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The Most Helpful Synonyms and Antonyms. Learn Synonyms & Antonyms in the most practical way. part 18

Understanding synonyms and antonyms forms the cornerstone of enriching one’s vocabulary. These linguistic tools serve as building blocks in language acquisition, aiding effective communication by providing alternative and contrasting word choices. Exploring the synonyms and antonyms pdf resources proves invaluable for comprehensive learning, offering a compact and accessible format for reference. In languages like Gujarati and Hindi, comprehending the synonyms and antonyms meaning enhances linguistic fluency and expression. A comprehensive synonyms and antonyms list or synonyms and antonyms chart facilitates easy access to a diverse range of words, aiding in word selection and expansion. Especially for competitive exams, a well-curated synonyms and antonyms pdf for competitive exams can be a powerful study aid, allowing candidates to refine their vocabulary skills systematically. Engaging with various synonyms and antonyms words through a project or exercise reinforces their practical usage and aids in retention. While a vast repository such as 1000 synonyms and antonyms pdf might offer extensive options, focusing on a curated set of 100 words with synonyms and antonyms can provide a solid foundation. Worksheets designed for synonyms and antonyms practice facilitate active learning and reinforcement of these concepts. Exploring synonyms and antonyms in Hindi becomes essential for bilingual learners, aiding in a deeper understanding of word nuances across languages. In essence, delving into synonyms and antonyms examples and engaging with various resources proves instrumental in fostering a robust and versatile vocabulary.

