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1000 The Most Useful Present Perfect Continuous Tense Examples.

  1. Present perfect continuous tense examples: We’ve been reading about this tense for hours, hoping to finally understand it!
  2. Perfect continuous tense sentences: While present perfect continuous examples highlight ongoing actions, the regular present perfect focuses on completed ones.
  3. Present perfect continuous sentence: He has been working on that project since last week, and seems close to finishing it.
  4. 100 sentences of present perfect continuous tense: Although creating 100 sentences might be overkill, understanding a few good examples is key.
  5. Example for present perfect continuous: She has been feeling under the weather lately, so cancel the party if needed.
  6. Present perfect continuous tense examples: Here are some more examples to help you master this tense: “They’ve been playing tennis for two hours,” “Has she been waiting long?”
  7. Present perfect continuous: This tense allows you to emphasize the duration or recent completion of actions, giving your writing a dynamic feel. For more CLICK HERE to download our app.
1 I have been focusing on my studies. I haven’t been quaffing alcohol excessively. Have you been considering the moral implications?
2 She has been shallowing her breathing. They haven’t been slashing prices lately. Have we been charting the progress effectively?
3 We have been alerting everyone about the meeting. You haven’t been flaring up in anger recently. Have they been experiencing dotty internet connections?
4 The cat has been creeping silently in the garden. The dog hasn’t been barking much tonight. Have you been staying informed about the latest news?
5 He has been least bothering about trivial issues. The team hasn’t been balking at challenges. Have the children been delaying their homework?
6 We have been amassing knowledge through various sources. They haven’t been hounding us with questions. Have the supplies been scant in the local stores?
7 The students have been Torah reading for hours. I haven’t been clowning around during the lecture. Have you been yachting in the open sea recently?
8 She has been blaring the music for hours. The loyal customers haven’t been complaining. Have the synod members been discussing important issues?
9 We have been evoking memories from the past. They haven’t been patching up the leaky roof. Have you been strutting confidently in your new role?
10 The rusty pipes have been leaking water. Video streaming services haven’t been knelling. Have the politicians been frumping about recent changes?
11 The light has been flickering in the hallway. Thieves haven’t been stealing in our neighborhood. Have the authorities been penalizing illegal activities?
12 She has been xeroxing important documents. We haven’t been repaying our debts on time. Have you been lingering on the ledge for too long?
13 They have been apart for a long time. The couple hasn’t been piquing each other’s interest. Have the guests been reveling in the celebration?
14 I have been manic about organizing my workspace. He hasn’t been gelling well with the new team. Have you been closely monitoring the financial reports?
15 The ice has been gelid since last night. The atmosphere hasn’t been trumpeting positivity. Have they been handling the situation with care?
16 We have been closing deals successfully. The company hasn’t been decaying despite challenges. Have you been shaving regularly?
17 She has been shorn her hair for a change. They haven’t been hokumming around with their work. Have you been luring customers with lucrative offers?
18 The business has been lucrative this year. Our profits haven’t been crashing lately. Have the engineers been mining for minor issues?
19 He has been storing old books in the attic. The data hasn’t been scuffing during the transfer. Have you been fatalistic about the outcomes?
20 They have been shooting a new movie. We haven’t been delaying the project intentionally. Have the players been swearing during the game?
21 I have been owning this car for five years. The house hasn’t been audited for a while. Have you been foraying into new business ventures?
22 She has been hammy in her theatrical performances. The light hasn’t been blinking consistently. Have they been moistening the soil before planting?
23 We have been availing ourselves of the discounts. You haven’t been fauna watching lately. Have you been blissfully unaware of the recent changes?
24 The students have been sissy about their grades. He hasn’t been fronding around in the garden. Have the choir members been psalming regularly?
25 I have been sleeting the driveway all morning. The room hasn’t been shading properly. Have you been perching on that branch for a long time?
26 They have been uttering nonsense since the beginning. The bird hasn’t been abating its chirping. Have you been tracing the origins of the issue?
27 The government has been powering the city with renewable energy. We haven’t been awaiting your arrival impatiently. Have the farmers been dairying efficiently?
28 She has been eliding unnecessary details in her report. The clouds haven’t been aboveting the mountains. Have you been wackily experimenting with new ideas?
29 They have been scenting the air with lavender. He hasn’t been ravelling the yarn properly. Have you been cycling regularly for fitness?
30 I have been oldening gracefully. The company hasn’t been severing ties with clients. Have they been avian enthusiasts for a long time?
31 The project has been badly managed from the beginning. The employees haven’t been untiringly working. Have you been proning on the comfortable couch?
32 She has been scolding the children for their behavior. He hasn’t been petaling flowers in the garden. Have you been embering the fireplace for warmth?
33 I have been riveting the pieces together. I haven’t been experiencing fluky occurrences. Have you been receiving any bonus lately?
34 She has been glanding her wrist for support. They haven’t been bigly influencing the decision. Have we been parching the garden in the sun?
35 We have been lunging forward in our fitness journey. You haven’t been boosting your confidence lately. Have they been suffering from a crick in the neck?
36 The actor has been majoring in dramatic roles. The team hasn’t been chasing the championship. Have you been flushing out toxins with regular exercise?
37 I have been adoring the new art exhibition. They haven’t been queening in the chess tournament. Have we been glorifying the achievements of the team?
38 She has been notching up victories in the competition. I haven’t been albuming my memories lately. Have you been assaying the quality of the products?
39 We have been slushing through the snow in excitement. They haven’t been kneading the dough properly. Have the streets been blackening with pollution?
40 The idea has been arising for a while now. The issues haven’t been nomading around randomly. Have you been bearing the brunt of recent changes?
41 They have been vying for the leadership position. We haven’t been piously praying for a miracle. Have you been bringing innovative ideas to the table?
42 The chef has been ditching traditional recipes. The employees haven’t been ambling during work hours. Have they been exiling people without proper reasons?
43 The beast has been mightily roaring in the forest. I haven’t been angering anyone intentionally. Have you been hunching over your desk for too long?
44 He has been derping around the office. They haven’t been capering during the meeting. Have we been smartly addressing the challenges?
45 She has been proving her skills consistently. We haven’t been preening ourselves for success. Have you been avoiding bogus claims and rumors?
46 They have been valuing teamwork in the organization. I haven’t been cloning my work from others. Have the TV channels been rerunning old shows lately?
47 The document has been asiding important details. We haven’t been strapping ourselves too tightly. Have you been mentoring young professionals effectively?
48 She has been wringing the wet clothes before hanging. The project hasn’t been erroring out frequently. Have you been zesting up your meals with new flavors?
49 They have been swinging on the backyard swing set. I haven’t been elegying about lost opportunities. Have you been birching wood for the fireplace?
50 The skater has been gliding gracefully on the ice. We haven’t been posing for pictures lately. Have they been batching up the work unnecessarily?


