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The Most Helpful Daily Use English Words With Hindi Meaning

Looking for a list of Hindi words with English meaning or, new English words with hindi meaning? We have 1000 Daily Use English Words With Hindi Meaning in this article.

1000 Daily Useful English Words With Hindi Meaning.

1 Aardvark एर्डवार्क a large, long-eared nocturnal animal that uses its long tongue to eat ants and termites
2 Abaft जहाज़ की पतवार की ओर toward the stern; behind
3 Abandon छोड़ देना to stop caring and leave or to desert
4 Abase अपमानित करना to lower so as to hurt feelings
5 Abaser अपघर्षक someone who degrades or lowers someone
6 Abash लज्जित करना to humiliate someone and make them feel embarrassed or ashamed
7 Abate रोक-थाम करना to reduce in degree or intensity
8 Abatement उपशमन reduction or weakening or something
9 Abattoir कसाईखाना a place where animals are taken to slaughter
10 Abbess महन्तिन the female superior of a community of nuns
11 Abbreviate संक्षिप्त to shorten a word or phrase
12 Abdicate त्यागना to stop accepting a particular responsibility or obligation that you have
13 Abdominal पेट related to the abdomen/stomach, or the part between the thorax and the pelvis
14 Abduct अपहरण to grab an individual by trickery or force
15 Abecedarian नवसिखुआ alphabetical
16 Aberrant धर्मपथ से हटनेवाला straying from the normal or right way
17 Aberration विपथन deviating from what is normal or desirable, not typical
18 Abet उकसाना to encourage or support a behavior or action
19 Abeyance ठहराव a state of temporary disuse or suspension
20 Abhor घृणा करना to reject something very strongly; hate
21 Abhorrence घृणा a strong feeling of hate paired with a feeling of loathing
22 Abhorrent घिनौना causing or deserving strong dislike or hatred
23 Ability क्षमता the skill or capability to do something
24 Abiotic अजैव abiotic means something that is sterile; not from living organisms
25 Abject अधम cast down in spirit or hope
26 Abjure त्यागना to give up a belief or an activity
27 Ablaze जलता हुआ burning fiercely; in a blaze; on fire
28 Able-bodied ह्रष्ट-पुष्ट physically strong and healthy
29 Able योग्य having the capability of doing something
30 Ablution स्नान the act of washing or cleansing
31 Abnegation अस्वीकार the act of rejecting or refusing something 
32 Abnormal असामान्य out of the ordinary; unusual
33 Abnormality असामान्यता a feature that is not normal or average
34 Aboard समीप on board, into or within a ship or boat
35 Abolish समाप्त करना to put an end to
36 Abolition उन्मूलन the action of putting an end to something
37 Abolitionist उन्मूलनवाद one who supports the elimination of practices or laws that are viewed as dangerous
38 Abominable घिनौना horrible; terrible
39 Abominate घृणित to despise intensely
40 Abomination नफरत something that is hated
41 Aboriginal आदिवासी associated with being part of the original population; native
42 Abort बीच में बंद करें to stop something from happening any longer; to discontinue
43 Abound प्रचुर मात्रा में available in large quantity or number
44 Above ऊपर overhead or directly over the head
45 Above ऊपर at a higher layer or level than something else
46 Abraded घिसा हुआ to produce damage or irritation by scraping, rubbing, or crushing
47 Abrasion घर्षण a spot or area that has been scraped or harshly rubbed
48 Abrasive अपघर्षक unlikeable; nasty
49 Abreast बराबर में remaining up to date on a topic
50 Abridge संक्षेप करना to make shorter
51 Abroad विदेश in foreign countries
52 Abrogate अभिनिषेध करना to abolish; to do away with
53 Abrupt आकस्मिक without notice; sudden
54 Abruption एकाएक टूटने का कार्य a sudden breaking away
55 Abscess फोड़ा cavity filled with pus
56 Abscission विगलन the natural shedding of parts of a plant
57 Abscond फ़रार होना escape into hiding; to leave quickly and hide to avoid punishment
58 Absence अनुपस्थिति being gone from a place or person
59 Absent-minded अनुपस्थित विचार वाले describes a person who is forgetful or constantly distracted
60 Absent अनुपस्थित not present; not in a place one is expected to be
61 Absenteeism कार्य से अनुपस्थित होना the practice of missing school or work without good reason
62 Absolute शुद्ध complete or total, undisputable
63 Absolutely बिल्कुल with no limitation, restriction, or caveat
64 Absolution मुक्ति setting free from guilt, sin or penalty; forgiveness of an offense
65 Absolve दोषमुक्त करना to make (someone) free from guilt, responsibility, etc.
66 Absorb अवशोषित करना to take in or soak up a substance
67 Absorption अवशोषण the act by which one substance takes in something or is taken in
68 Absquatulate क्षमा करना to depart hurriedly
69 Abstain बचना restrain oneself from doing or enjoying something
70 Abstemious संयमी marked by moderation and holding back on indulgence
71 Abstention बचाव a decision to not vote for or against a proposition
72 Abstinence परहेज़ the act of not taking part in something
73 Abstract अमूर्त being present as an idea but not in a definite form
74 Abstruse अव्यक्त difficult to understand
75 Absurd निरर्थक ridiculous, silly, foolish
76 Absurdity मूर्खता the quality of being ridiculous
77 Abundance प्रचुरता a large quantity; many
78 Abuse गाली देना Improper treatment
79 Abuse गाली देना to treat a person or animal in a cruel or mean way
80 Abuse गाली देना to mistreat or misuse something
81 Abusive अपमानजनक describing continuous violence or cruelty towards something or someone
82 Abut सीमा पर एकत्रित होना to touch or lean on
83 Abysmal abysmal very bad
84 Abyss रसातल an area that appears endless and immeasurable
85 Academia एकेडेमिया the environment associated with researching, teaching, and learning at a college or university 
86 Academic अकादमिक school-related; educational
87 Academy अकादमी a school or place of training in which some special art is taught
88 Accede मान लेना to agree with someone or give in to his or her wish
89 Accelerate में तेजी लाने to increase the motion or growth
90 Acceleration त्वरण an escalation in pace or speed
91 Accent लहज़ा a distinctive pronunciation of language often associated by nationality or culture
92 Accentuate दबाव का चिह्न to highlight 
93 Accept स्वीकार करना to agree to take or receive
94 Acceptable स्वीकार्य satisfactory; adequate
95 Acceptance स्वीकार the act of taking/receiving something that is being offered
96 Accepting स्वीकार करना agreeing to take or receive something
97 Access पहुँच gain entrance to
98 Accessible पहुंच योग्य capable of being accessed
99 Accessory सहायक an article that completes one’s basic outfit, such as a scarf or gloves
100 Accident दुर्घटना unexpected event with negative consequences
101 Accidental आकस्मिक something happening unplanned or unforeseen
102 Acclaim एक्लेम public praise and applause
103 Acclamation अभिनंदन loud praise or approval
104 Acclimate अभ्यास होना to adapt to a new place or different conditions
105 Acclivity चढ़ाना an upward slope
106 Accolade सम्मान an acknowledgement or an award
107 Accommodate समायोजित करना to fulfill a request or meet the needs of 
108 Accommodating मिलनसार inclined to make happy or content
109 Accommodation आवास a place for someone to live, stay, or work
110 Accompanied के साथ joined by an item or a companion 
111 Accompaniment संगत  a thing which is provided as a supplement to something else
112 Accompany साथ to go along with something or someone
113 Accompanying साथ में appearing or going along with someone or something else
114 Accomplice साथी a person who helps another person perform a task that is usually criminal in nature
115 Accomplish पूरा करना to achieve or complete something
116 Accomplished कुशल to have achieved or completed something successfully
117 Accomplishment उपलब्धि a goal or success that is achieved because of hard work
118 Accord एकॉर्ड agreement or concurrence of opinion
119 Accordance अनुसार to be in compliance with something or someone
120 Accordingly इसलिए in a suitable way
121 Accosted टोका forcefully confronted
122 Account खाता a statement of facts or occurrences
123 Accountability जवाबदेही the state of being accountable; responsible for
124 Accountable उत्तरदायी held as liable for a person or thing
125 Accounting लेखांकन the system of recording and managing financial transactions and accounts
126 Accoutrement साजसामान an accessory used in a specific situation or for a specific task
127 Accredit सच मानना to bestow official approval upon 
128 Accreditation प्रत्यायन formal endorsement of a person, school program, or organization
129 Accretion एक साथ वृद्धि act of increasing by natural growth
130 Accrue उपाजित होना increase
131 Acculturation संस्कृति-संक्रमण a course by which a person’s or group’s culture is altered as a result of contact with another culture
