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One Word Substitution Unique & The Most Helpful. OWS Part 37

In the realm of language proficiency assessments, mastering one word substitution (OWS) is pivotal, especially when preparing for exams such as the SSC, including the prestigious SSC CGL. From the foundational stages, like Class 3, students begin encountering these exercises, where a single word stands in for more complex concepts. As learners progress, they compile a growing list of one word substitutions to enhance their command over English. Examples of these one word substitutes abound, with terms like ‘cynosure’ highlighting the focal point and ‘ephemeral’ encapsulating fleeting moments. These exercises are not only integral for exams but also for broader linguistic proficiency in everyday English one word substitution scenarios. Embracing these substitutes provides an easy yet effective way to navigate the intricacies of language, ensuring a solid foundation for success in language assessments.

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3601 GLOWER to look at someone in an angry or threatening way It was easy to imagine old King Aerys perched up there, bleeding from some fresh cut, glowering down.
3602 CORROBORATE to confirm with the help of evidence “It corroborates what Marietta and I found out earlier,” Louis said.
3603 MERIDIEM the time between midnight and noon- ante And by another treaty, if you’re not in any country’s territory, maritime law applies.
3604 CONSCIENCE feeling inside you which tells you what is right and what is wrong “He just wants to save his own skin. That’s why he’s helping us! He doesn’t have a guilty conscience, oh no. Why should he?”
3605 NOMENCLATURE a system of naming things “The candidate seems to know nothing about technical terminology, naming all animals in colloquial German, and avoiding systematic nomenclature,” one of the examiners wrote.
3606 BRUNETTE a woman with dark brown hair And, speaking of dark, I knew he had a thing for dark-haired girls because all of his girlfriends had been brunettes.
3607 EXTANT still existing and known No definitive data exist, but the majority of the extant evidentiary scraps indicate it.
3608 ZENITH the highest point After the sun passes zenith it is afternoon and quickly evening with a whispering dusk as long as was the morning.
3609 FLOUNDER to struggle helplessly After the French stock market crashed when he was thirty-four, he floundered.
3610 INTRUDER a person who enters without any invitation He began to believe that his presence was indeed keeping intruders away from the construction site.
3611 OXYMORON the words with opposite meanings used together So there we were, all of us laughing because we’d knocked out four oxymorons smack in a row”and that’s when we first saw the red kayak.
3612 CARACAS the dead body of a animal Betancourt has accused the Dominican government of being involved in the attempt on his life that occurred in the capital city of Caracas, June 24.
3613 A FAUX PAS an embarrassing mistake The concierge left a dozen roses in Rosie’s room. faux pas.
3614 EX GRATIA a payment to legally binding but for which some The U.S. has vowed to make “ex gratia condolence payments” to the families of those killed in the strike.
3615 INDEMNIFY to compensate a person etc. for loss or damage At the Academy, we’d found out that this phrase was basically a legal requirement that you shouted out to indemnify yourself when you were, for whatever reason, applying a bit of extra force.
3616 CHARACTERIZE be the embodiment or perfect example of The Earth has harbored a technical civilization characterized by radio astronomy for only a few decades out of a lifetime of a few billion years.
3617 DELICATE congratulations some one in formal manner I spent hours glued to our window, watching the goldfish glide in slow motion, stirring the jade green plants with its delicate fins.
3618 ANGLOPHOBIA fear of pain But it was precisely that sense of security which steered him away from name-calling Anglophobia or from joining the militant end of Irish Republicanism.
3619 ODYNOPHOBIA fear of pain  
