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1000 English Telugu Words For Better English Learning

Want to sharpen your English skills? Learning 1000 common English Telugu Words can be surprisingly beneficial! This approach not only expands your Telugu vocabulary but also deepens your understanding of English grammar, word origins, and language structure. By exploring the connections between these two languages, you’ll enhance your overall English proficiency and communication abilities.For A-Z English learning App CLICK HERE to download our app. You will get many more such articles on our WEBSITE.

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Livestock పశువులు the commercial use of farm animals
Centigrade సెంటీగ్రేడ్ centigrade temperature scale
Fluorescent ఫ్లోరోసెంట్ very bright and easy to see
Mean అర్థం characterized as cruel or antagonistic, but often in a petty manner
Uncharted నిర్దేశించబడలేదు not surveyed, mapped, or investigated
Attire వస్త్రధారణ one’s dress or clothes
Must తప్పక to be required to do something
Sun సూర్యుడు the ball of fire in the sky that the Earth goes around that provides heat and light
Acronym ఎక్రోనిం a term created out of the first letters of a multi-word phrase
Involved చేరిపోయింది included; a part of something
Coiffure కోయిఫ్యూర్ the way in which a person’s hair is fixed; a hairstyle
Bonus అదనపు something extra or more that is added
Carried తీసుకెళ్లారు took; transported
Rupture చీలిక a crack that interrupts peaceable relations
Raid రైడ్ To invade or search
Inviolate ఉల్లంఘించలేని something to be respected and free or safe from harm
Tour పర్యటన a fun trip with several detailed stops
Discreet వివేకం not attracting attention; being careful about what one says or does to avoid embarrassing or upsetting others
Taurus వృషభం a constellation (the Bull), said to represent a bull that was tamed by Jason and also serves as one of the 12 zodiac signs
Gland గ్రంథులు an organ in the human or animal body which secretes particular chemicals
Bovine బోవిన్ uninteresting and sluggish
Briefing బ్రీఫింగ్ a meeting at which info or instructions are given, especially before they do something
Ideally ఆదర్శవంతంగా preferably; in a perfect world
Lunacy వెర్రితనం insanity; stupid or foolish behavior
Bigly పెద్దగా with great force, strongly
Suture కుట్టు to stitch up an open wound
Vessel ఓడ a large ship that typically houses some sort of cargo
Footnote ఫుట్ నోట్ additional information or references listed at the bottom of a page
Callipygous కాలిపిగస్ having a proportionate and well-shaped rear end
Contemplate ఆలోచించు to consider something
Attempt ప్రయత్నం to try; make an effort
Biohazard బయోహజార్డ్ something that is dangerous to a person’s health
Determination సంకల్పం a trait that makes a person continue despite negative odds
Lagoon సరస్సు an area of sea water separated from the sea by a reef
Surmount అధిగమించు to conquer a problem or obstacle
Mete మేట్ to give out or distribute
Sharecropper షేర్ క్రాపర్ a farmer paying rent with crops to the landowner
Appetence ఆకలి the state or action of desiring or craving
Poetic కవిత్వం Related to or used in poetry (a rhythmic style of writing)
Parch పార్చ్ to dry up due to heat
Stygian స్టైజియన్ dark, gloomy
Deliberation చర్చ a thorough consideration
Undertone అండర్ టోన్ a quality or feeling that is gentle or subdued
Unctuous అవ్యక్తమైనది not expressing true feelings; pretending to display true feelings
Behest బెహెస్ట్ a request of great importance
Affective ప్రభావితమైన relating to moods or feelings
Brainchild మెదడు పిల్ల an invention or innovation considered someone’s personal achievement
Lunge లంజ్ to move forward toward something with a sudden, quick movement
Acculturate సుసంపన్నమైన to merge into another culture through alteration and change
Ritual కర్మ a standard procedure for a rite or ceremony
Delicate రుచికరమైన weakly fragile; frail
Beforehand ఫోర్హ్యాండ్ earlier or previously
Instruct ఉపదేశించండి to tell someone or teach someone to do something
Insist పట్టుబట్టండి to demand something in a forceful way
Vacuity శూన్యత emptiness or blankness, often used to criticize someone or something because of lack
Boost పెంచండి to help, stimulate, or encourage something to improve
Declaim ప్రకటించండి to say something in a loud, passionate way
Empiricism అనుభవవాదం pursuit of knowledge purely through experience and experiments
Pregnancy గర్భం the period of time in which a fetus is being formed inside the mother’s womb
Moving కదులుతోంది putting something in motion
Internal అంతర్గత the interior or inside of something
Examining పరిశీలిస్తున్నారు inspecting or studying something in an effort to find a flaw or defect
Munitions ఆయుధాలు weapons and ammunition used in a war
So to speak అలా మాట్లాడాలి as it seems or saying something figuratively and not literally
Nonentity శూన్యం a person who is not important
Angular కోణీయ so thin or skinny that one’s bones can be seen
Transmogrify ట్రాన్స్మోగ్రిఫికేషన్ to magically transform into a different shape or form
Impractical ఆచరణ సాధ్యం కానిది not reasonable because it is unlikely to happen
Benevolent శ్రేయోభిలాషి willing to help, do good, and be generous towards people
Bright ప్రకాశవంతమైన very smart; intelligent
Fecund ఫెకండ్ intellectually productive or inventive
Unsolicited కోరనిది not welcome or invited
Pasteurization పాశ్చరైజేషన్ a purification process which uses heat to kill bacteria and germs
Glibness glibness talk that is superficial and insincere
Zip జిప్ to move at high speed
Crick క్రికెట్ a stiff feeling in the neck or back that is painful
Parochial సంకుచితమైన having a restricted outlook
Nonexistent ఉనికిలో లేదు something that is imaginary or absent
Trappings ఉచ్చులు the outward signs or objects related to a particular situation
Willful ఉద్దేశపూర్వకంగా done intentionally or willfully
Felicitation అభినందనలు congratulation; an expression of good wishes
Despicable తుచ్ఛమైనది worthy of intense dislike
Heedless తలలేని careless; reckless
Pejorative అవమానకరమైన expressing disapproval or belittling the importance of something
Absenteeism గైర్హాజరు the practice of missing school or work without good reason
Overlord అధిపతి a feudal ruler (lord) during the Medieval period
Tobacco పొగాకు the cured and fermented nicotine rich leaves of the North American Nightshade plant, used for smoking and chewing
Minimalism మినిమలిజం a movement that focuses on creating simple art or living simply with only necessary possessions
Modular మాడ్యులర్ to be built as an evenly sectioned component
Equity ఈక్విటీ the calculated worth of a property after the money owed has been deducted
Pulverize పల్వరైజ్ to break into tiny pieces or destroy
Expectations అంచనాలు strong hopes or beliefs that something will happen
Sap సాప్ to gradually weaken something
Furniture ఫర్నిచర్ useable furnishings in a house or building
Euthanize అనాయాసము చేయుము to put a living being to sleep in a humane way
Haggle బేరమాడండి to engage in conversation to reach a deal
Snob స్నోబ్ a person who is condescending and thinks they are better than those around them
Civilian పౌరులు person who is not an active member of the armed forces; non-military person
Indictment నేరారోపణ accusation
Anyhow ఎలాగైనా anyway; in any case
Nervously భయంగా anxiously; apprehensively
Aspersion ఆస్పర్షన్ a false charge meant to harm someone’s reputation
Uplift ఉద్ధరణ to inspire and encourage someone
Expansion విస్తరణ growing larger or more extensive
Dichotomy డైకోటమీ a difference between two opposite things or ideas
Overseas ఓవర్సీస్ across a sea to a foreign country; abroad
Self-preservation స్వీయ రక్షణ a natural instinct to protect oneself from harm or death
Actor నటుడు a person who performs in a play, television show, or movie
Complete పూర్తి to finish; to conclude; to reach the end
Aye హే a synonym for yes that is used to express agreement or approval
Falsity అబద్ధం something that is false, an outright lie, or simply incorrect
Disposable పునర్వినియోగపరచలేని easily expendable and then throw away
Clunky clunky heavy in a way that makes the object awkward
