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The Most Helpful IELTS Listening Practice Test 18

Engaging in IELTS Listening is a fundamental aspect of preparing for the exam. Dedicated listening practice through structured IELTS Listening practice tests aids in honing crucial skills. These practice sessions simulate the listening exam environment, allowing candidates to familiarize themselves with the listening test format. Consistent exposure to diverse audio scenarios in IELTS exam listening practice enhances one’s ability to comprehend spoken English effectively. Success in the IELTS listening exam demands comprehensive listening practice tests, where individuals refine their listening abilities and develop strategies to tackle the test confidently.


What is the primary objective of the Smile Train organization?
A) Providing medical training to doctors in developed countries
B) Conducting research on genetic causes of cleft lip and palate
C) Offering free cleft operations for children in developing nations
D) Raising awareness about prenatal care for expectant mothers

What is the estimated average cost for performing a cleft operation, according to the Smile Train?
A) $100
B) $150
C) $200

D) $250

Which factors are believed to contribute to the development of cleft lip and palate, according to researchers mentioned in the text?
A) Genetic and environmental causes
B) Genetic and dietary causes
C) Environmental and prenatal care causes
D) Socioeconomic and dietary causes

What expansion plans did the Smile Train recently announce in China?
A) Planning to increase medical training programs in rural areas
B) Doubling the number of hospitals involved in cleft operations
C) Introducing prenatal care programs for expectant mothers
D) Launching a nationwide vaccination campaign

What assurance does the Smile Train provide to poor Chinese families regarding cleft surgeries?
A) They guarantee free surgeries only for children under ten years old.
B) They guarantee free surgeries for all children regardless of need.
C) They guarantee free surgeries for any poor child in need of cleft surgery.
D) They guarantee free surgeries for Chinese families with insurance coverage.

  1. C) Offering free cleft operations for children in developing nations
  2. D) $250
  3. A) Genetic and environmental causes
  4. B) Doubling the number of hospitals involved in cleft operations
  5. C) They guarantee free surgeries for any poor child in need of cleft surgery.
Cleft lip is a medical condition that can be easily corrected.  The cleft is a separation in the lip of the mouth.  Cleft palate is a separation in the top of the mouth or the soft tissue at the back.
Clefts usually develop in the early weeks of pregnancy.  Males have the condition more often than females.  And it is more common in some groups, including Asian and Latin American children.
Researchers believe the condition involves genetic and environmental causes.  Things like sickness, smoking or drug use, including alcohol use, during pregnancy may increase the risk.
A simple operation can repair the problem.  Doctors say that without treatment, children in developing nations are more likely to suffer a life of poor nutrition and social rejection.
The Smile Train is an organization based in the United States.  It provides local doctors in developing countries with training and equipment to perform cleft operations.  The Smile Train has established programs in more than fifty countries.
Last month, it announced plans to expand its program in China.  The group currently works with one hundred thirty-five hospitals there.  It plans to double that number over the next eighteen months.  Former President George H.W. Bush is one of the supporters of the group.  He was at the announcement in Beijing.
The Smile Train began in nineteen ninety-nine.  Each year it provides free cleft operations to more than one hundred forty-five thousand children around the world.  Local doctors do the operations, which take as little as forty-five minutes.
The Smile Train says the operations cost an average of about two hundred fifty dollars to perform.  The group collects money through gifts to pay for them.  A spokeswoman says one hundred percent of all the money given is used to help children.  She says supporters pay the program costs.
Internet users can learn more details at smiletrain-dot-o-r-g.
The Web site lists a new telephone number for poor Chinese families to call to sign up for a free cleft operation.  The group says it guarantees that every poor child in China who needs cleft surgery can receive it for free at one of the hospitals in the program.
  1. What is an IELTS Listening practice test?

    • A: An IELTS Listening practice test is a simulated exam component designed to help individuals prepare for the listening section of the IELTS exam. It mimics the format and structure of the actual test.
  2. How does practicing IELTS Listening benefit test-takers?

    • A: Regular IELTS Listening practice enhances listening comprehension skills, familiarizes candidates with the exam format, and boosts confidence in understanding diverse audio scenarios.
  3. Where can I find IELTS Listening practice tests?

    • A: Several resources offer IELTS Listening practice tests, including official IELTS preparation materials, online platforms, and IELTS coaching centers.
  4. How often should one practice IELTS Listening tests?

    • A: It’s recommended to practice IELTS Listening tests regularly, aiming for a consistent schedule, such as a few times a week, to reinforce listening skills.
  5. Are there different levels of difficulty in IELTS Listening practice tests?

    • A: Yes, IELTS Listening practice tests often come in varying difficulty levels to cater to different skill levels, from beginner to advanced.
  6. What is the format of an IELTS Listening practice test?

    • A: Typically, an IELTS Listening practice test consists of four sections, each with different types of audio recordings, including conversations, monologues, and lectures.
  7. Do I need special equipment for IELTS Listening practice tests?

    • A: No special equipment is required. A reliable computer or mobile device with speakers or headphones is sufficient to access and practice IELTS Listening tests online.
  8. Can I take IELTS Listening practice tests multiple times?

    • A: Yes, candidates can take IELTS Listening practice tests multiple times to improve their skills and track their progress.
  9. How do I assess my performance in IELTS Listening practice tests?

    • A: Reviewing your answers against the provided answer key or solutions is a great way to evaluate your performance and identify areas for improvement.
  10. Should I simulate test conditions while practicing IELTS Listening tests?

    • A: Yes, simulating test conditions by taking practice tests in a quiet environment and adhering to time limits helps replicate the actual exam experience and prepares you better.

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