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The Most Important Jumbled Sentence Exercise Part 3

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201 music!   your   when   Close   eyes   to   you   listen
202 music.   your   when   Close   eyes   to   you   listen
203 trumpet.   not   to   He’s   ashamed   own   blow   his
204 that   are   allowed   You   not   into   to   go   room.
205 you?   you   you’d   If   knew,   wouldn’t   tell   me,
206 today   temperature   Even   the   zero.   is   below
207 I   dialed   Sorry.   must’ve   number.   the   wrong
208 his   heard   shut   I   Tom   on   the   out.   door   way
209 line.   didn’t   to   Tom   want   picket   cross   the
210 blue   said   wanted   Tom   he   a   to   buy   sweater.
211 leaving.   and   said   Tom   Mary   were   that   they
212 corporations.   is   the   She   in   big   pocket   of
213 won’t   beholden   I   be   interests.   to   special
214 us.   you’re   with   If   not   against   us,   you’re
215 talk   not   I   That’s   what   to   am   going   about.
216 about.   not   he’s   That’s   what   talk   going   to
217 room.   is   much   There   too   this   furniture   in
218 can   everything   I   understand   she’s   saying.
219 can   everything   I   understand   saying.   he   is
220 can   everything   He   understand   saying.   I   am
221 can   everything   She   understand   I’m   saying.
222 can   everything   We   understand   he’s   saying.
223 questions.   did   want   They   not   my   to   answer
224 work.   is   a   Tom   organising   at   secret   Santa
225 work.   is   a   Tom   organising   at   Kris   Kringle
226 is   French   Why   your   good?   pronunciation   so
227 you.   hope   is   I   everything   with   going   well
228 should’ve   more   I   paid   class.   attention   in
229 happened.   is   as   Tom   acting   has   if   nothing
230 tongue   extraordinarily   This   is   difficult.
231 time?   is   greatest   Who   the   all   composer   of
232 is   grammatically   This   a   correct   sentence.
233 could   laughed   much,   I   so   I   I   thought   die.
234 you.   will   let   I   never   hurt   these   scumbags
235 discussion   getting   This   is   too   political.
236 the   was   by   I   delighted   to   my   trip   museum.
237 neither   nor   I   need   possessions.   want   more
238 have   experienced   I   never   virtual   reality.
239 much   that   How   is   headset?   virtual   reality
240 grammatical   is   This   construction   archaic.
241 not   planning   I’m   currently   that.   on   doing
242 have   become   We   to   species.   a   multi-planet
243 to   must   whatever   You   do   you   Tom   tells   do.
244 was   to   Tom   unable   question.   answer   Mary’s
245 one   think   done   I   I’ve   least   that   at   time.
246 do   glad   hear   I’m   to   didn’t   that   Tom   that.
247 injured.   glad   hear   I’m   to   wasn’t   that   Tom
248 harder.   appears   will   It   they   work   have   to
249 to   know   wasn’t   I   it   Tom   hard   that.   for   do
250 to   was   too   It   almost   me   difficult   for   do.
251 it’ll   may   harder   It   be   think   than   you   be.
252 should’ve   a   I   paid   attention.   little   more
253 that.   said   isn’t   Tom   he   doing   planning   on
254 to   doesn’t   know   Tom   yet   needs   what   he   do.
255 do   doesn’t   what   Tom   know   to   he   needs   yet.
256 that.   already   that   Tom   knows   do   Mary   will
257 needed.   was   to   Tom   able   he   buy   everything
258 do.   couldn’t   anything   Tom   do   to   he   wanted
259 do.   couldn’t   anything   Tom   do   to   he   needed
260 do   said   Mary   Tom   that   to   isn’t   able   that.
261 Monday.   isn’t   to   Tom   going   until   get   home
262 people.   likes   more   Tom   dogs   likes   than   he
263 hear   is   to   Tom   going   to   be   relieved   that.
264 wants   told   to   I   Tom   he   do   do.   whatever   to
265 that.   certain   Tom   I’m   that   done   has   never
266 that   knows   he   Tom   that   do   needs   to   today.
267 that   knows   he   Tom   that   do   ought   to   today.
268 that.   promised   that   Tom   me   do   he   wouldn’t
269 for   promised   that   Tom   me   that   he’d   do   us.
270 week.   promised   he’d   Tom   that   this   do   that
271 Mary.   said   he   Tom   that   with   likes   dancing
272 did   says   can   Tom   he   Mary   prove   that   that.
273 very   does   Tom   frequently   himself.   that   by
274 to   didn’t   a   Tom   have   time   lot   that.   of   do
275 as   has   least   Tom   at   books   as   have.   many   I
276 children.   is   some   Tom   buying   his   toys   for
277 retire.   said   night   Tom   last   might   that   he
278 house.   house   very   Tom’s   isn’t   my   far   from
279 together.   and   plan   Tom   Mary   that   on   doing
280 I   can   the   Tom   play   than   piano   better   can.
281 chance   did   whenever   Tom   that   a   he   had   to.
282 do   didn’t   to   Tom   seem   to   be   willing   that.
283 children.   gives   much   Tom   too   his   money   to
284 has   several   Tom   coauthored   well.   books   as
285 on   said   planned   Tom   he   that   to   do   Monday.
286 that.   said   not   Tom   he’s   doing   planning   on
287 that.   says   not   Tom   he’s   doing   planning   on
288 night.   might   where   Tom   know   last   Mary   was
289 do   might   why   Tom   know   to   Mary   needs   that.
290 to   might   why   Tom   know   do   Mary   wants   that.
291 that   might   be   Tom   never   do   able   to   again.
292 do   will   get   Tom   likely   you   angry   if   that.
293 wanted   didn’t   Tom   I   let   he   do   do.   what   to
294 else.   want   be   I   to   everybody   treated   like
295 me.   Tom   that,   If   did   surprise   it   wouldn’t
296 than   can   that   Tom   do   better   so   much   Mary.
297 didn’t   anybody   Tom   believe   that.   would   do
298 that.   doesn’t   anybody   Tom   know   do   who   can
299 anybody.   has   had   Tom   never   with   a   problem
300 anybody.   knows   I’m   Tom   that   of   not   afraid


