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The Most Useful English IN ON AT prepositions 900 Sentences.

  1. Example of “at” preposition:
    • She is waiting for you at the coffee shop.
  2. Preposition at sentence:
    • The conference is scheduled to begin at 9 AM.
  3. At in preposition:
    • They met at the intersection in the city center.
  4. English IN ON AT prepositions:
    • We will have the meeting in the conference room on the 10th floor at noon.
  5. In on and at preposition:
    • She is currently studying in the library on campus at the table near the window. For more such study material CLICK HERE to download our app


1 The focal point in the room was the artwork. in
2 He quaffed the refreshing drink in one gulp. in
3 The moral of the story is to never give up. in
4 Shall we meet in the park at noon? in
5 The chef used a knife to slash the ingredients in the bowl. in
6 The data was presented in a clear chart. in
7 Be alert in the forest; there might be wild animals. in
8 The fireworks lit up the sky in a vibrant flare. in
9 Her notebook was filled with dotty doodles in the margins. in
10 The cat crept silently in the dark. in
11 The president addressed the nation in a state of emergency. in
12 She had a sense of pride in her accomplishments. in
13 Choose the option that involves the least effort. in
14 The old computer was balky in responding to commands. in
15 There was a delay in the train schedule. in
16 Chewing loudly is a major peeve in this house. in
17 He aimed to amass wealth in the stock market. in
18 The detective continued to hound the suspect in the investigation. in
19 The evidence against him was scant in the courtroom. in
20 The teachings of the Torah are followed in the synagogue. in
21 The clown performed tricks in the circus. in
22 They sailed the yacht in the open sea. in
23 The sirens blared in the distance. in
24 Dogs are known for being loyal in their relationships. in
25 The decisions were made in the synod. in
26 The painting managed to evoke emotions in the viewers. in
27 He planted a patch of flowers in the garden. in
28 The astronauts explored the lunar surface in their mission. in
29 She tried to foist her ideas on the team in the meeting. in
30 The model strutted confidently in the fashion show. in
31 The old car was rusty in many places. in
32 They captured the precious moments in a video. in
33 The bells began to knell in the church tower. in
34 She felt frumpish in the oversized sweater. in
35 The room was bathed in soft light. in
36 The thief operated in the shadows. in
37 The defendant was found guilty in the penal code. in
38 Make a xerox copy of the document in the office. in
39 He promised to repay the loan in a month. in
40 The bird perched on the narrow ledge in the cliff. in
41 They lived far apart from each other. in
42 His curiosity was piqued in the mysterious story. in
43 The crowd began to revel in the music festival. in
44 She was manic in her pursuit of success. in
45 The water in the pond felt gelid to the touch. in
46 The news of his promotion trumpeted in the office. in
47 The artisans were skilled in their craft in the guild. in
48 Having a Swiss army knife is handy in various situations. in
49 Keep the door closed in the winter to conserve heat. in
50 The old building was in a state of decay. in
51 His hair was neatly shorn in a stylish haircut. in
52 The article was filled with hokum in its arguments. in
53 People often engage in dishonest practices in the pursuit of lucre. in
54 The waves crashed loudly in the storm. in
55 The error was minor in the grand scheme of things. in
56 They kept their valuables in a secure store. in
57 She visited her grandparents often in the summer. in
58 The army corps trained rigorously in the military base. in
59 The important information was noted down on the paper in the file. in
60 He scuffed his shoes in the dirt on the trail. in
61 The flaw in the design proved fatal in the experiment. in
62 They decided to shoot the scene in a single take. in
63 The concert was held in a prestigious venue. in
64 He promised to swear allegiance in the ceremony. in
65 The business was owned by a family in the city. in
66 The company conducted an audit in its financial records. in
67 The explorer made a foray into the uncharted territory. in
68 The actor gave a hammy performance in the play. in
69 She didn’t even blink in the face of adversity. in
70 The cake was moist and delicious in the center. in
71 The opportunity should be availed in time. in
72 The variety of fauna in the forest was rich. in
73 The couple found bliss in their quiet moments. in
74 He teased his sister for being sissy in her choices. in
75 The frond of the palm tree swayed gently in the breeze. in
76 The choir sang a beautiful psalm in the church. in
77 The ground was covered in sleet after the winter storm. in
78 Find shade in the hot afternoon to avoid sunburn. in
79 The bird found a comfortable perch in the tree. in
80 The silence in the room was utter after the shocking news. in
81 The storm began to abate in the evening. in
82 There was a trace of uncertainty in her voice. in
83 The switch was turned on, and power surged in the circuit. in
84 We’ll await your response in the coming days. in
85 The fresh milk was stored in the dairy for distribution. in
86 He decided to elide unnecessary details in the report. in
87 The stars sparkled above in the night sky. in
88 The inventor came up with a wacky idea in the laboratory. in
89 The scent of flowers lingered in the air in the garden. in
90 The threads began to ravel in the old fabric. in
91 The bike race took place in a scenic cycle track. in
92 The traditions of olden times were still practiced in the village. in
93 The decision to sever ties was made in the board meeting. in
94 The birdwatchers were interested in avian species. in
95 He needed help badly in the difficult situation. in
96 We’ll wait here until you arrive. in
97 He was prone to making impulsive decisions in times of stress. in
98 The teacher scolded the student in front of the class. in
99 The garden was covered in colorful petals in the spring. in
100 The fire slowly died down, leaving only a glowing ember in the fireplace. in
101 The blacksmith carefully placed the rivet in the metal structure. in
102 Winning the lottery was a fluky turn of events in his life. in
103 Employees received a bonus in their paycheck for exceptional performance. in
104 The doctor identified a swollen gland in the patient’s neck. in
105 The company invested bigly in the new technology. in
106 The desert sun can parch the land in a matter of hours. in
107 The fencer made a lunge in the championship match. in
108 The energy drink provided a quick boost in stamina. in
109 He felt a crick in his neck after sleeping in an awkward position. in
110 The actor excelled in his role in the historical drama. in
111 His major achievement was recognized in the awards ceremony. in
112 The detective initiated a chase in pursuit of the suspect. in
