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English to Marathi Translation 10000 Words

Embarking on the journey of English to Marathi translation, spanning English to Marathi Translation 10000 Words, promises to be a transformative linguistic endeavor. This monumental task requires dedication, precision, and a deep appreciation for both languages’ nuances. As we navigate through this expansive array of words, we delve into the rich tapestry of cultural exchange and communication. Join us in this linguistic odyssey as we bridge the gap between English and Marathi, unraveling the meanings and intricacies of each word along the way. If you want to learn English Quickly CLICK HERE to download our 100% Free app, or you can visit our WEBSITE.

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1 Worried – काळजी वाटते anxious and upset about something – एखाद्या गोष्टीबद्दल चिंताग्रस्त आणि अस्वस्थ Allen is worried about not having enough money to pay his bills this month.
2 Devastated – उद्ध्वस्त destroyed or completely ruined – नष्ट किंवा पूर्णपणे उद्ध्वस्त A bomb devastated the city and killed hundreds of people working in the area.
3 Perfect – परफेक्ट complete in all respects; flawless – सर्व बाबतीत पूर्ण; निर्दोष Drawing a perfect, straight circle, is incredibly difficult with a shaky hand.
4 Atrium – कर्णिका a very large room, usually in the center of a home or building, that is open to the ceiling and often has a glass roof – एक खूप मोठी खोली, सहसा घराच्या किंवा इमारतीच्या मध्यभागी, जी कमाल मर्यादेपर्यंत उघडी असते आणि अनेकदा काचेचे छप्पर असते Houses of ancient Rome are famous for their atrium and open-roofed hall designs.
5 Focal – फोकल the most important aspect of something – एखाद्या गोष्टीचा सर्वात महत्वाचा पैलू The most focal point of the examination is the essays since they are 75% of the grade, so Kevin worked the most on them.
6 Close-minded – मनाचा बंद having a narrow outlook that makes it difficult to consider other views or opinions – एक संकुचित दृष्टीकोन आहे ज्यामुळे इतर मते किंवा मते विचारात घेणे कठीण होते The senior was so close-minded and judgemental; he wouldn’t even listen to his nephew’s unbiased views.
7 Quaff – क्वाफ to hastily consume a beverage – घाईघाईने पेय घेणे The huge athlete was able to quaff down a gallon of water in less than two minutes.
8 Prominent – प्रमुख showing distinction above others in a specific area – विशिष्ट क्षेत्रात इतरांपेक्षा वेगळेपणा दाखवणे There is a six-month waiting list to see the most prominent psychiatrist in the city.
9 Aesthetic – सौंदर्याचा concerning or characterized by an appreciation of beauty or good taste – सौंदर्य किंवा चांगल्या चवच्या कौतुकाबद्दल किंवा वैशिष्ट्यीकृत Our aesthetic enjoyment of the art show was increased by the presence of the open bar.
10 Startled – हैराण झाले to be alarmed or frightened by something sudden – अचानक एखाद्या गोष्टीने घाबरणे किंवा घाबरणे A deer will be startled if you get too close to it.
11 Moss – शेवाळ a small, flowerless green plant that reproduces through spores in wet places – एक लहान, फुलहीन हिरवी वनस्पती जी ओल्या ठिकाणी बीजाणूंद्वारे पुनरुत्पादित होते Scientists have proven that algae adapted to life on earth, growing into other plants including green moss.
12 Decade – दशक a span of ten years – दहा वर्षांचा कालावधी Robert taught at a University in Colorado for a decade before leaving to teach elsewhere.
13 Assemble – जमले to put together – एकत्र ठेवणे The chef needed to assemble the ingredients for the meal.
14 Coup de Gras – कूप डी ग्रास a final blow that puts an end to a conflict or someone’s suffering – एक अंतिम धक्का जो संघर्ष किंवा एखाद्याच्या दुःखाचा अंत करतो Having severely wounded his opponent, the knight finished him off with a coup de gras.
15 Afterglow – आफ्टरग्लो a pleasant feeling or after-effect of an enjoyable event – एक आनंददायी भावना किंवा आनंददायक कार्यक्रमानंतरचा प्रभाव The afterglow from falling in love is shining all over the newlywed’s face.
16 Iridescent – इंद्रधनुषी exhibiting a wide range of brilliant colors like a rainbow – इंद्रधनुष्यासारख्या चमकदार रंगांच्या विस्तृत श्रेणीचे प्रदर्शन The singer’s iridescent necklace glowed brightly under the spotlight.
17 Dialectic – द्वंद्वात्मक the practice of reasoning that arrives at a truth by the exchange of logical arguments – तार्किक युक्तिवादांच्या देवाणघेवाणीद्वारे सत्यापर्यंत पोहोचणाऱ्या तर्काचा सराव A brainstorming session was in full effect as members used dialectic tactics to problem-solve.
18 Chap – चॅप of the skin become cracked, rough, or sore, typically through exposure to cold weather; a cracked or sore patch on the skin – विशेषत: थंड हवामानामुळे त्वचेला तडे, खडबडीत किंवा फोड येतात; त्वचेवर फोड किंवा फोड येणे She always carried extra lip balm in her purse during cold weather because the frigid air made her lips chap.
19 Cash crop – नगदी पिक a crop produced to be sold, not to be used for personal use – विकण्यासाठी उत्पादित केलेले पीक, वैयक्तिक वापरासाठी वापरले जाऊ नये Marijuana is one of the leading cash crops in the U.S., with millions of sales each year.
20 Interdependence – परस्परावलंबन a relationship in which individuals or groups are dependent upon each other – असे नाते ज्यामध्ये व्यक्ती किंवा गट एकमेकांवर अवलंबून असतात In biology, we learn about types of interdependence in which two organisms feed off each other.
21 Program – कार्यक्रम a group of events or exercises to accomplish a certain goal – विशिष्ट ध्येय साध्य करण्यासाठी इव्हेंट्स किंवा व्यायामांचा समूह The annual piano program included twenty students playing their favorite musical pieces to be judged by a panel.
22 Moral – नैतिक a lesson – धडा Parents tell their children the story of The Boy Who Cried Wolf because the moral teaches them not to lie.
23 Shall – करील will have to; must – कराव लागेल; हे केलेच पाहिजे The student shall overcome her fear of public speaking and give a speech at her graduation.
24 Plea bargain – प्ली सौदा to agree to plead guilty in return for a lesser charge – कमी शुल्काच्या बदल्यात दोषी ठरवण्यास सहमती देणे In order to avoid a long prison sentence, the man accepted the plea bargain that was offered.
25 Bloated – फुगलेला swollen with fluid – द्रव सह सूज The puppy’s belly seems bloated, but we aren’t sure if it is extra fluid or puppies.
26 Rigorous – कडक strict and demanding – कठोर आणि मागणी To gain entry into any Special Forces unit in the military, you must push through rigorous testing.
27 Dote – डोटे to be excessively fond of – जास्त आवडणे My grandmother loves to dote on her grandchildren and sends us many gifts.
28 Traumatic – क्लेशकारक extremely disturbing or upsetting – अत्यंत त्रासदायक किंवा अस्वस्थ करणारा Traumatic events caused the girl to be afraid of going to sleep without a light on.
29 Slash – स्लॅश a cut – एक कट There was a slash through the doorway that allowed the thief to break into the enormous mansion.
30 Owe – देणी to be indebted to the amount of – च्या रकमेसाठी कर्जदार असणे Paula said to Ben, “We only owe $900 on our car and we need to pay it off when we receive our tax refund.”
31 Defray – अवहेलना to cover, as in to pay for something – कव्हर करण्यासाठी, एखाद्या गोष्टीसाठी पैसे देण्यासाठी Because I have a coupon that will defray fifty percent of my restaurant bill, I have enough money to see a movie after dinner.
32 Irregular – अनियमित unusual or odd – असामान्य किंवा विचित्र We could not plan our day due to the irregular weather.
33 Straitlaced – स्ट्रेटलेस केलेले very proper in manners and morals – शिष्टाचार आणि नैतिकतेमध्ये अतिशय योग्य The pastor came from a very straitlaced Christian family.
34 Surround – भोवती to be completely around someone or something – पूर्णपणे एखाद्याच्या किंवा कशाच्या आसपास असणे The troops had to surround the enemy from all sides to ensure that they didn’t escape.
35 Stroll – रपेट an aimless or casual walk – एक उद्दिष्ट किंवा प्रासंगिक चाला On lazy Sundays, the family likes to take a leisurely stroll in the park.
36 Lavish – भव्य luxurious or elegant – विलासी किंवा मोहक Every room in the five-star hotel was filled with lavish furnishings.
37 Unobserved – निरीक्षण न केलेले not seen; overlooked – पाहिले नाही; दुर्लक्षित The robbers went unobserved through the forest, never being spotted by the frantic search party.
38 Tonnage – टनेज the actual amount in heaviness that is measured in tons – जडपणाची वास्तविक रक्कम जी टनांमध्ये मोजली जाते With the extra tonnage of equipment on the ferry, it was in jeopardy of sinking due to the excess weight.
39 Tycoon – टायकून a person of great wealth or power in a particular industry – एखाद्या विशिष्ट उद्योगात मोठी संपत्ती किंवा शक्ती असलेली व्यक्ती The tycoon built his fortune building railroads across the United States.
40 Rehearse – तालीम to practice or run through – सराव किंवा धावणे The only times the whole cast is available to rehearse for the finale is at 3:00 pm.
41 Embattle – लढाई to fortify a place in preparation for an attack – हल्ल्याच्या तयारीसाठी जागा मजबूत करणे We will need to embattle this hill before the enemy begins to advance, or we won’t be able to repel them.
42 Marquee – मार्की a structure placed over the entrance to a hotel or theatre, stating either the name of the establishment or the play or movie and the artists appearing at that venue – हॉटेल किंवा थिएटरच्या प्रवेशद्वारावर ठेवलेली रचना, एकतर आस्थापनाचे नाव किंवा नाटक किंवा चित्रपट आणि त्या ठिकाणी दिसणारे कलाकार The old theater in town had a marquee sign that still read, “Now Showing: The Wizard of Oz”.
43 Mingle – मिसळणे To mix or combine (people or objects) – मिसळणे किंवा एकत्र करणे (लोक किंवा वस्तू) The spies decided to mingle in with the crowd and see if they could find the killer.
44 Grow – वाढतात to get bigger – मोठे होण्यासाठी The pumpkin would grow bigger and bigger in the patch until it was twice the size it once was.
45 Chart – तक्ता to record information – माहिती रेकॉर्ड करण्यासाठी The nurse used pen and paper to chart all of the patient’s vital signs for the night.
46 Butchery – कसाई a business that specializes in the slaughtering and processing of animals for meat – मांसासाठी प्राण्यांची कत्तल आणि प्रक्रिया करण्यात माहिर असलेला व्यवसाय The butchery had a wide selection of meats for sale.
47 Professionalism – व्यावसायिकता having and showing competence and skill of a trained specialist – प्रशिक्षित तज्ञाची क्षमता आणि कौशल्य असणे आणि दर्शविणे When the nurse cursed at her patient and gave the wrong medication to him, everyone questioned her professionalism.
48 Shorten – लहान करा to reduce or diminish something – काहीतरी कमी करणे किंवा कमी करणे The prisoner’s sentence of 20 years did shorten to 10 years after having good behavior and proving he was not a threat to the public.
49 Enviable – हेवा वाटतो greatly sought-after – मोठ्या प्रमाणावर मागणी The Smiths bought an enviable mansion in one of the town’s most sought-after neighborhoods.
50 Guesstimate – अंदाज लावा to make an estimate based on the facts at hand – हाती असलेल्या तथ्यांवर आधारित अंदाज बांधणे The children were asked to guesstimate how many marbles were in the jar, and the one who came closest to the correct number received a prize.
51 Plangent – प्लँजेंट having a loud mournful sound – मोठा शोक करणारा आवाज When Allie plays the violin she creates a tone that is melancholy and plangent, at times quite painfully beautiful.
52 Paroxysm – पॅरोक्सिझम an unexpected outburst of emotion – भावनांचा अनपेक्षित उद्रेक Since Jason is normally quiet, he shocked everyone when he made a loud paroxysm in response to being fired.
53 Grippe – ग्रिप Influenza; flu – इन्फ्लूएंझा; फ्लू Although the woman got a flu shot, she was still infected with grippe and was ill for a week.
54 Subtle – सूक्ष्म hard to notice or see – लक्षात घेणे किंवा पाहणे कठीण In the game, people are asked to identify the subtle differences between the similar pictures.
55 Contingent – आकस्मिक depending on whether or not something else occurs – दुसरे काही घडते की नाही यावर अवलंबून The job offer was contingent upon the return of a clean background review.
56 Ladder – शिडी a structure with two side pieces and bars made of wood, metal, or rope that is used for climbing – लाकूड, धातू किंवा दोरीपासून बनविलेले दोन बाजूचे तुकडे आणि बार असलेली रचना जी चढण्यासाठी वापरली जाते While climbing up to the top of the diving board ladder, the swimmer carefully placed her feet on each metal rung.
57 Lustrous – तेजस्वी shiny; glossy – चमकदार चकचकीत The model brushed her lustrous hair, admiring each glossy strand in the mirror.
58 Senseless – संवेदनाहीन pointless; done for no clear reason – निरर्थक; स्पष्ट कारणाशिवाय केले The family is devastated by the senseless murder of their young son who was at the wrong place at the wrong time.
59 Auditorium – सभागृह a large room or building where people gather to watch a performance or hear a speech – एक मोठी खोली किंवा इमारत जिथे लोक परफॉर्मन्स पाहण्यासाठी किंवा भाषण ऐकण्यासाठी जमतात The packed auditorium held almost a thousand concert-goers who were eagerly awaiting the arrival of their idol.
60 Straw man – पेंढा माणूस an proposal that lacks a solid foundation – भक्कम पाया नसलेला प्रस्ताव The marketing team didn’t have all of the details, so they created a straw man draft of what new markets they wanted to conquer.
61 Pummel – पुमेल to hit or strike heavily and repeatedly – जोरदार आणि वारंवार मारणे किंवा प्रहार करणे After attacking the little old lady, she made the quick decision to pummel him with her purse.
62 Makebate – मेकबेट a person who causes arguments or starts up trouble – एखादी व्यक्ती जी वाद घालते किंवा त्रास सुरू करते Because she likes to spread rumors, the office makebate is constantly stirring up strife at work.
63 Greatest – श्रेष्ठ largest in size, number, or degree – आकार, संख्या किंवा पदवी मध्ये सर्वात मोठा The mastiff was the greatest of all the dogs at the park.
64 Microcosm – सूक्ष्म जग a miniaturized version of something – एखाद्या गोष्टीची सूक्ष्म आवृत्ती My father has filled his aquarium with a wide variety of fish in order to turn it into a microcosm of the ocean.
65 Holocaust – होलोकॉस्ट the extermination of a large group of individuals or other living things by deliberate or natural means – जाणूनबुजून किंवा नैसर्गिक मार्गाने व्यक्तींच्या किंवा इतर सजीवांच्या मोठ्या गटाचा नाश The forest fire was a holocaust that destroyed thousands of trees.
66 Pedigree – वंशावळ a record of ancestry that relates to living creatures – जिवंत प्राण्यांशी संबंधित वंशाचा रेकॉर्ड The dog’s pedigree identifies his parents as two purebreds.
67 Academically – शैक्षणिकदृष्ट्या in a way that relates to education or academic achievement – शिक्षण किंवा शैक्षणिक यशाशी संबंधित अशा प्रकारे Because she performed well academically, the star-student earned a full-ride scholarship to the college of her choice.
68 Alert – अलर्ट to strongly make someone or something aware of trouble or something dangerous that is about to occur – एखाद्याला किंवा एखाद्या गोष्टीबद्दल किंवा काहीतरी धोकादायक घडणार आहे याची जाणीव करून देणे Sheriff Taylor needed to alert the citizens of his small town about the approaching large hurricane close to them.
69 Obdurate – ओबडरेट unmoved by persuasion, pity, or tender feelings; stubborn – मन वळवणे, दया किंवा कोमल भावनांनी अचल; हट्टी Although the hurricane was rapidly coming their way, the townspeople were obdurate and did not leave their homes.
70 Forsooth – Forsooth the truth or indeed – सत्य किंवा खरंच Forsooth, how can you expect to pass a course when you never attend class?
71 Failure – अपयश a disaster or flop – आपत्ती किंवा फ्लॉप The fashion show was a failure after the models fell off the runway, the lighting did not work and very few people showed up to watch the event.
72 Unceremoniously – अनैसर्गिकपणे in an abrupt way that is considered rude – अचानक मार्गाने जे असभ्य मानले जाते The tow truck driver repossessed the woman’s car unceremoniously, taking the vehicle and refusing to give her any of her items.
73 Flare – भडकणे a sudden pop of fire – अचानक आग लागली The flare from the lighter scared the small child as the flame illuminated her face.
74 Dotty – डॉटी somewhat eccentric – काहीसे विक्षिप्त Louise is a bit dotty, constantly going on about how colorful the air is around everyone, but she seems mostly harmless.
75 Virtual – आभासी carried out or accessed over a computer – संगणकावर केले किंवा प्रवेश केला Since I live so far from the company I want to work for, they agreed to do a virtual interview over the computer.
76 Notably – विशेष म्हणजे in a manner that is remarkable or greater than expected – उल्लेखनीय किंवा अपेक्षेपेक्षा जास्त अशा पद्धतीने Jim was notably absent from his wedding reception.
77 Attract – आकर्षित करा to cause something to be drawn towards something else – काहीतरी दुसऱ्याकडे आकर्षित करण्यासाठी The sweet smell of the flower nectar can attract bees from many miles away.
78 Prefigure – प्रीफिगर to show ahead of time – वेळेपूर्वी दाखवण्यासाठी The development of dark gray clouds prefigure a thunderstorm.
79 Unorthodox – अनर्थोडॉक्स nontraditional – अपारंपरिक Not wearing the school uniform in the Christian school is viewed as unorthodox behavior.
80 Divinity – देवत्व the property of being divine, of being like a god or God – दैवी असण्याचा गुणधर्म, देव किंवा देवासारखा असण्याचा Although many doubted him, the man held fast in his claims of divinity and never faltered even when put under pressure.
81 Quixotic – क्विक्सोटिक unrealistic and impractical – अवास्तव आणि अव्यवहार्य Although Jack’s plan for killing the giant was quixotic, it was the village’s only hope.
82 Precursor – पूर्वगामी something that happens before something else – काहीतरी आधी घडते As I looked up in the sky, I saw a large dark cloud, a precursor of an upcoming storm.
83 Yegg – येग a thief who is skilled in breaking open safes – एक चोर जो खुली तिजोरी फोडण्यात तरबेज आहे Using his safe-cracking skills, the yegg was able to steal all of the money out of the man’s hiding spot.
84 Distorted – विकृत unclear; vague – अस्पष्ट अस्पष्ट The police could barely make out the suspect’s face on the fuzzy picture since the image was severely distorted.
85 Irreverent – अविचारी displaying little respect to a person, thing, or idea – एखादी व्यक्ती, गोष्ट किंवा कल्पनेबद्दल थोडासा आदर दाखवणे When the knight did not bow before his queen, he acted in an irreverent manner.
86 Crept – क्रेप्ट simple past tense of creep; move slowly – रांगणेचा साधा भूतकाळ; हळूहळू हलवा Debby lost weight before college but the lost pounds crept back.
87 Loyalist – निष्ठावंत someone who supports their ruler or government, especially during a revolution – कोणीतरी जो त्यांच्या शासक किंवा सरकारला पाठिंबा देतो, विशेषत: क्रांतीच्या वेळी John is a tea party loyalist who is very outspoken about the evils of the Democratic party in the United States.
88 Hermit – संन्यासी someone who lives alone and avoids human companionship – जो एकटा राहतो आणि मानवी सहवास टाळतो Sheltered by a mountain, the recluse hermit lived in a rickety hut.
89 Lesson – धडा an activity or event that teaches you something or provides knowledge – एखादी क्रियाकलाप किंवा घटना जी तुम्हाला काहीतरी शिकवते किंवा ज्ञान प्रदान करते Mrs. Rupert plans to teach her math students a lesson on how to multiply fractions during second period.
90 Calumniate – टोमणे मारणे to voice untrue accounts about an individual or group – एखाद्या व्यक्ती किंवा गटाबद्दल असत्य खात्यांना आवाज देण्यासाठी In an attempt to prevent the mayor’s reelection, someone has been using the Internet to calumniate the city leader’s family.
91 Perdition – नाश unending damnation – न संपणारा शाप The minister told me the road to perdition was paved with the sins of mankind.
92 Prospect – प्रॉस्पेक्ट an individual who is likely to be selected or targeted – एखादी व्यक्ती जिची निवड किंवा लक्ष्य केले जाण्याची शक्यता आहे Jared improved his computer skills so he would be a good prospect for the job opening in the technology department.
93 Condemned – निंदा केली declared unfit or unworthy; officially treated poorly – अयोग्य किंवा अयोग्य घोषित; अधिकृतपणे खराब वागणूक The young man was condemned by his peers solely because he wasn’t intelligent, even though he still had skills to offer to society.
94 Masculine – मर्दानी manly or seen as male in nature – पुरुषार्थ किंवा निसर्गात पुरुष म्हणून पाहिले जाते It is considered masculine to be big and strong, though that notion is probably from an older era where men were usually warriors of some sort.
95 Burlap – बर्लॅप coarse, plain-woven fabric used for bagging, furniture, and rugs – खरखरीत, साधे विणलेले फॅब्रिक बॅगिंग, फर्निचर आणि रग्जसाठी वापरले जाते Burlap bags are being woven to hold potatoes and produce to be sold at the market.
96 Make – बनवा to form or build something – काहीतरी तयार करणे किंवा तयार करणे Putting together balls of white snow, Elsa and Ana were able to make a snowman.
97 Repeal – रद्द करा to cancel – रद्द करण्यासाठी With so much negative feedback, the owner had to consider a repeal of his new dress code.
98 Interesting – मनोरंजक able to attract your attention or make you want to know more – तुमचे लक्ष वेधून घेण्यास किंवा तुम्हाला अधिक जाणून घेण्याची इच्छा निर्माण करण्यास सक्षम Terry spent most of his afternoon absorbed in an interesting article about the most dangerous animals on earth.
99 Sleight of hand – हातचलाखी deceptive tricks that usually require quick hand movements – फसव्या युक्त्या ज्यांना सहसा जलद हात हालचाल आवश्यक असते Using sleight of hand, the magician was able to trick audience members into thinking the coin had disappeared.
100 Snaggletooth – स्नॅगलटूथ a smile with a tooth or teeth that are crooked and project out past others – वाकड्या दात किंवा दात असलेले एक स्मितहास्य आणि इतरांच्या मागे प्रक्षेपित करणे Many of the first graders have snaggletooth smiles, so they rarely ever tease each other about their crooked teeth.
101 Consolation – सांत्वन comfort or reward given to someone who has lost something or someone – ज्याने काहीतरी किंवा कोणीतरी गमावले आहे त्याला दिलासा किंवा बक्षीस The court’s decision to award me two million dollars in damages was no consolation for the loss of my husband.
102 Extemporize – extemporize to improvise, especially while giving a speech or performing music – सुधारणे, विशेषत: भाषण देताना किंवा संगीत सादर करताना The pianist was able to extemporize and play a piece without music or preparation.
103 Hypnotized – संमोहित put someone in a trancelike state – एखाद्याला ट्रान्ससारख्या स्थितीत ठेवा Waving the watch back and forth in front of Esmerelda’s eyes, the witch doctor hypnotized the young woman into following his every command.
104 State – राज्य the condition or status of an object or situation – वस्तू किंवा परिस्थितीची स्थिती किंवा स्थिती The landlord’s last tenants left his rental home destroyed and in a terrible state.
105 Flop – फ्लॉप to drop down in a hefty and wobbly way – एक भारी आणि डळमळीत मार्गाने खाली पडणे After a long day at work, the girls flop down on the sofa and won’t move for an hour.
106 Segregate – वेगळे करणे to place apart because of real or perceived differences – वास्तविक किंवा समजलेल्या फरकांमुळे वेगळे करणे Airlines segregate passengers into economy and first class so they can charge higher ticket prices for premium seats.
107 Pester – पेस्टर to bother someone with several questions or requests to the point that it becomes a point of anger – एखाद्याला अनेक प्रश्न किंवा विनंत्या देऊन त्रास देणे की तो रागाचा मुद्दा बनतो Brian hated when his annoying little cousin visited because he liked to pester him with a hundred questions.
108 Furrowed – फुरफुरलेले crumpled or to make wrinkles – crumpled किंवा wrinkles करण्यासाठी The angry toddler furrowed his face which made it obvious to see that he was very upset at his mother.
109 Paladin – पॅलादिन a very brave knight that fought using a horse and a sword – एक अतिशय शूर शूरवीर जो घोडा आणि तलवार वापरून लढला While fighting bravely for his country, Charlemagne’s paladin refused to bow down to any other knight.
110 Sense – संवेदना the bodies ability to experience sight, sound, touch, taste, or smell – दृष्टी, आवाज, स्पर्श, चव किंवा वास अनुभवण्याची शरीराची क्षमता When Beethoven started composing music his sense of hearing was poor and got worse until he was completely deaf.
111 Oncology – ऑन्कोलॉजी the examination and analysis of cancer – कर्करोगाची तपासणी आणि विश्लेषण After detecting a tumor in the man’s brain, his family physician knew to refer him to a specialist of oncology.
112 Influenced – प्रभावित persuaded; Impacted one’s behavior or thoughts – मन वळवणे एखाद्याच्या वर्तनावर किंवा विचारांवर परिणाम होतो Judie influenced her friend to join her weight loss program by showing her pictures of her own success.
113 In turn – बदल्यात a statement meaning because of that – त्या मुळे विधानाचा अर्थ After our latest barbeque, my neighbor has in turn asked my husband and I over for brunch.
114 Matter – बाब be of importance of have significance – महत्व असणे महत्वाचे आहे Clara insisted that the messiness of her room shouldn’t matter, but her mother thinks keeping a clean house is important.
115 Automatically – आपोआप spontaneously and involuntarily – उत्स्फूर्तपणे आणि अनैच्छिकपणे As I inhaled dust when I shook the dirty rug, I automatically sneezed without any warning.
116 Least – कमीत कमी the smallest in degree or amount – पदवी किंवा रकमेत सर्वात लहान The frugal shopper tries to buy her clothing on clearance and for the least amount possible.
117 Balky – बाल्की not willing to cooperate or comply as expected – अपेक्षेप्रमाणे सहकार्य करण्यास किंवा पालन करण्यास तयार नाही The balky toddler’s favorite word was ‘no,’ and she seemed to enjoy doing the opposite of what her parents asked.
118 Befall – पडणे to occur or happen to a person – एखाद्या व्यक्तीला घडणे किंवा घडणे If anything bad should befall me, I leave all my possessions to my loving husband.
119 Shattering – झोडपत breaking apart into many pieces – अनेक तुकडे करणे In order to stop our group from shattering, the leader rearranged our partner setup so members would be paired with people they liked.
120 Precept – उपदेश a rule that sets the pattern for one’s behavior – एक नियम जो एखाद्याच्या वर्तनाचा नमुना सेट करतो The school’s honesty precept dictates we only turn in our own work.
121 Backdoor – मागील दार refers to an indirect or dishonest way of doing or achieving something – काहीतरी करण्याच्या किंवा साध्य करण्याच्या अप्रत्यक्ष किंवा अप्रामाणिक मार्गाचा संदर्भ देते The failing company’s backdoor bailout allowed them to get rid of their debt but left their shocked employees without jobs.
122 Afar – अफार in a distant area – दूरच्या भागात Everyone could tell that the stranger came from afar due to his unknown accent.
123 Delay – विलंब to postpone something – काहीतरी पुढे ढकलणे Due to the blizzard that came through the town, we knew school officials would either close the school or delay the start of the next school day.
