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1000 The Most Useful Present Perfect Continuous Tense Examples.

  1. Present perfect continuous tense examples: We’ve been reading about this tense for hours, hoping to finally understand it!
  2. Perfect continuous tense sentences: While present perfect continuous examples highlight ongoing actions, the regular present perfect focuses on completed ones.
  3. Present perfect continuous sentence: He has been working on that project since last week, and seems close to finishing it.
  4. 100 sentences of present perfect continuous tense: Although creating 100 sentences might be overkill, understanding a few good examples is key.
  5. Example for present perfect continuous: She has been feeling under the weather lately, so cancel the party if needed.
  6. Present perfect continuous tense examples: Here are some more examples to help you master this tense: “They’ve been playing tennis for two hours,” “Has she been waiting long?”
  7. Present perfect continuous: This tense allows you to emphasize the duration or recent completion of actions, giving your writing a dynamic feel. For more CLICK HERE to download our app.
51 The company has been pivoting its business strategies. I haven’t been inapting to the changing environment. Have you been follifying your plans for the future?
52 She has been scrapping unnecessary documents. The artist hasn’t been alleing the paths with flowers. Have we been blazing trails in our industry?
53 They have been pithying their presentations. I haven’t been eventing as much as before. Have you been claiming credit for others’ achievements?
54 He has been niecing together the intricate details. We haven’t been clowning around during meetings. Have they been storming out of the discussions lately?
55 She has been boring into the details of the report. They haven’t been seizing opportunities effectively. Have you been floating in the pool for relaxation?
56 We have been wedging the door to keep it open. You haven’t been hertzing at the office lately. Have they been waving at colleagues in the hallway?
57 I have been ideally placing the furniture in the room. The employees haven’t been stuffing themselves at lunch. Have you been wielding authority responsibly?
58 They have been placing orders on the online platform. The investigation hasn’t been arsoning anyone. Have we been alienating potential clients unintentionally?
59 The child has been shyly smiling at strangers. We haven’t been vitally assessing the situation. Have you been scenically setting up the event venue?
60 The artist has been atolling inspiration from nature. I haven’t been puffying up my pillow for comfort. Have they been stooping down to pick up the fallen items?
61 We have been lurching forward in our progress. You haven’t been wheeling your chair properly. Have you been creeking in the old wooden floorboards?
62 They have been taunting the opponent during the game. The king hasn’t been lying on his throne for days. Have we been committing crimes against the environment?
63 She has been grooming her pet with care. The society hasn’t been mores-ing properly. Have you been screwing the bolts tightly in place?
64 We have been sobering up for the important meeting. You haven’t been quashing dissenting voices. Have they been scoping out potential business partners?
65 The company has been thriving since the last quarter. I haven’t been erroring in my calculations. Have you been achieving success according to your plans?
66 I have been disguising my true intentions. I haven’t been amazing the audience lately. Have you been feasting on exotic cuisines recently?
67 She has been acting mousy in front of strangers. They haven’t been crypting the sensitive information. Have we been emerging as a major player in the market?
68 We have been flying high with our new project. You haven’t been playing the piano regularly. Have they been shortening the response time?
69 The car has been caring for the environment. The clothes haven’t been fitting tightly lately. Have you been braving the challenges in your career?
70 I have been legally representing clients in court. They haven’t been fancying the idea of a long vacation. Have we been hiring skilled professionals for the team?
71 She has been debugging the software for hours. We haven’t been braking suddenly on the road. Have you been lapsing into old habits recently?
72 They have been using the usual methods for analysis. I haven’t been overwhelming the team with new tasks. Have they been tangling with complex issues at work?
73 The baby has been groaning in discomfort. The snake hasn’t been crawling in the garden lately. Have you been quietly working on your personal project?
74 We have been tokening our appreciation for their effort. You haven’t been bunching up your tasks efficiently. Have they been applying the latest research findings?
75 The chef has been preparing mushy dishes lately. The hair hasn’t been curling properly with the new iron. Have you been rapidly adapting to the changes at work?
76 They have been matting the photographs for the exhibition. I haven’t been crimping my hair for a while. Have you been dressing nattily for the formal event?
77 The quilter has been poaching eggs for breakfast. I haven’t been prissing around in fancy clothes. Have they been quizzing you on the recent developments?
78 He has been brawling with his opponents in the ring. They haven’t been shrewing their opinions aggressively. Have we been adobe-ing the walls of the new building?
79 The treasure hunter has been troving ancient artifacts. I haven’t been charming my way into negotiations. Have you been mounting successful expeditions lately?
80 We have been vaguely discussing the future plans. The information hasn’t been fuzzing up the details. Have they been blunting the impact of the recent changes?
81 She has been portraying positive traits in her character. We haven’t been aboding in the same place for long. Have you been trialing new products in the market?
82 The glass has been clinking during the lively party. They haven’t been snooping around in private matters. Have we been embracing techy solutions for efficiency?
83 I have been shining the shoes for the big event. The plants haven’t been amending to the new soil. Have you been interacting well with the international team?
84 They have been interning at prestigious companies. I haven’t been aging gracefully with time. Have they been fluking the outcomes of the experiments?
85 The early riser has been waking up before dawn. I haven’t been croaking like a frog in the pond. Have you been thriving in the midst of challenges?
86 She has been stealing glances at her crush. We haven’t been exhibiting couth behavior lately. Have they been smirking at the success of their rivals?
87 We have been scrambling to meet the tight deadline. You haven’t been committing theft in the area. Have you been sweeping the floors regularly?
88 They have been prowling the streets at night. The birds haven’t been roosting on the tree branches. Have we been sharpening our skills for the upcoming test?
89 I have been hastily completing the pending tasks. The fork hasn’t been pronging the food properly. Have they been providing alibis for their actions?
90 She has been straying from the usual routine. I haven’t been shooting targets accurately. Have you been flooding the market with new products?
91 They have been slicking back their hair for the party. I haven’t been pudgily snacking on unhealthy food. Have we been furrying up the pets before bedtime?
92 We have been messily organizing the paperwork. The artist hasn’t been swathingly painting the canvas. Have you been inanely chatting during important meetings?
93 The writer has been piecing together a new manuscript. I haven’t been managing the manor efficiently. Have they been sleepily attending the lectures?
94 They have been using the bidet for personal hygiene. I haven’t been merging the documents accurately. Have you been climbing the corporate ladder steadily?
95 She has been steadying her hands for precision work. We haven’t been atoning for our mistakes sincerely. Have they been snoring loudly during the night?
96 I have been serving the guests with enthusiasm. The edges haven’t been beveling properly. Have you been attending parties regularly this month?
97 They have been partying until the early morning. I haven’t been sadly altering my plans for the weekend. Have we been excelling in our respective fields?
98 The hunchback has been dogmatically following the rules. The foyer hasn’t been flailing in the strong wind. Have you been babeling incoherently during the conversation?
99 I have been watching which movies are trending. I haven’t been mimicking anyone’s behavior. Have you been going gonzo with your new project?
100 They have been lasering the focus on the important issues. The details haven’t been amiss in our report. Have we been dirging for too long during the ceremony?


