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The Most Important Jumbled Sentence Exercise Part 7

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601 help   don’t   Tom   I   think   to   has   anyone   him.
602 did   don’t   the   I   know   Tom   reason   why   that.
603 or   don’t   whether   I   know   swim   Tom   can   not.
604 already?   Tom   Mary   Have   and   that   both   done
605 already?   both   and   Have   Tom   that   Mary   done
606 gone   except   Everybody’s   fishing,   for   Tom.
607 knows   won’t   Everybody   Tom   that.   really   do
608 yet?   anybody   why   Does   know   here   Tom   isn’t
609 do   you   on   Do   plan   to   permitting   Tom   that?
610 doing   you   when   Do   know   on   Tom   plans   that?
611 do   you   Tom   Did   know   to   was   planning   that?
612 soon?   you   to   Are   planning   anytime   do   that
613 a   could   the   Tom   talk   off   hind   leg   donkey.
614 empty   could   a   Tom   start   an   fight   in   room.
615 that.   said   doesn’t   Mary   she   doing   plan   on
616 Monday.   said   planned   Mary   she   on   on   going
617 that.   said   wasn’t   Mary   she   do   planning   to
618 that.   says   doesn’t   Mary   she   doing   plan   on
619 do   told   she   Mary   Tom   to   didn’t   plan   that.
620 you?   still   on   You   plan   don’t   helping   Tom,
621 for   can’t   how   You   imagine   is   hard   it   Tom.
622 are   planning   When   you   pictures?   on   taking
623 are   doing   What   you   clothes?   wearing   Tom’s
624 still   on   We’re   planning   team.   joining   the
625 planning   take   We’re   to   pictures   tomorrow.
626 near   plan   doing   We   on   the   that   in   future.
627 that.   wondered   Mary   Tom   whether   do   had   to
628 October.   was   on   Tom   born   of   the   twentieth
629 the   told   he   Tom   me   joining   plans   on   team.
630 helping.   told   he   Tom   Mary   on   was   planning
631 that.   thought   was   Tom   Mary   do   unlikely   to
632 thinks   smarter   Tom   he’s   else.   than   anyone
633 again.   swore   wouldn’t   Tom   he   that   ever   do
634 him.   ought   do   Tom   to   tell   everything   they
635 wants.   says   can   Tom   Mary   she   eat   anything
636 as   said   Mary   Tom   that   that   would   do   well.
637 that.   said   Mary   Tom   that   doing   won’t   like
638 do   said   Mary   Tom   that   to   won’t   like   that.
639 him.   needs   do   Tom   to   tell   everything   they
640 knew   someone   Tom   that   Mary.   was   following
641 again.   is   going   Tom   never   anybody   to   hurt
642 Mary.   is   for   Tom   looking   help   somebody   to
643 of   is   and   Tom   fat   fun   everyone   makes   him.
644 married.   didn’t   Mary   Tom   tell   was   that   he
645 necklace.   decided   buy   Tom   to   pearl   Mary   a
646 and   talked   Tom   Mary   children.   about   their
647 somebody   does   Normally,   else   us.   this   for
648 you.   going   be   It’s   to   forget   difficult   to
649 to   going   be   It’s   to   Tom   hard   that.   for   do
650 someone.   looks   Tom   It   like   for   is   waiting
651 that   glad   were   I’m   we   do   able   Tom.   to   for
652 can   be   as   I’ll   there   I   soon   there.   as   get
653 that   think   didn’t   I   Tom   do   want   to   alone.
654 today.   think   not   I   that’s   happen   going   to
655 done   think   Tom   I   both   have   and   Mary   that.
656 done   think   and   I   Tom   both   Mary   have   that.
657 where   plan   lie   I   to   about   to   went.   Tom   we
658 does.   know   better   I   Tom   else   than   anybody
659 to   know   Tom   I   both   have   and   that.   Mary   do
660 to   know   and   I   Tom   have   Mary   that.   both   do
661 I’d   don’t   French   I   speak   as   as   well   like.
662 or   don’t   whether   I   know   angry   Tom   is   not.
663 many   did   How   kilograms   lose?   you   actually
664 with   Tom   Mary   Both   and   lunch   will   eat   us.
665 with   and   both   Tom   Mary   lunch   will   eat   us.
666 got   when   She   married   twenty-five.   she   was
667 on   wonder   there   I   if   good   is   anything   TV.
668 life.   never   a   I’ve   smoked   my   cigarette   in
669 do   are   and   Why   Tom   to   Mary   planning   that?
670 staying   do   and   Who   Tom   on   Mary   plan   with?
671 do   do   and   Who   Tom   to   Mary   with?   plan   that
672 doing   do   and   Where   Tom   on   Mary   plan   that?
673 you   and   are   Tom   Mary   miss   going   lot.   to   a
674 and   turned   Tom   Mary   on.   their   flashlights
675 and   turned   Tom   Mary   flashlights.   on   their
676 lamps.   and   turned   Tom   Mary   desk   off   their
677 off.   and   turned   Tom   Mary   lamps   their   desk
678 to   and   say   Tom   Mary   ready   they   aren’t   go.
679 to   and   say   Tom   Mary   ready   they’re   not   go.
680 on   and   say   Tom   Mary   plan   that   they   going.
681 yet.   and   said   Tom   Mary   sleepy   they’re   not
682 yet.   and   said   Tom   Mary   sleepy   they   aren’t
683 that.   and   said   Tom   Mary   doing   they’re   not
684 that.   and   said   Tom   Mary   doing   they   aren’t
685 go   and   said   Tom   Mary   to   they   plan   Monday.
686 help   and   said   Tom   Mary   could   no   one   them.
687 them.   and   said   Tom   Mary   help   nobody   could
688 themselves.   and   planned   Tom   Mary   by   to   go
689 themselves.   and   plan   Tom   Mary   by   on   going
690 them.   and   needed   Tom   Mary   help   someone   to
691 home.   and   left   Tom   Mary   at   their   children
692 them.   and   help   Tom   Mary   asks   anybody   that
693 to   and   do   Tom   Mary   want   whatever   they   do.
694 that.   and   aren’t   Tom   Mary   do   permitted   to
695 going.   and   are   Tom   Mary   on   still   planning
696 tomorrow.   and   are   Tom   Mary   go   planning   to
697 right.   assume   Tom   Let’s   that   are   and   Mary
698 want   Tom   Mary   Let   and   they   do   do.   what   to
699 Mary   seems   one   It   no   and   but   that.   Tom   do
700 do   seems   but   It   nobody   Mary   Tom   and   that.