124 Prodigal – उधळपट्टी carelessly and foolishly spending money, time, etc. – निष्काळजीपणे आणि मूर्खपणाने पैसा, वेळ इ. खर्च करणे. If you want to save money for college, you should stop your prodigal spending sprees.
125 Increased – वाढले grew in number or size – संख्या किंवा आकारात वाढली Each week, the number of people viewing Brian’s YouTube videos increased until he reached 1 million.
126 Trickery – फसवणूक the practice of being deceitful and dishonest – फसव्या आणि अप्रामाणिक असण्याची प्रथा The sly fox continued his trickery, sneaking into the hen house when the farmer wasn’t looking.
127 Finance – वित्त to pay for something or provide monetary support for it – एखाद्या गोष्टीसाठी पैसे देणे किंवा त्यासाठी आर्थिक मदत देणे A politician that is truly interested in a particular cause will finance that cause with their own money.
128 Lodestar – लोडस्टार a specific star used for navigation at sea – समुद्रात नेव्हिगेशनसाठी वापरला जाणारा विशिष्ट तारा Polaris, the North Star, is most notable for being used as a lodestar by sailors.
129 Unidirectional – दिशाहीन operating or moving in one direction – ऑपरेट करणे किंवा एका दिशेने फिरणे With the unidirectional model, all the gears turn in the same direction.
130 Pretext – सबब a fake excuse or reason – खोटे निमित्त किंवा कारण Under pretext of being a police officer, the gang member gained entry into the rival gang leader’s apartment.
131 Realist – वास्तववादी a person who accepts the true nature of a situation rather than an idealized version – आदर्श आवृत्ती ऐवजी परिस्थितीचे खरे स्वरूप स्वीकारणारी व्यक्ती As a realist, the Prima prides herself on being a rational thinker that can solve any problem that arrives.
132 Uncivilized – असंस्कृत impolite, coarse and uncouth – असभ्य, खडबडीत आणि अशिष्ट The bully’s uncivilized nature of hitting kids for no reason and interrupting them when they were speaking caused many kids to be wary of him.
133 Supine – सुपिन lying face upward – वर पडलेला चेहरा When my sister and I were little kids, we would lie supine in the snow and make angels in the snow.
134 Haunches – हांच Hindquarters; Hips, buttocks, and upper thighs of a human or animal – हिंडक्वार्टर; नितंब, नितंब आणि माणसाच्या किंवा प्राण्यांच्या मांड्या Sitting upon his haunches, the horse neighed and whinnied.
135 Nettle – चिडवणे to cause someone to become annoyed or angry – एखाद्याला चिडवणे किंवा रागावणे My brother will often nettle me by reading my diary.
136 Buck – बोकड male deer or antelope – नर हरण किंवा मृग Seeing the buck emerge from the clearing, the hunter aimed his rifle and prepared to take his shot at the massive deer.
137 Abidance – आचरण a state of compliance or following of the rules – नियमांचे पालन किंवा पालन करण्याची स्थिती On the first day, the teacher stressed the importance of the students’ abidance to the rules.
138 Purview – पुरूळ area of authority or control – अधिकार किंवा नियंत्रण क्षेत्र The accountant’s purview includes any of the company’s financial matters.
139 Hoopla – हुपला excitement or commotion surrounding a situation – परिस्थितीभोवती उत्साह किंवा गोंधळ Embarrassed by all of the hoopla, the graduate turned red as her parents yelled her name from their seats.
140 Scheduled – अनुसूचित describing an event that is intended to take place at a certain time – एखाद्या विशिष्ट वेळी घडण्याच्या उद्देशाने घडलेल्या घटनेचे वर्णन करणे Our visit to my Aunt’s house is scheduled for tomorrow, so we’re going to go ahead and pack today.
141 Inspired – प्रेरणा दिली encouraged; motivated – प्रोत्साहन दिले; प्रेरित Becca’s recent weight loss inspired her sister’s journey and motivated her to lose a few pounds as well.
142 Peeve – पिव an annoyance or irritant – एक चीड किंवा चिडचिड Making a tapping sound on the desk was the peeve that annoyed our teacher the most.
143 Amass – एकत्र करणे to bring together a large amount – मोठ्या प्रमाणात एकत्र आणण्यासाठी To start a business, one needs to amass a huge sum of ready money.
144 Ferment – आंबायला ठेवा to produce excitement or unrest – उत्साह किंवा अशांतता निर्माण करणे The media tried to ferment public unrest by repeatedly publishing articles about the crooked police officer.
145 Remind – आठवण करून द्या to cause someone to remember something – एखाद्याला काहीतरी लक्षात ठेवण्यासाठी The department of transportation has placed flashing signs on the roads to remind drivers to slow down in the rain.
146 Undiminished – कमी न झालेला not lessened; not made weaker – कमी नाही; कमकुवत केले नाही Trees in front of the window need to be cut back so that the view of the lake is undiminished.
147 Aim – लक्ष्य to point something in a certain direction – काहीतरी एका विशिष्ट दिशेने निर्देशित करणे The hunter began to aim his bow at the deer as soon as it came out of the clearing.
148 Lasted – टिकला to have continued for a certain amount of time – ठराविक काळासाठी चालू ठेवण्यासाठी No human empire has lasted for a million years, primarily because humans themselves haven’t lasted that long in general.
149 Jape – जपे a practical joke or trick that you play on someone – एक व्यावहारिक विनोद किंवा युक्ती जी तुम्ही एखाद्यावर खेळता A whoopee cushion and a buzzer were used by the clown when he wanted to pull of a funny jape.
150 Wetland – वेटलँड land that has wet soil, such as a marsh or a swamp – ओल्या मातीची जमीन, जसे की दलदल किंवा दलदल The animals living on the wetland were at risk of losing their habitat because of the oil spill.
151 Mantra – मंत्र a phrase or term repeated often that usually echoes an individual’s basic principles – एक वाक्यांश किंवा संज्ञा वारंवार पुनरावृत्ती केली जाते जी सहसा एखाद्या व्यक्तीच्या मूलभूत तत्त्वांचे प्रतिध्वनी करते As physicians we observe the mantra of “not doing any harm.”
152 Recluse – वैराग्य a person who lives alone and avoids other people; a hermit – एकटा राहणारा आणि इतर लोकांना टाळणारी व्यक्ती; एक संन्यासी Despite her reputation as a recluse, Samantha held regular gatherings in her home to entertain close friends.
153 Hound – हाउंड to constantly chase or bother someone because you want to get something from them – एखाद्याचा सतत पाठलाग करणे किंवा त्रास देणे कारण तुम्हाला त्यांच्याकडून काहीतरी मिळवायचे आहे The bill collector continued to hound Javi by constantly calling him about his debt.
154 Obtained – प्राप्त gained or got a hold of something – काहीतरी मिळवले किंवा पकडले The undercover officer obtained drugs from the dealer after giving him money for the pills.
155 Restrict – प्रतिबंधित करा to limit something – काहीतरी मर्यादित करण्यासाठी After receiving threats, Tiffany would restrict accepting people as friends on Facebook to the people she knows very well.
156 Coherence – सुसंगतता unity; consistency – ऐक्य सुसंगतता Coherence in the manufacturing process is needed so that all of the cakes are made in the exact same way.
157 Flagship – फ्लॅगशिप the best or most important thing produced by a company – कंपनीद्वारे उत्पादित केलेली सर्वोत्तम किंवा सर्वात महत्वाची गोष्ट The chain’s flagship store sells more hamburgers than any other location.
158 Bibliography – संदर्भग्रंथ a list of the works referred to in a scholarly piece, usually at the end in the form of an appendix – अभ्यासपूर्ण भागामध्ये संदर्भित केलेल्या कामांची सूची, सहसा परिशिष्टाच्या रूपात शेवटी Most English teachers require you to have a bibliography with your research paper, giving proof of where you got all of your information.
159 Misspell – चुकीचे शब्दलेखन to spell something wrong – काहीतरी चुकीचे शब्दलेखन करणे The student continued to misspell the word ‘giraffe,’ even after his teacher reminded him to add an ‘e’ to the end.
160 Awesomeness – अप्रतिमपणा greatness or excellence – महानता किंवा उत्कृष्टता The awesomeness of the fireworks show was so grand that it blew everyone’s socks clean off.
161 Consciously – जाणीवपूर्वक doing something deliberately, with awareness – जाणीवपूर्वक, जाणीवपूर्वक काहीतरी करणे While on a diet, the woman chose every meal consciously.
162 Pendant – लटकन a pendant a piece of jewelry worn around the neck – एक पेंडेंट गळ्यात घातलेला दागिन्यांचा तुकडा The teenager had a rose gold pendant around her neck with a chain that hung low.
163 Enigmatic – गूढ full of mystery and difficult to understand – गूढ आणि समजण्यास कठीण When I was growing up, I viewed my father as an enigmatic man who rarely spent time with me.
164 Barometer – बॅरोमीटर something used as an indicator – काहीतरी सूचक म्हणून वापरले जाते The unemployment rate has long been considered a barometer of a country’s economic status.
165 Acting – अभिनय pretending; appearing to be – ढोंग करणे असल्याचे दिसून येत आहे The heartbroken girl tried acting like she wasn’t sad, even though she spent every night crying.
166 Bespoke – बेस्पोक individually or custom made – वैयक्तिकरित्या किंवा सानुकूल केले Her bicycle was made bespoke, with attention to every detail.
167 Scant – तुटपुंजे a tiny amount – एक लहान रक्कम We have to ration the water because we only have a scant amount.
168 Gynarchy – Gynarcy a government ruled by a woman or women – स्त्री किंवा स्त्रियांनी शासित सरकार Some feminists insist that a government ruled completely by women would be more successful than those led by men.
169 Pandiculation – पँडिक्युलेशन yawning and stretching – जांभई आणि ताणणे Before my feet hit the floor, my typical morning pandiculation process of yawning began.
170 Dapper – डॅपर neat in appearance, usually referring to a male – दिसायला नीटनेटका, सहसा पुरुषाचा संदर्भ देते In the roaring twenties, all of the dapper men took a great deal of care with their appearance.
171 Champagne – शॅम्पेन an expensive French wine that is white or pink and fizzy (has bubbles.) – एक महागडी फ्रेंच वाईन जी पांढरी किंवा गुलाबी आणि फिजी असते (फुगे असतात.) Popping the cork on the champagne, the birthday girl lifted the spewing wine bottle into the air and laughed with her guests.
172 Contretemps – कॉन्ट्रेटेम्प्स an ill-timed or humiliating incident – चुकीची किंवा अपमानास्पद घटना Falling in the school cafeteria was a contretemps the shy girl would never forget.
173 Dormant – सुप्त not doing anything at this time – यावेळी काहीही करत नाही Since the volcano is dormant right now, you do not have to be concerned about it erupting.
174 Crumple – चुरमुरे crush something in a way that it becomes wrinkled with many folds – काहीतरी अशा प्रकारे क्रश करा की ते अनेक पटीने सुरकुत्या पडेल The girl used her foot to crumple each can she collected.
175 Adhere – पालन conform to or follow rules exactly – नियमांचे तंतोतंत पालन करा किंवा त्यांचे पालन करा When I tell you to sit down, adhere to my order!
176 Dial – डायल करा to call a telephone number – दूरध्वनी क्रमांकावर कॉल करण्यासाठी Every child should be taught how to dial 911 as soon as they are old enough to understand how.
177 Au gratin – Au gratin cooking technique in which a dish topped with cheese and/or breadcrumbs and then browned – स्वयंपाक करण्याचे तंत्र ज्यामध्ये डिश वर चीज आणि/किंवा ब्रेडक्रंब असते आणि नंतर तपकिरी होते Mary made her famous potatoes au gratin with large sprinkling of freshly shredded gouda.
178 Torah – तोरा the five books found in the beginning of the holy book of the Judaism religion – यहुदी धर्माच्या पवित्र पुस्तकाच्या सुरुवातीला सापडलेली पाच पुस्तके Reading the Torah, the young Jewish boy became interested in his faith at such a young age.
179 Cloudy – ढगाळ (of weather or sky) overcast; covered with clouds – (हवामान किंवा आकाशाचे) ढगाळ; ढगांनी झाकलेले Because it was such a cloudy day, there wasn’t enough sunlight peeking from the sky to warm the pool.
180 Reinvigorate – पुनरुज्जीवित करा to revive or refresh – पुनरुज्जीवित किंवा रीफ्रेश करण्यासाठी A free luncheon was held for staff to reinvigorate moral and refresh company unity.
181 Enrich – समृद्ध करा to improve something or make something more enjoyable – काहीतरी सुधारण्यासाठी किंवा काहीतरी अधिक आनंददायक करण्यासाठी Adding twelve more credit hours of English onto my transcript would enrich my career possibilities.
182 Obnubilate – ओबन्युबिलेट to obscure or darken something – काहीतरी अस्पष्ट किंवा गडद करणे If a cloud passes in front of the sun, it will obnubilate the ground beneath it, creating shade and making everything darker.
183 Patent – पेटंट an official government document that allows the creator of a product to only create and sell this product for a period of time – एक अधिकृत सरकारी दस्तऐवज जो उत्पादनाच्या निर्मात्याला ठराविक कालावधीसाठी हे उत्पादन तयार करण्यास आणि विकण्याची परवानगी देतो After the consultation with a lawyer regarding my invention of a self-cleaning placemat, the lawyer explained that the patent would take years to acquire for my product.
184 Prevaricate – प्रिव्हेरिकेट speak or act in an evasive way – टाळाटाळ करणाऱ्या मार्गाने बोला किंवा कृती करा Because my sister Sarah does not take bad news well, I always prevaricate when telling her something she does not want to hear.
185 Destine – नियती to intend for something to fulfill a certain purpose – विशिष्ट हेतू पूर्ण करण्यासाठी काहीतरी करण्याचा हेतू When you create something, you destine it for a certain goal, a certain role that it was primarily designed to fulfill.
186 Clown – विदूषक someone who acts silly to entertain or make others laugh – मनोरंजन करण्यासाठी किंवा इतरांना हसवण्यासाठी मूर्खपणाने वागणारी व्यक्ती The class clown always tries to make other kids laugh during class.
187 Ratified – मान्यता दिली confirmed or made official – पुष्टी किंवा अधिकृत केले After all the signatures were placed on the document, the Founding Fathers ratified the Constitution and made it official.
188 Ungainly – अस्वच्छपणे used to describe a person or movement that is clumsy or awkward – अनाड़ी किंवा अस्ताव्यस्त असलेल्या व्यक्तीचे किंवा हालचालीचे वर्णन करण्यासाठी वापरले जाते Penguins are ungainly on land, always waddling around awkwardly on the ice.
189 Apolitical – अराजकीय not interested in political topics or events – राजकीय विषय किंवा कार्यक्रमांमध्ये स्वारस्य नाही Because he is apolitical, the celebrity refuses to give an opinion on anything going on in the White House.
190 None – काहीही नाही not any or no one – कोणीही नाही किंवा कोणीही नाही My friends had bought dinner for me while I was asleep, but by the time I woke up there was none left anyway.
191 Archaic – पुरातन old and no longer useful – जुने आणि यापुढे उपयुक्त नाही Because my archaic computer is no longer useful to me, I am giving it away for free.
192 Cheapen – स्वस्त to reduce the price or quality of something – एखाद्या गोष्टीची किंमत किंवा गुणवत्ता कमी करण्यासाठी If the movie theater decides to cheapen the price of tickets, more people will be able to afford tickets.
193 Pachyderm – पॅचीडर्म a mammal, usually with thick skin, that has hooves or appendages similar in shape to hooves – एक सस्तन प्राणी, सामान्यत: जाड त्वचेचा, ज्याला खुरांच्या आकारात खुर किंवा उपांग असतात If a circus has an elephant, it has a pachyderm.
194 Messenger – मेसेंजर someone who delivers a message (communicates) to someone else – जो कोणी दुसऱ्याला संदेश (संवाद) वितरीत करतो The messenger pigeon was used to deliver small, secret notes to people on the other side of the city.
195 Stress – ताण to place emphasis or importance on – वर जोर देणे किंवा महत्त्व देणे The professor used repetition to stress the importance of specific words.
196 Yacht – नौका a sail-boat used for racing or pleasure rides – रेसिंग किंवा आनंदाच्या राइडसाठी वापरण्यात येणारी पाल-बोट The family boarded the yacht and prepared to set sail to a private island where they would spend the day.
197 Joke – विनोद something said to cause amusement or entertainment – करमणूक किंवा करमणूक करण्यासाठी काहीतरी सांगितले John’s favorite joke has something to do with a priest walking into a bar, but I can’t remember what the punchline is.
198 Embrace – आलिंगन to clasp someone or each other with affection; hug – एखाद्याला किंवा एकमेकांना आपुलकीने पकडणे; मिठी I have come to appreciate warm people who embrace me just because they’re happy to see me.
199 Blare – ब्लेअर emit a loud and harsh sound – एक मोठा आणि कर्कश आवाज उत्सर्जित करा Music continued to blare from the nightclub’s pulsating speakers as the crowd pumped their fists to the booming beats.
200 Detached – अलिप्त not connected or joined – जोडलेले किंवा जोडलेले नाही My real estate agent showed the couple the rancher with the detached garage, but the wife hated it because she would have to carry groceries into the house in the rain.
201 Ravine – दऱ्या a tiny yet deep valley – एक छोटी पण खोल दरी As the driver lost control on the dirt road, the car suddenly headed into the ravine.
202 Frenetic – उन्मत्त fast, frantic, harried, or frenzied – वेगवान, उन्मत्त, त्रासलेले किंवा उन्माद After keeping up a frenetic pace trying to keep up with classes, work, and family, Marcy felt like she was on the brink of a nervous breakdown.
203 Judicious – विवेकी showing intelligence and good judgment – बुद्धिमत्ता आणि चांगला निर्णय दर्शवित आहे Because of the doctor’s experience, he was a judicious fellow who was well-respected by his colleagues.
204 Turnabout – टर्नअबाउट a complete reversal of a situation or an opinion – परिस्थिती किंवा मताचे संपूर्ण उलटणे Changing her mind on the issue, Glenda did a turnabout and decided to support her sister’s marriage.
205 Passing – उत्तीर्ण giving out; delivering – देत आहे; वितरण The funeral attendant was passing out tissues to all of the crying guests.
206 Bashful – लज्जास्पद shy or easily embarrassed – लाजाळू किंवा सहज लज्जास्पद The bashful student turned red with embarrassment.
207 Loyal – निष्ठावंत trusted and dependable – विश्वासार्ह आणि विश्वासार्ह A man’s most loyal companion is his dog because it will always welcome its owner back when the owner takes a vacation.
208 Dilatory – विस्तारित intended to cause delay – विलंब होण्याच्या उद्देशाने Unhappy with her job, the secretary performed every task at a dilatory speed.
209 Salute – सलाम to show distinction to someone by raising the right hand using a certain gesture – विशिष्ट हावभाव वापरून उजवा हात वर करून एखाद्याला वेगळेपणा दाखवण्यासाठी During the military funeral, everyone notices the officer’s salute to the coffin as it passed by.
210 Retort – प्रतिवाद करा  –  Because Amy was brought up to always be respectful, she restrained the urge to make a sarcastic retort to the young man’s question about her zodiac sign.
211 Macabre – मॅकेब्रे gruesome, shocking, disturbing, terrifying – भीषण, धक्कादायक, त्रासदायक, भयानक Since even the scariest of horror movies only made her laugh, Sofia supposed that she had a macabre sense of humor.
212 Waif – वायफ a very skinny and lanky girl or young woman – एक अतिशय हाडकुळा आणि दुबळी मुलगी किंवा तरुण स्त्री After noticing the female waif begging for food on the streets of India, it became apparent to the tourists that it had been a long time since she had a proper meal.
213 Excessive – जास्त more than needed – गरजेपेक्षा जास्त Excessive spending by the state government drained our funds and left us with a huge deficit.
214 Unwieldy – अनाठायी hard to relocate because of its size – त्याच्या आकारामुळे स्थान बदलणे कठीण आहे The young boy found it difficult to hold the unwieldy ball because of its huge size.
215 Endearment – प्रेमळपणा actions or words that convey affection – कृती किंवा शब्द जे प्रेम व्यक्त करतात When Matt told Jill he loved her, he hoped she would respond with some type of endearment.
216 All the while – सर्व वेळ for that whole period of time; happening continually during that time – त्या संपूर्ण कालावधीसाठी; त्या काळात सतत घडते We were searching everywhere for our puppy, and all the while, she was sleeping under the front porch.
217 Plaintiff – फिर्यादी in court the individual who claims someone else is responsible for a misdeed – कोर्टात जी व्यक्ती दुस-याला दुष्कृत्यासाठी जबाबदार असल्याचा दावा करते After the plaintiff fell on the grocery store’s wet floor, she filed a lawsuit hoping the damages would cover her medical bills.
218 Homebrew – होमब्रू beer or some other type of alcoholic drink made at home – बिअर किंवा इतर प्रकारचे अल्कोहोलिक पेय घरी बनवले जाते During the time that alcohol was outlawed, the bootleggers made homebrew and sold it out of their houses.
219 Irremediable – न सोडवता येणारे unable to be remedied, cured, corrected or repaired – उपचार, बरे, दुरुस्त किंवा दुरुस्त करण्यात अक्षम Bursting into tears, the young mother was appalled when she heard her baby had an irremediable disease which would cause severe pain for the rest of her life.
220 Syringe – इंजक्शन देणे a device used to suck up or inject liquid – द्रव शोषण्यासाठी किंवा इंजेक्ट करण्यासाठी वापरलेले साधन A turkey baster is a form of syringe that families use on Thanksgiving to suck up the juice from the turkey and make homemade gravy.
221 Periscope – पेरिस्कोप a viewing instrument, in the shape of a tube comprised of mirrors and lenses, that allows a viewer to obtain a clear field of sight – एक पाहण्याचे साधन, मिरर आणि लेन्स असलेल्या ट्यूबच्या आकारात, जे दर्शकांना दृष्टीचे स्पष्ट क्षेत्र प्राप्त करण्यास अनुमती देते Although the soldier was positioned in a ditch, he was able to use a periscope to observe the enemy camp above ground.
222 Exegesis – व्याख्या detailed explanation of a written passage – लिखित परिच्छेदाचे तपशीलवार स्पष्टीकरण The student’s exegesis of the novel was one of the best summaries the professor had ever read.
223 Opaque – अपारदर्शक not able to be seen through – द्वारे पाहण्यास सक्षम नाही Jack’s tinted car windows appear opaque to everyone outside the car.
224 Yore – पूर्वी a very long time ago – खूप पूर्वी In the days of yore, the Internet did not exist.
225 VIP – व्हीआयपी a acronym for the phrase ‘very important person – ‘अत्यंत महत्त्वाची व्यक्ती’ या वाक्यांशाचे संक्षिप्त रूप The club-goers booked a table in the VIP section for five hundred dollars and were treated like royalty while they were in the building.
226 Tidiness – नीटनेटकेपणा the act of being neat or something that is neat – नीटनेटके असण्याची कृती किंवा काहीतरी नीटनेटके आहे After noticing the tidiness of the children’s playroom, the family realized that their maid had worked today.
227 Ostensible – उघड appearing as such but not necessarily so – असे दिसते परंतु तसे आवश्यक नाही Your ostensible prank has done a lot of damage, and now you must face the consequences of your actions.
228 Synod – धर्मसभा a council – एक परिषद The synod of scholars met to discuss important developments in academia.
229 Executive – कार्यकारी a high-ranking employee in a company or business – कंपनी किंवा व्यवसायातील उच्च पदावरील कर्मचारी Once the strict executive of the Zanda Office Supply Company realized some employees were stealing pens and paper, he fired every one of them.
230 Ignition – प्रज्वलन the action of setting something on fire – काहीतरी आग लावण्याची क्रिया Firefighters suspected arson but could not located an ignition source.
231 Stupefy – स्तब्ध to astonish to the point that a person’s thinking ability is decreased – एखाद्या व्यक्तीची विचार करण्याची क्षमता कमी झाल्यामुळे आश्चर्यचकित होणे Seeing the naked woman was enough to stupefy the bus driver and cause him to drive off the road.
232 Flippancy – चपखलपणा a manner that lacks respect or seriousness – आदर किंवा गांभीर्य नसलेली पद्धत The unserious worker’s flippancy caused him to be fired from his job.
233 Ring – रिंग a circular band of any material – कोणत्याही साहित्याचा गोलाकार बँड The newly married woman wore a golden ring with diamonds on her left finger.
234 Ajar – अजार slightly opened – किंचित उघडले She left her bedroom door ajar, so I figured it was safe to enter.
235 Turbulent – अशांत being in a wild or disordered state – जंगली किंवा विस्कळीत स्थितीत असणे When the protestors began to outnumber the police standing outside city hall, the environment became turbulent.
236 Petrol – पेट्रोल gas or fuel – गॅस किंवा इंधन The price of the petrol was significantly higher this summer because everyone was driving long distances and the stations wanted to make more money.
237 Self-assured – स्वत:ची खात्री आहे showing confidence in one’s self and your own abilities/skills – स्वतःचा आणि तुमच्या स्वतःच्या क्षमता/कौशल्यांवर विश्वास दाखवणे Confident and self-assured, there is nothing the man thought he couldn’t accomplish.
238 Collegial – महाविद्यालयीन associated with a pleasant relationship between co-workers or peers – सहकारी किंवा समवयस्क यांच्यातील आनंददायी नातेसंबंधाशी संबंधित Because my roommate and I get along in a collegial manner, we are the best of pals.
239 Kickstart – किकस्टार्ट to take steps to make something begin – काहीतरी सुरू करण्यासाठी पावले उचलणे To kickstart her weight loss, Allison arranged to meet with a trainer and a nutrition expert.
240 Unprepared – अप्रस्तुत not ready or able to deal with something – काहीतरी हाताळण्यास तयार किंवा सक्षम नाही The Build-a-Bear store was unprepared to handle the influx of customers, so it quickly ran out of stock.
241 Prompted – प्रॉम्प्ट केले to be led to take action – कारवाई करण्यासाठी नेले जाईल I was prompted to intervene in the fight when I saw that one of the fighters was going to continue attacking his unconscious foe.
242 Increment – वाढ a degree by which something is increased or enlarged – एक पदवी ज्याद्वारे काहीतरी वाढवले जाते किंवा मोठे केले जाते In prison, one phone increment is ten minutes.
243 Sterile – निर्जंतुक devoid of germs – जंतू विरहित Use a disinfectant solution to make the table sterile.
244 Pro bono – प्रो बोनो a free service to the public by a lawyer – वकिलाद्वारे जनतेसाठी मोफत सेवा When the attorney wanted to give back to his community, he started doing pro bono work for the poor clients who found themselves in trouble with the law.
245 Postponed – पुढे ढकलले put something on hold; Scheduled an event for a later time than initially planned – काहीतरी होल्डवर ठेवा; सुरुवातीला नियोजित वेळेपेक्षा नंतरच्या वेळेसाठी कार्यक्रम शेड्यूल केला The couple postponed their wedding, pushing the date back a few months after the bride’s mother died.
246 Materialism – भौतिकवाद constant concern over material possessions and wealth – भौतिक संपत्ती आणि संपत्तीची सतत चिंता Obviously, the shopper’s belief in materialism led her to buy far more items than she could afford.
247 Functionality – कार्यक्षमता being suited to serve a purpose well or perform a task well – एखाद्या उद्देशाची पूर्तता करण्यासाठी किंवा कार्य चांगल्या प्रकारे पार पाडण्यासाठी योग्य असणे Although the very first cell phone was an innovative product, it’s bulkiness effected its functionality.
248 Ouch – ओच an exclamation of hurt or pain – दुखापत किंवा वेदनांचे उद्गार She yelled, “Ouch!” as she tumbled down the stairs breaking her arm.
249 Nefarious – नीच very evil and wicked – खूप वाईट आणि दुष्ट How nefarious of you to fling dog crap on my car!
250 Renovation – नूतनीकरण to restore a building in good condition – चांगल्या स्थितीत इमारत पुनर्संचयित करण्यासाठी Because our house was undergoing a renovation, we were staying in a hotel.
