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The Most Useful Preposition Examples. 1000 Preposition Sentences

  1. Preposition Examples: In the garden, butterflies fluttered around the vibrant flowers.
  2. Preposition Sentences: She carefully placed the vase of flowers on the dining table.
  3. Preposition: A preposition is a word that shows the relationship between a noun and other elements in a sentence.
  4. Preposition Definition and Examples: Among the books on the shelf, she found her favorite novel.
  5. Example for Preposition in Sentence: The cat jumped onto the windowsill to get a better view of the birds outside.
  6. Example of a Preposition in a Sentence: The children played hide-and-seek behind the tall oak tree in the park.
1 Focal point your attention above. above
2 Quaff a drink across the bar. across
3 Moral values are important in life. in
4 Shall we meet against the clock? against
5 Slash through the jungle. across
6 Chart your course along the river. along
7 Alert the team before the game. before
8 Flare up in the sky. in
9 Dotty with excitement. with
10 Crept silently among the shadows. among
11 State your opinion before the meeting. before
12 Sense the danger in the air. in
13 Least of my worries. Least
14 Balky with his decisions. With
15 Delay the process for a while. for
16 Peeve against injustice. against
17 Amass wealth within limits. within
18 Hound the suspect from behind. from
19 Scant information on the topic. on
20 Torah studied with dedication. with
21 Clown entertained the audience around. around
22 Yacht sailed across the ocean. across
23 Blare the horn before the turn. before
24 Loyal to the cause within reason. within
25 Synod discussed the issue among members. among
26 Evoke emotions within the audience. within
27 Patch the hole in the roof. in
28 Lunar eclipse seen across the sky. across
29 Foist your ideas upon the team. upon
30 Strut down the runway. down
31 Rusty with age. with
32 Video played across the screen. across
33 Knell rang in the distance. in
34 Frump dressed in style. in
35 Light up the room with positivity. with
36 Thief stole the jewels from the safe. from
37 Penalize those who go against the rules. against
38 Xerox the document before the meeting. before
39 Repay the debt within a month. within
40 Ledge hangs above the abyss. above
41 Apart from the group, she felt alone. Apart
42 Pique interest with a captivating story. with
43 Revel in the success of your team. in
44 Manic with excitement after the win. with
45 Gelid with fear in the haunted house. in
46 Trump the competition with skill. by
47 Guild worked on the project with care. with
48 Handy with tools in the workshop. in
49 Close the door before leaving. before
50 Decay in the old building. in
51 Shorn of its leaves, the tree stood tall. Without
52 Hokum often passes as entertainment. Often
53 Lucre is the motive behind the deal. Behind
54 Crash into the wall and damage the car. Into
55 Minor with his parents at the amusement park. With
56 Store the files beneath the desk. Beneath
57 Often, the best ideas come to mind during walks. Often
58 Corps marched in formation. In
59 Paper lies on the table. On
60 Scuff your shoes against the mat. Against
61 Fatal to his plans, the mistake cost him dearly. Fatal
62 Shoot the target with precision. With
63 Venue for the concert is the stadium. In
64 Swear allegiance to the flag. To
65 Owned by a famous actor, the mansion was grand. Owned
66 Audit the accounts for discrepancies. For
67 Foray into the unknown. For
68 Hammy with his gestures on stage. With
69 Blink in surprise at the sudden news. In
70 Moist with dew in the morning. With
71 Avail the opportunity to learn. For
72 Fauna thrives in the lush forest. In
73 Bliss in simplicity. In
74 Sissy with his delicate demeanor. With
75 Frond swayed in the breeze. In
76 Psalm sung during the ceremony. During
77 Sleet fell from the sky. From
78 Shade provides relief in the hot sun. In
79 Perch on the branch and enjoy the view. On
80 Utter a word with caution. With
81 Abate the intensity of the storm. the intensity of
82 Trace the origin of the problem. the origin of
83 Power within your grasp. Within
84 Await the results of the experiment. For
85 Dairy provides essential nutrients. essential nutrients
86 Elide unnecessary details from the report. Elide
87 Above the clouds, the view was breathtaking. Above
88 Wacky with his eccentric ideas. With
89 Scent wafted through the air. Through
90 Ravel the threads into a beautiful design. Into
91 Cycle along the scenic route. Along
92 Olden times had their own charm. With
93 Sever ties with toxic relationships. Sever
94 Avian species thrive in the rainforest. In
95 Badly in need of repair, the house looked shabby. For
96 Until the last moment, the outcome remained uncertain. Until
97 Prone to accidents, be cautious on the slippery floor. Prone