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1201 Garner Garner: Collect, Gather | Scatter, Disperse to collect or accumulate The teacher allowed us to put up posters to garner interest in our club fundraiser.
1202 Antihero Antihero: Rebel, Misfit | Hero, Protagonist the main character in a book, film, or other work who lacks typical hero qualities Because he is aggressive and curses, Wolverine is more of a comic book antihero than an actual savior.
1203 Ere Ere: Before, Prior | After, Later previously or earlier usually meaning with time The southern belle hoped Jeff would ask for her hand in marriage ere nightfall so that she could go to bed early that night.
1204 Album Album: Compilation, Collection | Single, Individual a blank book that things like stamps or photos are inserted in The new mother placed all of her baby’s pictures and keepsake items into an album with his name on it.
1205 Frolicsome Frolicsome: Playful, Merry | Serious, Solemn playful and fun loving The playful professor set a frolicsome tone for the entire class period.
1206 Slacken Slacken: Loosen, Relax | Tighten, Tense slacken means to loosen or lessen You really need to slacken the seatbelt before you choke yourself.
1207 Released Released: Freed, Liberated | Confined, Restricted set free; let out After DNA evidence proved the man was innocent of the crime, he was released from prison.
1208 Gratification Gratification: Satisfaction, Pleasure | Displeasure, Discontent pleasure or satisfaction No gratification was gained from the argument and both the husband and wife walked away unhappy.
1209 Sublunary Sublunary: Terrestrial, Earthly | Celestial, Heavenly associated with the Earth When the astronauts saw the sublunary image, they realized that they were heading back home.
1210 Deadly Deadly: Lethal, Fatal | Harmless, Benign causing or able to cause death The deadly jellyfish was able to kill the fish with just one sting with its tentacle.
1211 Haughty Haughty: Arrogant, Proud | Humble, Modest proud and unfriendly Because she was not nice, the haughty girl had few friends.
1212 Parallel Parallel: Adjacent, Equidistant | Divergent, Convergent stretching on in the same way or path Ms. Peterson realized that she was one street off from the doctor’s office, so she knew she could cut through to the next parallel street in order to reach her destination.
1213 Pollutant Pollutant: Contaminant, Toxin | Purifier, Cleanser something that infects or contaminates the air, the ground or bodies of water Once the EPA realized that the factory was the main pollutant of the river’s water, they were heavily fined.
1214 Republican Republican: Democratic, Conservative | Monarchical, Autocratic a person advocating or supporting republican government; a member or supporter of the Republican Party Republican voters advocate for higher military spending and involvement in foreign affairs to promote peace.
1215 Assay Assay: Analysis, Examination | Guess, Estimate a test or assessment on something to determine what it contains The laboratory conducted an assay to quantitatively measure the presence of ore in the composition.
1216 Variance Variance: Difference, Discrepancy | Uniformity, Consistency at odds with or conflicting with The girl’s confident pose was at a variance with her shaky voice.
1217 Serenity Serenity: Peace, Tranquility | Turbulence, Disturbance untroubled, calm, and peaceful For the outdoorsman, there is no way to experience serenity better than enjoying nature.
1218 Bacchanal Bacchanal: Revelry, Carousal | Restraint, Sobriety a wild incident involving a drunken celebration The hotel ended the bachelor party after it turned into a noisy bacchanal.
1219 Lighthearted Lighthearted: Cheerful, Playful | Serious, Solemn happy in a very carefree and not serious way The comic’s upbeat performance included lighthearted jokes that made the crowd happy.
1220 Keenness Keenness: Eagerness, Enthusiasm | Apathy, Indifference the quality of being eager or excitedly enthusiastic Milo’s keenness for learning showed in his excellent work.
1221 Consternation Consternation: Alarm, Dismay | Calmness, Composure a feeling of worry, shock, or fear – often happens when something unexpected happens I sleep in consternation not knowing where my keys are.
1222 Concession Concession: Agreement, Compromise | Denial, Refusal an item or privilege that is given Since the developer could not give the landowner his desired concession, he was not able to buy the land for the new subdivision.
1223 Slush Slush: Sludge, Slurry | Solidify, Freeze ice or snow that is partially melted As the snow began to melt, it left behind a thin layer of watery slush.
1224 Melted Melted: Molten, Liquid | Solid, Frozen turned from a solid to a liquid form The cheese melted on top of the hamburger patty once the heat was turned up under the frying pan.
1225 Omniform Omniform: Diverse, Versatile | Uniform, Singular having every form and shape An ominform spirit, the ghost had no particular shape but could transform into any figure it wanted to.