251 Uptick – अपटिक a small increase in something – एखाद्या गोष्टीत थोडीशी वाढ An uptick in demand for popsicles on the hot summer day allowed the ice cream stand to sell a little more than usual.
252 Preternatural – पूर्वप्राकृतिक unusual; uncommon in nature – असामान्य निसर्गात असामान्य The superhero’s preternatural abilities help him perform amazing feats when people are in danger.
253 Enlist – भरती करा to volunteer/ask others for help or aid – स्वयंसेवक/इतरांना मदत किंवा मदतीसाठी विचारणे The author was on a mission to enlist the help of a forensics expert to check the accuracy of her story.
254 Strangulate – गळा दाबणे to prevent proper blood flow in the body via constriction – आकुंचन द्वारे शरीरात योग्य रक्त प्रवाह रोखण्यासाठी The purpose of a tourniquet is to stop blood loss from a wound by being tight enough around a limb to strangulate it.
255 Shelter – निवारा to give temporary protection from something bad such as weather or danger – हवामान किंवा धोक्यासारख्या वाईट गोष्टीपासून तात्पुरते संरक्षण देण्यासाठी The homeless man set up a makeshift shanty to shelter himself from the bitter cold.
256 Finale – शेवट the climax of an event or last part of a performance, public event, etc – एखाद्या कार्यक्रमाचा कळस किंवा कामगिरीचा शेवटचा भाग, सार्वजनिक कार्यक्रम इ During the reality tv show finale, the cast members met to discuss the drama that occurred during the season.
257 Autochthonous – ऑटोकथॉनस original inhabitants of a place without any migration or intermingling of other groups – स्थलांतर न करता किंवा इतर गटांमध्ये मिसळल्याशिवाय ठिकाणाचे मूळ रहिवासी Many autochthonous tribes in remote corners of Siberia have never been approached by colonists or married outside of their group.
258 Evoke – उद्युक्त करा to bring a feeling, a memory or an image into your mind – तुमच्या मनात एखादी भावना, स्मृती किंवा प्रतिमा आणण्यासाठी When I’ve been under a lot of stress, I usually treat myself to a bubble bath to try to evoke a greater sense of well-being.
259 Monograph – मोनोग्राफ a specialist work of writing on a single subject – एकाच विषयावर लिहिण्याचे एक विशेषज्ञ काम The acclaimed psychologist wrote his most famous monograph on the art of manipulation.
260 Expurgate – expurgate to edit out rude, incorrect, offensive, useless, or otherwise undesirable information; to purge – असभ्य, चुकीची, आक्षेपार्ह, निरुपयोगी किंवा अन्यथा अवांछित माहिती संपादित करण्यासाठी; शुद्ध करणे The rapper was told that if he did not expurgate the offensive lyrics from his new song, it would never be played on the radio.
261 Robber – दरोडेखोर someone who commits robbery, someone who steals – कोणी दरोडा टाकतो, कोणी चोरी करतो The robber managed to steal tow bags of money from the bank, but he was quickly caught by the police.
262 Paraplegic – पॅराप्लेजिक someone who is unable to move their legs and lower body – पाय आणि खालचे शरीर हलवू शकत नसलेली व्यक्ती Due to the man’s broken back, the surgeon was certain the man would be a paraplegic for life since he couldn’t move his legs.
263 Trim – ट्रिम करा to make something neater by cutting away excess or irregular parts – जादा किंवा अनियमित भाग कापून काहीतरी स्वच्छ करणे Rather than mow the lawn, I decided that I would trim unseemly bushes in my neighbor’s yard for a little extra cash.
264 Misconceived – गैरसमज interpreted wrong because information wasn’t properly understood – चुकीचा अर्थ लावला कारण माहिती नीट समजली नाही The poet was frustrated that so many of the readers were confused and misconceived the meaning of her lastest piece.
265 Via – मार्गे by way of; through – च्या मार्गाने; माध्यमातून The couple decided to send out their wedding invitations via Facebook since this is a free way to let families know about the event.
266 Matriarch – मातृसत्ताक a woman who leads a tribe or family – एक स्त्री जी टोळी किंवा कुटुंबाचे नेतृत्व करते My mother is the family matriarch who has the final say in household affairs.
267 Particularly – विशेषतः to a higher degree than normal or average – सामान्य किंवा सरासरीपेक्षा जास्त प्रमाणात The veterinarian likes all animals, but she is particularly fond of rabbits.
268 Cowardly – भ्याड referring to someone that has no courage or bravery – धैर्य किंवा शौर्य नसलेल्या एखाद्याचा संदर्भ देत आहे The cowardly Francisco abandoned his friend to his demise when the duo was ambushed by a group of bandits.
269 Temple – मंदिर a building that is devoted to religious worship – धार्मिक उपासनेला वाहिलेली इमारत Every year, thousands of people fill the temple to worship their god and pay respects to their ancestors inside the sanctuary.
270 Truculence – ट्रुक्युलेन्स aggressively forceful and hostile behavior – आक्रमकपणे जबरदस्त आणि प्रतिकूल वर्तन The aggressive man’s truculence caused him to be arrested and jailed for disorderly conduct.
271 Tactless – चातुर्यहीन without tact; not sensitive – युक्तीशिवाय; संवेदनशील नाही My tactless sister made a joke about running over a dog even though she knew my son’s pet had recently died.
272 Improvident – सुधारक not preparing for the financial future; reckless – आर्थिक भविष्यासाठी तयारी करत नाही; बेपर्वा Jessie handles all of the household financial matters because of his wife’s improvident spending habits.
273 Introduction – परिचय a situation in which someone or something is brought in or used for the first time – अशी परिस्थिती ज्यामध्ये कोणीतरी किंवा काहीतरी प्रथमच आणले किंवा वापरले जाते The introduction of the teen’s new boyfriend to her parents didn’t go very well.
274 Emeritus – एमेरिटस retaining a title of honor after retirement – निवृत्तीनंतर सन्मानाची पदवी राखणे Barack Obama is the emeritus President of the United States.
275 Role – भूमिका an actor or actress’s part in a play or movie – नाटक किंवा चित्रपटातील अभिनेता किंवा अभिनेत्रीचा भाग The actress’s role in the horror film was that of a killer nurse who preyed on sick patients.
276 Hussar – हुसर a soldier from Hungary known for wearing vibrant attire – हंगेरीचा एक सैनिक जो दोलायमान पोशाख परिधान करण्यासाठी ओळखला जातो It was disastrous for the Hungarian leaders to require each Hussar in their unit to wear a bright red jacket as part of his uniform when fighting in battle.
277 Nepotism – नेपोटिझम the act of giving opportunities to others simply because of a personal relationship – फक्त वैयक्तिक संबंधांमुळे इतरांना संधी देण्याची कृती Since George is an idiot everyone knows his father hired him because of nepotism.
278 Categorize – वर्गीकरण करा to place something in a class or group based on its attributes – वर्ग किंवा गटामध्ये त्याच्या गुणधर्मांवर आधारित काहीतरी ठेवणे I decided to categorize this homework as math because it has a lot of math in it despite being assigned by the science teacher.
279 Pirogue – पिरोग a pirogue is a long narrow canoe – एक pirogue एक लांब अरुंद डोंगी आहे They paddled across the river in the narrow pirogue.
280 Gateway – प्रवेशद्वार an entrance or network that connects one thing to another – एक प्रवेशद्वार किंवा नेटवर्क जे एका गोष्टीला दुसऱ्याशी जोडते Research says that marijuana is a gateway drug that leads to the abuse of harder substances.
281 Adjourn – पुढे ढकलणे to suspend or conclude an event – कार्यक्रम स्थगित करणे किंवा समाप्त करणे After church services adjourn at one o’clock, we will have our monthly picnic.
282 Grumpy – चिडखोर ill-tempered or unhappy – वाईट स्वभाव किंवा दुःखी I am always grumpy in the early morning, rarely saying a word and frowning at everyone who bothers to look my way.
283 Fanciful – काल्पनिक imaginative or unreal – काल्पनिक किंवा अवास्तव Because she had a wild imagination, she loved to create fanciful stories in her spare time.
284 Whetstone – व्हेटस्टोन a sharpening stone that is used to sharpen knives or other tools – एक धारदार दगड जो चाकू किंवा इतर साधने धारदार करण्यासाठी वापरला जातो Using a whetstone to sharpen his sword, the knight prepared his weapon for battle.
285 Iconoclast – आयकॉनोक्लास्ट someone who attacks the beliefs, customs, and opinions that most people in a society accept – समाजातील बहुसंख्य लोक स्वीकारलेल्या श्रद्धा, प्रथा आणि मतांवर हल्ला करणारी व्यक्ती Because Jared was an iconoclast and dared to question the company’s mission, he was fired from his job.
286 Feared – भीती वाटली something that one is afraid of – ज्याची भीती वाटते Spiders are generally feared by humans, which is odd since they are so small and usually harmless.
287 Treacle – गुंडाळी mushy or emotional sentimentality – भावनिक किंवा भावनिक भावनिकता As much as I appreciate all of this treacle, would you please stop crying so we can get back to the task at hand?
288 Patch – पॅच to conceal and protect a little piece of cloth or other material over a gap – अंतरावर कापडाचा किंवा इतर साहित्याचा थोडासा तुकडा लपवण्यासाठी आणि संरक्षित करण्यासाठी Mothers usually have to patch their little boys’ pants because they frequently play so rough outside with their friends.
289 Amaranthine – राजगिरा immortal or undying – अमर किंवा अमर No human is amaranthine, no matter what we do we will all pass away eventually.
290 Smudgy – धुरकट having blurred or smeared marks on the surface – पृष्ठभागावर अस्पष्ट किंवा डाग असलेल्या खुणा The maid had to clean the smudgy windows over and over again since the children love to rub them with their dirty hands.
291 Enthusiast – उत्साही a person who is highly interested in something – एखादी व्यक्ती ज्याला एखाद्या गोष्टीमध्ये खूप रस आहे As a fitness enthusiast, Debra is always preaching to her friends about the importance of working out.
292 Regroup – पुन्हा गटबद्ध करा to stop for a short period before continuing doing a difficult task – कठीण काम सुरू ठेवण्यापूर्वी थोड्या काळासाठी थांबणे After another devastating loss, the team decided to regroup and discuss strategies for the next meet.
293 Pretension – ढोंग asserting a certain quality or status – विशिष्ट गुणवत्ता किंवा स्थिती सांगणे The butler reeked of pretension as he told me to enter the house through the back door.
294 Swanky – डौलदार something that is stylishly expensive – काहीतरी जे स्टाईलिशली महाग आहे This car is really swanky, but even though it is pretty stylish I cannot afford it because of how luxurious it is.
295 Upstanding – अपस्टँडिंग honest; respectable – प्रामाणिक आदरणीय Known as an upstanding gentleman, many people were shocked that Bill Cosby would be convicted of such terrible crimes against women.
296 Lunar – चंद्र pertaining to the moon – चंद्राशी संबंधित Our class was studying the lunar landing of 1969.
297 Elusion – भ्रम the act of escaping or hiding from someone – एखाद्यापासून पळून जाण्याची किंवा लपण्याची कृती My cat’s successful elusion is kind of irritating, since I can’t bathe her if I can’t find her around the house.
298 Ruth – रुथ feeling of sorrow for someone else who is suffering – दु:खाची भावना Sincere parents often feel ruth for their upset children following a divorce due to the hurt it causes their innocent children.
299 Foist – फोइस्ट to compel a person or group to accept something that is not wanted – एखाद्या व्यक्तीला किंवा समूहाला नको असलेले काहीतरी स्वीकारण्यास भाग पाडणे The government has decided to foist yet another tax increase on the public.
300 Delayed – विलंब झाला something that has been slowed down or postponed – काहीतरी मंद केले आहे किंवा पुढे ढकलले आहे Because the delayed flight will be thirty minutes late, the travelers have more time to rest in the airport lounge.
301 Transaction – व्यवहार the act of exchanging something for something else, whether it be an idea, goods, money, labor, or alliances – एखाद्या गोष्टीसाठी काहीतरी देवाणघेवाण करण्याची क्रिया, मग ती कल्पना, वस्तू, पैसा, श्रम किंवा युती असो The cashier asked the customer if she wanted a receipt for her transaction.
302 Prognostic – भविष्यसूचक describes something that would help predict the likely outcome of a disease or illness – एखाद्या रोगाचे किंवा आजाराच्या संभाव्य परिणामाचा अंदाज लावण्यास मदत करेल अशा गोष्टीचे वर्णन करते Performing a prognostic biopsy will tell us the stage at which the cancer is currently.
303 Argumentative – वादग्रस्त predisposed to debating, disagreeing, or expressing controversial opinions or beliefs – वादविवाद, असहमत किंवा वादग्रस्त मते किंवा श्रद्धा व्यक्त करण्याची प्रवृत्ती An argumentative student will often disagree with the teacher just for the sake of doing so rather than having a good reason.
304 Contumely – अवहेलना unpleasant behavior or language – अप्रिय वर्तन किंवा भाषा Although my sister is a very nice person, she will speak with contumely when she is angry.
305 Master – मास्टर to overcome or gain control of something – एखाद्या गोष्टीवर मात करणे किंवा त्यावर नियंत्रण मिळवणे Once he is able to master the drums, the music lover will learn to play the guitar as well.
306 Conceal – लपवा to put out of sight or hide from scrutiny – नजरेआड करणे किंवा तपासणीपासून लपविणे To conceal his identity from crazed fans, the actor often wears a disguise in public.
307 Truant – ट्रायंट one who skips something important – जो महत्वाची गोष्ट सोडून देतो Because my son was angry with his teachers, he decided he was going to be a truant and skip school all week.
308 Fantastical – विलक्षण odd and remarkable; as if it came from the imagination – विचित्र आणि उल्लेखनीय; जणू ते कल्पनेतून आले आहे The woman’s real-life success story sounded like some fantastical movie plot.
309 Overrule – ओव्हररूल to make a decision that opposes or rejects someone else’s idea, opinion, or decision – दुसऱ्याच्या कल्पना, मत किंवा निर्णयाला विरोध किंवा नाकारणारा निर्णय घेणे The Supreme Court decided to overrule the states’ bans and allow same-sex marriage in the U.S.
310 Virtual – आभासी something that is a digitally replicated version of something real – काहीतरी जे वास्तविक गोष्टीची डिजिटली प्रतिकृती आवृत्ती आहे Virtual paintings look very similar to the original pieces but can easily be distinguished by the trained eye.
311 Ungrateful – कृतघ्न not grateful; not expressing gratitude – कृतज्ञ नाही; कृतज्ञता व्यक्त करत नाही The man left a single dollar to his ungrateful son in his will.
312 Subjective – व्यक्तिनिष्ठ open to an individual’s interpretation – एखाद्या व्यक्तीच्या स्पष्टीकरणासाठी खुले The judge was dismissed from the case because of the subjective views he held about the defendant.
313 Constants – स्थिरांक values that remain unchanged throughout a program – संपूर्ण प्रोग्राममध्ये अपरिवर्तित राहणारी मूल्ये Constants, like the speed of light and the gravitational force, are fundamental to our understanding of the universe.
314 Degenerate – अधोगती to fall below a certain level of quality – गुणवत्तेच्या एका विशिष्ट पातळीच्या खाली येणे Without any maintenance, the once grand house began to degenerate into a rundown mansion.
315 Thirst – तहान to desire or crave – इच्छा करणे किंवा लालसा करणे Lots of water was needed to quench the dying man’s thirst for water.
316 Abandoned – सोडून दिले deserted or left by someone else – निर्जन किंवा दुसऱ्याने सोडलेले Without an owner, the abandoned dog had no choice but to take care of itself on the streets of the city.
317 Envy – मत्सर to desire something had by another – दुसऱ्याकडे काहीतरी हवे आहे Because my car is old and reluctant to start, I envy my neighbor’s new vehicle.
318 Fascinating – आकर्षक interesting or intriguing – मनोरंजक किंवा मनोरंजक It is fascinating how the Mayfly is born, grows, and dies all within the span of two days, a lifespan much shorter than most any other insect.
319 Paygrade – वेतनश्रेणी a step on a multi-level wage or salary range – बहु-स्तरीय वेतन किंवा वेतन श्रेणीवरील एक पाऊल When the potential entry-level candidate researched the job’s paygrade, he realized that he could not work for that little amount of money for entry-level workers.
320 Breezy – हवेशीर pleasantly windy – सुखद वारा The breezy, gentle wind made it seem like a picnic would be a good idea, so I gathered the family for an excursion.
321 Dilemma – कोंडी a situation in which you have to make a tough choice – अशी परिस्थिती ज्यामध्ये तुम्हाला कठोर निवड करावी लागेल Marty’s dilemma was that he couldn’t decide what college to attend.
322 Demure – डिम्युरे shy and modest; reserved – लाजाळू आणि विनम्र; राखीव My sister is too outgoing for anyone to ever accuse her of being demure.
323 Protrude – बाहेर पडणे to push out – बाहेर ढकलणे The blow made the man’s teeth protrude from his mouth.
324 Pictograph – चित्रचित्र a pictograph is a visual depiction of information – चित्रलेख हे माहितीचे दृश्य चित्रण आहे A bar graph was drawn as a pictograph to illustrate the data for the class.
325 Recant – रीकंट to retract a public statement – सार्वजनिक विधान मागे घेण्यासाठी After being convicted of perjury, the witness had to recant her remarks against the defendant.
326 Odious – विचित्र unpleasant; repulsive – अप्रिय; तिरस्करणीय Because Mark had an odious personality, he had very few friends.
327 Harshly – कठोरपणे in a way that is cruel or rough – अशा प्रकारे जे क्रूर किंवा उग्र आहे Tribes that are still practicing female genital mutilation have been harshly criticized by women’s rights organizations worldwide.
328 Misapply – चुकीचा वापर करा to use something in the wrong way or for the wrong purpose – चुकीच्या मार्गाने किंवा चुकीच्या उद्देशाने काहीतरी वापरणे The office clerk tends to misapply the customers’ payments and attach them to the wrong account.
329 Underline – अधोरेखित करा to emphasize something written by marking a line underneath it – लिहिलेल्या एखाद्या ओळीच्या खाली चिन्हांकित करून त्यावर जोर देणे Using a highlighter, the student was able to underline the study material she found most important.
330 Strut – स्ट्रट a proud step or walk, with the head upright – एक अभिमानास्पद पाऊल किंवा चालणे, डोके सरळ ठेवून The rooster would strut in the yard when trying to impress the hens.
331 Baseness – बेसनेस a shortage of positive qualities – सकारात्मक गुणांची कमतरता As a teenager, Bill’s baseness was seen in the numerous ways in which he bullied his peers.
332 Extinction – नामशेष the process of a species completely dying out – प्रजाती पूर्णपणे नष्ट होण्याची प्रक्रिया Extinction of the species happened after poachers killed many of the animals.
333 Skirting – स्कर्टिंग skirting is going around something instead of straight through it – skirting सरळ ऐवजी काहीतरी सुमारे जात आहे The daughter tried skirting around the truth about how she wrecked her car.
334 Concurrent – समवर्ती occurring at the same point in time – एकाच वेळी घडते Since my anniversary and my mother-in-law’s birthday are both on August 12, the two events are concurrent.
335 Submit – प्रस्तुत करणे to bring forth an item before or to a group of people – एखादी वस्तू आधी किंवा लोकांच्या समुहासमोर आणणे Candidates may submit their applications for employment at the Timmonsville Computer Company in order to be considered for any job vacancies.
336 Continuously – सतत an adverb that means without interruption or ceasing – एक क्रियाविशेषण ज्याचा अर्थ व्यत्यय किंवा न थांबता असा होतो The company has been continuously improving its products and services over the years.
337 Abutment – abutment a structure built to support the weight or pressure of an arch or end of something such as a bridge – कमानीचे वजन किंवा दाब किंवा पुलासारख्या एखाद्या गोष्टीच्या टोकाला आधार देण्यासाठी बांधलेली रचना The construction team built a bridge abutmant to support the newest interstate overpass.
338 Rusty – बुरसटलेला metal object covered in rust – गंजाने झाकलेली धातूची वस्तू Because the work tools were never stored in a dry place, they became rusty, reddish-brown, and unusable.
339 Aficionado – प्रेमळ an expert or enthusiast who is extremely knowledgeable about a subject or activity – एक तज्ञ किंवा उत्साही जो एखाद्या विषयाबद्दल किंवा क्रियाकलापाबद्दल अत्यंत जाणकार आहे A wine tasting aficionado, Lynn is convinced that no one has sampled as many different types of vino as she has.
340 Pusillanimous – पुसिलॅनिमस lacking bravery or courage – शौर्य किंवा धैर्य नसणे The pusillanimous soldier cried because he was scared of the gunfire.
341 Impregnate – गर्भाधान करणे to cause someone to become pregnant – एखाद्याला गर्भवती होण्यासाठी कारणीभूत ठरणे Because she has problems with infertility, the woman had to pay a clinic to impregnate her.
342 Rollicking – रोलिंग joyous and carefree – आनंदी आणि निश्चिंत Debra’s book is a rollicking good read that will take your mind on a joyride like none other.
343 Supernumerary – अतिसंख्या in excess – अधिक Some people have supernumerary body parts like extra toes or fingers.
344 Video – व्हिडिओ to record or capture something on film – चित्रपटात काहीतरी रेकॉर्ड करणे किंवा कॅप्चर करणे The mother used a camcorder to video her child singing on stage.
345 Withdrawal – पैसे काढणे the removal or cancellation of something – काहीतरी काढून टाकणे किंवा रद्द करणे Withdrawal of the soldiers happened after the commander gave the order to pull out all troops.
346 Scrunch – स्क्रंच to squeeze something together tightly – काहीतरी एकत्र घट्ट पिळून काढणे Using a handful of mousse, Claire used her fingers to scrunch hair into tight curls.
347 Chatter – बडबड trivial talk or chit chat – क्षुल्लक चर्चा किंवा गप्पा Full of gossip, my nosy neighbors’ chatter could be heard on my front porch.
348 Knell – गुडघा an indication that something has come to a conclusion or an end – काहीतरी निष्कर्ष किंवा समाप्त झाल्याचे संकेत Everyone took the company president’s resignation as the company’s knell of bankruptcy.
349 Linear – रेखीय arranged or along a straight line – व्यवस्थित किंवा सरळ रेषेत A linear path was created straight from the field’s first base to the second one.
350 Intricate – गुंतागुंतीचा highly involved or complex – अत्यंत गुंतलेले किंवा जटिल It took me months to put the intricate puzzle together.
351 Jovial – आनंदी warm and friendly – उबदार आणि मैत्रीपूर्ण Stories describe Santa Claus as a jovial man who gives toys to children.
352 Motorist – मोटारचालक one who travels by motorized vehicle – जो मोटार चालवलेल्या वाहनाने प्रवास करतो After being t-boned by another motorist, the driver was taken out of his truck and rushed to the hospital.
353 Magisterial – दंडाधिकारी overbearing and domineering – दबंग आणि दबंग When my magisterial mother-in-law came over to our house, she insisted that I raise my children exactly how she wanted me to.
354 Hypochondriac – हायपोकॉन्ड्रियाक one who believes he or she is always ill – जो विश्वास ठेवतो की तो किंवा ती नेहमीच आजारी असते My college roommate was a hypochondriac who wore a facial mask to avoid inhaling germs.
355 Suffuse – सफ्यूज to spread out excessively – जास्त पसरणे If you spray too much perfume, it will suffuse throughout the room and cause me to sneeze.
356 Preferred – प्राधान्य दिले liked or favored over other choices – इतर निवडींपेक्षा आवडले किंवा पसंत केले The officer preferred working the day shift over patrolling at night.
357 Frump – फ्रंप an unattractive woman who dresses in an old-fashioned, shabby way – एक अनाकर्षक स्त्री जी जुन्या पद्धतीची, जर्जर पद्धतीने कपडे घालते The old-school teacher dressed like a frump, always showing up in over-sized clothing and no makeup.
358 Putative – पोटतिष्ठ assumed to be as such – असे गृहीत धरले Even though there has not been a DNA test, everyone accepts Jason as the girl’s putative father.
359 Magniloquent – भडक using high-sounding, boastful language – उच्च दणदणीत, उद्दाम भाषा वापरणे He spoke in a magniloquent manner, drawing attention to himself.
360 Superfluity – अतिप्रवाह an unnecessarily large amount of something – अनावश्यकपणे मोठ्या प्रमाणात काहीतरी There is a superfluity of apples in the store, outnumbering the bananas three to one.
361 Bear – अस्वल to tolerate or accept something – काहीतरी सहन करणे किंवा स्वीकारणे Michelle couldn’t bear to see her ex-husband with someone else, even years after their divorce.
362 Ownership – मालकी possession of something – एखाद्या गोष्टीचा ताबा Due to his ownership of the football team, he received all of the profits made by the team during that season.
363 Repetitive – पुनरावृत्ती happening, in the same way, many times – घडत आहे, त्याच प्रकारे, अनेक वेळा Lying was a repetitive pattern for George, and he seemed to tell more stories than he did truths.
364 Amatory – प्रेमळ associated with expressing erotic or sexual love – कामुक किंवा लैंगिक प्रेम व्यक्त करण्याशी संबंधित The amatory letters described the couple’s steamy love affair.
365 Numbness – बधीरपणा the decrease or absence of feeling – भावना कमी होणे किंवा नसणे Fearful of frostbite subsided for the trapped snow skier when the numbness started to go away and the man could feel the touch of his feet.
366 Allotment – वाटप one share of something that has been given out in portions – काही भागांमध्ये दिलेला एक भाग Staring at the plates on the tables, the bride was happy to see the caterer had given each guest a large allotment of shrimp.
367 House arrest – नजरकैदेत a person under house arrest has been officially ordered not to leave home – नजरकैदेत असलेल्या व्यक्तीला अधिकृतपणे घर न सोडण्याचा आदेश देण्यात आला आहे While he is under house arrest, the felon is not allowed to leave his home except to go to work.
368 Light – प्रकाश to set something on fire – काहीतरी आग लावणे Using just a stick and some flint, the camper was able to light a fire next to the campsite.
369 Voluminous – विपुल spacious; roomy – प्रशस्त; प्रशस्त The hospital is adding a more voluminous waiting room on to his building in order to hold more patients.
370 Disputatious – वादग्रस्त taking pleasure in arguments – वादात आनंद घेणे Because Ashley is a disputatious person, she is a huge asset to the debate team.
371 Allergen – ऍलर्जीन something that leads to an allergic reaction – काहीतरी ज्यामुळे एलर्जीची प्रतिक्रिया होते Pollen is a common allergen for people because the yellow dust causes them to get cold-like symptoms.
372 Deforestation – जंगलतोड the process of a forested area being deprived of foliage, usually as a result of resource gathering – वनक्षेत्रातील पर्णसंभारापासून वंचित राहण्याची प्रक्रिया, सहसा संसाधने गोळा करण्याच्या परिणामी The Amazon is gradually suffering from deforestation, thanks to all of the trees that are being cut down there for lumber.
373 Nestle – नेस्ले to snuggle or cuddle something – काहीतरी घट्ट पकडणे किंवा मिठी मारणे The bear cub’s mother began to nestle him closer as they drifted off to sleep.
374 Revenant – Revenant an individual who has returned from a lengthy absence or a grave – एखादी व्यक्ती जी दीर्घ अनुपस्थिती किंवा थडग्यातून परत आली आहे Since Mary assumed her husband had died in the war, she was joyous when he returned home as a long-lost revenant.
375 Neat – व्यवस्थित tidy and well-ordered – नीटनेटके आणि व्यवस्थित A neat stack of post it notes sat in a pile on the accountant’s desk.
376 Bad – वाईट of poor quality or standard – खराब गुणवत्ता किंवा मानक Because he had a bad batting average, most people assumed the man would miss the ball.
377 Excepting – वगळता excluding; except for – वगळून वगळता Excepting a couple of pieces of bread and a jar of peanut butter, there wasn’t much to eat in Ms. Martha’s bare cupboards.
