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The Most Useful Basic English & Simple English Sentences Part 18

Largest Collection of Basic English Sentences and Simple English Sentences. Don’t wait for a second. Start Learning today.

8501 At last, they met face to face.
8502 At last he found out the truth.
8503 At last, they experienced the joy of victory.
8504 At last, they came to a decision.
8505 At last, they reached the top of the mountain.
8506 At last he realized that he was mistaken.
8507 At last, he came.
8508 At last, he realized his error.
8509 At last, I completed my work.
8510 At last, we got to the lake.
8511 At last, we reached England.
8512 At last, it began to rain.
8513 At last, we reached our destination.
8514 Finally, he gave in to my persuasion.
8515 Finally, Oedipus replied.
8516 If you follow me, I’ll show you the way to the hospital.
8517 I wasn’t being mindful and got on a wrong bus by mistake.
8518 Many a little makes a mickle.
8519 You looked at me.
8520 Let your food cool off a bit; don’t eat it while it’s hot.
8521 Come here.
8522 Just run down to the post office, won’t you?
8523 I’m just going to drop by the post office.
8524 I think I’m just tired.
8525 I have a slight fever.
8526 I would like to make a phone call.
8527 I wanted to do some telephoning.
8528 Hold on a second, I’ll be right back. Don’t hang up!
8529 I don’t eat supper because I want to lose some weight.
8530 What has become of the book I put here a few minutes ago?
8531 I’m going out for a while.
8532 Please help me with this.
8533 Excuse me a minute.
8534 Sorry…
8535 Excuse me, could I get past?
8536 Can you spare a minute? I’d like to discuss something of importance to both of us.
8537 Can you spare me a few minutes?
8538 Keep an eye on my bag for a while.
8539 What do you say to going out for a short walk?
8540 I’ll just go for a walk to clear my head.
8541 I have a complicated matter I want to discuss with you.
8542 Let me think for a minute.
8543 The price is not reasonable.
8544 I’m just looking around.
8545 Let me see it.
8546 Just look in the mirror.
8547 Why don’t you rest a bit?
8548 Let’s take a rest for a while.
8549 Let’s drop in for a drink.
8550 It’s a bit cold, though.
8551 Give me a drink, please.
8552 Won’t you come in for a moment?
8553 How about me stopping by?
8554 Be quiet for a moment.
8555 Can I borrow your pen for a few minutes?
8556 Do you want to look into it?
8557 Not quite what I want.
8558 Step aside.
8559 Let’s stop and take a rest.
8560 Could you move over a little?
8561 Let’s drop the subject.
8562 Take a look at this map.
8563 May I interrupt you?
8564 Could you please help me?
8565 Could you move the chair a bit?
8566 Do you have a minute?
8567 Let me have a look at your video camera.
8568 Hey, where are you going?
8569 Want to hear something funny?
8570 Chocolate tastes sweet.
8571 Chocolate is made from cocoa beans.
8572 Please bring me two pieces of chalk.
8573 Give me a piece of chalk.
8574 Bring me a piece of chalk.
8575 You’ve turned up at the right moment.
8576 I have just written a letter to him.
8577 Just as he was going out, there was a great earthquake.
8578 I’ve just finished lunch.
8579 I was just thinking of a new job.
8580 I’m about to leave.
8581 I have just finished my homework.
8582 It is just half past seven.
8583 We were just about to leave when she telephoned.
8584 He came in just as I was going out.
8585 I’ve just washed the dishes.
8586 I’ve got my friend on the line right now.
8587 I’m busy at the moment.
8588 It began snowing just now.
8589 It is just five o’clock.
8590 This is the very book you wanted.
8591 I’ve just been to the bank.
8592 It’s just across the street from the church.
8593 There’s a white building just around the corner.
8594 We’ve just run out of salt and pepper.
8595 Just then, the bus stopped.
8596 I’ve just been to my uncle’s house.
8597 We were just talking about you.
8598 Let’s get out of here.
8599 Zurich is the second largest gold market in the world after London.
8600 Don’t hesitate. Speak out.
8601 Far from hesitating, she willingly offered to help me.
8602 Can I change the channel?
8603 Turn to channel 1.