98 Scold the child with kindness. With
99 Petal fell from the flower. From
100 Ember glowed in the dying fire. In
101 Rivet your attention on the details. On
102 Fluky with his luck in games. With
103 Bonus for exceptional performance. For
104 Gland produces hormones in the body. In
105 Bigly in favor of the proposed changes. For
106 Parch the soil under the scorching sun. Under
107 Lunge forward with determination. with
108 Boost your energy levels in the morning. In
109 Crick in the neck after a long flight. In
110 Actor excelled in the challenging role. In
111 Major in physics at the university. In
112 Chase after your dreams with passion. After
113 Flush the toilet after use. After
114 Adore the beauty of nature. In
115 Queen in her elegant attire. In
116 Glory in the success of your team. In
117 Notch up the difficulty level. Up
118 Album filled with memories. With
119 Assay the samples for accuracy. For
120 Slush on the road after the snowfall. On
121 Knead the dough for perfect bread. For
122 Black with envy at her success. With
123 Arose from the ashes like a phoenix. From
124 Nomad wandered through the desert. Through
125 Brunt of the storm hit the coastal areas. In
126 Vying for the top position in the competition. For
127 Pious in his religious beliefs. In
128 Bring snacks for the movie night. For
129 Ditch the old habits for a healthier lifestyle. For
130 Amble through the park in the evening. Through
131 Exile from the kingdom. From
132 Beast in the jungle roared loudly. In
133 Might with courage in difficult times. With
134 Anger at the unfair decision. At
135 Hunch over the desk while working. Over
136 Derpy with clumsiness in his actions. With
137 Caper around the room with joy. Around
138 Smart in solving complex problems. In
139 Proof of her innocence. Of
140 Preen yourself before the party. Before
141 Bogus with false claims. With
142 Value your time for greater productivity. For
143 Clone the data for backup. For
144 Rerun the experiment for accuracy. For
145 Aside from the main topic, he discussed other issues. Aside
146 Strap the luggage securely. Securely
147 Young in age but wise in knowledge. In
148 Wring out the wet clothes. Out
149 Error in the calculation. In
150 Zesty with flavor and spices. With
151 Swing on the swing set in the park. On
152 Elegy dedicated to lost love. For
153 Sapid with rich flavors. With
154 Birch tree stood tall in the forest. In
155 Glide gracefully across the ice. Across
156 Posed for a photograph. For
157 Batch of cookies baked with care. With
158 Pivot on one foot while dancing. On
159 Inapt for the task at hand. For
160 Folly in his decision-making. In
161 Crude oil extracted from the ground. From
162 Scrap the old machinery for parts. For
163 Allee lined with beautiful trees. With
164 Blaze through the trail in the forest. With
165 Pithy statement that conveys a message. In
166 Event celebrated with enthusiasm. With
167 Claim ownership of the property. For
168 Niece with a talent for music. With
169 Clown entertained the audience. the
170 Storm raged through the night. Through
171 Bored with the routine. With
172 Seize the opportunity with both hands. With
173 Float on the water with ease. On
174 Wedge between the rocks. Between
175 Hertz measures frequency. Measures
176 Waved to the crowd from the stage. to
177 Ideal for the job. For
178 Stuff the bag with essentials. with
179 Wield power responsibly. With
180 Place the book on the shelf. On
181 Arson set the building on fire. On
182 Alien to the customs of the new country. to
183 Shyly with a timid smile. With
184 Vital for the survival of the species. For
185 Scene set in a bustling city. Set
186 Atoll surrounded by clear blue water. by
187 Puffy clouds in the sky. In
188 Stoop to pick up the fallen pen. to
189 Lurch forward in the moving train. In
190 Wheel around the corner carefully. With
191 Creek flowed through the valley. Through
192 Taunt with sarcastic remarks. With
193 Liege to the king in feudal times. to
194 Crime committed in broad daylight. In
195 Groom for the wedding. For
196 Mores deeply ingrained in the culture. In
197 Screw tightly to secure the panel. to
198 Sober after a night of celebration. After
199 Quash the rumors with evidence. With
200 Scope beyond the horizon. Beyond
201 Guise of innocence hid the true intentions. Of
202 Amaze at the breathtaking view. At
203 Feast on delicious cuisine. On
204 Mousy with her shy demeanor. With
205 Crypt hidden beneath the ancient ruins. Beneath
206 Comer at the new restaurant. At
207 Flier handed out to passersby. To
208 Piano played by a skilled musician. By
209 Short in stature but tall in spirit. in
210 Carin with her caring attitude. With
211 Tight on time to meet the deadline. On
212 Brave in the face of danger. In
213 Legal with proper documentation. With
214 Fancy with intricate designs. With
