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400 The Most Helpful Example of a Preposition in a Sentence.

Looking For Prepositions of Sentences? or an example of Preposition in a Sentence? we have 400 such for you.

1 The focal point of the conversation shifted unexpectedly.
2 He took a quick quaff of the refreshing beverage.
3 The moral of the story resonated deeply with the audience.
5 The chart of sales figures displayed an upward trend.
6 Be alert of potential dangers in unfamiliar surroundings.
7 A flare of light illuminated the darkened room momentarily.
8 The dotty pattern of the fabric caught everyone’s attention.
9 They crept silently through the halls of the haunted house.
10 The state of confusion was evident on their faces.
11 A sense of accomplishment washed over her after the presentation.
12 He ate the least amount of food at the banquet.
13 The balky behavior of the old car frustrated its owner.
14 The delay of the flight annoyed the passengers.
15 They amassed a collection of rare stamps over the years.
17 They studied the Torah of their religious heritage.
18 The clown of the group always brought laughter to gatherings.
20 The blare of horns signaled the start of the parade.
21 The loyal support of friends helped him through tough times.
22 The synod of bishops gathered to discuss important matters.
23 A patch of sunlight warmed the cold room.
24 The lunar surface is a subject of fascination for astronomers.
25 The video of the event captured the excitement of the crowd.
27 She dismissed him as a frump of no consequence.
28 A light of understanding dawned upon him suddenly.
31 Make a Xerox of the important documents for your records.
32 The repayment of the loan was long overdue.
33 He stood on the ledge of the cliff, contemplating life.
34 The beauty of the sunset was set apart from the rest.
35 Revel in the joy of achieving your goals.
36 The manic laughter of the comedian echoed in the auditorium.
37 The gelid touch of the winter wind sent shivers down their spines.
38 The Trump of the elephant echoed in the distance.
39 The guild of artists showcased their diverse talents.
40 Keep handy a list of emergency contacts.
42 Witness the decay of the old building over time.
43 The hokum of the politician’s speech fooled no one.
44 The lucre of the business attracted many investors.
45 The crash of thunder startled everyone in the room.
46 The store of memories in her mind was vast.
47 Often, the simplest solutions are the most effective.
48 The corps of dancers performed with precision and grace.
49 The paper of the book felt smooth to the touch.
50 He scuffed the surface of the new shoes accidentally.
51 The fatal outcome of the accident was devastating.
52 Shoot a glance of gratitude to those who helped you.
54 Swear by the code of honor you hold dearly.
55 The owned property of the wealthy businessman spanned acres.
56 An audit of the company’s finances revealed discrepancies.
57 Embark on a foray of exploration and discovery.
58 With a blink of an eye, everything changed.
59 Avail yourself of the opportunities presented to you.
60 The fauna of the forest added to its natural beauty.
61 The bliss of solitude filled her heart with contentment.
62 The sissy boy was teased because of his sensitivity.
63 The frond of the fern unfurled in the sunlight.
64 The psalm of praise echoed through the church.
65 The sleet of winter covered the ground in a thin layer.
67 Perch on the edge of the cliff for a breathtaking view.
69 Abate the intensity of your emotions for better clarity.
70 A trace of doubt lingered in the air.
71 The power of positivity can transform your life.
72 Await the arrival of the guest with anticipation.
73 The dairy of the farm produced fresh milk daily.
74 The wacky sense of humor amused everyone in the room.
75 The scent of flowers lingered in the air.
76 The cycle of life continues with birth and death.
77 Work until the completion of the assigned task.
78 The petal of the flower was delicate and beautiful.
79 The ember of hope burned brightly in their hearts.
80 Revel in the beauty of nature’s wonders.
