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Correct the Sentence Exercise: A Simple Way to Improve Your Writing

Do you know it is very easy to enhance English Writing? We have 500 Correct the Sentence exercise Questions with answers.


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1 is advantage What the technology? of this
2 you? have little You a don’t fever today,
3 master jack all A of a trades none. is of
4 with do say What you fishing to going me?
5 men. members the The of all committee are
6 might something John know Black. about Mr
7 done cannot out I figure has why he that.
8 those passed Both students tests. all the
9 years. is than Cookie younger ten Kate by
10 have dictionary Always your hand. near at
11 never have job, I no can so money. I save
12 is to It difficult languages. speak three
13 back. wait five, Please till will when he
14 in is so Today hot swim we ocean. can the
15 three a he As child, Paris went to times.
16 with are to We going Come the movies. us.
17 at should one We read month book a least.
18 morning. wasn’t time I in this for school
19 face would to I like him talk face. to to
20 peaches. like fruits I such and as grapes
21 picture? you the Can identify this man in
22 to green is A banana enough not ripe eat.
23 greatest are The talkers doers. the least
24 has strong Everyone both points. and weak
25 went of sudden, All a lights all the out.
26 open. being the It Sunday, not shops were
27 do is knowing There no will what he next.
28 meet cannot that I think ever I will him.
29 is to It difficult theory. understand his
30 World was general He a Second in the War.
31 spends leisure She her dolls. time making
32 my am for I looking for a present mother.
33 next will you I teach fish how to Sunday.
34 team nothing That has players. but strong
35 English. study harder I math study than I
36 a shall put What I or on: trousers skirt?
37 is be not To or that to question. be, the
38 it, can’t your You have eat cake and too.
39 more would for I like write him to often.
40 morning. wasn’t time I on this for school
41 your do like What you in to time? do free
42 the station in The is of the center city.
43 see-through really Your dress excites me.
44 last was great There a snow deal of year.
45 pancakes? come to Wanna over for my place
46 return. 190left In he to England, never
47 plus room is The charge night $10a tax.
48 is advantage What the technology? to this
49 a should at We read book least one month.
50 in you that Are saying is my life danger?
51 rising. cost living The of was in America
52 question. is an There not your answer for
53 sun. are stars There many our larger than
54 write it me Sorry took to so you. long to
55 bought stamps You’ve more than necessary.
56 the told he He me quit wanted to company.
57 that you for Would like do me you? to for
58 is history He studying university. at the
59 Mary goes the Tom to as same school does.
60 crop. storm much The caused the damage to
61 of has to Tom been number Boston a times.
62 long hasn’t to He written a them in time.
63 free do like What you your doing in time?
64 received ebook I an Christmas. Reader for
65 tree. apple fall The doesn’t the far from
66 area. are wild There many this animals in
67 birthday was to I unable his go to party.
68 immense. flood with I myself the light of
69 reprinting article Is this a possibility?
70 States. went Europe She to United via the
71 United said would He he the go to States.
72 doesn’t anything He eat fruit. other than
73 attractive, she She’s but much. talks too
74 safe. you the Once cross be river, you’ll
75 him. Brown carries Mr. always with a book
76 yesterday. was window It a broke that Tom
77 the seemed no It that in one was village.
78 was to Tom sentenced parole. life without
79 you from Do suffer involuntary urination?
80 bare could you I rip my apart with hands.
81 god. night prayed Last I porcelain to the
82 forget. teach a I’ll you won’t lesson you
83 in am to I about sentence write a German.
84 present. wants buy She to a her boyfriend
85 cat think cruel I it’s a to keep indoors.
86 you recovering Are still night? from last
87 right going have I’m to you to call back.
88 would disastrous. That be Heaven forfend!
89 to can’t it I do have alone. me. You help
90 airplane flying The was clouds. above the
91 think answered I you’ve questions. all my
92 us. think been I you’ve contact trying to
93 Mary. doesn’t French Tom speak as as well
94 talked the They on night. telephone every
95 long haven’t that I heard a joke in time.
96 then. calls up Liisa Markku and every now
97 learnt things I many culture. about Greek
98 dream. have dreamt Never I strange such a
99 licence. too to She’s young driving get a
100 her least is At he at not staring breast.
101 long have each We known a other for time.
102 it. don’t hear I wanna about another word
103 said? you repeat Can please just what you
104 think a I it’s question. very interesting
105 get take least It’ll at to an hour there.
106 anything. promised I I that say would not
107 the thing That’s dumbest heard. I’ve ever
108 a has in She been for the hospital month.
109 my like dedicate I’d to to this song mom.
110 fridge? there to Is anything the drink in
111 the mountain What’s highest world? in the
112 study. are tired They so cannot that they
113 seriously. seems are It you me not taking
114 talking have idea I no is what Tom about.
115 get is natural It quite to for her angry.
116 Tom kind numbnut What of think do you is?
117 evening. store at This closes the nine in
118 me you to Would like with go out tonight?
119 with how will For long staying you be us?
120 to Mary According Tom, committed suicide.
121 dictionary? did get Why you costly such a
122 of is easy It not rid to habit. bad get a
123 think being I you’re over-dramatic. a bit
124 what are For reason English? you learning
125 my I for How long of a land! sight native
126 my I for How long of a land. sight native
127 done I you, If were have I wouldn’t that.
