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One Word Substitution Unique & The Most Helpful. OWS Part 29

In the realm of language proficiency assessments, mastering one word substitution (OWS) is pivotal, especially when preparing for exams such as the SSC, including the prestigious SSC CGL. From the foundational stages, like Class 3, students begin encountering these exercises, where a single word stands in for more complex concepts. As learners progress, they compile a growing list of one word substitutions to enhance their command over English. Examples of these one word substitutes abound, with terms like ‘cynosure’ highlighting the focal point and ‘ephemeral’ encapsulating fleeting moments. These exercises are not only integral for exams but also for broader linguistic proficiency in everyday English one word substitution scenarios. Embracing these substitutes provides an easy yet effective way to navigate the intricacies of language, ensuring a solid foundation for success in language assessments.

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2801  PHAGOMANIAC one who has obsession for food/eating “It started embarrassing me. I began to feel like such a nasty little egomaniac.” They were dangerous egomaniacs and utterly convinced that Japanese women worshiped them for their pale skin and for their ambitious courage.
2802  COMMENSAL (of two different species of plant or animal) living in close association, such that one  species  benefits without harming the other Either there was soil deeper down, or this species of tree was a remarkable in­stance of a commensal or a parasite. In a commensal tradition, where food is precious, the powerful older people made wrongdoers eat alone.
2803  BIOPSY examination of living tissue She knew about harvesting tobacco and butchering a pig, but she’d never heard the words cervix or biopsy. According to Howard Jones, Henrietta got the same care any white patient would have; the biopsy, the radium treatment, and radiation were all standard for the day.
2804  EPHEMERAL lasting for a very short time Compared to a star, we are like mayflies, fleeting ephemeral creatures who live out their whole lives in the course of a single day. Indeed, its existence is so ephemeral that medical researchers are unable, without special procedures, to sample it before the body has destroyed it.
2805  QUARANTINE an act of separation from a person to avoid infection He breaks into a quarantine zone, enters a house marked with a three-lined X, and reappears several minutes later. The mobile quarantine facility was a modified house trailer with all the doors and windows sealed, to keep any moon germs inside.
2806  MAMMAL an animal that gives milk Early food production was less competitive with hunting-gathering in the Americas than in the Fertile Crescent or China, partly owing to the Americas’ virtual lack of domesticable wild mammals. My gran called me “Springbok,” after the second-fastest land mammal on earth, the deer that the cheetah hunts.
2807  PORTABLE that can be carried in hand Then he spotted the portable radio my father had brought me the night before. It’s really just the educational version of a double-wide trailer, and like all the portable units, it’s got a ramp.
2808  POTABLE fit to drink To make the water potable, the Maya laid a layer of crushed limestone atop the sediments, effectively paving over the salt. He filled their gourds with water from inside a tree Nkrumah’s journal said was potable, and tipped Koffi’s to her lips to encourage her to drink.
2809  SOUVENIR thing kept in memory of an event He’d wanted to rip out the page as a souvenir, but when he’d told this to one of his cousins, the cousin had laughed. She was sitting at my desk, arranging the list of theories on one side, the souvenir photo she’d bought at the Eye and Salim’s camera on the other side.
2810  ABDICATE to give up throne or other office of dignity It is too much, she thought, I will relinquish my possession of this self of mine, abdicate, give over willingly what I never wanted at all; whatever it wants of me it can have. Seven years and Cardan can step down, abdicate in Oak’s favor and do whatever he wants.
2811  REVOLUTION sweeping governmental change Then Papi went down for a trial visit, and a revolution broke out, a minor one, but still. I almost dropped that lamp when I realized what I was looking at”enough guns to start a revolution!