378 Current – चालू happening or being done/used now – आता घडत आहे किंवा केले जात आहे/वापरले जात आहे Grandma watches the news each night to keep herself up-to-date on the world’s current events.
379 Hirsute – हिरसुटे hairy – केसाळ The hirsute teenager was warned that he would be expelled from school if he did not take a haircut and pay attention to his grooming.
380 Doddering – डोडरिंग physically weak or trembling because of old age – म्हातारपणामुळे शारीरिकदृष्ट्या कमकुवत किंवा थरथरत The family placed their doddering grandfather in a nursing home so he could regain his strength.
381 Vine – वेल a plant that gets its support by growing in a climbing or twisting way around a surface – एक वनस्पती जी पृष्ठभागाभोवती चढून किंवा वळणावळणाने वाढून त्याचा आधार घेते The trendils of the woody vine smothered the other plant as they curled around the stems.
382 Formalism – औपचारिकता a type of art where the focus is primarily on the form or outer appearance as opposed to the inner details – कलेचा एक प्रकार जिथे आतील तपशिलांच्या विरोधात मुख्यत्वे फॉर्म किंवा बाह्य स्वरूपावर लक्ष केंद्रित केले जाते “Notice how your eye is drawn to the dark lines of the vase in this example of formalism,” the museum’s tour guide pointed to the piece.
383 Anhydrous – निर्जल describes a substance that has no water – पाणी नसलेल्या पदार्थाचे वर्णन करते The anhydrous mineral is unique because it lacks water in its makeup.
384 Hypertension – उच्च रक्तदाब the disease or disorder of abnormally high blood pressure – असाधारण उच्च रक्तदाबाचा रोग किंवा विकार Because of his family history of hypertension, the health conscious man avoided salt or any other food that would raise his blood pressure.
385 Thief – चोर one who steals things from others – जो इतरांकडून वस्तू चोरतो A thief crept up to the house and stole several items while the owners slept.
386 Feverishly – तापाने performed in a hasty way – घाईघाईने केले The emergency room staff worked feverishly to save the wounded police officer.
387 Bigoted – धर्मांध narrow-minded; Intolerant based on biases or prejudices – संकुचित मनाचा; पूर्वाग्रह किंवा पूर्वग्रहांवर आधारित असहिष्णु A narrow-minded chauvinist, the bigoted billionaire’s behavior showed just how much he hated women.
388 Conflate – गोंधळ to blend two or more things into one whole – दोन किंवा अधिक गोष्टी एका संपूर्ण मध्ये मिसळणे Every time she gets a cold, Sandy seems to conflate it with some other illness.
389 Synchronize – सिंक्रोनाइझ करा to cause two or more events to happen at exactly the same time, at the same rate, or in a time-coordinated way – दोन किंवा अधिक घटना एकाच वेळी, एकाच दराने किंवा वेळ-समन्वित मार्गाने घडण्यास कारणीभूत ठरणे The bungee jumpers decided to synchronize their descent, so that they would fall at the same time.
390 Milieu – मिलियु the environment in which one experiences life – ज्या वातावरणात जीवनाचा अनुभव येतो Because my father grew up in a military milieu, he knew he wanted to join the armed forces when he graduated from high school.
391 Penal – दंडनीय penal refers to a disciplinary punishment – दंड म्हणजे शिस्तभंगाच्या शिक्षेचा संदर्भ Using that drug outdoors is a penal offense, but using it indoors is permissible.
392 Nescience – अज्ञान unawareness or ignorance – अनभिज्ञता किंवा अज्ञान In court the judge explained nescience of the laws was not an acceptable defense for criminal behavior.
393 Procure – खरेदी to get possession of something by action or effort – कृती किंवा प्रयत्नाने एखाद्या गोष्टीचा ताबा मिळवणे In order to make sandwiches to feed the homeless, we will need to procure donations from local businesses.
394 Ostracize – बहिष्कृत करा exclude someone – एखाद्याला वगळा As a teacher, your job is not to ostracize your students but to show them support so they can become contributing members of society.
395 Illustrious – नामवंत respectable because of one’s accomplishments – एखाद्याच्या कर्तृत्वामुळे आदरणीय The leader of the country will recognize the illustrious scientist in a private ceremony.
396 Heathen – हिथन one who is uncultured or nonreligious – जो असंस्कृत किंवा अधार्मिक आहे Because my son often forgets his manners, I warned him to not behave like a heathen at the wedding reception.
397 Quality control – गुणवत्ता नियंत्रण a system for maintaining a desired level of quality in an existing product or service – विद्यमान उत्पादन किंवा सेवेमध्ये दर्जाची इच्छित पातळी राखण्यासाठी एक प्रणाली The quality control officer oversees making sure all of the products going out are in adequate condition.
398 Air – हवा the invisible mixture of gases that covers the earth – वायूंचे अदृश्य मिश्रण जे पृथ्वीला व्यापते A tasty odor in the air seemed to float through around the kitchen.
399 Eventful – प्रसंगपूर्ण full of interesting and exciting events – मनोरंजक आणि रोमांचक घटनांनी परिपूर्ण The LSU Tigers have had an eventful season with several surprise wins, and unexpected loses.
400 Conditioner – कंडिशनर something used to improve one’s current condition – एखाद्याची वर्तमान स्थिती सुधारण्यासाठी काहीतरी वापरले जाते Marie searched the supermarket shelves for a hair conditioner that would help her dry and brittle locks become softer.
401 Barb – बार्ब a sharp pointy wire that projects out from a longer wire or hook – तीक्ष्ण टोकदार वायर जी लांब वायर किंवा हुकमधून बाहेर येते When my shirt got snagged on the barb of the wire, it ripped a hole in it as I pulled away from the fence.
402 Xerox – झेरॉक्स a photocopy or reproduction of something – एखाद्या गोष्टीची फोटोकॉपी किंवा पुनरुत्पादन The xerox machine in the office is broken and can’t be used to make photocopies.
403 Pathogen – रोगकारक a tiny organism that brings about a disease – एक लहान जीव जो रोग आणतो The pathogen triggered an illness that made half the student body sick.
404 Penance – तपश्चर्या self-inflicted punishment for a misdeed – चुकीच्या कृत्यासाठी स्वत: ला दिलेली शिक्षा The priest told me to say twenty Hail Marys as a penance for my sins.
405 Accismus – ॲक्सिसमस the pretended refusal of something one strongly desires – एखाद्याला तीव्र इच्छा असलेल्या गोष्टीचा ढोंग नकार An instance of accismus, the woman coyly rejected the flowers from her suitor even though she really wanted to accept.
406 Commoner – सामान्य an ordinary person who has no special title and isn’t of royal blood – एक सामान्य व्यक्ती ज्याची कोणतीही विशेष पदवी नाही आणि तो शाही रक्ताचा नाही As a commoner, the maid was able to work inside the castle, but couldn’t take part in any royal events.
407 Viscount – व्हिसाउंट a lower-middle ranking english nobleman – एक निम्न-मध्यम रँकिंग इंग्रजी कुलीन The viscount was appointed by the king to help the count run his portion of the English countryside.
408 Oculist – नेत्रतज्ज्ञ an out-of-date term which refers to either an ophthalmologist or optometrist – एक कालबाह्य संज्ञा जी एकतर नेत्रचिकित्सक किंवा ऑप्टोमेट्रिस्टचा संदर्भ देते The oculist gave me a prescription for new eyeglasses.
409 Immodest – निर्लज्ज lacking modesty and decency – नम्रता आणि सभ्यतेचा अभाव Her immodest nature of thinking everyone was beneath her created an unfriendly atmosphere for her.
410 Assign – नियुक्त करा to designate or set apart something for some purpose – काही हेतूने काहीतरी नियुक्त करणे किंवा वेगळे करणे The store managers will assign daily duties to the seasonal employees.
411 Gale – गेल a very strong wind – खूप जोरदार वारा My favorite hat was blown off my head by the gale as I ran from into the house from my car.
412 Buttress – बट्रेस  –  For over two centuries, the U.S. Constitution has been a buttress for the government.
413 Barracks – बॅरेक्स lodging quarters in a structure for military troops – लष्करी सैन्याच्या संरचनेत निवासस्थान After the mission, the soldiers went back to their barracks to get some rest in their bunks and put away their gear.
414 Viewpoint – दृष्टीकोन someone’s perspective or position on something – एखाद्याचा दृष्टीकोन किंवा एखाद्या गोष्टीबद्दलची स्थिती When the speaker delivered his viewpoint on the topic, it became apparent from his words that he favored freedom of religion.
415 Gamete – गेमटे a developed sex cell that has only one set of unpaired chromosomes – एक विकसित लिंग पेशी ज्यामध्ये जोड नसलेल्या गुणसूत्रांचा एकच संच असतो During sexual procreation a gamete merges with another gamete to produce a fertilized egg.
416 Incarnate – अवतारी to stand for something or someone in a noticeable way – एखाद्या गोष्टीसाठी किंवा एखाद्यासाठी लक्षवेधी मार्गाने उभे राहणे To the man’s children, their new stepmother seems to incarnate the devil.
417 Repay – परतफेड करा to reimburse – परतफेड करण्यासाठी Finding ways to repay one’s debts without solid employment is a difficult challenge.
418 Trolley – ट्रॉली a vehicle, usually that resembles a rectangular bus that is powered by electricity and runs on a cable or track – एक वाहन, सामान्यत: आयताकृती बससारखे दिसते जी विजेद्वारे चालविली जाते आणि केबल किंवा ट्रॅकवर चालते A red electrical trolley loops from downtown Moscow to the university.
419 Ledge – लेज a flat slender surface that protrudes out of a wall – एक सपाट सडपातळ पृष्ठभाग जी भिंतीच्या बाहेर पसरते For safety reasons, the fireman wore a harness when he stepped onto the ledge.
420 Grandfathered – आजोबा exempt from a new law or regulation because of an old rule or existing account – जुन्या नियमामुळे किंवा विद्यमान खात्यामुळे नवीन कायदा किंवा नियमनातून सूट The minimum employee age was raised from 18 to 21, but those under 21 who were already working at the casino were grandfathered in.
421 Comportment – कम्पोर्टमेंट conduct; manners – आचरण शिष्टाचार Because my brother lacks good comportment, he’s probably going to offend someone during the wedding banquet.
422 Apart – याशिवाय to be separated by a typically considerable distance – सामान्यत: लक्षणीय अंतराने विभक्त करणे The two lovers were struggling with the rules of their people that kept them apart, and they decided to flee the stratifications of their home.
423 Nervous – चिंताग्रस्त anxious; worried – चिंताग्रस्त काळजीत The bank teller could tell that the uneasy robber was nervous by the way his hand shook as he brandished his weapon.
424 Mark – खूण करा a small area on a surface that is stained or discolored – पृष्ठभागावरील एक लहान क्षेत्र जे डागलेले किंवा रंगवलेले आहे The red mark on the white carpet came from lipstick being smeared into the material.
425 Oh – ओह response that is an emotional astonishment – प्रतिसाद म्हणजे भावनिक आश्चर्य “Oh! Your nose is bleeding!” the woman said to her son as his nose gushed blood almost instantly.
426 Pear – नाशपाती a sweet firm fruit that has a thinner top with a bowl-like base – एक गोड टणक फळ ज्याचा वरचा भाग वाडग्यासारखा पातळ असतो Chef Henry cut up a pear, banana, apple and peach so that he could make a fruit salad for the guests.
427 Notify – सूचित करा to inform someone of something – एखाद्याला काहीतरी माहिती देण्यासाठी The doctor’s office said that they would notify me by mail when to schedule my next appointment.
428 Pictured – चित्रित imagined; saw in one’s mind – कल्पना एखाद्याच्या मनात पाहिले Relaxing on her couch, the daydreamer closed her eyes and pictured herself chilling on the beach instead.
429 Aghast – वैताग shocked or surprised in an upsetting way – धक्कादायक मार्गाने धक्का बसला किंवा आश्चर्यचकित झाला The teacher was aghast at the large number of students who failed the easy test.
430 Restaurant – उपहारगृह a place where food is sold and served to customers – अशी जागा जिथे अन्न विकले जाते आणि ग्राहकांना दिले जाते After driving for several hours on our family road trip, we stopped by a restaurant to have dinner.
431 Generative – जनरेटिव्ह capable of producing or reproducing something – काहीतरी उत्पादन किंवा पुनरुत्पादन करण्यास सक्षम Bill was able to build his business up to a cash generative company that made several hundred thousand dollars a year.
432 Stylish – तरतरीत in trend with current fashion styles – सध्याच्या फॅशन शैलींसह ट्रेंडमध्ये The stylish student was selected to model clothing during the school fashion show.
433 Pique – पिक to trigger curiosity or interest – कुतूहल किंवा स्वारस्य ट्रिगर करण्यासाठी Hopefully the movie trailer will pique the interest of moviegoers and motivate them to buy tickets to see the film.
434 Mannerisms – शिष्टाचार common gestures and behaviors from a person or thing – एखाद्या व्यक्तीचे किंवा वस्तूचे सामान्य हावभाव आणि वर्तन It was easy to spot my mother due to the mannerisms of her strut, and her hand gestures gave her away.
435 Monogamy – एकपत्नीत्व the condition of having only one spouse or partner – फक्त एक जोडीदार किंवा जोडीदार असण्याची अट When my husband and I got married, we took a vow of monogamy.
436 Bodice – चोळी the part of a woman’s dress that is above the waist, but doesn’t include the sleeves – स्त्रीच्या पोशाखाचा भाग जो कंबरेच्या वर आहे, परंतु त्यात बाहींचा समावेश नाही The dress’s bodice needs to be taken in since its wearer has lost weight in her top half over the last few months.
437 Meticulous – सावध showing great attention to detail; very careful and precise – तपशीलाकडे खूप लक्ष देणे; अतिशय काळजीपूर्वक आणि अचूक Because Haley is a meticulous cleaner, every inch of her house is spotless.
438 Defoliant – डिफोलिंट a synthetic spray applied to trees or plants in order for the leaves to fall off of them – पाने गळून पडण्यासाठी झाडे किंवा वनस्पतींवर एक कृत्रिम स्प्रे लावला जातो Almost all of the leaves were lying on the ground since it had been doused with a defoliant in a short period of time.
439 Family – कुटुंब a group of people related to one another – एकमेकांशी संबंधित लोकांचा समूह All of the family members look alike because of their red hair and freckled faces.
440 Shuttle – शटल a form of transportation that travels between two places on a regular basis – वाहतुकीचा एक प्रकार जो दोन ठिकाणांदरम्यान नियमितपणे प्रवास करतो Waiting for the next shuttle to take them home, the coworkers made casual conversation.
441 Intellect – बुद्धी the capability to view things in a logical manner – तार्किक पद्धतीने गोष्टी पाहण्याची क्षमता The scientist has a keen intellect and can easily solve most puzzles.
442 Revel – आनंद घ्या to take joy in something – एखाद्या गोष्टीत आनंद घेण्यासाठी In just a few days, thousands of people will go downtown to revel in the city’s New Year’s Eve celebration.
443 Quarrelsome – भांडण argumentative; confrontational – वादग्रस्त संघर्षात्मक The younger brother’s quarrelsome nature resulted in constant arguments and the splitting of the family business.
444 Alcove – अल्कोव्ह a small area that is secluded from a large space – एक लहान क्षेत्र जे मोठ्या जागेपासून निर्जन आहे The alcove above the living room is the perfect place for the kids to hang out and play videogames.
445 Revelry – आनंदोत्सव loud and rough partying – मोठ्याने आणि उग्र पार्टी करणे After participating in a night of revelry, the college student woke up with a hangover.
446 Programming – प्रोग्रामिंग the process of writing and scheduling programs – कार्यक्रम लिहिण्याची आणि शेड्यूल करण्याची प्रक्रिया Mr. Kingsley is in charge of daytime programming and gets to decide what shows will be aired and it what order.
447 Exasperated – वैतागलेला very annoyed – खूप नाराज Since I am a hard worker, I get exasperated when I am placed on a team with lazy people.
448 Meanspirited – उत्साही unkind; rude – निर्दयी उद्धट Meanspirited and cruel, the playground bully hurled hateful insults at all the other kids in the park.
449 Leaned – झुकले slanted; bent in one direction – तिरकस; एका दिशेने वाकलेला The Tower of Pisa has leaned to the north end for many years, tilting under its heavy weight.
450 Full disclosure – संपूर्ण खुलासा principle under which all material facts regarding a case or event must be revealed or released – तत्त्व ज्या अंतर्गत केस किंवा इव्हेंटशी संबंधित सर्व भौतिक तथ्ये उघड करणे किंवा सोडणे आवश्यक आहे Because of full disclosure policy, the doctor had to inform the patient of all of the medicine’s risks.
451 Manic – उन्मत्त wildly erratic or frenzied in behavior – वर्तनात अत्यंत अनियमित किंवा उन्माद During her manic state, the woman with bipolar disorder spent lots of money and acted unpredictably.
452 Commuter – प्रवासी a person who regularly travels a great distance to work – एक व्यक्ती जी नियमितपणे कामासाठी खूप अंतर प्रवास करते As a commuter in the summertime, Rose made sure she drove a car with a working air conditioner.
453 Scholastic – विद्वान related to academic studies or education – शैक्षणिक अभ्यास किंवा शिक्षणाशी संबंधित The teacher gave out scholastic awards to the students who worked the hardest during the school year.
454 Hardware – हार्डवेअर tools or machine parts – साधने किंवा मशीन भाग A coupon for the local hardware store advertised buy one, get one free on all hammers.
455 Bacteria – जिवाणू microscopic living organisms, some of which are dangerous and can cause illness – सूक्ष्म जिवंत जीव, त्यापैकी काही धोकादायक आहेत आणि आजार होऊ शकतात The teacher taught her students the importance of washing their hands to kill off bad bacteria.
456 Indigene – स्वदेशी an indigenous person that is a native of a certain place – एक स्थानिक व्यक्ती जी विशिष्ट ठिकाणची मूळ आहे While sitting around the campfire, the Australian indigene told his grandchildren the stories of his native ancestors.
457 Negligent – निष्काळजी careless; irresponsible – निष्काळजी बेजबाबदार I felt negligent for leaving Jean’s toddler alone in the car.
458 Well-being – कल्याण refers to one’s health or safety – एखाद्याच्या आरोग्याचा किंवा सुरक्षिततेचा संदर्भ देते Concerned about his mother’s wellbeing, the son took her to the doctor for a check-up.
459 Glamorous – ग्लॅमरस stylishly fashionable – स्टाइलिशपणे फॅशनेबल Dressed in a mink coat and long satin gown, the glamorous celebrity strutted down the red carpet.
460 Predominant – प्रबळ being the main thing or issue – मुख्य गोष्ट किंवा समस्या असणे Flying continues to be the predominant means of travel despite increased airfares.
461 Wedded – लग्न केले married – विवाहित The woman wedded her longtime boyfriend in a private ceremony on the beach.
462 Egalitarianism – समतावाद the idea of fairness for all humans – सर्व मानवांसाठी निष्पक्षतेची कल्पना Unfortunately, egalitarianism does not exist in certain Middle East countries since women do not have the same rights as men.
463 Casino – कॅसिनो a place where a person goes to play games or gamble money – अशी जागा जिथे एखादी व्यक्ती खेळ खेळण्यासाठी किंवा पैसे जुगार खेळण्यासाठी जाते Card dealers at the casino can get some of the big spenders to keep playing even after they’ve lost several thousand dollars.
464 Voluble – व्होल्युबल characterized by ready or rapid speech; fluent – तयार किंवा वेगवान भाषणाद्वारे वैशिष्ट्यीकृत; अस्खलित After my grandfather drinks a few beers, he becomes voluble and will not stop talking.
465 Mordacious – निर्दयी having an abrasive attitude or using abrasive words – अपघर्षक वृत्ती असणे किंवा अपघर्षक शब्द वापरणे After the young man cut line at the grocery store, the woman had some mordacious words which embarrassed the man.
466 Aeronautical – वैमानिक dealing with the operation of an aircraft, flight – विमानाचे ऑपरेशन, उड्डाण हाताळणे The NASA project requires aeronautical specialists that know the ins and outs of operating the spacecraft once in orbit.
467 Sublingual – उपभाषिक pertaining to the bottom of the mouth beneath the tongue – जीभेच्या खाली तोंडाच्या तळाशी संबंधित After years of dipping snuff, Uncle Bill’s sublingual area of his mouth and his tongue were afflicted with cancer.
468 Feedback – अभिप्राय information or statements of opinion about something, such as a new product or performance – नवीन उत्पादन किंवा कार्यप्रदर्शन यासारख्या एखाद्या गोष्टीबद्दल माहिती किंवा मतांचे विधान After all of the contestants finished singing, the judges gave individual feedback about the performances.
469 Circumscribe – परिक्रमा करा to limit the range or scope of something to a particular degree – एखाद्या विशिष्ट प्रमाणात एखाद्या गोष्टीची श्रेणी किंवा व्याप्ती मर्यादित करणे When my husband drinks too much, I hide his car keys to circumscribe his capacity to drive.
470 Simplicity – साधेपणा the state of being easy or simple – सोपी किंवा सोपी असण्याची स्थिती After living in a huge city for twenty years, we were eager to enjoy the simplicity of small town life.
472 Gelid – जेलिड extremely cold or icy – अत्यंत थंड किंवा बर्फाळ The swimmer immediately regretted wading into the gelid waters, as the coldness of the lake was almost unbearable.
473 Aerial – हवाई happening in the air – हवेत घडत आहे An aerial view of the city showed just how cluttered and crowded the metropolitan area looks from above.
474 Eighth – आठवा to be number eight in a line of things – गोष्टींच्या ओळीत आठवा क्रमांक असणे There were seven other people ahead of me in the McDonald’s line, so being the eighth person in line took about half an hour to get my food.
475 Backdrop – पार्श्वभूमी a painted piece of cloth that is used as the background for a performance picture – रंगवलेला कापडाचा तुकडा जो कार्यप्रदर्शन चित्रासाठी पार्श्वभूमी म्हणून वापरला जातो The photographer used an airbrushed backdrop to make it look the photos were actually being taken in a field.
476 Icky – इक्की with an unpleasant quality – एक अप्रिय गुणवत्तेसह I personally feel very icky if I don’t shower in the morning.
477 Tearjerker – टीअरजर्कर a sentimental story, movie, or song, calculated to evoke sadness or sympathy – एक भावनिक कथा, चित्रपट किंवा गाणे, दुःख किंवा सहानुभूती जागृत करण्यासाठी गणना केली First it was The Fault in Our Stars, then it was Me Before You, and now Thirteen Reasons Why is the latest popular tearjerker.
478 Trump – ट्रम्प to outrank or beat someone – एखाद्याला मागे टाकणे किंवा मारणे Laying a spade down, the card player was able to trump his opponent’s ace and take the pair.
479 Epithet – विशेषण a word or phrase that describes a person or thing – एखादा शब्द किंवा वाक्यांश जो एखाद्या व्यक्तीचे किंवा गोष्टीचे वर्णन करतो The epithet “Curly” is used to describe the big football player with the curly hair.
480 Jut – जट to stick out from something in a noticeable way – लक्षात येण्याजोग्या मार्गाने एखाद्या गोष्टीपासून दूर राहणे The edge of the cliff seemed to jut out over the ocean and disappear into a blanket of clouds.
481 Scornfully – तिरस्काराने in a way that shows you have no respect or like for someone or something – अशा प्रकारे जे दर्शविते की तुम्हाला एखाद्याबद्दल किंवा कशाबद्दल आदर किंवा आवड नाही Staring at her ex-husband scornfully, the divorcee hated her former lover for leaving her for another woman.
482 Seniority – ज्येष्ठता refers to having a high ranking in an organization due to having been there for a longer period of time than others – इतरांपेक्षा जास्त काळ तेथे राहिल्यामुळे संस्थेमध्ये उच्च रँकिंगचा संदर्भ देते Employees with seniority were given project preference over those who were new to the company.
483 Submittal – सादर करणे the act of someone or something being directed and shown to someone else for a conclusion – एखाद्याची कृती किंवा काहीतरी निर्देशित केले जात आहे आणि एखाद्या निष्कर्षासाठी दुसऱ्याला दाखवले आहे When the employee was told to finish his request form, his boss would read his submittal for approval.
484 Postgraduate – पदव्युत्तर referring to study undertaken after completing a first degree – पहिली पदवी पूर्ण केल्यानंतर केलेल्या अभ्यासाचा संदर्भ देत Any degree you study for after completing your first degree can be considered postgraduate, and it always looks good on your resume.
485 Guild – गिल्ड an alliance of individuals with similar goals and interests – समान ध्येये आणि स्वारस्य असलेल्या व्यक्तींची युती In order to be a member of the Pharmacist Guild, you must be a nationally licensed pharmacist.
486 Hidebound – लपलेले rigidly opposed to change – बदलाला कडाडून विरोध केला The hidebound politician refused to change his position on the abortion bill.
487 Directory – निर्देशिका a book listing individuals or organizations alphabetically or thematically with details such as names, addresses, and telephone numbers – नावे, पत्ते आणि दूरध्वनी क्रमांक यांसारख्या तपशीलांसह वर्णानुक्रमे किंवा थीमॅटिक पद्धतीने व्यक्ती किंवा संस्था सूचीबद्ध करणारे पुस्तक Gary attempted to look Diane up in the local directory, but her name wasn’t listed in the phone book.
488 Handy – सुलभ useful; practical – उपयुक्त व्यावहारिक The woman’s husband was not a good cook, but was handy around the house when things needed to be fixed.
489 Tournament – स्पर्धा (In a sport or game) a series of contests between a number of competitors, who compete for an overall prize – (खेळात किंवा खेळात) एकूणच बक्षीसासाठी स्पर्धा करणाऱ्या अनेक स्पर्धकांमधील स्पर्धांची मालिका All community basketball teams wanting to compete for grand champion must pay a tournament entry fee by tomorrow.
490 Backing – पाठीशी supporting; funding – समर्थन; निधी A GoFundMe account was started for the young mother looking for financial backing so she could enroll in college.
491 Part – भाग a piece or section of something – एखाद्या गोष्टीचा तुकडा किंवा विभाग Most of the cake was eaten at dinner, but a part of it was wrapped and saved for tomorrow.
492 Unbeknownst – नकळत without an individual’s knowledge – एखाद्या व्यक्तीच्या माहितीशिवाय Unbeknownst to Natasha, Kurt saw his mistress three times a week.
493 Elevator – लिफ्ट a device used for raising and lowering people in multi-floor buildings – बहुमजली इमारतींमध्ये लोकांना उठवण्यासाठी आणि कमी करण्यासाठी वापरले जाणारे साधन She rode the elevator to the second floor of the apartment building which is where she lives.
494 Galling – गल्लत triggering annoyance or anger – चीड किंवा राग आणणे The fraud allegation was galling and really upset the honest minister.
495 Achilles Heel – अकिलीस टाच a crippling weakness in an otherwise impenetrable object – अन्यथा अभेद्य वस्तू मध्ये एक अपंग अशक्तपणा Our base seems nearly impenetrable, but our lack of a missile defense system is our Achilles Heel.
496 Incommodious – बेशिस्त not comfortable; unpleasant – आरामदायक नाही; अप्रिय I sat on the floor because the lumpy couch was incommodious.
497 Dollop – डॉलप a little blob of something that is usually squishy or gooey – सामान्यतः स्क्विशी किंवा गूई असलेल्या एखाद्या गोष्टीचा थोडासा ब्लॉब Since I didn’t want to ingest a lot of calories, I spooned a dollop of sour cream onto my baked potato.
498 Purity – पवित्रता the state of being clean and clear; not mixed with anything else – स्वच्छ आणि स्पष्ट असण्याची स्थिती; इतर कशातही मिसळलेले नाही The purity of the snow caused it to stand out with its dazzling whiteness.
499 Cumulative – संचयी growing as a result of additions – जोडणीच्या परिणामी वाढत आहे The student’s cumulative grade for four years of high school is eighty-nine.
500 Effusive – प्रभावी expressing a lot of emotion – खूप भावना व्यक्त करणे Sally was effusive in her praise of the judges who awarded her the trophy.