Rebellious తిరుగుబాటుదారుడు unruly and wild with behavior and actions
Pronounce ఉచ్చారణ make the sound of (a word or part of a word), typically in the correct or a particular way
Doggerel డోగెరెల్ written badly
Waning క్షీణిస్తోంది a gradual decline in strength or power
Major ప్రధాన main and key
Hundred వంద a number that equals ten times ten
Recumbent మృదువుగా a resting or reclining state
Sermon ఉపన్యాసం a speech or talk on a religious or moral subject
Defeatist పరాజయవాది a person who expects or is excessively ready to accept failure
Chase వెంబడించు to run after or pursue someone or something
Crystalize స్ఫటికీకరించండి to form crystals
Summary సారాంశం a brief rundown of events
Sleigh స్లిఘ్ a sled drawn by horses, especially reindeer
Antagonistic విరోధి showing or feeling aggression or hostility towards something
Scaremongering భయపెట్టడం spreading rumors that scare
Subcutaneous చర్మాంతర్గత applied or situated under the skin
Indiscreet విచక్షణ లేని having a penchant for revealing secrets or acting without subtlety
Trance ట్రాన్స్ a dazed state where one wanders without active knowledge that they are doing so
Disdainful అవమానకరమైనది showing that one feels that someone/something else isn’t valuable or worthy of respect
Disseminate వ్యాప్తి చేయండి to scatter or spread widely
Context సందర్భం the setting in which something occurs
Fruition పండు the fulfillment of a goal achieved
Palsied పక్షవాతం affected with paralysis and tremors
Congregate సమూహము to gather as a unit or group
Won గెలిచింది to have succeeded or triumphed in something
Sentiment సెంటిమెంట్ a thought, view, or attitude; an opinion
Illicitly అక్రమంగా in a manner that is illegal or not considered moral/right
Murmured గొణిగింది whispered
Sweetheart ప్రియురాలు a person with whom someone is having a romantic relationship
Wherein ఇందులో in which
Sense of humor సెన్స్ ఆఫ్ హ్యూమర్ having the skill to notice wit and funniness
Tote టోట్ to carry or wield something
Mystique మిస్టిక్ the aura of intrigue that surrounds a person or thing
Flush ఫ్లష్ to cleanse something by causing large quantities of water to pass through it
Adore ఆరాధించు to idolize or worship something, or to love it very much
Play ప్లే act in a manner such as one has fun
Jive జీవి slang talk that is meaningless and dishonest
Humble అణకువ not thinking of yourself as better than other people, or of low social, administrative, or political rank
Slapdash స్లాప్‌డాష్ done quickly without consideration for accuracy
Insufferable భరించలేని unbearable
Aversive విముఖత causing strong dislike and avoidance
Participate పాల్గొనండి to join in or take part in something
Memoir జ్ఞాపకం a description of a life or event written by a person with firsthand knowledge
Takeaway టేకావే a key point or idea that is remembered
Strategically వ్యూహాత్మకంగా a specific way of planning and decision making
Devise ప్రవేశపెట్టటానికి to invent a plan after deliberation
Overarching ఓవర్ ఆర్చింగ్ primary or predominantly
Tessellation టెస్సెల్లేషన్ an arrangement of shapes, usually polygons, closely fitted together in a repeating pattern without gaps
Agender ఏజెండర్ refers to someone that does not identify as having any gender
Readership పాఠకుల సంఖ్య the collective readers of a written work such as a newspaper, magazine, or book
Munificence మునిఫిసిన్స్ showing unusual generosity, especially with gifts or money
Coupled జత together with; combine
Dissenting భిన్నాభిప్రాయం holding or expressing opinions that are different than those previously, commonly, or officially stated
Raze రేజ్ to demolish
Bloomer వికసించేవి grower; someone that has grown into a more advanced stage
Staunch స్థిరమైన loyal, trustworthy, reliable, outstanding
Animated యానిమేటెడ్ active and energetic
Wreak havoc నాశనం చేయు to bring chaos and distraction
Stitch కుట్లు to join something together by sewing
Silence నిశ్శబ్దం complete absence of noise or sound
Impale ఇంపాలా to pierce with something sharp
Mediterranean మధ్యధరా representative of the Mediterranean Sea or culture of the people surrounding it
Detest ద్వేషించు to deeply despise a person or thing
Divided విభజించబడింది separated; split
Queen రాణి a woman ruler of a kingdom or country
Cosmetic సౌందర్య సాధనాలు external or superficial; pertaining only to the surface or appearance of something
Aviation విమానయానం the activity of designing, producing, or flying an aircraft
Glory కీర్తి honor, fame and pride
Delectable మనోహరమైనది tasting delicious
Unwitting తెలియకుండానే ignorant or unaware
Clunker క్లంకర్ a vehicle or machine that is old and run down
Grieving దుఃఖిస్తున్నాడు emotionally distressed or heartbroken because of a loss
Notch గీత a deep cut into a surface
Cuddly ముద్దుగా something attractive and soft that people enjoy hugging
Project ప్రాజెక్ట్ to estimate or forecast something
RSVP rsvp to reply to a social request
Implemented అమలు చేశారు put into action, effect, or practice
Vicissitudes విసిసిట్యూడ్స్ changes (usually negative) in circumstances or fortune
Generous ఉదారంగా displaying a willingness to give more than is expected
Unionism సమైక్యవాదం having faith in unions or associations especially company labor unions
Accompany తోడు to go along with something or someone
Culpable దోషి guilty; deserving blame
Attack దాడి aggressive or violent action
Resolute దృఢ నిశ్చయం very determined, persistent
Member సభ్యుడు an individual who is a part of a group or organization
Went వెళ్లిన moved; proceeded
Garner గార్నర్ to collect or accumulate
Antihero యాంటీహీరో the main character in a book, film, or other work who lacks typical hero qualities
Ere ఇక్కడ previously or earlier usually meaning with time
Album ఆల్బమ్ a blank book that things like stamps or photos are inserted in
Frolicsome ఉల్లాసంగా playful and fun loving
Slacken మందకొడిగా slacken means to loosen or lessen
Released విడుదల చేసింది set free; let out
Gratification తృప్తి pleasure or satisfaction
Sublunary సబ్‌లూనరీ associated with the Earth
Deadly ఘోరమైన causing or able to cause death
Haughty గర్విష్టమైన proud and unfriendly
Parallel సమాంతరంగా stretching on in the same way or path
Pollutant కాలుష్య కారకాలు something that infects or contaminates the air, the ground or bodies of water
Republican రిపబ్లికన్ a person advocating or supporting republican government; a member or supporter of the Republican Party
Assay పరీక్షించు a test or assessment on something to determine what it contains
Variance వైవిధ్యం at odds with or conflicting with
Serenity ప్రశాంతత untroubled, calm, and peaceful
Bacchanal బచ్చానల్ a wild incident involving a drunken celebration
Lighthearted తేలిక హృదయుడు happy in a very carefree and not serious way
Keenness తీక్షణత the quality of being eager or excitedly enthusiastic
Consternation దిగ్భ్రాంతి a feeling of worry, shock, or fear – often happens when something unexpected happens
Concession రాయితీ an item or privilege that is given
Slush స్లష్ ice or snow that is partially melted
Melted కరిగిపోయింది turned from a solid to a liquid form
Omniform సర్వరూపము having every form and shape
Readiness సంసిద్ధత the act of being prepared and equipped
Muscular కండర having well-developed muscles
Rookery రూకేరీ a gathering or settlement of fowl or other animals
Purgative ప్రక్షాళన cleansing, especially when referring to the ability to get rid of unwanted waste
Counterproductive ప్రతికూల ఉత్పాదక resulting in the opposite of the looked-for effect
Affair ఎఫైర్ an issue or concern that is handled
Unflinching విడదీయడం unwavering even in difficult times
Thermostat థర్మోస్టాట్ an automatic device for controlling temperature
Chimera చిమెరా a creation of a person’s mind; something that is not real
Gore తెలుపు blood that is from an injured person
Mangle మాంగిల్ to make unrecognizable through violent acts of cutting, slashing, or crushing
Mum అమ్మ mute; silent
Boniface బోనిఫేస్ the manager or owner of a hospitality-type business
Barf బార్ఫ్ to vomit; throw up
Suspend సస్పెండ్ to hang something from somewhere
Unshakable కదలలేనిది strongly felt and unable to be changed
Resultant ఫలితాలు something that comes from or is an outcome of something else
