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20000 Daily Useful Verb Forms in English. English Verb Forms List

Looking for a Verb Forms List? We have a huge list of 20000 daily useful verb forms in English. In this part, we have shared 1000 Verb Forms in English.

What is Verb Form?

A verb form refers to the different variations of a verb that convey tense, aspect, and mood in a sentence. There are different types of verb forms, including the base form, infinitive, gerund, participle, and various tense forms such as past, present, and future. The verb form used in a sentence depends on the context and the intended meaning of the sentence. Understanding verb forms is essential in constructing proper sentences in English and conveying accurate meaning.

8 Type of English Verbs ?

  1. Regular verbs: These verbs form the past tense and past participle by adding -ed to the base form (e.g., “walked,” “talked,” “played”).

  2. Irregular verbs: These verbs do not follow the regular pattern of adding -ed to the base form to form the past tense and past participle. Each irregular verb has its own unique form (e.g., “go/went/gone,” “eat/ate/eaten,” “write/wrote/written”).

  3. Modal verbs: These are auxiliary verbs that express modality, such as ability, permission, obligation, or possibility. Examples include “can,” “could,” “may,” “might,” “must,” “shall,” “should,” “will,” and “would.”

  4. Transitive verbs: These verbs require a direct object to complete their meaning. Examples include “eat,” “write,” “build,” “paint.”

  5. Intransitive verbs: These verbs do not require a direct object to complete their meaning. Examples include “walk,” “laugh,” “sleep.”

  6. Phrasal verbs: These verbs are formed by combining a verb with a preposition or an adverb to create a new meaning. Examples include “look up,” “turn off,” “take off.”

  7. Stative verbs: These verbs describe a state or condition rather than an action. They are not generally used in the progressive tenses. Examples include “believe,” “feel,” “like,” “love,” “hate.”

  8. Dynamic verbs: These verbs describe an action or process and are often used in the progressive tenses. Examples include “run,” “sing,” “dance,” “write.”

Verb Forms in English

  1. Base form: This is the simplest form of the verb and is used as the dictionary form. Examples include “walk,” “eat,” “swim.”

  2. Infinitive: The infinitive form is the base form of the verb preceded by the word “to.” Examples include “to walk,” “to eat,” “to swim.”

  3. Present participle: The present participle is formed by adding “ing” to the base form of the verb. Examples include “walking,” “eating,” “swimming.”

  4. Past participle: The past participle is used in the formation of the perfect tenses and is often formed by adding “ed” to the base form of regular verbs. Examples include “walked,” “ate,” “swam.” However, irregular verbs have their own unique past participle forms, such as “gone” for “go” and “written” for “write.”

  5. Simple past: The simple past is the past tense of regular verbs and is formed by adding “ed” to the base form of the verb. Examples include “walked,” “ate,” “swam.” However, irregular verbs have their own unique past tense forms, such as “went” for “go” and “wrote” for “write.”

  6. Future: The future tense is formed by using “will” or “shall” followed by the base form of the verb. Examples include “will walk,” “shall eat,” “will swim.”

  7. Conditional: The conditional tense is formed by using “would” followed by the base form of the verb. Examples include “would walk,” “would eat,” “would swim.”

  8. Imperative: The imperative mood is used to give commands or make requests. It is formed using the base form of the verb, without a subject. Examples include “Walk!”, “Eat!”, “Swim!”