128 you. are because You lucky bite he didn’t
129 gave short I a morning. presentation this
130 sun. is closest Mercury the the planet to
131 sun. is nearest Mercury the the planet to
132 Mercury. planet to The closest is the sun
133 Mercury. planet to The nearest is the sun
134 disregarded advice Tom Mary’s completely.
135 situation. get out I’ll you awful of this
136 Sun. is planet Mercury the the closest to
137 sun. is planet Mercury the the nearest to
138 doing must a There be of better way this.
139 no can have How you but a laptop, mobile?
140 holla. you anything, If need a just gimme
141 the wait you I’ll for of in front school.
142 for. will the This be looking book you’re
143 you. are looking We all seeing forward to
144 counting you We’re on help. for financial
145 looking to We’re forward soon. seeing you
146 you? don’t what You know do you’re doing,
147 them. the one You’re only protect who can
148 are centimeters You three me. taller than
149 library. welcome any You’re to my book in
150 regards can agree I not as with you that.
151 with being case, Such the go I can’t you.
152 can’t English, He speak French. much less
153 to cannot that I believe that she did me.
154 a cannot myself I bring such to do thing.
155 weather. cannot going I fancy this out in
156 any can’t up I put noise with the longer.
157 that. cannot the I see doing advantage of
158 cannot English, I speak German. much less
159 own cannot much She so her as write name.
160 thing. teacher have The can’t a said such
161 many wish did I you so not have problems.
162 does like She not mathematics. snakes and
163 song. sentence not That does any exist in
164 a known ever I’ve him was since he child.
165 ten have him I known than for more years.
166 others. never him I’ve heard of speak ill
167 never anything I’ve seen this. quite like
168 taken into I’ve everything consideration.
169 ever is worst This the have movie I seen.
170 you. am forward I looking from to hearing
171 again. am forward I looking you to seeing
172 am satisfied I not explanation. with your
173 at not to I’m used late staying up night.
174 potatoes. am the I peeling the celery and
175 I’m sorry can’t I’m I now. help you busy.
176 advice. very to I’m grateful your you for
177 chose very of I’m proud I the job myself.
178 mathematics. is of He proud at being good
179 evil. is to It easy from distinguish good
180 mouth is to It rude your speak with full.
181 can me if Let know I there’s anything do.
182 situation’s worse The getting day. day by
183 desk. a about There’s book the dancing on
184 this is lot There a in of furniture room.
185 that is lot There a on of traffic street.
186 is best What the tomatoes? fertilizer for
187 States? is capital What the United of the
188 album? is favorite What your this song on
189 will the is When cat mice away, the play.
190 lately. been a I’ve under pressure lot of
191 my me, I Excuse but is believe that seat.
192 your video Who’s favorite game character?
193 ago. should been He have minutes here ten
194 stone are longer We no the living in age.
195 worry. is Don’t Everything under control.
196 than have boss I a younger who’s much me.
197 to pen am The I belongs writing with Tom.
198 end feel this I like to isn’t going well.
199 must be We always disasters. prepared for
200 than know Tom I that handsome is more me.
201 music! your when Close eyes to you listen
202 music. your when Close eyes to you listen
203 trumpet. not to He’s ashamed own blow his
204 that are allowed You not into to go room.
205 you? you you’d If knew, wouldn’t tell me,
206 today temperature Even the zero. is below
207 I dialed Sorry. must’ve number. the wrong
208 his heard shut I Tom on the out. door way
209 line. didn’t to Tom want picket cross the
210 blue said wanted Tom he a to buy sweater.
211 leaving. and said Tom Mary were that they
212 corporations. is the She in big pocket of
213 won’t beholden I be interests. to special
214 us. you’re with If not against us, you’re
215 talk not I That’s what to am going about.
216 about. not he’s That’s what talk going to
217 room. is much There too this furniture in
218 can everything I understand she’s saying.
219 can everything I understand saying. he is
220 can everything He understand saying. I am
221 can everything She understand I’m saying.
222 can everything We understand he’s saying.
223 questions. did want They not my to answer
224 work. is a Tom organising at secret Santa
225 work. is a Tom organising at Kris Kringle
226 is French Why your good? pronunciation so
227 you. hope is I everything with going well
228 should’ve more I paid class. attention in
229 happened. is as Tom acting has if nothing
230 tongue extraordinarily This is difficult.
231 time? is greatest Who the all composer of
232 is grammatically This a correct sentence.
233 could laughed much, I so I I thought die.
234 you. will let I never hurt these scumbags
235 discussion getting This is too political.
236 the was by I delighted to my trip museum.
237 neither nor I need possessions. want more
238 have experienced I never virtual reality.
239 much that How is headset? virtual reality
240 grammatical is This construction archaic.
241 not planning I’m currently that. on doing
242 have become We to species. a multi-planet
243 to must whatever You do you Tom tells do.
244 was to Tom unable question. answer Mary’s
245 one think done I I’ve least that at time.
246 do glad hear I’m to didn’t that Tom that.
247 injured. glad hear I’m to wasn’t that Tom
248 harder. appears will It they work have to
249 to know wasn’t I it Tom hard that. for do
250 to was too It almost me difficult for do.
251 it’ll may harder It be think than you be.
252 should’ve a I paid attention. little more
253 that. said isn’t Tom he doing planning on
254 to doesn’t know Tom yet needs what he do.
255 do doesn’t what Tom know to he needs yet.
256 that. already that Tom knows do Mary will
257 needed. was to Tom able he buy everything
258 do. couldn’t anything Tom do to he wanted
259 do. couldn’t anything Tom do to he needed
260 do said Mary Tom that to isn’t able that.