81 The end of the journey was just the beginning of a new adventure.
82 The rivet of steel secured the structure.
83 A fluky stroke of luck changed his fate.
86 Bigly impact of the decision shocked everyone.
87 Parch of the desert sun dried the land.
89 Boost of confidence propelled her forward.
94 Adore the beauty of a starry night.
97 Notch of achievement marked a milestone.
98 Album of memories captured precious moments.
99 Assay of the substance revealed its purity.
100 Slush of melting snow covered the streets.
101 Knead the dough of bread for baking.
102 Black of night enveloped the landscape.
103 Arose out of chaos, a new beginning.
104 Nomad of the desert roamed freely.
105 Brunt of the storm hit the coastal town.
106 Pious act of kindness warmed the heart.
107 Bring a sense of calm in the chaos.
108 Beast of burden carried heavy loads.
110 Anger of the crowd echoed through the square.
111 Hunch of suspicion lingered in the air.
112 Derpy antics of the puppy amused everyone.
113 Smart use of resources maximized efficiency.
114 Proof of innocence cleared his name.
115 Bogus claim of riches deceived many.
116 Value of friendship is immeasurable.
117 Clone of the original replicated perfection.
118 Rerun of the show entertained the audience.
119 Young of age, but wise beyond years.
120 Zesty flavor of the dish pleased the palate.
121 Swing of the pendulum marked time.
122 Elegy of loss echoed through the hall.
123 Sapid taste of the fruit delighted her.
124 Posed for a photograph in front of the monument.
125 Batch of cookies baked to perfection.
127 Inapt choice of words created confusion.
128 Folly of youth sometimes leads to mistakes.
132 Event of the year attracted a large crowd.
133 Claim of innocence was vehemently denied.
134 Niece of mine is a talented artist.
135 Clown of the circus made everyone laugh.
136 Storm of emotions raged within him.
138 Seize the opportunity of a lifetime.
139 Float on the surface of the water.
141 Hertz of the music resonated in the room.
142 Waved goodbye with a sense of nostalgia.
143 Ideal of perfection is subjective.
144 Place of tranquility in the midst of chaos.
147 Shyly hid behind the curtain of uncertainty.
150 Atoll of coral reefs formed a natural barrier.
151 Stoop of the old house showed its age.
152 Lurch of the ship made her seasick.
153 Wheel of fortune can be unpredictable.
156 Liege of loyalty stood by his side.
157 Crime of passion led to tragedy.
158 Groom of the horse prepared for the race.
159 Mores of the society shaped behavior.
160 Sober of mind, he made rational decisions.
161 Scope of the project was well-defined.
162 Using proper technique, scope of success expanded.
163 Guise of confidence masked her uncertainty.
165 Feast of flavors delighted the discerning palate.
166 Crypt of secrets remained hidden for years.
167 Comer of the room held an inviting atmosphere.
168 Flier of the bird soared through the sky.
169 Piano of elegance graced the living room.
170 Short of time, he rushed to the meeting.
171 Tight embrace of friendship warmed their hearts.
172 Brave in the face of adversity, she persevered.
173 Legal document of importance needed attention.
174 Fancy attire of silk adorned the princess.
175 Brake of the car screeched to a stop.
176 Lapse of memory caused momentary confusion.
179 Groan of exhaustion escaped his lips.
180 Crawl out of bed, it’s morning already.
181 Quiet of the night embraced the village.
182 Token of appreciation for a job well done.
183 Bunch of flowers adorned the table.
184 Mushy feelings of love warmed their hearts.
185 Rapid pace of the race left spectators breathless.
187 Quilt of warmth covered the bed.
188 Prism of light refracted in vibrant colors.
189 Brawl of voices echoed in the alley.
190 Shrewdness of the businessman led to success.
191 Adobe house of clay stood resilient.
192 Trove of treasures hidden in the attic.
193 Charm of the village captivated visitors.
194 Vague memory of the dream lingered.
195 Fuzzy logic of the puzzle perplexed him.
197 Trait of kindness defined her character.
199 Trial of patience tested his resolve.
200 Clink of glasses celebrated the achievement.
