazed at Jim’s agility on the court, especially the way he switches direction without pause.


Switch –बदलना

to change the direction or position of – की दिशा या स्थिति बदलना

I had to switch the vase on the table out for a prettier one.


Reminder –अनुस्मारक

an object or cue that causes a person to remember something – कोई वस्तु या संकेत जिसके कारण व्यक्ति को कोई बात याद आती है

The tarnished engagement ring was just another reminder of a marriage gone wrong.


Uncommunicative –एकांतप्रिय

unwilling to talk or communicate – बात करने या संवाद करने को तैयार नहीं

The young boy was found wandering by the police, but he was uncommunicative and wouldn’t respond to questions.


Amazon –वीरांगना

a strong, warrior-like woman – एक मजबूत, योद्धा जैसी महिला

Coming out of the jungle in a fit of rage, the Amazon woman drew back her bow and prepared to shoot her enemy.


Indoctrination –भावना

the process of teaching or brainwashing a person into believing something without question – किसी व्यक्ति को बिना किसी प्रश्न के किसी बात पर विश्वास करने के लिए सिखाने या उसका ब्रेनवॉश करने की प्रक्रिया

A few men in the city resisted communist indoctrination efforts, but most were programmed to side with the government.


Meaningful –सार्थक

having a serious, important, or useful quality or purpose – कोई गंभीर, महत्वपूर्ण या उपयोगी गुण या उद्देश्य होना

Whenever she tried to have a meaningful conversation with her boyfriend, he always changed the subject to a new cat video or trending meme.


Advertisement –विज्ञापन

a paid announcement that tries to persuade people to buy a product or service – एक सशुल्क घोषणा जो लोगों को किसी उत्पाद या सेवा को खरीदने के लिए प्रेरित करने का प्रयास करती है

McDonald’s newest television advertisement was targeted at young children who like prizes better than food.


Turned –बदल गया

moved or rotated something into a different position – किसी चीज़ को अलग स्थिति में ले जाना या घुमाना

The driver turned the car around and started heading east once she realized she was going in the wrong direction.


Insatiable –लालची

never have enough of something – किसी चीज़ का कभी पर्याप्त होना

After being lost in the desert for days, the dehydrated man figured that all the water in the world would not quench his insatiable thirst.


Seemingly –मालूम होता है

apparently; appearing to be – जाहिरा तौर पर; प्रतीत हो रहा है

The seemingly normal couple actually had many hidden secrets.


Sabbath –विश्राम का समय

a day set aside for religious observation including worship and rest – पूजा और विश्राम सहित धार्मिक अवलोकन के लिए निर्धारित एक दिन

Many stores in the U.S. are closed on Sunday as the Sabbath day is regarded as a time for rest.


Unconnected –असंबद्ध

not joined or linked to anything – किसी भी चीज़ से जुड़ा या जुड़ा हुआ नहीं

Because the television cord was unconnected to the power source, the unplugged TV wouldn’t turn on.


Kerosene –मिट्टी का तेल

oil that is used a fuel – तेल जिसका उपयोग ईंधन के रूप में किया जाता है

Running out of kerosene, the traveler’s lamp began to flicker and eventually went dim.


Decimate –तबाह

to destroy or greatly decrease in size or number – आकार या संख्या को नष्ट करना या बहुत कम करना

It is likely the category five hurricane will decimate the small beach town.


Digression –विषयांतर

a temporary departure from the norm – आदर्श से एक अस्थायी विचलन

The fight between the two students was an unwelcome digression in the teacher’s organized classroom.


Floated –जारी

rested or hovered on top of the surface – सतह के ऊपर टिका हुआ या मँडरा हुआ

Amy floated on a raft in the pool, quietly resting on top of the crystal clear water.


Dabbled –हाथ आजमाया

took part in an activity in a casual way – एक गतिविधि में सामान्य तरीके से भाग लिया

Stacey dabbled in painting and sculpting from time to time, but drawing people was her real passion.


Disconnect –डिस्कनेक्ट

to break a connection – किसी संबंध को तोड़ने के लिए

Before the burglar entered the house, he decided to disconnect the phone lines so the homeowners couldn’t contact the police.


