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The Most Helpful 2000 English Hindi words With Meaning & Examples.

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1001 - 2000 English Hindi words.

1001 Avowal घोषणा-पत्र a public testimony or statement Since the jury members found the defendant guilty, they obviously didn’t believe his avowal of innocence.
1002 Avuncular अवनकुलर kind or friendly, like an uncle My father’s best friend Joe treats me in an avuncular manner and even calls me his niece.
1003 Await का इंतजार to wait for The troops await their orders for the next deployment.
1004 Aware अवगत informed; understanding a situation Because they weren’t aware that the storm was coming, the family didn’t leave the area when everyone else did.
1005 Awareness जागरूकता the condition of being informed  In order to bring awareness to the emotional and financial needs of veterans, the singer has planned a benefit concert.
1006 Awestruck अवाक् हो उठे filled with the sentiments of wonder and awe The little boy was awestruck by the holiday fireworks display.
1007 Awful भयंकर horrible; terrible An awful plague took over the city and thousands of people died from the sickness.
1008 Awkward अजीब to act in a strange way Meeting the in-laws for the first time created an awkward situation for me since nobody knew what to say.
1009 Awning शामियाना an overhang usually attached to a building that is used to block inclement weather conditions like snow, rain, or excessive sunlight They dashed under an awning to escape the sudden downpour.
1010 Awoke जागा past tense having awakened or risen from sleep I awoke just before sunrise and hurried out of my bed to see if Santa had arrived while I slept.
1011 AWOL AWOL away from military duties without permission The military base put out an alert for the AWOL soldier who was away without permission.
1012 Awry टेढ़ा away from the appropriate, planned, or expected course After we hit the deer, our road trip seemed to go awry and off course.
1013 Axiom स्वयंसिद्ध a rule or principal that many people accept as true Although you keep using that axiom as the basis for your paper, the concept itself is not true.
1014 Axiomatic सिद्ध evident without proof or argument There was a time when it was regarded as axiomatic that the sun revolves around the earth.
1015 Axis एक्सिस an imaginary line about which a body rotates Tilting on its axis, the Earth is constantly rotating.
1016 Axle धुरा a rod or spindle (either fixed or rotating) passing through the center of a wheel or group of wheels The axle of a car holds the wheels together on both ends of the car, and if it is broken you will be unable to drive.
1017 Axon एक्सोन the part of a nerve cell that transmits signals away An electrical charge traveled down the axon as a nerve signal.
1018 Aye सवैदा a synonym for yes that is used to express agreement or approval The senator signaled his aye vote by raising his hand.
1019 Azure नीला a vibrant blue hue On the cruise, I spent hours appreciating the ocean’s azure waves.
1020 Babble प्रलाप to chatter about something in a typically foolish or excitable way The first time her crush talked to her, she was so excited that she was at a loss for words and began to babble about the weather.
1021 Babel कोलाहल a confused mixture of sounds and voices The children filled the classroom with babel, leaving the teacher overwhelmed at the sound of so many voices at once.
1022 Babelicious बेबेलिशियस very physically attractive or sexy The men continued to catcall the babelicious woman as she walked down the street in her short skirt.
1023 Baccalaureate स्तर a typical four-year degree from a college or university In order for the college student to receive her baccalaureate, she must pass another math class.
1024 Bacchanalian bacchanalian relating to or given to reveling and drunkenness By the time the bacchanalian party ended, everyone was vomiting up their alcohol.
1025 Bachelor अविवाहित a typically young, single man actively in search of a romantic relationship Many single men like to think of themselves as a bachelor, but if they aren’t trying to find a partner they’re just single men.
1026 Back-and-forth आगे – पीछे moving first in one direction and then in another The back-and-forth movement of the ship caused those onboard to become seasick.
1027 Backache कमर दद a pain or ache in the area around one’s spine After bending over for several hours at work, the baggage claim worker began to suffer from a terrible backache.
1028 Backbite चुगली to speak negatively or maliciously about someone who is not present to defend themselves The teenage girls tend to backbite each other and talk mess when they’re with their other friends.
1029 Backbite चुगली to talk or gossip about someone in a way that is spiteful or mean Grace makes an effort not to backbite or discuss others negatively while at school.
1030 Backbone रीड की हड्डी the foundation or sturdiest part of something Because he was the backbone of the company, operations stopped after Jim died.
1031 Backdoor पीछे का दरवाजा refers to an indirect or dishonest way of doing or achieving something The failing company’s backdoor bailout allowed them to get rid of their debt but left their shocked employees without jobs.
1032 Backdoor पीछे का दरवाजा an indirect and dishonest way of doing something Because of a shady backdoor deal, the politician lost support from someone he thought was a loyal backer.
1033 Backdrop पृष्ठभूमि a painted piece of cloth that is used as the background for a performance picture The photographer used an airbrushed backdrop to make it look the photos were actually being taken in a field.
1034 Backer सरपरस्त a supporter or follower of someone or something The anonymous backer is supporting the project by fully funding the activities for the students.
1035 Backfire जवाबी हमला of a plan or scheme to have the opposite outcome of what was expected The celebrity thinks her racy Twitter comments help her gain fans, but I believe writing these kinds of statements might backfire.
1036 Backhand बैकहैंड to strike someone with the upside of the hand In a fit of anger, the woman raised her hand to backhand the child but caught herself before she made contact.
1037 Backhoe backhoe a mechanical tractor with a bucket on an extending arm that is used to dig things up The farmer will use a backhoe to dig up some of the stubborn dirt in several field rows.
1038 Backlash प्रतिक्रिया a strong feeling among a group of people in reaction to a change or recent event The president received backlash from thousands of people who disagreed with his Twitter statements.
1039 Backlog बकाया work that has piled up  The secretary had a backlog of a hundred documents that needed to be filed before the end of the day.
1040 Backpedal पिछला चालू करना to change one’s previously expressed opinions or statements After people became angry about the celebrity’s Twitter remarks, she began to backpedal on what she said.
1041 Backrest बाक़ी a support used to brace the area around one’s spine After having surgery on his spine, the patient used a backrest for added support.
1042 Backstab पीठ में छुरा घोंपना to betray one’s friendship by acting in a deceitful way or speaking against someone when they’re not around Erin was upset that her very best friend would backstab her by having an affair with her husband.
1043 Backup बैकअप a person or thing that assists or supports someone/something else The working mother is looking for a backup babysitter to watch her daughter on days her nanny cannot care for the child.
1044 Backward पिछड़ा pertaining to the direction towards the back  Timmy accidentally dropped the soccer ball, and it rolled backward all the way down the hill.
1045 Bacteria जीवाणु microscopic living organisms, some of which are dangerous and can cause illness The teacher taught her students the importance of washing their hands to kill off bad bacteria.
1046 Bacterium जीवाणु once-celled microscopic living organisms that can cause infection The dirty slide was placed under the microscope so that the students could see all of the bacterium growing in the microbe-infested goop.
1047 Bade बड़े the past tense of bid; bade is used to express greetings and goodbyes As the cruise ship exited the harbor, the people bade farewell from the ship.
1048 Badge बिल्ला a small piece of metal or plastic worn to show that you are a part of some specific group or organization The officer’s shiny, star-shaped badge let the people know that he was part of the police force.
1049 Badger बिज्जू to bother or pester My daughter will badger me until I explain to her how to tie her shoes.
1050 Badly बुरी तरह severely or seriously With his head bashed in from hitting the windshield, the car crash victim was considered badly hurt.
1051 Bafflement व्याकुलता a state of confusion or disarray The man was left in bafflement when he witnessed something he couldn’t explain occur on the side of the road.
1052 Bail जमानत an amount of money that a person who has been accused of a crime pays to a law court so that they can leave jail temporarily Bail money was requested before the arrested could be released to his family.
1053 Bailiff कारिदा a legal officer who maintains order in a courtroom during a trial As the defendant’s witness stood in the witness box, the bailiff held the Bible out to swear her in.
1054 Bailiwick जिंदा the district within which a bailie or bailiff has jurisdiction The bailiwick was quiet as the bailiff patrolled.
1055 Bait-And-Switch चारा और छड़ी the action of advertising a product with the intent of selling inferior goods It does not happen much in America, but in less regulated countries many customers fall victim to the bait-and-switch tactic, buying something shoddy that was advertised as being superior.
1056 Balance संतुलन remainder We put a deposit down on our vacation, with the remaining balance being due by June.
1057 Balderdash बकवास ridiculous thoughts or words Every word that came out of the drunk man’s mouth was balderdash.
1058 Bale गांठ a bundle of something (paper, hay, etc.) tightly bound together The first little pig needed another compressed bale of straw to finish building his house.
1059 Balk मेंड refuse to comply While my dog loves to go for walks in good weather, he will always balk if he gets the slightest whiff of rain in the air.
1060 Balkanization बाल्कनीकरण typically as the result of or end of a war, when large land areas are broken down into smaller states The balkanization of Yugoslavia happened after civil wars broke out on the country and several areas broke away to form their own states.
1061 Ballad गाथागीत a slow tune that usually focuses on love My husband and I ended date night by dancing to a romantic ballad.
1062 Ballistic बैलिस्टिक suddenly angry, sad, or otherwise overcome with emotion After failing the test, the ballistic student began to scream and bang her head against the classroom wall.
1063 Ballistics बोलिस्टीक्स the scientific study of the motion of objects that are thrown or shot through the air Using the science of ballistics, I created a Frisbee that spins back toward the thrower.
1064 Ballot मतदान a piece of paper or sheet on which a voter marks his or her choice Because the election fell on his 18th birthday, Aiden was finally able to cast a ballot for president of the United States.
1065 Ballyhoo धूम a fuss or excessive publicity A ballyhoo was made over the silly video.
1066 Balm बाम similar to a lotion that is used to soothe dry skin Since I was going to a place with a cold dry climate, I decided to get some balm to prevent my hands from getting dry.
1067 Balmy ख़ुशबूदार enjoyable and gentle The balmy climate immediately improved my spirits.
1068 Baloney बकवास nonsense I saw you take the money with my own eyes, that’s baloney.
1069 Balustrade कटघरा an attachment to the side of a wall near a set of stairs or a waist-level wall used to prevent people from falling down or over something Anna firmly held on to the balustrade as she climbed the hundreds of steps to the top of the Eiffel Tower.
1070 Bamboozle धोखा देना to cheat or deceive another person The waiter tried to bamboozle me into giving him extra money by saying the tip had not been included in the check.
1071 Ban प्रतिबंध a ban means to exclude something or someone from a place There is a ban on cell phone use during the standardized test administered at the university.
1072 Banal तुच्छ boring because it contains nothing new and lacks originality Because the movie’s plot was banal, we knew exactly how the film would end.
1073 Banausic बनौसिक relating to jobs or workers that require/have technical skills rather than higher education Mike prefers a banausic job where he can use his hands and get dirty.
1074 Bandwagon गाड़ी में सवार a cause or thing that has become trendy or fashionable Many city residents jumped on the football bandwagon after our local professional team won the national championship.
1075 Bane फटकार something causing misery or death Distraction is the bane of productivity when I’m trying to get anything done.
1076 Baneful अभिशप्त destructive or harmful If not cooked properly, the fish can be baneful to humans.
1077 Banished निर्वासित sent one away or forced one to leave a place Since they didn’t support the regime, the family was banished from their country and forced to leave.
1078 Bankrupt दिवालिया declared in law unable to pay debts owed; financially ruined Even though the woman was bankrupt, she still shopped as if she had plenty of money.
1079 Banquet भोज a large celebratory meal; a feast At the end of the football season, the Mavericks held a banquet to recognize the players on the team.
1080 Bantam बैंटम petite-sized chickens; a short and aggressive individual As the small-statured bantam was quick to grow angry at the site of his flock of bantam roaming outside of his farm, he quickly shooed them into their small pen clucking the whole way.
1081 Banter मज़ाक good humored conversation We need to help shy Sarah perfect her banter with the opposite sex.
1082 Barb कंटिया a sharp pointy wire that projects out from a longer wire or hook When my shirt got snagged on the barb of the wire, it ripped a hole in it as I pulled away from the fence.
1083 Barbarian जंगली refers to a person who is considered uncivilized or with no manners Slopping up his soup and grunting while he ate, the barbarian finished his meal in minutes.
1084 Barbaric असभ्य uncivilized; rude Because the barbaric moviegoer shouted and threw popcorn at other guests, he was asked to leave.
1085 Barbarous बर्बर cruel, brutal The killer’s barbarous acts disgusted the jury and landed him a lengthy prison sentence.
1086 Barbed कंटीले having sharp pointy wires stick out from a longer wire or hooks In order to keep the prisoners from escaping, a dangerous barbed wire fence was installed so that the prisoner’s skin would get ripped if an escape attempt was made.
1087 Bare नंगा naked, uncovered Jason made a bare handed catch deep in the outfield, which made him cry out in pain.
1088 Barefoot नंगे पाँव without socks or shoes While on the beach, the couple took off their shoes and went barefoot.
1089 Barely मुश्किल से hardly ever; rarely Although they barely see each other anymore, Bert and Ernie still consider each other best friends.
1090 Bargain मोलभाव करना good deal; surprisingly cheap I will only shop at the mall when I believe that I can find a bargain deal.
1091 Barge बजरा to move in a rough or forceful way The cops waited in ambush outside Kevin’s door, ready to barge into his home as soon as they received the signal.
1092 Barker रिवाल्वर a person who calls out to passersby to attract customers to a theater or sideshow The barker stood outside of the carnival entrance, calling out to passersby and inviting them inside.
1093 Barometer बैरोमीटर something used as an indicator The unemployment rate has long been considered a barometer of a country’s economic status.
1094 Baron बरोन a male member of the lowest rank of English nobility  Most of the barons and lords that went up against Arthur, and lost, ended up as his knights and governing heads.
1095 Barracks बैरकों lodging quarters in a structure for military troops After the mission, the soldiers went back to their barracks to get some rest in their bunks and put away their gear.
1096 Barrage आड़ a large volume of something, or a large quantity of things happening all at once Even though Mrs. Anderson knew that her students would probably barrage her with whines and complaints, she assigned fifty pages of reading to be done over the holidays.
1097 Barren अनुपजाऊ (of land) a place with little or no vegetation Looking out the window of the airplane, I realized that some deserts are actually more barren than others.
1098 Barren अनुपजाऊ unable to reproduce or grow something The barren woman could never get over the fact that she couldn’t have children.
1099 Barrette बारित a typically bar-shaped clip or ornament for the hair She popped open the barrette and tried to clip it around her hair, but it was too thick.
1100 Barricade आड़ a barrier used to close or block a road  The police set up a barricade to keep the public from entering a crime scene.
1101 Barrier रुकावट an obstacle that blocks access Not having transportation was a barrier to the girl enrolling in college courses.
1102 Barring को छोड़कर excluding a person or something Barring an injury, the star quarterback will be able to play in Sunday’s big game.
1103 Barrister बैरिस्टर a British lawyer who is allowed to argue cases in the higher law courts While presenting his case in front of a judge, the barrister explained his client’s position.
1104 Barter वस्तु-विनिमय to make an exchange using something other than a from of currency Since I do not have any money, I’m hoping I can barter my maid services in exchange for much-needed lawn care.
1105 Base आधार the bottom section that sustains a bigger item or thing Below the Statue of Liberty on its base is an inscription welcoming and calling for any immigrants who want to make the United States their home.
1106 Baseline आधारभूत a minimum starting point The children will take a baseline test to determine which skills they have and which are missing.
1107 Baseness क्षुद्रता a shortage of positive qualities The political candidate’s election hopes were dashed when a book was published that detailed the baseness of his college days.
1108 Bash दे घुमा के to strike someone or something with extreme force  I wear protective face gear so that the baseball does not bash me in the face.
1109 Bashful संकोची shy or easily embarrassed The bashful student turned red with embarrassment.
1110 Basic बुनियादी simple and not complicated We choose a basic phone package, but may need to upgrade to a better plan.
1111 Basin घाटी a kitchen sink My grandparents told us to wash up in the basin before suppertime.
1112 Basis आधार foundation, base The research study had a scientific basis, but also included religious topics.
1113 Bass बास low in pitch, such as a male voice or an instrument The blues singer let out a low, deep tone with his bass guitar.
1114 Bastion बुर्ज an individual or object dedicated to a belief or idea In the film, the princess believed the wise old man was her last bastion of hope.
1115 Batch बैच collection, group, or quantity of something made at one time The homemaker baked a batch of homemade chocolate chip cookies for her family.
1116 Bate ग़ुस्सा the action of a hawk beating its wings to attempt a takeoff from its perch A baby hawk will have to bate furiously to lift its tiny body out of its nest and into the air for the first time.
1117 Bathe स्नान to clean oneself immersion in water or using water Bathe with soap and water to wash off dirt and dead skin cells.
1118 Bathos अचानक पतन a sudden change in a style of writing or speech that involves going from a complex or elaborate form to a trivial one, either in topic or wording With a great deal of bathos, Lenny went from proclaiming his innocence to confessing he’d eaten the last slice of pumpkin pie.
1119 Battalion बटालियन a military unit that is usually 300 to 800 soldiers, comprised of several companies A battalion of troops is comprised of many smaller companies, so that they can be divided and deployed around the battlefield as needed.
1120 Battle युद्ध a fight or confrontation in which two sides face off Losing their final battle, the Indians agreed to give up their land and move west.
1121 Battlement दांत a wall around the top of a fortress with spaces in it through which the people inside the castle shoot weapons Behind the castle battlement, the king’s men prepared to fire their arrows at the intruders down below.
1122 Batty बावला crazy and out of one’s mind The batty woman walked the streets yelling “ca-caw” and flapping her arms as if she were a bird.
1123 Bauble छोटी बात a cheap showy ornament or piece of jewelry At first I thought that the trinkets sold on the island had value, but I then realized that they were nothing other than worthless bauble.
1124 Bawl चिल्लाना to cry extremely loudly Even as the spoiled rich girl put on her diamond bracelets, she would bawl about how her parents didn’t love her.
1125 Bay खाड़ी an inlet by the sea where the land curves inward Otis Redding was sitting on the dock of the bay, watching the tide roll away.
1126 Bayonet संगीन a long knife attached to the end of a rifle He removed his bayonet from his rifle, and was using it as a combat knife now, since a rifle would be too cumbersome.
1127 Bayou संगीन slow-moving creek or swamp My cousin wanted to swim in the bayou until I mentioned that there were alligators in the water.