Here is the list of 1000 Form of the Verb

Root Verb Present Participle Form Simple Past Form Past Participle Form
A-bomb A-bombing A-bombed A-bombed
aah aahing aahed aahed
abacinate abacinating abacinated abacinated
abalienate abalienating abalienated abalienated
aband abanding abanded abanded
abandon abandoning abandoned abandoned
abase abasing abased abased
abash abashing abashed abashed
abastard abastarding abastarded abastarded
abastardise abastardising abastardised abastardised
abastardize abastardizing abastardized abastardized
abate abating abated abated
abbreviate abbreviating abbreviated abbreviated
abdicate abdicating abdicated abdicated
abduce abducing abduced abduced
abduct abducting abducted abducted
abear abearing abore aborn or aborne
abegge abegging abegged abegged
abelianise abelianising abelianised abelianised
abelianize abelianizing abelianized abelianized
abend abending abended abended
aber abering abered abered
aberr aberring aberred aberred
aberrate aberrating aberrated aberrated
aberuncate aberuncating aberuncated aberuncated
abet abetting abetted abetted
abhor abhorring abhorred abhorred
abhour abhouring abhoured abhoured
abide abiding abode or abided abode, abided, or (rare), abidden
abirritate abirritating abirritated abirritated
abite abiting abit abitten
abject abjecting abjected abjected
abjoint abjointing abjointed abjointed
abjudge abjudging abjudged abjudged
abjudicate abjudicating abjudicated abjudicated
abjugate abjugating abjugated abjugated
abjure abjuring abjured abjured
ablactate ablactating ablactated ablactated
ablaqueate ablaqueating ablaqueated ablaqueated
ablate ablating ablated ablated
ablaut ablauting ablauted ablauted
able abling abled abled
ablegate ablegating ablegated ablegated
abligate abligating abligated abligated
ablude abluding abluded abluded
ablute abluting abluted abluted
abnegate abnegating abnegated abnegated
abnormalise abnormalising abnormalised abnormalised
abnormalize abnormalizing abnormalized abnormalized
abode aboding aboded aboded
abolish abolishing abolished abolished
abolitionise abolitionising abolitionised abolitionised
abolitionize abolitionizing abolitionized abolitionized
abominate abominating abominated abominated
abomine abomining abomined abomined
abord abording aborded aborded
abort aborting aborted aborted
abortive abortiving abortived abortived
abound abounding abounded abounded
about-face about-facing about-faced about-faced
about-turn about-turning about-turned about-turned
abrade abrading abraded abraded
abraid abraiding abraided or abraid abraided or abraid
abrase abrasing abrased abrased
abray abraying abrayed abrayed
abreact abreacting abreacted abreacted
abrenounce abrenouncing abrenounced abrenounced
abridge abridging abridged abridged
abroach abroaching abroached abroached
abrogate abrogating abrogated abrogated
abrook abrooking abrooked abrooked
abrupt abrupting abrupted abrupted
abscess abscessing abscessed abscessed
abscind abscinding abscinded abscinded
abscise abscising abscised abscised
absciss abscissing abscissed abscissed
abscond absconding absconded absconded
abseil abseiling abseiled abseiled
absent absenting absented absented
absinthiate absinthiating absinthiated absinthiated
absist absisting absisted absisted
absolutise absolutising absolutised absolutised
absolutize absolutizing absolutized absolutized
absolve absolving absolved absolved
absorb absorbing absorbed or archaic, absorpt absorbed or archaic, absorpt
absquatulate absquatulating absquatulated absquatulated
abstain abstaining abstained abstained
absterge absterging absterged absterged
absterse abstersing abstersed abstersed
abstract abstracting abstracted abstracted
abstractify abstractifying abstractified abstractified
abstrict abstricting abstricted abstricted
abstringe abstringing abstringed abstringed
abstrude abstruding abstruded abstruded
absume absuming absumed absumed
abuse abusing abused abused
abut abutting abutted abutted
abutt abutting abutted abutted
abuy abuying abought abought
abvolate abvolating abvolated abvolated
aby abying abought abought
abye abying abought abought
academicise academicising academicised academicised
academicize academicizing academicized academicized
academise academising academised academised
academize academizing academized academized
accede acceding acceded acceded
acceed acceeding acceeded acceeded
accelerate accelerating accelerated accelerated
accend accending accended accended
accent accenting accented accented
accentuate accentuating accentuated accentuated
accept accepting accepted accepted
access accessing accessed accessed
accession accessioning accessioned accessioned
accessorise accessorising accessorised accessorised
accessorize accessorizing accessorized accessorized
accinge accinging accinged accinged
accite acciting accited accited
acclaim acclaiming acclaimed acclaimed
acclamate acclamating acclamated acclamated
acclimate acclimating acclimated acclimated
acclimatise acclimatising acclimatised acclimatised
acclimatize acclimatizing acclimatized acclimatized
accloy accloying accloyed accloyed
accoast accoasting accoasted accoasted
accoil accoiling accoiled accoiled
accolade accolading accoladed accoladed
accoll accolling accolled accolled
accommodate accommodating accommodated accommodated
accompany accompanying accompanied accompanied
accomplish accomplishing accomplished accomplished
accompt accompting accompted accompted
accord according accorded accorded
accordion accordioning accordioned accordioned
accost accosting accosted accosted
accouche accouching accouched accouched
account accounting accounted accounted
accouple accoupling accoupled accoupled
accourage accouraging accouraged accouraged
accourt accourting accourted accourted
accouter accoutering accoutered accoutered
accoutre accoutring accoutred accoutred
accoy accoying accoyed accoyed
accrease accreasing accreased accreased
accredit accrediting accredited accredited
accresce accrescing accresced accresced
accrete accreting accreted accreted
accriminate accriminating accriminated accriminated
accroach accroaching accroached accroached
accrue accruing accrued accrued
acculturate acculturating acculturated acculturated
acculture acculturing accultured accultured
accumber accumbering accumbered accumbered
accuminate accuminating accuminated accuminated
accumulate accumulating accumulated accumulated
accurise accurising accurised accurised
accurize accurizing accurized accurized
accurse accursing accursed accursed or accurst
accuse accusing accused accused
accustom accustoming accustomed accustomed
accustomise accustomising accustomised accustomised
accustomize accustomizing accustomized accustomized
ace acing aced aced
acerbate acerbating acerbated acerbated
acervate acervating acervated acervated
acetalise acetalising acetalised acetalised
acetalize acetalizing acetalized acetalized