132 Accumulate संचय करें to pile up or collect
133 Accuracy शुद्धता the state of being correct or precise
134 Accurate शुद्ध without mistakes
135 Accurately सही रूप में exactly, precisely
136 Accusation आरोप a charge or claim against someone in which they are accused of doing something wrong or illegal
137 Accusation आरोप a charge or claim that someone has done something illegal or wrong
138 Accusatory दोष लगानेवाला blaming a person or group for something
139 Accuse आरोप attribute blame to someone
140 Accustom आदी बनाना to make familiar by use
141 Acerb खट्टा sour, bitter, and sharp in taste
142 Acerbic एसिड expressing harsh or sharp criticism in a clever way
143 Ache दर्द continious, but not strong pain
144 Achieve प्राप्त करना to successfully get or accomplish
145 Achievement उपलब्धि a thing done successfully
146 Achromatic बिना रंग का for something to be colorless usually with black, white and grays
147 Acidulous थोड़ा अम्ल harsh in manner or flavor
148 Acknowledge स्वीकार करना to confirm or admit the truth about something
149 Acknowledgment स्वीकृति the act of recognizing or admitting the truth of something
150 Acme परिपूर्णता the highest peak that is reachable
151 Acoustic ध्वनिक relating to sound or hearing
152 Acquaint परिचित to become at ease with
153 Acquaintance जान-पहचान a person one knows slightly but not well
154 Acquainted परिचित familiar with a specific subject or person
155 Acquiesce संतुष्ट होना to agree or express agreement
156 Acquiescent संतुष्ट willing to acquiesce, accept or agree to something without objection, protest or resistance
157 Acquire अधिग्रहण करना to obtain something
158 Acquisition अधिग्रहण the thing acquired or gained; a gain.
159 Acquisitive प्राप्त करने की लालसावाला eager and capable of making acquisitions 
160 Acquittal दोषमुक्ति a setting free from the charge of an offense or verdict
161 Acquitted विमुक्त found innocent of a charge or accusation
162 Acrid तीखा bitter and unpleasant in taste or smell
163 Acrimony रूखापन a sharp and bitter hatred
164 Acrobat नट an athlete who performs acts requiring skill, agility and coordination.
165 Acronym परिवर्णी शब्द a term created out of the first letters of a multi-word phrase
166 Acrophobia एक्रोफोबिया an unusual dread of elevated places
167 Acropolis एथेन्स् का दुर्ग a stronghold or sanctuary used for defensive and religious purposes in ancient Grecian cities
168 Across आर-पार from one side to another
169 Action कार्य combat; battle
170 Activate सक्रिय to trigger or start something
171 Activism सक्रियतावाद a strategy of undertaking direct action to achieve a social or political goal
172 Activist कार्यकर्ता a person who campaigns for some kind of social change
173 Activity गतिविधि something that people do, usually with a particular aim or goal in mind
174 Actual वास्तविक Real or concrete
175 Actuality सत्यता the state of existing; existence
176 Actuate उकसाना to trigger a movement or action
177 Acuity तीक्ष्णता sharpness in relation to thought, vision, or hearing
178 Acumen कुशाग्रता experience or expertise in something
179 Acupuncture एक्यूपंक्चर a medical practice in which thin needles are inserted into specific points of the body as a way to relieve pain or treat disease
180 Acute तीव्र extremely pressing; critical
181 Acuteness तीक्ष्णता sharpness; insight
182 Adage कहावत old saying that has come to be accepted as truth over time
183 Adamant अटल refusing to be persuaded; cannot change one’s mind
184 Adamantine कड़ा unyielding; firm and unbreakable
185 Adapt अनुकूल बनाना get used to something new or change to fit
186 Adaptable अनुकूलनीय able to change
187 Adaptation अनुकूलन an alteration that makes an animal or thing more suitable for a certain environment
188 Addend योज्य a number added to another number
189 Addendum परिशिष्ट something to be added; especially text added as an appendix or supplement to a document
190 Addict व्यसनी someone that is obsessed with something to an extent where they suffer withdrawal without it
191 Addictive नशे की लत something that is easy to be addicted to; easy to develop a reliance on
192 Additional अतिरिक्त added or extra
193 Additionally इसके अतिरिक्त used in the place of ‘also’ or to introduce extra facts
194 Addle सड़ा to cause a person’s thoughts to become jumbled or confused
195 Addled सड़ाया हुआ incapable of thinking in a clear manner
196 Address पता a description of the location of a property
197 Adduce प्रस्तुत करना to produce as support during a discussion or argument
198 Adduction हवाला देन the act of bringing a body part usually an arm or leg inward to the middle part of the body
199 Adept निपुण very good at doing something that is not easy
200 Adequacy पर्याप्तता being satisfactory or acceptable
201 Adequacy पर्याप्तता the quality of being sufficient, adequate or able to meet the needs
202 Adequate पर्याप्त enough; good enough
203 Adhere मानना conform to or follow rules exactly
204 Adherence अनुपालन faithful support for a cause 
205 Adherent पक्षपाती a material that sticks to other things or a person who supports a particular party, person, or set of ideas
206 Adhesion आसंजन a substance’s ability to attach to another substance
207 Adhesive गोंद sticky
208 Adieu विदाई a farewell, a goodbye; especially a fond farewell, or a lasting or permanent farewell
209 Adjacent नज़दीक lying next to, close, or contiguous; neighboring
210 Adjoining साथ लगा हुआ। next to or joined with something else
211 Adjudge निर्णय करना to view or determine something in a particular manner
212 Adjunct सहायक something that is joined or added to another thing, but not part of the whole
213 Adjure शपथ लेकर कहना request or urge someone to do something
214 Adjust समायोजित करना to change something a little so that it fits or works better
215 Adjustment समायोजन a small change that improves something or makes it work better
216 Adjutant एजीटांट A military officer that is an administrative assistant to a senior officer
217 Administer प्रशासन to supply or give out something
218 Administer प्रशासन to give, handout, or dispense
219 Administration प्रशासन the process of running some sort of organization
220 Admirable प्रशंसनीय worthy of respect and admiration
221 Admiration प्रशंसा a sentiment of esteem and respect
222 Admire प्रशंसा करना to hold a thing or person in high esteem
223 Admissible स्वीकार्य something that is allowed or considered appropriate
224 Admit भर्ती होना to acknowledge that something is real, valid, or true
225 Admittedly आशा से certainly; definitely
226 Admonish धिक्कारना to scold; to warn strongly
227 Admonition चेतावनी a warning or reprimand given with advice
228 Admonitory भर्त्सक conveying a warning
229 Ado हलचल trouble, difficulty, or complications
230 Adobe एडोब sundried bricks made of clay
231 Adolescence किशोरावस्था the time period when a young person becomes a grownup
232 Adonis अदोनिस a very handsome young man
233 Adopt गोद लेना a legal process to take care of another’s biological child as your own
234 Adoptive गोद लेने योग्य related to someone through adoption (becoming a parent or child of someone not by birth)
235 Adoptive गोद लेने योग्य related through adoption
236 Adorable प्यारा charming and easy to love because it is so attractively cute
237 Adoration आराधना deep love, devotion, and respect
238 Adore प्यार करते हैं to idolize or worship something, or to love it very much
239 Adorn सजाना make more attractive or beautiful
240 Adornment अलंकरण an ornament or decoration that adds attractiveness
241 Adrenaline एड्रेनालाईन a chemical produced by your adrenal glands that gives you a rush of energy when you are frightened, excited, or angry
242 Adrift भटकते हुए uncontrolled floating on water 
243 Adroit निपुण clever or skillful
244 Adscititious Adcititious additional or external; coming from an outside source
245 Adulation मनुहार great praise for someone, often more than what is deserved
246 Adulterate मिलावट to make a substance less pure by adding something else to it
247 Adultery व्यभिचार sexual activity between a married person and someone other than their spouse
248 Adulthood वयस्कता the state or condition of being fully grown or mature
249 Adumbrate ढांचे में दिखलाना to create an outline or a faint shadow 
250 Advance अग्रिम before; ahead of time
251 Advanced विकसित progressive; complex or of a higher order
