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Jumbled Sentences: The Ultimate Way to Unlock Your Writing Potential

Looking for Jumbled Sentences? First, You need to understand what are Jumbled Sentences, and then you can practice from our 1000 questions of jumbled sentences with answers.

What is Jumbled Sentence?

Jumbled sentences refer to a group of words or phrases that have been intentionally mixed up and presented out of order. The task of the reader or listener is to unscramble the words and put them in the correct sequence to form a coherent sentence.

Jumbled sentences are often used as an educational tool to improve reading and comprehension skills. By forcing the reader to actively think about how the words fit together, jumbled sentences can enhance language processing abilities and boost overall cognitive function. Additionally, they can be an effective way to test language proficiency and assess comprehension levels.

Jumbled sentences can be used in a variety of settings, including classrooms, language learning programs, and even corporate training sessions. They can also be used in casual settings, such as word games and puzzles, to provide a fun and engaging way to improve language skills.

In summary, jumbled sentences are a useful tool for improving language skills, testing language proficiency, and enhancing cognitive function. They can be used in a variety of settings and are a fun and engaging way to challenge oneself and improve language abilities.

1000 Questions of jumbled sentences with answers.

1 It        is    eleven.    already
2 May    phone?    I    your    use
3 What    of?    are    fond    you
4 You    one.    are    only    the
5 The    fire.    house    on    is
6 The    dry.    well    run    has
7 I    apple.    am    an    eating
8 Speak        louder,        please.
9 Let’s        try    again.    once
10 I        cut    shaving.    myself
11 I        feel    feverish.    very
12 Where’s        the        restroom?
13 Please        open    door.    the
14 Those        books    mine.    are
15 That’s        my        dictionary.
16 That’s        too        expensive.
17 The    cry.    boy    to    began
18 I’m    tired.    not    all    at
19 Seiko        has    sisters.    no
20 The    all.    score    one    is
21 These        books    mine.    are
22 Is        this    bicycle?    your
23 This        job    pay.    doesn’t
24 This        door    open.    won’t
25 I’m    you.    glad    meet    to
26 Thank        you    coming.    for
27 I        have    stomachache.    a
28 We’re        ready    leave.    to
29 Do    pencil?    you    a    have
30 You    doctor.    are    a    not
31 I    you.    am    on    counting
32 I    here.    am    stranger    a
33 I    player.    am    tennis    a
34 I        cannot    French.    read
35 I    all.    cannot    at    swim
36 I    cold.    have    a    caught
37 I    fixed.    had    watch    my
38 All        men    fallible.    are
39 He    swim.    is    to    afraid
40 He        gets    easily.    tired
41 He    TV.    likes    watch    to
42 He    deal.    reads    good    a
43 He    dogs.    is    of    afraid
44 He    friend.    is    best    my
45 He        committed        suicide.
46 She        broke    tears.    into
47 She’s        very        beautiful.
48 I’m    all.    not    at    tired
49 I        carried    singing.    on
50 You        can’t    serious.    be
51 Thank        you    coming!    for
52 Why    there?    did    go    you
53 The        house    burning.    is
54 He        likes    TV.    watching
55 He        achieved    goal.    his
56 His        face    pale.    turned
57 I’ll        phone    later.    you
58 Don’t        open    book.    your
59 He’s        a    player.    tennis
60 Pleasure        to    you.    meet
61 She        burst    tears.    into
62 Where        is    father?    your
63 Please        shut    door.    the
64 When        are    leaving?    you
65 This    you.    gift    for    is
66 Whose        guitar    this?    is
67 I        love    movies.    French
68 What        is    problem?    your
69 She        slammed    door.    the
70 Size        does    matter.    not
71 Where’s        the        bathroom?
72 Do    work?    you    or    study
73 What        is    surname?    your
74 Do    keys?    you    the    need
75 I        have    returned.    just
76 He’s        in    bathroom.    the
77 You        are    workaholic.    a
78 Yes,        that’s    house.    my
79 I    friend.    speak    my    of
80 I        didn’t    anybody.    see
81 They        love    kids.    their
82 He        attempted        suicide.
83 Where        is    sister?    your
84 It’s    you.    good    see    to
85 I        can’t    coffee.    drink
86 He    me.    is    to    friendly
87 We    petrol.    ran    of    out
88 All    love.    you    is    need
89 Love    need.    is    you    all
90 Good        night,        everyone!
91 Everything        all        right?
92 He        isn’t    American.    an
93 This        one’s    yours.    all
94 That        one’s    yours.    all
95 You’re        our    hope.    only
96 Can    phone?    I    your    use
97 He        doesn’t    lies.    tell
98 You    him.    can    on    count
99 He    on.    can    counted    be
100 I    soul.    won’t    my    sell
101 Leave        my    alone.    stuff
102 That’s        the    gate.    main
103 Anything        is        possible.
104 He    money.    has    of    lots
105 He    lot.    likes    a    music
106 That’s        very        romantic!
107 I’ll    0.270833333333333    be    at    back
108 She’ll        probably        come.
109 Tom    dick.    has    large    a
110 Tom    dick.    has    small    a
111 Tom    Tom.    is    Peeping    a
112 Why    here?    did    come    he
113 I    feeling.    have    bad    a
114 You        could    choose.    not
115 I        think    wrong.    you’re
116 I        can’t    German.    speak
117 They’re        tears    joy.    of
118 You        are        irresistible.
119 This    story.    is    TRUE    a
120 It’s        not    math.    higher
121 Gotta        catch    all.    them
122 Everybody’s        a        winner.
123 Want        fries    that?    with
124 She        doesn’t    him.    like
125 I    ideas.    have    more    no
126 Love        doesn’t        forgive.
127 Last        night    ralphed.    I
128 It’s    me.    too    for    late
129 I’m        highly        impressed.
130 She        cannot    them.    stop
131 They        cannot    him.    stop
132 They        cannot    her.    stop
133 Thanks        for    time.    your
134 Can    that?    you    me    give
135 I’m        travelling        alone.
136 She’s        done    before.    it
137 Girls        aren’t        welcome.
138 Boys        are    welcome.    not
139 It’s    do.    what    would    I
140 I’ve        learned    cook.    to
141 Tom    me.    is    than    older
142 Why        don’t    answer?    you
143 How    get?    many    you    did
144 I    him.    hate    like    cops
145 I’m        glad    here.    you’re
146 Tom        hoisted    flag.    the
147 Don’t        leave    alone!    me
148 I        can’t    this.    confirm
149 There        isn’t    hope.    any
150 I’d    you.    like    help    to
151 Put        handcuffs    him.    on
152 I        can’t    anyone.    trust
153 You’ll        get    this.    over
154 You        can    outside.    from
155 He        became        dispirited.
156 Ostriches        cannot        fly.
157 He’s        just    know-all.    a
158 Don’t        leave    alone.    me
159 There’s        no    water.    hot
160 It’s        a    cycle.    vicious
161 When’s        your        birthday?
162 Where’s        your        brother?
163 Is        there    zakuska?    any
164 I    Tom.    think    know    you
165 I    this.    can’t    all    eat
166 Aluminium        is    metal.    a
167 I    too.    started    cry    to
168 Tom    us.    is    with    angry
169 I’m        thirty    old.    years
170 I    true.    wish    was    that
171 Happy        fourth    July!    of
172 He’s        smarter    me.    than
173 I’ll        be    careful.    very
174 What    tank?    is    think    a
175 What’s        your        nickname?
176 It        wasn’t    mistake.    my
