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Achieve IELTS Speaking Fluency: Your Roadmap to Mastering 3600 IELTS Speaking Topics and Questions

Prepare for IELTS Speaking success with our comprehensive guide, “IELTS Speaking Topics and Questions.” This invaluable resource, available for purchase here, is meticulously crafted to cover over 220+ topics and 3600 questions, providing a holistic preparation experience for both Part 1 and Part 3 of the IELTS Speaking test. For additional support, explore our user-friendly app, “English Listening and Speaking,” accessible on Google Play here. This app offers a-z study material, including listening exercises and comprehensive speaking practice, specifically designed to empower IELTS students. Don’t miss out on this powerful combination – secure your copy of the book and explore the app to maximize your IELTS Speaking proficiency!


451 What’s your favorite season and why? My favorite season is autumn. I appreciate the moderate temperatures, vibrant foliage, and the refreshing crispness in the air during this time. The changing colors of the leaves and the comfortable weather create a serene and picturesque atmosphere.
452 What kind of decisions do you need to make when you plan a party? Planning a party involves various decisions, including the theme, guest list, venue, decorations, food and beverages, entertainment, and any specific activities or games. Each decision contributes to creating a cohesive and enjoyable event.
453 What do you think of people whose job is in the army? Generally, I hold them in high regard. Being a soldier is an incredibly demanding, often dangerous career that requires sacrifice. We should respect those who make that choice, regardless of our personal views on war itself.
454 Do you use e-mail? Yes, I use email as a primary means of communication for both personal and professional correspondence.
455 Were you frightened the first time you experienced an earthquake? Absolutely, the first time I experienced an earthquake, I was quite frightened. The unexpected and uncontrollable nature of the shaking creates a sense of vulnerability that is hard to ignore. It’s an experience that leaves you feeling uneasy and aware of the unpredictable forces at play in the natural world. Over time, though, I’ve learned to better prepare and cope with the fear associated with earthquakes through education and understanding of the necessary safety measures.
456 What are the physical effects of getting angry? (e.g blood pressure…) Getting angry can trigger various physical responses, including increased heart rate, elevated blood pressure, muscle tension, and the release of stress hormones. These physiological reactions are part of the body’s “fight or flight” response to perceived threats. Prolonged or intense anger can contribute to chronic health issues if not managed effectively.
457 Can you tell about a time when you laughed at yourself? There have been numerous occasions when I found humor in my own actions or situations. One instance that comes to mind is [specific scenario]. Instead of feeling embarrassed, I chose to laugh at my own folly, recognizing the inherent humor in being human and making mistakes. This ability to laugh at oneself not only lightens personal burdens but also allows for a healthier perspective on imperfections, turning what could be a source of embarrassment into an opportunity for self-reflection and growth.
458 How much does it cost to smoke in your country? I’m not entirely sure of the average cost in my country, but I do know tobacco products are taxed, impacting the final price tag. This likely varies between regions as well.
459 What’s the best thing about Facebook? The best thing about Facebook is its ability to connect people across distances, fostering a sense of community and facilitating communication. It serves as a virtual space where friends and family can share their lives, milestones, and thoughts. Additionally, Facebook is a platform for discovering diverse perspectives, staying informed about current events, and engaging in meaningful conversations with people from various backgrounds and cultures. The sense of interconnectedness it provides is one of its most valuable aspects.
460 Are you allowed to smoke in the classrooms? Absolutely not! Smoking within school buildings is completely banned, due to health risks. Even in my parents’ day, this restriction was in place.
461 What is the greatest movie from the past year? I tend to gravitate towards smaller independent films, though sadly they lack the hype of blockbusters. Instead, maybe I’ll flip it: what movie generated the most interesting conversations with people close to me afterwards? That feels like a marker of greatness to me.
462 Do you like to listen to Broadway musicals? What is your favorite Broadway musical show? Yes, I enjoy listening to Broadway musicals, as they combine captivating stories with memorable musical compositions. One of my favorite Broadway musicals is [Example], known for its [characteristics] and the emotional impact of its songs.
463 Do you think restaurants should offer one or two vegetarian dishes on their menu? Absolutely, restaurants should provide a diverse menu that caters to different dietary preferences, including vegetarian options. Offering vegetarian dishes not only accommodates those with specific dietary choices but also contributes to promoting a more sustainable and inclusive dining experience.
464 How will you get out of your house if it starts to burn? There’s an established family plan based on the layout of our house. Primary and secondary exit routes were drilled during fire safety awareness activities. We also refresh yearly where the fire extinguishers are kept and have smoke alarms tested quarterly.
465 Do you think there is a link between drugs and crime? Yes, there is a well-established link between drug use and certain types of crime. Substance abuse can contribute to criminal activities such as drug trafficking, theft, and violent offenses. Individuals struggling with addiction may resort to criminal behavior to support their habits or face legal consequences related to drug possession. Addressing the connection between drugs and crime requires comprehensive strategies that encompass prevention, rehabilitation, and support services for individuals facing substance abuse issues. Efforts to reduce drug-related crime often involve a combination of law enforcement measures, public health initiatives, and community-based interventions to address the root causes of addiction and promote safer, healthier communities.
