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The Most Important Jumbled Sentence Exercise Part 5

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401 that.   said   not   Tom   Mary’s   do   permitted   to
402 that.   said   was   Tom   Mary   doing   planning   on
403 good   said   that   Tom   doing   a   might   be   idea.
404 said   that   Tom   doing   problems.   might   cause
405 Monday.   said   planned   Tom   he   that   on   doing
406 problems.   said   wasn’t   Tom   he   any   aware   of
407 few   said   like   Tom   he’d   a   to   borrow   books.
408 few   said   wanted   Tom   he   a   to   borrow   books.
409 later.   said   try   Tom   he’d   again   doing   that
410 again   said   try   Tom   he’d   that   to   do   later.
411 to   said   one   Tom   no   him   had   that.   asked   do
412 do   said   had   Tom   nobody   to   asked   him   that.
413 as   said   he   Tom   that   flute   plays   the   well.
414 difficult.   said   life   Tom   that   very   can   be
415 did   says   he   Tom   that   Mary   can   prove   that.
416 that.   says   doesn’t   Tom   he   doing   even   like
417 do   says   doesn’t   Tom   he   to   even   like   that.
418 that.   says   isn’t   Tom   he   doing   planning   on
419 Boston.   sent   postcard   Tom   this   from   to   me
420 that.   shouldn’t   ever   Tom   have   do   tried   to
421 shouldn’t   ever   Tom   have   that.   tried   doing
422 was   stayed   his   Tom   in   he   room   to.   as   told
423 to.   stayed   than   Tom   longer   planned   he   had
424 thinks   wouldn’t   Tom   Mary   that.   like   doing
425 that.   thinks   wouldn’t   Tom   Mary   do   like   to
426 her.   told   he   Tom   Mary   leave   wouldn’t   ever
427 for.   usually   get   Tom   doesn’t   asks   what   he
428 for.   doesn’t   get   Tom   usually   asks   what   he
429 usually   longer   Tom   sleeps   does.   than   Mary
430 do   is   to   Tom   going   to   be   soon.   ready   that
431 to   is   to   Tom   going   scared   be   that.   too   do
432 he   is   to   Tom   going   glad   be   that.   very   did
433 chance.   is   to   Tom   going   another   give   Mary
434 than   is   to   Tom   going   time   need   more   that.
435 do   will   get   Tom   never   to   the   chance   that.
436 do   won’t   get   Tom   ever   to   the   chance   that.
437 Mary   is   to   Tom   going   help   try   that.   to   do
438 wondered   nobody   Tom   why   anymore.   did   that
439 anymore.   wondered   no   Tom   why   that   one   did
440 that.   wouldn’t   allowed   Tom   have   do   you   to
441 that.   shouldn’t   allowed   We   have   do   you   to
442 not.   do   whether   I’ll   that   or   it’s   raining
443 you   doing   Would   mind   else?   that   somewhere
444 you   doing   Would   mind   else?   that   someplace
445 I   didn’t   that   You   do   as   as   well   expected.
446 that   have   find   I   to   do   someone   me.   to   for
447 encouraged   to   Tom   everyone   best.   do   their
448 has   everyone   Tom   given   each.   three   apples
449 is   very   Tom   obviously   this.   excited   about
450 that.   obviously   know   Tom   didn’t   do   how   to
451 that.   said   he   Tom   everyone   done   knows   has
452 that.   says   he   Tom   everyone   done   knows   has
453 you   that   Do   do   often?   No, not so often.
454 you   do   Do   often   that?   No, not so often.
455 do   think   might   I   it   to   be   unethical   that.
456 when   used   do   I   to   lot   that   a   kid.   was   a   I
457 October.   and   are   Tom   I   in   getting   married
458 was   has   my   Tom   been   I   barber   kid.   since   a
459 we   may   gone   Tom   be   time   by   there.   the   get
460 gets   may   very   Tom   be   he   hungry   when   home.
461 be   said   was   Tom   Mary   still   likely   to   mad.
462 do   you   whether   Do   know   to   Tom   plans   that?
463 as   don’t   the   I   play   well   mandolin   as   you.
464 do   has   me   Tom   told   to   he’s   planning   that.
465 that   said   doesn’t   Tom   he   do   plan   to   here.
466 that   says   doesn’t   Tom   he   do   plan   to   here.
467 to   told   what   Tom   Mary   planning   he   was   do.
468 married.   and   are   Tom   Mary   get   planning   to
469 than   has   here   Tom   been   longer   a   lot   Mary.
470 do   you   think   Do   really   to   it’s   hard   that?
471 as   don’t   Mexican   I   eat   often   food   as   Tom.
472 that   not   to   I’m   going   do   let   Tom   anymore.
473 no   of   There’s   possibility   that.   Tom   doing
474 that   said   didn’t   Tom   he   do   want   to   alone.
475 do   said   was   Tom   he   didn’t   glad   Mary   that.
476 Mary   seems   be   Tom   to   what   unaware   of   did.
477 next   hopes   can   Tom   he   that   to   do   October.
478 our   will   a   Tom   be   to   great   addition   team.
479 by   will   ready   Tom   be   that   to   do   tomorrow.
480 do   will   very   Tom   be   didn’t   happy   he   that.
481 that.   will   very   Tom   be   doing   hungry   after
482 he   will   that   Tom   do   as   as   home.   soon   gets
483 for.   will   us   Tom   give   asked   everything   we
484 again.   will   Mary   Tom   stop   that   from   doing
485 dinner?   are   planning   What   you   for   to   make
486 think.   that   be   Doing   will   you   harder   than
487 to   has   idea   Tom   no   has   when   that.   Mary   do
488 the   has   idea   Tom   no   at   who’ll   be   meeting.
489 has   interest   Tom   no   whatsoever.   in   sports
490 do   didn’t   to   You   seem   to   be   willing   that.
491 told   must   that   You   do   Tom   the   to.   way   you
492 do   don’t   plan   You   really   that,   to   do   you?
493 in   does   plan   Who   Tom   with   to   stay   Boston?
494 Boston?   does   plan   Where   Tom   in   on   staying
495 planning   staying   We’re   on   until   tomorrow.
496 days.   planning   staying   We’re   on   few   for   a
497 planning   go   We’re   to   we?   tomorrow,   aren’t
498 to   told   that   Tom   Mary   planning   he   was   go.
499 do   told   he   Tom   Mary   to   was   planning   that.
500 should’ve   tried   Tom   never   early.   to   leave