113 The toilet automatically flushes in this modern restroom. in
114 She couldn’t help but adore the cute puppy in the pet store. in
115 The queen sat in her majestic throne during the ceremony. in
116 The athlete basked in the glory of winning the championship. in
117 He reached a new notch in his career after the promotion. in
118 The photos were organized in a beautiful album on the shelf. in
119 The scientist conducted an assay in the laboratory. in
120 The streets were covered in slush after the snow started melting. in
121 She continued to knead the dough in the kitchen. in
122 The cat hid in the black shadows in the alley. in
123 A new opportunity arose in the business market. in
124 The nomad traveled in the desert with a camel caravan. in
125 The front of the car took the brunt in the collision. in
126 The competitors were vying for the top spot in the competition. in
127 He remained pious in his religious beliefs. in
128 The chef decided to bring a twist in the recipe. in
129 The hiker had to ditch the plan due to bad weather. in
130 They took an amble in the park on a sunny afternoon. in
131 The political dissident lived in exile in a foreign country. in
132 The beast roamed freely in the dense forest. in
133 The superhero’s might was evident in the battle. in
134 He struggled to control his anger in the heated argument. in
135 She had a hunch that something was amiss in the situation. in
136 The cartoon character looked derpy in the comical scene. in
137 The children engaged in a playful caper in the schoolyard. in
138 The smartphone was smart in handling various tasks. in
139 The mathematician provided a rigorous proof in the theorem. in
140 The bird preened its feathers in the morning sunlight. in
141 The detective uncovered the bogus evidence in the case. in
142 The antique had sentimental value in the family. in
143 The scientist successfully created a clone in the laboratory. in
144 The TV channel aired a rerun in the late-night schedule. in
145 He set aside some time in the evening for personal reflection. in
146 The backpack was secured with a strap in the hiking adventure. in
147 The young sapling grew in the fertile soil. in
148 She had to wring the wet clothes out in the laundry. in
149 The error was identified in the computer code. in
150 The chef added zesty flavors in the spicy curry. in
151 The children played on the swing in the park. in
152 The poet composed an elegy in memory of the departed soul. in
153 The soup was sapid with a blend of herbs and spices. in
154 The birch trees stood tall in the forest. in
155 The skater managed to glide gracefully in the ice rink. in
156 The models posed in elegant dresses for the fashion shoot. in
157 The cookies were baked in a batch in the oven. in
158 The team decided to pivot in their marketing strategy. in
159 The comment was inapt in the formal business meeting. in
160 His decision turned out to be a folly in the long run. in
161 The oil was extracted in crude form from the ground. in
162 The old car was reduced to scrap in the junkyard. in
163 The trees formed a beautiful allee in the garden. in
164 The fire blazed brightly in the fireplace. in
165 The speaker delivered a pithy message in the conference. in
166 The main event in the festival was the fireworks display. in
167 He staked his claim in the vast land for farming. in
168 The birthday present was hidden in the closet for his niece. in
169 The clown performed in the circus tent. in
170 The ship sailed in the stormy sea. in
171 She doodled in her notebook when she felt bored in the class. in
172 The detective managed to seize the stolen goods in the operation. in
173 The balloon began to float in the air after being released. in
174 The door was kept open with a wedge in the crack. in
175 The frequency was measured in hertz in the physics experiment. in
176 They waved goodbye in the airport terminal. in
177 The solution presented was ideal in the given circumstances. in
178 The backpack was stuffed with supplies for the camping trip. in
179 The knight learned to wield the sword in the training ground. in
180 The trophy was placed in the center of the display case. in
181 The investigator suspected arson in the burned-down building. in
182 The spacecraft landed in the area known for alleged alien sightings. in
183 The child spoke shyly in front of the audience. in
184 Water is vital in the survival of living organisms. in
185 The crime scene was carefully examined by the forensic team. in
186 The divers explored the vibrant coral reefs in the atoll. in
187 The clouds looked puffy in the afternoon sky. in
188 He had to stoop in order to enter the low doorway. in
189 The boat experienced a sudden lurch in the rough waters. in
190 The car’s wheel got stuck in the mud on the dirt road. in
191 The creek flowed quietly in the serene forest. in
192 He couldn’t resist the urge to taunt his opponent in the game. in
193 The knight pledged loyalty to his liege in the medieval kingdom. in
194 The detective worked tirelessly to solve the crime in the city. in
195 The groom waited nervously in the church for his bride. in
196 The cultural mores were respected in the diverse community. in
197 The loose screw was tightened in the malfunctioning machine. in
198 The atmosphere in the room became sober after the serious announcement. in
199 The court decided to quash the false charges against the defendant. in
200 The telescope provided a clear scope of the distant galaxies. in
201 The spy operated under the guise of a tourist. in
202 The magic trick never failed to amaze the audience. in
203 The family gathered for a feast in the dining room. in
204 She felt mousy in the oversized sweater. in
205 The treasure was hidden in a crypt beneath the old castle. in
206 The newcomer found a seat in the crowded auditorium. in
207 The pilot handed out safety instructions in the flier. in
208 The beautiful melody played softly in the piano. in
209 The tailor specialized in designing clothes for short people. in
210 The cat found comfort in the carin of its owner. in
211 The knot was tied tight in the rope. in
212 The soldier remained brave in the face of danger. in
213 The rights of citizens are protected in legal documents. in
214 The restaurant served dishes in fancy plates. in
215 He was hired in the accounting department. in
216 The driver applied the brake in the nick of time. in
217 The programmer worked diligently in the process of debug. in
218 There was a lapse in concentration during the exam. in
219 The meeting was held in the usual conference room. in
220 Emotions began to whelm her as she listened to the moving speech. in
221 The couple performed a passionate tango in the ballroom. in
222 The old floorboards groaned in protest under the heavy load. in
223 The spider started to crawl in the corner of the room. in
224 The library was a place to find quiet in the midst of books. in
225 He received a token of appreciation in the form of a gold coin. in
226 The flowers were arranged in a bunch in the vase. in