Defy ధిక్కరించు to challenge, or test a person or idea
Unusually అసాధారణమైన uncommonly; rarely happening
Renovate పునరుద్ధరించు to renew; to revamp something to make it look new again
Stretchy సాగేది slightly elastic in a way that allows for easy stretching
Facilitation సులభతరం the process of something becoming easier or simpler
Weltanschauung ప్రపంచ దృష్టికోణం a person’s philosophy of life or worldview
Require అవసరం to specify something as mandatory
Caucus కాకస్ a gathering of individuals who come together to work for a shared objective – generally political in nature
Examined పరిక్షీంచబడినవి looked at in detail; inspected
Rail రైలు a bar or series of bars that serves as a fence or barrier
Mob గుంపు an unruly, generally violent crowd of people intent on destruction or harm
Examination పరీక్ష a test or assessment tool
Thermograph థర్మోగ్రాఫ్ a recording thermometer that registers the temperature it measures
Knead పిసికి కలుపు to work and press into a mass, usually with the hands
Statue విగ్రహం a carved or cast depiction of a person or animal, usually life-sized or greater
Goldbrick బంగారు ఇటుక to swindle or con someone
Recapture తిరిగి స్వాధీనం to catch or capture again, especially something that has escaped
Delirium మతిమరుపు a condition of extreme happiness and excitement
Mileage మైలేజ్ the total amount of miles journeyed
Facility సౌకర్యం space or equipment necessary to accomplish a task
Improbable అసంభవం not likely to occur or be true
Black నలుపు of the darkest color, like coal or the sky at midnight
Viva Voce వైవా వోస్ by word of mouth (orally)
Palliative పాలియేటివ్ soothing remedy to relieve pain such as medicine
Intoned శృతిమించిన to speak with little voice inflection
Leftover మిగిలిపోయినవి remaining; surplus
Configuration ఆకృతీకరణ the formation or structure of something
Arose పెరిగింది to start to exist or occur
Imperium ఇంపీరియం absolute power
Tended మొగ్గు చూపారు took care of
Auscultation ఆస్కల్టేషన్ the action of listening to sounds from the heart, lungs, or other organs, typically with a stethoscope, as a part of medical diagnosis
Get over పైగా పొందండి to recover from an unpleasant or unhappy experience
Horrific భయంకరమైన to be dreadful and eerie
Intake తీసుకోవడం the amount of a substance (i.e., food, water) that is brought into the body
Sear శోధించు to char, scorch, or burn the surface of something with quick heat
Inequality అసమానత an unfair, not equal, state
Nomad సంచార జాతులు one who wanders
Thrive అభివృద్ధి చెందండి to do better or increase in size or number
Evil చెడు completely devoid of morality and goodness
Brutal క్రూరమైన violently cruel and inhumane
Lucent లూసెంట్ Emitting light; shining
Schadenfreude షాడెన్‌ఫ్రూడ్ the sense of enjoyment that comes upon hearing about the problems of others
Bothered ఇబ్బంది పడింది concerned or worried about something
Diploid డిప్లాయిడ్ of a cell, having two complete sets of chromosomes, one from each parent
Vertebrate సకశేరుకాలు an animal of any species that has a backbone or spinal column
Altruist నిస్వార్ధపరుడు regard for others without regard for oneself; devotion
Contiguous పక్కపక్కనే used to describe things that touch each other or are next to each other
Wanton ఇష్టంలేని having no concern for the rights, feelings, or safety of others
Unsullied అపవిత్రం untainted; pure
Enroll నమోదు చేసుకున్నారు to sign-up for something
Enterprise సంస్థ a huge task or undertaking
Chorus బృందగానం a part of a song generally repeated after every verse
Embody మూర్తీభవించింది to stand as a symbol for something
Concealment దాపరికం the action of hiding something or preventing it from being known
Civilization నాగరికత a society that is developed and productive in its resource usage
Affirmative action నిశ్చయాత్మక చర్య an effort to improve the educational and employment opportunities for women and minorities by preventing discrimination
Brunt బ్రంట్ the most unpleasant part of something
Cofactor కోఫాక్టర్ a heavy contributor to a specific disease
Zero సున్నా the figure that is written as 0 and represents none
Poured పోశారు for a liquid to have flowed out of a container
Riotous అల్లరి wildly rowdy; unmanageable
Peninsula ద్వీపకల్పం a piece of land surrounded by water
Praised కొనియాడారు expressed approval; celebrated or honored
Vying పోటీపడుతున్నారు involved in a competition for something
Interloper ఇంటర్లోపర్ someone who intrudes on the privacy or property of another without permission
Efficient సమర్థవంతమైన increased productivity with little effort or time spent
Powerless శక్తిలేని without power; weak, unable to do something
Amplify విస్తరించు to render larger, more extended, or more intense
Pious పవిత్రమైన deeply religious
Deracinate డిరాసినేట్ to pull up and move from a location or environment
Methodological మెథడాలాజికల్ related to a system of ways of doing, teaching, or studying something
Auction వేలం public sales event
Bring తీసుకురండి to carry something to a place
Unusual అసాధారణమైనది rare or uncommon
Immerse ముంచండి to become deeply involved in something
Syncope సింకోప్ loss of consciousness when blood flow is unable to reach the brain to faint
Disservice అపచారం an ill turn or injury
Elysian ఎలిసియన్ heavenly; divine
Ditch మురుగుకాలువ to get rid of something
Fuhgeddaboudit ఫుహ్గెడ్డబౌడిట్ slang for ‘forget about it’
Deterrence నిరోధం something that discourages one from doing something
Career కెరీర్ a job or occupation that a person does for an extended period
Xenophile జెనోఫైల్ a xenophile is a person attracted to foreign people and customs
Amble అంబుల్ to stroll in a relaxed manner
Corporeal భౌతిక tangible; of a physical nature
Exile బహిష్కరణ the state of being expelled from one’s country or home
Incendiary దాహక explosive
Laudatory ప్రశంసనీయమైనది giving praise
Weathering వాతావరణం the act of weather conditions altering the state of material, whether it be texture, color, etc
Throwaway దూరంగా త్రో a material or product that is disposable or non recyclable
Applicable వర్తించే suitable for application, relevant
Malefactor దుర్మార్గుడు one who does evil
Exclusion మినహాయింపు the condition of denying access to something
Beast మృగం a large, dangerous animal
Pang బాధ an abrupt yet intense spasm of distress or pain
Flat ఫ్లాట్ low and smooth with no curved parts
Versus వర్సెస్ in opposition to something
Invariably స్థిరముగా always
Vivisection వివిసెక్షన్ purposely wounding or slitting open an animal in order to examine it for medical purposes
Conquer జయించు to overcome and take over
Miniature సూక్ష్మచిత్రం petite in size compared to a larger representation of the item
Might ఉండవచ్చు perhaps or possibly will
Impotent నపుంసకుడు lacking in power, as to act effectively; helpless
Pointy పాయింటీ having a pointed tip or end
Cultured సంస్కారవంతమైన well-educated and refined in manners
Chutzpah చట్జ్పా personal confidence or courage that may come across as rude but allows one to do or say what they feel
Chassis చట్రం the internal framework of an object, especially the steel body of a car
Anger కోపం a strong feeling of being annoyed, irritated, or hostile
Shipment షిప్పింగ్ a quantity of goods that are being shipped
Vitriol విట్రియోల్ mean-spirited and venomous criticism or talk
Chivalry శూరత్వం courteous conduct
Schlump స్క్లంప్ a lazy and sloppily dressed person who does everything in a slow or dull way
Nuclear న్యూక్లియర్ pertaining to an atomic binding that can be dangerous
Permitted అనుమతించబడింది allowed; authorized
Borough బరో a town that has its own government
Kaleidoscope కాలిడోస్కోప్ changing colors, shapes, and/or patterns in a general vicinity
Languorous నీరసమైన lazy and lethargic
Present-day ఈరోజు of the current time period
Hunch హంచ్ a feeling or guess based on intuition and not fact
Financial ఆర్థిక related to money matters
Unnoticed గమనించలేదు not noticed; occurring without someone’s awareness
Unambiguous నిస్సందేహంగా expressed in a clear and precise way
Sentience భావము awareness and the capacity to sense and feel, particularly pleasure and pain
Daring డేరింగ్ to describe someone who is ready to take risks, bold, or venturesome.