1128 Bazaar बाज़ार a market (frequently seen in the Middle East) that offers an assortment of items for purchase While shopping at the bazaar, I found a number of international foods.
1129 Beacon प्रकाश a thing or person that provides guidance to people The lighthouse is a beacon for ships lost in the night.
1130 Beadle गिर्जे का चौकीदार a British term used to refer to a leader of a church who assists the minister or priest in his duties When Mr. Peterson worked as the church’s beadle, he ran most of the fundraising events for the minister.
1131 Beak चोंच the hard, pointed part of a bird’s mouth Tapping the bark with his hard beak, the woodpecker tried to use his bill to break through.
1132 Beam खुशी से उछलना to smile very happily Once the baby was born, the mother would beam with pride while gazing at the newest member of her family.
1133 Beamed प्रसारित shined brightly During the hottest part of the day, the sun beamed down on the garden and scorched the plants with its bright light.
1134 Bear भालू to tolerate or accept something Michelle couldn’t bear to see her ex-husband with someone else, even years after their divorce.
1135 Bearable सहने योग्य capable of being endured The window in my cell made my time in prison bearable.
1136 Bearing असर पड़ना carrying; having; withstanding Bearing a dark secret, the young girl finally confided in a guidance counselor about the abuse she suffered from her family.
1137 Beast जानवर a large, dangerous animal The giant beast appeared from behind the cliff and growled a fearsome snarl at the children looking for berries.
1138 Beatific सुखी heavenly or blessed The bride looked angelic and wore a beatific expression as she walked down the aisle.
1139 Beatitude परम सुख utmost bliss and happiness Her beatitude was sparked when her boyfriend proposed.
1140 Beau बांका a wealthy gentlemen The dapper beau always dressed in his fine silk shirt, high-quality suit and a red carnation stuck in his lapel before walking outside.
1141 Beaucoup ब्यूकूप many; a great number The successful salesman made beaucoup money hawking thousands of cheap vehicles to unsuspecting customers.
1142 Beauteous अलबेला beautiful My beauteous bride glimmered in her stunning white gown, as she stood under our wedding canopy.
1143 Beautify सुंदर बनाएं to make beautiful, or to increase the beauty of To beautify the earth, citizens need to keep the grounds clean.
1144 Beauty सुंदरता the quality of being pleasing to look at because of shape, color, sound or other sensory aspects Impressed by her beauty, the man knew that he had to marry the gorgeous woman at first sight.
1145 Beck इशारा a stream that moves from a mountain Water flowed swiftly over the stony bed of the beck and emptied into a larger stream at the mountain’s edge.
1146 Beckon इशारा करना to motion for an individual to come closer Because I was hungry, the restaurant seemed to beckon to me.
1147 Bedfellow बिस्तर का पड़ोसी an ally or associate connected to a person through a particular activity Anthony became a bedfellow of Jared when they both joined the same fraternity.
1148 Bedizen भड़कीले कपड़े पहनना to be adorned in tawdry or loud clothing Due to the girl wanting attention, she decided to be bedizen herself with her brightly colored rhinestone jacket.
1149 Bedlam हंगामा a condition of chaos Bedlam appeared to reign in the overcrowded school cafeteria.
1150 Bedraggled बेडरेगल्ड messy and filthy The neglected puppy was bedraggled and near-death.
1151 Bedrock आधार solid rock that is under the soil In areas where soil is scarce, solid bedrock lies right under the surface.
1152 Befall बीतना to occur or happen to a person If anything bad should befall me, I leave all my possessions to my loving husband.
1153 Beforehand पहले ही earlier or previously Without looking down the road beforehand, the young boy quickly darted out into the street getting hit by a car.
1154 Befriend मित्रवत व्यवहार करना to become a person’s pal or friend In an effort to befriend me, my rival offered to treat me to lunch.
1155 Befuddled befuddled puzzled; baffled Even with my professor’s help, I was still befuddled by the complicated chemistry formula.
1156 Beget उत्पन्न करना to cause (something) to happen or exist In my dysfunctional family, fighting never failed to beget more fighting.
1157 Beggar याचक a person who begs for money or food due to extreme poverty  The homeless beggar stands outside of stores in hopes of receiving money from patrons.
1158 Beginner शुरुआती a person just learning a skill or activity The beginner bowler only knocked a couple of pins down during his first few games.
1159 Begrudge डाह खाना to be envious of what one feels another does not deserve It is impossible for me to not begrudge my neighbor of the ten million dollars he won in the lottery.
1160 Beguile मोहना to attract or interest someone The car salesman tried to beguile the customer with an offer of free gas for a year.
1161 Begun शुरू कर दिया started Right after the baby begun to cry, her mother came running into her room.
1162 Behalf ओर से representative of The director accepted the award on behalf of the entire cast.
1163 Behavior व्यवहार conduct Explaining that his behavior was unacceptable, the teacher corrected the misbehaving student and placed him in time out.
1164 Behemoth आबी घोड़ा gigantic and very powerful The monster truck rally showcased a behemoth whose tires were twice as tall as I am.
1165 Behold देखो to see, or to look at Watching the fight at the arena was a sight to behold.
1166 Beholden कृतज्ञ owing something in return for service or help  Stan refused to accept a college loan because he didn’t want to feel beholden to anyone.
1167 Behoof मुनाफा benefit or advantage A parent forces their child to eat the vegetables they don’t like to behoof them, so they can grow up strong and healthy.
1168 Behoove योग्य होना in an individual’s interest If you seriously want to get your driving permit, it would behoove you to start studying for the computer test.
1169 Belabor बुरी तरह पीटना to emphasize an idea or suggestion too much in a way that becomes boring or annoying; to go on and on about something If you’re just going to continue to belabor the point, I’m going home.
1170 Belated विलंबित occurring past the regular time period Since I forgot about Jim’s birthday last week, I will send him a belated greeting today.
1171 Belay कसना tying a rope to an object to to keep it steady or down. occassionally used to reference climbers who tie ropes to rocks to belay down the mountainside The teenagers belay their surfboards to the top of the car with bungee cords before heading to the beach.
1172 Beleaguer धेरा डालना to cause constant or repeated trouble for On Halloween, I know the little trick-or-treaters are going to beleaguer me all night long.
1173 Belfry घंटाघर a bell tower attached to the top of a church or other building The Hunchback of Notre Dame lived at the top of the belfry, preferring to be with bats and bells.
1174 Belie झुठलाना to give a false impression of  Jason tried to belie the fact he was a lousy worker by showing up early at the office.
1175 Belief आस्था the feeling of being certain that something exists or is true It was the police officer’s belief that a serial killer was in the area, mainly because the murders kept happening.
1176 Believe विश्वास करना to consider something to be true; to have confidence or trust in something The boy doesn’t believe in monsters, but his little brother thinks that they are real.
1177 Belittle कम हो जाना to speak of something or someone in unflattering terms Even though John’s project was awful, I did not want to belittle his efforts so I went out of my way to pay him a compliment on his work.
1178 Bellhop नौकर a hotel worker who performs tasks like carrying luggage for guests The bellhop stood at the entrance of the hotel and opened the door for all incoming guests.
1179 Bellicose लड़ाकू demonstrating aggression and willingness to fight; eager for war Don’t cop that bellicose attitude with your mother!
1180 Belligerent युद्धरत hostile; ready to fight My brother was always belligerent and ready to fight.
1181 Bellow bellow a low and roaring sound  Since the medic did not have anesthesia, he expected to hear a loud bellow as he removed the bullet from the soldier.
1182 Bellwether भेड़ाओं का राहनुमा something or someone that points out upcoming trends At his brokerage firm, Ted is known as the bellwether because he always knows which stocks will become profitable.
1183 Belong संबंधित होना be the property of The dogs wear tags that show what families they belong to.
1184 Beloved परमप्रिय describing someone who is much loved When the beloved actor died, his passing was mourned by millions of people.
1185 Below नीचे underneath; on a lower level The descending ship began to sink below the surface after running into the side of the shore.
1186 Bemused विचार शक्ति हर लिया preoccupied or lost in thought After listening to the confusing lecture, the college girl was bemused.
1187 Bench बेंच to take a player out of a game Kevin knew that his basketball coach would bench him after the physical altercation with the rival’s top player.
1188 Benchmark तल चिह्न a standard or target Setting a testing benchmark for all students, administration insisted that teachers push their children towards this target.
1189 Benedict बेनिदिक्त a man who was a bachelor for an extended period of time, but has recently married After living years as a single man, the benedict has now settled into married life with his new bride.
1190 Benediction आशीर्वाद a brief prayer asking for a blessing or help In the hospital chapel, we said a benediction asking God to heal our mother.
1191 Benefaction दान a distributed donation The billionaire’s generous donation will allow us to build a new homeless shelter.
1192 Benefactor दान देनेवाला someone who helps another person, group, etc., by giving money The anonymous benefactor did not want his church donation made public.
1193 Beneficent उपकारवाला prone to doing kind and generous things My beneficent neighbor gives out meals to the poor every Sunday.
1194 Beneficial फायदेमंद helpful or good to something or someone The vitamins he took were beneficial to his health.
1195 Beneficiary लाभार्थी a group or individual that gains something As the billionaire’s only beneficiary, Cheryl will receive the entire estate.
1196 Benefit फ़ायदा a payment, advantage, or gift Since I get sick a lot, my health insurance is one work-related benefit I really appreciate.
1197 Benevolence भलाई kindness; generous giving Because of the benevolence of their neighbors, the poor family was able to eat a homecooked meal every night.
1198 Benevolent परोपकारी willing to help, do good, and be generous towards people Holding the door open for Marie was very benevolent of you.
1199 Benighted अनाड़ी lacking knowledge Plantation owners viewed slaves as benighted animals who had to be told what to do at every moment.
1200 Benign सौम्य having no significant effect; harmless When the doctor said my tumor was benign, I was so happy.
1201 Benignant महरबान kind and goodhearted The benignant teacher volunteered her time, spreading kindness to everyone she met.
1202 Benignity अच्छेपन the trait of being gentle and nice Jared’s benignity makes him too nice and allows him to be an easy target for con artists.
1203 Benison बेनिसन a blessing Karen asked her friend to say a benison while standing over the Thanksgiving dinner with her large family.
1204 Bent झुका हुआ the state of being curved, crooked, or inclined from a straight line  Molly was bent over, drinking from the water fountain.
1205 Bequeath वसीयत में देना to give or leave by will  Since my father and I had often worked together on his classic car, I was not surprised to learn his will included his desire to bequeath me the vehicle.
1206 Bequest वसीयत property or money gifted after an individual’s death With the bequest from the deceased billionaire, the school was able to build a new dormitory.
1207 Berate गाली देना to yell at; to criticize or scold someone in a loud and angry way Shamefaced, the students sat quietly as Mrs. Garcia continued to berate them for the way they had treated the substitute.
1208 Bereave वंचित करना to take away something My grandfather’s death is sure to bereave my grandmother of her happiness.
1209 Bereaved वंचित depressed as a result of a loved one’s death  The bereaved mother did not leave her home for several months.
1210 Bereavement वियोग the mental state which occurs after someone has suffered a loss, usually a death When the principal died suddenly, the school district hired a bereavement counselor to help the students deal with their emotions.
1211 Bereft दीवाना deprived When my husband died, I felt bereft of love and hope.
1212 Beret बेरेत a type of round brimless cap; headgear  The green beret is a symbol of commitment and sacrifice to the brave men who challenged themselves to be the best of the best in the U.S. Army Special Forces.
1213 Berry बेर a small succulent fruit; of any one of many varieties  Every summer we’d pluck berries from a berry tree and make jam.
1214 Berserk निडर out of control with high emotions; wild Jimmy went totally berserk when Sandra told him that she was breaking off their engagement.
1215 Beseech प्रार्थना करना to ask someone for something in an urgent and sincere way As soon as I reach the driving age, I will beseech my parents to buy me a car.
1216 Beset घेर लेना to surround or attack from all sides The expectant mother was beset with a new set of anxieties every time she heard some of her friends’ stories about childbirth.
1217 Besiege मुहासिरा करना to approach with an excessive number of requests or questions The journalists will besiege the police chief with questions about the prisoner’s escape.
1218 Besmirch गंदा करना to smear an individual’s reputation or character The woman’s adultery accusation is sure to besmirch the married politician’s reputation.
1219 Besot मूढ होना to cause someone look silly or foolish, especially by drinking The huge glass of liquor besot the drunkard, causing him to dance on the bar and make stupid jokes.
1220 Besotted मूढ़ strongly infatuated or obsessed The besotted mother treated her child like a princess, despite the fact that she risked spoiling her.
1221 Bespeak पहले से शर्त करना suggest; indicate Thousands of homeless old-timers in the city might bespeak a larger scale problem with our national veteran services.
1222 Bespoke पहले से शर्त करना individually or custom made Jack is a master tailor who creates bespoke suits.
1223 Bestial वहशी like a wild animal or beast, exceptionally violent and cruel At the movie’s conclusion, there was a bestial scene that ended with the beheading of the bad guy.
1224 Bestow प्रदान करना to give as a tribute or gift During the ceremony, the prime minister will bestow medals of honor to the brave soldiers who rescued their comrades.
1225 Bestowal इनायत to freely give something as a gift Mr. Markham’s bestowal of such high dowries to his 10 daughters was a surprise to everyone because for years they believed him penniless.
1226 Bestowed कोताही presented with The queen bestowed a title upon the man who saved her life.
1227 Bestride बेस्टराइड to sit with legs on both sides of something After mounting, the children over six years old would bestride the horse.
1228 Bet शर्त to risk something against another person on the outcome of a future event I am going to bet fifty dollars against my friend that it is going to snow today, while he is betting fifty that it will not.
1229 Betoken सहारा लेना indicate or specify  In college, a sock wrapped around the door knob serves to betoken a roommate has a guest and does not wish to be disturbed.
1230 Betray धोखा देना expose (one’s country, a group, or a person) to danger by treacherously giving information to an enemy Harry decided to betray his country and spy for the enemy, despite all that America had done for him.
1231 Betterment सुधार the process of improving something and making it better The teacher put in long hours of after school tutoring for the betterment of her students.
1232 Between बीच में at, into, or across the space separating two objects or regions She hid her love letters between the pages of her favorite book.
1233 Betwixt बीच में between, specifically between two objects Steven shaved off the hair betwixt his nose and upper lip, otherwise known as the mustache.
1234 Bevel झुकना to create a sloping surface or edge The carpenter will bevel the roof so that it slopes down slightly on both sides.
1235 Bevy झुंड a sizable group of things or individuals In hopes of receiving a bevy of presents, Hank invited a lot of people to his birthday party.
1236 Bewail शोक मनाना expressing extreme sorrow by crying or complaining  During lunch Matt took the opportunity to bewail the incompetence of his office mates.
1237 Beware खबरदार to use caution, pay attention to  Beware of falling rocks from the top of the mountain.
1238 Bewildered व्यग्र puzzled or confused  Jason was bewildered by the strange noises coming from his neighbor’s house.
1239 Bewilderment घबराहट the circumstance of being in a puzzled state I stared in bewilderment at the cat and dog dancing together.
1240 Bewitched मोहित to cast a magical spell on someone Evil witches bewitched the children and ate them for lunch once they were under their spell.
1241 Beyond आगे past a specified point The prisoners couldn’t see beyond the barbed wire fence that surrounded their compound.
1242 Bias पक्षपात prejudice favoring a person, thing or group, most often in a way thought to be unfair  After a long court battle, the firm was found guilty of showing bias against females in its promotion practices.
1243 Bib अकसर पीना a piece of cloth or plastic fitted around the neck of a person to prevent food from getting on their clothes while they eat, typically used for babies Because babies are such messy eaters, we often tie a bib around their neck to catch any of the food they drop form their mouths or hands.
1244 Bibliography ग्रन्थसूची a list of the works referred to in a scholarly piece, usually at the end in the form of an appendix Most English teachers require you to have a bibliography with your research paper, giving proof of where you got all of your information.
1245 Bicameral दो खाने का having two distinct compartments or chambers The legislative portion of the United Sates government is bicameral and consists of two bodies of lawmakers, senators and representatives.
1246 Bicentennial दो सौ साल का taking place every two hundred years  The bicentennial of the war marks two hundred years since the conflict.
1247 Bicker कल-कल के साथ बहना to argue about inconsequential or unimportant things Young children are more likely to bicker about things that really don’t matter, such as who gets to play with a certain toy or who gets to ride in the front seat of the car.
1248 Bid बोली to put in an offer to buy something, especially at an auction At the auction, the dealer bid on several different vehicles that were for sale.
1249 Bidet bidet a low oval basin used for washing one’s genital The restroom had a toilet as well as a bidet that was used to clean oneself after using the bathroom.
1250 Bier टिकठी a frame on which a dead body or a coffin is carried before a funeral The funeral director placed the corpse on the bier and had the burial frame moved to the cemetery.
1251 Bifurcate दो शाखाओं में बांटना divided or forked into two If citizens are worried about a government having too much power, a bifurcate government would allow one branch to check the other branch
1252 Big बड़ा of considerable size, extent, or intensity Sometimes the world felt so big and she was just a tiny speck on the surface of the planet.
1253 Bigly बड़े पैमाने पर with great force, strongly Attacking bigly, David was able to defeat Goliath with a single shot.
1254 Bigot कट्टर व्यक्रित a person who is obstinately or intolerantly devoted to his or her own opinions and prejudices The bigot was a lonely old man who thought everyone was inferior to him.
1255 Bilingual द्विभाषिक having the ability to speak two languages Because Debra is a bilingual, she is often chosen to translate between English and Spanish speakers.
1256 Bilious पित्त annoyed; bad-tempered Our bilious neighbor is known for his bad attitude.
1257 Bilk अदायगी से बचना defraud, cheat Because he has always been so anti-government, he constantly accuses the President and Congress of trying to bilk tax-payers out of their hard-earned cash.
1258 Billet फौजों को घर देना a private nonmilitary house where soldiers were assigned to lodge During the Second World War the building became a billet for soldiers.
1259 Billfold बटुआ a wallet typically made of leather that is thin enough to fold on itself several times I prefer a billfold for my wallet, since it folds the bills inside of it for easy distribution when I have to pay someone in cash.
1260 Billingsgate गाली गलौच harshly offensive and rude talking Due to the billingsgate coming from the mouth of the disrespectful student to his teacher, the boy was suspended for a few days.
1261 Billowing लहराता swelling out or bulging As soon as the window was opened, the billowing curtains announced a cool breeze that was much needed on a hot day.