Atop –ऊपर

on top of – के शीर्ष पर

The papers sitting atop the CEO’s desk flew off as soon as he opened the window.


Juggernaut –रथ

a large item that is seen as unstoppable and can destroy anything in its way – एक बड़ी वस्तु जिसे अजेय माना जाता है और जो अपने रास्ते में आने वाली किसी भी चीज़ को नष्ट कर सकती है

With over a billion hits each day, Google is the juggernaut of search engines.


Mobilization –संघटन

the action of making something movable – किसी वस्तु को चलायमान बनाने की क्रिया

Mobilization of the troops must take place quickly since they will need to venture on to the next campsite by morning.


Unusable –व्यर्थ

broken or unable to be used – टूटा हुआ या उपयोग करने में असमर्थ

Because it is unusable, the chef decided to throw the broken mixer into the trash can.


Indulgence –आसक्ति

the act or an occasion in which one gives into desire or something enjoyable – वह कार्य या अवसर जिसमें कोई इच्छा या किसी आनंददायक चीज़ को प्रस्तुत करता है

The losing player’s tendency toward indulgence in self-pity earned him the reputation of a selfish crybaby.


Neighborhood –अड़ोसपड़ोस

an area where people live close together – वह क्षेत्र जहाँ लोग एक साथ निकट रहते हों

The single woman became frightened when a prowler was spotted in her neighborhood looking in everyone’s houses.


Requisite –मांग

something that is considered or viewed as mandatory – कुछ ऐसा जो अनिवार्य माना या देखा जाए

Before you can enter the official nursing program, you must complete the requisite coursework.


Recluse –वैरागी

a person who lives alone and avoids other people; a hermit – एक व्यक्ति जो अकेला रहता है और अन्य लोगों से बचता है; एक साधु

Despite her reputation as a recluse, Samantha held regular gatherings in her home to entertain close friends.


Minor –नाबालिग

a legal term meaning child or one under the age of 18 – एक कानूनी शब्द जिसका अर्थ है बच्चा या 18 वर्ष से कम आयु का व्यक्ति

The clerk at the store got in trouble for selling cigarettes to a sixteen-year-old minor.


Naturalism –प्रकृतिवाद

pertaining to the physical environment and landscapes – भौतिक पर्यावरण और परिदृश्य से संबंधित

Everyone asked the landscape designer any questions about plants since he was an expert in naturalism.


Rafters –छत

sloping wooden beams that support a roof – ढलानदार लकड़ी के बीम जो छत को सहारा देते हैं

The wooden rafters holding up the tilting roof up were the last bit of structure still standing after the tornado ripped the building apart.


Quorum –कोरम

the needed number of people to be present at a meeting in order to conduct business – व्यवसाय संचालित करने के लिए किसी बैठक में उपस्थित होने के लिए आवश्यक संख्या में लोग

When Congress met to discuss the issue at hand, they realized that they would postpone the session until a quorum was met.


Pueblo –देहात

a series of clay or stone homes of many stories built by Native Americans and organized into a settlement – मूल अमेरिकियों द्वारा निर्मित और एक बस्ती में व्यवस्थित कई मंजिलों के मिट्टी या पत्थर के घरों की एक श्रृंखला

The beautiful burnt orange colors of the houses that made up the pueblo of the tribe dazzled tourists.


Beware –खबरदार

to use caution, pay attention to – सावधानी बरतें, ध्यान दें

Beware of falling rocks from the top of the mountain.


Primate –रहनुमा

a member of the most developed and intelligent group of mammals (i.e., humans, monkeys, and apes) – स्तनधारियों के सबसे विकसित और बुद्धिमान समूह का सदस्य (अर्थात, मनुष्य, बंदर और वानर)

The biology teacher explained to the students that both monkeys and humans fall into the primate category.


Willingness –इच्छा

happily prepared and wanting to do something – खुशी से तैयार हूं और कुछ करना चाहता हूं

The young woman’s willingness to give an impromptu speech since their speaker didn’t show was very much appreciated by those who planned the event.