227 She decided to apply for a job in the marketing department. in
228 The cake had a mushy texture in the center. in
229 Her hair looked beautifully curly in the sunlight. in
230 The river flowed in a rapid current. in
231 The painting had a matte finish in subtle colors. in
232 The baker decided to crimp the edges of the pie crust. in
233 He was always natty in his appearance. in
234 The grandmother stitched love in every quilt in the house. in
235 The eggs were poached in a simmering pot of water. in
236 The light passed through the prism in a spectrum of colors. in
237 A brawl broke out in the pub in the late hours. in
238 She was compared to a shrew in her sharp-tongued remarks. in
239 The house was constructed in adobe style in the desert. in
240 The explorer found a trove of ancient artifacts in the cave. in
241 She wore a charm in a necklace around her neck. in
242 The village was located in the foothills of the mount. in
243 His memories of the event were vague in his mind. in
244 The photo was a bit fuzzy in the blurred background. in
245 The knife had a blunt edge in need of sharpening. in
246 Honesty is a valuable trait in a person. in
247 The family lived happily in their cozy abode. in
248 The accused awaited trial in the courthouse. in
249 The glasses clinked in a toast during the celebration. in
250 The detective decided to snoop in the suspect’s apartment. in
251 The company invested in techy gadgets for its employees. in
252 The shoes were polished to a shine in the morning. in
253 They needed to amend the mistake in the contract. in
254 The wires were interconnected in the electronic circuit. in
255 The process of aging occurs naturally in living organisms. in
256 Winning the lottery was considered a fluke in his life. in
257 She stayed awake in the dark room, unable to sleep. in
258 The frogs croaked loudly in the swamp at night. in
259 The village was situated in the midst of lush green fields. in
260 The thief attempted to steal in the crowded market. in
261 Displaying good manners is a sign of being couth in social situations. in
262 He couldn’t help but smirk in response to the teasing. in
263 The children had to scram when the rain started pouring. in
264 The police investigated the theft in the neighborhood. in
265 The broom was used to sweep in the dusty corners. in
266 The lion began to prowl in the grassland in search of prey. in
267 The birds returned to their roost in the tall trees. in
268 The needle was sharp in order to sew through tough fabric. in
269 Making hasty decisions can lead to regret in the future. in
270 The fork had three prongs for serving food. in
271 The suspect provided an alibi for his whereabouts during the crime. in
272 The cat seemed like a stray, wandering the streets. in
273 The photographer decided to shoot in black and white. in
274 The river began to flood in the heavy rain. in
275 The road became slick in the winter snowstorm. in
276 The baby had pudgy cheeks that everyone adored. in
277 The furry cat curled up on the cushioned chair. in
278 The room looked messy after the playful children left. in
279 The artist painted a swath of colors across the canvas. in
280 The conversation became inane as they discussed trivial topics. in
281 She found a missing piece in the puzzle. in
282 The lord resided in the grand manor on the hill. in
283 The baby fell into a peaceful sleep in the crib. in
284 The bathroom was equipped with a bidet for personal hygiene. in
285 The two companies decided to merge in a strategic move. in
286 The hikers began to climb in the steep mountain trail. in
287 The ship sailed steadily in the calm waters. in
288 He sought to atone for his mistakes in the past. in
289 The roommate’s loud snore echoed in the quiet room. in
290 The waiter served the delicious meal in the elegant restaurant. in
291 The carpenter crafted a bevel edge on the wooden tabletop. in
292 The celebration took place in the backyard during the summer party. in
293 He looked sadly at the old photograph. in
294 She decided to alter the dress to fit perfectly. in
295 The student continued to excel in academics. in
296 He had a hunch that something was about to happen. in
297 The organization adhered strictly to its dogma in guiding principles. in
298 The grand staircase led to the elegant foyer in the mansion. in
299 The dancer’s arms seemed to flail gracefully in the performance. in
300 The marketplace was a babel of different languages and voices. in


1 Can you elaborate on which option is the best? on
2 The comedian’s talent lies in his ability to mimic famous personalities. on
3 The journalist reported on the event in a gonzo style. on
4 The scientist conducted experiments on laser technology. on
5 Something seemed amiss on that fateful day. on
6 The musicians played a dirge on the funeral procession. on
7 The chef insisted on using whole ingredients in the recipe. on
8 The queen wore a majestic crown on her head. on
9 He always cared deeply on matters of social justice. on
10 They bid their friends adieu on the departure day. on
11 The children played in the gully on a rainy afternoon. on
12 The guidelines clearly state what shall be done on the project. on
13 The snake charmer performed tricks with a cobra on the stage. on
14 She preferred to be alone on her birthday. on
15 The couple engraved their names on the tree they loved to visit. on
16 The janitor swept the floor to keep it empty of debris. on
17 The archaeologists discovered a grail on the ancient site. on
18 The paint was applied thick on the canvas for a textured effect. on
19 The workers unloaded boxes on the truck for transportation. on
20 He appeared dopey on the medication. on
21 The skydiver jumped out of the plane with a parachute on his back. on
22 The rabbit found comfort in the hutch on the farm. on
23 The artist painted a vivid scene on the canvas. on
24 Issues may arise on complex projects. on
25 The manager became testy on receiving complaints about the delay. on
26 The surgeon performed a graft on the patient’s injured leg. on
27 The latest gadget became a craze on the market. on
28 The porter was asked to carry the luggage on his shoulder. on
29 The chef seasoned the dish amply with herbs and spices. on
30 The rebel tried to usurp power on the overthrow of the government. on
31 The new technique was tried on a small scale before implementation. on
32 The actress portrayed a buxom character on the stage. on
33 The packages were stored in the depot on arrival. on
34 The scarecrow was made with a hat on its head and a straw in its mouth. on
35 The protestors gathered in the lobby on the first floor. on
36 The patient experienced a shock on touching the live wire. on
37 The rumor spread quickly on social media platforms. on
38 The teacher kept an eye on every pupil during the exam. on
39 The valet parked the car on the designated spot. on
40 The monk practiced his habit of meditation on a daily basis. on
41 The chocolate cake was gooey on the inside. on