1262 Bin बिन a container that is used to store things The teacher stored glue, scissors, and other school supplies in a small bin.
1263 Binary द्विआधारी associated with two elements or items In a game of chess, the results are binary, one winner and one loser.
1264 Bind बाँधना to tie or fasten Family are the ties that bind us to our history and remind us where we come from.
1265 Binge द्वि घातुमान a short period of excessive consumption If I continue to binge on junk food I will become obese.
1266 Biodegradable बाइओडिग्रेड्डबल having the ability to decompose organically without leaving an imprint on its surroundings We avoid using foam plates because they aren’t biodegradable and as such will remain at the dump for hundreds of years.
1267 Biodiversity जैव विविधता refers to the level of variety in living creatures and plants within a particular area The biodiversity of this lake is extremely high, with several dozen species of fish and birds living in or near it.
1268 Biography जीवनी a person’s life story as told by another person It took me years to shape the president’s life story into an engaging biography.
1269 Biology जीवविज्ञान study of living matter In biology class, we studied the human body and how it works.
1270 Biomass बायोमास plant life used as a source of energy or fuel The biomass that fuels the bus comes from processed vegetation.
1271 Biome बायोम a large naturally occurring community of flora and fauna occupying a major habitat, e.g., forest or tundra The tundra biome consists of icy landscapes, heavily furred woodland animals, and cool to freezing temperatures.
1272 Biopsy बायोप्सी the act of removing and examining cells, fluids, or tissue to identify medical conditions The doctor is going to perform a tissue biopsy to see if cancer is present in my lungs.
1273 Biosphere बीओस्फिअ the combined regions of a planet that make it habitable and sustainable for living organisms Earth’s biosphere is made up of all living things, from the oceans to plants to the very atmosphere.
1274 Biotic जैविक associated with living creatures Any living part of an environment is a biotic element.
1275 Bipartisan द्विदलीय relating to supporters of two unlike groups It will take a bipartisan effort to turn the bill into a law.
1276 Biped दो पैरों का an animal that walks on two feet Because my cat has four feet and not two, it is definitely not a biped.
1277 Bipolar द्विध्रुवी a mental health disorder causing severe mood swings  Bipolar moods may shift from depressed to manic and back to depressed again.
1278 Birch सन्टी a slender and smooth tree that has a wood covering that is usually white The woman picked a bundle of thin switches from the birch tree to create a broom.
1279 Birdbath पक्षी स्नान a small basin filled with water that birds can bathe in Inside the garden, a rainwater-filled basin served as a birdbath for the bluebirds.
1280 Birther जन्म देने वाला a person who believes former President Barack Obama was not born in the United States and should have been disqualified from being president The birther is adamant that President Obama was born in Kenya and not the United States.
1281 Bitten काट लिया having been wounded when a person or animal’s teeth were pushed down into the skin After being bitten by a poisonous snake, the injured hiker was rushed to the hospital.
1282 Bitter कड़वा agitated, disgruntled, or angry about something My wife was bitter towards me after she found out that I had been hanging around an old girlfriend from school, even though we didn’t do anything.
1283 Bittersweet bittersweet something that offers both joy and pain or the tastes of sweet and bitter together Saying goodbye to my husband was such a bittersweet experience for me.
1284 Bivouac पड़ाव a makeshift shelter that is generally used only for a night When the storm started, the soldier built a bivouac for shelter.
1285 Biweekly सप्ताह में दो बार once every two weeks Being paid biweekly means that I have to manage my paycheck wisely for two weeks.
1286 Blab गप्पी to talk or gossip too much At recess, the mouthy students continued to blab about why they hated their teacher.
1287 Black काला of the darkest color, like coal or the sky at midnight As the fire raged on, black clouds of smoke made the white clouds look dark.
1288 Blacklist काला सूची में डालना to put a person or company’s name on a list of things that are not acceptable and should be boycotted The producer threatened to blacklist the actor and stop him from ever working in Hollywood again.
1289 Blackmail भयादोहन to extort money from another by means of intimidation to not release damaging information The strange man tried to blackmail the clerk into helping him draw the money, but he failed.
1290 Blade ब्लेड the flat edge of a knife, saw, or a weapon Using the blade of the knife, the mailman was able to slice the tape holding the box together.
1291 Blame दोष to assign fault or responsibility Although I no longer blame my father for my parent’s divorce, my mother is still holding a grudge.
1292 Blameless बिना निंदा free of blame or innocent of wrongdoing Many blameless individuals have been wrongly imprisoned or punished due to an improper trial or coincidental evidence.
1293 Blanch सफेद करना to grow fairer or paler as a result of fright or amazement The snake’s presence made the normally dark Gail blanch in fear.
1294 Bland नरम wanting in quality, taste, or seasonings  The bland salad will taste better if you add salt and pepper to it.
1295 Blandish नरम करना to persuade or influence someone by using flattery Because he wanted to go to the game so badly, Joe tried to blandish his mother by complimenting her hair.
1296 Blandishment चोचला the use of flattery (sweet-talk) and enticements to persuade somebody gently to do something Even though the salesman produced every blandishment he could think of from his bag of tricks, his prospect wouldn’t be budged by his flattery.
1297 Blaring धधक रहा है to make or cause sound to play loudly With siren blaring, the fire truck raced off noisily into the night
1298 Blase उबा हुआ indifferent because of frequent exposure After going on eight cruises, I am blasé about the whole cruising experience.
1299 Blasphemy ईश – निंदा great disrespect shown to God or something holy My grandmother is very religious and will kick you out of her house if you display blasphemy in any form.
1300 Blast धमाका an explosion Each blast of dynamite seemed to rock and shake the city to its core.
1301 Blatant ज़बरदस्त completely obvious, especially in an offensive manner When the judge heard the defendant’s blatant lie, he became very angry.
1302 Blather बकवास करना to ramble on for a long period of time I didn’t want to listen to my teacher blather on about his sister’s wedding in math class.
1303 Blatherskite ब्लेथरस्काइट a person who constantly talks, usually about nothing important My aunt is a blatherskite who talks constantly.
1304 Blaze ज्वाला a fire that is burning intensely Last night firefighters worked tirelessly to control the blaze that consumed the old train station.
1305 Blazon लांछन to exhibit in a vivid manner To blazon his wealth, the king wore a crown adorned with hundreds of jewels.
1306 Bleary अस्पष्ट blurred eyes from being tired, upset, or as a result of old age She wiped the sleep from her bleary eyes and yawned.
1307 Blemish दोष a small flaw or imperfection that ruins the appearance of something Oliver was worried that the small blemish on the tip of his nose would stand out in the wedding photographs.
1308 Blend मिलाना a mixture of two or more things I plan on breaking up with my girlfriend because our views on important issues do not blend well together.
1309 Bless आशीर्वाद देना to express gratitude or thank someone The old woman that I helped across the street said ‘bless you for your kindness’ as a means of gratitude.
1310 Blessed भाग्यवान to have made something holy The newlywed’s marriage was blessed by the local pastor as a holy union.
1311 Blest महाभाग an archaic term meaning blessed and made holy The priest came to the house and blest the family, ridding it from anything unholy.
1312 Blimp ब्लींप an large, balloon-shaped aircraft with no wings that stays afloat by pressure from contained gas The Goodyear blimp flew slowly about the football stadium and advertised for the company on its balloon-shaped body.
1313 Blind अंधा not able to see or failing to understand Jack’s eyesight continued to get worse, making him fear that he would go blind.
1314 Blindly आंखों पर पट्टी से doing something in an unaware manner, without thinking about the conditions or without protest Molly blindly trusted the smooth-talking car salesman since she really wanted the car to run well even though the engine’s noise was loud.
1315 Blip ब्लिप an unexpected and minor deviation from the norm We usually ride to school with our mom, but there was a blip in the routine the day we had to take the bus instead.
1316 Bliss परम आनंद total happiness People who suffer from severe depression rarely experience days of bliss.
1317 Blissful आनंदमय extremely happy; full of joy The couple was very blissful on their wedding day.
1318 Blister छाला a raised place or bubble on the skin or the surface of an object After walking in uncomfortable shoes all day, Tia felt a small blister rising up on her foot.
1319 Blithe ज़िंदादिल carefree and unconcerned The rebellious teenager was blithe about her failing grades.
1320 Blithesome ज़िंदादिल cheerful and lighthearted The magician practices blithesome magic that is lighthearted enough to make almost anyone smile.
1321 Blitz बम बरसाना a sudden or intensive effort, often referring to a military attack The blitz bombing caught their adversaries by surprise, allowing them to win the war.
1322 Blitzkrieg बमवर्षा a ruthless attack designed to quickly defeat or stun another Although the Japanese might have planned dropping bombs on Pearl Harbor as a blitzkrieg attack, the United States did not surrender.
1323 Blizzard बर्फानी तूफान a severe snowstorm with strong winds and reduced visibility The weather forecaster upgraded the simple snow showers to a blizzard due to expectant high 40 mph winds and at least 12 feet of snow.
1324 Bloat ब्लोट to make or become swollen with fluid Eating too much salt causes the patient’s legs and feet to bloat to 2x their original size.
1325 Bloated फूला हुआ swollen with fluid The puppy’s belly seems bloated, but we aren’t sure if it is extra fluid or puppies.
1326 Blob ब्लॉब thick or sticky liquid is a small, often round A blob of snot hung down from the sick toddler’s wet nose.
1327 Bloc ब्लॉक an alliance of countries or people that work together for a goal A powerful military bloc was formed between the three countries to stop their enemies from invading the alliance territory.
1328 Blockade नाकाबंदी something used to block access to a certain area The bank robbers used furniture as a blockade to prevent the police from quietly entering the building.
1329 Bloke लड़का slang term for a man I went to the club where this bloke was the doorman.
1330 Blot दाग to dab at a spot or stain in order to remove it After dripping spaghetti sauce on her dress, the woman took a napkin and began to blot the stain.
1331 Bloviate ब्लोवेट to talk for a long time, typically about nothing important I hate talking to Ricky because he likes to bloviate so much in our conversations, going on for twenty minutes about anything and everything.
1332 Blow फूँक मारना a setback or misfortune The loss of her job during layoffs came as huge blow to the seasoned employee.
1333 Bludgeon गदा to strike over and over again with a weighty object  The witness saw the suspect bludgeon the victim with a baseball bat.
1334 Blueprint खाका a design plan or a detailed technical drawing Because the blueprint seemed to be missing some details, the builders were concerned.
1335 Bluestocking ब्लूस्टॉकिंग an educated, intellectual woman who is interested in books and ideas usually refers to a specific group of women in the 18th century Elizabeth was a 18th century bluestocking who was much more interested in books than men.
1336 Blunder बड़ी भूल a clumsy or embarrassing mistake Because he was not paying close attention, the driver made a blunder by hitting a stop sign.
1337 Blunt कुंद very direct in one’s words, usually in a negative manner and in a rude way My aunt is quite blunt so it was no surprise when she gave her opinions on the unsightly décor.
1338 Blurry धुँधली Not clear, crisp, or focused Due to the excessive rain, the windshield became a blurry screen that made it impossible to see through.
1339 Blush शर्म for a person’s face to redden in color due to awkwardness or shame As the teenager’s friends would tease him about his love interest, he would blush with embarrassment.
1340 Blustery धमकी से blowing in loud and abrupt bursts During the blizzard, the blustery wind echoed eerily throughout the house.
1341 Board तख़्ता a panel or plank A wooden board was placed across each window to keep neighborhood hooligans from breaking the windows out.
1342 Boast डींग brag I didn’t want to boast, but I did exceptionally well on my college entrance exam.
1343 Boastful डींग मारने का bragging No one liked my rich friend’s boastful attitude about his money.
1344 Bobble बॉबल to move about up and down or side to side in a jerky motion The fisherman’s string began to bobble up and down, letting him know that a fish was on the line.
1345 Bodacious बोडियस extraordinary or amazing Surfers will frequently ride the most bodacious wave that is over 20 feet tall without wiping out.
1346 Bode भविष्यव्दाणी being a predictor of a specific result or outcome The harsh reviews do not bode kindly on the playwright’s latest stage production.
1347 Bodice चोली the part of a woman’s dress that is above the waist, but doesn’t include the sleeves The dress’s bodice needs to be taken in since its wearer has lost weight in her top half over the last few months.
1348 Bog दलदल similar to a swamp but it is a collection of large stagnant water that is usually located on a higher level than what is around it Scientists put on their wading boots so that they could march up the incline to test the plant life in the bog.
1349 Boggle संदेह to baffle or confuse someone’s mind Difficult math equations and tricky logic questions were enough to boggle the minds of the students.
1350 Bogus जाली not real; fake The jewelry store owner was arrested for selling bogus diamonds as genuine gems.
1351 Boisterous उद्दाम Noisy, energetic, and rowdy Your boisterous actions at church cannot be tolerated.
1352 Bold निडर courageous, not afraid Because I was bold, my friends pushed me into the haunted house ahead of them.
1353 Boldness साहस being courageous or daring Attempting to answer every question in front of his snickering peers even though the teenage boy was wrong some of the time revealed his boldness to the class.
1354 Bolster सिलेंडर to make something stronger or bolder Free tickets were given away to bolster attendance at the game.
1355 Bombastic आडंबरपूर्ण one who is full of himself; a self absorbed person; giving oneself high self-esteem or exaggerated dignity  Because he is a bit too bombastic for me, I will not be voting for that politician again!
1356 Bombinate बमबारी to make a buzzing or humming noise After the maid plugged in the vacuum cleaner, it began to bombinate loudly.
1357 Bond गहरा संबंध to attach or stick In order for the wooden planks to bond to the subflooring, a strong adhesive designed for sturdy wood would have to be applied to each plank.
1358 Bonhomie खुशमिज़ाजी friendliness; a pleasant, good-natured manner The life-long friends experienced a sense of bonhomie whenever they got together.
1359 Bonkers बोनकर्स crazy; insane Even though she acts bonkers on the television show, the skilled actress isn’t crazy in real life.
1360 Bonnet ढक्कन a woman’s or child’s hat tied under the chin, typically with a brim framing the face The young mother placed the bonnet on her daughter’s head and tied the ribbon beneath her chin.
1361 Bonus बक्शीश something extra or more that is added When Christmas arrives, you will receive a large cash bonus for all your hard work.
1362 Book किताब to reserve or purchase something ahead of time The manager tried to book a meeting room at the office building, but none were empty.
1363 Bookkeeping बहीखाता the recording of financial transactions on a daily basis Only one accountant is responsible for the bookkeeping while the other deal with other financial transactions.
1364 Booklore बुकलोर knowledge gained from reading books Because he is an avid reader, the boy’s head is filled with imaginative booklore.
1365 Bookworm पुस्ताकों का कीड़ा someone who spends an inordinate amount of time studying or reading Hermione Granger is a bookworm who would much rather spend her time in the library reading than socializing.
1366 Boom बूम a sound that is loud and deep A loud boom could be heard across the city as the thunderstorm raged on throughout the evening.
1367 Boomerang बुमेरांग (of a plan) to backfire or reverse with negative consequences Freda warned her husband that his shady business deals could boomerang back and cost him a lot of money.
1368 Boon वरदान a benefit or blessing for which one should be grateful The donation from the billionaire was a nice boon for the homeless charity.
1369 Boondoggle बून्दोगल a simple craft-like creation usually made by a pioneer or outdoorsy person The troop leader had his scouts make a boondoggle with the yarn and plastic loops in order to be used as a keychain.
1370 Boor गंवार an insensitive or inconsiderate individual Jack was such a boor he would not even hold a door for his mother.
1371 Boorish अशिष्ट  bad-mannered, rude, or insensitive The comedian’s jokes were so vulgar and boorish that the only ones left in the audience were those who were too drunk to be offended.
1372 Boost बढ़ाना to help, stimulate, or encourage something to improve My kind words encouraged my sister to continue doing her best, and that boost really helped her improve.
1373 Boozy मद्यपान में intoxicated; drunk from consuming alcohol Boozy from the beer, the barfly stumbled around the bar asking everyone to buy him another round.
1374 Border सीमा the outer edge of something  A square picture is mounted on a larger rectangular sheet of paper leaving a border around the picture.
1375 Bore ऊब पैदा करना a person or thing that is dull and wearisome My teacher is such a bore she puts most of the class to sleep.
1376 Bored ऊबा हुआ having nothing of interest to do Because he was so bored and had nothing to do, Jeff ended up falling asleep on the couch.
1377 Boredom उदासी the state of feeling dull and uninterested because you have nothing to do With nothing to do in the summer, the kids were suffering from boredom.
1378 Borked बोर्कड to obstruct someone from achieving a position of political power through defamation The would-be senator was borked by his rival when the latter dug up some unflattering evidence of a not so honorable past.
1379 Borne बोर्न carried or spread by The illness was borne through undercooked food.
1380 Borough नगर a town that has its own government Bronx and Manhattan are both a part of New York City, but each is also an independent borough.
1381 Borrow उधार to receive something temporarily  Can I borrow your car for the weekend? I promise to return it Sunday night.
1382 Bossy गौ characteristic of a person who prefers to be in charge and give orders Monica’s sister was always so bossy and telling her what to do.
1383 Botanical वनस्पति related to plants Botanical gardens, full of beautiful flowers and plants, surrounded the zoo.
1384 Botany वनस्पति विज्ञान the scientific study of plants Studying botany was a way for George Washington Carver to enjoy doing what he loved while figuring out ways to help the world through peanut plants.
1385 Botch ढिलाई से काम करना to mess up or ruin You will botch the recipe if you leave the chicken in the marinade for too long.
1386 Bothersome बेचैन causing bother or irritability Living close to the airport, the constant aircraft noise is particularly bothersome when I’m trying to sleep.
1387 Bottleneck टोंटी a point where something large is forced into a narrower space In a bottle of water, there is a literal bottleneck at the top where the large space of the bottle narrows to fit someone’s mouth.
1388 Bottomless बेबुनियाद limitless; having an unlimited supply The waitress brought a bottomless supply of chips and salsa to our table all night long.
1389 Bough शाखा a large tree branch Mulberries sprouted in each direction off of the main bough of the tree.
1390 Bought खरीदा purchased The customer bought several different beauty products from the department store, but the concealer was by far her favorite purchase.
1391 Boulder बोल्डर a large rock typically made smooth by erosion A large boulder fell from the cliffs above during the storm, blocking the road with its smooth surface.
1392 Bounce उछलना to move quickly up and down  My children aren’t allowed to bounce on the bed when they play in their room.
