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The Best English Reading Paragraphs. Part – 6

  1. Engaging in English reading paragraphs is essential for language development and comprehension skills.
  2. Improving English comprehension paragraphs helps individuals grasp complex ideas and enhances their overall understanding of the language.
  3. Diverse reading comprehension passages offer varied content, enabling readers to explore different topics and expand their knowledge.
  4. Practice with a specific paragraph for reading practice contributes to honing one’s ability to extract information efficiently.
  5. Regular exposure to reading comprehension paragraphs is vital for academic and professional success, fostering critical thinking and analytical skills.
  6. The importance of reading paragraph lies in its role as a fundamental building block for effective communication and information processing.
  7. Consistent reading paragraph practice is recommended for those aiming to enhance their reading speed and comprehension accuracy.
  8. For individuals preparing for language proficiency exams like IELTS, mastering IELTS reading paragraphs is crucial for success.
  9. Reading a paragraph in English daily is a simple yet effective habit to develop and maintain language proficiency.
  10. Emphasizing the importance of reading paragraph in educational settings contributes to a well-rounded academic experience.
  11. The cumulative effect of dedicated practice with english reading paragraphs results in improved language skills and a broader intellectual horizon.
Two meetings this week in Asia could set the direction for the future of world trade, and the future of Asia itself.
In Kuala Lumpur, leaders of sixteen countries held the first East Asia Summit.  The leaders met Wednesday in the Malaysian capital to plan for a united future.  They agreed to create a group that will work together to improve economic, security and political conditions in Asia.
The new sixteen-member group will include both China and India.
The leaders represented the ten members of ASEAN, the Association of Southeast Asian Nations.  They also represented Australia, China, India, Japan, New Zealand and South Korea.
The sixteen-member group will represent about three thousand million people, half the world’s population.  And it will represent about twenty percent of world trade.
Both numbers are expected to increase in the future.  An expert on Asia says it will have three of the four largest economies in the world by two thousand fifty.
Some Asian leaders say the new group is needed because East Asia does not want to lose trade and influence to the Americas and Europe.  Supporters say the new group could become an economic force like the European Union in the future.
But that will take work.  For now, the sixteen leaders from Asia and the Pacific have agreed to meet again next year.  They plan to meet in the Philippine capital, Manila, just after the next ASEAN meeting.
The other big meeting in Asia this week is the ministerial conference of the World Trade Organization.  There are protests outside, as at earlier meetings.
The W.T.O. has one hundred forty-eight members.  It is the only international organization that negotiates trade rules.  The last ministerial conference two years ago in Cancun, Mexico, ended without a new trade agreement.  Objections by poor countries to agricultural support programs and trade barriers in wealthy ones were major issues.
The United States, the European Union and Japan said they have been trying to avoid such problems in Hong Kong.  They announced plans for thousands of millions of dollars in aid to poor countries.  They also announced plans to end import taxes on goods from some of these nations.  Some officials, however, said the proposals came with too many conditions.
The W.T.O. had hoped for a free trade agreement by the end of last year on trade in farm and industrial goods and services.  Now the hope is to have one completed by the end of two thousand six.  But in Hong Kong Friday, Reuters news agency said rich nations were arguing over protected farm markets.  And developing countries threatened to block any deal that did not give them better prices for bananas, sugar and cotton.
European Union Trade Commissioner Peter Mandelson said the talks were, if anything, “going backwards.”  The meeting is to end on Sunday.


Word Synonyms Antonyms Meaning Example
Direction Guidance, Course, Path Misdirection, Aimlessness The course or path along which something moves or lies The meetings in Asia could set the direction for the future of world trade and the region itself.
Future Tomorrow, Prospect, Destiny Past, History, Yesterday The time or a period of time following the present The leaders met to plan for a united future, addressing economic, security, and political conditions in Asia.
Economic Financial, Monetary, Fiscal Nonfinancial, Nonmonetary Related to the production, distribution, and use of wealth The group aims to work together to improve economic conditions in Asia and increase collaboration among member nations.
Security Safety, Protection, Defense Vulnerability, Insecurity The state of being free from danger or threat Improving security conditions is a key goal of the newly formed group, addressing regional concerns and challenges.
Political Governmental, Civic, State Nonpolitical, Apolitical Relating to the government or public affairs The leaders discussed plans to enhance political conditions in the region, fostering cooperation and diplomatic relations.
Influence Impact, Authority, Sway Impotence, Powerlessness The capacity to have an effect on others or events East Asia wants to prevent the loss of trade and influence to other global regions, ensuring its relevance in world affairs.
Association Alliance, Union, Coalition Disaffiliation, Dissociation A group of people organized for a joint purpose ASEAN, the Association of Southeast Asian Nations, is a key regional association represented in the East Asia Summit.
Increase Augment, Expand, Boost Decrease, Diminish, Reduce To become or make greater in size, amount, or degree Both population and world trade are expected to increase, making the group more influential in the future.
Expert Specialist, Authority, Professional Novice, Amateur, Beginner A person with extensive knowledge or skill in a particular area An expert on Asia predicts that the region will have three of the four largest economies globally by 2050.
Region Area, Zone, Territory Expanse, Whole, Entirety An area or division, especially part of a country or the world The East Asia Summit involves leaders from countries in the Asia-Pacific region, collaborating on shared interests.
Force Power, Strength, Energy Weakness, Impotence, Inefficiency Strength or energy as an attribute of physical action The new group could become an economic force, similar to the European Union, contributing to global economic dynamics.
Proposal Plan, Suggestion, Offer Rejection, Refusal, Disapproval A formal suggestion or plan made to a person or group The rich nations announced aid proposals for poor countries, aiming to address issues discussed at the ministerial conference.
Ministerial Administrative, Governmental, State Nongovernmental, Lay, Civilian Relating to government ministers or ministries The World Trade Organization’s ministerial conference addresses global trade issues and negotiations among member nations.
Agricultural Farming, Rural, Agrarian Urban, Industrial, Nonagricultural Related to the cultivation of the soil and the production of crops Agricultural support programs were a major issue at the previous W.T.O. ministerial conference in Cancun.
Negotiate Bargain, Confer, Mediate Refuse, Reject, Dispute To discuss or arrange terms, agreements, or a settlement The W.T.O. is the only international organization that negotiates trade rules among its 148 member countries.
Import Taxes Tariffs, Duties, Levies Exemptions, Allowances, Rebates Taxes imposed on goods imported into a country Plans to end import taxes on goods aim to promote trade and reduce barriers for some developing nations.
Agreement Pact, Accord, Treaty Disagreement, Dispute, Discord A formal arrangement or understanding between parties The last W.T.O. ministerial conference in Cancun ended without a new trade agreement, leading to ongoing challenges.
Conditions Circumstances, Situations, Terms Certainties, Guarantees The factors affecting the way in which something exists or happens The group agreed to meet again next year, addressing conditions in the Asia-Pacific region and continuing discussions.
Threaten Menace, Intimidate, Endanger Protect, Defend, Safeguard To cause harm or danger to someone or something Developing countries threatened to block any trade deal that did not provide better prices for specific agricultural products.
Fostering Encouraging, Promoting, Nurturing Hindering, Suppressing, Obstructing Promoting the growth or development of something The leaders discussed plans to foster cooperation and diplomatic relations, enhancing the unity and strength of the group.

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