acetify acetifying acetified acetified
acetise acetising acetised acetised
acetize acetizing acetized acetized
acetylate acetylating acetylated acetylated
ache aching ached or (  obsolete  )   oke ached or (obsolete) aken
achieve achieving achieved achieved
achromatise achromatising achromatised achromatised
achromatize achromatizing achromatized achromatized
acidify acidifying acidified acidified
acidise acidising acidised acidised
acidize acidizing acidized acidized
acidulate acidulating acidulated acidulated
acierate acierating acierated acierated
acknow acknowing acknew acknown
acknowledge acknowledging acknowledged acknowledged
acquaint acquainting acquainted acquainted
acquiesce acquiescing acquiesced acquiesced
acquiet acquieting acquieted acquieted
acquihire acquihiring acquihired acquihired
acquire acquiring acquired acquired
acquit acquitting or acquiting acquitted or acquited acquitted or acquited
acquittance acquittancing acquittanced acquittanced
acronymise acronymising acronymised acronymised
acronymize acronymizing acronymized acronymized
acrospire acrospiring acrospired acrospired
act acting acted acted
action actioning actioned actioned
activate activating activated activated
actualise actualising actualised actualised
actualize actualizing actualized actualized
actuate actuating actuated actuated
acuate acuating acuated acuated
acuminate acuminating acuminated acuminated
acupunctuate acupunctuating acupunctuated acupunctuated
acupuncture acupuncturing acupunctured acupunctured
acute acuting acuted acuted
acylate acylating acylated acylated
ad-lib ad-libbing ad-libbed ad-libbed
adapt adapting adapted adapted
adaw adawing adawed adawed
add adding added added
addeem addeeming addeemed addeemed
addend addending addended addended
addict addicting addicted addicted
addle addling addled addled
addoom addooming addoomed addoomed
address addressing addressed or (obsolete) addrest addressed or (obsolete) addrest
adduce adducing adduced adduced
adduct adducting adducted adducted
addulce addulcing addulced addulced
adeem adeeming adeemed adeemed
adempt adempting adempted adempted
adenylate adenylating adenylated adenylated
adequate adequating adequated adequated
adh adhæring adhæred adhæred
adhere adhering adhered adhered
adhibit adhibiting adhibited adhibited
adhort adhorting adhorted adhorted
adject adjecting adjected adjected
adjective adjectiving adjectived adjectived
adjectivise adjectivising adjectivised adjectivised
adjectivize adjectivizing adjectivized adjectivized
adjoin adjoining adjoined adjoined
adjourn adjourning adjourned adjourned
adjudg adjudging adjudged adjudged
adjudge adjudging adjudged adjudged
adjudicate adjudicating adjudicated adjudicated
adjugate adjugating adjugated adjugated
adjure adjuring adjured adjured
adjust adjusting adjusted adjusted
adjute adjuting adjuted adjuted
adjuvate adjuvating adjuvated adjuvated
adlect adlecting adlected adlected
adlib adlibbing adlibbed adlibbed
admarginate admarginating admarginated admarginated
admeasure admeasuring admeasured admeasured
admier admiering admiered admiered
admin admining or adminning admined or adminned admined or adminned
administer administering administered administered
administrate administrating administrated administrated
administre administring administred administred
admire admiring admired admired
admit admitting admitted admitted
admix admixing admixed admixed
admonish admonishing admonished admonished
admove admoving admoved admoved
admynistre admynistring admynistred admynistred
adnominalise adnominalising adnominalised adnominalised
adnominalize adnominalizing adnominalized adnominalized
adolesce adolescing adolesced adolesced
adonize adonizing adonized adonized
adopt adopting adopted adopted
adorate adorating adorated adorated
adore adoring adored adored
adorn adorning adorned adorned
adpress adpressing adpressed adpressed
adraw adrawing adrew adrawn
adree adreeing adreed adreed
adrenalectomise adrenalectomising adrenalectomised adrenalectomised
adrenalectomize adrenalectomizing adrenalectomized adrenalectomized
adrenalise adrenalising adrenalised adrenalised
adrenalize adrenalizing adrenalized adrenalized
adrogate adrogating adrogated adrogated
adsignify adsignifying adsignified adsignified
adsorb adsorbing adsorbed adsorbed
adsorp adsorping adsorped adsorped
adstrict adstricting adstricted adstricted
adulate adulating adulated adulated
adulter adultering adultered adultered
adulterate adulterating adulterated adulterated
adulterise adulterising adulterised adulterised
adulterize adulterizing adulterized adulterized
adultize adultizing adultized adultized
adumbrate adumbrating adumbrated adumbrated
adure aduring adured adured
advance advancing advanced advanced
advantage advantaging advantaged advantaged
advaunce advauncing advaunced advaunced
advect advecting advected advected
advene advening advened advened
adventure adventuring adventured adventured
adverbialise adverbialising adverbialised adverbialised
adverbialize adverbializing adverbialized adverbialized
advert adverting adverted adverted
advertise advertising advertised advertised
advertize advertizing advertized advertized
advesperate advesperating advesperated advesperated
adview adviewing adviewed adviewed
advise advising advised advised
advocate advocating advocated advocated
advoke advoking advoked advoked
adwesch adwesching adwesched adwesched
adze adzing adzed adzed
aerate aerating aerated aerated
aerify aerifying aerified aerified
aerobate aerobating aerobated aerobated
aerobicise aerobicising aerobicised aerobicised
aerobicize aerobicizing aerobicized aerobicized
aerosolise aerosolising aerosolised aerosolised
aerosolize aerosolizing aerosolized aerosolized
aestheticise aestheticising aestheticised aestheticised
aestheticize aestheticizing aestheticized aestheticized
aestivate aestivating aestivated aestivated
afare afaring afared or afore afared or afaren
afear afearing afeared afeared
affamish affamishing affamished affamished
affear affearing affeared affeared
affect affecting affected affected
affection affectioned affectioning affectioning
affectionate affectionating affectionated affectionated
affeer affeering affeered affeered
affiance affiancing affianced affianced
affile affiling affiled affiled
affiliate affiliating affiliated affiliated
affine affining affined affined
affirm affirming affirmed affirmed
affix affixing affixed affixed
afflict afflicting afflicted afflicted
affoard affoarding affoarded affoarded
affoord affoording affoorded affoorded
affor afforring afforred afforred
afforce afforcing afforced afforced
afford affording afforded afforded
afforest afforesting afforested afforested
affranchise affranchising affranchised affranchised
affranchize affranchising affranchised affranchised
affray affraying affrayed affrayed
affreight affreighting affreighted affreighted
