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1 Bounteous ഔദാര്യം ample; lavish The bounteous buffet could probably feed thousands of people.
2 Hedge ഹെഡ്ജ് bushes or shrubs that form a boundary as they grow closely together in a row An ever-growing hedge stops nosy neighbors from being able to see into the back yard.
3 Behoof ബിഹൂഫ് benefit or advantage A parent forces their child to eat the vegetables they don’t like to behoof them, so they can grow up strong and healthy.
4 Antigen ആന്റിജൻ a toxin or foreign substance that causes the body to produce antibodies After many tests were conducted, it was discovered that he carried the antigen for a genetic disorder.
5 Impinge ഇമ്പിങ്ങ് to produce an effect, usually an unwanted one Hopefully the bad weather will move in a different direction and not impinge upon our plans for an outdoor reception.
6 Disrespect അനാദരവ് to show a lack of respect to someone or something This bill shows the government’s disrespect for basic human rights and established legal principles.
7 Grumble പിറുപിറുക്കുക to whine about something Grandpa likes to grumble about how rude it is that children are always on their cellphones at the dinner table.
8 Verklempt വെർക്ലെംപ്റ്റ് overwhelmed by emotion After her father’s death, the verklempt woman cried herself to self every night.
9 Experiment പരീക്ഷണം an examination usually in a scientific nature that tests a proposed explanation The scientists conducted an experiment on rats to determine if the new medication is safe for people.
10 Socialization സാമൂഹ്യവൽക്കരണം the process of talking to or doing activities with others Socialization with humans was difficult for the rescue pup since he had been abused in the past.
11 Boost ബൂസ്റ്റ് to help, stimulate, or encourage something to improve My kind words encouraged my sister to continue doing her best, and that boost really helped her improve.
12 Ownership ഉടമസ്ഥാവകാശം having legal possession of or being the owner of something The title was given to the man after buying his truck so that he could prove ownership if needed.
13 Nimbus നിംബസ് a dark grey rain cloud Looking up at the dark nimbus, Hector wondered how long it would be before it started to rain.
14 Stain കറ a mark or blemish that is difficult to get rid of There is a stain on Mark’s white shirt from the grape juice he spilled.
15 Phenotype ഫിനോടൈപ്പ് the physical appearance of an organism resulting from its genetic makeup and environmental influence In the lab, we studied the effect of the weather on an albino mouse’s phenotype to see if the creature’s outward appearance changed.
16 Tocsin ടോക്സിൻ an alarm Pulling the fire alarm at school will set off an ear grating tocsin that lets everyone know that they are supposed to vacate the building as quickly as possible.
17 Sped വേഗത്തിലാക്കി moved in a fast manner As he sped down the track, the fastmoving racecar driver was careful not to flip his vehicle.
18 Profitable ലാഭകരം bringing in more money than it cost to make the good or provide the service The chef looked for ways to make his business more profitable so that he wouldn’t have to shut the doors for good.
19 Acrobat അക്രോബാറ്റ് an athlete who performs acts requiring skill, agility and coordination. The watchers held their breath as the acrobat crossed the tightrope.
20 Emigration എമിഗ്രേഷൻ the act of relocating to another region or nation Because of the high rate of emigration, our country’s population is decreasing.
21 Deem ഡീം to view in a particular manner The principal will probably deem the boy’s behavior as upsetting and worthy of a suspension.
22 Rebel വിമത to rise up in a revolt against something Members of the group decided to rebel after seeing that no one was listening to their ideas.
23 Obligate കടപ്പാട് to be required or forced All citizens of the United States must obligate to vote in every election as their civic duty.
24 Vagarious വ്യഗ്രതയുള്ള having erratic and unpredictable behavior When in a manic phase, the vagarious woman’s behavior was quite unpredictable.
25 Bloat വീർപ്പുമുട്ടുക to make or become swollen with fluid Eating too much salt causes the patient’s legs and feet to bloat to 2x their original size.
26 Moue മൗ a pouty expression made with the lips to show annoyance or disapproval Giving a lip-quivering moue, the spoiled girl was able to get her way with her parents.
27 Vituperative വിറ്റൂപ്പറേറ്റീവ് abusive and harsh We cannot be friends if you continue to attack me with vituperative words.
28 Truce സന്ധി a time period in which opposing sides agree to stop fighting Hopefully the truce will last long enough for the leaders to agree to a peace treaty.
29 Bear കരടി to tolerate or accept something Michelle couldn’t bear to see her ex-husband with someone else, even years after their divorce.
30 Chthonic ച്തൊനിച് concerning or belonging to the underworld hell The chthonic creature came up from the underworld to terrorize the city.
31 Rainfall മഴ the amount of precipitation falling in an area during a specific time Rainfall across the region over the past 24 hours has ranged from 2 to 3 inches.
32 Chronicle ക്രോണിക്കിൾ a report that describes events in the order in which they occurred  When the detective read the chronicle of the attack, he knew how and when the victim died.
33 Inept കഴിവില്ലാത്ത having or showing no skill The teenager was an inept driver who could not back out of his driveway without hitting something.
34 Thresh മെതിക്കുക to detach a seed or useless part of the crop from the rest of the flower or crop As soon as the farmers thresh their crops, they will usually replant the seeds on their new land.
35 Corrupt അഴിമതിക്കാരൻ to degrade or demolish someone’s or something’s truthfulness and reliability Illegal drug use would corrupt the athlete’s career causing people to have no faith in the young man.
36 Preside അധ്യക്ഷനായി to be in charge of something as the leader Judge Judy will preside over the case and make a final ruling on the matter.
37 Expansion വിപുലീകരണം growing larger or more extensive Expansion into the western part of the United States increased after a huge land deal was struck with the French.
38 Brave ധൈര്യശാലി courageous, willing to take action The brave woman served as a spy in the army, putting herself at risk while helping her country.
39 Excuse ക്ഷമിക്കണം the justification for an error, mistake or absence Her only excuse for stealing the bread was that her young brothers would starve to death if they weren’t fed.
40 Abhorrent വെറുപ്പുളവാക്കുന്ന causing or deserving strong dislike or hatred As I looked around the filthy apartment, I had to wonder who could live in such abhorrent conditions.
41 Equilibrium സന്തുലിതാവസ്ഥ the condition at which competing influences are balanced Equilibrium is the point at which supply and demand are in balance with enough of a good being produced to meet the requests for it.
42 Novice തുടക്കക്കാരൻ inexperienced When it came to coding complicated functions, the inexperienced coder was a novice.
43 Plumb പ്ലംബ് straight and vertical When cutting her client’s hair into a bob, Missy made sure it was plumb all the way across.
44 Mouse മൗസ് a mouse is a small rodent I wasn’t sure if I saw the cat eat a rat or a mouse.
45 Jagged ജഗ്ഗ്ഡ് sharp; pointed Jagged splinters sticking out of the wood stuck inside the barefoot boy’s foot when he stepped on top of the board.
46 Arid വരണ്ട incredibly dry; lacking water  The crops will not grow in the arid ground because the soil is too dry.
47 Smash തകർത്തു to break something into several pieces through brute force If my large dog sees a squirrel outside the window, he may accidentally smash the glass trying to get to it.
48 Rickety റിക്കി unstable and likely to collapse The rickety chairs need to be repaired before anyone sits in them.
49 Semi-final സെമി ഫൈനല് a game or round just before the final match The top two teams in each division will play off in a semi-final followed by a final to decide the winners.
50 Painstaking കഠിനാധ്വാനം performed with a great deal of attention Even though the rebuilding of the old farmhouse was going to be a painstaking job, I could not wait to begin work on my new home.
51 Suavity സുവൈറ്റി the quality of being sweet or pleasing to the mind His suavity and charm are what attracted many women.
52 Chicanery ചിക്കാനറി the use of trickery to achieve a political, financial, or legal purpose You can smell the chicanery from a dishonest politician.
53 Reap കൊയ്യും to harvest by cutting With the invention of the thresher, farmers were able to reap their crops faster than before.
54 Explanatory വിശദീകരണം the act of describing something Mr. Doug’s secretary emailed her department an explanatory memo about what should be in the quarterly reports.
55 Zone മേഖല an area or division The zone only has houses and no stores or shops can be built there.
56 Medicine മരുന്ന് a substance used to treat disease Without medicine to ease his headache, the man had no choice but to go to bed early.
57 Regardless പരിഗണിക്കാതെ despite the circumstance or conditions Regardless of the weather, I plan on having my birthday party outside tomorrow.
58 Raconteur റാക്കോണ്ടൂർ one recognized as being a talented teller of stories The kindergarten teacher was an excellent raconteur who had no problem keeping her young charges engaged with her stories.
59 Collywobbles കോളിവോബിൾസ് a feeling of fear or nervousness Feeling collywobbles in her tummy, the nervous singer shook as she took the stage.
60 Misgovern തെറ്റായ ഭരണം to run a country or organization unfairly or inefficiently Because they are being bribed, it’s not shock that the administration would misgovern the country.
61 Stethoscope സ്റ്റെതസ്കോപ്പ് a medical tool that allows a practitioner to listen to body sounds, usually noises from the lungs and heart The doctor used his stethoscope to listen to the sick child’s lungs.
62 Severest കഠിനമായ the worst and harshest when compared to other severe events Devastating hurricanes pop up all the time, but the last storm was the severest this coast has ever seen.
63 Contemptuous നിന്ദ്യമായ showing or feeling deep hatred for someone or something Because he was often in pain, my grandfather was a contemptuous old man who looked down upon practically everyone.
64 Benefaction ഉപകാരം a distributed donation The billionaire’s generous donation will allow us to build a new homeless shelter.
65 Knock-off നോക്ക്-ഓഫ് a copy of a product that sells for less than the original version The knock-off purses were designed to look just like the originals but are sold for a lot less.
66 Neutralize നിർവീര്യമാക്കുക to make unsuccessful or ineffective A glass of milk will help neutralize the spicy contents in my stomach.
67 Ulterior അൾട്ടീരിയർ hidden or concealed Politicians often use religion as a tool to get people to believe them despite their ulterior motives.
68 Subject വിഷയം a topic of discussion or written work The student wanted to write her research paper on animals, but her teacher asked her to pick another subject.
69 Trove ട്രോവ് a collection of things I hope to find a trove of Easter eggs on the hunt today.
70 Regionalism പ്രാദേശികവാദം a sense of community based on region as opposed to another form of unification In a rare display of regionalism, the entire community of this area has banded together against the corporation trying to take our land.
71 Rapprochement ഒത്തുതീർപ്പ് an agreement reached by opposing parties After the warring countries reached a rapprochement, things in the area are now more politically calm.
72 Peek പീക്ക് to take a quick glance Sara took a peek inside the cookie jar to see if there were any cookies left.
73 Twaddle ട്വാഡിൽ to talk or write in a way that is foolish or silly The gossiping teenagers need to find something better to do that twaddle nonsense all day.
74 Decorum അലങ്കാരം conduct that is appropriate and illustrates a person is well-mannered Although Kelly was upset she did not win the contest, she maintained decorum and congratulated the winner.
75 Coil കോയിൽ to wind in circles or rings We watched the snake coil itself around its prey so that it could constrict it to death.
76 Surmount സർമൗണ്ട് to conquer a problem or obstacle Good teachers encourage students to surmount their challenges.
77 Academy അക്കാദമി a school or place of training in which some special art is taught The military academy trains up to 2,000 officer cadets each year.
78 Weird വിചിത്രം strange or unusual Many people find it weird that I put ketchup on every food that I eat.
79 Kvetch Kvetch a strong complainer or whiner As the kvetch entered the department store, the clerk recognized and winced at the thought that she would have to hear all the excuses and objections to her returned purchases.
80 Displease അപ്രീതിപ്പെടുത്തുക to dissatisfy or annoy someone The new anti-racism laws are sure to displease all the racists in this country.
81 Breathe ശ്വസിക്കുക the intake and release of air Because we cannot breathe under water, swimmers can only stay under for a short amount of time.
82 Ridiculous പരിഹാസ്യമായ absurd or crazy, usually resulting in derision or mockery The ridiculous claim that the moon is made of cheese is guaranteed to make people laugh at you should you actually utter it.
83 Tropical ഉഷ്ണമേഖലയിലുള്ള has attributes of warm climate, greenery, and usually consists of beaches Snowbirds are seasonal travelers who move to tropical locations during the winter.
84 Tangible മൂർത്തമായ capable of being touched The tension in the air was so thick it was almost tangible.
85 Punishable ശിക്ഷാർഹമാണ് describes and action or offense that one deserves punishment or penalty for committing The student’s actions were punishable by suspension, but the principal decided to give them a warning instead.
86 Knight നൈറ്റ് a man who fought in battles on a horse during the Middle Ages The knight galloped to the castle and broke in to save the princess.
87 Hilarious നിലനില്ക്കുകയും very funny; causing great merriment and laughter The baby finds it hilarious whenever his mother sings to him in a funny voice.
88 Heuristic ഹ്യൂറിസ്റ്റിക് improving and learning from certain experiences The purpose of the heuristic class is to teach people through personal trials.
89 Neolithic നവീനശിലായുഗം the last part of the Stone Age in which agricultural and technological elements began to advance The village is home to a Neolithic dig site where late Stone Age pieces have been discovered.
90 Catachresis കാറ്റാക്രസിസ് the misuse of words on purpose, usually as a stylistic writing effect When writing, the author used a catachresis when he replaced “stuffed” with “stuck”.
91 Aquifer അക്വിഫർ a rock deposit that bears water and is under the ground  Several people became ill after drinking water from the aquifer located under the chemical plant.
92 Intuitive അവബോധജന്യമായ being able to sense or understand things with little or no information The intuitive police officer could tell the woman was trying to hide something from him.
93 Tongue നാവ് the muscular organ in the mouth that is used for tasting, swallowing, and articulating speech in the case of humans If you want to know what a lollipop tastes like, you will have to lick it with your tongue to find out.
94 Prime പ്രൈം superior or best If a customer wants to order the prime cut of meat, he will have to pay top dollar for that dish.
95 Diminutive ഡിമിനിറ്റീവ് very short or small Surrounded by tall skyscrapers, the three-story apartment building looked diminutive.
96 Intolerant അസഹിഷ്ണുത unable or indisposed to tolerate, endure or bear Matt is an intolerant person who hates listening to other people talk when their opinions are contrary to his own.
97 Fiscal സാമ്പത്തിക associated with financial affairs My daughter lacks a sense of fiscal duty and rarely pays her bills on time.
98 Dance നൃത്തം to sway around in a rhythm usually to music When the DJ started to play the music, the couples decided to dance to it by twirling and moving to the beat of the music.
99 Acceptable സ്വീകാര്യമാണ് satisfactory; adequate Savannah’s grades were acceptable, but her parents had hoped she would score higher than average.
100 Boor ബൂർ an insensitive or inconsiderate individual Jack was such a boor he would not even hold a door for his mother.
101 Non-negotiable മാറ്റം വരുത്താന് പറ്റാത്ത not open to discussion or modification Because the price of the home was non-negotiable, the couple had to pay the price that the owners were asking or skip the sale.
102 Videlicet വീഡിയോസെറ്റ് namely; to be specific There are several colors in my comforter, blue and red, videlicet.
103 Inscription ലിഖിതം writing carved into something The painting looked like a real one but the inscription on the back proved it was a fake.
104 Will ഇഷ്ടം a document that outlines who will get one’s personal property and control their estate after death Before his death, the millionaire drafted a will that outlined who would get his massive fortune.
105 Refinement പരിഷ്ക്കരണം improvement and fine-tuning of something by way of small changes The ballerina worked on refinement of her dancing skills and was able to do several new turns by the end of the semester.
106 Laudable പ്രശംസനീയം deserving to be praised or admired While Jason did not win the contest, his efforts were laudable enough to be mentioned by the judges.
107 Pueblo പ്യൂബ്ലോ a series of clay or stone homes of many stories built by Native Americans and organized into a settlement The beautiful burnt orange colors of the houses that made up the pueblo of the tribe dazzled tourists.
108 Ballad ബല്ലാഡ് a slow tune that usually focuses on love My husband and I ended date night by dancing to a romantic ballad.
109 Partake പങ്കുചേരുക to take part in an activity; to participate I will not partake of your party because it attracts a lot of criminals.
110 Requite റിക്വിറ്റ് to give payment for something Ted chose to requite Carol for the lovely dinner by presenting her with a bouquet of flowers.
111 Dissension ഭിന്നത a disagreement that leads to arguing and discord Dissension was growing between the two political parties as more scandals came out through the media.
112 Smirk മന്ദഹാസം a confident and often gloating smile The smirk on his face told her that he was being sneaky.
113 Imagine സങ്കൽപ്പിക്കുക to visualize or see a picture of something in one’s mind When I’m sad, I close my eyes and imagine happier times to lift my spirits.
114 Autocrat സ്വേച്ഛാധിപതി an individual who rules without considering others The corrupt autocrat views the brutal dictator as a role model.
115 Nonprofit ലാഭേച്ഛയില്ലാത്തത് referring to an organization or process that is not designed primarily for making money Charities are nonprofit organizations that exist for a reason that does not include making money for its own members and success.
116 Stake ഓഹരി a strong metal or wooden post that is driven into something to hold it in place The campers nailed the final stake into the ground so that their tent would be held in place.
117 Mere വെറും in regards to an individual or thing that is viewed as unimportant or small Although Bailey was a mere boy, he knew he would become a world leader one day.
118 Pronounce ഉച്ചരിക്കുക make the sound of (a word or part of a word), typically in the correct or a particular way Whenever the young reader didn’t know how to pronounce a complicated name, she substituted an easier one.
119 Dignified മാന്യൻ respectable She did not think it was dignified behavior for chaperones to dance at the prom.
120 Sanguinary സാങ്ഗിനറി associated with events that produce bloodshed The sanguinary fight left one of the students covered in blood.
121 Eminent പ്രഗത്ഭൻ remarkable, great Everyone was looking forward to taking the class with such an eminent professor.
122 Delicacy സ്വാദിഷ്ടത a food that is expensive and/or specific to a region or culture Caviar is considered a delicacy because only the rich can afford to eat it.
123 Thump തമ്പ് to tap something hard Many shoppers will thump a watermelon to see if it is ripe while grocery shopping in the produce section of the store.
124 Profess പ്രൊഫ to make claims about yourself that other people do not believe Although Mitch wrote a ballad to profess his love for Cara, he knew his words would not be taken seriously.
125 Chirp ചിർപ്പ് a short, high-pitched sound Nothing irritates me more than a bird that wants to constantly chirp outside of my window in the morning, ruining my sleep.
126 Purposeless ഉദ്ദേശരഹിതം irrational and pointless Once I heard the story about the police officer being killed, I knew this was a purposeless act of violence.
127 Claim അവകാശം to make a questionable statement about something Scientists claim that a giant asteroid hit the Earth and destroyed the dinosaurs, triggering the Ice Age.
128 Stationery സ്റ്റേഷനറി fancy writing paper with matching envelopes Each piece of pink stationery held a matching pink envelope waiting to be written upon.
129 Rightfully ശരിയായി fairly and justly Because the land rightfully belongs to Martha, it is only fair that she be given the parcel.
130 Precept പ്രമാണം a rule that sets the pattern for one’s behavior The school’s honesty precept dictates we only turn in our own work.
131 Catholic കത്തോലിക്കൻ extensive and widespread in choices and activities As the busy young woman chose from the catholic events displayed, she could pick from sports to crafts to dancing and everything in between.
132 Possibly ഒരുപക്ഷേ indicative of doubt or uncertainty regarding a situation We could possibly be the only sentient race in the universe, but there’s no way to know for sure.
133 Palaver പലവർ unnecessary talk that wastes time Although we were supposed to have a lecture, the teacher spent the entire period with palaver about his vacation.
134 Access പ്രവേശനം gain entrance to She could no longer access her bank account because there had been too many suspicious purchases.
135 Utilitarianism യൂട്ടിലിറ്റേറിയനിസം an theory that says actions that are harmful to certain individuals are justified if they help the majority Because the focus is on the whole and not individual needs, societies practicing utilitarianism have laws like population control.
136 Controversy വിവാദം a heated conversation between two parties with different opinions The controversy around same sex marriages continues to be a trending topic on Twitter.
137 Witticism വിറ്റിസിസം a clever and amusing remark Wanting to impress her new friends, the girl showcased her witticism in order to make them laugh.
138 Suspense സസ്പെൻസ് a feeling of anticipation or anxiety over what may happen Movies use cliffhangers to make sure their audience feels suspense over what is going to happen next.
139 Gross മൊത്തത്തിലുള്ള disgusting, nasty When I observed my skinned knee, a gross white slime oozed from beneath the scraped skin and blood.
140 Starve പട്ടിണി കിടക്കുക to suffer or die from severe hunger A human being will begin to starve if they don’t eat for several days.
141 Genre തരം a particular type of music, writing, film, or art Though he did not normally enjoy movies in the horror genre, he found the trailer quite compelling.
142 Moist ഈർപ്പമുള്ളത് damp; wet Because it was a moist area, moss grew freely on the rainforest floor.
143 Fundamentalism മൗലികവാദം a strict organization that follows their spiritual beliefs Their fundamentalism required that the followers attend church daily or face severe consequences.
144 Unsavory രുചികരമല്ലാത്ത unpleasant to smell or taste Catching a whiff of the unsavory smell, Hannah quickly remembered that she had forgotten to take out the trash before leaving for vacation.
145 Thing കാര്യം an object The only thing that should be placed in the cabinet are cans.
146 Geography ഭൂമിശാസ്ത്രം the nature and relative arrangement of places and physical features  Jessica’s knowledge of geography was so terrible that she thought China was next to Mexico.
147 Fortunately ഭാഗ്യവശാൽ luckily Fortunately, I swerved out of the lane before a car came barreling down the one way.
148 Minute മിനിറ്റ് a unit that equals 60 seconds of time With the last test for the school year approaching, Carol is spending every spare minute studying.
149 Suicide ആത്മഹത്യ to take one’s own life Not actually contemplating suicide, the depressed teenager mentioned wishing she was dead.
150 Viscosity വിസ്കോസിറ്റി the thickness of a liquid or its resistance to movement The syrup flows slowly from the bottle because of its viscosity.
151 Derail പാളം തെറ്റുക to come off the tracks Since significant damage was done to the tracks, the train would derail if it passed over the damage.
152 Undefined നിർവചിക്കാത്തത് unclear; vague The rules were undefined, leaving many employees to break them without even knowing.
153 Needle സൂചി a long thin sharp pointy device that holds thread and is used for stitching fabric When I tore my shirt, my friend grabbed a needle and thread in order to sew the material back together.
154 Unapologetic അപലപനീയമായ not showing remorse and regret The criminal was unapologetic and refused to ask forgiveness for his crimes.
155 Asynchronous അസിൻക്രണസ് not happening or occurring at the same time The online course was asynchronous, allowing students to learn at their own pace.
156 Shakily കുലുങ്ങി unsteadily; wobblingly Taking the stage and slowly speaking into the mic, the nervous valedictorian shakily addressed his classmates.
157 Dispute തർക്കം to contest or argue about something When I saw unauthorized charges on my credit card, I called the bank to dispute the amounts.
158 Emotive വികാരാധീനമായ emotional I didn’t expect such an emotive response from the parent when I said that her son was not a nice child.
159 Industrialization വ്യവസായവൽക്കരണം the steps a nation takes to modernize itself while developing industries While industrialization increased processing times, it also reduced the labor force and left many people without much-needed employment.
160 Eligible യോഗ്യൻ the ability or qualifications to meet or fulfill a stipulation Mary was eligible for rehire with the Thompson Paper Company because she was simply laid off from her secretarial position the year before.
161 Impious ധിക്കാരി lacking reverence or respect, especially towards a god His lack of protocol in the church caused him to gain a reputation for being impious.
162 Designate നിയോഗിക്കുക appointed; chosen We made sure to designate a sober driver, because we knew that by the end of the night everyone would be stone drunk.
163 Filler ഫില്ലർ a short article or ad in a newspaper or magazine Reader’s Digest magazine uses unique jokes for a filler and will often pay their readers for the use of them.
164 Flash ഫ്ലാഷ് a sudden brief burst of bright light or a sudden glint from a reflective surface The first flash of the fireworks caught her by surprise.
165 Compost കമ്പോസ്റ്റ് decayed material (i.e., leaves, food peelings) that is used as a fertilizer Al created a compost pile in his garden and used the decaying leaves and grass to help his trees grow.
166 Multiverse മൾട്ടിവേഴ്സ് a hypothetical space or realm consisting of more than one universe Steven Hawking insisted that we live in a multiverse of many different worlds.
167 Inhibition നിരോധനം a personal feeling of fear or embarrassment that stops one from behaving naturally My inhibition makes me nervous about being watched so I try to blend into the scenery.
168 Sleet സ്ലീറ്റ് rain and snow mixed The combination of snow and rain in the form of sleet rained down on the driver’s windshield.
169 Notable ശ്രദ്ധേയമാണ് famous and remarkable When the speaker used a notable quote in her speech, everyone in the audience knew who she was referring to since they had heard that quote before.
170 Unicycle ഏകചക്രം a bicycle with only one wheel Riding on a unicycle, the circus clown did tricks on its one wheel.
171 Indoctrinate ഉപദേശിക്കുക to convince people to believe a certain idea or concept The cult leader will indoctrinate his followers with his beliefs.
172 Ballot ബാലറ്റ് a piece of paper or sheet on which a voter marks his or her choice Because the election fell on his 18th birthday, Aiden was finally able to cast a ballot for president of the United States.
173 Ambiguity അവ്യക്തത something that does not have a clear meaning Although Hank wants to sign the contract, he needs to understand the ambiguity of some of the language first.
174 Aneurysm അനൂറിസം an abnormal blood-filled bulge of a blood vessel and especially an artery resulting from weakening as from disease of the vessel wall  During a brain aneurysm, an artery fills with blood and blows up like a balloon before leaking blood into the brain.
175 Scan സ്കാൻ ചെയ്യുക to look at something carefully in order to find something As he continued to scan the horizon, the hunter was able to spot a flock of geese in the distance.
176 Indisputable തർക്കമില്ലാത്തത് not subject to doubt It is an indisputable fact smoking cigarettes can increase the risk of lung cancer.
177 Citizenship പൗരത്വം the right to be a citizen of a particular country If you were born in the United States, you have already gained your citizenship.
178 Alone ഒറ്റയ്ക്ക് having no one else present; on one’s own She loved being alone where no one could bother her and she could relax with a good book.
179 Newton ന്യൂട്ടൺ the Standard International unit of force Force is a quantity that is measured by a metric unit known as a newton.
180 Cocky കോക്കി conceited and smug After his team won the last 10 football games, the cocky quarterback told everyone at school that he won the game by himself.
181 Behavior പെരുമാറ്റം conduct Explaining that his behavior was unacceptable, the teacher corrected the misbehaving student and placed him in time out.
182 Opalescent ഓപലെസെന്റ് multi-colored; rainbowlike The opalescent star sparkled with all the amazing colors of the rainbow.
183 Cadge കേഡ്ജ് to convince a person to give you something at no charge By flirting with the bartender, the pretty girl was able to cadge free drinks.
184 Burglar മോഷ്ടാവ് a robber or thief that enters a building illegally to steal The burglar isn’t known for stealing jewels or money, but hijacking hamburgers and french fries.
185 Pass കടന്നുപോകുക to go or move forward or through We waited a long time at the railroad tracks for a train to pass through.
186 Continental കോണ്ടിനെന്റൽ forming or belonging to a continent I have a continental lineage, considering that every single one of my ancestors was born in Europe.
187 Grand ഗ്രാൻഡ് large and impressive The Titanic’s grand staircase, large and ornate, was completely gone when the remainder of the ship were discovered in the 1980s.
188 Caravel കാരവൽ a small sailing ship developed and used by the Portuguese and Spanish during 15th and 16th century exploration With its gently sloping bow and single stern castle, the caravel was easily distinguishable from other 15th century ships.
189 Culpable കുറ്റകരമായ guilty; deserving blame The judge found the man culpable of the crime and sentenced him to life in prison.
190 Merger ലയനം the joining of two things into one The merger of the two companies happened in February when the smaller corporation joined the larger.
191 Yen യെൻ the basic unit of money used in Japan The yen is the currency of Japan and is the most valued money unit after the dollar and the euro.
192 Anon അനോൺ in a short time; soon The game will begin anon so hurry up and get here!
193 Intimidated ഭയപ്പെടുത്തി to become timid or fearful of Jack was intimidated by the gangster, which is why he agreed to give him all of his money.
194 Biology ജീവശാസ്ത്രം study of living matter In biology class, we studied the human body and how it works.
195 Reportedly റിപ്പോർട്ട് allegedly; supposedly Reportedly, several break-ins have occurred in the local area.
196 Formative രൂപപ്പെടുത്തുന്ന able to affect an individual or thing The teen years are a formative time in an individual’s life because this is when one’s identity is formed.
197 Cooperation സഹകരണം the act of working together or the actions taken by an individual to be helpful It took the cooperation of the entire team to meet the fundraising goal.
198 Interpreter വ്യാഖ്യാതാവ് someone who translates from one language into another As I visited rural China, my interpreter explained in English what the local farmer was saying in Mandarin Chinese about his crops.
199 Obtainable ലഭിക്കും something that is capable of being acquired Her only obtainable goal was to make straight A’s since she was too short for the basketball team and too clumsy for cheerleading.
200 Dispel പിരിച്ചുവിടുക to cause to depart or be broken apart The flowers from my husband do not dispel the fact I believe he is cheating on me.
201 Infinite അനന്തമായ an amount that is so endless it’s impossible to calculate Because there are an infinite amount of stars in the sky, it would be impossible to count each one.
202 Slake സ്ലേക്ക് slake means to quench or satisfy one’s thirst This electrolyte water should help slake the runners’ thirst during the marathon.
203 Pervert വികൃതമാക്കുക to distort or corrupt something Dan’s jealous coworker tried to pervert his boss’s view of him, but the evil plan didn’t work.
204 Trodden ചവിട്ടി heavily walked upon This road is heavily trodden, being walked by dozens of people every day and trampling the dirt into the ground.
205 Normal സാധാരണ standard or usual/typical The patient’s test results came back normal and with no issues.
206 Gustatory ഗസ്റ്റേറ്ററി relating to taste The dinner was a gustatory pleasure for the palate.
207 Waive ഒഴിവാക്കുക to give up one’s rights or claims 1. Because Bill knows he is innocent, he is going to waive his right to an attorney.
208 Resistance പ്രതിരോധം the effort made to prevent something from happening or someone from accomplishing something The peaceful activist urged his followers to refrain from any acts of resistance if they were arrested.
209 Execute നടപ്പിലാക്കുക to put a plan or order into effect We were unable to execute our beach plans since the weather wasn’t in agreement.
210 Symptomatic രോഗലക്ഷണങ്ങൾ showing symptoms Although he managed a C, his slipping grades were symptomatic of a much bigger problem.
211 Outburst പൊട്ടിത്തെറി a quick discharge of someone’s feelings The man’s outburst of profanity startled everyone as they noticed his reddened face.
212 Subset ഉപഗണം a smaller batch of something that is a part of a bigger batch Analyzing the subset of Catholic people in Ireland’s population reveals that this religious denomination has escalated over the years.
213 Enlarge വലുതാക്കുക to make something bigger than its original size The nearly blind woman needed someone to enlarge her text messages so that she could read them.
214 Vivacious ചടുലമായ to be bubbly and energetic When the vivacious child came through the school’s door on her first day of kindergarten, she spoke with every student and volunteered to do every activity.
215 Kleptomaniac ക്ലെപ്‌റ്റോമാനിയാക് one who steals compulsively The kleptomaniac struggled to stop stealing.
216 Barb ബാർബ് a sharp pointy wire that projects out from a longer wire or hook When my shirt got snagged on the barb of the wire, it ripped a hole in it as I pulled away from the fence.
217 Fluffy ഫ്ലഫി to be furry or soft Karen’s fluffy cat would brush up against me with her soft fur, but it would leave cat hair on my pant’s leg.
218 Wisp വിസ്പ് a small and thin amount of something, generally capable of being carried by the wind With the fuel for the fire all but burnt away, there was nothing left but a wisp of smoke and scraps of ash floating on the breeze.
219 Industry വ്യവസായം hard work or effort The kitchen was transformed into a place of industry as we had to work very hard to make enough food for all of our guests.
220 Absolutely തികച്ചും with no limitation, restriction, or caveat My cousin is absolutely convinced that there are aliens out there, even though we have no concrete evidence to back up such a notion.
221 Knapsack നാപ്കക്ക് a bag strapped on the back that is used for carrying supplies or personal belongings The hunter always kept a knapsack with fresh water and a compass in case he was to get lost.
222 Saturation സാച്ചുറേഷൻ to fill something or a place so completely that no more can be added Because of market saturation, it would be silly to build another coffee shop in the area that has ten already.
223 Offshore കടൽത്തീരത്ത് located some distance from the shore A roaring sound coming from offshore was the first signal of the devastating typhoon.
224 Puncture പഞ്ചർ to pierce something causing a hole or perforation Using her finger nail to puncture the balloon, Rita hoped the loud pop would scare her little sister.
225 Avaricious ദുരാഗ്രഹി desirous of wealth or advancement Since Tiffany was an avaricious reader, her reading level was at 12th grade level even though she was still in 4th grade.
226 Melodious ശ്രുതിമധുരമായ having a pleasing sound His melodious voice carried over all of the other students in the Christmas program.
227 Bogus വ്യാജം not real; fake The jewelry store owner was arrested for selling bogus diamonds as genuine gems.
228 Countenance മുഖഭാവം a person’s face or facial expression Even though Janet is a very young woman, her rough countenance makes her appear much older.
229 Insufficient അപര്യാപ്തമാണ് not enough; inadequate The insufficient quantity of soap in the laundry room made it difficult to wash all of the clothing.
230 Accumulate കുന്നുകൂടുക to pile up or collect I will accumulate wealth due to disciplined investing.
231 Deportment നാടുകടത്തൽ the way in which one carries oneself The homeless woman always held her head high and walked with the deportment of a princess.
232 Incurred സംഭവിച്ചത് having gained something, usually something unpleasant, because of one’s own actions Because I made too many long distance calls while out of the country, I incurred many different charges on my phone bill.
233 Parlance സംസാരഭാഷ a way of speaking that is typical of a certain group or culture When I heard the computer programmers talking about coding, I could not understand a word of their parlance.
234 Quivering വിറയൽ trembling and shaking Quivering when she came out of the chilly water, the swimmer decided that it was too cold to swim after all.
235 Troupe ട്രൂപ്പ് a group of entertainers that tour around with their performance The acting troupe travels from city to city, putting on at least two plays every time they stop on their tour.
236 Retail റീട്ടെയിൽ to market items for the public to buy If you retail your clothing on Ebay, you can make a lot more money than putting it out at a garage sale.
237 Monk സന്യാസി a man who has withdrawn from the world for religious reasons When dedicating his life to the Lord, the monk took a vow of both poverty and chastity.
238 Shimmer ഷിമ്മർ to twinkle and shimmer with a soft light Silver spray paint helped the candidate’s signs shimmer and stand out in the school hallway.
239 Compression കംപ്രഷൻ the action of squeezing something into a smaller form or space Compression occurs when you squeeze something large into something small, like a pillow.
240 Paternalism പിതൃത്വം a method of governance by which an authority advises individuals while not allowing them to make decisions The principal’s paternalism is necessary because it limits the actions of rebellious students.
241 Dignitaries വിശിഷ്ട വ്യക്തികൾ an official considered to be in high standing Dignitaries from twelve different countries filed into the assembly room at the world conference to discuss environmental concerns.
242 Novitiate നവീകരിക്കുക the act or time of starting a religious group During the nun’s novitiate, she learned the daily tasks she was to accomplish each day under the priest’s orders.
243 Untenanted വാടകയ്ക്കെടുക്കാത്തത് describes a house or room that has no one living in it (vacant) Because the home is untenanted, the landlord has plenty of time to fix up the vacant property.
244 Aversion വെറുപ്പ് a feeling of disgust toward something with a desire to avoid it Older people who are unfamiliar with computer technology often have an aversion to it.
245 Unfazed അവ്യക്തമായ not bothered or affected in any way Laidback Larry remained calm and seemed completely unfazed when the robbers entered his shop.
246 Distract ശ്രദ്ധ തിരിക്കുക to misdirect attention from one focus to another usually as an act of deception During the Trojan War, a great wooden horse was sent to distract the soldiers and allow the enemy Greeks to enter Troy and win the war.
247 Glibness ഗ്ലിബ്നെസ് talk that is superficial and insincere In a world of glibness and superficiality, the man’s humbleness is a rarity.
248 Disputation തർക്കം a quarrel or disagreement In order to avoid a disputation about money, Amy handed her credit card to her husband.
249 Paradise പറുദീസ a very pleasant place The dog was in his paradise whenever his owner took him to the dog park.
250 Savor ആസ്വദിക്കൂ to take delight in something for a long period of time The team will savor the championship victory for years to come.
251 Proper ശരിയായ suitable or appropriate for the situation Grandmother didn’t think that Heidi’s dress bathing suit was proper attire for the dinner table.
252 Nano നാനോ a prefix added to a word to denote that is very small The nanosensors on the machine are so small they can barely be detected.
253 Immensity അപാരത great size While hiking on a month-long mountainous trip, Davy felt the immensity of the wilderness.
254 Tempest കൊടുങ്കാറ്റ് stormy weather The tempest has replaced the sunlight and caused us to move our picnic indoors.
255 Hearty ഹൃദ്യമായ enthusiastic and warmhearted Smiling family members offered a hearty welcome to their long lost cousin.
256 Fascinate ആകർഷകമാക്കുക to capture and hold someone’s attention or interest The idea of a president that would strengthen the middle class seemed to fascinate those listening to the speech.
257 Sugar പഞ്ചസാര a fine powdered or sandy substance made from a grasslike stalk used to sweeten foods and drinks Adding processed sugar to the apple tart made the dessert taste very sweet to those who ate it.
258 Impecunious നിഷ്കളങ്കൻ lacking money; penniless Since Janice grew up in an impecunious household, she knew a great deal about surviving on very little.
259 Cubical ക്യൂബിക്കൽ a small section of a larger room that is partitioned off Sitting in his dismal office cubical, the customer service representative answered endless phone calls from angry customers.
260 Assure ഉറപ്പുതരുന്നു to promise or guarantee Unions are able to assure workers certain protections and benefits not guaranteed in nonunion states.
261 Contemptible നിന്ദ്യമായ worthy of contempt The judge sentenced the contemptible man to a lifetime in prison.
262 Sapid സാപിഡ് having a strong and savory taste The sapid steak was more appetizing than any other meat in the café.
263 Shady ഷേഡി sly and suspicious Every member of the secret round table meeting was either a shady mobster or a crooked politician.
264 Peep നോക്കൂ to look Take a peep inside the treasure chest to see what prizes you could earn for good behavior.
265 Protest പ്രതിഷേധം an expression of disagreement or disapproval to something wrong or unfair The protest in Selma helped African Americans gain the freedom to exercise the right to vote.
266 Signify അടയാളപ്പെടുത്തുക to mean or show something In the painting the abandoned rose is supposed to signify a lost love.
267 Replay വീണ്ടും പ്ലേ ചെയ്യുക to repeat or rerun I continued to replay the events in my mind, struggling to think of ways that I could make the past different.
268 Batch ബാച്ച് collection, group, or quantity of something made at one time The homemaker baked a batch of homemade chocolate chip cookies for her family.
269 Cleavage പിളർപ്പ് a separation between two groups or things The chef cut into the cleavage between the breasts to make two pieces of chicken.
270 Unacceptable അസ്വീകാര്യമായ not allowable or welcome Cursing inside the church is unacceptable and will not be tolerated by the priest.
271 Ineradicable ഒഴിവാക്കാനാവാത്തത് not capable of being removed completely Though black-market drugs are probably ineradicable, the government is still fighting to remove them from our society.
272 Stare തുറിച്ചുനോക്കൂ to gaze at something intently As she continued to stare into her crystal ball, the oracle never lifted her gaze as she forewarned city leaders about tough times to come.
273 Binge അമിതമായി a short period of excessive consumption If I continue to binge on junk food I will become obese.
274 Trajectory സഞ്ചാരപഥം a course or route taken If the missile alters the trajectory of just one of the planets, the two bodies will not collide.
275 Precognition മുൻകരുതൽ prior knowledge of an event before it happens Precognition and clairvoyance helped the psychic tell the future.
276 Portage പോർട്ടേജ് an act of carrying The portage across the canal required a hefty fee.
277 Volley വോളി a strike or kick of the ball made before it touches the ground during a sporting event or game The volleyball player attempted to volley the ball past the net, but the other team blocked the strike.
278 Undue അനാവശ്യം at a level that is extreme, not needed The daredevil likes to take undue risks and keeps himself in trouble.
279 Performance പ്രകടനം an activity that a person or group does The baseball player’s performance was a lot better this game than the last time he played.
280 Repudiate നിരസിക്കുക to reject; refuse to support Because I want to avoid the conflict between my two sisters, I repudiate their argument.
281 Outstrip ഔട്ട്‌സ്ട്രിപ്പ് to move further Being trained for the Kentucky Derby, these horses outstrip any of the other horses running down the track.
282 Naturalization പ്രകൃതിവൽക്കരണം the process by which a foreign individual is awarded citizenship In order to become a citizen, Alberto will have to go through the process of naturalization.
283 Reconstruct പുനർനിർമ്മിക്കുക to rebuild or renovate Piecing together the night’s events, the detectives tried to reconstruct what really happened.
284 Section വിഭാഗം part or segment of something larger Each section of the park has a map that shows you which segment of the square you are standing.
285 Unspeakable പറഞ്ഞറിയിക്കാൻ പറ്റാത്തത് to horrific or horrible to be expressed in words The murders suspect was arrested for his unspeakable crimes, and the jury will soon hear about the horrible things he did.
286 Neurasthenic ന്യൂറസ്തെനിക് a now obsolete psychiatric symptom that is more commonly known as chronic fatigue syndrome and is characterized by extreme mental and physical exhaustion Early 19th century insane asylums were filled with people showing neurasthenic symptoms, simply exhausted and in need of rest.
287 Transpose ട്രാൻസ്പോസ് ചെയ്യുക means to reorder or cause (two or more things) to change places with each other For the student, the most difficult part of dealing with dyslexia was his tendency to transpose numbers that were side by side.
288 Facial മുഖഭാവം of or affecting the face The actor read his lines and practiced his facial expressions in the mirror.
289 Glide ഗ്ലൈഡ് to slide across a surface smoothly As she began to glide on the ice, the skater moved with an air of gracefulness that was unmatched by others in the arena.
290 Accomplished സാധിച്ചു to have achieved or completed something successfully The committee met for several hours, but accomplished nothing because they argued the whole time.
291 Grotesque വിചിത്രമായ extremely ugly and strange Diego pressed his face against the window so that what we saw was a grotesque distortion resembled some alien life form.
292 Gasp ശ്വാസം മുട്ടുക a short, sudden intake of breath Seeing her father standing at the arrival gate, the soldier’s daughter let out a deep gasp.
293 Illiterate നിരക്ഷരൻ incapable of writing and reading The illiterate man could not complete the job application.
294 Semantics അർത്ഥശാസ്ത്രം the message or meaning behind a term, phrase, or sentence When you made a profanity-filled rant about me, the semantics were pretty clear.
295 Dupe ഡ്യൂപ്പ് to deliberately mislead someone or the person who is easily used or tricked My brother is a schemer who is always trying to dupe people out of their money.
296 Noble നോബിൾ displaying exceptional character traits  The noble dog would not leave the side of his wounded master.
297 Personalize വ്യക്തിപരമാക്കുക to customize something or tailor it to specific needs The company was able to personalize my phone case by adding a picture and my initials to it.
298 Umpteen എണ്ണമറ്റ an extremely large number I have taken the test umpteen times still haven’t made a passing score.
299 Encounter ഏറ്റുമുട്ടൽ to come across something or someone without warning I never dreamed I would encounter a rattlesnake in my backyard.
300 Constituency മണ്ഡലം voters that elect representatives based on area or interests Most of the constituency in California voted for the democratic candidate.
301 Expansive വിസ്തൃതമായ covering a wide area; extensive Covering an expansive area, the search team looked high and low for the missing child.
302 Proof തെളിവ് physical evidence that proves an accusation or idea Forensic investigators perform autopsies to search for proof of foul play.
303 Like ഇഷ്ടപ്പെടുക similar to something else My new dog looks so much like my last puppy that it seems they could be friends.
304 Revenant റെവനന്റ് an individual who has returned from a lengthy absence or a grave Since my cat disappears for weeks at a time, he is our resident revenant.