215 Hired for the new position. For
216 Brake to avoid a collision. To
217 Debug the code for errors. For
218 Lapse in judgment led to the mistake. in
219 Usual for him to arrive late. For
220 Whelm with emotions. With
221 Tango with your partner gracefully. With
222 Groan in pain after the fall. In
223 Crawl under the bed to retrieve the toy. Under
224 Quiet in the library. In
225 Token of appreciation for the hard work. Of
226 Bunch of flowers for the celebration. For
227 Apply for the job online. For
228 Mushy with a soft texture. With
229 Curly hair framed her face. In
230 Rapid growth in technology. With
231 Matte finish on the painting. On
232 Crimp the edges for a neat look. For
233 Natty in his stylish attire. With
234 Quilt with intricate patterns. with
235 Poach the eggs for breakfast. For
236 Prism reflects light beautifully. With
237 Brawl broke out in the bar. With
238 Shrew with sharp instincts. With
239 Adobe used for construction. For
240 Trove of treasures discovered. Of
241 Charm with her charismatic personality. With
242 Mount on the horse for a ride. On
243 Vague in his explanations. In
244 Fuzzy feeling of warmth. of
245 Blunt with his words. With
246 Trait inherent in her personality. In
247 Abode in the quiet countryside. In
248 Trial for the accused. For
249 Clink the glasses for a toast. For
250 Snoop around to gather information. Around
251 Techy with the latest gadgets. with
252 Shine brightly in the sunlight. shine
253 Amend the document for accuracy. for
254 Interact with the guests at the party. with
255 Aging with grace and wisdom. with
256 Fluke of luck in the lottery. of
257 Awake with a startle. with
258 Croak loudly in the swamp. with
259 Midst of the bustling city. midst
260 Steal from the unsuspecting victim. from
261 Couth with proper etiquette. with
262 Smirk with satisfaction. with
263 Scram from the dangerous situation. from
264 Theft of valuable items. of
265 Sweep through the room. across
266 Prowl around the neighborhood. around
267 Roost in the high branches. on
268 Sharp with his witty remarks. with
269 Hasty in making decisions. in
270 Prong of the fork stuck in the food. prong
271 Alibi for his absence. for
272 Stray from the main path. stray
273 Shoot the target with precision. at
274 Flood the area with water. with
275 Slick with oil on the surface. with
276 Pudgy with a round face. with
277 Furry with soft fur. with
278 Messy room after the party. after
279 Swath of fabric for the dress. of
280 Inane with meaningless chatter. and
281 Piece of art on the wall. of
282 Manor with a grand entrance. of
283 Sleep peacefully in the bed. in
284 Bidet for personal hygiene. for
285 Merge the two companies for efficiency. between
286 Climb to the top of the mountain. to
287 Stead with a firm grip on the handle. with
288 Atone for the mistakes made. for
289 Snore loudly during the night. during
290 Serve with a smile. with
291 Bevel the edges for a polished look. for
292 Party with friends and family. with
293 Sadly with a heavy heart. sadly
294 Alter the course of action. with
295 Excel in academic achievements. in
296 Hunch over the desk in concentration. over
297 Dogma with strict rules. of
298 Foyer at the entrance of the building. at
299 Flail arms in the air. with
300 Babel of voices in the crowded room. of
301 Which book do you prefer? between
302 Mimic the actions of the leader. around
303 Gonzo journalist on a wild adventure. across
304 Laser focused on the task at hand. on
305 Amiss in his calculations. in
306 Dirge played at the funeral. at
307 Whole family gathered for dinner. for
308 Crown atop the king’s head. upon
309 Cared deeply for her friends. for
310 Adieu said with a heavy heart. with
311 Gully runs through the valley. through
312 Shall we dance under the stars? under
313 Cobra slithered silently. in
314 Alone in the dark forest. in
315 Loved by everyone in the community. by
316 Empty space between the shelves. between
317 Grail sought by many adventurers. among
318 Thick fog covered the landscape. in
319 Truck parked in the driveway. in
320 Dopey with a silly grin. with
321 Chute used for skydiving. for
322 Hutch next to the bed. beside
323 Vivid colors in the painting. on
324 Arise from the ashes. from
325 Testy during the argument. during
326 Graft the new branch onto the tree. onto
327 Craze for the latest fashion. for
328 Carry the burden with strength. with
329 Amply rewarded for the hard work. with
330 Usurp the throne from the king. upon
331 Tried and failed multiple times. and
332 Buxom woman with a curvy figure. with
333 Depot located near the station. near
334 Straw hat on the scarecrow. on
335 Lobby filled with people. with
336 Shock experienced during the storm. during
337 Rumor spread through the community. through
338 Pupil dilated in the dim light. in
339 Valet parked the car at the entrance. beside
