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Triumph Over IELTS Speaking Challenges: Your Toolkit of 3600 IELTS Speaking Topics and Questions

Prepare for IELTS Speaking success with our comprehensive resource – “IELTS Speaking Topics and Questions.” This invaluable book, available for purchase here, is your ultimate guide to mastering the diverse range of subjects that may appear in the IELTS Speaking test. With over 220+ topics and 3600 questions, this guide provides structured practice for both Part 1 and Part 3, along with model answers to refine your communication skills. Additionally, complement your preparation with our feature-rich app, “English Listening and Speaking.” This app, available on Google Play here, offers A-Z study material specifically designed for IELTS students. From listening exercises to comprehensive speaking practice, the app is a one-stop solution to enhance your language proficiency and ensure a confident performance in the IELTS Speaking test. Don’t miss out on this powerful combination – get the book and explore the app to unlock your IELTS Speaking success!


351 Have you caused any danger to other people before? No, I prioritize the safety and well-being of others in all my actions and decisions. Intentionally causing harm or endangering others goes against my values and ethical principles. Responsible and considerate behavior is essential in fostering a safe and supportive environment for everyone. Whether in daily interactions, collaborative projects, or shared spaces, being mindful of the potential impact on others and taking precautions to prevent harm is a fundamental aspect of ethical conduct. Creating a culture of safety and mutual respect contributes to positive social dynamics and ensures that individuals can coexist in a manner that prioritizes the collective well-being.
352 Have you ever met anyone or established any relationships during a flight? While I haven’t established lasting relationships, I’ve engaged in friendly conversations with fellow passengers during flights. Airplanes can serve as unique social environments, providing opportunities to connect with people from different backgrounds and share travel experiences. However, these interactions often remain casual and limited to the duration of the flight.
353 Do gender issues affect the development of a country? Yes, gender issues significantly impact a country’s development. When gender equality is not prioritized, it can result in a loss of valuable contributions from half of the population. Gender disparities in education, employment, and decision-making processes hinder overall societal progress. Investing in gender equality promotes economic growth, social well-being, and sustainable development.
354 What do you need to do for burn victims of a fire? In the unfortunate event of burn injuries, immediate first aid is crucial. Cooling the burn with cold running water, covering it with a clean cloth, and seeking professional medical assistance are essential steps. It’s important not to use ice or adhesive materials directly on the burn. Providing comfort, reassurance, and prompt medical attention contribute to better outcomes for burn victims.
355 Have you ever helped someone that you didn’t know? Yes, there have been instances where I offered assistance to strangers experiencing stress. This could range from providing directions to someone lost and stressed about time constraints to offering a comforting word or gesture to someone visibly distressed in a public setting. Acts of kindness towards strangers can contribute to alleviating their stress in unexpected ways.
356 What do you know about New York City? Washington, D.C.? Los Angeles? Other cities? New York City is famous for being a cultural melting pot – the food, the fashion, the arts…it seems like the whole world is represented there. Washington D.C., is steeped in history and politics, with the White House and other government buildings. Los Angeles has the image of Hollywood glamour, the movie industry, but I know it’s a vast city with many different sides. I’m less familiar with other cities, but I’m intrigued by places like New Orleans for its unique vibe, and Chicago for its architecture.
357 Why do people renovate their house? Many reasons! Increasing resale value and modernizing aging components are common aims. Some do it for aesthetic reasons, to personalize the space according to their taste. Or sometimes, renovation becomes necessary due to unexpected damage or repairs that become substantial.
358 Would you rather watch baseball at a stadium or on television? While watching baseball on television provides a convenient way to follow the game, I prefer the atmosphere and excitement of watching it live at the stadium. Being surrounded by passionate fans and experiencing the energy is a unique and enjoyable aspect of attending games in person.
359 To what extent do public officials have a right to privacy? It’s complex. A baseline level is needed for their mental well-being. However, actions with a broad impact on society warrant far greater transparency. Striking a balance can be difficult when personal choices may reflect underlying biases a politician needs to be held accountable for.
360 Do you think cars should be banned from city centers? The question of banning cars from city centers is a complex issue that involves weighing environmental concerns against practicality. While it’s true that car emissions contribute to air pollution, outright banning cars may not be a feasible solution for everyone. A more balanced approach could involve promoting public transportation, creating car-free zones, and encouraging the use of electric vehicles. Striking a balance between environmental conservation and the practical needs of residents is essential to address the challenges associated with urban transportation.
361 Do you give up your private life when you become a politician? While public figures, including politicians, may experience increased scrutiny, they are entitled to a reasonable degree of privacy. Striking a balance between transparency and personal boundaries is essential for maintaining integrity and ensuring public trust.
362 What are some security issues you must think about when you access the Internet? So many! Phishing scams, strong password habits, being wary of public WiFi, not clicking on suspicious links… staying ahead of cyber threats is an ongoing task.
363 How often do you drink fruit juice? What kind of fruit juice do you drink? I drink fruit juice occasionally, as I prefer whole fruits for their fiber content. When I do consume fruit juice, it is typically freshly squeezed or 100% natural without added sugars. I believe that consuming whole fruits provides a more complete nutritional package compared to fruit juices.
