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The Most Helpful Multiple Choice Questions IELTS Reading Practice Test.

As IELTS test-takers embark on their preparation journey, a crucial aspect is engaging in effective reading practice. Various resources offer mock tests and materials, with platforms like IELTS Fever Reading providing valuable content. IELTS reading practice tests with answers prove instrumental in self-assessment and skill enhancement, replicating the exam environment. Exploring diverse reading passages for IELTS becomes essential to adapt to the varied topics that might appear in the actual test. Additionally, mastering question types like multiple-choice questions requires focused practice, not only in reading but also in listening sections. Aspirants can find multiple-choice questions IELTS reading and listening practice examples, honing their skills and strategies. Tips specific to handling multiple-choice questions in both reading and listening further contribute to effective exam preparation. The inclusion of global multiple-choice questions expands the scope of practice, ensuring readiness for a range of topics. In essence, a comprehensive approach to IELTS reading practice encompasses a diverse set of resources, from mock tests to varied reading materials and strategic engagement with multiple-choice questions.


Scientists have learned more about the way cancer spreads from one place in the body to another.  Once it spreads, it gets more difficult to treat.
Cancer is a disease of uncontrolled cell growth.  Traditional thinking is that cells simply break off the main cancer, travel through the blood and grow in other organs.
But the new findings suggest there is more to this process.  Researchers found that cells from the main tumor send out messengers.  These prepare the new organ for a secondary tumor.
It works this way.  The primary tumor releases proteins called growth factors into the blood.  They signal cells at the target organ to produce a sticky protein, called fibronectin.  Fibronectin attaches to the surface of bone marrow cells.  The result is a kind of landing area for cancer to arrive and grow into a secondary tumor.
The bone marrow cells help make vessels for blood to pass through and feed the cancer cells.  The researchers believe that without the bone marrow cells, the tumors could not land on the new organ and grow.
Scientists from Cornell University in Ithaca, New York, led the research.  The study appeared in the publication Nature.  It involved laboratory mice.  The researchers killed off bone marrow cells in the animals and replaced them with special new ones.  The bone marrow cells were brightly colored, so the researchers could observe them.  The mice were then injected with lung cancer cells.
The researchers were surprised when the bone marrow cells reached the lungs days before any cancer cells.  They found that the bone marrow cells arrived to prepare the lungs for the cancer to spread.  Other tests led to similar findings.
The researchers believe they would find the same results in humans.  They say knowledge of the process could lead to new ways to fight cancer.
Cancers can be caused by genetic or environmental conditions, or a combination.  There are estimates that about one-third of cancer deaths could be prevented if people took better care of themselves.  That includes better diet, exercise and no smoking.
Researchers recently studied the causes of the seven million cancer deaths worldwide in two thousand one.  They linked nine avoidable risks to almost two and one-half million of them.  The study led by Harvard researchers in the United States appeared in the Lancet.


  1. According to the new findings discussed in the article, how does cancer spread from the primary tumor to other organs? A) Through direct cell division B) By blood circulation only C) Via messengers sent out by the primary tumor D) Through lymphatic vessels

  2. What protein is produced in the target organ in response to growth factors released by the primary tumor, creating an environment for secondary tumor growth? A) Insulin B) Fibronectin C) Hemoglobin D) Collagen

  3. Which cells help make vessels for blood to pass through and feed the cancer cells in the new organ? A) Bone marrow cells B) Lung cells C) Skin cells D) Muscle cells

  4. What did researchers observe when they killed off and replaced bone marrow cells in laboratory mice injected with lung cancer cells? A) The cancer cells developed faster B) The bone marrow cells disappeared C) The bone marrow cells reached the lungs before cancer cells D) The cancer cells couldn’t spread to other organs

  5. According to estimates mentioned in the article, what fraction of cancer deaths could potentially be prevented through lifestyle changes? A) One-quarter B) One-third C) Half D) Two-thirds

  1. C) Via messengers sent out by the primary tumor
  2. B) Fibronectin
  3. A) Bone marrow cells
  4. C) The bone marrow cells reached the lungs before cancer cells
  5. B) One-third

1. What is the format of multiple-choice questions in the IELTS Reading test? Multiple-choice questions in IELTS Reading require candidates to choose the correct answer from a set of options provided for specific questions based on the given passage.

2. Where can I find IELTS Reading practice tests with multiple-choice questions? You can access IELTS Reading practice tests with multiple-choice questions on official IELTS websites, reputable study platforms, IELTS preparation books, and online practice materials.

3. Are there online platforms offering IELTS Reading mock tests with multiple-choice questions? Yes, various online platforms provide mock tests specifically tailored for IELTS Reading, including multiple-choice question formats.

4. Is there a source providing IELTS Reading practice tests with answers for multiple-choice questions? Yes, official IELTS study materials, practice books, and some online platforms offer IELTS Reading practice tests with answers to multiple-choice questions.

5. Can I find PDFs specifically designed for IELTS Reading practice with multiple-choice questions? Yes, IELTS preparation materials often include downloadable PDFs focused on multiple-choice questions in the Reading section.

6. What are some tips for answering multiple-choice questions in the IELTS Reading test? Skim the text first, read the questions carefully, pay attention to keywords, eliminate incorrect options, and consider the context before choosing an answer.

7. How can I improve my performance in multiple-choice questions for IELTS Reading? Regular practice using official IELTS materials, reviewing past tests, and understanding the question patterns can significantly enhance your performance.

8. Are there strategies to manage time efficiently while tackling multiple-choice questions in IELTS Reading? Skimming the passage first, reading questions thoroughly, and allocating a specific time limit for each question can aid in managing time effectively.

9. Can I find examples of multiple-choice questions in IELTS Reading materials? Yes, IELTS practice books and online resources provide numerous examples and practice exercises focusing on multiple-choice questions in the Reading section.

10. Where can I get tips specifically aimed at improving performance in IELTS Reading multiple-choice questions? Reputable IELTS preparation platforms and study guides provide specific tips and strategies to excel in multiple-choice questions, enhancing your overall Reading performance.

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