252 Advantage फ़ायदा a condition or circumstance that gives someone a greater chance of success
253 Advantageous लाभदायक helpful or useful and likely to make you more successful
254 Advent आगमन the coming or arrival of something
255 Adventitious आकस्मिक not natural; foreign
256 Adventure साहसिक काम an exciting or dangerous experience
257 Adventuresome हिम्मतवाला adventurous or prone to going on adventures
258 Adventurous साहसी daring; brave
259 Adversary वैरी one’s opponent in a contest, conflict, or dispute
260 Adverse हानिकर negative, harmful, or unpleasant
261 Adversely प्रतिकूल in a negative or bad way
262 Adversity आपदा a difficult situation or condition; misfortune
263 Advert विज्ञापन an advertisement
264 Advertise विज्ञापित to provide information about a person or goods and services to influence others 
265 Advice सलाह an opinion recommended or offered, as worthy to be followed; counsel
266 Advisable उचित worthy of being recommended; desirable
267 Advise सलाह देना to offer suggestions to a person or group
268 Advisement सलाह advice that is both carefully considered and thought out before given
269 Advisory सलाहकार an official announcement that usually serves as a warning to the public
270 Advocacy वकालत the practice of supporting someone to make their voice heard 
271 Advocate वकील to publicly support a particular policy or way of doing things
272 Aegis एजिस under the influence or protection of a specific individual, body, or government
273 Aerate वायु-प्रसार करना to cause air to circulate through something
274 Aerial हवाई happening in the air
275 Aerie ऊँचा नीड़ a nest built in a high place by a predatory bird 
276 Aerobic एरोबिक activity used to strengthen the heart and lungs by making them work hard for several minutes
277 Aerodynamics वायुगतिकी the study of air and how it works when an object moves through it
278 Aeronautics एयरोनॉटिक्स the science of flight
279 Aerosol एयरोसोल substances confined under pressure and typically released in the form of a spray
280 Aerospace एयरोस्पेस the atmosphere of the Earth and the region of space around it; the industry concerned with aircraft, missiles, satellites and spacecraft
281 Aesthete सौंदर्य-विज्ञान का मतावलंबी one who strongly appreciates beauty, art and music
282 Aesthetic सौंदर्य विषयक concerning or characterized by an appreciation of beauty or good taste
283 Afar दूर in a distant area
284 Afebrile बुखार नहीं having no fever
285 Affable मिलनसार friendly, good-natured, or easy to talk to
286 Affair मामला an issue or concern that is handled
287 Affect चाहना to change or influence
288 Affectation दिखावा an unnatural form of behavior that is meant to impress others
289 Affection स्नेह a feeling of love or strong attachment
290 Affectionate स्नेही loving
291 Affiliated संबद्ध formally associated with a group or organization
292 Affiliation संबंधन the involvement or connection that somebody has with a religious or political organization
293 Affinity आत्मीयता a natural liking or attraction for someone or something
294 Affirm वाणी to publicly verify something
295 Affirmation प्रतिज्ञान an action of approval or support
296 Affix प्रत्यय to stick, attach, or fasten
297 Afflatus देवशान a skill or gift that seems to be given by a God or higher power
298 Afflicted पीड़ित stricken, distressed, or impaired
299 Affliction यातना a state of pain, suffering, distress or agony
300 Affluence समृद्धि a situation in which one has a great amount of wealth
301 Affluent धनी wealthy, rich
302 Afford खर्च करना have enough money to pay for something
303 Affray कलह a disruptive fight
304 Affright ऊधम fright; fear 
305 Affront अपमान to do or say something that shows a lack of respect 
306 Aficionado एफ़िसिओनाडो an expert or enthusiast who is extremely knowledgeable about a subject or activity
307 Afield खेत far away from their comfortable environment
308 Afloat बचाए floating or balancing on top of liquid
309 Aforementioned पूर्वकथित regarding someone or something spoken about previously
310 Aforesaid पूर्वोक्त previously mentioned
311 Afraid डरना scared or frightened
312 Aftermath परिणाम the aftereffects or consequences of an unpleasant or destructive event
313 Afterthought बाद का विचार something you think of or mention later because it was not included beforehand
314 Afterwards उसके बाद following; after a previous event
315 Against ख़िलाफ़ anti; not in favor of
316 Agape मुंह खोले हुए open
317 Age आयु the amount of time someone or something has been living
318 Agency एजेंसी a business, usually government related, that provides a particular service
319 Agenda कार्यसूची a list of matters to be discussed at a meeting
320 Agent प्रतिनिधि a person who acts on behalf of an individual or some other group
321 Agglomeration ढेर a collection or mass of things
322 Aggrandize शक्ति अथवा प्रतिक्षा में बढ़ाना make great or greater in power, rank, honor, or wealth; increase
323 Aggrandizement अभ्युदय an increase in power, importance, or reputation that is undeserved
324 Aggravate छेड़ना to make worse, or more severe
325 Aggregate सकल to place into a category or cluster
326 Aggregator एग्रीगेटर someone or something that gathers together materials from a variety of sources and combines them into one
327 Aggression आक्रमण violent and hostile behavior
328 Aggressive आक्रामक pushy or forceful when trying to get others to believe or do something
329 Aggressor आक्रामक the person or country that first attacks or makes an aggression
330 Aggrieve पीड़ा देना to badly mistreat/make upset
331 Aggrieved पीड़ित angry or resentful due to unjust treatment
332 Aghast भौचक्का shocked or surprised in an upsetting way
333 Agile फुर्तीला able to move fast and easily
334 Agility चपलता nimbleness and quickness of motion, both physically and figuratively
335 Agitate आंदोलन to disturb or upset
336 Agitated उत्तेजित upset; disturbed
337 Agitation घबराहट a stirring up or arousing; disturbance of tranquility 
338 Agitprop एगिटप्रॉप something that looks like art but is actually political propaganda or misinformation
339 Agnostic अज्ञेयवाद का unsure about the existence of a god or holy being
340 Agnostic अज्ञेयवाद का someone who believes there is no way to know if God does or does not exist
341 Agnostic अज्ञेयवाद का a person who knows there is no way to know if God exists or not
342 Agog लौटने में filled with anticipation and excitement
343 Agonize तड़पना to endure a great deal of distress
344 Agonizing अति पीड़ा देनेवाला distressing; painful
345 Agony पीड़ा intense pain or suffering
346 Agoraphobia भीड़ से डर लगना the fear of wide open spaces, crowds, or uncontrolled social conditions
347 Agrarian कृषि associated with land cultivation
348 Agree सहमत to say yes or give consent
349 Agreeable सहमत nice and good; pleasant
350 Agreement समझौता a contract or deal
351 Agribusiness कृषि व्यवसाय any business that has to do with agriculture and supplies associated with farming
352 Agriculture कृषि the discipline of farming
353 Agronomy कृषिविज्ञान science of soil management and crop production
354 Ague जूड़ी a fever that causes you to shake, sweat and feel cold
355 Ahead आगे to move forward from current placement
356 Ahem अहम an utterance similar to the sound of clearing one’s throat, used to attract attention or fill in a pause
357 Aid सहायता to back or help someone or something so they are successful
358 Ail बीमार होना a trouble, symptom, or affliction
359 Ailment रोग a condition that affects a person’s mental or physical wellbeing
360 Ailurophile Ailurophile a person who loves cats
361 Aim उद्देश्य to point something in a certain direction
362 Aimlessly बिना किसी उद्देश्य के without an aim, purpose or direction
363 Air वायु the invisible mixture of gases that covers the earth
364 Aisle गलियारा a clear path between rows of seating
365 Ajar अधखुला slightly opened
366 Akimbo अकीम्बो with the hand on the hip and elbow turned outward
367 Akin सदृश्य similar in nature
368 Alabaster सिलखड़ी a smooth, white, and often translucent hard material that is typically carved
369 Alacritous अलाक्रिटस being eager and willing
370 Alacrity तत्परता Cheerful willingness and eagerness
371 Alas हाय disappointingly; unfortunately
372 Albatross भारी अड़चन a species of large seafaring bird that is found mostly in the south Pacific
373 Albeit यद्यपि even though; although