261 Monday. isn’t to Tom going until get home
262 people. likes more Tom dogs likes than he
263 hear is to Tom going to be relieved that.
264 wants told to I Tom he do do. whatever to
265 that. certain Tom I’m that done has never
266 that knows he Tom that do needs to today.
267 that knows he Tom that do ought to today.
268 that. promised that Tom me do he wouldn’t
269 for promised that Tom me that he’d do us.
270 week. promised he’d Tom that this do that
271 Mary. said he Tom that with likes dancing
272 did says can Tom he Mary prove that that.
273 very does Tom frequently himself. that by
274 to didn’t a Tom have time lot that. of do
275 as has least Tom at books as have. many I
276 children. is some Tom buying his toys for
277 retire. said night Tom last might that he
278 house. house very Tom’s isn’t my far from
279 together. and plan Tom Mary that on doing
280 I can the Tom play than piano better can.
281 chance did whenever Tom that a he had to.
282 do didn’t to Tom seem to be willing that.
283 children. gives much Tom too his money to
284 has several Tom coauthored well. books as
285 on said planned Tom he that to do Monday.
286 that. said not Tom he’s doing planning on
287 that. says not Tom he’s doing planning on
288 night. might where Tom know last Mary was
289 do might why Tom know to Mary needs that.
290 to might why Tom know do Mary wants that.
291 that might be Tom never do able to again.
292 do will get Tom likely you angry if that.
293 wanted didn’t Tom I let he do do. what to
294 else. want be I to everybody treated like
295 me. Tom that, If did surprise it wouldn’t
296 than can that Tom do better so much Mary.
297 didn’t anybody Tom believe that. would do
298 that. doesn’t anybody Tom know do who can
299 anybody. has had Tom never with a problem
300 anybody. knows I’m Tom that of not afraid
301 surprised when Tom everybody that. he did
302 in will unable Tom be that to hour. do an
303 will enjoy Tom unlikely alone. doing that
304 in look if You as eaten you haven’t days.
305 as has done Tom never far that know. as I
306 French. Tom I Both and studying are still
307 French. and are Tom I studying both still
308 afternoon. Tom I’ll Both and this be busy
309 afternoon. and both Tom I’ll this be busy
310 that likely Doing will difficult. be very
311 Boston. here me Everyone but in has lived
312 thing. in room Everybody the same did the
313 doing many do How times on you plan that?
314 true. thought what I that wasn’t Tom said
315 Tom don’t as I have as many friends does.
316 French. don’t anyone I know speak who can
317 Tom don’t French I speak as as well does.
318 do don’t Tom I think Mary would let that.
319 do think would I it to be unethical that.
320 expect will I everybody tomorrow. do that
321 that. didn’t any I have do opportunity to
322 haven’t finished I yet book. reading this
323 haven’t reading I finished yet. this book
324 Tom live the I in as same dormitory does.
325 year. might French I teach next in Boston
326 day plan staying I on all at home Monday.
327 do think already I Tom to knows how that.
328 that think knows I Tom do how to already.
329 than think can I Tom better do that Mary.
330 I could tempted Tom be that, to do think.
331 you think would I Tom if be that. mad did
332 do think might I it to be difficult that.
333 do think won’t I it to be difficult that.
334 get call as I’ll you I soon Boston. as to
335 a been that I’ve doing was since I child.
336 Tom been a I’ve here than lot longer has.
337 talk there else Is anyone to you need to?
338 talk there else Is anyone to you want to?
339 that. might problems It cause does if Tom
340 that. shouldn’t too It be do difficult to
341 after. do tomorrow Please that day or the
342 seems have Somebody to already. done that
343 yesterday. is person Tom the that who did
344 tomorrow. and be Tom I’ll Boston going to
345 few and be Tom I’ll a here days. for more
346 special. and both Tom I lunch ordered the
347 special. Tom I Both and lunch ordered the
348 the and both Tom I at stood time. up same
349 the Tom I Both and at stood time. up same
350 quite and can Tom I chess both play well.
351 quite Tom I Both and chess can play well.
352 thirties. and both Tom Mary their died in
353 thirties. Tom Mary Both and their died in
354 his is to Tom able than cook better wife.
355 Mary doesn’t that Tom do as as fast does.
356 Mary doesn’t that Tom do as as much does.
357 Mary doesn’t that Tom do as as well does.
358 do thinks won’t Tom Mary to be able that.
359 that. doesn’t have Tom yet about to worry
360 yet. doesn’t to Tom have that worry about
361 that. had very Tom a doing difficult time
362 of has done Tom already lot that a times.
363 a has doing Tom been about that for week.
364 years. has gone Tom been three for nearly
365 years. has gone Tom been three for almost
366 doesn’t anything Tom have about. to worry
367 has everybody Tom thanked help. for their
368 Mary has as Tom twice as many books does.
369 that. hasn’t yet Tom admitted did that he
370 yet. hasn’t that Tom admitted that he did
371 that. hasn’t admitted Tom yet did that he
372 crime. hasn’t been Tom yet a charged with
373 yet. hasn’t charged Tom been crime with a
374 has hasn’t told Tom yet he us do. what to
375 to hasn’t us Tom told has what yet. he do
376 than is much Tom a player better bass me.
377 you is much Tom a than better driver are.