305 Blockade ഉപരോധം something used to block access to a certain area The bank robbers used furniture as a blockade to prevent the police from quietly entering the building.
306 Speakeasy സ്പീക്കീസി an illegal bar or club that sold liquor during prohibition A narrow staircase lead to a speakeasy where bar patrons were getting their fill of illegal whiskey.
307 Exemplary മാതൃകാപരമാണ് something so good that it is an example for others to follow When my father retired from his company after fifty years of employment, he received a gold watch for his exemplary service.
308 Objectivity വസ്തുനിഷ്ഠത the condition of having an unbiased opinion The judge was removed from the bench because he lacked objectivity when listening to cases associated with minority defendants.
309 Carnival കാർണിവൽ a seasonal or roaming fair which usually has many fun attractions As the carnival was being set up at the state park for this week, passersby could tell that a roller coaster and several spinning rides would be included.
310 Passage ചുരം a route for something to go through Christopher Columbus believed he found a passage to India but instead he found a new land.
311 Seasoned സീസൺ ചെയ്തു to be skilled at something based on experience Only a seasoned teacher could create an environment for learning with the wild and defiant students.
312 Unhinged അൺഹിംഗ്ഡ് deranged; emotionally or mentally disturbed Ever since her son died, the distraught woman has been emotionally unhinged.
313 Recruit റിക്രൂട്ട് ചെയ്യുക to get someone to join something My business is looking to recruit new personnel to join our team.
314 Promptness ത്വരിതഗതി the quality of doing something quickly or without delay Promptness of payment is appreciated, especially when you pay a few days early.
315 Urchin ഉർച്ചിൻ a young child that runs through the streets in dirty clothing, behaving badly The little urchin ran through the streets of New York barefoot and looking for trouble.
316 Sable സേബിൾ a weasel-like mammal with warm fur that is often used to make clothing The sable is best known for its soft pelt, making it a popular and valuable mammal for the fur industry.
317 Guttural ഗുട്ടറൽ sounding harsh and throaty The witness described the suspect’s voice as guttural.
318 Churlish ചുരുളൻ rude; impolite Although Ms. X is a beautiful and talented actress, she has a reputation for being churlish and difficult to get along with.
319 Adscititious പരസ്യമായി additional or external; coming from an outside source The supplemental information was adscititious and wasn’t a part of the original investigation.
320 Dissonance ഡിസോണൻസ് a lack of agreement; generally between what one believes and how one acts His cruel abuse showed a dissonance with his loving words.
321 Umbrageous ഉന്മേഷദായകമായ providing shade Sitting under the umbrageous tree, the overheated workers were thankful for the shade.
322 Dazzling മിന്നുന്ന very stunning and amazing As the dazzling model walked down the runway, everyone was looking at the beautiful woman instead of the clothing.
323 Solemn ഗംഭീരം extremely somber or serious My mother’s solemn expression told me she was not in a playful mood.
324 Grid ഗ്രിഡ് an object containing spaced bars that are parallel to or cross each other When pressed down, the grid created perfect parallel lines across the waffles.
325 Rough പരുക്കൻ Having a surface that is irregular not smooth Rough seas tossed the boat high in the area, causing it to sink.
326 Aggressive അഗ്രസീവ് pushy or forceful when trying to get others to believe or do something The aggressive vendor tried to force the tourists into buying his wares.
327 Depose പുറത്താക്കുക to forcefully take a position away from a person  A coalition of countries is trying to depose the island dictator.
328 Distributive ഡിസ്ട്രിബ്യൂട്ടീവ് related to the act of giving or spreading out The distributive center is in charge of getting all of the products made at the factory out and into the stores.
329 Naturalization പ്രകൃതിവൽക്കരണം the process by which a foreign individual is awarded citizenship In order to become a citizen, Alberto will have to go through the process of naturalization.
330 Struck അടിച്ചു hit or crashed into something As the truck struck the back of her car, the driver braced herself for the impact of the crash.
331 Enforce നടപ്പിലാക്കുക to compel or require Police officers will enforce the law by arresting people for committing crimes and handing out citations for breaking the rules.
332 Parachute പാരച്യൂട്ട് a device made of fabric canopy that is used to slow the descent of a person or object falling through the air The automatic parachute opener functioned properly, allowing the man to safely descend to the ground.
333 Scold ശകാരിക്കുക to strongly criticize Female dogs sometimes scold their puppies by nipping on their ears.
334 Surrender കീഴടങ്ങുക to give in or yield to another Because they knew they had lost the battle, the Confederate Army decided to surrender to the Union.
335 Sink മുങ്ങുക to float down A hole in the bottom of the boat caused it to fill with water and sink down to the bottom of the lake.
336 Contraband നിരോധിതവസ്തു items that are illegally transported The inmate’s wife was arrested for trying to bring contraband into the jail.
337 Verdure വെർഡ്യൂർ a thriving condition One week after a successful surgery, John was in verdure and eager to leave the hospital.
338 Axle ആക്സിൽ a rod or spindle (either fixed or rotating) passing through the center of a wheel or group of wheels The axle of a car holds the wheels together on both ends of the car, and if it is broken you will be unable to drive.
339 Squirm സ്കിർം to move about in distress as a result of fear or shame As the teacher told my parents about my bad behavior, I started to squirm in my chair.
340 Soiree സോയറി an elegant party or event Attendees of the soiree are expected to dress in star-studded attire.
341 Wrinkled ചുളിവുകൾ to make or cause folds or lines in something Because she balled the clothes up into a pile, the maid wrinkled the hotel guest’s once ironed shirts.
342 Pyramid പിരമിഡ് a structure with sloping sides that meets at the top and sits on a triangular or square base A pyramid of delicious cupcakes was positioned on the triangular display.
343 Advocacy അഭിഭാഷകൻ the practice of supporting someone to make their voice heard  Recently the gun advocacy groups have spoken to Congress with hopes of change to current gun laws.
344 Billfold ബിൽഫോൾഡ് a wallet typically made of leather that is thin enough to fold on itself several times I prefer a billfold for my wallet, since it folds the bills inside of it for easy distribution when I have to pay someone in cash.
345 Regain വീണ്ടെടുക്കുക to recover or get something back The only way the man could regain his wife’s trust was to make better decisions consistently.
346 Quibble ക്വിബിൾ to quarrel about minor matters It is normal for married couples to quibble over small things like who controls the television remote.
347 Ceremonial ആചാരപരമായ relating to or used for formal religious or public events The priest wears a formal ceremonial robe when he is baptizing children.
348 Invade ആക്രമിക്കുക to attack or enter by force Police forces were cautioned to not use deadly force when they prepared to invade the home.
349 Collaboratively സഹകരിച്ച് in a way that involves two or more people working together towards a common goal Working collaboratively, the two musicians were able to come up with a song that fits both of their styles.
350 Phony ഫോണി fraudulent; fake; having a misleading appearance Although the man claimed to be a doctor, no one was fooled by that glib phony.
351 Heterogeneous വൈവിധ്യമാർന്ന not alike The twins are heterogeneous in appearance and look nothing alike.
352 Carbohydrate കാർബോഹൈഡ്രേറ്റ് a sugar, starch, or cellulose that is a food source of energy for an animal or plant After stuffing my mouth with sugar, I was warned that increased carbohydrate levels can make my body sick.
353 Triumph വിജയം a final success or victory Surviving brain cancer is Mark’s biggest triumph in life.
354 Resembling സാദൃശ്യമുള്ളത് having features or qualities that look like something else A plane resembling the one that Amelia Earhart flew is housed in the local aviation museum.
355 Fund ഫണ്ട് to supply money to someone or something for a certain reason I needed to fund my checking account with enough money to cover the three checks I wrote today.
356 Tactile സ്പർശിക്കുന്ന in regards to the sense of touch The child’s tactile response was to move her hand away from the hot stove.
357 Blatherskite ബ്ലാതർസ്കൈറ്റ് a person who constantly talks, usually about nothing important My aunt is a blatherskite who talks constantly.
358 Party പാർട്ടി a group of people who come together for a celebration When Karen walked into the dark room, she realized it was her surprise birthday party as soon as the lights came on.
359 Sweep തൂത്തുവാരുക to clean an area by brushing away litter and dust I have to sweep the front porch because it is so dusty.
360 Flare ആളിക്കത്തുക a sudden pop of fire The flare from the lighter scared the small child as the flame illuminated her face.
361 Behalf വേണ്ടി representative of The director accepted the award on behalf of the entire cast.
362 Timorous ടിമോറസ് frightened The timorous kitten would not come out from under the bed.
363 Sodden സോഡൻ soaked in fluid My shoes were sodden after I walked a mile in the rain.
364 Reformatory നവീകരണകാരി an alternative to jail or prison where minors are sent for committing a crime Both boys were shipped off to a reformatory for naughty children.
365 Technicality സാങ്കേതികത an extremely specific piece of information that is typically used to win an argument or make a judgment The eager young job applicant didn’t think that she would be refused the job for a simple technicality like forgetting to sign the bottom of her non-disclosure document, but she was wrong.
366 Somewhat കുറച്ച് to some degree or measure I’m somewhat hungry, but I not so starving that I can’t hold off until lunch.
367 Excitement ആവേശം full of delight Excitement on a child’s face when she comes downstairs on Christmas morning to see all her presents is priceless.
368 Logophile ലോഗോഫൈൽ a lover of words Shakespeare was such a logophile that he took the words he already loved and crafted them into new ones.
369 Inhale ശ്വസിക്കുക to suck in a breath Yoga students inhale deeply through their nose, hold, and then slowly let out their breath to release the stress from their bodies.
370 Motion ചലനം the process of moving Putting the ball into motion, the pitcher prayed that the batter would not make contact.
371 Squeak squeak emit a short, high-pitched sound As the dog bit down on the plastic toy, it would squeak.
372 Indubitable സംശയാതീതമാണ് without doubt; undisputable Since Woods has over ninety percent of the votes, it is an indubitable fact he is our new legislator.
373 Perennial വറ്റാത്ത lasting or remaining active throughout the year, or all the time Every election seems to continue to deal with the same perennial issues that have been the focus of all the previous elections.
374 Philander ഫിലാൻഡർ to shamelessly flirt or take advantage of sexually He was a known flirt who liked to philander with several women.
375 Reprimand താക്കീത് an act of disapproval, generally done in an official manner When I misbehaved in school, my teacher sent me home with a written reprimand for my parents to sign.
376 Equal തുല്യം being the same in size, amount, or degree You should add an equal amount of water and paint to the bowl get the right mixture.
377 Supplement സപ്ലിമെന്റ് something that enhances or completes something else when added to it The vitamin was added as a supplement to her diet to improve her blood circulation.
378 Congeries കോങ്കറികൾ a jumbled collection of things The woman’s spare room was littered with a congeries of boxes and bags.
379 Froward ഫ്രോവേഡ് used to describe a person who are disobedient and difficult to deal with The froward child refused to listen to her parents and was disobedient most of the time.
380 Recommendation ശുപാർശ advice or suggestion The governor promised to make a recommendation on the issue within a week but we are still waiting to hear back.
381 Olfactory ഘ്രാണം pertaining to the smell sense Because my brother has straws in his nose, his olfactory sense is not picking up the odors coming from the kitchen.
382 Predominant പ്രബലമായ being the main thing or issue Flying continues to be the predominant means of travel despite increased airfares.
383 Torpor ടോർപോർ the state of being motionless or inactive After overeating on Christmas, I fell into a satisfied torpor.
384 Withstand നേരിടുക to persist through or survive a difficult situation The houses close to the coast were built so sturdily that they are able to withstand the strongest storms.
385 Renovation നവീകരണം to restore a building in good condition Because our house was undergoing a renovation, we were staying in a hotel.
386 Shame നാണക്കേട് the hot, nauseating feeling that comes with making a bad decision or of fool of yourself The ballerina’s cheeks flushed with shame when she failed to land her jump during the dance recital.
387 Ailurophile ഐലൂറോഫൈൽ a person who loves cats The neighborhood children only saw the ailurophile as a nutty cat lady.
388 Primitive ആദിമമായ something that is not refined or advanced In the primitive village, there is no source of electricity.
389 Impolite മര്യാദയില്ലാത്ത being rude Her impolite ways of constantly interrupting me every time I spoke made me want to avoid her at any cost.
390 Elide എലിഡ് to leave out or omit The teacher decided to elide the last test since most of the students failed.
391 Canvas ക്യാൻവാസ് a type of hard, rough cloth used for making sails, tents, and as a surface to be painted on The artist was painting a canvas backdrop for the school play.
392 Norm സാധാരണ that which is typical or usual As a child, the little girl fought the norm and refused to wear skirts or dresses.
393 Penance തപസ്സ് self-inflicted punishment for a misdeed The priest told me to say twenty Hail Marys as a penance for my sins.
394 Semblance സാമ്യം an outward appearance of something; an assumed appearance Once my divorce has been finalized, my life can return to a semblance of normality.
395 Codependent കോഡിപെൻഡന്റ് attached to another person and reliant on them, usually emotionally or in an unhealthy way Because he is so codependent on his caregivers, the sick man looks to them to meet all of his needs.
396 Cordon കോർഡൻ to create a barrier around or from something Since children could get injured on playgrounds, it is essential to cordon off a playground so they don’t have access to it through the fence.
397 Mindset മാനസികാവസ്ഥ an established set of attitudes and beliefs that someone holds A person’s mindset is often determined by how they have been raised and the experiences they have had, though the way they think can change over time.
398 Waggish വാഗ്ഗിഷ് acting in a mischievous manner The waggish teenage boys kept tripping on the ground in hopes of attracting the attention of the pretty girls.
399 Whist വിസ്റ്റ് a card game played by four people (two per team) in which each side tries to win more cards than the other While playing whist, the group of friends fought over who was going to win more cards during the game.
400 Desecrate അശുദ്ധമാക്കുക to treat a sacred place or object with disrespect Do not desecrate the temple by speaking loudly during your visit.
401 Sumptuous വിഭവസമൃദ്ധമായ splendid; of the best quality My eyes grew large when I saw the sumptuous wedding feast.
402 Membership അംഗത്വം an individual becomes a member of a club, group, or organization Amanda was pleasantly surprised to receive a one year membership to a local fitness center for a birthday present paid for by her children.
403 Deluge പ്രളയം a large number of things occurring in the same instance After a deluge of tornadoes, most of the homes in the town were destroyed.
404 Dike ഡൈക്ക് a long wall built to prevent flooding from the sea The sea-port’s only hope is to build a long dike along the city to keep the flood water from taking over.
405 Augury ഓഗറി a prediction or omen There are those who view the virus as an augury of the world coming to an end.
406 Globalization ആഗോളവൽക്കരണം the process by which businesses begin operating worldwide The company can’t achieve globalization if there is no interest for their product in Europe or China.
407 Deserve അർഹിക്കുന്നു to be worthy or fit for something, often a reward or punishment The students deserve an A for the amazing project they made out of popsicle sticks.
408 Finite പരിമിതം having limits They had only a finite amount of gas, which is why they had to turn the generator off during the day.
409 Predicated പ്രവചിച്ചത് founded upon a belief or argument My decision to move to Paris was predicated on the belief I had a job opportunity waiting for me.
410 Quarter ക്വാർട്ടർ one of four equal parts With five minutes left on the clock, the defense performed much better than they did in the previous quarter.
411 Derivative ഡെറിവേറ്റീവ് an object or idea that is produced from something else The new antibiotic is listed as a derivative of penicillin because it was produced from a penicillin base.
412 Unethical അസാന്മാര്ഗ്ഗികമായ not having morals or honorable principles Unethical office practices caused the bad doctor to lose his job at the hospital.
413 Neologism നിയോലോജിസം a new term or phrase recently added to a person or group’s vocabulary The neologism became so popular it was added to most dictionaries.
414 Invigorating ഉന്മേഷദായകമാണ് giving strength, energy, or good health Some people say the warm springs are invigorating because of their healing powers.
415 Insignificant അപ്രധാനം not important or negligible An ant may be insignificant by itself, but an entire army of ants can terrorize the entirety of the Amazon rainforest.
416 Containment കണ്ടെയ്ൻമെന്റ് the action of restricting or controlling a dangerous person or thing Containment is the goal of the firemen as they try and control the forest fire.
417 Kin ബന്ധു people related by blood or marriage Her kin was coming to stay for the annual family Christmas event.
418 Abominable മ്ലേച്ഛമായ horrible; terrible Last year’s record final record was abominable and we finished the season with no wings.
419 Draft ഡ്രാഫ്റ്റ് a first version of something written or drawn Before I submit my final article, I need to edit my draft.
420 Inducement പ്രേരണ something that persuades someone to do something As an incentive for the workers, the company offered an inducement to encourage them to remain accident free.
421 Way വഴി a road, path, or another thoroughfare through which one can travel Because our old path to the lake is overgrown with weeds, we will need to find a new way to get there.
422 Browbeat ബ്രൗബീറ്റ് to bully in an intimidating way The con man browbeat James into giving him the keys to the vault.
423 Queue ക്യൂ a waiting list or line in which people and/or problems are dealt with in order We stood in the queue for hours waiting to get tickets to the championship game.
424 Surveillance നിരീക്ഷണം close observation of an individual or group; person or persons under suspicion The FBI surveillance van cruised through the neighborhood where several burglaries had taken place.
425 Credulous വിശ്വാസയോഗ്യമായ ready to believe, especially on slight or uncertain evidence Because my brother is a credulous consumer, he is a salesperson’s dream.
426 Malignant മാരകമായ causing an extremely serious, possibly even fatal, issue Crystal cried when she learned the tumor was malignant.
427 Virtual വെർച്വൽ something that is a digitally replicated version of something real Virtual paintings look very similar to the original pieces but can easily be distinguished by the trained eye.
428 Sympathetic സഹതാപം showing care and compassion toward others Teresa was sympathetic and kind to everyone she met along her journey.
429 Mendacious മെൻഡാസിയസ് lying; not telling the truth Chuck is mendacious about his vegetarianism because he eats chicken.
430 Barrier തടസ്സം an obstacle that blocks access Not having transportation was a barrier to the girl enrolling in college courses.
431 Keepsake ഓർമ്മപ്പെടുത്തൽ an object retained in memory of something or someone After the brave soldier lost his life in combat, the Army gave the mother his dog tags as a keepsake.
432 Gold സ്വർണ്ണം a shiny, yellow colored precious metal that is used to make coins, jewelry, and other valuable items The explorers searched for gold, but never found any precious metal in the colonies.
433 Intention ഉദ്ദേശം a course of action that a person intends to follow Alex said that his intention is to marry Rachel.
434 Convocation കോൺവൊക്കേഷൻ a sizable gathering of people  The convocation of Baptist ministers is so large it’s being held in the city’s largest auditorium.
435 Supine സുപിൻ lying face upward My brother-in-law is a lazy fellow who will sleep with his head up in a supine position all day long.
436 Psyche മനഃശാസ്ത്രം an individual’s spirit, soul, or mind When the old man lost his job to a college graduate, his psyche took a devastating blow.
437 Handiwork കൈപ്പണി work that is done skillfully with one’s hands The completed masterpiece was the handiwork of a world-class painter who loved to work with watercolors.
438 Megabyte മെഗാബൈറ്റ് a unit equal to one million bytes that is used to measure how much information a computer can store The disk contained one megabyte of storage space.
439 Treacle ട്രെക്കിൾ mushy or emotional sentimentality As much as I appreciate all of this treacle, would you please stop crying so we can get back to the task at hand?
440 Solely മാത്രം not involving anyone or anything else, or performed by only one person Walking the dog is solely Gordon’s responsibility, and if the dog pees on the carpet we all know that he didn’t do his job.
441 Heart ഹൃദയം the organ in your chest that pumps blood through your veins and arteries The doctor used a tool to listen to the patient’s beating heart.
442 Congressional കോണ്ഗ്രഷണൽ relating to congress A congressional convention was held to discuss federal policies.
443 Surcharge സർചാർജ് to charge an additional amount of money Airline passengers for all major airlines are facing higher landing fees and fuel surcharges than ever.
444 Impermanence നശ്വരത the state of being temporary The impermanence of the new the car’s smell caused the woman to buy air fresheners.
445 Vesicle വെസിക്കിൾ a fluid-filled pouch typically beneath the outer membrane; most common forms are blisters and cysts When Janice found a liquid-filled lump beneath her skin, she immediately drove to the emergency room and waited for the doctor to identify the vesicle.
446 Hypothalamus ഹൈപ്പോതലാമസ് a small part of the brain that controls the autonomic nervous system and the secretion of hormones After an injury to the hypothalamus region of his brain, the patient had trouble with his appetite and metabolism.
447 Swerve സ്വെർവ് to change direction very suddenly To avoid hitting the squirrel on the road, the car had to swerve to the left.
448 Menial മെനിയൽ relating to tasks normally performed by a servant Everyone was surprised to see the company president doing menial labor he could easily pass on to one of his employees.
449 Distal ഡിസ്റ്റൽ something that is distant from something else The paramedics were concerned with their patient’s distal pulse because there was a lot of time between beats.
450 Sacred പവിത്രം holy; divine If you disturb the god’s sacred shrine, some people believe you will be instantly killed.
451 Glory മഹത്വം honor, fame and pride The humble champion refused to accept all of the glory and gave credit to his trainer.
452 Affable സൗഹൃദപരം friendly, good-natured, or easy to talk to Instead of being such a jerk, you should try being more affable!
453 Hunky-dory ഹങ്കി-ഡോറി absolutely pleased and content Everything was hunky-dory at the wedding with the bride, groom, families and friends watching the ceremony on their perfect day.
454 Sociologist സാമൂഹ്യശാസ്ത്രജ്ഞൻ a sociologist is a person who studies patterns of social behavior The sociologist concentrates on patterns of behavior shared by members of a society.
455 Incurring ഇൻക്യുറിംഗ് acquiring or causing yourself to come into The company was careful with its firing practices because management feared incurring costly law suits.
456 Ungainly അയോഗ്യമായി used to describe a person or movement that is clumsy or awkward Penguins are ungainly on land, always waddling around awkwardly on the ice.
457 Impractical അപ്രായോഗികം not reasonable because it is unlikely to happen  Even though his son was very smart, it was impractical for the father to believe his son could learn quantum physics while in kindergarten.
458 Kerosene മണ്ണെണ്ണ oil that is used a fuel Running out of kerosene, the traveler’s lamp began to flicker and eventually went dim.
459 Squalor സ്ക്വാലോർ poor and dirty conditions Because the homeless man did not have running water, he was used to living in squalor.
460 Inimical ശത്രുതാപരമായ not friendly; hostile Although I attempt to avoid the school bully, he always goes out of his way to be inimical to me.
461 Urn ഉരുൺ a vase that is used to hold the ashes of a body that was cremated After my grandpa was cremated, his ashes were placed in a floral urn for safe keeping.
462 Pleasanter ആനന്ദദായകൻ more friendly or agreeable than something else Mrs. Hart is the pleasanter of the two teachers, but Mrs. Clark is friendly as well.
463 Vaunt വൗണ്ട് brag, boast, or excessively praise China likes to vaunt its military strength, intimidating her neighbors.
464 Stigmata കളങ്കം plural form of stigma, denoting multiple physical or symbolic forms of disgrace which mar an individual’s reputation In Nathaniel Hawthorne’s The Scarlet Letter, Hester Prynne is forced to wear red ‘A’’s on her clothes as stigmata.
465 Heinie ഹെയ്നി a slang term for one’s buttocks The toddler thought it was funny to remove her diaper and show her heinie to everyone in the world.
466 Stump സ്റ്റമ്പ് the leftover base of a tree after it has been cut down After Hurricane Matthew swept through the coastal towns, each tree was snapped leaving behind a small stump.
467 Gleam തിളക്കം to shine brightly After they were waxed, the building’s floors seemed to gleam with brightness.
468 Plaintiff വാദി in court the individual who claims someone else is responsible for a misdeed After the plaintiff fell on the grocery store’s wet floor, she filed a lawsuit hoping the damages would cover her medical bills.
469 Maxim മാക്സിം a phrase that is often used as a guiding rule My grandmother had a wise maxim to help me get through all of my teenage crises.
470 Baseline അടിസ്ഥാനരേഖ a minimum starting point The children will take a baseline test to determine which skills they have and which are missing.
471 Angst ഉത്കണ്ഠ a mood associated with intense worry and unhappiness A day before the fight, the inexperienced boxer was plagued with angst about losing his first match.
472 Despot സ്വേച്ഛാധിപതി a brutal ruler who controls everything   Once the despot killed his parents, he was able to run the country with an iron fist.
473 Throbbing ത്രോബിംഗ് pertaining to a pounding rhythm As the most popular boy walked down the hallway, Patricia’s heart began throbbing faster and faster.
474 Scale സ്കെയിൽ an instrument used to measure the weight of something A scale was used to measure how many pounds each wooden block is.
475 Presentiment അവതരണം the feeling something bad might occur The presentiment lingered after I saw a black cat twice in one day.
476 Afar അകലെ in a distant area Everyone could tell that the stranger came from afar due to his unknown accent.
477 Exegesis വ്യാഖ്യാനം detailed explanation of a written passage The student’s exegesis of the novel was one of the best summaries the professor had ever read.
478 Thirdhand മൂന്നാമൻ describes goods that have been passed down to a third person after having been owned by two others The thirdhand vehicle had two previous owners, but it was still in great condition.
479 Multiplicity ഗുണിതം a large number or variety The cruise ship had a multiplicity of staterooms, with at least 200 on each floor.
480 Sigh നെടുവീർപ്പിടുക an audible release of air used to express a feeling When the man realized his wife hadn’t been harmed in the car accident, he released a loud sigh of relief.
481 Scruples സൂക്ഷ്മത internal factors that prevent a person from behaving in a certain manner Janet has no scruples about mistreating people who mistreat her.
482 Superior സുപ്പീരിയർ higher in rank or quality; excellent Due to his superior scientific skills, MacKenzie could make his way out of any predicament.
483 Washable കഴുകാവുന്നത് able to be washed or cleaned The washable paint was easily wiped off the floor.
484 Recluse ഏകാന്തത a person who lives alone and avoids other people; a hermit Despite her reputation as a recluse, Samantha held regular gatherings in her home to entertain close friends.
485 Gratification സംതൃപ്തി pleasure or satisfaction No gratification was gained from the argument and both the husband and wife walked away unhappy.
486 Mutely നിശബ്ദമായി silently; without speaking The shy wallflower stood mutely in a corner during the junior high dance.
487 Prostrate പ്രണാമം in a flat position where a person’s face is turned downward When Jill discovered her husband had left her, she fell prostrate on the couch and buried her face against the cushions.
488 Termagant ടെർമഗന്റ് an argumentative female Mark didn’t realize he’d married a termagant until his wife started to nag him daily.
489 Brocade ബ്രോക്കേഡ് a thick patterned material sometimes made with gold coloring Making my dress from brocade may cause discomfort for me since it will feel so weighted down as I walk.
490 Heady തല a strong, intense, or exhilarating effect Many pilots find supersonic flight to be a heady experience, providing them with exhilaration that can’t be matched by anything else.
491 Overtake മറികടക്കുക to pass a more slowly object As the driver of a car tried to overtake a tractor trailer on a busy highway, he couldn’t complete the pass and moved back behind him.
492 Harsh കഠിനമായ cruel and hostile The harsh man screamed at the players over the microphone.
493 Undervalue വിലക്കുറവ് to consider something to have little value or worth than it really has The group of workers tends to undervalue the intern’s contributions even though he adds a lot of value to the project.
494 Anguish വേവലാതി extreme suffering or grief When my husband died, the anguish I felt was nearly unbearable.
495 Curvilinear കർവിലീനിയർ curved; bent The students were not standing in a straight line but rather a curvilinear form.
496 Gnash ഗ്നാഷ് grind (one’s teeth) together, typically as a sign of anger The caged tigers gnash their teeth and lunge at the bars.
497 Saddened സങ്കടപ്പെട്ടു very upset and depressed Saddened by the loss of his mother, the young boy could do nothing other than cry.
498 Gyration ഗൈറേഷൻ circular rotation The gyration of the washing machine distracted the woman as she worked.
499 Seriatim സീരിയാറ്റിം relating to a series A seriatim schedule is key to staying organized and completing tasks in an orderly manner.
500 Transmission പകർച്ച a message sent through a transmitting device, such as a satellite or radio The radio transmission came through on our end loud and clear, allowing us to hear the President’s speech.
501 Upward മുകളിലേക്ക് moving towards a higher place We continued to climb upward, only stopping when we reached the building’s top floor.
502 Bittersweet കയ്പേറിയ മധുരം something that offers both joy and pain or the tastes of sweet and bitter together Saying goodbye to my husband was such a bittersweet experience for me.
503 Nonetheless എന്നിരുന്നാലും even so or nevertheless Even though the donation was small, it was, nonetheless, a contribution for a worthy cause.
504 Maintain പരിപാലിക്കുക to keep something in its current condition or state It is difficult to maintain my weight when my diet consists of donuts and Chinese takeout.
505 Revitalize പുനരുജ്ജീവിപ്പിക്കുക to put new life or energy back in something In an effort to revitalize the dying plant, we put it in a well-lit spot and provided it with plenty of water.
506 Unyielding വഴങ്ങാത്ത not flexible; not easily moved or swayed My unyielding father refused to increase my allowance.
507 Handicraft കരകൗശലവസ്തുക്കൾ an activity or craft that requires with the hands Shoemaking was once a handicraft, respected in the days when shoemakers formed boots by hand.
508 Straight ഋജുവായത് moving in one direction; not wavy or bent Mel uses a flat iron so that her hair will be straight instead if wavy and curly.
509 Multiply ഗുണിക്കുക to increase After water was added to the gremlins, the amount of creatures in the house continued to multiply.
510 Variance വ്യത്യാസം at odds with or conflicting with The girl’s confident pose was at a variance with her shaky voice.
511 Mesosphere മെസോസ്ഫിയർ an area between two layers in the Earth’s atmosphere where it gets colder as the elevation increases In the mesosphere the alien spaceship recorded the increasing temperatures every few minutes in this layer as it came closer to Earth.
512 Temporary താൽക്കാലികം not permanent; existing only for a period or periods of time Marc was informed that his job was temporary and that when the summer was over he would need to look elsewhere.
513 Matron മേട്രൺ an older, serious-minded married woman who usually has a high social position The matron was highly regarded for her philanthropic endeavors in her community.
514 Future ഭാവി a period of time that is yet to come Our future vacation is planned for May of next year.
515 Disposable ഡിസ്പോസിബിൾ easily expendable and then throw away Because you can’t bring shaving equipment on a plane, many travelers buy disposable razors for the duration of their trip.
516 Vegetarian വെജിറ്റേറിയൻ someone who chooses to abstain from eating meat She became a vegetarian over the holiday when she gave up all meat for Lent.
517 Smog പുകമഞ്ഞ് fog or haze that is polluted with smoke Thick smog filled the air outside of the huge factory, polluting the sky all around the plant.
518 High ഉയർന്ന rising or extending upward Kim flew her kite high above the ocean and the beach shore.
519 Query ചോദ്യം an inquiry for information State officials have launched a query into allegations of judicial misconduct by Judge Petros.
520 Newscast ന്യൂസ്കാസ്റ്റ് a news broadcast Expressing their condolences beforehand, reporters on the ten o’clock newscast confirmed that remains of the missing scuba diver had been discovered.
521 Clog അടഞ്ഞുകിടക്കുക to block or slow passage through Pouring oil down the sink drain caused it to clog and fill with water.
522 Disarmament നിരായുധീകരണം taking up or giving away military weapons The security council demanded full disarmament and that the group give up their weapons within twenty-four hours.
523 Computation കണക്കുകൂട്ടൽ the act of mathematically calculating something Computation of the math problem was too difficult to take on without a calculator.
524 Whatsoever എന്തായാലും in any way; at all There was no snow on the ground, whatsoever.
525 Breadth വീതിയും the extent or measure of how broad or wide something is The gossip quickly spanned the breadth of the school building.
526 Aleatory അലയേറ്ററി random, dependent on luck or chance Rick laughs at anyone who spends money at the slot machines, because it’s a purely aleatory game that has no intellectual component whatsoever.
527 Take എടുക്കുക to carry something or bring it with you The clerk used a huge buggy to take all of the boxes from the front of the store to the pack.
528 Ignorance അറിവില്ലായ്മ lack of knowledge; unawareness The woman’s ignorance regarding Hispanic culture led her to assume that everyone who speaks Spanish is Mexican.
529 Cavalier കവലിയർ displaying a lack of worry Bryan will regret his cavalier attitude about studying when he fails to graduate on time.
530 Slide സ്ലൈഡ് to scoot or move across something without lifting from the item The gambler watched the dealer slide the cards across the table and prayed for a good hand.
531 Lachrymose ലാക്രിമോസ് easily brought to tears After her husband died, my aunt became a lachrymose woman who couldn’t stop crying.
532 Affirm ഉറപ്പുപറയുക to publicly verify something Tonight, the police will affirm the suspect’s identity on national television.
533 Regularly പതിവായി frequently; often The movie buff regularly went to shows by herself, enjoying the weekly popcorn almost as much as the films.
534 Proceed തുടരുക to move forward The doctor agreed to proceed with the surgery, but only if the patient lost some weight.
535 Smirk മന്ദഹാസം a kind of smile that one gives when acting in a smug or conceited way Because she knew the answer to the difficult math problem, the smug student shot a smirk toward her confused classmates.
536 Helplessly നിസ്സഹായനായി in a way that shows a lack of ability, strength, or power Staring helplessly from the tower, the princess didn’t realize she had the power to save herself.
537 Pagoda പഗോഡ a pyramid-shaped religious building with curled up edges on each level that is usually found in Asia During my visit to Japan, I noticed the pagoda towering over the tourists on the ground.
538 Conducive അനുകൂലമായ to cause or produce something The declining number of available positions are conducive for the highest unemployment rate in decades.
539 Showdown ഷോഡൗൺ a confrontation or faceoff Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un prepared for a political faceoff but called a truce right before their showdown.
540 Bountiful ഔദാര്യമുള്ള having a generous amount  Since we had a bountiful harvest this year, we were able to donate a good portion of our crops to a local soup kitchen.
541 Compress കംപ്രസ് ചെയ്യുക to flatten something by pressure Wearing a girdle to compress the pudge on her stomach, the vain woman was much happier with a tummy that appeared flat.
542 Commute യാത്ര ചെയ്യുക to travel a considerable distance between home and work on a regular basis Because my place of work is so far away, I have to commute for over an hour every single day to make it to work and back home again.
543 Anthropomorphic ആന്ത്രോപോമോർഫിക് having attributes of humans The boy’s favorite cartoon stars an anthropomorphic cat who talks and walks like a person.
544 Ironically വിരോധാഭാസമെന്നു പറയട്ടെ referring to something being unexpected or ironic Ironically my boyfriend and I married at an early age despite our parents’ attempts to separate us.
545 Celsius സെൽഷ്യസ് a measurement of temperature in which 0 is the freezing point, and 100 is the boiling point The weatherman used a thermometer to determine the temperature for the day in Celsius.
546 Frustrate നിരാശപ്പെടുത്തുക to disappoint or upset The toddler was unaware how he would frustrate the family cat every time he pulled its tail.
547 Abrogate റദ്ദാക്കുക to abolish; to do away with You cannot abrogate anyone’s right to free speech!
548 Naturalist പ്രകൃതിശാസ്ത്രജ്ഞൻ someone who studies life and nature While wandering in the forest, a naturalist was walking a trail to determine if there were any new birds in the area.
549 Blob ബ്ലോബ് thick or sticky liquid is a small, often round A blob of snot hung down from the sick toddler’s wet nose.
550 Necrology നെക്രോളജി a biographical description of a person who has recently died My grandmother’s necrology was posted online so that everyone could see what a wonderful person she was.
551 Divergence വ്യതിചലനം the process or state of separating The married couple is currently in a state of divergence, going through the divorce process so they can legally separate.
552 Salvo സാൽവോ an act of firing two or more guns or other weapons at the same time The soldier loaded his gun in order to complete the salvo.
553 Megalopolis മെഗലോപോളിസ്  a region comprised of several big cities As the cities in the area have grown, the population of the megalopolis has greatly expanded.
554 Frivolity നിസ്സാരത that which is not necessary or meaningful The spoiled heiress is known for her frivolity and once purchased fifty identical dresses so no one could copy her look.
555 Near സമീപം the small span between two objects or things  The only reason Ginger moved near the mall was so she could go shopping frequently.
556 Sacrifice യാഗം to give up something valuable to help someone else I decided to sacrifice my illustrious career to raise my family.
557 Skeptical സംശയാസ്പദമായ having reservations or doubts about something Although the car salesman assured us that the used SUV wasn’t a lemon, my skeptical mother was hesitant to believe him.
558 Bacterium ബാക്ടീരിയ once-celled microscopic living organisms that can cause infection The dirty slide was placed under the microscope so that the students could see all of the bacterium growing in the microbe-infested goop.
559 Tantalize ടന്റലൈസ് ചെയ്യുക to tease someone with a promise and then not deliver upon it In an attempt to tantalize me, my personal trainer offered a piece of cake as an incentive for me to finish my three miles on the treadmill.
560 Nebbish നെബ്ബീഷ് one who is nervous and lacks confidence and courage, especially in making decisions and plans, in discussions, debates, arguments, and confrontations, and in taking responsibility The nebbish refuses to take responsibility for his actions, always too afraid to admit that he made a mistake.
561 Concoction കുഴമ്പ് something created from scratch I could not wait for the bartender to finish my delicious concoction.
562 Childhood കുട്ടിക്കാലം the time during which one is a child, from between infancy and puberty My stepmother is a mean woman who likes to insult little kids because she had a miserable childhood herself.
563 Neurotic ന്യൂറോട്ടിക് overly anxious; unstable Sally is a neurotic person who is often moody.
564 Narration ആഖ്യാനം a commentary given with a broadcast of some sort Many movies have a piece of narration in the beginning to provide the audience with information about the setting.
565 Ravishing റാവിഷിംഗ് extremely beautiful The groom thought the bride looked ravishing in her wedding dress.
566 Arthritis ആർത്രൈറ്റിസ് inflammation and stiffness in the joints Timothy’s doctor explained that the sharp pains in his joints were caused by arthritis.
567 Placebo പ്ലാസിബോ a substance with no medical effect that is given either to patients or individuals involved in a drug trial Because I was given a placebo during the drug test, my medical condition did not improve.
568 Contagious സാംക്രമികം capable of spreading a disease I was not allowed to visit the hospital because my grandfather was contagious.
569 Antiquated പഴഞ്ചൻ dated; from the past Why would such a young woman wear antiquated dresses that make her look like an old lady?
570 Wilderness വന്യത An uncivilized expanse, often without human settlement of any kind At one time, much of America was an unexplored wilderness that was home to more animals than man.
571 Sublimate സപ്ലിമേറ്റ് to change an objectionable expression into one that is acceptable Rather than start an argument I chose to sublimate my anger by clenching my fists and walking away.
572 Tranquil ശാന്തമായ relaxed; peaceful Since we were the only ones on the beach, we enjoyed a tranquil day.
573 Moronic മോറോണിക് foolish or stupid The man’s moronic statements made no sense to anyone listening to his rant.
574 Desert ഏകാന്ത a dry, bare area of land, especially one with little water or plants My aunt’s house has no grass because she lives in a desert region.
575 Reflective പ്രതിഫലിപ്പിക്കുന്ന thinking carefully about something When I was faced with a difficult decision, I was very reflective before I made my choice.
576 Turbulence പ്രക്ഷുബ്ധത conflict or confusion Constant turbulence in the couple’s marriage caused them to file for a divorce.
577 Supplicant അപേക്ഷകൻ one who prays humbly for something As a modest supplicant, Mary prayed for the less fortunate, the addicted, and those who are suffering.
578 Expeditious ദ്രുതഗതിയിലുള്ള performed quickly and efficiently When I order fast food, I expect to receive it in an expeditious timeframe.
579 Topsoil മേൽമണ്ണ് the upper level of dirt on the ground Since the topsoil is rich in nutrients, many plants will flourish since their roots are planted there.
580 Dependable ആശ്രയിക്കാവുന്നത് able to be depended on Although I do not trust mechanics, I am happy to use Chris because of how dependable he is.
581 Putrid പുട്രിഡ് rotting, rotten, being in a state of putrefaction Dealing with dead bodies, he encountered plenty of putrid odors.
582 Uncompromising വിട്ടുവീഴ്ചയില്ലാത്തത് steady and unshakable; adamant The ethical nurse was awarded an excellence honor for her uncompromising commitment to her patients during tough times.
583 Downright നേരിട്ട് complete or total There has been so much downright terrible things happening in the world lately that some people are afraid to even leave their homes.
584 Ping പിംഗ് a sharp sound, like that of metal striking something While making a toast to the bride and groom, the woman tapped her glass with a high-pitched ping.
585 Thickness കനം depth; wideness The thickness of the river made it difficult for the pioneers to wade across.
586 Remorseless പശ്ചാത്താപമില്ലാത്ത without guilt or regret The driver seemed remorseless after rear-ending my vehicle.
587 Traveler സഞ്ചാരി someone who journeys from one place to another, typically over a great distance The old traveler has been all around the world, from the towering pyramids of Egypt to the great snow fields of Siberia.
588 Pathway പാത a trail or passageway Nurse Johnson informed the cancer patient that the only pathway to recovery was through ten treatments of chemotherapy.
589 Smudge സ്മഡ്ജ് a smeared mark on the surface of something Wiping her eyes while crying, the bride tried hard not to leave a smudge from her makeup.
590 Quantity അളവ് the amount of something The store owner checked the quantity of tires and realized he needed to order more.
591 Furlough ഫർലോ a vacation or period of absence from work To save money, the county will give teachers a two-day furlough this year.
592 Poultry കോഴിവളർത്തൽ domestic birds kept by humans for the purpose of eating The most common poultry bird is the chicken.
593 Amortization അമോർട്ടൈസേഷൻ the process of determining the cost of something intangible over time You can try to use amortization to determine the value of something unseen, such as friendship or memories, but ultimately that might still be impossible.
594 Much വളരെ a great amount Much of the island is completely covered by forests, with only a few areas being developed.
595 Amatory അമോട്ടറി associated with expressing erotic or sexual love The amatory letters described the couple’s steamy love affair.
596 Trample ചവിട്ടുക to crush, disfigure, maim, etc., by walking or running over something The girl walked lightly through the garden, carefully watching her feet so that she didn’t trample the beautiful flowers.
597 Fly-by-night ഫ്ലൈ-ബൈ-നൈറ്റ് unreliable or untrustworthy, particularly in business matters There are many fly-by-night providers of goods on the internet, so buying products online only from reputable websites is probably a good idea.
598 Amenable സുഖപ്രദമായ willing to comply or cooperate My husband never complains about anything and is amenable to all my vacation suggestions.
599 Congeal കട്ടപിടിക്കുക to change from a liquid to solid state They refrigerated the liquid gelatin so it would congeal before they ate it.
600 Guerrilla ഗറില്ല relating to the wartime strategy of a group or person who is not part of a traditional military The guerrilla forces have been chased into the mountains by the country’s military.
601 Emptiness ശൂന്യത the state of containing nothing After all of her children left home, the mother felt a sense of emptiness in her lonely heart.
602 Exuberance അമിതാവേശം the quality of being exuberant; cheerful or vigorous enthusiasm; liveliness Even though the children’s choir had trouble getting the words of the songs right, their exuberance in singing more than made up for it.
603 Pedagogy പെഡഗോഗി activities of educating, teaching or instructing The school boasts the most progressive pedagogy and a 100% graduation rate.
604 Subdued കീഴടക്കി held down; overpowered According to the lawsuit, the officers subdued the suspect with unnecessary force and broke his arm.
605 Confession കുമ്പസാരം an admission of something one has done that was wrong or illegal The kid’s killer confession shocked the small town who never thought him capable of such a crime.
606 Cuisine പാചകരീതി the art of preparing or relating to food She was able to take a cooking class in Italy that demonstrated authentic Italian cuisine with its flavors and techniques.
607 Inconsolable ആശ്വസിക്കാൻ പറ്റാത്തത് not capable of being consoled The old man was inconsolable at his wife’s funeral.
608 Historic ചരിത്രപരം old and related to the past or history The historic home has been around since the pre-Civil War ear.
609 Immunity പ്രതിരോധശേഷി freedom from punishment or prosecution Since the accomplice lied on the stand, he is not eligible for immunity and may serve time in jail.
610 Pith പിത്ത് spongy tissue in animals and plants The heart of a watermelon is the best part because he pith tastes the best.
611 Orthodontist ഓർത്തോഡോണ്ടിസ്റ്റ് a doctor specializing in dental work for avoiding or improving uneven teeth An orthodontist required my daughter to get braces for two years since her front teeth were not in alignment with the other teeth.