364 What do you usually carry with you? Aside from the essentials mentioned earlier, I often carry headphones, a small umbrella, and a snack. Depending on the day’s activities, I might include a book or a tablet for entertainment during downtime.
365 Why are wishes very important to people? Wishes can offer hope, inspire motivation, and add a magical dimension to life. They allow us to imagine possibilities and remind us that change or improvement is possible, even if the wish itself doesn’t materialize exactly as imagined.
366 Did you learn to use a computer in high school? While I was introduced to basic computer skills in high school, my proficiency and in-depth understanding of computer usage developed through a combination of self-learning, hands-on experience, and formal education.
367 How often do you go to movies? Honestly, not too frequently. Maybe once every month or two, depending on what’s been released and if it suits my interests.
368 If you want to get to know people at a party, would you go first to people of your own age or people of your own sex? I would approach people based on shared interests rather than strictly age or gender. While age and gender may influence common ground, focusing on shared hobbies, activities, or professional backgrounds allows for more meaningful connections. Diversity in social interactions contributes to a richer and more inclusive experience at the party.
369 Why is gambling addictive? Gambling can be addictive due to the interplay of psychological, neurological, and social factors. The thrill of potential rewards, the reinforcement of intermittent positive outcomes, and the development of conditioned responses contribute to the addictive nature of gambling. Neurotransmitters such as dopamine play a role in reinforcing the behavior, creating a cycle of anticipation and reward that can lead to compulsive gambling.
370 Do you like to gossip? Honestly, I wouldn’t say I actively enjoy gossiping. Sometimes I might chat about lighthearted news with friends, but I avoid spreading negativity or hurtful rumors.
371 Has the film industry that makes films in your language produced films that became popular around the world? If so, name some. Yes, our film industry has produced globally acclaimed films, such as [Film 22], a cultural phenomenon that resonated with audiences worldwide, and [Film 23], which garnered international recognition for its unique storytelling and cinematic excellence. These films have contributed to showcasing the talent and diversity of our film industry on a global stage.
372 Would you dress up for a first date? What clothes would you wear? Yes, dressing appropriately for a first date is important to convey respect and show that you value the occasion. The choice of clothing depends on the venue and personal style. Opting for neat, well-fitting attire that aligns with the chosen location, whether it’s casual or more formal, reflects a thoughtful approach to the date.
373 Could I ask you some questions about your business? Certainly! I’d be happy to discuss my business with you.
374 What’s your favorite commercial? One of my favorite commercials is the Apple “Think Different” campaign, which featured iconic figures and celebrated innovation and creativity. It left a lasting impression with its powerful message.
375 Do you think it is fair that in some countries married people get tax benefits and single people don’t? It’s debatable. Proponents argue marriage contributes to societal stability. Others, myself included, find it outdated, as happy singles contribute heavily too. A single-person tax burden feels a bit discriminatory at times.
376 Are there some professors that you can learn from more easily than others? What are the qualities that make you want to study for a certain professor? Indeed, certain professors have a teaching style that resonates with me. I find that effective communication, enthusiasm for the subject matter, and a willingness to engage with students make a significant difference. Professors who encourage critical thinking and create an interactive learning environment contribute to my academic growth. I actively seek out classes taught by such educators to enhance my learning experience.
377 Have you ever lived in a country at war? Thankfully, no. While I’m aware of conflicts taking place globally, I’ve been fortunate enough to live in a relatively peaceful part of the world.
378 Should professional athletes be allowed in the Olympics? This is a longstanding debate. Originally, only amateurs could compete. Allowing professionals raised the level of competition but arguably blurred the focus on the “pure” love of sport. I can see valid arguments for both sides.
379 Can you name any Japanese/Chinese/Korean martial arts? Certainly. Japanese martial arts include karate, judo, and aikido. Chinese martial arts, commonly known as kung fu, encompass various styles like Wing Chun, Tai Chi, and Shaolin Kung Fu. Korean martial arts include taekwondo and hapkido.
380 Is making eye contact important in your culture? Yes, making eye contact is considered important in my culture. It is viewed as a sign of respect, attentiveness, and sincerity during conversations. In both formal and informal settings, maintaining appropriate eye contact is seen as a fundamental aspect of effective communication. However, the cultural significance of eye contact may vary, and some cultures may have different norms and expectations regarding its use in different contexts.
381 “What language do you dream in? Have you ever dreamt in a language that you don’t speak?” I predominantly dream in the languages that I am fluent in during waking life. For me, dreams often reflect the linguistic and cultural context of my everyday experiences. However, I have had instances where characters or elements in dreams spoke or communicated in languages that I am not proficient in or don’t speak at all. The dream characters may convey emotions, messages, or engage in interactions using unfamiliar languages, adding an intriguing layer to the dream experience. While the linguistic aspects of dreams may not always align with my waking language abilities, they contribute to the enigmatic and symbolic nature of dream narratives.
382 What city do you live in? What part of this city do you like the best? Can you describe the city? [Assuming a hypothetical city] I live in the charming city of Bayview. Located along a picturesque coastline, it’s a mid-sized city with a relaxed atmosphere. My favorite area is the historic downtown, filled with shops, local cafes, and beautiful architecture.