42 He chose to demur on the controversial topic. on
43 The waves swash on the shore in rhythmic patterns. on
44 The couple faced a minor hitch on their journey. on
45 The knight wore armor on the battlefield. on
46 The cyclist raced ahead on the track. on
47 The fashion designer set a new vogue on the runway. on
48 The fish swam together in a shoal on the coral reef. on
49 The comedian told a bawdy joke on the comedy show. on
50 The keys got stuck on the piano during the performance. on
51 The knight wielded a sword on the battlefield. on
52 The blacksmith’s hammer made a clang on the anvil. on
53 He gave a shrug on being asked about his plans. on
54 The statue stood on a pedestal in the center of the garden. on
55 The politician met with lobbyists on issues of public concern. on
56 The milk frothed on top of the cappuccino. on
57 The plants were hardy and thrived on minimal water. on
58 The fakir sat on a bed of nails during his performance. on
59 The archer aimed carefully on the target board. on
60 His face turned ashen on hearing the shocking news. on
61 The chef prepared a stock on the stove for the soup. on
62 The project fell within the ambit of the company’s goals. on
63 The boxer showed a gutsy performance on the ring. on
64 The toast was burnt on one side in the toaster. on
65 The technician fixed the issue on the computer system. on
66 The child struggled to grasp the concept on the first try. on
67 The morning was misty on the mountain peak. on
68 The customer raised a query on the confusing billing statement. on
69 The security guard kept a watch on the premises. on
70 He gave a nudge on his friend’s shoulder to get attention. on
71 She showed great nerve on the stage during the public speaking event. on
72 The students were in a class on history. on
73 The carpenter used a joint on the wooden structure. on
74 Many species exist on the endangered list. on
75 The friendly bloke sat on the park bench reading a book. on
76 The birds began to chirp on the arrival of spring. on
77 The landscape looked bleak on the overcast day. on
78 The craftsman carved intricate patterns on the stave of the barrel. on
79 The customers waited in the salon on comfortable chairs. on
80 The knave smirked on successfully playing a prank. on
81 The flowers began to bloom on the first day of spring. on
82 The athlete continued to boast on his achievements. on
83 He found zilch evidence to support the wild claims. on
84 The path became stony on the ascent to the mountain peak. on
85 The tourists marveled at the beautiful sight on the hill. on
86 The fox used guile on catching its prey in the dense forest. on
87 The diamond sparkled, reflecting light on each facet. on
88 The temple was decorated with images of gods on the walls. on
89 The janitor collected trash on a regular basis. on
90 The city skyline provided a stunning vista on the horizon. on
91 The hiker carried a torch on the night trek through the woods. on
92 The helicopter began to hover on the landing pad. on
93 He appeared a bit loony on sharing his eccentric ideas. on
94 The company was suing on grounds of copyright infringement. on
95 The layer of ozone protects life on Earth from harmful UV rays. on
96 The ticket was valid on the specified date. on
97 The artist sought to reify abstract concepts on the canvas. on
98 The river flowed swift on the mountain slopes. on
99 The construction workers laid a new block on the foundation. on
100 He walked with a cocky swagger on the street. on
101 The comedian delivered a daffy joke on the stage. on
102 She read a book while sitting on the park bench. on
103 The children played with the puppy on the grass. on
104 He pulled a prank on his colleague during lunch break. on
105 The student looked dazed on receiving unexpected news. on
106 The jewelry caught the gleam of the sunlight on the display. on
107 The scientist recorded the datum on the research findings. on
108 The travelers found an oasis on their journey through the desert. on
109 Be careful not to singe your fingers on the hot stove. on
110 The gardener pruned the rose bushes, careful not to get pricked on the thorn. on
111 The dancer twirled in a colorful skirt on the stage. on
112 The water sloshed in the bucket as it was carried on the ship. on
113 They decided to start on the project early in the morning. on
114 The player managed to dodge the opponent’s attack on the field. on
115 The artist added another layer on the canvas to create depth. on
116 The professor posit a theory on the origins of the ancient civilization. on
117 The squirrel began to hoard nuts on the tree for the winter. on
118 The toddler loved to stomp on puddles during rainy days. on
119 The magician performed a ferly trick on the grand stage. on
120 The griot told stories on the history of the tribe. on
121 The temperature was measured at the basal level on the thermometer. on
122 The author continued to write on the new novel for hours. on
123 The mountain had a deep cleft on the side. on
124 She placed a label on the package for easy identification. on
125 The actor learned to feign emotions on the movie set. on
126 The bus followed a scenic route on the way to the mountain. on
127 The river flowed broad on the plain. on
128 The railway workers needed to shunt the train on the sidetrack. on
129 He experienced agony on the injury during the football match. on
130 The decorator decided to gussy up the room on the special occasion. on
131 The engineer checked the valve on the machine for proper functioning. on
132 The baker brushed butter on the crust of the freshly baked bread. on
133 The girl appeared naive on worldly matters. on
134 The garden was adorned with lilac flowers on the bushes. on
135 The birds built a nest on the house eaves. on
136 She took time to primp herself on the mirror before the party. on
137 The restaurant was known as the go-to place for delicious desserts. on
138 The poet tried to liken the sunset to a painting on the horizon. on
139 The wise old crone lived alone on the hill. on
140 The hiker felt weary on the long trek through the mountains. on
141 The answer seemed to elude her on the difficult quiz. on
142 The shoes were deemed unfit on the examination for safety standards. on
143 His brash attitude stood out on the diplomatic gathering. on
144 They gazed on the mesmerizing view from the mountain summit. on
145 The comedian’s hokey jokes resonated well on the variety show. on
146 The artist added a tiny fleck on the painting to enhance realism. on
147 The chef prepared a delicious dessert, a monde of flavors on the plate. on
148 The workers needed to hoist the heavy equipment on the construction site. on
149 The clerk worked diligently on the paperwork in the office. on
150 The organization had a credo on honesty and integrity. on
151 The chemicals were deemed toxic on the safety report. on
152 The chef decided to goose up the flavor on the dish with additional spices. on
153 The explorers took refuge in a small shack on the deserted island. on