612 Funny തമാശ humorous; amusing Live comedy shows are funny, but I prefer laughing at sitcoms from my couch.
613 Advantageous പ്രയോജനപ്രദം helpful or useful and likely to make you more successful It would be advantageous for the couple to buy the bedroom set while it was on sale.
614 Curt കർട്ട് blunt to the point of being impolite The service agent was fired after he was overheard treating customers in a curt manner.
615 Excogitate Excogitate to study something intently and carefully The attorney took several days to excogitate the case documents so that he would be prepared for court.
616 Noxious ദോഷകരമായ harmful Besides being annoying, the mosquito is a noxious insect that can carry and transmit a number of potentially fatal diseases.
617 Irascible വെറുപ്പുള്ള easily made angry It does not take much to aggravate my irascible neighbor who is annoyed by any little noise.
618 Requirement ആവശ്യം a thing that is deemed mandatory The only requirement for taking the test is to pay the $125 fee two weeks before the assessment date.
619 Deploy വിന്യസിക്കുക to make ready for use or combat The police officer hoped he would not have to deploy his weapon.
620 Reparation നഷ്ടപരിഹാരം something done or paid in expiation of a wrong Alec tried to make reparation for the hurt feelings he had caused, but Emily wasn’t having any of it.
621 Appellation അപ്പീൽ a term or title by which a person or thing is identified Because there is no appellation on the product, consumers are confused about the brand’s name.
622 Accidental ആകസ്മികം something happening unplanned or unforeseen Since the boy wasn’t looking, stepping on his friend’s foot was an accidental occurrence.
623 Pregnancy ഗർഭധാരണം the period of time in which a fetus is being formed inside the mother’s womb During her pregnancy, the expectant mother picked out baby names and decorated a nursery.
624 Hands-on ഹാൻഡ്-ഓൺ experience earned from activity that uses the body instead of just book learning The teacher allows the children to take part in hands-on science experiments in which they get to dig around in the dirt.
625 Cretin ക്രെറ്റിൻ an offensive term that is used to describe a person as stupid The villain was a real cretin, evil enough to try to blow up the world but not smart enough to do it.
626 Marred മറിഞ്ഞു spoiled or damaged The rowdy college boys marred the hotel room.
627 Terrain ഭൂപ്രദേശം the attributes of a geographic region When walking mountainous terrain, it is essential you protect your feet by wearing boots.
628 Qualm അസ്വസ്ഥത  a feeling of doubt or uncertainty about whether you are doing the right thing Under the influence of drugs, Matt had no qualm whatsoever about spending all of his money at the casino.
629 Rang റിംഗ് caused a device with a bell to ring by striking it The children rang the doorbell and then ran away as soon as someone answered the call.
630 Soliloquy സ്വഗാനം a monologue that is spoken out loud by an actor or actress Speaking her internal thoughts as she moved about, the Broadway star gave a stellar soliloquy through her moving speech.
631 Profusion സമൃദ്ധി being in great abundance In the summer, my dog is always covered with a profusion of fleas.
632 Extrude എക്സ്ട്രൂഡ് to force out The volcano began to extrude lava, shooting the hot liquid up and over its sides.
633 Harden കഠിനമാക്കുക to become firm The chocolate chip cookies are still soft when coming out of the oven but hardened after sitting for a while.
634 Pococurante പോക്കോകുറാന്റേ not feeling concerned Due to her pococurante attitude toward the homeless, the woman simply walked by the starving children on the streets.
635 Bailiff ജാമ്യക്കാരൻ a legal officer who maintains order in a courtroom during a trial As the defendant’s witness stood in the witness box, the bailiff held the Bible out to swear her in.
636 Conciliatory അനുരഞ്ജനം To regain (friendship or goodwill) by pleasant behavior; to reconcile The mediator made a conciliatory statement which helped the two parties find common ground.
637 Calumniate അപലപനീയം to voice untrue accounts about an individual or group In an attempt to prevent the mayor’s reelection, someone has been using the Internet to calumniate the city leader’s family.
638 Stagger സ്തംഭനം to cause to waver or doubt If my father doesn’t stagger on his decision, I won’t be able to attend the sleepover.
639 Tsunami സുനാമി a long ocean wave caused by an earthquake or a landslide After the earthquake shook the ocean, a tsunami wave roared toward the coastline.
640 Killjoy കിൽജോയ് a person who spoils the fun or pleasure of others Our next door neighbor is a killjoy who calls the police anytime we have a party at our house.
641 Revoke അസാധുവാക്കുക to cancel or make invalid The court has decided to revoke Jimmy’s parole and send him back to prison.
642 Thorax തൊറാക്സ് the chest, or part of the anatomy that is located between the neck and the abdomen Lying between the neck and abdomen, the man’s thorax was the main place cancer had evaded.
643 Sequential തുടർച്ചയായി going in order from first to last Factoring in algebra is sequential and must be completed in order to get the correct answer.
644 Integrate സംയോജിപ്പിക്കുക to come together or be put together in order to make a single unit The activists marched and protested to integrate schools so children of all races could learn together.
645 Stubborn ശാഠ്യക്കാരൻ refusing to move or change one’s opinion My toddler is very stubborn when it comes to following directions.
646 Enigma പ്രഹേളിക someone or something that is mysterious and difficult to understand To the new detective, the motive of the crime was an enigma.
647 Bulbous ബൾബസ് having the shape of or resembling a bulb; bloated The round, bulbous plants seemed to bloom on every corner of the street.
648 Tempt പ്രലോഭിപ്പിക്കുക to lure or influence someone or something with a thing they want but know they shouldn’t have My favorite chocolaty cookies could be seen through the transparent glass cookie jar which seemed to tempt me to eat them right before dinner.
649 Overrule അസാധുവാക്കുക to make a decision that opposes or rejects someone else’s idea, opinion, or decision The Supreme Court decided to overrule the states’ bans and allow same-sex marriage in the U.S.
650 Pell-mell പെൽ-മെൽ a confused or disorderly manner The crowd of people was running about in an absolute pell-mell that was difficult for the riot police to keep under control.
651 Misuse ദുരുപയോഗം to mistreat or abuse Naughty children may misuse toys that don’t belong to them by breaking them or throwing them across the room.
652 Cordial ഹൃദ്യമായ warm and sincere The bellman’s cordial greeting made me instantly fall in love with the hotel.
653 Video വീഡിയോ to record or capture something on film The mother used a camcorder to video her child singing on stage.
654 Excessive അമിതമായ more than needed Excessive spending by the state government drained our funds and left us with a huge deficit.
655 Mope മോപ്പ് to carry oneself in a depressed, spiritless manner With her lip poked out, the young girl continued to mope around the house.
656 Tentative താൽക്കാലികം not certain or fixed The time of the party is tentative and subject to change.
657 Vigilantly ജാഗ്രതയോടെ done with great care and watchfulness The officers watched the building vigilantly in hopes that extra patrol would help them catch the bandits.
658 Debt കടം financial liabilities or obligations It looked as if filing for bankruptcy would be the only option for the business that was drowning in debt.
659 Meander മെൻഡർ to move slowly without any real purpose The confused old man will sometimes come into the store and meander for hours without making a purchase.
660 Needless ആവശ്യമില്ല not essential or wanted Usually, the child spoke needless words simply because he was used to babbling all day about random things.
661 Established സ്ഥാപിച്ചത് referring to something that has existed for a long time and is therefore recognized Italy has long been established as a country of good food, probably thanks to their donation of pizza and pasta to the world cuisine.
662 Nativity നേറ്റിവിറ്റി birth, specifically the birth of Jesus Christ During the nativity play, the innkeeper told Jesus’s parents that there was no room for them on the night of his birth.
663 Skinflint സ്കിൻഫ്ലിന്റ് a person who spends as little money as possible The skinflint refused to spend money, even on things that are necessary.
664 Retrospective റിട്രോസ്പെക്റ്റീവ് relating to things that occurred previously The retrospective automobile exhibit will highlight cars from the 1930’s and 1940’s.
665 Anonymous അജ്ഞാതൻ not named The donor requested to remain anonymous so that others wouldn’t bother him for money.
666 Upended ഉയർത്തി turned or set something upside down The frantic woman upended her purse dumping all of the contents out in search of her keys.
667 Cartel കാർട്ടൽ group of businesses or nations that collude to fix prices Oil conglomerates run a cartel to keep prices high.
668 Blab ബ്ലാബ് to talk or gossip too much At recess, the mouthy students continued to blab about why they hated their teacher.
669 Opuscule ഒപസ്കുലെ an insignificant literary, art, or musical work Although Shakespeare had many famous plays, the opuscule one performed by the cast was a little-known.
670 Burgeon ബർജൻ to grow and expand rapidly As car prices go down, car dealers are expecting sales to burgeon.
671 Apart അല്ലാതെ to be separated by a typically considerable distance The two lovers were struggling with the rules of their people that kept them apart, and they decided to flee the stratifications of their home.
672 Knave ക്നാവ് a dishonest individual The knave volunteered to clean the church so he could have access to the petty cash box.
673 Receptacle പാത്രം an item used to hold something All trash should be placed in the garbage receptacle.
674 Banquet വിരുന്ന് a large celebratory meal; a feast At the end of the football season, the Mavericks held a banquet to recognize the players on the team.
675 Striving പരിശ്രമിക്കുന്നു putting a massive amount of time and effort into achieving something The elite swimmer was striving for a spot on the Olympic team and spent over forty hours a week in the pool working on her endurance and speed.
676 Spasm രോഗാവസ്ഥ contraction of a muscle Hiccups are usually due to spasm created by the diaphragm.
677 Injunction നിരോധനാജ്ഞ an court order which demands that something must or must not be done Because he had witnessed the murder, the man received an injunction to testify in court.
678 Ingrate അഭിനന്ദിക്കുക an ungrateful person When you do not appreciate your gifts, you are being an ingrate.
679 Adhesion അഡീഷൻ a substance’s ability to attach to another substance For sturdier adhesion, apply hot glue to the sequins prior to attaching them to the leotard.
680 Christened ക്രിസ്തുമതം ചെയ്തു ceremonially dedicated The newborn baby was christened, being dedicated to Christ in front of her family.
681 Prism പ്രിസം a transparent glass or plastic object that separates white light that passes through it The science teacher showed students how the glass prism reflects colors once light passes through it.
682 Psychosomatic സൈക്കോസോമാറ്റിക് (of an illness) caused by mental problems, such as stress or anxiety, rather than physical problems Due to the constant worry of losing his job, Bob’s psychosomatic headaches would be cured when he stopped worrying.
683 Different വ്യത്യസ്ത another; separate You should take a different path home since your usual route is blocked by traffic.
684 Abroad വിദേശത്ത് in foreign countries His plan is to get a degree in economics and then work abroad for a year.
685 Vying മത്സരിക്കുന്നു involved in a competition for something The two boys are both crazy about the head cheerleader and are constantly vying for her attention.
686 Binary ബൈനറി associated with two elements or items In a game of chess, the results are binary, one winner and one loser.
687 Network നെറ്റ്വർക്ക് a system or association Our insurance will only pay for treatment if you use a doctor that is in their network of providers.
688 Revolting കലാപം gross or offensive Everyone knew the revolting truth when the news announced the arrest of the teenage boy who hit a special needs student at school.
689 Spurious വ്യാജം not real or genuine After receiving a low appraisal on my diamond ring, I realized the suspicious-looking jeweler had sold me a spurious jewel.
690 Repugnant വെറുപ്പുളവാക്കുന്ന repulsive or offensive The smell was completely repugnant to the pregnant woman.
691 Quib ക്വിബ് a witty or clever remark that is said in a taunting way The barmaid continued to flirt with the man, throwing every quib and witty joke she could think of into the conversation.
692 Strength ശക്തി the state or quality of being strong Her emotional strength was evident when she was able to perform at the concert after her father suddenly passed away.
693 Argue വാദിക്കുക to give reasons for your support or condemnation of certain ideals, typically in an aggressive manner If you wish to argue for an ideal that you believe in, you are better off relying on logic than emotion.
694 Ravage നാശം to destroy The category five hurricane will ravage the city.
695 Neoclassical നിയോക്ലാസിക്കൽ in the manner of Ancient Greek or Romans Neoclassical artists model their paintings off of Ancient Greek and Roman masterpieces.
696 Shadow നിഴൽ to follow someone Since I want to become an attorney like my uncle, I sometimes shadow him at his firm.
697 Autograph ഓട്ടോഗ്രാഫ് a person’s own handwriting, especially the signature of a famous or admired person In order for the check to be valid, Greg needed to include his autograph.
698 Autocratic സ്വേച്ഛാധിപത്യം not concerned about the wishes or opinions of others; heavy-handed The autocratic dictator ordered the deaths of people who opposed him.
699 Avoirdupois അവോർഡുപോയിസ് a system in the United States for measuring a pound equaling to sixteen ounces To calculate the weight of the gold using avoirdupois, it was determined that the gold weighed over a pound.
700 Cavern ഗുഹ a large cave or chamber Sleeping in the toasty cavern, the bear slumbered all winter.
701 Antique പുരാതന an old piece of furniture, household item, or other similar item After researching the antique car, I became aware that it was over 100 years old and came directly off of Ford’s assembly line.
702 Obtuse മന്ദബുദ്ധി not able to think clearly or to understand what is obvious or simple Are you so obtuse that you will give away all your money to a fake charity?
703 Robot റോബോട്ട് a computerized machine that performs specific functions The robot looked so much like a human that it was hard to believe that there was a mechanical system underneath its metal frame.
704 Estimate എസ്റ്റിമേറ്റ് to roughly calculate or give a guessed amount I always estimate the cost of my groceries while shopping so that I’m not surprised at the total amount.
705 Qualitative ഗുണപരമായ associated with type or quality The qualitative study will reveal the elements present in the compound.
706 Predicament ദുരവസ്ഥ difficult, unpleasant, or embarrassing situation Because I do not want to end up in a financial predicament, I pay my bills regularly.
707 Edge എഡ്ജ് the rim or border of a place or thing As the hikers reached the edge of the forest, they realized they would be walking across a large field next.
708 Solo സോളോ a piece of music for one performer The auditions for the senior solo were to take place tomorrow.
709 Cosmetic കോസ്മെറ്റിക് external or superficial; pertaining only to the surface or appearance of something Fortunately, the damage to the house was mostly cosmetic and a bit of paint covered it nicely.
710 Disposition ഡിസ്പോസിഷൻ the way that someone normally thinks and behaves  Even though the old man appeared grumpy, he really had a pleasant disposition.
711 Rapine റാപിൻ the taking of another’s property by force To prevent rapine during the war, many people hid their most valuable possessions.
712 Sprain ഉളുക്ക് to twist the ligaments of a joint badly enough to cause pain and swelling but not tear it You sprain your ankle if you twist it too far in a direction it’s not supposed to go.
713 Semiotics സെമിയോട്ടിക്സ് the study of signs and symbols, especially as means of language or communication The semiotics of his body language revealed he was lying.
714 Mastery പാണ്ഡിത്യം complete control or superiority over something else Man’s mastery over nature in our world allows us to achieve many things, but even so we can never outmatch nature’s raw power.
715 Succubus സുക്കുബസ് female demon that has sexual intercourse with men in their dreams Beware on the most haunted night of the year for the succubus lurking in the woods.
716 Jut ജൂട്ട് to stick out from something in a noticeable way The edge of the cliff seemed to jut out over the ocean and disappear into a blanket of clouds.
717 Creak ക്രീക്ക് to make a prolonged sharp grating or squeaking sound, as by the friction of hard substances  There was a creak in the floorboards when he stood up.
718 Pantheon പന്തീയോൻ a temple dedicated to all the gods As part of their course, the mythology students visited the pantheon in the ancient city.
719 Mistaken തെറ്റിദ്ധരിച്ചു wrong or incorrect Paul thought he saw a ghost in the corner, but his parents assured him that he was mistaken.
720 Pawn പണയം an item that is handed over as collateral for a money loan Since my engagement ring was so important to me, I decided to pawn it so that I could get it back in a few days.
721 Apex അപെക്സ് the greatest or topmost position At the apex of our country sits the president of our nation.
722 Fantastical അതിശയകരം odd and remarkable; as if it came from the imagination The woman’s real-life success story sounded like some fantastical movie plot.
723 Potency ശക്തി strength, effectiveness, or power Because of its high potency, the herb can make people act in strange ways.
724 Religion മതം a faith or belief system, often revolving around a higher power The woman wasn’t a fan of organized religion, but she did believe that a higher power has a plan for us all.
725 Yes അതെ given as a positive or agreeing answer when asked a question Yes, I can sell you two new pairs of shoes for the rice of one.
726 Preoccupation മുൻകരുതൽ distraction After many nights away from home, the workaholic’s preoccupation with his career began to take a toll on his marriage.
727 Hilarious നിലനില്ക്കുകയും incredibly funny We laughed nonstop while watching the hilarious sitcom.
728 Stertorous സ്റ്റെർട്ടോറസ് breathing in a noisy and heavy way The husband’s stertorous breathing kept his wife up all night long.
729 Insightful ഉൾക്കാഴ്ചയുള്ള having or showing a very good understanding of something We were fascinated as we listened to the captivating and insightful words of the speaker who had such an accurate understanding of history.
730 Peek-a-boo പീക്ക്-എ-ബൂ something that just reveals glimpses of something while hiding the rest The peek-a-boo windows only offered a small glimpse of the gorgeous mountains outside.
731 Febrile പനി associated with a fever The mother gave her febrile son acetaminophen to bring down his body temperature.
732 Locate കണ്ടെത്തുക designate the site or place of A New York business wants to expand and locate another factory in a city which has tax breaks and incentives reducing their startup cost.
733 Chap ചാപ് of the skin become cracked, rough, or sore, typically through exposure to cold weather; a cracked or sore patch on the skin She always carried extra lip balm in her purse during cold weather because the frigid air made her lips chap.
734 Keen കീൻ strong or highly developed His keen sense of observation allowed him to notice that his keys were not where he had left them.
735 Crazy ഭ്രാന്തൻ mentally deranged; of unsound mind or behavior The crazy woman was locked in the tower after she tried to boil the king alive.
736 Splotch സ്പ്ലോട്ട് a noticeable mark or spot I’ll use a bleach pen to remove the red splotch from my white shirt.
737 Reconciliation അനുരഞ്ജനം the restoration of good relations between individuals, groups, or territories who had become divided for some reason If the reconciliation between the two Indian tribes takes place, there will finally be peace in the area.
738 Inconvenience അസൌകര്യം a disruption, bother, or annoyance Because I hate the cold, having to sit under the air conditioning vent at work is an inconvenience.
739 Discipline അച്ചടക്കം a learned behavior that enables the individual to have control over their actions Habitual runners have such strong discipline that they wake up everyday for their jog even when they’re sick or vacationing.
740 Amateur അമച്വർ person who engages in a particular activity without pursuing it professionally Even though I am an amateur singer, I hope to make a career out of it one day.
741 Couture കോച്ചർ the production of high-end custom made clothing The best time for designers to show their couture is on the red carpet at the Emmy awards worn by the actors.
742 Abundance സമൃദ്ധി a large quantity; many We’re wishing you two an abundance of love and happiness.
743 Mislead തെറ്റിദ്ധരിപ്പിക്കുക to make someone believe something that is untrue by giving them wrong or incomplete information She would mislead all of her boyfriends into believing she wanted something more serious.
744 Transpiration ട്രാൻസ്പിറേഷൻ the process in which plants absorb water and then give off water vapor through pores in their leaves Plant roots absorb and release moisture from the ground during transpiration.
745 Chromosome ക്രോമസോം that portion of the cell that holds the genes which determine the identity and development of a plant or animal A chromosome is the cell organelle that contains the genes that define an organism’s traits.
746 Figuratively ആലങ്കാരികമായി not literally Jim told the judge that when he spoke of chopping off Scott’s head, he meant it figuratively and not physically.
747 Terminology ടെർമിനോളജി words used within a specific context or subject The chef used unique food terminology when naming the menu items in the restaurant.
748 Palette പാലറ്റ് an artist’s flat paint panel which is used for mixing and holding paint Bob Ross usually used a dull knife to scrape the paint from his palette and smear it onto his canvas.
749 Affectionate വാത്സല്യമുള്ള loving My sister is very affectionate and always gives me a goodbye hug.
750 Opponent എതിരാളി a rival or challenger Bill wondered who his opponent would be in the first round of the karate tournament.
751 Compliant കംപ്ലയിന്റ് observing the requirements and rules The teacher was shocked when her normally rebellious class became compliant.
752 Dissatisfaction അതൃപ്തി a state or feeling in which one is not happy or content The public’s dissatisfaction continued to governor sunk the state’s economy.
753 Heliocentric ഹീലിയോസെൻട്രിക് relating to the sun as the center of the universe According to heliocentric theory, the sun is the center of everything in the universe.
754 Interlude ഇടക്ക് a short period of time that comes in the middle of an event or situation We exited the theater during the short interlude to purchase something to eat.
755 Hindrance തടസ്സം a person or thing that hinders My youngest sister is always more of a hindrance than a help when she tries to assist me with a task.
756 Scenic പ്രകൃതിരമണീയമായ describing a view of nature that is beautiful or impressive The White Cliffs of Dover are widely regarded as one of England’s most scenic locations, with a unique view that you won’t find almost anywhere else.
757 Nicely നന്നായി suitably; adequately The colors of the tenant’s new furniture blends in nicely with the apartments neutral walls.
758 Smote സ്മോട്ട് to knock down or kill with great force With one touch, the war god can smote you into ashes.
759 Contrastingly വിപരീതമായി at odds with something or the polar opposite of it The two friends are so contrastingly different that it is a real surprise that they get along at all, though they do say that opposites attract.
760 Purge ശുദ്ധീകരിക്കുക to get rid of something or someone After he saw his parents making out in the back seat of their Buick, Kevin vowed that he would do whatever it took to purge the image from his brain.
761 Bin ബിൻ a container that is used to store things The teacher stored glue, scissors, and other school supplies in a small bin.
762 Unsurpassed മറികടക്കാത്തത് unmatched or better than any other The chef’s culinary skill was unsurpassed by any of the mediocre cooks in the kitchen.
763 Concerted യോജിച്ചു in group agreement; working as a team A concerted effort from community residents led to the formation of an effective neighborhood watch.
764 Hooligan ഹൂളിഗൻ a young person, especially one who is part of a gang, who is always getting into trouble The hooligan is part of a teenage gang that runs around the city destroying property.
765 Replaceable മാറ്റിസ്ഥാപിക്കാവുന്നത് expendable; consumable Thankfully, the parts on the broken washing machine are easily replaceable and won’t require a repairman.
766 Glimmer തിളക്കം a faint or flickering piece of something Even after several back to back losses, the boxer still had a glimmer of hope.
767 Wealth സമ്പത്ത് a large amount of money, property, or possessions The rich teenagers wasted their wealth on fancy dinners and expensive trips out of the country.
768 Unabashed ലജ്ജയില്ലാത്തത് brazen; bold The woman’s unabashed admirer showed up to her house with a guitar and a song.
769 Season സീസൺ to add flavor to something Season the stone soup by adding herbs and other spices to the mixture.
770 Yuletide യൂലെറ്റൈഡ് an old term for the Christmas season Yuletide is a time in which we celebrate Christmas, but for a lot of people that season is mostly just about presents and snow.
771 Tarry ടാറി covered in tar or a tar like substance The tires of the vehicle were tarry from all the sticky mud it drove through, making it difficult to wash off even with a hose.
772 Commiserate കമ്മിസറേറ്റ് express or feel sympathy or pity Until you have walked in his shoes, you cannot commiserate with him.
773 Popular ജനപ്രിയമായത് to be liked or admired by many people I can tell John is popular because everyone loves him.
774 Fawn പശുക്കുട്ടി to seek favor or approval by giving extra attention or praise It was interesting to watch the greedy woman fawn over the wealthy old man.
775 Mercy കാരുണ്യം tendency towards forgiveness, pity and kindness Beth’s strict parents showed mercy after she missed her curfew because she helped a stranded female motorist by jump starting her car battery.
776 Negligible നിസ്സാരമായത് too small to be of importance Since the price difference between the generic item and the brand item is negligible, I will buy the brand product.
777 Figment ഫിഗ്മെന്റ് something that is believed to be real but only exists in imagination My young daughter claims to have a unicorn as a best friend, but such a thing is clearly a figment of her imagination.
778 Abridge ഒരു പാലം to make shorter His agent told him that he needed to abridge some of the content of his novel so that it would be under 400 pages.
779 Thereon അവിടെ on or following from the thing just mentioned The chef brought a large platter to the kitchen and piled meat thereon.
780 Marrow മജ്ജ the center soft part of the bone that produces blood cells When the bone broke, it exposed the marrow to the germs which might have led to an infection.
781 Landform ഭൂപ്രകൃതി a mass made up of materials typically considered land, such as dirt, stone, sand, etc Sailors that are out at sea often look for some sort of landform to signal the end of their journey, though they may pass some islands that aren’t their final destination.
782 Remark പരാമർശം something said in an informal manner Ms. Simpson realized it was important to remark on her student’s report about his recent lack of effort in her class.
783 Immutable മാറ്റമില്ലാത്തത് unable to be changed Although I tried to get the bank president to change his mind about giving me the loan, I finally realized his decision was immutable.
784 Realistic റിയലിസ്റ്റിക് based on what is real, sensible, or practical The actress gave such a realistic performance that it was hard to believe she wasn’t the actual character from the book.
785 Celebrate ആഘോഷിക്കാൻ to recognize a special day or event by taking part in special activities This week we will celebrate my little brother’s birth with a huge party and a delicious cake.
786 Scrumptious കുസൃതിയുള്ള delicious; mouthwatering Placing her nose up to the apple pie, the pastry chef got a whiff of the scrumptious smelling tart.
787 Half-baked പാതി വെന്തു not completely thought out or planned Theo’s business idea was half-baked and never got off of the ground due to poor planning.
788 Shortage ക്ഷാമം a lack of something A shortage of teachers has put thousands of students in overcrowded classrooms.
789 Invalidate അസാധുവാക്കുക to make something useless or to repeal it If your tickets are stolen, the distributor can invalidate them so they can’t be used.
790 Abnormal അസാധാരണം out of the ordinary; unusual William worried that his abnormal bleeding was a symptom of cancer.
791 Stair പടവുകൾ one single step in a flight of stairs If you miss a stair going downstairs you will probably trip and fall.
792 Sheer കേവലം of transparently thin quality, usually of fabric Peering through the sheer curtains, the ill and lonely boy watched his friends play outside in the snow.
793 Victim ഇര a person who suffers because of the actions of someone else or an event that was out of their control Only one victim was willing to come forward and testify against her attacker.
794 Organism ഓർഗാനിസം a distinct living creature The fish is an organism that must remain in water in order to live.
795 Bid ലേലം വിളിക്കുക to put in an offer to buy something, especially at an auction At the auction, the dealer bid on several different vehicles that were for sale.
796 Beatific മനോഹരം heavenly or blessed The bride looked angelic and wore a beatific expression as she walked down the aisle.
797 Cry കരയുക shed tears, especially as an expression of distress or pain She struggled not to cry at her aunt’s funeral, but she couldn’t hold back the tears.
798 Yarn നൂൽ to tell a long and unlikely story The old man loved to yarn on and on about the old days, where he was supposedly some sort of hero of great fame and renown.
799 Think ചിന്തിക്കുക to have an opinion about someone or something I think that we should get up for school an hour earlier, but my sister feels we should sleep later.
800 Amorphous രൂപരഹിതം having no clear shape or form Because the painting was amorphous, I had no idea what it represented.
801 Plenitude സമൃദ്ധി abundance, plenty Despite a plenitude of money, the oil tycoon lived very economically.
802 Productivity ഉത്പാദനക്ഷമത a measure for how efficiently well something is working Because the machines keep malfunctioning, the company’s production productivity has gone way down.
803 Ancestor പൂർവ്വികൻ family relative or thing that existed long ago While researching my family tree, I noticed an ancestor of mine was born in Iceland at the turn of the century.
804 Viviparous വിവിപാരസ് describes animals that produce live babies instead of reproducing through eggs Although a shark is a fish, it is viviparous and gives birth to live baby sharks.
805 Mass മാസ്സ് a heap or pile A mass of garbage continued to pile up outside of the smelly dumpster.
806 Thereafter അതിന് ശേഷം afterward or subsequently Due to many times of trying to match the paint to the walls, the painter thereafter refused to go back to Home Depot.
807 Fatuous കെട്ടുറപ്പുള്ള lacking intelligence; stupid Buying a car without negotiating down the price is a fatuous move.
808 Kremlin ക്രെംലിൻ a citadel within a Russian city, or specifically the seat of Russian government The Kremlin is the seat of Russian political power, where the President of the Russian Federation stays.
809 Shrunk ചുരുങ്ങി to cause something to shrink or reduce Placing the water temperature on hot shrunk my extra-large sweater down to toddler size.
810 Distrust അവിശ്വാസം doubt in the ability to trust someone or something I have always had a strong distrust for politicians, as they never seem to follow through on the promises they make to the public.
811 Streak സ്ട്രീക്ക് a line of substance that is distinct from the whole. Can be dirt, color, or some other source In an iconic scene in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, Ron Weasley has a streak of dirt on his cheek.
812 Precipitation മഴ water that falls to the earth, especially in the form of rain or snow Precipitation levels in the desert are very low since it doesn’t rain much there.
813 Sort അടുക്കുക to arrange things in groups based on shared qualities The teacher asked me to sort out the graded assignments based on which student they belonged to, so they could be handed back to the class all at once.
814 Postbellum പോസ്റ്റ്ബെല്ലം occurring or existing after a war While the term ‘postbellum’ can refer to a period of time after any war, it is usually used to refer to the events that occurred after the American Civil War.
815 Wimpy വിമ്പി weak and cowardly Wimpy and weak, the frail boy was too afraid to stand up to the playground bully.
816 Adrift അഡ്രിഫ്റ്റ് uncontrolled floating on water  The U.S. Coast Guard located two boats adrift in the ocean after a storm passed through.
817 Spirit ആത്മാവ് the soul or nonphysical part of a person that is made up of emotions and character Feeling that her departed husband’s spirit was still near, the widow held a séance in hopes that he would speak to her.
818 Browse ബ്രൗസ് ചെയ്യുക to casually look at something, usually when reading or considering a purchase My mother likes to shop for shoes in town, while I prefer to browse online.
819 Textile ടെക്സ്റ്റൈൽ a type of cloth or woven fabric A textile mill was built in the area to produce clothing and other fabric based products.
820 Liberate സ്വതന്ത്രമാക്കുക to free Because the dogs were experiencing maltreatment, the compassionate man decided to liberate his neighbor’s animals.
821 Christianity ക്രിസ്തുമതം the religion that uses the Bible as its scared book and is based on the person and teachings of Jesus of Nazareth Although they are both monotheistic religions, few view Christianity as a cult religion like they do Islam.
822 Starvation പട്ടിണി extreme hunger to the point of being life threatening During the Irish famine, many citizens were dying from starvation because no crops were growing in the fields.
823 Shatter തകർക്കുക to break something into multiple pieces The wayward baseball soared towards the window, serving to shatter it when it crashed into the glass.
824 Supercharge സൂപ്പർചാർജ് to charge with an abundant or excessive amount The school is looking for a way to supercharge it’s t-shirt sales and make two thousand dollars for the football team.
825 Nature പ്രകൃതി the world of the environment of plants and animals The refreshing nature hike was just what I needed to become energized and happy.
826 Bewail വിലപിക്കുക expressing extreme sorrow by crying or complaining  During lunch Matt took the opportunity to bewail the incompetence of his office mates.
827 Prepossessing മുൻകൈയെടുക്കൽ being appealing to others The female fans went wild when the prepossessing actor walked into the theater.
828 Hallmark ഹാൾമാർക്ക് characteristic; feature Dolly Parton’s bleach blonde hair is a hallmark.
829 Hale ഹേൽ a person especially an elder who is healthy; robust At our last family reunion, it was good to see my great Aunt Sarah still hale and hearty.
830 Vivaciously ആവേശത്തോടെ done is a lively or spirited way Dancing vivaciously across the stage, the energetic dancer attracted the attention of all of the crowd.
831 Incomprehensible മനസ്സിലാക്കാൻ കഴിയാത്തത് impossible or difficult to understand After hearing to the incomprehensible rap, listeners were left wondering what the musician meant.
832 Tend ടെൻഡ് to be liable or susceptible to Forests tend to be more vulnerable to fires during the summer, when most of the underbrush is dry and more combustible.
833 Negative നെഗറ്റീവ് a gloomy outlook on something Teenagers usually have negative attitudes toward adults because they think they know everything.
834 Classify തരംതിരിക്കുക to arrange things into groups depending on their shared qualities I tend to classify motor vehicles based on their shape and aesthetic design, by separating them into cars, trucks, and SUVs.
835 Appraisal വിലയിരുത്തൽ an opinion or estimated value Though my car was in good condition, the appraisal of my vehicle came back with a below trade-in value.
836 Space സ്ഥലം a place or area The doctor is looking for a new office space to move his practice to next year.
837 Atmosphere അന്തരീക്ഷം the climate or mood in a certain place The atmosphere in the party was very festive.
838 Malinger മലിംഗർ to pretend to be sick or injured in order to avoid doing work When it is time to do work around the house, Henry will offer malinger and go to his room to rest.
839 Propulsion പ്രൊപ്പൽഷൻ a force or energy that causes progress or movement The plane cannot leave the hangar until its propulsion system is fixed.
840 Pollen പൂമ്പൊടി a typically yellow dust like substance emitted from male flowers that carries the gamete necessary to fertilize female seeds You can often see the yellow tint of pollen floating through the air in spring.
841 Nether നെതർ rear; posterior An anatomy ultrasound scan of the fetus’s nether regions showed that he is definitely all boy.
842 Archenemy അർക്കിനിമി a main enemy that is extremely opposed to someone or something Glaring at this archenemy, the runner was determined to beat him in the race.
843 Admit സമ്മതിക്കുക to acknowledge that something is real, valid, or true It took the woman a long time to admit she has a drinking problem.
844 Fritter ഫ്രിറ്റർ unwisely waste of time and spend frivolously; procrastinate While shopping at the mall, I tend to fritter my money on items I don’t really need.
845 Crafty ക്രാഫ്റ്റ് cunning and tricky The crafty wolf was able to trick Little Red Riding Hood into thinking he was Grandmother.
846 Pompous പൊംപൊസ് having or exhibiting self-importance The millionaire was a pompous man who believed he should never wait in line for anything.
847 Incongruous പൊരുത്തമില്ലാത്തത് out of place; inconsistent or incompatible How incongruous of a fat doctor telling me to lose weight!
848 Crucifixion കുരിശിലേറ്റൽ an execution by being nailed or tied to an upright cross and left to hang there until dead The most famous crucifixion in Christianity included Jesus on a cross with a criminal on either side of him.
849 Injustice അനീതി unfair treatment Many are up in arms over police injustice around the country.
850 Falsetto ഫാൾസെറ്റോ an unnaturally high and feminine voice particularly sung by a male The young man sang in a high, clear falsetto that rivaled the most talented female singers.
851 Whim വിം a sudden desire to do something unplanned The police officer acted on a whim, not thinking before he violently slammed the suspect to the ground.
852 Penultimate അവസാനഘട്ടം right before the final one The author should have ended the series with the penultimate novel instead of closing out the hero’s tale with this poorly written story.
853 Absurdity അസംബന്ധം the quality of being ridiculous To believe that the earth is flat is an absurdity.
854 Celebratory ആഘോഷം feeling or expressing happiness and joy We are having a celebratory party for my brother, who just graduated from twelfth grade as the valedictorian of his class.
855 Unction അങ്കിൾ an anointing for a ceremonial or religious purpose I hope you can attend my daughter’s baptismal unction.
856 Drawn വരച്ച showing wear from being overworked or not cared for The student’s once healthy face looked drawn after several late-night study sessions.
857 Imperil ഇംപറിൽ to be in danger of something or someone Although most people do see the threat, littering in the ocean can imperil many different marine life like dolphins due to their ingestion of plastic litter.
858 Quotient ക്വട്ടേഷൻ the end of result of division The fun quotient reduced significantly when mom decided to tag along.
859 Military സൈനിക the armed forces of a country Without a military, a country cannot wage war with another for lack of soldiers and weapons to wage it with.
860 Largesse വലിയ generous acts of giving gifts or money to a large number of people Because of the millionaire’s largesse, twenty underprivileged graduates now have college scholarships.
861 Systematic വ്യവസ്ഥാപിതം carried out using a planned, ordered procedure Wilma teaches algebra in a systematic and thorough way.
862 Success വിജയം victory or accomplishments Due to her success in high school, the graduate had a full scholarship to the college of her choice.
863 Pilfer പിൽഫർ to take illegally in small amounts The maid hoped she could pilfer her wealthy employer’s jewelry bit by bit so the thievery would go unnoticed.
864 Stolid സ്റ്റോളിഡ് can’t be moved to smile or show much sign of life He was a stolid man who did not even show his emotions at his mother’s funeral.
865 Recrimination കുറ്റപ്പെടുത്തൽ an accusation made against an accuser When the politician heard of his rival’s accusation, he made a recrimination as a form of retaliation.
866 Unpretentious ആഡംബരരഹിതമായ not attempting to impress others with intelligence, money, style, importance, etc; modest The girl next door portrayed herself in an unpretentious way so that she was beautiful without striving for attention.
867 Alien അന്യഗ്രഹജീവി different from the norm or what is considered to be acceptable Everyone in the room disbelieved the man’s story about being abducted by an alien from another planet.
868 Proponent വക്താവ് an individual who supports a cause Because April loves animals, she is a fierce proponent of the animal rights movement.
869 Quackery ക്വാക്കറി dishonest practices and claims to have special knowledge and skill in some field, typically medicine Because of the medical quackery going on in the clinic, the dishonest practitioner was shut down.
870 Uxorious ഉക്സോറിയസ് describes a man who shows great (often extreme) submission or fondness towards his wife The uxorious husband catered to his wife’s every whim, cooking her dinner at night and running her bath water in the morning.
871 Main പ്രധാന the key part or most important part of something My main job at work is to answer phone calls from customers with questions.
872 Shy നാണം timid or bashful Several shy maidens giggled as they coyly peered at the prince from behind their decorative fans.
873 Berry കുരുവില്ലാപ്പഴം a small succulent fruit; of any one of many varieties  Every summer we’d pluck berries from a berry tree and make jam.
874 Visual വിഷ്വൽ relating to eyesight I learn best when information is put in visual images that I can see.
875 Spree സ്പ്രീ a time period in which individual(s) engage in a great deal of something When the crime spree ended six people were dead.
876 Subsistence ഉപജീവനം something (food, water, money, etc.) that is required to stay alive The church was accepting donations of food and clothing for community members in need of subsistence.
877 Extrinsic ബാഹ്യമായ not belonging to, outside of We did not expect there to be any issues with our wedding date, however the weather turned into an extrinsic factor that forced us to change the date.
878 Forthwith ഉടനെ at this moment; now Forthwith, I need to get my wife a present because her birthday is tomorrow.
879 Tourist ടൂറിസ്റ്റ് a person who journeys to a place for fun When the tourist needed information about the local attractions, he consulted the concierge at his hotel for suggestions.
880 Unbridled അനിയന്ത്രിതമായ not restrained; uncontrolled The unbridled stallion was allowed to gallop wherever he pleased.
881 Relegate തരംതാഴ്ത്തുക to put (someone or something) in a lower or less important position, rank After the lead actors had been repeatedly late for rehearsal, the director decided to relegate them to the chorus and replace them with their understudies.
882 Depone പ്രതിപാദിക്കുക to swear in a court that the testimony, statement, or evidence given is the absolute truth Witnesses to a crime are asked to depone in front of a judge and jury that their statement is true.
883 Phenomenon പ്രതിഭാസം a person or thing that is often awe-inspiring because of its unique quality The four-year-old boy was considered a phenomenon because he could play the piano like a master pianist.
884 Peccadillo പെക്കാഡില്ലോ a small mistake or fault Because Josh had grown tired of Patty’s criticism of every little peccadillo, he asked her for a divorce.
885 Brilliance ദീപ്തി exceptional intelligence or talent The genius’s brilliance allowed him to come up with some life-changing surgical techniques.
886 Participatory പങ്കാളിത്തം sharing or taking part in something After requiring the teachers to meet together to discuss their lesson plans, the participatory meeting allowed everyone to become involved in the curriculum.
887 Weave നെയ്യുക to move back and forth or side to side The taxi continued to weave back and forth, in and out of traffic.
888 Commencement തുടങ്ങുന്നതിനു graduation ceremony in which diplomas or degrees are confirmed Preparing her commencement speech, the Valedictorian wanted to find a moving quote to speak to her fellow graduates.
889 Oculist ഒക്യുലിസ്റ്റ് an out-of-date term which refers to either an ophthalmologist or optometrist The oculist gave me a prescription for new eyeglasses.
890 Motive പ്രേരണ a reason; motivation Although he had no motive to commit the crime, police were sure that the suspect was innocent.
891 Seemly തോന്നുന്നു appropriate or suitable The teacher quietly explained that throwing a temper tantrum is not seemly behavior for a fourth grade student.
892 Infernal നരകം horrible The infernal noise from my neighbor’s party kept me awake all night.
893 Deliquesce ഡെലിക്വസ് to melt and disappear I bet the sidewalk is so hot that the ice cube will deliquesce the moment it touches it.
894 Froth നുര worthless or pointless ideas or discussion This conversation was filled with so much froth that even an hour later we discussed nothing important whatsoever.
895 Subcommittee ഉപസമിതി a smaller group within a larger committee formed in order to complete a certain task At the church’s finance committee meeting, the president assigned a subcommittee to purchase a new organ.
896 Assured ദൃഢമായി guaranteed; promised The dog groomer assured the dog’s owner that she would be satisfied with the pet’s haircut.
897 Curriculum പാഠ്യപദ്ധതി set of courses and coursework A liberal arts curriculum is broad and diverse, consisting of courses in literature, philosophy, mathematics, and social and physical sciences.
898 Ludicrous പരിഹാസ്യമായ something viewed as humorous because of its ridiculousness The ludicrous movie is about a dog that becomes the president of a country.
899 Aerobic എയ്റോബിക് activity used to strengthen the heart and lungs by making them work hard for several minutes The aerobic component of the test consists of a strenuous one-mile hike.
900 Peeve പീവ് an annoyance or irritant Making a tapping sound on the desk was the peeve that annoyed our teacher the most.
901 Nobility കുലീനത the people of a society who are privileged and of high rank or title The nobility ate with the King and Queen during the huge feast.
902 Wherein അതിൽ in which The shy girl is anxious in any situation wherein she is the center of attention.
903 Sadness ദുഃഖം being filled with sorrow or grief None of the social worker’s college courses could prepare her for the deep sadness and grief experienced by the children being removed from their homes.
904 Violence അക്രമം the use of physical force to harm someone The violence continued as more and more protestors were beaten by police in the streets.
905 Relativism ആപേക്ഷികവാദം a theory that states there are no absolute truths and what is right or wrong is all relative to what you believe The priest tried to dissolve Paul’s relativism, but couldn’t convince him that there are solid set rules of what is morally okay.
906 Raft ചങ്ങാടം a flat floating structure for travelling across water that is often made from wood or logs tiled together The castaway used logs and vine to create a raft that he hoped would help him get off the island.
907 Mephitic മെഫിറ്റിക് Bad-smelling; having a foul odor especially of gas or vapor The car’s mephitic fumes choked up the passengers in a nearby sedan.
908 Destruction നാശം demolition and damage After the tornado struck the small town, the destruction became evident with the houses being flattened to the ground.
909 Plop പ്ലോപ്പ് a thud sound of something being dropped The baseball fell out of the pitcher’s hand, and it made a plop and thump sound as it hit the ground.
910 Resistor റെസിസ്റ്റർ one that actively resists policies, especially those of the government Chanting an anti-communism slogan, the resistor was quickly arrested and toted off to jail.
911 Worry വിഷമിക്കുക give way to anxiety or unease; allow one’s mind to dwell on difficulty or troubles She tried not to worry about her test grade, but because it made up 60% of her grade she couldn’t help panicking.
912 Torn കീറി to have ripped or split something apart As I flipped through the ancient book, I noticed the pages were torn due to it being used so many times.
913 Agriculture കൃഷി the discipline of farming The state manages a department of agriculture which provides support to farmers.
914 Broad വിശാലമായ wide in extent or scope  There was broad agreement on the issue of equal pay for women.
915 Commence ആരംഭിക്കുക to get under way  Since the meeting will commence at three o’clock exactly, do not be late!
916 Damper ഡാംപർ someone or something that has a depressing effect on people Bill has always been a damper, bringing down the mood with his pessimism and angst.