374 Albinism रंगहीनता an inherited condition that one is born with that involves lack of color in the pigment that colors hair, skin, and eyes
375 Alchemist रसायन बनानेवाला a person who practiced a medieval form of chemistry that dealt with metal transformations
376 Alchemy रस-विधा a kind of chemistry that is associated with changing something ordinary into something extraordinary
377 Alcove घिरौची a small area that is secluded from a large space
378 Aleatory पाँसे random, dependent on luck or chance
379 Alert चेतावनी to strongly make someone or something aware of trouble or something dangerous that is about to occur
380 Alfresco खुली हवा में outdoors, open to the atmosphere
381 Algae शैवाल an organism often found on or in bodies of water that resembles a plant or moss and uses photosynthesis to supply oxygen
382 Algorithm कलन विधि set of instructions
383 Alias उपनाम an alternate name used by a person who wishes to keep his or her identity secret
384 Alibi अन्यत्र उपस्थिति a reason or excuse why someone could not have done something
385 Alien विदेशी different from the norm or what is considered to be acceptable
386 Alienate विमुख to make an individual feel unwanted or removed from a group or relationship 
387 Alight प्रदीप्त करना to descend from something 
388 Align संरेखित line up; straighten
389 Alignment संरेखण positioning of things so that they are in a straight line
390 Alike एक जैसे similar in a certain way
391 Aliment पुष्टिकर पदार्थ a minor illness or sickness
392 Alimentary पाचन of, or relating to food, nutrition or digestion
393 Alimony निर्वाह निधि payment paid to one’s former spouse to support their living
394 Alive जीवित living, not dead
395 All-around चारो ओर versatile; able to do many things
396 Allay निराकरणकरना to make quiet or calm
397 Allegation आरोप a claim or a statement saying someone has done something illegal or wrong, which is not necessarily based on facts
398 Allege आरोप है to claim without evidence
399 Alleged कथित questionable; not confirmed
400 Allegedly कथित तौर पर suspected of participating in something immoral or illegal 
401 Allegiance निष्ठा loyalty to some cause, nation or ruler
402 Allele एलील an alternative pattern of a gene that results in a variation of a trait
403 Alleviate कम to make something less painful, severe, or serious
404 Alley गली a narrow passageway
405 Alliance गठबंधन an association between parties or states with similar interests
406 Allies मित्र राष्ट्रों friends or supporters; those who can be trusted
407 Alliteration अनुप्रास the recurrence of consonants at the start of two or more terms 
408 Allocate का आवंटन to give out according to a system
409 Allocation आवंटन an amount of something that is given out or shared
410 Allocution व्याख्यान a speech given to a convicted defendant by the judge just prior to sentencing
411 Allotment आवंटन one share of something that has been given out in portions
412 Allow अनुमति देना to permit or let something happen
413 Allowance भत्ता a share or portion of something that is granted by another person
414 Allowed अनुमत permitted or let something happen
415 Allowed अनुमत let or permitted someone to do something
416 Alloy मिश्र धातु a mixed metal made by combining two or more others that is usually stronger than pure metals
417 Allude संकेत करना to make an indirect reference
418 Allure फुसलाना a quality that produces attraction
419 Allusion संकेत a statement that refers to something indirectly; an indirect reference
420 Allusion संकेत a figure of speech that is used in literature to make an indirect reference to something
421 Allusive सांकेतिक implying, hinting or indirectly suggesting something
422 Alluvial कछार का related to alluvium, a deposit of clay, silt, and gravel left by a flowing river in a delta
423 Ally मित्र a friend; someone who is ready to help you
424 Almanac पंचांग an annual calendar with important events and astronomical data
425 Almighty सर्वशक्तिमान omnipotent or having complete power
426 Almost लगभग very nearly but not exactly or entirely
427 Alms भिक्षा items which are given to the needy
428 Aloft ऊपर in the air or sky
429 Alone अकेला having no one else present; on one’s own
430 Along साथ में beside or by-the-side of something else
431 Alongside साथ – साथ along the side; by the side; side by side with
432 Aloof अलग removed or distant either physically or emotionally
433 Alpine अल्पाइन part of a high mountain
434 Already पहले से at present; even now
435 Alter ऑल्टर to change in some way
436 Alteration परिवर्तन the condition of being changed
437 Altercation तकरार a loud and heated disagreement 
438 Alternate एकांतर when one thing comes after another; fluctuate
439 Alternative विकल्प alternative means another possibility that is available
440 Altimeter altimeter an instrument used in an aircraft to measure altitude/the distance above sea or land
441 Altitude ऊंचाई the height of something above sea level or the earth’s surface
442 Altitudinous ऊंचाई being at or having a very high level of elevation
443 Altruist परोपकार के सिद्धन्त का regard for others without regard for oneself; devotion
444 Altruistic परोपकारी sincerely concerned about the well being of others
445 Alum फिटकिरी a chemical substance containing aluminum used in dye things or to make the skin tighter
446 Alumna एल्युमना a female graduate of a school or university
447 Alumnus भूतपूर्व छात्र an individual who graduated from or took classes at a specific university, school, or college 
448 Alveoli एल्वियोली sacs in the lungs which gather and filter oxygen
449 Amalgam मिश्रण a mixture of unlike items
450 Amalgamate मिलाना to join or combine
451 Amalgamation मिश्रण the process of combining two or more companies 
452 Amanuensis लिपिकार a secretary whose job is to write or type what someone else is saying
453 Amass एकत्र करना to bring together a large amount
454 Amateur शौक़ीन व्यक्ति person who engages in a particular activity without pursuing it professionally
455 Amatory प्रेम उत्पन्न करनेवाला associated with expressing erotic or sexual love
456 Amaze अमेज to fill with surprise, astonish
457 Amazed चकित shocked; stunned
458 Amazement विस्मय the condition of being surprised or overcome by wonder 
459 Amazing अद्भुत impressive; incredible
460 Amber अंबर a yellowy-tan color 
461 Ambiance माहौल the mood in a place
462 Ambidextrous कपटी having equal ability in both hands; in particular, able to write equally well with both hands
463 Ambiguity अनिश्चितता something that does not have a clear meaning
464 Ambiguous अस्पष्ट confusing; difficult to understand
465 Ambition महत्वाकांक्षा a desire to accomplish (complete) a task
466 Ambitious महत्वाकांक्षी strongly desirous and determined to succeed
467 Ambivalence दुविधा mixed feelings or emotions
468 Ambivalent एम्बीवेलेंट uncertain as to which path to take
469 Amble टहलना to stroll in a relaxed manner
470 Ambrosial दिव्य appealing to one’s sense of smell or taste 
471 Ambuscade छिपकर आक्रमण a deadly strike
472 Ambush घात लगाना the act of concealing oneself and lying in wait to attack by surprise
473 Ameliorate सुधारना to make better
474 Ameliorate सुधारना to make something better or more manageable
475 Amenable वश्य willing to comply or cooperate
476 Amend सुधार करना to make better
477 Amendment संशोधन a change or alteration
478 Amends हरजाना to fix a mistake that you made or to make a bad situation better; to make right
479 Amenity सुख सुविधा a thing or condition that makes an event or life more enjoyable
480 Amiable सुशील being nice; displaying a friendly and pleasant manner
481 Amicable मैत्रीपूर्ण showing a polite and friendly desire to avoid disagreement and argument
482 Amid के बीच in the middle of; surrounded by
483 Amidst बीच में in the middle or mist of
484 Amiss अनुचित improper; wrong
485 Amity मेल – जोल a supportive relationship between people or countries
486 Amnesia स्मृतिलोप loss of memory; forgetfulness
487 Amnesty आम माफ़ी a formal pardon or reprieve given to one who has committed a criminal or political offense 
488 Amoeba एक सलि का जन्तु a single-celled animal which catches food and moves about by extending finger-like projections
489 Amok आपे से बाहर a desire or passion to attack or murder
490 Amongst बीच में surrounded by; In the company of
491 Amorous रसिक having or showing strong feelings of sexual attraction or love