affright affrighting affrighted affrighted
affrighten affrightening affrightened affrightened
affront affronting affronted affronted
affuse affusing affused affused
affy affying affied affied
afoord afoording afoorded afoorded
Africanise Africanising Africanised Africanised
Africanize Africanizing Africanized Africanized
after-eye after-eying after-eyed after-eyed
aftercool aftercooling aftercooled aftercooled
aftersee afterseeing aftersaw afterseen
afterthink afterthinking afterthought afterthought
afterthought afterthoughting afterthoughted afterthoughted
againsay againsaying againsaid againsaid
againstand againstanding againstood againstood
agatize agatizing agatized agatized
age ageing or (US) aging aged aged
aggerate aggerating aggerated aggerated
aggest aggesting aggested aggested
agglomerate agglomerating agglomerated agglomerated
agglutinate agglutinating agglutinated agglutinated
aggrace aggracing aggraced aggraced
aggrade aggrading aggraded aggraded
aggrandise aggrandising aggrandised aggrandised
aggrandize aggrandizing aggrandized aggrandized
aggrate aggrating aggrated aggrated
aggravate aggravating aggravated aggravated
aggregate aggregating aggregated aggregated
aggrege aggreging aggreged aggreged
aggress aggressing aggressed aggressed
aggrieve aggrieving aggrieved aggrieved
aggro aggroing aggroed aggroed
aggroup aggrouping aggrouped aggrouped
agist agisting agisted agisted
agitate agitating agitated agitated
agnise agnising agnised agnised
agnize agnizing agnized agnized
agnominate agnominating agnominated agnominated
agonise agonising agonised agonised
agonize agonizing agonized agonized
agrace agracing agraced agraced
agrarianise agrarianising agrarianised agrarianised
agrarianize agrarianizing agrarianized agrarianized
agree agreeing agreed agreed
agriculturalise agriculturalising agriculturalised agriculturalised
agriculturalize agriculturalizing agriculturalized agriculturalized
agriculturise agriculturising agriculturised agriculturised
agriculturize agriculturizing agriculturized agriculturized
agrise agrising agrised agrised
agrize agrizing agrized agrized
ague aguing agued agued
aguise aguising aguised aguised
ahh ahhing ahhed ahhed
ahoy ahoying ahoyed ahoyed
aid aiding aided aided
ail ailing ailed ailed
aim aiming aimed aimed
air airing aired aired
air-brush air-brushing air-brushed air-brushed
air-condition air-conditioning air-conditioned air-conditioned
air-drop air-droping air-droped air-droped
air-dry air-drying air-dried air-dried
air-freight air-freighting air-freighted air-freighted
air-guitar air-guitaring air-guitared air-guitared
airbrush airbrushing airbrushed airbrushed
airdash airdashing airdashed airdashed
airdrop airdropping airdropped airdropped
airdry airdrying airdried airdried
airfreight airfreighting airfreighted airfreighted
airlift airlifting airlifted airlifted
airmail airmailing airmailed airmailed
airt airting airted airted
ajar ajarring ajarred ajarred
Ajaxify Ajaxifying Ajaxified Ajaxified
ake aking aked aked
aken akenning akenned akenned
akill akilling akilled akilled
aknow aknowing aknew aknown
aks aksing aksed aksed
alarm alarming alarmed alarmed
alarum alaruming alarumed alarumed
albumenise albumenising albumenised albumenised
albumenize albumenizing albumenized albumenized
albuminise albumenising albumenised albumenised
albuminize albuminizing albuminized albuminized
alchemise alchemising alchemised alchemised
alchemize alchemizing alchemized alchemized
alcoholise alcoholising alcoholised alcoholised
alcoholize alcoholizing alcoholized alcoholized
alegge alegging alegged alegged
alert alerting alerted alerted
algebraicize algebraicizing algebraicized algebraicized
algebraize algebraizing algebraized algebraized
algorithmize algorithmizing algorithmized algorithmized
alias aliasing aliased aliased
alibi alibiing alibied alibied
alien aliening aliened aliened
alienate alienating alienated alienated
aliene aliening aliened aliened
alieve alieving alieved alieved
alight alighting alighted alighted
align aligning aligned aligned
aliment alimenting alimented alimented
aline alining alined alined
aliquot aliquoting aliquoted aliquoted
alkalify alkalifying alkalified alkalified
alkalinise alkalinising alkalinised alkalinised
alkalinize alkalinizing alkalinized alkalinized
alkalize alkalizing alkalized alkalized
alkylate alkylating alkylated alkylated
all-hail all-hailing all-hailed all-hailed
allay allaying allayed allayed
allect allecting allected allected
alledg alledging alledged alledged
alledge alledging alledged alledged
allege alleging alleged alleged
allegorise allegorising allegorised allegorised
allegorize allegorizing allegorized allegorized
alleviate alleviating alleviated alleviated
alliance alliancing allianced allianced
allide alliding allided allided
alligate alligating alligated alligated
alligator alligatoring alligatored alligatored
allineate allineating allineated allineated
alliterate alliterating alliterated alliterated
alliterize alliterizing alliterized alliterized
allocate allocating allocated allocated
allocute allocuting allocuted allocuted
allomother allomothering allomothered allomothered
allonge allonging allonged allonged
alloo allooing allooed allooed
allot allotting allotted allotted
allotropize allotropizing allotropized allotropized
allow allowing allowed allowed
allowance allowancing allowanced allowanced
alloy alloying alloyed alloyed
allude alluding alluded alluded
allure alluring allured allured
ally allying allied allied
alphabet alphabeting alphabeted alphabeted
alphabetise alphabetising alphabetised alphabetised
alphabetize alphabetizing alphabetized alphabetized
alter altering altered altered
altercate altercating altercated altercated
alternate alternating alternated alternated
altre altring altred altred
alum aluming alumed alumed
aluminise aluminising aluminised aluminised
aluminize aluminizing aluminized aluminized
aluminumize aluminumizing aluminumized aluminumized
amain amaining amained amained
amalgam amalgaming amalgamed amalgamed
amalgamate amalgamating amalgamated amalgamated
amalgamize amalgamizing amalgamized amalgamized
amanse amansing amansed amansed
amass amassing amassed amassed
amate amating amated amated
amay amaying amayed amayed
amaze amazing amazed amazed
Amazon Amazoning Amazoned Amazoned
ambass ambassing ambassed ambassed
amber ambering ambered ambered
ambiguate ambiguating ambiguated ambiguated
ambition ambitioning ambitioned ambitioned
amble ambling ambled ambled
ambulate ambulating ambulated ambulated
ambuscade ambuscading ambuscaded ambuscaded
ambush ambushing ambushed ambushed
amel ameling ameled ameled
ameliorate ameliorating ameliorated ameliorated
amen amening amened amened
amend amending amended amended
amenuse amenusing amenused amenused
amerce amercing amerced amerced
Americanise Americanising Americanised Americanised