2812  DRAWN a game in which neither victory nor defeat is It probably shows a perverse element of my personality that even though I was finally inside the Archives, surrounded by endless secrets, that I was drawn to the one locked door I had found. The track curved and now it was going away from the sun which, as it sank lower, seemed to spread itself in benediction over the vanishing city where she had drawn her breath.
2813  INFLAMMABLE liable to catch fire easily Besides, the cables, the pylons, the transformers were too close: to be swept in among them, with a zeppelin full of inflammable gas, would be instantly fatal. He attacked his new job with characteristic gusto”what George Pocock later called “inflammable enthusiasm.”
2814  INTERREGNUM a period of interval between two regimes In these interregnums of order, Tlacaelel explained, the topmost brother linked himself to the sun, on which all living creatures depend. While blacks did win the right to vote when the Republican Party came to power three years later, and even served in various offices, the interregnum lasted less than a decade.
2815  INACCESSIBLE that cannot be easily approached With its rising towers, limestone columns, and jutting gables, it resembled a small fortress, as inaccessible as it was foreboding. All foreign lands are inaccessible except to servicemen; they are vague, distant, and sealed off as though behind a curtain of plastic.
2816  INEVITABLE that cannot be avoided Kuhn’s distinction between two types of science was too neat, but his basic approach was sound: sometimes, as we have seen, one discovery leads to another in a way which is, with hindsight, entirely inevitable. And somehow inevitable, as if things had always been this way.
2817  INDISPENSABLE that cannot be dispensed with, removed As mentioned above, they are built on a basis of carbon atoms, which are also the indispensable building blocks of the living world, and thus classed as “organic.” The spreading of the Gospel, regardless of the motives or the integrity or the heroism of some of the missionaries, was an absolutely indispensable justification for the planting of the flag.
2818  PAROLE pledge given by a prisoner for temporary release not to escape If Fred Johnson had followed his own inclination, he would have guaranteed employment for Perry after he left prison, thus helping him obtain a parole. He’d been paroled not long before but had fallen immediately back into old bad habits.
2819  REDTAPISM official formality resulting in delay It was undertaken to discover if America was involved in the practice of racism against black Americans. Then”and this was the funny thing”he didn’t apologize for being racist; he merely apologized for aiming his racism at us.
2820  SOLAR related to sun “We might as well attempt to introduce a new planet into the solar system or annihilate one already in existence, as to create or destroy a particle of hydrogen,” he wrote. We walk beneath the solar system and into what must’ve once been the living room.
2821  LUNAR related to moon Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin on the Moon would have a brief window to get back into the lunar lander and reconnect their dinghy with the mother ship above. Virtually treeless, it features frosted picture-book mountains that are interspersed with rugged, lava-strewn terrain, giving the landscape an unnatural, almost lunar appearance: American astronauts trained there before their voyages to the moon.
2822  ZODIAC a diagram showing the path of planets After replying to the text, Kaori lit a stick of incense, walked across her zodiac circle rug, and stepped into the hallway. Mom said it had something to do with the zodiac and Pisces, but then she admitted that if it weren’t for Laleh, who loved taking care of the goldfish, she wouldn’t include them at all.
2823  ANOMALY departure from common rule He had started with one anomaly, the floating chip of ebony, and discovered another, the floating needle; as a consequence he had done his best to make sense of surface tension. “Oh, Natalie, I’m sorry. That flower”it wasn’t magic. It was just an interesting, unexpected anomaly.”
2824  CRUSADE a religious war She could keep trusting Mom and Dad, and keep being my whining, chess-playing, crusading Charlemagne. I stopped my social crusade to fit in among the popular students in my class.
2825  GREGARIOUS animals that live in flock, used for human beings also She is much more gregarious than Chris was and can’t imagine going off into the wilderness”or virtually anywhere else”alone. He was intensely private but could be convivial and gregarious in the extreme.