Suffuse –भरापूरा करना

to spread out excessively – अत्यधिक फैलना

If you spray too much perfume, it will suffuse throughout the room and cause me to sneeze.


Tremble –घबराना

to shake uncontrollably, usually from fear or excitement – आमतौर पर डर या उत्तेजना से अनियंत्रित रूप से कांपना

Being terrified of snakes, I could not help but tremble at the sight of a boa constrictor, even behind the glass of the zoo exhibit.


Dissolved –भंग

disbanded or closed down, breaking apart what was once united – विघटित या बंद हो जाना, जो कभी एकजुट था उसे तोड़ना

The couple dissolved their marriage last spring, deciding that it was better to be apart than husband and wife.


Femme Fatale –स्त्री को चोट लगना

an attractive woman who lures men into dangerous situations – एक आकर्षक महिला जो पुरुषों को खतरनाक स्थितियों में फँसाती है

Seducing the seaman with her womanly charm, the femme fatale lured him into her lair.


Promote –पदोन्नति करना

advance someone to a higher rank or position – किसी को उच्च पद या पद पर आगे बढ़ाना

Because he had served his country so well, the General decided to promote the Corporal to the rank of Sergeant.


Severance –पृथक्करण

ending of employment – रोज़गार ख़त्म होना

Offering of the displaced workers severance packages is the least the company could do before shutting down operations.


Knack –आदत

a natural ability – एक प्राकृतिक क्षमता

Cooking from scratch with no recipe was a knack for Rosie and her mother.


Indicated –सूचित

pointed out; showed – बताया; दिखाया है

The test results indicated the flu, but the patient isn’t showing symptoms yet.


Mistake –गलती

an error or slip-up – कोई त्रुटि या चूक

The mom made a mistake when she bought cake instead of vanilla.


Agriculture –कृषि

the discipline of farming – खेती का अनुशासन

The state manages a department of agriculture which provides support to farmers.


Insinuation –आक्षेप

a suggestion or hint that is usually indirect and negative in nature – एक सुझाव या संकेत जो आमतौर पर अप्रत्यक्ष और नकारात्मक प्रकृति का होता है

The innocent suspect was insulted by the officer’s insinuation that he had committed the horrible crimes.


Inelastic –अलचकदार

inflexible; rigid – अनम्य; कठोर

Because the price structure is inelastic, the salesperson can’t change how much he charges for each item on the menu.


Celerity –ज्लदी

quickness of motion; speed – गति की शीघ्रता; रफ़्तार

The slave will be punished if his celerity is not fast enough for his master.


Osculate –चुंबन करना

to caress with one’s lips or kiss – किसी के होठों से सहलाना या चूमना

As a teen, I don’t enjoy seeing my parents osculate each other because their smooching is gross.


Refill –फिर से भरना

to fill again – पुनः भरने के लिए

The waitress came around to refill our water glasses, but the cups were still overflowing.


Repent –मन फिराओ

to feel or express remorse for one’s wrong actions – किसी के गलत कार्यों के लिए पश्चाताप महसूस करना या व्यक्त करना

Taylor’s husband continues to repent for cheating in the past, but she isn’t sure that his apologies are sincere.


Enmity –शत्रुता

a feeling of strong dislike or opposition – तीव्र नापसंदगी या विरोध की भावना

Because the two brothers are both in love with the same girl, there is a great deal of enmity between them.


Multiverse –मल्टीवर्स

a hypothetical space or realm consisting of more than one universe – एक काल्पनिक स्थान या क्षेत्र जिसमें एक से अधिक ब्रह्मांड शामिल हैं

Steven Hawking insisted that we live in a multiverse of many different worlds.


Nourish –लालनपालन करना

to provide with things needed for development or growth – विकास या प्रगति के लिए आवश्यक चीजें उपलब्ध कराना

The kindergartners were told they needed to nourish their plant seeds with water and sunlight.


Grouping –समूहन

the arrangement of people into sections or groups – लोगों को वर्गों या समूहों में व्यवस्थित करना

Because we bought cheap airline tickets, we were in grouping 9 and the final set of passengers to board.