Americanize Americanizing Americanized Americanized
amese amesing amesed amesed
aminate aminating aminated aminated
amind aminding aminded aminded
amit amitting amitted amitted
ammo ammoing ammoed ammoed
ammoniate ammoniating ammoniated ammoniated
ammonify ammonifying ammonified ammonified
amnesty amnestying amnestied amnestied
amortise amortising amortised amortised
amount amounting amounted amounted
amove amoving amoved amoved
amp amping amped amped
ampliate ampliating ampliated ampliated
amplificate amplificating amplificated amplificated
amplify amplifying amplified amplified
amputate amputating amputated amputated
amuse amusing amused amused
an anæsthetizing anæsthetized anæsthetized
anabaptize anabaptizing anabaptized anabaptized
anachronize anachronizing anachronized anachronized
anaesthetise anaesthetising anaesthetised anaesthetised
anaesthetize anaesthetizing anaesthetized anaesthetized
anagram anagramming anagrammed anagrammed
anagrammatise anagrammatising anagrammatised anagrammatised
anagrammatize anagrammatizing anagrammatized anagrammatized
analogise analogising analogised analogised
analogize analogizing analogized analogized
analyse analysing analysed analysed
analyze analyzing analyzed analyzed
anarchize anarchizing anarchized anarchized
anastomose anastomosing anastomosed anastomosed
anathematise anathematising anathematised anathematised
anathematize anathematizing anathematized anathematized
anatomise anatomising anatomised anatomised
anatomize anatomizing anatomized anatomized
anchor anchoring anchored anchored
anchour anchouring anchoured anchoured
anchylose anchylosing anchylosed anchylosed
androgenise androgenising androgenised androgenised
androgenize androgenizing androgenized androgenized
androgynise androgynising androgynised androgynised
androgynize androgynizing androgynized androgynized
aneal anealing anealed anealed
anear anearing aneared aneared
anele aneling aneled aneled
anesthetize anesthetizing anesthetized anesthetized
angel angeling angeled angeled
angelify angelifying angelified angelified
angelise angelising angelised angelised
angelize angelizing angelized angelized
anger angering angered angered
angle angling angled angled
anglicise anglicising anglicised anglicised
anglicize anglicizing anglicized anglicized
Anglify Anglifying Anglified Anglified
angst angsting angsted angsted
anguish anguishing anguished anguished
angulate angulating angulated angulated
anhele anheling anheled anheled
anhydrate anhydrating anhydrated anhydrated
animadvert animadverting animadverted animadverted
animalise animalising animalised animalised
animalize animalizing animalized animalized
animate animating animated animated
ankle ankling ankled ankled
ankylose ankylosing ankylosed ankylosed
annalise annalising annalised annalised
annalize annalizing annalized annalized
anneal annealing annealed annealed
annex annexing annexed annexed
annexe annexing annexed annexed
annihilate annihilating annihilated annihilated
annoint annointing annointed annointed
annotate annotating annotated annotated
announce announcing announced announced
annoy annoying annoyed annoyed
annualise annualising annualised annualised
annualize annualizing annualized annualized
annul annulling annulled annulled
annumerate annumerating annumerated annumerated
annunciate annunciating annunciated annunciated
anodise anodising anodised anodised
anodize anodizing anodized anodized
anoil anoiling anoiled anoiled
anoint anointing anointed anointed
anonymise anonymising anonymised anonymised
anorn anorning anorned anorned
answer answering answered answered
answere answering answered answered
ant anting anted anted
antagonise antagonising antagonised antagonised
antagonize antagonizing antagonized antagonized
ante anteing anted or anteed anted or anteed
antecede anteceding anteceded anteceded
antedate antedating antedated antedated
antevert anteverting anteverted anteverted
antevolate antevolating antevolated antevolated
anthem antheming anthemed anthemed
anthologise anthologising anthologised anthologised
anthologize anthologizing anthologized anthologized
anthropise anthropising anthropised anthropised
anthropize anthropizing anthropized anthropized
anthropomorphise anthropomorphising anthropomorphised anthropomorphised
anthropomorphize anthropomorphizing anthropomorphized anthropomorphized
antialias antialiasing antialiased antialiased
antic anticking anticked anticked
anticipate anticipating anticipated anticipated
anticize anticizing anticized anticized
anticorrelate anticorrelating anticorrelated anticorrelated
anticross anticrossing anticrossed anticrossed
antidote antidoting antidoted antidoted
antifoul antifouling antifouled antifouled
antioxidise antioxidising antioxidised antioxidised
antioxidize antioxidizing antioxidized antioxidized
antipathise antipathising antipathised antipathised
antipathize antipathizing antipathized antipathized
antiquarianise antiquarianising antiquarianised antiquarianised
antiquarianize antiquarianizing antiquarianized antiquarianized
antiquate antiquating antiquated antiquated
antique antiquing antiqued antiqued
antisepticise antisepticising antisepticised antisepticised
antisepticize antisepticizing antisepticized antisepticized
antisymmetrise antisymmetrising antisymmetrised antisymmetrised
antisymmetrize antisymmetrizing antisymmetrized antisymmetrized
antiterminate antiterminating antiterminated antiterminated
antithesise antithesising antithesised antithesised
antithesize antithesizing antithesized antithesized
anxt anxting anxted anxted
apair apairing apaired apaired
apay apaying apaid apaid
ape aping aped aped
aphetize aphetizing aphetized aphetized
aphorise aphorising aphorised aphorised
aphorize aphorizing aphorized aphorized
apocopate apocopating apocopated apocopated
apodize apodizing apodized apodized
apologise apologising apologised apologised
apologize apologizing apologized apologized
apostatise apostatising apostatised apostatised
apostatize apostatizing apostatized apostatized
apostemate apostemating apostemated apostemated
apostille apostilling apostilled apostilled
apostrophise apostrophising apostrophised apostrophised
apostrophize apostrophizing apostrophized apostrophized
apothegmatize apothegmatizing apothegmatized apothegmatized
apotheosise apotheosising apotheosised apotheosised
apotheosize apotheosizing apotheosized apotheosized
appair appairing appaired appaired
appal appalling appalled appalled
appall appalling appalled appalled
apparate apparating apparated apparated
apparel appareling or apparelling appareled or apparelled appareled or apparelled
appeach appeaching appeached appeached
appeal appealing appealed appealed
appeall appealling appealled appealled
appear appearing appeared appeared
appease appeasing appeased appeased
appel appeling appeled appeled
append appending appended appended