8604 You should eat something before you go.
8605 Are you brushing your teeth properly?
8606 Chew your food well so it can be digested properly.
8607 Sit tight.
8608 The door bell has rung.
8609 How do I get to Chinatown?
8610 Charles I had his head cut off.
8611 Charlie decided to cross out the last word.
8612 I don’t have a ticket.
8613 I’d like to book three seats.
8614 Where can I buy tickets?
8615 Chicken, please.
8616 Will you teach me how to play chess?
8617 I will teach you to play chess.
8618 A cheetah runs as fast as any animal.
8619 I would like to buy some cheese.
8620 Cheese doesn’t digest easily.
8621 Would you teach me how to make cheese?
8622 Cheese and butter are products made from milk.
8623 Have you ever had cheese with apple pie?
8624 I’d like some cheese.
8625 Where are the tampons?
8626 Dan bought a new computer.
8627 It is getting cooler and cooler.
8628 The days are getting longer and longer.
8629 It will get warmer and warmer.
8630 The weather here is getting cold and I really do not like that.
8631 It’s getting colder and colder.
8632 It was getting dark.
8633 It is getting darker and darker.
8634 How would you like to join the dance club?
8635 How would you like to go to a dance?
8636 My mother will attend to the baby while I go to the dance.
8637 Why don’t you come dancing with me?
8638 I take dancing and modeling lessons.
8639 What a pity you can’t dance!
8640 A tanker is a ship carrying oil.
8641 The tanker has only a small crew on board.
8642 I love you more than anyone else.
8643 No one encouraged her.
8644 None were satisfied.
8645 None were listening to the speaker.
8646 Nobody was paying attention to her.
8647 No one can separate them.
8648 Nobody knows why he left the town.
8649 No one can achieve anything without effort.
8650 Nobody could give the correct answer.
8651 Nobody likes to be made fun of in public.
8652 No one can help me.
8653 Everyone is ready.
8654 No one could find the cave.
8655 Don’t let anyone come near the fire.
8656 It seems that no one knows the truth.
8657 It seems that no one knew the truth.
8658 It is interesting that no one noticed that mistake.
8659 Everyone was enjoying the journey.
8660 Everybody knew her true feelings.
8661 Not everyone can be a poet.
8662 Everyone is entitled to be moody once in a while.
8663 Not everybody can be a poet.
8664 Nobody knows what has become of him.
8665 No one ever saw such a thing.
8666 Who were you talking with?
8667 Nobody likes being laughed at.
8668 Everybody seeks happiness.
8669 You can invite any person you like.
8670 Anybody can make a mistake.
8671 Everyone must keep the law.
8672 It seems that everybody likes golf.
8673 Not everybody succeeds in life.
8674 Everybody loves music.
8675 Everybody knows the news.
8676 Everyone is not honest.
8677 Give it to whoever needs it.
8678 Everyone is responsible for his own actions.
8679 Whoever comes, don’t open the door.
8680 Who invented the telephone?
8681 There is no doubt as to who will be elected.
8682 Who has taken my handbag?
8683 Someone is at the door.
8684 Who cares?
8685 Who is in fault?
8686 You should not cut in when someone else is talking.
8687 Who will compensate for the loss?
8688 Someone will do that job.
8689 Who painted these pictures?
8690 Who has torn the envelope open?
8691 Who made the doll?
8692 Somebody, open this door, please.
8693 Someone entered the room.
8694 Someone grabbed me from behind.
8695 Someone has left a bag on the bench.
8696 Somebody is playing the piano.
8697 Somebody is playing the piano. It must be Ann.
8698 Someone is battering at the door.
8699 Someone tried to poison our dog’s food.
8700 Someone must have left it there.
8701 I’ll arrange for someone to pick you up at your home.
8702 Who taught you how to dance?
8703 I feel listless and have a throbbing headache.
8704 It’s duck soup for a girl of easy virtue to find a new man.
8705 A sigh fell from her lips.
8706 No! After you do your homework, you can watch television.
8707 Onions cook more quickly than potatoes.
8708 Why don’t you dine out with me for a change?
8709 It happened that I met Mr Uno on the street.
8710 I chanced to see him in town.