917 Encircle വലയം ചെയ്യുക encase or enclose around Police can’t determine what is happening on the sidewalk since the people tightly encircle the pair of fighters in the center.
918 Conceit അഹങ്കാരം arrogant pride in oneself There was so much conceit in his voice I couldn’t help but wonder if he swooned over his own image in the mirror every morning.
919 Assemblage അസംബ്ലേജ് an assembly or collection An assemblage of rust-colored antiques lined the tables of the thrift store.
920 Democrat ഡെമോക്രാറ്റ് a supporter of democratic government Even though I am a Republican, I am technically a democrat to the rest of the world because I support a democratic system of government.
921 Stammered സ്തംഭിച്ചു spoken in duplicate or with uncontrollable gaps The inexperienced actor stammered nervously through his first press conference.
922 Sluggish ആലസ്യം slow-moving and lacking in energy After staying up all night, the tired teenager was sluggish when morning arrived.
923 Invariable മാറ്റമില്ലാത്തത് never changing, always the same The human condition is invariable, and no matter how much we progress humanity will always wage war and spread distrust among each other.
924 Recovery വീണ്ടെടുക്കൽ return to a normal state The CEO had high hopes that a new marketing program would bring recovery to the struggling business.
925 Cacography കാക്കോഗ്രാഫി bad handwriting Since your cacography is difficult to read, you should definitely type your essay.
926 Tattered കീറിമുറിച്ചു ragged and torn; in bad condition Tattered from the strong wind, there was little left of the boat’s sail.
927 Beneficial പ്രയോജനകരമായ helpful or good to something or someone The vitamins he took were beneficial to his health.
928 Vine മുന്തിരിവള്ളി a plant that gets its support by growing in a climbing or twisting way around a surface The trendils of the woody vine smothered the other plant as they curled around the stems.
929 Campaign പ്രചാരണം a set of steps taken to achieve a certain goal Since we have not raised any money, it’s fair to say the fundraising campaign has not been a success.
930 Hurl എറിയുക to fling or toss something powerfully When Sarah teased her little brother, he took the book in his hand and decided to hurl it at her breaking her nose.
931 Spinster സ്പിൻസ്റ്റർ a woman who has never been married, especially one past the typical marrying age according to social traditions They call Mrs. Smith on Padding Lane an old spinster, but she never wanted to be married and settled down.
932 Penchant പെഞ്ചന്റ് a strong liking At an early age, my annoying brother seemed to have a penchant for getting into trouble.
933 Holiday അവധി a special day of celebration A holiday gathering is being planned so that we can celebrate Christmas as a family.
934 Finality ഫൈനൽ a final or unchangeable condition I could not stop crying when I realized graduation was the finality of my high school life.
935 Amusement അമ്യൂസ്മെന്റ് fun or entertainment Some cruel children hurt animals for amusement, but their actions rarely go unpunished, so they don’t enjoy it for long.
936 Interrupt തടസ്സപ്പെടുത്തുക stop the continuous progress of an activity or process Kayla’s brother always seemed to interrupt her in the middle of the movie.
937 Bulky തടിച്ച large and heavily built or shaped The bulky package was much too large to be placed in the small mailbox.
938 Deplore അപലപിക്കുക to express displeasure Teachers deplore student behaviors that distract from lectures.
939 Inexcusable ക്ഷമിക്കാനാകാത്തത് too bad to be justified or tolerated When her best friend started dating her ex boyfriend, she knew their friendship was over because that kind of betrayal was inexcusable.
940 Callow കോളോ immature, lacking in life experience Since the callow baker was new to cake decorating, she did not know how to properly frost the multi-layer cake.
941 Languor ലാംഗൂർ weariness or exhaustion If you do not drink enough water, you will become dehydrated and fall into a state of languor.
942 Rancid റാൻസിഡ് being foul in taste or smell The oil went rancid because it was overly exposed to sunlight.
943 Interact സംവദിക്കുക act in such a way as to have an effect on another; act reciprocally She struggled to get her introverted child to interact with other kids, but he preferred solitude and books.
944 Jockey ജോക്കി one who rides racehorses competitively Jockeys must be brave to ride horses at high speeds in such tight quarters.
945 Whisper മന്ത്രിക്കുക to speak very softly using one’s breath but not vocal cords Even though the teacher told us not to speak at all, my sneaky classmates and I continued to whisper.
946 Destiny വിധി what’s meant to be; fixed order of things; a power that determines your future I believe that my destiny has been so arranged from the beginning, and that there is a higher force at play.
947 Spotless കളങ്കമില്ലാത്ത completely clean or devoid of blemishes There’s no such thing as a spotless car because there will always be more dirt somewhere.
948 Remissness വിട്ടുവീഴ്ച carelessness and inattentiveness Due to the remissness of the teenage driver, his car swerved in and out of traffic putting the other drivers on the road in danger.
949 Mould പൂപ്പൽ a hollow container that gives shape to a liquid poured into it once it has cooled or is frozen I forgot to spray the mould with oil, causing the waffle batter to stick to the frame while cooking.
950 Routine ദിനചര്യ activities performed at fixed times for intervals The teacher explained the classroom routine to students so they would know when it was time to go to lunch.
951 Various വിവിധ different types of the same basic item Her shelves were filled with various books from medical dictionaries to popular fiction and everything between.
952 Hankering ഹങ്കറിംഗ് to have an endless craving for or to do something I hope my husband has a hankering for fried chicken since that’s what we’re having for dinner.
953 Honorific ബഹുമതി giving honor or respect The keynote speaker gave an honorific speech in which he expressed the respect he has for the president.
954 Cocky കോക്കി arrogant and conceited The cocky boxer wasn’t as arrogant after he was knocked out in the first round.
955 Pro പ്രൊഫ a professional or expert Because her mother is pro basketball player, most people are surprised that Maria doesn’t like sports.
956 Assist സഹായിക്കുക a helpful action or act of giving  I’m always willing to assist the elderly across the street when I see they’re struggling.
957 Plucky പ്ലക്കി brave and determined The plucky preschooler stood up to the bully who was taking his friend’s lunch.
958 Slash സ്ലാഷ് a slash is a cut There was a slash through the doorway that allowed the thief to break into the enormous mansion.
959 Melee മെലി a brawl, riot or fight I hate to go shopping during the holiday season because it feels like a melee with everyone pushing and shoving in the aisles.
960 Oars തുഴകൾ flat blades that are used to row a boat Pulling on both oars, the levers propelled the boat through the water.
961 Brassy പിച്ചള looking like brass The brassy jewelry shined with a golden twinkle in the sunlight.
962 Obtrude തടസ്സപ്പെടുത്തുക to interrupt in an unpleasant manner Please silence your phones so they do not obtrude upon our meeting.
963 Temperate മിതശീതോഷ്ണ to have moderate or mild weather Living in a temperate climate, I sometimes had to wear my jacket in the early fall since it was cool outside.
964 Resplendent തിളങ്ങുന്ന shiny and colourful, and thus pleasing to the eye After the medal ceremony, Marshall’s comrades gathered around to congratulate him, looking resplendent in their dress blues.
965 Carcinogen കാർസിനോജൻ a substance or agent that can cause cancer A known carcinogen that can be found in the liver has caused untold suffering all over the world.
966 Slave അടിമ a person who is legally owned by another Slave labor was used in the southern colonies where large amounts of workers were needed to produce crops.
967 Crapulous ക്രാപ്പുലസ് very drunk or intoxicated The crapulous teenagers stumbled around the party spilling whiskey from their red solo cups.
968 Harass ഉപദ്രവിക്കുക to constantly bother or attack As a teacher, Ann spends a small part of her day making sure her students do not bully or harass each other.
969 Parade പരേഡ് organized procession consisting of displays, performances, exhibits, etc. displayed by moving down a street past a crowd Henry took his kids downtown to the Christmas parade to see Santa go by on a float.
970 Alacrity അലാക്രിറ്റി Cheerful willingness and eagerness Having studied really hard last night, the student took the exam with alacrity.
971 Capability കഴിവ് the power, skill, or ability to do something TJ has the capability to finish the race, but he will need to push himself to run faster.
972 Runt ഓടുക the smallest animal of a litter The runt was the smallest, weakest, and cutest of the entire poodle puppy litter.
973 Neuralgia ന്യൂറൽജിയ pain in a nerve pathway Neuralgia is a form of chronic nerve pain that is hard for doctors to understand and diagnose.
974 Dissect വിച്ഛേദിക്കുക to cut open and examine Cutting into it with a knife, the biologist began to dissect the animal to look for disease.
975 Awestruck ആശ്ചര്യപ്പെട്ടു filled with the sentiments of wonder and awe The little boy was awestruck by the holiday fireworks display.
976 Discontinue നിർത്തുക to stop doing or making something Nike decided to discontinue the new brand of shoes when sales didn’t reach expected levels.
977 Barge ബാർജ് to move in a rough or forceful way The cops waited in ambush outside Kevin’s door, ready to barge into his home as soon as they received the signal.
978 Combination കോമ്പിനേഷൻ the result of the grouping together of several different things The kids like to eat pizza that has a large combination of different toppings.
979 Strain ബുദ്ധിമുട്ട് to make a strenuous effort The prison service is already under considerable strain due to the sudden increase in crimes.
980 Musty മസ്റ്റി exhibiting a stale odor The musty odor of the wet towel made the bathroom smell unpleasant.
981 Ripple റിപ്പിൾ a small wave We watched the ripple effect as we dropped stones from the bridge above to the water below.
982 Candor കാൻഡർ the state or quality of being frank, open, and sincere in speech or expression Because the realtor was an honest woman, she replied with candor about the damage to the house.
983 Snout മൂക്ക് the mouth and nose of an animal that projects out Placing its snout up to the ground, the dog sniffed around in search of the suspect.
984 Monocle മോണോക്കിൾ an optical lens made for improving vision in a single eye The cartoon character wears a monocle on a cord around his neck so he can easily increase the vision in his nearsighted eye.
985 Marsh മാർഷ് an area of low-lying land that is floods often and sometimes remains waterlogged The marsh and other wetlands in the area are protected by land conservation laws.
986 Raptorial റാപ്ടോറിയൽ predatory; preying on others The raptorial bird flew over the field looking for a small rodent that it could devour.
987 Overwrought അതിരുകടന്നു in a state of excessive nervousness, excitement, or anger The bride was overwrought when the florist delivered the wrong flower order.
988 Union യൂണിയൻ a marriage The elderly couple’s union had lasted for over fifty years.
989 Rankle റാങ്കിൾ to cause bitterness or irritation The fact the plane is leaving two hours late is certainly going to rankle the passengers.
990 Awareness അവബോധം the condition of being informed  In order to bring awareness to the emotional and financial needs of veterans, the singer has planned a benefit concert.
991 Single സിംഗിൾ one solitary or lone object A single shot was fired from the gun, but that one bullet was enough to kill the victim.
992 Asymmetrical അസമമിതി having two uneven or crooked sides I have asymmetrical eyes, with one eye bigger and lower than the other.
993 Scowl സ്‌കൗൾ a frown of anger or displeasure Whenever my husband looks at our noisy neighbors, he has a scowl on his face.
994 Rural ഗ്രാമീണ areas that are not in an urban environment My father and his friends often leave the city to go hunt game in rural areas.
995 Already ഇതിനകം at present; even now The banker couldn’t attend the board meeting since he was already in a loan hearing across town.
996 Petite പെറ്റിറ്റ് comparatively little or tiny As the petite woman walked into the basement with the low ceiling, she certainly didn’t have to duck like everyone else.
997 Surrender കീഴടങ്ങുക to cease resistance against an opponent The German Army had to surrender to the Russians when they conquered Berlin in World War Two.
998 Curate ക്യൂറേറ്റ് to collect, select, organize, and care for something The library steward’s main objective was to curate all of the books, making sure they are accounted for and in good condition at the end of the month.
999 Punctilious പുച്ഛം showing great attention to detail or correct behavior Because my aunt is quite punctilious when it comes to table settings, every utensil must be turned properly.
1000 Bridal വധു Relating to a woman who is getting married (a bride) The woman’s bridal dress was too tight for her wedding day and had to be let out by a seamstress.
1001 Monolingual ഏകഭാഷ to know and communicate solely with one language Living in a monolingual country, Sarah was limited with collaborating with people from other countries since she only spoke English.
1002 Prioritize മുൻഗണന നൽകുക to place in order of greatest to least important Surgeons prioritize which patients to schedule first based on the extent of their injuries.
1003 Hieroglyphic ഹൈറോഗ്ലിഫിക് writing that is done in hieroglyphics The writings of the ancient Egyptians was almost entirely hieroglyphic, based on pictures and drawings.
1004 Insanity ഭ്രാന്ത് the state of being mentally ill or having an unwell mind During his bouts with insanity, the painter would talk to himself and create strange pieces of art.
1005 Sinner പാപി a person who does things that are wrong or immoral according to religious law The holy book calls for any sinner who commits adultery to be stoned to death.
1006 Unwieldy അസാമാന്യമായ hard to relocate because of its size The young boy found it difficult to hold the unwieldy ball because of its huge size.
1007 Straggly വിചിത്രമായി spreading around in a messy and disorganized manner Emily’s frizzy hair was knotted and straggly.
1008 Bib ബിബ് a piece of cloth or plastic fitted around the neck of a person to prevent food from getting on their clothes while they eat, typically used for babies Because babies are such messy eaters, we often tie a bib around their neck to catch any of the food they drop form their mouths or hands.
1009 Scene രംഗം the location or site where something occurs Right after the accident, police arrived on the scene to help the crash victims.
1010 Lingo ലിംഗോ language peculiar to a particular group or region The rookie nurse was unsure how to respond to the doctor since she was unfamiliar with the medical lingo he was using in his question.
1011 Cathexis കാഥെക്സിസ് the obsessive concentration of one’s thoughts and emotions on a person, event, or object Because of his cathexis with his blanket, the obsessed toddler refused to sleep without it.
1012 Visage വിസേജ് the facial appearance of an individual or animal The model’s visage earned her many cover photos.
1013 Scabrous ചുണങ്ങു lewd and obscene The scabrous magazine was regarded as a lecherous and vulgar publication.
1014 Consequent അനന്തരഫലം happening as a result of something Because it was last minute, our reservations were consequent on restaurant availability.
1015 Variety വെറൈറ്റി a number of different types of the item The small bakery held a variety of cupcakes, pastries, and muffins in exciting flavors like cotton candy and passion fruit.
1016 Satirical ആക്ഷേപഹാസ്യം having the qualities of mockery, sarcasm and ridicule After reading the satirical piece of literature, I didn’t know whether to laugh at the sarcastic remarks or feel angry at it.
1017 Taught പഠിപ്പിച്ചു instructed or trained someone on a subject or how to do something My mother taught me how to cook and clean the kitchen at an early age.
1018 Cleave പിളരുക to split with a tool You can use the axe to cleave the tree.
1019 Surround ചുറ്റുക to be completely around someone or something The troops had to surround the enemy from all sides to ensure that they didn’t escape.
1020 Irked ക്ഷോഭിച്ചു annoyed; irritated The woman’s loud chewing irked the customers sitting nearby.
1021 Municipal മുനിസിപ്പൽ related to a town or governing body Municipal elections are held at the city court house once every four years.
1022 Tarantula ടരാന്റുല a big furry spider that does sting but is usually not dangerous As the tarantula crawled across the floor, its eight hairy legs and giant body caused people to scream but were too scared to step on it.
1023 Vaccine വാക്സിൻ a special substance that is made of a weakened virus or disease that is used to prevent them from getting the actual illness The very first vaccine was created by a scientist looking for a substance that would prevent people from getting smallpox.
1024 Nicety നൈറ്റി accuracy or precision The nicety of her spelling allowed her to win both the local and state spelling bees.
1025 Uninitiated ആരംഭിക്കാത്തത് without specific knowledge or experience The uninitiated students had trouble understanding the advanced concepts of physics.
1026 Perceptual പെർസെപ്ച്വൽ the ability to interpret and perceive Perceptual learning relies on students’ sensory systems to naturally draw conclusions.
1027 Gobsmacked ഗോബ്സ്മാക്ക് ചെയ്തു astonished or utterly surprised I was left gobsmacked when I say my large Mastiff sleeping on the couch in the living room, rendering the furniture one giant hairy mess.
1028 Appetite വിശപ്പ് a strong desire for something Because I’m so hungry, I have a real appetite for just about anything edible at this point.
1029 Superadd സൂപ്പർആഡ് to add to something that has already been added to When the young man was shot, this injury would superadd to his medical problems since he already had an existing stab wound.
1030 Expatiate പ്രവാസി to write or talk about something using many details During his book signing, Clark will expatiate on his military adventures.
1031 Autocrat സ്വേച്ഛാധിപതി an individual who rules without considering others The corrupt autocrat views the brutal dictator as a role model.
1032 Ransacking റാഞ്ചൽ to search through something hurriedly or carelessly Ransacking the place, the burglars threw everything around as they tried to steal all the valuables from the home.
1033 Daedal ഡെഡൽ created in a complex or intricate way As he played the daedal melody with perfection, the musician surprised the crowd.
1034 Hearten ഹൃദയം to encourage; give strength I tried to hearten my depressed classmate with encouraging words.
1035 Titter ടിറ്റർ a brief and partially suppressed laugh The young girl held back a laugh and uttered a titter instead, unable to completely suppress her mirth.
1036 Appendage അനുബന്ധം a limb or other extremity that stick outs from the upper or lower portion of a body Using a claw-like appendage, the videogame monster killed the soldiers.
1037 Oblivious മറവി unaware of what is present or occurring The huge dog closed its eyes and appeared oblivious to the crawling baby.
1038 Audit ഓഡിറ്റ് to conduct an independent review and examination of certain data  Before baking brownies, make an audit of the ingredients available to see whether there is enough flour, eggs, and sugar.
1039 Sultry സുൽട്രി hot and humid weather The hot sun and humid air of Florida made for one sultry day.
1040 Credit കടപ്പാട് acknowledgment or recognition granted to a person for something they did Nothing is more low and cowardly than to take credit and glory for something someone else has done.
1041 Valiant വീരൻ displaying determination or courage The valiant police officer was willing to take on the entire gang to save the little girl.
1042 Weightlessness ഭാരമില്ലായ്മ the state of being weightless or not held down by gravity While walking on the moon, the astronaut experienced weightlessness.
1043 Speedily വേഗത്തിൽ quickly Compared to the tortoise, the hare ran speedily in the direction of the finish line.
1044 Nascence നാസെൻസ് the initial start of something that leads to a bigger idea or action During the nascence of portable computers, laptops that were over twenty pounds were considered lightweight and advanced technology.
1045 Insular ഇൻസുലാർ not interested in meeting anyone outside your own group or country, or not interested in learning new ideas or ways of doing things Because the insular man had lived on a deserted island for several years, he was not very good at making conversation.
1046 Gamble ചൂതാട്ടം to play a game against odds for a chance at winning money At the casino, players gamble by placing coins into slot machines for the chance of winning a jackpot prize.
1047 Sanctum സങ്കേതം a private place where no interruptions occur Deep inside the sanctum, the lovers were able to enjoy each other’s company with no chance of being discovered.
1048 Optimist ശുഭാപ്തിവിശ്വാസി one who always has a positive outlook As an optimist, I always believe tomorrow will be better than today.
1049 Abolition നിർത്തലാക്കൽ the action of putting an end to something The abolition of smoking in restaurants is a blessing to people like myself who suffer from allergies and asthma.
1050 Rapture റാപ്ചർ a mood of great joy or love John is a spiritual man who claims he experienced rapture during his baptism.
1051 Repulse പിന്തിരിപ്പിക്കുക to repel or drive back Because of his rude behavior that would repulse many people, he was without close friends.
1052 Commute യാത്ര ചെയ്യുക to travel to and from work on a regular basis, typically from home My commute takes me about twenty minutes every day, so if I want to arrive to work on time I have to wake up at least forty minutes before I have to be there.
1053 Compatriot ദേശാഭിമാനി somebody from one’s own country It put Juan at ease to be sitting next to a fellow compatriot on the plane trip from Spain to the United States.
1054 Whirlwind ചുഴലിക്കാറ്റ് something that involves many quickly changing events or emotions The couple’s whirlwind romance happened so quickly that by May, they were married.
1055 Dissemble വിഘടിപ്പിക്കുക to disguise or conceal behind a false appearance Her plan was to dissemble her intentions from her husband so she could successfully plan him a surprise party.
1056 Intelligent ബുദ്ധിമാൻ smart; knowledgeable Jason is the most intelligent student in class and always seems to know the right answer.
1057 Clinical ക്ലിനിക്കൽ related to the observation and treatment of a patient Clinical studies showed that many patients improve after taking the medication.
1058 Murmured പിറുപിറുത്തു whispered I could not hear the words; she just murmured a lot.‎
1059 Relic തിരുശേഷിപ്പ് an artifact; an old object that remains; that which is left after loss or decay The piece of pottery was a relic of the past that evoked in me a feeling of nostalgia.
1060 Prescription കുറിപ്പടി an instruction written by a medical practitioner that allows a patient to be given a medicine or treatment When my daughter was sick with the flu, the doctor wrote her a prescription for special medication.
1061 Missive മിസ്സീവ് a written note  While sitting in class, Greg asked his classmate to pass a love missive to his dream girl.
1062 Tolerable സഹിക്കാവുന്നത് something that is alright or decent, but not terrible or great The average performance of the actors on stage was tolerable, and I certainly would not give them any special awards.
1063 Opportunity അവസരം a strong likelihood for development or improvement Every opportunity was created for the students to succeed by providing tutoring services, peer assistance and parental involvement.
1064 Disquietude അസ്വസ്ഥത a condition of worry or concern The little boy listened in disquietude as his parents argued in the kitchen.
1065 Anyway എന്തായാലും anyhow; nevertheless I figured that he mall would be very busy on Saturday afternoon, but I decided to go anyway.
1066 Combustion ജ്വലനം the process of burning The combustion of leaves can lead to a forest fire if not handled properly.
1067 Monogram മോണോഗ്രാം a design that has at least two interlaced letters, usually a person’s initials Placing the monogram on her binder, the student loved the way the glittering letters made the plain folder stand out.
1068 Speck പുള്ളി a small particle A speck of dirt flew in the runner’s eye, making it difficult for her to focus on finishing the race.
1069 Vend വെൻഡ് to offer small items especially food for sale from a machine or small cart The kiosks are used to vend movies to people looking for an interesting flick to watch.
1070 Equality സമത്വം the quality of having the same value or worth The civil rights activist fought for racially equality so all people would be viewed as equals.
1071 Bellow ബെല്ലോ a low and roaring sound  Since the medic did not have anesthesia, he expected to hear a loud bellow as he removed the bullet from the soldier.
1072 Poised പൊയിസ്ഡ് having self-confidence and self-assurance Poised and confident, the valedictorian delivered a commencement speech that was just as entertaining as it was inspiring.
1073 Unifoliate ഏകീകൃത having only one, compound leaf Because the plant’s leaf was single, it is described as unifoliate.
1074 Squelch സ്ക്വെൽച്ച് to halt, stop, eliminate When Justin runs wildly around the house, it takes every ounce of my strength to squelch my urge to slap him.
1075 Glibly ഗ്ലിബ്ലി performed or said without any consideration or effort Without thinking about her future, the secretary glibly contradicted her boss.
1076 Quay കടവ a concrete loading dock situated on the edge of a body of water After years of loading and unloading freight on top of it, sections of the old concrete quay began to crumble into the sea.
1077 Parturient പ്രസവിക്കുന്ന in labor; in the process of giving birth The parturient mother hoped that her labor would end quickly and without much discomfort.
1078 Compunction സങ്കീർണ്ണത anxiety arising from awareness of guilt The serial killer showed no compunction when his guilty verdict was announced.
1079 Baron ബാരൺ a male member of the lowest rank of English nobility  Most of the barons and lords that went up against Arthur, and lost, ended up as his knights and governing heads.
1080 Choice ചോയ്സ് an option; a decision; an opportunity to choose or select something Now that I’ve graduated High School, I have a choice to make whether I go to College.
1081 Simian സിമിയൻ of or pertaining to monkeys or apes The actor mimicked simian movements for his role in Planet of the Apes.
1082 Peacefully സമാധാനപരമായി quietly and calmly Martin Luther King Jr. marched peacefully to the Lincoln Memorial and gave his “I Have a Dream” speech.
1083 Rotary റോട്ടറി of motion revolving around a center or axis; rotational Before the invention of cordless phones, telephones were rotary and in order to make a call, individuals had to press the number, spin it around, to get to the next number.
1084 Mongrel മോങ്ങൽ any animal resulting from the crossing of different breeds or varieties, especially a dog The hybrid mongrel was a mixture of several types of breeds of dog.
1085 Arabesque അറബിക് a graceful, Arabian design usually seen in metal, ceramic, or stone that resembles vines and leaves Arabesque gates with curving iron doors guarded the entrance into the garden.
1086 Vilify നിന്ദിക്കുക to utter slanderous and abusive statements against Halle’s husband tried to vilify her during their child custody battle.
1087 Flier ഫ്ലയർ one that travels in the air Each flier on the plane was required to listen to a speech on safety procedures.
1088 Ceremony ചടങ്ങ് a formal event held on a special occasion Preparing for the upcoming ceremony, the pastor rehearsed his speech for the nuptials.
1089 Acceptance സ്വീകാര്യത the act of taking/receiving something that is being offered Acceptance of the offer means we will be selling our house to the Jeffersons.
1090 Periodical ആനുകാലികം occasional or appearing at different intervals Taking periodical breaks, the college freshman was able to finish his college paper in one night.
1091 Enfeebled ക്ഷീണിച്ചു made physically or mentally weak or feeble After months in captivity, the enfeebled survivors were too weak to walk out of the camp.
1092 Pursuance പിന്തുടരൽ the following or carrying out of a plan Though her parents though she should be a doctor, the sculptor decided to continue with her pursuance of an art degree.
1093 Homophone ഹോമോഫോൺ A word that is pronounced the same as another word but has a different meaning or spelling (ex. “sea” and “see”.)  The English teacher that the word “tea” is a homophone of “tee” and although you might drink the first, you wouldn’t sip on the other.
1094 Provident പ്രൊവിഡന്റ് demonstrating great care and consideration for the future My financier told me that I needed to be more provident when it came to my spending.
1095 Ontology ഓന്റോളജി the area of metaphysics that focuses on the characteristics of life Since Jim has a strong fascination with human existence, he has decided to major in ontology.
1096 Chagrin ചാഗ്രിൻ a feeling of being frustrated or annoyed because of failure or disappointment  To her chagrin, Jill placed second in the beauty pageant.
1097 Bestowal നൽകൽ to freely give something as a gift Mr. Markham’s bestowal of such high dowries to his 10 daughters was a surprise to everyone because for years they believed him penniless.
1098 Reactant പ്രതിപ്രവർത്തനം a substance that is there at the beginning of a chemical reaction Hydrogen is a reactant which when combined with oxygen can make water.
1099 Automatic ഓട്ടോമാറ്റിക് something that is automated, or acts of its own accord without conscious effort or input A car with an automatic transmission will shift gears appropriately while driving, without any input from the driver themselves.
1100 Unseen കാണാത്തത് hidden or out of sight Waldo remained unseen in the picture until one of the kids finally spotted him.
1101 Immature പക്വതയില്ലാത്ത not fully developed to adulthood A human is immature for many years, having to go through nearly two decades of development before becoming an adult.
1102 Element ഘടകം a specific portion of something  The detective needed to find the final element of the puzzle in order to identify the killer.
1103 Causality കാര്യകാരണത്വം a producing means or power Once the missionaries realized the causality of the child deaths in this third world country was malnutrition, they pleaded with their church to supply money for food.
1104 Coward ഭീരു an individual who fears doing unpleasant or risky things Jim is a coward who stood silently as five boys attacked his little brother.
1105 Sensuous വികാരാധീനമായ associated with the senses The hypnotist’s sensuous voice was very relaxing.
1106 Skip ഒഴിവാക്കുക to move past one thing in order to do the next Since I was tired, I decided to skip morning church service and attend the afternoon mass instead.
1107 Carp കരിമീൻ to find fault or quarrel with someone constantly Edith’s husband decided to leave, saying that he couldn’t stand her tendency to carp and complain constantly.
1108 Stronghold ശക്തികേന്ദ്രം heavily reinforced place of protection or center for militia The stronghold was guarded by hundreds of highly trained soldiers and fortified with reinforced steel.
1109 Harmonious യോജിപ്പുള്ള being in harmony or agreement Although the church members usually disagreed about charity work, they were harmonious about feeding the homeless.
1110 Banter തമാശക്കാരൻ good humored conversation We need to help shy Sarah perfect her banter with the opposite sex.
1111 Infringe ലംഘനം to trespass upon something  Having that much work to do at home will only infringe upon my time with my family.
1112 Susurrant സുസുറന്റ് a soft or quiet sound The tiny mouse made a susurrant noise as it scampered across the floor.
1113 Poetic കാവ്യാത്മകം Related to or used in poetry (a rhythmic style of writing) The song’s rhyming lyrics had a poetic style and feel to them.
1114 Benign ബെനിൻ having no significant effect; harmless When the doctor said my tumor was benign, I was so happy.
1115 Applaud അഭിനന്ദിക്കുക to congratulate by clapping Following the wonderful performance of the local opera company on opening night, the audience did applaud by standing up at the end and cheering.
1116 License ലൈസൻസ് a permit that allows for someone to do something such as run a business or drive The boy has to take a written and practical test to earn his driver’s license.
1117 Khaki കാക്കി a light brown or green cloth made usually of cotton or wool that is traditionally used for making uniforms The man’s brown khaki suit stood out amongst the traditional black tuxedoes in the room.
1118 Accuse ബോധിപ്പിക്കുന്ന attribute blame to someone Due to Peter’s location at the time of the incident, the police would accuse him of being an accomplice to murder.
1119 Ventral വെൻട്രൽ refers to the underside of a plant or animal; close to the abdomen From the cruise ship, we spotted the ventral side of a large migrating whale.
1120 Wept കരഞ്ഞു to cry bitterly Having just learned that her son had been killed in the line of duty, the woman felt to her knees and wept, streaking her face with tears.
1121 Taproot ടാപ്പ് റൂട്ട് the main root system of a plant that grows down vertically The dandelion has a single, thick taproot that helps it draw in lots of nutrients.
1122 Mirth മിർത്ത് amusement and joy It was obvious from Jacob’s mirth he found the movie to be quite funny.
1123 Dinosaur ദിനോസർ an (usually large) ancient reptile that lived millions of years ago The dinosaur bones were buried deep within the earth and painted a detailed picture of what life was like as a reptile years ago.
1124 Affirmation സ്ഥിരീകരണം an action of approval or support I enjoyed the food critic’s affirmation in his column after he dined in my restaurant.
1125 Boldness ധൈര്യം being courageous or daring Attempting to answer every question in front of his snickering peers even though the teenage boy was wrong some of the time revealed his boldness to the class.
1126 Plethora പ്ലതോറ an excess of I don’t see why my mother wants more shoes when she already has a plethora of them.
1127 Discernible വിവേചിച്ചറിയാവുന്ന noticeable High gas prices are expected to have a discernible effect on the number of road trips taken this summer.
1128 Reserve കരുതൽ to book or retain My father used his veteran’s status to reserve a hotel room at a discounted price.
1129 Mechanical മെക്കാനിക്കൽ linked to machinery or tools A mechanical engineer was needed to fix the broken conveyer belt.
1130 Retroflex റിട്രോഫ്ലെക്സ് curved or turned in a backwards direction As the plane took off, I looked out the window to see a retroflex view of the airport behind me.
1131 Pertinent പ്രസക്തമായ relevant to a particular matter To ensure a prompt reply, please include all pertinent details in your email.
1132 Engine എഞ്ചിൻ something that is the force or impetus of a process The tank is our preferred engine of destruction when our country goes to war on the ground.
1133 Condition അവസ്ഥ a disorder or illness Although she tried to hide her skin condition under make-up, the girl’s eczema caused her to be picked on in class.
1134 Wisdom ജ്ഞാനം the capability to use knowledge and experience to make educated and insightful decisions Jane’s history of making bad choices shows her lack of wisdom.
1135 Comply അനുസരിക്കുക to obey or be in agreement with a policy or rule The man was arrested because he refused to comply with the airline’s no smoking policy.
1136 Series പരമ്പര a sequence or chain of people, things, or event A series of tropical storms rose up in the ocean, causing destruction one after the other.
1137 Undertone അടിവരയിടുക a quality or feeling that is gentle or subdued When dying my hair, I have my stylist add a slight undertone of red to give it a different look.
1138 Synagogue ജൂത പള്ളി a place where Jews meet for worship Not wanting to be late for prayer, the family rushed into the crowded synagogue.
1139 Tile ടൈൽ a shaped flattened piece of rock or clay used in floors or coverings After removing the linoleum, the home owner decided to tile the floor so that it looked like more modern.
1140 Overture ഓവർച്ചർ a piece of music played at the beginning of an opera or musical play When he heard the overture begin to play, the actor immediately became nervous.
1141 Pedal പെഡൽ to move a bicycle by operating the controls In Germany, many people pedal to work and school because the bicycle is the common way of transportation.
1142 Childlike കുട്ടിത്തരം being innocent or naïve in a manner befitting of a child Even as a young adult, Avan has an almost childlike innocence to him that many people find endearing, even though others think it foolish.
1143 Exhausted ക്ഷീണിച്ചു to be very tired having little to no energy After the colicky baby arrived, the new parents became exhausted from lack of sleep.
1144 Tidbit ടിഡ്ബിറ്റ് a tiny amount of something Any tidbit of food was needed by the lost hikers in the wilderness since they hadn’t eaten for days.
1145 Onerous കഠിനമായ involving great effort and difficulty Taking care of the puppy is an onerous task.
1146 Nil ഇല്ല nothing, zero, nonexistent With only five of us and over a hundred of the enemy, our chances of emerging victorious in this battle are nil.
1147 Contrast കോൺട്രാസ്റ്റ് to differ greatly  Even though Kurt is going to love his new job, his salary will contrast negatively with the large income associated with his former position.
1148 Virulent വൈറൽ extremely dangerous and deadly and usually spreading very quickly Local law authorities investigated Mitchell after he was suspected of stealing a virulent disease that could kill millions of people.
1149 Trivialize നിസ്സാരമാക്കുക to make something seem unimportant The abused woman tried to trivialize the horrible cruelty.
1150 Turban തലപ്പാവ് a man’s headdress made of a long piece of cloth wound around a small cap or the head that is traditionally worn in North Africa or the Middle East As a follower of the Sikh faith, the man was recognized by his wrapped turban and uncut hair.
1151 Macroeconomics മാക്രോ ഇക്കണോമിക്സ് a division in economics which focuses on the larger aspects of economics of money comparing it to the entire nation or world When the state’s government analyzes their budget, they use macroeconomics to determine how their budget will influence the country’s budget.
1152 Counterintuitive വിരുദ്ധമായ the opposite of what makes sense While this idea may sound counterintuitive to what you are trying to do, it really can help increase your sales.
1153 Pitfall ചതിക്കുഴി potential problem, difficulty, or danger The experienced programmer did not expect the pitfall that would occur when trying to install the new software.
1154 Superabundant അതിസമ്പന്നമായ excessive quantity or surplus of something The number of people in a massive city like Hong Kong is superabundant.
1155 Participation പങ്കാളിത്തം contributing and being involved in something As the new treasurer in the student council, Tiffany’s participation in student government would look good on her college applications.
1156 Half പകുതി one of two equal parts that together constitutes a whole During the lecture, half the students took notes.
1157 Tier ടയർ a level, layer or step Due to the high dropout rate and low test scores, this high school ranked in the bottom tier of the list of good schools in the state.
1158 Repulsive വെറുപ്പുളവാക്കുന്ന triggering disgust The repulsive smell of the dead body sent me running from the house.
1159 Elite എലൈറ്റ് individuals who are viewed as the finest in a group or society Because Anna is quite wealthy, she sends her children to the area’s most elite school.
1160 Vibrant വൈബ്രന്റ് bright and strong; energetic Although she liked her own room’s décor, the pre-teen was jealous of her younger sister’s vibrant paint colors.
1161 Nowadays ഇപ്പോഴാകട്ടെ currently “Cursing is so common nowadays,” said Grandpa, “because we never would have said anything impolite in public when I was your age.”
1162 Reform പുനഃസംഘടന to make changes in something by removing or correcting faults, problems The school board was voting on reform that would change the grading system in the district.
1163 Anticlimactic ആന്റിക്ലിമാക്റ്റിക് lacking climax, disappointing or ironically insignificant following of impressive foreshadowing Although the child anticipated that the gift would bring him endless enjoyment, it quickly turned into an anticlimactic experience.
1164 Staff സ്റ്റാഫ് people employed by an organization or company The cashiers that work at Walmart are part of Walmart’s staff.
1165 Vatic വത്തിക്ക് predicting or describing what will happen in the future The psychic’s predictions weren’t truly vatic but something that he tells to every customer.
1166 Epistemology ജ്ഞാനശാസ്ത്രം a division of philosophy that examines numerous aspects of human intelligence “What exactly is knowledge?” is a question you will ask when you study epistemology.
1167 Revenue വരുമാനം the complete amount of money made by a certain entity The total revenue of the Jackson Rose Company exceeded one million dollars this year, but the company would need to pay their expenses.
1168 Nonprofit ലാഭേച്ഛയില്ലാത്തത് referring to an organization or process that is not designed primarily for making money Charities are nonprofit organizations that exist for a reason that does not include making money for its own members and success.
1169 Borough ബറോ a town that has its own government Bronx and Manhattan are both a part of New York City, but each is also an independent borough.
1170 Transcript ട്രാൻസ്ക്രിപ്റ്റ് a written or printed copy of material No one is allowed to view the trial transcript because the file is sealed.
1171 Emissary ദൂതൻ an individual who acts on behalf of another person The celebrity sent his assistant as an emissary to pick up the movie contract.
1172 Present-day ഇന്നത്തെ ദിനം of the current time period The area that was once called New Granada is present-day Columbia.
1173 Momentous മുഹൂർത്തം of huge significance It was a momentous occasion when the development team finished the project on time.
1174 Inward ഉള്ളിലേക്ക് felt in your own mind but not revealed to other people After narrowly missing a dog crossing the street, Beth breathed an inward sigh of relief.
1175 Hoarse പരുക്കൻ afflicted by a dry, quite harsh voice Jessica was unable to sing with the choir because her voice sounded hoarse.
1176 Quadrant ക്വാഡ്രാന്റ് one section of something that is divided into four parts During the hurricane, the low-lying fourth quadrant of the city was hit much harder than the other three areas.
1177 Cauterize ക്യൂട്ടറൈസ് ചെയ്യുക to burn the skin around a wound to stop bleeding or prevent infection To stop the patient from bleeding, the doctor had to use a hot iron to cauterize the wound.
1178 Narrate വിവരിക്കുക to give a spoken or written account of events The old storyteller in our village is a survivor of a war long past, and he often narrates the events of his final battle.
1179 Toady കള്ള് an individual who compliments others for a reason In order to get a promotion, Amy has been acting like the manager’s toady by agreeing with everything he says.
1180 Incumbent ചുമതലയേറ്റത് the person or group that currently has the title or position After twenty years in office, the incumbent politician is finally retiring from politics.
1181 Exceptionable അപവാദം objectionable or not acceptable The nursing home worker’s exceptionable treatment of the patient led to complaints and termination.
1182 Assonance അസോണൻസ് the duplication of similar or identical vowel sounds in sentences, phrases, or words If you find yourself repeating vowel vibrations in your poems, you’re probably making use of assonance in your rhymes.
1183 Infelicitous അപകീർത്തികരമായ not well-timed or suitable Given the host’s spouse had recently died, my comment about wanting to die was infelicitous.
1184 Averse വിമുഖത actively not liking something For those who are averse to spaghetti, you also have the meal choice of baked chicken with roasted potatoes.
1185 Terror ഭീകരത extreme or radical fear Many people have a phobia, and being in the presence of what they fear will fill them with absolute terror.
1186 Commonplace പൊതു സ്ഥലം ordinary; not unusual Even though my sister and I equally shared the car, it was commonplace for the car to be missing from the driveway.
1187 Overage അമിത പ്രായം an excess or surplus by which a sum of money is greater than previously estimated The teacher used real money to show students how to calculate an overage or excess funds.
1188 Keenly തീക്ഷ്ണമായി deeply or intensely Out of fear my daughter wasn’t telling the truth, I stared keenly at her.
1189 Hammock ഹമ്മോക്ക് a swinging bed, usually made of netting or canvas that is hung up by each end, often from trees Swaying on her back in the hammock, the resting woman took an afternoon siesta.
1190 Nestle നെസ്ലെ to snuggle or cuddle something The bear cub’s mother began to nestle him closer as they drifted off to sleep.
1191 Woke ഉണർന്നു rose from one’s sleep After sleeping for several hours, the well-rested wife finally woke from her sleep.
1192 Jurist നിയമജ്ഞൻ an individual with a deep awareness of the law Since I know my uncle has been a judge for fifteen years, I highly respect him as a jurist.
1193 Ail എയിൽ a trouble, symptom, or affliction A common ail that afflicts people when they have a cold is a runny nose, but that is just one of the sinus issues that come along with that.
1194 Cyclone ചുഴലിക്കാറ്റ് a tornado or other similar spinning storm Appearing in the sky out of nowhere, the twisting cyclone began to pick up debris with its strong winds.
1195 Pliable വഴങ്ങുന്ന easily bent or formed Even though the hose seemed pliable, Henry wasn’t able to curve it around the corner of the house.
1196 Greedily അത്യാഗ്രഹത്തോടെ showing a selfish desire to have more and more of something Staring at the third little pig greedily, the wolf couldn’t wait to have another pork chop for supper.
1197 Liquid ദ്രാവക a phase of matter that flows and takes the shape of the container it fills Liquid spilled out of the top of the cup after the toddler dropped it.
1198 Similitude സാമ്യം the condition of being alike Because the murders in the two states have similitude and share similar features, the cases will be given to the national police.
1199 Pious ഭക്തിയുള്ള deeply religious The students running around naked at Berkley Catholic University do not seem very pious.
1200 Facsimile മുഖചിത്രം a copy or reproduction He offered a facsimile of the original painting for a much discounted price.
1201 Knew അറിഞ്ഞു understood; was aware of I knew that I needed to go to sleep, but decided to stay up just a little longer.
1202 Swiftly ബദ്ധപ്പെട്ടു quickly or promptly The car moved swiftly down the road at eighty miles an hour.
1203 Licit ലിസിറ്റ് lawful; not forbidden Although he did not agree with her choices, she was over 21 and he could not stop her licit drinking.
1204 Component ഘടകം a small section of a bigger part of a whole thing The only component of the sandwich that I do not like is the tomato, but the turkey, lettuce and mayonnaise are fine.
1205 Rational യുക്തിസഹമായ centered on reasoning or logic I cannot have a rational discussion with my delusional aunt.
1206 Amplify ആംപ്ലിഫൈ ചെയ്യുക to render larger, more extended, or more intense We were fine with booking the large ballroom because we knew that the loudspeakers would amplify the sound adequately.
1207 Adhere മുറുകെ പിടിക്കുക conform to or follow rules exactly When I tell you to sit down, adhere to my order!
1208 Trestle ട്രെസ്ലെ a framework comprised of a horizontal beam and two sloping legs, often used to support a flat surface like a table or a bridge Most bridges need some sort of support to help them stand, and this bridge has a trestle made of steel in the corner holding it up.
1209 Fitful അനുയോജ്യം unsteady; erratic  Jim was tired when he woke up after a fitful night of sleep.
1210 Curtain തിരശ്ശീല a piece of fabric that is traditionally hung to block out light or hide things from view Pulling the curtain to a close, the stagehands pulled out the furniture and props for the next act.
1211 Liege ലീജ് an individual who is loyal to a person of rank, usually related to the Medieval time period  The liege was willing to give his life for his king.
1212 Mite കാശ് a little or slightly The man was acting a mite suspicious, enough that the cops stopped him to find out what he was up to.
1213 Physiological ഫിസിയോളജിക്കൽ of, or relating to physiology When working out at the gym I experience a positive physiological change, as my heart beat starts to pick up its pace.
1214 Skim സ്കിം to go over something quickly Not having enough time to read all of the assigned chapters, I decided to skim through the pages and home for the best.
1215 Delinquent കുറ്റവാളി late in paying what is owed or past due With so many bills delinquent, Kevin had to look for a second job to help him earn enough to catch up.