apperceive apperceiving apperceived apperceived
appertain appertaining appertained appertained
appetise appetising appetised appetised
appetize appetizing appetized appetized
applaud applauding applauded applauded
apple-polish apple-polishing apple-polished apple-polished
applicate applicating applicated applicated
appliqu appliquéing appliquéd or appliquéed appliquéd or appliquéed
applique appliqueing appliqued appliqued
applot applotting applotted applotted
apply applying applied applied
appoint appointing appointed appointed
apportion apportioning apportioned apportioned
appose apposing apposed apposed
appraise appraising appraised appraised
appreciate appreciating appreciated appreciated
apprecihate apprecihating apprecihated apprecihated
apprehend apprehending apprehended apprehended
apprentice apprenticing apprenticed apprenticed
apprentise apprentising apprentised apprentised
appress appressing appressed appressed
appretiate appretiating appretiated appretiated
apprise apprising apprised apprised
apprize apprizing apprized apprized
approach approaching approached approached
approbate approbating approbated approbated
appropinquate approprinquating approprinquated approprinquated
approportionate approportionating approportionated approportionated
appropriate appropriating appropriated appropriated
approve approving approved approved
apricate apricating apricated apricated
April-fool April-fooling April-fooled April-fooled
aquacise aquacising aquacised aquacised
aqualung aqualunging aqualunged aqualunged
aquaplane aquaplaning aquaplaned aquaplaned
aquascape aquascaping aquascaped aquascaped
aquatint aquatinting aquatinted aquatinted
Arabianize Arabianizing Arabianized Arabianized
Arabicize Arabicizing Arabicized Arabicized
Arabise Arabising Arabised Arabised
Arabize Arabizing Arabized Arabized
arace aracing araced araced
arage araging araged araged
araise araising araised araised
arbiter arbitering arbitered arbitered
arbitrage arbitraging arbitraged arbitraged
arbitrate arbitrating arbitrated arbitrated
arboresce arborescing arboresced arboresced
arborise arborising arborised arborised
arborize arborizing arborized arborized
arc arcing or arcking arced or arcked arced or arcked
arch arching arched arched
archaicize archaicizing archaicized archaicized
archaize archaizing archaized archaized
archetype archetyping archetyped archetyped
architect architecting architected architected
archive archiving archived archived
arcticize arcticizing arcticized arcticized
arcweld arcwelding arcwelded arcwelded
aread areading ared ared
arear arearing areared areared
arefy arefying arefied arefied
aret aretting aretted aretted
argle-bargle argle-bargling argle-bargled argle-bargled
argue arguing argued argued
argufy argufying argufied argufied
argumentize argumentizing argumentized argumentized
argy-bargy argy-bargying argy-bargied argy-bargied
Arianize Arianizing Arianized Arianized
aright arighting arighted arighted
arise arising arose arisen
arize arizing aroze arizen
arm arming armed armed
arm-wrestle arm-wrestling arm-wrestled arm-wrestled
armor armoring armored armored
armour armouring armoured armoured
aroint arointing arointed arointed
aromatise aromatising aromatised aromatised
aromatize aromatizing aromatized aromatized
arouse arousing aroused aroused
aroynt aroynting aroynted aroynted
arpeggiate arpeggiating arpeggiated arpeggiated
arraign arraigning arraigned arraigned
arrange arranging arranged arranged
array arraying arrayed arrayed
arread arreading arread arread
arrect arrecting arrected arrected
arrest arresting arrested arrested
arride arriding arrided arrided
arrive arriving arrived arrived
arrogate arrogating arrogated arrogated
arrose arrosing arrosed arrosed
arrow arrowing arrowed arrowed
arse arsing arsed arsed
arsenicate arsenicating arsenicated arsenicated
arsle arsling arsled arsled
arterialize arterializing arterialized arterialized
article articling articled articled
articulate articulating articulated articulated
artificialize artificializing artificialized artificialized
artuate artuating artuated artuated
Aryanize Aryanizing Aryanized Aryanized
arylate arylating arylated arylated
ascend ascending ascended ascended
ascerbate ascerbating ascerbated ascerbated
ascertain ascertaining ascertained ascertained
ascribe ascribing ascribed ascribed
asepticize asepticizing asepticized asepticized
asexualise asexualising asexualised asexualised
asexualize asexualizing asexualized asexualized
ash ashing ashed ashed
ashame ashaming ashamed ashamed
ask asking asked asked
aske asking asked asked
aslake aslaking aslaked aslaked
asperate asperating asperated asperated
asperse aspersing aspersed aspersed
asphalt asphalting asphalted asphalted
asphyxiate asphyxiating asphyxiated asphyxiated
aspirate aspirating aspirated aspirated
aspire aspiring aspired aspired
asplode asploding asploded asploded
ass-rape ass-raping ass-raped ass-raped
assail assailing assailed assailed
assaile assailing assailed assailed
assain assaining assained assained
assart assarting assarted assarted
assassin assassining assassined assassined
assassinate assassinating assassinated assassinated
assault assaulting assaulted assaulted
assay assaying assayed assayed
assecure assecuring assecured assecured
assegai assegaiing assegaied assegaied
assemble assembling assembled assembled
assent assenting assented assented
assert asserting asserted asserted
assess assessing assessed assessed
assever assevering assevered assevered
asseverate asseverating asseverated asseverated
assfuck assfucking assfucked assfucked
asshure asshuring asshured asshured
assibilate assibilating assibilated assibilated
assiege assieging assieged assieged
assign assigning assigned assigned
assimilate assimilating assimilated assimilated
assimulate assimulating assimulated assimulated
assist assisting assisted assisted
assle assling assled assled
associate associating associated associated
assoil assoiling assoiled assoiled
assoilzie assoilzing or assoilzying assoilzied or assoilzed assoilzied or assoilzed
assonate assonating assonated assonated
assort assorting assorted assorted
assot assotting assotted assotted
assoyle assoyling assoyled assoyled
assplant assplanting assplanted assplanted
assrape assraping assraped assraped
assrun assrunning assran assran
assuage assuaging assuaged assuaged
assubjugate assubjugating assubjugated assubjugated
assume assuming assumed assumed
assumpt assumpting assumpted assumpted
assure assuring assured assured
asswage asswaging asswaged asswaged
astand astanding astood astood
astart astarting astarted astarted
asterisk asterisking asterisked asterisked
astipulate astipulating astipulated astipulated
astonish astonishing astonished astonished
astony astonying astonied astonied
astound astounding astounded astounded
astrict astricting astricted astricted
astringe astringing astringed astringed