1393 Bound अवश्यंभावी tied up As the robber bound his hands together, the store clerk prayed that he would only be tied up and not killed.
1394 Boundary सीमा a line that marks the limits of an area  The boundary between North and South Korea is marked by a barrier that functions as a demilitarized zone.
1395 Boundless असीम unlimited; endless Technological advances seem boundless as we continue to invent new, high-tech devices every day.
1396 Bounteous विपुल ample; lavish The bounteous buffet could probably feed thousands of people.
1397 Bountiful प्रचुर having a generous amount  Since we had a bountiful harvest this year, we were able to donate a good portion of our crops to a local soup kitchen.
1398 Bounty इनाम an abundance A bounty of sheep filled the field, causing the entire area to look white like snow.
1399 Bouquet पुष्प गुच्छ a creative arrangement of flowers  Our local florist created a lovely bridal bouquet of red and white flowers for my daughter’s wedding.
1400 Bourgeois पूंजीपति characteristic of the social middle class or relating to one who likes to put on airs  After surviving the plane crash, Eric gave up his bourgeois life and joined the priesthood.
1401 Bout बार a period of something, usually painful or unpleasant After missing four days of school due to a bout of flu, Emily struggled to make up her missing work.
1402 Boutique बूटिक a small store that sells fashionable items The boutique specializes in plus size clothing and caters to women with curvier figures.
1403 Bow झुकना a looped knot that is tied into something The small girl was taught how to make a two-looped bow out of her shoestring.
1404 Bowdlerize बौडलराइज़ to delete or change the parts of a text that are viewed as offensive If you do not want to offend your teacher with that profane language, you should bowdlerize the story before handing it in for a grade.
1405 Boyhood लड़कपन the state or period of being a boy The man was going to buy his boyhood home so he could recapture his childhood memories.
1406 Bracken एक वन वृक्ष any of several coarse ferns The leaves of the western bracken fern are normally 1 to 10 feet long.
1407 Bracket कोष्ठक a category or group that people or things are placed in Only teams were left in the lower bracket and had to face off for the division championship.
1408 Brackish नुनखरा unappealing in taste Since the water on the island tasted brackish, I decided not to drink it.
1409 Brackish नुनखरा slightly salty The diner complained that his meal was too brackish to consume.
1410 Brag डींग boastful talk  Kevin would often brag about his many girlfriends when he was in the company of friends.
1411 Braille ब्रेल a writing system consisting of raised dots used to help people who are blind read material Running her fingers along the raised dots, the blind woman read the book written in braille.
1412 Brainstorm मंथन the pondering of ideas by one or more individuals as a way to come up with a plan or solution to a problem Writers often brainstorm ideas for their stories before actually beginning to draft their books.
1413 Brandish धमकी देना to gesture while holding a weapon or other item as a threat When the crazed man decided to brandish a gun in the airport, he was immediately shot by a security guard.
1414 Brash नाज़ुक assertive in an aggressive way that often comes across as unpleasant Because Anna is so brash at work, she often offends people with her aggressive personality.
1415 Brashness ढिठाई bold assertiveness The aggressive racecar driver is known for his brashness when zooming down the track.
1416 Brassy तांबे का looking like brass The brassy jewelry shined with a golden twinkle in the sunlight.
1417 Bravado वाहवाही a show of defiance or courage Compared to the other contestants on the reality show, Monica wasn’t able to adopt a show of bravado and eat the bowl of squirming insects.
1418 Brave बहादुर courageous, willing to take action The brave woman served as a spy in the army, putting herself at risk while helping her country.
1419 Bravery वीरता courage; coldness Demonstrating bravery and courage, the private prepared to engage in battle with the enemy.
1420 Breadth चौड़ाई the extent or measure of how broad or wide something is The gossip quickly spanned the breadth of the school building.
1421 Breakthrough दरार a sudden discovery or overcoming of an obstacle A medical breakthrough suddenly allowed doctors to cure a disease that once killed thousands of people.
1422 Breath साँस the air that you take in or send out of your lungs After a ten mile trek, the exhausted hiker was panting and out of breath.
1423 Breathe साँस लेना the intake and release of air Because we cannot breathe under water, swimmers can only stay under for a short amount of time.
1424 Breathless बेदम panting or gasping for breath On the other end of the phone, Phyllis heard a breathless voice gasping as it spoke.
1425 Breathtaking लुभावनी something so dazzling it leaves you speechless or unable to move Aphrodite was a breathtaking goddess whose beauty stunned men into silence.
1426 Breed नस्ल a class of animals within a species that have similar physical characteristics My dog is part of a very small breed that originated in Spain.
1427 Breeze समीर gentle, blowing wind Rocking back and forth, the hammock was moved by a gentle breeze.
1428 Brethren भाई the body of members, especially of a fraternal, religious or military order Exhausted by the days’ events, the brethren trudged towards the enemy ready to fight until the bitter end.
1429 Brevity संक्षिप्तता the quality of expressing something in very few words; briefness I hope the minister exercises brevity in his sermon today.
1430 Brew शराब बनाना to prepare a hot drink At Starbucks, the employees brew a wide range of coffees and teas for their customers.
1431 Bribe रिश्वत money or something valuable given to tempt someone to do what you want When we went grocery store shopping, Mom would bribe me to behave by giving me candy.
1432 Bridal शादी का Relating to a woman who is getting married (a bride) The woman’s bridal dress was too tight for her wedding day and had to be let out by a seamstress.
1433 Bridle लगाम the strap located around the head and neck of a horse that the rider holds onto With the bridle attached to the reins, the girl tugged the reins pulling the horse’s head to its chest.
1434 Briefly संक्षिप्त for a moment The instructor briefly summarized the previous lesson before moving on to the next chapter.
1435 Bright चमकदार shining or giving off a lot of light Letting off bright light, the sun beamed down on the sweaty construction workers.
1436 Bright चमकदार very smart; intelligent The bright child is much smarter than the other children in her classroom.
1437 Brilliance प्रतिभा exceptional intelligence or talent The genius’s brilliance allowed him to come up with some life-changing surgical techniques.
1438 Brilliant प्रतिभाशाली very wise or skilled The only thing that seemed to anger the teacher was when a student with a brilliant mind would waste it by refusing to work.
1439 Brimming भरी fill or be full to the point of overflowing Her eyes were brimming with so many tears that they threatened to overflow.
1440 Brink कगार the very edge or border A few years ago, the economy was on the brink of collapse due to inflation and several other factors.
1441 Brinkmanship अस्थिरता the habit of following a path to the point of danger before turning back or stopping, normally seen in political affairs  The Asian dictator is caught up in his brinksmanship and insists on making nuclear threats.
1442 Brisk तेज very active and quick My grandmother’s exercise regime is to walk the mall at a brisk pace.
1443 Bristle बाल खड़े to display indications of being angry An honest man will bristle at the suggestion of taking something that doesn’t belong to him.
1444 Brittle नाज़ुक easy to break Margaret uses tons of products to stop her brittle hair from breaking.
1445 Broach सीख to mention a topic for debate or discussion Candace was afraid to broach the subject of divorce to her abusive husband.
1446 Broad चौड़ा wide in extent or scope  There was broad agreement on the issue of equal pay for women.
1447 Broadcast प्रसारण a radio or television program My favorite broadcast usually comes on at eight, but to my dismay, it was replaced by a special program tonight.
1448 Broaden व्यापक बनाने to widen or become larger The road crew is working to broaden the roadway so that more cars can drive through at one time.
1449 Brobdingnagian Brobdingnagian gigantic; huge The brobdingnagian hamburger was so large that it would not fit inside my mouth for a bite.
1450 Brocade जरी वस्त्र a thick patterned material sometimes made with gold coloring Making my dress from brocade may cause discomfort for me since it will feel so weighted down as I walk.
1451 Brochure विवरणिका a folded page or couple of pages created to inform or promote something that usually contains text and/or pictures While at the doctor’s office, Dr. Murphy handed me a brochure to read so that I would know how to handle and maintain my fibromyalgia.
1452 Broil विवाद to cook with strong, direct heat We had a bonfire and decided to broil the marshmallows for s’mores.
1453 Broken टूटा हुआ fragmented, in separate pieces  The broken plate lay in pieces on the floor.
1454 Broker दलाल a person who buys and sells assets for others The mortgage broker was able to negotiate a favorable loan for the potential buyers.
1455 Bronze पीतल mixture of metal and tin that is yellowish brown The penny is the only bronze colored coined regularly used in the US.
1456 Brood बच्चे the offspring or youngsters in a household unit  Because my wife is pregnant, our brood will be increasing in February.
1457 Brooding सोच appearing to worry about something When my father is quiet and in a brooding mood, it is best not to disturb him.
1458 Brook बर्दाश्त करना a body of running water smaller than a river; a small stream Oscar and I prefer to fish at the quiet brook because it is less crowded than the beach.
1459 Brotherhood भाईचारे a friendship bond between two men or a group of men A bond of brotherhood held the soldiers together even after they left the military.
1460 Brought लाया transported; carried Most immigrants arriving on Ellis Island only brought the clothes on their backs and few necessities.
1461 Brouhaha ब्रौहाहा an uproar about something insignificant My sister, the drama queen, made a huge brouhaha over her broken nail.
1462 Browbeat धमकाना to bully in an intimidating way The con man browbeat James into giving him the keys to the vault.
1463 Browse ब्राउज़ to casually look at something, usually when reading or considering a purchase My mother likes to shop for shoes in town, while I prefer to browse online.
1464 Bruise चोट a blue and black mark on the skin that is an injury After falling down the wooden stairs, the boy had a noticeable dark bruise on his leg when it hit one of the railings.
1465 Bruit सुचना a report or a rumor The soldier delivered a bruit to his commander, detailing the events of the mission his soldiers had been dispatched on.
1466 Brunt चोट the most unpleasant part of something As the task manager, my husband will bear the brunt of the client’s anger when the project is not finished on time.
1467 Brusque अशिष्ट blunt in manner or speech to the point of harshness What did I do to make you so brusque with me?
1468 Brutal क्रूर violently cruel and inhumane A rise in violent and brutal crimes is plaguing the once peaceful city.
1469 Brutality निर्दयता the act of causing or executing cruelty to someone or something The ASPCA joined forces with the local police to stop the brutality imposed on innocent dogs run by an abusive and neglectful owner of a puppy mill.
1470 Brute पशु a bully or mean person Acting as a brute, everyone avoided him at work so they wouldn’t hear his cruel words.
1471 Brutish पाशविक cruel Brutish by nature, the dictator even treated his own family members cruelly.
1472 Bubbly बबली describes a person who is cheerful and animated in personality The bubbly cheerleader was able to hype the crowd into a victory cheer.
1473 Bucolic ग्राम्य relating to the countryside The postcard image was beautiful and featured a bucolic white house in a dark green pasture.
1474 Buddhism बुद्ध धर्म a religion based on Gautama Buddha’s teachings that suffering is a part of life but can be ended through spiritual development The founder of Buddhism renounced his title as a prince and spent his life developing his spiritual core.
1475 Budding नवोदित becoming larger as part of a natural growing process The tree’s branches are slowly budding, growing ever larger as the tree gets older and older.
1476 Budge बज move; shift Try as she might, the trapped hiker could not budge the boulder off of her foot.
1477 Budget बजट inexpensive; cheap Staying in a budget hotel came with a price, mainly in the form of smelly sheets and cockroaches.
1478 Buffer बफर a person or thing that protects somebody or something from being harmed by another The wine glasses came with a cardboard around them to buffer any shock from shipping.
1479 Buffet बुफ़े food laid out in this way, to which diners serve themselves We enforce a policy that diners may return to the buffet up to three times to refill their plates.
1480 Buffeted घिर afflicted/harmed over and over for a long period of time The football team was buffeted over the season, being beaten by every single team they played.
1481 Buffoon विदूषक a silly person who tries to be humorous but comes across as foolish Since you are making a buffoon of yourself, you should go sit quietly in a corner before you embarrass me further!
1482 Buffoonery तमाशा silly behavior or habits  Jim got suspended because he failed to realize school was not the place to display a clown’s buffoonery.
1483 Bugle बिगुल a small brass instrument that resembles a trumpet and is usually sounded before an announcement Each call from the brass bugle had a different meaning for the recruits who knew the signals well.
1484 Bulbous उभड़ा हुआ having the shape of or resembling a bulb; bloated The round, bulbous plants seemed to bloom on every corner of the street.
1485 Bulge उभाड़ना a rounded bump or swelling that juts outward on a surface The bulge of the man’s muscle showed through his fitted t-shirt.
1486 Bulk थोक the larger part of something The bulk of the leftover food will go to the food pantry, but some will have to be thrown away.
1487 Bulky बड़ा large and heavily built or shaped The bulky package was much too large to be placed in the small mailbox.
1488 Bulletin बुलेटिन a newsletter or memo that generally announces important information The community news bulletin listed garage sales, events, and other important information for the neighborhood.
1489 Bulwark बांध an object that acts as a shield Vaccines act as a bulwark against many childhood diseases.
1490 Bumbling अनाड़ी acting or moving about in a confused manner The drunk man was bumbling around the bar, knocking over tables and bumping into other patrons every few seconds.
1491 Bumfuzzle बकवास to confuse someone In an attempt to bumfuzzle his mother, Tony hid her keys in the microwave and pretended to know nothing about it.
1492 Bummer क्षमा something that is disappointing Not getting the job was a bit of a bummer, but I’m hopeful that I will snag one soon.
1493 Bundle बंडल a group of objects held together by wrapping or tying  Newspapers are delivered to stores in a bundle.
1494 Bundle बंडल a group of something tied or joined together Before they could start a fire, the campers had to pile up a bundle of sticks in the middle of the rocks.
1495 Bungalow बंगला a small, one-story house with a front porch and a low-pitched roof The couple slept in a small bungalow that was built on top of the clear Caribbean Sea.
1496 Bungle घपला to clumsily perform a task Because the police department is comprised of idiots, it will probably bungle the simple case.
1497 Bunkum बकवास something that is foolish, ridiculous, and makes no sense The doomsday extremist spouted bunkum about how the world would end in seven days when the ozone layer spontaneously combusted.
1498 Buoy बांधना a float in water that is used to mark something To alert boaters of the hazard ahead, a small buoy was used to mark the sandbar near the surface.
1499 Buoyant प्रसन्नचित्त joyful and self-assured With a great deal of confidence, the buoyant model strolled down the runway.
1500 Burden बोझ a heavy load Finding he had cancer, he tried to shoulder the burden alone and keep the news from his friends.
1501 Burden बोझ a problem or inconvenience  Babysitting for my neighbors had become a burden when they wanted me to work over 40 hours a week while going to school.
1502 Burdensome बोझल tough to fulfill or carry out After accepting several jobs, Lily realized it was burdensome for her to try to juggle all of those jobs.
1503 Bureau ब्यूरो an agency or governmental department Although it is their job, officials at the labor bureau refuse to support worker rights.
1504 Bureaucracy नौकरशाही a method of business or government in which red tape processes are used to delay action  The bureaucracy of the legislative government is delaying the passage of much needed educational funding.
1505 Burgeon बुर्ज to grow and expand rapidly As car prices go down, car dealers are expecting sales to burgeon.
1506 Burglar सेंधमार a robber or thief that enters a building illegally to steal The burglar isn’t known for stealing jewels or money, but hijacking hamburgers and french fries.
1507 Burglary सेंध illegal entry into a building or vehicle with the intention of stealing Because he had been convicted of burglary before, Nick was the prime suspect in this hotel break-in.
1508 Burial दफ़न the act or ceremonial practice of placing something (usually a dead body) underground Before the burial ceremony, grave diggers dug out a space for the coffin.
1509 Burlap ऊलजलूल कपरा coarse, plain-woven fabric used for bagging, furniture, and rugs Burlap bags are being woven to hold potatoes and produce to be sold at the market.
1510 Burlesque कारटून a stage production or literary piece that uses excessive exaggeration or comedic imitation to ridicule something or someone The burlesque war film depicts our president as a kid playing with toy soldiers.
1511 Burly बलवान large, strong and heavy When he attempted an escape, a burly police officer had to forcefully restrain the suspect.
1512 Burnish पालिश to polish; to make smooth or shiny Richard is forever attempting to burnish his reputation so that he can advance his position within our company.
1513 Burnt जला seared; scorched My siblings think it is disgusting that I prefer my meat burnt and overcooked on the grill.
1514 Burrow मांद to dig in order to make a hole or tunnel The rabbit tried to burrow himself down in the ground so that the fox wouldn’t catch him.
1515 Burst फोड़ना to explode suddenly Rocks falling down during the landslide burst apart, breaking into a million pieces.
1516 Bury दफ़नाना to cover completely, typically with dirt or some other earthy substance as an act of hiding or putting to rest Dogs like to bury their bones and toys in the yard.
1517 Bushel बुशल a measure of capacity equal to 8 gallons, used for dry goods The bushel of oats would yield enough for many bowls of cereal.
1518 Busily जलदी से hurriedly, in a very active way The servants hurried through the kitchen, busily preparing for the king’s feast.
1519 Business व्यवसाय the activity of buying and selling goods and services, especially as one’s living When the real estate market crashed, the business of selling homes came to a creeping halt.
1520 Bust छाती a sculpture or statue of a person’s head, shoulders, or chest The artist created the bust to show how beautiful the woman’s face was.
1521 Buster बस्टर something used to break something else apart The laundry spray is a grease buster that can break up even the toughest stains.
1522 Bustle हलचल to move in a noisy or hurried manner  On Valentine’s Day men bustle about the store trying to find last minute gifts.
1523 Busybody पराए काम में वाधा डालनेवाला a person who is always in other people’s business, meddling and starting trouble The busybody next door is always snooping on the neighbors and trying to figure out what they are doing.
1524 Buy खरीदना obtain in exchange for payment She went to the mall to buy a new dress for her interview.
1525 Buzz भनभनाना a low hiss with a “z” sound At first I didn’t hear the buzz from the bees until I got closer to the bee hive around the corner.
1526 Buzzard बज़ार्ड a hawk-like bird of prey that soars high with wide wings and a round tail The buzzard circled around the dead deer carcass and zoomed in to snatch some of the meat with his talons.
1527 Buzzkill बज़किल a person or thing that stops others from enjoying themselves Taylor’s constant talk about religion and other depressing subjects made him a total office buzzkill.
1528 By-product उपोत्पाद a secondary product or result that’s produced in the making or doing of something else Dorothy was told that a by-product of her pregnancy was nausea and vomiting, but that it would subside after her first trimester.