383 Do you wear jewelry? If so, what kind of jewelry do you wear? How often do you wear jewelry? What is your most valuable piece of jewelry? Yes, I wear jewelry occasionally. My choice of jewelry is usually minimalistic and understated. I prefer classic pieces like a simple necklace, a wristwatch, or stud earrings. The frequency of wearing jewelry depends on the occasion and my outfit. I don’t own extremely valuable pieces, but sentimentally, my most prized jewelry is a necklace passed down from my grandmother. It holds sentimental value, making it more precious to me than any expensive or extravagant piece.
384 How can you help your community? There are several ways I can contribute to the well-being of my community. One way is by actively participating in local events and initiatives that aim to improve the neighborhood. Additionally, I could volunteer my time for community projects, such as neighborhood clean-ups or fundraisers for local causes. Being a supportive and considerate neighbor, promoting open communication, and fostering a sense of unity are other ways to positively impact the community. Ultimately, it’s about being actively involved and taking collective responsibility for the betterment of the community.
385 Is voting an important responsibility of a citizen? Absolutely. If one wants to contribute to shaping their communities and nation, the right to vote is a potent tool to express those collective goals. Apathy lets those with harmful intentions fill spaces left empty within our democracy.
386 Are the people in your country generally very happy? There’s diversity as anywhere. Some factors play a role – good economic stability helps reduce baseline stress. But individuals also vary wildly in how they process life experiences and what triggers their happiness.
387 What is texting similar to? Texting is similar to instant messaging, providing a real-time, written communication platform, albeit typically shorter in length.
388 What makes a person famous? Fame results from exceptional achievements, talents, or contributions in various fields such as entertainment, sports, science, or politics. Exposure through media, public recognition, and widespread acclaim are key factors. However, the path to fame is unique for each individual, influenced by their endeavors and societal trends.
389 When was the last time you left a tip for someone? Recently, at a local restaurant – the server was attentive and made our meal pleasant.
390 Do you ever skip breakfast? If so, how often and why? I make an effort not to skip breakfast as it is an essential meal for providing energy and kickstarting metabolism. However, on rare occasions when time constraints or other factors arise, I may skip breakfast. I recognize the importance of this meal and strive to maintain a consistent breakfast routine for overall health and well-being.
391 Did you study art in high school? Yes. Art wasn’t my forte, but we had basic art courses throughout most of school. In high school, we could try various electives if interested further.
392 If you were a film director, what kind of movie would you like to make? As a film director, I would aspire to create thought-provoking and socially relevant films that resonate with a diverse audience. Exploring themes of human connection, resilience, and cultural diversity would be central to my storytelling. I would aim to blend artistic expression with impactful narratives that inspire, challenge, and evoke meaningful discussions.
393 Do you try to go to bed and get up at certain hours every day? What is good about it? Yes, I make an effort to maintain a consistent sleep schedule by going to bed and getting up at certain hours every day. Establishing a regular sleep routine supports the body’s circadian rhythm, contributing to better sleep quality and overall well-being. Consistency in sleep patterns helps regulate the internal body clock, promotes deeper sleep cycles, and enhances the body’s ability to restore and rejuvenate during the night. Adhering to a consistent sleep schedule is associated with improved mood, cognitive function, and overall physical health. Creating a bedtime routine and prioritizing adequate sleep duration are essential for achieving restorative sleep on a regular basis.
394 Do you really believe in innovation? Absolutely. Innovation is at the core of our business philosophy. We believe in staying ahead of the curve by embracing technological advancements, creative problem-solving, and continuous improvement. Our commitment to innovation enables us to offer cutting-edge solutions to our clients, stay competitive in the market, and adapt to evolving industry trends.
395 Do you have a “butinski” in your family? Do you tend to butt in? While there may be individuals in my family who occasionally offer unsolicited advice or opinions, I try to maintain awareness and avoid being a constant “butinski.” Respecting personal boundaries and allowing others the space to express themselves without interference contributes to a healthier family dynamic.
396 Are you married or single? I’m currently [single/married/in a relationship – answer appropriately].
397 Do you ever get the urge to refurnish your whole house? Yes, I do experience the urge to refurnish my house from time to time. I believe a change in the living environment can have a positive impact on one’s mood and creativity. When I feel the need for a fresh perspective or a new atmosphere, I consider rearranging furniture, changing decor, or even investing in new pieces to revitalize my living space. It’s a small yet effective way to introduce change and make my surroundings more comfortable and aesthetically pleasing.
398 What are some types of fires in the house? Fires in the house can be classified into different types based on the materials involved. Common types include Class A (ordinary combustibles like wood or paper), Class B (flammable liquids), and Class C (electrical fires). Understanding the nature of the fire helps in choosing the appropriate firefighting methods and equipment.
399 Should comics have a rating system like the movies (G, PG, R)? Yes, I believe implementing a rating system for comics, similar to movies, could be beneficial. A rating system can provide guidance to readers, parents, and educators about the content suitability for different age groups. It ensures that readers can make informed choices based on their preferences and allows for age-appropriate access to diverse comic book content.
400 Is it important for Russia to be on good terms with the rest of the world? Or do you think Russia can manage without any support from other countries? Establishing positive relations with the rest of the world is crucial for Russia’s economic and political stability. In an interconnected global environment, collaboration and cooperation are essential for addressing various challenges, such as economic development, security, and environmental issues. While Russia has the capacity to manage independently to some extent, fostering international partnerships is advantageous for mutual benefits and addressing shared concerns.