Delivered –पहुंचा दिया

carried to a particular location – एक विशेष स्थान पर ले जाया गया

The mailman delivered the package to our front porch since it was too big for the mailbox by the road.


Choleric –चिड़चिड़ा

easily irritated; grumpy – आसानी से चिढ़ जाना; चिड़चिड़ा

Since I do not sleep well, I am choleric when someone calls me after I have gone to bed.


Bruise –चोट

a blue and black mark on the skin that is an injury – त्वचा पर नीला और काला निशान जो कि चोट है

After falling down the wooden stairs, the boy had a noticeable dark bruise on his leg when it hit one of the railings.


Impertinence –अशिष्टता

lack of respect – सम्मान की कमी

Nigel’s impertinence always irritated his teacher, who could never get him to respect her no matter what she tried.


Harsh –कठोर

cruel and hostile – क्रूर और शत्रुतापूर्ण

The harsh man screamed at the players over the microphone.


Tatterdemalion –चिथड़ेपोश

someone dressed in ragged or torn clothing – किसी ने मैलेकुचैले या फटे हुए कपड़े पहने हुए हैं

With the dirty and torn clothes he was wearing, the homeless man was a tatterdemalion compared to his nicer dressed counterparts.


Rapt –मगन

totally enthralled – पूरी तरह से मंत्रमुग्ध

The toddler watched the cartoon in rapt attention.


Interdiction –पाबंदी

an official order stopping a person or group from doing a specific task – किसी व्यक्ति या समूह को कोई विशिष्ट कार्य करने से रोकने वाला आधिकारिक आदेश

For safety reasons, the city issued an interdiction which prohibits minors from being outside after 10 pm.


Ace –ऐस

to accomplish something masterfully – किसी कार्य को कुशलतापूर्वक पूरा करना

If you study hard enough, you will be able to ace the exam with no trouble whatsoever, even though the subject is not your favorite.


Busybody –पराए काम में वाधा डालनेवाला

a person who is always in other people’s business, meddling and starting trouble – ऐसा व्यक्ति जो हमेशा दूसरे लोगों के व्यवसाय में हस्तक्षेप करता है और परेशानी पैदा करता है

The busybody next door is always snooping on the neighbors and trying to figure out what they are doing.


Conference –सम्मेलन

a formal meeting in which people gather to talk about specific ideas or problems – एक औपचारिक बैठक जिसमें लोग विशिष्ट विचारों या समस्याओं पर बात करने के लिए एकत्रित होते हैं

A conference was held last weekend to teach struggling writers how to improve their skills.


Racking –धमकी देकर मांगने का

tormenting; agonizing – पीड़ा देना; अति पीड़ा देनेवाला

Making a racking noise up and down the halls of the haunted inn, the ghost continued to terrorize all who dared to stay the night.


Homosexual –समलैंगिक

someone who is attracted to those of the same sex – कोई व्यक्ति जो समान लिंग के लोगों के प्रति आकर्षित हो

When Jamal came out as a homosexual, his parents were extremely upset to learn that he was in love with a boy and not a girl.


Induced –प्रेरित किया

to be brought about – लाया जाना है

Henry’s rage was induced by the insults that the school bully was saying about his mother.


Waive –माफ

to give up one’s rights or claims – किसी के अधिकार या दावे को छोड़ देना

Because Bill knows he is innocent, he is going to waive his right to an attorney.


Dislike –नापसन्द

not to like something; have a feeling of aversion – कोई चीज़ पसंद आना; द्वेष की भावना रखना

Despite her obvious dislike for her new work assignment, Karen managed to finish in record time.


Brunt –चोट

the most unpleasant part of something – किसी चीज़ का सबसे अप्रिय हिस्सा

In these days of severe budget cuts, teachers bear the brunt of responsibility for purchasing school supplies.


Obliging –ऋणी

accommodating; willing to be of assistance – मिलनसार; सहायता के लिए इच्छुक

The obliging clerk was pleased to answer my numerous questions about the store.