Derpy డెర్పీ foolish, stupidly silly
Theatrics రంగస్థలం words or behavior that is dramatic and exaggerated as if related to the theater
Indemnity నష్టపరిహారం insurance that protects a company or individual from a financial loss or burden
Caper కేపర్ a silly stunt or activity
Bereft బెరెఫ్ట్ deprived
Tongue-in-cheek టంగ్-ఇన్-చెప్ meant as amusing and not in a serious manner
Bass బాస్ low in pitch, such as a male voice or an instrument
Canaille కెనాయిల్ common people that are considered low-class
Advocacy న్యాయవాదం the practice of supporting someone to make their voice heard
Ubiquitous సర్వవ్యాప్తి existing or being everywhere at the same time
Mansion మాన్షన్ a large, impressive house, most often owned by someone wealthy
Refulgence రెఫుల్జెన్స్ the quality of shining out light in a bright way
Extraordinaire అసాధారణ someone or something that is outstanding or remarkable
Hurt బాధించింది to injure something
Baseline బేస్లైన్ a minimum starting point
Humvee హంవీ a military vehicle that combines the features of a jeep with those of a truck
Abnormality అసాధారణత a feature that is not normal or average
Trap ఉచ్చు to catch or ensnare
Admirable ప్రశంసనీయమైనది worthy of respect and admiration
Smart తెలివైన having or showing intelligence or cleverness
Uninterested ఆసక్తి లేని not concerned; indifferent
Trespass అతిక్రమించండి to enter someone else’s property illegally
Masticate మాస్టికేట్ to chomp with teeth; chew
Proof రుజువు physical evidence that proves an accusation or idea
Legally చట్టబద్ధంగా lawfully and legitimately
Preen ప్రీన్ to groom or spruce up
Bogus బోగస్ not real; fake
Pommel పోమ్మెల్ the rounded knob on a horse’s saddle that a rider grips with one hand
Prevision ప్రివిజన్ a prediction about a future event
Poetry కవిత్వం the class of literature comprising poems
Value విలువ to hold something at high importance or appreciate it above other things
Fashionable ఫ్యాషన్ popular; stylish
Clone క్లోన్ an organism or cell, or group of organisms or cells, produced asexually from one ancestor or stock, to which they are genetically identical
Few కొన్ని referring to a small number or amount
Fluffy మెత్తటి to be furry or soft
Rapture రప్చర్ a mood of great joy or love
Depravity అధోగతి moral corruption; wickedness
Pebble గులకరాయి a flat stone
Contentment కంటెంట్‌లు a feeling of being happy and satisfied
Braw బ్ర fine
Farfetched ఫార్ఫెచ్డ్ unlikely; unbelievable
Pardon క్షమించండి to overlook or accept someone’s wrongdoing or an action
Rebirth పునర్జన్మ to be born again or revival of something to take place again
Ore ధాతువు element that naturally yields a metal
Nonchalance నాన్‌చాలెన్స్ the state of being calm or unconcerned
Abnegation నిరాకరణ the act of rejecting or refusing something
Dame డామ్ a woman
Rerun మళ్లీ అమలు చేయండి a program or film that has already been shown on television but is being shown again
Marauding మారౌడింగ్ moving from one location to another in order to commit crimes against society
Aside అంతేకాకుండా out of the way; to the side
Psycho సైకో crazy; mentally unstable
Absurd అసంబద్ధం ridiculous, silly, foolish
Strap పట్టీ a strip of leather or cloth used to fasten something
Contumacious కలుషితమైనది rebellious against laws or those in authority
Moderately మధ్యస్తంగా fairly; reasonably
Young యువకుడు having existed for a brief time
Regardless సంబంధం లేకుండా despite the circumstance or conditions
Crapulous క్రాపులస్ very drunk or intoxicated
Parlay పార్లే to place a wager on an upcoming event
Bust ప్రతిమ a sculpture or statue of a person’s head, shoulders, or chest
Beadle బీడిల్ a British term used to refer to a leader of a church who assists the minister or priest in his duties
Issued జారి చేయబడిన gave out or supplied a person with something
Creepy గగుర్పాటు కలిగించేది strange and slightly frightening; causing fear or unease
Wring రెంగు to squeeze or twist in an effort to remove liquid from something
Crowbar క్రౌబార్ an iron bar with a flat end that is used as a lever or to pry things
Wondrous అద్భుతం amazing, inspiring awe
Identifiable గుర్తించదగినది able to be recognized or distinguished
Harrowing బాధ కలిగించే producing distress or discomfort
Resurface పునరుద్ధరణ to suddenly appear or pop up again
Out of the Blue అవుట్ ఆఫ్ ది బ్లూ without warning
Accord ఒప్పందం agreement or concurrence of opinion
Mar మార్చి to ruin or spoil
Bereave బీరువా to take away something
Escort ఎస్కార్ట్ to go with someone or something as a companion or guard
Conniving కనిపెట్టడం discreetly working to complete a dishonest task
Covering కవరింగ్ hiding or concealing something with a layer or casing
Purposeless ప్రయోజనం లేని irrational and pointless
Fearful భయంగా experiencing a feeling of fear
Philanthropy దాతృత్వం the act of donating time and money to help others
Frighten భయపడ్డాను to scare or make afraid
Paging పేజింగ్ calling out the name of a person over a loudspeaker
Machismo పురుషత్వం exaggerated masculine pride
Presuming ఊహించడం assuming that something is true based on probability instead of proof
Amnesia మతిమరుపు loss of memory; forgetfulness
Redacted సవరించబడింది edited or revised a document, having removed certain information before publishing
Lottery లాటరీ something in which the outcome is governed purely by chance
Obtain పొందటానికి to secure or acquire something
Bystander ప్రేక్షకుడు a person who is present during a situation or event but not directly involved
Apposite ఎదురుగా fitting for the situation or suited
Pipeline పైప్లైన్ a long pipe, usually underground, for transporting oil and gas
Error లోపం a mistake or blunder
Preserve సంరక్షించు to keep safe
Corridor కారిడార్ a hallway that leads into rooms or other divided areas
Proficiency ప్రావీణ్యం having the knowhow or ability in a topic or subject
Failed విఫలమయ్యారు to have been unsuccessful in achieving something
Ridiculous హాస్యాస్పదంగా absurd or crazy, usually resulting in derision or mockery
Convocation కాన్వకేషన్ a sizable gathering of people
Jet lag జెట్ లాగ్ a tired and sometimes sick feeling after traveling on a plane into a different time zone
Irreconcilable సరిదిద్దుకోలేనిది incapable of being brought into harmony or adjustment
Trophic Level ట్రోఫిక్ స్థాయి the living things that are on the same level in the food chain
Pitfall ఆపద potential problem, difficulty, or danger
Furled ఫర్లెడ్ to gather into a compact roll and bind securely
Forcibly బలవంతంగా against one’s will
Unaccountable జవాబుదారీతనం లేదు unexplainable; mysterious
Prelude పల్లవి that which precedes another event
Unwarranted అసమంజసమైనది not deserved or justified
Versatile బహుముఖ having the ability to do a number of things well
Religion మతం a faith or belief system, often revolving around a higher power
Zesty జెస్టి having a strong and spicy flavor
Prey ఎర something or someone that is susceptible to attack
Swing స్వింగ్ to move by grasping a support from below and using it to jump
Gasped ఊపిరి పీల్చుకున్నారు inhaled suddenly, usually to express surprise or shock
Gene జన్యువులు genes determine physical traits (how we look), such as hair type, hair and eye color, freckles, height, etc. genes are part of the cell – you inherent genes from your parents.
Suggestion సూచనలు an idea or plan that has been put forth
Mulish ముల్లిష్ stubborn and inflexible; refusing to compromise
Turned తిరిగింది moved or rotated something into a different position
Quantity పరిమాణం the amount of something
Boom బూమ్ a sound that is loud and deep
Profess ప్రొఫెసర్ to make claims about yourself that other people do not believe
Apathetic ఉదాసీనత having little or no interest or concern
Surrender లొంగిపో to give in or yield to another
Merrymaker మెర్రీమేకర్ someone who passionately takes part in celebrations
Nurturance పోషణ emotional and physical care provided to someone
Instrumental వాయిద్యం something that directly influences a movement, goal, or aim, usually positive
Religious మతపరమైన related to a faith or belief system, often revolving around a higher power
Sway స్వే control or dominion
Burnish దహించు to polish; to make smooth or shiny
Condign కాండిన్ fair, fitting, and deserved
Foreign Policy విదేశీ విధానం a plan of one country’s communications and connections with another country
Undeterred నిరుత్సాహపడలేదు continuing to do something even in the face of obstacles or setbacks
Preoccupation నిమగ్నత distraction
Welkin వెల్కిన్ the sky; heaven
Poseur భంగిమ a pretender
Technique సాంకేతికం a procedure or method used to carry out a task
Counted లెక్కించబడింది totaled; calculated
Hyperbole అతిశయోక్తి an exaggeration or overstatement used to evoke strong feelings
Appurtenant అనుబంధం belonging
Bioscience జీవశాస్త్రం any science that deals with living organisms
Nuance స్వల్పభేదాన్ని a subtle distinction or variation
Chargeback ఛార్జ్బ్యాక్ money or the return of funds to its original owner following a transaction
Chicanery చికానరీ the use of trickery to achieve a political, financial, or legal purpose
Flagship ఫ్లాగ్షిప్ the ship that carries the commander of a fleet
Administered నిర్వహించబడింది handed out; dispensed
Traumatized గాయపడ్డాడు to cause someone to become extremely upset in a way that causes serious emotional problems
Conscious చేతనైనది aware
Finish పూర్తయింది complete something or task; a final end
Indiscrete విచక్షణ లేని not divisible or able to be separated into distinct parts
Misuse దుర్వినియోగం to mistreat or abuse
Eyesore కనుబొమ్మ an unpleasant or ugly sight that is in a public place (i.e. building, statue).