501 Leisure – फुरसत free time from doing tasks – कामे करण्यापासून मोकळा वेळ During my leisure time, I enjoy reading.
502 Merged – विलीन केले combined into one single object or being – एकाच वस्तू किंवा अस्तित्वात एकत्रित The two lanes merged into one, causing the cars in the right lane to move to the left.
503 Exhilarate – उत्साही to make an individual extremely happy – एखाद्या व्यक्तीला अत्यंत आनंदी करण्यासाठी Achieving my weight loss goal is sure to exhilarate me.
504 Refuge – आश्रय a place that offers protection or serves as an escape – एक जागा जी संरक्षण देते किंवा सुटका म्हणून काम करते Our mountain cottage is a refuge from the ills of the city.
505 Happening – होत taking place; occurring – होत आहे; होणारे The birthday party is happening on the same day as my sister’s wedding, so I won’t be able to attend.
506 Close – बंद uncomfortably humid and lacking in breezes or wind – अस्वस्थपणे दमट आणि वारा किंवा वारा नसणे It’s been unusually close weather today, with only a single breeze to counter the humidity and the sweat that’s been plaguing everyone.
507 Geology – भूशास्त्र that portion of science associated with rocks and their relevance in the history of an area or planet – खडकांशी संबंधित विज्ञानाचा तो भाग आणि क्षेत्र किंवा ग्रहाच्या इतिहासातील त्यांची प्रासंगिकता In the study of geology, rocks are placed into distinct categories according to certain characteristics.
508 Suppress – दाबणे to prevent or restrain action or emotion – क्रिया किंवा भावना रोखण्यासाठी किंवा प्रतिबंधित करण्यासाठी Jim had to suppress a smile during the serious speech his father was giving so he didn’t irritate him.
509 Hygiene – स्वच्छता practices or conditions that promote health through cleanliness – स्वच्छतेद्वारे आरोग्याला प्रोत्साहन देणाऱ्या पद्धती किंवा परिस्थिती A major part of your personal hygiene is brushing your teeth every day, which both keeps your teeth healthy and makes you more appealing to others.
510 Decay – क्षय to rot or break down – सडणे किंवा तुटणे Frank loves to impress everyone with his knowledge of the rise and decay of the Roman Empire.
511 Lagniappe – लग्नीअप्पे a small gift given to a customer when purchasing something – एखादी वस्तू खरेदी करताना ग्राहकाला दिलेली छोटीशी भेट As a lagniappe, the department store offered free popcorn and drinks to all its customers.
512 Gambol – जुगार to jump or run in a playful manner – खेळकर रीतीने उडी मारणे किंवा धावणे My dog is always happy to gambol with the other pooches at the park.
513 Turpitude – टर्पिट्युड a vile or depraved act – एक नीच किंवा भ्रष्ट कृत्य In less than an hour, the judge decided to execute the killer for his moral turpitude.
514 Per se – प्रति से by itself or as such – स्वतःहून किंवा तसे “I have completed the report per se,” the employee showed his own report told his boss, “and had to stay up all night to complete it.”
515 Layoff – टाळेबंदी a suspension of work duties because the company doesn’t have enough business or money – कामाच्या कर्तव्यांचे निलंबन कारण कंपनीकडे पुरेसा व्यवसाय किंवा पैसा नाही When the toy store chain shut down, they sent layoff notices all over the country to the now out-of-work employees.
516 Maleficent – दुष्ट harmful or evil in intent or effect – हेतू किंवा परिणामात हानिकारक किंवा वाईट The preacher said that Satan is a maleficent force that urges men to sin.
517 Differentiate – फरक करा to identify as dissimilar – भिन्न म्हणून ओळखण्यासाठी The cashier told me a sticker would differentiate the regular cheeseburger from the cheeseburger without pickles.
518 Prompt – प्रॉम्प्ट in good time; punctual – चांगल्या वेळेत; वक्तशीर Because I take pride in being prompt, I always leave early for work.
519 Mystified – गूढ puzzled or confused – गोंधळलेले किंवा गोंधळलेले I was utterly mystified when I opened my front door to find a refrigerator on my front lawn.
520 Schematic – योजनाबद्ध a drawing or sketch using abstract, graphic symbols that shows how a system works in a simple way – अमूर्त, ग्राफिक चिन्हे वापरून रेखाचित्र किंवा रेखाटन जे सिस्टीम सोप्या पद्धतीने कसे कार्य करते हे दर्शवते While producing the schematic drawing of the Graystone Building, the architect began to assign tasks to start the project.
521 Presumption – अनुमान a belief that something is true or false without having all of the facts – सर्व तथ्यांशिवाय काहीतरी सत्य किंवा खोटे आहे असा विश्वास Because they were fighting more often than not, the girl made a presumption that her parents were unhappily married.
522 Shorn – शॉर्न to cut – कापणे He shorn the sheep with the sharp shears, turning it into a very short-haired sheep.
523 Inmate – कैदी a person who is in jail or in prison – तुरुंगात किंवा तुरुंगात असलेली व्यक्ती After just one day in the county jail, the inmate wished that he had never committed his crimes.
524 Vilely – विलेली in an evil or wicked way – वाईट किंवा दुष्ट मार्गाने Facebook is a place where hateful people can vilely vent their opinions and not be punished for it.
525 Vespertine – व्हेस्पर्टाइन taking place or happening at night – रात्री घडणे किंवा घडणे During the vespertine hours, the moon shown brightly and coyotes began to howl.
526 Distraction – विक्षेप something that draws one’s attention away from their intended focus – असे काहीतरी जे एखाद्याचे लक्ष त्यांच्या हेतूपासून दूर करते I really wanted to get my homework done early today, but my favorite TV show proved to be a serious distraction.
527 Blackguard – ब्लॅकगार्ड to abuse or put someone down verbally – एखाद्याला तोंडी शिवीगाळ करणे किंवा खाली ठेवणे Valerie’s abusive father continued to blackguard her, calling her terrible names every time he was drunk.
528 Sedulous – मोहक diligent, hard working and persistent – मेहनती, मेहनती आणि चिकाटी Even though you completely destroy the ant bed time after time, those sedulous ants will continue to go right back to work rebuilding it.
529 Herculean – हरक्यूलिअन demanding an extraordinary amount of labor or effort – श्रम किंवा प्रयत्नांची विलक्षण रक्कम मागणे The firemen knew it would take a Herculean effort to put out the rapidly spreading wildfire.
530 Hokum – होकुम talk that is considered nonsense – मूर्खपणाचे मानले जाणारे बोलणे Although Cliff liked to hear others babble at the bar, his wife wished the noisy women would keep their hokum to themselves.
531 Ogre – राक्षस a man-eating giant found in fairytales and legends – परीकथा आणि दंतकथांमध्ये आढळणारा एक मानव खाणारा राक्षस The ogre tossed the sailors into the river, devouring the ones he thought would be most tasty.
532 Delight – आनंद a strong feeling of happiness or pleasure – आनंदाची किंवा आनंदाची तीव्र भावना Both of our excited parents delight in the fact that a new baby will be born soon.
533 Improvise – सुधारणे to create something as needed – आवश्यकतेनुसार काहीतरी तयार करण्यासाठी Since I forgot my lines, I tried to improvise the role during the audition.
534 Enactment – कायदा the process of passing a law – कायदा पास करण्याची प्रक्रिया The enactment of the 13th amendment made slavery illegal in the United States.
535 Ambient – सभोवतालचा producing a mood or effect by being present – उपस्थित राहून मूड किंवा प्रभाव निर्माण करणे The ambient music in the store made people feel good about shopping.
536 Concision – संक्षिप्तपणा the process of cutting out unnecessary words when relaying a thought or idea – विचार किंवा कल्पना मांडताना अनावश्यक शब्द कापण्याची प्रक्रिया Many professors urge students to practice concision, because academic papers needs to get to the point and not beat around the bush.
537 Retained – ठेवली kept or held – ठेवले किंवा ठेवले The homeowners made some changes to the century-old house, but it retained most of its antique charm.
538 Parenthood – पालकत्व the status of being a mother or father – आई किंवा वडील असण्याची स्थिती After the 20-year old gave birth to her daughter, she realized that her party life was over since she entered parenthood.
539 Amanuensis – अमानुएन्सिस a secretary whose job is to write or type what someone else is saying – एक सचिव ज्याचे काम कोणीतरी काय म्हणत आहे ते लिहिणे किंवा टाइप करणे Her Majesty’s amanuensis quickly wrote down all of her extravagant demands.
540 Oenophile – ओनोफाइल a connoisseur or person who loves wine – एक पारखी किंवा व्यक्ती ज्याला वाइन आवडते Swishing the Pinot Nior around in her mouth, the oenophile savored the taste of the red wine.
541 Proliferation – प्रसार a rapid multiplication of parts or the increase in the number of something – भागांचा वेगवान गुणाकार किंवा एखाद्या गोष्टीची संख्या वाढणे At his appointment, the doctor explained that proliferation of the tumor leads it to grow rapidly.
542 Privileged – विशेषाधिकार प्राप्त advantaged or fortunate – फायदा किंवा भाग्यवान The privileged young son of the wealthy doctor always had access to any money he wanted causing him to spend frequently.
543 Cram – क्रॅम to stuff; completely fill – कोंबण्या साठी; पूर्णपणे भरा Trying to cram six chapters of information the night before the test resulted in a failing grade.
544 Nether – नेदर rear; posterior – मागील; मागील An anatomy ultrasound scan of the fetus’s nether regions showed that he is definitely all boy.
545 Homewrecker – घरफोडी करणारा a person who is blamed for the breakup of a marriage or family because they are having an affair with one party – एक व्यक्ती ज्याला लग्न किंवा कुटुंब तुटण्यासाठी दोष दिला जातो कारण त्यांचे एका पक्षाशी प्रेमसंबंध आहे A Hollywood homewrecker, Angelina Jolie is credited with breaking up celebrity several relationships.
546 Snookered – स्नूकर केलेले tricked or trapped – फसले किंवा अडकले The citizens were snookered into paying higher taxes, under the pretense that it would be used for schools.
547 Subcontinent – उपखंड a recognizable area within a continent – खंडातील एक ओळखण्यायोग्य क्षेत्र Many monsoons and severe weather plagues many countries in the subcontinent of Southeast Asia.
548 Complaisance – तक्रार willing compliance or agreement – इच्छुक अनुपालन किंवा करार Complaisance is in your best interests if a firefighter is telling you to leave a burning building.
549 Germane – जर्मन relating to a subject in an appropriate way – एखाद्या विषयाशी योग्य मार्गाने संबंधित Since we were running out of time, our professor asked us to limit our questions to those germane to today’s lecture.
550 Characterize – व्यक्तिचित्रण करा to describe – वर्णन करणे The company is refusing to characterize the event as a PR nightmare, but their stocks have dropped significantly.
551 Headstrong – हेडस्ट्राँग focused on doing what one wants – एखाद्याला पाहिजे ते करण्यावर लक्ष केंद्रित केले The headstrong quarterback thought his plan was better than the coach’s play.
552 Shatter – फोडणे to break something into multiple pieces – एखाद्या गोष्टीचे अनेक तुकडे करणे The wayward baseball soared towards the window, serving to shatter it when it crashed into the glass.
553 Decimate – नष्ट करा to destroy or greatly decrease in size or number – आकार किंवा संख्या नष्ट करणे किंवा मोठ्या प्रमाणात कमी करणे It is likely the category five hurricane will decimate the small beach town.
554 Lucre – लुक्रे money or profit gained illegally or immorally – बेकायदेशीर किंवा अनैतिकरित्या कमावलेला पैसा किंवा नफा Gangsters searched the house for hidden lucre but they only found a measly hundred dollars.
555 Symbolize – प्रतिक करा an object used to represent a greater or hidden meaning – एखादी वस्तू मोठ्या किंवा लपलेल्या अर्थाचे प्रतिनिधित्व करण्यासाठी वापरली जाते Often in literature, colors are used to symbolize emotions.
556 Crash – आपटी to collide into something – एखाद्या गोष्टीवर आदळणे By hitting his breaks a few seconds before he was going to crash into the back of another car, the driver was able to avoid a collision.
557 Insouciant – दुर्दम्य not concerned about anything; carefree – कशाचीही काळजी नाही; निश्चिंत The insouciant mother did not blink an eye when her son complained of a tummy ache.
558 Bloodshed – रक्तपात carnage and a massacre where lots of human lives were lost during a violent event – नरसंहार आणि एक नरसंहार ज्यामध्ये हिंसक कार्यक्रमादरम्यान अनेक मानवी जीव गमावले गेले After days of rioting in the streets of Los Angeles, people were angered at the bloodshed of ten lives lost in the aftermath.
559 Density – घनता how compact or concrete something is – काहीतरी किती कॉम्पॅक्ट किंवा काँक्रिट आहे The high density city has a lot of people jampacked into one space.
560 Decathlon – डेकॅथलॉन an athletic contest consisting of ten events – दहा स्पर्धांचा समावेश असलेली ऍथलेटिक स्पर्धा I practice sprinting, running and jumping so that I can compete in the decathlon.
561 Excess – जादा surplus; extra – अधिशेष अतिरिक्त Excess annual funds should be designated to the building fund so that we can make the needed roof repairs.
562 Homophobia – होमोफोबिया dislike or prejudice against those who like the same sex (homosexuals) – ज्यांना समान लिंग (समलिंगी) आवडते त्यांच्याविरुद्ध नापसंत किंवा पूर्वग्रह Some Christians use the Bible to defend their homophobia and mistreatment of gay people.
563 Minor – किरकोळ a legal term meaning child or one under the age of 18 – कायदेशीर संज्ञा म्हणजे मूल किंवा १८ वर्षांखालील The clerk at the store got in trouble for selling cigarettes to a sixteen-year-old minor.
564 Moment – क्षण for a short unknown amount of time – थोड्या अज्ञात कालावधीसाठी “I’ll take you to the pool in a moment,” my mother said to me so we quickly got into our swimsuits.
565 Cradle – पाळणा a rocking infant’s bed that usually has sides – एक डोलणारा अर्भकाचा पलंग ज्याला सहसा बाजू असतात After singing a lullaby while swinging the baby in his cradle, Baby Bobby quickly fell asleep.
566 Problem – समस्या a situation regarded as troubling or unwelcome that must be solved or overcome – समस्याग्रस्त किंवा अनिष्ट मानली जाणारी परिस्थिती ज्याचे निराकरण करणे किंवा त्यावर मात करणे आवश्यक आहे We needed to get to the hospital immediately, so needless to say the traffic jam before us was a problem.
567 Undeniably – निर्विवादपणे emphasizing that something is clearly true and can’t be denied – काहीतरी स्पष्टपणे सत्य आहे आणि नाकारले जाऊ शकत नाही यावर जोर देणे Data shows that our school is undeniably the best in the district.
568 Quaker – क्वेकर A nickname for a religious member of the Religious Society of Friends – रिलिजियस सोसायटी ऑफ फ्रेंड्सच्या धार्मिक सदस्याचे टोपणनाव The Quaker believer spent his nights reading the doctrine of the Inner Light.
569 Skin – त्वचा the thin layer of tissue that covers the outside of the body or an object – ऊतींचा पातळ थर जो शरीराच्या किंवा वस्तूच्या बाहेरील बाजूस झाकतो The cook removed the outer skin of the chicken before placing the meat into the boiling water.
570 Touched – स्पर्श केला deeply moved emotionally – गंभीरपणे भावनिक हलविले The widow was touched by the thoughtful gift that her coworkers sent in the wake of her husband’s death.
571 Lacked – उणीव needed; required – आवश्यक; आवश्यक Because the plants lacked sunlight where they were planted, the gardener moved them to a brighter location.
572 Hardship – दु: ख adversity; difficulty – संकट अडचण A hardship loan was approved so that the worker could draw money out of his retirement when his car broke down.
573 Gratified – तृप्त झाले to be satisfied or indulged – समाधानी किंवा आनंदी असणे Riley isn’t exactly full of herself, but she does like being gratified, usually by her friends giving her compliments on her looks.
574 Crew – क्रू a team of people who work on the same project or job – समान प्रकल्प किंवा नोकरीवर काम करणाऱ्या लोकांची टीम Since the fishing boat was about to encounter a huge storm, the captain informed his crew to help make sure the boat stays afloat.
575 Store – स्टोअर a place where items are sold to the public – अशी जागा जिथे वस्तू लोकांना विकल्या जातात Cowboys could buy dry goods and necessary items at the general store during the Wild West.
576 Impecunious – निर्दोष lacking money; penniless – पैशांची कमतरता; पैसाहीन Since Janice grew up in an impecunious household, she knew a great deal about surviving on very little.
577 Dishevel – डिशेवेल to make something disordered or untidy – काहीतरी अव्यवस्थित किंवा अस्वच्छ करणे The toddler always seemed to dishevel his grandmother’s clean house, throwing his toys all about the room like a tornado.
578 Often – अनेकदा frequently and regularly – वारंवार आणि नियमितपणे I often go to McDonalds which is about six out of the seven days each week.
579 Dictatorship – हुकूमशाही a form of government in which one person has total power – सरकारचा एक प्रकार ज्यामध्ये एका व्यक्तीकडे संपूर्ण सत्ता असते There is no freedom when living in a dictatorship.
580 Cusp – कस्प a point in time that marks the beginning of a change or a transition – वेळेतील एक बिंदू जो बदल किंवा संक्रमणाची सुरूवात दर्शवतो After many experiments, the scientists were already on the cusp of a breakthrough cure.
581 Corps – कॉर्प्स a band of people operating together – लोकांचा समूह एकत्र काम करतो As the corps of volunteers worked on the house, they were able to provide a poor family with the opportunity to own their own home.
582 Rectitude – शुद्धता behavior that is correct and moral – योग्य आणि नैतिक वर्तन Jake’s rectitude prevented him from lying to the police about his actions.
583 Pasquinade – पासक्विनेड a composition (cartoon, flyer or skit) that imitates, mocks or misrepresents somebody’s style, typically in a humorous way – एक रचना (कार्टून, फ्लायर किंवा स्किट) जी एखाद्याच्या शैलीचे अनुकरण करते, थट्टा करते किंवा चुकीचे वर्णन करते, विशेषत: विनोदी मार्गाने The politician was unamused at the latest pasquinade published in the newspaper.
584 Natural – नैसर्गिक something organic derived from nature that is raw and pure, not having been treated or processed – निसर्गातून मिळविलेले सेंद्रिय काहीतरी कच्चे आणि शुद्ध आहे, त्यावर उपचार किंवा प्रक्रिया केली जात नाही Natural honey is one of the only raw and pure foods that never goes bad.
585 Paper – कागद a thin flimsy item that is made from wood and mainly used for people to write on – एक पातळ क्षीण वस्तू जी लाकडापासून बनविली जाते आणि मुख्यतः लोक लिहिण्यासाठी वापरली जाते After the little girl cut out the dolls and clothes from the paper, she folded the flaps of the paper dress onto the doll.
586 Revelation – प्रकटीकरण a surprising realization that makes you look at things in a new way – एक आश्चर्यकारक अनुभूती जी तुम्हाला गोष्टींकडे नवीन पद्धतीने पाहण्यास प्रवृत्त करते When he was arrested for driving so much over the speed limit, he came to the revelation that he might need to slow down.
587 Lawful – कायदेशीर legal; allowed by the rules/law – कायदेशीर नियम/कायद्याद्वारे परवानगी The lawful age to drink is 21, but many people drink illegally at 18.
588 Conniption – कन्निप्शन a fit, fuss, or tantrum – एक तंदुरुस्त, गडबड किंवा गोंधळ My father had a conniption when he realized that I had not made all A’s for this semester of school.
589 Needed – आवश्यक आहे required; wanted – आवश्यक हवे होते The drooping plants needed water and sunlight to grow properly.
590 Verbatim – शब्दशः repeating the exact words that were used – वापरलेल्या अचूक शब्दांची पुनरावृत्ती Do you have to repeat everything I say verbatim?
591 Hypothermia – हायपोथर्मिया a dangerous drop in body temperature brought on by cold temperature – थंड तापमानामुळे शरीराच्या तापमानात धोकादायक घट Most victims of the sinking of died not from drowning, but from hypothermia brought on by the icy water.
592 Coquette – कॉक्वेट a flirty lady with the male population to seek their appreciation – त्यांची प्रशंसा मिळविण्यासाठी पुरुष लोकसंख्येसह एक फ्लर्टी महिला When the young man saw the coquette playfully teasing other men at the party, he was heartbroken.
593 Obvious – उघड noticeable and likely to be determined – लक्षात येण्याजोगे आणि निश्चित होण्याची शक्यता आहे When the child touched the hot stove with his hand, his obvious reaction would be to never touch the stove again.
594 Smidgen – स्मिडगेन a small amount of something – एखाद्या गोष्टीची थोडीशी रक्कम The amount of sand I can hold in my hand is a smidgen compared to all the sand on the beach.
595 Honorary – मानद a title or acclaim without having to go through the normal route to achieve it – शीर्षक किंवा प्रशंसा ते साध्य करण्यासाठी सामान्य मार्गाने न जाता After his untimely death, the student was given an honorary degree.
596 Formally – औपचारिकपणे officially – अधिकृतपणे Company executives were formally charged with their white collar crimes in court this morning.
597 Dexterous – निपुण having or showing great skill or cleverness – उत्तम कौशल्य किंवा हुशारी असणे किंवा दाखवणे Since I do not often use my left hand, I am not dexterous when I use it for writing.
598 Scuff – खरडणे to scrape or scratch – खरडणे किंवा स्क्रॅच करणे Because he tends to scuff the front of his shoes when he walks, there are always scratch mrks on the toes of the toddler’s sneakers.
599 Merger – विलीनीकरण the joining of two things into one – दोन गोष्टी एका गोष्टीत जोडणे The merger of the two companies happened in February when the smaller corporation joined the larger.
600 Pilferage – चोरी the recurrent theft of small items of little value – कमी किमतीच्या लहान वस्तूंची वारंवार होणारी चोरी The pilferage of the house resulted in the owners having a roll of toilet paper stolen.
601 Fatal – घातक causes death or leads to a disaster – मृत्यूला कारणीभूत ठरते किंवा आपत्ती ओढवते Dropping a fatal dose of poison into the goblet, the evil queen smiled down at her deathly elixir.
602 Suffered – भोगले experienced; lived through – अनुभवी; माध्यमातून जगले After she suffered the loss of a child, the mother no longer felt joy or wanted to live.
603 Purlieus – पर्लीयस the area surrounding a place – एखाद्या ठिकाणाभोवतीचा परिसर The townspeople searched the purlieus of the area where the dog disappeared, hoping that they would be able to find him on the outer edge.
604 Transparency – पारदर्शकता openness; clearness – मोकळेपणा स्पष्टता Media outlets are calling for the president to embrace transparency and be open with his financial documents.
605 Shoot – शूट करा to kill or wound something with a bullet or an arrow – गोळी किंवा बाणाने काहीतरी मारणे किंवा जखम करणे The hunter aimed his bow at the unsuspecting deer and prepared to shoot it with his arrow.
606 Underestimate – कमी लेखणे to say that something is worth less than it really is – एखादी गोष्ट खरोखर आहे त्यापेक्षा कमी आहे असे म्हणणे The man made a mistake when he chose to underestimate the skill of the other player.
607 Shortcoming – उणीव a deficiency or failing – कमतरता किंवा अपयश Her only shortcoming shown on the report card was in science because her lab reports were not written in the correct format.
608 Responded – प्रतिसाद दिला took action – कारवाई केली Mark’s boss responded to his request for time off by sending an approval e-mail to his inbox.
609 Coniferous – शंकूच्या आकाराचे a tree or bush bearing cones and green leaves that do not fall in the winter – एक झाड किंवा झुडूप ज्यामध्ये शंकू आणि हिरवी पाने असतात जी हिवाळ्यात पडत नाहीत Even though the tree was classified as coniferous, it had a peculiar color that was far from evergreen.
610 Pessimism – निराशावाद the habit of always seeing things in the worst light – नेहमी वाईट प्रकाशात गोष्टी पाहण्याची सवय Ruby’s pessimism convinced her she was too old to go back to school.
611 Intensify – तीव्र करा to make something more intense – काहीतरी अधिक तीव्र करण्यासाठी Turning the thermometer up will cause the heat in the room to intensify, providing warmth during the winter months.
612 Tell – सांगा to communicate information or facts – माहिती किंवा तथ्ये संप्रेषण करण्यासाठी Ray’s teacher asked him to tell the answer to the class, but she froze up when trying to relay the information.
613 Nightingale – कोकिळा a small, brown European bird that is most notable for the singing of the male at night in mating season – एक लहान, तपकिरी युरोपियन पक्षी जो वीण हंगामात रात्री नर गाण्यासाठी सर्वात लक्षणीय आहे Many times of birds are known for their singing, but the Nightingale is a little odd in that nearly all of their singers are male.
614 Finality – अंतिमता a final or unchangeable condition – अंतिम किंवा न बदलणारी अट I could not stop crying when I realized graduation was the finality of my high school life.
615 Deprecatory – निंदनीय belittling, critical – कमी लेखणे, टीका करणे Although he claimed it was all in fun, the man’s deprecatory comments were hurtful to those they ridiculed.
616 Hopeful – आशावादी believing a positive result will occur – सकारात्मक परिणाम होईल असा विश्वास Danielle is hopeful she’ll get a good job after she graduates from college.
617 Venue – ठिकाण the place where something happens, especially an organized event such as a concert, conference, or sports event – जिथे काहीतरी घडते ते ठिकाण, विशेषत: आयोजित कार्यक्रम जसे की मैफिली, परिषद किंवा क्रीडा कार्यक्रम The bride was having trouble picking the perfect venue for the reception, but finally decided on a beautiful garden estate.
618 Swear – शपथ to make a solemn promise to do something or confirming that something is true – काहीतरी करण्याचे वचन देणे किंवा काहीतरी खरे आहे याची पुष्टी करणे I swear that I will clean my room tomorrow.
619 Owned – मालकीचे to be utterly defeated – पूर्णपणे पराभूत होणे We totally owned the opposing team with an amazing score of twenty-eight to zero.
620 Maintain – राखणे to keep something in its current condition or state – एखादी गोष्ट सध्याच्या स्थितीत किंवा स्थितीत ठेवण्यासाठी It is difficult to maintain my weight when my diet consists of donuts and Chinese takeout.
621 Fornication – व्यभिचार sexual intercourse between two people not married to each other – एकमेकांशी विवाह न केलेल्या दोन व्यक्तींमधील लैंगिक संबंध Magistrates across the land created laws to punish fornication between unmarried lovers.
622 Audit – ऑडिट a systematic assessment of something – एखाद्या गोष्टीचे पद्धतशीर मूल्यांकन We will need a complete audit of the disease if we are going to find out what it is and how we can stop it.
623 Rock – खडक to move back and forth – मागे पुढे जाण्यासाठी The storm on the sea began to rock the cruise ship back and forth on the water.
624 Fog – धुके a thick cloud close to the ground or ocean; making it difficult to see – जमिनीच्या किंवा महासागराच्या जवळ जाड ढग; ते पाहणे कठीण करते Brian was late for work as the fog caused multiple accidents on the freeway.
625 Preserved – जतन केले maintained in an original state over time – कालांतराने मूळ स्थितीत ठेवली जाते The bones of a dinosaur can be preserved as a fossil if the right conditions are met, including pressure and a lack of moisture.
626 Blithe – ब्लिथ carefree and unconcerned – निश्चिंत आणि बेफिकीर The rebellious teenager was blithe about her failing grades.
627 Delegation – शिष्टमंडळ a group of people a sent or authorized to represent others, in particular, elected representatives sent to a conference – इतरांचे प्रतिनिधीत्व करण्यासाठी पाठविलेले किंवा अधिकृत लोकांचा समूह, विशेषतः निवडून आलेले प्रतिनिधी परिषदेला पाठवले जातात In 1787, a delegation gathered in Pennsylvania to hash out the future of America and craft a constitution.
628 Resisted – प्रतिकार केला avoided; refused – टाळले नकार दिला The alcoholic resisted the urge to drink a beer even though he really wanted to taste it.