378 Mary is much Tom a than faster driver is.
379 that. is pretty Tom already doing good at
380 already. is good Tom pretty that at doing
381 to is it’s Tom aware easy not always win.
382 to is it Tom aware easy isn’t always win.
383 Mary is to Tom likely than be smarter is.
384 year. is on Tom planning next going again
385 picture. is person Tom the this that drew
386 do isn’t to Tom going to allow Mary that.
387 isn’t you Tom someone replace. can easily
388 isn’t you Tom someone easily. can replace
389 doesn’t anything Tom know plan. about the
390 wants. allows to Tom Mary she do anything
391 wants. allows to Tom Mary she do whatever
392 as likes same Tom the music kind of Mary.
393 makes for Tom breakfast morning. us every
394 with. might difficult Tom be along to get
395 weekend. may been Tom have last in Boston
396 might’ve in Tom been weekend. Boston last
397 did. might’ve Mary Tom told we about what
398 we may told Tom have what Mary about did.
399 obviously somebody Tom needs him. to help
400 that. said isn’t Tom Mary do permitted to
401 that. said not Tom Mary’s do permitted to
402 that. said was Tom Mary doing planning on
403 good said that Tom doing a might be idea.
404 said that Tom doing problems. might cause
405 Monday. said planned Tom he that on doing
406 problems. said wasn’t Tom he any aware of
407 few said like Tom he’d a to borrow books.
408 few said wanted Tom he a to borrow books.
409 later. said try Tom he’d again doing that
410 again said try Tom he’d that to do later.
411 to said one Tom no him had that. asked do
412 do said had Tom nobody to asked him that.
413 as said he Tom that flute plays the well.
414 difficult. said life Tom that very can be
415 did says he Tom that Mary can prove that.
416 that. says doesn’t Tom he doing even like
417 do says doesn’t Tom he to even like that.
418 that. says isn’t Tom he doing planning on
419 Boston. sent postcard Tom this from to me
420 that. shouldn’t ever Tom have do tried to
421 shouldn’t ever Tom have that. tried doing
422 was stayed his Tom in he room to. as told
423 to. stayed than Tom longer planned he had
424 thinks wouldn’t Tom Mary that. like doing
425 that. thinks wouldn’t Tom Mary do like to
426 her. told he Tom Mary leave wouldn’t ever
427 for. usually get Tom doesn’t asks what he
428 for. doesn’t get Tom usually asks what he
429 usually longer Tom sleeps does. than Mary
430 do is to Tom going to be soon. ready that
431 to is to Tom going scared be that. too do
432 he is to Tom going glad be that. very did
433 chance. is to Tom going another give Mary
434 than is to Tom going time need more that.
435 do will get Tom never to the chance that.
436 do won’t get Tom ever to the chance that.
437 Mary is to Tom going help try that. to do
438 wondered nobody Tom why anymore. did that
439 anymore. wondered no Tom why that one did
440 that. wouldn’t allowed Tom have do you to
441 that. shouldn’t allowed We have do you to
442 not. do whether I’ll that or it’s raining
443 you doing Would mind else? that somewhere
444 you doing Would mind else? that someplace
445 I didn’t that You do as as well expected.
446 that have find I to do someone me. to for
447 encouraged to Tom everyone best. do their
448 has everyone Tom given each. three apples
449 is very Tom obviously this. excited about
450 that. obviously know Tom didn’t do how to
451 that. said he Tom everyone done knows has
452 that. says he Tom everyone done knows has
453 you that Do do often? No, not so often.
454 you do Do often that? No, not so often.
455 do think might I it to be unethical that.
456 when used do I to lot that a kid. was a I
457 October. and are Tom I in getting married
458 was has my Tom been I barber kid. since a
459 we may gone Tom be time by there. the get
460 gets may very Tom be he hungry when home.
461 be said was Tom Mary still likely to mad.
462 do you whether Do know to Tom plans that?
463 as don’t the I play well mandolin as you.
464 do has me Tom told to he’s planning that.
465 that said doesn’t Tom he do plan to here.
466 that says doesn’t Tom he do plan to here.
467 to told what Tom Mary planning he was do.
468 married. and are Tom Mary get planning to
469 than has here Tom been longer a lot Mary.
470 do you think Do really to it’s hard that?
471 as don’t Mexican I eat often food as Tom.
472 that not to I’m going do let Tom anymore.
473 no of There’s possibility that. Tom doing
474 that said didn’t Tom he do want to alone.
475 do said was Tom he didn’t glad Mary that.
476 Mary seems be Tom to what unaware of did.
477 next hopes can Tom he that to do October.
478 our will a Tom be to great addition team.
479 by will ready Tom be that to do tomorrow.
480 do will very Tom be didn’t happy he that.
481 that. will very Tom be doing hungry after
482 he will that Tom do as as home. soon gets
483 for. will us Tom give asked everything we
484 again. will Mary Tom stop that from doing
485 dinner? are planning What you for to make
486 think. that be Doing will you harder than
487 to has idea Tom no has when that. Mary do
488 the has idea Tom no at who’ll be meeting.
489 has interest Tom no whatsoever. in sports
490 do didn’t to You seem to be willing that.
491 told must that You do Tom the to. way you
492 do don’t plan You really that, to do you?
493 in does plan Who Tom with to stay Boston?
494 Boston? does plan Where Tom in on staying
495 planning staying We’re on until tomorrow.
496 days. planning staying We’re on few for a
497 planning go We’re to we? tomorrow, aren’t
498 to told that Tom Mary planning he was go.