Personal వ్యక్తిగతం something that only relates or applies to the person in question
Nimiety నిమిత్తము a quantity that is in excess of what’s appropriate
Medicine మందు a substance used to treat disease
Imperial ఇంపీరియల్ relating to an empire, emperor, or the concept of imperialism
Amoral నైతిక not concerned about what is moral or immoral
Exceeding మించిపోతోంది more or greater than average
Pivotal కీలకమైనది of crucial significance
Confused గందరగోళం unable to think clearly or logically
Benefited ప్రయోజనం పొందింది gained; profited from
Culvert కల్వర్టు a structure that allows water to flow under a road, railroad, trail, or similar obstruction from one side to the other side
Cancel రద్దు చేయండి to decide or announce that something planned in advance will no longer take place
Elegy ఎలిజీ a poem or song displaying grief or mourning
Pension పెన్షన్ a payment made during a person’s retirement
Scrimmage పెనుగులాట a practice game which does not count on a team’s record
Pose భంగిమలో to present a question or raise a topic for discussion
Munificent మునిఫిసెంట్ very generous
Anneal ఎనియలింగ్ to heat and slow cool metal or glass in order to toughen it
Swagger స్వాగర్ a confident and usually arrogant attitude
Dement చిత్తవైకల్యం to deteriorate mentally, mainly because of old age
Rot తెగులు to decay and deteriorate
Decorous అలంకారమైన proper in behavior
Coda కోడ the final or extra part of a piece of music, speech, statement, or some other writing
Furnace కొలిమి a piece of equipment used to heat an area in a house or building
Demoted తగ్గించబడింది to be lowered a rank by a superior
Circular వృత్తాకార in the shape of a circle, or something that ultimately leads back to the same starting point
Audience ప్రేక్షకులు a group of viewers or spectators
Gender లింగం the societal identification of being male or female
Guarantee హామీ assurance within an agreement that specific conditions be satisfied
Pig-headed పంది తల very stubborn and unreasonable
Constrain నిర్బంధించండి to restrict, limit or hold back
Pet పెంపుడు జంతువులు an animal that is loved and cared for in the home as a companion
Reason కారణం a cause or basis
Viaticum వయాటికం holy communion as administered by a Catholic priest to a person dying or in danger of death
Remark గమనిక something said in an informal manner
Module మాడ్యూల్ a scholastic part which focuses on a topic that is part of a larger unit
Collision తాకిడి a crash in which objects collide into each other
Déjà vu డెజా వు an odd feeling that you have already experienced what is happening now
Killjoy కిల్ జాయ్ a person who spoils the fun or pleasure of others
Animal జంతువులు a living, breathing organism
Rebound పుంజుకుంటుంది to bounce back off of something
Breathe ఊపిరి పీల్చుకుంటారు the intake and release of air
Holism హోలిజం the idea that the whole thing is greater than its individual parts
Ineffable వర్ణించలేనిది incapable of being expressed in words
Mining గనుల తవ్వకం digging deep holes in search of something valuable
Therapy థెరపీ a treatment used to improve one’s physical or mental condition
Mosque మసీదు a Muslim house of worship
Carcinogen క్యాన్సర్ కారకం a substance or agent that can cause cancer
Stocky బలిష్టమైన sturdy and solid shape usually in humans or animals
Skedaddle స్కెడాడిల్ to flee or go away hastily
Ruthless క్రూరమైన without concern for others; cold-hearted
Superstitious మూఢనమ్మకం showing faith in magic and chance
Embodiment అవతారం an individual or thing that serves as a role model
Respond ప్రత్యుత్తరం ఇవ్వండి to reply or answer
Omnipresent సర్వవ్యాపి able to be everywhere at one time
Line లైన్ a group of people or items that are arranged in a row
Sapid సాపిడ్ having a strong and savory taste
Shabbier చిరిగిన looking older and more worn out than something else
Stationery స్టేషనరీ fancy writing paper with matching envelopes
Conception భావన the birth of an idea or plan
Interrogative ప్రశ్నించే to be written in the form of a question
Colloquial వ్యావహారికం casual and conversational language
Pleading మనవి asking for something that you want in a very emotional way
Birch బిర్చ్ a slender and smooth tree that has a wood covering that is usually white
Perspicuity స్పష్టత clearness that is easy to understand
Highfalutin హైఫాలుటిన్ conceited or arrogant
Glide గ్లైడ్ to slide across a surface smoothly
Undisputed నిర్వివాదమైనది certain; definite
Intonation శృతి the rise and fall in the pitch of a voice
Imitating అనుకరించడం copying someone else’s looks or behavior
Administer నిర్వాహకుడు to supply or give out something
Posed పోజులిచ్చారు pretended to be
Stupidest స్టుపిడెస్ట్ the most senseless or unintelligent when compared to other things
Section విభాగం part or segment of something larger
Utterance ఉచ్చారణ spoken word; something that someone says
Isolationist ఒంటరివాది one who holds the political or social belief that it is best to separate oneself from the interest or activities of others
Gerrymander గెర్రీమాండర్ to separate an entity like a region or state into political divisions so that one party has an unjust advantage
Paradigm నమూనా a typical example or model of something
Freefall క్రింద పడుట a decrease
Vivify వివిఫై చేయండి to arouse, stimulate or invigorate
Batch బ్యాచ్ collection, group, or quantity of something made at one time
League లీగ్ an assembly of clubs, countries, or associations where the people come together for a certain reason
Look కనిపిస్తోంది to stare shortly at something
Extensively విస్తృతంగా to a large degree
Balance సంతులనం remainder
Rematch మళ్లీ మ్యాచ్ a second game between two players or teams that have already played one another before
Godspeed గాడ్ స్పీడ్ good tidings or good news
Scatter చెదరగొట్టు to throw in various and often random directions
Congested రద్దీగా ఉంది crowded and blocked
Replenishment తిరిగి నింపడం the process by which something is restored or refreshed
Inconsequential అసంగతమైనది not important or significant
Bumptious ఎగుడుదిగుడు confident in an annoying manner
Lacerate చీలిక to tear or make deep cuts in (flesh or skin)
Emanating వెలువడుతోంది coming from
Wane వేన్ to gradually decrease in value or intensity
Weal బాగా a welt or red mark left on the body after a blow
Stuffy stuffy describing someone that is unwelcoming of new ideas or concepts
Joyless ఆనందం లేని without happiness
Derision అపహాస్యం Severe mocking and ridiculing of someone
Heredity వారసత్వం the inheritance of traits to children from their parents
Pivot ఇరుసు to turn or rotate on a fixed point
Inapt పనికిరాని not fitting or appropriate
Folly మూర్ఖత్వం an action where wisdom is absent
Crude ముడి rudimentary, undefined or undeveloped
Gasbag గ్యాస్ బ్యాగ్ someone who talks too much
Prophylaxis నివారణ preventive treatment of a disease
Renown ప్రఖ్యాతి గాంచింది the state of being widely known; acclaim
Skim స్కిమ్ to go over something quickly
Preeminent ప్రముఖమైనది better than others
Definition నిర్వచనం the meaning of a word
Raptorial రాప్టోరియల్ predatory; preying on others
Parturition ప్రసవం childbirth; the process of giving birth
Scrap స్క్రాప్ a left over piece of something that isn’t of any use
Jettison జెట్టిసన్ to eliminate something
Stodgy మొండిగా having old-fashioned beliefs and feelings
Allee సందు an alley in a garden or park that is bordered by trees or bushes
Pueblo ప్యూబ్లో a series of clay or stone homes of many stories built by Native Americans and organized into a settlement
Confirmation bias నిర్ధారణ పక్షపాతం to verify your assumptions or ideas by finding information that supports it and refuting the other information that disagrees with it
Setback ఎదురుదెబ్బ a reversal of progression
Unless తప్ప used to show an exception
Fragment ఫ్రాగ్మెంట్ portion or segment of an object broken from something whole
Cook ఉడికించాలి the act of preparing food for consumption
Feudal ఫ్యూడల్ something that is ridiculously old fashioned or antique
Quarter త్రైమాసికం one of four equal parts
Customize అనుకూలీకరించండి to adapt something to fit the needs
Pillage పైలేజ్ to take by force, normally during a war or battle
Tornado సుడిగాలి a storm involving a revolving cone-shaped cloud with very damaging winds
Coverage కవరేజ్ the handling or reporting of an issue by the media
Blaze బ్లేజ్ a fire that is burning intensely
Indecent అసభ్యకరమైన offensive; crude
Unrelated సంబంధం లేని not connected to; not linked
Episode ఎపిసోడ్ incident or action connected with a series of events
Pithy Pithy using few words in a clever and effective way
Academically విద్యాపరంగా related to education and school
Event సంఘటన an occasion or happening taking place that may be important
Claim దావా to make a questionable statement about something
Niece మేనకోడలు the daughter of one’s sister or brother
Defuse తగ్గించు to remove or reduce the danger/tension of a situation
Poll ఎన్నికలో a survey of people’s opinions or choices regarding a certain subject.