1529 Bygone पुराना associated with an earlier period of time These days getting married before having a baby appears to be the concept of a bygone era.
1530 Bypass उपमार्ग to go around something While driving home, I decided to bypass the construction work and take a different route.
1531 Bystander दर्शक a person who is present during a situation or event but not directly involved A bystander witnessed the wreck and called the police to assist.
1532 Byzantine बीजान्टिन complex; hard to comprehend Because the plot was revealed in a byzantine manner, it was difficult to understand.
1533 Cabal साज़िश a collection of people who come together to work against something or someone  Hundreds of workers formed a cabal to demonstrate their dissatisfaction with the firm’s healthcare plan.
1534 Cabalistic गूढ़ार्थक of or relating to a cabal; secretive and cliquish In earlier generations, cabalistic studies flourished in Eastern Europe, especially amongst the Hasidic Jewish population.
1535 Cabinet अलमारी a cupboard with drawers or doors that are used to store household items All of the dishes should be washed and dried before being placed into the cabinet.
1536 Cable केबल a thick rope or cord that usually has wire in the middle The television repairman ran a wired cable from the back of the television into the wall.
1537 Cachinnate ठहाका लगाना the act of laughing, snorting, or physically putting all energy into laughter At one of the funniest parts of the film, the audience began to cachinnate with such force that guests in the other theaters could hear them.
1538 Cachinnation कैचिनेशन convulsive, loud laughter The evil witch continued her wild cachinnation as she pretended to be conversing with a funny demon.
1539 Cackle कुड़कुड़ाना laugh resembling the cry of a hen or goose The comedian makes me laugh so hard I cackle like a witch!
1540 Cacoethes कैकोएथेस an uncontrollable urge or desire to do something inadvisable Kelsey had a cacoethes for pulling pranks at church.
1541 Cacography कैकोग्राफी bad handwriting Since your cacography is difficult to read, you should definitely type your essay.
1542 Cacology बुरा भाषण a bad choice of words or pronunciation In a classic case of cacology, the speaker said several words that didn’t make sense in context.
1543 Cacophony कोलाहल an unpleasant mixture of loud sounds Sometimes, it seems as though the dogs in our neighborhood bark together to create a cacophony that wakes me up every morning.
1544 Cadaver शव a lifeless body that is used for research In medical school, each student gets his own cadaver on which to practice.
1545 Cadaverous शव का similar in appearance to a corpse; pale and skinny When I looked at the cadaverous cat who was dying of starvation, I couldn’t stop the tears from falling.
1546 Cadge भीख मांगना to convince a person to give you something at no charge By flirting with the bartender, the pretty girl was able to cadge free drinks.
1547 Cadre संवर्ग a group people specially-trained people for a particular purpose or profession The late night comedian is very selective when it comes to choosing candidates to join his cadre of speechwriters.
1548 Caducity बूढ़ता frail old age; senile His weak eyesight combined with his caducity puts him out of the workforce.
1549 Cagey कपटपूर्ण uncommunicative; unwilling or hesitant to give information Coca Cola acted in a very cagey fashion when I attempted to find out the ingredients of their soft drinks.
1550 Cahoots बराबर भागों secretly working together to commit crime or dishonest activity Jack and Barry were in cahoots when they conspired to shoot up the mall.
1551 Cajole मीठी बातों से मिला लेना persuade someone to do something; convince with gentle pleading; sweet-talk Why did I ever let my friends cajole me into eating sushi?
1552 Cajolery काजोलरी flattery and gentle pleading done on purpose to persuade someone to do something No amount of cajolery could convince Doris to hand us the keys to her car, so we took it for a ride without permission.
1553 Calamitous नुक़सानदेह involving catastrophe A calamitous accident destroyed the driver’s chance of winning a major race.
1554 Calamity आपदा a situation that results in extreme suffering The approaching hurricane is sure to be a calamity that will affect the lives of millions.
1555 Calculated परिकलित referring to an action committed with full awareness of its consequences When you weigh the pros and cons of an action before doing it, you are taking a calculated risk, with full understanding of the implications of your decision.
1556 Caldera काल्डेरा a large, volcanic crater that is created after part of a volcano collapses The circular caldera is located at the summit of the volcano and is sunken in from the collapse.
1557 Caliber बुद्धि का विस्तार the worth of an individual’s character or his level of ability Only dancers of the highest caliber will be invited to perform for the president.
1558 Calibrate जांचना to quantify in a careful and detailed manner  The hospital pharmacist knows how important it is to calibrate the IV medications correctly.
1559 Calisthenics केलिस्थेनिक्स simple exercises that are performed by people to stay fit but don’t require the use of equipment Doing jumping jacks is my least favorite part of my weekly calisthenics class.
1560 Call-out पुकारें an occasion when someone is asked to come to a person’s home to do a job or help with a task The vet answered the call-out but charged the family a fortune to see their sick pet in their home.
1561 Call पुकारना to cry out or summon someone Grandmother will call all the children inside when it’s time to eat breakfast.
1562 Calligraphy सुलेख elegant handwriting that is often created with a particular kind of brush or pen My sloppy handwriting could never be confused with the refinement of calligraphy.
1563 Callipygian कैलीपीगियन having attractive or shapely buttocks When it comes to physical attractiveness, many people prefer someone callipygian, rather than someone with too much flab on their rears.
1564 Callipygous कैलिपीगस having a proportionate and well-shaped rear end The callipygous girls in the videos were hired because of their shapely rear-ends.
1565 Callous कठोर showing or having an insensitive and cruel disregard for others There is so much crime in this country that many people have become callous about it and tend to look the other way.
1566 Callow अनुभवहीन immature, lacking in life experience Since the callow baker was new to cake decorating, she did not know how to properly frost the multi-layer cake.
1567 Calm शांत relaxed and showing no feelings of anger or anxiousness A beach is a relaxing place that makes everyone who visits it feel calm.
1568 Calumniate कलंक लगाना to voice untrue accounts about an individual or group In an attempt to prevent the mayor’s reelection, someone has been using the Internet to calumniate the city leader’s family.
1569 Calumnious अपवादात्मक slanderous or defamatory The calumnious tabloid article painted a slanderous tale of two star crossed lovers.
1570 Calumny चुगली a false statement made to damage someone’s reputation The editor refused to publish the calumny that could possibly destroy the politician’s career.
1571 Camaraderie सौहार्द good friendship and trust among members of a group Because of the camaraderie they shared, the soldiers trusted each other with their lives.
1572 Cameo कैमिया a tiny role in a film that is performed by a famous individual The actor’s cameo had him onscreen for less than two minutes.
1573 Camouflage छलावरण a means or attempt to conceal something  The robbers wore large coats to camouflage their weapons from the security guards.
1574 Campaign अभियान a set of steps taken to achieve a certain goal Since we have not raised any money, it’s fair to say the fundraising campaign has not been a success.
1575 Canal नहर an artificial waterway or channel Divers searched the canal for the missing vehicle they fear is deep-down in the channel.
1576 Canard बेबुनियाद ख़बर a phony report or story The newspaper was sued for publishing a canard about a popular celebrity.
1577 Cancel रद्द करना to decide or announce that something planned in advance will no longer take place Because her husband wasn’t feeling well, Brenda decided to cancel their dinner reservations at the fancy restaurant.
1578 Cancer कैंसर the disease caused by an uncontrolled division of abnormal cells in a part of the body Cancer forms when abnormal cells rapidly divide.
1579 Candid स्पष्टवादी truthful and straightforward Because the politician made a candid speech, he earned the respect of the voters.
1580 Candidacy उम्मेदवार the state of being considered for a position Meeting all the qualifications for candidacy, the well-known business owner decided to run for mayor.
1581 Candidate उम्मीदवार someone being considered for a particular position Each candidate had to give a two-minute speech explaining why he or she should be class president.
1582 Candor स्पष्टवादिता the state or quality of being frank, open, and sincere in speech or expression Because the realtor was an honest woman, she replied with candor about the damage to the house.
1583 Cane बेंत a short stick or staff that people use to help them walk The elderly woman staggered to her mailbox, using the cane for balance.
1584 Canister कनस्तर a container with a lid that is used for keeping dry products The little girl reached into the cookie canister and grabbed several chocolate chip cookies from the jar.
1585 Canker नासूर a fungal disease of trees that causes damage to the bark When trees are under stress, they are more susceptible to canker and other fungal diseases.
1586 Cannon तोप a large, mounted gun that is used to fire heavy projectiles Invented in China during the 12th century, the first cannon was used along with gunpowder as a weapon of war.
1587 Canny चालाक displaying good sense and judgment  The canny man would not buy the used car until it passed his mechanic’s inspection.
1588 Canonical कैनन का following or according to the rules The canonical composer always made sure that his hymns fit in with the church’s regulations.
1589 Canonize केननिज़ैषण करना to regard something as being of utmost importance or significance In religion, people tend to canonize the words of their most significant religious figure, holding them as holy and indisputable.
1590 Canopy चंदवा a cover of some type that is used as a roof, either for decorative purposes or as shelter We’re going to install a canopy on our back porch so we can enjoy the outdoors on rainy days.
1591 Canorous श्रुतिमधुर pleasant sounding Belting out a canorous tune, the singer’s beautiful voice seemed to entrance everyone around.
1592 Cant नहीं कर सकता the unique vocabulary used by a specific group of people The older woman did not understand the modern cant spoken by her grandchildren.
1593 Cantankerous झगड़ालू easily angered, always complaining or arguing and difficult to get along with Since Congress is such a cantankerous group, no one expects them to pass any new legislation this year.
1594 Canto कंटो a section or stanza of a lengthy poem “Samuel, please read the next canto in the poem,” the teacher told the moaning student who would be reading for the next three pages.
1595 Canvas कैनवास a type of hard, rough cloth used for making sails, tents, and as a surface to be painted on The artist was painting a canvas backdrop for the school play.
1596 Canyon घाटी a deep gorge that usually has a river running through it The trail took the hikers down into a deep canyon with lush, green woods.
1597 Capability क्षमता the power, skill, or ability to do something TJ has the capability to finish the race, but he will need to push himself to run faster.
1598 Capable काबिल able and competent The man in the wheelchair insisted that he was capable of taking care of himself.
1599 Capacious विशाल having the ability to hold a great amount When Janet bought a capacious home, she was finally able to use all the furniture she had been keeping in storage.
1600 Capacitate अधिकार-युक्त करना make someone capable of a particular action or legally competent to act in a particular way  Years of school capacitate the lawyer to give great legal defense to his client.
1601 Capacity क्षमता the total amount an object can hold The water bottle’s capacity is thirty-two ounces.
1602 Caper शरारत a silly stunt or activity Grandpa Joe insisted he was too old for that type of caper and wouldn’t sing karaoke with us.
1603 Capillary केशिका associated with the tiny vessels of blood that link the arteries to the veins Whenever Jane has a nosebleed, she knows a capillary vessel has burst.
1604 Capital राजधानी goods, monetary assets, and other things that can be used to produce income Your brain is the capital that will allow you to do well in school so you can obtain a profitable career.
1605 Capitol कैपिटील a building in which the state or national legislature meets Senators met at the US Capitol building in Washington, D.C. to discuss new laws.
1606 Capitulate शर्त पर हथियार डाल देना to give in; to surrender under certain terms After seeing himself on the news, the escaped convict decided to capitulate to avoid being shot by a police officer.
1607 Capitulation संधिपत्र act of giving up or giving in After months of violence, the president’s troops were able to force capitulation from the exhausted rebels.
1608 Caprice मौज an impulsive act Because John did not think before acting, he could spend the next ten years in prison for a silly caprice.
1609 Capricious मनमौजी sudden behavior change Because of his capricious nature, Jeremy found it hard to keep a steady job.
1610 Caption कैप्शन a title or short explanation under a picture in a book or magazine Below the picture of the bear, a caption gave both its scientific and common name.
1611 Captivate Captivate to catch and hold someone’s attention; mesmerize  The siren was able to captivate sailors with her enchanting voice.
1612 Captivating मनोरम very interesting and capable of grabbing your attention Because a waterfall is so captivating, people can sit and watch it for hours.
1613 Captivity क़ैद the state or period of being imprisoned, confined, or enslaved Protestors shouted that keeping the zoo animals in captivity violated their basic rights.
1614 Carafe पिचर a large pitcher or container used to hold a beverage or wine Since we were drinking glass after glass of the Dom Perignon, we decided to ask the waiter to leave the carafe of the wine at the table since we still wanted more.
1615 Carapace कछुवे की पीठ की हड्डी the outer shell of an arachnid, crustacean, or turtle Patterns on the turtle’s carapace are changing over time, with his shell becoming duller as he ages.
1616 Caravan कारवां a group of travelers, animals, or vehicles traveling together We decided to organize a caravan to attend the state championship.
1617 Caravansary कारवांसरी a crowd of individuals travelling around together or an establishment where caravans rest overnight Our church group felt blessed when we found a caravansary that could shelter our large party overnight.
1618 Caravel कैरवाल a small sailing ship developed and used by the Portuguese and Spanish during 15th and 16th century exploration With its gently sloping bow and single stern castle, the caravel was easily distinguishable from other 15th century ships.
1619 Carbohydrate कार्बोहाइड्रेट a sugar, starch, or cellulose that is a food source of energy for an animal or plant After stuffing my mouth with sugar, I was warned that increased carbohydrate levels can make my body sick.
1620 Carcass शव the body of a dead person or animal On our cross country road trip, we passed a deer carcass on the road.
1621 Carcinogen कासीनजन a substance or agent that can cause cancer A known carcinogen that can be found in the liver has caused untold suffering all over the world.
1622 Cardiac दिल का relating to the heart Cardiac arrest, or a sudden stop of the heart, is caused by irregular electrical impulses that make the ventricles of the heart quiver instead of pumping blood.
1623 Cardinal कार्डिनल fundamental; of the greatest importance The therapist addressed the cardinal rule of marriage which is to always compromise on issues and once that is accomplished everything else will fall into place.
1624 Cardiovascular कार्डियोवास्कुलर relating to the heart and blood vessels High sodium levels are related to a heightened chance of cardiovascular related death since sodium negatively effects the heart and impedes blood flow.
1625 Careen झुक जाना to move swiftly in an uncontrollable manner, sometimes from one side to another side If you drive too fast in dangerous weather, your car may careen off the road.
1626 Career आजीविका a job or occupation that a person does for an extended period I want to take on a career in teaching, but my parents insist that I become a doctor.
1627 Carefree लापरवाह easygoing and relaxed The carefree beach-bum skated through life without a worry or care.
1628 Carin कैरिन man-made mound of stones, used as landmarks  Hikers were relieved to see a cairn of stones in the wilderness that led them in the correct direction on the trail.
1629 Carnality चमड़े का रंग pertaining to physical or sexual desires Racy in nature, the lyrics of the song are lascivious and full of carnality.
1630 Carnival CARNIVAL a seasonal or roaming fair which usually has many fun attractions As the carnival was being set up at the state park for this week, passersby could tell that a roller coaster and several spinning rides would be included.
1631 Carnivore मांसभक्षी any living creature that eats meat The tiger is a carnivore who kills his own food.
1632 Carouse दावत देना to take part in a drunken get-together On most weekends the fraternity brothers carouse with the wild sorority girls.
1633 Carousel हिंडोला a circular carnival ride that has horses or cars that children sit on while it circulates Children laughed and giggled as the carousel went round and round.
1634 Carp काप to find fault or quarrel with someone constantly Edith’s husband decided to leave, saying that he couldn’t stand her tendency to carp and complain constantly.
1635 Carping छिद्रान्वेषी having the tendency to complain or criticize My carping mother-in-law is constantly criticizing my housekeeping skills.
1636 Carpool carpool a process in which multiple people ride in one person’s car to minimize travel cost Because Mr. Cooper has a minivan, we decided to carpool with him so we could save gas and only drive one car.
1637 Carriage सवारी डिब्बा a buggy-like means of transportation with four wheels which usually transports people and is pulled by horses With each clomp of the ponies’ hooves and swish of the wheels on the road, the passengers knew that this carriage would get them to their destination.
1638 Carrier वाहक someone who holds or has something Designated as the carrier of the manual, Kevin felt important to be a part of this club by being responsible for the club’s essential book.
1639 Carrion सड़ा हुआ flesh of a deceased animal We could smell the carrion left by hunters even before we stumbled upon it during our trek up the mountain.
1640 Cartel कार्टेल group of businesses or nations that collude to fix prices Oil conglomerates run a cartel to keep prices high.
1641 Cartilage उपास्थि a strong but flexible material found in some parts of the body After being tackled by the opposing linebacker, the running back suffered from swelling cartilage around his rib.
1642 Cartographer काटोग्रफ़र an individual who specializes in the creation of maps Fortunately, the cartographer added a legend to his map to make it easier for people to understand.
1643 Cartography नक्शानवीसी the science of producing maps  Since Greg was an expert in cartography, he quickly located the inaccuracy in the map.
1644 Carve उत्कीर्ण to cut a material into a finished work Dustin used a hammer and chisel to carve out his name in the wood.
1645 Cascade झरना something that occurs in rapid succession or in a series Once the vampire television show became a hit, a cascade of vampire programs appeared in the primetime lineup.
1646 Casino कैसीनो a place where a person goes to play games or gamble money Card dealers at the casino can get some of the big spenders to keep playing even after they’ve lost several thousand dollars.
1647 Cast ढालना actors who perform a role in a series, play, or movie The cast of a new television show was excited to receive their first Emmy award.
1648 Caste जाति a class hierarchy determined by a person’s heritage In the tribe, there is a caste system based on skin color with the darker-skinned people comprising the lower class.
1649 Castigate पीटना to criticize someone or something severely My mother was a cruel woman who never missed an opportunity to castigate my father.
1650 Casual अनौपचारिक relaxed, easygoing, and informal Tyrone dresses in a casual way to work, despite the fact that everyone else in the company wears a suit and tie.
1651 Casualty दुर्घटना a person who is hurt or killed in a war or accident They warned us that if an employee fails to wear his hard hat and a casualty occurs, we could face jail time.
1652 Casuistry कैस्युइस्ट्री  a way of arguing in a misleading or deceptive manner The salesman used casuistry in an attempt to convince me he had the best deal in town.
1653 Catachresis कैटाच्रेसिस the misuse of words on purpose, usually as a stylistic writing effect When writing, the author used a catachresis when he replaced “stuffed” with “stuck”.
1654 Cataclysm प्रलय an abrupt forceful event A severe attack upon the Internet could cause a cataclysm in the financial world.