8711 It so happens that today is my birthday.
8712 I had a chance to meet him in Paris.
8713 It happened that the day was my birthday.
8714 It happened that I met her at the station yesterday.
8715 It so happened that I had no money with me.
8716 Just take my word for it.
8717 You can’t make an omelet without breaking eggs.
8718 Stop shooting the breeze and get to work!
8719 Maybe he will be a good teacher.
8720 It may be that he will never be famous.
8721 Probably he will come soon.
8722 It is possible that he may know the fact.
8723 He may well be right.
8724 Doubtless you have heard the news.
8725 It’s going to rain.
8726 I guess that’s just the way the cookie crumbles.
8727 In all probability, the cabinet will fall.
8728 I dare say you are right.
8729 Maybe he has lots of girlfriends.
8730 Perhaps it will snow tomorrow.
8731 I’d like a double room.
8732 Why don’t you give up smoking?
8733 I wish I could give up smoking.
8734 Put out your cigarette. Smoking’s not permitted here.
8735 You must stop smoking.
8736 You will live longer if you don’t smoke.
8737 Don’t you smoke?
8738 Smoking is permitted.
8739 Do you mind if I smoke?
8740 I don’t mind if you smoke.
8741 Would you mind if I smoke?
8742 The number of people who smoke is increasing, so cancer will soon be the most common cause of death.
8743 Stop smoking.
8744 You’d better give up smoking.
8745 Smoking has affected his health.
8746 Smoking is dangerous to health.
8747 I don’t smoke.
8748 It’s hard to shake the smoking habit.
8749 Every time cigarettes go up in price, many people try to give up smoking.
8750 Actually, that’s what I thought.
8751 I will go even if it rains tomorrow.
8752 I don’t mind even if she doesn’t come.
8753 Even if she comes to see me, tell her I am not at home.
8754 She believes him, whatever he says.
8755 I have to go even if it rains cats and dogs.
8756 I always buy a top quality product even if it is slightly more expensive.
8757 If I am dull, I am at least industrious.
8758 All people can become friends, even if their languages and customs are different.
8759 Even if you stop me, I won’t change my mind.
8760 Whatever you may say, I will not change my opinion.
8761 No matter how cold it is outside, the rooms are comfortably heated.
8762 No matter what you may do, you must do your best.
8763 Whatever happens, you must keep calm.
8764 Don’t change your plans, whatever happens.
8765 I will go cycling even if it rains.
8766 Even if it should rain, I will start tomorrow.
8767 I will go there even if it rains.
8768 I have to go even if it rains.
8769 Even if it rains, the game will be played.
8770 Even if it rains, I’ll start.
8771 The game will be played even if it rains.
8772 Even if it rains, I’ll go swimming tomorrow.
8773 For instance, bowing is peculiar to us, the Japanese.
8774 No matter what happens, I won’t change my mind.
8775 Even if you do not like it, you must take charge of it.
8776 You must do it even if you don’t want to.
8777 Even though you don’t like this, you must eat it.
8778 You must do the work, even if you do not like it.
8779 The millionaire insisted on acquiring the masterpiece no matter how much it cost.
8780 Even if it takes you three years, you must accomplish your goal.
8781 Tatsuya has some friends who live in New York.
8782 Because you’re a sweet and lovely girl.
8783 They live there.
8784 I heard a shot just now.
8785 I’ve just finished my work.
8786 It began raining just now.
8787 I was just mugged.
8788 Not a single word did he say.
8789 No more than 50 people came.
8790 Could you tell me the way to Madame Tussaud’s?
8791 Ostriches are incapable of flight.
8792 You should never look down on a person merely because he is poor.
8793 You have only to believe him.
8794 Some read books just to pass time.
8795 She left me simply because I had a small income.
8796 They are merely different.
8797 Merely to breathe does not mean to live.
8798 The only solution is for her to give up the plan.
8799 One mistake will cost a person his life.
8800 It was bad enough that he usually came to work late, but coming in drunk was the last straw, and I’m going to have to let him go.