Provincial ప్రాంతీయ unsophisticated, not polished
Well బాగా satisfactory; good
Dejected నిరుత్సాహపడ్డారు depressed; miserable
Substation సబ్ స్టేషన్ a passthrough where electricity strength is changed before it goes to homes/businesses
Arrhythmic అరిథమిక్ having an irregular beat or pace
Beholden ఇదిగో owing something in return for service or help
Forefront ముందంజలో the leading position or edge
Entitled అనే పేరుతో to give an individual rights or privileges
Sincerely భవదీయులు in a manner that sounds truthful or genuine
Blackmail బ్లాక్ మెయిల్ to extort money from another by means of intimidation to not release damaging information
Posh పోష్ sophisticated and luxurious
Penetrate చొచ్చుకుపోతాయి to blend into a group or organization or to gain entry
Autopsy శవపరీక్ష dissection of a body after death that is conducted to determine how the person died
Clown విదూషకుడు a comedic circus entertainer that usually dresses up in a silly costume with a red nose and big shoes
Character పాత్రలు a role/person in a movie, play, or novel
Howitzer హోవిట్జర్ a smaller tank with many tires and a long barreled angled gun protruding out usually used in battle
Understate అర్థం చేసుకో to make something seem less important than it is
Repent పశ్చాత్తాపాన్ని to feel or express remorse for one’s wrong actions
Incinerate భస్మము చేయుము destroy by burning
Boomerang బూమరాంగ్ (of a plan) to backfire or reverse with negative consequences
Largescale పెద్ద ఎత్తున extensive and wide-reaching
Respected గౌరవించారు admired because of positive qualities or achievements
Irrevocable తిరుగులేని unable to be changed or reversed
Swarthiness swarthyness of a dark color or complexion
Wretched నీచమైన incredibly miserable
Morale మనోబలం the enthusiasm a person or group has about their duties
Obsolete వాడుకలో లేనిది no longer of use
Heighten పెంచండి to raise something or make it higher (to lift)
Patiently ఓపికగా in a tolerant and good natured way
Diaspora డయాస్పోరా the spreading of people from their original homeland to other countries
Obey పాటించటానికి to act in accordance with the rules or someone’s wishes
Barbarism అనాగరికత cruelty and savagery
Storm తుఫాను an outbreak of weather in which thunder, lightning and rain usually occur
Meanwhile మరోవైపు at the same time
Bored విసుగు having nothing of interest to do
Hapless అభాగ్యులు having no luck; unfortunate
Crackling పగుళ్లు a series of short, sharp popping sounds
Seize స్వాధీనం to gain through forcible means
Tempter టెంప్టర్ someone or something that lures or entices
Theism ఆస్తికత్వం beliefs in god or gods
Sententious సెంటిషియస్ using few words, often in a preachy manner
Quintessential సర్వోత్కృష్టమైన a model example of a specific quality
Visibility దృశ్యమానత the ability to see or be seen
Radiation రేడియేషన్ energy spread or radiated through waves, particles, or rays
Litigant న్యాయవాదులు someone engaged in a lawsuit
Pantomime పాంటోమైమ్ the act of using gestures or movements instead of words to convey a message
Finesse యుక్తి skillful handling of a situation
Float ఫ్లోట్ to stay atop of water in a resting or moving way
Formulate సూత్రీకరించు to create, produce, or prepare something carefully
All-around అన్ని చుట్టూ versatile; able to do many things
Elusive అంతుచిక్కనిది difficult to find, catch, or achieve
Wedge చీలిక to cram force something into a narrow space
Representation ప్రాతినిథ్యం a person or group that speaks or makes decisions on your behalf
Talisman టాలిస్మాన్ a charm worn or kept to bring good fortune and ward off evil; lucky charm
Fury ఆవేశం intense anger or rage
Hertz హెర్ట్జ్ unit of frequency
Stupefaction మూర్ఖత్వం the state of being stunned or dazed in a stupor
Hectic హడావిడిగా quite busy with goings-on and uncertainty
Disfigure వికారము to spoil or mutilate the appearance of something
Arabesque అరబెస్క్ a graceful, Arabian design usually seen in metal, ceramic, or stone that resembles vines and leaves
Ribald రిబాల్డ్ offensive or vulgar humor
Noel నోయెల్ Christmas, primarily as a refrain in carols and on Christmas cards
Desalination డీశాలినేషన్ process of removing salt from sea water in order to make drinking water
Assemblage సమావేశము an assembly or collection
Plight దుస్థితి a dire or unfortunate situation
Bleeding రక్తస్రావం losing blood from inside the body
Cheerleader చీర్లీడర్ a very enthusiastic or vocal supporter
Scattered చెల్లాచెదురుగా spread out in a wide area
Waved అలలు instructed to move in a certain direction
Skinny సన్నగా extremely thin
Healing వైద్యం restoring back to a previous more healthful state
Troupe ట్రూప్ a group of entertainers that tour around with their performance
Wraith వ్రైత్ ghost of a known person who recently died
Canonize కాననైజ్ చేయండి to regard something as being of utmost importance or significance
Cajole కాజోల్ persuade someone to do something; convince with gentle pleading; sweet-talk
Ideal ఆదర్శవంతమైనది perfect; model
Communicative కమ్యూనికేషన్ ready to talk and share information
Inhabited నివసించేవారు lived in or occupied a place
Stuff విషయం vague objects
Biography జీవిత చరిత్ర a person’s life story as told by another person
Divest డైవెస్ట్ to deprive of or strip away
Thousand వెయ్యి a number equal to ten hundreds
Callous నిరాడంబరమైన showing or having an insensitive and cruel disregard for others
Pertinent సంబంధిత relevant to a particular matter
Designate నియమించు appointed; chosen
Wee తక్కువ very small; a little
Conveniently సౌకర్యవంతంగా in a way that is useful/fits well
Sacrosanct పవిత్రమైనది too important or respected to be criticized or changed
Airing ప్రసారం to make known by announcing or directly presenting
Farouche ఫరూచే wildly fierce while remaining unapproachable by others
Behoove బెహూవ్ in an individual’s interest
Frequency తరచుదనం the amount of times something takes place in a certain period of time
Usually సాధారణంగా normally; typically
Caution జాగ్రత్త acting carefully to avoid danger or mistakes
Flash in the pan పాన్ లో ఫ్లాష్ something that happened only once or for a short time and was not repeated
Wield అడవి To control an item with competence, in particularly a tool or weapon
Waiter సేవకుడు a man whose job is to serve customers at their tables in a restaurant
Deformity వైకల్యం a distorted or misshapen part
Outreach ఔట్రీచ్ to offer or give aid or service
Stick-in-the-mud బురదలో కర్ర a person who is too serious and refuses to take part in anything fun
Wobbly చలించిపోయే unsteady; shaky
Prosody ఛందస్సు rhyme and sound patterns used in poetry
Elevate ఎలివేట్ చేయండి to increase in distance
Place స్థలం to put something in a particular position
Stumble తడబడు a fall or trip; to lose one’s balance
Likewise అలాగే in a related way
Arson ఆర్సన్ illegally setting something on fire
Strife కలహాలు struggle or conflict
Pneumatic గాలికి సంబంధించిన applying air pressure to labor or move
Week వారం a period of seven days, starting with Sunday and ending on Saturday
Proponent ప్రతిపాదకుడు an individual who supports a cause
Infinite అనంతం an amount that is so endless it’s impossible to calculate
Flow ప్రవాహం a constant movement of something
Flagitious ధ్వజమెత్తారు to act in an evil way
Unilateral ఏకపక్షం performed only by one side
Stupidity మూర్ఖత్వం foolishness or silliness
Prescript ప్రిస్క్రిప్షన్ a rule or regulation of conduct
Buffeted బఫే చేయబడింది afflicted/harmed over and over for a long period of time
Shake a leg ఒక కాలు ఆడించండి a phrase used to tell someone to start or do something in a hurry
Alien విదేశీయుడు different from the norm or what is considered to be acceptable
Hinterland లోతట్టు ప్రాంతం the beyond a major town or port
Reactionary రియాక్షనరీ against change
Justified సమర్థించబడింది right; correct