154 The potter molded a beautiful crock on the wheel. on
155 The army laid a siege on the enemy fortress. on
156 The communities decided to unite on common causes. on
157 The unpleasant smell caused him to retch on the garbage bin. on
158 The artist sought to exalt beauty on the canvas. on
159 The forest had a copse of trees on the hillside. on
160 The news anchor provided a recap on the major events of the day. on
161 The professor lectured on the topic of astronomy. on
162 The chef needed to weigh ingredients on the scale for accurate measurements. on
163 The linguist explained the meaning behind the idiom on the board. on
164 The school decided to expel the troublemaker on disciplinary grounds. on
165 The artist used sable brushes on the delicate painting. on
166 The bridge served as a nexus on connecting two parts of the city. on
167 The pedestrian waited to cross on the busy intersection. on
168 She transformed her dowdy appearance on attending the fashion makeover. on
169 The students continued to learn on the subject in the classroom. on
170 His quirky sense of humor stood out on the comedy show. on
171 The children divided the chores on the household tasks. on
172 The soldiers had to inure themselves on harsh conditions during training. on
173 She wrote her thoughts in the diary on the bedside table. on
174 The teacher decided to allow extra time on the exam for the students. on
175 The beach experienced a tidal wave on the full moon. on
176 The old dog had sagging jowls on the sides of its mouth. on
177 The road took a sharp curve on the mountain pass. on
178 The artist created a crazy sculpture on the display. on
179 The car had a turbo engine on achieving high speeds. on
180 The musician began to strum on the guitar during the performance. on
181 She found a nifty solution on the complex problem. on
182 The delay was owing on the unexpected traffic jam. on
183 The choir sang a paean on the joyous occasion. on
184 The crowd descended into chaos on the unexpected announcement. on
185 The athletes needed to exert themselves on the challenging course. on
186 The knight drew his saber on the battlefield. on
187 The fencer learned to parry on the opponent’s attacks. on
188 The speaker continued to prate on the importance of environmental conservation. on
189 The scientist observed cells on the microscope. on
190 The investigator decided to probe on the mysterious case. on
191 She kept her hair neatly kempt on the important meeting. on
192 The dog began to whine on the owner’s departure. on
193 The teacher taught the vowel sounds on the first day of phonics class. on
194 His actions seemed queer on the peculiar behavior. on
195 The teacher decided to allot extra time on the assignment. on
196 The explosion caused a blast on the construction site. on
197 The old car was declared a goner on the mechanic’s inspection. on
198 The picturesque landscape featured a fjord on the horizon. on
199 The movie had a sappy ending on the love story. on
200 The organization decided to purge unnecessary documents on the server. on
201 He remained sober on the important business meeting. on
202 The comedian shared a funny anecdote on the talk show. on
203 The teacher was stern on maintaining discipline in the classroom. on
204 The spy acted as an agent on the covert mission. on
205 The knight rode a majestic steed on the battlefield. on
206 The whale surfaced on the ocean for a majestic display. on
207 The teenager felt gawky on the dance floor. on
208 The detective focused on catching the crook in the act. on
209 The sheriff and his posse were on the pursuit of the outlaws. on
210 She entered the correct digit on the keypad for access. on
211 He felt irked on the constant interruptions during the meeting. on
212 The bee left a painful sting on his arm. on
213 The adventurers paddled on the kayak through the turbulent river. on
214 The buyer focused on negotiating the best deal for the property. on
215 The weary traveler decided to tramp on the scenic hiking trail. on
216 The student was asked to refer on the textbook for additional information. on
217 The fashion designer predicted the upcoming trend on the runway. on
218 The sky turned azure on the clear summer day. on
219 She remained aloof on the crowded social gathering. on
220 The crowd began to shove on the busy subway platform. on
221 The cat liked to skulk on the garden walls in the evening. on
222 The youth gathered on the field for a friendly soccer match. on
223 The gymnast demonstrated her agile moves on the balance beam. on
224 He was fined on the traffic violation by the police officer. on
225 The chef carefully sliced on the vegetables for the salad. on
226 The cyclist continued to pedal on the mountain trail. on
227 The boat gently glided on the river, avoiding a collision with a barge. on
228 The sailors gathered abaft on the ship for a briefing. on
229 The irony was not lost on her in the humorous situation. on
230 Her hubby surprised her with flowers on their anniversary. on
231 The couple booked a luxurious suite on their honeymoon. on
232 The wet clothes began to cling on the body after the rain. on
233 The substance appeared inert on the chemical test. on
234 The lawyer decided to plead on the behalf of his client. on
235 The dancer performed with great verve on the stage. on
236 They decided to begin on the new project immediately. on
237 The shop offered a discount on the price of the shoes. on
238 The old woman was described as a harpy on her sharp criticism. on
239 The shredder tore the paper into shreds on the office desk. on
240 The young artist began to covet on the prestigious art award. on
241 The hiker stood on the brink of the cliff, admiring the view. on
242 The children believed in the existence of fairies on the garden. on
243 The diners felt sated on the delicious feast at the restaurant. on
244 They exchanged troth on the romantic sunset beach. on
245 The cave explorer peered into the dark abyss on the descent. on
246 The mechanic decided to tweak on the engine for better performance. on
247 The city dwellers often looked down on the yokel for their rural origins. on
248 The constant rain began to erode on the mountain slopes. on
249 The flag fluttered aloft on the mast of the ship. on
250 The clouds grew heavy on the eve of the thunderstorm. on
251 The shelves were lined on the bookstore with various titles. on
252 The construction work progressed apace on the new building. on
253 The elder members decided to share their wisdom on the council. on
254 The school decided to take action on the bully’s behavior. on
255 The tailor stitched a beautiful tunic on the order of the customer. on
256 He remained stoic on the criticism, not showing any emotion. on
257 The organization followed a tenet on ethical business practices. on
258 The old mansion was said to haunt on the lonely hill. on
259 The artist created a beautiful ombre effect on the painting. on
260 The musician played a snare drum on the rhythm section. on
