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The Most Important Jumbled Sentence Exercise Part 4

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301 surprised   when   Tom   everybody   that.   he   did
302 in   will   unable   Tom   be   that   to   hour.   do   an
303 will   enjoy   Tom   unlikely   alone.   doing   that
304 in   look   if   You   as   eaten   you   haven’t   days.
305 as   has   done   Tom   never   far   that   know.   as   I
306 French.   Tom   I   Both   and   studying   are   still
307 French.   and   are   Tom   I   studying   both   still
308 afternoon.   Tom   I’ll   Both   and   this   be   busy
309 afternoon.   and   both   Tom   I’ll   this   be   busy
310 that   likely   Doing   will   difficult.   be   very
311 Boston.   here   me   Everyone   but   in   has   lived
312 thing.   in   room   Everybody   the   same   did   the
313 doing   many   do   How   times   on   you   plan   that?
314 true.   thought   what   I   that   wasn’t   Tom   said
315 Tom   don’t   as   I   have   as   many   friends   does.
316 French.   don’t   anyone   I   know   speak   who   can
317 Tom   don’t   French   I   speak   as   as   well   does.
318 do   don’t   Tom   I   think   Mary   would   let   that.
319 do   think   would   I   it   to   be   unethical   that.
320 expect   will   I   everybody   tomorrow.   do   that
321 that.   didn’t   any   I   have   do   opportunity   to
322 haven’t   finished   I   yet   book.   reading   this
323 haven’t   reading   I   finished   yet.   this   book
324 Tom   live   the   I   in   as   same   dormitory   does.
325 year.   might   French   I   teach   next   in   Boston
326 day   plan   staying   I   on   all   at   home   Monday.
327 do   think   already   I   Tom   to   knows   how   that.
328 that   think   knows   I   Tom   do   how   to   already.
329 than   think   can   I   Tom   better   do   that   Mary.
330 I   could   tempted   Tom   be   that,   to   do   think.
331 you   think   would   I   Tom   if   be   that.   mad   did
332 do   think   might   I   it   to   be   difficult   that.
333 do   think   won’t   I   it   to   be   difficult   that.
334 get   call   as   I’ll   you   I   soon   Boston.   as   to
335 a   been   that   I’ve   doing   was   since   I   child.
336 Tom   been   a   I’ve   here   than   lot   longer   has.
337 talk   there   else   Is   anyone   to   you   need   to?
338 talk   there   else   Is   anyone   to   you   want   to?
339 that.   might   problems   It   cause   does   if   Tom
340 that.   shouldn’t   too   It   be   do   difficult   to
341 after.   do   tomorrow   Please   that   day   or   the
342 seems   have   Somebody   to   already.   done   that
343 yesterday.   is   person   Tom   the   that   who   did
344 tomorrow.   and   be   Tom   I’ll   Boston   going   to
345 few   and   be   Tom   I’ll   a   here   days.   for   more
346 special.   and   both   Tom   I   lunch   ordered   the
347 special.   Tom   I   Both   and   lunch   ordered   the
348 the   and   both   Tom   I   at   stood   time.   up   same
349 the   Tom   I   Both   and   at   stood   time.   up   same
350 quite   and   can   Tom   I   chess   both   play   well.
351 quite   Tom   I   Both   and   chess   can   play   well.
352 thirties.   and   both   Tom   Mary   their   died   in
353 thirties.   Tom   Mary   Both   and   their   died   in
354 his   is   to   Tom   able   than   cook   better   wife.
355 Mary   doesn’t   that   Tom   do   as   as   fast   does.
356 Mary   doesn’t   that   Tom   do   as   as   much   does.
357 Mary   doesn’t   that   Tom   do   as   as   well   does.
358 do   thinks   won’t   Tom   Mary   to   be   able   that.
359 that.   doesn’t   have   Tom   yet   about   to   worry
360 yet.   doesn’t   to   Tom   have   that   worry   about
361 that.   had   very   Tom   a   doing   difficult   time
362 of   has   done   Tom   already   lot   that   a   times.
363 a   has   doing   Tom   been   about   that   for   week.
364 years.   has   gone   Tom   been   three   for   nearly
365 years.   has   gone   Tom   been   three   for   almost
366 doesn’t   anything   Tom   have   about.   to   worry
367 has   everybody   Tom   thanked   help.   for   their
368 Mary   has   as   Tom   twice   as   many   books   does.
369 that.   hasn’t   yet   Tom   admitted   did   that   he
370 yet.   hasn’t   that   Tom   admitted   that   he   did
371 that.   hasn’t   admitted   Tom   yet   did   that   he
372 crime.   hasn’t   been   Tom   yet   a   charged   with
373 yet.   hasn’t   charged   Tom   been   crime   with   a
374 has   hasn’t   told   Tom   yet   he   us   do.   what   to
375 to   hasn’t   us   Tom   told   has   what   yet.   he   do
376 than   is   much   Tom   a   player   better   bass   me.
377 you   is   much   Tom   a   than   better   driver   are.
378 Mary   is   much   Tom   a   than   faster   driver   is.
379 that.   is   pretty   Tom   already   doing   good   at
380 already.   is   good   Tom   pretty   that   at   doing
381 to   is   it’s   Tom   aware   easy   not   always   win.
382 to   is   it   Tom   aware   easy   isn’t   always   win.
383 Mary   is   to   Tom   likely   than   be   smarter   is.
384 year.   is   on   Tom   planning   next   going   again
385 picture.   is   person   Tom   the   this   that   drew
386 do   isn’t   to   Tom   going   to   allow   Mary   that.
387 isn’t   you   Tom   someone   replace.   can   easily
388 isn’t   you   Tom   someone   easily.   can   replace
389 doesn’t   anything   Tom   know   plan.   about   the
390 wants.   allows   to   Tom   Mary   she   do   anything
391 wants.   allows   to   Tom   Mary   she   do   whatever
392 as   likes   same   Tom   the   music   kind   of   Mary.
393 makes   for   Tom   breakfast   morning.   us   every
394 with.   might   difficult   Tom   be   along   to   get
395 weekend.   may   been   Tom   have   last   in   Boston
396 might’ve   in   Tom   been   weekend.   Boston   last
397 did.   might’ve   Mary   Tom   told   we   about   what
398 we   may   told   Tom   have   what   Mary   about   did.
399 obviously   somebody   Tom   needs   him.   to   help
400 that.   said   isn’t   Tom   Mary   do   permitted   to