499 do told he Tom Mary to was planning that.
500 should’ve tried Tom never early. to leave

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1 What is the advantage of this technology?
2 You have a little fever today, don’t you?
3 A jack of all trades is a master of none.
4 What do you say to going fishing with me?
5 The members of the committee are all men.
6 John might know something about Mr Black.
7 I cannot figure out why he has done that.
8 Both those students passed all the tests.
9 Cookie is younger than Kate by ten years.
10 Always have your dictionary near at hand.
11 I have no job, so I can never save money.
12 It is difficult to speak three languages.
13 Please wait till five, when he will back.
14 Today is hot so we can swim in the ocean.
15 As a child, he went to Paris three times.
16 We are going to the movies. Come with us.
17 We should read one book a month at least.
18 I wasn’t in time for school this morning.
19 I would like to talk to him face to face.
20 I like such fruits as grapes and peaches.
21 Can you identify the man in this picture?
22 A green banana is not ripe enough to eat.
23 The greatest talkers are the least doers.
24 Everyone has both strong and weak points.
25 All of a sudden, all the lights went out.
26 It being Sunday, the shops were not open.
27 There is no knowing what he will do next.
28 I cannot think that I will ever meet him.
29 It is difficult to understand his theory.
30 He was a general in the Second World War.
31 She spends her leisure time making dolls.
32 I am looking for a present for my mother.
33 I will teach you how to fish next Sunday.
34 That team has nothing but strong players.
35 I study math harder than I study English.
36 What shall I put on: trousers or a skirt?
37 To be or not to be, that is the question.
38 You can’t have your cake and eat it, too.
39 I would like for him to write more often.
40 I wasn’t on time for school this morning.
41 What do you like to do in your free time?
42 The station is in the center of the city.
43 Your see-through dress really excites me.
44 There was a great deal of snow last year.
45 Wanna come over to my place for pancakes?
46 In 1900 he left England, never to return.
47 The room charge is $100 a night plus tax.
48 What is the advantage to this technology?
49 We should read at least one book a month.
50 Are you saying that my life is in danger?
51 The cost of living in America was rising.
52 There is not an answer for your question.
53 There are many stars larger than our sun.
54 Sorry it took me so long to write to you.
55 You’ve bought more stamps than necessary.
56 He told me he wanted to quit the company.
57 Would you like for me to do that for you?
58 He is studying history at the university.
59 Tom goes to the same school as Mary does.
60 The storm caused much damage to the crop.
61 Tom has been to Boston a number of times.
62 He hasn’t written to them in a long time.
63 What do you like doing in your free time?
64 I received an ebook Reader for Christmas.
65 The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.
66 There are many wild animals in this area.
67 I was unable to go to his birthday party.
68 I flood myself with light of the immense.
69 Is reprinting this article a possibility?
70 She went to Europe via the United States.
71 He said he would go to the United States.
72 He doesn’t eat anything other than fruit.
73 She’s attractive, but she talks too much.
74 Once you cross the river, you’ll be safe.
75 Mr. Brown always carries a book with him.
76 It was a window that Tom broke yesterday.
77 It seemed that no one was in the village.
78 Tom was sentenced to life without parole.
79 Do you suffer from involuntary urination?
80 I could rip you apart with my bare hands.
81 Last night I prayed to the porcelain god.
82 I’ll teach you a lesson you won’t forget.
83 I am about to write a sentence in German.
84 She wants to buy her boyfriend a present.
85 I think it’s cruel to keep a cat indoors.
86 Are you still recovering from last night?
87 I’m going to have to call you right back.
88 That would be disastrous. Heaven forfend!
89 I can’t do it alone. You have to help me.
90 The airplane was flying above the clouds.
91 I think you’ve answered all my questions.
92 I think you’ve been trying to contact us.
93 Tom doesn’t speak French as well as Mary.
94 They talked on the telephone every night.
95 I haven’t heard that joke in a long time.
96 Liisa calls Markku up every now and then.
97 I learnt many things about Greek culture.
98 Never have I dreamt such a strange dream.
99 She’s too young to get a driving licence.
100 At least he is not staring at her breast.
101 We have known each other for a long time.
102 I don’t wanna hear another word about it.
103 Can you please repeat what you just said?
104 I think it’s a very interesting question.
105 It’ll take at least an hour to get there.
106 I promised that I would not say anything.
107 That’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard.
108 She has been in the hospital for a month.
109 I’d like to dedicate this song to my mom.
110 Is there anything to drink in the fridge?
111 What’s the highest mountain in the world?
112 They are so tired that they cannot study.
113 It seems you are not taking me seriously.
114 I have no idea what Tom is talking about.
115 It is quite natural for her to get angry.
116 What kind of numbnut do you think Tom is?
117 This store closes at nine in the evening.
118 Would you like to go out with me tonight?
119 For how long will you be staying with us?
120 According to Tom, Mary committed suicide.
121 Why did you get such a costly dictionary?
122 It is not easy to get rid of a bad habit.
123 I think you’re being a bit over-dramatic.
124 For what reason are you learning English?