177 I        couldn’t    it.    finish
178 You        should    him.    thank
179 Who’s        gonna    there?    be
180 I’m    now.    gonna    cry    go
181 Try    rest.    to    some    get
182 You’ll        be    sorry.    very
183 That        is    possible.    not
184 I    friend.    am    your    not
185 I    letter.    wrote    a    Tom
186 Tom    jockey.    is    disc    a
187 He    ready.    will    be    not
188 I        will    tomorrow.    come
189 Where        is    jacket?    your
190 Who    Tom?    gave    to    this
191 Where        is    mother?    your
192 We    wait.    will    to    have
193 It    soon.    will    over    be
194 The        tumor    benign.    was
195 It’s        under    chair.    the
196 I’m        learning        Burmese.
197 It’s        very        improbable.
198 Do    milk?    you    any    have
199 We        will    later.    decide
200 Why    dumb?    are    so    boys
201 I    over.    will    right    be
202 I’m    is.    older    he    than
203 Nice    too.    to    you    meet
204 My        family    rich.    isn’t
205 My        family’s    rich.    not
206 I’m        sure    true.    that’s
207 It’s    day.    been    good    a
208 Don’t        close    door!    the
209 Don’t        close    door.    the
210 Where        is    school?    your
211 You’re        always        hungry.
212 You’re        always        hungry!
213 My        surname    ‘Wang.’    is
214 My    Wang.    last    is    name
215 I’ll        always    you.    love
216 The        plan    immature.    is
217 Even    it.    my    knows    mom
218 What’s        wrong    me?    with
219 Are    math?    you    at    good
220 You    me?    wanted    see    to
221 Who    you?    gave    to    this
222 I        don’t    exactly.    know
223 Get    me.    your    off    paws
224 Try        to    naturally.    act
225 The        shower    broken.    is
226 Do    cold?    you    too    feel
227 Do    warm?    you    too    feel
228 Well,        I’ll    damned!    be
229 I        guess    right.    you’re
230 Please        wait    minute!    a
231 Please        wait    minute.    a
232 I    much!    missed    so    you
233 I    much.    missed    so    you
234 I    yet.    am    married    not
235 The        more,    better.    the
236 You    Tom.    have    help    to
237 What’s        going    here?    on
238 Don’t        pick    nose.    your
239 I    you.    am    for    looking
240 I    here.    wish    were    Tom
241 It’s        a    day!    beautiful
242 It’s        a    day.    beautiful
243 I’ll    beach.    go    the    to
244 Does    job?    he    his    like
245 Where        is    suitcase?    my
246 I        love    dishes.    Kabyle
247 I    book.    have    the    read
248 This        bird    fly.    cannot
249 I    scared.    am    little    a
250 What’s        Tom’s        problem?
251 Wait’ll        you    this.    see
252 I’m        writing    letter.    a
253 Business        is        business!
254 Business        is        business.
255 Don’t    pig!    eat    a    like
256 Don’t    pig.    eat    a    like
257 Don’t        get    excited!    so
258 Don’t        get    excited.    so
259 Don’t        make    noise!    any
260 Don’t        make    noise.    any
261 Don’t    me!    make    of    fun
262 Don’t    me.    make    of    fun
263 Don’t        pick    nose!    your
264 Don’t        touch    stuff!    my
265 Don’t        touch    stuff.    my
266 Don’t        worry    it!    about
267 Don’t        worry    it.    about
268 Finally,        it’s        Friday!
269 Finally,        it’s        Friday.
270 Get    here!    them    of    out
271 Get    here.    them    of    out
272 Have        a    weekend!    great
273 Have        a    weekend.    great
274 He    nerves!    gets    my    on
275 He    nerves.    gets    my    on
276 Here        comes    train!    the
277 Here        comes    train.    the
278 I        can’t    anything!    see
279 I        can’t    anything.    see
280 I    all!    can’t    at    sleep
281 I    all.    can’t    at    sleep
282 I        didn’t    anything!    do
283 I        didn’t    anything.    do
284 I        don’t    anything!    see
285 I        don’t    anything.    see
286 I    much!    like    very    you
287 I    much.    like    very    you
288 I        think    great!    that’s
289 I        think    great.    that’s
290 I    dead!    wish    were    you
291 I    dead.    wish    were    you
292 I’ll        call    police!    the
293 I’ll        call    police.    the
294 I’m    beer!    dying    a    for
295 I’m    beer.    dying    a    for
296 I’m    die!    too    to    young
297 I’m    die.    too    to    young
298 I’ve    you!    given    on    up
299 I’ve    you.    given    on    up
300 It’s    back!    good    be    to
301 It’s    back.    good    be    to
302 It’s    up!    time    wake    to
303 It’s    up.    time    wake    to
304 Just    here!    get    of    out
305 Just    here.    get    of    out
306 Keep        your    shut!    mouth
307 Keep        your    shut.    mouth
308 Keep        your    down!    voice
309 Keep        your    down.    voice
310 Let’s    house!    go    my    to
311 Let’s    house.    go    my    to
312 Stop        calling    that!    me
313 Stop        calling    that.    me
314 Stop        pulling    hair!    my
315 Stop        pulling    hair.    my
316 That’s        all    needed!    we
317 That’s        all    needed.    we
318 That’s        too        expensive!
319 The        house    burning!    is
320 This        place    packed!    is
321 This        place    packed.    is
322 You        are        embarrassing!
323 You        are        embarrassing.
324 You        are    here!    welcome
325 You        are    here.    welcome
326 You        can’t    serious!    be
327 You        will    this!    regret
328 You        will    this.    regret
329 You’re        a    liar!    filthy
330 You’re        a    liar.    filthy
331 You’re        not        listening!
332 You’re        not        listening.
333 You’re        not    father!    my
334 You’re        not    father.    my
335 You’re        such    idiot!    an
336 You’re        such    idiot.    an
337 I        have    twenty.    turned
338 I’m        no    sleepy.    longer
339 I’ve        never    that.    done
340 What’re        you        planning?
341 I    Tom.    should    up    wake
342 Whom    with?    did    go    you
343 With    go?    whom    you    did
344 It’s        started        raining.
345 It’s        stopped        raining.
346 I’ll    come.    be    to    glad
347 I    sounds.    like    it    how
348 I’m        twelve    old.    years
349 Let’s        go    around.    look
350 Are    too?    you    home,    at
351 You’re        a    mother.    good
352 He’s        eight    old.    years
353 Atl    old.    is    years    ten
354 I    you.    do    believe    not
355 It’s        half    eight.    past
356 I    school.    am    to    going
357 This    car.    isn’t    new    a
358 Today    day.    is    sunny    a
359 I    Cosmo.    read    in    this
360 What    about?    is    all    it
361 What        is    date?    today’s
362 What        is    opinion?    your
363 What    now?    is    time    the
364 Where        is    receipt?    the
365 Where        is    mistake?    the
366 Where        is    family?    your
367 Who’s        coming    me?    with
368 What’s        the        emergency?
369 Where’s        the        hospital?
370 Where’s        your        bedroom?
371 I        forgot    password!    my
372 I        forgot    password.    my
373 I’ve        already    no.    said
374 Who    by?    was    done    this
375 Tom    now.    is    right    all
376 That’s    it.    how    like    I
377 It’ll        work    time.    next
378 I        hope    hungry.    you’re
379 Maybe        they    happy.    are
380 Now    adult.    you    an    are
381 Perhaps        you’re        right.
382 Sorry,        we    closed.    are
383 They’re        all    same.    the
384 They        are    people.    good
385 They        are        inseparable.
386 They        are    talking.    not
387 They’re        the    age.    same
388 They        are        vegetarians.
389 We        are    hungry.    always