3620 CANCEROPHOBIA fear of doctors Is it claustrophobia, fear of crowds, or common sense?
3621 GRAPH PHOBIA fear of writing  
3622 OPIOPHOBIA fear of snakes It was a strange moment for the epiphany; only now, as they all struggled to escape the cops, did Moss know how influential he’d been.
3623 BUNGALOW a small house with all rooms on one floor We’d park the car and walk along streets of modest bungalows, landing on a doorstep to find a hunched-over widow or a big-bellied factory worker with a can of Michelob peering through the screen door.
3624 SHEATH, SCABBARD a case in which the blade of a sword is kept As Taran gave a final wrench, the scabbard turned in his hand.
3625 SPELEOLOGY the study of caves In 1964, when he was 18, the high school dropout parlayed his amateur prowess in speleology into a job as a technician at the newly formed National Institute of Hydraulic Resources.
3626 NOMO LOGY study of law “I like analogies. They interest me and help me understand.”
3627 PHILOMENE a lover of poetry and art The old people exchanged a hurried whisper, then Philemon spoke.
3628 SUBDUE bring under control especially a group of people causing trouble The tranquilizers didn’t subdue her panic so much as displace it.
3629 RENEGADE person who changes his religious belief This is not the regular Baptist stipend; Our Father is a renegade who came without the entire blessing of the Mission League, and bullied or finagled his way into this lesser stipend.
3630 RENEGADE person who changes his religious belief  
3631 LOQUACIOUS a person who talks too much Even the loquacious Mrs. Hubbard was unnaturally quiet.
3632 OVOID shaped like an egg Pacific Northwest Indian artists carved beautiful masks, boxes, bas-reliefs, and totem poles within the dictates of an elaborate aesthetic system based on an ovoid shape that has no name in European languages.
3633 SAVAGERY cruel and violent behavior Ten minutes later they were crossing the frontier that separated civilization from savagery.
3634 TEMERITY too proud and confident behavior Colonel Gerineldo Márquez, who fought for defeat with as much conviction and loyalty as he had previously fought for victory, reproached him for his useless temerity.
3635 DUPLICITY too proud and confident behavior As she saw it, Jefferson’s denials only offered further evidence of his duplicity.
3636 TURPITUDE very immoral behavior Fugacious, tourbillion, moiety, repugn, sacrosanct, censure, morass, El Dorado, and turpitude.
3637 DAIRY a place where milk and cream are made into butter and cheese The dairy man had a Ph.D. in mathematics, and he must have had some training in philosophy.
3638 STABLE a place where horses are kept It’s my first time away from my family and I know I’d rather be in my own house with the smelly lavatory and stable next door.
3639 MATRIMONIAL connected with marriage Neither of them ever married, not least because of their close-up views of the matrimonial fates of their siblings.
3640 NUPTIAL connected with marriage At five o’clock in the morning, Blanca awoke with an upset stomach from the cloyingly sweet smell of the flowers with which her father had adorned the nuptial chamber.
3641 OPHTHALMIC connected with the eyes The company makes contact lenses, eye drops and ophthalmic pharmaceuticals and has a portfolio of over 400 products that are sold in nearly 100 countries.
3642 MOTHERHOOD the state of being a mother Others took up the mantle of “social motherhood,” focused on care of black children and the poor.
3643 ALLEGATION a statement showing that somebody is guilty of doing something wrong – I disputed the allegations of the state that the aims and objects of the ANC and the Communist Party were one and the same.
3644 CONFESSION a statement in which somebody accepts that they have done something wrong or illegal She wrote out her confession in ink, and as noon drew near, her spirits flagged.
3645 DEFAMATION a false statement to damage somebody’s reputation During 33 BCE, disagreements and mistrust turned to public accusations and defamation.
3646 SLANDER a false statement to damage somebody’s reputation “So it is you people who slander the reputation of the hot dog vendor.”