1. Q: Why is it important to practice with IELTS Speaking Topics and Questions? A: Practicing with diverse IELTS Speaking Topics and Questions is essential for thorough preparation, covering a range of subjects that may appear in the exam. It aids in building confidence and fluency.

**2. Q: How can I effectively use IELTS Speaking Topics and Questions for preparation? A: Utilize the 3600 IELTS Speaking Questions book, which offers questions from 220+ topics, enabling a comprehensive and targeted approach to IELTS Speaking preparation.

**3. Q: Can I find a variety of IELTS Speaking Topics in your book? A: Absolutely! The 3600 IELTS Speaking Questions book covers a wide array of topics, ensuring thorough preparation for the diversity of subjects that may be encountered in the exam.

**4. Q: How does practicing with IELTS Speaking Topics and Questions enhance my speaking skills? A: Regular practice with diverse topics, as provided in the 3600 IELTS Speaking Questions book, enhances your ability to express thoughts clearly and coherently, refining your overall speaking skills.

**5. Q: Can your book help me with both Part 1 and Part 3 of the IELTS Speaking test? A: Yes, the 3600 IELTS Speaking Questions book is designed to cover questions from both Part 1 and Part 3, ensuring comprehensive preparation for the entire IELTS Speaking test.

**6. Q: How can I access your book with 3600 IELTS Speaking Questions? A: You can easily purchase and access the 3600 IELTS Speaking Questions book on our website. It provides a valuable resource for thorough IELTS Speaking preparation.

**7. Q: Is there a mobile app that complements the IELTS Speaking Topics and Questions in your book? A: Yes, enhance your preparation further with the English Listening & Speaking app, offering interactive exercises and real-life scenarios to improve your speaking skills.

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**9. Q: Can I use the app to simulate the IELTS Speaking test environment? A: Yes, the English Listening & Speaking app provides a simulated environment for the IELTS Speaking test, allowing you to practice and familiarize yourself with the actual exam conditions.

**10. Q: How does your book stand out in terms of the variety of IELTS Speaking Topics? A: The 3600 IELTS Speaking Questions book stands out by offering questions from 220+ diverse IELTS Topics, ensuring that you are well-prepared for any subject that may arise in the exam.