340 Habit of biting nails. with
341 Gooey substance on the floor. on
342 Demur at the suggestion. at
343 Swash of waves against the shore. of
344 Hitch a ride with a stranger. with
345 Armor protects the knight. against
346 Ahead in the race. in
347 Vogue for the latest trends. for
348 Shoal of fish in the ocean. of
349 Bawdy jokes during the party. during
350 Stuck in traffic for hours. in
351 Sword in its scabbard. in
352 Clang echoed through the valley. through
353 Shrug off the criticism. off
354 Stood by her side during the ordeal. by
355 Lobby for environmental protection. for
356 Froth formed on the surface. on
357 Hardy plant thriving in the garden. in
358 Fakir lived on alms. on
359 Aimed at the target. at
360 Ashen face after the shocking news. after
361 Stock in the market. in
362 Ambit of his responsibilities. of
363 Gutsy move in the game. in
364 Burnt toast in the kitchen. in
365 Fixed on the horizon. on
366 Grasp of the concept. of
367 Misty morning in the valley. in
368 Query about the project. about
369 Watch the sunset. with
370 Nudge him gently. to
371 Nerve to speak in public. to
372 Class in session. in
373 Joint effort for success. for
374 Exist within the realm of possibilities. within
375 Bloke with a charming smile. with
376 Chirp of birds in the garden. of
377 Bleak outlook for the project. for
378 Stave off hunger with a snack. off
379 Salon for a haircut. for
380 Knave in the deck of cards. in
381 Bloom on the flower. on
382 Boast about the achievements. about
383 Zilch in terms of progress. in
384 Stony expression on his face. on
385 Sight of the mountains. of
386 Guile in his deceptive tactics. of
387 Facet of her personality. of
388 Godly intervention. with
389 Trash on the street. on
390 Vista of the city skyline. of
391 Torch in her hand. with
392 Hover above the ground. above
393 Loony behavior at the party. with
394 Suing for damages. against
395 Ozone layer in the atmosphere. from
396 Valid excuse for being late. for
397 Reify the abstract concept. with
398 Swift movement of the cheetah. with
399 Block the entrance. the
400 Cocky attitude towards challenges. towards
401 Daffy danced across the stage. across
402 While waiting, she read a book. While
403 Puppy played happily in the yard. in
404 Prank played on her by friends. on
405 Dazed after the intense workout. after
406 Gleam of sunlight through the trees. of
407 Datum recorded in the database. in
408 Oasis in the middle of the desert. in
409 Singe the edges of the paper. with
410 Thorn pricked her finger. with
411 Skirt around the issue. around
412 Slosh of water in the bucket. of
413 Start with the basics. with
414 Dodge the obstacle in the path. around
415 Layer of snow on the ground. of, (c
416 Posit an alternative solution. with
417 Hoard supplies for the winter. for
418 Stomp on the floor to make noise. on
419 Ferly curious about the unknown. about
420 Griot shared traditional stories. with
421 Basal temperature of the body. with
422 Write with a pen on paper. with, (b
423 Cleft between the rocks. between
424 Label the boxes with care. with
425 Feign ignorance during the meeting. during
426 Route through the scenic hills. through
427 Broad smile on her face. on
428 Shunt the car to the side. to
429 Agony in her expression. in
430 Gussy up for the party. for
431 Valve controls the flow of water. of
432 Crust on the surface of the bread. on
433 Naive about the complexities. about
434 Lilac flowers in the garden. in
435 House on the corner of the street. on
436 Primp before the mirror. before
437 Go-to person for advice. for, (c
438 Liken the situation to a puzzle. to, (b
439 Crone with wisdom in her eyes. with, (b
440 Weary after a long journey. after
441 Elude capture during the escape. during
442 Unfit for the strenuous activity. for
443 Brash in his approach. in
444 Gazed into the distance. into
445 Hokey sense of humor. sense
446 Fleck of paint on the canvas. of, (c
447 Monde of information in the book. of
448 Hoist the flag on the mast. the, (c
449 Clerk at the front desk. at
450 Credo in the company’s mission. in
451 Toxic chemicals in the laboratory. in
452 Goose waddled across the pond. across
453 Shack by the beach for vacation. by
454 Crock of soup on the stove. of, (c
455 Siege against the fortress. against
456 Unite with colleagues for a project. with
457 Retch at the smell of rotten food. at
458 Exalt the virtues of kindness. the
459 Copse of trees in the park. of, (c
460 Waver in the face of uncertainty. in
461 Mould into a beautiful sculpture. into
462 Ratio of success to failure. of
463 Aegis of protection over the city. of, (c
464 Recap of the important points. of
465 Topic for discussion in the meeting. for, (c
466 Weigh the pros and cons. the
467 Idiom in everyday language. in
468 Expel students for misconduct. for
469 Sable fur coat for the winter. for