2826  POLITICS the science of government “There are a lot of women making noise in politics,” Miss Hendrix said. He knew how government worked, how vicious politics was, and how people with special interests tried to influence and manipulate lawmakers with words or favors.
2827  MANUSCRIPT a matter written by hand The previous day Max Perutz had given Francis a new manuscript by Sir Lawrence and himself, dealing with the shape of the hemoglobin molecule. But once in possession of the manuscripts, Euergetes simply wrote off his deposit as money well spent.
2828  QUADRUPED an animal with four feet The sheep were fun while they lasted, and it is doubtful if any pair of quadrupeds ever had been sheared so often by so many. But things turn messy ” and unquotable, given the eventual expletives ” once Martin reveals that his beloved is not a person but a quadruped.
2829  SACRILEGE violating the sanctity of religious places For a moment the khaki mob was silent, petrified, at the spectacle of this wanton sacrilege, with amazement and horror. For there is a tower there seventy-five feet high, filled with ashes, and there they push a man guilty of sacrilege or notorious for other crimes to destruction.
2830  ABDICATION to relinquish formally a high office or responsibility He urged Chicago hostesses to hire some French chefs to improve their culinary diction. He picked up on my Victorian flourishes, my antique diction, my girls’ school propriety.
2831  ALMANAC a yearly calendar giving statistical information on events and phenomena In 1576, a few years before Bruno’s Oxford lecture, Digges had published a sixth edition of his father Leonard’s perpetual almanac, A Prognostication Everlasting. “I expect you have got wind of this almanac business?”
2832  ALLEGORY a story that expresses ideas through symbols In this swarm of cigarettes and dark sophistication they appeared here and there like figures from an allegory, or long-dead celebrants from some forgotten garden party. From what I know of Samuel, he will be a big flop as a ranger, but the allegory, I know, will be challenging and controversial, full of unpleasant truths.
2833  AXIOM a statement accepted as true without proof With so many axioms, all the theorems are surface ones requiring only three or four steps to prove; none has any depth. The new science often presented itself as a system of axioms and demonstrations, in Galileo’s Two New Sciences for example, or Newton’s Principia, but it was always grounded in facts and, less surely, in analogies.
2834  BELLIGERENT one that is in a war-like mood But he gets out quick because he doesn’t drive when he drinks”he just winds up in stupid places and he gets a little belligerent with people. My father was also belligerent toward all of the children, except me.
2835  BLASPHEMY an act of speaking against religion Her new film is billed as a “sophisticated” comedy in which she must certainly reach new heights of perversion and blasphemy. He had never heard such shocking blasphemies before, and he wondered with instinctive logic why G-men did not appear to lock the traitorous old man up.
2836  CHRONOLOGY events presented in order of occurrence But why did this lead Holmes to assume that Indians must have migrated to the Americas in the recent past, a view springing from biblical chronology? The files on the murders of the Osage contained history in its rawest form: bits of data vacuumed up without any chronology or narrative, like a novel whose pages were out of order.
2837  CONSCRIPTION compulsory enlistment for military service I think he was well inclined toward stubbornness, and contemptuous of failure, long before his conscription into the war and the strange circumstances that discharged him from it. The baron and his family “all of his family”were knocking their heads on the floor in front of their ancestors and thanking the gods out loud for protecting them from conscription.
2838  ENCYCLOPAEDIA a book containing information on various subjects “And looking some of them up in my encyclopaedia.’ Suppose the environment was changing so fast that the precoded genetic encyclopaedia, which served perfectly well before, was no longer entirely adequate.
2839  EXECUTIVE part of the government which preserves law and order and carries out the laws made Six months later she found out about the school board’s new plan for letting executives teach in the schools. Had this amount been available to me in monthly installments in Minneapolis, I could have moved into one of those “executive” condos with sauna, health club, and pool.