629 Influencer – प्रभाव पाडणारा one has an effect of the decisions or development of someone or something else – एखाद्याच्या निर्णयाचा किंवा विकासाचा किंवा इतर गोष्टींचा प्रभाव असतो A political influencer, MLK was instrumental in persuading others to see the need for equal voting rights in the U.S.
630 Cortege – कॉर्टेज an individual’s entourage or a grave procession – एखाद्या व्यक्तीची सभा किंवा कबर मिरवणूक A cortege of vehicles followed the hearse into the cemetery.
631 Authorize – अधिकृत करा to give official permission – अधिकृत परवानगी देण्यासाठी A manager must authorize the transaction before we can give the customer the money.
632 Perverse – विकृत not normal or proper – सामान्य किंवा योग्य नाही The serial killer found perverse pleasure in every murder he committed.
633 Unbelievable – अविश्वसनीय incredible; not able to be imagined – अविश्वसनीय; कल्पना करणे शक्य नाही Staring at the winning ticket, the man felt it unbelievable that he could be a millionaire.
634 Defensive – बचावात्मक used to protect or defend from attack – हल्ल्यापासून संरक्षण किंवा बचाव करण्यासाठी वापरले जाते Defensive techniques were taught to the women so that they could defend themselves from sexual assault.
635 Homage – श्रद्धांजली an act performed to show respect – आदर दर्शविण्यासाठी केलेली कृती As a sign of homage for the late president, government flags will be flown half-mast today.
636 Foray – धाड an initial attempt at something – एखाद्या गोष्टीचा प्रारंभिक प्रयत्न Before their foray into enemy territory, a scouting party was sent to observe the guard stations.
637 Advised – सल्ला दिला gave advice or guidance; Instructed or counseled – सल्ला किंवा मार्गदर्शन दिले; सूचना किंवा सल्ला दिला Mrs. Smith advised the student to study her notes for several hours if she wanted to pass the English test.
638 Hammy – हॅमी overly dramatic and theatrical – अती नाट्यमय आणि नाट्यमय The actress’s hammy performance wasn’t terrible, but it was a tad bit over-the-top.
639 Cacophony – कोकोफोनी an unpleasant mixture of loud sounds – मोठ्या आवाजाचे अप्रिय मिश्रण Sometimes, it seems as though the dogs in our neighborhood bark together to create a cacophony that wakes me up every morning.
640 Sensor – सेन्सर a device which detects or measures a physical property (i.e., light, temperature) and records/transmits this information – एक साधन जे भौतिक गुणधर्म शोधते किंवा मोजते (म्हणजे, प्रकाश, तापमान) आणि ही माहिती रेकॉर्ड करते/प्रसारण करते A sensor inside of the tire alerted the driver that the air pressure was lower than it needed to be.
641 Totality – संपूर्णता the whole or entirety of something – एखाद्या गोष्टीची संपूर्ण किंवा संपूर्णता The twenty six letters in the English language make up the totality of the English alphabet.
642 Remorseless – निर्घृण निर्दय without guilt or regret – अपराधीपणा किंवा पश्चात्ताप न करता The driver seemed remorseless after rear-ending my vehicle.
643 Blink – लुकलुकणे to open and close the eyes quickly – पटकन डोळे उघडणे आणि बंद करणे Dust got into the farmer’s eye, causing him to blink rapidly and rub his hand back and forth.
644 Uncanny – अनोळखी strangely weird – विचित्रपणे विचित्र Jeff is an uncanny man who likes to eat raw meat.
645 Dislodge – विस्थापित करणे to shake or move something from a stuck position – अडकलेल्या स्थितीतून काहीतरी हलविणे किंवा हलविणे We tried to use a basketball to dislodge the one already struck between the rim and the backboard of the goal, but ultimately we just got that one stuck as well.
646 Indecision – अनिर्णय unable to decide between choices – निवडी दरम्यान निर्णय घेण्यास अक्षम The politician’s indecision in policy ties caused him to lose the votes of both the Republicans and Democrats.
647 Military – लष्करी the armed forces of a country – देशाची सशस्त्र सेना Without a military, a country cannot wage war with another for lack of soldiers and weapons to wage it with.
648 Lingering – रेंगाळत remaining or staying in a place longer than expected – उरलेले किंवा अपेक्षेपेक्षा जास्त काळ ठिकाणी राहणे He hoped that he made the right decision by selling his home, but lingering doubts still filled the man’s mind.
649 Fuzz – फज a short, frizzy mass of fiber or hair – फायबर किंवा केसांचा एक लहान, कुरकुरीत वस्तुमान The towel fuzz rubbed off onto my usually silky clothing while in the wash.
650 Voguish – वोगिश trendy; in style – कालानुरुप; स्टाईलमध्ये Although they weren’t comfortable or practical for everyday wear, the voguish Louboutin heels were undoubtedly in style.
651 Fanciful – काल्पनिक coming from the imagination; dreamlike – कल्पनेतून येत; स्वप्नासारखे The storyteller told fanciful tales about talking mermaids and fearless princesses.
652 Exculpatory – निर्दोष describes something that shows or declares that (someone) is not guilty of wrongdoing – (कोणीतरी) चुकीच्या कृत्यासाठी दोषी नाही हे दर्शविते किंवा घोषित करते अशा एखाद्या गोष्टीचे वर्णन करते Despite its exculpatory tone, those conducting the investigation know in their hearts that the president is guilty of perjury.
653 Genesis – उत्पत्ती the point at which something comes into existence; the beginning – ज्या बिंदूवर काहीतरी अस्तित्वात येते; सुरुवातीला Genesis is the first chapter of the Bible’s Old Testament.
654 Conventional – परंपरागत describing the standard or the norm – मानक किंवा आदर्श वर्णन In many cultures, a handshake is a conventional greeting exchanged between people meeting for the first time.
655 Clam – क्लॅम a type of mollusk that lives in water and has two shells that are hinged together – एक प्रकारचा मोलस्क जो पाण्यात राहतो आणि दोन कवच असतात जे एकत्र जोडलेले असतात The clam was tightly closed, so I knew it was still alive.
656 Flailing – फडफडणारा to move uncontrollably in the air – हवेत अनियंत्रितपणे फिरणे Her flailing sign flapped in the heavy wind since it was only secured to the post with two staples.
657 Moist – ओलसर damp; wet – ओलसर ओले Because it was a moist area, moss grew freely on the rainforest floor.
658 Ambition – महत्वाकांक्षा a desire to accomplish (complete) a task – एखादे कार्य पूर्ण करण्याची (पूर्ण) इच्छा Despite his old age, Frank has a very strong ambition to climb Mount Everest.
659 Resistor – रेझिस्टर one that actively resists policies, especially those of the government – धोरणांचा, विशेषतः सरकारच्या धोरणांचा सक्रियपणे प्रतिकार करणारा Chanting an anti-communism slogan, the resistor was quickly arrested and toted off to jail.
660 Walking – चालणे moving by lifting one’s feet and putting them back down again – एखाद्याचे पाय उचलून आणि पुन्हा खाली ठेवून हालचाल करणे The children like walking to the park on foot rather than riding in the car.
661 Scheming – षडयंत्र making underhanded or sneaky plans – गुप्त किंवा गुप्त योजना बनवणे Myra suspected that the whispering children where probably scheming and planning a weekend sleepover.
662 Single-handedly – एकट्याने done alone without help from anyone else – इतर कोणाच्याही मदतीशिवाय एकट्याने केले The amazing quarterback single-handedly scored three touchdowns and didn’t need much help from his team to win the game.
663 Unfounded – निराधार not based on fact; without support – वस्तुस्थितीवर आधारित नाही; समर्थनाशिवाय Because there was no evidence that Cameron actually committed a crime, the unfounded charges against him were dropped.
664 Intergalactic – इंटरगालेक्टिक relating to or situated between multiple galaxies – एकाधिक आकाशगंगांशी संबंधित किंवा वसलेले This science fiction novel depicts an intergalactic war between the Milky Way and Andromeda galaxies.
665 Smarting – स्मार्टिंग the sensation of feeling a sharp pain or hurt – तीव्र वेदना किंवा दुखापत झाल्याची भावना The football team is still smarting over their loss to their rival but must prepare for the next game.
666 Deprivation – वंचित the lack of something which is viewed as necessary – एखाद्या गोष्टीचा अभाव ज्याला आवश्यक म्हणून पाहिले जाते After a couple of days of sleep deprivation, I become really grouchy.
667 Paycheck – पेचेक a check in payment of wages and salary – वेतन आणि पगाराचा चेक Jason received his first paycheck from his summer job and immediately went to the bank and cashed it.
668 Enunciate – उच्चार करा to clearly state – स्पष्टपणे सांगणे When Will was intoxicated, he was hard to understand because he did not enunciate his statements.
669 Hysterical – उन्माद affected by uncontrolled emotions – अनियंत्रित भावनांनी प्रभावित The hysterical play kept the audience cackling the entire show.
670 Unspeakable – न सांगता येत नाही too horrific or horrible to be expressed in words – शब्दांत व्यक्त करणे खूप भयानक किंवा भयानक The murders suspect was arrested for his unspeakable crimes, and the jury will soon hear about the horrible things he did.
671 Avail – लाभ घ्या to be of advantage or use – फायदा किंवा वापरासाठी Stranded in the desert, Jake tried to restart his car but to no avail.
672 Bird – पक्षी a feather-covered, warm-blooded animal that lays eggs and flies – पंखांनी झाकलेला, उबदार रक्ताचा प्राणी जो अंडी घालतो आणि उडतो The baby bird waited patiently in the nest while the mama robin flew off to get a worm for its dinner.
673 Stochastic – स्टोकास्टिक having a probability or random factor – संभाव्यता किंवा यादृच्छिक घटक असणे “Everyone knows that people who smoke cigarettes for many years are living a stochastic life since they might get cancer,” the doctor told his patient.
674 Arbitrage – मनमानी a method of buying something for one price and then immediately selling it for another price somewhere else – एखादी गोष्ट एका किमतीला विकत घ्यायची आणि नंतर लगेच दुसऱ्या किमतीला विकायची पद्धत As home flippers, the couple would embrace arbitrage and make a huge profit on the real estate sales.
675 Fickle – चंचल changing one’s mind frequently – वारंवार विचार बदलणे The fickle weather soon had me changing from my shorts into my thick slacks.
676 Bailiwick – बेलीविक the district within which a bailie or bailiff has jurisdiction – ज्या जिल्ह्यात बेली किंवा बेलीफचे अधिकार क्षेत्र आहे The bailiwick was quiet as the bailiff patrolled.
677 Healthful – आरोग्यदायी good for a person’s health – एखाद्या व्यक्तीच्या आरोग्यासाठी चांगले Consuming a healthful diet brought down the man’s blood pressure.
678 Cripple – अपंग person who has severe impairment in his physical abilities; unable to walk – ज्या व्यक्तीच्या शारीरिक क्षमतेत गंभीर कमजोरी आहे; चालण्यास असमर्थ He had been warned that another bad fall could cripple him for life.
679 Fahrenheit – फॅरेनहाइट a temperature scale in which 32 degrees is the standard for freezing and 212 degrees is the boiling point – तापमान स्केल ज्यामध्ये 32 अंश हे अतिशीत होण्याचे मानक आहे आणि 212 अंश उत्कलन बिंदू आहे If you crank the heat up to 212 degrees Fahrenheit, the water in the pot will begin to boil.
680 Bright – तेजस्वी shining or giving off a lot of light – चमकणे किंवा भरपूर प्रकाश देणे Letting off bright light, the sun beamed down on the sweaty construction workers.
681 Confiscate – जप्त करा to take for a specific reason – विशिष्ट कारणासाठी घेणे The bar owner will confiscate your keys if you are too drunk to drive.
682 Timing – टायमिंग the action of deciding the right moment in a situation at which to do something – ज्या परिस्थितीत काहीतरी करायचे आहे त्या परिस्थितीत योग्य क्षण ठरवण्याची क्रिया The game of golf requires good timing, since hitting the ball at the wrong second can be disastrous.
683 Ghastly – भयंकर extremely awful – अत्यंत भयानक There is no way I can swallow the ghastly medicine.
684 Exhaust – एक्झॉस्ट to wear out or use up one’s resources or materials – संपुष्टात येणे किंवा एखाद्याची संसाधने किंवा सामग्री वापरणे The marathon runner began to exhaust at mile 23.
685 Limpid – लिम्पिड see-through; clear – पाहणे स्पष्ट Because the sky was not limpid, we could not see the stars.
686 Ploy – प्लॉय a gimmick or strategy – एक नौटंकी किंवा धोरण The store used a bait and switch ploy to get customers to buy a more expensive item.
687 Fauna – जीवजंतू wildlife of a specific area – विशिष्ट क्षेत्राचे वन्यजीव The forest’s fauna are safeguarded by local wildlife life protection laws.
688 Adolescent – पौगंडावस्थेतील a young person who is developing into an adult – एक तरुण व्यक्ती जो प्रौढ बनत आहे Before he reaches adulthood, the adolescent will need to learn how to drive and cook for himself.
689 Refraction – अपवर्तन the twisting or bending of light as it travels from one agent to another agent – एका एजंटकडून दुसऱ्या एजंटकडे जाताना प्रकाशाचे वळण किंवा वाकणे We observed refraction when we turned our flashlights upon the cloudy lake.
690 Roomer – रूमर a person who rents a room in another person’s home – दुसऱ्या व्यक्तीच्या घरी खोली भाड्याने देणारी व्यक्ती An ad was placed in the paper by someone looking for a roomer to rent out one bedroom in their four-bedroom home.
691 Hogwash – हॉगवॉश nonsense; gibberish – मूर्खपणा बकवास Marty told everyone he knew that he had been abducted by aliens, but every body thought his silly talk was hogwash.
692 Nonage – नोनेज the period of one’s immaturity – एखाद्याच्या अपरिपक्वतेचा कालावधी Tom’s nonage lasted much longer than it should have, considering that he was still pulling pranks at sixteen.
693 Pro rata – प्रो रेटा consistently corresponding to a precise amount – सुसंगतपणे अचूक रकमेशी संबंधित “Since I left the apartment in the middle of the month,” the former tenant told his former landlord, “I should only have to pay a pro rata amount due to the length of time I was there.”
694 Churlish – चुरशीचा rude; impolite – उद्धट; असभ्य Although Ms. X is a beautiful and talented actress, she has a reputation for being churlish and difficult to get along with.
695 Rest assured – निश्चिंत रहा to rest easy about something because it is guaranteed – एखाद्या गोष्टीबद्दल आराम करणे कारण त्याची हमी आहे The mother can rest assured that her children will be in the best possible care while she’s away on business.
696 Automaton – ऑटोमॅटन the process of making a machine work automatically without the assistance of a human – मशीन बनवण्याची प्रक्रिया मानवाच्या मदतीशिवाय स्वयंचलितपणे कार्य करते Automation of the check-out process has caused many cashiers to be replaced by ‘self-checkout’ machines.
697 Unconscionable – बेफिकीर not right or unreasonable – योग्य किंवा अवास्तव नाही Allowing blind people the right to drive is not only foolish, but it is unconscionable.
698 Misconstrued – चुकीचा अर्थ लावला to interpret something the wrong way – एखाद्या गोष्टीचा चुकीचा अर्थ लावणे Carla had no idea that her intended compliment had been completely misconstrued by her aunt.
699 Waitressing – वेट्रेसिंग acting as a restaurant server, waiting on guests by bringing them food and drinks – रेस्टॉरंट सर्व्हर म्हणून काम करत आहे, अतिथींना अन्न आणि पेये आणून त्यांची वाट पाहत आहे Waitressing on the weekends, Wanda is able to earn extra cash delivering drinks and salads to customers’ tables.
700 Bliss – परमानंद total happiness – संपूर्ण आनंद People who suffer from severe depression rarely experience days of bliss.
701 Consultation – सल्लामसलत a conference for the exchange of information and advice – माहिती आणि सल्ल्याची देवाणघेवाण करण्यासाठी परिषद When my jewelry was stolen, I had a consultation with a lawyer to get his advice about whether or not I should sue my neighbor for the robbery.
702 Headstone – हेडस्टोन a slab of stone set up at the head of a grave, typically inscribed with the name of the person buried below – थडग्याच्या डोक्यावर दगडाचा स्लॅब, सामान्यत: खाली दफन केलेल्या व्यक्तीच्या नावासह कोरलेला असतो Because the family members of the deceased couldn’t afford a headstone for their loved one, only a small cross marks the man’s gravesite.
703 Toe – पायाचे बोट any one of the five digits at the end of the human foot – मानवी पायाच्या शेवटी असलेल्या पाच अंकांपैकी कोणताही एक I was walking around my house barefooted and I accidentally rammed my little toe into the leg of my kitchen table.
704 Verisimilitude – सत्यता the appearance or semblance of truth – सत्याचे स्वरूप किंवा प्रतीक When the man’s wife lied on the stand, she destroyed any chance the jury would believe she was capable of giving them even an ounce of verisimilitude.
705 Vale – वेली a large flatland usually between a mountain or rock formation – एक मोठा सपाट प्रदेश सहसा पर्वत किंवा खडक निर्मिती दरम्यान The children picked wildflowers and played in the wide vale between their cottage and the mountains.
706 Bouncing – उसळत आहे moving upward (and then usually back down) after hitting a surface – पृष्ठभागावर आदळल्यानंतर वरच्या दिशेने (आणि नंतर सहसा खाली) हलणे The bouncing ball hit the court and rebounded back toward the bleachers.
707 Vane – वाणे a person who changes his mind easily – एक व्यक्ती जी सहजपणे आपले विचार बदलते The vane woman in front of me at the drive-thru kept changing her order.
708 Endurance – सहनशक्ती the ability to do something difficult for a long time – दीर्घकाळ काहीतरी कठीण करण्याची क्षमता She admired her grandmother’s endurance throughout the grueling cancer treatments.
709 Eventually – अखेरीस in the end; after some time – शेवटी; काही वेळानंतर We will go the park eventually, but until then we will work in the garden.
710 Appetizing – भूक वाढवणारी appealing or attractive, typically in reference to food – आकर्षक किंवा आकर्षक, विशेषत: अन्नाच्या संदर्भात The melted cheese of a grilled cheese sandwich is extremely appetizing when I am hungry.
711 Paramount – परम of the greatest concern – सर्वात मोठी चिंता It is paramount that my grandfather takes his medicine if he wants to feel better.
712 Factory – कारखाना a building were products are made – एक इमारत उत्पादने केली जातात Factory employees work Monday through Friday making the rubber stoppers that go in bathtubs.
713 Heartthrob – हार्टथ्रॉब a famous and attractive man with lots of admirers – भरपूर प्रशंसक असलेला एक प्रसिद्ध आणि आकर्षक माणूस Teenage girls flocked to the stage when the heartthrob appeared.
714 Dishabille – डिशबिले extreme casual or disorderly dress, shirt tail out, sleeves unbuttoned, etc – अत्यंत अनौपचारिक किंवा उच्छृंखल पोशाख, शर्टची शेपटी बाहेर, बाही अन बटन इ. After arriving at her meeting in a state of dishabille, Mary’s co-workers stared at her clothes in disbelief.
715 Stimuli – उत्तेजना anything that evokes or causes a reaction or function in the human body – मानवी शरीरात प्रतिक्रिया किंवा कार्य उत्तेजित करते किंवा कारणीभूत ठरते Blinding light is a stimuli that will cause you to squint or close your eyes for protection.
716 Epilogue – उपसंहार a brief speech that ends a literary creation – एक संक्षिप्त भाषण जे साहित्यिक निर्मिती समाप्त करते At the end of the play, the actor presented an epilogue to summarize the tale.
717 Babelicious – बेबलिशियस very physically attractive or sexy – अतिशय शारीरिकदृष्ट्या आकर्षक किंवा सेक्सी The men continued to catcall the babelicious woman as she walked down the street in her short skirt.
718 Accommodating – सामावून घेणारा inclined to make happy or content – आनंदी किंवा समाधानी बनविण्यास प्रवृत्त The accommodating hostess made sure everyone had enough to eat at the party.
719 Preceding – आधीचे coming before something else – काहीतरी आधी येत आहे Preceding the trial, both parties will try to reach a settlement that will stop them from having to go to court.
720 Knavish – नविश crafty; cunning – धूर्त धूर्त The knavish wolf was able to convince the pig to let him into his home.
721 Sissy – सिसी someone that is regarded as cowardly – ज्याला भ्याड म्हणून ओळखले जाते Isaac is considered a sissy since he was unwilling to fight a bully even to protect his sister.
722 Swimmingly – पोहत in a manner that is smooth and satisfying – गुळगुळीत आणि समाधानकारक अशा पद्धतीने The track meet went swimmingly, as we won a gold medal.
723 Articulate – उच्चार expressing oneself clearly – स्पष्टपणे व्यक्त करणे Because John found it difficult to articulate his love for Jessica, he wrote her a poem about his feelings.
724 Gang – टोळी a mob or posse of people usually together to do illegal or improper actions – बेकायदेशीर किंवा अयोग्य कृती करण्यासाठी सामान्यत: जमाव किंवा लोकांचा जमाव When the rival gang approached the three men, five of the thugs brought out their guns and started shooting.
725 Harassment – छळ behavior that is repeated and annoying or bothersome – वर्तन जे वारंवार आणि त्रासदायक किंवा त्रासदायक आहे Sheila accused her boss of harassment after he continued to ask her out on dates.
726 Steerage – स्टीरेज cheapest class of accommodation in a ship with no individual cabins – स्वतंत्र केबिन नसलेल्या जहाजात निवासाचा सर्वात स्वस्त वर्ग Steerage is the lower deck of a ship, a large open space that it is near the steering gear.
727 Science – विज्ञान an area of study that deals with the natural world learned through experiments and observation – अभ्यासाचे क्षेत्र जे प्रयोग आणि निरीक्षणाद्वारे शिकलेल्या नैसर्गिक जगाशी संबंधित आहे The science teacher led the children through a science experiment that showed how volcanos explode.
728 Clamor – कोलाहल to ask for loudly – मोठ्याने विचारणे As soon as the people learn about the little boy’s murder, they are going to clamor for justice.
729 Fruitful – फलदायी being productive in any sense; yielding benefits – कोणत्याही अर्थाने उत्पादक असणे; लाभ देणारे The extra work in the office turned out to be fruitful after all when Tyler was promoted.
730 Moreover – शिवाय further – पुढील For many small companies, moreover, the ability to purchase cash is limited.
731 Cut-rate – कट-दर cheaply priced; marked down – स्वस्त किंमत; खाली चिन्हांकित Most of the cut-rate items sitting on the clearance shelf have been marked down to less than two dollars each.
732 Odometer – ओडोमीटर an instrument used to measure how far a vehicle has travelled – वाहन किती दूर गेले हे मोजण्यासाठी वापरलेले साधन Odometer fraud is illegal, but that doesn’t stop scammers from rolling back the miles on used vehicles.
733 Alienation – परकेपणा the process of excluding something or someone – काहीतरी किंवा एखाद्याला वगळण्याची प्रक्रिया The alienation of the new kid at school was thanks to the popular kids treating her like an outcast.
734 Ambrosial – अमृतमय appealing to one’s sense of smell or taste – एखाद्याच्या वासाच्या किंवा चवीच्या भावनेला आकर्षित करणे Because Janice liked the ambrosial scent of the shrubs, she decided to plant a few in her front yard.
735 Frond – फ्रॉन्ड along, thin leaf belonging to a fern or palm tree – बाजूने, फर्न किंवा पामच्या झाडाची पातळ पाने A wispy frond of dill was plucked from the plant and mixed into the dish.
736 Quotient – भागफलक the end of result of division – विभाजनाच्या निकालाचा शेवट The fun quotient reduced significantly when mom decided to tag along.
737 Heal – बरे करा for an injury or wound to be cured or repaired – दुखापत किंवा जखम बरी होण्यासाठी किंवा दुरुस्त करण्यासाठी After I had the cast removed from my arm, I knew the cast helped to heal my previously broken arm.
738 Counterintuitive – प्रतिवादात्मक the opposite of what makes sense – जे अर्थपूर्ण आहे त्याच्या उलट To many people it appears counterintuitive that eating more meals can help trigger weight loss.
739 Nutjob – नटजॉब a person who displays irrational or idiotic behaviors – असमंजसपणाची किंवा मूर्खपणाची वागणूक दाखवणारी व्यक्ती As the nutjob was spouting gibberish to himself as he walked down the street, many pedestrians avoided him as much as possible.
740 Difficulty – अडचण a problem or obstacle that makes something complicated – एखादी समस्या किंवा अडथळा ज्यामुळे काहीतरी क्लिष्ट होते A flat tire was the only difficulty we experienced on the road trip and we were able to solve that problem rather quickly.
741 Manuscript – हस्तलिखित text that has been typed or handwritten as part of the preparation for publication – प्रकाशनाच्या तयारीचा भाग म्हणून टाइप केलेला किंवा हस्तलिखित केलेला मजकूर After I read the first ten pages of Cameron’s manuscript, I couldn’t wait to finish the rest of the screenplay.
742 Lattice – जाळी crisscross or diamond pattern with spaces in-between – क्रिसक्रॉस किंवा डायमंड पॅटर्न ज्यामध्ये मोकळी जागा आहे I pierced through the wooden lattice, splitting the diamond pattern in two.
743 Point blank – बिंदू रिक्त the near distance to a goal that it is most likely not going to be missed – ध्येयाच्या जवळचे अंतर जे बहुधा चुकणार नाही Soldiers were precisely trained to fight to the bitter end if they encountered the enemy at point blank range.
744 Refund – परतावा a reimbursement of money spent – खर्च केलेल्या पैशाची परतफेड A monetary refund could not be returned to the customer, but a free gift card in the amount spent was given.
745 Hardball – हार्डबॉल determined and forceful in an unpleasant way – एक अप्रिय मार्गाने दृढ आणि दृढ The tough attorney likes to play hardball with other lawyers, refusing to back down or settle for less than what his clients ask for.
746 Tie the Knot – गाठ बांधा to get married – लग्ण करणे It looks like Haley and Michael have finally decided to tie the knot after three years of dating.
747 Smithereens – स्मिथरेन्स very tiny pieces – खूप लहान तुकडे As the bomb exploded, it blew all of the paper close to it into tiny smithereens.
748 Pollyanna – पोल्याना a cheerful person who naively tries to find the good in everything – एक आनंदी व्यक्ती जो सहजतेने प्रत्येक गोष्टीत चांगले शोधण्याचा प्रयत्न करतो A naïve Pollyanna, Little Red Riding Hood skipped through the woods blissfully unaware of the danger.
749 Fat cat – जाड मांजर a rich and influential person who is in business or politics – एक श्रीमंत आणि प्रभावशाली व्यक्ती जो व्यवसाय किंवा राजकारणात आहे Donovan is a CEO and the only fat cat in the city, with more wealth and influence than anyone else that lives here.
750 Subtitle – उपशीर्षक the second part of the heading or label given to a performance or written document – कार्यप्रदर्शन किंवा लिखित दस्तऐवजासाठी दिलेला शीर्षक किंवा लेबलचा दुसरा भाग With the subtitle written on the cover, people could figure out exactly what the book was about.
751 Tolerable – सुसह्य something that is alright or decent, but not terrible or great – काहीतरी जे ठीक किंवा सभ्य आहे, परंतु भयंकर किंवा महान नाही The average performance of the actors on stage was tolerable, and I certainly would not give them any special awards.
752 Detriment – हानी an event or item that inflicts damage to an individual or thing – एखादी घटना किंवा वस्तू जी एखाद्या व्यक्तीला किंवा वस्तूचे नुकसान करते As long as the herbal drink does not pose a detriment to my physical wellbeing, I will give it a try.
753 Superego – Superego the part of your mind that acts as your self-accountable conscience – तुमच्या मनाचा भाग जो तुमचा आत्म-जबाबदार विवेक म्हणून काम करतो My superego tells me that what I am doing is probably wrong.