3647 PRONOUNCEMENT an important official statement that is made to the public Their pronouncements on scientific, social, and even political issues were eagerly sought and widely published.
3648 SKINNY very thin and unattractive This skinny older man zigzags across the courtyard.
3649 SLIM thin and attractive It was as if some slim opening had been left, so I could learn all I needed to know about my case to end it in the proper way.
3650 COAGULATE to become thick and solid After suctioning the mucus from my nostrils, she gave me a shot of vitamin K to coagulate my blood.
3651 GULLIBLE too ready to believe whatever is told After a moment, I followed, half pitying my father for being so gullible.
3652 DECREE an official order given by somebody in authority The British colonizers were driven by the belief that they were entitled by divine decree and by royal declaration to live on and use the land and resources of North America.
3653 METICULOUS paying careful attention to every detail And then her record keeping becomes less meticulous.
3654 CENTENARY 100th anniversary There was also, poignantly now, a slender, hardbound history of Centralia, prepared to mark the town’s centenary just before the outbreak of the fire.
3655 BICENTENARY 200th anniversary “He wanted to showcase the wealth of his collection rather than make any kind of contribution to scientific progress,” said Javier Portús, the curator of an exhibition that celebrates the Prado’s bicentenary.
3656 TERCENTENARY 300th anniversary Bill was a fellow of both the Royal Society of Chemists and Society of Antiquaries of London, and contributed to the latter’s tercentenary exhibition in 2007.
3657 DUMMY a fullsize model of a complete of patial human figure Raymie had saved Edgar the drowning dummy from drowning many, many times.
3658 ODYNOPHOBIA fear of pain  
3659 DRAW lottery in which an article is assigned by lot to one of those buying tickts I ask, encouraging conversation so he has to draw back a little.
3660 PHILANTHROPIST a lover of mankind Word of his generosity quickly got around, which inspired other philanthropists”unwilling to be outdone”to send even more money; and before long people everywhere were sending gifts to the Washingtons, who were growing rich.
3661 LECHER a person who leads an immoral life “The old man uses his share to buy raw whiskey and dirty pictures. He’s a lecher.”
3662 FEMINIST one who works for the welfare of the women Two of the most potent social campaigns of the past half-century were the civil rights movement and the feminist movement, which demonized discrimination against blacks and women, respectively.
3663 SOT one who is habitual drunken The drunken sot, unworthy to be my father’s brother!” he said.
3664 XEROX an exact copy of handwriting ,printing It’s this xerox magazine about punk rock and The Rocky Horror Picture Show.
3665 SOCIABLE animals which live in a flock , used for human beings also “How could you mistake me so? I merely meant you to be properly dignified and composed, and you made yourself a perfect stock and stone. Try to be sociable at the Lambs’.
3666 AETIOLOGY science of the causes of diseases Finally, by and large, these medications are best for tackling conditions with a common genetic aetiology.
3667 PARSIMONIOUS a person who is very careful in the use of money The neighbors were parsimonious with their ice; it was going to take days to fill the pool.
3668 GRUMBLE complain or protest irritatingly They grumble and run out the door to get downstairs to the backyard lavatory.
3669 MORTGAGE give something as a security for debt Because of Lynn’s medical bills, soon my parents were getting behind on the mortgage.
3670 PRODIGAL one who spends one’s money recklessly I the most prodigal and mundane of historians.
3671 RENEGADE person who changes his religious belief  
3672 PROVERB short saying expressing a general truth Dark wings, daik words, Old Nan always said, and of late the messenger ravens had been proving the truth of the proverb.
3673 DICTUM short saying expressing a general truth Bobby identified with him in that respect and especially valued one of his dicta: “Never obey anyone’s command unless it is coming from within you.”