601 I don’t think Tom has anyone to help him.
602 I don’t know the reason why Tom did that.
603 I don’t know whether Tom can swim or not.
604 Have Tom and Mary both done that already?
605 Have both Tom and Mary done that already?
606 Everybody’s gone fishing, except for Tom.
607 Everybody knows Tom won’t really do that.
608 Does anybody know why Tom isn’t here yet?
609 Do you plan on permitting Tom to do that?
610 Do you know when Tom plans on doing that?
611 Did you know Tom was planning to do that?
612 Are you planning to do that anytime soon?
613 Tom could talk the hind leg off a donkey.
614 Tom could start a fight in an empty room.
615 Mary said she doesn’t plan on doing that.
616 Mary said she planned on going on Monday.
617 Mary said she wasn’t planning to do that.
618 Mary says she doesn’t plan on doing that.
619 Mary told Tom she didn’t plan to do that.
620 You still plan on helping Tom, don’t you?
621 You can’t imagine how hard it is for Tom.
622 When are you planning on taking pictures?
623 What are you doing wearing Tom’s clothes?
624 We’re still planning on joining the team.
625 We’re planning to take pictures tomorrow.
626 We plan on doing that in the near future.
627 Tom wondered whether Mary had to do that.
628 Tom was born on the twentieth of October.
629 Tom told me he plans on joining the team.
630 Tom told Mary he was planning on helping.
631 Tom thought Mary was unlikely to do that.
632 Tom thinks he’s smarter than anyone else.
633 Tom swore he wouldn’t ever do that again.
634 Tom ought to do everything they tell him.
635 Tom says Mary can eat anything she wants.
636 Tom said that Mary would do that as well.
637 Tom said that Mary won’t like doing that.
638 Tom said that Mary won’t like to do that.
639 Tom needs to do everything they tell him.
640 Tom knew that someone was following Mary.
641 Tom is never going to hurt anybody again.
642 Tom is looking for somebody to help Mary.
643 Tom is fat and everyone makes fun of him.
644 Tom didn’t tell Mary that he was married.
645 Tom decided to buy Mary a pearl necklace.
646 Tom and Mary talked about their children.
647 Normally, somebody else does this for us.
648 It’s going to be difficult to forget you.
649 It’s going to be hard for Tom to do that.
650 It looks like Tom is waiting for someone.
651 I’m glad we were able to do that for Tom.
652 I’ll be there as soon as I can get there.
653 I think Tom didn’t want to do that alone.
654 I think that’s not going to happen today.
655 I think both Tom and Mary have done that.
656 I think Tom and Mary have both done that.
657 I plan to lie to Tom about where we went.
658 I know Tom better than anybody else does.
659 I know both Tom and Mary have to do that.
660 I know Tom and Mary both have to do that.
661 I don’t speak French as well as I’d like.
662 I don’t know whether Tom is angry or not.
663 How many kilograms did you actually lose?
664 Both Tom and Mary will eat lunch with us.
665 Tom and Mary both will eat lunch with us.
666 She got married when she was twenty-five.
667 I wonder if there is anything good on TV.
668 I’ve never smoked a cigarette in my life.
669 Why are Tom and Mary planning to do that?
670 Who do Tom and Mary plan on staying with?
671 Who do Tom and Mary plan to do that with?
672 Where do Tom and Mary plan on doing that?
673 Tom and Mary are going to miss you a lot.
674 Tom and Mary turned their flashlights on.
675 Tom and Mary turned on their flashlights.
676 Tom and Mary turned off their desk lamps.
677 Tom and Mary turned their desk lamps off.
678 Tom and Mary say they aren’t ready to go.
679 Tom and Mary say they’re not ready to go.
680 Tom and Mary say that they plan on going.
681 Tom and Mary said they’re not sleepy yet.
682 Tom and Mary said they aren’t sleepy yet.
683 Tom and Mary said they’re not doing that.
684 Tom and Mary said they aren’t doing that.
685 Tom and Mary said they plan to go Monday.
686 Tom and Mary said no one could help them.
687 Tom and Mary said nobody could help them.
688 Tom and Mary planned to go by themselves.
689 Tom and Mary plan on going by themselves.
690 Tom and Mary needed someone to help them.
691 Tom and Mary left their children at home.
692 Tom and Mary help anybody that asks them.
693 Tom and Mary do whatever they want to do.
694 Tom and Mary aren’t permitted to do that.
695 Tom and Mary are still planning on going.
696 Tom and Mary are planning to go tomorrow.
697 Let’s assume that Tom and Mary are right.
698 Let Tom and Mary do what they want to do.
699 It seems no one but Tom and Mary do that.
700 It seems nobody but Tom and Mary do that.

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