astrogate astrogating astrogated astrogated
astrologize astrologizing astrologized astrologized
astronomize astronomizing astronomized astronomized
astroturf astroturfing astroturfed astroturfed
asymptote asymptoting asymptoted asymptoted
atchieve atchieving atchieved atchieved
atend atending atended atended
atene atening atened atened
atgo atgoing atwent atgone
atheise atheising atheised atheised
atheize atheizing atheized atheized
athetize athetizing athetized athetized
atomise atomising atomised atomised
atomize atomizing atomized atomized
atone atoning atoned atoned
atray atraying atrayed atrayed
atreach atreaching atreached or atraught atreached or atraught
atrede atreding atred or atredd atred or atredd
atren atrenning atrenned atrenned
atride atriding atrode atridden
atrin atrinning atran atrun
atrine atrining atrined or atrone atrined or atrinnen
atrist atristing atristed atristed
atroke atroking atroked atroked
atrophy atrophying atrophied atrophied
atrout atrouting atrouted atrouted
atsake atsaking atsook atsaken
atscape atscaping atscaped atscaped
atshake atshaking atshook atshaken
atshoot atshooting atshot atshot
atsit atsitting atsat or atseet atsat or atsitten
atslike atsliking atsliked atsliked
atslip atslipping atslipped or atslope atslipped or atslopen
atspring atspringing atsprang atsprung
atstand atstanding atstood atstood
atstert atsterts atsterted atsterted
atstunt atstunting atstunted atstunted
atstut atstutting atstutted atstutted
attach attaching attached attached
attack attacking attacked attacked
attain attaining attained attained
attaint attainting attainted attainted
attal attalling or attaling attalled or attaled attalled or attaled
attame attaming attamed attamed
attaminate attaminating attaminated attaminated
attask attasking attasked attasked
attaste attasting attasted attasted
attemper attempering attempered attempered
attemperate attemperating attemperated attemperated
attempre attempring attempred attempred
attempt attempting attempted attempted
attend attending attended attended
attenuate attenuating attenuated attenuated
atter attering attered attered
atterrate atterrating atterrated atterrated
attest attesting attested attested
Atticize Atticizing Atticized Atticized
attinge attinging attinged attinged
attire attiring attired attired
attitude attituding attituded attituded
attitudinise attitudinising attitudinised attitudinised
attitudinize attitudinizing attitudinized attitudinized
attorn attorning attorned attorned
attract attracting attracted attracted
attrap attrapping attrapped attrapped
attribute attributing attributed attributed
attrit attritting attritted attritted
attrite attriting attrited attrited
attuite attuiting attuited attuited
attune attuning attuned attuned
atwind atwinding atwound atwound
atwite atwiting atwited atwited
auction auctioning auctioned auctioned
auctioneer auctioneering auctioneered auctioneered
audible audibling audibled audibled
audiotape audiotaping audiotaped audiotaped
audit auditing audited audited
audition auditioning auditioned auditioned
auger augering augered augered
aught aughting aughted aughted
augle augling augled augled
augment augmenting augmented augmented
augur auguring augured augured
augurate augurating augurated augurated
august augusting augusted augusted
aumail aumailing aumailed aumailed
aunswer aunswering aunswered or aunswerd aunswered or aunswerd
aurify aurifying aurified aurified
auscult ausculting ausculted ausculted
auscultate auscultating auscultated auscultated
auspicate auspicating auspicated auspicated
austemper austempering austempered austempered
austenitize austenitizing austenitized austenitized
Australianise Australianising Australianised Australianised
Australianize Australianizing Australianized Australianized
Australize Australizing Australized Australized
auth authing authed authed
authenticate authenticating authenticated authenticated
author authoring authored authored
authorise authorising authorised authorised
authorize authorizing authorized authorized
authourise authourising authourised authourised
authourize authourizing authourized authourized
auto-block auto-blocking auto-blocked auto-blocked
auto-redirect auto-redirecting auto-redirected auto-redirected
auto-tune auto-tuning auto-tuned auto-tuned
autoactivate autoactivating autoactivated autoactivated
autoamputate autoamputating autoamputated autoamputated
autoblock autoblocking autoblocked autoblocked
autoboot autobooting autobooted autobooted
autocancel autocancelling (Commonwealth), autocanceling (American) autocancelled (Commonwealth), autocanceled (American) autocancelled (Commonwealth), autocanceled (American)
autocatalyse autocatalysing autocatalysed autocatalysed
autocatalyze autocatalyzing autocatalyzed autocatalyzed
autoclave autoclaving autoclaved autoclaved
autoclose autoclosing autoclosed autoclosed
autocomplete autocompleting autocompleted autocompleted
autoconfigure autoconfiguring autoconfigured autoconfigured
autoconfirm autoconfirming autoconfirmed autoconfirmed
autocorrect autocorrecting autocorrected autocorrected
autodecrement autodecrementing autodecremented autodecremented
autodelete autodeleting autodeleted autodeleted
autodephosphorylate autodephosphorylating autodephosphorylated autodephosphorylated
autodestruct autodestructing autodestructed autodestructed
autodetect autodetecting autodetected autodetected
autofit autofitting autofitted autofitted
autoflow autoflowing autoflowed autoflowed
autofocus autofocusing or autofocussing autofocused or autofocussed autofocused or autofocussed
autoformat autoformatting autoformatted autoformatted
autogenerate autogenerating autogenerated autogenerated
autograft autografting autografted autografted
autograph autographing autographed autographed
autohide autohiding autohid autohidden
autoincrement autoincrementing autoincremented autoincremented
autoinfect autoinfecting autoinfected autoinfected
autoinhibit autoinhibiting autoinhibited autoinhibited
autoionize autoionizing autoionized autoionized
autoload autoloading autoloaded autoloaded
autolyse autolysing autolysed autolysed
autolyze autolyzing autolyzed autolyzed
automate automating automated automated
automatize automatizing automatized automatized
automethylate automethylating automethylated automethylated
automize automizing automized automized
automobile automobiling automobiled automobiled
automount automounting automounted automounted
autophosphorylate autophosphorylating autophosphorylated autophosphorylated
autopilot autopiloting autopiloted autopiloted
autopsy autopsying autopsied autopsied
autoradiograph autoradiographing autoradiographed autoradiographed
autoreact autoreacting autoreacted autoreacted
autoregister autoregistering autoregistered autoregistered
autoregulate autoregulating autoregulated autoregulated
autorotate autorotating autorotated autorotated