1226 Readiness Readiness: Preparedness, Willingness | Unwillingness, Unpreparedness the act of being prepared and equipped The future college student’s readiness to attend college could be seen since she had already paid all of the tuition and packed her bags.
1227 Muscular Muscular: Brawny, Strong | Weak, Feeble having well-developed muscles Muscular body builders paraded the stage, showing off their brawn to the judges.
1228 Rookery Rookery: Nestery, Breeding ground | City, Urban area a gathering or settlement of fowl or other animals Clustered together on a small island in the ocean barked a rookery of seals making so much noise as the beachgoers passed by on the shore.
1229 Purgative Purgative: Laxative, Cathartic | Retentive, Constipative cleansing, especially when referring to the ability to get rid of unwanted waste The purgative laxative helped the constipated patient get rid of his body’s backed up waste.
1230 Counterproductive Counterproductive: Detrimental, Harmful | Beneficial, Productive resulting in the opposite of the looked-for effect The measures are counterproductive and have only increased crime in our community.
1231 Affair Affair: Matter, Event | Inactivity, Inaction an issue or concern that is handled Stealing office supplies became a company affair when the company began to lose money due to the theft.
1232 Unflinching Unflinching: Steadfast, Resolute | Timid, Hesitant unwavering even in difficult times The frightened dog’s unflinching gaze never left my face.
1233 Thermostat Thermostat: Regulator, Controller | Disregulator, Uncontroller an automatic device for controlling temperature Even though he liked to leave the thermostat at 70 degrees, the man’s hot-natured wife would often turn it down to 63 during the night.
1234 Chimera Chimera: Illusion, Fantasy | Reality, Certainty a creation of a person’s mind; something that is not real Ron’s mental disorder caused him to believe there was a dangerous chimera out to get him.
1235 Gore Gore: Blood, Violence | Peace, Nonviolence blood that is from an injured person The movie was pretty good even though it had too many blood and gore scenes for my taste.
1236 Mangle Mangle: Mutilate, Destroy | Repair, Fix to make unrecognizable through violent acts of cutting, slashing, or crushing The lion’s razor-sharp claws mangle the terrified gazelle as he feeds.
1237 Mum Mum: Silent, Quiet | Vocal, Talkative mute; silent Staying mum for the time being, the man thought it best he not discuss his plans with anyone else.
1238 Boniface Boniface: Host, Innkeeper | Guest, Visitor the manager or owner of a hospitality-type business After being served disgusting food and the wrong drinks, the customers asked to speak to the Boniface to resolve the issues.
1239 Barf Barf: Vomit, Throw up | Ingest, Swallow to vomit; throw up Seeing the rotting trash scattered about the abandoned rental house made the sickened landlord want to barf.
1240 Suspend Suspend: Halt, Stop | Continue, Resume to hang something from somewhere It was difficult to suspend the heavy chandelier from the tall ceiling, but a ladder made it possible.
1241 Unshakable Unshakable: Steadfast, Firm | Unsteady, Shaky strongly felt and unable to be changed Even though everything in her life was falling apart, Tina had unshakable faith that remained steadfast.
1242 Resultant Resultant: Consequent, Resulting | Antecedent, Cause something that comes from or is an outcome of something else If you push something, the resultant force will be for that thing to move forward in the same direction.
1243 Defy Defy: Resist, Challenge | Comply, Obey to challenge, or test a person or idea Mischievous elementary boys decided to defy the recess rules and sneak over the fence.
1244 Unusually Unusually: Rarely, Exceptionally | Commonly, Normally uncommonly; rarely happening Unusually hot weather meant that there was swimming but no snow in November.
1245 Renovate Renovate: Refurbish, Restore | Damage, Ruin to renew; to revamp something to make it look new again The homeowners decided to renovate their old kitchen.
1246 Stretchy Stretchy: Elastic, Flexible | Rigid, Inflexible slightly elastic in a way that allows for easy stretching The woman’s leggings are made of stretchy fabric that allow them to be more forgiving than blue jeans.
1247 Facilitation Facilitation: Aid, Assistance | Hindrance, Obstruction the process of something becoming easier or simpler Due to the teacher’s facilitation of the skills in her class, my grade jumped from making low D’s to A’s and B’s.
1248 Weltanschauung Weltanschauung: Worldview, Perspective | Ignorance, Apathy a person’s philosophy of life or worldview Our weltanschauung is shaped by major events in our lives and how they affected our views.
1249 Require Require: Demand, Need | Offer, Provide to specify something as mandatory Several courses on the student’s schedule require books to be purchased separately.
1250 Caucus Caucus: Assembly, Meeting | Disperse, Scatter a gathering of individuals who come together to work for a shared objective – generally political in nature The Black Student Caucus is holding a cultural diversity workshop in the media center on Saturday.