1655 Catacombs catacombs underground cemeteries with tunnels and rooms where the dead are kept The Catacombs of ancient Rome were underground burial places built in 2nd century AD.
1656 Catalog सूची a list, usually of goods or services for sale or items that are available to be used Every Christmas, the family received a Sears’ catalog with pictures of popular toys inside.
1657 Catalyst उत्प्रेरक  a person, thing, or event that quickly causes change or action The enzyme was the catalyst that triggered the chemical reaction.
1658 Catalyze उत्प्रेरित to bring about a change Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. used sit-ins and marches to catalyze laws in the US.
1659 Catapult गुलेल to hurl, launch, throw or propel At the first sound of the alarm clock, I catapult out of bed and race through my morning chores.
1660 Cataract मोतियाबिंद cloudy area in the eye’s lens After complaining that she could not see properly, Rachel was informed that she had a cataract on her left eye that was blurring her vision.
1661 Catastrophe तबाही a disaster of huge proportions My teenager needs to realize losing her lipstick is not a catastrophe.
1662 Catastrophic आपत्तिजनक associated with a major disaster The catastrophic wreck on the highway involved over forty vehicles.
1663 Catatonic तानप्रतिष्टम्भी motionless and unresponsive A catatonic fear immobilized Drew, preventing her escape.
1664 Catchy आकर्षक likely to attract attention or interest The show’s catchy theme song made the television program memorable for everyone who watched it.
1665 Categorical स्पष्ट stated in a definite manner My father’s categorical denial let me know there was no need to ask again.
1666 Categorize श्रेणीबद्ध करना to place something in a class or group based on its attributes I decided to categorize this homework as math because it has a lot of math in it despite being assigned by the science teacher.
1667 Category वर्ग a class or division of people or things that have similar characteristics Which category does a tomato fall into: fruit or vegetable?
1668 Cater पूरा to provide food professionally for a special occasion We cater lunches for groups of 20 or more.
1669 Caterwaul बिल्ली का कंसर्ट a shrill wailing or screeching noise The caterwaul the cats outside were making grated on my ears and made me wish I had earplugs.
1670 Catharsis साफ़ हो जाना the process of releasing strong emotions and feelings Sometimes the act of taking a break away from the world will help a tired person experience the catharsis he or she needs to deal with everyday life.
1671 Cathartic भेदक providing psychological relief through the open expression of strong emotions Because journal writing allows me to express my emotions, it is a very cathartic process for me.
1672 Cathexis कैथेक्सिस the obsessive concentration of one’s thoughts and emotions on a person, event, or object Because of his cathexis with his blanket, the obsessed toddler refused to sleep without it.
1673 Catholic कैथोलिक extensive and widespread in choices and activities As the busy young woman chose from the catholic events displayed, she could pick from sports to crafts to dancing and everything in between.
1674 Cattle पशु cows and bulls that are raised and are usually kept for their meat or milk The cattle roamed the ranch, chewing on grass and mooing at everything in sight.
1675 Catty बिल्ली का spiteful and mean in the way that one behaves or speaks Most of the junior high girls were catty and spent their free time gossiping about others.
1676 Cauldron हंडा a large bowl shaped pot used for cooking over an open flame When our family went camping we would often use a cauldron to slowly cook our stew for dinner.
1677 Causality करणीय संबंध a producing means or power Once the missionaries realized the causality of the child deaths in this third world country was malnutrition, they pleaded with their church to supply money for food.
1678 Cause कारण to make something happen The police could not figure out what would cause the friendly woman to kill her neighbor and then herself.
1679 Caustic काटू extremely sarcastic or critical The comic’s caustic jokes offended quite a few people.
1680 Cauterize दाग़ना to burn the skin around a wound to stop bleeding or prevent infection To stop the patient from bleeding, the doctor had to use a hot iron to cauterize the wound.
1681 Caution सावधानी acting carefully to avoid danger or mistakes We must proceed with caution if we do not want to get caught by the guards, so move quickly and quietly.
1682 Cautionary चेतावनी देनेवाला something that serves as a warning to others My brother’s foolishness while driving his go cart served as a cautionary tale to anyone that didn’t want to end up in a similar wreck.
1683 Cautious सतर्क careful; watchful Remaining cautious, the police officer shined his flashlight slowly into the abandoned building.
1684 Cavalcade घुड़सवार-दल a procession of things, usually related to movement The president’s cavalcade included several sports utility vehicles, six police cars, and a police motorcycle unit.
1685 Cavalier घुड़सवार displaying a lack of worry Bryan will regret his cavalier attitude about studying when he fails to graduate on time.
1686 Cavalry घुड़सवार सेना soldiers in a certain part of the army who ride horses into battle As the cavalry was called in, they mounted their stallions and descended into the valley to confront the enemy.
1687 Caveat चेतावनी a warning of the limits of a particular agreement or statement The caveat of the contract includes a penalty fee if the loan is not repaid on time.
1688 Cavern गुफा a large cave or chamber Sleeping in the toasty cavern, the bear slumbered all winter.
1689 Cavernous गुफाओंवाला vast; spacious Over ten thousand people filled the cavernous building, packing the vast stadium to capacity.
1690 Cavity गुहा an empty space within something that is usually used for something unexpected The star-crossed lovers hid secret letters in the small cavity in their favorite oak tree.
1691 Cavort कूद पड़ना to move around in an excited fashion The boys cavort around the pool while watching bikini-clad girls.
1692 Cease बंद करना to put an end to something Once the treaty is announced, the fighting on the border should cease.
1693 Ceasefire संघर्ष विराम an agreement between two warring factions to stop fighting When it was obvious they he had no chance to win World War Two, the Nazis agreed to a ceasefire, ending the war on the European front.
1694 Cede सौंपना to give away authority to a government, group, or person When Matt became terminally ill, he had no choice but to cede control of his company to his daughter.
1695 Celebrate जश्न मनाना to recognize a special day or event by taking part in special activities This week we will celebrate my little brother’s birth with a huge party and a delicious cake.
1696 Celebratory जश्न मनाने feeling or expressing happiness and joy We are having a celebratory party for my brother, who just graduated from twelfth grade as the valedictorian of his class.
1697 Celerity ज्लदी quickness of motion; speed The slave will be punished if his celerity is not fast enough for his master.
1698 Celibacy अविवाहित जीवन the state of voluntarily being unmarried, sexually abstinent, or both The sister’s vow of celibacy was not understood by her family members but was respected.
1699 Cellar तहख़ाना an enclosed underground space under a building  Because the lowest room in the building is the safest in a tornado, we immediately went downstairs from the kitchen to the cellar.
1700 Celsius सेल्सीयस a measurement of temperature in which 0 is the freezing point, and 100 is the boiling point The weatherman used a thermometer to determine the temperature for the day in Celsius.
1701 Cement सीमेंट to firmly bind or join something together The newlywed couple hoped that their new baby would further cement their marriage.
1702 Censor सेंसर to remove inappropriate or objectionable content Although her mother attempted to censor her music collection, the girl continued to download explicit songs.
1703 Censorious सख़्त extremely critical Jill is a bully who constantly makes censorious statements about her coworkers.
1704 Censorship सेंसरशिप the practice of removing content viewed as inappropriate  Censorship has allowed the government to prevent the media from airing criticisms of its leadership.
1705 Censurable निंदा लायक़ deserving censure or blame The movie was censurable, due to the extreme violence that was unsuitable for minors.
1706 Censure निंदा an official reprimand If Bart receives another censure from his boss, he will more than likely lose his job.
1707 Census जनगणना a certified tally of a population in a specific region According to last year’s census over five hundred thousand people live in our city.
1708 Centennial शताब्दी the hundredth anniversary of an event or happening The centennial celebration of the railway was held in Lincoln Nebraska, with much pomp and glamor.
1709 Centerpiece केंद्र an object or project that takes a central position or importance Placing the centerpiece at the middle of the table, the decorator prepared the home for the Thanksgiving feast.
1710 Centigrade सेंटीग्रेड centigrade temperature scale In chemistry, we needed to convert the boiling point from Fahrenheit to centigrade.
1711 Central केंद्रीय essential or significant After reading the story, the central character consistently fought against the villain throughout the story.
1712 Centrifugal केंद्रत्यागी moving away or advancing from an axis or center Because I love freshly squeezed juice, I bought a centrifugal juicer that pulls the liquid from the pulp.
1713 Centrifuge अपकेंद्रित्र a piece of machinery that spins rapidly in order to create a force which separates substances  In the nuclear plants, scientists take every precaution as they separate uranium in a centrifuge.
1714 Centripetal केंद्र की ओर जानेवाला moving towards the center The centripetal star is slowly accelerating towards the middle of its solar system.
1715 Centurion सूबेदार a commanding soldier in Ancient Rome who lead groups of 100 soldiers The Roman centurion lead his group of one hundred soldiers into battle.
1716 Century शतक a period of 100 consecutive years Our grandmother was born in the nineteenth century, which spanned from January 1st 1801 until December 31st 1900.
1717 Cerebral सेरिब्रल involving the brain or intellect Because of Adam’s intellectual sense of humor, he is the only one who ever laughs at his cerebral jokes.
1718 Ceremonial अनुष्ठानिक relating to or used for formal religious or public events The priest wears a formal ceremonial robe when he is baptizing children.
1719 Ceremony समारोह a formal event held on a special occasion Preparing for the upcoming ceremony, the pastor rehearsed his speech for the nuptials.
1720 Certain कुछ absolute, without question Science has proven that it is absolutely certain that the sun is what allows us all to stay alive here on planet Earth.
1721 Certificate प्रमाणपत्र a document containing certified facts Karen was able to receive a copy of her birth certificate after the original was destroyed in a house fire.
1722 Certify प्रमाणित to guarantee that something is true in an official way A piece of paper was issued to certify the diamond was real.
1723 Certitude यक़ीन the condition of being certain or sure about something Unfortunately, the witness could not describe her attacker’s face with certitude.
1724 Cessation समापन the termination of something The arrival of several police cruisers brought a quick cessation to the gang fight.
1725 Cesspool नाबदान a circumstance or place that is corrupt and/or filthy Because the bar is filled with drug addicts and killers, it’s a real cesspool.
1726 Chafe मसलना to worry or fret My protective father tends to chafe whenever I go on a date.
1727 Chaff भूसा of very little value The pawn store owner refused to buy the thief’s chaff because it was worthless.
1728 Chagrin चिढ़ a feeling of being frustrated or annoyed because of failure or disappointment  To her chagrin, Jill placed second in the beauty pageant.
1729 Chair कुर्सी a seat that a person sits in that usually has a back and four legs Plopping down in the chair, the man prepared to relax and watch TV from his recliner.
1730 Chalice प्याला a large cup or goblet that is used to drink wine Raising his jeweled chalice and tapping the cup with his knife, the king made a toast to the success of his kingdom.
1731 Challenge चुनौती a demand to battle in a match or brawl As the two men challenge the obnoxious younger man to a fight, he agreed and all three of them headed out of the establishment into the street.
1732 Chamber कक्ष a compartment or space Calling the attorney’s into his chamber, the judge used his private room to counsel both sides.
1733 Champion चैंपियन a person who has defeated all rivals in a competition Standing on top of the platform, the Olympic champion received a gold medal for his win.
1734 Chance अवसर a possibility or likelihood There is always a chance that the baker will run out of donuts, but the likelihood is much higher on Mondays.
1735 Changeable अस्थिर easy to be changed or replaced The traveler bought a changeable ticket that could be swapped for a different date if needed.
1736 Changed बदला हुआ altered; made different Although she changed her original classes to a few different courses, the student still wasn’t happy with her altered schedule.
1737 Changeling चेंजलिंग a boy or girl who is replaced with another child either on purpose as part of a scheme or by accident In order to make the mother believe her daughter had been found, a changeling was sent in as a substitute who closely resembled her daughter.
1738 Channel चैनल a passage that water or other liquids flow through A channel was created between the two rivers so that goods could be transported across the waterway.
1739 Chant मंत्र rhythmic speaking or singing of words or sounds “USA! USA! USA!” is a chant you hear from Americans at some political rallies or sports events.
1740 Chap बच्चू of the skin become cracked, rough, or sore, typically through exposure to cold weather; a cracked or sore patch on the skin She always carried extra lip balm in her purse during cold weather because the frigid air made her lips chap.
1741 Chaperone संरक्षिका to watch and ensure the safety of another individual Parents chaperone the children at the school dance.
1742 Characteristic विशेषता trait The only characteristic the man got from his father was his dark eyes.
1743 Characterize चिह्नित करना to describe The company is refusing to characterize the event as a PR nightmare, but their stocks have dropped significantly.
1744 Charade शब्द पहेली a sham or farce Keeping up the charade, my family continued to pretend that they weren’t going to throw my little sister a surprise party.
1745 Charisma प्रतिभा charm; attractiveness The politician earned a lot of female votes because of his winning smile and charisma.
1746 Charismatic करिश्माई having a convincing charm that inspires others to believe what you say The charismatic cult leader convinced his followers he was the only path to heaven.
1747 Charitable दानशील generous in giving to those in need Charitable donations were made to help those who lost their homes during the flood.
1748 Charity दान the voluntary giving of money or assistance to those in need A charity run is being held to raise funds for the city’s homeless population.
1749 Charlatan मायावी a person who falsely pretends to know or be something in order to deceive people The charlatan pretended to be a doctor so he could go into the hospital and steal prescription drugs.
1750 Charm आकर्षण the ability to persuade, delight or arouse admiration  Rose soon learned from her new boss that her charm is why she was chosen for the hostess job.
1751 Chart चार्ट to record information The nurse used pen and paper to chart all of the patient’s vital signs for the night.
1752 Charter चार्टर a government-issued document that provides a group or individual with certain rights  The king’s charter gave the colonists the right to set up residence in the new world.
1753 Chary होशियार apprehensive about doing something Because Vera was chary about going in the old house, I agreed to go in with her.
1754 Chase पीछा करना to run after or pursue someone or something The dog tried to chase the cat up the tree, but the kitty got away.
1755 Chaste पवित्र wholesome; pure in thought Because I am very religious, I told my boyfriend we could do nothing more than exchange chaste kisses.
1756 Chasten दंड देना to punish or reprimand in order to correct  As a parent, I don’t feel spanking is a good way to chasten your kids.
1757 Chastise दंड देना to criticize someone harshly for doing something wrong If you bully someone in Mrs. Marshall’s class, she will chastise you and keep you after school.
1758 Chastity शुद्धता the condition of remaining pure and chaste The nun took a vow of chastity as part of her commitment to remain pure.
1759 Chateau महल a huge house or manor that is most often seen in France My chateau in France is a huge manor.
1760 Chatoyant चमकीला describes a gemstone that has a reflective streak or cat’s eye effect in the center Each of the chatoyant minerals had a luminous band in the center.
1761 Chattel जंगम संपत्ति personal property that can be relocated A slave was once considered to be an owner’s chattel.
1762 Chatter बकवास trivial talk or chit chat Full of gossip, my nosy neighbors’ chatter could be heard on my front porch.
1763 Chauffeur ड्राइवर one who drives a car as an occupation I’ll have the chauffeur drive me to the store tomorrow.
1764 Chauvinism अंधराष्ट्रीयता a narrow-minded confidence in the supremacy of one’s own group or gender Despite the chauvinism of the male racers, Danica went on to become a successful racecar driver.
1765 Chauvinist अंधराष्ट्रीवादी someone who displays extreme or aggressive support for something Some people consider my sister to be a chauvinist when it comes to feminism, as she gets both angry and irritated when someone opposes her point of view.
1766 Cheap सस्ता low in price; not expensive Cheap products can be purchased at the Dollar Tree since everything there costs a dollar or less.
1767 Cheapen सस्ता हो जाना to reduce the price or quality of something If the movie theater decides to cheapen the price of tickets, more people will be able to afford tickets.
1768 Cheeky मुखर impudent or unapologetic but in a generally charming way The third grader was extremely cheeky, rarely referring to the teacher as ‘Mr. Walters’ rather than ‘gramps,’ but it was somewhat endearing.
1769 Cheerful खुश displaying or feeling happiness Jan was in a cheerful mood on her wedding day.
1770 Chemical रासायनिक any basic substance that is used in or produced by a reaction involving changes to atoms The chemical is used to clean the kitchen, but care must be taken since the substance is so strong.
1771 Chemistry रसायन विज्ञान emotional or mental attraction/interaction between two people Instant chemistry between the couple led them to an engagement and wedding within six months of meeting.
1772 Cherish अच्छा लगना to treasure or deeply care for something I will forever cherish the teddy bear my late grandfather had given to me.
1773 Chew चबाना to bite off something and grind it up using teeth It is hard to chew up an apple if you have two missing front teeth.
1774 Chiaroscuro chiaroscuro an artistic image emphasizing the brightness and darkness while de-emphasizing color Art critics at the art gallery admired the chiaroscuro of the black and white photograph since the shade covered everything but the bright eyes of the woman.
1775 Chic ठाठ tastefully stylish The chic heels will go perfectly with my stylish dress.
1776 Chicanery झूठा इलज़ाम the use of trickery to achieve a political, financial, or legal purpose You can smell the chicanery from a dishonest politician.
1777 Chide डांटना tell somebody off; scold I don’t want the boss to chide me for being late again, so I’m setting the alarm for a half hour earlier.
1778 Chiffon शिफॉन light and silky fabric Before I put on my new chiffon skirt, I checked the temperature to make sure it was not going to be too cold outside.
1779 Child बच्चा a young human being At 10, the child still liked to play with dolls and ride her bike.
1780 Childhood बचपन the time during which one is a child, from between infancy and puberty My stepmother is a mean woman who likes to insult little kids because she had a miserable childhood herself.
1781 Childlike बच्चों का सा being innocent or naïve in a manner befitting of a child Even as a young adult, Avan has an almost childlike innocence to him that many people find endearing, even though others think it foolish.
1782 Chime झंकार ringing or tone making component of a device  I enabled the chime mode on my watch so it will sound a long beep each hour.
1783 Chimera कल्पना a creation of a person’s mind; something that is not real Ron’s mental disorder caused him to believe there was a dangerous chimera out to get him.
1784 Chimerical असाध्य an invention of an individual’s imagination The company was fined when the government discovered it had used chimerical data to get approval for its new drug.
1785 Chipper टुकड़े करने वाला उपकरण happy and cheerful After having a great day at work, Martha was in a happy and chipper mood.