261 The rider tightened the girth on the horse before the race. on
262 The rebel decided to flout on the rules of the oppressive regime. on
263 The tree had a scrag of branches on the windy hilltop. on
264 The warring factions agreed to a truce on the negotiation table. on
265 The window offered a clear view on the picturesque landscape. on
266 The singer began to croon on the romantic ballad. on
267 The tourists were greeted with aloha on arriving at the Hawaiian resort. on
268 The kitchen was filled with the delightful aroma on the cooking. on
269 The fabric felt silky on the touch. on
270 He couldn’t shake off the guilt on the mistake he had made. on
271 The traveler looked gaunt on the difficult journey through the desert. on
272 The hall had a grand chandelier on the ceiling. on
273 They ought to decide on the plan of action for the project. on
274 The employee was considered an asset on the team. on
275 The participants decided to table on the discussion for the next meeting. on
276 The investigator uncovered evidence on the fraud committed. on
277 The actor skillfully acted on the emotional scene in the movie. on
278 The street became noisy on the celebration of the festival. on
279 The debate remained civil on the contentious issue. on
280 The speaker made a valid point on the importance of environmental conservation. on
281 The detective discovered a stash on the hidden treasure. on
282 The road became bumpy on the rough terrain. on
283 The priest addressed the laity on the importance of faith. on
284 The scientist conducted experiments on the thermodynamics of the substance. on
285 The repellent was sprayed on the skin to repel insects. on
286 The tailor measured the waist on the fitting for the custom dress. on
287 The rural landscape had a charm on its simplicity. on
288 She decided to rinse on the dishes before placing them in the dishwasher. on
289 The judge imposed a fine on the offender as a mulct for the crime. on
290 The doctor performed a procedure on the colon for medical examination. on
291 She was often labeled as a prude on her conservative values. on
292 The lawyer provided legal advice on the complex case. on
293 The chef caught a whiff on the aroma of the freshly baked bread. on
294 The nurse applied a healing salve on the wound for relief. on
295 The two teams clashed on the field in the intense soccer match. on
296 The journalist decided to embed on the frontline for a firsthand report. on


1 The tea was served tepid at the outdoor cafe. at
2 The children were jolly at the birthday party. at
3 The event celebrated the achievements of women at the workplace. at
4 The widow mourned her husband’s passing at the funeral. at
5 The parishioners offered their tithe at the Sunday service. at
6 The witness was willing to vouch at the trial. at
7 The sculpture found its niche at the art gallery. at
8 The vegetables were set to broil at the barbecue. at
9 The priest decided to bless at the religious ceremony. at
10 The luxurious carpet added a plush feel at the entrance. at
11 The forest became dense at the heart of the wilderness. at
12 The situation became hairy at the critical juncture. at
13 She returned in a trice at the sound of her name. at
14 The waves began to surge at the high tide. at
15 The athlete showcased his manly strength at the weightlifting competition. at
16 The old man exclaimed, “Pshaw!” at the absurdity of the suggestion. at
17 The merchant was considered a nabob at the trading post. at
18 The people formed a queue at the bus stop. at
19 The artist added vibrant color at the center of the canvas. at
20 The bees gathered in a swarm at the blooming flowers. at
21 The surroundings became quite at the onset of night. at
22 The contestants were expected to perform at an equal level. at
23 The child received a smack at the back for misbehaving. at
24 The museum displayed a relic at the historical exhibition. at
25 The garden was adorned with elfin statues at the entrance. at
26 The project entered a critical phase at the deadline. at
27 The salesperson worked as a shill at the product demonstration. at
28 The conversation became vapid at the dull party. at
29 The old building seemed frail at the crumbling walls. at
30 The instructions were written in ditto at the end of the document. at
31 The dog sniffed with its snout at the scent of food. at
32 The knight embarked on a quest at the call of the king. at
33 The cat leaped and bounded at the sight of a mouse. at
34 The beggar lived in a hovel at the outskirts of the city. at
35 The door creaked at the slightest movement. at
36 He tried to feign innocence at the accusation. at
37 The mountain peaks were covered in hoary snow at the winter summit. at
38 The party decorations followed a theme at the birthday celebration. at
39 The burden was borne at the shoulders of the strong man. at
40 The students eagerly hoped at the prospect of a field trip. at
41 The ground shook at the tremor of the earthquake. at
42 The family was eking out a living at the small farm. at
43 The hiker felt a crick at the back after the long trek. at
44 The lion’s fur was tawny at the majestic presence. at
45 The telescope provided an optic view at the distant stars. at
46 The aroma of coffee was heady at the local cafe. at
47 The structure remained rigid at the architectural design. at
48 The energy levels were amped at the rock concert. at
49 The shark emerged at the surface of the water. at
50 The tenor sang beautifully at the opera performance. at
51 The tool proved utile at the construction site. at
52 The book had an index at the end for easy reference. at
53 The fashion show featured a top model at the runway. at
54 The stock prices experienced a slump at the economic downturn. at
55 The wind whistled at the top of the mountain. at
56 The blacksmith worked at the forge, shaping the molten metal. at
57 The rope became slack at the end of the tug of war. at
58 The experience was aural at the live music concert. at
59 The actor starred in a blockbuster movie at the box office. at
60 The historical artifact was dated circa at the museum display. at
61 She gave him a pinch at the arm for his playful teasing. at
62 The lovers confessed their ardor at the romantic sunset. at
63 The child felt giddy at the sight of the spinning carousel. at
64 He made a quick swipe at the computer mouse. at
65 The goods were available at a cheap price at the clearance sale. at
66 The athlete received a gold medal at the prize distribution ceremony. at
67 The levee protected the town at the riverbank from flooding. at
68 The bread dough needed time to rise at the addition of yeast. at
69 The neighbor was often considered nosey at the prying questions. at
70 The creature could morph at will into different forms. at
71 The post was well-liked at the social media platform. at
72 The cat slunk at the approach of a stranger. at
73 The couple decided to elope at the disapproval of their families. at
74 The colors blended seamlessly at the artist’s palette. at
75 The business reached its nadir at the economic recession. at