390 We    today.    are    home    at
391 We’re        going    train.    by
392 We        are    dinner.    having
393 We        are    brothers.    like
394 We    danger.    are    of    out
395 We        are    champions.    the
396 What’re        you    up?    doing
397 What’re        you        drinking?
398 What    at?    are    good    you
399 What        are    reading?    you
400 What’re        you        thinking?
401 What’re        you        watching?
402 What        are    writing?    you
403 You        are    billy-goat.    a
404 You’re        a    person.    good
405 You        are    wrong.    always
406 You        are    me.    confusing
407 You’re        German,        right?
408 You’re        going    far.    too
409 You    hope.    are    only    my
410 You’re        not    mother.    my
411 You’re        out    danger.    of
412 You        are    arrest.    under
413 You        are    time.    wasting
414 I    well.    can    sleep    not
415 He        cannot    trusted.    be
416 He    mile.    can’t    a    swim
417 I    bus.    cannot    a    drive
418 I    more.    can’t    any    eat
419 That        can’t    denied.    be
420 You        cannot    here.    swim
421 He        didn’t    happy.    look
422 I    you.    did    betray    not
423 I    this.    did    order    not
424 I        did    understand.    not
425 Tom        did    struggle.    not
426 It    long.    has    too    been
427 It’s        happened        before.
428 My        car’s    stolen.    been
429 My        headache    gone.    has
430 No    here.    one    been    has
431 No    them.    one    seen    has
432 She        is    shopping.    gone
433 How’ve        you    Tom?    been,
434 I’ve        already    it.    done
435 I’ve        been    today.    busy
436 I’ve        changed    mind.    my
437 I    finger.    have    my    cut
438 I        have    weight.    gained
439 I’ve        just    dinner.    had
440 I    watch.    have    my    lost
441 I        have    you.    misjudged
442 I’ve        never    this.    done
443 I’ve        only    begun.    just
444 I’ve        seen    before.    her
445 We        have    friends.    been
446 We        have    nothing.    done
447 We’ve    gas.    run    of    out
448 You        have    us.    betrayed
449 You        have    warned.    been
450 You        have    hard.    worked
451 I    worker.    am    social    a
452 I    dying.    am    of    afraid
453 I    death.    am    of    afraid
454 I’m        allergic    cats.    to
455 I’m        an    person.    honest
456 I’m    you.    as    as    strong
457 I    you.    am    than    better
458 I’m    car.    buying    new    a
459 I    you.    am    about    crazy
460 I’m        doing    dishes.    the
461 I    banana.    am    a    eating
462 I        am    tired.    extremely
463 I’m        feeling        nauseous.
464 I    you.    am    thank    fine,
465 I        am    dressed.    getting
466 I’m    you.    glad    help    to
467 I’m    you.    glad    know    to
468 I’m        here    business.    on
469 I    holiday.    am    on    here
470 I’m        learning        Chinese.
471 I        am    Basque.    learning
472 I’m        learning        Turkish.
473 I’m        no    hungry.    longer
474 I    tired.    am    longer    no
475 I’m        not    today.    coming
476 I    you.    am    leaving    not
477 I    father.    am    your    not
478 I        am    satisfied.    quite
479 I’m        shorter    you.    than
480 I        am    hungry.    terribly
481 I’m        through    him.    with
482 I’m        totally        confused.
483 I    turn.    am    my    waiting
484 I    time.    am    my    wasting
485 Everyone’s        different.        
486 Everyone        is        standing.
487 Everyone        is        watching.
488 Everything        is        normal.
489 He’s        a    artist.    famous
490 He’s        a    man.    self-made
491 He    walker.    is    quick    a
492 He    leave.    is    to    about
493 He’s        always        punctual.
494 He’s        greedy    lazy.    and
495 He    please.    is    to    hard
496 He        is    bound.    homeward
497 He    kitchen.    is    the    in
498 He’s        just    amateur.    an
499 He    come.    is    to    likely
500 He’s    me.    very    to    kind
501 He    book.    is    a    writing
502 How        is    possible?    that
503 How        is    possible?    this
504 How        is    daughter?    your
505 I        think    wrong.    that’s
506 It    right.    is    sacred    a
507 It’s    me.    all    to    Greek
508 It    charge.    is    of    free
509 It    kitchen.    is    the    in
510 It’s        me    wrong.    that’s
511 It    late.    is    too    never
512 It    today.    is    cold    not
513 It        is    impossible.    not
514 It’s        not    business.    my
515 It’s        still    early.    too
516 It    here.    is    cold    very
517 It’s        very    today.    cold
518 It        is    expensive.    very
519 It    today.    is    hot    very
520 It    steal.    is    to    wrong
521 My        father’s    doctor.    a
522 Nothing        is        happening.
523 She    girl.    is    blonde    a
524 She    beauty.    is    real    a
525 She’s        about    leave.    to
526 She’s        crazy    me.    about
527 She        is    older.    getting
528 She’s        in    kitchen.    the
529 She’s        my    friend.    best
530 She    love.    is    first    my
531 She        is    talented.    very
532 She    hat.    is    a    wearing
533 Something        is        missing.
534 That    house.    is    blue    a
535 That’s        how    done.    it’s
536 That’s        my    affair.    own
537 That    fault.    is    my    not
538 That    case.    is    the    not
539 That    get!    is    you    what
540 The        baby    sleeping.    is
541 The        door    unlocked.    is
542 The        feeling’s        mutual.
543 The        pie    delicious.    is
544 The        pleasure    mine.    is
545 The    limit.    sky    the    is
546 There’s        a        difference.
547 There’s        a    survey.    new
548 There        is    way.    another
549 There’s        little    do.    to
550 There’s        no    here.    beer
551 There’s        no    left.    food
552 There’s        no    left.    milk
553 There’s        no    there.    one
554 There’s        no    left.    salt
555 There’s        nothing        here.
556 There        is    problem.    one
557 There’s        someone        here.
558 This        one’s        different.
559 Tom    actor.    is    great    a
560 Tom    guy.    is    likable    a
561 Tom        is        double-parked.
562 Tom        is        eavesdropping.
563 Tom’s        Mary’s        brother.
564 Tom        is        uncomfortable.
565 Tom        is    annoying.    very
566 Tom’s        very        dangerous.
567 Tomorrow’s        a        holiday.
568 Tomorrow’s        a    day.    new
569 What’s        Ken    now?    doing
570 What’s        our        situation?
571 What    news?    is    bad    the
572 What’s        the        diagnosis?
573 What’s        the    stop?    next
574 What        is    address?    your
575 What’s        your        decision?
576 What’s        your        password?
577 When    back?    is    due    Tom
578 Where        is    umbrella?    my
579 Where’s        the    stop?    bus
580 Where’s        the        entrance?
581 Where        is    kitchen?    the
582 Where        is    station?    the
583 Where’s        the        washroom?
584 Where’s        Tom        sleeping?
585 Where        is    house?    Tom’s
586 Where’s        your    now?    God
587 Where        is    friend?    your
588 Who    guy?    is    lucky    the
589 Who’s        Tom    to?    talking
590 Why’s        Tom    that?    doing
591 Why’s        Tom    here?    still
592 Tom        wasn’t        impressed.
593 They        weren’t        invited.
594 It’s        a    poison!    deadly
595 It’s        a    poison.    deadly
596 Taro,        dinner’s        ready!
597 The        phone    ringing!    is
598 The        phone    ringing.    is
599 Think        before    act!    you
600 Think        before    act.    you
601 You    idiot!    are    an    not
602 Do    today?    you    OK    feel