Apocryphal –शंकायुक्त

well-known but probably not true – सर्वविदित है लेकिन शायद सच नहीं है

Although everyone has heard the apocryphal story of the tooth fairy, there is no way such a magical creature exists.


Inward –आंतरिक

toward the inside – अंदर की ओर

The pastry chef rolled the two corners of the dough inward so that they could meet in the middle.


Unnoticed –किसी का ध्यान नहीं

not noticed; occurring without someone’s awareness – सूचित नहीं; किसी की जागरूकता के बिना घटित होना

The ninja was able to sneak through the compound unnoticed, not being seen by even the sharpest guards


Boomerang –बुमेरांग

(of a plan) to backfire or reverse with negative consequences – (किसी योजना का) नकारात्मक परिणामों के साथ उल्टा पड़ना या पलट जाना

Freda warned her husband that his shady business deals could boomerang back and cost him a lot of money.


Ragged –टुकड़े टुकड़े कर दिया

tattered and worn – फटा हुआ और घिसा हुआ

An old, ragged flag showed its tattered stripes as it ripped back and forth in the wind.


Prolix –प्रपंची

prone to using large words that most people do not understand – बड़ेबड़े शब्दों का प्रयोग करने की प्रवृत्ति होती है जिन्हें अधिकांश लोग नहीं समझते हैं

The prolix professor had a habit of using complex words that most people could not comprehend.


Slovenly –किसी न किसी प्रकार

having a dirty appearance – गंदा दिखना

The man’s slovenly dress was a result of him being homeless for a month.


Oncology –कैंसर विज्ञान

the examination and analysis of cancer – कैंसर की जांच और विश्लेषण

After detecting a tumor in the man’s brain, his family physician knew to refer him to a specialist of oncology.


Succor –परेशानी में सहायता

assistance or relief from distress – संकट से सहायता या राहत

As soon as the news was broadcast, people from the small community were gathering in homes and churches to organize plans for bringing succor to the widows and children of the firefighters.


Narcissistic –आत्ममुग्ध

obsessed with one’s importance and/or physical appearance. – किसी के महत्व और/या शारीरिक बनावट से ग्रस्त होना।

The narcissistic teenager cannot walk more than fifty feet without checking her appearance in her pocket mirror.


Writ –रिट

the power to enforce submission and compliance – अधीनता और अनुपालन को लागू करने की शक्ति

It is beyond the writ of adults to punish children that are not their own for misbehavior regardless of how bad it is.


Underwhelming -underwhelming

disappointing, not impressive – निराशाजनक, प्रभावशाली नहीं

I was expecting the third movie in the trilogy to be amazing, but it was in fact very underwhelming.


Ray –रे

a narrow beam of light – प्रकाश की एक संकीर्ण किरण

A ray of light shined out of the flashlight and directly onto the suspect.


Hopeful –आशावान

believing a positive result will occur – विश्वास है कि सकारात्मक परिणाम आएगा

Danielle is hopeful she’ll get a good job after she graduates from college.


Unconstrained –स्वेच्छापूर्ण

free and not restricted or restrained – मुफ़्त और प्रतिबंधित या प्रतिबंधित नहीं

Swimming in the pool under the stars, the relaxed woman felt free and unconstrained.


Dichotomous –दिचोतोमोउस

divided into two separate parts – दो अलगअलग हिस्सों में बांटा गया

Looking at the dichotomous cell under the microscope, the scientist studied each of its two sections.


Train –रेलगाड़ी

to teach or coach – पढ़ाना या प्रशिक्षित करना

Some workers have been asked to train the newcomers on how to use the machines.


Opposed –विरोधी

against; not for – ख़िलाफ़; के लिए नहीं

Although I’m not opposed to going to the beach, it’s not my favorite vacation spot.


Prate –खोल देना

talking for a long time without purpose – बिना किसी उद्देश्य के लंबे समय तक बात करना

Even when the intoxicated woman was placed in the police car, she continued to prate until one of the officers yelled for her to be silent.