754 Personage – व्यक्तिमत्व an important person; notable – एक महत्वाची व्यक्ती; उल्लेखनीय He doesn’t look familiar, but he must be a very important personage to have a prominent spot in the photo shoot.
755 Capable – सक्षम able and competent – सक्षम आणि सक्षम The man in the wheelchair insisted that he was capable of taking care of himself.
756 Psalm – स्तोत्र a sacred song or hymn used during worship – पूजेदरम्यान वापरलेले एक पवित्र गाणे किंवा भजन The gospel song is based on an old bible psalm about daily worship.
757 Discussion – चर्चा a conversation or debate usually regarded as an intellectual or serious affair – संभाषण किंवा वादविवाद सहसा बौद्धिक किंवा गंभीर प्रकरण म्हणून ओळखले जातात My father and I had a discussion regarding what we considered to be good books, but we could not agree on whether or not Moby Dick was one of them.
758 Diversion – वळवणे a distraction or turning from another activity – विचलित होणे किंवा दुसऱ्या क्रियाकलापापासून वळणे Soldiers often use a diversion tactic, like a small attack away from their target, to sneak up on the enemy.
759 Blotch – डाग an irregular patch or unsightly mark on a surface – पृष्ठभागावर एक अनियमित पॅच किंवा कुरूप चिन्ह After spilling wine on her mother’s white carpet, Giselle tried to hide the dark blotch with a lamp.
760 Hearten – मनापासून to encourage; give strength – प्रोत्साहन देणे; शक्ती द्या I tried to hearten my depressed classmate with encouraging words.
761 Hypotrophy – हायपोट्रोफी gradual degeneration of an organ or tissue caused by a loss of cells – पेशींच्या नुकसानीमुळे अवयव किंवा ऊतींचे हळूहळू ऱ्हास Although hypotrophy involves the degeneration of tissue, it is a key part of building body muscle.
762 Died – मरण पावला referring to an organism that has stopped living – जगणे थांबवलेल्या जीवाचा संदर्भ देत आहे It’s saddening that my dog died last month, and I don’t have the heart to get a new one since it wouldn’t be the same.
763 Tray – ट्रे a shallow and flat container with a rim typically used for carrying food – रिमसह उथळ आणि सपाट कंटेनर सामान्यत: अन्न वाहून नेण्यासाठी वापरला जातो Most school cafeteria’s hand out a tray for you to put your food on, though it is sometimes questionable if they are clean or not.
764 Besotted – बेसोटेड strongly infatuated or obsessed – जोरदार मोहित किंवा वेड Laura is besotted with her husband to the point that become frantic when he comes home late from work.
765 Sleet – स्लीट rain and snow mixed – पाऊस आणि बर्फ मिश्रित The combination of snow and rain in the form of sleet rained down on the driver’s windshield.
766 Daft – डॅफ्ट stupid, ridiculous, or silly – मूर्ख, हास्यास्पद किंवा मूर्ख The daft article is full of errors, and does not belong in our journal.
767 Venturesome – उपक्रमशील having the tendency to willingly take risks or dangerous adventures – स्वेच्छेने जोखीम किंवा धोकादायक साहस घेण्याची प्रवृत्ती The venturesome couple climbed decided to climb Mount Everest for their honeymoon.
768 Shade – सावली covering from the sun – सूर्यापासून आच्छादन Cala lilies love the shade and do not grow well in direct sunlight.
769 Agreed – मान्य reached a joint decision that everyone involved is okay with – एका संयुक्त निर्णयावर पोहोचले ज्यामध्ये सहभागी प्रत्येकजण सहमत आहे The divorcing couple agreed to split their assets, with the wife getting the house and the husband getting the cars.
770 Frustrating – निराशाजनक able to cause feelings of upset or annoyance – अस्वस्थ किंवा त्रासदायक भावना निर्माण करण्यास सक्षम The frustrating toddler cried and screamed until both of his parents were totally annoyed with him.
771 Shipwreck – जहाजाचा नाश the destruction of a ship at sea – समुद्रात जहाजाचा नाश The lone survivor of the shipwreck, the injured man looked for anything on the shore to cover his wound with.
772 Certitude – निश्चितता the condition of being certain or sure about something – एखाद्या गोष्टीबद्दल निश्चित किंवा खात्री असण्याची अट Unfortunately, the witness could not describe her attacker’s face with certitude.
773 Hebetudinous – हेबेट्यूडिनस mentally dull or sluggish – मानसिकदृष्ट्या सुस्त किंवा सुस्त The hebetudinous student seemed lethargic when it came to his studies and refused to put any effort towards his studies.
774 Trifle – क्षुल्लक to handle with disrespect or in a discourteous manner – अनादराने किंवा असभ्य रीतीने हाताळणे Jack was angered by his ex-wife’s attempt to trifle with him in front of their children.
775 Banish – हद्दपार करा to cast out or away – बाहेर टाकणे किंवा दूर करणे The ghost hunters tried to banish the ghosts from the house.
776 Stereotype – स्टिरियोटाइप an unfair impression that has been developed about a person or race – एखाद्या व्यक्तीबद्दल किंवा वंशाबद्दल विकसित केलेली अयोग्य छाप While many people believe the stereotype all teenagers are lazy, their beliefs are false.
777 Vice – वाइस an unpleasant habit – एक अप्रिय सवय I begged my husband to quit his unhealthy vice of smoking cigars.
778 Rapier – रॅपियर a long slender blade that has two edges and a protective ornament for the hand – एक लांब सडपातळ ब्लेड ज्याला दोन कडा आहेत आणि हातासाठी संरक्षणात्मक अलंकार In fencing, I often use a rapier because it has a long blade that makes it perfect for thrusting.
779 Perch – पर्च to sit and rest – बसणे आणि विश्रांती घेणे Birds sit and perch in their cages at the pet store.
780 Cousin – चुलत भाऊ a child of one’s uncle or aunt – एखाद्याच्या काका किंवा मावशीचे मूल Hubert is the son of my father’s brother, which makes him my first and only cousin in the family.
781 Penury – पेन्युरी extreme poverty – अत्यंत गरिबी My uncle wasted his fortune and died in penury.
782 Bam – बाम a sound word used to describe a hard strike or blow – कठोर स्ट्राइक किंवा धक्का यांचे वर्णन करण्यासाठी वापरलेला एक ध्वनी शब्द As the fireworks exploded in the air, a loud bam and boom could be heard way down the street.
783 Action – कृती combat; battle – लढाई लढाई The movie was full of action, with most of the scenes containing fighting or warfare.
784 Utter – उच्चार total or complete – एकूण किंवा पूर्ण The billionaire’s utter lack of arrogance makes him very approachable.
785 Abate – अबेट to lessen in degree or intensity – पदवी किंवा तीव्रता कमी करणे I hope this medicine will abate the pain in my leg.
786 Fraction – अपूर्णांक a small part of something – एखाद्या गोष्टीचा एक छोटासा भाग Lightning strikes so quickly that it travels between the sky and the ground in a fraction of a second.
787 Snapshot – स्नॅपशॉट an informal photograph taken quickly – एक अनौपचारिक छायाचित्र पटकन घेतले While looking through an old photo album, Chelsea found a snapshot of her grandmother when she was very young.
788 Trace – ट्रेस to reproduce a design or word by rewriting or re-sketching it onto the piece of paper or other surface – कागदाच्या तुकड्यावर किंवा इतर पृष्ठभागावर पुन्हा लिहून किंवा पुन्हा स्केच करून डिझाइन किंवा शब्द पुनरुत्पादित करणे Many children begin to learn how to write their letters by their teaching requiring them to trace over the dashed letters on a worksheet.
789 Veil – बुरखा a head covering that may or may not cover the whole face that is often associated with religious or cultural customs – एक डोके झाकणे जे संपूर्ण चेहरा झाकून ठेवू शकते किंवा नसू शकते जे सहसा धार्मिक किंवा सांस्कृतिक रीतिरिवाजांशी संबंधित असते On her royal wedding day, Princess Diana wore a simple silk veil that perfectly complemented her elaborate gown.
790 Notarize – नोटराइझ करा to show something is legitimate by having it verified by a licensed person – एखादी गोष्ट परवानाधारक व्यक्तीकडून सत्यापित करून दाखवणे कायदेशीर आहे Amanda has the authorization to notarize the letter you need for court.
791 Modus operandi – मोडस ऑपरेंडी the usual way something is done, typically a pattern – नेहमीच्या पद्धतीने काहीतरी केले जाते, सामान्यत: एक नमुना The chef’s modus operandi for preparing a meal always began with laying out all of the ingredients and tools needed on the counter.
792 Candid – प्रामाणिक truthful and straightforward – सत्य आणि सरळ Because the politician made a candid speech, he earned the respect of the voters.
793 Pending – प्रलंबित pending means awaiting approval or decision – प्रलंबित म्हणजे मंजुरी किंवा निर्णयाची प्रतीक्षा The payment I made on the car note is pending, but it hasn’t gone through yet.
794 Open-minded – खुल्या मनाचा being willing to accept others’ thoughts and beliefs – इतरांचे विचार आणि विश्वास स्वीकारण्यास तयार असणे Several open-minded people agreed with the farfetched idea that the world is round.
795 Endless – अंतहीन having no end or limit – अंत किंवा मर्यादा नाही Because Bob is a millionaire, his options for lavish vacations are endless and far-reaching.
796 Unwavering – अविचल never doubted; always steady and on course – कधीही शंका नाही; नेहमी स्थिर आणि अर्थातच The runner was unwavering on his decision to run a marathon.
797 Flowed – प्रवाहित moved along steadily and continuously – स्थिर आणि सतत पुढे सरकले The water flowed through several channels and streamed off the side of the mountain.
798 Jagged – दातेदार sharp; pointed – तीक्ष्ण निदर्शनास Jagged splinters sticking out of the wood stuck inside the barefoot boy’s foot when he stepped on top of the board.
799 Revive – पुनरुज्जीवित करा to return to a healthy condition – निरोगी स्थितीत परत येण्यासाठी The new battery will revive the lifeless vehicle.
800 Sub rosa – उप रोजा to be done in a discreet way – विवेकी मार्गाने करणे The Planter’s Literary Society met in a sub rosa fashion so that only the members knew where to attend their meetings.
801 Like – आवडले similar to something else – दुसऱ्या कशासारखे My new dog looks so much like my last puppy that it seems they could be friends.
802 Intercession – मध्यस्थी the act of intervening on someone’s behalf – एखाद्याच्या वतीने हस्तक्षेप करण्याची कृती When it was obvious that Blake wouldn’t be able to break his addiction on his own, his mother decided an intercession was necessary.
803 Linked – जोडलेले connected; joined – जोडलेले; सामील झाले The police have linked the suspect to the crime scene through a DNA connection.
804 Scrupulous – इमानदार very careful about doing something correctly – काहीतरी योग्यरित्या करण्याबद्दल खूप काळजी घ्या Because Shannon is a scrupulous editor, she never misses errors when she proofreads a document.
805 Disburse – वितरित करा to pay out, expend; usually from a public fund or treasury – पैसे देणे, खर्च करणे; सहसा सार्वजनिक निधी किंवा कोषागारातून The federal government said it was studying whether to disburse more relief funds to the state after the damage appears to be severe.
806 Emblem – प्रतीक a representative symbol, such as a trademark or logo – प्रतिनिधी चिन्ह, जसे की ट्रेडमार्क किंवा लोगो The show requires everyone to wear a shirt that sports the emblem of their company so that people can network more effectively.
807 Stricken – त्रस्त the act of being struck down with something, whether it be disease, illness, or emotion – एखाद्या गोष्टीचा फटका बसण्याची क्रिया, मग ती रोग, आजार किंवा भावना असो During the middle ages, entire families were stricken with the plague.
808 Flu – फ्लू shortened form of influenza-a highly contagious upper respiratory virus – इन्फ्लूएंझाचे संक्षिप्त रूप – एक अत्यंत संसर्गजन्य अप्पर रेस्पीरेटरी व्हायरस Although there are vaccines to defend against the virus, flu strains vary and can’t fully be protected against.
809 Bridle – लगाम the strap located around the head and neck of a horse that the rider holds onto – घोड्याच्या डोक्यावर आणि मानेभोवती असलेला पट्टा ज्याला स्वार धरतो With the bridle attached to the reins, the girl tugged the reins pulling the horse’s head to its chest.
810 Savanna – सवाना a big area of grassy land that has few trees and is generally found in South America and Africa – गवताळ जमिनीचा एक मोठा प्रदेश ज्यामध्ये कमी झाडे आहेत आणि सामान्यतः दक्षिण अमेरिका आणि आफ्रिकेत आढळतात With few trees on the savanna, the tourists had little escape from the heat.
811 Ration – रेशन the portion that is distributed – वितरित केलेला भाग I put the dog’s daily ration in a bag for the pet sitter.
812 Warned – चेतावणी दिली informed someone of upcoming danger – एखाद्याला आगामी धोक्याची माहिती दिली The citizens were warned that a hurricane was coming and were urged to leave before the storm arrived.
813 Glorious – वैभवशाली magnificent; wonderful – भव्य अद्भुत Kara stared up at the glorious sunset, amazed by how beautiful the setting sun looked over the mountains.
814 Erosion – धूप the slow demolition of something – एखाद्या गोष्टीचा संथ विध्वंस The overconsumption of soft drinks can produce dental erosion.
815 Limitless – अमर्याद having no end or limit – अंत किंवा मर्यादा नाही The restaurant allows greedy guests to consume a limitless amount of food from the all-you-can-eat buffet.
816 Blockbusting – ब्लॉकबस्टिंग very successful, especially financially – खूप यशस्वी, विशेषतः आर्थिक Despite Fortnite’s success as a blockbusting video game, Tetris still ranks as the best-selling game of all time.
817 Goer – गोअर a person who goes to a place or attends an event, especially on a regular basis – एखादी व्यक्ती जी एखाद्या ठिकाणी जाते किंवा एखाद्या कार्यक्रमास उपस्थित राहते, विशेषत: नियमितपणे As an avid beachgoer, Janine tries to visit a few new shores every summer.
818 Fate – प्राक्तन destiny; events or aspects that are expected to happen – नशीब; घडण्याची अपेक्षा असलेल्या घटना किंवा पैलू Kevin truly knew his fate was to be a father when he saw his newborn son because he just had a feeling this was his purpose in life.
819 Matriculate – मॅट्रिक to become a student at a school, especially a college or university – शाळेत, विशेषतः महाविद्यालय किंवा विद्यापीठात विद्यार्थी होण्यासाठी After high school, I will matriculate at a local community college.
820 Prurience – प्रुरिअन्स a strong interest or obsession with sexual matters – लैंगिक बाबींमध्ये तीव्र स्वारस्य किंवा ध्यास The nun repented for the prurience of her thoughts over and over but still couldn’t seem to get sex off of her mind.
821 Chip – चिप to chisel or cut off a fragment off of a firm substance – एखाद्या टणक पदार्थाचा तुकडा छिन्न करणे किंवा कापून घेणे When the glass fell onto the wooden table, a side of the glass did chip off making the glass now damaged.
822 Tolerate – सहन करा to put up with or withstand – सहन करणे किंवा सहन करणे Our English teacher could only tolerate students whispering because otherwise the level of noise was too loud for her.
823 Power – शक्ती to supply a device with energy – उर्जा असलेले उपकरण पुरवण्यासाठी In order to power an electronic device, you must plug it into a source of electrical energy for it to run.
824 Sacred – पवित्र holy; divine – पवित्र दैवी If you disturb the god’s sacred shrine, some people believe you will be instantly killed.
825 Torn – फाटलेले to have ripped or split something apart – काहीतरी फाडणे किंवा फाटणे As I flipped through the ancient book, I noticed the pages were torn due to it being used so many times.
826 Await – वाट पहा to wait for – ची वाट पहाणे The troops await their orders for the next deployment.
827 Dairy – डेअरी comprising of milk – दुधाचा समावेश आहे Since Tina was lactose intolerant she had to pass on the ice cream, butter and cheese because she can’t eat dairy products.
828 Unfair – अन्यायकारक wrong; unjust – चुकीचे अन्यायकारक The store was unfair with its pricing and raised the cost of water and bread during the flood.
829 Elide – एलिडे to leave out or omit – सोडणे किंवा वगळणे The teacher decided to elide the last test since most of the students failed.
830 Abet – अबेट to encourage or support a behavior or action – वर्तन किंवा कृतीला प्रोत्साहन देण्यासाठी किंवा समर्थन देण्यासाठी The photo editing software is sure to abet my odds of winning the photo competition.
831 Unsure – अनिश्चित not certain, having doubts about a situation – निश्चित नाही, परिस्थितीबद्दल शंका आहे Because she was unsure of the answer, the puzzled girl didn’t raise her hand in class.
832 Above – वर overhead or directly over the head – ओव्हरहेड किंवा थेट डोक्यावर As the children heard the airplane, they looked above to see the big Boeing 747 flying within inches of the treetops.
833 Repatriate – स्वदेशी परत पाठविणे to deport or exile – निर्वासित किंवा निर्वासित करण्यासाठी The government has insisted that it will repatriate as many illegal immigrants as possible before the term end.
834 Knickerbocker – निकरबोकर a descendant of the Dutch settlers of New York – न्यूयॉर्कमधील डच स्थायिकांचे वंशज The knickerbocker was a settler that arrived in New York long before the United States was independent.
835 Torrential – मुसळधार a large amount of continuously flowing water – मोठ्या प्रमाणात सतत वाहणारे पाणी Monsoons occur in the Amazon rainforest and feature torrential rainfall that doesn’t stop for several weeks.
836 Will – होईल a document that outlines who will get one’s personal property and control their estate after death – एक दस्तऐवज जो एखाद्याची वैयक्तिक मालमत्ता कोण मिळवेल आणि मृत्यूनंतर त्यांची मालमत्ता नियंत्रित करेल याची रूपरेषा दर्शवते Before his death, the millionaire drafted a will that outlined who would get his massive fortune.
837 Fallible – चुकीचे capable of making mistakes or being wrong – चुका करण्यास किंवा चुकीचे असण्यास सक्षम Even though we are all fallible to some degree, the most successful people have learned how to rise above their weaknesses.
838 Generation – पिढी a generation is all the people in a group or country who are of a similar age – एक पिढी म्हणजे समूह किंवा देशातील सर्व लोक जे समान वयाचे आहेत This generation of students doesn’t seem to care about school as much as their parents.
839 Homogenous – एकसंध of the same kind or nature – समान प्रकारचे किंवा निसर्गाचे As races have mixed, the world’s population has become more and more homogenous.
840 Limiting – मर्यादा घालणे controlling or regulating something – काहीतरी नियंत्रित करणे किंवा नियमन करणे Limiting the number of calories you eat in one day or restricting your diet can help you lose weight over time
841 Wacky – विक्षिप्त silly or strange, but usually in a harmless way – मूर्ख किंवा विचित्र, परंतु सहसा निरुपद्रवी मार्गाने My Aunt Wilma can be especially wacky, considering her penchant for making insane jokes or laughing at completely normal and mundane things.
842 Suggest – सूचित to recommend or submit an opinion or statement – शिफारस करणे किंवा मत किंवा विधान सबमिट करणे If you hear a strange sound in your house at night like breaking glass, I would suggest that you call the police immediately.
843 Scent – सुगंध a distinctive, often pleasant smell – एक विशिष्ट, अनेकदा आनंददायी वास I could not identify the sweet scent that lead me into my Grandma’s kitchen until I walked in to discover her baking bread.
844 Farther – पुढे referring to a larger physical distance – मोठ्या भौतिक अंतराचा संदर्भ देत We have to walk farther than usual today because there was construction work on our usual route to school.
845 Material – साहित्य matter or substance of which something can be made – पदार्थ किंवा पदार्थ ज्यातून काहीतरी बनवता येते Because the dress is made from an expensive material, the shop owner will sell it for a higher price.
846 Sacrilegious – निंदनीय acting in a disrespectful manner towards something or someone considered to be holy – एखाद्या गोष्टीबद्दल किंवा पवित्र समजल्या जाणाऱ्या एखाद्याबद्दल अनादरपूर्ण रीतीने वागणे Burning the Bible is a sacrilegious act.
847 Address – पत्ता a formal speech delivered to an audience – श्रोत्यांना दिलेले औपचारिक भाषण The president gave a nationwide address to the people of his nation following a horrific terrorist attack on the capital.
848 Fortuitous – आकस्मिक happening by accident or chance – अपघाताने किंवा योगायोगाने घडत आहे Mark proved to be fortuitous by selecting all six winning lotto numbers.
849 Half – अर्धा one of two equal parts that together constitutes a whole – दोन समान भागांपैकी एक जो एकत्रितपणे संपूर्ण बनतो During the lecture, half the students took notes.
850 Doppelganger – डॉपेलगँगर a double or copy of a person; an imposter – एखाद्या व्यक्तीची दुहेरी किंवा प्रत; एक खोटे बोलणारा If it is twin day at school and you have a good friend, it is all too easy to have a doppelganger for the day to look like you.
851 Expenditure – खर्च the total needed or spent – एकूण आवश्यक किंवा खर्च My travel expenditure left my bank account depleted.
852 Heroism – वीरता the qualities characteristic of a hero, such as courage, bravery, fortitude, unselfishness, etc. – साहस, शौर्य, धैर्य, निस्वार्थीपणा इत्यादी नायकाचे वैशिष्ट्य. The firefighters showed their bravery and heroism when they were able to retrieve the family members from the burning house right before it crashed to the ground.
853 Ravel – रावल to untangle or unravel and object or situation – उलगडणे किंवा उलगडणे आणि वस्तू किंवा परिस्थिती As more and more facts came to light, the truth about who murdered the butler began to ravel.
854 Cycle – सायकल a series of events that happens over and over – वारंवार घडणाऱ्या घटनांची मालिका The election cycle repeats itself every four years.
855 Utility – उपयुक्तता useful and able to perform several different functions – उपयुक्त आणि अनेक भिन्न कार्ये करण्यास सक्षम The utility vehicle was designed to carry loads more efficiently than other types of trucks.
856 Tonearm – टोनआर्म the movable part of a record player that allows the needle to follow the record’s groove – रेकॉर्ड प्लेअरचा जंगम भाग जो सुईला रेकॉर्डच्या खोबणीचे अनुसरण करण्यास अनुमती देतो The tonearm on the record player was broken and couldn’t move or pick up.
857 Aspiring – आकांक्षी hopeful or potential – आशावादी किंवा संभाव्य The aspiring young writer was working hard on his first novel, but he didn’t know if it would be successful.
858 Visual – व्हिज्युअल relating to eyesight – दृष्टीशी संबंधित I learn best when information is put in visual images that I can see.
859 Vanished – नाहीसा झाला disappeared from sight – नजरेतून गायब झाले My wallet vanished from the last place I sat it, so I think that someone stole it.
860 Admiringly – कौतुकाने favorably or approvingly – अनुकूलपणे किंवा मान्यतेने Kevin looked admiringly at his uncle who had just rescued a young girl from a fire on his first day on the job as a firefighter.
861 Accrual – जमा revenues and expenses that have been earned but are not yet recorded in the accounts – महसूल आणि खर्च जे कमावले गेले आहेत परंतु अद्याप खात्यांमध्ये नोंदवलेले नाहीत The man’s quick accrual of debt caused his credit card companies to cancel all of his accounts.
862 Cant – करू शकत नाही the unique vocabulary used by a specific group of people – लोकांच्या विशिष्ट गटाद्वारे वापरलेला अद्वितीय शब्दसंग्रह The older woman did not understand the modern cant spoken by her grandchildren.
863 Forerunner – अग्रदूत someone or something that came before and paved the way for something today – कोणीतरी किंवा काहीतरी जे आधी आले आणि आज काहीतरी मार्ग प्रशस्त केला The first icebox was a forerunner to today’s more modern refrigerator.
864 Vestigial – वेस्टिगियल an organ or limb that is no longer in use due to evolution but may be used for other unintended purposes – उत्क्रांतीमुळे यापुढे वापरात नसलेले परंतु इतर अनपेक्षित कारणांसाठी वापरले जाणारे अवयव किंवा अवयव Penguins, unlike other birds, have vestigial wings that are too heavy for flight but are perfect for swimming.
865 Olden – जुने related to earlier times – पूर्वीच्या काळाशी संबंधित In the olden days, people had to travel by horse instead of car, which must have taken a long time.
866 Acquire – घेणे to obtain something – काहीतरी मिळवण्यासाठी You will need a great deal of money to acquire the valuable painting.
867 Long shot – लांब शॉट a gamble or risk that isn’t likely to pay off – एक जुगार किंवा जोखीम ज्याची परतफेड होण्याची शक्यता नाही Getting into the exclusive college is a long shot, but I’ve decided to take the risk and apply anyway.
868 Centuries – शतके a period of 100 years – 100 वर्षांचा कालावधी For centuries, the concept of justice has been a central concern of philosophers and legal scholars.
869 Goob – गुब a silly or foolish person – एक मूर्ख किंवा मूर्ख व्यक्ती Theo is known as the class clown since the silly goob always pulls pranks on his teacher.
870 Disappearance – गायब circumstances when a person or thing can no longer be accounted for since it has not been seen or heard from for a period of time – अशा परिस्थितीत जेव्हा एखादी व्यक्ती किंवा वस्तू यापुढे मोजली जाऊ शकत नाही कारण ती काही काळापासून पाहिली किंवा ऐकली नाही After the disappearance of Elizabeth Smart, it would take nine months for her to be found by rescuers.
871 Determinism – निर्धारवाद previous events have already established the results of certain actions – मागील घटनांनी काही क्रियांचे परिणाम आधीच स्थापित केले आहेत Based on the theory of environmental determinism, it is believed that all the natural disasters will take place as scheduled and can’t be stopped.
872 Similarly – त्याचप्रमाणे in a like manner – सारख्या पद्धतीने In the military, all of the new recruits are similarly dressed.
873 Exhume – बाहेर काढणे to bring something forth, often a body from the ground – काहीतरी पुढे आणण्यासाठी, अनेकदा जमिनीवरून शरीर In twenty years, we will exhume our time capsule from the ground.
874 Necessitous – आवश्यक deprived and poverty-stricken – वंचित आणि गरिबीने ग्रस्त The necessitous circumstances surrounding the flood victims became evidence when we saw all of the destruction.
875 Ahem – अहेम an utterance similar to the sound of clearing one’s throat, used to attract attention or fill in a pause – एखाद्याचा घसा साफ करण्याच्या आवाजासारखे एक उच्चार, लक्ष वेधण्यासाठी किंवा विराम भरण्यासाठी वापरले जाते “Ahem,” the man breathed nervously as he cleared his throat.
876 Chiefly – मुख्यत्वे above all; mainly – वरील सर्व; प्रामुख्याने Sports icon Michael Jordan is remembered chiefly for his career as a pro basketball superstar, but he was a baseball player as well.
877 Sever – तोडणे to detach by cutting figuratively or literally – लाक्षणिक किंवा शब्दशः कापून वेगळे करणे National leaders may sever ties with other countries who do not properly negotiate trade with them.
878 Rhetorical – वक्तृत्व speech or writing that is intended to persuade or impress others – भाषण किंवा लेखन जे इतरांना पटवून देण्याच्या किंवा प्रभावित करण्याच्या उद्देशाने आहे The politician’s rhetorical responses were released to persuade the public to believe his lies.
879 Remission – माफी the condition of decreasing or lessening – कमी किंवा कमी होण्याची स्थिती My father’s cancer went into remission when the oncologist said that his large tumor had almost disappeared.
880 Mono – मोनो an infectious disease also known as mononucleosis or granular fever and causes a high fever, sore throat, swollen lymph nodes, and exhaustion – एक संसर्गजन्य रोग ज्याला मोनोन्यूक्लिओसिस किंवा दाणेदार ताप देखील म्हणतात आणि त्यामुळे जास्त ताप, घसा खवखवणे, सुजलेल्या लिम्फ नोड्स आणि थकवा येतो After drinking after her infected sibling, the sister was infected with mono and ran an extremely high fever.