1. Present perfect continuous tense examples?

Sure! Here are a few:

  • She has been studying all day, and her head is starting to spin.
  • They have been waiting for the bus for over an hour, feeling increasingly frustrated.
  • He has been working on his car all weekend, trying to fix it.

2. Perfect continuous tense sentences?

While technically “perfect continuous” isn’t the correct term, “present perfect continuous” sentences work like this:

  • She has been living in Paris for a year now, and she loves it.
  • We have been learning Spanish for several months, and we can finally hold basic conversations.
  • They have been arguing for hours, and it seems like they’re nowhere near a resolution.

3. Present perfect continuous sentence?

Need a specific example?

  • He has been feeling unwell since yesterday, so he’ll call in sick to work.

4. 100 sentences of present perfect continuous tense?

Creating 100 sentences might be overkill, but understanding the core structure will help you create your own. Remember, it’s about ongoing actions from the past to the present!

5. Example for present perfect continuous?

Here’s another one:

  • It has been raining heavily all night, so the roads might be flooded this morning.

6. Present perfect continuous vs. present perfect?

The key difference is the emphasis. Present perfect continuous highlights the duration of an action, while present perfect focuses on its completion.

  • Present perfect continuous: They have been working on their project for weeks. (Length of the action)
  • Present perfect: They have finished their project. (Completion of the action)

7. When to use the present perfect continuous?

Use it to describe:

  • Actions that started in the past and are still ongoing.
  • Actions that just finished but have a visible result in the present.
  • Recent, repeated actions that emphasize their duration.

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