470 Nexus between science and technology. between
471 Cross the bridge carefully. the
472 Dowdy clothes from the ’80s. from
473 Learn from past mistakes. from
474 Quirk of fate in their favor. of, (c
475 Chore of cleaning the house. of
476 Inure yourself to criticism. to
477 Diary with personal reflections. with, (b
478 Allow for flexibility in the plan. for, (b
479 Tidal waves along the coastline. along
480 Jowls sag with age. with
481 Curve of the road. of
482 Crazy about the latest trend. about
483 Turbo charge the engine. the
484 Strum on the guitar. on
485 Nifty gadget for everyday use. for
486 Owing to unforeseen circumstances. to
487 Paean of praise for her achievements. of, (c
488 Chaos in the busy marketplace. in
489 Exert effort in the gym. effort, (c
490 Saber for ceremonial purposes. for
491 Parry the opponent’s attack. the
492 Prate on the phone for hours. on
493 Cells within the human body. within
494 Probe into the mysterious case. into
495 Kempt appearance at the party. at
496 Whine about trivial issues. about
497 Vowel sounds in the alphabet. in
498 Queer behavior in public. in
499 Allot time for relaxation. time, (c
500 Blast of wind on a stormy day. of
501 Goner in the eyes of the law. in
502 Fjord along the rugged coastline. along
503 Sappy love songs from the ’90s. from
504 Purge the toxins from your body. the, (c
505 Sober after a night of celebration. after
506 Funny jokes for the audience. for
507 Stern look on the teacher’s face. on
508 Agent with a secret mission. with
509 Steed galloping through the meadow. through
510 Whale spotted near the shore. near
511 Gawky teenager in the awkward phase. in
512 Crook behind the fraudulent scheme. behind
513 Posse of cowboys on horseback. of, (c
514 Digit on the numeric keypad. on
515 Irked by constant interruptions. by
516 Sting of a bee on the picnic. of
517 Kayak along the peaceful river. along
518 Buyer for the antique furniture. for, (c
519 Tramp through the dense forest. through
520 Refer to the dictionary for definitions. to
521 Trend in the fashion industry. in
522 Azure sky above the horizon. above
523 Aloof from the social gathering. from
524 Shove the heavy door open. the
525 Skulk in the shadows. in
526 Youth with dreams of success. with
527 Agile movements on the dance floor. on
528 Fined for speeding on the highway. for, (c
529 Slice through the ripe watermelon. through
530 Pedal on the mountain trail. on
531 Barge into the room without knocking. into
532 Abaft the ship’s stern. the
533 Irony of the situation. of
534 Hubby with a bouquet of flowers. with
535 Suite at the luxury hotel. at
536 Cling to cherished memories. to, (c
537 Inert gas in the laboratory. in
538 Plead with the judge for leniency. with
539 Verve in her performance. in
540 Begin with a clean slate. with
541 Price of the rare artifact. of
542 Harpy of criticism. of
543 Shred the old documents. the
544 Covet the neighbor’s garden. the
545 Brink of a breakthrough. on
546 Fairy in the enchanted forest. in
547 Sated with a delicious meal. with
548 Troth between the lovers. between
549 Tweak the settings for better results. the
550 Tweak the settings for better results. the
551 Yokel in the rural community. in
552 Erode over time due to weathering. over
553 Aloft in the clear blue sky. above
554 Heavy rain throughout the night. throughout
555 Lined with intricate patterns. with
556 Apace with the changing trends. with
557 Elder to guide the younger generation. to
558 Bully against weaker opponents. against
559 Tunic made of fine silk. of
560 Stoic in the face of adversity. in
561 Tenet of the philosophy. of
562 Haunt the old abandoned house. in
563 Ombre effect on the hair. on
564 Snare the elusive prey. the
565 Girth of the ancient tree. of
566 Flout the rules of the institution. the
567 Scrag of a wild bush. of
568 Truce between warring factions. between
569 Clear with no obstacles in sight. with
570 Croon a melodious tune. to
571 Aloha to welcome guests. to
572 Aroma of freshly baked bread. of
573 Silky fabric against the skin. against
574 Guilt for the mistakes made. for
575 Gaunt after a prolonged illness. after
576 Grand with intricate details. with
577 Ought to follow the rules. to
578 Asset in the company’s portfolio. in
579 Table by the window. by
580 Fraud in financial transactions. in
581 Acted upon the advice given. upon
582 Noisy in the bustling market. in
583 Civil with everyone in the office. with
584 Point to the correct answer. to
585 Stash away the valuables. away
586 Bumpy ride on the uneven road. on
587 Laity within the church community. within
588 Therm by the window. by
589 Repel insects with the spray. against
590 Waist with a stylish belt. with
591 Rural setting with scenic views. with
592 Rinse thoroughly with water. thoroughly
593 Mulct the unauthorized entry fee. the
594 Colon separates two clauses. separates