3674 ADAGE short saying expressing a general truth That fine spiritual fruit of honest toil, well expressed in the adage, “Live and let live,” has characterized the attitude of the leading white men toward the colored race.
3675 HERBIVOROUS that which eats grass That plant carbon goes on to form the body of the herbivorous animals that eat the plants, and of the carnivorous animals that eat those herbivorous animals.
3676 DEFILE use in an unworthy or wicked way It’s amazing how quickly he can defile a space.
3677 EMBEZZLEMENT use of public money for one’s own benefit And one month later, an officer of the bank was arrested for embezzlement.
3678 BANKRUPT one who is unable to pay his debt Durant, for the umpteenth time, took a huge financial leap before looking, and emerged bankrupt.
3679 CARNAGE killing of humankind or a large group of people I didn’t stay to watch; I’d seen enough carnage for one day.
3680 PHILATELY  obsession with stamp-collecting The disagreements also come at a time when both stamp sales and philately itself are in decline, due in large part to the Internet.
3681 DEN  the resting place of a wild animal I was bigger and my hands were freer than his, so he conceded me the den.
3682 COLUMN  a group of people of one race moving in the same direction Opening the door as quietly as possible he saw a light was burning between the columns as usual.
3683 INSOLVENT one who is unable to pay his debts Read it on a beach for the refreshment of a classic boy-meets-girl plot, or turn the pages more slowly to soak in some truly salty koans and morally insolvent characters.
3684 FANATIC one who is filled with excessive enthusiasm in religious matters “Well yeah, but…I’m not an arcade fanatic. I have failed you.”
3685 SNOB a person considering himself to be superior in culture and intellect It was very phony–I mean him being such a big snob and all.
3686 ABSCONDINGPERSON one who runs away from justice And it is equally impossible to adore the ring, the comb, the girdle of the Virgin Mary, without the risk of adoring instead objects which may have belonged to some abandoned person.
3687 SOT one who is a habitual drunkard  
3688 ALTRUIST  one who loves mankind Will all the fulfilled heroes go back to their less altruistic selves?
3689 ITINERANT one who journeys from place to place I was working then as an itinerant carpenter, framing condominiums in Boulder for $3.50 an hour.
3690 LECHER a person who leads an immoral life  
3691 TYRO one who is inexperienced in anything In Andrew’s first session with the Studio Band, Fletcher keeps questioning the tyro’s tempo: “Were you rushing or were you dragging?”
3692 LINGUIST one who speaks many languages Some of Greenberg’s subfamilies, and some groupings recognized by more-traditional linguists, may turn out to be legacies of New World population expansions driven in part by food production.
3693 CREDULOUS one who can be fooled easily The more credulous townsfolk called it a sign from God.
3694 ARROGANT unfriendly and seeming to consider yourself better than other people A tall man with a brown face, light eyes set rather close together and an arrogant, almost cruel mouth.
3695 VAIN unfriendly and seeming to consider yourself better than other people Some campers waited in vain for it their whole lives.
3696 SUPERCILIOUS unfriendly and seeming to consider yourself better than other people It was odd, but this time his smile seemed to her neither mysterious nor supercilious.
3697 SLOTHFUL one who is lazy For the rest of the week, I was peevish and slothful.
3698 UNPREDICTABLE changing mood or behaviour suddenly and unexpectedly “You know Mr. Lemoncello. He’s all about keeping things a little unpredictable.”
3699 TALKATIVE having the habit of talking a lot The people quickly went about their busy talkative business and, as the smoke and dust cleared, only Milo, Tock, and the Humbug noticed the Soundkeeper sitting disconsolately on a pile of rubble.
3700 OPTIMISTIC positive and hoping for good things He hadn’t been very optimistic about the condition clearing up, either.

