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The Most Helpful 150 on preposition examples on this Planet.

Looking for On Preposition examples? We have added 150 on preposition examples.

150 on preposition Examples.

c The book is on the table.
2 She stood beside the car.
3 I saw the bird fly over the house.
4 The cat jumped onto the chair.
5 They walked through the park.
6 The pen is under the notebook.
7 The gift is for my friend.
8 She went into the store.
9 We drove across the bridge.
10  He sat near the fireplace.
11  She ran toward the finish line.
12  The ball is behind the couch.
13  He walked around the block.
14  She hid under the bed.
15  The restaurant is across from the park.
16  He threw the ball to his friend.
17  The flowers are in the vase.
18  She climbed up the stairs.
19  We drove alongside the river.
20  The cat ran around the yard.
21  The painting is on the wall.
22  She sat between her two friends.
23  The plane flew over the mountains.
24  The cup is on top of the saucer.
25  She took a photo of the sunset.
26  He came out of the room.
27  The train goes under the tunnel.
28  They sat inside the car.
29  She walked through the door.
30  We live near the beach.
31  The pencil is in the box.
32  He stood in front of the building.
33  The boy threw the ball past the fence.
34  She put the cake on the plate.
35  They walked down the street.
36  The cat walked along the fence.
37  She wrote on the paper.
38  The car drove over the bridge.
39  He walked over to the window.
40  The book is beside the lamp.
41  She put the cookies on the tray.
42  We went around the lake.
43  He climbed over the fence.
44  The vase is on top of the table.
45  She walked to the store.
46  The park is behind the school.
47  They played with the ball inside the house.
48  The bird flew across the sky.
49  He swam under the water.
50  The movie is about the war.
51  She was scared of the spider.
52  We laughed at the joke.
53  He listened to the music.
54  The book is by the author.
55  She talked to her friend on the phone.
56  They watched the movie on the couch.
57  He drove through the tunnel.
58  The sun sets behind the mountains.
59  She went to the party with her friend.
60  We walked along the beach.
61  The teacher talked about the lesson.
62  The painting is by Picasso.
63  She is happy for her friend.
64  They are waiting for the train.
65  He is afraid of the dark.
66  The movie is based on a true story.
67  She is good at playing the guitar.
68  We are interested in learning new things.
69  The doctor is looking for a cure.
70  He is responsible for the project.
71  The book is full of information.
72  She is proud of her children.
73  They are worried about the exam.
74  He is famous for his acting skills.
75  The song is about love.
76  She is happy with her new job.
77  We are excited about the trip.
78  The company is known for its quality products.
79  He is sorry for his mistake.
80  The book is about history.
81  She is bored with the movie.
82  They are angry at their friend.
83  He is fascinated by science.
84 She went to the store.
85 The cat jumped on the table.
86 I walked over the bridge.
87 The book is under the table.
88 The bird is flying above the clouds.
89 She ran through the park.
90 The spider is on the ceiling.
91 The ball rolled into the hole.
92 He stood behind the door.
93  She fell off the ladder.
94  The picture is in the frame.
95  The sun is shining through the window.
96  The children are playing in the park.
97  The car is parked beside the house.
98  The flower is in the vase.
99  The plane is flying over the ocean.
100  The water is in the glass.
101  The key is on the desk.
102  He hid behind the tree.
103  The cake is on the plate.
104  She walked along the beach.
105  The dog is in front of the house.
106  The train is going through the tunnel.
107  The pencil is in the box.
108  The phone is on the table.
109  The book is beside the bed.
110  She is standing in front of the mirror.
111  The bird is perched on the branch.
112  The car is driving down the street.
113  He is sitting on the chair.
114  The plane is flying over the city.
115  The cat is sleeping under the bed.
116  The boat is on the river.
117  The flower is in the garden.
118  The moon is shining in the sky.
119  The pizza is on the plate.
120  She is walking around the room.
121  The box is on the shelf.
122  The bird is flying towards the tree.
123  The painting is on the wall.
124  The car is parked in the garage.
125  The children are playing on the playground.
126  The bus is driving down the road.
127  The spoon is in the cup.
128  She is standing by the window.
129  The bird is singing in the tree.
130  The paper is on the desk.
131  The cat is hiding under the table.
132  The sun is setting behind the mountains.
133  The book is on the bookshelf.
134  The plane is landing on the runway.
135  The water is flowing down the river.
136  The ball is rolling across the floor.
137  The boy is walking towards the school.
138  The flowers are in the vase on the table.
139  The picture is hanging on the wall.
140  The cat is on the roof.
141  She is walking down the stairs.
142  The train is stopped at the station.
143  The spider is crawling up the wall.
144  The car is driving up the hill.
145  The bird is flying over the house.
146  The book is on top of the table.
147  The dog is under the table.
148  The sun is rising over the mountains.
149  The letter is inside the envelope.
150  The moon is reflecting on the water.
151  The pencil is on the paper.
152  The bird is flying towards the sun.
153  The cake is on the counter.
154  She is walking towards the door.
155  The cat is on the windowsill.
156  The flower is on the stem.
157  The car is driving towards the bridge.
158  The book is on the desk in the office.
159  The plane is taking off from the airport.
160  The river is flowing under the bridge.
161  The ball is bouncing off the wall.
162  The boy is running towards the park.
163  The pizza is on the counter in the kitchen.

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