603 Many        men,    minds.    many
604 You’ve        gained        weight.
605 Don’t        feed    ducks.    the
606 I    help!    need    little    a
607 I    help.    need    little    a
608 You’re        a    driver.    good
609 You’ve        changed    lot.    a
610 What        time    sunrise?    is
611 I    customer.    am    a    only
612 Let’s        hit    slopes.    the
613 Let’s        hit    slopes!    the
614 It        is    eleven.    already
615 I    keys.    can’t    my    find
616 I    keys!    can’t    my    find
617 I’m        extremely        hungry.
618 We’re        going    fight.    to
619 Tom        is    bellfounder.    a
620 That        is    exception.    an
621 John    math.    is    at    good
622 What’s        the    hurry?    big
623 I’m    here.    glad    is    Tom
624 No    said.    more    be    need
625 He    word.    didn’t    a    say
626 You’re        a    late.    little
627 You’re        my        girlfriend.
628 You    fit.    have    stay    to
629 You    fit.    have    keep    to
630 We’re        looking    it.    for
631 Love        rules    hate.    over
632 Singing        is    thing.    his
633 Tom    now.    is    prison    in
634 Tom    prison.    is    in    now
635 You’re        very        talented.
636 Rack        off,    legs!    hairy
637 I        like    colours.    light
638 I        like    colors.    bright
639 What        color    those?    are
640 What        colour    they?    are
641 What        color    they?    were
642 Do    apple?    you    an    want
643 How        come    late?    you’re
644 Don’t        get    started.    me
645 What    eat?    is    to    there
646 Tom    traitor.    may    a    be
647 They        are    married.    not
648 Tom        is    hemophiliac.    a
649 I        won’t    anybody.    tell
650 I    house.    must    my    sell
651 Tom        chose    colors.    the
652 The        colors    vivid.    are
653 The        color    fade.    won’t
654 I    horse.    don’t    a    have
655 Is        there    here?    anyone
656 It’s    book.    a    old    very
657 I    jokes.    know    of    tons
658 I    jokes.    know    of    lots
659 My        father    healthy.    is
660 Buckle        your        seatbelt.
661 Fasten        your        seatbelt.
662 I’m    fine.    sure    is    Tom
663 Do    prenup?    you    a    have
664 We    it.    have    found    not
665 That        is    nonsense.    all
666 His    Tom.    real    is    name
667 I’ve        never    you.    loved
668 I’m        rolling    dough.    in
669 I    come.    hope    will    Tom
670 The        party’s        tomorrow.
671 The        party’s        Saturday.
672 The        party’s        Thursday.
673 The        show’s        Wednesday.
674 Tom’s        a    animal.    party
675 I        waited    hours.    three
676 Happens        all    time.    the
677 Tom        says    urgent.    it’s
678 I    Tom.    no    love    longer
679 Tom    me.    is    than    wiser
680 I    novel.    am    a    writing
681 I’m        writing    essay.    an
682 I’m        in    classroom.    the
683 What’s        mine    yours.    is
684 That        isn’t        difficult.
685 That’s        not        difficult.
686 Tom        is    thirty.    around
687 I        think    crazy.    you’re
688 Tom        stopped        abruptly.
689 Tom        suddenly        stopped.
690 This        isn’t    news.    good
691 I    Europe.    am    from    not
692 Cotton        absorbs        water.
693 I        can’t    anymore.    walk
694 Mary        has    breasts.    big
695 Stop        interrupting        me.
696 Stop        interrupting        me!
697 I’m        learning        Aramaic.
698 I        still    dance.    cannot
699 Stick        to    subject!    the
700 Stick        to    subject.    the
701 I        am    Kazakh.    learning
702 I’m    came.    so    you    glad
703 I        can’t    this.    believe
704 I’m        listening    you.    to
705 I        didn’t    that.    expect
706 You’re        not    friend.    my
707 Tom    socks.    put    his    on
708 Tom        rarely    that.    does
709 You’re        very        arrogant.
710 You’re        a    man.    patient
711 My        neighbors    me.    hate
712 I’ve        never    that.    said
713 He    accent.    has    cute    a
714 It’ll        be    soon.    summer
715 It’ll        be    soon.    winter
716 It    soon.    will    fall    be
717 You        are        incorrigible.
718 He    virtuoso.    is    a    not
719 I    sex.    have    had    never
720 He’s    man.    not    smart    a
721 Someone        stole    car.    my
722 I    away.    gave    house    my
723 I    house.    gave    my    away
724 That’s        a    book.    lovely
725 What’s        an    bond?    ionic
726 I    tree.    am    a    planting
727 He’s        a        perfectionist.
728 I    foreigner.    am    a    not
729 That    shirt.    is    nice    a
730 You’re        very        annoying.
731 That’s        not    laptop.    my
732 You        are        exaggerating.
733 I    him.    do    respect    not
734 I        want        grandchildren.
735 I        wasn’t        sympathetic.
736 I    mood.    wasn’t    the    in
737 I’m    artist.    not    con    a
738 She    eater.    is    picky    a
739 He        didn’t    me.    believe
740 I    soon.    want    leave    to
741 Tom        seldom    that.    does
742 Tom    reach.    is    to    hard
743 This        work    hard.    isn’t
744 Lesson        Three    hard.    is
745 It’s    me.    not    for    hard
746 It    choice.    was    hard    a
747 I    hard.    know    not    it’s
748 This        is    difficult.    so
749 It        was    difficult.    too
750 It’s    that.    hard    do    to
751 It    do.    wasn’t    to    hard
752 Tom    boots.    put    his    on
753 Tom    on.    put    boots    his
754 Tom    on.    put    socks    his
755 Tom        made    omelette.    an
756 I    lunch.    plan    skip    to
757 Tom    fire.    put    the    out
758 Tom        might    injured.    be
759 I    myself.    did    by    that
760 I    that.    plan    doing    on
761 You    Tom.    have    tell    to
762 I    that.    won’t    do    ever
763 Tom    lonely.    has    be    to
764 Tom        might    thirsty.    be
765 Tom        might    unhappy.    be
766 Tom    that.    ought    do    to
767 I        didn’t    anybody.    hit
768 I        don’t    anybody.    like
769 Press        the    button.    red
770 We        were    injured.    both
771 I        didn’t    anyone.    help
772 I        didn’t    anyone.    hurt
773 I        didn’t    anyone.    kiss
774 I        know    here.    everyone
775 I    Boston.    now    in    live
776 I    now.    live    Boston    in
777 I    once.    only    that    did
778 I    once.    did    only    that
779 I    that.    planned    do    to
780 I    mom.    really    my    miss
781 Let’s        wait    0.104166666666667    till
782 No    that.    one    do    could
783 Nobody        could    that.    do
784 Nobody        seemed        afraid.
785 No        one    afraid.    seemed
786 Tom        already    that.    did
787 Tom        did    already.    that
788 Tom    well.    did    as    that
789 Tom        must    mistaken.    be
790 Tom    teacher.    is    a    now
791 Tom    now.    is    teacher    a
792 Tom    Boston.    is    in    now
793 Tom    now.    is    Boston    in
794 Tom        might    annoyed.    be
795 Tom    home.    might    at    be
796 Tom        might    curious.    be
797 Tom        might    furious.    be
798 Tom        might    jealous.    be
799 Tom        might    nervous.    be
800 Tom        might    outside.    be
801 Tom    Boston.    may    in    be
802 Tom    here.    may    that    do
803 Tom        may    arrested.    get
804 Tom    happy.    may    be    not
805 Tom    tired.    may    be    not
806 Tom    race.    may    the    win
807 Tom    scared.    has    be    to
808 Tom    sleepy.    has    be    to
809 Tom    that.    plans    do    to
810 Tom    0.104166666666667    said    was    it
811 You        already    that.    did
812 You        did    already.    that
813 Did        everyone    that?    do
814 Everyone        was        worried.
815 Has        anyone    that?    done