8801 I just felt like hearing the sound of your voice.
8802 We must carry out the plan at once.
8803 If it does not rain.
8804 All that I was looking for was somebody who looked like you.
8805 The line is busy now. Please hold the line.
8806 We’re out of stock now.
8807 The line is engaged.
8808 Indeed he is rich, but he is not reliable.
8809 Flying a kite can be dangerous.
8810 The kite got caught in the tree.
8811 Takeshi raised his hand to ask a question.
8812 Takuya told me to start at once.
8813 Have you ever been to Hawaii, Takuya?
8814 I had trouble getting a taxi.
8815 It will cost at least 2000 yen to take a taxi.
8816 Let’s get out of the taxi.
8817 Could you please get me a taxi?
8818 Would you like me to get you a cab?
8819 Would you like me to call a taxi?
8820 The taxi picked up two passengers.
8821 If there weren’t so many taxis, there would be fewer traffic accidents.
8822 Let’s take a taxi.
8823 Why don’t we take a taxi?
8824 Taking a taxi is a luxury for me.
8825 I left my umbrella in the cab.
8826 Let’s go by taxi, shall we?
8827 I think you should go by taxi.
8828 The taxi has arrived.
8829 A taxi drew up at the main gate.
8830 The taxi is waiting outside.
8831 As there was no taxi, I had to walk home.
8832 I want a lot.
8833 It is nice to have a lot of friends.
8834 You have made many mistakes.
8835 A lot of trees were cut down.
8836 Many stars are twinkling in the sky.
8837 Dozens of people encouraged me to fulfill my ambitions.
8838 A lot of people were waiting for him.
8839 A lot of people were killed in World War II.
8840 A lot of boys are running in the park.
8841 A lot of young people went to Hawaii this summer.
8842 Many children were playing in the park.
8843 A lot of policemen guarded the hall.
8844 Dozens of students gathered there.
8845 Although he had many toys, his greed made him want more.
8846 So it is essential that you take the attitude of looking up yourself the information you feel necessary.
8847 So there is a magnetic field around earth.
8848 So we’d better stay home.
8849 So what? It doesn’t matter to me.
8850 Now stop crying.
8851 How about Thai food?
8852 We could meet downtown. Would that be convenient for you?
8853 I have to change tires.
8854 Nothing is as hard as a diamond.
8855 The hardness of diamond is such that it can cut glass.
8856 The hardness of diamond is 10.
8857 The timetable was disrupted.
8858 The tire leaks air.
8859 I had to push my bicycle because I had a flat tire.
8860 I got a flat tire.
8861 Imagine that you have a time machine.
8862 It’s a very good newspaper, isn’t it?
8863 It was a very, very hot night.
8864 Although it is a very difficult task, I will do my best.
8865 It was a very cold winter.
8866 I am sorry that I have troubled you so much.
8867 Thank you very much, she said with a smile.
8868 She got a job as a typist.
8869 Do you have any other guidebooks about Thailand?
8870 In Thailand, bringing up the children isn’t the father’s responsibility; it’s entirely up to the mother.
8871 I usually walk.
8872 The clinical records in most hospitals are kept in alphabetical order.
8873 Most Japanese drink water from the tap.
8874 Most Japanese temples are made of wood.
8875 Most boys like computer games.
8876 Most people like summer, but as for me, I like winter much better.
8877 Most people like watching TV.
8878 Most people think so.
8879 In most cases we had to give in to their demands.
8880 Most employees expect a pay raise once a year.
8881 Women live longer than men in most countries.
8882 Most students study hard.
8883 The Titanic sunk on its maiden voyage.
8884 On the whole I am satisfied with the result.
8885 About how long will it take?
8886 It’s almost six o’clock.
8887 We didn’t have much trouble.
8888 That doesn’t matter.
8889 I’d like a daiquiri.
8890 She’s lost a lot of weight since she went on a diet.
8891 Why don’t you go on a diet?
8892 The diamond was set in a gold ring.
8893 Please stay seated until we reach the terminal.
8894 Mr Turner bade farewell to his colleagues.
8895 Darwin wrote “the Origin of Species”.
8896 The Soviet troops started to withdraw from Afghanistan.
8897 Such a case is not uncommon today.
8898 You shouldn’t read such useless books.
8899 Do not read such a book.
8900 Let’s not think like that.
8901 It is stupid of him to behave like that.
8902 That’s how I came to know her.