Groggy –शराबी

being so tired and weak that one is unable to think or walk correctly – इतना थका हुआ और कमजोर होना कि व्यक्ति ठीक से सोचने या चलने में भी असमर्थ हो जाता है

After taking the strong painkillers, the patient was groggy and could barely stay awake.


Accentuation –स्वरोच्चारण

the action of emphasizing something or making it more noticeable – किसी बात पर जोर देने या उसे अधिक ध्यान देने योग्य बनाने की क्रिया

People from the southern US are known for the accentuation of certain vowels since they stretch them out longer than most people do.


Centralism –केंद्रवाद

power and control by one small area of a company or system – किसी कंपनी या सिस्टम के एक छोटे से क्षेत्र द्वारा शक्ति और नियंत्रण

Since Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has a large following in the government, centralism seems to be happening due to many if not all decisions are being made by her.


Aptly –जिसे उपयुक्त

in a fitting way – उचित तरीके से

When my aunt labels my moody uncle as grumpy, she aptly refers to him.


Succinct –संक्षिप्त

expressed in a clear but brief manner – स्पष्ट लेकिन संक्षिप्त तरीके से व्यक्त किया गया

Everyone was happy when the politician made a succinct speech that did not take all evening.


Snarky –कर्कश

sarcastic or caustic in nature – प्रकृति में व्यंग्यात्मक या कास्टिक

My friend asked a pretty dumb question, so naturally I decided on a snarky response dripping with enough sarcasm to let him know how silly it was.


Rested –विश्राम किया

stopped moving as a way to restore energy/relax – ऊर्जा बहाल करने/आराम करने के तरीके के रूप में चलना बंद कर दिया

The tired runner rested for a second and then began to jog again after catching her breath.


Childhood   $MMT = window.$MMT || {}; $MMT.cmd = $MMT.cmd || [];$MMT.cmd.push(function(){ $MMT.display.slots.push([“8f1244f6-5306-4bbe-9562-fc5ef7966ac2”]); }) Prev Word Next Word –बचपन $MMT = window.$MMT || {}; $MMT.cmd = $MMT.cmd || [];$MMT.cmd.push(function(){ $MMT.display.slots.push([“8f1244f6-5306-4bbe-9562-fc5ef7966ac2”]); }) पिछला शब्द अगला शब्द

the time during which one is a child, from between infancy and puberty – वह समय जिसके दौरान कोई बच्चा होता है, शैशवावस्था और यौवन के बीच का

My stepmother is a mean woman who likes to insult little kids because she had a miserable childhood herself.


Conceived –कल्पना

imagined; visualized – कल्पना की गई; कल्पना

The idea for the voice app was conceived while the inventor’s father was in the hospital.


Line –रेखा

a group of people or items that are arranged in a row – लोगों या वस्तुओं का समूह जो एक पंक्ति में व्यवस्थित हो

A line of people wanting to get into the concert hall was wrapped around the building.


Encomium –एनकोमियम

speech or piece of writing that warmly praises someone or something; tribute – भाषण या लेखन का टुकड़ा जो किसी या किसी चीज की गर्मजोशी से प्रशंसा करता है; श्रद्धांजलि

Mrs. Poundstone was surprised and delighted on the last day of school when the students in her most difficult class presented her with an encomium they had written, praising her work as a teacher.


Antagonist –प्रतिपक्षी

a challenger or foe – चुनौती देने वाला या शत्रु

Do you think the antagonist is going to kill the hero at the end of the movie?


Sweep –झाडू

to clean an area by brushing away litter and dust – कूड़े और धूल को झाड़कर किसी क्षेत्र को साफ करना

I have to sweep the front porch because it is so dusty.


Constitutionality –संवैधानिकता

the quality of being in accordance with the rules and principles set out in a country’s constitution – किसी देश के संविधान में निर्धारित नियमों और सिद्धांतों के अनुरूप होने की गुणवत्ता

Many people have questioned the constitutionality of certain laws.


Favoritism –पक्षपात

showing partiality and preferential treatment – पक्षपात और तरजीही व्यवहार दिखा रहा है

Showing favoritism between her children caused the mother’s oldest son to resent her.