816 I’m        still    mad.    pretty
817 Tom    now.    may    awake    be
818 Tom    soon.    may    back    be
819 Tom        may    concerned.    be
820 Tom        may    dangerous.    be
821 Tom        may    depressed.    be
822 Tom        may    desperate.    be
823 Tom        may    exhausted.    be
824 Tom        may    impressed.    be
825 Tom        may    incorrect.    be
826 Tom        may    irritated.    be
827 Tom        may    skeptical.    be
828 Tom        may    surprised.    be
829 Tom        may    terrified.    be
830 Tom    soon.    may    that    do
831 Tom        may    homesick.    get
832 Tom        must    confused.    be
833 I    go.    have    to    nowhere
834 Tom    uncle.    will    an    be
835 What    take?    bus    I    must
836 I    all.    cannot    at    cook
837 Why    eating?    is    one    no
838 Why        is    eating?    nobody
839 We’re        planning    go.    to
840 Tom    too.    plans    go,    to
841 Tom    soon.    plans    go    to
842 Tom    teach.    is    to    hard
843 Tom    book.    bought    a    me
844 Someone        will    that.    do
845 Not        everybody        smiled.
846 No    smile.    one    Tom    saw
847 Nobody        saw    smile.    Tom
848 No    leave.    one    Tom    saw
849 Nobody        saw    leave.    Tom
850 I’ve    job.    found    a    you
851 I’d    note.    have    a    left
852 I        would’ve    that.    done
853 I    safe.    wonder    I’m    if
854 I    win.    wonder    I’ll    if
855 I    today.    might    out    go
856 Everybody        is        smiling.
857 Everybody        was        crying.
858 Everyone        looks        happy.
859 Do    out?    you    eat    often
860 Do    often?    you    out    eat
861 Let’s        bunk    class.    off
862 Tom        seemed        skeptical.
863 Tom        seemed        sceptical.
864 Don’t        push    luck.    your
865 What’s        the    Tom?    time,
866 Tom,        what’s    time?    the
867 Tom        fooled        everybody.
868 I    lied.    can    Tom    prove
869 Everybody        hugged        Tom.
870 Did        anybody    Tom?    kiss
871 We    turf.    ate    ‘n’    surf
872 We    turf.    ate    and    surf
873 We        should’ve    it.    done
874 Tom    cab.    paid    the    for
875 Tom    early.    may    up    get
876 Tom        lives    himself.    by
877 Tom        is    nothing.    doing
878 No    you.    one    hire    will
879 Nobody        will    you.    hire
880 No    Tom.    one    hire    will
881 Nobody        will    Tom.    hire
882 Everyone        is        sleeping.
883 Do    Tom?    you    know    both
884 No    laugh.    one    Tom    saw
885 Nobody        saw    laugh.    Tom
886 That    cup.    is    your    not
887 I    letter.    wrote    a    her
888 I    letter.    wrote    a    him
889 They        told    nothing.    us
890 Beautiful        day,        innit?
891 Courgettes        are        green.
892 You        cannot    me!    defeat
893 It    scary.    was    of    kind
894 Tom    on.    put    shirt    his
895 Tom    shirt.    put    his    on
896 Where’s        your        luggage?
897 Did        you    anything?    eat
898 Nobody’s        volunteered.        
899 I    hard.    know    work    you
900 What’s        this    for?    used
901 Toss    Tom.    the    to    ball
902 Tom    slow.    told    I’m    me
903 Tom    safe.    told    I’m    me
904 Tom    last.    told    I’m    me
905 Tom    shy.    told    he’s    me
906 Tom    won.    told    he’d    me
907 Tom        says    lonely.    he’s
908 Tom        said    agreed.    Mary
909 Tom    won.    said    he    that
910 Tom    well.    said    was    he
911 Tom    sick.    said    was    he
912 Tom    safe.    said    was    he
913 Tom    poor.    said    was    he
914 Tom    fine.    said    was    he
915 Tom    done.    said    was    he
916 Tom    cold.    said    was    he
917 Tom    busy.    said    was    he
918 Tom    you.    said    told    he
919 Tom    wait.    said    may    he
920 Tom    me.    said    loved    he
921 Tom    it.    said    liked    he
922 Tom    you.    said    knew    he
923 Tom    hot.    said    felt    he
924 Tom    that.    said    did    he
925 I    thing.    can’t    a    feel
926 No    answer.    one    an    had
927 Nobody        had    answer.    an
928 I    it.    suspect    did    Tom
929 You        could’ve    me.    told
930 You        could’ve        drowned.
931 You        could’ve    it.    done
932 It        could’ve    you.    been
933 I        could’ve    that.    used
934 I        could’ve    hurt.    been
935 Tom        would’ve    us.    told
936 Tom        would’ve    me.    told
937 I        must’ve    off.    nodded
938 I        must’ve    out.    passed
939 Tom    cap.    took    his    off
940 Tom    off.    took    cap    his
941 Are    this?    you    with    OK
942 Tom    toys.    has    of    lots
943 Are        you    okay?    feeling
944 Tom        isn’t    happy.    very
945 Tom        isn’t    enough.    old
946 Tom        isn’t        interested.
947 Tom    man.    isn’t    real    a
948 Tom    guy.    isn’t    dumb    a
949 Tom        isn’t    criminal.    a
950 Tom    man.    isn’t    busy    a
951 Tom    bright.    is    so    not
952 Tom        is    religious.    not
953 Tom    cousin.    is    my    not
954 Tom    there.    is    all    not
955 Tom    student.    is    a    not
956 I’m    agree.    not    I    sure
957 What    now?    will    do    you
958 I        love    chess.    playing
959 I    chess.    love    play    to
960 I’ve        done    twice.    that
961 She        avoided    look.    his
962 She        avoided    eyes.    his
963 I        am    retired.    already
964 I’ll        buy    tickets.    the
965 Tom        is    funambulist.    a
966 I        like    here.    everyone
967 I        smiled    everyone.    at
968 Show        Tom    picture.    the
969 I    lied.    know    Tom    that
970 Has        anybody    Tom?    told
971 Why’s        Tom    coming?    not
972 Why        isn’t    coming?    Tom
973 Tom    me.    ate    than    more
974 I    right.    think    is    Tom
975 I    here.    think    was    Tom
976 Tom    man.    isn’t    rich    a
977 I    here.    will    stay    not
978 I’m    you.    sorry    hurt    I
979 Everybody        ignored        us.
980 Everybody        ignored        it.
981 Everyone        was        anxious.
982 That        isn’t        practical.
983 That’s        not        practical.
984 No        one    Tom.    suspected
985 Nobody        suspected        Tom.
986 No        one    me.    threatened
987 Nobody        threatened        me.
988 No        one    satisfied.    was
989 Nobody        was        satisfied.
990 Tell        Tom    sick.    you’re
991 That        answer    wrong.    is
992 Give    Tom.    the    to    keys
993 No    Tom.    one    for    voted
994 Nobody        voted    Tom.    for
995 That        wasn’t    fault.    my
996 I        greased    palm.    Tom’s
997 I        didn’t    anyone.    hear
998 I    honest.    know    is    Tom
999 I    hungry.    know    is    Tom
1000 I    early.    know    was    Tom
1 It is already eleven.
2 May I use your phone?
3 What are you fond of?
4 You are the only one.
5 The house is on fire.
6 The well has run dry.
7 I am eating an apple.
8 Speak louder, please.
9 Let’s try once again.
10 I cut myself shaving.
11 I feel very feverish.
12 Where’s the restroom?
13 Please open the door.
14 Those books are mine.
15 That’s my dictionary.
16 That’s too expensive.
17 The boy began to cry.
18 I’m not at all tired.
19 Seiko has no sisters.
20 The score is one all.
21 These books are mine.
22 Is this your bicycle?
23 This job doesn’t pay.
24 This door won’t open.
25 I’m glad to meet you.
26 Thank you for coming.
27 I have a stomachache.
28 We’re ready to leave.
29 Do you have a pencil?
30 You are not a doctor.
31 I am counting on you.
32 I am a stranger here.
33 I am a tennis player.
34 I cannot read French.
35 I cannot swim at all.
36 I have caught a cold.
37 I had my watch fixed.
38 All men are fallible.
39 He is afraid to swim.
40 He gets tired easily.
41 He likes to watch TV.
42 He reads a good deal.
43 He is afraid of dogs.
44 He is my best friend.
45 He committed suicide.