2840  FACSIMILE an exact copy of handwriting, printing But then the cloud evolved into the Thunderhead, sparking with consciousness, or at least a remarkable facsimile. This is a facsimile of life, for broken people.
2841  FATAL that causes death A milk producer in northern Japan cannot hope to compete in southern Japan, because transporting milk there would take an extra day or two, a fatal disadvantage in the eyes of consumers. Nothing fatal, but headaches all around in about forty minutes.
2842  FRAGILE that can be easily broken I had regained a fragile sense of calm, and I left the bathroom carrying that calmness delicately, as if it were a china plate balancing on my head. Must treat her carefully, because she is fragile and might break if expected to do the same as everyone else.
2843  IMPRACTICABLE incapable of being practiced I meant to become her governess once more, but I soon found this impracticable; my time and cares were now required by another”my husband needed them all. We shall in no wise exercise ourselves for the loss of a few Negroes, which action would be on all heads impracticable & fruitless.
2844  NOSTALGIA home sickness, memories of the past “They’re not my sheep anymore,” he said to himself, without nostalgia. She had evoked the town idealized by nostalgia with such strong tenacity that Gaston understood that she would not get married unless he took her to live in Macondo.
2845  IRREPARABLE incapable of being repaired These words coming out of any other boy’s mouth would sound like hyperbole or plain old trash talk, but Boy21 is dead serious. For some, the characterization of mass incarceration as a “racial caste system” may seem like a gross exaggeration, if not hyperbole.
2846  EATABLE anything to be eaten He pushed himself up from the table and made his way to the door. He watched the Sand Snakes, each at a different table.
2847  EDIBLE  fit to be eaten So they dibbled a small hole in the turf and buried the piece of toffee. “I’ve seen the body cams be upgraded. I’ve seen the police policies as far as training be replaced. But that’s not enough for me, to do a dibble and a dabble,” Rice said.
2848  INEDIBLE  not fit to eat He tried to side-step, tried to parry, tried to somehow escape the doom that was now inevitable. Mine took hold, rooted, and bloomed, even though there were inevitable adjustments to the new soil and climate.
2849  INDELIBLE a mark that cannot be erased “The indelible marker. It takes it right off, no scrubbing, just a wipe, without messing up the paint underneath. In other words, you don’t need the muriatic acid.” He scrubbed a graffiti tag somebody had scribbled onto the sign with indelible marker.
2850  INAUDIBLE a sound that cannot be heard In another quarter second, the sirens are inaudible. Wood took up Loomis’s proposal to work in the developing field of ultrasonics, which involved sound waves with frequencies inaudible to humans.
2851  INTELLIGIBLE that can be understood And then Celia’s giant nonsense word began to break apart into smaller, more intelligible ones. “Battered relics of past ages,” Herschel wrote, “contain…indelible records capable of intelligible interpretation.”
2852  ILLEGIBLE something that can’t be read I was trying to make it both legible and understandable. Aristotle and Ptolemy had assumed that the heavens were mathematically legible, and indeed Ptolemy had devised techniques for reading them.
2853  PANTHEISM the belief that god pervades nature With light from a low sun filtering through a hilltop grove of leafy trees with black, serpentine branches and trunks, the painting captures what seems a moment of ecstatic pantheism. Concepts like universal intelligence, pantheism and synchronicity still held weight with me.
2854  PLATONIC something spiritual It wasn’t a hug, say, or a … a platonic kind of kiss?” “It’s a platonic relationship,” Sasha said, “but with elements other people might consider romantic.”
2855  REFRENDUM general vote of the public to decide a question In one early referendum on his rule in the South, Diem’s agents openly intimidated and beat up voters. In 1897, two years after the Massachusetts referendum, the antis formed the New York State Association Opposed to Woman Suffrage.
2856  RAGALIA dress with medals, ribbons worn at official ceremonies Superimposed against the images of these peaks, the poster showed a grinning, bearded man in full alpine regalia. Their parents walked downstairs, Lillian skipping lightly, proud of her beauty, aware of it; her husband followed, pulling at his necktie, uncomfortable in the full dress regalia of civilians.