595 Prude when it comes to modesty. when
596 Legal within the specified limits. within
597 Whiff of a pleasant fragrance. of
598 Clash between rival groups. between
599 Embed the code into the webpage. into
600 Embed the code into the webpage. into
601 Tepid water for a warm bath. with
602 Jolly during the festive season. during
603 Women in leadership roles. in
604 Widow after her husband’s death. after
605 Tithe to support the church. to
606 Vouch for his credibility. for
607 Niche in the market. in
608 Broil under the scorching sun. under
609 Bless with good fortune. with
610 Plush with luxurious furnishings. with
611 Dense fog obscuring the view. of
612 Hairy situation to handle. situation
613 Trice with a quick motion. with
614 Surge of excitement. of
615 Manly in his appearance. in
616 Pshaw expressing disbelief. on
617 Nabob with great wealth. with
618 Queue for the popular ride. for
619 Color in the artwork. in
620 Swarm of bees in the garden. of
621 Quite during the meditation. during
622 Equal in rights and opportunities. in
623 Smack on the lips. on
624 Relic from ancient times. from
625 Elfin with delicate features. with
626 Phase through different stages. through
627 Shill for the new product. for
628 Vapid conversation at the party. conversation
629 Frail due to illness. due
630 Ditto with the same response. with
631 Snout from the burrow. from
632 Quest for knowledge. for
633 Bound toward the finish line. toward
634 Hovel in the impoverished neighborhood. in
635 Creak with each step. with
636 Feign innocence. with
637 Hoary with age. with
638 Theme throughout the event. throughout
639 Borne by strong currents. by
640 Hoped for a positive outcome. for
641 Shook with excitement. with
642 Eking out a living. out
643 Crick in her neck. in
644 Tawny color of the lion’s fur. with
645 Optic for better visibility. for
646 Heady with the smell of flowers. with
647 Rigid in her decision. in
648 Amped for the upcoming concert. for
649 Shark with sharp teeth. for
650 Tenor of his voice. of
651 Utile for everyday tasks. for
652 Index at the back of the book. at
653 Model with grace on the runway. with
654 Slump in the global economy. in
655 Whist during the card game. during
656 Forge ahead despite challenges. ahead
657 Slack in completing assignments. in
658 Aural experience of the concert. of
659 Movie on the big screen. on
660 Circa the 19th century. circa
661 Pinch with salt for flavor. with
662 Ardor for adventure. for
663 Giddy with excitement. with
664 Swipe across the screen. across
665 Cheap in price but good in quality. in
666 Prize for the winner. for
667 Levee along the riverbank. along
668 Yeast in the bread dough. in
669 Nosey about others’ affairs. about
670 Morph into a different form. into
671 Liked by many fans. by
672 Slunk behind the curtains. behind
673 Elope to a romantic destination. to
674 Blend with the surroundings. with
675 Nadir in his career. in
676 Rival against strong competitors. against
677 Story of triumph and adversity. of
678 Whelp in the animal shelter. in
679 Chill in the air during winter. in
680 Swoon over a romantic gesture. over
681 Trite in its cliché portrayal. in
682 Catty with her remarks. with
683 Music for relaxation. for
684 Vault over the obstacle. over
685 Treat with kindness. with
686 Recur in his dreams. in
687 Swine foraging in the mud. foraging
688 Neigh loudly in the pasture. loudly
689 Thump on the door. on
690 Truck across the rough terrain. across
691 Wince at the sudden noise. at
692 Troop through the dense forest. through
693 Miser with his savings. with
694 Saved from a difficult situation. from
695 Miner in the coal industry. in
696 Jaunt around the city. around
697 Huffy about the criticism. about
698 Husky with a thick coat. with
699 Burly man in the construction site. in
700 Regal in its appearance. in
701 Frock with delicate embroidery. with
702 Khaki for the outdoor adventure. for
703 Layer upon layer of clothing. upon
704 Doing well in the examination. in
705 Baste the turkey with herbs. with
706 Dealt with the situation calmly. with
707 Scamp through the pages of the book. through
708 Peril in the haunted house. in
709 Slave to the rhythm of the music. to
710 Craft a beautiful sculpture. with
711 Fling the ball across the field. across
712 Quick in making decisions. in
713 Haven of tranquility. of
714 Tarry for a while. for
715 Gourd with a unique shape. with
716 Savvy in handling technology. in
717 Sedan parked by the curb. by
718 Noted in the report. in
719 FALSE in the statement. in
720 Reins of the powerful horse. of
721 Gross income for the year. for
722 Grown into a mature individual. into
723 Venom against injustice. against
724 Tonic to boost energy. to
725 Adapt to changing circumstances. to
726 Junta plotting a coup. for
727 Waive the fees for now. for
728 Weave through the crowded market. through