1251 Examined Examined: Inspected, Investigated | Ignored, Neglected looked at in detail; inspected The doctor examined the patient’s entire body for signs of disease but couldn’t find anything wrong with her.
1252 Rail Rail: Railing, Barrier | Opening, Gap a bar or series of bars that serves as a fence or barrier A rail was placed on the outside of the cruise ship to keep passengers from going overboard.
1253 Mob Mob: Crowd, Group | Individual, Solitude an unruly, generally violent crowd of people intent on destruction or harm The police had to bring out riot shields to hold back the unruly mob of people that were trying to push them back.
1254 Examination Examination: Inspection, Review | Neglect, Disregard a test or assessment tool South Carolina’s driver’s license examination requires a driving portion where the candidate must prove they can parallel park.
1255 Thermograph Thermograph: Thermometer, Thermostat | Unmeasured, Inexact a recording thermometer that registers the temperature it measures The self-registering thermograph printed a graph showing the daily temperatures for the month of May.
1256 Knead Knead: Massage, Work | Neglect, Ignore to work and press into a mass, usually with the hands I watched Frank knead dough as he pushed down and out, stretching the dough flatter and flatter.
1257 Statue Statue: Sculpture, Figure | Human, Person a carved or cast depiction of a person or animal, usually life-sized or greater There is a statue of Abraham Lincoln in the Lincoln Memorial.
1258 Goldbrick Goldbrick: Shirk, Avoid | Work, Perform to swindle or con someone On paper, the mayor seemed as if he would help the city, but he was actually trying to goldbrick the people out of their hard earned money.
1259 Recapture Recapture: Reclaim, Retrieve | Release, Let go to catch or capture again, especially something that has escaped Armed police are searching the riverbank in an attempt to recapture the felon who escaped from the nearby prison.
1260 Delirium Delirium: Confusion, Madness | Sanity, Clarity a condition of extreme happiness and excitement As soon as the young girl saw all of her birthday presents, she leaped in delirium.
1261 Mileage Mileage: Distance, Travel | Stagnation, Standstill the total amount of miles journeyed After driving across the country for a new job, the mileage on my car now exceeded over 100,000 miles.
1262 Facility Facility: Ease, Convenience | Difficulty, Hardship space or equipment necessary to accomplish a task There is no facility available to produce our cupcakes, so we will have to continue working from home.
1263 Improbable Improbable: Unlikely, Unbelievable | Likely, Plausible not likely to occur or be true He knew that winning was improbable, but the man still liked to play the lottery.
1264 Black Black: Dark, Ebony | Bright, Light of the darkest color, like coal or the sky at midnight As the fire raged on, black clouds of smoke made the white clouds look dark.
1265 Viva Voce Viva Voce: Oral, Spoken | Written, Recorded by word of mouth (orally) Because he could speak the answer but couldn’t see the words on the exam, a viva voce test was given to the blind man.
1266 Palliative Palliative: Soothing, Alleviating | Aggravating, Worsening soothing remedy to relieve pain such as medicine My rash needs some palliative lotion if it is going to stop hurting and heal.
1267 Intoned Intoned: Chanted, Recited | Silence, Quiet to speak with little voice inflection The boy intoned while he read the story with boring monotone speech.
1268 Leftover Leftover: Remaining, Surplus | Used, Consumed remaining; surplus The chef cooked a pot of spaghetti so big that there were ten bowls leftover when everyone had eaten.
1269 Configuration Configuration: Arrangement, Setup | Disarray, Disorder the formation or structure of something Only a computer expert could look inside a computer and could understand the configuration of the wires that follow a certain pattern.
1270 Arose Arose: Emerged, Originated | Declined, Sank to start to exist or occur A disagreement arose during the game, and the referee had to clear the field to end the fight.
1271 Imperium Imperium: Dominion, Rule | Submission, Surrender absolute power Fidel Castro exercised imperium over Cuba for several decades, refusing to allow the people much freedom.
1272 Tended Tended: Cared, Nursed | Neglected, Ignored took care of While some of the campers tended the fire, a few of the others prepared dinner.
1273 Auscultation Auscultation: Listening, Examination | Silence, Inattention the action of listening to sounds from the heart, lungs, or other organs, typically with a stethoscope, as a part of medical diagnosis It was through auscultation that the listening medical doctor was able to detect a slight heart murmur in the patient.
1274 Get over Get over: Recover, Overcome | Suffer, Struggle to recover from an unpleasant or unhappy experience The heartbroken woman cried day and night, fearing that she would never get over such a bad divorce.
1275 Horrific Horrific: Terrible, Dreadful | Pleasant, Enjoyable to be dreadful and eerie Several people died including three small children in the horrific car accident that occurred last night.