201 Close your eyes when you listen to music!
202 Close your eyes when you listen to music.
203 He’s not ashamed to blow his own trumpet.
204 You are not allowed to go into that room.
205 If you knew, you’d tell me, wouldn’t you?
206 Even today the temperature is below zero.
207 Sorry. I must’ve dialed the wrong number.
208 I heard Tom shut the door on his way out.
209 Tom didn’t want to cross the picket line.
210 Tom said he wanted to buy a blue sweater.
211 Tom and Mary said that they were leaving.
212 She is in the pocket of big corporations.
213 I won’t be beholden to special interests.
214 If you’re not with us, you’re against us.
215 That’s not what I am going to talk about.
216 That’s not what he’s going to talk about.
217 There is too much furniture in this room.
218 I can understand everything she’s saying.
219 I can understand everything he is saying.
220 He can understand everything I am saying.
221 She can understand everything I’m saying.
222 We can understand everything he’s saying.
223 They did not want to answer my questions.
224 Tom is organising a secret Santa at work.
225 Tom is organising a Kris Kringle at work.
226 Why is your French pronunciation so good?
227 I hope everything is going well with you.
228 I should’ve paid more attention in class.
229 Tom is acting as if nothing has happened.
230 This tongue is extraordinarily difficult.
231 Who is the greatest composer of all time?
232 This is a grammatically correct sentence.
233 I laughed so much, I thought I could die.
234 I will never let these scumbags hurt you.
235 This discussion is getting too political.
236 I was delighted by my trip to the museum.
237 I neither need nor want more possessions.
238 I have never experienced virtual reality.
239 How much is that virtual reality headset?
240 This grammatical construction is archaic.
241 I’m not currently planning on doing that.
242 We have to become a multi-planet species.
243 You must do whatever Tom tells you to do.
244 Tom was unable to answer Mary’s question.
245 I think I’ve done that at least one time.
246 I’m glad to hear that Tom didn’t do that.
247 I’m glad to hear that Tom wasn’t injured.
248 It appears they will have to work harder.
249 I know it wasn’t hard for Tom to do that.
250 It was almost too difficult for me to do.
251 It may be harder than you think it’ll be.
252 I should’ve paid a little more attention.
253 Tom said he isn’t planning on doing that.
254 Tom doesn’t yet know what he needs to do.
255 Tom doesn’t know what he needs to do yet.
256 Tom already knows that Mary will do that.
257 Tom was able to buy everything he needed.
258 Tom couldn’t do anything he wanted to do.
259 Tom couldn’t do anything he needed to do.
260 Tom said that Mary isn’t able to do that.
261 Tom isn’t going to get home until Monday.
262 Tom likes dogs more than he likes people.
263 Tom is going to be relieved to hear that.
264 I told Tom to do whatever he wants to do.
265 I’m certain that Tom has never done that.
266 Tom knows that he needs to do that today.
267 Tom knows that he ought to do that today.
268 Tom promised me that he wouldn’t do that.
269 Tom promised me that he’d do that for us.
270 Tom promised that he’d do that this week.
271 Tom said that he likes dancing with Mary.
272 Tom says he can prove that Mary did that.
273 Tom very frequently does that by himself.
274 Tom didn’t have a lot of time to do that.
275 Tom has at least as many books as I have.
276 Tom is buying some toys for his children.
277 Tom said last night that he might retire.
278 Tom’s house isn’t very far from my house.
279 Tom and Mary plan on doing that together.
280 Tom can play the piano better than I can.
281 Tom did that whenever he had a chance to.
282 Tom didn’t seem to be willing to do that.
283 Tom gives too much money to his children.
284 Tom has coauthored several books as well.
285 Tom said he planned to do that on Monday.
286 Tom said he’s not planning on doing that.
287 Tom says he’s not planning on doing that.
288 Tom might know where Mary was last night.
289 Tom might know why Mary needs to do that.
290 Tom might know why Mary wants do to that.
291 Tom might never be able to do that again.
292 Tom will likely get angry if you do that.
293 I didn’t let Tom do what he wanted to do.
294 I want to be treated like everybody else.
295 If Tom did that, it wouldn’t surprise me.
296 Tom can do that so much better than Mary.
297 Tom didn’t believe anybody would do that.
298 Tom doesn’t know anybody who can do that.
299 Tom has never had a problem with anybody.
300 Tom knows that I’m not afraid of anybody.

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