Some common questions related to verb forms in Englis.

The five verb forms in English are:

  1. Base form: The simplest form of the verb, also known as the infinitive without “to” (e.g., “go,” “eat,” “swim”).

  2. Past tense: The form of the verb that indicates a completed action in the past (e.g., “went,” “ate,” “swam”).

  3. Present participle: The -ing form of the verb, used to indicate an ongoing action in the present (e.g., “going,” “eating,” “swimming”).

  4. Past participle: The form of the verb used to form the present perfect, past perfect, and passive voice (e.g., “gone,” “eaten,” “swum”).

  5. Present tense: The form of the verb that indicates an ongoing action in the present (e.g., “goes,” “eats,” “swims”).

The three forms of verb in English are:

  1. Base form: The simplest form of the verb, also known as the infinitive without “to” (e.g., “walk,” “eat,” “swim”).

  2. Past tense: The form of the verb that indicates a completed action in the past (e.g., “walked,” “ate,” “swam”).

  3. Past participle: The form of the verb used to form the present perfect, past perfect, and passive voice (e.g., “walked,” “eaten,” “swum”).

It is worth noting that some verbs have irregular forms for past tense and past participle.

The terms “V1,” “V2,” “V3,” “V4,” and “V5” are not standard terms for English verb forms. However, they may refer to the following:

  1. V1: This may refer to the base form or infinitive form of the verb (e.g., “go,” “eat,” “swim”).

  2. V2: This may refer to the past tense form of the verb (e.g., “went,” “ate,” “swam”).

  3. V3: This may refer to the past participle form of the verb, which is used to form the present perfect, past perfect, and passive voice (e.g., “gone,” “eaten,” “swum”).

  4. V4: This term is not a standard term for English verb forms, and it is not clear what it refers to.

  5. V5: This term is also not a standard term for English verb forms, and it is not clear what it refers to.

The terms “V1,” “V2,” “V3,”  are not standard terms for English verb forms. However, they may refer to the following:

  1. V1: This may refer to the base form or infinitive form of the verb (e.g., “go,” “eat,” “swim”).

  2. V2: This may refer to the past tense form of the verb (e.g., “went,” “ate,” “swam”).

  3. V3: This may refer to the past participle form of the verb, which is used to form the present perfect, past perfect, and passive voice (e.g., “gone,” “eaten,” “swum”).

The terms “V1,” “V2,” “V3,” “V4,” and “V5” are not standard terms for English verb forms. However, they may refer to the following:

  1. V1: This may refer to the base form or infinitive form of the verb (e.g., “go,” “eat,” “swim”).

  2. V2: This may refer to the past tense form of the verb (e.g., “went,” “ate,” “swam”).

  3. V3: This may refer to the past participle form of the verb, which is used to form the present perfect, past perfect, and passive voice (e.g., “gone,” “eaten,” “swum”).

  4. V4: This term is not a standard term for English verb forms, and it is not clear what it refers to.

  5. V5: This term is also not a standard term for English verb forms, and it is not clear what it refers to.


  1. V2: This may refer to the past tense form of the verb (e.g., “went,” “ate,” “swam”).

  2. V3: This may refer to the past participle form of the verb, which is used to form the present perfect, past perfect, and passive voice (e.g., “gone,” “eaten,” “swum”).


In the above post we have shared 1000 verb froms in detail.

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