1276 Intake Intake: Consumption, Absorption | Output, Ejection the amount of a substance (i.e., food, water) that is brought into the body While trying to lose weight, Henry lowered his daily calorie intake to just 1,200 calories eaten.
1277 Sear Sear: Burn, Scorch | Dampen, Soak to char, scorch, or burn the surface of something with quick heat The chef placed the steak in the hot pan to sear the outside.
1278 Inequality Inequality: Disparity, Imbalance | Equality, Parity an unfair, not equal, state Although the gap is closing, there is still inequality between pay for men and women.
1279 Nomad Nomad: Wanderer, Roamer | Settler, Resident one who wanders The nomad never stays in a city for more than two months.
1280 Thrive Thrive: Flourish, Prosper | Decline, Wither to do better or increase in size or number In its new place on the windowsill, the plant is sure to thrive and bloom regularly.
1281 Evil Evil: Wickedness, Malevolence | Good, Kindness completely devoid of morality and goodness The devil is an evil being in religion that has no goodness in him, and he seeks only to destroy the lives of the faithful.
1282 Brutal Brutal: Cruel, Savage | Gentle, Compassionate violently cruel and inhumane A rise in violent and brutal crimes is plaguing the once peaceful city.
1283 Lucent Lucent: Luminous, Shining | Dark, Opaque Emitting light; shining Because it was overcast, I could not see the lucent moon in the sky.
1284 Schadenfreude Schadenfreude: Joy in others’ misfortune, Gloating | Compassion, Empathy the sense of enjoyment that comes upon hearing about the problems of others Jeremy had a feeling of schadenfreude when his ex-wife’s second marriage failed.
1285 Bothered Bothered: Annoyed, Disturbed | Calm, Unconcerned concerned or worried about something It was clear that Sue was bothered by something, but I knew she wouldn’t tell me what worried her.
1286 Diploid Diploid: Paired, Matched | Unpaired, Single of a cell, having two complete sets of chromosomes, one from each parent A diploid is a type of cell that contains two sets of chromosomes.
1287 Vertebrate Vertebrate: Animal with a backbone, Mammal | Invertebrate, Worm an animal of any species that has a backbone or spinal column Because it is a vertebrate, the fish a backbone that must be removed before being eaten.
1288 Altruist Altruist: Philanthropist, Humanitarian | Egoist, Selfish regard for others without regard for oneself; devotion He was an altruist, and he loved others better than himself.
1289 Contiguous Contiguous: Adjacent, Neighboring | Distant, Separate used to describe things that touch each other or are next to each other Susan chose her condominium because she loved the fact its layout included a large playroom for her growing family.
1290 Wanton Wanton: Careless, Reckless | Careful, Cautious having no concern for the rights, feelings, or safety of others After surveillance cameras failed to pick up the wanton destruction of the library, the county hired a security guard to patrol the building.
1291 Unsullied Unsullied: Untarnished, Pure | Tainted, Stained untainted; pure The groom was happy to discover his wife was an unsullied virgin on their wedding night.
1292 Enroll Enroll: Register, Join | Quit, Resign to sign-up for something If you want to enroll your child in swim lessons, you must fill out a form and pay a 100-dollar deposit.
1293 Enterprise Enterprise: Business, Venture | Failure, Bankruptcy a huge task or undertaking Building the mansion in six months is going to be quite an enterprise for our small construction team.
1294 Chorus Chorus: Choir, Harmony | Solo, Dissonance a part of a song generally repeated after every verse The chorus of a song is often the most recognizable part of it, since it is repeated multiple times throughout the piece.
1295 Embody Embody: Represent, Personify | Disembody, Divest to stand as a symbol for something The national flag is supposed to embody the spirit of our country.
1296 Concealment Concealment: Hiding, Secrecy | Disclosure, Revelation the action of hiding something or preventing it from being known The felon was charged with concealment of a dead body after he helped hide the murder victim’s corpse in the woods.
1297 Civilization Civilization: Culture, Society | Barbarism, Savagery a society that is developed and productive in its resource usage The student was thrilled when her professor invited her to join the team that was digging to unearth an early civilization.
1298 Affirmative action Affirmative action: Supportive action, Positive action | Inaction, Negligence an effort to improve the educational and employment opportunities for women and minorities by preventing discrimination Affirmative action procedures were explained to the staff so that they knew to recruit more minority workers.
1299 Brunt Brunt: Impact, Force | Trivial, Minor the most unpleasant part of something In these days of severe budget cuts, teachers bear the brunt of responsibility for purchasing school supplies.
1300 Cofactor Cofactor: Collaborator, Associate | Opponent, Enemy a heavy contributor to a specific disease Extreme body weight is a major cofactor in regards to heart disease.