301 Tom surprised everybody when he did that.
302 Tom will be unable to do that in an hour.
303 Tom will unlikely enjoy doing that alone.
304 You look as if you haven’t eaten in days.
305 Tom has never done that as far as I know.
306 Both Tom and I are still studying French.
307 Tom and I are both still studying French.
308 Both Tom and I’ll be busy this afternoon.
309 Tom and I’ll both be busy this afternoon.
310 Doing that will likely be very difficult.
311 Everyone here but me has lived in Boston.
312 Everybody in the room did the same thing.
313 How many times do you plan on doing that?
314 I thought that what Tom said wasn’t true.
315 I don’t have as many friends as Tom does.
316 I don’t know anyone who can speak French.
317 I don’t speak French as well as Tom does.
318 I don’t think Tom would let Mary do that.
319 I think it would be unethical to do that.
320 I expect everybody will do that tomorrow.
321 I didn’t have any opportunity to do that.
322 I haven’t yet finished reading this book.
323 I haven’t finished reading this book yet.
324 I live in the same dormitory as Tom does.
325 I might teach French in Boston next year.
326 I plan on staying at home all day Monday.
327 I think Tom already knows how to do that.
328 I think Tom knows how to do that already.
329 I think Tom can do that better than Mary.
330 Tom could be tempted to do that, I think.
331 I think Tom would be mad if you did that.
332 I think it might be difficult to do that.
333 I think it won’t be difficult to do that.
334 I’ll call you as soon as I get to Boston.
335 I’ve been doing that since I was a child.
336 I’ve been here a lot longer than Tom has.
337 Is there anyone else you need to talk to?
338 Is there anyone else you want to talk to?
339 It might cause problems if Tom does that.
340 It shouldn’t be too difficult to do that.
341 Please do that tomorrow or the day after.
342 Somebody seems to have done that already.
343 Tom is the person who did that yesterday.
344 Tom and I’ll be going to Boston tomorrow.
345 Tom and I’ll be here for a few more days.
346 Tom and I both ordered the lunch special.
347 Both Tom and I ordered the lunch special.
348 Tom and I both stood up at the same time.
349 Both Tom and I stood up at the same time.
350 Tom and I can both play chess quite well.
351 Both Tom and I can play chess quite well.
352 Tom and Mary both died in their thirties.
353 Both Tom and Mary died in their thirties.
354 Tom is able to cook better than his wife.
355 Tom doesn’t do that as fast as Mary does.
356 Tom doesn’t do that as much as Mary does.
357 Tom doesn’t do that as well as Mary does.
358 Tom thinks Mary won’t be able to do that.
359 Tom doesn’t yet have to worry about that.
360 Tom doesn’t have to worry about that yet.
361 Tom had a very difficult time doing that.
362 Tom has already done that a lot of times.
363 Tom has been doing that for about a week.
364 Tom has been gone for nearly three years.
365 Tom has been gone for almost three years.
366 Tom doesn’t have anything to worry about.
367 Tom has thanked everybody for their help.
368 Tom has twice as many books as Mary does.
369 Tom hasn’t admitted yet that he did that.
370 Tom hasn’t admitted that he did that yet.
371 Tom hasn’t yet admitted that he did that.
372 Tom hasn’t yet been charged with a crime.
373 Tom hasn’t been charged with a crime yet.
374 Tom hasn’t yet told us what he has to do.
375 Tom hasn’t told us what he has to do yet.
376 Tom is a much better bass player than me.
377 Tom is a much better driver than you are.
378 Tom is a much faster driver than Mary is.
379 Tom is already pretty good at doing that.
380 Tom is pretty good at doing that already.
381 Tom is aware it’s not always easy to win.
382 Tom is aware it isn’t always easy to win.
383 Tom is likely to be smarter than Mary is.
384 Tom is planning on going again next year.
385 Tom is the person that drew this picture.
386 Tom isn’t going to allow Mary to do that.
387 Tom isn’t someone you can easily replace.
388 Tom isn’t someone you can replace easily.
389 Tom doesn’t know anything about the plan.
390 Tom allows Mary to do anything she wants.
391 Tom allows Mary to do whatever she wants.
392 Tom likes the same kind of music as Mary.
393 Tom makes breakfast for us every morning.
394 Tom might be difficult to get along with.
395 Tom may have been in Boston last weekend.
396 Tom might’ve been in Boston last weekend.
397 Tom might’ve told Mary about what we did.
398 Tom may have told Mary about what we did.
399 Tom obviously needs somebody to help him.
400 Tom said Mary isn’t permitted to do that.

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