125 How I long for a sight of my native land!
126 How I long for a sight of my native land.
127 If I were you, I wouldn’t have done that.
128 You are lucky because he didn’t bite you.
129 I gave a short presentation this morning.
130 Mercury is the closest planet to the sun.
131 Mercury is the nearest planet to the sun.
132 The planet closest to the sun is Mercury.
133 The planet nearest to the sun is Mercury.
134 Tom disregarded Mary’s advice completely.
135 I’ll get you out of this awful situation.
136 Mercury is the planet closest to the Sun.
137 Mercury is the planet nearest to the sun.
138 There must be a better way of doing this.
139 How can you have a laptop, but no mobile?
140 If you need anything, just gimme a holla.
141 I’ll wait for you in front of the school.
142 This will be the book you’re looking for.
143 We are all looking forward to seeing you.
144 We’re counting on you for financial help.
145 We’re looking forward to seeing you soon.
146 You don’t know what you’re doing, do you?
147 You’re the only one who can protect them.
148 You are three centimeters taller than me.
149 You’re welcome to any book in my library.
150 I can not agree with you as regards that.
151 Such being the case, I can’t go with you.
152 He can’t speak English, much less French.
153 I cannot believe that she did that to me.
154 I cannot bring myself to do such a thing.
155 I cannot fancy going out in this weather.
156 I can’t put up with the noise any longer.
157 I cannot see the advantage of doing that.
158 I cannot speak English, much less German.
159 She cannot so much as write her own name.
160 The teacher can’t have said such a thing.
161 I wish you did not have so many problems.
162 She does not like snakes and mathematics.
163 That sentence does not exist in any song.
164 I’ve known him ever since he was a child.
165 I have known him for more than ten years.
166 I’ve never heard him speak ill of others.
167 I’ve never seen anything quite like this.
168 I’ve taken everything into consideration.
169 This is the worst movie I have ever seen.
170 I am looking forward to hearing from you.
171 I am looking forward to seeing you again.
172 I am not satisfied with your explanation.
173 I’m not used to staying up late at night.
174 I am peeling the celery and the potatoes.
175 I’m sorry I can’t help you now. I’m busy.
176 I’m very grateful to you for your advice.
177 I’m very proud of the job I chose myself.
178 He is proud of being good at mathematics.
179 It is easy to distinguish good from evil.
180 It is rude to speak with your mouth full.
181 Let me know if there’s anything I can do.
182 The situation’s getting worse day by day.
183 There’s a book about dancing on the desk.
184 There is a lot of furniture in this room.
185 There is a lot of traffic on that street.
186 What is the best fertilizer for tomatoes?
187 What is the capital of the United States?
188 What is your favorite song on this album?
189 When the cat is away, the mice will play.
190 I’ve been under a lot of pressure lately.
191 Excuse me, but I believe that is my seat.
192 Who’s your favorite video game character?
193 He should have been here ten minutes ago.
194 We are no longer living in the stone age.
195 Don’t worry. Everything is under control.
196 I have a boss who’s much younger than me.
197 The pen I am writing with belongs to Tom.
198 I feel like this isn’t going to end well.
199 We must always be prepared for disasters.
200 I know that Tom is more handsome than me.
201 Close your eyes when you listen to music!
202 Close your eyes when you listen to music.
203 He’s not ashamed to blow his own trumpet.
204 You are not allowed to go into that room.
205 If you knew, you’d tell me, wouldn’t you?
206 Even today the temperature is below zero.
207 Sorry. I must’ve dialed the wrong number.
208 I heard Tom shut the door on his way out.
209 Tom didn’t want to cross the picket line.
210 Tom said he wanted to buy a blue sweater.
211 Tom and Mary said that they were leaving.
212 She is in the pocket of big corporations.
213 I won’t be beholden to special interests.
214 If you’re not with us, you’re against us.
215 That’s not what I am going to talk about.
216 That’s not what he’s going to talk about.
217 There is too much furniture in this room.
218 I can understand everything she’s saying.
219 I can understand everything he is saying.
220 He can understand everything I am saying.
221 She can understand everything I’m saying.
222 We can understand everything he’s saying.
223 They did not want to answer my questions.
224 Tom is organising a secret Santa at work.
225 Tom is organising a Kris Kringle at work.
226 Why is your French pronunciation so good?
227 I hope everything is going well with you.
228 I should’ve paid more attention in class.
229 Tom is acting as if nothing has happened.
230 This tongue is extraordinarily difficult.
231 Who is the greatest composer of all time?
232 This is a grammatically correct sentence.
233 I laughed so much, I thought I could die.
234 I will never let these scumbags hurt you.
235 This discussion is getting too political.
236 I was delighted by my trip to the museum.
237 I neither need nor want more possessions.
238 I have never experienced virtual reality.
239 How much is that virtual reality headset?
240 This grammatical construction is archaic.
241 I’m not currently planning on doing that.
242 We have to become a multi-planet species.
243 You must do whatever Tom tells you to do.
244 Tom was unable to answer Mary’s question.
245 I think I’ve done that at least one time.
246 I’m glad to hear that Tom didn’t do that.
247 I’m glad to hear that Tom wasn’t injured.
248 It appears they will have to work harder.
249 I know it wasn’t hard for Tom to do that.
250 It was almost too difficult for me to do.