729 Algae floating in the pond. in
730 Astir with excitement. with
731 Blood pumping through the veins. through
732 Epoch in human history. in
733 Trail along the forest path. along
734 Covey of birds in the sky. of
735 Chafe against the rough fabric. against
736 Plain with minimal decorations. with
737 Lurid in its color scheme. in
738 Tutor on various subjects. on
739 Rover exploring the unknown. the
740 Ghost in the haunted mansion. in
741 Sieve out the impurities. to
742 Amity between the two nations. between
743 Yearn for success. for
744 Foggy in the early morning. in
745 Outre with avant-garde fashion. with
746 Greed for wealth and power. for
747 Wreck after the collision. after
748 Coyly with a flirtatious smile. with
749 Angry about the unfair treatment. about
750 Lusty for adventure. for
751 Adorn the room with colorful flowers. with
752 Wisen through experience. through
753 Witch with magical powers. with
754 Touch the surface gently. gently
755 Balmy weather in the tropics. in
756 Yowza! That was unexpected. It
757 Limit the number of participants. of
758 Equip yourself with the necessary tools. with
759 Addle your brain with too much information. with
760 Pagan rituals in ancient cultures. in
761 Cater to the needs of the customers. to
762 Exult with joy after the victory. with
763 Cheat on the exam. on
764 Think deeply about the problem. about
765 Rajah with a golden crown. with
766 Chime in with your opinion. in
767 Augur well for the future. well
768 Cache of hidden treasures. of
769 Cocky attitude in the interview. in
770 Plume of smoke rising. of
771 Dough for making bread. for
772 Crazy about the latest trends. about
773 Imago of a butterfly. of
774 Sidle up to someone discreetly. up
775 Dated back to ancient times. back
776 Radar for detecting objects. for
777 Annoy with constant noise. with
778 Frank about your feelings. about
779 Level the playing field. the
780 Brood over the decision. over
781 Prove your point with evidence. for
782 Humor in difficult situations. in
783 Hedge against financial risks. against
784 Stick to the plan. to
785 Beset with challenges. with
786 Print on paper. on
787 Quill for writing. for
788 Pride in your achievements. in
789 Snide remark during the meeting. during
790 Dower from her family. from
791 Meant for success. for
792 Polar bears in the Arctic. in
793 Small in size but powerful. in
794 Frame the picture. on
795 Brawn and muscle. and
796 Swish of the wind. of
797 Canal through the city. through
798 Botch the painting. the
799 North of the equator. of
800 Lousy with problems. with
801 Ulcer in the stomach. in
802 Breed dogs for competitions. for
803 Gruel for breakfast. for
804 Aisle in the supermarket. in
805 World beyond our imagination. beyond
806 Panic at the last moment. at
807 Teeny-tiny details matter. as
808 Curse upon the wicked. upon
809 Today is a special day. of
810 Doily under the vase. under
811 Chaff in the wind. in
812 Blame for the mistake. for
813 Fugue during the concert. during
814 Taste the sweetness of victory. on
815 Cease all activities. all
816 Cited in the research paper. in
817 Golly! That was surprising. It
818 Pesky mosquito in the room. in
819 Clout in the industry. in
820 Crowd around the stage. around
821 Copra from coconut. from
822 Fence around the garden. around
823 Nobly accepted the challenge. the
824 Crass behavior at the party. at
825 Realm of imagination. of
826 Bandy ideas during the meeting. during
827 Reign over the kingdom. over
828 Batty behavior at midnight. at
829 Timer for the kitchen. for
830 Moose in the forest. in
831 Yield to the temptation. to
832 Undue pressure on employees. on
833 Avoid conflicts in the workplace. in
834 Fluid in the container. in
835 Mourn the loss of a loved one. for
836 Vapor in the atmosphere. in
837 Hatch from the egg. from
838 Angst about the future. about
839 Chunk of chocolate. of
840 Saucy comment during the meeting. during
841 Mania for collecting stamps. for
842 Moved by the touching story. by
843 Ensue after the incident. after
844 Pitch for the new project. for
845 Muted color palette. for
846 Felon behind bars. behind
847 Bossy attitude at work. at
848 Touch with caution. with
849 Affix the stamp to the envelope. to
850 Plump cushions on the sofa. on
851 Heath in the meadow. in
852 Ruled by the monarchy. by
853 Quasi like a dream. like
854 Mouse in the kitchen. in
855 Saute the vegetables. with
856 Melee during the protest. during
857 Divvy among the team members. among
858 Cover with a blanket. with
859 Cilia on the cell surface. on
860 Lorry on the highway. on
861 Civic duty. duty
862 Value in the antique. in
863 Forte in playing the piano. in
864 Robot with artificial intelligence. with
865 Havoc after the storm. after
866 Sense in the statement. in
867 Stunt for the action film. for
868 Weepy during sad movies. during