201 Shine of the sun illuminated the landscape.
202 Inter of thoughts created a rich dialogue.
203 Fluke of luck turned the tide.
205 Croak of the frog echoed in the swamp.
206 Midst of chaos, find inner peace.
207 Steal a moment of quiet reflection.
208 Couth manners of the gentleman impressed everyone.
209 Smirk of satisfaction crossed his face.
211 Theft of the painting shocked the museum.
212 Sweep of the broom cleared the floor.
213 Roost of birds adorned the tree.
214 Sharp edge of the knife cut effortlessly.
216 Alibi of innocence protected him.
218 Pudgy cheeks of the baby were adorable.
219 Furry coat of the cat was soft.
220 Messy room in need of cleaning.
222 Piece of the puzzle was missing.
223 Manor of elegance stood on the hill.
224 Sleep in the comfort of your bed.
225 Stead of support, he stood by her.
226 Snore in the silence of the night.
228 Hunch of suspicion lingered in the air.
230 Foyer of the mansion welcomed guests.
231 Babel of languages filled the international conference.
234 Gonzo journalism is a unique style of reporting.
236 Whole package of benefits comes with the job.
237 Crown of gold adorned the queen’s head.
238 Cared for the well-being of her family.
239 Empty feeling of loss lingered in the room.
240 Grail of knowledge sought by scholars worldwide.
241 Chute of the waterfall cascaded down gracefully.
243 Carry the burden of responsibility with grace.
244 Depot of supplies stored for future use.
245 Shock of the revelation left everyone speechless.
246 Rumor of scandal spread like wildfire.
247 Pupil of the eye constricted in bright light.
248 Valet took care of his employer’s belongings.
249 Habit of procrastination hindered his progress.
252 Armor of steel protected the knight in battle.
254 Vogue of fashion changes with the seasons.
256 Sword of justice wielded by the righteous.
257 Clang of metal echoed in the workshop.
258 Shrug off the negativity and stay positive.
259 Stood in the center of the bustling city.
260 Froth of the ocean waves sparkled in the sunlight.
261 Fakir lived a simple life of meditation.
262 Ashen face showed signs of fear.
263 Stock of goods dwindled during the shortage.
264 Ambit of his authority extended to the entire region.
265 Burnt edges of the paper gave it a vintage look.
267 Nerve of steel, she faced the challenge bravely.
268 Class of students eagerly listened to the lecture.
270 Exist in the realm of possibilities.
271 Chirp of birds signaled the arrival of spring.
274 Bloom of flowers added color to the garden.
276 Sight of the sunset was breathtaking.
277 Facet of her personality intrigued him.
278 Vista of the city from the hilltop was stunning.
279 Hover in the air with the assistance of technology.
281 Block of ice melted under the warm sun.
282 Daffy, the duck, quacked in the middle of the pond.
283 While on vacation, explore the scenic beauty of the island.
287 Oasis of calm provided respite from the bustling city.
289 Thorn of criticism pricked his ego.
292 Layer of dust covered the old furniture.
296 Griot of the village recounted the tales of ancestors.
297 Basal level of understanding is essential for learning.
298 Route of the marathon took them through scenic landscapes.
300 Agony of defeat was evident in their expressions.
301 Valve of the steam engine released pressure.
302 Crust of the pie was golden brown.
303 House of cards collapsed with a gentle breeze.
306 Elude the enemy in the shadows of the night.
307 Unfit for duty, he was relieved of his responsibilities.
308 Fleck of paint on the canvas added character.
309 Monde of possibilities opened before them.
316 Copse of trees offered shade on a hot day.
317 Ratio of success to failure is crucial in business.
321 Idiom of the language added richness to the dialogue.
323 Learn the intricacies of the craft from the master.
328 Jowls of the dog shook as it barked.
333 Cells of the body work together for function.
336 Whine of the wind echoed through the night.
337 Vowel sounds create the foundation of language.
338 Queer sense of humor left everyone puzzled.
339 Blast of the horn signaled the start of the race.