251 It may be harder than you think it’ll be.
252 I should’ve paid a little more attention.
253 Tom said he isn’t planning on doing that.
254 Tom doesn’t yet know what he needs to do.
255 Tom doesn’t know what he needs to do yet.
256 Tom already knows that Mary will do that.
257 Tom was able to buy everything he needed.
258 Tom couldn’t do anything he wanted to do.
259 Tom couldn’t do anything he needed to do.
260 Tom said that Mary isn’t able to do that.
261 Tom isn’t going to get home until Monday.
262 Tom likes dogs more than he likes people.
263 Tom is going to be relieved to hear that.
264 I told Tom to do whatever he wants to do.
265 I’m certain that Tom has never done that.
266 Tom knows that he needs to do that today.
267 Tom knows that he ought to do that today.
268 Tom promised me that he wouldn’t do that.
269 Tom promised me that he’d do that for us.
270 Tom promised that he’d do that this week.
271 Tom said that he likes dancing with Mary.
272 Tom says he can prove that Mary did that.
273 Tom very frequently does that by himself.
274 Tom didn’t have a lot of time to do that.
275 Tom has at least as many books as I have.
276 Tom is buying some toys for his children.
277 Tom said last night that he might retire.
278 Tom’s house isn’t very far from my house.
279 Tom and Mary plan on doing that together.
280 Tom can play the piano better than I can.
281 Tom did that whenever he had a chance to.
282 Tom didn’t seem to be willing to do that.
283 Tom gives too much money to his children.
284 Tom has coauthored several books as well.
285 Tom said he planned to do that on Monday.
286 Tom said he’s not planning on doing that.
287 Tom says he’s not planning on doing that.
288 Tom might know where Mary was last night.
289 Tom might know why Mary needs to do that.
290 Tom might know why Mary wants do to that.
291 Tom might never be able to do that again.
292 Tom will likely get angry if you do that.
293 I didn’t let Tom do what he wanted to do.
294 I want to be treated like everybody else.
295 If Tom did that, it wouldn’t surprise me.
296 Tom can do that so much better than Mary.
297 Tom didn’t believe anybody would do that.
298 Tom doesn’t know anybody who can do that.
299 Tom has never had a problem with anybody.
300 Tom knows that I’m not afraid of anybody.
301 Tom surprised everybody when he did that.
302 Tom will be unable to do that in an hour.
303 Tom will unlikely enjoy doing that alone.
304 You look as if you haven’t eaten in days.
305 Tom has never done that as far as I know.
306 Both Tom and I are still studying French.
307 Tom and I are both still studying French.
308 Both Tom and I’ll be busy this afternoon.
309 Tom and I’ll both be busy this afternoon.
310 Doing that will likely be very difficult.
311 Everyone here but me has lived in Boston.
312 Everybody in the room did the same thing.
313 How many times do you plan on doing that?
314 I thought that what Tom said wasn’t true.
315 I don’t have as many friends as Tom does.
316 I don’t know anyone who can speak French.
317 I don’t speak French as well as Tom does.
318 I don’t think Tom would let Mary do that.
319 I think it would be unethical to do that.
320 I expect everybody will do that tomorrow.
321 I didn’t have any opportunity to do that.
322 I haven’t yet finished reading this book.
323 I haven’t finished reading this book yet.
324 I live in the same dormitory as Tom does.
325 I might teach French in Boston next year.
326 I plan on staying at home all day Monday.
327 I think Tom already knows how to do that.
328 I think Tom knows how to do that already.
329 I think Tom can do that better than Mary.
330 Tom could be tempted to do that, I think.
331 I think Tom would be mad if you did that.
332 I think it might be difficult to do that.
333 I think it won’t be difficult to do that.
334 I’ll call you as soon as I get to Boston.
335 I’ve been doing that since I was a child.
336 I’ve been here a lot longer than Tom has.
337 Is there anyone else you need to talk to?
338 Is there anyone else you want to talk to?
339 It might cause problems if Tom does that.
340 It shouldn’t be too difficult to do that.
341 Please do that tomorrow or the day after.
342 Somebody seems to have done that already.
343 Tom is the person who did that yesterday.
344 Tom and I’ll be going to Boston tomorrow.
345 Tom and I’ll be here for a few more days.
346 Tom and I both ordered the lunch special.
347 Both Tom and I ordered the lunch special.
348 Tom and I both stood up at the same time.
349 Both Tom and I stood up at the same time.
350 Tom and I can both play chess quite well.
351 Both Tom and I can play chess quite well.
352 Tom and Mary both died in their thirties.
353 Both Tom and Mary died in their thirties.
354 Tom is able to cook better than his wife.
355 Tom doesn’t do that as fast as Mary does.
356 Tom doesn’t do that as much as Mary does.
357 Tom doesn’t do that as well as Mary does.
358 Tom thinks Mary won’t be able to do that.
359 Tom doesn’t yet have to worry about that.
360 Tom doesn’t have to worry about that yet.
361 Tom had a very difficult time doing that.
362 Tom has already done that a lot of times.
363 Tom has been doing that for about a week.
364 Tom has been gone for nearly three years.
365 Tom has been gone for almost three years.
366 Tom doesn’t have anything to worry about.
367 Tom has thanked everybody for their help.
368 Tom has twice as many books as Mary does.
369 Tom hasn’t admitted yet that he did that.
370 Tom hasn’t admitted that he did that yet.
371 Tom hasn’t yet admitted that he did that.
372 Tom hasn’t yet been charged with a crime.
373 Tom hasn’t been charged with a crime yet.
374 Tom hasn’t yet told us what he has to do.
375 Tom hasn’t told us what he has to do yet.