492 Amorphous बेढब having no clear shape or form
493 Amortization ऋणमुक्ति the process of determining the cost of something intangible over time
494 Amortize ऋण चुकाना to the amount of a loan or debt by paying small payments over time
495 Amount मात्रा the total number or quantity
496 Amour प्रणय a secret lover
497 Amphibious द्विधा गतिवाला capable of functioning on land or in water
498 Amphitheater अखाड़ा an open-air theatre used for entertainment, performances, and sports
499 Amplify बढ़ाना to render larger, more extended, or more intense
500 Amplitude आयाम the measure of something’s size, especially in terms of width or breadth; largeness, magnitude
501 Amulet ताबीज़ a necklace with an ornament to ward off harm
502 Amusement मनोरंजन fun or entertainment
503 Amusing विनोदी adding humor or fun to something
504 Anachronism कालभ्रम something that doesn’t fit its time period, like if you say you’ll “dial” your smartphone
505 Anagram अनाग्राम a word formed from the rearranged letters of another word
506 Analogous अनुरूप similar
507 Analogy समानता a comparison to show similarity between two things
508 Analysis विश्लेषण the breaking down of something complex into smaller elements so it can be evaluated
509 Analyst विश्लेषक a qualified person who can decipher data 
510 Analytical विश्लेषणात्मक involving the approach of separating a larger item into smaller parts for ease of reviewing
511 Analyze विश्लेषण to review thoroughly and in a logical manner
512 Anaphase एनाफ़ेज़ the stage in mitosis in which the cell starts to lengthen and the two members of each chromosome pair separate and move toward opposite poles
513 Anaphora अनाफोरा repetition of a phrase used for emphasis
514 Anarchist अराजकतावादी a person who acts against the orders of a ruling body
515 Anarchy अराजकता chaos resulting from a lack of order or authority
516 Anathema अभिशाप something or someone that one strongly dislikes; someone who is cursed or shunned
517 Anatomical संरचनात्मक structural; bodily
518 Anatomy शरीर रचना the review of a plant or animal’s structure
519 Ancestor पूर्वज a member of your family who lived a long time ago
520 Ancestor पूर्वज family relative or thing that existed long ago
521 Ancestral पैतृक referring to the family’s predecessors
522 Anchor लंगर a person or mainstay that can be relied on for support or security
523 Ancient प्राचीन referring to something that is extremely old or something that happened long ago
524 Ancillary अधीनस्थ in addition to the main unit, worker, or task
525 Andragogy Andragogy the practice of teaching adult learners
526 Androgynous उभयलिंगी partly female and partly male in appearance
527 Anecdotal उपाख्यानात्मक not necessarily true or dependable, because based on someone’s personal experience and not on facts or research
528 Anecdote उपाख्यान a brief, often funny, telling of something that happened 
529 Anecdote उपाख्यान an interesting or amusing short story
530 Anemia रक्ताल्पता a medical condition in which your blood does not transport enough oxygen to the rest of your body, either because of too few red blood cells, or because of too little hemoglobin
531 Anemic रक्तहीनता से पीड़ित exhausted; weak
532 Anesthetize चतनाशून्य करना to give a person or animal medication that will put them in an unconscious or comatose state 
533 Aneurysm धमनीविस्फार an abnormal blood-filled bulge of a blood vessel and especially an artery resulting from weakening as from disease of the vessel wall 
534 Anew नये सिरे से to take place once more
535 Anfractuous चक्करदार having many winding twists and turns
536 Angelic दिव्य pure and innocent like an angel
537 Anger गुस्सा a strong feeling of being annoyed, irritated, or hostile
538 Angrily गुस्से से with rage
539 Angry गुस्सा having a strong feeling of being upset or annoyed
540 Angst गुस्से a mood associated with intense worry and unhappiness
541 Anguish पीड़ा extreme suffering or grief
542 Angular कोणीय so thin or skinny that one’s bones can be seen 
543 Anhedonia एनाहेडोनिया the physical and mental inability to get feelings of pleasure from typically enjoyable activities
544 Anhydrous निर्जल describes a substance that has no water
545 Animadversion निन्दा a judgmental remark or criticism
546 Animal जानवर a living, breathing organism
547 Animate चेतन to become enlivened and stimulated
548 Animated एनिमेटेड active and energetic
549 Animation एनिमेशन the technique causing images to appear to move 
550 Animism जीववाद a belief that natural objects have spirits
551 Animosity बैर a strong feeling of disliking someone or something
552 Animus विरोधपूर्ण भावना an intense feeling of loathing or disgust; hatred
553 Annals वर्षक्रमिक इतिहास a record of historical events (in chronological order)
554 Anneal पानी रखना to heat and slow cool metal or glass in order to toughen it
555 Annexation राज्य-हरण the official action of securing something by taking it over, often relating to land
556 Annihilate संहार करना to destroy, to eradicate
557 Anniversary सालगिरह the date on which an even took place the year before
558 Annotate एन्नोटेट to add notes to a text or diagram in order to provide additional insight and understanding about something
559 Annotation टिप्पणी a note or comment added to a document or book
560 Announce की घोषणा to give out news in a public way
561 Announcement घोषणा a public statement or report that gives information to those listening or viewing
562 Annoy चिढ़ाना to irritate or bother someone to the point of aggravation
563 Annoyance चिढ़ irritation; nuisance
564 Annual वार्षिक happening once a year
565 Annuity वार्षिकी an allotment of money paid from an insurance company either in a full payment or in installments usually for retirement purposes
566 Annul रद्द to officially make something invalid 
567 Anomalous नियमविरूद्ध unordinary, unusual, or distinctly different from the norm
568 Anomaly विसंगति something unusual or unexpected
569 Anomie एनोमी social instability caused by erosion of standards and values 
570 Anon शीघ्र in a short time; soon
571 Anonymity गुमनामी the condition of having one’s identity unknown
572 Anonymous अनाम not named
573 Answer उत्तर to give a response
574 Antagonism विरोध strong dislike
575 Antagonist प्रतिपक्षी a challenger or foe
576 Antagonistic विरोधी showing or feeling aggression or hostility towards something
577 Antagonize विरोध करना to trigger hostility or anger
578 Ante पूर्व to make an investment in money before knowing one’s chances 
579 Antecedent पूर्वपद something that came before something else and may have influenced or caused it
580 Antedate समय से पूर्व घटित होना to occur before something else
581 Antediluvian पुराना greatly out of date
582 Antemeridian पूर्व मध्याह्न in the morning or before noon
583 Anterior पूर्वकाल का nearer the front
584 Anteroom गलियारा a small waiting area that leads into a bigger room
585 Anthem गान a song that is said to represent the masses, whether it be cultural or social
586 Anthology संकलन a collection of writings
587 Anthropoid मानवाकार having characteristics of a human being, usually in terms of shape or appearance
588 Anthropologist मानव विज्ञानी an individual who studies the development of human beings
589 Anthropology मनुष्य जाति का विज्ञान the study of the origin of mankind
590 Anthropomorphic मानवरूपी having attributes of humans
591 Anthropomorphism अवतारवाद giving human traits to objects and living creatures that are not human
592 Anti एंटी opposed to or against
593 Antibiotic एंटीबायोटिक दवाओं any substance that can destroy or inhibit the growth of bacteria and similar microorganisms
594 Antibody एंटीबॉडी a blood protein your body creates to fight disease
595 Anticipation प्रत्याशा the condition of being excited about something that is going to occur
596 Anticipatory अग्रिम happening or performed in anticipation of something
597 Anticlimactic anticlimactic lacking climax, disappointing or ironically insignificant following of impressive foreshadowing
598 Anticlimax अवनति a shift from an exciting event to a disappointing event
599 Antics हरकतों silly or outrageous conduct
600 Antidote विषहर औषध a substance to counteract a poison
601 Antigen एंटीजन a toxin or foreign substance that causes the body to produce antibodies
602 Antinomy अधिकार-विरोध an apparent contradiction between valid conclusions
603 Antipathy घृणा a feeling of dislike