46 She broke into tears.
47 She’s very beautiful.
48 I’m not tired at all.
49 I carried on singing.
50 You can’t be serious.
51 Thank you for coming!
52 Why did you go there?
53 The house is burning.
54 He likes watching TV.
55 He achieved his goal.
56 His face turned pale.
57 I’ll phone you later.
58 Don’t open your book.
59 He’s a tennis player.
60 Pleasure to meet you.
61 She burst into tears.
62 Where is your father?
63 Please shut the door.
64 When are you leaving?
65 This gift is for you.
66 Whose guitar is this?
67 I love French movies.
68 What is your problem?
69 She slammed the door.
70 Size does not matter.
71 Where’s the bathroom?
72 Do you study or work?
73 What is your surname?
74 Do you need the keys?
75 I have just returned.
76 He’s in the bathroom.
77 You are a workaholic.
78 Yes, that’s my house.
79 I speak of my friend.
80 I didn’t see anybody.
81 They love their kids.
82 He attempted suicide.
83 Where is your sister?
84 It’s good to see you.
85 I can’t drink coffee.
86 He is friendly to me.
87 We ran out of petrol.
88 All you need is love.
89 Love is all you need.
90 Good night, everyone!
91 Everything all right?
92 He isn’t an American.
93 This one’s all yours.
94 That one’s all yours.
95 You’re our only hope.
96 Can I use your phone?
97 He doesn’t tell lies.
98 You can count on him.
99 He can be counted on.
100 I won’t sell my soul.
101 Leave my stuff alone.
102 That’s the main gate.
103 Anything is possible.
104 He has lots of money.
105 He likes music a lot.
106 That’s very romantic!
107 I’ll be back at 6:30.
108 She’ll probably come.
109 Tom has a large dick.
110 Tom has a small dick.
111 Tom is a Peeping Tom.
112 Why did he come here?
113 I have a bad feeling.
114 You could not choose.
115 I think you’re wrong.
116 I can’t speak German.
117 They’re tears of joy.
118 You are irresistible.
119 This is a true story.
120 It’s not higher math.
121 Gotta catch them all.
122 Everybody’s a winner.
123 Want fries with that?
124 She doesn’t like him.
125 I have no more ideas.
126 Love doesn’t forgive.
127 Last night I ralphed.
128 It’s too late for me.
129 I’m highly impressed.
130 She cannot stop them.
131 They cannot stop him.
132 They cannot stop her.
133 Thanks for your time.
134 Can you give me that?
135 I’m travelling alone.
136 She’s done it before.
137 Girls aren’t welcome.
138 Boys are not welcome.
139 It’s what I would do.
140 I’ve learned to cook.
141 Tom is older than me.
142 Why don’t you answer?
143 How many did you get?
144 I hate cops like him.
145 I’m glad you’re here.
146 Tom hoisted the flag.
147 Don’t leave me alone!
148 I can’t confirm this.
149 There isn’t any hope.
150 I’d like to help you.
151 Put handcuffs on him.
152 I can’t trust anyone.
153 You’ll get over this.
154 You can from outside.
155 He became dispirited.
156 Ostriches cannot fly.
157 He’s just a know-all.
158 Don’t leave me alone.
159 There’s no hot water.
160 It’s a vicious cycle.
161 When’s your birthday?
162 Where’s your brother?
163 Is there any zakuska?
164 I think you know Tom.
165 I can’t eat all this.
166 Aluminium is a metal.
167 I started to cry too.
168 Tom is angry with us.
169 I’m thirty years old.
170 I wish that was true.
171 Happy fourth of July!
172 He’s smarter than me.
173 I’ll be very careful.
174 What is a think tank?
175 What’s your nickname?
176 It wasn’t my mistake.
177 I couldn’t finish it.
178 You should thank him.
179 Who’s gonna be there?
180 I’m gonna go cry now.
181 Try to get some rest.
182 You’ll be very sorry.
183 That is not possible.
184 I am not your friend.
185 I wrote Tom a letter.
186 Tom is a disc jockey.
187 He will not be ready.
188 I will come tomorrow.
189 Where is your jacket?
190 Who gave this to Tom?
191 Where is your mother?
192 We will have to wait.
193 It will be over soon.
194 The tumor was benign.
195 It’s under the chair.
196 I’m learning Burmese.
197 It’s very improbable.
198 Do you have any milk?
199 We will decide later.
200 Why are boys so dumb?
201 I will be right over.
202 I’m older than he is.
203 Nice to meet you too.
204 My family isn’t rich.
205 My family’s not rich.
206 I’m sure that’s true.
207 It’s been a good day.
208 Don’t close the door!
209 Don’t close the door.
210 Where is your school?
211 You’re always hungry.
212 You’re always hungry!
213 My surname is ‘Wang.’
214 My last name is Wang.
215 I’ll always love you.
216 The plan is immature.
217 Even my mom knows it.
218 What’s wrong with me?
219 Are you good at math?
220 You wanted to see me?
221 Who gave this to you?
222 I don’t know exactly.
223 Get your paws off me.
224 Try to act naturally.
225 The shower is broken.
226 Do you feel too cold?
227 Do you feel too warm?
228 Well, I’ll be damned!
229 I guess you’re right.
230 Please wait a minute!
231 Please wait a minute.
232 I missed you so much!
233 I missed you so much.
234 I am not married yet.
235 The more, the better.
236 You have to help Tom.
237 What’s going on here?
238 Don’t pick your nose.
239 I am looking for you.
240 I wish Tom were here.
241 It’s a beautiful day!
242 It’s a beautiful day.
243 I’ll go to the beach.
244 Does he like his job?
245 Where is my suitcase?
246 I love Kabyle dishes.
247 I have read the book.
248 This bird cannot fly.
249 I am a little scared.
250 What’s Tom’s problem?
251 Wait’ll you see this.
252 I’m writing a letter.
253 Business is business!
254 Business is business.
255 Don’t eat like a pig!
256 Don’t eat like a pig.
257 Don’t get so excited!
258 Don’t get so excited.
259 Don’t make any noise!
260 Don’t make any noise.
261 Don’t make fun of me!
262 Don’t make fun of me.
263 Don’t pick your nose!
264 Don’t touch my stuff!
265 Don’t touch my stuff.
266 Don’t worry about it!
267 Don’t worry about it.
268 Finally, it’s Friday!
269 Finally, it’s Friday.
270 Get them out of here!
271 Get them out of here.
272 Have a great weekend!
273 Have a great weekend.
274 He gets on my nerves!
275 He gets on my nerves.
276 Here comes the train!
277 Here comes the train.
278 I can’t see anything!
279 I can’t see anything.
280 I can’t sleep at all!
281 I can’t sleep at all.
282 I didn’t do anything!
283 I didn’t do anything.
284 I don’t see anything!
285 I don’t see anything.
286 I like you very much!
287 I like you very much.
288 I think that’s great!
289 I think that’s great.
290 I wish you were dead!
291 I wish you were dead.
292 I’ll call the police!
293 I’ll call the police.
294 I’m dying for a beer!
295 I’m dying for a beer.
296 I’m too young to die!
297 I’m too young to die.
298 I’ve given up on you!
299 I’ve given up on you.
300 It’s good to be back!
301 It’s good to be back.
302 It’s time to wake up!
303 It’s time to wake up.
304 Just get out of here!
305 Just get out of here.
306 Keep your mouth shut!
307 Keep your mouth shut.
308 Keep your voice down!
309 Keep your voice down.
310 Let’s go to my house!
311 Let’s go to my house.
312 Stop calling me that!
313 Stop calling me that.
314 Stop pulling my hair!
315 Stop pulling my hair.
316 That’s all we needed!
317 That’s all we needed.
318 That’s too expensive!
319 The house is burning!
320 This place is packed!
321 This place is packed.
322 You are embarrassing!
323 You are embarrassing.
324 You are welcome here!
325 You are welcome here.
326 You can’t be serious!
327 You will regret this!
328 You will regret this.
329 You’re a filthy liar!
330 You’re a filthy liar.
331 You’re not listening!
332 You’re not listening.
333 You’re not my father!
334 You’re not my father.
335 You’re such an idiot!
336 You’re such an idiot.
337 I have turned twenty.
338 I’m no longer sleepy.
339 I’ve never done that.
340 What’re you planning?
341 I should wake up Tom.
342 Whom did you go with?
343 With whom did you go?
344 It’s started raining.
345 It’s stopped raining.
346 I’ll be glad to come.
347 I like how it sounds.
348 I’m twelve years old.
349 Let’s go look around.
350 Are you at home, too?
351 You’re a good mother.
352 He’s eight years old.
353 Atl is ten years old.
354 I do not believe you.
355 It’s half past eight.
356 I am going to school.
357 This isn’t a new car.
358 Today is a sunny day.
359 I read this in Cosmo.
360 What is it all about?
361 What is today’s date?
362 What is your opinion?
363 What is the time now?
364 Where is the receipt?
365 Where is the mistake?
366 Where is your family?