2857  SINECURE job with high salary but a little responsibility But since the then Master of the Mint effectively treated his own post as a sinecure, Newton had a chance to get his hands on the levers of power. After confessing to these things they had been pardoned, reinstated in the Party, and given posts which were in fact sinecures but which sounded important.
2858  SOPORIFIC medicine that induces sleep She is soothing, but not soporific; intoxicating without inebriation. In the soporific heat of those months Blanca, protected by the creature that was growing inside her, forgot about the magnitude of her disgrace.
2859  SWANSONG the last literary work of a writer The memo heralded the end of an era, the swan song of the Band of Sisters. But it was also the official swan song for Embassy Row’s premier hostess: After 21 years, Kuwaiti Ambassador Salem Al-Sabah is retiring, and the couple will become private citizens.
2860  TRANSPARENT that can be seen through Fischer’s games, though, were crystalline”transparent but ingenious. As I posed, I thought of the transparent lambs in the violet light.
2861  VENIAL a slight fault that can be forgiven In the third grade I could distinguish between venial and mortal sin. “If you die with a venial sin on your soul, where do you go?” he asked.
2862  UTOPIA an imaginary place with perfect social order My parents are trying to turn it into this big awesome thing, and so now our house is like this gay utopia. Hermann Muller”disappointed by another false utopia”left Berlin for the Soviet Union, on yet another quest to unite science and socialism.
2863  PLEBISCITE a decision made by public voting “Those books represented a kind of plebiscite, while books critical of Trump had astonishingly little impact.” The next is the Uruguayan plebiscite of 1980, in which the military dictatorship put its own legitimacy to a vote.
2864  PSEUDONYM an imaginary name assumed by an author Then, in one of the most widely read science journals in the world, she corrected her error: “Helen Lane, it seems, never lived. But Henrietta Lacks did, long protected by the pseudonym Helen Lane.” He exacerbated his trouble by creating a pseudonym, “Mary Rosh,” to defend his theory in online debates.
2865  DECANTER an ornamental glass bottle for holding wine or other alcoholic drinks Seen from the top the stuff looked almost black, but in the decanter it gleamed like a ruby. When I tell Uncle Al that August’s outburst has just returned us to square one, he vents his frustration by smashing a decanter against the wall.
2866  ELYSIUM a paradise with perfect bliss In 1852, when in the British Museum, his eye was attracted by a small leaden vase bearing a Greek inscription signifying the Lycium of the Muses. Lycium chinense.”Nearly all the Box Thorns in this country belong to this species.
2867  PORTFOLIO a portable case for holding papers, drawing etc. I was standing beside his bed and he was sitting up between the sheets, clad in his underwear, with a great portfolio in his hands. I rub the leather music portfolio on my lap and take a deep breath.
2868  FACISM when no political opposition is allowed He plucks a book from the shelf, Geist und Tat, Spirit and Action, by Heinrich Mann, who criticized Germany’s growing fascism so loudly that he was forced to flee after Hitler became chancellor. Without Roosevelt, Elizebeth was afraid that America would be vulnerable to “evil influences like…the Klan” and homegrown fascism.
2869  PANACEA cure for all Maybe this was the panacea we had been desperately searching for all these years. In fact, I don’t share the belief, held by many union staffers, that unionization would be a panacea.
2870  CATECHISM the summary of the principles of a religion in the form of questions and answers Isannah had wandered off because a passing clergyman had seen the sunlight on her hair and was asking her to say the shorter catechism as proof that she was as pious as she was beautiful. Back once more in Goblin’s saddle, he turned to watch them, Cilia bent under the heavy load, Isannah skipping about and for no particular reason chanting the shorter catechism once more.
2871  CIRCUMLOCUTION roundabout way of speaking / beating about the bush She was weary of repetitions, weary of circumlocutions, weary of everything. The convoluted syntax, multiple negatives, indefinite antecedents, and masterful circumlocutions of this statement defy comprehension.