466 What are some gestures you know? I am familiar with various gestures that convey different meanings. For example, waving to greet someone, giving a thumbs up for approval, or pointing to indicate a direction. Non-verbal communication through gestures is a universal aspect of human interaction, and understanding these signals contributes to effective communication.
467 Do you ever disagree with your parents/grandparents about topics such as music, style, and values? We can have lively discussions sometimes! That doesn’t always mean it’s negative. Sharing viewpoints helps me better understand where they come from and why, even if I don’t fully agree.
468 Have you or a friend ever gone to a psychic or fortune teller? If so, what happened? A friend did once, mostly for fun. Their reading turned out to be oddly accurate about some minor details, though predictions of grand love matches never materialized. I remain dubious, yet open-minded.
469 What things should friends never do? Friends should never betray trust, intentionally harm each other, or engage in actions that compromise the well-being of the friendship. Honest communication, respect for boundaries, and maintaining a sense of loyalty are essential to preserving a healthy and enduring friendship.
470 What is creativity? Creativity is the ability to generate novel and valuable ideas, solutions, or expressions. It involves thinking outside conventional boundaries, combining existing elements in innovative ways, and bringing forth original concepts. Creativity spans various domains, including art, science, technology, and everyday problem-solving. It is a dynamic and multifaceted aspect of human cognition that fuels innovation, drives progress, and enhances our capacity to navigate the complexities of life by fostering new perspectives and approaches to challenges.
471 What was your worst ride or activity? Why?
Was it expensive?
While I haven’t had a truly unpleasant experience, there was one ride that didn’t quite meet my expectations. The Jurassic Park: The Ride was a bit underwhelming in terms of its outdated animatronics, and the water splashdown was less thrilling than anticipated. However, it wasn’t prohibitively expensive, and the overall park admission covered the cost of most attractions.
472 Who uses the Internet the most in your family? It’s a close call between me and my younger sibling. They’re quite the online gamer, which definitely contributes to their total internet usage!
473 What kind of scanner do you have? I have [insert brand and model] scanner. The choice of this scanner was influenced by its scanning capabilities, resolution, and compatibility with my computer setup.
474 When you were a child, what did you want to be when you grew up? Like many children, my career aspirations bounced around quite a bit. I went through phases of wanting to be a teacher, a vet, and even an astronaut!
475 Who do you know that always procrastinates? To be honest, I’m a bit of a procrastinator myself! Especially with things I don’t enjoy, like certain household chores. I tend to put those off until the last minute.
476 What do you think of people who give gifts? I believe that people who give thoughtful and meaningful gifts demonstrate qualities of empathy, consideration, and generosity. Thoughtful gift-giving reflects a genuine interest in others’ well-being and a desire to strengthen relationships. It’s a positive expression of care and appreciation. However, the intention behind the gift is crucial; gifts given with sincerity and without expectation of reciprocation contribute to fostering positive connections and creating a culture of kindness and generosity. Overall, I view gift-giving as a meaningful way to express sentiments and cultivate meaningful relationships.
477 Are you good at using a computer? Yes, I consider myself proficient at using a computer. My familiarity with various applications, operating systems, and software allows me to navigate and utilize computer resources effectively.
478 How do you feel about children smoking? This is incredibly concerning. Children’s bodies are still developing and highly susceptible to nicotine addiction. More needs to be done to restrict underage access to tobacco products and to educate youth about the long-lasting risks.
479 Have you ever been caught cheating on an exam? As I have never cheated in an exam, I have never been caught in such a situation. I recognize the serious consequences that come with cheating, including academic penalties and damage to one’s reputation. The potential fallout from being caught cheating far outweighs any short-term gains, reinforcing my commitment to maintaining ethical conduct in academic settings.
480 Would you ever eat rice with sugar? While not my usual preference, I’m open to trying it. Different cultures have varying food combinations, and if it’s a dessert-like preparation, I wouldn’t be opposed to giving it a taste.
481 Which army would you join if you had to? If I were to hypothetically be forced into service, the only logical choice would be the military of my own country. Defending one’s homeland is often the central motivating factor for soldiers worldwide.
482 What is a healthy dose of alcohol? How much beer, wine, or vodka can you drink daily without any damage to your health? What is the damage of alcohol abuse to health? That depends on many factors – age, weight, gender. “Daily” isn’t ideal. I stick to social occasions. Abuse impacts the liver, brain, heart… virtually every organ and dramatically worsens existing health issues.
483 Can you name any languages that are no longer spoken? Latin is a classic example of a language that is no longer spoken in its original form. Additionally, languages like Cornish and Manx have faced extinction but have seen recent revitalization efforts. Many indigenous languages around the world are also at risk of becoming extinct.