8903 Don’t talk like that.
8904 Such a strange thing is not likely to happen.
8905 They must be crazy to believe such nonsense.
8906 It is no use arguing with such a foolish man.
8907 That’s impossible.
8908 It is clever of her to solve such a difficult problem.
8909 Don’t ask me such a hard question.
8910 I have no time to listen to such everyday affairs.
8911 How careless you are to forget such an important thing!
8912 I can’t imagine such a life.
8913 Nobody can get along with such a person.
8914 A bookstore in that location wouldn’t make enough money to survive.
8915 She was the last person I expected to see in such a place.
8916 You can’t fool me with a trick like that.
8917 You don’t have to tell me that, fool.
8918 Sleep off the problem.
8919 Pardon me for saying so.
8920 He is wise enough not to do such a thing.
8921 Don’t go out of your way.
8922 You know I can’t.
8923 How did you come by such a job?
8924 I never thought he was capable of doing something so cruel.
8925 It is foolish to read such a magazine.
8926 Such a trivial thing is out of the question.
8927 I can’t afford to buy such an expensive car.
8928 Buying such an expensive car is out of the question.
8929 It is not proper that you talk that way.
8930 It is stupid of you to make such a mistake.
8931 Like is hardly the word.
8932 The young man must have felt very desperate when he resorted to such a terrible act.
8933 You shouldn’t have gone to such a dangerous place.
8934 Get rid of those kinds of naive ideas.
8935 Stop telling those filthy stories.
8936 If you drive your car like that, you’ll end up in hospital.
8937 Such evil customs should be done away with.
8938 Don’t keep company with such a bad boy.
8939 That’s why I was absent from school yesterday.
8940 I don’t give a damn about it!
8941 I cannot afford to buy such a thing.
8942 Never have I seen such a thing.
8943 It was childish of him to behave like that.
8944 I’ve never been spoken to like that.
8945 Stop staring at me like that.
8946 If you do such a foolish thing, people will laugh at you.
8947 Such a ridiculous superstition no longer exists.
8948 Don’t worry about that.
8949 Don’t be so greedy or you’ll wind up with nothing.
8950 I wonder what makes it so fascinating.
8951 He must be a good walker to have walked such a long distance.
8952 Don’t walk so fast.
8953 Don’t speak so fast, please.
8954 Don’t walk so fast! I can’t keep up with you.
8955 Running so fast is impossible for me.
8956 Don’t run so fast.
8957 Don’t speak so fast.
8958 Don’t make so much noise.
8959 Don’t make such a noise!
8960 Please don’t speak so fast.
8961 You did not need to come so early.
8962 I’m not accustomed to getting up so early.
8963 You need not have got up so early.
8964 It is abnormal to eat so much.
8965 If you eat so much, you’ll get sick.
8966 Don’t eat so much. You’ll get fat.
8967 There is no sense in your worrying about your health so much.
8968 Don’t get so excited!
8969 Don’t shout like that. I can hear you perfectly.
8970 Don’t be in such a hurry.
8971 It’s not so far.
8972 You need not have come all the way from such a distant place.
8973 You should have come here sooner instead of putting it off out of pride for so long.
8974 It’s folly to eat so much.
8975 You shouldn’t smoke so much.
8976 All of a sudden, I remembered that I couldn’t pay for so many books.
8977 You have given me so many.
8978 Don’t eat like a pig.
8979 We’ll get along without that much money somehow.
8980 There’s no need to panic. There’s plenty of time.
8981 You don’t have to use such a harsh tone with me.
8982 I didn’t mean it.
8983 Don’t bother me with such trifles.
8984 That can’t be true.
8985 Don’t take it literally. He is inclined to exaggerate.
8986 That’s easy for you to say.
8987 Don’t say that.
8988 Stop saying that!
8989 I don’t like those who say so.
8990 It’s below her to say such a thing.
8991 She must be stupid to say such a thing.
8992 It is heartless of him to say so.
8993 If you do that, you’re going to subject yourself to ridicule.
8994 That is beneath ordinary decency.
8995 What a fool I was to do such a thing!
8996 I might as well starve as do such a thing.
8997 What is the good of doing it?
8998 It’s nonsense to try that.
8999 If you do that, it will only bring about a contrary effect.
9000 I’m sorry for what I did.

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