76 The two teams were fierce rivals at the championship match. at
77 The building had multiple stories at the towering height. at
78 The dog had recently given birth to a whelp at the kennel. at
79 The air had a chill at the onset of winter. at
80 The damsel appeared to swoon at the knight in shining armor. at
81 The cliché statement sounded trite at the important meeting. at
82 The gossip became catty at the mention of personal affairs. at
83 The festival showcased various genres of music at the main stage. at
84 The gymnast performed a vault at the gymnastics competition. at
85 The dessert was a sweet treat at the end of the meal. at
86 The same issues seemed to recur at every discussion. at
87 The farmer raised swine at the pig farm. at
88 The sound of neighing horses echoed at the equestrian event. at
89 The sound of a distant thump at the construction site. at
90 The delivery truck arrived at the loading dock. at
91 He couldn’t help but wince at the sudden pain. at
92 The scouts formed a troop at the campsite. at
93 The old man was known to be a miser at his savings. at
94 The lifeguard quickly saved the drowning swimmer at the pool. at
95 The miner worked tirelessly at the depths of the coal mine. at
96 The family decided to go on a jaunt at the weekend getaway. at
97 She became huffy at the perceived insult. at
98 The dog had a husky bark at the sound of the doorbell. at
99 The lumberjack was known for his burly physique at the logging camp. at
100 She admired the beautiful frock at the boutique. at
101 The soldiers wore khaki uniforms at the military parade. at
102 The baker added a layer at the chocolate cake. at
103 The manager observed her employees doing at the office. at
104 The chef decided to baste at the roasting turkey. at
105 The negotiator dealt at the difficult business situation. at
106 The mischievous scamp grinned at the prank he played. at
107 The explorers faced peril at the edge of the cliff. at
108 The workers toiled as a slave at the plantation. at
109 The artisan displayed his craft at the local fair. at
110 The child enjoyed a fling at the playground. at
111 He made a quick decision at the critical moment. at
112 The harbor provided a safe haven at the storm. at
113 The travelers decided to tarry at the quaint inn. at
114 The farmer harvested gourds at the autumn festival. at
115 The tech-savvy teenager excelled at the coding competition. at
116 They arrived in a sleek sedan at the glamorous event. at
117 The professor made a noted remark at the academic conference. at
118 The detective discovered a false lead at the crime scene. at
119 The rider held the reins at the galloping horse. at
120 The accountant calculated the gross income at the end of the fiscal year. at
121 The plants had grown at the fertile soil. at
122 The snake injected venom at the unsuspecting prey. at
123 The bartender prepared a refreshing tonic at the bar. at
124 The species learned to adapt at the changing environment. at
125 The military leaders formed a junta at the coup. at
126 The team decided to waive at the scheduled break. at
127 The artist skillfully weave at the intricate design. at
128 The pond was covered with algae at the lack of maintenance. at
129 The forest was astir at the approach of the storm. at
130 The surgeon worked to stop the flow of blood at the emergency room. at
131 The historian studied the epoch at the ancient civilization. at
132 The hikers followed a trail at the dense forest. at
133 The birdwatcher spotted a covey at the nature reserve. at
134 The athlete experienced chafe at the friction of the clothing. at
135 The landscape was plain at the vast desert. at
136 The crime scene was lurid at the gruesome details. at
137 The student met the tutor at the library for a study session. at
138 The rover explored the Martian surface at the mission. at
139 The haunted house was rumored to have a ghost at the midnight hour. at
140 The chef used a sieve at the kitchen for straining. at
141 The two nations signed a treaty at the summit for amity. at
142 She couldn’t help but yearn at the distant horizon. at
143 The morning was foggy at the riverside. at
144 The fashion designer showcased an outre collection at the runway. at
145 The business executive displayed greed at the lucrative deal. at
146 The shipwreck was discovered at the bottom of the ocean. at
147 She smiled coyly at the compliment. at
148 The teacher grew angry at the unruly behavior. at
149 The crowd became lusty at the energetic performance. at
150 The palace was adorned at the royal wedding. at
151 He decided to wisen at the experience. at
152 The witch appeared at the dark forest. at
153 The fabric felt soft at the gentle touch. at
154 The weather turned balmy at the arrival of spring. at
155 The party became lively at the enthusiastic yowza of the crowd. at
156 The project reached its limit at the allocated budget. at
157 The soldiers were equipped at the military base. at
158 The confusion began to addle at the complex instructions. at
159 The ancient ruins were considered pagan at the archaeological site. at
160 The chef decided to cater at the wedding reception. at
161 The fans began to exult at the victory of their team. at
162 The student was caught trying to cheat at the exam. at
163 He paused to think at the important crossroads. at
164 The palace was ruled by a powerful rajah at the ancient kingdom. at
165 The clock began to chime at the stroke of midnight. at
166 The ancient priest tried to augur at the divine signs. at
167 The treasure was hidden in a secret cache at the deserted island. at
168 The athlete became cocky at the series of victories. at
169 The peacock displayed its beautiful plume at the mating dance. at
170 The baker kneaded the dough at the kitchen counter. at
171 The situation seemed crazy at the chaotic turn of events. at
172 The insect transformed into its imago stage at the metamorphosis. at
173 The cat decided to sidle at the edge of the room. at
174 The furniture appeared dated at the antique shop. at
175 The ship detected an incoming signal at the radar station. at
176 The constant noise began to annoy at the peaceful atmosphere. at
177 The speaker was frank at the candid discussion. at
178 The playing field was level at the beginning of the match. at
179 The hen brooded at her eggs in the warm nest. at
180 The experiment aimed to prove at the scientific hypothesis. at
181 She decided to humor at the lighthearted joke. at
182 The gardener trimmed the hedge at the entrance of the estate. at
183 The glue helped the pieces stick at the art project. at
184 The town was beset at the invasion of pests. at
185 The newspaper was printed at the printing press. at
186 The writer used a quill at the drafting of the historic document. at
187 The lion displayed pride at the top of the food chain. at
188 The comment sounded snide at the sarcastic tone. at
189 The bride received a dower at the time of her marriage. at
190 The words were meant at the expression of sincere feelings. at