1786 Chirp कलरव a short, high-pitched sound Nothing irritates me more than a bird that wants to constantly chirp outside of my window in the morning, ruining my sleep.
1787 Chisel छेनी a long-bladed hand tool that is struck with a hammer to cut or shape hard materials Ancient sculptors used a hammer and a chisel to shape the blocks of stones that they wished to turn into statues.
1788 Chit-chat गपशप करना to engage in small talk, to discuss unimportant matters. Sitting close to the teacher will make it harder for you to chit-chat with classmates as the teacher will likely remind you to quiet down.
1789 Chivalrous उदार displaying respect to members of the female sex My chivalrous husband always opens doors for me.
1790 Chivalry शिष्टता courteous conduct  The teenager displayed chivalry when he held the door open for the girls in his group.
1791 Choice पसंद an option; a decision; an opportunity to choose or select something Now that I’ve graduated High School, I have a choice to make whether I go to College.
1792 Choleric चिड़चिड़ा easily irritated; grumpy Since I do not sleep well, I am choleric when someone calls me after I have gone to bed.
1793 Cholesterol कोलेस्ट्रॉल a fatty substance in the body tissue and blood that is connected to heart disease when found in large amounts Although your body needs some cholesterol, in large amounts this fatty substance can hurt the tissue around your heart.
1794 Choose चुनना to select You can choose one main course meal and also select a dessert.
1795 Chop काटना to cut something into pieces with a sharp blow from an edged tool Without a gas fireplace, my dad always had to go into the woods and chop lumber for our family with an axe.
1796 Chord तार three or more musical tones sounded at the same time Pressing the three keys simultaneously, the piano player struck a chord and let out a melodious sound.
1797 Chore घर का काम a routine and generally disliked task, usually carried out in the household My main chore around the house is taking out the trash, which I personally believe is preferable to my brother, who has to walk the dog.
1798 Choreography नृत्यकला the sequence of steps and movements in a dance or figure skating routine Coming up with the choreography was easy, but actually sequencing the dance moves with the music was a lot harder.
1799 Chorister गानेवाला a person who sings in a choir Even though he likes playing the piano for the choir more than being a chorister, the young man is a talented singer.
1800 Chorus सहगान a part of a song generally repeated after every verse The chorus of a song is often the most recognizable part of it, since it is repeated multiple times throughout the piece.
1801 Chose चुना the act of having chosen something Mordred of the Round Table chose to betray his Lord, King Arthur, rather than serve him faithfully.
1802 Christened नाम ceremonially dedicated The newborn baby was christened, being dedicated to Christ in front of her family.
1803 Christianity ईसाई धर्म the religion that uses the Bible as its scared book and is based on the person and teachings of Jesus of Nazareth Although they are both monotheistic religions, few view Christianity as a cult religion like they do Islam.
1804 Chromatic रंगीन relating to color; colorful Several artists used the same chromatic colors in their portraits at the display.
1805 Chromatin क्रोमेटिन genetic material composed of DNA and proteins that condenses to form chromosomes Found in the inside of the cell, chromatin is made up mostly of DNA and proteins.
1806 Chromosome क्रोमोसाम that portion of the cell that holds the genes which determine the identity and development of a plant or animal A chromosome is the cell organelle that contains the genes that define an organism’s traits.
1807 Chronic दीर्घकालिक appearing for a lengthy period of time For three months, I have had a chronic headache.
1808 Chronicle इतिवृत्त a report that describes events in the order in which they occurred  When the detective read the chronicle of the attack, he knew how and when the victim died.
1809 Chronological कालक्रमबद्ध organized in the order of occurrence The easiest way to comprehend history is in chronological order, learning of events in the order that they happened in time.
1810 Chronology कालक्रम the time pattern in which something happens The detectives sought to create the chronology leading up to the victim’s disappearance.
1811 Chronometer ठीक घड़ी an instrument designed to keep time with great accuracy, especially when at sea The chronometer was designed to help sailors more accurately determine longitude.
1812 Chthonic chthonic concerning or belonging to the underworld hell The chthonic creature came up from the underworld to terrorize the city.
1813 Chuckle कुड़ाकुड़ाना to laugh quietly Letting out a soft chuckle, the janitor couldn’t help but laugh at the conversation he overheard.
1814 Chum दोस्त a close friend or pal Melody was my old school chum, but we haven’t been friends in years.
1815 Chunk टुकड़ा a large piece of something A huge chunk of rock fell off the mountain and onto the road below.
1816 Churl असभ्य a rude and mean-spirited person Theo often acted like a churl, being mean to everyone he came in contact with.
1817 Churlish अक्खड़ rude; impolite Although Ms. X is a beautiful and talented actress, she has a reputation for being churlish and difficult to get along with.
1818 Chute ढलान vertical or inclined plane, channel, or passage for sliding things downward Santa’s elves pushed presents down the chute and into the back of the sleigh.
1819 Chutzpah चुत्ज़पाह personal confidence or courage that may come across as rude but allows one to do or say what they feel Full of chutzpah, the arrogant man wasn’t afraid to voice his opinion to anyone.
1820 Cilia सिलिया the feather-like, thin hairs connected to the eyelid known as an eyelash Humans have an average of 250 cilia per eye and even though at least one eyelash falls out per day, they grow back quickly.
1821 Cinder राख a small, glowing piece of partly burnt coal or wood One glowing cinder was all that remained of the once burning fire.
1822 Cinematography छायांकन the study or skill of making movies Before becoming a world-known filmmaker, Peter studied cinematography at Bowen University.
1823 Cipher सिफ़र a code that is not easily solved The serial killer left a cipher with each body that provided clues to the detectives on where to find the next victim.
1824 Circa लगभग around or about a certain date The historian is not certain of the exact date, but he believes the war took place circa 300,000 years ago.
1825 Circle घेरा a group of people that share interests, professions, or acquaintances My circle of friends includes myself and the two kids I grew up with since elementary school, though I am eager to add more.
1826 Circuitous चक्करदार not said or done simply or clearly  Because the spy did not want to give away the location of his headquarters, he always took a long and circuitous route to his office.
1827 Circular परिपत्र shaped like a circle; round The circular tower was much taller than the ones built in a square shape instead of a rounded one.
1828 Circulate प्रसारित to spread or move around freely; to move in circles The new company was planning to circulate fliers about their up and coming business.
1829 Circulation प्रसार the continuous movement of something in a closed section While on the plane, the woman’s blood circulation was reduced and her legs began to cramp.
1830 Circumference परिधि the distance around something round or rounded, like the distance around the edge of a circle The nurse measured the circumference of the newborn babies’ head.
1831 Circumlocution कपटपूर्ण बातें the use of too many words to say something, especially in order to avoid saying something clearly The con man tried to use circumlocution to avoid explaining his real intentions to the wealthy couple.
1832 Circumnavigate आस-पास तैरना to travel entirely around something In order to get into the police station, we must first circumnavigate the crowd of protestors.
1833 Circumscribe प्रतिबंध लगाना to limit the range or scope of something to a particular degree When my husband drinks too much, I hide his car keys to circumscribe his capacity to drive.
1834 Circumspect चौकस to think carefully before doing or saying anything, in order to avoid risks or consequences; cautious In this day and age, you need to be circumspect about giving out too much personal information on the internet.
1835 Circumstance परिस्थिति a particular incident that influences another event Under no circumstance will I allow my daughter to go to a party that is not supervised by an adult.
1836 Circumstantial संयोग का something that seems to be true but is not proven The evidence against the suspect was purely circumstantial and was not enough to convict.
1837 Circumvent दरकिनार to get around something If we do not find a way to circumvent this problem, we will not be able to finish the project.
1838 Cistern टंकी a reservoir or tank for holding water, especially for catching and holding rainwater for later use Due to living in the rural areas of Montana, the farmer kept a cistern filled with water.
1839 Citadel गढ़ a stronghold or fortress that was normally built on elevated ground Guards hid the royal family in a secret room in the citadel during the invasion.
1840 Citation उद्धरण specific information to identify and locate a specific publication A citation that was listed in the book I was reading lead me to additional articles.
1841 Cite अदालत में तलब करना to use the words of another When the politician accepts his party’s presidential nomination, he will more than likely cite a former president in his speech.
1842 Citizen नागरिक a legally recognized resident of a city, state, or town The path to becoming a citizen is a long one for illegal residents or those who have previously committed crimes.
1843 Citizenship सिटिज़नशिप the right to be a citizen of a particular country If you were born in the United States, you have already gained your citizenship.
1844 Civic नागरिक related to a city or citizen Nonviolent civic protests were taking place to protect the rights of the U.S. citizens.
1845 Civil नागरिक polite and cultured We insisted that both parties begin to interact in a decent and civil way, despite all their years of fighting.
1846 Civilian असैनिक person who is not an active member of the armed forces; non-military person The undercover agent dresses in civilian clothes.
1847 Civility शिष्टाचार politeness Her civility was apparent when she greeted her new guests with appropriate introductions and shaking of hands.
1848 Civilization सभ्यता  a society that is developed and productive in its resource usage The student was thrilled when her professor invited her to join the team that was digging to unearth an early civilization.
1849 Civilized सभ्य well-mannered and polite Kate was warned by her principal that she better start acting in a civilized way if she hoped to graduate with the rest of her class.
1850 Clabber दधि curdle Leaving the toddler’s cup in the sun caused the milk inside to clabber.
1851 Clad क्लैड concealed by something For safety reasons, the president’s vehicle is clad in bulletproof armor.
1852 Claim दावा to make a questionable statement about something Scientists claim that a giant asteroid hit the Earth and destroyed the dinosaurs, triggering the Ice Age.
1853 Claimant दावेदार someone who makes a claim, especially in a lawsuit before a court The claimant was rewarded money for the damages to her property.
1854 Clairvoyant भेदक able to see beyond the range of ordinary observation The psychic’s clairvoyant abilities allowed her to see into the future.
1855 Clamber छीना-झपटी to crawl or climb in an awkward manner Fortunately, the baby fell back onto the soft carpet after trying to clamber up the steps.
1856 Clambering चढ़ना ascending in an awkward manner The children laughed when they saw the old man clambering over the tall fence.
1857 Clammy चिपचिपा unpleasantly damp and sticky or slimy to touch The feverish girl’s skin was clammy and slick with a light layer of sweat.
1858 Clamor कोलाहल to ask for loudly As soon as the people learn about the little boy’s murder, they are going to clamor for justice.
1859 Clan वंश a tribe or family Each clan in the village had a different symbol on the totem pole to represent their family.
1860 Clan वंश a group of close-knit people or families The Mayfield clan gathers every summer for a roundhouse family reunion.
1861 Clandestine गुप्त done in an unobtrusive manner to avoid detection We waited until after our parents went to sleep to have our clandestine meeting about their surprise party.
1862 Clang बजना a loud, usually echoing sound of metallic impact There was a loud clang as I dropped the pot I was cooking with on the tile kitchen floor.
1863 Clangor क्लैंगोर a continuous noisy banging  The angry wife wanted her sleeping husband to hear the clangor of pots and pans in the kitchen.
1864 Claptrap दिखावे का ridiculous talk that doesn’t make any sense The old gossipers didn’t tell the truth but simply sat on their porches sharing claptrap with one another.
1865 Clarification स्पष्टीकरण a detailed explanation given to make something more understandable For clarification, would you please show me how to use the glucose meter again?
1866 Clarify स्पष्ट करना to make clear and easier to understand Because our instructor was so unclear, I had to continually ask him to clarify and repeat what he was saying.
1867 Clarion बिगुल forceful and clear-cut Because the captain’s clarion instructions were loud and clear, you had to hear them.
1868 Clarity स्पष्टता the quality of being clear and easily understood I edited my work for clarity, making sure to avoid any kind of legalese.
1869 Clash संघर्ष to collide together noisily or violently The baby continued to clash the pots and pans together, making a huge racket.
1870 Clasp पकड़ take hold of; grab tightly I would clasp the check firmly in one hand because dropping it would mean possibly losing ten thousand dollars.
1871 Class कक्षा impressive style, wealth, or behavior That woman with the fancy dress and the elegant poise clearly has class, though I wonder if she acts that way just to impress people.
1872 Classic क्लासिक a work of art that has been recognized to be of high quality and worth over time Almost each and every one of Shakespeare’s plays has become a classic by now, being hailed as masterfully written pieces of literature by most everyone.
1873 Classification वर्गीकरण a group of things or people that are grouped together because of what they have in common Because our school is grouped in a larger classification, our football team doesn’t play smaller neighboring schools.
1874 Classification वर्गीकरण the process of classifying or labeling things based on shared traits Scientists use classification to divide the animal kingdom and make them easier to study and understand based on their similarities.
1875 Classify वर्गीकृत to group things or people together in categories based on things they have in common The teacher had her students classify all the shapes with less than four sides in one basket and the shapes with more than four or more sides in another.
1876 Classify वर्गीकृत to arrange things into groups depending on their shared qualities I tend to classify motor vehicles based on their shape and aesthetic design, by separating them into cars, trucks, and SUVs.
1877 Classy उत्तम दर्जे का elegant and refined in look in style Dressed in a classy ensemble, the stylish model made her way down the runway.
1878 Clause धारा a separate part of a contract or other binding document that gives more information The plaintiff asked the judge to look at the last clause of her lease which she believed proved that she had given her landlady enough time to find a new tenant.
1879 Claustrophobia क्लौस्ट्रफ़ोबिया the fear of closed, tight places My claustrophobia is out of control when I am in an elevator.
1880 Claw पंजा a curved pointed horny nail on each digit of the foot in birds, lizards, and some mammals At the Renaissance festival, falconers wear steel-enforced, mesh gloves to protect them from the bird’s razor-sharp claw.
1881 Clay मिट्टी sediment that is made up of particles smaller than silt In art class, we had to make a sculpture out of clay and then heat it in the kiln so it would harden into a solid piece.
1882 Cleanliness स्वच्छता the attribute of being clean or immaculate If you wish to impress someone on a date, you should practice cleanliness so you are not dirty when you see them.
1883 Cleanse शुद्ध to clean or wash something, usually of impurities A lack of laundry detergent made it hard to cleanse the clothing inside the washing machine.
1884 Clearance निकासी official permission to do something Before passengers were allowed on the plane, clearance had to be given by TSA officials.
1885 Cleats क्लीट shoes with have metal projections on the bottom that are worn during sporting events The football player laced up his cleats and marched on to the field with his teammates.
1886 Cleavage दरार a separation between two groups or things The chef cut into the cleavage between the breasts to make two pieces of chicken.
1887 Cleave फोड़ना to split with a tool You can use the axe to cleave the tree.
1888 Cleft फांक an opening fissure, or V-shaped indentation made by or as if by splitting  Neil and Mary’s baby girl had a cleft lip repair at age six months.
1889 Clemency दया a decision not to punish someone severely The killer’s wife begged the judge to give her husband clemency so he would be out of prison before she died.
1890 Clement मेहरबान mild or merciful The kind warden insists all his prisoners receive clement treatment.
1891 Clergy पादरियों individuals who lead religious groups  Because the clergy wants to increase church attendance, they are going door to door introducing themselves to community members.
1892 Clerical लिपिक of or relating to clerks or their work; office tasks  The Department of Driver Services says clerical and administrative errors led to the mistake that landed a man in jail.
1893 Cliche क्लीषे a word or phrase used excessively When will Ginger come up with a new phrase and stop using that cliché in all her social media posts?
1894 Client ग्राहक a person who pays someone else for their services The attorney required the client to pay a 500 dollar fee before he would begin working on her case.
1895 Clientele ग्राहकों को the individuals who frequent a certain business The strip club’s clientele includes a number of politicians and wealthy business owners.
1896 Climate जलवायु the temperature and weather associated with an environment or area Skiing resorts typically are located in a colder climate so that snow will fall naturally during the season.
1897 Climatic जलवायु associated with climate  The climatic change could cause us to cancel our cookout.
1898 Climax उत्कर्ष the most extreme part of a story, play, song, or situation In the film the climax occurs when the heiress gives up her fortune and walks out of the family mansion.
1899 Climb चढ़ना to move upward towards the top of something I get out of breath when I climb the stairs, even if it’s just a few steps.
1900 Clinch कड़ी to make certain; to finalize The Senate must work quickly and together in order to clinch the budget deal to avoid a government shutdown.
1901 Cling चिपकी hold tightly Eric does not like to swim while wearing an undershirt because wet clothes cling to his body.
1902 Clingy चिपकने वाला used to describe something that sticks onto someone or something tightly The clingy shirt stuck to the girl’s skin after she got out of the swimming pool.
1903 Clingy चिपकने वाला something or someone that is likely to stick, catch, or otherwise be stuck to something My dog is extremely clingy, refusing to leave my side no matter where I go, including the bathroom.
1904 Clinical क्लीनिकल related to the observation and treatment of a patient Clinical studies showed that many patients improve after taking the medication.
1905 Clique गिरोह an exclusive group with few members The cool kids’ clique always sits in the last row of the auditorium.
1906 Cloak लबादा sleeveless, blanket-like covering Placing the cloak over her shoulders, she braced herself for the cold weather and stepped out of the shadows.
1907 Clod ढेला lump of something, especially of earth or clay After a long slow rainstorm, the soccer field created problems when the ball would make an awkward bounce after hitting a clod of dirt.
1908 Clog रोकना to block or slow passage through Pouring oil down the sink drain caused it to clog and fill with water.
1909 Cloister मठ to isolate from others Although the girl was quite shy, she tried hard to not cloister herself in the corner at parties.
1910 Clone क्लोन an organism or cell, or group of organisms or cells, produced asexually from one ancestor or stock, to which they are genetically identical The stranger resembled her so closely that she thought she was her clone.
1911 Close-minded दिमाग के करीब having a narrow outlook that makes it difficult to consider other views or opinions The senior was so close-minded and judgemental; he wouldn’t even listen to his nephew’s unbiased views.
1912 Close बंद करना uncomfortably humid and lacking in breezes or wind It’s been unusually close weather today, with only a single breeze to counter the humidity and the sweat that’s been plaguing everyone.
1913 Closeness निकटता to be in immediate distance or time to something else  Living in the same community, the closeness of the family could be seen when they attended every function together.
1914 Closure समापन a sense of resolution at the end of an incident or artistic work Many people that end up divorcing want closure after the fact to help them feel as though it is well and truly behind them.
1915 Cloture क्लॉचर the act of ending a debate or discussion with a request for a vote Although the senator knew he could lose the vote, he demanded cloture of the debate so the votes could be cast.