1216 Amongst കൂട്ടത്തിൽ surrounded by; In the company of Amongst the bushes, a small rabbit hid from the hunter.
1217 Gaudy ഗൗഡി so showy that it is unattractive When Crystal returned from the nail salon, she showed me her gaudy nails that were painted bright orange.
1218 Bless അനുഗ്രഹിക്കൂ to express gratitude or thank someone The old woman that I helped across the street said ‘bless you for your kindness’ as a means of gratitude.
1219 Phraseology ഫ്രെസോളജി phraseology is a choice of words All of the legal jargon and phraseology can be confusing to those not in the industry.
1220 Possible സാധ്യമാണ് able to be done or achieved It is possible for you to do a backflip if you practice long enough.
1221 Atrophy അട്രോഫി to weaken in ability or function It was hard to watch my mother atrophy as she experienced the weakening disease of Alzheimer’s.
1222 Adoptive ദത്തെടുക്കൽ related through adoption Because her adoptive parents were so wonderful while raising her, the young woman had no desire to meet the birth family who had given her up.
1223 Hollow പൊള്ളയായ empty on the inside The empty inside of the hollow tree is the perfect home for squirrels and other forest animals.
1224 Severity തീവ്രത the state of being strong and intense The severity of the bomb threat resulted in two students being expelled from school and placed in a juvenile detention center.
1225 Cheapen വിലകുറഞ്ഞത് to reduce the price or quality of something If the movie theater decides to cheapen the price of tickets, more people will be able to afford tickets.
1226 Personnel പേഴ്സണൽ employees or workforce of a company All building personnel were evacuated after a gas leak occurred close to the home office.
1227 Autochthonous സ്വയമേവയുള്ള original inhabitants of a place without any migration or intermingling of other groups Many autochthonous tribes in remote corners of Siberia have never been approached by colonists or married outside of their group.
1228 Gravity ഗുരുത്വാകർഷണം the force that attracts objects towards the center of the Earth Newton discovered the force of gravity when an apple was pulled down from the tree he was sitting under.
1229 Rampart കൊത്തളം a fortified wall or embankment that serves as a protective barrier Soldiers formed a rampart around the city in order to protect Jericho from being overtaken.
1230 Truant സത്യമായ one who skips something important The truant hid in the park to avoid taking his midterm exams.
1231 Meeting യോഗം a gathering of people coming together Once managements gathers more information we will notify everyone for another meeting soon.
1232 Unusable ഉപയോഗശൂന്യമായ broken or unable to be used Because it is unusable, the chef decided to throw the broken mixer into the trash can.
1233 Oust പുറത്താക്കുക to banish or kick out Environmental specialists would prefer to oust herbicides because they can cause health problems and diseases to many people.
1234 Shareholder ഓഹരി ഉടമ a person who owns a portion of a company Each shareholder had an equal say in the company’s decision making process.
1235 Subjunctive സബ്ജക്റ്റീവ് an action verb form that explains a desire or want to do something Once the student found the subjunctive verb in the sentence, he was able to find the direct object.
1236 Antonym വിപരീതപദം a word that means the opposite of another word in the same language One antonym pair we are very used to in driving is ‘go’ and ‘stop,’ for obvious reasons.
1237 Mown വെട്ടുക having had the grass cut down in a yard or field My neighbor’s tall grass has not been mown in over three months!
1238 Spiel സ്പീൽ a lengthy and extravagant speech or argument usually intended to persuade The teacher gave his usual spiel about the importance of completing all assignments, but the students just yawned.
1239 Lush സമൃദ്ധമായ growing in abundance  Vines and other swinging plants covered the lush rainforest.
1240 Engage ഇടപഴകുക to become involved or participate in If you engage in criminal activity, you could end up in a jail cell.
1241 Primal പ്രൈമൽ basic; instinctive The dog’s primal instincts allow it to hunt out prey easily.
1242 Ascension ആരോഹണം a rise in status or physical position The plane’s ascension took it from the landing strip far into the skies above the airport it called home for a few hours.
1243 Waning ക്ഷയിച്ചുപോകുന്നു a gradual decline in strength or power The losing basketball team’s confidence was waning in the final moments of the game.
1244 Transference കൈമാറ്റം a psychological phenomenon in which an individual redirects emotions and feelings from one person to another In a transference roleplay, the therapist pretended to be the client’s mother and let her act out her feelings of anger.
1245 Pastime വിനോദം a hobby done during someone’s free time After Mr. Frank retired from his office job, his pastime included golfing, reading and traveling.
1246 Lit ലിറ്റ് exciting; fun Last night’s party was so lit that I’m still reliving the fun in my mind.
1247 Quarry ക്വാറി an area from which materials like stone are removed At night, the moonlight caused the stones in the quarry to shine.
1248 Uncontrollable അനിയന്ത്രിതമായ wild and unable to be tamed or controlled Lashing out at everyone he is close to, Alex was rarely able to reign in his uncontrollable temper.
1249 Pensive ചിന്താശേഷിയുള്ള expressing or revealing sad thoughtfulness Unrequited love caused her to be in a very pensive mood.
1250 Heron ഹെറോൺ a fish-eating bird that is best known for its long neck, legs, and bill At the base of the waterfall, the heron has its bill in the water hunting for fish.
1251 Espionage ചാരവൃത്തി the obtaining of information considered secret or confidential without the permission of the holder of the information Digging through someone’s trash to get information is one of the oldest acts of espionage in the spy business.
1252 Extol എക്സ്റ്റോൾ to praise Because Helen and Gina were jealous of their sister’s good fortune, they did not extol her when she won the academic scholarship.
1253 Flown പറന്നു travelled by air; a verb tense of fly During the riots, we were flown out of the city by helicopter.
1254 Tachycardia ടാക്കിക്കാർഡിയ a term used to describe abnormally fast heart rates The doctor told him he had Tachycardia because his heart was beating much faster than most do, and he would need to be careful about getting too excited.
1255 Inflation പണപ്പെരുപ്പം a steady rise in the prices of services and goods Inflation occurs as the value of currency decreases.
1256 Sexism ലിംഗവിവേചനം gender discrimination and prejudice Unfortunately, sexism and other forms of discrimination towards women are still very common in the twenty first century.
1257 Horrify ഭയപ്പെടുത്തുക to fill someone with horror or shock them Many young boys like to horrify their female counterparts by doing gross things, such as eating dirt or touching worms or other silly shenanigans.
1258 Unwarranted ന്യായരഹിതം not deserved or justified Although the punishment seems unwarranted, the mother has the right to discipline her child as she sees fit.
1259 Threadbare ത്രെഡ്ബെയർ pertaining to something that is worn out or ragged After living in the woods for a week without supplies, my threadbare clothing was not protecting me from the elements.
1260 Steel ഉരുക്ക് to mentally prepare yourself for something John had to steel himself for the vaccination because he hates needles.
1261 Truncate വെട്ടിച്ചുരുക്കുക to reduce the length of an item by clipping it Although the director loved all of his film footage, he had to truncate the movie so its runtime would be less than forty-five minutes.
1262 Gallop ഗാലപ്പ് when a horse runs at full speed The startled horse broke into a swift gallop and darted through the trees.
1263 Buffet ബുഫേ food laid out in this way, to which diners serve themselves We enforce a policy that diners may return to the buffet up to three times to refill their plates.
1264 Discrete ഡിസ്ക്രീറ്റ് separate; distinct; individual Brown and white rice are two discrete varieties.
1265 Autonomy സ്വയംഭരണം the quality or state of being self-governing Teenagers should have the autonomy to make their own decisions in preparation for their lives as adults.
1266 Nightmare പേടിസ്വപ്നം a very terrifying or upsetting situation The bride’s dream wedding quickly turned into a nightmare after the groom ran away from the altar.
1267 Tropism ട്രോപ്പിസം natural talent for Leonardo da Vinci had a scientific tropism that allowed him to not only excel at drawing perfectly proportioned anatomy but to craft some of the greatest inventions known to man.
1268 Perfunctory പ്രവർത്തനക്ഷമമായ done routinely and with little interest or care The beauty queen waved so often that her greeting was simply perfunctory.
1269 Pitiable ദയനീയം deserving pity or sympathy Even though Mary lost her job, I don’t find it to be pitiable because she has already found a better one.
1270 Predictability പ്രവചനശേഷി the degree to which something can be guessed or forecasted Because of his predictability, Heath’s wife knew that she could find him fishing every Saturday afternoon no matter what.
1271 Rowdy റൗഡി wild in a loud or typically obnoxious manner The rowdy patrons at the bar were loud and especially irritating in their words, making the night less enjoyable for everyone present.
1272 Onward മുന്നോട്ട് progressing ahead “Onward, men we go!” shouted the army sergeant to his troops noticing the enemy in the near distance.
1273 Vespertine വെസ്പെർട്ടൈൻ taking place or happening at night During the vespertine hours, the moon shown brightly and coyotes began to howl.
1274 Cosset കോസെറ്റ് to treat like a pet; to overly indulge From buying expensive toys to boxing vegetable-free lunches, the mother would cosset to her child’s every whim.
1275 Avow അനുവദിക്കുക to admit or confess something publicly Because the man would not avow himself as a follower of the king in front of the villagers, he was sentenced to death.
1276 Interrelate പരസ്പരം ബന്ധപ്പെടുത്തുക to relate or connect with one another At first, the two crimes didn’t seem to interrelate, but no police think they have a common killer.
1277 Eminence എമിനൻസ് having a superior or famed ability at a specific activity Taylor Swift’s eminence as a creative singer and style icon make her one of the most well known celebrities in the world.
1278 Verifiable പരിശോധിക്കാവുന്നതാണ് able to be checked or demonstrated to be true, accurate, or justified In order to write a proper research paper you must use facts to back up your argument or information that is easily verifiable.
1279 Musk കസ്തൂരി a substance with a strong, sweet smell that is used to make perfume and other products Many people who wear the sweet-smelling body spray don’t realize that the musk scent comes from the anal gland of a deer.
1280 Cahoots കാഹൂട്ട്സ് secretly working together to commit crime or dishonest activity Jack and Barry were in cahoots when they conspired to shoot up the mall.
1281 Sloppily അലസമായി messy, dirty, disheveled He showed up to the interview so sloppily dressed that they turned him away at the door.
1282 Deprecatory അപകീർത്തികരമായ belittling, critical Although he claimed it was all in fun, the man’s deprecatory comments were hurtful to those they ridiculed.
1283 Groan ഞരങ്ങുക a low, mournful sound uttered in pain or grief The boy began to whimper groan about going to school, making his parents suspect that something was not right.
1284 Abate കുറയ്ക്കുക to reduce in degree or intensity I hope this medicine will abate the pain in my leg.
1285 Simmer അരപ്പ് to cook slowly below boiling temperatures The thick pasta sauce splattered all over the stove because it was meant to simmer, not boil!
1286 Grace കൃപ elegance in movement The dancer’s grace shined every time she danced on the stage.
1287 Broadcast പ്രക്ഷേപണം a radio or television program My favorite broadcast usually comes on at eight, but to my dismay, it was replaced by a special program tonight.
1288 Courtier കോർട്ടിയർ a companion of a queen, king, or another ruler at a royal court The courtier followed the queen around the castle, attending to her every need.
1289 Demonstrative പ്രകടനാത്മകം openly affectionate Because Susan was raised in a family that was far from demonstrative, she is not comfortable sharing her emotions.
1290 Chaste പരിശുദ്ധൻ wholesome; pure in thought Because I am very religious, I told my boyfriend we could do nothing more than exchange chaste kisses.
1291 Unison യൂണിസൺ the condition of being in agreement or occurring at the same time Because the singers sung in unison, it sounded like only one person was performing.
1292 Otherworldly അപരലോകം closely connected to spiritual things or things of another realm When he closed his eyes, the man’s dreams took him to an otherworldly realm that seemed like heaven.
1293 Pliant പ്ലയന്റ് easily manipulated or controlled by people When the slaves were not pliant, their owners would punish them.
1294 Snobbery സ്നോബറി the attitude or behavior of a person who is condescending and thinks they are better than those around them With a cold and distant attitude, the rich woman’s snobbery kept her alone and without an close friends.
1295 Connote സൂചിപ്പിക്കുക to imply something in addition to what is apparent  To an atheist, the image of a cross does not connote anything other than a perpendicular design.
1296 Cog കോഗ് a wheel or bar with protrusions that transfer motion by interacting with another object with similar protrusions The inside of old analog clocks is full of small cogs and gears that work with each other to turn the hands of the clock on the outside.
1297 Pantheism പാന്തീസം belief that God is the universe and the universe is God Individuals who believe in pantheism maintain that God and the universe are the same being.
1298 Delimit പരിധി നിശ്ചയിക്കുക to measure or set physical boundaries After the conflict broke out in Yugoslavia, world leaders came together to delimit boundaries and break the region into individual countries.
1299 Valet വാലറ്റ് a servant/employee who sees to the needs of others by performing chores like parking cars, dressing, or making plans Mark handed his car keys to the valet, grabbed his suitcase, and went to check in at the hotel.
1300 Postmortem പോസ്റ്റ്മോർട്ടം something that happens after death When my great aunt passed away there was a postmortem examination to determine the actual cause of her death and to rule out foul play.
1301 Gangrene ഗംഗ്രീൻ the rot and decay of an area of the body that suffered from infection or a wound that usually needed to be amputated The injured soldier’s wound became infected until gangrene set in, and the doctor’s were forced to cut off the dead tissue.
1302 Raillery റെയിലറി good-natured bantering While many people think the brothers are arguing, they’re usually just engaging in some fun raillery.
1303 Nihilism നിഹിലിസം the idea that societal rules are worthless and should be eliminated The rebels urged the people to grab hold of nihilism and remove all government officials from office.
1304 Hearse കേൾവി a vehicle that transports a coffin to a funeral A black hearse awaited the casket after the funeral closing.
1305 Pitiful ദയനീയം producing pity As soon as Kate heard the stray cat’s pitiful cries, she took fresh water and food outside.
1306 Operose ഓപ്പറോസ് to be done strenuously and laboriously Once the spoiled teenager was sent to work in the fields, she learned the responsibility and diligence after the first day of operose work.
1307 Shone തിളങ്ങി gave forth shining light The sun shone brightly over the Pacific coast and made the water sparkle.
1308 Subtle സൂക്ഷ്മമായ hard to notice or see In the game, people are asked to identify the subtle differences between the similar pictures.
1309 Decade ദശാബ്ദം a span of ten years Robert taught at a University in Colorado for a decade before leaving to teach elsewhere.
1310 Whoop-de-do ഹൂപ്-ഡി-ഡൂ a commotion or frenzy of activity or excitement The Christmas whoop-de-do is exciting for the children who love the holiday frenzy.
1311 Submissive വിധേയത്വം yielding; passive After months of training, our aggressive dog finally became submissive.
1312 Comeuppance വരവ് just punishment that someone deserves The judge handed down comeuppance to the deserving rapist.
1313 Graciousness കൃപ kindness and warm courtesy The graciousness in Mrs. Kennedy’s speech showed the crowd how kind she was.
1314 Insert തിരുകുക to place something inside of something else If you want a soda, you must insert a dollar into the drink machine.
1315 Comportment കമ്പോർട്ട്മെന്റ് conduct; manners Because my brother lacks good comportment, he’s probably going to offend someone during the wedding banquet.
1316 Encase എൻകേസ് to cover something in a case or close-fitting surroundings The foil was used to completely encase the meat before it was put in a pan and placed in the oven.
1317 Admittedly സമ്മതിച്ചു certainly; definitely The joke was admittedly risky but the crowd didn’t seem to mind much.
1318 Guile വഞ്ചന sly or cunning intelligence Although Britney pretends to be sweet and innocent, she has used her guile to become one of the most popular celebrities in the world.
1319 Trait സ്വഭാവം a critical characteristic of a person’s personality Honesty is a trait that most parents greatly value in their children, as nothing is more troublesome than someone who lies to their parents.
1320 Hound വേട്ടപ്പട്ടി to constantly chase or bother someone because you want to get something from them The bill collector continued to hound Javi by constantly calling him about his debt.
1321 Clingy പറ്റിപ്പിടിക്കുന്ന something or someone that is likely to stick, catch, or otherwise be stuck to something My dog is extremely clingy, refusing to leave my side no matter where I go, including the bathroom.
1322 Niece മരുമകൾ the daughter of one’s sister or brother My brother and sister-in-law want to have a boy, but I am secretly hoping for a niece.
1323 Immure ശുദ്ധിയില്ലാത്ത to lock up behind walls Caught robbing a bank, Jason knew the police would immure him in a jail cell for an extended period of time.
1324 Squash സ്ക്വാഷ് to crush, press or mash If you aren’t careful, you will squash the banana and it will be smeared all over your new bag.
1325 Utterance ഉച്ചാരണം spoken word; something that someone says Every utterance coming from the mouth of the accused thief made the king even more angry.
1326 Poor പാവം to be deprived of food, money or goods Poor children could be seen on the streets of India begging tourists for anything they could get.
1327 Cleats ക്ലീറ്റുകൾ shoes with have metal projections on the bottom that are worn during sporting events The football player laced up his cleats and marched on to the field with his teammates.
1328 Scanty തുച്ഛമായ less than what is needed Since the airline lost two of my bags, I have scanty clothing for my vacation.
1329 Contrary വിപരീതമായി not compatible with a position or nature; in opposition  Contrary to my political rival’s statement, the data reveals crime has not increased in this country.
1330 Rebuke ശാസിക്കുക to criticize sharply or a sharp criticism Good parents praise their children more than they rebuke them.
1331 Nowise നൌസെ in no way Her speech dragged on forever and made the audience lose interest since she is nowise providing important information to them.
1332 Functional പ്രവർത്തനയോഗ്യമായ useful; practical  The expensive dress was out of the accountant’s budget, but she convinced herself it was functional and could be worn to other events.
1333 Threatening ഭീഷണിപ്പെടുത്തുന്നു having a hostile or intimidating manner The threatening letter stated that a bomb would be placed in a random mailbox around the city once every day.
1334 Incorporated ഉൾപ്പെടുത്തിയിട്ടുണ്ട് included; combined The bride was insistent that the wedding planner make sure that red, white, and blue were incorporated in her big day.
1335 Well-Known സുപരിചിതൻ famous; popular Because he was well-known, the celebrity can’t go out in public without being noticed.
1336 Relatives ബന്ധുക്കൾ one’s family members We are expecting cousins from Florida, so we must clean the house before our relatives arrive.
1337 Salute വന്ദനം to show distinction to someone by raising the right hand using a certain gesture During the military funeral, everyone notices the officer’s salute to the coffin as it passed by.
1338 Chauffeur ഡ്രൈവർ one who drives a car as an occupation I’ll have the chauffeur drive me to the store tomorrow.
1339 Academic അക്കാദമിക് school-related; educational The academic magazine was full of tips for both teachers and students.
1340 Postponement മാറ്റിവയ്ക്കൽ the action of delaying or putting off something until later The heavy snow last night resulted in a postponement for school.
1341 Seer ദർശകൻ a person who claims to be able to see the future Being a seer, the man’s wife knew that destruction would befall their family the following week.
1342 Unlikely സാധ്യതയില്ല not very likely to happen; questionable It is very unlikely that I will win the lotto, but I still like to play.
1343 Unremitting വിട്ടുമാറാത്ത continuing without any type of interruption or decrease in intensity Jim and Edith could not agree upon a divorce settlement because of their unremitting anger towards each other.
1344 Increasingly വർദ്ധിച്ചുവരികയാണ് progressively As the city continues to grow, it is increasingly harder to find a parking spot down town.
1345 Prophet പ്രവാചകൻ a person who speaks for God, or someone who can predict what will happen in the future In the bible, Noah was a prophet who warned the people that God would bring a flood to wipe out humanity because of all of their thievery and deceit.
1346 Lore ലോർ information and wisdom gained through tradition Lore was passed around the campfire in the form of old folktales.
1347 Aptitude അഭിരുചി the capability to do something well The aptitude test will identify your strongest areas in math.
1348 Livery ലിവറി a special color scheme used as a design for vehicles The livery of my favorite racer’s car is a full yellow paintjob that has two black racing stripes going down the middle.
1349 Daimyo ഡൈമിയോ ancient Japanese feudal lords who the samurai served under The descendent of an ancient daimyo, the Japanese boy was proud that to come from a powerful, land-owning family.
1350 Carcass ശവം the body of a dead person or animal On our cross country road trip, we passed a deer carcass on the road.
1351 Materialize മെറ്റീരിയലൈസ് ചെയ്യുക to become real or visible If you want to make your dreams materialize, you must take steps to make them real.
1352 Snapshot സ്നാപ്പ്ഷോട്ട് an informal photograph taken quickly While looking through an old photo album, Chelsea found a snapshot of her grandmother when she was very young.
1353 Reptile ഉരഗം a class of vertebrates that is characterized by scaly skin and the laying of soft shelled eggs (ex. snakes, lizards, turtles.) Known as the world’s largest reptile, scaly salt-water crocodiles often reach twenty feet long!
1354 Byzantine ബൈസന്റൈൻ complex; hard to comprehend Because the plot was revealed in a byzantine manner, it was difficult to understand.
1355 Humanity മനുഷ്യത്വം the attribute of being kind  A serial killer normally does not reveal any sign of humanity to his victims.
1356 Charade ചാരേഡ് a sham or farce Keeping up the charade, my family continued to pretend that they weren’t going to throw my little sister a surprise party.
1357 Compromise വിട്ടുവീഴ്ച ചെയ്യുക an arrangement reached when two parties agree to make allowances In a monetary compromise, the debtor agreed to pay the bill in full if the lender gave him a payment plan.
1358 Careen കരീൻ to move swiftly in an uncontrollable manner, sometimes from one side to another side If you drive too fast in dangerous weather, your car may careen off the road.
1359 Abruption ഒഴിവാക്കൽ a sudden breaking away During Tara’s pregnancy, placental abruption occurred when the placenta pulled away from the uterine wall.
1360 Unbelievable അവിശ്വസനീയം incredible; not able to be imagined Staring at the winning ticket, the man felt it unbelievable that he could be a millionaire.
1361 Vindicate ന്യായീകരിക്കുക to clear from an accusation, suspicion or criticism Although the new evidence seems to vindicate the defendant of the breaking and entering charges, there is still the matter of the assault.
1362 Formidable ഭീമാകാരമായ something that inspires fear Growing tomato crops during a severe drought proved to be formidable for one farmer.
1363 Palatial കൊട്ടാരം on a large scale with elaborate furnishings The palatial diamond ring was so heavy it made Gina’s finger hurt.
1364 Arrant അറന്റ് complete, total, or utter (example: “arrant nonsense”) If you allow your son to participate in such arrant nonsense with his friends, he’s going to end up either hurt or in a juvenile detention center.
1365 Necessary അത്യാവശ്യം being required or vital For the chocolate cake, the necessary ingredients included flour, eggs, butter and cocoa.
1366 Aqueduct ജലസംഭരണി an artificial channel that is constructed to transport water from one location to another Once completed, the aqueduct will carry fresh water into the mainland.
1367 Flux ഫ്ലക്സ് continual change My hotel reservations are in flux because I can’t decide where I want to stay during my vacation.
1368 Scarcity ക്ഷാമ a lack of something needed The scarcity of water in the small town is destroying the livelihoods of most of the farmers.
1369 Stalwart ശക്തൻ extremely dedicated and loyal The stalwart dog refused to leave his owner’s grave.
1370 Diversity വൈവിധ്യം an assortment of different types As a teacher, Bridgett has to deal with a large amount of diversity in her inner city classroom.
1371 Cavalry കുതിരപ്പട soldiers in a certain part of the army who ride horses into battle As the cavalry was called in, they mounted their stallions and descended into the valley to confront the enemy.
1372 Tenebrous ടെനെബ്രസ് dark or shadowy After wandering into the tenebrous alley, Chelsea became frightened by the dark backstreet.
1373 Cant കഴിയില്ല the unique vocabulary used by a specific group of people The older woman did not understand the modern cant spoken by her grandchildren.
1374 Consistent സ്ഥിരതയുള്ള always acting or behaving in the same way; unchanging He was consistent, always arriving at the diner at exactly 9:15 every morning.
1375 Kibosh കിബോഷ് to examine, finish or halt something After realizing that the newly hired butler had a background in stealing, the rich homeowner put the kibosh on his employment immediately.
1376 Monolithic മോണോലിത്തിക്ക് large in size and challenging to alter   Unfortunately there was no way to make the monolithic project smaller.
1377 Bachelor ബാച്ചിലർ a typically young, single man actively in search of a romantic relationship Many single men like to think of themselves as a bachelor, but if they aren’t trying to find a partner they’re just single men.
1378 Congruity സമന്വയം harmony or agreement Having worked together for years, the congruity of the team made them a shoe-in for the state competition.
1379 Photogenic ഫോട്ടോജെനിക് looking good when photographed Although Rachel claims that she does not look good in pictures, I think that she is the most photogenic student in our class.
1380 Transpire ട്രാൻസ്പയർ to occur or take place The police sat in their cruiser and waited for a criminal act to transpire.
1381 Verdict വിധി a decision made after much consideration In accordance with the verdict of all five panelists, Sally was crowned the spelling bee champion.
1382 Contemplating ആലോചിക്കുന്നു carefully thinking about something After seeing his girlfriend’s offensive text, he was contemplating a breakup.
1383 Affliction കഷ്ടത a state of pain, suffering, distress or agony Although some people claim that she is lucky because she can’t gain weight, she considers it an affliction.
1384 Ruddy റഡ്ഡി having a wholesome red skin color that generally comes from being outdoors a lot The pasty teenager got a ruddy tan after spending most of her summer on the soccer field.
1385 Residuum അവശിഷ്ടം residue left behind by a substance Residuum from the firework explosion littered the city streets.
1386 Presumptive അനുമാനം relating to presumption; presumed without further information It is presumptive to jump to a conclusion without knowing all of the facts or aspects of the situation.
1387 Declivity ഡിക്ലിവിറ്റി downward slope Grandma has a hard time walking from her house to the lake due to her street’s slight declivity.
1388 Make-up മേക്ക് അപ്പ് apply various types of cosmetics usually to face to enhance ones look Adam hates it when it takes me thirty minutes to curl my hair and apply all of my make-up before we can leave the house.
1389 Dragoon ഡ്രാഗൺ a British soldier mounted on horseback Training of the British dragoon included lessons in horse-riding as well as fighting while mounted.
1390 Chiffon ഷിഫോൺ light and silky fabric Before I put on my new chiffon skirt, I checked the temperature to make sure it was not going to be too cold outside.
1391 Handkerchief തൂവാല a square piece of material carried in one’s pocket to be used to wipe their nose or face The widow cried many tears into her soft handkerchief at her husband’s funeral.
1392 Music സംഗീതം a form of art that combines vocal or instrumental sounds to create a composition Guests at the house party grooved to music booming out of the stereo system.
1393 Preferable അഭികാമ്യം more suitable than other options Since nurses are constantly on their feet, they find flat shoes preferable to heels.
1394 Equitable തുല്യത characterized by equity or fairness; just and right; fair Both sides agreed to try to find an equitable compromise that would please everyone.
1395 Turbine ടർബൈൻ an engine that provides power because a wheel or a rotor is continually turning due to pressure from fast moving liquid The turbine used water and a rotor to power the boat down the mighty Mississippi.
1396 Vessel പാത്രം a large ship that typically houses some sort of cargo Columbus sailed on the Santa Maria, which was a vessel of the Spanish court.
1397 Grizzly ഗ്രിസ്ലി a type of brown bear that is extremely large and lives in North America The grizzly bear came into the clearing on its hind legs and roared at the hunters making a run for their truck.
1398 Step ഘട്ടം a stride in one’s walks Since I was not looking where I was going, my next step was directly into a sticky pile of bubble gum.
1399 Crew ക്രൂ a group of people working together on a task  The ambulance crew removed him from the wreckage.
1400 Today ഇന്ന് at the present time I have a doctor’s appointment at two-o’clock today and will take a cab to the clinic.
1401 Dictatorship ഏകാധിപത്യം a form of government in which one person has total power There is no freedom when living in a dictatorship.
1402 Glitch കുഴപ്പം a sudden malfunction A glitch in the system caused all of the computers to reboot automatically.
1403 Convince ബോധ്യപ്പെടുത്തുക to talk someone to into doing or believing something Even though his drinking was a problem, no one could convince the alcoholic to get help.
1404 Knotty കെട്ട് full of knots, tangles, or lumps The girl’s hair was always knotty and hard to comb out after she went swimming.
1405 Satire ആക്ഷേപഹാസ്യം a literary work or device that makes fun of its subject The latest biography of the president is a satire designed to mock the leader.
1406 Teleconference ടെലികോൺഫറൻസ് a conference with multiple people in different locations over telecommunications Because the CEO’s were in different states, they had to have a teleconference over the phone for their meeting.
1407 Daring ധൈര്യശാലി to describe someone who is ready to take risks, bold, or venturesome. Bold and daring, Harriet Tubman helped over 300 slaves escape to freedom through the Underground Railroad.
1408 Mourning വിലാപം mourning means a time to show deep sorrow At the funeral, the crowd was mourning and celebrating the loss and life of a loved one.
1409 Grumpy മുഷിഞ്ഞ ill-tempered or unhappy I am always grumpy in the early morning, rarely saying a word and frowning at everyone who bothers to look my way.
1410 Dimple ഡിംപിൾ a small, natural indention in some part of the human body, especially the cheek When she smiles, a small dimple shows in the middle of Grace’s cheek.
1411 Municipality മുനിസിപ്പാലിറ്റി a town that has its own local lawmaking body Citizens knew that living in the municipality meant they would need to vote within this jurisdiction since they acted as their own city.
1412 Transit ട്രാൻസിറ്റ് the carrying of people, goods, or materials from one place to another The transit agency works to find cheap transportation for people to take to work.
1413 Antecedent മുൻഗാമി something that came before something else and may have influenced or caused it Can you identify the antecedent that led to Jane’s emotional breakdown?
1414 Incredulously അവിശ്വസനീയമായി in a way that shows disbelief or skepticism All of the audience shook their heads incredulously as the unattractive contestant was crowned beauty queen.
1415 Depressed വിഷാദം feeling extremely sad and unhappy The depressed mother decided to talk to a counselor about her feelings of unhappiness.
1416 Split രണ്ടായി പിരിയുക divided The pizza was split into twelve pieces and divided among the partygoers.
1417 One-up ഒറ്റയടി to do better than someone else Joe and his brother are very competitive, always trying to one-up each other while playing sports.
1418 Zenith സെനിത്ത് the strongest or most successful period of time Before her zenith ended, Meredith published six best-selling books.
1419 Discolor നിറം മാറ്റുക to change or lose color Washing light laundry with dark may cause your clothes to discolor, completely ruining them.
1420 Resolute ദൃഢനിശ്ചയം very determined, persistent After such a heart-breaking loss, every member of the team was more resolute than ever to win the next game against their arch-rivals.
1421 Naturalist പ്രകൃതിശാസ്ത്രജ്ഞൻ someone who studies life and nature While wandering in the forest, a naturalist was walking a trail to determine if there were any new birds in the area.
1422 Slaughter കശാപ്പ് the killing of a large number of animals or people Mass slaughter of the Jewish people is one of history’s most senseless tragedies.
1423 Attenuate ക്ഷീണിപ്പിക്കുക to reduce to a weaker or smaller state Doctors claim taking the flu vaccine will attenuate the effects of the illness.
1424 Solicitation അഭ്യർത്ഥന actively seeking out others in order to obtain a favor or money for a specific cause or business The homeowner’s association called the police on the door to door salesmen because there was a strict policy of no solicitation in the community.
1425 Idly ഇഡ്ഡലി inactively; lazily The lazy boy stood idly by as the rest of his siblings helped unload the groceries from the car.
1426 Fed ഫെഡ് supplied someone or something with food As a volunteer, the days when she fed the homeless were most rewarding.
1427 Ceasefire വെടിനിർത്തൽ an agreement between two warring factions to stop fighting When it was obvious they he had no chance to win World War Two, the Nazis agreed to a ceasefire, ending the war on the European front.
1428 Light-hearted ലാഘവബുദ്ധി cheerful; happy-go-lucky Laura went to go see a light-hearted film to put her in a better mood.
1429 Meretricious മെറിട്രിഷ്യസ് tastelessly showy; attractive on the surface but having in reality no value or substance; falsely alluring Because of Christie’s meretricious style of dressing, she has often been mistaken for a prostitute and has received a number of indecent proposals.
1430 Threefold മൂന്നിരട്ടി referring to something that is triple the amount With Harry, Tom and Sam from the same gang all in jail together, this threefold group presented a problem to the warden.
1431 Bystander കാഴ്ചക്കാരൻ a person who is present during a situation or event but not directly involved A bystander witnessed the wreck and called the police to assist.
1432 Peradventure പെരഡ്വെഞ്ചർ doubt or uncertainty Her peradventure about the exam made her doubt her ability on standardized tests.
1433 Comfort ആശ്വാസം to relieve the distress or suffering of; to provide relief to Ruth’s was able to comfort her best friend after her cancer diagnosis with her supportive words.
1434 Tempting പ്രലോഭിപ്പിക്കുന്നത് appealing and able to attract someone, especially to something that is wrong Though her advances were tempting, the married man refused to accept the gorgeous woman’s advances.
1435 Inflammable ജ്വലിക്കുന്ന capable of burning; easily set on fire Once drenched in lighter fluid, the inflammable charcoal bricks ignited in fire when the match touched the first brick.
1436 Supplication അപേക്ഷ a plea made to a higher power The worried father went to the hospital chapel to make a supplication for his sick child.
1437 Decant ഡീകന്റ് to move one fluid or liquid from one container to another After asking the waiter for him to refill my glass, he took the large pitcher of iced tea to decant it from his pitcher into my glass.
1438 Upheaval ഉയർച്ച an abrupt disruption or change The sudden closing of the interstate exit is going to be an upheaval for local residents.
1439 Availability ലഭ്യത having the time or means supplies to do something The secretary informed the caller of her boss’s availability to meet that week.
1440 Police പോലീസ് civil government forces tasked with detecting and preventing crime and maintaining public order The police are often called on to investigate disturbances in residential neighborhoods.
1441 Nepotism സ്വജനപക്ഷപാതം the act of giving opportunities to others simply because of a personal relationship Since George is an idiot everyone knows his father hired him because of nepotism.
1442 Casuistry കാഷ്യൂസ്ട്രി  a way of arguing in a misleading or deceptive manner The salesman used casuistry in an attempt to convince me he had the best deal in town.
1443 Factor ഘടകം an element that contributes to a circumstance or situation The high fuel consumption is the main factor that deters me from buying the vehicle.
1444 Charitable ചാരിറ്റബിൾ generous in giving to those in need Charitable donations were made to help those who lost their homes during the flood.
1445 Vermilion വെർമിലിയൻ bold reddish-orange color Cardinals are a brilliant shade of vermilion.
1446 Goad ഗോഡ് provoke or annoy (someone) so as to stimulate some action or reaction During lunch in the cafeteria today, my rival tried to goad me into a fight so I would get suspended from school.
1447 Screenplay തിരക്കഥ the story script and shooting directions prepared for motion-picture production The director followed the directions of the screenplay and instructed the actors on where to stand.
1448 Emigrate എമിഗ്രേറ്റ് ചെയ്യുക to move from an individual’s home country to another country Many Mexicans illegally emigrate into the U.S. from Mexico.
1449 Strife കലഹം struggle or conflict A tactical team was sent in to end the strife between the two gangs.
1450 Pod പോഡ് a little cluster of animals While touring the zoo, the children observed a pod of pelicans settled close to each other.
1451 Possess കൈവശമാക്കുക to have or own something Most families in America possess at least one car, but many have two.
1452 Ameliorate മെച്ചപ്പെടുത്തുക to make something better or more manageable The police tried to ameliorate the situation after the false arrest, but the family didn’t want to hear their apologies.
1453 Visits സന്ദർശനങ്ങൾ goes to see a person or place Each time my father visits, he complains about my messy house.
1454 Piscine പിസ്കിൻ anything about or related to fish Fishing is a distinctly piscine activity.
1455 Stop നിർത്തുക to rest or discontinue an action “Stop hitting your younger brother,” the father reprimanded his daughter after observing red marks on his arms.
1456 Emeritus എമിരിറ്റസ് retaining a title of honor after retirement Barack Obama is the emeritus President of the United States.
1457 Cobble കോബിൾ to mend, repair, or put something together The student council was asked to cobble together a plan for graduation day celebrations.
1458 Sweeping തൂത്തുവാരുന്നു something that has a wide area of effect or range The missile blanketed the entire area in a sweeping blast of flame.
1459 Town പട്ടണം a little place similar to a city Leadership in the town had dwindled to just a few officials since the population had decreased in size since many people had moved to the big city.
1460 Humbly വിനയപൂർവ്വം modestly and simply My sister humbly accepted blame and apologized quickly because she knew she did wrong.
1461 Recursive ആവർത്തിച്ചുള്ള pertaining to a rule or procedure that can be applied repeatedly A recursive ratio must be used in problems where the pattern repeats over and over.
1462 Paramount പരമപ്രധാനം of the greatest concern It is paramount that my grandfather takes his medicine if he wants to feel better.
1463 Sidetrack സൈഡ്ട്രാക്ക് to cause someone to be distracted from an important issue My phone tends to sidetrack me when I am trying to work, so I put it away to keep myself from being distracted.
1464 Threaten ഭീഷണിപ്പെടുത്തുക to put someone or something in hazard or danger If you threaten violence, you stand the chance of getting in trouble with the law.
1465 Obsidian ഒബ്സിഡിയൻ a dark black rock created from cooled lava with relatively no crystals in it Since the obsidian was easy to break, pieces of it were carved to make knives used in surgical procedures.
1466 Well-being ക്ഷേമം refers to one’s health or safety Concerned about his mother’s wellbeing, the son took her to the doctor for a check-up.
1467 Annotate വ്യാഖ്യാനിക്കുക to add notes to a text or diagram in order to provide additional insight and understanding about something The student is free to annotate the textbook with notes, as well as to highlight any text that they choose.
1468 Polis പോളിസ് a city state in ancient Greece Athens was the most famous polis in Greece and is known as the birthplace of democratic government.
1469 Rumination റുമിനേഷൻ persistent and repetitive thinking Constant rumination plagued the mind of the obsessive inventor who was unable to free himself from his thoughts.
1470 Sergeant സാർജന്റ് a noncommissioned military officer ranking Moving up in the Air Force, the sergeant was looked to for guidance and mentorship from lower ranking officers.
1471 Unruly അനിയന്ത്രിതമായ disruptive behavior that is wild and out of control Police were sent to stop the unruly drunks from throwing bottles at cars passing by.
1472 Undoing പഴയപടിയാക്കുന്നു downfall; defeat It seems that complaining about her boss led to Megan’s undoing since she was fired a day after she made those negative comments.
1473 Thankfully നന്ദിയോടെ to be done in a grateful manner Thankfully I was able to complete my homework on time, because I was worried that I would not be able to.
1474 Deputize നിയോഗിക്കുക to make someone a deputy a second in command or assistant who usually takes charge when his or her superior is absent The sheriff made the decision to deputize lieutenant McDaniel so that he could run the jail in his place.
1475 Idea ആശയം a thought or opinion Each idea the intern offered was initially turned down by management, but later used without credit being given.
1476 Congenital ജന്മനാ existing since birth Due to a congenital heart condition that ran in their family, the parents were worried about their unborn child.
1477 Dreadful ഭയങ്കരം extremely terrible or awful The dreadful heat beat down on the farmhands, making their day’s work even more grueling.
1478 Specialty സ്പെഷ്യാലിറ്റി an area of study or skill that a person is focused on or particularly good at The chef’s specialty is Italian cuisine, but he also dabbles in French cooking.
1479 Rewarding പ്രതിഫലദായകമാണ് describes something that gives satisfaction (good feelings) or profit (good returns) Anna didn’t get paid to work at the shelter but she felt it was rewarding work because it brought her happiness.
1480 Innuendo ഇൻനുഎൻഡോ a statement that indirectly suggests someone has done something immoral, improper, etc. Although the dialogue in the book is not sexually explicit, the writer makes great use of innuendo to convey his message.
1481 Venom വിഷം a poisonous substance secreted by animals such as snakes, spiders, and scorpions and typically injected into prey or aggressors by biting or stinging The scorpion stores venom in its tail and releases the powerful poison when it stings.
1482 Twist ട്വിസ്റ്റ് to turn something in a spiraling motion The weak girl struggled to twist the cap off of her soda bottle.
1483 Chromatin ക്രോമാറ്റിൻ genetic material composed of DNA and proteins that condenses to form chromosomes Found in the inside of the cell, chromatin is made up mostly of DNA and proteins.
1484 Unleash അഴിച്ചുവിടുക to set free from a restraint After I went to unleash the dog who had been chained to his cage for years, the dog attacked the first person it saw and ran away.
1485 Classification വർഗ്ഗീകരണം a group of things or people that are grouped together because of what they have in common Because our school is grouped in a larger classification, our football team doesn’t play smaller neighboring schools.
1486 Certitude ഉറപ്പ് the condition of being certain or sure about something Unfortunately, the witness could not describe her attacker’s face with certitude.
1487 Quirky വിചിത്രമായ unusual, but in an attractive or interesting way The quirky yellow cottage is decorated in a strange yet attractive way.
1488 Vehemently തീവ്രമായി to do something forcefully and often passionately The scorned young woman vehemently rejected her ex-boyfriend’s pleas to forgive him.
1489 Ruefully ക്രൂരമായി in a way that expresses regret The little boys ruefully apologized for breaking the window.
1490 Antisocial സാമൂഹ്യവിരുദ്ധൻ unwilling or unable to associate normally with other people People say that I am antisocial because I don’t talk that much.
1491 Arsenal ആഴ്സണൽ a stock of weapons When they arrested the suspect, he had an arsenal of firearms in his possession.
1492 Unnoticed ശ്രദ്ധിക്കപ്പെടാതെ ignored or unseen The hunter wore clothes that would help him blend into the woods and go unnoticed by the animals.
1493 Repertory റിപ്പർട്ടറി repertoire; collection A repertory of skits has been organized for this event and will be performed in sequential order.
1494 Mischief വികൃതി playful wrongdoing or troublemaking The children would always get into mischief if they were left unattended.
1495 Posterity പിൻതലമുറ all future generations We bury time capsules for ourselves and for posterity.
1496 Greedy അത്യാഗ്രഹി showing a selfish desire for more of something The greedy billionaire had plenty of money but still stole from anyone who could increase his wealth.
1497 Train ട്രെയിൻ to teach or coach Some workers have been asked to train the newcomers on how to use the machines.
1498 Sepulcher സെപൽച്ചർ a place where one is buried When my mother dies, she will be placed in the family sepulcher alongside my father.
1499 Potholes കുഴികൾ deep holes in a roads surface that are formed by weather or traffic Deep, rounded potholes filled the gravel road, making it hard for vehicles to drive on the route.
1500 Time സമയം the juncture or point at which an event takes place When the bell rang, it was time to say good-bye to my therapist since my half hour was up.
1501 Corpulent കോർപ്പുലന്റ് having a large bulky body After overeating for months, the skinny girl became somewhat corpulent.
1502 Amazing അത്ഭുതകരം impressive; incredible Looking up at the amazing pyramid, it was hard for Frank to imagine building something so impressive.
1503 Ruminant റുമിനന്റ് a type of animal with a four-chambered stomach hat brings up food from its stomach and chews it again The water buffalo is a ruminant, which means it has a four-chambered stomach.
1504 Parish ഇടവക the area under the guidance of a minister or priest After a while, the priest left his congregation in the city to care for the souls in a small rural parish.
1505 Pavilion പവലിയൻ a constructed shelter used for certain reasons As the torrential downpour interrupted our picnic, the family sought shelter at the pavilion nearby.
1506 Merciless കരുണയില്ലാത്ത cruel and without mercy or pity The merciless dictator killed everyone that went against his regime.
1507 Circular വൃത്താകൃതി shaped like a circle; round The circular tower was much taller than the ones built in a square shape instead of a rounded one.
1508 Enchant മോഹിപ്പിക്കുക to charm or captivate When the magician finished his act, he did enchant the audience with his unbelievable magic tricks.
1509 Batty ബട്ടി crazy and out of one’s mind The batty woman walked the streets yelling “ca-caw” and flapping her arms as if she were a bird.
1510 Launch ലോഞ്ച് to start or set something into motion The space center prepared to launch the rocket far into outer space.
1511 Disallow അനുവദിക്കരുത് to revoke or take away a privilege that was previously allowed Many parents disallow their children to participate in their favorite activities or hang out with their friends when they’re grounded.