604 Antipodes प्रतिलोभ a nickname for Australia and New Zealand
605 Antiquated प्राचीन dated; from the past
606 Antique एंटीक an old piece of furniture, household item, or other similar item
607 Antiquity प्राचीन काल an out of date period
608 Antiseptic सड़न रोकनेवाली दबा very clean and free of disease-causing organisms
609 Antisocial सामाजिक सिद्धान्तों के विस्र्द्ध unwilling or unable to associate normally with other people
610 Antithesis विलोम the total opposite of an object or person
611 Antitrust एंटीट्रस्ट a law against trusts and monopolies, designed to promote competition in business
612 Antonym विलोम a word that means the opposite of another word in the same language
613 Anxiety चिंता an uncomfortable feeling of worry or nervousness
614 Anxious चिंतित worried or concerned
615 Anyway फिर भी anyhow; nevertheless
616 Apart अलग to be separated by a typically considerable distance
617 Apartheid रंगभेद discriminatory policy of racial separation used by South Africa
618 Apathetic उदासीन having little or no interest or concern
619 Apathy उदासीनता a feeling of having no interest in or enthusiasm
620 Apathy उदासीनता a feeling of having no interest in or enthusiasm about anything
621 Aperture छेद a gap such as a hole or cavity
622 Apex सर्वोच्च the greatest or topmost position
623 Aphorism कहावत a brief and witty saying
624 Aphotic एफ़ोटिक a region of water that is so deep that it does not receive sunlight
625 Aphrodisiac कामोद्दीपक something that produces or enhances desire of a sexual nature
626 Apiary मधमक्खियों के पालने का स्थान a place where bees and hives are kept 
627 Apical शिखर-संबंधी top, important, best, highest
628 Aplomb अभिमान confidence and skill shown, especially in a difficult situation; keeping your cool
629 Apocalypse कयामत a huge catastrophe that causes devastating destruction and loss
630 Apocryphal शंकायुक्त well-known but probably not true
631 Apodictic अपोडिक्टिक unquestionably true or certain
632 Apogee पराकाष्ठा the highest point
633 Apologetic क्षमाशील remorseful; sorry for committing a wrong
634 Apologize क्षमा माँगना to express regret for one’s actions; to say that you are sorry
635 Apology क्षमायाचना an expression of regret; remorse 
636 Apoplectic मिरगी से ग्रस्त incredibly angry
637 Apoplexy मिरगी the inability to speak or perform as a result of an intense emotion or serious medical condition
638 Apostasy स्वधर्मत्याग the act of renouncing one’s religious beliefs
639 Apostate स्वधर्मत्यागी an individual who has rejected his faith or religious convictions
640 Apothecary अत्तार a person who makes and provides/sells drugs and/or medicines
641 Apothegm एपोथेगम a short, witty, instructive saying
642 Apotheosis गुणगान perfect example of something or the best point in one’s life or job
643 Appalled चकित struck with horror
644 Appalling भय उत्पन्न करनेवाला very bad
645 Apparatus उपकरण the tools, equipment, and machinery you use for particular purposes
646 Apparel परिधान clothing
647 Apparent प्रकट clearly visible or understood; obvious
648 Apparition प्रेत a ghostly appearing figure
649 Appeal अपील करना to make a request for
650 Appealing आकर्षक tempting; alluring
651 Appear के जैसा लगना to become visible; to come into sight
652 Appearance उपस्थिति what something looks like
653 Appease खुश to make (someone) pleased or less angry by giving or saying something desired
654 Appeasement मनौती to calm or persuade into an agreement usually in the angry party’s favor
655 Appellation पदवी a term or title by which a person or thing is identified
656 Append संलग्न attach; affix
657 Appendage अनुबंध a limb or other extremity that stick outs from the upper or lower portion of a body
658 Appendix अनुबंध the last part of a book or essay where extra information pertaining to the topic is included; sometimes with a graphic aid
659 Appetence अभिलाषा the state or action of desiring or craving
660 Appetite भूख a strong desire for something
661 Appetizing स्वादिष्ट appealing or attractive, typically in reference to food
662 Applaud सराहना to congratulate by clapping
663 Applause वाहवाही the act of praise publicly expressed by the clapping of hands
664 Appliance उपकरण a piece of equipment designed to perform a domestic task
665 Applicable उपयुक्त suitable for application, relevant
666 Applicant आवेदक one who applies for something; one who makes a request
667 Application आवेदन an official permission to a higher figure for something
668 Apply आवेदन करना to smear or rub a substance on something else
669 Appoint नियुक्त करना to assign a responsibility, job, or role to someone
670 Appointed नियुक्त to pick or choose for a task, duty, job or title position
671 Appose अपील to place things next to or near another thing
672 Apposite उचित fitting for the situation or suited
673 Apposition समानाधिकरण a grammatical relation between an adjective and the noun behind it
674 Appraisal मूल्यांकन an opinion or estimated value
675 Appraised मूल्यांकन to have had its worth evaluated
676 Appreciable प्रशंसनीय adequately considered to be substantial or significant
677 Appreciate प्रशंसा करना to understand the worth, value, or importance of something
678 Appreciative सराहना displaying or feeling gratitude
679 Apprehend पकड़ना to catch a person for criminal reasons
680 Apprehension आशंका capturing and arresting a lawless person
681 Apprehensive भयभीत worried that something bad may happen; afraid
682 Apprentice शिक्षु trainee (beginner) especially in a skilled trade
683 Apprenticeship शागिर्दी job training that involves working for an expert to learn a particular trade
684 Apprise सूचना देना to report on the status of something
685 Approach दृष्टिकोण so come near something
686 Approachable सुलभ easy to talk to
687 Approbation प्रशंसा to gain approval
688 Appropriate उचित right or suited for a particular situation
689 Appropriation विनियोग money set aside for a specific purpose
690 Approve मंज़ूरी देना to officially accept something, considering it good or okay
691 Approximate अनुमानित close to the exact; estimated
692 Approximately लगभग close to, but not exactly
693 Appurtenant लगाव belonging
694 Apropos अनुरूप fitting; at the right time
695 Apt उपयुक्त likely to do something
696 Aptitude कौशल the capability to do something well
697 Aptly जिसे उपयुक्त in a fitting way
698 Aptness उपयुक्तता being suitable or right for something
699 Aquatic जलीय associated with water, often living in or taking place in water
700 Aqueduct नहर an artificial channel that is constructed to transport water from one location to another
701 Aqueous जलीय associated with water
702 Aquifer एक्विफायर a rock deposit that bears water and is under the ground 
703 Arabesque अरबस्क a graceful, Arabian design usually seen in metal, ceramic, or stone that resembles vines and leaves
704 Arable कृषि योग्य adequate for cultivating
705 Arbiter मध्यस्थ one who can settle a disagreement between parties
706 Arbitrage पंचायत a method of buying something for one price and then immediately selling it for another price somewhere else
707 Arbitrary मनमाना not done for any particular reason; chosen or done at random
708 Arbitrate पंचायत करना to settle an argument between two people or groups after hearing the opinions and ideas of both
709 Arcane भेद का understood by only a few; obscure
710 Arch मेहराब a semi-circle shape, like an inverted “U”
711 Archaeology पुरातत्त्व the study of the past by excavation and analysis of its material remains
712 Archaic प्राचीन old and no longer useful
713 Archenemy कट्टर दुश्मन a main enemy that is extremely opposed to someone or something
714 Archetype मूलरूप आदर्श an ideal example that people often attempt to duplicate
715 Archipelago द्वीपसमूह a group of islands
716 Architecture वास्तुकला the science of designing and constructing
717 Archive पुरालेख a collection of historical documents or records providing information about a place, institution, or group of people
718 Archly चालाकी से cunningly or slyly
719 Ardent उत्साही feeling great passion, or felt very passionately
720 Ardor ललक great warmth of feeling; passion
721 Arduous कठिन demanding great effort or labor; difficult
722 Area क्षेत्र a particular geographic region
723 Argot कठबोली a unique language used by certain groups or people with a particular occupation
724 Arguably यकीनन possibly or probably