1. Present perfect continuous tense examples?

Sure! Here are a few:

  • She has been studying all day, and her head is starting to spin.
  • They have been waiting for the bus for over an hour, feeling increasingly frustrated.
  • He has been working on his car all weekend, trying to fix it.

2. Perfect continuous tense sentences?

While technically “perfect continuous” isn’t the correct term, “present perfect continuous” sentences work like this:

  • She has been living in Paris for a year now, and she loves it.
  • We have been learning Spanish for several months, and we can finally hold basic conversations.
  • They have been arguing for hours, and it seems like they’re nowhere near a resolution.

3. Present perfect continuous sentence?

Need a specific example?

  • He has been feeling unwell since yesterday, so he’ll call in sick to work.

4. 100 sentences of present perfect continuous tense?

Creating 100 sentences might be overkill, but understanding the core structure will help you create your own. Remember, it’s about ongoing actions from the past to the present!

5. Example for present perfect continuous?

Here’s another one:

  • It has been raining heavily all night, so the roads might be flooded this morning.

6. Present perfect continuous vs. present perfect?

The key difference is the emphasis. Present perfect continuous highlights the duration of an action, while present perfect focuses on its completion.

  • Present perfect continuous: They have been working on their project for weeks. (Length of the action)
  • Present perfect: They have finished their project. (Completion of the action)

7. When to use the present perfect continuous?

Use it to describe:

  • Actions that started in the past and are still ongoing.
  • Actions that just finished but have a visible result in the present.
  • Recent, repeated actions that emphasize their duration.

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