367 Who’s coming with me?
368 What’s the emergency?
369 Where’s the hospital?
370 Where’s your bedroom?
371 I forgot my password!
372 I forgot my password.
373 I’ve already said no.
374 Who was this done by?
375 Tom is all right now.
376 That’s how I like it.
377 It’ll work next time.
378 I hope you’re hungry.
379 Maybe they are happy.
380 Now you are an adult.
381 Perhaps you’re right.
382 Sorry, we are closed.
383 They’re all the same.
384 They are good people.
385 They are inseparable.
386 They are not talking.
387 They’re the same age.
388 They are vegetarians.
389 We are always hungry.
390 We are at home today.
391 We’re going by train.
392 We are having dinner.
393 We are like brothers.
394 We are out of danger.
395 We are the champions.
396 What’re you doing up?
397 What’re you drinking?
398 What are you good at?
399 What are you reading?
400 What’re you thinking?
401 What’re you watching?
402 What are you writing?
403 You are a billy-goat.
404 You’re a good person.
405 You are always wrong.
406 You are confusing me.
407 You’re German, right?
408 You’re going too far.
409 You are my only hope.
410 You’re not my mother.
411 You’re out of danger.
412 You are under arrest.
413 You are wasting time.
414 I can not sleep well.
415 He cannot be trusted.
416 He can’t swim a mile.
417 I cannot drive a bus.
418 I can’t eat any more.
419 That can’t be denied.
420 You cannot swim here.
421 He didn’t look happy.
422 I did not betray you.
423 I did not order this.
424 I did not understand.
425 Tom did not struggle.
426 It has been too long.
427 It’s happened before.
428 My car’s been stolen.
429 My headache has gone.
430 No one has been here.
431 No one has seen them.
432 She is gone shopping.
433 How’ve you been, Tom?
434 I’ve already done it.
435 I’ve been busy today.
436 I’ve changed my mind.
437 I have cut my finger.
438 I have gained weight.
439 I’ve just had dinner.
440 I have lost my watch.
441 I have misjudged you.
442 I’ve never done this.
443 I’ve only just begun.
444 I’ve seen her before.
445 We have been friends.
446 We have done nothing.
447 We’ve run out of gas.
448 You have betrayed us.
449 You have been warned.
450 You have worked hard.
451 I am a social worker.
452 I am afraid of dying.
453 I am afraid of death.
454 I’m allergic to cats.
455 I’m an honest person.
456 I’m as strong as you.
457 I am better than you.
458 I’m buying a new car.
459 I am crazy about you.
460 I’m doing the dishes.
461 I am eating a banana.
462 I am extremely tired.
463 I’m feeling nauseous.
464 I am fine, thank you.
465 I am getting dressed.
466 I’m glad to help you.
467 I’m glad to know you.
468 I’m here on business.
469 I am here on holiday.
470 I’m learning Chinese.
471 I am learning Basque.
472 I’m learning Turkish.
473 I’m no longer hungry.
474 I am no longer tired.
475 I’m not coming today.
476 I am not leaving you.
477 I am not your father.
478 I am quite satisfied.
479 I’m shorter than you.
480 I am terribly hungry.
481 I’m through with him.
482 I’m totally confused.
483 I am waiting my turn.
484 I am wasting my time.
485 Everyone’s different.
486 Everyone is standing.
487 Everyone is watching.
488 Everything is normal.
489 He’s a famous artist.
490 He’s a self-made man.
491 He is a quick walker.
492 He is about to leave.
493 He’s always punctual.
494 He’s greedy and lazy.
495 He is hard to please.
496 He is homeward bound.
497 He is in the kitchen.
498 He’s just an amateur.
499 He is likely to come.
500 He’s very kind to me.
501 He is writing a book.
502 How is that possible?
503 How is this possible?
504 How is your daughter?
505 I think that’s wrong.
506 It is a sacred right.
507 It’s all Greek to me.
508 It is free of charge.
509 It is in the kitchen.
510 It’s me that’s wrong.
511 It is never too late.
512 It is not cold today.
513 It is not impossible.
514 It’s not my business.
515 It’s still too early.
516 It is very cold here.
517 It’s very cold today.
518 It is very expensive.
519 It is very hot today.
520 It is wrong to steal.
521 My father’s a doctor.
522 Nothing is happening.
523 She is a blonde girl.
524 She is a real beauty.
525 She’s about to leave.
526 She’s crazy about me.
527 She is getting older.
528 She’s in the kitchen.
529 She’s my best friend.
530 She is my first love.
531 She is very talented.
532 She is wearing a hat.
533 Something is missing.
534 That is a blue house.
535 That’s how it’s done.
536 That’s my own affair.
537 That is not my fault.
538 That is not the case.
539 That is what you get!
540 The baby is sleeping.
541 The door is unlocked.
542 The feeling’s mutual.
543 The pie is delicious.
544 The pleasure is mine.
545 The sky is the limit.
546 There’s a difference.
547 There’s a new survey.
548 There is another way.
549 There’s little to do.
550 There’s no beer here.
551 There’s no food left.
552 There’s no milk left.
553 There’s no one there.
554 There’s no salt left.
555 There’s nothing here.
556 There is one problem.
557 There’s someone here.
558 This one’s different.
559 Tom is a great actor.
560 Tom is a likable guy.
561 Tom is double-parked.
562 Tom is eavesdropping.
563 Tom’s Mary’s brother.
564 Tom is uncomfortable.
565 Tom is very annoying.
566 Tom’s very dangerous.
567 Tomorrow’s a holiday.
568 Tomorrow’s a new day.
569 What’s Ken doing now?
570 What’s our situation?
571 What is the bad news?
572 What’s the diagnosis?
573 What’s the next stop?
574 What is your address?
575 What’s your decision?
576 What’s your password?
577 When is Tom due back?
578 Where is my umbrella?
579 Where’s the bus stop?
580 Where’s the entrance?
581 Where is the kitchen?
582 Where is the station?
583 Where’s the washroom?
584 Where’s Tom sleeping?
585 Where is Tom’s house?
586 Where’s your God now?
587 Where is your friend?
588 Who is the lucky guy?
589 Who’s Tom talking to?
590 Why’s Tom doing that?
591 Why’s Tom still here?
592 Tom wasn’t impressed.
593 They weren’t invited.
594 It’s a deadly poison!
595 It’s a deadly poison.
596 Taro, dinner’s ready!
597 The phone is ringing!
598 The phone is ringing.
599 Think before you act!
600 Think before you act.
601 You are not an idiot!
602 Do you feel OK today?
603 Many men, many minds.
604 You’ve gained weight.
605 Don’t feed the ducks.
606 I need a little help!
607 I need a little help.
608 You’re a good driver.
609 You’ve changed a lot.
610 What time is sunrise?
611 I am only a customer.
612 Let’s hit the slopes.
613 Let’s hit the slopes!
614 It is already eleven.
615 I can’t find my keys.
616 I can’t find my keys!
617 I’m extremely hungry.
618 We’re going to fight.
619 Tom is a bellfounder.
620 That is an exception.
621 John is good at math.
622 What’s the big hurry?
623 I’m glad Tom is here.
624 No more need be said.
625 He didn’t say a word.
626 You’re a little late.
627 You’re my girlfriend.
628 You have to stay fit.
629 You have to keep fit.
630 We’re looking for it.
631 Love rules over hate.
632 Singing is his thing.
633 Tom is in prison now.
634 Tom is now in prison.
635 You’re very talented.
636 Rack off, hairy legs!
637 I like light colours.
638 I like bright colors.
639 What color are those?
640 What colour are they?
641 What color were they?
642 Do you want an apple?
643 How come you’re late?
644 Don’t get me started.
645 What is there to eat?
646 Tom may be a traitor.
647 They are not married.
648 Tom is a hemophiliac.
649 I won’t tell anybody.
650 I must sell my house.
651 Tom chose the colors.
652 The colors are vivid.
653 The color won’t fade.
654 I don’t have a horse.
655 Is there anyone here?
656 It’s a very old book.
657 I know tons of jokes.
658 I know lots of jokes.
659 My father is healthy.
660 Buckle your seatbelt.
661 Fasten your seatbelt.
662 I’m sure Tom is fine.
663 Do you have a prenup?
664 We have not found it.
665 That is all nonsense.
666 His real name is Tom.
667 I’ve never loved you.
668 I’m rolling in dough.
669 I hope Tom will come.
670 The party’s tomorrow.
671 The party’s Saturday.
672 The party’s Thursday.
673 The show’s Wednesday.
674 Tom’s a party animal.
675 I waited three hours.
676 Happens all the time.
677 Tom says it’s urgent.
678 I no longer love Tom.
679 Tom is wiser than me.
680 I am writing a novel.
681 I’m writing an essay.
682 I’m in the classroom.
683 What’s mine is yours.
684 That isn’t difficult.
