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Understanding the Difference Between Than and Then : Than vs Then What You Need To Know


Than is used to introduce a comparison.

  1. She’s taller than her brother.
  2. I’d rather stay home than go out tonight.
  3. He works harder than anyone else in the office.
  4. Cats are more independent than dogs.
  5. I prefer tea rather than coffee.
  6. It’s colder today than it was yesterday.
  7. She’s more patient than I am.
  8. Running is more tiring than cycling.
  9. Learning a new language is harder than it seems.
  10. He would rather read a book than watch TV.


Then relates to time. For example:I was fitter then. (Here, then relates to a past time.)Run to the lake then jump in. (Here, then relates to a future time.)Then means in that case.

  1. If you finish your homework, then you can play video games.
  2. First, we’ll go grocery shopping, and then we’ll cook dinner.
  3. If it rains, then we’ll have to postpone the picnic.
  4. Back then, life was simpler without smartphones.
  5. Start with the basics, and then move on to more advanced topics.
  6. If you press this button, then the machine will start.
  7. If you’re hungry, then why not eat something?
  8. He said he would call, but since then, I haven’t heard from him.
  9. Do your chores first, and then you can go out with your friends.
  10. If you save money now, then you’ll have more for the future.


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