484 Do you write e-mail in English? Yes, I write emails in English.
485 How do you build a dog house? Building a dog house involves several steps, including planning, gathering materials, and construction. Start by determining the size of the dog house based on the dog’s breed and size. Choose suitable materials, such as plywood for the walls and roof, and ensure proper insulation. Cut the pieces according to the design, assemble the frame, and attach the walls, roof, and floor. Provide ventilation and a raised floor to prevent moisture. Finally, paint or treat the exterior for weather resistance. It’s crucial to consider the dog’s comfort and safety, ensuring the dog house is well-insulated and provides a secure and cozy space.
486 What are some good points about social networking? Social networking offers numerous benefits, facilitating communication and connections on a global scale. It allows individuals to stay connected with friends and family, share life updates, and engage in meaningful conversations. Additionally, social media serves as a valuable platform for networking, information sharing, and staying informed about current events.
487 Which machines do you think had one purpose when they were invented, but now have many or different ones? The personal computer is a prime example of a machine that initially had a singular purpose for data processing but has evolved into a multifunctional device. Originally designed for tasks like computation and data analysis, computers now serve as platforms for communication, entertainment, creativity, and a myriad of other applications.
488 What is the role of motivation for slow learners? Motivation is possibly even more critical for slow learners. They may face additional challenges and discouragements. Teachers must nurture their motivation through tailored instruction, celebrating small wins, and emphasizing effort over speed.
489 Do you follow professional baseball? Yes, I closely follow professional baseball, keeping track of team standings, player performances, and exciting moments throughout the season. It’s a sport that captures my interest from the opening pitch of spring training to the final out of the World Series.
490 What places have you taken for a picture? Locally, I love capturing changes in our neighborhood, blooming flowers in park, etc. On bigger trips, both natural wonders like hiking trails out west, and cities with historic architecture caught my lens.
491 For parents? Gifts for parents often revolve around creating moments of relaxation and enjoyment. Spa vouchers, gourmet treats, or personalized items with sentimental value can convey appreciation and thoughtfulness. Considering the parents’ hobbies and interests also opens up possibilities for meaningful gifts. The goal is to express gratitude and contribute to their well-being, acknowledging the important role they play in the family.
492 How often do you use copying and printing services? What do you use them for? I use copying and printing services periodically, mainly for professional and personal purposes. In a professional context, I utilize these services for printing documents, presentations, and promotional materials. Personally, I might use them for copying important documents, creating personalized cards, or producing materials for educational purposes. While advancements in home printing technology are prevalent, copying and printing services remain valuable for large-scale or specialized printing needs, offering quality results and additional features such as binding or laminating.
493 Is the place important? Why? Yes, the choice of the venue is crucial for a first date. The location sets the atmosphere and can significantly impact the overall experience. Selecting a comfortable and neutral setting allows both individuals to focus on getting to know each other without distractions or discomfort. A well-chosen place contributes to a positive and enjoyable first date.
494 What have your general impressions of America been? Overall, my impressions of America are largely positive. It’s a country with immense diversity, both geographically and culturally. The spirit of innovation and a go-getter attitude is noticeable in many areas. The landscapes are stunning, and there’s always a sense of possibility around the corner.
495 What would you do if you won the lottery? If I won a significant lottery, I’d take some time to let the reality sink in! After consulting with financial advisors, I’d create a responsible plan. Investing a substantial portion would be a priority. Helping out my family and donating to important causes are equally important goals for me. Though tempted, I’d try to be wise and not make any impulse purchases. Winning the lottery could be life-changing, but not necessarily in a positive way if I didn’t manage my newfound wealth carefully.
496 Among your close friends and relatives, whose birthday is coming up next? [Mention the name of the friend or relative] has their birthday coming up next. I’m already thinking about ways to make their celebration special and memorable.
497 Do you have any children? If yes, what are their names and ages? As of now, I don’t have any children. However, I believe that parenthood is a significant responsibility, and if I am blessed with children in the future, I would ensure to provide them with a loving and nurturing environment to help them grow into well-rounded individuals.
498 How much are you supposed to tip different people? That varies by country and service type. In the US, 15-20% for waitstaff in sit-down restaurants is the norm. Less might be fine for smaller bills/buffets where less work is involved. Taxis, hairdressers etc. vary too.
499 Which machines do you use on a daily basis? On a daily basis, I rely on my smartphone for communication and productivity, my laptop for work and entertainment, a washing machine for laundry, and my car for transportation. These machines have seamlessly integrated into my routine, enhancing convenience and contributing to the efficiency of my daily tasks.
500 Are you concerned that you might be discriminated against? While Canada has a reputation for tolerance, I’m not naive. Unfortunately, discrimination exists everywhere. Whether it’s subtle or more overt, it’s a possible reality for me as a newcomer. Having said that, I also trust in Canada’s legal protection and overall societal emphasis on equality.





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