685 That’s not difficult.
686 Tom is around thirty.
687 I think you’re crazy.
688 Tom stopped abruptly.
689 Tom suddenly stopped.
690 This isn’t good news.
691 I am not from Europe.
692 Cotton absorbs water.
693 I can’t walk anymore.
694 Mary has big breasts.
695 Stop interrupting me.
696 Stop interrupting me!
697 I’m learning Aramaic.
698 I still cannot dance.
699 Stick to the subject!
700 Stick to the subject.
701 I am learning Kazakh.
702 I’m so glad you came.
703 I can’t believe this.
704 I’m listening to you.
705 I didn’t expect that.
706 You’re not my friend.
707 Tom put on his socks.
708 Tom rarely does that.
709 You’re very arrogant.
710 You’re a patient man.
711 My neighbors hate me.
712 I’ve never said that.
713 He has a cute accent.
714 It’ll be summer soon.
715 It’ll be winter soon.
716 It will be fall soon.
717 You are incorrigible.
718 He is not a virtuoso.
719 I have never had sex.
720 He’s not a smart man.
721 Someone stole my car.
722 I gave my house away.
723 I gave away my house.
724 That’s a lovely book.
725 What’s an ionic bond?
726 I am planting a tree.
727 He’s a perfectionist.
728 I am not a foreigner.
729 That is a nice shirt.
730 You’re very annoying.
731 That’s not my laptop.
732 You are exaggerating.
733 I do not respect him.
734 I want grandchildren.
735 I wasn’t sympathetic.
736 I wasn’t in the mood.
737 I’m not a con artist.
738 She is a picky eater.
739 He didn’t believe me.
740 I want to leave soon.
741 Tom seldom does that.
742 Tom is hard to reach.
743 This work isn’t hard.
744 Lesson Three is hard.
745 It’s not hard for me.
746 It was a hard choice.
747 I know it’s not hard.
748 This is so difficult.
749 It was too difficult.
750 It’s hard to do that.
751 It wasn’t hard to do.
752 Tom put on his boots.
753 Tom put his boots on.
754 Tom put his socks on.
755 Tom made an omelette.
756 I plan to skip lunch.
757 Tom put out the fire.
758 Tom might be injured.
759 I did that by myself.
760 I plan on doing that.
761 You have to tell Tom.
762 I won’t ever do that.
763 Tom has to be lonely.
764 Tom might be thirsty.
765 Tom might be unhappy.
766 Tom ought to do that.
767 I didn’t hit anybody.
768 I don’t like anybody.
769 Press the red button.
770 We were both injured.
771 I didn’t help anyone.
772 I didn’t hurt anyone.
773 I didn’t kiss anyone.
774 I know everyone here.
775 I now live in Boston.
776 I live in Boston now.
777 I only did that once.
778 I did that only once.
779 I planned to do that.
780 I really miss my mom.
781 Let’s wait till 2:30.
782 No one could do that.
783 Nobody could do that.
784 Nobody seemed afraid.
785 No one seemed afraid.
786 Tom already did that.
787 Tom did that already.
788 Tom did that as well.
789 Tom must be mistaken.
790 Tom is now a teacher.
791 Tom is a teacher now.
792 Tom is now in Boston.
793 Tom is in Boston now.
794 Tom might be annoyed.
795 Tom might be at home.
796 Tom might be curious.
797 Tom might be furious.
798 Tom might be jealous.
799 Tom might be nervous.
800 Tom might be outside.
801 Tom may be in Boston.
802 Tom may do that here.
803 Tom may get arrested.
804 Tom may not be happy.
805 Tom may not be tired.
806 Tom may win the race.
807 Tom has to be scared.
808 Tom has to be sleepy.
809 Tom plans to do that.
810 Tom said it was 2:30.
811 You already did that.
812 You did that already.
813 Did everyone do that?
814 Everyone was worried.
815 Has anyone done that?
816 I’m still pretty mad.
817 Tom may be awake now.
818 Tom may be back soon.
819 Tom may be concerned.
820 Tom may be dangerous.
821 Tom may be depressed.
822 Tom may be desperate.
823 Tom may be exhausted.
824 Tom may be impressed.
825 Tom may be incorrect.
826 Tom may be irritated.
827 Tom may be skeptical.
828 Tom may be surprised.
829 Tom may be terrified.
830 Tom may do that soon.
831 Tom may get homesick.
832 Tom must be confused.
833 I have nowhere to go.
834 Tom will be an uncle.
835 What bus must I take?
836 I cannot cook at all.
837 Why is no one eating?
838 Why is nobody eating?
839 We’re planning to go.
840 Tom plans to go, too.
841 Tom plans to go soon.
842 Tom is hard to teach.
843 Tom bought me a book.
844 Someone will do that.
845 Not everybody smiled.
846 No one saw Tom smile.
847 Nobody saw Tom smile.
848 No one saw Tom leave.
849 Nobody saw Tom leave.
850 I’ve found you a job.
851 I’d have left a note.
852 I would’ve done that.
853 I wonder if I’m safe.
854 I wonder if I’ll win.
855 I might go out today.
856 Everybody is smiling.
857 Everybody was crying.
858 Everyone looks happy.
859 Do you often eat out?
860 Do you eat out often?
861 Let’s bunk off class.
862 Tom seemed skeptical.
863 Tom seemed sceptical.
864 Don’t push your luck.
865 What’s the time, Tom?
866 Tom, what’s the time?
867 Tom fooled everybody.
868 I can prove Tom lied.
869 Everybody hugged Tom.
870 Did anybody kiss Tom?
871 We ate surf ‘n’ turf.
872 We ate surf and turf.
873 We should’ve done it.
874 Tom paid for the cab.
875 Tom may get up early.
876 Tom lives by himself.
877 Tom is doing nothing.
878 No one will hire you.
879 Nobody will hire you.
880 No one will hire Tom.
881 Nobody will hire Tom.
882 Everyone is sleeping.
883 Do you both know Tom?
884 No one saw Tom laugh.
885 Nobody saw Tom laugh.
886 That is not your cup.
887 I wrote her a letter.
888 I wrote him a letter.
889 They told us nothing.
890 Beautiful day, innit?
891 Courgettes are green.
892 You cannot defeat me!
893 It was kind of scary.
894 Tom put his shirt on.
895 Tom put on his shirt.
896 Where’s your luggage?
897 Did you eat anything?
898 Nobody’s volunteered.
899 I know you work hard.
900 What’s this used for?
901 Toss the ball to Tom.
902 Tom told me I’m slow.
903 Tom told me I’m safe.
904 Tom told me I’m last.
905 Tom told me he’s shy.
906 Tom told me he’d won.
907 Tom says he’s lonely.
908 Tom said Mary agreed.
909 Tom said that he won.
910 Tom said he was well.
911 Tom said he was sick.
912 Tom said he was safe.
913 Tom said he was poor.
914 Tom said he was fine.
915 Tom said he was done.
916 Tom said he was cold.
917 Tom said he was busy.
918 Tom said he told you.
919 Tom said he may wait.
920 Tom said he loved me.
921 Tom said he liked it.
922 Tom said he knew you.
923 Tom said he felt hot.
924 Tom said he did that.
925 I can’t feel a thing.
926 No one had an answer.
927 Nobody had an answer.
928 I suspect Tom did it.
929 You could’ve told me.
930 You could’ve drowned.
931 You could’ve done it.
932 It could’ve been you.
933 I could’ve used that.
934 I could’ve been hurt.
935 Tom would’ve told us.
936 Tom would’ve told me.
937 I must’ve nodded off.
938 I must’ve passed out.
939 Tom took off his cap.
940 Tom took his cap off.
941 Are you OK with this?
942 Tom has lots of toys.
943 Are you feeling okay?
944 Tom isn’t very happy.
945 Tom isn’t old enough.
946 Tom isn’t interested.
947 Tom isn’t a real man.
948 Tom isn’t a dumb guy.
949 Tom isn’t a criminal.
950 Tom isn’t a busy man.
951 Tom is not so bright.
952 Tom is not religious.
953 Tom is not my cousin.
954 Tom is not all there.
955 Tom is not a student.
956 I’m not sure I agree.
957 What will you do now?
958 I love playing chess.
959 I love to play chess.
960 I’ve done that twice.
961 She avoided his look.
962 She avoided his eyes.
963 I am already retired.
964 I’ll buy the tickets.
965 Tom is a funambulist.
966 I like everyone here.
967 I smiled at everyone.
968 Show Tom the picture.
969 I know that Tom lied.
970 Has anybody told Tom?
971 Why’s Tom not coming?
972 Why isn’t Tom coming?
973 Tom ate more than me.
974 I think Tom is right.
975 I think Tom was here.
976 Tom isn’t a rich man.
977 I will not stay here.
978 I’m sorry I hurt you.
979 Everybody ignored us.
980 Everybody ignored it.
981 Everyone was anxious.
982 That isn’t practical.
983 That’s not practical.
984 No one suspected Tom.
985 Nobody suspected Tom.
986 No one threatened me.
987 Nobody threatened me.
988 No one was satisfied.
989 Nobody was satisfied.
990 Tell Tom you’re sick.
991 That answer is wrong.
992 Give the keys to Tom.
993 No one voted for Tom.
994 Nobody voted for Tom.
995 That wasn’t my fault.
996 I greased Tom’s palm.
997 I didn’t hear anyone.
998 I know Tom is honest.
999 I know Tom is hungry.
1000 I know Tom was early.

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