1512 Transitory ട്രാൻസിറ്ററി not permanent; temporary Unfortunately, the homeless people can only stay in the transitory shelter for a short period of time.
1513 Permissible അനുവദനീയമാണ് permitted Jack hired a lawyer to fight his speeding ticket because he claims that he was driving at a permissible speed.
1514 Comprised അടങ്ങുന്ന to be formed or made from Rick’s sculptures are comprised of copper and aluminum.
1515 Condense ഘനീഭവിക്കുക to decrease size or volume John managed to condense his education and previous job skills to one page on his resume.
1516 Phew ഫ്യൂ to convey a sense of relief, fatigue, surprise, disgust when something hard is finished or no longer worried about something “Phew, that was a close call and glad the car moved back into its proper lane before she hit us.”
1517 Influenza ഇൻഫ്ലുവൻസ a contagious viral infection that attacks your lungs (also called the flu) After being diagnosed with influenza, the patient was put on anti-biotics, and her breathing was monitored.
1518 Disapprove അംഗീകരിക്കാതിരിക്കുക to reject or refuse something When Sarah’s boyfriend came in to meet her parents, she knew they would instantly disapprove of him due to his many tattoos, obnoxious attitude and unemployment status.
1519 Clutter കോലാഹലം a messy collection of things lying around Clutter filled the elderly couple’s home as they refused to get rid of anything they had every bought.
1520 Concede സമ്മതിക്കുക to admit something is true or to admit defeat in a contest Since he was trailing behind, the politician decided to concede the election to his opponent.
1521 Indigene സ്വദേശി an indigenous person that is a native of a certain place While sitting around the campfire, the Australian indigene told his grandchildren the stories of his native ancestors.
1522 Parvenu പർവേണു an individual who moves from a lower economic and social class to a higher one while remaining an outsider To the town’s oldest and wealthiest families, the lottery winner was a parvenu who would never be welcome in their social circle.
1523 Viaduct വയഡക്റ്റ് a bridge or overpass that carries a road or railroad track over something (i.e. a canyon, valley.) As the viaduct started to collapse, stranded drivers on the bridge began to panic.
1524 Piety ഭക്തി respect and devotion to a higher power or religious organization The millionaire’s act of piety was a huge donation that allowed the church to build homes for five needy families.
1525 Contented തൃപ്തിപ്പെട്ടു happy and satisfied A contented smile crossed her face when she heard that she was selected for prom queen.
1526 Swath സ്വാത്ത് a wide area of something A forest is just one big swath of trees.
1527 Superstition അന്ധവിശ്വാസം believing in imaginary things He thought that crossing his fingers would bring him good luck, but now he knows it was a superstition.
1528 Parasitical പരാന്നഭോജികൾ of, pertaining to, or having the characteristics of a parasite; leechlike or freeloading Ticks feed off of human blood, making them parasitical and dangerous.
1529 Judicious ന്യായമായ showing intelligence and good judgment Because of the doctor’s experience, he was a judicious fellow who was well-respected by his colleagues.
1530 Whirl ചുഴലിക്കാറ്റ് to twirl or spin The tornado continued to whirl around, kicking up dust along its path.
1531 Distortion വളച്ചൊടിക്കൽ an irregularity or abnormality in the shape or perception of something After getting hit by a flashbang, the victim suffers severe distortion in their ability to both hear and see.
1532 Blueprint ബ്ലൂപ്രിന്റ് a design plan or a detailed technical drawing Because the blueprint seemed to be missing some details, the builders were concerned.
1533 Sick അസുഖം affected by a physical or mental illness My daughter usually tries to fake a cold to get out of school on Mondays, but this time she actually was sick, and I let her stay home.
1534 Slammer സ്ലാമർ a slang word for prison or jail Having spent ten years in the slammer, the ex-con wasn’t afraid of doing hard time for his crimes.
1535 Especial പ്രത്യേകം exceptional With especial grades, the student knew she would get into the college of her choice.
1536 Offensive കുറ്റകരമായ hateful or hurtful The offensive letter was given to the principal so he could try to find the writer of the hateful note.
1537 Courtliness മര്യാദ having the mannerisms or attributes befitting someone of high breeding; elegance, good taste, and/or manners The courtliness of the ballroom could be found in the elegant chandeliers, expensive curtains, and gold fixtures.
1538 Toggle ടോഗിൾ ചെയ്യുക pressing a key or button on a computer to go back and forth between something The little kids would toggle back and forth between music and you tube on their tablets.
1539 Witch മന്ത്രവാദിനി a woman who claims to have magical powers and practices sorcery or witchcraft The warty witch mixed up toad parts and magic beans in her black cauldron.
1540 Daub ഡാബ് to coat or smear a substance on a surface My mom screamed at me when I began to daub my bread with too much cream cheese.
1541 Exigency അത്യാവശ്യം something that is necessary in a particular situation Rules are an exigency inside of a prison or else chaos will reign.
1542 Pleasing പ്രസാദിപ്പിക്കുന്നത് satisfying; giving pleasure The mother’s pleasing voice lulled her baby into a gentle sleep.
1543 Pretty മനോഹരം attractive in a dainty, graceful way  The pretty dresses the twin girls wore on Easter Sunday had everyone talking.

1544 Aspirant അഭിലാഷം a person or group that strives to achieve something, take on a certain career, or follow a particular path Though she didn’t possess much natural talent, the aspirant practice dancing every single day in hopes that she would be good enough to become a professional dancer.
1545 Responsible ഉത്തരവാദിയായ having control and authority over something while being accountable for its protection or outcome Elizabeth is responsible for cooking Christmas dinner and I am in charge of the decorations.
1546 Geocaching ജിയോകാച്ചിംഗ് an outdoor game in which people hunt for hidden items and locate them using GPS Our history teacher offered extra credit to those who would use their phones’ GPS systems to go geocaching for historical sites.
1547 Nor അല്ല a word used to add another false statement When Bill is sedated, he experiences neither joy nor sorrow.
1548 Pirate കടൽക്കൊള്ളക്കാരൻ the act of stealing or reproducing a copyrighted work for profit Many people pirate games and music from the internet by downloading them illegally and free of charge.
1549 Withhold തടഞ്ഞുവയ്ക്കുക to keep something from someone If you withhold information from the judge, you could get thrown in jail for not telling all of the truth.
1550 Unsuspecting സംശയിക്കാത്തത് being naïve and unaware, especially of the presence of danger The unsuspecting driver never expected to be carjacked in the middle of a busy roadway.
1551 Torment പീഡനം to torture and cause pain Every day when he got on the bus, the bully began to torment the quiet child.
1552 Revamp നവീകരിക്കുക to give new improvement or life to something old The city decided to revamp their town monument, since it was looking a little old and beaten after forty years of only basic care.
1553 Temper കോപം an individual’s level of calmness Jason lost his temper and broke the bathroom mirror.
1554 Chasten ശാസിക്കുക to punish or reprimand in order to correct  As a parent, I don’t feel spanking is a good way to chasten your kids.
1555 Rescue രക്ഷാപ്രവർത്തനം to save someone or something from a dangerous situation A swift moving river with flooding all around made it difficult for the search party to rescue the stranded dog.
1556 Temple ക്ഷേത്രം a building that is devoted to religious worship Every year, thousands of people fill the temple to worship their god and pay respects to their ancestors inside the sanctuary.
1557 Dwell താമസിക്കുക to live in a specific place The migrant worker did not intend to dwell in the rural town for very long.
1558 Cumbrous ഞെരുക്കമുള്ള difficult to handle or manage Since the professor had once taught higher level classes, his students dreaded his cumbrous tests.
1559 Hull ഹൾ the main part of a ship or boat The hull of a flat bottom boat is shaped differently than the body of other vessels.
1560 Incredible അവിശ്വസനീയം so extraordinary that is seems impossible An incredible act of kindness, a stranger off the street offered to donate a kidney for the ill teenager.
1561 Scald ചുട്ടുകളയുക to be hurt by a scorching fluid Even the smallest splash of hot oil on my skin would scald it causing severe burns.
1562 Adventurous സാഹസികതയുള്ള daring; brave Bold and adventurous, the dare devil was always looking for a new exploit to undertake.
1563 Marginal അരികിലുള്ള minor; not of consequence I was not upset by the marginal price increase.
1564 Exceeding കവിയുന്നു more or greater than average Having exceeding expectations, the teacher required high quality work with no errors from all of his students.
1565 Thought ചിന്തിച്ചു an idea or opinion that is created in the mind The thought of working out crossed Darren’s mind, but he decided to skip the gym today.
1566 Annual വാർഷികം happening once a year We worried that our state would impose water rationing because of how little annual rainfall we had received this year.
1567 Bail ജാമ്യം an amount of money that a person who has been accused of a crime pays to a law court so that they can leave jail temporarily Bail money was requested before the arrested could be released to his family.
1568 Undoubtedly സംശയമില്ല without any doubt Undoubtedly, I have plans to attend my only daughter’s high school graduation.
1569 Verboten വെർബോട്ടെൻ forbidden, prohibited Because of past arguments, political discusses are verboten at our dinner table.
1570 Parch പാർച്ച് to dry up due to heat With the sun shining so brightly, it was not difficult to parch the wet clothing.
1571 Cyclic സൈക്ലിക് regularly repeating in a cycle Weather can generally be predicted since the seasons are cyclic and repeat year after year.
1572 Cyclist സൈക്ലിസ്റ്റ് a person who rides a bicycle Although he wasn’t a professional cyclist, the man thoroughly enjoyed riding bicycles.
1573 Demand ആവശ്യം to command or insist that someone do something The teachers demand that we do our homework, so we make sure to complete it on time.
1574 Sudorific സുഡോറിഫിക് producing or triggering perspiration Running in the summer is a sudorific exercise due to the energy exerted as well as the high temperature.
1575 Sober ശാന്തമായ sober means solemn, serious, and sensitive The interviewee gave a blank sober stare into the camera lens prior to her meeting.
1576 Burglary മോഷണം illegal entry into a building or vehicle with the intention of stealing Because he had been convicted of burglary before, Nick was the prime suspect in this hotel break-in.
1577 Burnish കത്തിക്കുക to polish; to make smooth or shiny Richard is forever attempting to burnish his reputation so that he can advance his position within our company.
1578 Socioeconomic സാമൂഹിക സാമ്പത്തിക socioeconomic is a term used to describe social and economic factors A student’s socioeconomic status is used to determine who receives free school lunch.
1579 Thoroughfare ഇടവഴി a main road in a town If you want to go straight through town you should use the thoroughfare, which is the biggest road in the center of town.
1580 Alleged ആരോപിച്ചു questionable; not confirmed While the alleged suspect was arrested today, he still has to be tried in a court of law.
1581 Creditable ക്രെഡിറ്റബിൾ deserving of praise Although Ellen didn’t win the singing competition, her efforts were creditable enough to earn her a recording contract.
1582 Amalgamation സംയോജനം the process of combining two or more companies  The amalgamation process is sometimes decided upon to avoid bankruptcy.
1583 Nee നീ born with this name usually before getting married Harriet Tubman, nee Araminta Ross, helped slaves escape to the North using the Underground Railroad.
1584 Link ലിങ്ക് a connection between places, people, events, or ideas He has been a beat officer for the past three years and is a vital link between the community and police.
1585 Historical ചരിത്രപരം based or centered around history The historical book was based on things that happened in the early 19th century.
1586 Willful മനഃപൂർവ്വം declining to alter one’s behavior or opinions The willful boy refused to take his seat in class.
1587 Unsophisticated പരിഷ്കൃതമല്ലാത്തത് basic; not complicated or highly developed The unsophisticated factory version of the vehicle sells for a much lower price than one purchased with all the bells and whistles.
1588 Appropriation വിനിയോഗം money set aside for a specific purpose Joy works at city hall where she gets to oversee the appropriation of funds to both the public school and the public library systems.
1589 Fahrenheit ഫാരൻഹീറ്റ് a temperature scale in which 32 degrees is the standard for freezing and 212 degrees is the boiling point If you crank the heat up to 212 degrees Fahrenheit, the water in the pot will begin to boil.
1590 Punctuality സമയനിഷ്ഠ promptness for an appointment or event Sarah’s boss knew the store would open on time due to Sarah’s punctuality for work.
1591 Abolitionist ഉന്മൂലനവാദി one who supports the elimination of practices or laws that are viewed as dangerous The abolitionist is recruiting like-minded people who share her opposition to the pro-abortion laws.
1592 Altruistic പരോപകാരി sincerely concerned about the well being of others The billionaire is an altruistic man who gives away millions of dollars every year to various charities.
1593 Moot മൂട്ട് having no real point Federal legislation will override the states’ concerns and make them moot.
1594 Twinkle മിന്നിത്തിളങ്ങുക to shine and sparkle After getting her teeth cleaned, the woman’s pearly whites seemed to twinkle and glisten.
1595 Plunder കൊള്ളയടിക്കുക  to take forcefully usually during a time of disorder During the protest riots, angry citizens began to plunder goods from closed stores.
1596 Differentiate വേർതിരിക്കുക to identify as dissimilar The cashier told me a sticker would differentiate the regular cheeseburger from the cheeseburger without pickles.
1597 Gloat ഗ്ലോട്ട് to take satisfaction in something that makes another person seem inferior If you are the winner of a contest, you should not gloat and make your competitors feel inferior.
1598 Odoriferous ഗന്ധമുള്ള producing an unpleasant scent After eating six burritos, my brother turned the bathroom into an odoriferous chamber.
1599 Diversion വഴിതിരിച്ചുവിടൽ a distraction or turning from another activity Soldiers often use a diversion tactic, like a small attack away from their target, to sneak up on the enemy.
1600 Writ എഴുതുക the power to enforce submission and compliance It is beyond the writ of adults to punish children that are not their own for misbehavior regardless of how bad it is.
1601 Spirituality ആത്മീയത relating too or concerned with the soul or spirit instead of the physical body Because he was so interested in spirituality, the pastor read and wrote many books about where the soul goes after death.
1602 Beast മൃഗം a large, dangerous animal The giant beast appeared from behind the cliff and growled a fearsome snarl at the children looking for berries.
1603 Archetype ആർക്കൈപ്പ് an ideal example that people often attempt to duplicate The film that won the best picture award should be considered the archetype of all future movies.
1604 Repatriate സ്വദേശത്തേക്ക് തിരിച്ചയയ്‌ക്കുക to deport or exile The government has insisted that it will repatriate as many illegal immigrants as possible before the term end.
1605 Relatively താരതമ്യേന to a certain degree or in comparison to another thing Since the building was built two years ago, it is still relatively new.
1606 Reindeer റെയിൻഡിയർ a deer with long antlers that lives in the Arctic tundra of Europe, Asia, and North America The man traveled across the northeast, herding nomadic reindeer in the arctic.
1607 Fluent ഒഴുക്കുള്ള able to express oneself easily The taxi driver was fluent in several languages, allowing him to help the city’s immigrants move around.
1608 Crew ക്രൂ a team of people that work together to operate something The yard crew worked together to finish the landscaping before sundown.
1609 Nonagon നോനഗോൺ a nine sided polygon The pocket watch was a nonagon, with nine sides around the brass edge.
1610 Hirsute ഹിർസുട്ട് hairy The hirsute teenager was warned that he would be expelled from school if he did not take a haircut and pay attention to his grooming.
1611 Radiance തേജസ്സ് glowing brightness Pure radiance shined through the water as the sun’s rays caused the waves to glisten.
1612 Totalitarian സമഗ്രാധിപത്യം associated with a system of governance in which the government controls everything Some people feel the government is trying to take our civilian rights and turn our nation into a totalitarian state.
1613 Acuity അക്വിറ്റി sharpness in relation to thought, vision, or hearing In order for my daughter to get into the school’s gifted program, she had to take a mental acuity test.
1614 Outweigh കടത്തിവെട്ടുന്നതാണ് for something to be more important or further along than something else Since the job paid much less and was more difficult, its disadvantages definitely outweigh the benefits.
1615 Intravenous ഇൻട്രാവെനസ് by way of a vein Intravenous drug users often bruise their veins.
1616 Whet വെറ്റ് to trigger or make desire The mobile phone company uses celebrity endorsements to make consumers whet their phones.
1617 Lovely മനോഹരം beautiful; charming  Miranda’s lovely emerald dress looked beautiful against her fair skin.
1618 Decree ഡിക്രി an official order issued by a legal authority The queen issued a royal decree which stopped people from visiting the royal gardens during the holidays.
1619 Alibi അലിബി a reason or excuse why someone could not have done something While the witness claims the suspect was at the murder scene, the suspect’s alibi places him in another state.
1620 Rob കവര്ച്ച to steal something form someone else The thieves tried to rob their neighbor, but his barking dog scared them away from his home.
1621 Unabated നിർത്താതെ persistent; relentless and refusing to give up Even after he was turned down three times, the inventor, unabated, refused to give up on his design.
1622 Achievement നേട്ടം a thing done successfully I consider it an achievement that I learned to control my spending.
1623 Rubble അവശിഷ്ടങ്ങൾ the pieces that remain after a structure is destroyed The hurricane turned several oceanfront homes into piles of rubble.
1624 Work ജോലി to complete tasks, especially at one’s job or to earn money Because she likes to work from home, Janet prepares a lot of her cases on her personal computer.
1625 Infallible തെറ്റ് പറ്റാത്തത് not capable of being wrong or of failing While you may think you are infallible, you make mistakes just like everyone else!
1626 Abhor വെറുപ്പ് to reject something very strongly; hate I abhor liars.
1627 Infamy കുപ്രസിദ്ധി the condition of being known for something unpleasant or bad In hopes of gaining infamy, the troubled youth brought a gun to school.
1628 Gaslight ഗ്യാസ്ലൈറ്റ് to use psychological manipulation to sow seeds of doubt in a person’s mind and make them question their own sanity The psychopath will gaslight and tell blatant lies in an attempt to throw you off balance.
1629 Seizure പിടിച്ചെടുക്കൽ The capturing of something by force All of the stolen goods taken in the seizure are being stored in the police lock-up.
1630 Concurrent ഒരേസമയം occurring at the same point in time Since my anniversary and my mother-in-law’s birthday are both on August 12, the two events are concurrent.
1631 Admonish ഉപദേശിക്കുക to scold; to warn strongly Do not admonish him for being gay!
1632 Velocity പ്രവേഗം the rate of action or motion After the football played injured his knee, his velocity on the field decreased.
1633 Stone കല്ല് a firm pebble or rock When the door kept shutting closed, I pushed a heavy stone in front of the door to keep it open.
1634 Internal ആന്തരികം the interior or inside of something Since the emergency room physician suspected internal bleeding, the patient’s chest was opened up to see if the injury was bad.
1635 Mitigate ലഘൂകരിക്കാനും make less severe or painful The doctor gave me a prescription to mitigate the pain.
1636 Truly സത്യമായും sincerely Because she was truly sorry for her crime, the judge let the thief out of jail.
1637 Unaffected ബാധിക്കാത്തത് not changed or altered My sister’s home was ruined by the latest flood but my residence was unaffected.
1638 Highfalutin ഹൈഫാലൂട്ടിൻ conceited or arrogant After the woman discussed her potential case with the highfalutin lawyer, she deliberated whether the lawyer’s abilities were worth his high prices.
1639 Naughty വികൃതി to behave poorly At Christmas time, Santa will ask children if they have been naughty or nice during the year.
1640 Lodge ലോഡ്ജ് to firmly fix something in a place Because the girl didn’t chew her food well enough, a piece of apple was able to lodge in her throat.
1641 Corollary അനന്തരഫലം a natural consequence, or a result that naturally follows While the expected corollary of staying up all night was to ace the final exam, Cynthia found that she actually fell asleep halfway through and didn’t finish.
1642 Godsend ദൈവസന്ദേശം a person or thing that serves as a blessing or benefit Zell is such a godsend to Beth’s life because he always supports and encourages her to do her best.
1643 Murky മർക്കി dark and gloomy The frightened little boy refused to walk with his friends through the murky forest.
1644 Applicant അപേക്ഷക one who applies for something; one who makes a request The company has promised to see all applicants who meet the specification for the vacant job.
1645 Vilified അപകീർത്തിപ്പെടുത്തി to have slandered or spoken negatively about someone in a way that brings them down The politician insisted that the news reports were untrue and were only lies that vilified him.
1646 Momism മോമിസം excessive attachment to or domination by one’s mother Momism led the helicopter mother to follow her son everywhere he went.
1647 Sectional വിഭാഗീയം pertaining to a specific section or segment of a larger group The U.S. Civil War was a sectional dispute, with the country being divided almost in half.
1648 Nettle കൊഴുൻ to cause someone to become annoyed or angry My brother will often nettle me by reading my diary.
1649 Finance ധനകാര്യം to pay for something or provide monetary support for it A politician that is truly interested in a particular cause will finance that cause with their own money.
1650 Shambolic ശംബോളിക് untidy or muddled With so many lies and unbelievable stories during the election, many shambolic people couldn’t figure out who to vote for.
1651 Socialism സോഷ്യലിസം a system of rule in which the government controls the main industries Under a system of socialism, the government manages the country’s major businesses.
1652 Accosted കുറ്റപ്പെടുത്തി forcefully confronted When the man accosted me with a gun, I quickly handed over my purse.
1653 Sulky സുൽക്കി withdrawn and moody Look at Beth, she has that same sulky resentful expression on her face as usual.
1654 Aristocracy പ്രഭുവർഗ്ഗം a group of people who are viewed as being better than others, usually because of a title or status in society The richest people in our town are considered to be the town aristocracy.
1655 Postulate പോസ്റ്റുലേറ്റ് ചെയ്യുക to suggest something (such as an idea or theory) especially in order to start a discussion In an attempt to create controversy, some experts postulate alternatives to historical beliefs that have been accepted for years.
1656 Struggle സമരം to battle or make a great effort It was a struggle for Sam to free himself from his attacker.
1657 Unflappable അൺഫ്ലാപ്പബിൾ clear headed and serene during a catastrophe When a deadly tornado raced across town, many residents panicked but Miles remained unflappable and calmly lead his neighbors to shelter.
1658 Autobiography ആത്മകഥ the story of an individual’s life written by that individual To learn about the deceased celebrity, you should read the autobiography he wrote about his life.
1659 Matter കാര്യം be of importance of have significance Clara insisted that the messiness of her room shouldn’t matter, but her mother thinks keeping a clean house is important.
1660 Irrefutable നിഷേധിക്കാനാവാത്ത that which cannot be proven false The police arrested their suspect only after obtaining irrefutable proof he was the robber.
1661 Diffraction ഡിഫ്രാക്ഷൻ the process in which light waves are spread out by passing over an edge or a thin aperture The dispersion of light occurs through diffraction, when light passes through a narrow opening like the branches of a tree.
1662 Spectacle കണ്ണട a gripping event The priest was not impressed by the spectacle of the naked women on the stage.
1663 Lucre ലുക്രെ money or profit gained illegally or immorally Hiding the lucre in many different accounts, the mobsters kept a watchful eye on their funds.
1664 Accepting സ്വീകരിക്കുന്നു agreeing to take or receive something Accepting his assistant’s resignation was difficult for the attorney because he didn’t want her to leave.
1665 Tempo ടെമ്പോ the rate or speed of music or some other activity Speeding up the tempo, the street musician attracted patients by playing his song faster and faster.
1666 Collision കൂട്ടിയിടി a crash in which objects collide into each other After the collision, a tow truck was called to pick up the damaged vehicles.
1667 Mire മിരെ a situation or circumstance from which it is difficult to escape Getting arrested was a mire of unfortunate circumstances the parolee had tried to avoid.
1668 Analyze വിശകലനം ചെയ്യുക to review thoroughly and in a logical manner The psychiatrist will analyze the patient’s behaviors and thoughts in order to diagnose the condition.
1669 Paroxysm പരോക്സിസം an unexpected outburst of emotion Since Jason is normally quiet, he shocked everyone when he made a loud paroxysm in response to being fired.
1670 Radical റാഡിക്കൽ an idea that is different from traditional views The conservative church leaders were not interested in hearing any radical religious ideas.
1671 Tawdry തൗഡ്രി cheap and poor in appearance or quality Everyone is always expecting a politician to have a tawdry affair.
1672 Splurge സ്പ്ലർജ് to spend in an extravagant manner If I win the lottery, I can splurge and buy anything I want.
1673 Nurse നഴ്സ് to care for someone or something that is typically below optimal health My daughter did not listen to me when I told her to leave the stray cat alone, but I guess it is alright since her efforts helped nurse the starving animal back to health.
1674 Convex കോൺവെക്സ് shaped like a ball; having a distinct curve that leads into or forms a circle An ice cream scoop’s convex shape make it great for perfectly round scoops.
1675 Tribe ഗോത്രം a group of people, usually related to Native Americans Because few people still speak the dialect of the tribe, the population’s language is considered endangered.
1676 Valentine വാലന്റൈൻ a card sent, often anonymously, on St. Valentine’s Day (February 14) to a person one loves or is attracted to; a person to whom one sends a card on Valentine’s Day Ariel confessed her love to her best friend in a valentine but was too scared to send it.
1677 Volition ഇച്ഛാശക്തി the power to make your own decisions or choices Despite my parents’ preference, I have decided to attend an out-of-state college on my own volition.
1678 Receptive സ്വീകാര്യമായ ready to receive new ideas or concepts Every Friday night, Ben hits the club scene in hopes of finding a woman who will be receptive to his charm.
1679 Acquiesce അംഗീകരിക്കുക to agree or express agreement While I did not want to go to the show with Laura, her begging eventually caused me to acquiesce.
1680 Picture ചിത്രം representation of a visible reality produced by painting, drawing, photograph, etc. When we had a family reunion and looked through old photographs, I saw a picture of the house I spent my childhood in.
1681 Hallucination ഭ്രമാത്മകത an image, a sound, or a smell) that seems real but does not really exist An allergic reaction to medication brought on a hallucination in which the patient thought she saw a dog in her hospital room.
1682 Nephew മരുമകൻ a son of one’s brother or sister My sister enjoys keeping her nephew in the afternoons and it helps me get work done as well.
1683 Elocution പ്രഭാഷണം the way in which an individual reads or speaks in front of others During the play, the actor’s elocution was so magnificent the audience grew bored whenever he was not on stage.
1684 Pestilence മഹാമാരി a devastating illness or disease that causes a large number of individuals to die When AIDS first emerged onto the scene, it was viewed as one of the worst cases of pestilence the world has ever seen.
1685 Equivocate സമവാക്യം to use unclear language especially to deceive or mislead someone When things are not going Margie’s way, she will often twist the truth and equivocate to put things in her favor.
1686 Alter മാറ്റുക to change in some way The Photoshop expert can alter the picture to make people think you spent your vacation on the beach.
1687 Indoctrination പ്രബോധനം the process of teaching or brainwashing a person into believing something without question A few men in the city resisted communist indoctrination efforts, but most were programmed to side with the government.
1688 Teammate ടീമംഗം an ally on a team or in a group Every football player is a teammate to the other players on their team, and they work together towards a common goal.
1689 Bunkum ബങ്കം something that is foolish, ridiculous, and makes no sense The doomsday extremist spouted bunkum about how the world would end in seven days when the ozone layer spontaneously combusted.
1690 Underpaid കുറഞ്ഞ ശമ്പളം not paid enough money for the amount or type of work that is done Cruise ship employees are extremely underpaid and have low salaries that would shock American workers.
1691 Span സ്പാൻ the full extent of something from one end to the other The span of the woman’s hips was so wide that it was hard for her to find blue jeans to fit.
1692 Omnibus ഓമ്‌നിബസ് a mode of transportation produced to carry a large number of passengers; often referred to as a bus In our neighborhood, most of the children ride an omnibus to school each day.
1693 Lipid ലിപിഡ് a substance (such as wax, fat, or oil) that will dissolve in alcohol but not water Lipids are the building blocks of living cells and come in a variety of options (waxes, fats, or oils.)
1694 Visitor സന്ദർശകൻ a person who goes to see a person or place Each visitor needs their own ticket to enter into the building.
1695 Straggle അലഞ്ഞുതിരിയുക to stray from the road, course or line of march He was reprimanded for not staying in line, as he would often straggle through the hallway.
1696 Boorish ബൂരിഷ്  bad-mannered, rude, or insensitive The comedian’s jokes were so vulgar and boorish that the only ones left in the audience were those who were too drunk to be offended.
1697 Cautious ജാഗ്രത careful; watchful Remaining cautious, the police officer shined his flashlight slowly into the abandoned building.
1698 Objective ലക്ഷ്യം that which is sought; a particular task or goal The objective of my resume is to obtain a position in the company’s quality assurance department.
1699 Apical അഗ്രം top, important, best, highest When he was elected president, it was an apical point in his life.
1700 Occurrence സംഭവം an instance or happening Haley’s Comet is an occurrence that takes place approximately every seventy-six years.
1701 Phonology ശബ്ദശാസ്ത്രം refers to relationships among speech sounds Phonology is the series of noises that establishes the components of a spoken language.
1702 Agribusiness അഗ്രിബിസിനസ് any business that has to do with agriculture and supplies associated with farming John Deere is a well known agribusiness that supplies many farms with bright green tractors.
1703 Paranormal പാരനോർമൽ supernatural events that cannot be explained by science His love for ghosts led the new author to writing a mystery novel with a paranormal twist.
1704 Bumbling ബംബ്ലിംഗ് acting or moving about in a confused manner The drunk man was bumbling around the bar, knocking over tables and bumping into other patrons every few seconds.
1705 Appeasement പ്രീതിപ്പെടുത്തൽ to calm or persuade into an agreement usually in the angry party’s favor The appeasement of the angry mob was only possible when the governor spoke to their leader and came to an agreement.
1706 Berate ബെറേറ്റ് to yell at; to criticize or scold someone in a loud and angry way Shamefaced, the students sat quietly as Mrs. Garcia continued to berate them for the way they had treated the substitute.
1707 Flair ഫ്ലെയർ the natural capability to do something very well Anna demonstrated her flair for drama by passing out when her daughter announced she was not going to college.
1708 Polysyllabic ബഹുഭാഷ describes a word that has more than one syllable Polysyllabic words containing more than one syllable are usually more difficult for young readers to pronounce.
1709 Debauchery ധിക്കാരം extreme indulgence in sensual behaviors, such as careless drinking and promiscuity  How can you go to church every Sunday and still engage in debauchery?
1710 Chemistry രസതന്ത്രം emotional or mental attraction/interaction between two people Instant chemistry between the couple led them to an engagement and wedding within six months of meeting.
1711 Delusive ഭ്രമിപ്പിക്കുന്ന false or misleading The delusive ad made it seem that the senator had did things she had not.
1712 Vendible വെൻഡബിൾ having the ability to be sold Several sites like Pinterest offer many vendible craft ideas that retirees and craftspeople can do to make money for their crafts.
1713 Transcendent അതീന്ദ്രിയമായ surpassing the ordinary; exceptional In order to completely identify with the plot of the science fiction movie, you must be able to consider the idea of transcendent experiences that allow people to enter the minds of others.
1714 Socrates സോക്രട്ടീസ് a Greek philosopher who known for his thoughts on justice and virtue and is credited for laying the foundation of Western Philosophy Greek philosopher Socrates rejected the idea that how virtuous a person is depends on age or gender.
1715 Raucous പരുക്കൻ behaving in a noisy and disorderly way Raucous but fun is how they always describe her birthday parties.
1716 Objurgate ഒബ്ജര്ഗേറ്റ് to admonish or yell firmly at someone or something After the toddler had a temper tantrum in the store, the angry mother would objurgate her son in his face for ten minutes.
1717 Kith കിത്ത് friends and acquaintances The man was such a scrooge, he even loathed his own kith and kin!
1718 Bate ബേറ്റ് the action of a hawk beating its wings to attempt a takeoff from its perch A baby hawk will have to bate furiously to lift its tiny body out of its nest and into the air for the first time.
1719 Indissoluble ലയിക്കാത്തത് indestructible; not possible to dissolve, disintegrate or break-up The bond between the sisters was indissoluble as they were rarely apart.
1720 Steadfast ഉറച്ചുനിൽക്കുന്നു faithful to a person, belief, or goal My mother really loved my father and remained steadfast to her marriage vows even after my father died.
1721 Obeisance പ്രണാമം a respectful obedient attitude In my family, we say a prayer before each meal to show obeisance and thanks.
1722 Bulwark ബൾവാർക്ക് an object that acts as a shield Vaccines act as a bulwark against many childhood diseases.
1723 Imperative അനിവാര്യമാണ് essential If you’re serious about getting healthy, it’s imperative that you follow a healthy lifestyle, make the right food choices, and exercise regularly.
1724 Salutation വന്ദനം a demonstration of a greeting It is customary to begin your letter with some type of salutation.
1725 Convulsion മലബന്ധം a sudden and uncontrollable movement of the body The man was wracked with a convulsion when his Parkinson’s kicked in, causing him to shake uncontrollably.
1726 Deprivation ഇല്ലായ്മ the lack of something which is viewed as necessary After a couple of days of sleep deprivation, I become really grouchy.
1727 Satisfied തൃപ്തിയായി content and okay with the way things are The teacher was not satisfied with her student’s work, so she asked him to redo the inferior essay.
1728 Soul ആത്മാവ് the inner spirit or essence of a human being Believing she was his soul mate, the knight professed his love for the maiden who had an inner essence as pure as his own.
1729 Deep ആഴത്തിലുള്ള extending far down from the surface The ocean is so deep that huge boats have been able to sink to the bottom, never to be seen again.
1730 Illegitimate നിയമവിരുദ്ധം not authentic, genuine, official, or recognized as the real deal Deckson is considered an illegitimate son because he was born out of wedlock and not from the same father as the man his mother is married to.
1731 Decomposition വിഘടനം the state or process of decaying or rotting We learned that decomposition is the process of breaking down organic substances into simpler forms of matter.
1732 Wellaway വെല്ലവേ a word used as an expression of sorrow or distress “Wellaway!’ the sailor cried out in distress as he watched the boat sink.
1733 Ghoul പിശാച് an evil spirit or undead creature that is believed to feed on corpses The ghoul is a fictional undead creature that is usually the corpse of some dead person that wants to feed on the living.
1734 Mythomane മൈതോമനെ a person with a strong or irresistible propensity for fantasizing, lying, or exaggerating  The mythomane always thought it was easier to tell a lie than the truth.
1735 Survive അതിജീവിക്കുക to continue to live in the face of adversity or danger A cockroach can survive the radiation of a nuclear blast.
1736 Dread പേടിയും a feeling of intense fear and anxiety The extremely shy speaker was filled with dread as she stepped in front of the microphone.
1737 Career കരിയർ a job or occupation that a person does for an extended period I want to take on a career in teaching, but my parents insist that I become a doctor.
1738 Damp ഈർപ്പം slightly wet There is a big difference in damp and soaking, nearly as large as the difference between hot and on fire.
1739 Rajah രാജഃ an Indian king or prince The film describes the life of an Indian rajah who gave up the throne for love.
1740 Thermostat തെർമോസ്റ്റാറ്റ് an automatic device for controlling temperature Even though he liked to leave the thermostat at 70 degrees, the man’s hot-natured wife would often turn it down to 63 during the night.
1741 Rust തുരുമ്പ് corrosion or oxidation that occurs when certain types of metals get wet Because the child left his bike in the rain, orange rust covered his metal chain.
1742 Farfetched ഫാർഫെച്ച്ഡ് unlikely; unbelievable The idea that the losing team could come back and win was farfetched, but we held out hope.
1743 Comical ഹാസ്യാത്മകം funny; amusing My husband found the show comical, while I just thought it was silly.
1744 Abreast അടുത്ത് remaining up to date on a topic To stay relevant in the field of computer programming, Kurt must stay abreast of the latest programming languages.
1745 Reel റീൽ to lose balance or feel dizzy As I started to reel and feel faint, I realized my date had put something in my drink.
1746 Ion അയോൺ a cluster of atoms or a single atom carrying an electrical charge Since the atom has acquired an electric charge, it is now referred to as an ion.
1747 Impavid ഇമ്പാവിഡ് extreme courage or bravery Mongols were impavid warriors who rode into dangerous battles without a thought of death.
1748 Laud പ്രശംസനീയം to praise or glorify The company decided to laud Jack’s outstanding contributions to the firm.
1749 Clientele ഇടപാടുകാർ the individuals who frequent a certain business The strip club’s clientele includes a number of politicians and wealthy business owners.
1750 Figurative ആലങ്കാരിക not accurate in meaning; as a form of speech If you use figurative language, you are not speaking literally but rather in a manner meant to produce a reaction.
1751 Hypothyroidism ഹൈപ്പോതൈറോയിഡിസം a condition in which the thyroid gland doesn’t produce enough of certain important hormones A diagnosis of hypothyroidism was given to the patient when bloodwork showed her thyroid gland was not producing adequate amounts of hormones.
1752 Necromancy നെക്രോമാൻസി the act of communicating with spirits of deceased individuals When Maggie’s husband died, she visited a psychic who claimed she could use necromancy to talk to deceased persons.
1753 Sponsor സ്പോൺസർ a supporter or benefactor The bill’s sponsor traveled around the country asking voters to support the bill as she did.
1754 Spunk സ്പങ്ക് courage; determination Although she wasn’t the fastest runner, the jogger’s spunk helped her push towards the finish line.
1755 Motto മുദ്രാവാക്യം a motto is a phrase about values and beliefs The personal trainer’s motto is, “No pain, no gain, remain the same”.
1756 Equip സജ്ജീകരിക്കുക to supply someone or something with the necessary items for a specific purpose If you plan on rock climbing, you should probably equip yourself with a harness and the other safety gear needed to stay safe.
1757 Regurgitate പുനരുജ്ജീവിപ്പിക്കുക to expel swallowed substances out of the mouth or to repeat information despite not understanding it While I didn’t understand the lecture, I was able to regurgitate the content well enough to create a decent essay.
1758 Predict പ്രവചിക്കുക to foretell what will happen next or in the future The psychic said she could predict my future and claimed I would be a great actress one day.
1759 Covey കോവി a small flock of birds The hunter attempted to scare a covey of birds out of the brush they were nesting in, but the loud air horn he used served only to deafen his own ears.
1760 Habitation വാസസ്ഥലം the state of living in somewhere If the wildfires continue, the area will not be safe for habitation.
1761 Aphrodisiac കാമഭ്രാന്തൻ something that produces or enhances desire of a sexual nature My husband hoped the aphrodisiac would stimulate his sexual desires.
1762 Captivity അടിമത്തം the state or period of being imprisoned, confined, or enslaved Protestors shouted that keeping the zoo animals in captivity violated their basic rights.
1763 Wealthy സമ്പന്നൻ having a large amount of money, property, or possessions My wealthy neighbors have more money than they know what to do with.
1764 Honorable മാന്യൻ deserving of honor and praise because one is honest and full of integrity The honorable judge was known for his honest and fair treatment of everyone who entered his courtroom.
1765 Segue സെഗു to fluidly change from one form or situation to another As the song was coming to an end, it would segue into the next tune without hesitating with silence.
1766 Provocation പ്രകോപനം anything or anyone that incites a response  I walked away from a potential fight despite my enemy’s provocation.
1767 Enjoin ആജ്ഞാപിക്കുക to prohibit someone from performing an action The angry man wanted the judge to grant an injunction to enjoin his ex-wife from selling their vacation home.
1768 Revolutionary വിപ്ലവകാരി pertaining to a substantial change Due to Helen Keller’s revolutionary life, she was able to inspire others to do the impossible.
1769 Indisposed ദേഹാസ്വാസ്ഥ്യം not feeling well Because Maggie is indisposed with a high fever, she will not be attending the banquet.
1770 Substitution പകരംവയ്ക്കൽ the act of replacing one thing for another The substitution of one teacher for another caused quite a bit of chaos in the classroom.
1771 Springboard സ്പ്രിംഗ്ബോർഡ് a sturdy yet flexible board that is jumped on to provide momentum The diver used a springboard to properly him through the air during the Olympics.
1772 Misleading തെറ്റിദ്ധരിപ്പിക്കുന്നത് giving the wrong idea or information Misleading advertisements made it seem the phone was being offered for free when it was not.
1773 Husky ഹസ്കി having an appearance that is strong or muscular The husky man showed off his massive muscles in the mirror as he exercised at the gym.
1774 Unfeasible പ്രായോഗികമല്ല impractical; not realistic Paying for their son’s college seemed unfeasible, so they looked for another way to get funding.
1775 Affix അഫിക്സ് to stick, attach, or fasten I plan to affix a stamp on every one of the hundreds of envelopes that we need to mail out.
1776 Zephyr സെഫിർ a light or delicate wind By evening, the harsh wind following the storm had turned into a zephyr that did nothing more than move the leaves.
1777 Tipsy ടിപ്സി just slightly drunk Because my wife has a low tolerance for alcohol, she gets a little tipsy after just one glass of wine.
1778 Passenger യാത്രക്കാരൻ a person who is riding in a vehicle Only one passenger in the train was killed, but several others were injured when the train derailed.
1779 Exogenous എക്സോജനസ് caused by outside factors The doctor determined that the woman’s depression was exogenous and stemmed from weather changes and other outside factors.
1780 Vary വ്യത്യസ്തമാക്കുക to differ; usually when making comparisons Temperatures vary from city to city, even in the same state.
1781 Redacted തിരുത്തി edited or revised a document, having removed certain information before publishing After he redacted the private inforamtion, the editor went back to make sure that no mistakes were made.
1782 Spherical ഗോളാകൃതി round in shape Placing the spherical lens cap on the camera, the photographer packed up for the day and headed back to her cabin.
1783 Pester പെസ്റ്റർ to bother someone with several questions or requests to the point that it becomes a point of anger Brian hated when his annoying little cousin visited because he liked to pester him with a hundred questions.
1784 Acclimate ശീലമാക്കുക to adapt to a new place or different conditions When you go up into the mountains, allow yourself a little time for your lungs to acclimate to the high elevation.
1785 Percipient പെർസിപിയന്റ് to have a good perspective of things He was percipient to the novel because he understood the plot from start to finish.
1786 Bustle തിരക്ക് to move in a noisy or hurried manner  On Valentine’s Day men bustle about the store trying to find last minute gifts.
1787 Comestible കോമസ്റ്റബിൾ an item of food An Italian based comestible, pizza is one of my all-time favorite foods.
1788 Recreant റീക്രിയന്റ് unfaithful or disloyal to a duty, belief, or cause The recreant police officer was brought up on charges of disobeying orders.
1789 Perforate സുഷിരം to pierce or penetrate and make holes in If she would perforate the paper, she would be able to place it in her notebook rings.
1790 Ascertain ഉറപ്പിക്കുക learn or discover with certainty; determine Detective Jimmy was able to quickly ascertain the suspect was not being honest with him.
1791 Assistant അസിസ്റ്റന്റ് a worker who helps in a particular field for task Each library assistant was given a specific section of the library to put away books.
1792 Prosthesis പ്രോസ്റ്റസിസ് artificial replacement for a body part Many young children and even some adults stared at the young veteran soldier as he limped down the aisle of the store wearing a prosthesis where his leg used to be.
1793 Palpable സ്പഷ്ടമായ capable of being touched, felt, handled, or perceived  When she is angry at dinner, my mother kills the flavor of the meal with her palpable silence.
1794 Hobby ഹോബി a fun event or exercise done in someone’s free time Shopping has become a hobby for many women and girls, but it seems to be a very expensive way of spending their time.
1795 Heartwarming ഹൃദയസ്പർശിയായ something that brings extreme joy or happiness to a person can be uplifting or inspirational The book tells the heartwarming story of a little girl who is reunited with her lost puppy.
1796 Placid ശാന്തമായ not easily upset or excited Even when the emergency room was packed with patients, the staff remained placid and calmly did their duties.
1797 Trouble കുഴപ്പം an act or action that causes a disturbance or alteration to a typically calm or normal setting When people started rioting in the streets, the government knew that trouble was on the horizon.
1798 Desolate വിജനമായ empty; without life Since the anchor stores closed, the shopping center has become a desolate wasteland.
1799 Senility വാർദ്ധക്യം the physical and mental decline connected to old age Dementia, also known as senility, is seen in elderly individuals whose mental states have started to decline.
1800 Lunge ശ്വാസകോശം to make a sudden forward body motion towards someone or something While visiting my uncle in Florida, he took me to a canal and we watched an alligator lunge at a fish capturing it and started eating it before our eyes.
1801 Palace കൊട്ടാരം an estate with a large exquisite house or structure Since the Tort Palace had a long history during the 1800s, it became a historical landmark that was visited by many tourists.
1802 Surly സർലി ill-tempered and irritable The surly man was yelling at the waitress because he didn’t get the right order from the restaurant.
1803 Neutral നിഷ്പക്ഷ unbiased; impartial Being neutral in the matter, I refused to take sides with either my brother or my sister.