401 Tom said Mary’s not permitted to do that.
402 Tom said Mary was planning on doing that.
403 Tom said doing that might be a good idea.
404 Tom said doing that might cause problems.
405 Tom said he planned on doing that Monday.
406 Tom said he wasn’t aware of any problems.
407 Tom said he’d like to borrow a few books.
408 Tom said he wanted to borrow a few books.
409 Tom said he’d try doing that again later.
410 Tom said he’d try to do that again later.
411 Tom said no one had asked him to do that.
412 Tom said nobody had asked him to do that.
413 Tom said that he plays the flute as well.
414 Tom said that life can be very difficult.
415 Tom says that he can prove Mary did that.
416 Tom says he doesn’t even like doing that.
417 Tom says he doesn’t even like to do that.
418 Tom says he isn’t planning on doing that.
419 Tom sent this postcard to me from Boston.
420 Tom shouldn’t have ever tried to do that.
421 Tom shouldn’t have ever tried doing that.
422 Tom stayed in his room as he was told to.
423 Tom stayed longer than he had planned to.
424 Tom thinks Mary wouldn’t like doing that.
425 Tom thinks Mary wouldn’t like to do that.
426 Tom told Mary he wouldn’t ever leave her.
427 Tom usually doesn’t get what he asks for.
428 Tom doesn’t usually get what he asks for.
429 Tom usually sleeps longer than Mary does.
430 Tom is going to be ready to do that soon.
431 Tom is going to be too scared to do that.
432 Tom is going to be very glad he did that.
433 Tom is going to give Mary another chance.
434 Tom is going to need more time than that.
435 Tom will never get the chance to do that.
436 Tom won’t ever get the chance to do that.
437 Tom is going to try to help Mary do that.
438 Tom wondered why nobody did that anymore.
439 Tom wondered why no one did that anymore.
440 Tom wouldn’t have allowed you to do that.
441 We shouldn’t have allowed you to do that.
442 I’ll do that whether it’s raining or not.
443 Would you mind doing that somewhere else?
444 Would you mind doing that someplace else?
445 You didn’t do that as well as I expected.
446 I have to find someone to do that for me.
447 Tom encouraged everyone to do their best.
448 Tom has given everyone three apples each.
449 Tom is obviously very excited about this.
450 Tom obviously didn’t know how to do that.
451 Tom said everyone he knows has done that.
452 Tom says everyone he knows has done that.
453 Do you do that often? “No, not so often.”
454 Do you often do that? “No, not so often.”
455 I think it might be unethical to do that.
456 I used to do that a lot when I was a kid.
457 Tom and I are getting married in October.
458 Tom has been my barber since I was a kid.
459 Tom may be gone by the time we get there.
460 Tom may be very hungry when he gets home.
461 Tom said Mary was likely to still be mad.
462 Do you know whether Tom plans to do that?
463 I don’t play the mandolin as well as you.
464 Tom has told me he’s planning to do that.
465 Tom said he doesn’t plan to do that here.
466 Tom says he doesn’t plan to do that here.
467 Tom told Mary what he was planning to do.
468 Tom and Mary are planning to get married.
469 Tom has been here a lot longer than Mary.
470 Do you really think it’s hard to do that?
471 I don’t eat Mexican food as often as Tom.
472 I’m not going to let Tom do that anymore.
473 There’s no possibility of Tom doing that.
474 Tom said he didn’t want to do that alone.
475 Tom said he was glad Mary didn’t do that.
476 Tom seems to be unaware of what Mary did.
477 Tom hopes he can to do that next October.
478 Tom will be a great addition to our team.
479 Tom will be ready to do that by tomorrow.
480 Tom will be very happy he didn’t do that.
481 Tom will be very hungry after doing that.
482 Tom will do that as soon as he gets home.
483 Tom will give us everything we asked for.
484 Tom will stop Mary from doing that again.
485 What are you planning to make for dinner?
486 Doing that will be harder than you think.
487 Tom has no idea when Mary has to do that.
488 Tom has no idea who’ll be at the meeting.
489 Tom has no interest in sports whatsoever.
490 You didn’t seem to be willing to do that.
491 You must do that the way Tom told you to.
492 You don’t really plan to do that, do you?
493 Who does Tom plan to stay with in Boston?
494 Where does Tom plan on staying in Boston?
495 We’re planning on staying until tomorrow.
496 We’re planning on staying for a few days.
497 We’re planning to go tomorrow, aren’t we?
498 Tom told Mary that he was planning to go.
499 Tom told Mary he was planning to do that.
500 Tom should’ve never tried to leave early.

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