725 Argue बहस करना to give reasons for your support or condemnation of certain ideals, typically in an aggressive manner
726 Argument तर्क a discussion where both sides explain their contrasting viewpoints usually with an angry tone
727 Argumentative विवादपूर्ण predisposed to debating, disagreeing, or expressing controversial opinions or beliefs
728 Argyle आर्गाइल a pattern that features a series of diamonds and a solid colored background that was originally modeled from Scottish tartan
729 Arid शुष्क incredibly dry; lacking water 
730 Aridity शुष्कता long term lack of rainfall or moisture
731 Arise उठना to get up from a seated or laying position
732 Aristocracy शिष्टजन a group of people who are viewed as being better than others, usually because of a title or status in society
733 Aristocratic भव्य relating to nobility or upper class
734 Armada बेड़े a fleet of warships
735 Armament अस्त्र – शस्त्र military weapons or equipment
736 Armistice युद्धविराम a break from fighting which gives two warring factions time to negotiate peace
737 Armor कवच metal coverings that are worn to protect one’s body, especially during battle
738 Aroma सुगंध a distinctive, typically pleasant smell
739 Aromatic खुशबूदार fragrant or strong-smelling
740 Arose पड़ी to start to exist or occur
741 Around आस-पास nearby; In the area
742 Arouse जगाना to stimulate or provoke a reaction or response
743 Arraign आरोप लगाना to charge someone in a court of law
744 Arraignment आक्षेप to take before a judge based on charges brought against the person
745 Arrange व्यवस्थित करना to plan or set up
746 Arrangement व्यवस्था how something is positioned or displayed
747 Arrant कुख्यात complete, total, or utter (example: “arrant nonsense”)
748 Array सरणी a large collection of things or people
749 Arrest गिरफ़्तार करना to seize someone and take them into legal custody
750 Arresting गिरफ्तार fascinating; striking in an eye-catching way
751 Arrhythmic अतालता having an irregular beat or pace
752 Arrival आगमन the act of reaching the place to which you were traveling
753 Arrogance अभिमान a rude and insulting way to act that comes from thinking you are better and more important than other people
754 Arrogant अभिमानी one who rudely acts as though he is better than other people
755 Arrogate हथियाना to seize without having the right to do so
756 Arsenal शस्त्रागार a stock of weapons
757 Arsenic हरताल a very harmful substance that kills people and animals that ingest it
758 Arson आगजनी illegally setting something on fire
759 Artful धूर्त showing creativity or skill
760 Arthritis वात रोग inflammation and stiffness in the joints
761 Article लेख a story or report that you can read in a newspaper, journal, or online
762 Articulate स्पष्ट, गाँठदार expressing oneself clearly
763 Artifact विरूपण साक्ष्य a handmade object that is often found in some type of archaeological dig 
764 Artifice युक्ति a move made to obtain an advantage or trick someone
765 Artificial कृत्रिम man made and/or unnatural
766 Artillery तोपें long range explosive bombardment weapons, such as cannons or mortars
767 Artisan शिल्पकार skilled craft worker who makes or creates things by hand
768 Artistic कलात्मक having or revealing creative skill
769 Ascend Ascend to travel in an upward direction
770 Ascendancy प्रभुत्व a situation of power from which an individual can influence ordirect other individuals
771 Ascendant प्रबल rising in power, status, or influence
772 Ascension अधिरोहण a rise in status or physical position
773 Ascent आरोहण a path that leads upward
774 Ascertain पता लगाना learn or discover with certainty; determine
775 Ascetic तपस्वी leading a life of self-discipline and self-denial, usually for spiritual reasons
776 Ascribe कारण बताना attribute a cause or characteristic
777 Aseptic सड़न रोकनेवाला free from living germs that cause disease
778 Ashamed शर्मिंदा embarrassed because of one’s own actions
779 Ashore तट पर the land along the edge of a large body of water
780 Aside अलग out of the way; to the side
781 Asinine गदहे का very stupid or foolish
782 Askance कनखियों से with doubt or suspicion
783 Askew तिरछा tilted to one side; in a crooked position
784 Aspect पहलू a specific part of something
785 Aspects पहलू parts of something
786 Asperity तीक्ष्णता harsh manner or tone of voice
787 Aspersion कलंक a false charge meant to harm someone’s reputation
788 Asphyxiate गला घोंटना to stop the flow of air to a person’s lungs by obstructing their breathing pathway
789 Asphyxiation asphyxiation the act of restricting oxygen to the brain in someone or something
790 Aspirant आकांक्षी a person or group that strives to achieve something, take on a certain career, or follow a particular path
791 Aspirate महाप्राण a medical term that means to draw in something by suction
792 Aspiration आकांक्षा a dream of accomplishing something
793 Aspire महत्त्वाकांक्षा करना to hope or dream
794 Assail आक्रमण करना to attack violently
795 Assailant आक्रमण-संबंधी  an individual who attacks another individual
796 Assassinate हत्या to murder a famous or otherwise important person with a surprise attack
797 Assault हमला a physical attack
798 Assay परख a test or assessment on something to determine what it contains
799 Assemblage संयोजन an assembly or collection
800 Assemble इकट्ठा to put together
801 Assembly सभा construction
802 Assent अनुमति to agree to something especially after thoughtful consideration
803 Assert ज़ोर to express an opinion or fact in a confident manner
804 Assertion बल देकर कहना a bold declaration without proof
805 Assertive निश्चयात्मक boldly self-assured; confident without being aggressive
806 Assess आकलन to judge or evaluate the state or value of something
807 Assessment आकलन the process of making a judgement or evaluation about someone or something
808 Asset संपत्ति an individual, quality, or thing that is considered valuable
809 Asseverate यकीन करना to state in a definite manner
810 Assiduous परिश्रमी showing hard work and care that is brought about by attention to detail
811 Assign सौंपना to designate or set apart something for some purpose 
812 Assignation नियुक्ति an appointment or date to meet someone in secret, typically between lovers
813 Assignment कार्यभार a particular task or duty that one is expected to complete
814 Assimilate अपनाना to learn something so that it is fully understood and can be used
815 Assist सहायता देना a helpful action or act of giving 
816 Assistance सहायता help; aid
817 Assistant सहायक a worker who helps in a particular field for task
818 Assisted असिस्टेड helped; aided
819 Associate संबंद्ध करना to connect things in one’s mind
820 Association संगठन a group of people organized for a particular purpose or mission
821 Associative जोड़नेवाला having a connection between two things
822 Assonance स्वरों की एकता the duplication of similar or identical vowel sounds in sentences, phrases, or words
823 Assortment वर्गीकरण a diverse collection of things or people
824 Assuage शांत करना to provide relief; causing to feel better
825 Assuage शांत करना to relieve or ease unpleasant feelings
826 Assume मान लीजिए to suppose to be true, especially without proof
827 Assumption मान्यता the act of assuming, or taking to or upon one’s self; the act of taking up or adopting
828 Assurance बीमा a promise that relieves doubt
829 Assure आश्वासन to promise or guarantee
830 Assured आश्वासन दिया guaranteed; promised
831 Asterisk तारांकन a print symbol used for numerous purposes including highlighting something or signaling a note is included at the end of a page 
832 Asteroid छोटा तारा a rocky object that is smaller than a planet that most often orbits a star
833 Asthenosphere एस्थेनोस्फीयर the portion of the mantle of the Earth that rests under the lithosphere and is comprised of rocks that can be altered in shape
834 Astir उत्तेजना में in motion
835 Astonish चकित to trigger surprise or wonder
836 Astonished आश्चर्यचकित greatly surprised or amazed
837 Astonishing आश्चर्यजनक causing amazement
838 Astound हक्का बक्का to overpower with amazement
839 Astral एस्ट्रल related to the stars
840 Astray गुमराह not on the desired path
841 Astride सवार होकर with ones legs on either side of 
842 Astringent स्तम्मक acidic
843 Astrology ज्योतिष the study of the movements and positions of the planets and stars and how they might affect our lives