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1. What are synonyms and antonyms?

Answer: Synonyms are words that share similar meanings, while antonyms are words that have opposite meanings. For instance, “big” and “large” are synonyms, while “big” and “small” are antonyms.

2. Where can I find a comprehensive list of synonyms and antonyms?

Answer: Various online resources, dictionaries, and educational websites offer extensive lists of synonyms and antonyms. You can also find curated lists in books specifically dedicated to building vocabulary.

3. How can I improve my vocabulary using synonyms and antonyms?

Answer: Regularly exploring synonyms and antonyms broadens your word choices. Practicing with worksheets, quizzes, or flashcards helps reinforce your vocabulary skills.

4. Is there a resource with synonyms and antonyms specifically designed for competitive exams?

Answer: Yes, several study materials, including PDFs and books, cater to competitive exam preparation, offering tailored lists of synonyms and antonyms that align with exam patterns.

5. Can you provide a few examples of synonyms and antonyms?

Answer: Certainly! Synonyms include pairs like “happy” and “joyful,” while antonyms consist of pairs like “hot” and “cold.”

6. Are there any resources available in languages like Gujarati and Hindi for synonyms and antonyms?

Answer: Yes, you can find resources, including dictionaries and study materials, that provide synonyms and antonyms in Gujarati and Hindi languages.

7. How can I access a comprehensive 1000-word list of synonyms and antonyms?

Answer: There are PDFs and books available online that offer extensive lists of synonyms and antonyms, including around 1000 words, aiding in vocabulary enhancement.

8. Are there worksheets or exercises available for practicing synonyms and antonyms?

Answer: Yes, worksheets and exercises are accessible online, designed to help practice and reinforce synonyms and antonyms usage.

9. Can you explain the importance of synonyms and antonyms in language learning?

Answer: Synonyms and antonyms play a crucial role in language development by enriching vocabulary, improving language precision, and fostering effective communication skills.

10. How can I create a project to better understand synonyms and antonyms?

Answer: You can design projects where you explore various words, their synonyms, and antonyms, showcasing their usage in sentences or contexts, aiding in practical understanding.

11. Is there an alphabetical list available for synonyms and antonyms?

Answer: Yes, many resources provide alphabetical lists from A to Z, presenting synonyms and antonyms in an organized manner.

12. Are there specific examples of 50 words with synonyms and antonyms?

Answer: Yes, you can find curated lists or exercises online that offer around 50 words along with their synonyms and antonyms.

13. Can synonyms and antonyms be learned effectively through visual aids like charts?

Answer: Yes, visual aids such as charts or graphs that categorize synonyms and antonyms can aid in better comprehension and retention.

14. How can I use synonyms and antonyms effectively in sentence construction?

Answer: Incorporating synonyms and antonyms in sentences helps express ideas with more variety and precision, enhancing the overall quality of communication.

15. Is there a specific format or guide for creating synonym and antonym projects?

Answer: While there’s no fixed format, project guides often involve researching and presenting words, their synonyms, antonyms, and usage examples in an organized manner, allowing for creative expression and learning.

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