1804 Translucent അർദ്ധസുതാര്യം partially transparent Because Jenna is a proper young lady, she wore a sheath under her translucent wedding dress.
1805 Coach കോച്ച് a person who trains others when it comes to a particular activity or skill Because our coach resigned, a new basketball trainer will need to be hired to guide the athletes.
1806 Gouge ഗൗജ് a hole, dent or tear in something The refrigerator legs, left a gouge in the vinyl flooring when I moved it out to clean behind it.
1807 Unconformity പൊരുത്തക്കേട് a geological occurrence in which there is erosion of rock and then new sedimentary rock is deposited on top The geologist explained that an unconformity shows the time during which no sediments were well-kept in an area.
1808 Maximum പരമാവധി the total amount or limit We are looking for a house with a maximum of four bedrooms because any more than that would be too many.
1809 Macrocosm മാക്രോകോസം a large unit or system that contains many smaller bodies The global company was a macrocosm headquartered in New York City with smaller entities all over the globe.
1810 Refulgent Refulgent gleaming; shining excessively bright When the beauty queen accepted her crown, she had a refulgent smile on her face.
1811 Verbatim പദാനുപദം repeating the exact words that were used Do you have to repeat everything I say verbatim?
1812 Blot ബ്ലോട്ട് to dab at a spot or stain in order to remove it After dripping spaghetti sauce on her dress, the woman took a napkin and began to blot the stain.
1813 Hoard പൂഴ്ത്തിവെക്കുക to collect a large amount of something Rob loves to hoard money because he is a penny-pincher.
1814 Civilization നാഗരികത  a society that is developed and productive in its resource usage The student was thrilled when her professor invited her to join the team that was digging to unearth an early civilization.
1815 Ahead മുന്നോട്ട് to move forward from current placement The determined student tried to get ahead on her homework by completing her project two weeks in advance.
1816 Prowl പ്രൗൾ ചെയ്യുക to move around quietly in a place trying not to be heard or seen I called the police when I noticed a masked man prowl through the neighborhood.
1817 Necessitous അത്യാവശ്യം deprived and poverty-stricken The necessitous circumstances surrounding the flood victims became evidence when we saw all of the destruction.
1818 Frisky ഫ്രിസ്കി full of playful and lively energy Our frisky little terrier is always running after something in the yard.
1819 Thunder ഇടിമുഴക്കം the crackling or roaring sound in weather occurring sometimes with lightning During the storm, the thunder crashed while the lightning lit up the sky against a dark background.
1820 Tortuous വളവുള്ള containing coils, turns and curves When the tortuous snake moved across the Sahara Desert, his body made an S-shape in the sand.
1821 Purse പേഴ്സ് a purse is a bag used to carry personal items For the charity event, she wore a green chiffon dress and a matching purse on her shoulder.
1822 Converge ഒത്തുചേരുക to come together from different places to meet at one point Every year, my family chooses to converge in Georgia from all around the United States for our family reunion.
1823 Tonearm ടോൺആം the movable part of a record player that allows the needle to follow the record’s groove The tonearm on the record player was broken and couldn’t move or pick up.
1824 Refute നിരാകരിക്കുക to prove wrong by argument or evidence The evidence provided by the prosecutor will refute the defendant’s claim of innocence.
1825 Obsolescence കാലഹരണപ്പെടൽ becoming outdated Since the granite countertops were such an obsolescence in the neighborhood homes, the builder knew he would need to upgrade to higher quality materials like marble.
1826 Debenture കടപ്പത്രം a document admitting to owing money usually used with big corporations After publicizing the debenture, it became known to the country that this large company was obligated to pay large sums of money back to the lending institution.
1827 Congestion തിരക്ക് accumulation; buildup My doctor gave me antibiotics after my nasal congestion turn into a sinus infection.
1828 Upright നേരുള്ളവനും sitting or standing in a straight position I can never fall asleep if I am sitting in an upright position.
1829 Suffix പ്രത്യയം certain common endings to words that change the meanings or parts of speech of the words Adding the suffix “tion” to the word “operate,” changes the word from a verb to a noun.
1830 Backhand ബാക്ക്ഹാൻഡ് to strike someone with the upside of the hand In a fit of anger, the woman raised her hand to backhand the child but caught herself before she made contact.
1831 Quip ക്വിപ്പ് a clever statement The president responded to the journalist’s question with a clever quip.
1832 Misrepresent തെറ്റായി അവതരിപ്പിക്കുക to represent falsely; to inaccurately portray something The video has been edited and doctored out of context to misrepresent the event as it actually occurred.
1833 Monster രാക്ഷസൻ a made-up huge, dreadful animal or beast When Mary Shelley created her tall, scary monster, it became known as Frankenstein.
1834 Meliorism മെലിയോറിസം the idea that human effort is the key to making the world a better place As a believer in meliorism, the activist felt that every small effort he made had a positive effect on the world.
1835 Turnkey ടേൺകീ related to the provision of a service or product that can be used immediately General stores are turnkey enterprises, specializing in selling goods that can be used immediately, from clothes to electronics and food.
1836 Discourse പ്രഭാഷണം written or spoken communication or debate The discourse between the two candidates has not been friendly.
1837 Obstinate പിടിവാശിക്കാരൻ stubbornly refusing to change one’s opinion or action; very difficult to change or persuade; refusing to obey Everyone described my grandfather as the most obstinate man alive!
1838 Organize സംഘടിപ്പിക്കുക to arrange in a structured order The maid’s job is to organize all of the clothes in the drawers neatly.
1839 Slander അപവാദം to make a statement that cannot be proven in order to injure someone’s reputation To win the election for homecoming queen, Jill resorted to slander to ruin her competitors’ reputations.
1840 Reprise വീണ്ടും ആവർത്തിക്കുക to repeat something Everyone was pleased to learn the actor would reprise his role as the captivating pirate.
1841 Fixture ഫിക്സ്ചർ an object or device permanently attached to the wall of a structure Replacing the brass light fixture in the old house by installing a modern ceiling fan made the house look newer.
1842 Stagnant നിശ്ചലമായ not moving or increasing Because John needs more money and his current salary has been stagnant for three years, he is looking for a new job.
1843 Downsize കുറയ്ക്കുക to make something smaller or lessen When we downsize into a smaller house this fall, we will have to get rid of a lot of our extra furniture.
1844 Civil സിവിൽ polite and cultured We insisted that both parties begin to interact in a decent and civil way, despite all their years of fighting.
1845 Oenophile ഓനോഫൈൽ a connoisseur or person who loves wine Swishing the Pinot Nior around in her mouth, the oenophile savored the taste of the red wine.
1846 Syllogism സിലോജിസം a line of reasoning in which a conclusion is drawn from two related premises One example of incorrect syllogism is the notion that all animals have four legs because dogs are animals and all dogs have four legs.
1847 Disarming നിരായുധീകരണം having the ability to decrease suspicions and fears Because Danny is a disarming man and can easily reduce buyer fears, he is a great car salesman.
1848 Auditory ഓഡിറ്ററി of or pertaining to hearing Many people are auditory learners who learn best through hearing.
1849 Seraphic സെറാഫിക് angelic and stunning When the children put on their angel costumes, they looked seraphic.
1850 Openness തുറന്ന മനസ്സ് the act of being exposed Most people today want an openness in the house so that the living room, dining room and kitchen are unrestricted from each other.
1851 Thrill ത്രിൽ excitement and joy The teenage girls were all smiles on their first road trip due to the thrill of the adventure.
1852 AWOL AWOL away from military duties without permission The military base put out an alert for the AWOL soldier who was away without permission.
1853 Navigate നാവിഗേറ്റ് ചെയ്യുക to direct a route Christopher Columbus would navigate his ship across the Atlantic Ocean to an unknown land.
1854 Wed ബുധൻ to marry A pastor is needed if we are to wed in the chapel this afternoon.
1855 Codicil കോഡിസിൽ an addition to the will that changes or clarifies the original document Before my father died, he wrote a codicil to his will that prohibited his cheating wife from receiving any of his fortune.
1856 Fashionable ഫാഷനബിൾ popular; stylish It took much persuading to convince my aunt that her bell-bottom jeans and platform shoes are no longer fashionable.
1857 Wow വൗ to impress or excite someone The acrobat was able to wow the stunned audience with her amazing flips and turns.
1858 Gnome ഗ്നോം a tiny, make-believe creature that resembles an old man who has a beard and a pointed hat and are seen commonly as terra-cotta figures in gardens Gretta was interested in the tiny little garden gnome whose eyes seemed to follow her through the rows of flowers.
1859 Cerebral സെറിബ്രൽ involving the brain or intellect Because of Adam’s intellectual sense of humor, he is the only one who ever laughs at his cerebral jokes.
1860 Demagogue ഡെമാഗോഗ് a political leader who tries to influence people by making emotional speeches Todd wrote an excellent paper describing Hitler as a demagogue.
1861 Simpleton സിമ്പിൾടൺ an unintelligent or foolish person The simpleton was so clueless, he didn’t realize that paper was made out of wood.
1862 Quadruped ചതുരാകൃതിയിലുള്ളത് an animal that has four feet My little girl likes to walk on her knees and hands like a quadruped.
1863 Bushel ബുഷെൽ a measure of capacity equal to 8 gallons, used for dry goods The bushel of oats would yield enough for many bowls of cereal.
1864 Wright റൈറ്റ് one who builds or erects After the architect finished drawing his plans, it was time for the wright to follow through with the project.
1865 Percentile ശതമാനം a certain percentage of a whole, usually on a scale of 100 Because the overweight toddler is in the 99th weight percentile, his doctor suggested diet changes.
1866 Chase ചേസ് to run after or pursue someone or something The dog tried to chase the cat up the tree, but the kitty got away.
1867 Outsource പുറം കരാർ to contract a job out to another person or place Many businesses outsource their projects to workers in the Philippines who will work for a much lower wage.
1868 Architecture വാസ്തുവിദ്യ the science of designing and constructing The architecture of the boat was supposed to make the vessel unsinkable.
1869 Anterior മുൻഭാഗം nearer the front Marc’s anterior teeth are yellow, although his molars are pearly white.
1870 Beckon ബെക്കൺ to motion for an individual to come closer Because I was hungry, the restaurant seemed to beckon to me.
1871 Stalemate സ്തംഭനാവസ്ഥ a situation in which movement is not possible by either side A stalemate was reached when neither of the chess players could make a legitimate move.
1872 Obsolete കാലഹരണപ്പെട്ട no longer of use Many people believe the Internet has made the postal service obsolete.
1873 Tapestry ടേപ്പ്സ്ട്രി used in reference to complex or complicated combinations of things America is a tapestry of races and cultures from all over the world, combining all of them into one whole.
1874 Quondam ക്വാണ്ടം former; previous The quondam beauty queen was much more exotic than the one currently being crowned.
1875 Disconnect വിച്ഛേദിക്കുക break in an existing connection To be sure electrical appliances and devices won’t be damaged during an lightning storm, everyone should turn off then disconnect the power plugs.
1876 Revel ആനന്ദിക്കുക to take joy in something In just a few days, thousands of people will go downtown to revel in the city’s New Year’s Eve celebration.
1877 Intimidation ഭീഷണിപ്പെടുത്തൽ the act of making something feel threatened or afraid Intimidation and scare tactics were used to stop the players from kneeling during the anthem.
1878 Morose മോറോസ് feeling sad, in a bad mood, and not wanting to talk to anyone When her dog died, the little girl was morose for months.
1879 Coincident യാദൃശ്ചികം at the same time or in harmony with something It was coincident when Harmony and Hazel broke their violin string at the exact same time.
1880 Infrastructure അടിസ്ഥാന സൗകര്യങ്ങൾ basic foundation or underlying framework (as of a system or organization) The aging infrastructure of the cities roads, tunnels and bridges are in urgent need of repair.
1881 Poultice പൗൾട്ടിസ് a soft, heated and medicated substance, that is spread on cloth over the skin to treat an aching, inflamed, or painful part of the body Applying a thick layer of poultice to the burn stopped it from welting.
1882 Antediluvian ആന്റിഡിലൂവിയൻ greatly out of date My daughter often tells me I wear antediluvian clothes that are way out of style.
1883 Amphitheater ആംഫി തിയേറ്റർ an open-air theatre used for entertainment, performances, and sports Tickets to the concert were less expensive since the venue was an outdoor amphitheater.
1884 Alive ജീവനോടെ living, not dead The possum played like he was dead, but he was really alive.
1885 Fundamental അടിസ്ഥാനപരമായ basic or essential part Dribbling is a fundamental part of basketball.
1886 Circulation രക്തചംക്രമണം the continuous movement of something in a closed section While on the plane, the woman’s blood circulation was reduced and her legs began to cramp.
1887 Timber തടി lumber primarily used for commercial or building use A timber was place around each side of the raised flowerbed giving it a natural look before filling the bed with mulch.
1888 Siesta സിയസ്റ്റ an afternoon nap that is usually associated with Mexico or Latin countries Preparing for a quick siesta, the sleepy man rubbed his eyes and reclined his chair.
1889 Ratify അംഗീകരിക്കുക to officially go on the record as approving something Unfortunately, half of the legislators refuse to ratify a bill that would increase funding for public schools.
1890 Flagellum കൊടിമരം a long tail-like part of a cell that helps it move Biologists analyzed the flagellum under a powerful microscope to determine if it provided assistance to a cell’s function.
1891 Lust മോഹം a fierce desire, often sexual in nature Janet’s lust for chocolate has caused her to become quite chubby.
1892 Impervious കടക്കാത്ത not allowing something to enter or pass through Let us hope these thin walls are impervious to the freezing cold tonight!
1893 Repository സംഭരണിയാണ് a location for storage, often for safety or preservation The fireworks repository caught on fire which was a danger to everyone in the community.
1894 Seminar സെമിനാർ a training session usually lasting a few hours Debbie and Lila only have enough time to attend the seminar on flipping houses instead of the detailed two-day workshop on the same topic.
1895 Threshold ത്രെഷോൾഡ് the level at which an individual is defenseless or helpless I knew I had reached my threshold of pain when I had to take a pill for comfort.
1896 Animal മൃഗം a living, breathing organism Amber’s favorite animal is a lion as she likes the way he roars when he’s mad.
1897 Remote റിമോട്ട് situated in a distant or secluded place The hunters retreated to a remote cabin that was hidden in the deepest part of the woods.
1898 Logic യുക്തി rational thinking not based on emotions Logic told the owner not buy the expensive car, but he went against his good judgement.
1899 Wrapper റാപ്പർ a piece of plastic or foil that covers a product As soon as she was handed the candy, the toddler ripped off the sucker wrapper.
1900 Onomatopoeia ഓനോമാറ്റോപ്പിയ a word that has the same sound as its pronunciation One example of onomatopoeia is the word “buzz”.
1901 Celibacy ബ്രഹ്മചര്യം the state of voluntarily being unmarried, sexually abstinent, or both The sister’s vow of celibacy was not understood by her family members but was respected.
1902 Pierce പിയേഴ്സ് (Of a sharp object) to penetrate or puncture something As I stepped on the broken glass, I felt something sharp pierce my skin.
1903 Base അടിസ്ഥാനം the bottom section that sustains a bigger item or thing Below the Statue of Liberty on its base is an inscription welcoming and calling for any immigrants who want to make the United States their home.
1904 Almighty സർവശക്തൻ omnipotent or having complete power The men seemed to worship the almighty dollar and cared little about anything else.
1905 Finale ഫൈനൽ the grand end of something especially a show or piece of music  I was on the edge of my seat last night while watching the finale of my favorite television show.
1906 Superfluity സൂപ്പർഫ്ലൂറ്റി an unnecessarily large amount of something There is a superfluity of apples in the store, outnumbering the bananas three to one.
1907 Malfeasance അപാകത the performance of an illegal deed, generally by someone in the public trust When the election results are tallied, surely the people will have voted out the mayor who is currently being investigated for malfeasance.
1908 Orientation ഓറിയന്റേഷൻ the process of becoming familiar or acquainted with people or things In order for the new employees to understand the functions and interactions of the different departments at the company is by conducting a job orientation at the beginning of their employment.
1909 Billet ബില്ലറ്റ് a private nonmilitary house where soldiers were assigned to lodge During the Second World War the building became a billet for soldiers.
1910 Inglorious മഹത്വമുള്ള shameful or dishonorable It’s a shame that the thieving CEO gave up his career for an inglorious life of crime.
1911 Emblazon എംബ്ലാസൺ to decorate something with a noticeable design or symbol My crafty sister-in-law was able to emblazon my t-shirt with a glittery monogram.
1912 Disadvantage ദോഷം a drawback or obstacle One disadvantage of going to the beach on the holiday weekend is that the shores will be jam-packed with people.
1913 Garment വസ്ത്രം single item of clothing The saleswoman are very knowledgeable while helping me find the right garment to wear at my cousin’s wedding.
1914 Fleck ഫ്ലെക്ക് a small patch of color or light In the darkness of the night sky, each star is a fleck of light that makes the entire thing brighter and more than a sheet of black.
1915 Saunter സാണ്ടർ to walk at a relaxed speed Once it started to rain, we decided to saunter through the park another day.
1916 Present വർത്തമാന here, in a particular place The student called out “present” to let his teacher know that he was in the classroom.
1917 Gown ഗൗൺ a full-length, loose-fitting dress Wearing a magical gown, Cinderella sashayed into the ball in search of her Prince.
1918 Vituperate വിറ്റൂപ്പറേറ്റ് to insult or verbally attack someone using abusive language We are sure that the nail technicians vituperate us in their own language when they are irritated.
1919 Overdose അമിത അളവ് to take to much of something, specifically a drug Medicine bottles now have childproof caps that stop kids from being able to overdose on the pills.
1920 Philosopher തത്ത്വചിന്തകൻ someone who provides answers or deep explanations on reason and beliefs Plato was a philosopher who was known for his theories about thinking and reasoning.
1921 Unload അൺലോഡ് ചെയ്യുക to unpack or drop off Movers helped me unload my furniture and even aided me in putting the beds back together.
1922 Prosper അഭിവൃദ്ധിപ്പെടുക to be successful In order for the business to prosper, the company had to reduce the amount of miscellaneous spending.
1923 Scorch പൊള്ളൽ to burn the surface something Janine is a horrible cook and tends to scorch anything she puts in a frying pan.
1924 Recondite പുനഃസ്ഥാപിക്കുക not understood or known by many people Since I do not have a law degree, I find it hard to understand the recondite terms of the contract.
1925 Naught ഇല്ല nothing Everything I wrote was for naught when my computer crashed.
1926 Dally ഡാലി to do something slowly They fired the guard because he would dally about, wasting his time.
1927 Rarely അപൂർവ്വമായി not often; seldom I rarely use my home office but end up working from my couch instead.
1928 Submerge മുങ്ങുക to sink out of sight To test how long I could go without breathing, I decided to submerge my head into a bucket full of water.
1929 Intolerable അസഹനീയം not able to be tolerated If I have to spend another second talking to that intolerable woman, I’m going to scream!
1930 Criterion മാനദണ്ഡം a standard upon which individuals and things can be measured The main criterion for joining the country club is one’s ability to pay the sizable annual fee.
1931 Fearmongering ഭയഭക്തി the spreading of frightening rumors with the intention of causing fear or chaos Fearmongering by the media caused the citizens to fear a nuclear war that wasn’t even looming.
1932 Ideology പ്രത്യയശാസ്ത്രം principles or beliefs associated with a group or person When Jeff’s governmental ideology changed, he decided to start his own political party.
1933 Excitedly ആവേശത്തോടെ to be thrilled or interested The 16-year old boy said excitedly, “I can’t believe you got me a brand new car for my birthday!”
1934 Patrician പട്രീഷ്യൻ relating to an individual born into a lofty position or an aristocratic family Marcus was born into a patrician family of great wealth.
1935 Convent കോൺവെന്റ് a place where nuns live; nunnery The young nun committed her life to the community the day she took her vows at the convent.
1936 Pachyderm പാച്ചിഡെം a mammal, usually with thick skin, that has hooves or appendages similar in shape to hooves If a circus has an elephant, it has a pachyderm.
1937 Protean പ്രോട്ടീൻ changing often; variable Because the woman’s affections are protean, she has ten ex-husbands.
1938 Deep-rooted ആഴത്തിൽ വേരുകളുള്ള deeply implanted or established The woman’s deep-rooted hatred for her neighbor had started when she was just a child.
1939 Seldom അപൂർവ്വമായി hardly ever Taking cocaine is seldom credited with improving a person’s intelligence.
1940 Meant ഉദ്ദേശിച്ചത് the past tense form of mean that is used to express what someone intended or had in mind I meant to send off the package, but left it sitting on the kitchen counter.
1941 Sentient സെൻസിറ്റന്റ് being able to feel or sense things Humans are not the only sentient beings, elephants are very emotional and perceptive mammals as well.
1942 Nix നിക്സ് to cancel, end, or reject Over time, it became painfully clear that the smartest choice was to nix the partnership and dissolve the business.
1943 Writer എഴുത്തുകാരൻ one who has authored or written something Kristen hired a talented writer to help her put her life story in book form.
1944 Blizzard ബ്ലിസാർഡ് a severe snowstorm with strong winds and reduced visibility The weather forecaster upgraded the simple snow showers to a blizzard due to expectant high 40 mph winds and at least 12 feet of snow.
1945 Anthem ഗാനം a song that is said to represent the masses, whether it be cultural or social Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way” became an anthem for the LGBT community.
1946 Peat തത്വം remnants of vegetables that are used to enrich soil Once the gardener spread peat into the clay dirt, it only took a matter of days before the plants began to grow.
1947 Culture സംസ്കാരം the practices and beliefs of a particular group of individuals Pavi’s style of dress is determined by her Indian culture.
1948 Voluble വോള്യമുള്ളത് characterized by ready or rapid speech; fluent After my grandfather drinks a few beers, he becomes voluble and will not stop talking.
1949 Pair ജോടിയാക്കുക a couple of things that work jointly After putting on my clothes, I grabbed my pair of shoes and placed them on my feet before heading out the door.
1950 Cult കൾട്ട് a small group of people who practice a common belief system usually associated as odd With their hooded sheets and fiery crosses, members of the racist cult traveled throughout the south wreaking havoc.
1951 Differ വ്യത്യസ്തമാക്കുക to disagree or clash After discussing the dress code, the teacher’s opinion of wanting longer skirt requirements would differ from the students wanting to wear shorter skirts.
1952 Consolidation ഏകീകരണം the act of combining several actions into one The consolidation of all our household debt into one loan was a wise choice.
1953 Overseas വിദേശത്ത് located in an overseas country While flying overseas, Lisa got a good view of both continents and the Pacific ocean.
1954 Ravel റാവൽ to untangle or unravel and object or situation As more and more facts came to light, the truth about who murdered the butler began to ravel.
1955 Whether എന്ന് expressing a doubt or choice between two different things I’m not sure whether I should cook hamburgers or spaghetti for lunch.
1956 Unwary ജാഗ്രതയില്ലാത്ത not cautious or aware of danger Although he should have been afraid of the wolf, the third pig seemed unwary.
1957 Inconsequential അപ്രസക്തമായ not important or significant When you walk with your head down and eyes lowered, you come across as being inconsequential.
1958 Tesserae ടെസറേ a small square of material used in ancient times for a token, ticket, tally, or other such item Most civilizations of the past liked to use precious materials as tesserae, which is why ancient Rome used gold for their currency.
1959 Visitation സന്ദർശനം a set period of time in which people get to see and spend time with each other Family visitation for inmates lasts from two to four.
1960 Unbiased നിഷ്പക്ഷത fair; without bias or prejudice Workers at the voting place were trained to discuss the candidates’ beliefs in an unbiased way.
1961 Cough ചുമ to sharply dispel air from the lungs, usually when something is lodged in the throat or irritating it The child choked for a moment on his hot dog, but after a cough or two he managed to dislodge the piece of meat that endangered him.
1962 Burlap ബർലാപ്പ് coarse, plain-woven fabric used for bagging, furniture, and rugs Burlap bags are being woven to hold potatoes and produce to be sold at the market.
1963 Unavailable ലഭ്യമല്ല not available to be accessed; out of stock My favorite brand of peanut butter is unavailable, so I had to go with the off brand.
1964 Surgeon സർജൻ a medical professional qualified to conduct surgery Doctor Matthews is a surgeon because he is medically qualified to operate on the human body.
1965 Bamboozle ബാംബൂസിൽ to cheat or deceive another person The waiter tried to bamboozle me into giving him extra money by saying the tip had not been included in the check.
1966 Plow ഉഴുക a tool used to cut ground before planting Using the plow to loosen the garden’s soil was much easier than tilling by hand.
1967 Odyssey ഒഡീസി a lengthy journey during which many events occur My twenty-year odyssey in the army allowed me to visit eighteen countries.
1968 Frippery ഫ്രിപ്പറി something that is showy or gaudy to the point of appearing silly or unnecessary Skipping out on the frippery, the engaged couple decided to spend their money on a new home instead of a showy wedding.
1969 Pad പാഡ് flattened mass of anything soft Mason put a rubber pad on the floor during his cardio class to reduce the pressure on his knees.
1970 Misgiving തെറ്റിദ്ധരിപ്പിക്കുന്നു a feeling of doubt When I learned my daughter’s boyfriend had just been released from prison, my misgiving about him became stronger.
1971 Incorrect തെറ്റായ not accurate Each incorrect answer caused the team to lose fifty points from the score board.
1972 Convention കൺവെൻഷൻ a formal meeting or assembly A convention was called so that the delegates could vote on the laws.
1973 Negotiate ചർച്ച നടത്തുക to try to reach an agreement or come to terms We sat down to negotiate a deal that would satisfy everyone.
1974 Throughout ഉടനീളം all over or the whole time Rain poured down in droves throughout the day without relinquishing causing all of school’s athletic events to be canceled.
1975 Foci ഫോസി the centers or central parts of focus/activity The foci of the paper were the many reasons why people came to the U.S. and the ways they immigrated.
1976 Flora സസ്യജാലങ്ങൾ all of the plants located in a particular habitat Flora in the eastern region includes over 7000 types of plants.
1977 Seed വിത്ത് reproductive grains of a plant that are used to grow another plant Covering the field with netting stopped the birds from eating the seed from the rows.
1978 Intrinsic അന്തർലീനമായ internally true and genuine, often referring to the worth of people and objects for their value A man with a generous heart can see the intrinsic value in something which looks worthless to others.
1979 Subsidiary സബ്സിഡിയറി a business owned by a larger company The business is a subsidiary of a gigantic multinational organization.
1980 Disambiguate അവ്യക്തമാക്കുക to show the differences between two or more meanings clearly Punctuation in a sentence helps one disambiguate the meaning of each phrase.
1981 Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious സൂപ്പർകാലിഫ്രാഗിലിസ്റ്റിക് എക്സ്പിയലിഡോഷ്യസ്  incredible; extremely pleasing Because the dinner at the restaurant was supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, I cannot wait to return for my next meal.
1982 Worrisome ആശങ്കാജനകമാണ് something that causes stress or fear The rising crime rate in her neighborhood was more than worrisome, it was alarming.
1983 Astonished ആശ്ചര്യപ്പെട്ടു greatly surprised or amazed After weeks of studying the Civil War, Kevin was astonished with his below average grade on his history test.
1984 Subduction സബ്ഡക്ഷൻ when one of the Earth’s tectonic plates passes beneath the edge of another plate and into the mantle Subduction can be easily demonstrated by sliding one book underneath another.
1985 Sensual ഇന്ദ്രിയപരം inducing pleasurable or erotic sensations The sensual couple’s massage was part of the honeymoon plans.
1986 Preface ആമുഖം the opening or introduction of a presentation or book During his preface, the host thanked everyone who participated in the competition.
1987 Tributary പോഷകനദി a stream of water that enters into a larger body of water As it flowed into the river, the tributary provided fresh water for the village.
1988 Irrefragable മാറ്റാനാകാത്തത് not able to be disputed or disproved My college professor requires us to question all scientific evidence, even that which is considered fact or irrefragable.
1989 Aside മാറ്റിവെക്കുക out of the way; to the side Placing all problems aside, Lila decided to give her boyfriend a second chance.
1990 Slothful മടിയൻ lazy and idle; wanting to do nothing Because he was so slothful, the lazy husband laid in bed every day while his wife worked.
1991 Comatose കോമറ്റോസ് unconscious and unable to communicate The car crash victim was comatose and unable to talk while on the stretcher.
1992 Unwind വിശ്രമിക്കുക to relax and let go of stress After a long day at work, the waitress needed to put her feet up and unwind.
1993 Truism സത്യവിശ്വാസം a frequently heard statement that is evidently rooted in truth During the annual meeting, the company president was fond of repeating the truism about hard work paying huge dividends.
1994 Boon ബോൺ a benefit or blessing for which one should be grateful The donation from the billionaire was a nice boon for the homeless charity.
1995 Parturition പ്രസവിക്കൽ childbirth; the process of giving birth Breastfeeding can continue several years after parturition is complete and the baby is born.
1996 Limn ലിംൻ to represent in painting or words The painter is known to limn pictures of his lovers on oil canvases.
1997 Sting കുത്തുക an irritation or pain caused by rubbing against a poisonous substance or receiving a piercing bite from a venomous creature The sting of the bumblebee felt like wildfire rapidly spreading across his skin.
1998 Weathering കാലാവസ്ഥ the act of weather conditions altering the state of material, whether it be texture, color, etc Powerful wind gusts and heavy rains did their part weathering the church until its fresh paint was chipped and peeling.
1999 Infuse ഇൻഫ്യൂസ് ചെയ്യുക to fill with a certain quality Cook the rice until you thoroughly infuse it with the taste of the herbs and spices you added.
2000 Worthiness യോഗ്യത having qualities that are desired to fit into a specific group or category The Royal family interviews all potential matches for worthiness before the prince is allowed to date.
2001 Ultimately ആത്യന്തികമായി finally; in the end Ultimately, we decided to buy the smaller house that had a lower price tag.
2002 Guru ഗുരു an individual who is considered to be an unrivaled specialist on a subject You should listen to financial guru Steven Smith because he is worth half a billion dollars.
2003 Rigor കഠിനം inflexibility; severity The stern professor does not accept excuses and is known for exhibiting rigor in his classroom.
2004 Predestination മുൻനിശ്ചയം the doctrine that everything has been foreordained by a God or by fate The priest believed in predestination and never worried about things that were to come.
2005 Dawn പ്രഭാതത്തെ the start of the morning light just before sunrise; daybreak I stayed up until dawn waiting for Craig to walk through the door, but he never did.
2006 Taxidermy ടാക്സിഡെർമി the art of preparing and stuffing the skins of dead animals to appear lifelike The mounted deer heads you see in some homes are the results of taxidermy, and they used to belong to real animals.
2007 Enclosure എൻക്ലോഷർ an area that is surrounded by a fence, wall, etc The enclosure was filled with cows grazing in the field.
2008 Crust പുറംതോട് the hardened, outer layer of an object Cracks in the earth’s crust cause earthquakes and other on top of the outer layer.
2009 Queasy അസ്വസ്ഥമായ feeling sick and nauseated As the boat began to pick up speed, a few of the ship’s passengers began to feel queasy from the motion.
2010 Vent വെന്റ് an opening that allows air, gas, or liquid to pass out of or into a confined space A vent at the top of the chimney allows smoky air to escape and fresh air to enter the home.
2011 Importunate ഇംപര്ചുനേറ്റ് demanding in an annoying way My mother left her husband because he was an importunate man who treated her like an unpaid servant.
2012 Epoch യുഗം a significant period in time Many people consider the development of the first antibiotic to be the epoch of man’s therapeutic advances.
2013 Orbit ഭ്രമണപഥം to move around something in a circular path The earth continues to orbit around the sun in a circular pattern.
2014 Commander-in-chief കമാൻഡർ ഇൻ ചീഫ് the supreme commander in a country’s armed forces The President of the United States is the Commander-in-chief of its armed forces, the supreme commander above all others.
2015 Wronged തെറ്റി betrayed; hurt Though she felt wronged by her former employer, the woman felt it best to forgive and move forward.
2016 Bauble ബൗബിൾ a cheap showy ornament or piece of jewelry At first I thought that the trinkets sold on the island had value, but I then realized that they were nothing other than worthless bauble.
2017 Mar മാർ to ruin or spoil You will mar the cake if you keep putting your fingers in the icing.
2018 Commendation അഭിനന്ദനം an award or honor Receiving a commendation in recognition of his volunteer services was the highlight of the fireman’s day.
2019 Intelligible ബുദ്ധിപരം capable of being comprehended Because the intoxicated man slurred his words, his speech was far from intelligible.
2020 Affair കാര്യം an issue or concern that is handled Stealing office supplies became a company affair when the company began to lose money due to the theft.
2021 Partially ഭാഗികമായി somewhat or relatively done Once both boys were caught accidentally smashing the window with a rock, Bill was only partially responsible for the damage because the other boy should pay too.
2022 Mutton ആട്ടിറച്ചി the meat of a domestic sheep While a lot of people like chicken, I personally prefer mutton, which we get from the lambs we take care of.
2023 Atrocious ക്രൂരമായ heinous; monstrous After receiving atrocious reviews, the play closed the day after opening.
2024 Auriferous ഓറിഫെറസ് describes rocks or minerals that contain gold Placing his hands on the auriferous treasure, the pirate lusted for the golden trinkets.
2025 Chuckle ചിരിക്കുക to laugh quietly Letting out a soft chuckle, the janitor couldn’t help but laugh at the conversation he overheard.
2026 Trek ട്രെക്ക് a long and usually difficult journey, typically carried out on foot In order to make it to Grandma’s house, we will have to trek over the mountains and through the woods.
2027 Reductive റിഡക്റ്റീവ് tending to present a subject or problem in a simplified form The interviewee’s answers were all reductive and to the point.
2028 Posse കൈവശം a group of people who have a common characteristic or purpose My friend has a posse that he likes to hang out with because they are all so similar.
2029 Perspicacity സൂക്ഷ്മത the ability to notice and understand things that are not obvious The detective’s perspicacity allowed him to easily recognize the criminal in the crowd.
2030 Acquitted കുറ്റവിമുക്തനാക്കി found innocent of a charge or accusation Even though the judge believed the defendant was guilty, he could say nothing when the jury acquitted the man of all charges.
2031 Speak സംസാരിക്കുക to talk or say something The student was too shy to speak in front of her peers, so she never answered questions in class.
2032 Deranged വിഭ്രാന്തി disturbed or upset, especially mentally The deranged gunman started shooting wildly into the mall while shouting violent and hateful curses.
2033 Stretch വലിച്ചുനീട്ടുക to straighten something to its full length If you stretch your hands up into the sky, you will relieve some of the pressure you have in your body.
2034 Stew പായസം an assortment of meat, vegetables, and/or stock cooked for a period of time and occasionally placed over a starch Bouillabaisse is a traditional French stew made with fish, an assortment of seafood, and broth.
2035 Antiseptic ആന്റിസെപ്റ്റിക് very clean and free of disease-causing organisms While cleaning with an antiseptic spray, I realized my friend would find it impossible to say anything negative at our playdate about any germs being in the house.
2036 Flout ഫ്ലൗട്ട് to intentionally disobey (a law, rule, convention) People find themselves in trouble because they think they’re clever enough to flout the law without getting caught.
2037 Seniority സീനിയോറിറ്റി refers to having a high ranking in an organization due to having been there for a longer period of time than others Employees with seniority were given project preference over those who were new to the company.
2038 Perceive ഗ്രഹിക്കുക to view or become aware of Sometimes I am so concerned about how others perceive me that I do not always listen to my own voice.
2039 Snide സ്നൈഡ് indirectly unkind or insulting Tina always made snide and cutting remarks when trying to hurt her younger sister’s feelings.
2040 Vendetta വെൻഡെറ്റ a series of actions taken to get back at or harm someone 1. The candidate’s vendetta against his challenger led him to question the man’s character.
2041 Mussel ചിപ്പി a mussel is an edible clam like animal The expensive mussel was the top item at the seafood restaurant near the rocky docks.
2042 Spectator കാഴ്ചക്കാരൻ someone who watches or observes The difficulty of gymnastics is easy to forget when you are a spectator watching the performance.
2043 Debate സംവാദം a discussion of a particular subject in which people express different opinions My philosophical friends and I loved to debate art and music over coffee.
2044 Monitory നിരീക്ഷണം giving a warning or reprimand The monitory note was sent to the school district to reprimand them for their illegal actions.
2045 Quaff ക്വാഫ് to hastily consume a beverage The huge athlete was able to quaff down a gallon of water in less than two minutes.
2046 Complicated സങ്കീർണ്ണമായ difficult and involving many different parts The first cake recipe was too complicated, so I decided to choose a simpler one.
2047 Haunches ഹാഞ്ച്സ് Hindquarters; Hips, buttocks, and upper thighs of a human or animal Sitting upon his haunches, the horse neighed and whinnied.
2048 Repent പശ്ചാത്തപിക്കുക to feel sorrow or regret for what one has done I insisted that I had no need to repent because I never did anything wrong.
2049 Morning രാവിലെ the period of time between midnight and noon Each day, I rise with the sun and start my early morning workout routine.
2050 Conveniently സൗകര്യപ്രദമായി in a way that is useful/fits well Tags are conveniently placed on each item so that shoppers will know how much they cost.
2051 Hebetudinous ഹെബെറ്റുഡിനസ് mentally dull or sluggish The hebetudinous student seemed lethargic when it came to his studies and refused to put any effort towards his studies.
2052 Outlier ഔട്ട്‌ലിയർ an outsider The scholarship student was treated as an outlier by her wealthy peers.
2053 Faint തളർച്ച weak and dizzy Because she felt faint, the exhausted woman went to lie down for a while.
2054 Dealt കൈകാര്യം ചെയ്തു simple past tense of deal; take action with respect of someone As the Police officer dealt with the driver, his partner chased the passenger who ran.
2055 Zilch സിൽച്ച് zero or nothing She knew zilch about camping, so when she was asked to help put up the tent she fumbled with poles.
2056 Disavow നിരസിക്കുക refuse to own; reject When news of the band’s breakup surfaced, the manager had to disavow any part in the undoing.
2057 Piedmont പീഡ്മോണ്ട് a piedmont is gentle slope leading from the base of mountains to a region of flat land The piedmont at the base of the Andes Mountains leads to a small farming village.
2058 Flue ഫ്ലൂ part of the chimney that allows the smoke to exit When the house smelled of stale smoke, the homeowner realized that the flue in the chimney needed cleaning.
2059 Pier പിയർ a tall and long dock for boats or people that extends out several yards into a body of water Standing on the pier, the couple watched the surfers tackle the large waves as water crashed along the pier’s wooden posts.
2060 Paralysis പക്ഷാഘാതം the lack of mobility in a limb or part of the body Money from a grant issued wheelchairs to victims of the disaster who suffered from paralysis.
2061 Outwit ഔട്ട്വിറ്റ് to be more cunning or brilliant over someone else In the song, “Devil Went Down to Georgia,” the boy was able to outwit the devil by playing his fiddle better.
2062 Notable ശ്രദ്ധേയമാണ് famous and remarkable When the speaker used a notable quote in her speech, everyone in the audience knew who she was referring to since they had heard that quote before.
2063 Watershed നീർത്തടങ്ങൾ a turning point or milestone Winning Teacher of the Year was a watershed moment in my career.
2064 Story കഥ a narrative description of events that include true or made-up characters Reading a bedtime story before going to sleep is a common ritual in houses with small children.
2065 Cougar കൂഗർ an older woman who prefers to date much younger men Cougar dating sites hook older women up with much younger men.
2066 Ominous ദുശ്ശകുനം suggesting that something bad is going to happen in the future Because of the ominous music, we knew something bad was about to happen in the movie.
2067 Preposterous അസംബന്ധം contrary to nature, reason, or common sense His idea of selling dead bugs for big money is totally preposterous!
2068 Install ഇൻസ്റ്റാൾ ചെയ്യുക to put something in position so that it can be used The electrician will install our new stove today so that my mother can cook dinner tonight.
2069 Release പ്രകാശനം to set something free Although President Trump promised to release his tax returns upon taking office, he has yet to do so.
2070 Imperial ഇംപീരിയൽ relating to an empire, emperor, or the concept of imperialism If a member from an imperial family approaches you, then your response should be to bow before them.
2071 Bemused ആശയക്കുഴപ്പത്തിലായി preoccupied or lost in thought After listening to the confusing lecture, the college girl was bemused.
2072 Writhe വലിക്കുക to twist as if from struggling or pain When the old man had a heart attack, he fell to the floor and began to writhe around on the carpet while holding his chest.
2073 Cranky ക്രാങ്കി ill-tempered, irritable, or agitated My cranky girlfriend is making an effort to avoid looking or talking to me today since I irritated her with my comment about her weight this morning.
2074 Panoply പനോപ്ലി an impressive collection or exhibition The designer’s exciting panoply of dresses won over the fashion critics.
2075 Category വിഭാഗം a class or division of people or things that have similar characteristics Which category does a tomato fall into: fruit or vegetable?
2076 Muscular മസ്കുലർ having well-developed muscles Muscular body builders paraded the stage, showing off their brawn to the judges.
2077 Suddenly പെട്ടെന്ന് rapidly or without warning When I stared out the window, I noticed the tornado suddenly approaching our farm with intense force.
2078 Transmundane ട്രാന്സ്മുണ്ടേൻ existing outside the physical world that we can see Because he believes in transmundane beings, the writer pens stories about galaxies that are out of this world.
2079 Fingerprint വിരലടയാളം the mark made on something from the tips of the fingers After analyzing the fingerprint that was left at the crime scene, Detective Jones determined that it was left by the criminal when he put his naked hand on the table.
2080 Immobile ചലനരഹിതം not moving; motionless After falling off of his porch, the elderly man became immobile and couldn’t move his leg.
2081 Beamed ബീംഡ് shined brightly During the hottest part of the day, the sun beamed down on the garden and scorched the plants with its bright light.
2082 Perceptible ഗ്രഹിക്കാവുന്നത് able to be noted or observed She spoke softly, and her words were barely perceptible.
2083 Self-evident സ്വയം പ്രകടമായത് obvious and clear; not needing any explanation The teacher’s instructions were self-evident, so no students asked any questions about the assignment.
2084 Phase ഘട്ടം a distinguishable part of a sequence or cycle occurring over time The road widening project from two lanes to four is only at the initial phase and upon the completion is expected to help with traffic flow.
2085 Saint വിശുദ്ധൻ a title given to someone regarded as holy and virtuous after his or her death Believing that her prayer would be answered, the worshiper cried out to the departed saint for deliverance from her situation.
2086 Sovereignty പരമാധികാരം power; authority; control The hijackers demanded that China relinquish its claim of sovereignty over Hong Kong.
2087 Molasses മൊളാസസ് thick, brown syrup that is separated from raw sugar In some recipes, syrupy molasses can be substituted for sugar since they both have a sweet flavor.
2088 Unsheathed പൊതിഞ്ഞത് pulled a knife or sword out from its covering The warrior unsheathed the blade, raised it above his head and plunged it towards the enemy.
2089 Alias അപരനാമം an alternate name used by a person who wishes to keep his or her identity secret If you’re having a hard time locating Sarah’s blog, try searching for it under her alias, Hannah Martin.
2090 Flummoxed ഫ്ലംമോക്സഡ് very confused Since the therapist had never seen a delusional person before, she was quite flummoxed by Harry’s unusual behavior.
2091 Refutable നിരാകരിക്കാവുന്ന something that can be proved wrong or erroneous The solid theory is not refutable by any disproving scientific evidence.
2092 Babelicious ബാബലിസിയസ് very physically attractive or sexy The men continued to catcall the babelicious woman as she walked down the street in her short skirt.
2093 Sag സാഗ് to droop down to a lower level The sandcastle began to sag in the middle as water filled the top of the construction.
2094 Gyroscope ഗൈറോസ്കോപ്പ് a wheel or disk used for navigation that is mounted so it can spin rapidly in various directions The spinning gyroscope helped the sailors determine which direction to sail.
2095 Sensational സെൻസേഷണൽ astonishing and unbelievable After working on the woman’s hair for over eight hours, her sensational hairstyle was admired and jealous by many women who saw it.
2096 Distaste അനിഷ്ടം dislike or mild disdain for something I have a mild distaste for anything bitter, but I would certainly eat those foods if I were hungry enough.
2097 Know-how എങ്ങനെയെന്നറിയുക the knowledge and skill to be able to do something correctly I don’t have the required know-how to build a website, but I am willing to learn.
2098 Adopt ദത്തെടുക്കുക a legal process to take care of another’s biological child as your own Many childless couples will adopt the less fortunate children from around the globe.