2872  INTOTO completely/entirely It underpinned the more difficult “quadrivium””arithmetic, geometry, music, and astronomy” that students went on to learn; all seven subjects taken in toto being the so-called liberal arts. “One way or another, Congress will have to revisit it in toto,” Scalia pronounced Wednesday morning.
2873  MAXIM a short statement of a general truth, principle, or rule for behaviour After much thought Snowball declared that the Seven Commandments could in effect be re- duced to a single maxim, namely: “four legs good, two legs bad.” His maxim was, Behave well or behave ill, it is the duty of a master occasionally to whip a slave, to remind him of his master’s authority.
2874  LUCID very clear I shall never be able to speak one lucid sentence to him again. “”happened all right,” Henry was saying. Coherence connectives are the unsung heroes of lucid prose.
2875  MUTUALISTIC an association between two organisms of different species in which each member benefits “Does any master oppose this action?” the Chancellor asked ritualistically as I looked down at my feet. The ones you ritualistically blow up every year with an M80.
2876  ANNIHILATE to destroy completely My faceless neighbor spoke up: “Don’t be deluded. Hitler has made it clear that he will annihilate all Jews before the clock strikes twelve.” You wish you could annihilate them with your hate, but you can’t.
2877  LEGACY the property left to someone by a will And it was Ali’s legacy that inspired me to stand up to those who try to divide us along the lines of religion. But his efforts would link his name forever with the issue of nuclear proliferation and cast a shadow over his scientific legacy.
2878  ADOLESCENCE state of growth between boyhood & youth I wonder how different my adolescence would have been had I been free But no, it is my parents I see”their optimism during those years when they were entertained by Italian grand opera. Wes had spent much of his adolescence incarcerated, and he knew that occasional bids in the pen were part of the game.
2879  PATRIMONY property inherited from one’s father or ancestors The patrimony has never been proven one way or the other. Each day you crowd this house like wolves to eat away my brave son’s patrimony.
2880  HELIOTHERAPY medical therapy involving exposure to sunlight At the time, the medical community believed prolonged exposure to the sun, or heliotherapy, to be the best treatment for the two strains of tuberculosis most commonly found in children. Some doctors thought alpine air was the reason TB patients fared better, but others believed in “heliotherapy.”
2881  HYDROPATHY  treatment of diseases by the internal and external use of water A hypochondriac, he was daffy about fashionable fads such as hydropathy. These societal assumptions could not help but influence perceptions about irregular health systems, particularly those like hydropathy and homeopathy where women took active leadership roles.
2882  TELEPATHY communication between minds by some means other than sensory perception There is a telepathy that goes with such things. If such a thing as telepathy existed, one of its glories would be the opportunity for each of us to read the books in the cerebral cortices of our loved ones.
2883  ASTRONOMER one who studies the sky and stars Cassiopeia A is the remnant of a supernova whose light should have reached the Earth in the seventeenth century, when there were a fair number of astronomers. An astronomer looked through his new telescope into the stars one morning and then refused to ever look to the heavens again.
2884  ANTHROPOLOGY the study of mankind/the science which treats of man Since all other Niger-Congo speakers, as well as the Bantu, are blacks, we couldn’t have inferred who migrated in which direction just from the evidence of physical anthropology. She didn’t know very much about anthropology, but the newcomer’s friendliness put her at ease.
2885  PHYSIOLOGY the study of body/the science which treats the body Since completing my Ph.D. in 1961, I have divided my scientific research efforts between two fields: molecular physiology on the one hand, evolutionary biology and biogeography on the other hand. If used as part of a systematic program of research in disease and physiology, Herophilus’s timer might have taught ancient doctors much about the circulation of the blood.