Vector వెక్టర్ a line that usually veers and can be the result of force
Shyly సిగ్గుపడుతూ doing something in a timid or bashful way
Chronometer క్రోనోమీటర్ an instrument designed to keep time with great accuracy, especially when at sea
Reverie రెవెరీ a mental break from reality; a daydream
Rattle off చప్పుడు to say or recite something quickly and with ease
Unappealing ఆకర్షణీయం కానిది not inviting; not attractive
Ripple అలలు a small wave
Anoint అభిషేకం to apply oil to someone as part of a religious ceremony
Owed బాకీపడ్డాడు designated as repayment for a loan, favor, etc
Voluntarily స్వచ్ఛందంగా willingly or of your own free will
Senescent సెనెసెంట్ growing old, aging
Whitespace వైట్‌స్పేస్ the area of space on a piece of paper that doesn’t have pictures or words printed on it
Summed సంగ్రహించబడింది found the combined amount of two amounts by adding them together
Lien తాత్కాలిక హక్కు a claim to the possession of another until a debt is settled
Pleased సంతోషించారు feeling or showing satisfaction
Classification వర్గీకరణ a group of things or people that are grouped together because of what they have in common
Anomaly అసాధారణత something unusual or unexpected
Fandango ఫాండాంగో something foolish or useless
Ergo ఎర్గో consequently or therefore
Gabble గాబుల్ rapid and generally unintelligible speech
Sincere హృదయపూర్వకంగా genuine; meaning what one says or does; honest
Undercurrent అండర్ కరెంట్ a current of water moving below the surface
Loco లోకో crazy; mentally unstable
Literally సాహిత్యపరంగా in an exact manner
Vital ప్రాణాధారమైన essential for something
Mastership మాస్టర్షిప్ control or command
Chauvinist చావినిస్ట్ someone who displays extreme or aggressive support for something
Jostle జోస్టల్ to compete or struggle for something
Artisan కళాకారుడు skilled craft worker who makes or creates things by hand
Uptight ఎత్తుగా overly tense and anxious
Scene దృశ్యం the location or site where something occurs
Wildcard వైల్డ్ కార్డ్ someone or something that causes uncertainty because there is no way to determine their behavior or influence beforehand
Unconnected అన్‌కనెక్ట్ చేయబడింది not joined or linked to anything
Tyro టైరో a beginner
Remand రిమాండ్ to send someone accused of committing a crime into custody or bail until their next hearing
Quaint పరిమాణం appearing old-fashioned in an appealing way
Macroeconomics స్థూల ఆర్థిక శాస్త్రం a division in economics which focuses on the larger aspects of economics of money comparing it to the entire nation or world
Vestige వెస్టీజ్ the last small part of something that existed before
Miscellaneous ఇతరాలు consisting of many different kinds of things that might not go together
Lacking లేకపోవడం inadequate or insufficient
Atoll అటోల్ a ring-shaped island formed by a coral reef encircling a lagoon
Anabolism అనాబాలిజం a process in which complex molecules are formed from simpler one that becomes building blocks
Bribery లంచం the acceptance of money so the person will not reveal or expose shady information or behavior about someone
Pandemonium కోలాహలం chaos and utter craziness
Alliance కూటమి an association between parties or states with similar interests
Pulley పుల్లీ a simple machine designed to lift something very heavy
Unveiled ఆవిష్కరించారు revealed or showed something
Antemeridian యాంటీమెరిడియన్ in the morning or before noon
Ransacking దోచుకోవడం to search through something hurriedly or carelessly
Interdiction నిషేధం an official order stopping a person or group from doing a specific task
Misled తప్పుదారి పట్టించారు tricked; deceived
Presumably బహుశా by a sensible guess; probably
Togetherness సఖ్యత the act of being together with or near others
Obstinacy మొండితనం the quality of refusing to be reasonable and change your behavior, plans, or ideas; stubborness
Conform అనుగుణంగా to fit in with standard practices or behaviors
Comically హాస్యాస్పదంగా in a funny or joking way
Runaway పారిపో a person or thing that has run away from a place or situation
Reinstate పునరుద్ధరించు restore; bring back
Inoculate టీకాలు వేసింది to treat a person with a vaccine to prevent disease
Governed పాలించారు ruled over
Puffy ఉబ్బిన bloated and bulging
Bunting బంటింగ్ a stiff material used to make flags
Intricacy చిక్కుముడు the condition of being complex or extremely detailed
Colonialism వలసవాదం the instance of one country dominating another territory and its citizens
Supported మద్దతు ఇచ్చారు assisted; helped
Awfully భయంకరంగా terribly; in a very bad way
Hearse వినండి a vehicle that transports a coffin to a funeral
Onward ఇకపై progressing ahead
Security భద్రత a private police force that is put in charge of guarding a person or a place
Volunteer స్వచ్ఛందంగా to donate time or energy to a cause usually charitable
Cornerstone మూల రాయి a key part of something
Exterminate నిర్మూలించు to destroy completely
Bravery శౌర్యం courage; coldness
Answer సమాధానం to give a response
Abandonment పరిత్యాగము the action or fact of leaving someone or something, usually forever
Regarding గురించి concerning; involving
Sedative మత్తుమందు an agent or drug that sedates, having a calming or soothing effect, or inducing sleep
Obfuscate అస్పష్టం to deliberately make something confusing or difficult to understand
Resisting ప్రతిఘటించడం standing firm; refusing to accept or go along with something
Allowed అనుమతించబడింది let or permitted someone to do something
Ensign ఎన్సైన్ a flag or standard, especially a military or naval one indicating nationality
Cinder సిండర్ a small, glowing piece of partly burnt coal or wood
Hatchling పొదుగు an infant animal that has recently hatched from an egg
Enclose జతపరచు to completely cover or close something off from outside sources
Zag జాగ్ make a sharp change of direction
Stoop వంగి to reach a new low
Back-and-forth వెనక్కు మరియు ముందుకు moving first in one direction and then in another
Lurch విసుగు to move around in a sneaky manner
Sentence వాక్యం a declaration of punishment
Mischief అల్లరి playful wrongdoing or troublemaking
Congruence సారూప్యత being in harmony with something else in such a way that it fits together perfectly
Confines పరిమితం చేస్తుంది boundaries or limits of a space
Resentment పగ anger or bitterness related to something that happened in the past
Dissolve కరిగిపోతాయి for a solid to break down and become part of a liquid
Encore ఎంకోర్ a brief extra performance, done after the main performance is complete
Sisyphean సిసిఫియన్ describing something that appears or actually is endless
Needless అనవసరం not essential or wanted
Unbefitting తగనిది not suitable or compatible
Annual వార్షిక happening once a year
Outrageous దారుణమైన shockingly distasteful or terrible
Elemental మూలకాలు fundamental; essential
Primary source ప్రాథమిక మూలం is an artifact, a document, diary, manuscript, autobiography, a recording, or any other source of information that was created at the time under study
Off-key ఆఫ్-కీ not in accordance with what is expected in a situation
Lunatic వెర్రితలలు someone afflicted with lunacy; a crazy person
Employed ఉపాధి పొందారు provided a job that paid wages
Parallelism సమాంతరత using elements in writing sentences that are grammatically similar or symmetrical
Wheel చక్రాలు a circular object that revolves around a bar and axle and is usually used for movement of some kind
Optimist ఆశావాది one who always has a positive outlook
Gargoyle గార్గోయిల్ an unusual and unpleasant-looking animal or human shape that protrudes from a building’s roof
Lithological లిథోలాజికల్ related to the study of rocks
Detonate పేలుడు to ignite or blow up
Stooge స్టూజ్ a person who serves someone else by doing menial tasks
Flatus ఫ్లాటస్ gas in the intestines that is caused by swallowing air or bacterial fermentation