1916 Cloud बादल a fluffy, usually white colored mass of water vapor that floats high in the sky Rain fell crispy from the cloud, covering the crops in a cool mist.
1917 Clout प्रभाव special advantage or influence to control situations The wedding planner used her clout to get the bride and groom a discount on their wedding location.
1918 Clown जोकर someone who acts silly to entertain or make others laugh The class clown always tries to make other kids laugh during class.
1919 Clown जोकर a comedic circus entertainer that usually dresses up in a silly costume with a red nose and big shoes The circus clown made the children laugh as he juggled bottles while singing a silly song.
1920 Clue संकेत information that may lead one to a certain point or conclusion  The detective looked around the house, searching for a clue to the whereabouts of a missing person.
1921 Clump पेड़ों का झुरमुट a small, dense group of people or animals There is a clump of people standing outside of the new store, each of theme eager to partake in its opening sale before the competition can take the best goods.
1922 Clumsy अनाड़ी awkward in movement or handling, prone to accidents or mistakes My dog is rather clumsy, bumping into things whenever she runs around and sliding on hard floors all the time.
1923 Clung तरह टिका gripped or stuck to something As the little girl didn’t want to be left at the preschool, she clung to her mother’s leg by wrapping both of her arms and legs around her mother’s calf.
1924 Cluster झुंड a group of similar things that are physically close to one another There is a small cluster of people standing at the edge of the hallway, blocking my path to my next class.
1925 Clutch क्लच to tightly hold or grasp Clutch my hand tightly if you don’t want to fall off the roof!
1926 Clutter अव्यवस्था a messy collection of things lying around Clutter filled the elderly couple’s home as they refused to get rid of anything they had every bought.
1927 Coach प्रशिक्षक a person who trains others when it comes to a particular activity or skill Because our coach resigned, a new basketball trainer will need to be hired to guide the athletes.
1928 Coagulate जमना to thicken or develop as a mass The killer did not realize the blood would coagulate on the floor and form a huge blob.
1929 Coalesce संगठित होना to join into a single mass Olivia stared into the distance and concentrated, hoping that all her random thoughts would somehow coalesce into one brilliant idea.
1930 Coalition गठबंधन a group formed to gain an advantage A coalition of downtown business owners has created a marketing plan to bring more shoppers into the downtown area.
1931 Coastal तटीय near where a body of water meets land the coast The coastal plain running along the sea’s edge make for the perfect Pacific Ocean look-out.
1932 Coax समाक्ष persuade gradually Because the boy I babysat for needed me to coax him to brush his teeth, I made up a song to help encourage him.
1933 Cobble रास्ते का पत्थर to mend, repair, or put something together The student council was asked to cobble together a plan for graduation day celebrations.
1934 Cocky अहंकारी conceited and smug After his team won the last 10 football games, the cocky quarterback told everyone at school that he won the game by himself.
1935 Cocky अहंकारी arrogant and conceited The cocky boxer wasn’t as arrogant after he was knocked out in the first round.
1936 Cocoon कोकून the silky protective case spun by the larvae of some insects and moths that serves as a covering for their pupal stage They are like a pupa waiting in its cocoon for rebirth, ultimately becoming a butterfly.
1937 Coda कोडा the final or extra part of a piece of music, speech, statement, or some other writing The final section of the song was sealed with a coda that sounded like an entirely different melody.
1938 Coddle लाड़ प्यार करना to treat gently or with great care The babysitter realized that she couldn’t coddle the children because they started to ignore her commands.
1939 Code कोड a systematic collection of rules and laws The code of chivalry was a set of rules and guidelines that dictated how knights were supposed to live their lives.
1940 Codependent codependent attached to another person and reliant on them, usually emotionally or in an unhealthy way Because he is so codependent on his caregivers, the sick man looks to them to meet all of his needs.
1941 Codicil उपदित्सा an addition to the will that changes or clarifies the original document Before my father died, he wrote a codicil to his will that prohibited his cheating wife from receiving any of his fortune.
1942 Coefficient गुणक a digit by which something else is multiplied  During class, I learned a coefficient is always attached to a variable.
1943 Coerce मजबूर करना to make someone do something by using force or threats The bully tried to coerce the small kids into giving him their lunch money.
1944 Coetaneous कोएटेनियस a comparative term that means having the same age or date of origin as something else Because the coetaneous stars have the same brightness, they were probably created around the same time.
1945 Coeval समवयस्क similar in age or length of time Once Jenny and I realized our parties were coeval, I decided to host my event on another day.
1946 Coffer लोहा का संदूक a strong chest or box that is used to store money or valuables After placing all his loot into the coffer, the pirate locked the chest.
1947 Cog दांत a wheel or bar with protrusions that transfer motion by interacting with another object with similar protrusions The inside of old analog clocks is full of small cogs and gears that work with each other to turn the hands of the clock on the outside.
1948 Cogency यक़ीन the state of being clear and coherent in a way that is likely to persuade others The attorney argues with a cogency that could convince any jury of his client’s innocence.
1949 Cogent ठोस very clear and easy for the mind to accept and believe Because the child was so young, I worked hard to give her cogent answers to her questions.
1950 Cogitate सोच-विचार करना  to think hard about; to consider Even though he had received many invitations to celebrate his ninetieth birthday, the old spy preferred to stay home with a good cigar and quietly cogitate upon his life of adventure.
1951 Cognate सजाति associated by origin or birth The two fields are cognate because they both stem from the subject of biology.
1952 Cognition अनुभूति the mental courses by which one obtains knowledge through experiences and thoughts In the car accident, Steve acquired a head injury that affected his cognition and prevented him from learning new things.
1953 Cognizance ध्यान में रखते to have awareness or knowledge of something My son has no cognizance that his reckless actions are dangerous.
1954 Cognizant जानकार knowledgeable of something, especially through personal experience Because I have been on a tight budget for two years, I am very cognizant of the importance of using coupons to get the best deals.
1955 Cohere जुटना to stick together; be united Lasagna layers need time out of the oven to cohere and become one solid mass.
1956 Coherent सुसंगत logical and clear If you can’t explain this concept in a more coherent way, I will never be able to understand it.
1957 Cohesion एकजुटता the act of coming together to form a united whole Cohesion of the two sides into one happy family was a lot harder than the new couple had hoped.
1958 Cohesive जोड़नेवाला closely united; well integrated After six weeks of training together, our group bonded and became quite cohesive.
1959 Cohort जत्था a group of people supporting the same thing or person The Millennial generation is the largest cohort in US history.
1960 Coiffure बाल बनाने का प्रकार the way in which a person’s hair is fixed; a hairstyle When Jimmy wears a coiffure of that style, he looks like a mobster in his silk suit.
1961 Coil कुंडल to wind in circles or rings We watched the snake coil itself around its prey so that it could constrict it to death.
1962 Coinage टंकण coins that are used in a country Before the invention of coinage, some cultures traded beads as a form of money.
1963 Coinage टंकण coins (in a collective sense)  The country’s coinage has a picture of its first president on the face of the currency.
1964 Coincide मेल खाना to be similar or happen during the same time period The grand opening of the gift shop will coincide with the winter festival so residents can begin their holiday shopping.
1965 Coincidence संयोग a condition in which at least two things happen concurrently without planning It’s not a coincidence my husband’s flirtatious ex-wife went to visit him while I was out of town.
1966 Coincident मुनासिब at the same time or in harmony with something It was coincident when Harmony and Hazel broke their violin string at the exact same time.
1967 Coincidental आकस्मिक resulting from chance or unplanned circumstances Having not even known that my friend was back in town, our meeting at the local grocery store was completely coincidental.
1968 Coincidentally संयोग से happening by or resulting from coincidence; by chance Ashley first met David coincidentally, and she used the opportunity to ask him out on a date.
1969 Coined गढ़ा invented or created a new phrase Before someone coined the word “bae” to mean one’s girlfriend/boyfriend, it was only a Danish word for poop.
1970 Coitus सहवास sex or fornication It is illegal to engage in coitus in the United States and most of the first world without the consent of your partner.
1971 Cold ठंडा a state of being in which one feels adversely affected by temperatures below a certain level of comfort Needless to say I felt rather cold when I stepped outside into the snow to grab the newspaper without anything other than my pajamas on.
1972 Collaborate सहयोग to labor with individuals or a single person to complete a task The software engineers will collaborate on the project to make sure it is available to the customer on the agreed upon date.
1973 Collaboratively सहयोगी रूप in a way that involves two or more people working together towards a common goal Working collaboratively, the two musicians were able to come up with a song that fits both of their styles.
1974 Collage महाविद्यालय an artistic creation made by sticking many different things together Creating a collage out of all her childhood pictures, Jaleesa used her artistic ability helped her make the perfect mother’s gift.
1975 Collapse गिर जाना to fall down suddenly due to pressure The reasons for the sudden collapse of the Mayan civilization is still unknown.
1976 Collate कोलेट to put information in a specific order The software program allows people to collate their photographs by dates.
1977 Collateral संपार्श्विक something taken as a guarantee for a debt Since my sister has a habit of keeping my clothes, I now ask for collateral when she wants to borrow something.
1978 Collection संग्रह an assembly of items that are perceived as having cultural value, acquired as a set by a collector My dad has a collection of old books he considers to be classics, many of which are series that I’ve never even heard of.
1979 Collectively समग्र रूप से as a unit or group If we work collectively as a group, we can have the project complete before the deadline.
1980 Collegiate विज्ञान-संबंधी associated with college life The collegiate party was filled with students from the local university.
1981 Collide कोलाइड to crash or smack into one another The snowy conditions caused the car to collide into the back of the semi-truck.
1982 Collision टक्कर a crash in which objects collide into each other After the collision, a tow truck was called to pick up the damaged vehicles.
1983 Colloquial बोल-चाल का casual and conversational language Because a job interview is such a serious event, one should not speak to the interviewer in a colloquial tone.
1984 Colloquy आम बोलचाल  a serious chat or conversation From my bedroom, I could hear portions of my parents’ colloquy about my poor grades.
1985 Collude मिलीभगत to conspire for a secret purpose Breaking antitrust laws, company executives began to collude with one another to make sure their illegal doings were under wraps.
1986 Collusion आपसी साँठ – गाँठ a private agreement for a dishonest purpose Under the collusion between the crooked cops and the drug dealers, the officers receive fifteen percent of the drug profits.
1987 Collywobbles कॉलीवॉबल्स a feeling of fear or nervousness Feeling collywobbles in her tummy, the nervous singer shook as she took the stage.
1988 Colon COLON the longest part of the large intestine that connects to the rectum The patient learned that colon cancer had taken over her large intestine and that the organ wasn’t working properly.
1989 Colonel कर्नल a high Army rank above Lieutenant Colonel but below Brigadier General The Colonel is a high enough rank to be in charge of a major military offensive, but he still answers to the generals above him.
1990 Colonialism उपनिवेशवाद the instance of one country dominating another territory and its citizens England’s colonialism of the new world was brought to an end by the American revolution.
1991 Colonist उपनिवेशवादी a founder of a colony; a person who settles in a new colony A simple colonist alerted the citizens with the oncoming British soldiers, and he became known as Paul Revere.
1992 Colonization बसाना the process of establishing a colony British colonization of America first began in Jamestown, Virginia, eventually extending throughout the Americas.
1993 Colonnade कालनाड architectural pillars in front of a building Many ancient cities’ buildings have a colonnade stretching across the front for tourists to enter through.
1994 Colony कालोनी an area where individuals who have something in common live as a group Since Elaine is very modest, we know she will not join us at the nudist colony.
1995 Color रंग to dye something a particular hue or shade Meredith wants to color her hair red but doesn’t know if it will look natural if she changes its tone.
1996 Colossus प्रकांड व्यक्ति a thing or person that is very large or gigantic It seemed like overnight, the mom-and-pop shop had grown into a colossus that rakes in millions every year.
1997 Column कॉलम a-pillar or post that stands upright and is shaped like a cylinder Each column of the tall plantation home had lights wrapped around its cylindrical form.
1998 Comatose अचैतन्य का unconscious and unable to communicate The car crash victim was comatose and unable to talk while on the stretcher.
1999 Combat लड़ाई ake action to reduce, destroy, or prevent In order to combat global warming, we must try to recycle, waste less, conserve energy, and burn fewer fossil fuels.
2000 Combatant योद्धा an armed fighter Carey loved hearing his grandfather’s stories about when he was a combatant in WWII.

For 1 to 1000 English Hindi Words go through this article.

Here are the 100 most common words in the English language, according to the Oxford English Corpus:

  1. the
  2. be
  3. to
  4. of
  5. and
  6. a
  7. in
  8. that
  9. have
  10. I
  11. it
  12. for
  13. not
  14. on
  15. with
  16. he
  17. as
  18. you
  19. do
  20. at
  21. this
  22. but
  23. his
  24. by
  25. from
  26. they
  27. we
  28. say
  29. her
  30. she
  31. or
  32. an
  33. will
  34. my
  35. one
  36. all
  37. would
  38. there
  39. their
  40. what
  41. so
  42. up
  43. out
  44. if
  45. about
  46. who
  47. get
  48. which
  49. go
  50. me
  51. when
  52. make
  53. can
  54. like
  55. time
  56. no
  57. just
  58. him
  59. know
  60. take
  61. person
  62. into
  63. year
  64. your
  65. good
  66. some
  67. could
  68. them
  69. see
  70. other
  71. than
  72. then
  73. now
  74. look
  75. only
  76. come
  77. its
  78. over
  79. think
  80. also
  81. back
  82. after
  83. use
  84. two
  85. how
  86. our
  87. work
  88. first
  89. well
  90. way
  91. even
  92. new
  93. want
  94. because
  95. any
  96. these
  97. give
  98. day
  99. most
  100. us

English has borrowed a number of Hindi words over time, especially since India was a British colony for over 200 years. Here are some common Hindi words that are used in English:

  1. Avatar
  2. Bazaar
  3. Chai
  4. Chutney
  5. Curry
  6. Guru
  7. Jungle
  8. Karma
  9. Khaki
  10. Loot
  11. Masala
  12. Nirvana
  13. Pajamas
  14. Roti
  15. Shampoo
  16. Swastika
  17. Thug
  18. Yoga
  19. Raja
  20. Rani

These are just a few examples of Hindi words that have been adopted into the English language. There are many others, and the influence of Hindi on English continues to evolve

We are going to cover A-Z vocabulary words with Hindi Meaning Here. In this blog we have added 1000 words.

1 Aardvark एर्डवार्क a large, long-eared nocturnal animal that uses its long tongue to eat ants and termites The long-eared aardvark slept all day and ate insects all night.
2 Abaft जहाज़ की पतवार की ओर toward the stern; behind The wind was abaft which made the ship glide faster towards our destination.
3 Abandon छोड़ देना to stop caring and leave or to desert Since the young girl was unable to care for the newborn, she decided to abandon the child at a fire station.
4 Abase अपमानित करना to lower so as to hurt feelings My stepmother is an evil woman who likes to abase little children because she had a miserable childhood herself.
5 Abaser अपघर्षक someone who degrades or lowers someone After the abaser would make fun of her daughter-in-law’s cooking, she would then continue to talk bad about the young woman’s appearance as well.
6 Abash लज्जित करना to humiliate someone and make them feel embarrassed or ashamed The officer tried to abash the inmates, humiliating them and treating them like dogs.
7 Abate रोक-थाम करना to reduce in degree or intensity I hope this medicine will abate the pain in my leg.
8 Abatement उपशमन reduction or weakening or something Natalie longed for the abatement of the screaming rock music from her brother’s band so she could focus on her homework.
9 Abattoir कसाईखाना a place where animals are taken to slaughter Although many farmers own cattle, they don’t slaughter the animals on site but send them to an abattoir.
10 Abbess महन्तिन the female superior of a community of nuns An Abbess is the female leader of a small community of nuns.
11 Abbreviate संक्षिप्त to shorten a word or phrase Learning to abbreviate long words will help the court reporter type more quickly.
12 Abdicate त्यागना to stop accepting a particular responsibility or obligation that you have The young prince became king after his older brother decided to abdicate the throne.
13 Abdominal पेट related to the abdomen/stomach, or the part between the thorax and the pelvis My severe abdominal pains sent me to the hospital where I learned that it was nothing more than trapped gas.
14 Abduct अपहरण to grab an individual by trickery or force The kidnappers planned to abduct the millionaire’s daughter.
15 Abecedarian नवसिखुआ alphabetical We decided to organize the files in an abecedarian manner so we could find what we were looking for by name more easily.
16 Aberrant धर्मपथ से हटनेवाला straying from the normal or right way John’s aberrant behavior is going to get him in a lot of trouble one of these days.
17 Aberration विपथन deviating from what is normal or desirable, not typical Shelley’s angry retort was an aberration from her normally quiet demeanor.
18 Abet उकसाना to encourage or support a behavior or action The photo editing software is sure to abet my odds of winning the photo competition.
19 Abeyance ठहराव a state of temporary disuse or suspension Immediately following the terrorist attack, pilots had to observe a period of abeyance where they could not depart from the airport.
20 Abhor घृणा करना to reject something very strongly; hate I abhor liars.
21 Abhorrence घृणा a strong feeling of hate paired with a feeling of loathing My abhorrence of racism makes me avoid people with racist attitudes.
22 Abhorrent घिनौना causing or deserving strong dislike or hatred As I looked around the filthy apartment, I had to wonder who could live in such abhorrent conditions.
23 Ability क्षमता the skill or capability to do something The Flash has the ability to run faster than the speed of light.
24 Abiotic अजैव abiotic means something that is sterile; not from living organisms Unlike alive biotic organisms, abiotic factors are nonliving.
25 Abject अधम cast down in spirit or hope After his wife died, he was an abject man.
26 Abjure त्यागना to give up a belief or an activity After the tyrant took over the country, the citizens had to abjure their political beliefs.
27 Ablaze जलता हुआ burning fiercely; in a blaze; on fire The cops threw Jack to the ground and arrested him after he set the American flag ablaze.
28 Able-bodied ह्रष्ट-पुष्ट physically strong and healthy If you are not injured or sick, you can generally be considered an able-bodied individual capable of physical exertion.
29 Able योग्य having the capability of doing something Being a healthy young man, I am perfectly able to engage in manual labor, no matter what kind of physical stress that includes.
30 Ablution स्नान the act of washing or cleansing Sylvia has a rare condition that makes her break out in a rash if she gets water on her skin, so her morning ablution consists of using cleansing cream and tissue.

We have added 1000 daily use English words with Hindi meaning .

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