881 Mountaineering – पर्वतारोहण a sport or activity in which one climbs mountains – एक खेळ किंवा क्रियाकलाप ज्यामध्ये एखादा पर्वत चढतो Mountaineering requires you to be in shape since climbing down the side of a peak takes lots of strength.
882 Propaganda – प्रचार exaggerated or untruthful claims used to help raise support for an effort – अतिरंजित किंवा असत्य दावे एखाद्या प्रयत्नासाठी समर्थन वाढविण्यात मदत करण्यासाठी वापरले जातात Voters should listen to facts and not to the propaganda distributed by the media.
883 Vet – पशुवैद्य to assess for specific qualities (positive or negative) before making a final decision – अंतिम निर्णय घेण्यापूर्वी विशिष्ट गुणांचे (सकारात्मक किंवा नकारात्मक) मूल्यांकन करणे The FBI makes it a habit to vet potential employees for any criminal history or psychological issues before hiring.
884 University – विद्यापीठ a college or academic institution – महाविद्यालय किंवा शैक्षणिक संस्था Professors at the university teach many different courses including biology and world geography.
885 Disgusting – तिरस्कार revolting or sickening – बंडखोर किंवा आजारी Chewing with your mouth open is a disgusting habit which may cause people to turn away from you.
886 Goo – गू a sticky or slimy substance – एक चिकट किंवा बारीक पदार्थ At first the substance appeared to be water, but the thick, slimy consistency proved that it was actually goo.
887 Execution – अंमलबजावणी the act of performing a task or command to its completion – एखादे कार्य किंवा आदेश पूर्ण करण्यासाठी कार्य करण्याची क्रिया The superintendent of the school system knew that the successful execution of the standardized test would require a thoroughly planned system.
888 Avian – एव्हीयन relating to birds – पक्ष्यांशी संबंधित The avian part of the animal kingdom includes every type of bird there is, from the flightless penguin to the majestic eagle.
889 Artifact – कलाकृती a handmade object that is often found in some type of archaeological dig – एक हस्तनिर्मित वस्तू जी सहसा काही प्रकारच्या पुरातत्व खणात आढळते The artifact I found in my backyard is an Indian arrowhead.
890 Festal – फेस्टल similar or related to a festival or celebration – सण किंवा उत्सवाशी समान किंवा संबंधित Mardi Gras is a popular celebration that has all sorts of festal outfits and clothing choices that are associated with it.
891 Badly – वाईटपणे severely or seriously – गंभीरपणे किंवा गंभीरपणे With his head bashed in from hitting the windshield, the car crash victim was considered badly hurt.
892 Involuntary – अनैच्छिक done without thought or without planning – विचार न करता किंवा नियोजन न करता केले My involuntary response was to jump back from the snake.
893 Marked – चिन्हांकित made a visible stain or other marking on something – एखाद्या गोष्टीवर दृश्यमान डाग किंवा इतर चिन्हांकित केले The little boy colored all over the wall and marked on the furniture with crayons as well.
894 Neuroscience – न्यूरोसायन्स the scientific study of the nervous system and the brain – मज्जासंस्था आणि मेंदूचा वैज्ञानिक अभ्यास The field of neuroscience is fairly new, with the study of the brain and the body’s still being rather contemporary.
895 Seizure – जप्ती The capturing of something by force – बळजबरीने काहीतरी हस्तगत करणे All of the stolen goods taken in the seizure are being stored in the police lock-up.
896 Demonstrable – प्रात्यक्षिक able to be verified or proven – सत्यापित किंवा सिद्ध करण्यास सक्षम Whether you believe in gravity or not is irrelevant, because the force is demonstrable and best shown by dropping anything, like an apple…or an apple iPhone.
897 Surmise – अंदाज to guess that something is true – काहीतरी खरे आहे याचा अंदाज लावणे Because Helen is so dark, we can only surmise she spends a great deal of time in a tanning bed.
898 Unaware – नकळत having no knowledge of a situation or fact – परिस्थिती किंवा वस्तुस्थितीची माहिती नसणे The neighbors claimed to have been unaware that the shooting victim was a part of a well-known gang.
899 Looming – लोमिंग something unpleasant that is about will happen soon and cause concern – काहीतरी अप्रिय आहे जे लवकरच घडेल आणि चिंता निर्माण करेल High school is almost over and college is looming, which is even more the reason why I need to apply for more scholarships.
900 Conducted – आयोजित managed; handled – व्यवस्थापित हाताळले In charge for several weeks, the detective conducted an investigation to figure out who had committed the crime.
901 Silver – चांदी a hue that is light gray in color – हलका राखाडी रंगाचा रंग My father wanted to grow old in style, so he let his hair go natural to a silver color which was in between gray and white.
902 Multitude – गर्दी a large number of persons – मोठ्या संख्येने लोक A multitude of people lined up to watch their favorite celebrities walk into the movie premiere.
903 Slug – गोगलगाय a slimy mollusk that lacks a shell and secretes mucous as it drags its body along the ground – एक बारीक मोलस्क ज्यामध्ये कवच नसतो आणि श्लेष्मल स्राव होतो कारण ते आपले शरीर जमिनीवर ओढते The slug took over the man’s garden, dragging its slimy body over the plants as it munched.
904 Substantial – भरीव referring to something that is greater or larger than normal – सामान्यपेक्षा मोठ्या किंवा मोठ्या असलेल्या एखाद्या गोष्टीचा संदर्भ देणे After winning the lottery, the family won a substantial amount of money in which they didn’t know how to spend it all.
905 Evaluation – मूल्यमापन an assessment or appraisal that judges how well someone or something is performing – एक मूल्यांकन किंवा मूल्यांकन जे कोणीतरी किंवा काहीतरी किती चांगले कार्य करत आहे हे ठरवते The doctor revealed the results of his evaluation, explaining that the man’s heart was only functioning at fifty percent.
906 Senility – वृद्धत्व the physical and mental decline connected to old age – वृद्धापकाळाशी संबंधित शारीरिक आणि मानसिक घट Dementia, also known as senility, is seen in elderly individuals whose mental states have started to decline.
907 Externalized – बाह्यरूप expressed or shown on the outside – व्यक्त किंवा बाहेर दर्शविले The poet externalized her experience as a rape victim through her writing and spoken word performances.
908 Defunct – निकामी no longer in use – यापुढे वापरात नाही Though the car was defunct, he knew that with the right parts and some hard work he could restore it.
909 Until – पर्यंत before (a specified time) – आधी (निर्दिष्ट वेळ) I cannot go home from the hospital until my doctor gives the okay.
910 Nomenclature – नामकरण a group of terms or names, usually in a specific discipline – अटी किंवा नावांचा समूह, सहसा विशिष्ट विषयात In law school, students spend years learning legal nomenclature so they will be prepared to work as attorneys.
911 Expose – उघड करा to reveal or uncover something – काहीतरी उघड करणे किंवा उघड करणे The blackmailer threatened to expose the politician’s love child.
912 Briefed – थोडक्यात सांगितले prepared someone for a task by giving them updated information – एखाद्याला अद्ययावत माहिती देऊन एखाद्या कामासाठी तयार करा The assistant briefed her boss on his next meeting and prepared him for what to say to the board.
913 Articles of Confederation – कॉन्फेडरेशनचे लेख the original constitution of the U.S. that was replaced by the current constitution in 1781 – यूएसची मूळ राज्यघटना जी 1781 मध्ये सध्याच्या संविधानाने बदलली When the United States of America was first formed, our governing document was known as the Articles of Confederation.
914 Nigh – जवळ near in place, time, or relationship – ठिकाण, वेळ किंवा नातेसंबंध जवळ As midnight drew nigh, Cinderella realized that she would have to leave the ball and hurry home.
915 Ranging – रेंजिंग varying between – दरम्यान भिन्न The teacher has many students in each class, ranging from 25 to 30 per section.
916 Injurious – इजाकारक causing injury – इजा होऊ शकते Illegal drugs are injurious to your health.
917 Constitutional – घटनात्मक relating to or contained in a constitution, which is a set of laws and principles that govern the way a country or state is run. It outlines the rights and responsibilities of citizens, as well as the structure of government. – राज्यघटनेशी संबंधित किंवा त्यात समाविष्ट आहे, जे देश किंवा राज्य चालवण्याच्या पद्धतीवर नियंत्रण ठेवणारे कायदे आणि तत्त्वे आहेत. हे नागरिकांचे अधिकार आणि जबाबदाऱ्या तसेच सरकारच्या संरचनेची रूपरेषा देते. The constitutional validity of the law has been a subject of discussion.
918 Moronic – मोरोनिक foolish or stupid – मूर्ख किंवा मूर्ख The man’s moronic statements made no sense to anyone listening to his rant.
919 Coward – भ्याड an individual who fears doing unpleasant or risky things – एखादी व्यक्ती जी अप्रिय किंवा धोकादायक गोष्टी करण्यास घाबरते Jim is a coward who stood silently as five boys attacked his little brother.
920 Sempiternal – सेम्पिटर्नल everlasting; having no start or no end – चिरंतन सुरुवात किंवा शेवट नाही The girl’s parents tried to explain that images you put online are sempiternal and can last forever.
921 Militant – अतिरेकी prone to engage in conflict for a belief or cause – विश्वास किंवा कारणासाठी संघर्षात गुंतण्याची प्रवृत्ती The gang members assumed a militant posture when they saw another gang approaching their turf.
922 Exposure – उद्भासन unprotected or visible to others – असुरक्षित किंवा इतरांना दृश्यमान Exposure to ultra-violet rays from the sun can lead to skin cancer, so it is necessary to cover yourself with sunscreen.
923 Rigidity – कडकपणा being inflexible; firmness – लवचिक असणे; दृढता The rigidity of the teacher made it difficult for the students to argue their grades with her because that grade was set in stone.
924 Quaver – क्वेव्हर a tremor in an individual’s voice usually caused by nervousness or anxiety – एखाद्या व्यक्तीच्या आवाजातील थरथर सामान्यतः अस्वस्थता किंवा चिंतामुळे होते You could hear a quaver in the nervous girl’s tone.
925 Burgeon – बर्जन to grow and expand rapidly – वेगाने वाढणे आणि विस्तारणे As car prices go down, car dealers are expecting sales to burgeon.
926 Exemplary – अनुकरणीय something so good that it is an example for others to follow – काहीतरी इतके चांगले आहे की ते इतरांसाठी एक उदाहरण आहे When my father retired from his company after fifty years of employment, he received a gold watch for his exemplary service.
927 Fasten – बांधणे to make something secure or attached – काहीतरी सुरक्षित किंवा संलग्न करण्यासाठी Stuffing himself at the dinner table left the man unable to fasten his belt when he got up.
928 Tiling – टाइलिंग covering a surface with square tiles – चौरस टाइलने पृष्ठभाग झाकणे Getting rid of the dingy carpet and tiling the living room floor with ceramic squares made the space look cleaner.
929 Tackling – हाताळणी making sincere efforts to fix a problem or overcome difficulty – समस्येचे निराकरण करण्यासाठी किंवा अडचणीवर मात करण्यासाठी प्रामाणिक प्रयत्न करणे The hardworking manager began tackling each task one by one until she had finished all of her duties for the night.
930 Dispirited – हताश having lost all hope; disheartened – सर्व आशा गमावून; निराश After losing the final game of the season, the once excited team was now sad and dispirited.
931 Semicircle – अर्धवर्तुळ a half circle shape – अर्धा वर्तुळ आकार Sitting in a semicircle of mismatched chairs, the arc of kindergarteners waited for their teacher to start the lesson.
932 Ultracrepidarian – अल्ट्राक्रेपिडेरियन a person who acts like an expert but rarely knows any real information about the subject – एखादी व्यक्ती जी एखाद्या तज्ञाप्रमाणे काम करते परंतु क्वचितच या विषयाबद्दल कोणतीही खरी माहिती माहित असते The ultracrepidarian talked about physics as if he were Stephen Hawking himself but had no real knowledge of the subject.
933 In Addition – याव्यतिरिक्त along with, plus, or furthermore – सोबत, अधिक, किंवा शिवाय We are going to have to pick up Jordan in addition to my little brother, since her Dad was unable to pick her up.
934 Thermonuclear – थर्मोन्यूक्लियर relating to devices that use high temperatures from a nuclear reaction to cause powerful explosions – शक्तिशाली स्फोट घडवण्यासाठी आण्विक अभिक्रियातून उच्च तापमान वापरणाऱ्या उपकरणांशी संबंधित France’s thermonuclear bombs were developed without the help of countries who already had high level explosives.
935 Reversed – उलट undid; moved backward – undid; मागे सरकले The woman had her tubes tied several years ago but wants the procedure reversed so that she can have children again.
936 Acquittal – दोषमुक्त a setting free from the charge of an offense or verdict – गुन्हा किंवा निकालाच्या आरोपापासून मुक्त सेटिंग When there is not enough evidence, a criminal case will usually end with an acquittal.
937 Unconstitutional – असंवैधानिक illegal and unlawful according to America’s Constitution – अमेरिकेच्या राज्यघटनेनुसार बेकायदेशीर आणि बेकायदेशीर Stopping the media from publishing truthful articles is unconstitutional since Americans have the right to freedom of speech.
938 Prone – प्रवण inclined to act a certain way – विशिष्ट मार्गाने कार्य करण्यास प्रवृत्त Jack is prone to be quite talkative after he has consumed several beers.
939 Embroider – भरतकाम to decorate cloth by sewing patterns on with thread – धाग्याने नमुने शिवून कापड सजवणे I had my mother embroider my initials on my jacket so none of the other kids would take it home.
940 Heyday – हेडे the peak time where there was great achievement and recognition – शिखर वेळ जेथे महान उपलब्धी आणि मान्यता होती In the heyday of the company’s history, employees were being paid extremely high paychecks due to the company’s significant profits.
941 Vest – बनियान a sleeveless garment worn on the upper part of the body for a particular purpose or activity – एखाद्या विशिष्ट हेतूसाठी किंवा क्रियाकलापासाठी शरीराच्या वरच्या भागावर परिधान केलेला स्लीव्हलेस कपडा While working at night, the road crew member wore a reflective vest around his chest so drivers could see him.
942 Scold – टोमणे मारणे to strongly criticize – जोरदार टीका करणे If I am late one more time, my mother is going to scold me for my tardiness.
943 Oopsie – अरेरे a minor accident; a word uttered after a mistake is made – एक किरकोळ अपघात; चूक झाल्यानंतर उच्चारलेला शब्द Getting a mop from the kitchen, the maid prepared to clean up the little oopsie she made when she spilled the drink.
944 Gritty – किरकिरी courageous; brave – धाडसी धाडसी The gritty warrior refused to bow down, even in the face of death.
945 Trousseau – ट्राउसो the clothes collected by a bride for her marriage – वधूने तिच्या लग्नासाठी गोळा केलेले कपडे The bride brought an entire wardrobe to the marriage as her trousseau, practically filling the small closet of the man’s home.
946 Systemic – पद्धतशीर relating to parts that combine forming an entity affecting an entire group or entity – संपूर्ण गट किंवा घटकाला प्रभावित करणाऱ्या घटकास एकत्रित करणारे भागांशी संबंधित Systemic violence in war-torn countries not only affects the region being targeted, but all of the outlying regions as well.
947 Poverty – गरिबी the state of having little money or possessions – थोडे पैसे किंवा मालमत्ता असण्याची स्थिती Living in severe poverty, the homeless man ate from garbage cans instead of the local café.
948 Petal – पाकळी one of the soft colored leafs surrounding the center of a flower – फुलांच्या मध्यभागी असलेल्या मऊ रंगाच्या पानांपैकी एक Due to its lack of water, each drooping petal fell from the plant’s stem onto the ground until the plant was bare.
949 Slumlord – झोपडपट्टी a landlord of property in a slum – झोपडपट्टीतील मालमत्तेचा जमीनदार The slumlord would often take advantage of his residents by charging high prices, since they couldn’t go anywhere else.
950 Ranter – राँटर someone who speaks in a violent or loud manner – कोणीतरी जो हिंसक किंवा मोठ्याने बोलतो Known as a ranter, Ted’s father always screamed insults at the opposing coaches and player during football season.
951 Crease – क्रीज a line or mark made by folding or pressing something that is soft, such as paper or cloth – कागद किंवा कापड यासारखी मऊ असलेली एखादी गोष्ट दुमडून किंवा दाबून बनवलेली ओळ किंवा खूण He forgot to iron his dress shirt on that day and went to work with many creases on his shirt.
952 Juxtaposition – संयोग the fact of two things being seen or placed closed together with contrasting effect – विरोधाभासी प्रभावासह दोन गोष्टी पाहिल्या किंवा बंद केल्या जाण्याची वस्तुस्थिती The reality clearly shows a cultural juxtaposition between rich people and poor people.
953 Wad – वड a lump or clump of a substance – एखाद्या पदार्थाचा गठ्ठा किंवा गठ्ठा After chewing the gum until it had no flavor, the student stuck the sticky wad under her desk.
954 Digest – पचवणे to divide food down so that it can be soaked up into the body’s systems – अन्नाचे विभाजन करणे जेणेकरुन ते शरीराच्या प्रणालींमध्ये भिजवता येईल It is recommended to wait at least 20 minutes after eating to go swimming so that you have enough time to digest your food.
955 Gag – गग an obstructive object put over or in a person’s mouth to stop them from making noise – आवाज करण्यापासून रोखण्यासाठी एखाद्या व्यक्तीच्या तोंडावर किंवा त्याच्या तोंडात अडथळा आणणारी वस्तू A strip of cloth is often used as a gag to keep restrained prisoners from making any noise or calling for help.
956 Aeronautics – एरोनॉटिक्स the science of flight – उड्डाणाचे विज्ञान A Boeing 727 was donated to the college’s aeronautics program for further flight studies.
957 Acquainted – परिचित familiar with a specific subject or person – विशिष्ट विषय किंवा व्यक्तीशी परिचित If you are acquainted with the hiring manager, I would love to give him a copy of my resume.
958 Deftly – चतुराईने in a skillful way that is both quick and clever – कुशल मार्गाने जे जलद आणि हुशार दोन्ही आहे Using her creative writing skills and keen imagination, the author deftly created a children’s story that was both interesting and thought-provoking.
959 Ember – अंगारा a glowing piece of coal or wood – कोळसा किंवा लाकडाचा चमकणारा तुकडा The fire was blamed on an ember from the camp fire that had not been fully extinguished.
960 Wished – इच्छा केली hoped for; wanted – आशा केली; हवे होते Helen wished that she had a big dollhouse, but her parents didn’t have enough money to buy one.
961 Rivet – रिव्हेट to command the attention of – चे लक्ष वेधण्यासाठी Apple Inc. knows how to rivet the world’s attention by constantly releasing cutting edge technology.
962 Scrape – खरवडणे the abrasive action of rubbing against something (can be voluntary or involuntary) that results in the removal of dirt, skin, etc. – एखाद्या गोष्टीवर घासण्याची अपघर्षक क्रिया (स्वैच्छिक किंवा अनैच्छिक असू शकते) ज्यामुळे घाण, त्वचा इ. When the little girl feel off her tricycle, she fell on her face and got a long, jagged scrape on her chin.
963 Cranky – विक्षिप्त ill-tempered, irritable, or agitated – अस्वस्थ, चिडचिड किंवा चिडचिड My cranky girlfriend is making an effort to avoid looking or talking to me today since I irritated her with my comment about her weight this morning.
964 Foliage – पर्णसंभार the leaves of trees, plants, and shrubs – झाडे, झाडे आणि झुडुपे यांची पाने For ten dollars, the boy next door will rake the foliage in my yard.
965 Reverential – आदरणीय showing humbleness and courteousness – नम्रता आणि विनम्रता दर्शवित आहे In the Chinese culture, the reverential children take care of their elderly parents and expect the same from their own children.
966 Inform – माहिती द्या to give someone information or facts – एखाद्याला माहिती किंवा तथ्य देणे It is a teacher’s job to inform their students about everything they need to know to generally live an educated life, from languages to science.
967 Undefined – अपरिभाषित unclear; vague – अस्पष्ट अस्पष्ट The rules were undefined, leaving many employees to break them without even knowing.
968 Sentimental – भावूक having excessive emotions about certain things or people – काही गोष्टी किंवा लोकांबद्दल जास्त भावना असणे Jan becomes sentimental whenever she thinks about her deceased parents.
969 Abundant – मुबलक an ample amount – भरपूर रक्कम Because my aunt buys toilet tissue every time it goes on sale, she has an abundant supply of the bathroom necessity.
970 Universal – सार्वत्रिक relating to everyone in the world – जगातील प्रत्येकाशी संबंधित The universal remote is said to work for any kind of television set.
971 Paradigmatic – दृष्टांती associated with a standard model or example – मानक मॉडेल किंवा उदाहरणाशी संबंधित If you want to see a paradigmatic icon of music, you should attend Sir Elton’s concert.
972 Polder – पोल्डर a piece of low lying land that was once covered by water, but has been reclaimed and protected from further submersion with dikes – सखल जमिनीचा एक तुकडा जो एकेकाळी पाण्याने झाकलेला होता, परंतु त्यावर पुन्हा दावा केला गेला आहे आणि पुढील डुबकीपासून संरक्षण केले गेले आहे A polder is a piece of land that used to be covered by water, but was converted back to land by human hands.
973 Swathe – स्वाथे a bandage; a band – एक पट्टी; एक बँड Wrapping the swathe around the wound, the good samaritan hoped that the bandage would hold until helped arrived.
974 Collect – गोळा करा to gather; to amass – गोळा करण्यासाठी; जमा करणे The local charity is trying to collect enough money from donators to provide Christmas gifts for children in need.
975 Terra Firma – टेरा फर्मा dry land, distinguishable from sea and air – कोरडी जमीन, समुद्र आणि हवेपासून वेगळे The beach is Terra Firma, its sand being instinctually different from the water that borders it, even though they blend so well.
976 Violation – उल्लंघन in breach of a rule, law, or agreement – नियम, कायदा किंवा कराराचे उल्लंघन करून Kevin sold cocaine, in violation of Mexican law.
977 Commune – कम्यून a community in which individuals live together and share work and rewards – एक समुदाय ज्यामध्ये व्यक्ती एकत्र राहतात आणि कार्य आणि पुरस्कार सामायिक करतात When the people realized they shared common goals and work ethics, they developed a commune in which to live.
978 Paleontology – पॅलेओन्टोलॉजी the area of science which focuses on the past through the review of plant and animal fossils – विज्ञानाचे क्षेत्र जे वनस्पती आणि प्राण्यांच्या जीवाश्मांच्या पुनरावलोकनाद्वारे भूतकाळावर लक्ष केंद्रित करते Students with an interest in fossils should consider paleontology as a college major.
979 Insistence – आग्रह the act or state of demanding something forcefully – जबरदस्तीने काहीतरी मागणी करण्याची कृती किंवा स्थिती Despite her insistence on being alone most of the time, the stubborn introvert likes being with her family every now and again.
980 Pleasurable – आनंददायी enjoyable; pleasing – आनंददायक सुखकारक George finds fishing a pleasurable activity, but his wife doesn’t enjoy staying at the lake all day.
981 Tardiness – मंदपणा the quality of being late – उशीर होण्याची गुणवत्ता Because most schools have a rule about students arriving on time, teachers do not tolerate tardiness.
982 Irregardless – पर्वा न करता no matter what the circumstance or situation – परिस्थिती किंवा परिस्थिती काहीही असो Though the sneakiy boy constantly found himself trouble, his mother loved him irregardless.
983 Fiat – फियाट a commanding order – कमांडिंग ऑर्डर The dictator rules his country by fiat and expects everyone to obey his orders.
984 Prearrange – पूर्वनियोजन करा to agree or arrange something beforehand – सहमत किंवा आधी काहीतरी व्यवस्था Before a major hurricane arrives, everyone should prearrange safer places for their pets and livestock.
985 Fluky – फ्लुकी achieved primarily by chance or luck – प्रामुख्याने योगायोगाने किंवा नशिबाने साध्य केले Winning the lottery is a fluky goal that you can’t really improve your chances of accomplishing through skill or talent.
986 Discriminate – भेदभाव to make choices based on prejudgments – पूर्वग्रहांवर आधारित निवडी करणे According to the law, employers should not discriminate because of race or gender.
987 Massacre – नरसंहार killing of many people – अनेक लोकांची हत्या The French massacre was particularly bloody, with over one hundred lives lost.
988 Remedial – उपचारात्मक designed to improve something – काहीतरी सुधारण्यासाठी डिझाइन केलेले Remedial steps will be taken to improve the damaged highway.
989 Prediction – अंदाज a forecast of what will most likely take place in the future – भविष्यात बहुधा काय घडेल याचा अंदाज A prediction could be made regarding the outcome of a random car accident on the dangerous road based on the number of deaths that occur on that road every year.
990 Searching – शोधत आहे looking for or over something carefully, usually in an effort to find something – सहसा काहीतरी शोधण्याच्या प्रयत्नात, काळजीपूर्वक काहीतरी शोधणे किंवा त्यावर शोधणे Jenny spent hours searching for her missing pet, but the dog was nowhere to be found.
991 Battalion – बटालियन a military unit that is usually 300 to 800 soldiers, comprised of several companies – एक सैन्य युनिट जे सहसा 300 ते 800 सैनिक असते, ज्यामध्ये अनेक कंपन्यांचा समावेश असतो A battalion of troops is comprised of many smaller companies, so that they can be divided and deployed around the battlefield as needed.
992 Counterpoint – काउंटरपॉइंट an argument, idea, or theme used to create a contrast with the central element – एक युक्तिवाद, कल्पना किंवा थीम मध्यवर्ती घटकासह कॉन्ट्रास्ट तयार करण्यासाठी वापरली जाते My father is a strict military man, but my sweet and giving mother is the perfect counterpoint.
993 Constituent – घटक a person who votes in an election or on a particular proposal – एखादी व्यक्ती जी निवडणुकीत किंवा एखाद्या विशिष्ट प्रस्तावावर मत देते In order to become a constituent who can vote for the president, I must be a U.S. citizen.
994 Ruffled – रफल्ड annoyed or upset – नाराज किंवा अस्वस्थ Bambi’s annoying big brother ruffled her feathers by continually teasing her and playing practical jokes.
995 Evolved – उत्क्रांत grew; changed – वाढले बदलले My relationship with my sister has evolved over time, growing from guarded and distant to extremely close.
996 Entirety – संपूर्ण wholeness; fullness; the whole – संपूर्णता परिपूर्णता संपूर्ण I read the nine-hundred-page book in its entirety, without stopping to take a single break.
997 Accounting – हिशेब the system of recording and managing financial transactions and accounts – आर्थिक व्यवहार आणि खाती रेकॉर्डिंग आणि व्यवस्थापित करण्याची प्रणाली The millionaire hired an accounting firm to take care of his financial accounts.
998 Factor – घटक an element that contributes to a circumstance or situation – एक घटक जो परिस्थिती किंवा परिस्थितीत योगदान देतो The high fuel consumption is the main factor that deters me from buying the vehicle.
999 Quib – क्विब a witty or clever remark that is said in a taunting way – एक विनोदी किंवा हुशार टिप्पणी जी टोमणे मारून बोलली जाते The barmaid continued to flirt with the man, throwing every quib and witty joke she could think of into the conversation.
1000 Tearful – अश्रू the act of being flooded by emotion and its physical manifestation in tears full of tears – भावनेने पूर येणे आणि अश्रूंनी भरलेल्या अश्रूंमध्ये त्याचे शारीरिक प्रकटीकरण The heartbroken woman made a tearful plea to her beloved to forgive her.
1001 Mixed economy – मिश्र अर्थव्यवस्था a system that protects the property of private citizens and allows the use of capital but also allows for governments to interfere in the economy to accomplish social aims – एक प्रणाली जी खाजगी नागरिकांच्या मालमत्तेचे रक्षण करते आणि भांडवलाचा वापर करण्यास परवानगी देते परंतु सामाजिक उद्दिष्टे साध्य करण्यासाठी सरकारांना अर्थव्यवस्थेत हस्तक्षेप करण्यास देखील परवानगी देते A mixed economy has both private companies and government owned entities.


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