Devolve అభివృద్ధి చేయండి to delegate a duty or responsibility to someone else
Minimalist మినిమలిస్ట్ simple; plain
Shiftless షిఫ్ట్ లేని having a shortage of ambition; lazy
Heliotrope హెలియోట్రోప్ a small flowering plant that is purple and fragrant
Reproduction పునరుత్పత్తి the copying or duplication of something
Myth పురాణం a widely held belief that is actually untrue
Dowager వరుడు a widow that owns a property that belonged to her husband
Unused ఉపయోగించని something new that has not been used before
Creek క్రీక్ a small body of running water
Acquitted నిర్దోషిగా విడుదలైంది found innocent of a charge or accusation
Foregoing ముందుచూపు declining; waiving
Taunt నిందించు using insults to try and trigger a response
Liege లీజ్ an individual who is loyal to a person of rank, usually related to the Medieval time period
Roar గర్జించు a loud, deep sound, like that which comes from a lion
Invaded దండయాత్ర చేసింది entered into an area in an attempt to occupy or conquer it
Bespeak చెప్పండి suggest; indicate
Parachute పారాచూట్ a device made of fabric canopy that is used to slow the descent of a person or object falling through the air
Occurred సంభవించింది happened; took place
Performance పనితీరు an activity that a person or group does
Stiff-necked గట్టి మెడ గలవాడు pridefully stubborn and inflexible
Distraught దిక్కుతోచనిది so upset that one cannot behave normally
Antitrust యాంటీట్రస్ట్ a law against trusts and monopolies, designed to promote competition in business
Crime నేరం act violating the law
Contrary విరుద్ధంగా something that is opposite from what is believed to be true
Imperative అత్యవసరం essential
Sneaky దొంగచాటుగా behaving in a sly or secretive manner
Groom వరుడు a man who is getting married
Perpendicular లంబంగా precisely upright or vertical at a ninety-degree angle
Kegger కెగ్గర్ a party at which beer is served out of kegs
Lasting శాశ్వతమైనది enduring over a period of time
Mores మరిన్ని customs and traditions of community
Diversify వైవిధ్యం to make something less uniform by adding different things to it
Futz ఫట్జ్ to waste time or idly deal with a task
Organic సేంద్రీయ originating from living material
Unscathed క్షీణించలేదు untouched or not damaged
Scarlet స్కార్లెట్ a bright red color
Defraud మోసం చేయండి to swindle or cheat someone out of money
Centripetal సెంట్రిపెటల్ moving towards the center
Wrongdoer తప్పు చేసేవాడు a person who does something wrong or against the law
Sign సంకేతం to write or inscribe something
Trough తొట్టి a long and narrow open container used to feed animals
Internal conflict అంతర్గత సంఘర్షణ a struggle within the mind that results from having two opposing desires
Meaningful అర్థవంతమైన having a serious, important, or useful quality or purpose
Nonsectarian నాన్ సెక్టేరియన్ not associated with any particular group or religion
Conscience మనస్సాక్షి the feeling that lets you know if you have done something wrong
Parked నిలిపి ఉంచారు indicating a vehicle that has been halted, generally for some time
Mephitic మెఫిటిక్ Bad-smelling; having a foul odor especially of gas or vapor
Imprison ఖైదు to confine or to hold someone in an actual prison
Excavation తవ్వకం the action of digging up and uncovering an archaeological site
Pierce పియర్స్ (Of a sharp object) to penetrate or puncture something
Malignity ప్రాణాంతకత an occurrence of hateful behavior or temperament
Petrified శిలాఫలకం extremely afraid
Burglary దొంగతనం illegal entry into a building or vehicle with the intention of stealing
Borrowed అరువు used something that is someone else’s and then gave it back
Mitochondria మైటోకాండ్రియా an organelle found inside a cell that produces energy
Screw మరలు to fasten or tighten something in place by turning it
Sober హుందాగా sober means solemn, serious, and sensitive
Unperturbed కలవరపడని not concerned, worried, or disturbed
Incubation ఇంక్యుబేషన్ the process of warming eggs so that they will hatch
Messenger దూత a person or assistant who carried mail or messages between more than one party
Appurtenance యోగ్యత an accessory associated with a particular lifestyle
Communion కమ్యూనియన్ sharing a spiritual or mental connection
Frothy నురుగు bubbly or covered in bubbles
Exempt మినహాయింపు free from a responsibility or obligation that is placed on others
Dictate నిర్దేశించండి to set rules or give directions that must be followed
Superannuated పదవీ విరమణ పొందింది out of date and no longer useful
Flotilla ఫ్లోటిల్లా a group of ships or boats
Confront అదుపుచేయలేని to face or stand up to
Vigilance జాగరూకత the state of keeping a careful watch for danger
Slavery బానిసత్వం the practice of owning people as property and requiring them to serve and work for free
Assure భరోసా ఇవ్వండి to promise or guarantee
Arranged ఏర్పాటు చేశారు put things in an order that is attractive and neat
Fugitive పారిపోయిన an individual who is fleeing incarceration or a threatening situation
Quash క్వాష్ to put an end to something
Citizenship పౌరసత్వం the right to be a citizen of a particular country
Amazing అమేజింగ్ impressive; incredible
Dignity పరువు a characteristic worthy of respect and esteem
Scope పరిధి the extent or range of which something is deals with
Rotation భ్రమణం the movement of something through one complete circle
Marketplace మార్కెట్ ప్లేస్ an place where people sell things to the public
Gathered గుమిగూడారు collected; brought together
Monotheism ఏకేశ్వరోపాసన the conviction there is only one deity or god
Cancer క్యాన్సర్ the disease caused by an uncontrolled division of abnormal cells in a part of the body
Outdistance దూరం to leave someone far behind
Immense అపారమైనది of a gigantic size
Vicennial ద్వివార్షిక happening every twenty years
Nuzzle నాజిల్ to touch softly with the nose
Desiderate Desiderata to long for something or feel a need to have it
Deduct తీసివేయి to subtract or take away from the total
Cataract కంటి శుక్లాలు cloudy area in the eye’s lens
Claimed దావా వేసింది said that something was true or fact
Gridlock గ్రిడ్ లాక్ a situation in which nothing is progressing or moving forward
Galactic గెలాక్సీ relating to a system of millions or billions of stars in the solar system
Vertigo వెర్టిగో the feeling of spinning and being lopsided, often as a result of an inner ear problem
Combative పోరాటపటిమ ready to fight; argumentative
Guise వేషం the way that someone or something appears to people
Promissory ప్రామిసరీ something that implies or guarantees a promise
Eloquent అనర్గళంగా having or showing the ability to use language clearly and effectively
Watchdog కాపలా కుక్క a person or organization who focuses on making sure others don’t act in a way that is illegal or unethical
Depone డిపోన్ చేయండి to swear in a court that the testimony, statement, or evidence given is the absolute truth
Frightful భయంకరమైనది scary or fear-inducing
Opposable thump వ్యతిరేక చప్పుడు a thumb that allows the digits to grasp and handle objects and is characteristic of primates
Haberdasher హేబెర్డాషర్ a person who sells men’s clothing and accessories out of a shop
Patriarchy పితృస్వామ్యం a system of authority in which males are the power holders
Misprint తప్పుగా ముద్రించండి an error in a printed text
Diviner దైవజ్ఞుడు a fortune teller who claims to be able to tell the future through divination
Emasculate మలబద్ధకం emasculate means to lessen a man’s identity
Equivocating ఈక్వివోకేటింగ్ using vague information to avoid answering a question truthfully
Startling ప్రారంభిస్తోంది very surprising, shocking, or unusual
Congruity సారూప్యత harmony or agreement
Amaze ఆశ్చర్యపరచు to fill with surprise, astonish
Page-turner పేజీ టర్నర్ an exciting book


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