2099 Mutinous കലാപകാരി not following orders; rebelling against authority Can you believe the bodyguard was the head of the mutinous plot to kill the king?
2100 Predominance ആധിപത്യം the state of being greater in frequency, number, strength, or authority than something or someone else You will find a predominance of dog lovers at the park, but there are few cat lovers visit them as well.
2101 Chiaroscuro ചിയാരോസ്കുറോ an artistic image emphasizing the brightness and darkness while de-emphasizing color Art critics at the art gallery admired the chiaroscuro of the black and white photograph since the shade covered everything but the bright eyes of the woman.
2102 Brute ക്രൂരൻ a bully or mean person Acting as a brute, everyone avoided him at work so they wouldn’t hear his cruel words.
2103 Tread ചവിട്ടുക to walk, step, or trample with your feet In an effort to avoid waking her parents, the girl tread lightly through the entryway.
2104 Verdant പച്ചപ്പ് green with grass or other rich vegetation After three years of drought conditions, the farmers welcomed the spring rains and hoped they would continue long enough to restore their crops to verdant abundance.
2105 Blustery ബ്ലസ്റ്ററി blowing in loud and abrupt bursts During the blizzard, the blustery wind echoed eerily throughout the house.
2106 Pluralism ബഹുസ്വരത where two or more sources of power exist Pluralism is a system in which two or more states, groups, or principles coexist together.
2107 Benefit പ്രയോജനം a payment, advantage, or gift Since I get sick a lot, my health insurance is one work-related benefit I really appreciate.
2108 Tongue-in-cheek നാവ്-കവിളിൽ meant as amusing and not in a serious manner After waiting in line for over an hour, I did not appreciate the clerk’s tongue-in-cheek comment about annoying customers.
2109 Area ഏരിയ a particular geographic region The Everglades are an area of swamp in southern Florida.
2110 Hydroplane ജലവിമാനം to skim the surface of water while moving at high speed As the rain poured, the trucker slowed his speed so he could lesson his chance of making the eighteen wheeler hydroplane.
2111 Practicable പ്രായോഗികം that can be put into practice; feasible The Federal investigators said after the train crash, “A detailed report will be made to the public as soon as practicable.”
2112 Fealty ഫെലിറ്റി an official acknowledgment of loyalty When the president took his oath, he swore fealty to the nation.
2113 Jinx ജിൻക്സ് a person or thing supposed to bring bad luck I lied on my resume and fear this big mistake could jinx my chances of snaring a great job.
2114 Putrefy ചീഞ്ഞളിഞ്ഞ to produce a strong odor while decaying So many soldiers died during the war, with their decomposing bodies left to putrefy in the fields.
2115 Morosely മോശമായി in an unhappy manner The dog stared morosely at the front door while waiting for its owner to return.
2116 Supportive പിന്തുണയ്ക്കുന്ന showing kindness and support Adam was supportive during his wife’s weight loss journey by working out with her at the gym.
2117 Hoity-toity ഹോയിറ്റി-ടോറ്റി having an arrogant and vain attitude When the underdressed girl entered the hoity-toity boutique, the workers refused to wait on her because they thought she didn’t have enough money to buy their outfits.
2118 Unrest അസ്വസ്ഥത a state of uneasiness, restlessness, or agitation Unrest in the country began to grow after the leader began to censor what the newspapers could publish.
2119 Crucially നിർണായകമായി with extreme importance The amount of funds allocated depends crucially on how many foster children are being serviced.
2120 Gadfly ഗാഡ്ഫ്ലൈ an annoying person who is a nuisance by constantly criticizing others The television commentator is a gadfly whose main purpose on the show is to criticize others.
2121 Abjure ഒഴിവാക്കുക to give up a belief or an activity After the tyrant took over the country, the citizens had to abjure their political beliefs.
2122 Aught ഓട്ട് anything or for all My psychiatrist says I worry too much, but for aught I know, a stranger could be watching all of my actions.
2123 Mentor ഉപദേശകൻ someone who teaches or gives advice to someone less experienced Because she was a new teacher, Betsy needed a mentor to show her how to set up her classroom.
2124 Thereupon തുടർന്ന് immediately; shortly after The police chief thereupon ordered a blocking of the road so that more accidents did not occur.
2125 Postdate പോസ്റ്റ്ഡേറ്റ് to assign a date to something later than was originally intended We had to postdate the party because a thunderstorm stopped the guests from coming on the original day.
2126 Offal ഓഫാണ് the discarded elements of a procedure; in particularly, the leftover animal parts from processed meat The dog food is made from the offal that remains after the chicken is cut and processed.
2127 Discard നിരസിക്കുക to throw something away because it is considered not valuable or needed Since I decided to discard all of my previous emails, I did not have the evidence stating that I loaned the woman money due to her admission in a June email.
2128 Concur യോജിക്കുക to agree with something With no other facts on hand, I can only concur with your statement.
2129 Characterize സ്വഭാവമാക്കുക to describe The company is refusing to characterize the event as a PR nightmare, but their stocks have dropped significantly.
2130 Wonderful അത്ഭുതം something that is amazing or marvelous in an exciting way The soon-to-be father was so excited to learn the wonderful news surrounding his wife’s pregnancy.
2131 Pageant മത്സരം a demonstration of contestants or incidents usually involving a common theme As the women donned their native country’s costume, they walked across the stage in the Miss Universe Pageant.
2132 Appease സമാധാനിപ്പിക്കുക to make (someone) pleased or less angry by giving or saying something desired When I reported the cashier’s poor customer service, the manager tried to appease me with the offer of a free pizza.
2133 Phosphate ഫോസ്ഫേറ്റ് a fizzy drink containing water, sweet liquid and an acid In the mid-1900s, many customers would order phosphate sodas because they wanted a bubbly drink.
2134 Quietus നിശബ്ദത the termination of something, usually unpleasant in nature The police officer’s arrival brought a quietus to the argument between the two neighbors.
2135 Glaring തിളങ്ങുന്നു frowning; looking angrily Glaring out at the crowd, the angry police officer ordered the protesters to leave immediately.
2136 Incubate ഇൻകുബേറ്റ് ചെയ്യുക to keep eggs safe and warm so they can grow and hatch Like some other snakes, pythons incubate their eggs by coiling their bodies over them.
2137 Viciously ക്രൂരമായി done in a cruel or violent way Attacking the girl viciously, the ruthless dog would not let go of her skin.
2138 Cube ക്യൂബ് a regular solid of six equal square sides Trays with small cube indentions are used to freeze water into chunks of ice.
2139 Gambol ഗാംബോൾ jump or run in a playful manner Because of the rain, students are unable to gambol on the playground during recess.
2140 Underestimate കുറച്ചുകാണിക്കുക to say that something is worth less than it really is The man made a mistake when he chose to underestimate the skill of the other player.
2141 Sacrament കൂദാശ a formal religious rite or ceremony According to the church, April can’t receive the communion sacrament because she is a divorced woman.
2142 Heroic ഹീറോയിക്ക് very brave When Anna administered CPR on the drowned victim, witnesses clapped and admired her due to her heroic acts.
2143 Polite മര്യാദയുള്ള behavior that is respectful of other people If you want people to like you, you should probably be polite to them.
2144 Telemetry ടെലിമെട്രി the act of recording and transmitting data from an instrument We’ll use telemetry to send our research data to the other station, and they’ll be able to interpret what we saw on the radar.
2145 Archive ആർക്കൈവ് a collection of historical documents or records providing information about a place, institution, or group of people The archive was full of photographs, letters, and historical documents from WWI.
2146 Well-versed വിവരമുള്ള to be talented, familiar, and informed of something specific Once the foreign exchange student spent the year in Germany, she became well-versed in German having the ability to speak it fluently.
2147 Apprehension ആശങ്ക capturing and arresting a lawless person Both the army and the police were involved in the apprehension of the terrorists.
2148 Flibbertigibbet ഫ്ലിബെർട്ടിഗിബെറ്റ് a person seen as a silly chatterbox that talks too much Nicknamed Chatty Cathy, Catherine was a flibbertigibbet who blabbed to anyone she met.
2149 Perplex ആശയക്കുഴപ്പം to puzzle or confuse According to the book reviewer, the author’s puzzling writing style will perplex many readers.
2150 Rig റിഗ് to set up or modify something, usually a piece of equipment In an attempt to rig a makeshift pair of skates, the young child strapped some buggy wheels to his shoes, though the results were less than stellar.
2151 Anatomy അനാട്ടമി the review of a plant or animal’s structure In our anatomy class, we learned about the shapes and sizes of the organs in the human body.
2152 Succeed വിജയിക്കുക to become victorious or accomplish a task If you want to succeed in life, you should have a great job and a proud productive family.
2153 Love സ്നേഹം a deep feeling of fondness or affection The love Ben felt for his wife showed in the way her cared for her while she was sick.
2154 Misdeed തെറ്റായ പ്രവൃത്തി something that should not have been done Gina will have to serve some jail time for her misdeed.
2155 Poll വോട്ടെടുപ്പ് a survey of people’s opinions or choices regarding a certain subject. The United States uses a poll to determine which politicians their citizens vote for.
2156 Sermon പ്രസംഗം a speech or talk on a religious or moral subject The sermon was about forgiveness.
2157 Surge കുതിച്ചുചാട്ടം a sudden increase Because of low supply and high demand, there is a sudden surge in the price of natural oil.
2158 Masquerade മാസ്ക്വെറേഡ് to assume a false identity  The con man decided to masquerade as a missionary to bilk the church out of its savings.
2159 Soprano സോപ്രാനോ highest female singing voice Sylvia’s voice was too deep to sing the soprano part.
2160 Timeline ടൈംലൈൻ an estimated plan of how long something will or should take To meet the timeline of completion, construction must start tomorrow.
2161 Grieve ദുഃഖിക്കുക to mourn or be upset over a loss Taking the time to grieve the loss of a loved one is an important part of the healing process.
2162 Intimacy അടുപ്പം feeling of closeness and openness towards someone else Instead of controlling my children, I tried to create an intimacy with them.
2163 Small ചെറുത് of lesser size than normal The skinny girl ordered a very small dress to wear to the dance.
2164 Pipeline പൈപ്പ്ലൈൻ a long pipe, usually underground, for transporting oil and gas Installing the underground pipeline created hundreds of jobs in the community.
2165 Satiety സംതൃപ്തി the state of being satisfied or full after consuming food Sarah reached satiety and felt content after tasting every item on the buffet.
2166 Sockdolager സോക്ക്ഡോളേജർ a decisive and often unexpected blow President Trump’s win came as a surprising sockdolager to both Democrats and Republicans alike.
2167 Reek റീക്ക് to have or give off a strong, unpleasant smell It was discovered that a gallon of milk had spilled all over the car, making it reek.
2168 Upcoming വരാനിരിക്കുന്ന happening in the near future While preparing for her upcoming wedding, the bride ordered fresh flowers and cake.
2169 Shoal ഷോൾ a group of fish swimming together in shallow water A shimmering shoal of orange and white fish ducked in and out of the coral.
2170 Underway നടന്നുകൊണ്ടിരിക്കുന്നു something started and is ongoing With the construction of the road underway, it was only a matter of a few weeks before people could drive on it.
2171 Assessment വിലയിരുത്തൽ the process of making a judgement or evaluation about someone or something The assessment of my car damage was that it was totaled from the accident.
2172 Distance ദൂരം an amount of physical space between two things The distance between Earth and the Moon is considerable for us to consider, even though it is almost nothing compared to the true vastness of space.
2173 Spunky സ്പങ്കി courageous and full of spirit Spunky and full of spirit, the little girl is known for always doing things that others are afraid to do.
2174 Invention കണ്ടുപിടുത്തം something that has been invented Jane appreciates the invention of the air conditioner on hot summer days.
2175 Frontier അതിർത്തി an area that has not been fully explored The science fiction program begins with a description of space as the final frontier.
2176 Which ഏത് used to show which particular object one is talking about The real and the fake paintings look so much alike that it’s even hard for collectors to know which was which.
2177 Timeliness സമയനിഷ്ഠ the act of something happening at an appropriate period or instant Due to the timeliness of the child’s birth, the teacher was able to have her baby in the summer and not miss any work.
2178 Flippancy ഫ്ലിപ്പൻസി a manner that lacks respect or seriousness The unserious worker’s flippancy caused him to be fired from his job.
2179 Insubstantial അടിസ്ഥാനരഹിതം not enough; not strong enough Because the evidence was insubstantial, there wasn’t strong enough proof to charge the man with murder.
2180 Ignoramus ഇഗ്നോരാമസ് someone who is completely uninformed The reporter proved he was an ignoramus when he gave out false information during the broadcast.
2181 Vociferous ശബ്ദമുയർത്തുന്ന making a loud outcry The protestors were vociferous as they screamed outside of the government building.
2182 Polyphonic പോളിഫോണിക് describes a sound that contains two or more voices or notes sounding at time The polyphonic song was performed by two of the best voices in the world-renowned choir.
2183 Optimistic ശുഭാപ്തിവിശ്വാസം hopeful about the future or a specific outcome Though we haven’t won a game all year, our team is still optimistic that today we will win.
2184 Spent ചെലവഴിച്ചു paid out money, time, or resources We spent several thousand dollars buying furniture for our new home.
2185 Myrmidon മിർമിഡോൺ a person who does whatever his leader says Under the watchful eye of their superior military leader, every myrmidon followed his first request.
2186 Clumsy വിചിത്രമായ awkward in movement or handling, prone to accidents or mistakes My dog is rather clumsy, bumping into things whenever she runs around and sliding on hard floors all the time.
2187 External ബാഹ്യ the exterior or outside of something When the two children continued to physically fight, this external conflict would cause their parents to get tired of hearing the bickering.
2188 Triage ട്രയേജ് to sort by a particular attribute The purpose of the automated phone system is to triage calls so they can be routed to the proper customer service agent.
2189 Demise വിയോഗം the end of a period or lifespan My mother’s demise occurred unexpectedly in a traffic accident.
2190 Expend ചെലവഴിക്കുക to use up Our long, midday hike always causes me to expend all of my energy and leaves me exhausted by dinner.
2191 Abscess കുരു cavity filled with pus A tame rabbit was brought in with a large abscess about the size of an egg on its cheek.
2192 Dash ഡാഷ് to run somewhere in a hurry Tristan was able to dash through the crowd, moving so quickly that she wasn’t late for her meeting.
2193 Arrival വരവ് the act of reaching the place to which you were traveling Because of the blizzard weather, my arrival to New York will be delayed.
2194 Patented പേറ്റന്റ് നേടിയത് pertaining to a product, service or invention that has been issued a government document limiting others from reproducing it Their patented cordless vacuum cleaner made millions of dollar for the Sands family since their company made the only cordless type.
2195 Reasonable ന്യായയുക്തം sensible and rational After so many silly answers, the teacher was happy that her top student gave a reasonable response to the question.
2196 Naughty വികൃതി to behave poorly At Christmas time, Santa will ask children if they have been naughty or nice during the year.
2197 Rustling റസ്റ്റ്ലിംഗ് making light sounds because parts of something are touching each other Rustling his change together in his hand, the boy thought long and hard about how he wanted to spend his coins.
2198 Structuralism ഘടനാവാദം a scientific branch related to why humans believe they act the way they do Analyzing the structuralism of the characters in a novel will allow students to think critically about the protagonist and antagonist.
2199 Gaiety ഗെയ്റ്റി celebration; partying The gaiety is in honor of the principal’s retirement.
2200 Species സ്പീഷീസ് a specific class of plants or animals Lewis and Clark discovered many new species of plants and animals while exploring the West.
2201 Unheeded ശ്രദ്ധിക്കപ്പെടാതെ ignored or not paid attention to The doctor’s unheeded warnings about the dangers of smoking seemed to go in one ear and out the other.
2202 Relationship ബന്ധം the way in which two people or organizations are connected The mother and daughter have a very close relationship and can talk about almost anything.
2203 Elevation ഉയരത്തിലുമുള്ള the altitude between two points Ms. Smith worried that the low elevation of the city would cause the forecasted rainstorms to flood the land.
2204 Candidacy സ്ഥാനാർത്ഥിത്വം the state of being considered for a position Meeting all the qualifications for candidacy, the well-known business owner decided to run for mayor.
2205 Oncoming വരാനിരിക്കുന്നു approaching or moving toward a particular point The man walked out into oncoming traffic and was almost hit by a car speeding his way.
2206 Besiege ഉപരോധിക്കുക to approach with an excessive number of requests or questions The journalists will besiege the police chief with questions about the prisoner’s escape.
2207 Pocket പോക്കറ്റ് a small pouch sewn in someone’s clothing A few hours after the little boy put the candy bar in his pocket, a melted chocolate stain could be seen on the front of his pants.
2208 Unveiled അനാച്ഛാദനം ചെയ്തു revealed or showed something Eli Whitney unveiled a special machine to the crowd that would change the way that cotton was processed.
2209 Certify സാക്ഷ്യപ്പെടുത്തുക to guarantee that something is true in an official way A piece of paper was issued to certify the diamond was real.
2210 Hastily തിടുക്കത്തിൽ moving or acting with speed or urgency With a dangerous hurricane approaching, he hastily gathered his things and fled his home.
2211 Tirade തിറാഡ് a long and angry speech Because Carrie is normally a laidback person, she shocked everyone with her tirade.
2212 Absent ഹാജരാകുന്നില്ല not present; not in a place one is expected to be The absent father never came to his kids’ school events or picked them up for a weekend visit.
2213 Debtor കടക്കാരൻ a person who owes money to someone else Instead of paying back what he owed, the debtor filed bankruptcy on his debt.
2214 Stagehands സ്റ്റേജ്ഹാൻഡ്സ് people who move scenery or props before, during, or, after a play or stage performance The stagehands were asked to carry several pieces of furniture off set and into the storage rooms.
2215 Essay ഉപന്യാസം a written composition of moderate length, exploring a particular issue or subject For a homework assignment, our teacher Mr. Jones wants the class to write an essay on endangered species.
2216 Portable പോർട്ടബിൾ able to be carried or easily moved We always pack a portable disposable grill before heading out on a trip because it’s the easiest way to cook on the road.
2217 Zap Zap to destroy or get rid of something quickly with force Using the electric bug killer, the homeowner was able to zap many of the pesky bugs in his backyard.
2218 Burden ഭാരം a heavy load Finding he had cancer, he tried to shoulder the burden alone and keep the news from his friends.
2219 Contribute സംഭാവന ചെയ്യുക to donate something to a cause, whether it be time, money, or ideas Ariana Grande and several other artists came together to contribute to charity concert for victims of the Manchester terrorist attack.
2220 Victimized ഇരയാക്കിയത് treated cruelly or unfairly Because he was victimized by bullies on the bus, the scared boy did not want to go to school in the morning.
2221 Supersede സൂപ്പർസീഡ് to replace someone or something In time, the features of the smartphone may supersede those of the personal computer.
2222 Analysis വിശകലനം the breaking down of something complex into smaller elements so it can be evaluated The sheriff was impatient as he waited for the analysis of the fingerprints.
2223 Heretofore ഇതുവരെ previously; before now The investment has produced amazing profits that were heretofore unimaginable.
2224 Agonize വേദനിപ്പിക്കുക to endure a great deal of distress After resigning from my job, I started to agonize over my decision.
2225 Expectancy പ്രതീക്ഷിത in a state of hoping or expecting something to happen Right before the storm, the stores restocked their shelves with expectancy of hurried shoppers.
2226 Chart ചാർട്ട് to record information The nurse used pen and paper to chart all of the patient’s vital signs for the night.
2227 Malnourished പോഷകാഹാരക്കുറവ് suffering from a deficiency of proper nourishment  Because the homeless man was malnourished, I gave him money for a decent meal.
2228 Materialism ഭൗതികവാദം constant concern over material possessions and wealth Obviously, the shopper’s belief in materialism led her to buy far more items than she could afford.
2229 Suite സ്യൂട്ട് a set of rooms at a hotel or elsewhere We don’t want just one room, we want a suite with a living room and kitchen.
2230 Hallow ഹലോ to brand something as sacred or holy John showed he did not hallow his marriage as a sacred commitment when he engaged in an affair with his neighbor.
2231 Terminal അതിതീവ്രമായ a computer device that returns information to user input A computer laptop or desktop is essentially a terminal, storing information and giving that information to the user when it is requested.
2232 Knowledge അറിവ് the understanding of a subject I have a great deal of knowledge in math, being able to carry out complicated mathematical processes that required years of studying.
2233 Discrepancy പൊരുത്തക്കേട് a difference or inconsistency especially between things that should be the same A discrepancy in the financial reports is the reason for the audit.
2234 Colloquy സംസാരഭാഷ  a serious chat or conversation From my bedroom, I could hear portions of my parents’ colloquy about my poor grades.
2235 Divide വീതിക്കുക to split or separate something into two or more parts or groups I am in love with books and have to divide my day into house chores, time to write and time to read.
2236 Lugubrious ലുഗുബ്രിയസ് looking or sounding sad and gloomy In his first novel, the mysterious postman is the perfect example of a lugubrious character.
2237 Coolly അടിപൊളി done calmly and in a way that does not show excitement The soldiers tried to react coolly and calmly even during the chaotic mission.
2238 Impossible അസാധ്യം not possible; not able to be done or happen The employees grew angry with their boss for assigning such an impossible task of creating the monthly reports overnight.
2239 Colon കോളൻ the longest part of the large intestine that connects to the rectum The patient learned that colon cancer had taken over her large intestine and that the organ wasn’t working properly.
2240 Mode മോഡ് the way in which something is done or happens Every parent’s preferred mode of communication was email because it was much easier to access than taking a telephone call.
2241 Emanating പുറപ്പെടുവിക്കുന്നു coming from The smoke emanating from the stove was a clear sign something was burning.
2242 Obviously സ്പഷ്ടമായി clearly; in a way that is easy to see and understand Obviously wanting the boy to ask her to dance, the girl tapped her foot impatiently.
2243 Sanguine സാങ്കുയിൻ optimistic, hopeful, or confident about the future Although the economy is looking better, we should still not be too sanguine about the future.
2244 Simper ലളിതം a silly or shy grin The simper on Kate’s face causes me to think she gets nervous whenever she talks to a boy.
2245 Damage നാശം to impair the soundness, goodness or value of; to harm or cause destruction The recent hurricane left visible damage to houses across the state.
2246 Nepenthe നേപെന്തേ a fictional potion said to have been used by the ancient people to erase the memory of pain or sorrow To help her chase away all of her sorrow, Polydamna gave Helen a nepenthe potion.
2247 Oft പലപ്പോഴും occurring often The oft-quoted poet is famous now but unknown during his lifetime.
2248 Magnanimous മാഗ്നാനിമസ് very generous or forgiving; unselfish  Despite the slurs made against him by his opponent, the boxer was magnanimous enough to praise his competitor.
2249 Necrosis നെക്രോസിസ് the complete deterioration of a bodily organ Cancer first caused the necrosis of the liver which led to the liver failing to produce proteins used in coagulating the blood.
2250 Luncheon ഉച്ചഭക്ഷണം a planned proper function for business or pleasure involving eating  Since the luncheon was cancelled, I was saddened that I would not get to visit with my friends and I would have to fix a sandwich at home.
2251 Bewilderment ആശയക്കുഴപ്പം the circumstance of being in a puzzled state I stared in bewilderment at the cat and dog dancing together.
2252 Idol വിഗ്രഹം hero Ruby Bridges is an idol for young school girls around the world who admire her courage and bravery.
2253 Sophomoric സോഫോമോറിക് juvenile, immature, and lacking good judgment After drinking too much alcohol, the celebrity made sophomoric comments that turned his fans against him.
2254 Rule ഭരണം a law or regulation that tells what actions should or shouldn’t be done Our state has put a law in place requiring everyone in a moving car to wear a seatbelt.
2255 Generic ജനറിക് describing something that is plain, uniform, or ordinary and typically forgettable The guards at the gate were rather generic today, being so plain that I can’t even remember what they looked like.
2256 Gumption ഗംപ്ഷൻ ability and courage to get things done Building up the gumption to jump, the dare devil made his way to the edge of the cliff.
2257 Taxation നികുതി the process of levying taxes The Revolutionary War was waged for many reasons, but one of the causes that ignited the conflict included unfair taxation in which Americans had to pay money to the Crown without representation.
2258 Gigantic ഭീമാകാരമായ really big in size The gigantic elephant is the largest land animal on earth.
2259 Instantaneous തൽക്ഷണം done immediately When the emergency room physician detected the patient’s ruptured spleen, he wheeled the patient upstairs for an instantaneous operation or the patient would die.
2260 Howling അലറുന്നു a loud, animalistic repetition of sound The howling of the wolves on the breeze sent chills up her spine.
2261 Incipient തുടക്കം just beginning to appear or develop Because the incipient plan has no backup measure, there is no chance it will succeed.
2262 Accretion അക്രിഷൻ act of increasing by natural growth The accretion of traffic accidents and drunk driving was attributed to the opening of the new downtown mall.
2263 Wrath കോപം intense anger In mythology mortals generally feared the wrath of the powerful gods.
2264 Turnpike ടേൺപൈക്ക് a high speed highway where fees are charged An accident on the turnpike slowed down highway traffic to a creep.
2265 Expose തുറന്നുകാട്ടുക to reveal or uncover something The blackmailer threatened to expose the politician’s love child.
2266 Solder സോൾഡർ a fusible metal (usually tin or lead) that is used to join other metals together Half of the world’s tin is used for solder, specifically to fuse other metals together.
2267 Nasty വൃത്തികെട്ട something foul or horrid that can leave one disgusted The medicine left a nasty taste in the toddler’s mouth, causing her to spit it out.
2268 Retell വീണ്ടും പറയുക to tell a story that has already been told A huge number of Disney movies have existed just to retell an originally dark and troubling fairytale in a more kid friendly way.
2269 Vilely വിലീലി in an evil or wicked way Facebook is a place where hateful people can vilely vent their opinions and not be punished for it.
2270 Feat നേട്ടം a deed of courage, endurance, skill, or cleverness The man was honored when the king learned of his feat.
2271 Scrimmage സ്ക്രാമ്മേജ് a practice game which does not count on a team’s record Both football teams looked forward to their preseason scrimmage as they needed the practice badly.
2272 Graceful കൃപയുള്ള having agile and fluid movement or speech The sophisticated skater had a graceful air as she swirled around on the ice.
2273 Stingy പിശുക്ക് lacking generosity or the capacity to spend money Ebenezer Scrooge valued money more than friendship and because of his stingy habit of hording money and refusing to help those in need, he had no true friends.
2274 Complaint പരാതി a grievance, problem, difficulty or concern; the act of complaining I intend to make a formal complaint against my manager to Human Resources.
2275 Ongoing നടന്നുകൊണ്ടിരിക്കുന്നു to continue to happen Her ongoing nausea started last week and had not stopped, so the woman decided to visit her family doctor.
2276 Blush ബ്ലഷ് for a person’s face to redden in color due to awkwardness or shame As the teenager’s friends would tease him about his love interest, he would blush with embarrassment.
2277 Thrombosis ത്രോംബോസിസ് the thickening or lump of blood preventing or blocking the flow of blood Emergency surgery was scheduled for the young woman whose thrombosis had become life-threatening from the blood clot.
2278 Authenticate ആധികാരികമാക്കുക to prove that something is true or genuine We will need to authenticate your orders to make sure that they did indeed come from high command before we can let you past this point.
2279 Cooperative സഹകരണസംഘം ready to work with another person or in a team The first team was very responsive and cooperative in updating data.
2280 Lambent ലാംബന്റ് refers to the glowing and flickering of a fire A lambent glow flickered from the low burning campfire.
2281 Claptrap ക്ലാപ്ട്രാപ്പ് ridiculous talk that doesn’t make any sense The old gossipers didn’t tell the truth but simply sat on their porches sharing claptrap with one another.
2282 Uniform ഒരേപോലെ identical clothing worn by people of the same workplace, organization, or school The student wished she could ditch school uniform and show her unique clothing style.
2283 Winding കാറ്റുകൊള്ളുന്നു a twisting or curving path with many turns We took a winding trail throughout the woods that got us where we wanted to be, but not without a lot of twists and turns.
2284 Coven കോവൻ a secret gathering of individuals, especially witches A coven of witches met at midnight so they could discuss which spells and potions they would use on their neighbors.
2285 Insouciant ഇൻസോഷ്യന്റ് not concerned about anything; carefree The insouciant mother did not blink an eye when her son complained of a tummy ache.
2286 Beck ബെക്ക് a stream that moves from a mountain Water flowed swiftly over the stony bed of the beck and emptied into a larger stream at the mountain’s edge.
2287 Shogun ഷോഗൺ a postmodern military ruler of Japan who was just under the emperor In the 15th century, the shogun controlled both the military and finances of Japan.
2288 Lissome ലിസോം bending and moving about without any difficulty The lissome figure skater moved effortlessly on the ice.
2289 Hinduism ഹിന്ദുമതം the top religion of India which supports a belief in numerous gods and the idea a person returns to life in a different form after dying In India, my family and I follow the religious practices of Hinduism by praying to many gods.
2290 Nonsense അസംബന്ധം ridiculous ideas, terms, or actions  My rebellious daughter is always talking nonsense about running away from home.
2291 Neatness വൃത്തി the act of being tidy and orderly Alan suffered from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder due to his desire to have extreme neatness in the house at all times.
2292 Harry ഹരി to harass; annoy or torment The supervisor believes to harry the employees during year end physical inventory will get the job done quickly.
2293 Backrest ബാക്ക്‌റെസ്റ്റ് a support used to brace the area around one’s spine After having surgery on his spine, the patient used a backrest for added support.
2294 Prerogative പ്രത്യേകാവകാശം a special right, power, or privilege Since he was a senior member of the golf club, Allan had the prerogative to reject new member applications.
2295 Theorem സിദ്ധാന്തം a statement deduced from studies or experiments After years of trying different ways to calculate the length of the hypotenuse of a triangle, Pythagoras finally created his theorem.
2296 Spake സംസാരിച്ചു a past tense form of speak and synonym for spoke Then the oracle came and spake to them, telling the crowd about a vision she had of impending doom.
2297 Oxidize ഓക്സിഡൈസ് ചെയ്യുക to merge with oxygen such as in the process of rusting or burning If you leave your bike in the rain, it will oxidize and begin to rust.
2298 Demanding ആവശ്യപ്പെടുന്നത് an attitude of expecting or making others meet high standards or expectations The General is an extremely demanding commander, but only because he knows his troops are capable of exemplary performance.
2299 Restive വിശ്രമിക്കുന്ന feeling bored or impatient while waiting for something to happen or change As the clock ticked past 7:30, the wedding guests became restive and started to shift in their seats, wondering if something had happened.
2300 Martyr രക്തസാക്ഷി one who surrenders something of tremendous value for a cause The gay man became a martyr when he lost his job after refusing to hide his sexual preference.
2301 Summit ഉച്ചകോടി the top of a mountain When the climbers planned their trip, they realized it would take three days to reach the summit of the mountain.
2302 Covert മറയ്ക്കുക hidden or secret The spy went to great lengths to make sure his enemies would not discover his covert plans.
2303 Nucleotide ന്യൂക്ലിയോടൈഡ് the fundamental components of RNA and DNA In order to fully understand a person’s genetic makeup, the scientist will have to first analyze the person’s nucleotide.
2304 Stork കൊക്കോ A large wading bird with long legs and a long beak of the family Ciconiidae Waddling near the ocean, a stork reached down and grabbed a fish swimming close to the shore.
2305 Stool മലം a place to sit that usually is taller than a chair and does not have a back to it The interior designer placed a stool at the breakfast bar in the newly remodeled kitchen.
2306 Suburban സബർബൻ pertaining to an area located around a city Life in the big city of New York shocked the suburban housewife when she saw thousands of people walking down the street.
2307 Lure വശീകരിക്കുക to tempt a person or an animal into going somewhere else The hunter used apples to lure the deer out into the clearing.
2308 Fury ക്രോധം intense anger or rage With all of its fury, the volcano erupted over the mountainside and covered all life with its ferocity.
2309 Comedy കോമഡി professional entertainment designed to make the audience laugh, typically through jokes or satire I prefer to watch comedy movies because I prefer laughing over being scared or involved in a suspenseful action scene.
2310 Mast മാസ്റ്റ് a tall post attached to a ship that holds sails The mast had a sail attached and was used to guide the boat.
2311 Yacht യാറ്റ് a sail-boat used for racing or pleasure rides The family boarded the yacht and prepared to set sail to a private island where they would spend the day.
2312 Stand നിൽക്കുക an attitude or position taken on an issue or belief If you don’t agree with something someone else says, you might take a stand against them.
2313 Whelp സഹായിക്കുക a baby dog or wolf; a puppy The little whelp will cry anytime the momma dog is away from him too long.
2314 Spite ആയിട്ടും to purposefully hurt or offend someone The bitter woman took her children out of the country just to spite her ex-husband for leaving her.
2315 Mulatto മുലാട്ടോ an individual of black and white descent The mulatto girl has a black mother and a white father.
2316 Neighbor അയൽക്കാരൻ a person who resides nearby While baking a cake, I needed to ask my neighbor for sugar since I had just run out.
2317 Acerb എസെർബ് sour, bitter, and sharp in taste The bitter lemon’s acerb taste caused the toddler to frown.
2318 Fustigate ഫസ്റ്റിഗേറ്റ് to criticize someone harshly The abusive husband tends to fustigate his wife, beating her down emotionally with his cruel name-calling.
2319 Insinuate പ്രേരിപ്പിക്കുക 1.) to imply or suggest that something negative is true»  2.) to insert yourself into a place of favor in a subtle way During the debate, the senator tried to insinuate his opponent was not qualified for office.
2320 Anthropology നരവംശശാസ്ത്രം the study of the origin of mankind By examining past societies, those learned in anthropology believe they can solve world issues today.
2321 Synthetic സിന്തറ്റിക് not pure; counterfeit April bought a pair of synthetic leather pants that looked nothing like real leather.
2322 Written എഴുതിയത് having made marks that represent letters, shapes, or numbers, usually on paper with pen Written in ink, the words on the pages began to smear when they got wet.
2323 Anaphase അനാഫേസ് the stage in mitosis in which the cell starts to lengthen and the two members of each chromosome pair separate and move toward opposite poles During anaphase, the cell’s homologous chromosomes are separated.
2324 Concert കച്ചേരി a musical performance put on by one or more musicians/singers I lost out concert tickets, so we won’t be able to go to the musical we’ve been dying to see.
2325 Grasp ഗ്രഹിക്കുക to grip He held her hand firm in his grasp and refused to let go.
2326 Abound ധാരാളം available in large quantity or number At the beginning of the school year, computer deals abound on the Internet.
2327 Conductor കണ്ടക്ടർ a person who is in charge of a group of performers or ticket collection on a train During the performance, pay attention to the conductor to ensure you’re playing in tune with other orchestra members.
2328 Wizened വിസെൻഡ് wrinkly from sickness or old age While the flowers arrived looking fresh and beautiful, they have grown wizened over the past few days.
2329 Quail കാട a small, short-tailed, commonly hunted bird Known as a gourmet chef, Emeril Lagasse created a masterpiece of flavors by snipping off the wings and removing the feathers off the quail before roasting and serving it to the queen.
2330 Paycheck ശമ്പളം a check in payment of wages and salary Jason received his first paycheck from his summer job and immediately went to the bank and cashed it.
2331 Misbehave മോശമായി പെരുമാറുക to act disobey or act in a way that is bad Because the child continued to misbehave, he was placed in the corner for a time out.
2332 Postmortem പോസ്റ്റ്മോർട്ടം associated with happening after death The autopsy is performed on the victim postmortem.
2333 Diction ഡിക്ഷൻ the way in which a person speaks or writes The writer’s diction is characterized by short simple sentences that are easily understood.
2334 Lull ശാന്തത to put to sleep, soothe, or quiet Soft and cool, the breeze succeeded in its task to lull the man to sleep.
2335 Fission വിഘടനം splitting something into two or more parts Nuclear fission is made by separating one atom or combining two different atoms.
2336 Transcription ട്രാൻസ്ക്രിപ്ഷൻ a written or printed representation of something You can listen to the audio version of the podcast or wait to read the transcription.
2337 Impale സ്തംഭത്തിൽ തറയ്ക്കുക to pierce with something sharp During the horror movie, the knife would impale the girl through the heart killing her instantly.
2338 Penetralia പെനെട്രാലിയ penetralia is a centermost hidden chamber or room The penetralia of the mysterious pyramid was a hidden chamber completely made of gold.
2339 Repute പ്രശസ്തി the opinion or reputation generally held of something or someone Because she is of ill repute, not many people in the neighborhood want to be seen with the beggar.
2340 Ribosome റൈബോസോം the element of the cell on which protein production takes place When you imagine a ribosome, picture a factory that manufactures proteins.
2341 Unprecedented അത്ഭുതപൂർവമായ് previously never experienced or seen Before the storm, there was an unprecedented demand for food supplies that left many stores empty.
2342 Measurement അളവ് the size or length of something The seamstress guessed the measurement of the man’s shoulders and then confirmed with her tape.
2343 Disseminate പ്രചരിപ്പിക്കുക to scatter or spread widely With encyclopedias in every classroom, we will disseminate a wealth of information to all students.
2344 Rely ആശ്രയിക്കുക to depend upon We have learned not to rely on local weather reports since they are highly inaccurate.
2345 Cadaver ശവശരീരം a lifeless body that is used for research In medical school, each student gets his own cadaver on which to practice.
2346 Fruitful ഫലപുഷ്ടിയുള്ള being productive in any sense; yielding benefits The extra work in the office turned out to be fruitful after all when Tyler was promoted.
2347 Phalanx ഫാലാൻക്സ് a body of troops or police officers, standing or moving in close formation A phalanx of soldiers marched in lockstep, while belting out slogans of war.
2348 Sterile അണുവിമുക്തമായ devoid of germs Use a disinfectant solution to make the table sterile.
2349 Plump തടിച്ച having a full, rounded shape The farmer and his wife picked the plump looking chicken for their meal instead of the skinny one.
2350 Accommodate താമസിപ്പിക്കുക to fulfill a request or meet the needs of  When I told my manager I was going to school at night, he told me he would try and accommodate my preference to work on the day shift.
2351 Startled ഞെട്ടിപ്പോയി to be alarmed or frightened by something sudden A deer will be startled if you get too close to it.
2352 Placate സമാധാനിപ്പിക്കുക to appease or pacify I tried to placate the sad little boy by giving him a cookie.
2353 Savory രുചികരമായ having an appealing smell or taste I could not stop eating the savory soup.
2354 Quiver ആവനാഴി to shudder with a slight sound or motion, usually because of strong feelings I knew Jill was upset when her lips started to quiver.
2355 Pejorative അപകീർത്തികരമായ expressing disapproval or belittling the importance of something While the detective was supposed to be neutral, he described the suspect in a pejorative manner.
2356 Bifurcate വിഭജിക്കുക divided or forked into two If citizens are worried about a government having too much power, a bifurcate government would allow one branch to check the other branch
2357 Woeful കഷ്ടം pitiful; pathetic The cook’s woeful attempt at spaghetti tasted like cardboard.
2358 Blissful പരമാനന്ദാത്മകം extremely happy; full of joy The couple was very blissful on their wedding day.
2359 Buzz Buzz a low hiss with a “z” sound At first I didn’t hear the buzz from the bees until I got closer to the bee hive around the corner.
2360 Obstacle തടസ്സം anything that impedes or stops something from advancing or developing Having a bankruptcy in my background would be a difficult obstacle to overcome in financing a new house.
2361 Orator വാഗ്മി one who excels at speaking to an audience Thad is a much-liked orator who keeps people fully engaged while he is speaking.
2362 Pharaoh ഫറവോൻ a ruler in ancient Egypt The Pharaoh of the bible enslaved the Jews and was ultimately drowned at sea.
2363 Amass ശേഖരിക്കുക to bring together a large amount To start a business, one needs to amass a huge sum of ready money.
2364 Stroll ഉല്ലാസയാത്രയ്ക്ക് an aimless or casual walk On lazy Sundays, the family likes to take a leisurely stroll in the park.
2365 Blasphemy ദൈവദൂഷണം great disrespect shown to God or something holy My grandmother is very religious and will kick you out of her house if you display blasphemy in any form.
2366 Hasten വേഗത്തിലാക്കുക to move in a quick fashion Marilyn made an attempt to hasten the death of her elderly husband by putting arsenic in his food.
2367 Tremor വിറയൽ a weak or very slight earthquake Because we live on a fault line, we feel a weak tremor that rattles the picture frames on our wall every once in a while.
2368 Prurient പ്രൂറിയന്റ് experiencing an undue amount of interest in things relating to sex The prurient teenager would not stop looking at the adult magazines in the store.
2369 Refectory റെഫെക്റ്ററി a cafeteria or place where meals are served Lunch in the hospital refectory is served from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. and dinner begins at 5:00 p.m.
2370 Craze ക്രേസ് a temporary passion or infatuation; trend  The Pokemon Go craze that once swept the country has slowed down as gamers wait for newer versions.
2371 Preview പ്രിവ്യൂ an advance showing of scenes to advertise an upcoming show or movie The preview of the soon to be released Black Panther movie reveals action pack scenes leaving a promising movie.
2372 Generation തലമുറ a generation is all the people in a group or country who are of a similar age This generation of students doesn’t seem to care about school as much as their parents.
2373 Predilection പ്രവചനം a preference for something; a strong liking Gregory goes out to watch birds daily so I assume he has a predilection for the hobby.
2374 Extemporize എക്സ്റ്റെംപോറൈസ് ചെയ്യുക to improvise, especially while giving a speech or performing music The pianist was able to extemporize and play a piece without music or preparation.
2375 Toxicity വിഷാംശം the quality of being toxic or poisonous The drink showed no toxicity even though it was mixed with a strong poison.
2376 Bolster ബോൾസ്റ്റർ to make something stronger or bolder Free tickets were given away to bolster attendance at the game.
2377 Abrupt പെട്ടെന്നുള്ള without notice; sudden The bus came to an abrupt halt outside the school.
2378 Huddle ഹഡിൽ to crowd together, typically for warmth or privacy A football team will often huddle together so they can discuss their game plan without the other team seeing or hearing it.
2379 Slur സ്ലർ to speak and mumble in a way that the words run into each other and can’t be understood The drunk patron started to slur and mumbled his words as he stumbled around the bar.
2380 Tight ഇറുകിയ close together with no extra space in between Her pencil skirt was so tight that the young lady could only waddle down the street at a snail’s pace.
2381 Recount വീണ്ടും എണ്ണുക the action of retelling or recounting something When the results of the vote were too close to identify a winner, the candidates requested a recount.
2382 Preventive പ്രിവന്റീവ് designed to stop something unwanted from happening Studying can be considered a preventive measure, since it is an action you take to prevent yourself from failing.
2383 Dashing ഡാഷിംഗ് attractive in a manly sense The dashing rogue that rescued me was handsome, strong, and clever, and I fell for him almost immediately.
2384 Rotten അഴുകിയ something that has decayed or deteriorated and is no longer fresh The rotten fruit sitting in the garden began to stink and attract flies.
2385 Below താഴെ underneath; on a lower level The descending ship began to sink below the surface after running into the side of the shore.
2386 Surrogate സറോഗേറ്റ് a substitute (usually of a person, position or role) Because the couple was unable to conceive, they decided to have a surrogate carry their child.
2387 Bedfellow ബെഡ്ഫെല്ലോ an ally or associate connected to a person through a particular activity Anthony became a bedfellow of Jared when they both joined the same fraternity.
2388 Discreet വിവേകി not attracting attention; being careful about what one says or does to avoid embarrassing or upsetting others Hoping to avoid detection, the shoplifter tried to be discreet while walking through the store.
2389 Breath ശ്വാസം the air that you take in or send out of your lungs After a ten mile trek, the exhausted hiker was panting and out of breath.
2390 Trout പുഴമീൻ a freshwater fish related to the salmon that is often caught for food or sport (Merriam) The fisherman felt a tug on the line and in reeled in a 10 pound trout.
2391 Tuck ടക്ക് to push fold or turn something inward When he is afraid, the dog will tuck his tail underneath him and hide under the table.
2392 Spear കുന്തം to impale or pierce an object The Native American used a long rod to spear the fish right out of the water.
2393 Mutter മട്ടർ to speak under one’s breath, usually in an angry way As he walked away to do his chores, his mother heard him mutter under his breath.
2394 Advert പരസ്യം an advertisement The newspaper advert announced position openings at the local potato plant.
2395 Chum ചും a close friend or pal Melody was my old school chum, but we haven’t been friends in years.
2396 Outlet ഔട്ട്ലെറ്റ് a large tube or opening where water flows out All my neighbors realized that my carpenter’s drill hit the underground pipe because water spewed from the outlet flo