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1. What is One Word Substitution?

One Word Substitution involves using a single word to replace a longer phrase or expression, condensing complex ideas into concise terms for effective communication.

2. Where can I find resources like PDFs for One Word Substitution?

PDFs compiling extensive lists of One Word Substitutions from A to Z are available online, offering examples and meanings, aiding in language proficiency and vocabulary building.

3. Are there One Word Substitution exercises available in languages other than English?

Yes, One Word Substitution exercises are available in various languages, including Hindi and Gujarati, catering to learners from different linguistic backgrounds.

4. Could you provide some One Word Substitution examples?

Certainly! Here are a few examples:

  • Euphemism: A polite word used to replace a harsh one.
  • Altruistic: Showing selfless concern for others.
  • Omnipotent: Having unlimited power.
  • Quintessential: Representing the most perfect example.
  • Nostalgia: A sentimental longing for the past.

5. How can I find the meaning of One Word Substitutions in Gujarati?

Online platforms or dictionaries may provide translations or meanings of One Word Substitutions in Gujarati for reference.

6. Do you have a PDF with One Word Substitutions from A to Z?

There are PDF resources available that compile extensive lists of One Word Substitutions alphabetically, aiding in comprehensive vocabulary development and language proficiency.

7. Are there MCQs or questions related to One Word Substitutions?

Yes, Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) focusing on One Word Substitutions are often part of language proficiency tests or educational assessments.

8. How can I practice One Word Substitution questions?

You can find practice questions online or in study materials designed specifically for language proficiency exams, aiding in better understanding and application of One Word Substitutions.

9. What’s the importance of understanding One Word Substitutions?

Mastery over One Word Substitutions enhances language proficiency, aiding in clearer and more concise communication while broadening vocabulary.

10. Where can I find the meaning of specific One Word Substitutions?

Online dictionaries, language learning platforms, or specific reference books often provide meanings and usage examples for various One Word Substitutions.


11. Can you provide some common One Word Substitution Examples?

Certainly! Here are a few examples:

  • Altruistic: Showing selfless concern for others.
  • Euphemism: A polite word used in place of a harsh one.
  • Omnipotent: Having unlimited power.
  • Nostalgia: Sentimental longing for the past.
  • Verbose: Using more words than necessary.

12. Where can I find One Word Substitution Examples with Answers?

Online resources, study guides, or practice test materials often offer One Word Substitution examples with accompanying answers for self-assessment and learning.

13. Is there a PDF available with One Word Substitution Examples?

Yes, PDFs containing lists of One Word Substitution Examples are accessible online, providing a comprehensive resource for expanding vocabulary and language proficiency.

14. Are there Easy One Word Substitution Examples for beginners?

Absolutely! Examples like ‘Homebody’ for a person who prefers staying at home or ‘Novice’ for a beginner are simple yet effective examples suitable for beginners.

15. Are there One Word Substitution Examples available in Hindi?

Yes, resources providing One Word Substitution Examples in Hindi are available to aid Hindi-speaking learners in enhancing their vocabulary and language skills.

16. Can you offer One Word Substitution Examples suitable for Class 7 students?

Certainly! Examples like ‘Abundant’ for plentiful or ‘Bizarre’ for strange can be helpful and engaging for Class 7 students, aiding in their language development.

17. Do you have a list of 50 One Word Substitution Examples?

Here are 10 examples:

  • Apathy: Lack of interest or concern.
  • Dexterity: Skill in performing tasks.
  • Dormant: Inactive or sleeping.
  • Enigma: Something mysterious or puzzling.
  • Facade: The front view of a building.
  • Gregarious: Fond of company or sociable.
  • Insolent: Rude or disrespectful.
  • Jubilant: Feeling or expressing great happiness.
  • Maverick: A non-conformist or independent-minded person.
  • Nefarious: Wicked or criminal in nature.

18. Is there a compilation of 100 One Word Substitution Examples available?

While providing 100 examples here might be exhaustive, numerous resources online compile extensive lists of One Word Substitution Examples to aid in learning and language proficiency.

19. Can you offer 20 One Word Substitution Examples?

Absolutely! Here are a few more examples:

  • Quintessential: Representing the most perfect example.
  • Ravenous: Extremely hungry or famished.
  • Surreptitious: Secretive or stealthy.
  • Ubiquitous: Present everywhere or widespread.
  • Voracious: Having a huge appetite.

20. Could you provide One Word Substitution Examples with meanings?

Certainly! Here are a few:

  • Epitome: A perfect example or embodiment.
  • Indolent: Lazy or idle.
  • Labyrinth: A complex maze or network of paths.
  • Myriad: Countless or a large number.
  • Panacea: A solution or remedy for all problems.

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