869 Flame from the candle. from
870 Bowed in respect. in
871 Scour the kitchen. the
872 Voice with passion. with
873 Water from the well. from
874 Train for the marathon. for
875 Blade on the knife. on
876 Occur during the event. during
877 Begun with enthusiasm. with
878 Bathe in the sunlight. in
879 Wryly at the comment. at
880 Anent the topic. the
881 Timid in her approach. in
882 Clung to the idea. to
883 Scorn for the foolish. for
884 Guide with expertise. with
885 Wimpy in challenging situations. in
886 Dishy in her appearance. in
887 Segue to the next topic. to
888 Quail at the sound. at
889 Grind the coffee beans. the
890 Plaid on the shirt. on
891 Afoot with the investigation. with
892 Defer to the expert. to
893 Stent in the artery. in
894 Guppy in the aquarium. in
895 Frame the picture. the
896 Crisp with a crunchy texture. with
897 Crump in the oven. in
898 Blood from the wound. from
899 Awing at the spectacle. at
900 Emend the document. the
901 Trade with neighboring countries. with
902 Issue from the printer. from
903 Tweed on the mannequin. on
904 Thumb through the book. through
905 Gusto for adventure. for
906 Pawky in his response. in
907 Vocal about her opinions. about
908 Fussy over details. over
909 Crack a joke. a
910 Humid in tropical climates. in
911 Askew after the impact. after
912 Reach for the stars. for
913 Moron in the room. in
914 Badge of honor. of
915 Brute with strength. with
916 Eject from the premises. from
917 Saint with compassion. with
918 Basis for comparison. for
919 Flash of lightning. of
920 Barmy idea. idea
921 Arena for sports events. for
922 Named after a famous person. after
923 Afoul of the law. of
924 Polyp on the coral reef. on
925 Blank expression. expression
926 Upset about the situation. about
927 Knock on the door. on
928 Hotel in the city center. in
929 Opine on the matter. on
930 Whelp with its mother. with
931 Skein of yarn. of
932 Perch on the branch. on
933 Getup for the event. for
934 Sleek in design. in
935 Parse the sentence. the
936 Passé in fashion. in
937 Maven in the field. in
938 Align with the values. with
939 Raspy voice. voice
940 Totem in the cultural ceremony. in
941 Tacit agreement. agreement
942 Swamp in the forest. in
943 Deify the legendary figure. the
944 Nappy hair. hair
945 Laugh at the joke. at
946 Cause of the problem. of
947 Scale the mountain. the
948 Glare from the headlights. from
949 Meter of the poem. of
950 Silly with joy. with
951 Gusty in the wind. in
952 Trick with a deck of cards. with
953 Carve into the wood. into
954 Guide through the city. through
955 Louse on the dog’s fur. on
956 Mumps in the community. in
957 Genie from the lamp. from
958 Ultra in performance. in
959 Loose on the shelf. on
960 Blues in the music. in
961 Slang in their conversation. in
962 Sweet on the dessert menu. on
963 Cynic about the outcome. about
964 Scram from the kitchen. from
965 Exact in the measurements. in
966 Opera with a full orchestra. with
967 Xylem transports water. within
968 Pulse in the veins. in
969 Berth on the ship. on
970 Xeric conditions. within
971 Ennui in the workplace. in
972 Twang in the music. in
973 Flown to new heights. to
974 Weird in appearance. in
975 Rogue in the group. in
976 Acrid smell of smoke. of
977 Pilot for the experiment. for
978 Magic in the air. in
979 Seine for fish. for
980 Bleed on the paper. on
981 Limbo between two worlds. between
982 Weird with her decisions. with
983 Rogue in the movie. in
984 Acrid smell of chemicals. of
985 Pilot on the airplane. on
986 Magic with a wand. with
987 Seine for information. for
988 Bleed through the fabric. through
989 Limbo in uncertainty. in
990 Weird during the meeting. during
991 Rogue among the team. among
992 Acrid smell of rotten eggs. of
993 Pilot over the landscape. over
994 Magic during the show. during
995 Seine through the river. through
996 Bleed onto the canvas. onto
997 Limbo on the edge. on
998 Weird during the discussion. during
999 Rogue within the organization. within
1000 Acrid smell of burning rubber. of
1001 Pilot through stormy weather. through
1002 Magic in the performance. in
1003 Seine across the lake. across
1004 Bleed with emotion. with
1005 Limbo into the unknown. into
1006 Weird on the menu. on
1007 Rogue behind the scenes. behind
1008 Acrid smell of decay. of
1009 Pilot during the flight. during
1010 Magic within the book. within
1011 Seine along the riverbank. along
1012 Bleed over time. over
1013 Limbo before the decision. before
1014 Weird with her fashion choices. with
1015 Rogue beneath the surface. beneath
1016 Acrid smell of onions. of
1017 Pilot within the cockpit. within
1018 Magic during the ceremony. during
1019 Seine against the current. against
1020 Bleed beneath the surface. beneath
1021 Limbo beneath the water. beneath
1022 Weird on the catwalk. on
1023 Rogue around the corner. around