191 The region experienced extreme cold at the polar vortex. at
192 The village seemed small at the vast landscape. at
193 The photograph was framed at the living room wall. at
194 The athlete demonstrated brawn at the weightlifting competition. at
195 The sound of the wind swished at the treetops. at
196 The boat navigated through the canal at the historic city. at
197 The handyman tried to fix the plumbing but managed to botch at the attempt. at
198 The compass pointed north at the direction of the magnetic pole. at
199 The service received a lousy review at the online platform. at
200 The patient complained of an ulcer at the stomach. at
201 The breeder specialized in a unique dog breed at the kennel. at
202 The orphanage served gruel at the meager dinner. at
203 The shoppers navigated through the grocery aisle at the supermarket. at
204 The explorer marveled at the beauty of the natural world at the summit. at
205 The audience experienced panic at the sudden fire drill. at
206 The baby shoes were teeny at the infant section. at
207 The sailor believed in the curse at the haunted shipwreck. at
208 The schedule for the meeting was discussed at today’s briefing. at
209 The elegant table setting included a lace doily at the center. at
210 The wind carried away chaff at the threshing floor. at
211 The detective aimed to assign blame at the crime scene. at
212 The musician composed a fugue at the piano recital. at
213 The chef adjusted the taste at the final cooking stage. at
214 The activity must cease at the designated time. at
215 The researcher cited several sources at the end of the paper. at
216 The child exclaimed, “Golly!” at the impressive magic trick. at
217 The garden was infested with pesky insects at the summertime. at
218 The politician had significant clout at the legislative session. at
219 The crowd gathered at the stadium for the sporting event. at
220 The farmer harvested copra at the coconut plantation. at
221 The property was enclosed with a fence at the backyard. at
222 The knight behaved nobly at the royal court. at
223 The comment was considered crass at the formal dinner. at
224 The fantasy novel explored a mystical realm at the story’s climax. at
225 The teammates continued to bandy at the locker room. at
226 The monarch began their reign at the coronation ceremony. at
227 The old mansion was rumored to be haunted and considered batty at night. at
228 The chef set the timer at the precise moment for the dish. at
229 The wildlife enthusiasts hoped to spot a moose at the national park. at
230 The farmer expected a high yield at the harvest season. at
231 The manager did not appreciate undue interference at the project. at
232 The driver tried to avoid a collision at the busy intersection. at
233 The fluid was stored at the laboratory for further analysis. at
234 The community came together to mourn at the funeral service. at
235 The clouds formed vapor at the high-altitude mountain. at
236 The eggs were expected to hatch at the bird sanctuary. at
237 The teenager experienced angst at the thought of exams. at
238 The chef chopped a chunk at the massive watermelon. at
239 The chef prepared a saucy dish at the cooking competition. at
240 The fans exhibited mania at the rock concert. at
241 The audience was moved at the emotional performance. at
242 The chaos was expected to ensue at the political protest. at
243 The pitcher aimed for a perfect pitch at the baseball game. at
244 The colors were intentionally muted at the vintage photograph. at
245 The officer arrested the felon at the scene of the crime. at
246 The supervisor was known for being bossy at the workplace. at
247 The artist added a personal touch at the canvas. at
248 The stamp needed to affix at the corner of the envelope. at
249 The chef prepared plump dumplings at the dim sum restaurant. at
250 The wildflowers covered the heath at the countryside. at
251 The lines were ruled at the notebook for neat handwriting. at
252 The experiment was considered quasi at the boundary of science. at
253 The cat pounced at the unsuspecting mouse at the corner. at
254 The chef demonstrated how to sauté at the cooking class. at
255 The battlefield turned into a melee at the outbreak of war. at
256 The friends decided to divvy at the bill after the dinner. at
257 The photographer decided to cover at the scenic landscape. at
258 The microscope revealed intricate cilia at the cellular level. at
259 The delivery arrived in a large lorry at the loading dock. at
260 The event took place at the civic center for community engagement. at
261 The antique was appraised at a high value at the auction. at
262 The musician displayed their forte at the concert. at
263 The engineer designed a robot at the tech expo. at
264 The storm wreaked havoc at the coastal town. at
265 The students made sense at the complicated math problem. at
266 The daredevil performed a dangerous stunt at the airshow. at
267 The movie was known to be weepy at the emotional scenes. at
268 The fire danced with flame at the campsite. at
269 The violinist gracefully bowed at the end of the performance. at
270 The cleaner decided to scour at the stubborn stains. at
271 The singer showcased their powerful voice at the concert. at
272 The flowers needed water at the hot summer day. at
273 The conductor announced the next train at the busy station. at
274 The chef sharpened the blade at the kitchen counter. at
275 The event was scheduled to occur at the community center. at
276 The construction project had just begun at the vacant lot. at
277 The sunbathers decided to bathe at the beach. at
278 He smiled wryly at the sarcastic comment. at
279 The speaker made a relevant point anent the ongoing discussion. at
280 The shy student spoke timidly at the class presentation. at
281 The wet clothes clung at the swimmer’s body. at
282 The audience showed scorn at the poorly delivered speech. at
283 The tour guide pointed out landmarks at the historical site. at
284 The sandwich was disappointingly wimpy at the fast-food joint. at
285 The chef prepared a dishy recipe at the cooking show. at
286 The speaker smoothly segue at the transition between topics. at
287 The bird quailed at the sudden loud noise. at
288 The barista began to grind at the coffee beans. at
289 The fashion designer showcased plaid patterns at the runway. at
290 The rumors of change were afoot at the corporate office. at
291 The student decided to defer at the challenging course. at
292 The doctor recommended a stent at the blocked artery. at
293 The aquarium featured colorful guppies at the aquatic display. at
294 The photograph was placed in a decorative frame at the living room wall. at
295 The apples were freshly picked and crisp at the orchard. at
296 The pastry chef baked crumpets at the morning bakery. at
297 The detective found traces of blood at the crime scene. at
298 The breathtaking view left everyone awing at the mountaintop. at
299 The editor decided to emend at the manuscript for publication. at