844 Astute चतुर marked by practical hardheaded intelligence
845 Asunder अलग-अलग separate into distinct parts
846 Asylum अस्पताल place of safety
847 Asymmetrical विषम having two uneven or crooked sides
848 Asymptomatic स्पर्शोन्मुख displaying no signs or symptoms of illness
849 Asynchronous अतुल्यकालिक not happening or occurring at the same time
850 Atheism नास्तिकता a lack of belief in the existence of a God or gods
851 Athlete धावक a person who is proficient in sports and other forms of physical exercise
852 Atlas एटलस a book of maps
853 Atmosphere वायुमंडल the climate or mood in a certain place
854 Atmospheric वायुमंडलीय relating to the atmosphere (air that surrounds the Earth.)
855 Atom एटम the smallest portion of an element that contains the chemical traits of the element
856 Atomize परमाणुओं में परिणत करना to reduce something into small particles or a fine mist
857 Atone मेल करना to reimburse for a wrongdoing
858 Atrabilious अत्रबिलियस bad-tempered or irritable
859 Atrocious नृशंस heinous; monstrous
860 Atrocity क्रूरता a horrific action
861 Atrophy शोष to weaken in ability or function
862 Attach संलग्न करना to tie or connect something to something else
863 Attached जुड़ा हुआ tied or connected something to something else
864 Attack आक्रमण करना aggressive or violent action
865 Attain प्राप्त to accomplish; to achieve
866 Attainment प्राप्ति the act of gaining something by working for it
867 Attempt कोशिश करना to try; make an effort
868 Attend भाग लेना to go to an event or meeting
869 Attendance उपस्थिति the number of people present at an event
870 Attention ध्यान the concentration or awareness of something
871 Attentive सचेत observant; watchful
872 Attenuate दुर्बल होना to reduce to a weaker or smaller state
873 Attest यह प्रमाणित करते हैं to uphold something as real or true
874 Attire पोशाक one’s dress or clothes
875 Attitude नज़रिया a person’s opinions or feelings about a specific thing, person, or idea
876 Attorney प्रतिनिधि a person appointed to act for another in business or legal matters
877 Attract आकर्षित करना to cause something to be drawn towards something else
878 Attractive आकर्षक good-looking; appealing
879 Attribute गुण a characteristic of something
880 Attribution आरोपण the act of assigning someone credit or acknowledgement for doing something
881 Attune लय में करना to customize or modify something to be more receptive or capable
882 Atypical अनियमित not normal
883 Auction नीलामी public sales event
884 Audacious साहसी recklessly bold; daring
885 Audacity धृष्टता a confident and daring quality that is often seen as shocking or rude
886 Audible सुनाई देने योग्य capable of being perceived
887 Audience श्रोता a group of viewers or spectators
888 Audit अंकेक्षण to conduct an independent review and examination of certain data 
889 Audition श्रवण to present talents in front of a judge or judges in order to achieve a desired position or role
890 Auditorium सभागार a large room or building where people gather to watch a performance or hear a speech
891 Auditory श्रवण of or pertaining to hearing
892 Aught किसी प्रकार से anything or for all
893 Augment बढ़ाना to increase the size or amount of something
894 Augur शकुनश to predict what is yet to come 
895 Augury भविष्यवाणी a prediction or omen
896 August अगस्त much-admired and respected
897 Aural कर्ण-संबंधी pertaining to the ear or the sense of hearing
898 Auricular चुपचाप कान मे कहा of or relating to the ear or the sense of hearing
899 Auriferous सुवर्णपूर्ण describes rocks or minerals that contain gold
900 Auspices तत्त्वावधान guidance and support
901 Auspicious शुभ being a sign of future success; indicating a promising future
902 Austere सीधा-सादा without any decoration; strict and serious in manner
903 Authentic प्रामाणिक genuine; real; unfaked
904 Authenticate प्रमाणित to prove that something is true or genuine
905 Author लेखक someone who writes books for a living
906 Authoritarian सत्तावादी preferring or enforcing strict obedience to authority as opposed to individual freedom
907 Authoritative आधिकारिक having an attribute that encourages people to obey you
908 Authority अधिकार the power to enforce rules or give orders
909 Authorize अधिकृत to give official permission
910 Authorship ग्रन्थकारिता the job of written composition 
911 Autobiography आत्मकथा the story of an individual’s life written by that individual
912 Autochthonous मूल निवासी original inhabitants of a place without any migration or intermingling of other groups
913 Autocracy एकतंत्र a government type in which one person has boundless power
914 Autocrat अनियन्त्रित शासक an individual who rules without considering others
915 Autocratic निरंकुश not concerned about the wishes or opinions of others; heavy-handed
916 Autodidact ऑटोडिडैक्ट self-taught person
917 Autograph हस्ताक्षर a person’s own handwriting, especially the signature of a famous or admired person
918 Automated स्वचालित controlled by a machine rather than a person
919 Automatic स्वचालित something that is automated, or acts of its own accord without conscious effort or input
920 Automatically खुद ब खुद spontaneously and involuntarily
921 Automation स्वचालन the process of making a machine or system work without having to be controlled by a person
922 Automotive ऑटोमोटिव pertaining to a car or other powered automobile
923 Autonomy स्वायत्तता the quality or state of being self-governing
924 Autopsy ऑटोप्सी dissection of a body after death that is conducted to determine how the person died
925 Autumn पतझड़ the season between summer and winter; fall
926 Auxiliary सहायक a group or team that provides assistance
927 Avail लाभ लेना to be of advantage or use
928 Availability उपलब्धता having the time or means supplies to do something
929 Available उपलब्ध accessible and obtainable
930 Avalanche हिमस्खलन an unexpected accumulation
931 Avant-garde हरावल cutting-edge; trendy
932 Avarice लोभ A strong desire and greed for money/material things
933 Avaricious लालची desirous of wealth or advancement
934 Avatar अवतार in technology, an icon or figure representing a particular person
935 Avenue मार्ग a method or means by which something may be accomplished 
936 Aver दृढ़ता से कहना to assert something in a convincing way 
937 Average औसत ordinary; not very special
938 Averse प्रतिकूल actively not liking something
939 Aversion घृणा a feeling of disgust toward something with a desire to avoid it
940 Avert टालना to stop an incident from occurring
941 Avian एवियन relating to birds
942 Aural कर्ण-संबंधी pertaining to the ear or the sense of hearing
943 Auricular चुपचाप कान मे कहा of or relating to the ear or the sense of hearing
944 Auriferous सुवर्णपूर्ण describes rocks or minerals that contain gold
945 Auspices तत्त्वावधान guidance and support
946 Auspicious शुभ being a sign of future success; indicating a promising future
947 Austere सीधा-सादा without any decoration; strict and serious in manner
948 Authentic प्रामाणिक genuine; real; unfaked
949 Authenticate प्रमाणित to prove that something is true or genuine
950 Author लेखक someone who writes books for a living
951 Authoritarian सत्तावादी preferring or enforcing strict obedience to authority as opposed to individual freedom
952 Authoritative आधिकारिक having an attribute that encourages people to obey you
953 Authority अधिकार the power to enforce rules or give orders
954 Authorize अधिकृत to give official permission
955 Authorship ग्रन्थकारिता the job of written composition 
956 Autobiography आत्मकथा the story of an individual’s life written by that individual
957 Autochthonous मूल निवासी original inhabitants of a place without any migration or intermingling of other groups
958 Autocracy एकतंत्र a government type in which one person has boundless power
959 Autocrat अनियन्त्रित शासक an individual who rules without considering others
960 Autocratic निरंकुश not concerned about the wishes or opinions of others; heavy-handed
961 Autodidact ऑटोडिडैक्ट self-taught person
962 Autograph हस्ताक्षर a person’s own handwriting, especially the signature of a famous or admired person
963 Automated स्वचालित controlled by a machine rather than a person
964 Automatic स्वचालित something that is automated, or acts of its own accord without conscious effort or input
965 Automatically खुद ब खुद spontaneously and involuntarily
966 Automation स्वचालन the process of making a machine or system work without having to be controlled by a person
967 Automotive ऑटोमोटिव pertaining to a car or other powered automobile
968 Autonomy स्वायत्तता the quality or state of being self-governing
969 Autopsy ऑटोप्सी dissection of a body after death that is conducted to determine how the person died
970 Autumn पतझड़ the season between summer and winter; fall
971 Auxiliary सहायक a group or team that provides assistance
972 Avail लाभ लेना to be of advantage or use
973 Availability उपलब्धता having the time or means supplies to do something
974 Available उपलब्ध accessible and obtainable
975 Avalanche हिमस्खलन an unexpected accumulation
976 Avant-garde हरावल cutting-edge; trendy
977 Avarice लोभ A strong desire and greed for money/material things
978 Avaricious लालची desirous of wealth or advancement
979 Avatar अवतार in technology, an icon or figure representing a particular person
980 Avenue मार्ग a method or means by which something may be accomplished 
981 Aver दृढ़ता से कहना to assert something in a convincing way 
982 Average औसत ordinary; not very special
983 Averred औसतन stated something that was true and accurate
984 Averse प्रतिकूल actively not liking something
985 Aversion घृणा a feeling of disgust toward something with a desire to avoid it
986 Avert टालना to stop an incident from occurring
987 Avian एवियन relating to birds
988 Aviary पक्षीशाल confinement for keeping birds; a birdhouse
989 Aviation विमानन the activity of designing, producing, or flying an aircraft
990 Aviator हवाबाज़ a pilot
991 Avid उत्सुक enthusiastic; passionate
992 Avidity उत्कट इच्छा a strong eagerness or desire
993 Avidly उत्सुकतापूर्वक in an excited or enthusiastic manner
994 Avocation धन्धा an activity one enjoys when he or she is not working
995 Avoid टालना to keep away from; dodge or evade
996 Avoidable परिहार्य able to be stopped or prevented
997 Avoidance परिहार the act of staying away from someone or something
998 Avoirdupois मोटापन a system in the United States for measuring a pound equaling to sixteen ounces
999 Avouch दृढ़तापूर्वक कहना to declare freely and openly; to assert
1000 Avow खुलकर कहना to admit or confess something publicly

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