2886  BIOLOGY the study of physical life or living matter Who knows, we might even acknowledge the fragility and vulnerability that always accompany high specialization in biology, and movements might start up for the protection of ourselves as a valuable, endangered species. It is not necessarily a comfort to know that such things go on in biology, but it is at least an agreeable surprise.
2887  BOTANY the study of plants My botany background may come in useful after all. “I can understand your fascination in our sustenance production, considering your background in botany,” he says.
2888  ZOOLOGY the science which treats the animals My zoology thesis was a functional analysis of the thyroid gland of the three-toed sloth. For this reason she left her alone with her embroidery threads and said nothing about Rosa’s nightmarish zoology.
2889  SEISMOLOGY the sciences which treats the earthquakes & their origin The seismology section had a million probes down here, with a ninety-nine point eight success rate at predicting the magma flares. With any luck, the centaur hadn’t run a seismology test on the manor grounds, or his ruse might be discovered.
2890  ECOLOGY study of the relation of living things to environment Such a challenge would have been painful enough coming from a geologist, but Wegener had no background in geology. Perhaps as a result, the most persuasive scientific critiques on Clovis initially came from fields that overlapped archaeology, but were mainly outside of it: linguistics, molecular biology, and geology.
2891  CALLIGRAPHY the art of beautiful handwriting “I will make each of you a list of what you need. I’ll make the list in calligraphy. Watch me, and it will be your first lesson.” At the top, it read in calligraphy: From the Desk of .
2892  DIPLOMACY the art of practiced by statesman and ambassadors He distanced himself from the women and any publicity, believing that diplomacy was the best tactic. I was also criticized at the conference for engaging in “personal diplomacy” and not keeping the rank-and-file of the organization informed.
2893  ETHNOLOGY the science which deals with varieties of human race The accelerator was the harder technology, yet that they had mastered. In addition to their germs and technology, Eurasian and Native American societies differed in their political organization.
2894  ETHOLOGY study of animal behavior I can only imagine the film’s latest horrors, its flaunting of vulgarity in the face of theology and geometry, taste and decency. While reading for my master’s thesis, I’d been surprised to discover echoes of Mormon theology in the great philosophers of the nineteenth century.
2895  NUMISMATICS the study of coins Ilan Hadad, a numismatics investigator and archaeologist with the Israeli Antiquities Authority, called the coin “a national treasure” that “has strong religious and political symbolism to Jews and Christians around the world.” Some numismatics experts also suggested that younger generations may reinvest in coin collection.
2896  PHILATELY the collection and study of postage stamps Jake’s mom shouted when he answered “A stamp” for the question “In philately, what is an Inverted Jenny?” The disagreements also come at a time when both stamp sales and philately itself are in decline, due in large part to the Internet.
2897  PHILOLOGY the study of languages And yet she is a perfectly intelligent woman, was an honors student in philology at Presidency College before she was married off at twenty-two. When you study the science of philology, you learn the laws governing how a consonant can lose its shape, but it keeps its identity from language to language.”
2898  PHYSIOGNOMY the study of human face And the process of naming “the people” has never been a matter of genealogy and physiognomy so much as one of hierarchy. Aunt Jessie was a devotee of palm reading, one of the “minor superstitions” that was in vogue, along with seances, phrenology, and physiognomy.
2899  PYROTECHNICS a public show of fireworks When the Turkish Army had attacked Afyon two weeks earlier, Hajienestis had believed that he was dead and that the ripples of light reflecting on his cabin walls were the pyrotechnics of heaven. Tal’s style was filled with wild, inspired combinations, intuitive sacrifices, and pyrotechnics.
2900  NATURALIST one who studies plant & animal life A fellow naturalist named Hugh Falconer, meanwhile, caught Owen taking credit for one of his discoveries. “I’ve never used it. You can use it to write down your scientific observations. You’re a regular naturalist in the making.”