Cartilage –उपास्थि

a strong but flexible material found in some parts of the body – शरीर के कुछ भागों में पाया जाने वाला एक मजबूत लेकिन लचीला पदार्थ

After being tackled by the opposing linebacker, the running back suffered from swelling cartilage around his rib.


Thermos –थरमस

a special container that keeps liquids hot or cold – एक विशेष कंटेनर जो तरल पदार्थों को गर्म या ठंडा रखता है

Carrying her joe in a thermos allowed the coffee junkie to have warm java throughout the day.


Treasure –खज़ाना

to greatly value something – किसी चीज़ को अत्यधिक महत्व देना

This gift means a lot to me, and I will make sure that I treasure it for as long as I live, no matter how long that may be.


Elitist –संभ्रांतवादी

one considered superior in intellect, talent, power, wealth, or position in society – किसी को बुद्धि, प्रतिभा, शक्ति, धन या समाज में स्थिति में श्रेष्ठ माना जाता है

The elitist school only allowed the most intellectually and academically advanced students entrance into its exclusive programs.


Topical –सामयिक

pertaining to putting something on a human’s body part usually for medical purposes – आमतौर पर चिकित्सीय प्रयोजनों के लिए मनुष्य के शरीर के अंग पर कुछ लगाने से संबंधित

After the girl’s foot muscles were aching, she rubbed a topical cream to soothe her throbbing and sore feet.


Franchise –मताधिकार

a legal right to sell a company’s products in a particular area using the company’s name – कंपनी के नाम का उपयोग करके किसी विशेष क्षेत्र में कंपनी के उत्पाद बेचने का कानूनी अधिकार

A Dairy Queen start-up was granted a franchise to sell ice cream in the area.


Privation –वंचना

the state of being very poor, and lacking the basic necessities of life – बहुत गरीब होने की स्थिति, और जीवन की बुनियादी आवश्यकताओं की कमी

Although she was born into poverty, Samantha vowed that she would work hard to escape the life of privation she had suffered in her childhood.


Steam –भाप

water vapor that is created when water is heated to a certain point – जलवाष्प जो तब बनता है जब पानी को एक निश्चित बिंदु तक गर्म किया जाता है

The boiling pot of tea on the stove was giving off a lot of steam.


Epistle –पत्र

a formal printed communication; a written note or letter – एक औपचारिक मुद्रित संचार; एक लिखित नोट या पत्र

The epistle from the court ordered me to appear as a possible juror.


Cosmopolitan –कॉस्मोपॉलिटन

reflecting the influence of numerous cultures and countries – अनेक संस्कृतियों और देशों के प्रभाव को दर्शाता है

Since Jane loved being around people of various cultures, she enjoyed the cosmopolitan atmosphere of the international market.


Familial –पारिवारिक

family-related – परिवार से संबंधित

Children of the same familial background are likely to follow similar career paths.


Curb –निंयत्रण रखना

something that holds back or limits – कुछ ऐसा जो रोकता या सीमित करता हो

Popping a small piece of candy into your mouth would curb your hunger but only temporarily.


Abnegate –अस्वीकार करना

to refuse something that you actually need or want – किसी ऐसी चीज़ को अस्वीकार करना जिसकी आपको वास्तव में आवश्यकता है या आप चाहते हैं

The athlete decided to abnegate the unhealthy snack even though she really wanted to have a bite.


Felicitous –परम सुखी

pleasant or delightful – सुखद या रमणीय

The felicitous music made me happy.


Invented –आविष्कार

created; made – बनाया था; बनाया

Before the telephone was invented, people had to send messages through snail mail or the telegraph.


Pauper –कंगाल

a person who lives in poverty – एक व्यक्ति जो गरीबी में रहता है

The pauper had no money and slept under a bridge.


Irrefragable –अपूरणीय

not able to be disputed or contested – विवादित या विवादित होने में सक्षम नहीं

During the trial, the bank teller’s irrefragable evidence couldn’t be contested by any other witnesses.


Avail –लाभ लेना

to be of advantage or use – लाभ या उपयोग होना

Stranded in the desert, Jake tried to restart his car but to no avail.


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