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**13. Q: Can your app and book be used by both beginners and advanced learners for IELTS Speaking? A: Absolutely! The 3600 IELTS Speaking Questions book and English Listening & Speaking app cater to learners of all levels, offering tailored exercises and questions for comprehensive IELTS Speaking preparation.

**14. Q: How can your book assist me in handling unexpected IELTS Speaking Topics? A: The 3600 IELTS Speaking Questions book prepares you for the unexpected by covering a broad spectrum of topics, ensuring you are equipped to handle any subject thrown at you during the IELTS Speaking test.

**15. Q: Can I find tips and strategies for tackling IELTS Speaking Questions in your book? A: Yes, alongside the questions, the 3600 IELTS Speaking Questions book provides tips and strategies to enhance your performance in the IELTS Speaking test.

**16. Q: How can I use your book to build fluency in English during IELTS Speaking preparation? A: Engage in regular practice with the 3600 IELTS Speaking Questions book, focusing on varied topics. Combine this with the English Listening & Speaking app for interactive exercises that enhance fluency.

**17. Q: Can I access the IELTS Speaking Questions on your app without an internet connection? A: Yes, the English Listening & Speaking app allows offline access, enabling you to practice IELTS Speaking Questions even without an internet connection.

**18. Q: How can I overcome nervousness while practicing with your app and book for IELTS Speaking? A: Consistent practice using the 3600 IELTS Speaking Questions book and English Listening & Speaking app helps build confidence, reducing nervousness during the actual IELTS Speaking test.

**19. Q: How does your app complement traditional methods of IELTS Speaking preparation using books? A: The English Listening & Speaking app enhances traditional preparation methods by offering interactive and dynamic exercises, providing a more engaging and effective learning experience for IELTS Speaking.

**20. Q: Can I use your book to practice IELTS Speaking Questions with a study partner? A: Certainly! The 3600 IELTS Speaking Questions book is a valuable resource for paired or group practice, fostering collaborative learning for IELTS Speaking preparation.

**21. Q: How does your app adapt to different learning styles when practicing IELTS Speaking Questions? A: The English Listening & Speaking app caters to diverse learning styles, offering a range of exercises and approaches to ensure effective learning and mastery of IELTS Speaking Questions.

**22. Q: Can I find the latest updates and additions to your IELTS Speaking Topics and Questions on your website? A: Yes, stay informed about the latest updates, additions, and resources for IELTS Speaking on our website, including the 3600 IELTS Speaking Questions.

**23. Q: How can I get personalized feedback on my responses to IELTS Speaking Questions? A: The English Listening & Speaking app offers features for personalized feedback, helping you identify areas for improvement in your responses to IELTS Speaking Questions.

**24. Q: Can I find resources for self-assessment of my IELTS Speaking skills on your app? A: Absolutely! The English Listening & Speaking app provides self-assessment tools, allowing you to gauge your progress and proficiency in tackling IELTS Speaking Questions.

**25. Q: How can I adapt the IELTS Speaking Topics and Questions in your book for self-study? A: Tailor your self-study plan by selecting specific topics from the 3600 IELTS Speaking Questions book, ensuring a focused and effective approach to IELTS Speaking preparation.

**26. Q: Can I find tips for time management during the IELTS Speaking test in your book? A: Yes, the 3600 IELTS Speaking Questions book includes tips on time management, assisting you in allocating your time wisely for each part of the IELTS Speaking test.

**27. Q: How can your app support continuous improvement in my IELTS Speaking skills? A: The English Listening & Speaking app offers a continuous learning experience with regularly updated content and exercises, ensuring ongoing improvement in your IELTS Speaking skills.

**28. Q: Can I find insights into common mistakes made in responses to IELTS Speaking Questions in your book? A: Yes, the 3600 IELTS Speaking Questions book provides insights into common mistakes, helping you avoid pitfalls and improve the quality of your responses in the IELTS Speaking test.

**29. Q: How does your book address the specific requirements of IELTS Speaking Band descriptors? A: The 3600 IELTS Speaking Questions book aligns with IELTS Speaking Band descriptors, offering questions and answers that help you meet the criteria for each band level effectively.

**30. Q: Can I find a study plan to use your app and book effectively for IELTS Speaking preparation? A: Yes, our website provides guidance on creating a study plan that effectively combines the 3600 IELTS Speaking Questions book with the English Listening & Speaking app for comprehensive IELTS Speaking preparation.

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