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1. What is One Word Substitution?

One Word Substitution involves using a single word to replace a longer phrase or expression, condensing complex ideas into concise terms for effective communication.

2. Where can I find resources like PDFs for One Word Substitution?

PDFs compiling extensive lists of One Word Substitutions from A to Z are available online, offering examples and meanings, aiding in language proficiency and vocabulary building.

3. Are there One Word Substitution exercises available in languages other than English?

Yes, One Word Substitution exercises are available in various languages, including Hindi and Gujarati, catering to learners from different linguistic backgrounds.

4. Could you provide some One Word Substitution examples?

Certainly! Here are a few examples:

  • Euphemism: A polite word used to replace a harsh one.
  • Altruistic: Showing selfless concern for others.
  • Omnipotent: Having unlimited power.
  • Quintessential: Representing the most perfect example.
  • Nostalgia: A sentimental longing for the past.

5. How can I find the meaning of One Word Substitutions in Gujarati?

Online platforms or dictionaries may provide translations or meanings of One Word Substitutions in Gujarati for reference.

6. Do you have a PDF with One Word Substitutions from A to Z?

There are PDF resources available that compile extensive lists of One Word Substitutions alphabetically, aiding in comprehensive vocabulary development and language proficiency.

7. Are there MCQs or questions related to One Word Substitutions?

Yes, Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) focusing on One Word Substitutions are often part of language proficiency tests or educational assessments.

8. How can I practice One Word Substitution questions?

You can find practice questions online or in study materials designed specifically for language proficiency exams, aiding in better understanding and application of One Word Substitutions.

9. What’s the importance of understanding One Word Substitutions?

Mastery over One Word Substitutions enhances language proficiency, aiding in clearer and more concise communication while broadening vocabulary.

10. Where can I find the meaning of specific One Word Substitutions?

Online dictionaries, language learning platforms, or specific reference books often provide meanings and usage examples for various One Word Substitutions.


11. Can you provide some common One Word Substitution Examples?

Certainly! Here are a few examples:

  • Altruistic: Showing selfless concern for others.
  • Euphemism: A polite word used in place of a harsh one.
  • Omnipotent: Having unlimited power.
  • Nostalgia: Sentimental longing for the past.
  • Verbose: Using more words than necessary.

12. Where can I find One Word Substitution Examples with Answers?

Online resources, study guides, or practice test materials often offer One Word Substitution examples with accompanying answers for self-assessment and learning.

13. Is there a PDF available with One Word Substitution Examples?

Yes, PDFs containing lists of One Word Substitution Examples are accessible online, providing a comprehensive resource for expanding vocabulary and language proficiency.

14. Are there Easy One Word Substitution Examples for beginners?

Absolutely! Examples like ‘Homebody’ for a person who prefers staying at home or ‘Novice’ for a beginner are simple yet effective examples suitable for beginners.

15. Are there One Word Substitution Examples available in Hindi?

Yes, resources providing One Word Substitution Examples in Hindi are available to aid Hindi-speaking learners in enhancing their vocabulary and language skills.

16. Can you offer One Word Substitution Examples suitable for Class 7 students?

Certainly! Examples like ‘Abundant’ for plentiful or ‘Bizarre’ for strange can be helpful and engaging for Class 7 students, aiding in their language development.

17. Do you have a list of 50 One Word Substitution Examples?

Here are 10 examples:

  • Apathy: Lack of interest or concern.
  • Dexterity: Skill in performing tasks.
  • Dormant: Inactive or sleeping.
  • Enigma: Something mysterious or puzzling.
  • Facade: The front view of a building.
  • Gregarious: Fond of company or sociable.
  • Insolent: Rude or disrespectful.
  • Jubilant: Feeling or expressing great happiness.
  • Maverick: A non-conformist or independent-minded person.
  • Nefarious: Wicked or criminal in nature.

18. Is there a compilation of 100 One Word Substitution Examples available?

While providing 100 examples here might be exhaustive, numerous resources online compile extensive lists of One Word Substitution Examples to aid in learning and language proficiency.

19. Can you offer 20 One Word Substitution Examples?

Absolutely! Here are a few more examples:

  • Quintessential: Representing the most perfect example.
  • Ravenous: Extremely hungry or famished.
  • Surreptitious: Secretive or stealthy.
  • Ubiquitous: Present everywhere or widespread.
  • Voracious: Having a huge appetite.

20. Could you provide One Word Substitution Examples with meanings?

Certainly! Here are a few:

  • Epitome: A perfect example or embodiment.
  • Indolent: Lazy or idle.
  • Labyrinth: A complex maze or network of paths.
  • Myriad: Countless or a large number.
  • Panacea: A solution or remedy for all problems.

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