376 Tom is a much better bass player than me.
377 Tom is a much better driver than you are.
378 Tom is a much faster driver than Mary is.
379 Tom is already pretty good at doing that.
380 Tom is pretty good at doing that already.
381 Tom is aware it’s not always easy to win.
382 Tom is aware it isn’t always easy to win.
383 Tom is likely to be smarter than Mary is.
384 Tom is planning on going again next year.
385 Tom is the person that drew this picture.
386 Tom isn’t going to allow Mary to do that.
387 Tom isn’t someone you can easily replace.
388 Tom isn’t someone you can replace easily.
389 Tom doesn’t know anything about the plan.
390 Tom allows Mary to do anything she wants.
391 Tom allows Mary to do whatever she wants.
392 Tom likes the same kind of music as Mary.
393 Tom makes breakfast for us every morning.
394 Tom might be difficult to get along with.
395 Tom may have been in Boston last weekend.
396 Tom might’ve been in Boston last weekend.
397 Tom might’ve told Mary about what we did.
398 Tom may have told Mary about what we did.
399 Tom obviously needs somebody to help him.
400 Tom said Mary isn’t permitted to do that.
401 Tom said Mary’s not permitted to do that.
402 Tom said Mary was planning on doing that.
403 Tom said doing that might be a good idea.
404 Tom said doing that might cause problems.
405 Tom said he planned on doing that Monday.
406 Tom said he wasn’t aware of any problems.
407 Tom said he’d like to borrow a few books.
408 Tom said he wanted to borrow a few books.
409 Tom said he’d try doing that again later.
410 Tom said he’d try to do that again later.
411 Tom said no one had asked him to do that.
412 Tom said nobody had asked him to do that.
413 Tom said that he plays the flute as well.
414 Tom said that life can be very difficult.
415 Tom says that he can prove Mary did that.
416 Tom says he doesn’t even like doing that.
417 Tom says he doesn’t even like to do that.
418 Tom says he isn’t planning on doing that.
419 Tom sent this postcard to me from Boston.
420 Tom shouldn’t have ever tried to do that.
421 Tom shouldn’t have ever tried doing that.
422 Tom stayed in his room as he was told to.
423 Tom stayed longer than he had planned to.
424 Tom thinks Mary wouldn’t like doing that.
425 Tom thinks Mary wouldn’t like to do that.
426 Tom told Mary he wouldn’t ever leave her.
427 Tom usually doesn’t get what he asks for.
428 Tom doesn’t usually get what he asks for.
429 Tom usually sleeps longer than Mary does.
430 Tom is going to be ready to do that soon.
431 Tom is going to be too scared to do that.
432 Tom is going to be very glad he did that.
433 Tom is going to give Mary another chance.
434 Tom is going to need more time than that.
435 Tom will never get the chance to do that.
436 Tom won’t ever get the chance to do that.
437 Tom is going to try to help Mary do that.
438 Tom wondered why nobody did that anymore.
439 Tom wondered why no one did that anymore.
440 Tom wouldn’t have allowed you to do that.
441 We shouldn’t have allowed you to do that.
442 I’ll do that whether it’s raining or not.
443 Would you mind doing that somewhere else?
444 Would you mind doing that someplace else?
445 You didn’t do that as well as I expected.
446 I have to find someone to do that for me.
447 Tom encouraged everyone to do their best.
448 Tom has given everyone three apples each.
449 Tom is obviously very excited about this.
450 Tom obviously didn’t know how to do that.
451 Tom said everyone he knows has done that.
452 Tom says everyone he knows has done that.
453 Do you do that often? “No, not so often.”
454 Do you often do that? “No, not so often.”
455 I think it might be unethical to do that.
456 I used to do that a lot when I was a kid.
457 Tom and I are getting married in October.
458 Tom has been my barber since I was a kid.
459 Tom may be gone by the time we get there.
460 Tom may be very hungry when he gets home.
461 Tom said Mary was likely to still be mad.
462 Do you know whether Tom plans to do that?
463 I don’t play the mandolin as well as you.
464 Tom has told me he’s planning to do that.
465 Tom said he doesn’t plan to do that here.
466 Tom says he doesn’t plan to do that here.
467 Tom told Mary what he was planning to do.
468 Tom and Mary are planning to get married.
469 Tom has been here a lot longer than Mary.
470 Do you really think it’s hard to do that?
471 I don’t eat Mexican food as often as Tom.
472 I’m not going to let Tom do that anymore.
473 There’s no possibility of Tom doing that.
474 Tom said he didn’t want to do that alone.
475 Tom said he was glad Mary didn’t do that.
476 Tom seems to be unaware of what Mary did.
477 Tom hopes he can to do that next October.
478 Tom will be a great addition to our team.
479 Tom will be ready to do that by tomorrow.
480 Tom will be very happy he didn’t do that.
481 Tom will be very hungry after doing that.
482 Tom will do that as soon as he gets home.
483 Tom will give us everything we asked for.
484 Tom will stop Mary from doing that again.
485 What are you planning to make for dinner?
486 Doing that will be harder than you think.
487 Tom has no idea when Mary has to do that.
488 Tom has no idea who’ll be at the meeting.
489 Tom has no interest in sports whatsoever.
490 You didn’t seem to be willing to do that.
491 You must do that the way Tom told you to.
492 You don’t really plan to do that, do you?
493 Who does Tom plan to stay with in Boston?
494 Where does Tom plan on staying in Boston?
495 We’re planning on staying until tomorrow.
496 We’re planning on staying for a few days.
497 We’re planning to go tomorrow, aren’t we?
498 Tom told Mary that he was planning to go.
499 Tom told Mary he was planning to do that.
500 Tom should’ve never tried to leave early.

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